Where Do We Go From Here? CC - YTEEN/ADULT - [COMPLETE]

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Where Do We Go From Here? CC - YTEEN/ADULT - [COMPLETE]

Post by Roswell4ever1 » Sun Mar 21, 2004 10:49 pm

By Roswell4ever1 and Angelrose.

Rating: YTEEN may turn to ADULT.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in my story. (Although we all wish we could call Max Evans our own, it just does not work that way. Darn it anyway!) Though most of the situations are mine, some were taken directly from the show and do not belong to me.

This is my very first fanfic. I hope you all enjoy it and I look forward to ANY feedback!

Part 1

September 21, 1999. My name is Liz Parker and I am distracted. No matter where I go or what I am doing, I am hopelessly distracted. I first saw him when I was six years old. I was playing dodgeball with my best friend Maria and then there he was getting off the bus. There was something interesting about him. He was quiet and reserved acting but something about him stuck out. I couldn’t explain it. I just knew he was different. I have spent the last ten years of my life thinking about that day. I have been trying my best to figure him out but all I can seem to come up with is that he is tall, dark and mysterious. And very attractive!. This boy I have only spoken to one time. The only contact I have had with him at all was when I was coming out of my Algebra class and was not paying attention and smacked right into him causing him to drop everything he had in his hands. The only words I could muster up was “Oh…uh…I…I’m so sorry.” I mean come on, how lame could I possibly be? But, I will always remember his response. “Don’t worry about it Liz. It was my fault. I was distracted.” I wonder what he would think if he knew I was completely and totally in love with him. He would probably think I was just some crazy immature little girl who had nothing better to do than to daydream about him. Since when do I care about what others think about me anyway? Since the day I collided (literally) with Max Evans.

Boy, if Liz had known when she made that journal entry three weeks ago, if only she had known she would be shot and brought back to life by an alien and that her life would do a total 380 in a matter of minutes, she might have just stayed in bed that morning. But, she was glad she didn’t stay in bed. Things got really weird for her that day. Not only did Max Evans, the boy she had been in love with for years, save her life, but when he put his hand on her stomach and looked into her eyes, something happened.

She began to see and feel things. Strange things. She saw a group of cocoon looking things. Then there were three children, two boys and a girl, walking through the desert. But the strangest thing, the thing that confused her the most was when she saw herself. She was a little girl, about six years old playing dodgeball with Maria just like in her journal entry. What did it all mean?
While Liz was thinking about the events that molded the last three weeks of her life, she heard a bell ring. It was the bell on the top of the door of her parent’s restaurant, The Crashdown Café where she worked. Someone had come in and before she could look up to see who it was, Maria placed a hand on Liz’s shoulder.

“You have company.” Maria said almost sarcastically.

Liz looked up only to see Max Evans looking at her. He looked scared.

She walked over to where he was standing and looked into his eyes.

“Max, whats wrong? You look like you’ve seen a ghost or something.” Liz said.

His only words were “We have a problem Liz.”

She was afraid to ask, but had to know what he was so worried about.

“What is it Max?”

His response pierced through her like a knife through soft butter.

“Valenti knows.”

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Where Do We Go From Here?
Rating: PG May turn to NC-17

Disclamer: We still do not own any of the characters used in this story. We only own most of the situations we put them in although a few are taken directly from the show.
Hope you all enjoy!

~Part Two~

Liz’s thoughts before now had been pretty academic. She had been getting ready for a test in Literature for the past week and she had to go over it again after closing tonight. Her thoughts had been on whether or not her mind could still digest anything comprehensible. Usually when Liz closed down at night it was all she could do to keep her feet going up the stairs, her body from ignoring the need for a shower and just plunging headfirst into the bed! But since her test was in the morning, that was out of the question. So her concerns had quickly doubled. Would she get anything out of tonight to pass tomorrow? Ordinarily an A student, Liz would have felt confident…had she not been so distracted with thoughts of Max. As of late, in her Literature class, Liz’s favorite poets till now were Frost and Shakespeare—and since the test was primarily on Frost and Shakespeare’s works, it should be fine.
Liz’s favorite poem by Frost was The Road Not Taken. How odd that the road that she had taken had taken her to Max Evans! Or to the point, brought him into the Crashdown at four in the afternoon, with the most startling of news that brought Liz out of her past trivial thoughts of tests and school and into a higher level of stress. Max had just said that Sheriff Valenti knew things about that day. He knew. How much did he know? She wondered. How much could he really know? I mean it was so fast, so here and gone that there was no way he could know what happened that afternoon, three weeks ago, when her life was nearly completely taken from her. Technically she had been gone, but Max had saved her. He had brought her back. Max had thought enough of Liz to want to help her, bring her back. Now the Sheriff and his croonies that were alien hunters, wanted to spoil something so beautiful, so private between Max and Liz. It felt wrong to Liz. Why should someone who was so good and kind be afraid of his very life? And it wasn’t just Max, it was Isabel, his sister, and Michael, their friend. They two were aliens. And just as hunted, just as robbed of any freedom that humans often took for granted. Liz had been among them, she was ashamed to say.

Max had become in three weeks time so very much to Liz. And though she knew that his sister and friend didn’t think she was a good friend to trust, Liz was grateful that Max hadn’t shut her out. Now, she would do anything for him. Anything included putting aside trickles of nerves over tomorrow’s exam. It was forgotten. Looking up at him, at a frightened Max, Liz took his hand and said, “Come with me.” She led him to a table in the far back away from everyone else. Speaking low, Liz said, “Okay, you say that Valenti knows. What can he know? I mean that was almost a month ago, Max. And it happened so quickly…I doubt anyone could have known.” Liz smiled to help Max feel less threatened, but inwardly she figured it was futile. How would she feel if her life was in jeopardy every second of every day? Probably more upset than he looked.

Secretly, Liz had indeed thought of Max. She did again sitting across from him in the Crashdown this afternoon. Spacing off for a moment, just to recap her feelings, Liz reflected. Secretly, she had always wondered who Max Evans was. Now she felt sure he was special and she had a difficult time deciding if it was a mere admiration of his strength and courage in a harsh world or if it was indeed something more, something stronger. Telling herself she didn’t have time to dwell, Liz waited with a smile for Max to reply. Had he replied? It seemed he did for he was looking at her with expectant brown eyes and a wide grin!

Blushing foolishly, Liz said, “What was that Max? I’m sorry…I was trying to process everything.”

Max nodded, trying to hide the fact that he knew she was staring, as he said, “Me too. Michael says he got wind of Valenti learning of things, things he shouldn’t know about, that apparently he firmly believes happened differently that day. Different from our story. If you know what I mean.”

Afraid she did Liz let out a deep breath and said “So what did Michael learn? Is he planning on going to the authorities?”

Max let up his hands and said, “I don’t know. Truthfully, I have no idea how much he knows, Liz, so I don’t know what his next move is. All I heard was that he is aware. And that makes us sitting ducks, waiting for…for anything.”

Liz couldn’t compute the sheriff knowing a cotton-picking thing. The truth was she knew Sheriff Valenti, from previously dating his son, and he didn’t seem to know anymore than anyone else in town did. Rolling her eyes in agitation and exhaustion, never in sarcasm to Max, Liz said, “Let’s not overreact, Max. I mean I have this feeling that Valenti is riling us all up. Just trying to poke for information. Maybe let out a half-baked leak that will scare us into caving.”

Max asked, “So you think it is a scare tactic?”

Folding her arms on the table, Liz leaned in some and said, “Why not?”

Max ran a hand over Liz’s, surprising them both, and said, “I guess it does sound farfetched to believe the sheriff could know anything.”

Liz angled her head alertly as she said, “I won’t say he knows nothing. This is to small a
town to be that blind, but small towns are huge for inventions of the most absurd kind. You know the fisherman who had a fish that was five inches and by the time he told everyone in town he had caught it, the thing became a foot in size?”

Max nodded chuckling, as he said, “Who hasn’t heard of that one?”

Liz grinned sheepishly at the comparison and said, “Sorry for the analogy, but it applies here. Roswell is a town full of those fishermen who live to stretch an inch to a mile. But Max, I can’t say that he should be given reign to talk without at least getting some insider information of our own.”

Max nodded in agreement, saying, “Good idea. We’ll plant each of us around town at different times of the day when out of school to get a feel on what is going on, what is being said. Thank you, Liz, for listening to me.”

Liz looked up at Max and said lost, “Max…you don’t ever have to say that to me. Not ever. You know that if you need me, or any of us, Maria, Alex, we will be here and will help in anyway we can.” She couldn’t add that she would do anything for him personally because she loved him. That would seem ridiculous when lives were at stake.

Max touched Liz’s cheek and said, “I know that, Liz.” His hand hovered over her face for a long period of time. Liz didn’t mind it at all. But she guessed time was getting past them so she probably should appear to be reasonable, even if she’d like him to go on holding her like this from now till forever. Removing his hand was difficult because it sent surges of intimate feelings through her. But she fought them back as she said, “We have work to do, Max.”

Max stood with Liz and said, “I’ll come by later, to let you in on the latest.”

Nodding, Liz said, “I’ll be home. Want a shake to go…to give inspiration?”

Max grinned and said, “No thanks. Maybe next time.” With that, Liz watched as Max left the Crashdown, no voices were in the background. All the customers may as well have disappeared. Her focus was on Max Evans and what he had come to mean to her…which was everything….

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Thank you all so much for all the wonderful feedback. We (my sister and I) got together and worked very hard on this next part hoping that it would sound right and be interesting. I hope we accomplished that! So, here it is!

Rating: PG May turn to NC-17

Disclaimer: We do not own any of the characters used in this story. We only own most of the situations we put them in although a few are taken directly from the show. Enjoy.

Part Three

After closing the Crashdown that night, Liz went to her bedroom to prepare for her upcoming Literature test.

Although she wasn’t really in the mood to study, she had to do something to keep her mind busy so she doesn’t go crazy thinking about what could happen to Max, Michael and Isabel. Isabel and Michael had not really accepted her yet but she still worried about them.

Meanwhile, Max and Isabel were sitting in Max’s blue 1989 Jeep outside Michael’s trailer waiting for him so they could discuss what each of them had found out that day.

Max was tired of Isabel’s drowning “trust no one” rantings. He had told her he wasn’t interested in discussing it yet there he was hearing it again. He had half a mind to get out of the jeep and leave her to rant to herself but his conscience wouldn’t let him do that to his sister. Oh the curse of being nice!

“You may as well take her the way you drool over her in public and talk incessantly about her at home! She’s got to know you like her by now.”

Max flared back “I don’t just take people, Isabel. Liz and I are friends. Sure, I want more but I don’t know that she does and I’m not pushing her.”

Isabel rolled her eyes as usual and replied “Your pathetic Max. Anyone can see…”

Max cut her off short saying “Yeah, just like anyone can see you flirting like crazy with Michael. Why don’t you just take Michael, Isabel?”

At her surprised expression that clearly said he’d knocked her off balance emotionally, Max finished, “Because you aren’t ready. Neither are Liz and I. Now, enough of this.”

Before Isabel could speak, Michael was walking toward them. Isabels heart speeded up.
Her smile broadened, and inside, as much as she detested admitting it, Max had hit the nail on the head. She did like Michael.

Michael got into the jeep and the three of them drove to the park at Roswell Elementary School. This would be the most private place right now. Most kids are in bed by 10:00pm and it was now 11:38. They got out of the jeep and went to sit on the swings.

Max looked at Michael.

“Did you find out anything?”

“Negative Maxwell, but I am going to find out what Valenti knows.”

“How do you plan to do that Michael?” Isabel chimed in. “I mean, I have been tailing Valenti all day and the only thing I found out is that he likes cinnamon in his coffee which is really gross. I mean how disgusting. If you are going to put something in your coffee, at least use something good like…”

“Isabel,” Max said. “your rambling. You only ramble when your nervous. Relax, your secrets safe with me.”

“Ooh, secrets. What secret Is?” Michael inquired with a look of boyish excitement on his face.

Isabel shot Max a dirty look while Max tried to block his laughter.

“Nothing Michael. Max doesn’t knw what he’s talking about.” She said with a rigid sound in her voice that was almost cold enough to freeze water.

“But, I do know who you are thinking about.” Max whispered in her ear only to get smacked in the rib with her elbow.

“Ow!” he grunted.

“Just remember Max, paybacks are a bitch! You guys go ahead and talk. I’ll meet you back at the jeep.” With that, Isabel got up off the swing and walked toward the jeep.

“What was that all about Maxwell?” Michael asked.

“Oh, nothing Michael. Just a little sibling fun.”

“Max,” Michael started in. “I have a bit of a problem.”

“I don’t like the sound of that Michael.” Max was starting to feel a bit queezy. Just the very thought of another problem made his ulcer flare up.

“Nothing bad Maxwell, but a problem none the less. You see, there is this girl who I have known for a long time. Well, as much as I try to fight it, I am falling in love with her. She is so beautiful and I love her personality and want to get together with her so badly. Yet, when I see her, I clam up. What should I do?”

“Well,” Max said. “you need to tell her. I know it is scary Michael but you cant move on with her if she doesn’t know how you feel.”

“Oh, like you told Liz Parker that you love her Maxwell?” Michael joked.

“There is a bit of a difference Michael. Liz almost died and she needs time to deal with everything that has happened the last three weeks.”

“Yeah, I guess your right Max.”

“Well, come on Michael. Lets get going. I told Liz I would meet her tonight so we could discuss what to do. Are you staying at my place tonight?”

“If it is alright with you I will. I don’t want to go back to that jerk that’s for sure. Thanks Maxwell.”

“For what Michael?”

“For being there for me. You are a great friend and if I had not found you and Isabel, I don’t know where I would be. Probably all black and blue in a hospital bed by now.”

“Michael, you are like a brother to me and I would do anything to keep you from having to go through that. You can stay at our house anytime you need to or just want to.”

Michael had a real rough home life. His stepfather Hank was an alcoholic who would get drunk every night and use Michael as a slave and punching bag. Michael felt blessed to have such great friends who would be there for him no matter what.

They started to walk back to the jeep.

“By the way Michael,” Max said. “who is this girl anyway?”

Michael blushed, but had a sparkle in his eye when he said,


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Well, here it is guys. Hope you enjoy it!

Disclaimer: We do not own any of the characters used. Only some of the situations we put them in.

Part Four

It was growing late. Max had just dropped Michael off at home, and Max was on his way to the Crashdown Café. He had his mind on Liz Parker, the one woman who had successfully stolen his heart and now held it prisoner, without having known it for a second. Max didn’t have time to contemplate the fairness of this fact. Right then, he just wanted to enjoy the evening, the knowledge that he was on his way over to see her and for now he could be a teenager. He didn’t have to be anything more tonight. For now, he could do what he was currently doing, cruising down Main Street in Roswell, with his hands casually on the steering wheel.
Nearing the Café, Max became nervous. He realized his ploy for being like any other teenager was not in the cards, no it was not part of his makeup. Max Evans was a man who liked to be in as much control as he could be. But most of the time he fell short of this desire. Tonight was another such time. Tonight, as Max drove the remaining distance to Liz’s, he was like a night watchman, his deep russet brown eyes were on constant alert for what or who might be following close behind. When those familiar tempting clutches of fear attempted to reach out to him, Max had to fight them off with every ounce of willpower he possessed.
Steering the jeep into the parking lot of the Café, Max turned off the lights and was suddenly in pitch darkness. The illuminations of the bright Crashdown Café and the street lamp beside his only directives to guide him up the side of the building, toward Liz Parker’s bedroom window. Halfway up, he began to question this move. Maybe he should have had Liz meet him in the park again. His low top Nike’s were new, sure, but when one had the shoe size of a box and when the bricks he had to walk up to get to a girl’s window were narrow as can be, it tended to make things difficult.
Nearly falling twice, Max cursed under his breath a few obscenities, secretly thankful his mother wasn't around to hear her level headed mature seventeen year old son swearing like a sailor who hadn’t a bit of schooling. By the time Max reached the window ledge he decided he would talk Liz into meeting him elsewhere on their next meeting. Perhaps at the school park, or out in the desert, miles from here.

Liz was inside, plopped belly first on her single bed with her one of her favorite books in her hand, Romeo and Juliet. She always tended to get sappy when reading it. Speaking aloud, Liz said in her futile attempt to act as Juliet, What is a name?…Deny thy father and refuse thy name and I’ll be but sworn and will no longer be a Capulet. Okay, so maybe her wording wasn’t quite as literal as Shakespeare’s, but she felt special to attempt it, she thought with a smile. Outwardly, Liz found herself muttering, “If only I had a Romeo in my life that would echo a reply to this…then I would feel as special as Juliet.”
Suddenly, as if on stage, a Romeo began to speak, though his words weren’t so poetic. A tired Max climbed over the ledge and said, “What is it about that play that has every girl in school nuts?”
Liz helped Max in and said with a laugh and a blush to her cheeks, “It’s romantic, Max.” Moving to a stance as if she were on a balcony scene as Juliet Capulet, Liz continued, “I mean, can’t you imagine, for a moment, a young woman calling out her pained feelings of not being able to be with the one man she loved? All because of her last name…or of his?”
Max walked in and shut the window, saying offhandedly, “I don’t know why names had to be involved at all. Why didn’t Juliet just decide to accept Romeo as he was and if her family didn’t like it, to hell with them?”
Laughing, Liz broke out of her pose and said to Max, “That is what she did, Max, in the end.”
Max walked over to Liz’s desk and sat in the chair across from where she stood. He laughed, saying no more. What was the use? Liz was a romantic at heart. And nothing she could say would change that. Just as there was nothing he could do to change his love for her. He felt sure of it now, as he watched her acting out Juliet in her bedroom at ten o’clock on a school night.
Max chose a different approach to this scene. He gave his feelings on the matter. “To tell you the truth, Liz I think that Romeo did most of the work on that story.”
Interested in hearing Max’s viewpoint on Shakespeare, Liz sat back down on the bed and said, “Why do you say that?”
Max continued, “Well, he was the one who first saw Juliet. And all through the play, he wooed her, killed his best friend in a bad accident, risked his life countless times, all to get married to a woman that was an enemy his, for generations.”
Liz took this in and then countered, “No that’s not true. Juliet wasn’t an enemy of Romeo’s per say. She was an enemy to his family. Not to him. He loved her. He died for her.”
Unable to stop the way his eyes rolled upward, Max said, “Okay. He didn’t die for her, he committed suicide because he thought she was dead. She didn’t bother to tell him that she was going after some potion to make herself appear dead. So he thought she had done the deed and he followed suit to be with her. Don’t say it was romantic, Liz, it was lunacy. Both families should have settled their disputes years before and then it would never have wound up that crazy. You know how many kids go out and do the same thing, as if in salute to that type of romance?”
Nodding, Liz said, “That’s true. I’ve always felt so sad for cases like that. But can we really blame a man that’s been dead for so long and that was trying in his own way to promote real love?”
Max smoothed out his jeans with his hands as if to ring loose the tension that rose up in him over a needless couple of deaths. He didn’t like that story in part because of that. But no, he couldn’t fault Shakespeare over it. People did have minds to know right from wrong.
Shaking his head, Max said, “I’m not blaming him, Liz, just stating how I feel. Anyway, I came here tonight to talk about us.”
Surprised by his wording, Liz sat up straighter and said, “You did? What about us?”
Max realized how he had just implicated himself into discussing them personally and not the recent news and guessed he could make use of that size box shoe of his—if he could stretch his mouth just a tad wider that was to stick it in!
He had to say something, though, because Liz was eyeing him fully, expecting a response, as he would if the shoe were on the other foot. Why did he have to continue to refer to his feet?
Looking at Liz, Max said uncomfortably, “Isabel and Michael and I are at a loss. We don’t know what to do about Valenti. So far we’ve come up with nothing and that doesn’t help any.”
Disappointed, Liz slouched back down some and said, “Oh. Well, I guess we could evaluate what’s been done and see what else is available. We’ve planted each of us in spots to do some investigating.”
Max replied edgily, “With no results.”
Nodding, Liz continued, “We need a Plan B. An alternative to what we’ve been doing. Any ideas, Max?”
Max gave a funny look as he said, “I’m hoping you can help me with some. So far all we’ve come up with is hightailing it to Valenti’s house and spying on him like dogs.”
Stifling a laugh, Liz said, “I don’t know Max. He’d probably arrest us for something that wild. We need to do something less obvious, I think.”
Nodding, Max said, “I told you…we are desperate.”
Liz often wondered if her suggestions were worth a nickel, but Max sure seemed to think so. She wondered at times what that meant. Did he value her as just an insider to information? Or was there something else behind his coming to her house at different times of the day or night, after school, or work? Looking at him more concretely, Liz tried to decipher these feelings she was experiencing.
Did Max Evans like her? She liked him that was for sure! Maybe her wants, to be liked by him, were so strong that she was miscalculating friendliness for true feelings of attraction on his part. Oh why was she thinking about such things when Max was pleading with her for help?
Maybe it was exhaustion from a tough day, Liz thought. It was possible. Probable she amended. Liz heard him call her name and inwardly berated herself for her inability to focus. He was counting on her!
Smiling, uncomfortably, Liz said, “Sorry. I don’t know, Max. Maybe we could slip some tape recorders in Valenti’s house and record what he is saying. We might be able to tap into phone calls and see whom he is talking with—if anyone. As I said earlier, I still don’t believe he knows anything important. Now where we would get these things from don’t ask me. But it is an idea.”
Nodding, Max said, “I’ll run it by the others. It can’t hurt to try every avenue. Thanks, Liz.”
Running her hands through her hair, Liz said, “Oh, sure. I don’t think I’ve offered a lot, but I am tired.”
Max stood and said, “Well, I’ll go on then and let you get some sleep.”
Standing, Liz walked toward Max and said, “You don’t have to go, Max, I was just telling you my ideas probably aren’t the best because of what time it is.”
Max shook his head and said, “You’ve had a pretty rough day all around, Liz. It’s okay to be tired.” He smiled and brushed a piece of her auburn hair, back away from her round face and said, “I’ll see you tomorrow?”
Nodding, Liz smiled and said, “Yes, and you better have read for Literature. The test is first thing, remember?”
What made her think of that? she thought. At a time like this, no less?
Max grimaced over the test and said, “I forgot about it.” A short pause ensued, then Liz said, “Have you gone over any of it yet?” Max shook his head and said, “Not really. I’ve been busy.”
Understanding, Liz said, “Well, would you like to…with me?”
Max was no dummy. He smiled and said, “The Romeo and Juliet scene?”
Nodding again with what appeared an innocent expression, Liz said, “Sure. Here. I have a copy here that Alex left here by accident. He was over here visiting with Mom and Dad I guess while we were gone. He must have thought I’d be here.”
So Max took Alex’s copybook and proceeded to portray Romeo.
They tirelessly went through the entire thing up to where Juliet and Romeo had their love scene. Max skittishly tried to avoid that. Liz, however, was not going to accept this attempt, however.
She walked over to Max and said, “We’re supposed to take this seriously, Max. Now I’ll start here,” she pointed where and continued, “It says that Juliet confesses her love to Romeo and then…” then, Liz grabbed Max by the shirtfront and pulled him down to her, into a kiss. It was awkward at first as this was their first ever shared. But soon into it, Max forgot what he was trying to do, keep his secret his, and the kiss intensified. They deepened the movement of mouth against mouth, tongues joining and exploring in mouths. And then it happened. The intensity, the space visions of planets and shooting stars and eclipses, so fast, so electrifying, that Liz and Max each felt the control both lived on slipping away from them…. All that remained were each other, the two fusing together in the dark of night, in a bedroom that was small enough to be claustrophobic, but now it didn’t matter.
Max broke the kiss, looking down at Liz who stood with the look of passion in her brown eyes that only matched the churning emotions warring throughout his system. Both knew now what the other was thinking and feeling. All secrets were out.
Although he now knew how she felt, Max had a series of mixed emotions going through him. He was excited, happy, scared and sad all at the same time. He was excited that Liz had feelings for him too. Happy that she let him know how she felt, scared because of how strongly he felt about her and sad because he was afraid that his non-human status would cause her nothing but grief.
It was as if she could read his mind and feel the pain that lay within. She leaned up to him and hugged him as if to say she understood and that everything would be ok.
“Liz.” Max whispered in her ear.
“Yeah Max?”
“I have to get home before my mom realizes I am not there. Will you be in homeroom?” feeling rather stupid for asking a question he already knew the answer to, Max rolled his eyes and kept thinking duh Max.
A little disappointed at his sudden eagerness to leave, Liz answered his question while biting her bottom lip.
“Of course Max. I better get to bed before my mom comes in and checks on me too. She likes to do that.”

“Goodnight Liz.”
“Goodnight Max.”

Just as quickly as he had crawled through her bedroom window, he had crawled back out. Liz fell backwards onto her bed with a broad smile on her face. She actually got up the nerve to kiss him. She had wanted to do that for so long and she finally did it. And the amazing thing was, he kissed her back. With that thought, Liz crawled under her blankets and went to sleep.
Max got home and climbed in his window to see Michael asleep in the sleeping bag on the floor. He stepped over Michael and went into the bathroom to brush his teeth.
He turned the bathroom light off as he walked out and got ready for bed. As he lay down he could only think of Liz and that kiss. He just kept thinking about how good it made him feel and how he wished that moment never had to end. Max Evans slept very well that night.

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Thank You for all the wonderfully positive feedback!
Here is the next part. We hope you all enjoy it!

Disclaimer: We do not own any of the characters used in this story and only own some of the situations we put them in although some are taken directly from the show.
Hope you enjoy!

Part Five.

When the alarm sounded at 6:30 a.m., Liz got up and walked to the bathroom. She took a shower making sure to pay special attention to her hair trying to get the smoke out of it from working the night before. Why her parents started allowing smoking in the café, she will never know.

While in the shower, a terrible feeling of anxiety passed through her. What if kissing Max made him uncomfortable? Would things be awkward between them now?

She turned off the shower and shook her head resolutely telling herself that she would face it soon enough when she saw him at school and there was no since in prematurely worrying about it. If only she could make herself believe those words of wisdom. She got out and dressed herself.

As Max sat at the breakfast table, Isabel noticed he had an unusually large smile on his face and was whistling “I Wanna Be A Cowboy” which was his favorite Kid Rock song he only listened to when in a really good mood.

Diane, who was at the stove making pancakes, also noticed the mood Max was in and her and Isabel exchanged looks of confusion and almost worry. Max had not been in this good of a mood in so long that they hardly recognized it.

Isabel couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Is there a new book at the library or something Max?”

Nobody could quite understand Max’s addiction to the library. He spent every free moment he had there and often times spent time there that he didn’t have to spare. He didn’t dare tell anyone that he was not there for the books. He was there because it is where Liz did all of her studying and it was a place where he felt a connection to her.
Today, though, all Max was thinking about as he sat eating his Capn Crunch cereal, all he could concern himself with was the thought of seeing Liz again in school. He had visions of seeing her pretty smile again. While sitting at the round oak kitchen table that morning, Max imagined fondly the way Liz’s hair looked as she nonchalantly brushed it back from her face. The way she looked up at him with such compelling brown eyes that always did him in so wholly. Max stopped eating, with his spoon filled with Capn Crunch in his right hand. Isabel flung a napkin at him, causing him to drop his spoon, spilling a small portion of milk over his black pull over shirt. Giving her a scowl, Max said, “What was that for?”
Isabel grinned wickedly at him as she said, “You were off in la-la land again, Max. I couldn’t help it. Now are you ready?” Guessing he had no time to change, Max grabbed his bag, hauled it over his right shoulder, and said, “Let’s go.”

The halls of Roswell High were always jam packed around eight in the morning on a school day. From freshmen to senior upper class, clicks could be seen, circles of friends joking around at the lockers, hanging out near classrooms. For the most part the students of Roswell were anxious for Thanksgiving break so they could be off a couple days. The months that led up to those favored holidays tended to drag along ever so slowly.
For Maria Deluca, a 5’4 inch sophomore who knew she had two years left at Roswell High before graduation, she was in that same tired slot. Although she didn’t detest school. No, Maria was a girl who had loved learning from her earliest of schooldays and saw this stage in her career to be steps toward college. She and Liz Parker had been best friends since elementary school. She shared a locker with her and noted as she opened it to grab her Literature books just how similar they were. Neither were overly neat when it came to keeping their books and notepads organized neatly. Nope, they were pretty average when it came to how they tossed their things in between classes into each space that was designated to the individual girl. Maria took the top half, Liz the bottom.
Maria spotted Liz talking with Max at the pits and rolled her green eyes. What did Liz see in Max Evans? He was just a boy! Not a Chip N Dale, certainly not what Maria would find herself drooling over at all hours of the day. Of course…she glanced over across the hall at Kyle and saw that there were some things that did not change. Secretly, Maria had had a crush on Kyle Valenti. She hadn’t spoken a word of it to Liz, since Liz had dated him awhile back. Kyle hung out with all the popular boys at Roswell High and he was considered the highlight of conversation each day. Most importantly, he didn’t see Maria…at all. She was a piece of furniture, immaterial when it mattered to Kyle’s daily routines. Maria was sure he didn’t notice her or the way she caught herself looking at him when at the lockers, or in class, or at the Crashdown Café, where she worked with Liz and had for a year now.
Last year, Maria had worn her brown hairstyle that was natural, as she had for fifteen years. But over the summer, she dyed it blonde and wore it cute, at a shoulder length that was befitting her Changed Girl image. She wanted to be seen as pretty to Kyle. She wanted to be seen as older, as someone that could accomplish a lot in her life. If only Roswell wasn’t so small a town and she so average and camouflaged. Maria shook her head, grabbed her books and notepads, closed her locker, and walked to Liz. Seeing how engrossed Liz was talking with Max, practically elbow to elbow, Maria turned and went to class alone….

On the other side of the spectrum of good student Maria was a boy named Alex. Alex Whitman was a sophomore, like Maria, Max, Michael, Isabel, and Liz, except instead of being in their click, he hung in a different crowd. To the observer that didn’t go to school here, Alex could have been questioned for being a blowhard, except for his appearance. Tall, always tall, with dark brown hair and brown eyes, like Max Evans, Alex was quickly named the school rough neck. No one crossed Alex, of coruse he hadn’t been in too many altercations to test this image, but he had used his mouth enough to make enough unwilling to try him on. So he was the one that was seen with a group of boys and girls that were unpopular, wise guys and used girls.
Keeping his hair long and full, with a black leather jacket that was his bad guy finishing touch, Alex looked at his friends, Bill Winters, Scott Brinkman and Joe Nemeth—three bozo’s that he had come to hang with out of habit—and said, “What’s the deal today? I heard that one of you is planning something. What is it?” Before Bill could get anything out save a grin, Alex said, “Before you spill it, let me warn you all that I won’t go down for it this time. If you want to do something wild and stupid, take your own fall.”
Bill, stood a tall even height with Alex dressed in scruffy jeans with holes and a dingy red T Shirt. Matching his ill appearance, Bill went around regularly with very dirty blonde hair that was shoulder length and a complete sorry mess due to lack of initiative. Of course his family wasn’t exactly the epic good wholesome family either, he knew. They were at each other’s throats and made life miserable for Bill, had since he was a small child.
When survival was top priority, having clean hair and name brand clothes seemed senseless. Today, he stood, his blue eyes glaring at Alex, ready for a fight from a bad night at home and a grueling morning of a hangover to follow. He crossed his arms under his chest and glowered at Alex, preparing for this before it begun. Bill was so far the only one with guts to dare speak to Alex in any manner that could be seen as confrontational said seething, “Since when did you take any of our damn falls, Whitman?”
Alex saw the others stand in shock at this but said unwavering, “You don’t want to go down this road, Winters, so just stop where you’re at. You don’t want me to embarrass you in front of everyone by admitting your after-school habits, now do you?”
Knowing what he referred to, Bill glared, “You have no idea what I do, so it don’t matter.”
Alex stepped toward Bill, causing Bill to move toward a locker. The others backed out of the way in total mystification over Alex. Alex merely stated bluntly, “Want to push me and see what I do know?”
Bill might be daring, but he wasn’t stupid. He moved away and said, “You don’t scare me, Whitman. But I have things to do and this is boring me. So I’ll catch you later.”
Before Bill was out of earshot, Alex said, “No including me in this, Winters. I mean it.”
When Alex was alone again at his locker he felt the familiar questions rolling over in his mind again. Why am I in this situation? What is so important about being a leader in the mist of trouble? Will I always be put in charge and made to be like this? Not knowing his answers, Alex shut his locker and went to class. He had a test to pass…or more likely to fail.

Liz felt the nervous energies of sitting at a desk with a white copy of a test in front of her as she always did at test time. With this came nausea and wishing she could have learned to beat this fear long ago. She’d think after all this time tests wouldn’t do this to her, but they always did. One day, she feared, she would just fail the test miserably and be ashamed of her grade. Her only way of surviving this, she knew was to just do it and get it out of the way. Suddenly, she glanced across the room and spotted Max sitting in front of his test paper. He looked so sure, so ready. Liz doubted he was ready for the test completely anyway. Max was just one of those who was gifted in being able to cover his real feelings. Liz hadn’t the gift. She was pretty much plain honest Liz. Right then she was insecure too. If she failed this test—it would be a first in a long while—she would berate herself over her inability to focus and relax.
Glancing at Michael, she saw he was kicked back in his seat, cocky, unaffected by the ordeal. Maria was ever scrupulously examining her paper, then running through the answers, circling answers as soon as she’d read them. Seeing all of the class in the motion of taking the test and Liz still on question two, she felt nerves quickly moving into mountainous sizes. Her stomach hurt, her mind panicked and her hands filled with sweat. This was not a good sign, but tests were always a dilemma to Liz.
Why give written tests anyway? Oral ones worked much better, after discussion. It gave the person a chance to answer after the material was fresh. Not weeks later when the material was only there out of pushing it the night before.
Suddenly a feeling came over Liz as she closed her eyes to breathe. Max’s voice was speaking to her! He was saying, “It’s okay, Liz. It’s just a test. You know the material, we went over it last night.” Looking over at Max she saw him hand her a note. Reaching for it from her classmate named Julie to her right, Liz opened it discreetly, finding it said exactly what her thoughts had told her a moment ago! Freaked out, Liz excused herself from the room, taking the test to the teacher unfinished. Ms. Maplewood gave Liz a long look before saying, “This is incomplete, Liz. Are you sure you want to hand it in now? Is there a problem?”
Liz shook her head, then said, “I need to use the restroom…or see the nurse. I’m not feeling well.”
Ms. Maplewood was in her sixties and not above being sympathetic, but this was a big test, so she said plainly, “You are free to go, but this test will be put in my files with an I on it for incomplete. I have to, Liz. It is only fair.”
Understanding, Liz swallowed her tension over this fact and said, “Fine. I understand. Thanks.” She hurried out of the room, running for the pits of the school. Sitting on the steps, she tried to grab hold of her sanity. She had just experienced what the Sci Fi channel spoke of, those mental communications that she had always laughed off as ridiculously stupid. Over night, her life went from Romeo And Juliet to The X-Files! Now, having faced it, Liz felt confused about Max, how he could do that, and about herself, how she could believe it….

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Here is the next part. We hope you all enjoy it!

Disclaimer : We do not own any of the characters from the show or books. We only own some of the situations we put them in.

Part Six

Liz was sitting at the pits when Max approached. Who knew how long she had been there? Maybe five, ten minutes, fifteen max. The thoughts she had been thinking were making her an emotional mess. Fears of what she had experienced in homeroom were wrestling with her still. Nothing in sixteen years had ever prepared her for that encounter and knowing it related to the boy who walked to her now had her questioning herself for the first time ever about her chosen link toward Max Evans. Was it so smart to be so in love with someone who was so different from anything she had ever known? She couldn’t help but wonder what was coming next if she continued to be with him. It warred within her against her wishes to be with him. Right then she didn’t know which would win, but one thing was sure, Liz was scared.
For the first time, when Max walked toward her, Liz backed somewhat away, saying nervously, “Max…”
Max’s face that was already concerned about Liz grew more so. Inside he was going through his own kind of misery. What was going on? Since when did he need to show off to Liz or anyone? Wasn’t that what he had done in class—thereby frightening her, as he could clearly see it had. Fears were starting to grow in Max. Was Liz going to run from him, outright? And if she did, how would he handle it? He would be hurt, angry at himself and his stupidity, wondering what he could do to fix it, fearing there was nothing he could do to rectify it.
Max feared by seeing Liz now, all but leaping away from him, that he was going to lose one day, lose big time, the best thing that had ever come into his life. He didn’t want to think too hard about how he would handle that loss. Sensing he knew partly what it would be like since he was already feeling the vulnerable sensations and worries in his heart, Max stopped his walking. He didn’t want to frighten her more.
He tried to talk to her, “Liz? What’s wrong?”
Liz gave him a funny look, feeling she had to say something or run away, so she replied unevenly, “Why did you do that in there, Max? Why did you enter my thoughts like that?”
Max couldn’t help it. He stepped forward, saying, “Liz, I don’t know why I did that. I thought you could use the support, I guess.” He smiled boyishly in a way that normally had Liz smiling, but now she merely took a step back, not looking this time.
Wobbling, Liz could do nothing else but face the fact that she was going to take a fall due to staying here. Really, she had no time to dwell on that bad choice, for her balance was offset and she was scared anew. She let out a small, “Whoa!”
Instinctively, Max hurried to Liz, grabbing her arm and pulling her to her feet again. Feeling Max’s arm around her, pulling her close to keep her from falling, Liz realized that she could not blame him. He loved her. He wouldn’t care this much, choose to find out where she was, if she was okay, help her to safety just now, if he was out to hurt her.
To Max nothing felt better than holding Liz. But she was still trembling now, so he said, “Are you okay, Liz?”
Liz took this lapse in time to just look up at Max, feeling his body heat next to hers, her hands on his black shirt. Her fingertips could feel the steady beating of his heart. It was then that Liz realized Max was no different from any other boy. He was Max and always would be and that would make him special always, but he was human enough to breathe, hurt, love and lose just like she was.
Nodding, Liz replied, “Yes, Max. I’m fine.” She smiled up at him and added, “What made you come out here looking for me?”
Max looked down into Liz’s brown eyes that were so lost in him and said, “The same thing that has me thinking of you at all hours of the day then dreaming of you at night. I care about you, Liz.”
It was all Liz needed to hear. She ran her long skinny fingers up Max’s shirt, then touching his cheek with her palm, she said, “I care about you too, Max. I wondered about how things would be since…well since we kissed last night in my room. But, I don’t have to wonder anymore.” Liz knew when she said what she was about to say that things would only progress between her and Max, that she would be stepping into grounds never before walked through, but looking into Max’s kind brown eyes, she felt ready.
Liz slowly moved closer to Max so not to intimidate him and said, “Kiss me, Max.”
Max didn’t need anything else either. He reached for Liz’s chin, her soft round face, and tilting her head up so he could see into her pretty eyes, he kissed her softly on her lips.
The bell rang, the kids swarmed the halls and around the couple who stood at the pits, but it didn’t matter. Max and Liz had what they wanted and all else could just disappear….

Maria DeLuca was sure she had failed her Literature test. Her concerns were on Liz, seeing her run from the classroom like she did. Maria had nearly run after her, but thought it would be senseless, since Liz was probably just going to the bathroom to check her make-up. Or to get Max to go after her so she could make out with him. The more Maria saw her friend around Max Evans the more she became disgusted. It was all she could do to be supportive when all Liz did was talk about how wonderful Max was, how cute he was, how kind and sweet and great he was. All Maria could do was check herself so she didn’t puke. He was a guy. He got up in the morning, put on his clothes, one leg at a time. He ate cereal, Capn Crunch—oh yes, Liz had told her that detail too! It was so sickening, really. Maria secretly liked Kyle, but didn’t brag to Liz about all his attributes. For goodness sakes, he didn’t own a sports car or offer Liz nice things. He was just Max.
Grumbling now over having spent so long worrying over her friend as Maria watched her making out with him in the pits, Maria turned to leave and bumped smartly into Michael Guerin, none other than Max’s best friend. Disgusted anew, Maria said, totally miffed, “Do you think you could have told me you were standing behind me?”
Michael gave Maria a half-hearted look, then said, “Maria De Luca. Do you think you could be any less self-important?”
Crossing her arms over her chest, Maria said, “Go blow yourself.” With that she stormed away from Michael, but not before Michael said, “You only wish you could.” Hearing his laughter, Maria turned to face him, flipped him off, but walked away with warm tingles rushing through her system, thinking to herself, damn him.
Damn him because here lately she had been having occasional thoughts, fleeting ones at best, she assured herself, of Michael. Michael in shorts and a skimpy tank top on the beach. Michael in no shirt, skimpy undies. His tanned legs broad shoulders, sweet smile. Oh yeah, she had had thoughts. Then she wondered…would he dare move in on her? She was a tough cookie to beat, to win over, but would he try? Then last night she had a steamy dream of him making out with her in a tropical forest with green leaves and frosty pink flowers all around them. The sounds of rushing sea with waves moving in their backdrop. It was romantic…it was crazy…it was wonderful. Kyle had no comparison to these fantasies, Maria knew, and it irked her more than she could say. She blamed it all on Michael, the scum of the earth that he was!
Maria stormed out of the school wishing she could rid herself of ever having met that threesome bunch!

Alex Whitman didn’t let the ink dry before he was handing in his scratchy written test to Ms. Maplewood. These tests were a bunch of bull because when it came right down to the grindstone of life that faced them all, he guessed himself sooner than most at the rate of his grades, the tests in schools wouldn’t mean crap. He would be working hard at a minimum wage job, flipping burgers from nine to eleven, Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s. That was if he could find something that reliable. Alex would love to go to college, but somehow he felt he was stuck. His family wasn’t made of money, and he couldn’t beg for a scholarship, not the way his grades classified him a C- average.
Walking to the guys, Alex knew eventually, he would have to choose between his friends and his future, but right then, he couldn’t make himself choose. Right now he had a group that depended on him, that looked up to him, and somehow Alex couldn’t cut ties to that. Not now anyway….

Alex couldn’t deny his bad predicament, however, as he was marched to the principals office the following period, with those so-called friends of his for a bomb threat. Life just wasn’t what you expected most days, Alex thought fighting the urge to tell the guard dog that was guiding him to the office to jam it and leave the school for good. Home would never be the same if he did that. No, Alex would have to grin and bear this mess that had befallen him—all due to his lack of knowing what to do about his friends and his current lot in life….

The bomb threat caused by the punks of the school had Isabel and the entire school outside on the bleachers, waiting it out. Why on earth did those losers have to pull such antics? Didn’t they care at all what it did to the others, how it was calling wolf to real dangers? Oh they didn’t care one bit, Isabel thought, sitting next to her friends, Jackie and Renae. Looking at Jackie, Isabel said, “This is ridiculous.”
Jackie nodded and said, “I know. Why didn’t they just send us home if it was so bad?”
Renae caught this end of the conversation, having been flirting with a boy across the bleachers, and said, “Yeah. It would be nice if they did.”
But they didn’t. The classes sat on the bleachers for twenty minutes, until they were positive everything was safe enough for classes to resume.
Alex sat in the principal’s office, wishing he could be anyone else in the world but who and what he had become….

Liz agreed to meet Max at the tree house in Liz’s backyard, aka behind the Crashdown. It was late again, but Liz liked the dark. It made seeing Max more romantic. Now that they were accepting being an item, it was so much more fun to sneak around together.
Max climbed up the steps that led to the treehouse, with Liz following closely behind him, watching his butt as she climbed along! He did have a nice one, she thought with a private smirk of her own. Once inside, Max turned to Liz and embraced her. Liz was no shy girl now. She was just as eager to be next to Max, to have this contact, so she grabbed his shirtfront and pulled him closer, feeling his clothes against hers. It was everything Liz could ever want. Then, she felt Max becoming freer with his making out and she welcomed it. The more he kissed her the more she wanted to feel his closeness. He sent her to outerspace, made her feel things she had never felt before in her life. And as he lifted her shirt, running his fingers up her stomach, over her bra that barely covered her perky breasts, while the shirt lifted soon to fling over her head, Liz felt brazen. The shooting star images were here again and she felt the emotional pull that always went along with these encounters.
Were they going to take this as far as it could go? Liz didn’t know, but found herself pushing his shirt up at the same time.
Max finally asked, “Liz? Liz do you want to stop?”
Liz’s thoughts were scattered. They weren’t on anything sensible. She didn’t want them on anything sensible. She wanted to feel Max, to be with him, and she guessed the thing that pushed her forward when she might have second-guessed it was her love for him. Shaking her head, Liz said, “No, Max. This feels right. It might sound sudden, but I don’t care right now. I want to be with you tonight.”
Max replied, “Me too.”
Max led Liz to the mattress that had been stored up here so that Liz and Maria could have slumber parties at the age of eleven. Now, it was being used to join two lovers for the first time.
Liz had long ago gotten on birth control because her monthlies were irregular. They were long since regulated and she felt safe. Kissing Max, she welcomed him with her on the bed. As they moved to the next level, she didn’t feel afraid. Somehow, she felt certain, so sure this was right, the exactly right time in her life to be giving Max her innocence.
As they joined for the first time, the power and rush of their bodies together sent their minds into a galaxy of love where vivid planets soared around them, stars, majestic stars, flashed and sparkled. Max and Liz were no longer just two young people loving each other on a school night, they were connected by passion, and Liz finally felt Max’s powers as mentally, he sent them both to a planet of beautiful colors, shapes, and creations. When they reached earth again, so-to-speak, they were both moist eyed and mystified.


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Authors Note: There is talk of drugs, alcohol, sex and gang relations in this part of the fic. If any of this offends you, please do not read it. Thank you.

Disclaimer: We own nothing!

Where Do We Go From Here?
Part 7-- Uncharted Waters
A Month Later, October 22, 1999—Another Monday

Kyle Valenti had a problem. He had had it for quite sometime now but it continued to play havoc on his heart, on his dreams, on his existence. That problem was, he was in love with one-time girlfriend, Liz Parker’s best friend—Maria DeLuca. For a year now, Kyle had tried to tell himself it was wrong to want to pursue something with Maria, she was off limits and it was distasteful to do so—or that was how Kyle felt all this time. So he tried to pretend she wasn’t there just so he could function. It looked bad, felt fake, and left Kyle feeling stupid.

Somehow, he was going to have to confront and deal with these feelings. Walking into the Café, Kyle looked over at Liz, a girl who was amazing and had remained his best friend even after the breakup, several months ago. He could tell Liz anything, they had kept that strong a bond between them. But could he walk over to her now and tell her that he was interested in her best friend? Never one to be gutsy, per say, Kyle surprised himself and did the opposite of what he normally did. He got up the courage and walked over to where Liz was making change at the register. Smiling back at her, Kyle said, “Hey, Liz.”

Liz smiled at Kyle, trying to be friendly when her own emotions were on overdrive, Liz handed Ms. Roth her change, then looked at Kyle and said, “Hello, Kyle. How you doing?”

Kyle took a second to look around him to make sure they were alone. Liz noted it and said, “Do we need to talk in back?”

Kyle shook his head and said, “No. I just need to talk to you about something. Whenever you have the time, Liz. It’s no big deal,” actually it was but he didn’t have to say that. He wasn’t going to say that.

Gauging she had a minute, as the Café was pretty slow this afternoon, Liz walked around from behind the counter, and said, with a grin, “I have the time now, the café is pretty dead anyway. Come on, we’ll go in back for a few minutes.”

Kyle followed behind her, toward the backroom and when the door was closed he walked to where the nearest chair was and took a seat. What was he thinking to ask Liz to talk about Maria? Maria would be here in an hour to cover the late night traffic. Just the thought of seeing her tonight, which he would for he knew he would be back in here later tonight, had Kyle feeling excited. He could picture her blue eyes, her blonde hair, the way her smile had her eyes brightened over a joke that he happened to witness in class. Kyle had watched Maria go from brunette to blonde and could safely say that he liked both sides of her, the girl that was shy and the one that was trying to hide it.

Liz watched Kyle’s nervous way he flexed his hands, the way he looked so concerned about something and all she could think to say was, “What’s going on, Kyle? Did you fail the history test today?”

When Kyle shook his head and his face still showed worry, Liz said, “Didn’t make basketball this year?” If he didn’t, Liz knew Kyle would be upset and she wouldn’t blame him. He worked very hard to keep up so that he could be a participant in sports and so this would hurt if he didn’t cut it. Last year was a struggle and he nearly missed out on it.

Kyle looked at his hands and said quietly, “No, Liz, I feel I passed the test today and I just found out a few days ago that I made the team. I’ve already tried on my uniform and have it ready for practice next week.”

Checking for a second to see that the front was okay, Liz turned back to Kyle and said, “Okay, Kyle, I hate to be a butt about this, but I have to hurry this along. I never know when customers are going to start coming in, you know.”

Nodding, Kyle stood, feeling he could put this off and said, “That’s fine, Liz. We can talk about it later.”

When Liz watched Kyle leave she felt badly for saying that and touched his sleeve, saying, “You can stop by my house tonight if you want.”

Kyle gave Liz a broad smile as he said, “I don’t think Max would care for that too much. Word has it around the school that you two are pretty close these days.”

Liz noticed how Kyle was looking intently into her eyes to see if she was as close to Max as the rumors said. Blushing, Liz said, “Word travels whether I like it or not. But be that as it may, Kyle, Max isn’t chauvinistic. You can stop by the house if you want. He knows you are my friend.”

Nodding, Kyle said, “Thank you, Liz, but I think it would be best if I didn’t.”

Liz didn’t like this, so she did what she rarely ever did. Seeing no other alternative, and her friend who desperately needed to talk to her, Liz grabbed hold of the Open sign on the door and turned it to the Closed side. Turning to Kyle she replied with a smile, “No one else should be coming in now. The few who are here are happy so we can talk freely. Pick a table.”

Kyle wished he hadn’t said a word but since he had he did choose a booth and together they sat. He looked at Liz and noted her anxiousness to hear what was going on. Running a hand through his hair, Kyle said nervously, “Have you ever had incredible fantasies? Dreams about someone you feel you can’t be with but they are there anyway?”

Liz grinned and said, “Don’t tell me you’re having those hot dreams about Hillary Swank again, Kyle? Come on, she is not going to drive up to Roswell and pay you a nightly visit. I’m sorry, she just isn’t. Anymore than Brad Pitt is going to come knocking on my door. Please tell me you aren’t writing her name on notebooks.” Even though Liz had been known to do that with Max’s name, Liz thought it was different because Max was attainable and now hers.

Suddenly, Kyle surprised Liz by saying bluntly, “I’m not talking about those dreams, Liz. These dreams involve a girl I know not one out of a Hollywood Magazine. I gave up those dreams long ago.” Not counting the one he had a month ago, he had, Kyle thought with an inward grin, but damn it Liz didn’t have to know he was dreaming about Hillary Swank in a red negligee. She picked on him enough.

Liz’s eyes largened some and she let out a long breath saying, “Oh, I see. Whom are we discussing here?”

Liz folded her arms on the table, in the back room, not minding the cool breeze of the cooler behind her, this having taken precedence over it. She smiled at his agitation playfully and said, “This is serious.”

Kyle laid his hands flat palms down on the table between them and said, “In a way yes. It is.” Looking up at Liz, Kyle said, “Liz I have a problem that very much involves us, our friendship.” At her alarm, Kyle added with a grin, “No it’s not you. It’s…Well it’s Maria.”

Liz sat stunned, unsure what to say next….

Maria had been having her own fantasies about Kyle lately. For awhile she thought it was Michael she wanted, but enough time around him and she discovered it was a fleeting crush. Her heart belonged to Kyle Valenti and she had always known that. As Maria drove her red Jeda out of the parking lot of the high school, toward home, Maria decided she would have to deal with Kyle and her feelings someday, but she didn’t know how. He never did see her and somehow she worried that he never would either….

Liz looked at Kyle and said, “So you like Maria. What does that have to do with our friendship?”

Kyle gave Liz a long look and said, “You are Maria’s best friend. We have history together. I didn’t want to ruin our friendship.”

Liz smiled at Kyle, touching his hand friendly-like as she said, “It wouldn’t. Kyle I don’t care if you go after Maria. To be honest, she has been looking at you for a long time, but I never led on that I knew. I guess she wanted that time to decide herself.”

Kyle asked, “You don’t mind if I ask her out, then?”

Liz stood when a new customer began banging on the door, saying, “You never had to ask my permission. When we broke up, Kyle, that left you free to see other people. I’m with Max. But even if I weren’t, it would still be up to you. I’m not that shrewish that I’d hold it over your head, Kyle. But I appreciate you telling me anyway.”

Kyle stood also, hugged Liz, and said, “Thanks, Liz. I’ll see you later.”

Nodding, Liz walked to the doors, opened them and waved bye to Kyle. She secretly wished him all the luck in the world….

Not ten minutes after Liz opened the doors up again Max was walking inside. Liz looked up at him, nervously, as she said, “Hello, Max.” She walked over to him and accepted his kiss. She still was a bit awed by how fast her relationship with Max had progressed.

Once apart, Max asked, “Got a minute? It’s about Michael and what he told me awhile back.”

Nodding, Liz walked with him to the same table she had sat with Kyle at ten minutes ago. Smiling, Liz asked, “What’s going on?”

Max replied, “I think I told you that my sister has had secret feelings for Michael, haven’t I?”

Thinking on it, Liz said, “Yes, I believe so.”

Max replied, “Well they are returned.”

Smiling larger, Liz replied, “That’s wonderful, Max!” Catching his distaste, Liz shortened her smile, as she said, “Isn’t it?”

Max ran both hands through his dark brown hair as he said, “I’m not sure. Michael is a nice guy and I trust him, but Isabel is my sister. I know that Michael isn’t against having a good time with girls.”

Looking doubtfully at Max, Liz said, “This is the same person who stays to himself nearly all the time? The same guy, who rarely goes to dances, I don’t think he’s had a date in all the time I’ve known him. Max, he isn’t a Don Juan. He is a nice person.” When Max showed signs of arguing with her, Liz touched his hand and said, “Isabel is a tough girl, she wouldn’t let anyone tell her what to do, Max. Anyway, how far has it gone?”

Max looked out the window, saying, “Nowhere. Michael hasn’t had the nerve to approach her and my sister is still closet peeking at him.”

Grinning wildly, Liz said, “Then I’d say don’t worry about it. They haven’t even told each other how they feel, Max. It’s possible nothing will happen at all.”

Nodding, hoping so, Max said, “Maybe you’re right. Anyway, there’s nothing I can do about it now.”

Agreeing with him, Liz replied, “No, there isn’t. So how are you?” Max linked hands with Liz and said, “Now that I am here, I’m great. You?”

Liz smiled at him, feeling Max was the right person for her to be with, and not regretting for a minute her choices since. She replied easily, “I’m fine. Kyle isn’t. But until he tells Maria about how he feels, nothing will happen there either.”

Max grinned and said, “What is this, The Young And The Restless? When is Victor gonna walk in?”

Laughing, Liz said, “Nope. It’s only Roswell.”

Max couldn’t do a thing about any of this mess, so he said, “I’m just glad to have you, Liz.” Liz smiled and said, “I’m glad to have you too, Max.” He took Liz’s hand and gently pulled her to him kissing her sweetly on the mouth. He had Liz and that meant everything to Max. He’d think about Isabel and Michael later on. For now, he could enjoy time with Liz, the woman he loved.

Alex Whitman knew what it was like to reach bottom and have to work your way back up. Last month, he had been a leader of a band of rebels at the high school. He hadn’t always liked it, but it had been his life. Secretly wanting out of it, Alex tried to think of a way to achieve that, but at that moment hadn’t done so. He didn’t think he had a way out.

Then, his apprentice, Bill Winters had done it for him. Setting a bomb threat at the school, exactly a month ago had sent all four boys to the principal’s office for lectures. Bill had been expelled outright for being the culprit of the crime. The other boys had each gotten two-week suspensions—including a bitter Alex. He had nothing to do with that mess and tried to tell the school principal this, but the principal had decided that he was a part of the gang—more so, the leader, and so he should have known better. Even though he hadn’t done any of the planning or actions of that day, Alex was still given the same sentence. So he went home early afternoon, and faced his family’s wrath.

His dad, Duane Whitman called Alex to the backyard where they could be alone, looked at Alex with a deadly glare as he said, “What on earth are you doing at that school? I get called from Principal Andrews and you know what he said?”

Alex mumbled bitterly, “I can imagine.”

Shaking his head, Duane replied, “No, I don’t think you can. He told me you were suspended for two weeks for being an accomplice to a bomb threat. A bomb threat! I am at work, having to handle hearing the worst news of my life, that my only son is in trouble.” It had been difficult for Duane to work the day. He was not a man who worried about what people thought, so this wasn’t a pride issue. It was a mass of confusion and worry. He didn’t know his son and he felt guilty for that. Ours in a firm didn’t make a dad it made a good employee. Now he had to ask his own son if he were a part of this and it was the hardest thing Duane had to do. He had trusted Alex, taught him to hunt and fish at eight years old, and been rather close to him for many years. Then when Alex turned sixteen, it had been difficult to get him to confide about anything. And here they were a year later, because Duane hadn’t sat him down and asked more forcefully what was going on, if he could help.

To look at Alex one would think he was trouble. He dressed the part, the scruffy look, the long hair, the black Fonzy jacket, and the look in his eyes of pure disdain. The works. Why hadn’t Duane seen the signs? His son had turned into something a parent didn’t want to think possible for their child—but he had clearly turned into a troubled teen.

Alex wanted a cigarette, badly. But his dad didn’t know about that habit. Hell, he didn’t know about a lot of things. He hadn’t been there to know, Alex thought coolly. He had been at work, or simply out with his friends. Alex went on with his life. He got into fights, into messes and worked his way out. Now it was impossible to handle alone. Looking at his dad, Alex said simply, “I’m sure it was hard to explain at work. Sorry.”

Alex tried to go inside, but Duane stopped him this time, saying, “No way. We’re not done talking yet. Get back here.”

Alex could have defied him and must have given him that look for Duane merely countered it with an equally intimidating expression. Alex was tired, ashamed, and didn’t want to fight, so he walked back.

Duane continued, “What’s going on here, Alex? Your principal says that you are a member of a gang—is that true, Alex?”

Alex looked away and said, “Dad, there is a lot you don’t know about me. I don’t think it would be good to discuss it.”

Duane felt he was hearing his son and listening to him for the first time. He felt despair at what was to come, yet determination to discover it. Folding his arms across his chest, Duane said, “Well pardon my expression, but I don’t give a damn. We are going to discuss it.”

Alex was so close to countering this, but said instead, “Fine. What do you need to know, Dad?”

Duane replied, “The truth, Alex, for once. I’m not so old I can’t handle hearing it.”

Giving his Dad the benefit of that, Alex looked back to be sure his little sister, Amy wasn’t hearing, and said, “Over here.” They walked to the trees farthest from the house and Alex continued, “Here goes.” Opening his jacket, Alex pulled out a cigarette, lit it and began to smoke in front of his dad. Mildly surprised but refusing to show it, Duane waited.

“You sure you want to hear this?” Receiving a nod, Alex continued, “What you heard is partly true. I am a member of a gang.” Refusing to let himself stop now, even though he heard the hurt in his dad’s intake of breath, Alex needing to be honest continued, “But he didn’t tell you that I have been given the misfortune of leading it. I didn’t want it-well okay I did enjoy the idea of being looked up to—but when I realized that I was supposed to be some dumbass punk who never got anywhere in life, I began to resent it.” Duane asked, “Then why didn’t you get out?” Alex gave his dad a torn expression of no way, out when he said, “Dad you don’t just decide that. When you are in, you are in. The only way to get out is to find some leeway that will cover you not needing to be a leader anymore. I’ve not found it yet. But back to the story, the guy who did the bomb threat was a peon follower who likes to get in my face sometimes to see if I am as bad as I have tried to put off. He hasn’t won yet, but it doesn’t matter anymore. Hell, Dad, I’ve tried drugs, alcohol, nothing I’ve become addicted to, but that doesn’t take it away. I’m aware of what a rubber is and how to use it.” Again he looked to see that Amy wasn’t hearing any of this, ashamed of it more than he could say. He finally finished, “I’ve taken falls over school stunts that I wasn’t a part of. And now I’ve been suspended because I happened to lead the stupid gang.”

Duane took all this in and said, “You currently are off drugs, right?”

Nodding, Alex said, “I realized that mistake a long time ago. Amy asked me what a joint was. I knew it was time to stop it.”

Tears fell as Alex revealed the next part, “I don’t ever want Amy to think I am some hoodlum but I just don’t know what to do about it. I picture a lot of things, but none of them are pretty.”

Duane hated the part of being a parent where you could only offer support and suggestions but here it was. He touched his son’s shoulder and said, “You need to know that being in this school gang, it can lead to danger, Alex. Is there anything I can do to help?”

Alex shook his head saying, “I have an idea that might work, one way or another.”

Duane was afraid of that and found himself wishing he could be his son and handle this for him. All he could do was tell him he’d be there for him if he needed him.

This was weeks ago. Alex had survived the suspension and gone back to school. He had walked to his old friends and told them he wanted out. He’d tried to get them to follow suit and break the gang up. They refused, telling him he was a jerk, a coward, nothing like what they thought. Alex had suddenly gone from being highly regarded as cool to the scum of the earth in a manner of minutes.

Going to school the next several weeks had been miserable, but Alex had done it. Alex had faced his tires being sliced where the gang had chosen to take their own petty revenge by actually going to his dad’s house during the night! Then, the phone calls-ridiculous ones—started. At first they were the average pranks call and hang up types. This lasted about a week.

Three weeks since being away from the gang, though, the Whitman family got a surprise call. Little eight-year-old Amy had innocently picked up the phone in the living room, when it rang. Dad had been outside in the shed, Alex in his bedroom, listening to music.
It was a typical Saturday, no one was expecting anything major. The pranks had seemed to dissipate by then. Suddenly, Alex heard Amy’s angelic sounding voice heightened into a scream…. “Alex! Dad! Someone scary is on the phone!”

Alex ran to reach her and quickly saw the fear in her blue eyes. Her light brown hair was in braids and her hands shook from fear as they held the phone out away from her ear. He immediately met his dad, watching as he took the phone from Amy, quicker than Alex could. Not two seconds later, Duane said, “Listen you cocky little son of a bitch, I don’t appreciate you calling my house, harassing my kids. You call here again, I’m calling the cops.” After a beat, he looked at Alex and said, “It’s for you.” Alex took the phone, hating this moment, knowing he would have to show Amy a side of her brother she hadn’t seen before, but also knowing he had to face it. He picked it up saying, “Hello?” A short pause and Alex continued flatly, “Alright, this is it. I’ve had enough of the bullshit pranks. I chose to get out, big deal. You have a problem with me, have the guts to come to me and talk about it. Leave my family out of it.” Duane tried to get Alex to hang up, but Alex was too angry, too full of adrenaline to do so. He merely moved out of reach, his hands shaking from the rush of the moment.

“Like I said, you want a piece of me, you want to talk to me about my choosing to get out, Winters fine. We’ll talk. Leave my family out of it, which means no more of this garbage. I’m not above calling the cops either and I will…I don’t give a damn how it makes me sound or look, I’m beyond that, I’d think after what happened at school last month, you would be too. Fine, I guess you’re not. Anymore calls or threats damage to my vehicle or my family and you will be seeing a jail cell. Oh no? Try me and find out.” The phone must have clicked, Duane thought, for Alex put their phone down hard on the receiver, on the table.

Facing that punk was easy, Alex thought. Looking his dad and sister in the eyes afterward was the hard part. Duane tried to intervene here, saying, “Amy why don’t you go clean up your room. It needs it. I need to talk with Alex.”

Amy looked at her dad and said, “I need to talk with Alex too, Dad.”

Duane could see she meant it, but didn’t know if Alex was up for it, so he said, “That is up to Alex then.” He looked at Alex who clearly wasn’t, but let him make the decision. Alex took a moment to let out a deep breath, trying to calm down, as he said, “Give me a minute.” He walked outside, onto the deck, to let the air of the day hit him in the face. He had to grab reality and focus. Lighting a cigarette, telling himself he had to quit but knowing he needed it today, Alex merely went through the motions and tried to get it together. His sister deserved answers and he was going to have to give them to her.

Suddenly before Alex could walk back in his dad was walking out. Duane was a good dad, Alex knew. He just didn’t know that Alex needed him. Now, he merely looked sympathetic and concerned about him. Duane tried to be supportive saying, “You don’t have to talk to Amy, Alex if you don’t want to. We can dismiss it and go on.”

Looking at his dad, now more guilty than ever, Alex said, “Dad, I can’t do that. She has questions…I’d have questions if I were her.” Breaking down as much as he could, Alex felt tears entering his eyes, his throat constricting, as he said, “Man, Dad, Amy’s never heard me talk like that before. I’ve just shown her a side that I’d hoped I never had to. I can’t just forget it and hope that she will too. That would be selfish and make me a coward. Damnit I’m not a coward!”

Duane touched his son’s shoulder and said, “I never thought that, Alex. You are a good boy, you care about your family, and you have a good heart. I just hope you let the cops handle this and don’t get yourself hurt or killed trying to prove that.”

Alex couldn’t help the tear that fell, but he wiped it quickly away as he said, “I’ll call the cops if it happens again, I won’t go against four of them. I’m not that stupid.”

Duane replied, “I know that too.” He started to walk in the house when Alex said, “Dad, wait.” Duane turned, his own heart breaking for his son and his personal failures with him. He replied, “Alex?” Alex continued, “I just want to say I’m sorry. I’m so sorry I’ve brought my stupidity upon you all.” Duane walked to his son and said, “Oh, Alex, you didn’t bring anything upon me that I didn’t ask for. I am the one that is sorry, for being gone too much this past year, for putting my job and promotion ahead of my son.” Duane’s last words were said with a torn edge to them. Alex could tell that his dad was hurting himself, so he walked to him the rest of the way and said, “I love you, Dad.” Duane reached out to hug him and Alex let him. Immediately, Alex found himself crying harder than he had in a very long time….

Once inside, Alex went in search of Amy. He found her at the kitchen table. He’d cleaned up and looked better than earlier. He was certainly calmer. Grabbing a soda from the fridge, Alex tossed another at Amy and said, “Let’s talk.” Amy smiled somewhat and said, “Okay. Alex, what is going on? Why did that boy call here? Why is this happening?”

Alex sat across from Amy and said, “I wish I could tell you it’s the boogie man and he won’t be back again, but I can’t do that. The truth is, Amy, I messed up.” Amy didn’t believe that. She looked up to Alex, saw him as a perfect brother who was the best at everything. He was cool. She replied, “How did you mess up?”

Alex let out a deep breath and explained the truth, breaking it down for her as much as he felt he could. He explained about joining the bad group in school, getting in trouble for a bomb threat, making mistakes and then trying to get away from it. Amy asked, “How could you do that, Alex? I thought you were cool.” Alex saw his dad out of the corner of his eye and tried to ignore it as he said dryly, “Yeah, well, that changes, the meaning of the word cool.” Amy was devastated, she stood and said, “I don’t know you. You aren’t the Alex I looked up to, I saw as neat and cool. You are a creep.” These words from his little sister held more impact than she could know, Alex thought. To Alex they were as effectual as a solid slug in the gut. He guessed it would hurt hearing her side of it, but Alex was not prepared for the wrenching full impact of seeing his sister cry. Knowing he was responsible for it. No one could do that like his sister or his dad.

He tried to reach out for her to convince her he wasn’t that bad, but Amy moved away saying, “Don’t, Alex. Just leave me alone, please!” She ran out of the kitchen in tears. Alex did the only thing he could at this point, realizing he had just shattered her dreams of who her older brother was. He ran his hands through his hair, covered his face with his hands, and sobbed his regrets, his emptiness, his self-loathing over hurting Amy and his dad as he had.

It took days, long horrible days of hating himself and wishing he’d done things differently, but finally Amy came back to Alex and apologized and so did Alex.

Following this conversation at home, Alex made another choice. He decided to quit hanging out near his old places at school, places that just brought painful feelings of regret. Instead, Alex chose to hang out at the pits. He spotted Liz Parker and her friends there on more than one occasion. He looked at them and said, “Mind if I sit here?”

Liz shook her head, always kind and said, “Not at all.” Maria gave him a sneer and looked back at Liz, continuing to discuss her current tirade over a grade that she thought was unfair. Michael looked at him and said, “Hey Whitman. How’s it going?”

Alex smiled at Michael and said, “Not too bad. You?”

Michael replied, “I could always do better, but then again couldn’t we all?” The dry sense of humor was a nice change from threats and childishness. Alex visited with Michael and finally began joining them at the pits, everyday in between classes and sitting at the lunch table with them during lunch. Soon, the entire group took to Alex, especially when they realized he wasn’t so bad and was funny. Alex felt he had new friends and maybe, oh, he hoped maybe a new start.

Three Days Later-October 25th, 1999

It had been three days since Kyle had told Liz how he felt about Maria. He wanted to tell Maria so bad but was afraid of making a fool out of himself. What if he stuttered or tripped over his own feet or something? Just the thought of looking stupid in front of Maria made him feel like he had to retch.

The Halloween dance was scheduled for 7:30 tonight and he decided that he could put it off no longer. He would tell her at the dance. He had to. He had a plan of how to tell her and he was going to do it. Liz had been helping him quite a bit and was actually the one that gave him the idea. Maria was going to dress up as Ariel from The Little Mermaid, which was her favorite Disney movie. Maria had wished she could be as pretty as Ariel was. Maybe then Kyle would notice her.

“Liz, I am not sure this is going to work. What if it backfires? What if she doesn’t like it? What if…?”

“Kyle, relax. If it doesn’t work, you are no worse off. We will just have to figure out a different way. One way or another, you are going to tell her how you feel. No more putting it off mister. Now, calm down, just put on the boots and let’s go. We still have to stop by the flower shop and we don’t want to be late for the dance.”

Liz was always the voice of reason. Kyle was thankful that they could still be such close friends and that she could care enough about him to help him with his situation.

Kyle put on the black boots that went with his costume and they walked out the door. Once they got outside, they got into Liz’s VW Rabbit convertible that she had gotten as a fix-r-upper last year. She had put all her hard-earned money into that car, but it finally paid off.

They drove the six blocks to Fiona’s Flowers to pick up the package waiting for Kyle. He was more nervous now than he was before they left the Crashdown. What if she rejected him? Would he ever recover?

Oh for crying out loud Kyle! He told himself. Get a hold of yourself man!!

Liz looked at the look on Kyle’s face. It was a mixture of terror, excitement, and disgust all at the same time. She couldn’t help but chuckle.

“What!?” he asked in a rather frustrated voice.

“You know Kyle, you are rather cute when you are nervous.”

They got to the school gymnasium where the dance was being held. When they walked in, they took a minute to scan the room to see who all was there. Max was going to meet Liz there. He knew that she was helping Kyle and thought it would be easier to meet after she was finished.

“There she is Kyle. Go Kyle, Go Kyle, Go Kyle.” Liz quietly chanted like they were at a pep rally.

He looked at her as if to say wish me luck.

“Good luck.” She told him as he walked across the room to where Maria was standing talking to Isabel. Isabel knew what was going on and agreed to keep Maria busy until the right time. When she saw Kyle start to approach, she excused herself to go to the ladies room and asked Maria to get her a drink. He stopped when he got about two feet away from her. “My gosh she looked so beautiful.” He thought to himself. “She is so out of my league. She is going to chew me up and spit me out.”

Kyle slipped the mask over his face so it would give the right effect. Maria was at the drink bar with her back turned to him getting her and Isabel’s drinks.
He walked up behind her and extended his right arm around to the front of her holding the most beautiful corsage she had ever seen in her life.

Maria was shocked when she turned around to see someone dressed up as Prince Eric.

“Will you be my queen?” He asked, his voice so shaky that it cracked a little.

Maria was so shocked that someone was giving her flowers and asking her to be their queen. But, who was it?

“You know, the corsage is beautiful and I love your costume. But, I refuse to agree to be your queen until I know who you are.”

Kyle reached up and was about to remove his mask when she said sharply “Wait!.”

He stopped in confusion.

“Lets make a game out of it. This could be fun. Tell me something about yourself. Give me clues and maybe I can guess who you are.”

Kyle was surprised at how well this was going but that actually terrified him even more. What if he went through all of this and she rejected him? He could not think about that right now. He had to take his chances. She needed to know.

“I am a Junior.” Kyle started.

“Ok, that is a start, but doesn’t narrow it down much. What else?”

“I play basketball. I have brown hair, brown eyes, am an honor roll student, and come from a prominent family.”

Maria was beginning to get real excited. A junior with brown hair and brown eyes who plays basketball. That narrows it down to about half the basketball team. A prominent family? That helps a little, but the junior class is full of students with lawyers and doctors for parents. She needed more information.

“Anything else you can give me?” She asked hoping he would continue.

Time to pull out the big guns now. He had to tell her the full truth. No more holding back.

“I…I…” Come on Kyle, pull it together! He shouted inwardly to himself.

“Is something wrong?” She asked him starting to get concerned.

“My father is the town sheriff.” He said knowing full well that he just gave himself away.

“Kyle?” Maria asked shocked that he was actually speaking to her.

Kyle pulled the mask off to reveal a look of total fear on his face.

“Kyle, what’s wrong?” She asked.

“Maria, there is something I have to tell you. Please wait until I am finished to respond or I will never get it out.” He said, so scared of rejection that he wanted to run to the bathroom and hide until the night was over.

“Ok Kyle, go ahead.” She responded. She was so excited that he was speaking to her yet so afraid she would make herself look stupid that she felt like running away and retching herself.

This is it Kyle, don’t chicken out now. He tried to convince himself.

“Maria, I…I…Oh what the hell. I am in love with you. I have been in love with you for the last year but have been so afraid to tell you that I found it easier to just avoid you and pretend like you didn’t exist. But, I cant pretend anymore Maria. I have to get it off my chest. I have to…”

Before he had a chance to finish his statement, Maria grabbed the front of his shirt, pulled him to her and kissed him.

Across from Prince Eric and Ariel were Liz and the whole gang secretly cheering them on, “Go Kyle, Go Maria!”
At the end of their shared kiss, Kyle finds himself speechless and weak-kneed. He didn’t know what to do or say next. But he didn’t have to, because Maria spoke for him. “Kyle, I don’t know what to say…I always liked you too. But why did you choose to ignore me? You could have trusted me enough to tell me how you felt.”

Kyle knew that was true, but said, “I didn’t know how you would feel, Maria. I knew I had dated Liz—and she was your best friend. Girls have a thing about that.”

Stunned and full of mixed emotions, Maria said, “Yeah ordinarily, but there are exceptions. Such as I liked you too. I had tried to get you to see that I was completely falling in love with you, but you were so focused on everything else that I didn’t know you even saw me. And Liz and you had broken up over a year ago. Now I am surprised. And a bit upset. I don’t like the idea of a guy who says he loves me not bothering to tell me until at a school dance. It makes me feel like I’m good for you, on your terms, when you are ready for me. I don’t like that, Kyle. As much as I love you, I don’t like that.” Maria walked away, toward the ladies room. Liz soon followed behind….

When Liz walked into the bathroom, Maria was sitting on the floor trying to catch her breath.

“What the hell just happened Maria? One minute you were kissing him and the next you leave him choking on your dust. What were you thinking?” A very confused Liz asked.

“Liz, I am just in total shock. I have always been in love with Kyle and he always acted like I didn’t exist. I have changed everything about my appearance for him. I dyed my hair, got colored contact lenses, changed my wardrobe, everything. Why now? He can’t just expect me to fall into his arms because he has a change of heart.”

“Maria, he didn’t have a change of heart. Kyle has been in love with you for over a year now. He has been trying his best to come up with the perfect way of telling you without scaring you off. He went and spent a fortune on the costume, corsage, he hired a limo and everything to try to show you how much he loves you. And you just slapped him in the face. How would you have felt if it were you that was trying to tell someone that you love them for the very first time and they just leave you standing? Now, get up, get your little bony ass out there and kiss your man!” Liz said, so mad she could spit nails. Liz never cursed, but for there was a first time for everything.

Maria stood up and gave Liz a hug. “Your right Liz, I’m sorry. I was just confused. He caught me off-guard and I didn’t know how to react. Do you think he really likes me?”

“Maria, if that boy loved you anymore than he does, he would buy airtime and broadcast it all across Roswell. Which he may yet! Now get out there and prove to him how you really feel.”

Maria wiped her eyes that were wet from tears and walked out of the bathroom.

Liz followed Maria out of the bathroom and walked toward where she saw Max waiting for her. On her way over to him, she looked over at Isabel who was staring at something in the distance. When Liz looked over to see what she was so fixated on, she saw Michael sitting at a table eating pizza doused with Tobasco sauce. Liz couldn’t help it, she was on a role. She looked over at Max and gave him a look that said she would be right there.

Liz walked up to Isabel and grabbed her by the arm. She started to walk toward Michael with a death grip on Isabel’s arm.

“Liz! No Liz! I cant!” Isabel pleaded.

“Shut up Isabel! I am sick to death watching you stand there and stare at him when he puts his pants on the same way you do! For goodness sakes, you are going to talk to him if I have to chain you to that chair!”

With that, Liz led Isabel over to the table where Michael was sitting and plopped her down in the chair opposite Michael.

“All right you two. You are both so enamored with each other but haven’t the guts to say anything so I am going to! Michael, Isabel is in love with you. Isabel, Michael is in love with you. Now, the two of you deal with it!”

She walked away feeling satisfied with herself and went and met up with Max .

“It is about time someone did that!” He told her. “I don’t necessarily like the fact that they may get together, but it had to be done. I could not stand to hear either one of them talk about how they love the other but cant tell them because they just may look stupid anymore! Liz, you have no idea how grateful I am that you just did that! Thank you!”

Maria smoothed her pink Ariel skirts and walked over to Kyle who stood by the food bar. She tried to come up with something that sounded good, and could see as he noticed her that he was not in the mood for just anything. He looked hurt and Maria felt guilty. Finally there, Maria looked up at Kyle and said, “I’m sorry, Kyle. I shouldn’t have said that or left like I did.”

Kyle finished chewing his Fritos and said, “I know I should have told you how I felt, Maria. But I was scared,” he looked around to be sure no one heard that sentiment. Maria grinned over the gesture and said, “I guess I was too. I never told you either.”

They looked at each other and said nothing, just smiled. Then Kyle asked, “Wanna dance, Ariel?”

Smiling, blushing, Maria/Ariel nodded, handing him her hand and said, “I’d be stupid not to. You do know how to dance don’t you, Kyle?”

Kyle laughed to himself. She never gave up, but then he wouldn’t want her to. That was one thing he liked about Maria, her dry sense of humor. No other girl in school could kiss him in one breath and debate with him the next because no other girl was Maria DeLuca and he didn’t want anyone else but her. They danced the night away, forgetting all that was said or done just enjoying being together at last.

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Thank you all for all the wonderful feedback! Here is the next part. We hope you all enjoy it!

Disclaimer: We own NOTHING!

By Angelrose and Raven Wing

Part Eight: Stranger than Fiction

When the dance ended, they all went their separate ways.

Kyle and Maria left in the limo that Kyle had rented. He had a romantic night planned. The limo was to take them to Lichten Stables and drop them off. There, they would get on a horse and take a romantic ride through Roswell and end up in the park where he had a beautiful breakfast waiting for them. Kyle had talked to Amy so she knew where Maria would be at and would not be worried about her.

Isabel was so shocked when Liz put her and Michael together at that table that she panicked. She told Michael that she couldn’t talk, got up and left. Michael decided to leave but didn’t want to go home and didn’t feel comfortable going to Max’s house knowing Isabel would be there. Liz’s parents were out of town for the week at a food service seminar and she told Michael he could stay with her so he didn’t have to go home. He told her that he wanted to spend some time alone but would be there in a couple of hours.

Alex went home early. He wanted to check on his little sister and dad.

Max and Liz went back to Liz’s house. Max decided to stay there for the night so they could be together.

After they split up, Michael decided to go out to the desert. He felt like he could be alone there to think about what had happened that night. Michael was not good at expressing his feelings. His only real outlet was his music. That is how Michael let out his frustrations and he always felt much better after playing his guitar and singing.

He got settled on the hood of his car with his guitar and started to play his favorite Eagles song. He always felt like the song fit him but after tonight, he was convinced he had been right all along.

“All alone at the end of the evening
And the bright lights have faded to blue
I was thinking ‘bout a woman who might have loved me
And I never knew.

You know I’ve always been a dreamer
Spent my life running ‘round
And it’s so hard to change
Can’t seem to settle down
But the dreams I’ve seen lately
Keep on turning out and burning out
And turning out the same.

So put me on a highway
And show me a sign
And take it to the limit one more time.

You can spend all your time making money
You can spend all your love making time
If it all fell to pieces tomorrow
Would you still be mine?

And when you’re looking for your freedom
Nobody seems to care
And you can’t find the door
Can’t find it anywhere
When there’s nothing to believe in
Still your coming back, you’re running back
For more.

So put me on a highway
And show me the sign
And take it to the limit one more time

Take it to the limit
Take it to the limit
Take it to the limit one more time.”

“You know Michael, if that song described you anymore they would have to name it after you.”

Michael jumped and turned around to see Isabel standing behind his car. He hadn’t even heard her arrive. He didn’t know what to say so the only thing he could muster up was “How did you get here?”

“Taxi.” She replied. “I knew you would be here.”

Isabel walked over to where he was sitting and sat next to him on the hood of the car.

“Michael,” she started “I’m sorry. I panicked and didn’t know how to react. I should not have run like that. I should have stayed and talked to you and I didn’t. I just didn’t know what to say. I have spent the last hour thinking about it and decided that it was just time to be honest with you.”

Michael was terrified at what that honesty could bring. Maybe Liz had perceived things wrong and Isabel hadn’t really been in love with him. He just sat there expecting the worst.

“Michael, over the last ten years I feel like we have really gotten to know each other. I know you as well as I know Max and I feel completely comfortable with you. I trust you with my life and hope you can have the same trust in me.”

“I do Isabel.” Michael responded.

“Good. I’m glad.” She was so terrified to go on that her palms were sweating uncontrollably and she felt nauseous. But she had to tell him. “Anyway, through our time together, I have developed feelings that no matter how hard I tried to stop them, just kept getting stronger. I have spent a lot of time thinking about this and Liz is right Michael. I do love you. And not like a brother. These feelings are much stronger than that and I refuse to keep trying to push them away. Now, if you don’t feel the same way about me, I understand that. I will not pressure you into anything you don’t want. I just wanted you to know the truth.”

With that, Isabel got up off the hood and started to walk away.

Say something Michael! Tell her how you feel about her! Michael told himself.

“I love you.” He yelled back at her. Isabel stopped in her tracks and turned to look at him. She had a tear streaming down her cheek. Michael walked over to her. He placed his fingers under her chin, took his thumb and wiped away the tear.

“I have loved you for so long that not telling you has killed me inside.” Michael began to cry, which was something Michael never did. At least not in front of anyone. “But I couldn’t tell you. I was afraid of rejection. I was afraid that if I told you, you would think less of me and that was a chance that I just couldn’t take. So I held it in. And like you Isabel, I can’t hold it in anymore. I refuse to.”

“Well then lets make a deal Michael. Lets make a deal never to keep our feelings from each other again. Ok?”

“Ok. Come on, I’ll take you home before your mom freaks out about you being gone so late.” He told her.

They walked back to Michael’s car and drove back into town holding hands the whole way.

“HHHHEEEEELLLLLLPPPPP! Max! Hurry up!” Liz screamed so loud that she was convinced the entire town could hear her.

Max ran out of the bathroom as quickly as he could to find Liz glowing and floating above the bed. He was in such shock that his girlfriend was floating three feet above her bed and glowing a neon shade of green that he fell backwards into the dresser.
“Whoa! Liz! Are you all right? What happened? What were you doing when this happened?” Max asked terrified.”

“I was just changing my clothes.”

Just then Michael and Isabel burst in. They had decided to stop by before dropping Isabel off because Isabel wanted to thank Liz and had heard her scream.

When they saw her floating, their jaws dropped. Immediately they tried to help Max help Liz down, but the centrifugal force that was apparently shielding and protecting Liz also blocked off anyone or anything else. They were sent back to the floor in a second.

It only lasted about five minutes and Liz began to slowly drop back down on the bed and stopped glowing.

What neither Liz nor the others in the room knew was that she had become one of the Antarian’s. The gift was always Liz’s; as it was in most humans if they used that part of their brains, but it had lain dormant all of her life.

Suddenly, these last few weeks, Liz had noticed little things happening to her that were strangely eerie. One Monday morning, she awoke for school, got to her bathroom mirror, and saw her lovely brown eyes turning the color of jet black—an Antarian trait that Liz was unaware of. At times, she could imagine where Max was, for example on time was an instance where was at the store. Liz had gotten a clear image of Max pushing a shopping cart with sodas and chips and other items, and then out of nowhere received a phone call from his cell telling her that he was there, only seconds later.

What was stranger than that was that Liz felt Max’s emotions! If he was upset, angry, worried, she could tell. She felt the feelings at the same time. And it wasn’t only Liz that experienced these things.

When Max was in his jeep going to the video store, he got a sharp feeling of fear in his chest and he knew Liz was in trouble. He took a detour down the street toward the Supermarket, since by looking at his watch he had this strong feeling that was where she was at. Max drove down the street hurriedly, not thinking or much caring if a cop stopped him…of course he thanked the stars later on that there hadn’t been! Lo and behold, Liz was walking in the dark toward home, looking back, this way and that obviously nervous. Max pulled up beside her and said, “Want a ride, Liz?”

Spotting Max, Liz smiled, feeling a rush of relief that both experienced, and said, “Sure.”

Liz said, “Thanks, Max. My car wouldn’t start—again—I hate it when it does that. So I wound up leaving it locked at the Supermarket.”

Max drove casually down the road, well attempting at casual, inside he was freaking out. He had been thinking of Liz the entire drive here, and he knew everything she had just said through his own perceptions from her mind to his! Inwardly shaking, Max replied heightened, “I had this feeling I should come see how you were.”

Liz gave him a queer look and said, “How I was? Max I was fine. I admit I didn’t like walking home in the dark, but I was fine. What made you think I wasn’t?”

Max gave Liz a long grin and said, “It was a feeling I had. I don’t know why, but I thought something was wrong and that I should stop by the Supermarket.”

It had been as if Max had said, How could I not know? We are connected, Liz.

Breaking the memory, the group starting petting over Liz, trying to see if she was okay. At first she smiled and tried to be nice about it, to appreciate their concern, but it became bothersome. She felt like she was on display. Liz felt Michael all but give her accusing glares and her only way to defend herself was to stand even closer to Max and to tilt her head up so that Michael could look her eye to eye and not as she felt he’d like, with hers at his feet. He asked, “What happened, Maxwell?”

Holding her hand, Max looked at Michael and the others and said, “I’m not sure Michael. Maybe nothing.”

Isabel knew something was up, but she wanted to be supportive and sympathetic of Max, so she said, “Maybe it is nothing. Just a fluke.” Michael, however, was not going to fall for this. He shook his head and said, “No. Don’t buy it.”

Max replied, “Don’t matter.”

They were eyeing each other intensely now. Michael standing in his stance of devil-may-care, in roughly worn blue jeans and a navy blue T-Shirt. Max in jeans and a black T-Shirt, next to Liz with his arm protectively around her shoulders, concerned with each moment, she was going to be hurt more by Michael’s insults and stares.

Isabel noted this standoff of sorts and said rolling her eyes, “Knock it off you two! You remind me of two old women sometimes, competing and trying to out do the other one. Whatever happened earlier is easily explained. Liz probably ate something awful at the dance tonight. The food there wasn’t that great.” Michael eyed Isabel and said, “Are you kidding? The food there was good.” He had enjoyed it all, trying some of every dish, having gone through the bar three times!

Suddenly, the setting of conversation had changed. Liz felt it, so did Max. The conversation that had been nearly comical about Michael and the food bar at the dance tonight had now gone to the mystery of Liz. Liz and the floating instance. What on earth caused it?

Michael looked at Liz and said, “You were changing clothes.”

Nodding, Liz said, innocently, “Yes.”

Michael continued, interrogatively, “How long have these strange things been going on, Liz?”

Liz felt exposed. Michael had just gone in her thoughts and seen what she was concerned about most…the group finding out that she had had repeated occurrences that didn’t make sense.

Now, however, that guise was gone. All she could do was look at Michael and say, “About a month, I guess…”

All looked at Liz, including Max.

“What happened a month ago that would have triggered it?” Isabel asked.

Max and Liz looked at each other then looked down at the floor.

There were days that Liz wished she could change her name to Willamena, changing her identity and not being so cornered, this was one of those times.

Michael crossed his arms over his chest, grinning somehow knowingly. His grin, though didn’t feel or look anywhere close to genuine, it was frosty, superior even. He looked at Max and said, “Well, well, Max. You sure wasted no time did you? Look what your midnight jaunts have cost us? Another damn problem.”

Isabel tried to be kind, she really did, but right then she felt just as concerned as Michael, so she ran her hands through her hair and said aghast, “Tell me you used something, Max? Liz? We don’t need another offspring coming into Roswell in nine months to expose us.”

Liz felt tears coming to her eyes as she said distraught, “Max didn’t have to use anything. I was covered.” Looking up at Michael, then Isabel, Liz finished while tears fell, “Thank you both for turning what was beautiful into something sordid and mechanical.” Wiping the tears from her face, “I love Max and I don’t regret what I gave him, what we shared. If you don’t like it, Michael, too damn bad! You can get over yourself.” She stormed out of the room, hurrying from her bedroom to the living room. She needed some time…time to get past the hurt and the apparent lack of trust or faith that Michael and Isabel seemed to have in her…even now.

Inside the bedroom, Max was running hands through his hair, trying to keep from strangling a friend that had been like a brother for years. Michael always knew how to be curt and cruel, no matter if it was to help, it always came across badly. Now Liz was hurting, and what Max had thought was special between them was clearly exposed as wrong. He had a choice to make and he knew it was already made. Looking at Isabel, he saw she was speaking with Michael, trying to calm him down. She continued, “It is Max’s decision. If he wants to see Liz romantically that is his business. And hers. Not ours, Michael.” Touching his face, she said, “Just like it is ours what we do.”

Michael patted her hand and then said, “What about the fact that Liz was not one of us and now she seems to have our characteristics? What are we supposed to do about that, Isabel? Ignore it?”

Shaking her head, Isabel said, “Of course not. We accept it.”

Max entered the conversation here saying, “Exactly. Michael I love Liz. I have for a very long time. I love you as a brother. But I will not stop seeing Liz because you think it is crazy or risky or dangerous. That is for me and Liz to decide.”

Suddenly, Liz walked back in the room and said, “This is my house.”

Isabel replied, “And you shouldn’t be insulted in it. We’re sorry, Liz. It just hit us wrong, that’s all.”

Liz was too upset, too heartbroken to accept that as an act of kindness. All she could do was nod her head as nicely as possible.

Max walked to her and put his arm around her shoulder. Michael looked up at Liz and said, “Sorry, Liz. We can’t…uh…expect you to trust us…if we don’t trust and accept you.”

Agreeing, Liz said, “Yes.” Breaking down, Liz added, “I don’t want to cause problems…I just want to be able to be with Max.” Max wrapped his arms tighter around Liz. The others left them alone, quietly, with muttered apologies. Liz was able to be with Max that night. He listened to her, comforted her, and later, they made love throughout the night….

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Here is the next part. Hope you enjoy!!!

Disclaimer: We Own NOTHING!!

Part Nine.

Max, Liz, Michael, Isabel and Maria spent the next week initiating Alex into the group. Part of his initiation was learining the truth about them which was something he found difficult to do at first. He recalled saying to Liz and the others “Bullshit! You’re pulling my chain. Come on.” Laughter was a good thing and Alex found himself busting up.

Then, seeing their serious expressions and hearing Michael say “Its true man.”, Alex stopped laughing and began to listen. When he heard what Valenti ahd been up to, he decided to help. His remark had been, “I’ve never really cared for him anyway. He has these I’m gonna get you eyes that stand out there like this.” Alex’s eyes enlarged to show it and the group finally laughed with him.

Alex went out and made his first of many contributions to what they would call “Operation Big Dog”. He bought 3 sets of two way radios with safe frequencies that could not be picked up by anyone else so they had constant contact throughout their mission.

That night, they went to the sheriffs office. Michael and Alex went inside while the rest of the group waited in the jeep across the street to keep a lookout for Valenti and the rest of his stooges.

One nice thing about being a lawyers son was that you had money. And Alex had his fair share. Between his allowance and his Master Card that he had just earned back after leaving the gang. Trust at home was slowly being restored.

Just as they finished putting in the last recorder and camera, Max spotted Valenti’s flashers on his squad car coming down the street. He immediately radioed Alex.

“Hot Stuff to Richie over.”

“Richie here, whats up Hot Stuff?”

“Mad Dog on the loose. Time to abort mission.”

“Gotcha Hot Stuff.”

Alex turned to Michael who was looking around the office.

“Abort mission, Hardass. We have to get out now!”

“Hardass to Hot Stuff, were heading out the window. I found some handcuffs. Think we oughtta bring em?

Alex nudged Michael out the window saying. “Oh come on, you can joke later.”

“I can not believe you gave me that name.” Max said to Liz.

“Well, let me see if the name fits.” Liz licked her finger and touched Max’s arm making a sizzling noise. “Yep, hot stuff! Sorry Max, there just isnt any other name that will do.”

“You make me sound like a piece of meat!”

Liz grinned and said “But you’re my piece of meat.” She laughed and Alex rolled his eyes. Max forgot to let off the button so he could hear the whole conversation on the radio.

Alex and Michael were hiding behind the station waiting for a clear shot to the jeep.

“Hey, loverboy. What’s going on?

Max watched until Valenti had passed them and was out of sight. “Coast is clear Richie.”

Alex and Michael ran to the jeep and hopped in.

Liz had talked to Kyle at school earlier that day and he had told her that he and his dad were going to a father/son fishing tournament for the night and would not be back until probably around 10:30 the next morning. So they decided to take advantage of the situation and head over to Valenti’s house to install the devices there too.

When they got there, they sat in the hidden shadows watching as Kyle loaded up the truck with the fishing gear. Valenti pulled up in his squad car. Alex could hear Valenti, who spoke loud usually anyway, telling Kyle he found the net and they were ready to go. They got in Kyle’s truck and headed out.

Ten minutes later, all but Isabel went to the front door. Isabel decided to stay behind to keep a look out. Small towns made entries into houses easy as cake. As long as Liz could remember, there had been a spare key under the doormat. Grabbing it, she opened the door.

Inside, Max turned to the others and said “Lets spread out. Hardass, you and Richie to upstairs and see what you can find.” Then he looked to Maria and Liz. “Thumper, you and Juliet head to the kitchen and do something womanly. Make something to eat and maybe a nice pitcher of tea.”

Hotstuff got soundly kicked in the shins by a not-so-nice Thumper.

She said “We didn’t come here to be womanly, certainly not to cook! You want to eat, cook it yourself!”

Liz looked at Maria and gasped “Ma… Thumper!”

Maria walked toward a bedroom and Liz helped Max to his standing position.

“Sorry, Ma-I mean Thumper doesn’t think sometimes. Want something to drink?”

Max said “No.” He laughed hugging Liz. “I was just teasing. I guess you can go with her or me, up to you.”

Liz said, “I’d better go with her if were gonna get it done.”

Max watched as Liz left the room and had to shake his head to get back on schedule.

Liz decided to check in with Isabel to make sure no one was coming.

“Juliet to Empress.” Isabel sat in the jeep keeping watch.

“This is Empress. Whats up Juliet?”

“Hows the go going?”

“The go is going very well, Juliet. All is clear.”

“Thank you Empress. Juliet out.”

Liz and Maria searched Kyle’s bedroom. The only things they found were some basketball cards and a bunch of stuff indicating that he had a major obsession with Sheryl Crow. They set up the cameras and recorders making sure not to point any of the cameras to his bed or bathroom. Then they moved to Valenti’s room.

They were both shocked when they walked in. Valenti was a major control freak yet his bedroom looked as if a twister had hit it. Papers, clothes, movies, among other things were scattered all over the floor, bed, dresser. Basically anywhere they could be dumped.

They hurried up and placed the devices around the room (again making sure not to point any to the bed or bathroom) and were headed out the door when Maria tripped over something.

“Are you ok?” Liz asked.

“Yeah, but I think I found something. Look at this.”

Liz looked at the object in terror and they both ran out of the room, object in hand.

They found Max putting the last of the devices in the living room. He finished and turned to look at them.

“What is that?” he asked pointing to the object in Liz’s hand.
“We will show you in a little bit. Lets get out of here.”

Alex had planted some of the devices in Valenti’s squad car and he and Michael had gone back out to the jeep with Isabel. Max, Maria and Liz headed out to meet their friends. As they drove off, Michael looked back and joked.

“Who’s the big dog now?” They all laughed as they drove down the street headed towards the Crashdown.

Liz’s parents had decided to stay another week at the convention because there was going to be a concert they wanted to attend. This gave the group a place to use as their central command post for their operations. When they got there, Max parked out bck and they all walked in together. They got upstairs to Liz’s room and sat down.

“Um, guys.” Liz began. “While we were in Valenti’s room, Maria ran into something.”

“Literally!” Maria snorted while rubbing her foot.

“We thought you should see it.” Liz lifted the display board and opened it. Inside, there were pictures of all of them taped to it with their names, birthdays, height, eye and hair color below each picture. Basically, all the information that is on their drivers licenses.

The title on the board was big and bold but not understandable.


“What exactly is this supposed to mean?” Isabel asked.

:We wondered that too.” Maria said.

“And then we discovered this.” Liz said holding a piece of paper out to Max.

“What is it?” Michael asked beginning to get a bit nervous.

“I don’t know.” Said a very pale Max. “It is in the same strange lettering as that board. We need someone who can translate it.”

“Give me an hour and I can tell you what it says.” Alex chimed in. “My uncle was in the CIA for years and taught me how to read different languages and symbolisms. This code should be easy to break.”

The hour seemed to drag on as they were all anxious but nervous to see what the codes meant. None of them could concentrate on anything they tried to do to pass time so they all just ended up sitting in silence staring at the walls.

“Got it!” Alex said. Everyone jumped up excited that they would finally figure out what it meant.

“But, it isnt good.” He continued. With that, they all slumped back down to their original positions.

“The title, means FBI Alien Suspects. The information on the separate sheet of paper is different ways to try to manipulate us all into giving information that would basically send you guys right into the hands of the government.”

“What kind of manipulations?” Liz asked very frightened now.

“Well, like with you Max, since your parents are in Vegas on vacation, they plan to have Valenti tell you that your parents need you to go to Vegas to meet them for a family emergency. Then, they plan to have him tell you Liz, that Max is dead and you can only save the others if you tell him the truth about what is going on.”

“Would I be dead?” Max asked.

“Most likely. There would be someone that would meet you at the airport and capture you. You would never make it to Vegas.”

“Is Valenti actually going along with all of this?” Maria asked.

“Not as of yet anyway.” Alex answered. “But, they are threatening to kill both him and Kyle if he doesn’t cooperate. They seem to think half the town is alien populated and that Valenti is covering for all of us.”

“By half the town who all do you mean—or are you simply being sarcastic?” Max asked. Michael chimed in, “Think about it, Max. I doubt seriously that Alex was being serious.”

Alex shook his head, and said, “I’m very serious. They really do believe that at least all of us, our families, anyone associating with us on a regular basis are all alien life forms.”

Isabel replied, “That’s ridiculous.” Alex agreed, “Yes, very.”

Continuing to fill them in, Alex said, “Basically, they are using Valenti as a trained dog to get us to surrender to them. The chances of him starting to cooperate with them are pretty high. He will do whatever it takes to protect Kyle which is understandable but we need to be very careful. We need to beat them at their own game. The question is, how do we do that without getting others killed?”

Max muttered aloud, “I’m not sure we can.” Then he looked to Isabel and Michael and added a bit louder, “We knew or at least suspected this day would come. And we knew also that our lives might not last long when found out about. My feeling is to stick around and do as Alex says, fight back. But you both have decisions to make in this. I can’t make them for either of you.”

While the two were taking a moment, attempting to make these decisions, Alex noted that Maria stormed out and Liz was standing with a very hurt look on her face. He asked, “What’s wrong, Liz?”

Liz shook her head and said, “It’s nothing.”

Max heard her and looked away from the otehrs, and asked, “Liz?”

Liz’s eyes filled with tears that began to spill over of their own will. She turned away, and said, “It’s nothing, Max.” Max walked over to her and said, “It is something when you are crying. Now what’s wrong?”

Liz tried again to shirk him off, but he refused to budge. When that failed, she finally exploded, “Okay, Max. You want to know what is bothering me?”

Max nodded.

Liz continued, “Fine. Max, I know that I am not an alien, though I do think something is changing in me, causing me to have alien capabilities. So I know that I don’t fit into your threesome circle. But Max…I am not just some girl that helps you out from time to time, you know?”

Nodding, Max replied, “I know…”

Liz continued wiping her tears away, “Do you? Then why wouldn’t you include me in this discussion?”

Max couldn’t see what Liz was saying so he said dumbfounded, “I thought I had, Liz.”

Feeling more tears falling now and the hurt increasing over his lack of understanding something so vital, Liz replied through sobs, “Max you don’t pay attention. When things happen like this, you focus only on yourself. On what’s best for you, Isabel and Michael.”

Max and Liz moved to a private area in the room and Max continued somewhat defensive now, “Liz that’s not true at all. I’ve been focusing on nothing but you for sometime. It’s unnerving how much you are on my mind at times…”

Liz felt wounded from that assault, but forced herself not to think on it now. She had to focus on this conversation and leave the other for later, but oh it would be discussed later!

She replied, “Maria left five minutes ago upset because she felt discarded. Max she has been helping you three as much as I have. You stood there and completely cut us out, discussing how your lives were in danger, how you had decisions to make. What about us? All our names are on that board now. So I think we should all be included. It just seems at times like when it suits you guys you tend to forget those who help you out. Those who love you.”

Max stood not knowing what to say for a long moment. Then when he did, it was too late, Liz added, “I’ve got to go find Maria.”

The moment was gone…

When Max saw Liz again, fifteen minutes later, she was refreshed. Her teary eyes were washed clean. Maria and she walked back into the bedroom arm in arm as good friends do. It was as if they had never been upset.

Max, on the other hand, had been guilt-ridden all this time, knowing he had let Liz down but not knowing how to answer her when so much of his life had been spent protecting Isabel and Michael. How could he argue some of what she said? A good bit of it was true. He did often zero in on what mattered most, albeit a somewhat selfish ambition, though he felt humans often felt this way toward their loved ones.

From the time he could remember, Max’s ambition in life had been to protect his, Michael’s and Isabel’s lives. He never saw it as selfish…until now. Now when he had Liz in his life and Maria helping as much as she was, he could see that maybe he had been one-sided and not very compassionate when it came to understanding Liz’s or Maria’s for that matter, feelings.

And they had Alex now. He had come to be a wonderful friend and ally during this. How terrible he must have sounded to even Alex standing in this room, talking to Liz, listening to her weeping and not defending himself, just standing there…

Standing there uttering nothing to contradict what she said, proved admittance, it proved guilt, that all she had said or at least a good majority of it had been right.

Without another word, Max walked to Liz and took her into his arms saying, “Liz you are the biggest thing in my life now. I can’t argue about what you said earlier because a good part of it was true. But you have become everything that matters to me, Liz and I don’t ever want you to feel ignored or left out. Okay?”

Liz felt tears entering her eyes again but they weren’t hurt ones, but happy ones. She smiled and said, “Okay, Max. I love you.”

Max smiled and said, “I love you too, Liz.”

Turning to where Maria stood, Max added, “I’m sorry, Maria for all these times when we did leave you out. You are a big part of our group, we couldn’t make it without you…or Alex, all three of you are our closest friends…our family.”

Isabel added, “That’s right. You know us better than anyone. Even better than our own families do.” This was said with a solemn note to her voice.

Maria laughed and said, “We better be your friends, your family, otherwise I abort this mission, I want severance pay, damnit!”

Alex added, “Damn right. What about all the work I did today?”

Michael put an arm around Maria’s shoulder and said, “We all chip in together. From now on we are all included in decisions. So as a group, what do we say? Do we stay and stick it out, fight with our guns loaded, or leave Roswell for good?”

It was unanimous…The Alien Family was staying!

Alex had walked over to open a window as it was getting rather muggy in the room. “Whoa! Who is that?” He asked with a slight hint of excitement in his voice as he watched the petite blonde haired girl walking down Main Street.

Isabel walked over to where he was standing and looked out the window. “Oh, that is the new girl. She was registering at school while I was working in the office this afternoon. I think her name is Tess Barnston. She is in our homeroom class.”

“Wow!” Alex exclaimed. “Thank God for homeroom!” They all laughed as Alex continued to drool. Alex didn’t know it yet, but he had just found his next project.

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Here is the next part. Hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: We own NOTHING!! per usual.

Where Do We Go From Here?
Written by Angelrose242000 and roswell4ever1

Part Ten

They all decided to crash at Liz’s house that night so they could be ready for when the Valenti’s got home the next morning. Most of them had all been awake for at least an hour. Liz woke up about twenty minutes ago and Maria was just starting to move.

“We’ve got movement guys.” Max said alerting the group.

Jim and Kyle walked in the front door and put their gear down in the hallway.

“I’m going to go take a shower dad.” Kyle told Jim as he walked toward his bedroom.
When he got inside, he shut and locked the door. Then he walked over to the dresser where a camera and a recorder were set up. He looked into the camera.

“Ok guys. I hope you have this all figured out. Dad said he will be going into work around noon today. After he leaves, I will head over there. Until then, it is all up to you.” Kyle started to walk toward the bathroom and turned around. He got back to where the camera was sitting. “Oh yeah, one more thing. You better not have put any of those things in my bathroom. Unless, of course, you want to see the best looking hunk of man in this whole dang town. Then, by all means, peek.” He walked back to the bathroom and shut the door.

While Max and Liz were watching the message from Kyle, Alex was watching Jim’s bedroom, Maria was watching the livingroom, Isabel was watching the den and Michael was watching the kitchen.

Jim so far had gone into his room, changed clothes (which Alex really didn’t want to see but unfortainately they could not control where he decided to drop his pants), went to the kitchen, got a drink went to the bathroom and then went back to his bedroom. He began to search for something.

“Hey guys, Valenti is looking for something!” Alex said.

Maria walked over to where he was and said “Liz, he is looking where that board was. I bet he is going to be pissed!”

“When he goes back to work, we need to take it back. Now that we know what it says, we don’t want him getting too suspicious.”

“He’s right.” Alex responded. “We can just make it look like he misplaced it but if it is missing altogether, it is going to look bad. Who else would take a board with our pictures on it other than us?”

They all nodded in agreement.

Things were pretty boring around the Valenti house. Jim had given up after pretty much tearing his bedroom to shreds. He had gone down and lay on the couch. Kyle had been going up to his room on a pretty regular basis and sending them funny little messages. Once he pretended to pick his nose, another time he mooned them but the thing that got them to laugh the most was when he decided to talk sexy to the camera.

Jim didn’t think anything of Kyle going to his room as often as he did because this was normal Kyle behavior anyway. Kyle spent most of his time at home in his room.

Noon rolled around and Jim got up and put his boots on.

“Kyle.” He yelled. “Yeah dad.” Kyle responded.

“I am going on to work now. I will be home around 6:30 or so.”

“Alright. I think I will go take in a movie or something.”

“Well, just be careful. And stay out of trouble! I don’t want to see you come into the station in handcuffs!.”

“Have I ever been brought to the station in handcuffs before dad? No. Because I don’t get into trouble. Go on to work dad, I’ll be just fine.” Kyle was a little irritated that his dad was insinuating that he would actually go out and get arrested.

Jim put on his hat and left the house. He got into his squad car not knowing that cameras were pointing right at him and the passenger seat or that he was being listened to.

Alex ran to the tv screen that showed the squad car while the rest of the group waited for Kyle’s signal to come and get him. Kyle had his own vehicle but when they were working as a group, they tried to stick to just one or two vehicles to keep from looking too suspicious. This way, they just looked like a group of high schoolers out having a good time instead of a funeral procession without a herse.

When Kyle gave the signal, Alex agreed to stay behind to watch Valenti. His squad car and office were both hooked up to the same tv using a split screen feature so Alex could keep an eye on him no matter where he went.

The rest of the group piled into Max’s jeep. They headed over to Kyle’s house with the board to return it. When they got there, Kyle showed them the perfect place to put it. In the hallway closet. Jim always lost things there and would never suspect a thing.
Kyle had become really close to the group and had decided to help them even if it did mean going against his dad. He loved his dad and did not believe he was a bad person but thought he was mixed up with a bad group of people. He just had no way to prove it. Until now. But, no matter what he found out, he was not going to turn his back on his friends. They had become like a family to him and he wanted to keep it that way. He hated having to go behind his back, but it was just something he had to do to protect his new family.

After they planted the board in the closet, they all took off and went back to the Crashdown. Liz and Maria had to work the afternoon shift and were ten minutes late. But since Liz’s parents were out of town it really didn’t matter. Max and the rest of the group walked up to Liz’s room using a ladder that they had placed going to her window. They could not go through the resturant while customers were there. It would look funny and they were having to be real careful. Liz and Maria walked in the main entrance and went in the back room of the café to get changed into their uniforms. Then they went out and took over for the other waitresses that had been working the morning shift.

The day seemed to drag on as Liz and Maria were anxious to go and join the rest of the group. They were scheduled to work from 1-7 but they had only been there for three hours when Isabel came running down. She waited in the kitchen and signaled for them to go back and talk to her. When they went back they noticed Isabel had a confused look on her face.

“I will take over here for a little bit. You guys need to get up there and see what is going on. I think you will be surprised.”

This made Liz and Maria a bit nervous but they agreed. They waited until Isabel had a chance to get into her uniform and then went running up the stairs. When they opened the door, they noticed Tess standing there looking at them.

“Who are you and how did you get up here?” Liz asked defensively.

“My name is Tess and you left the back door open downstairs. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to open a door and walk up a flight of stairs.”

“Whoa! You need to cool that attitude just a bit there missy! You ain’t all that!” Maria responded, irritated now.

“Look, I am not here to cause a problem. I am just trying to get to know the people in this town and saw you guys up here looking out the window and thought I would come and say hi. Apparently, I interupted some kind of servailance operation going on here so I will just be on my way now. But, there is one thing before I go.”

“Yeah, what’s that?” Michael asked.

“I just wondered why three of the walls in this room are pink and the other one is orange.”

“None of my walls are ora…” Liz started but before she could finish her statement, she watched her pink wall turn orange right in front of her eyes.

“Who are you?” Max asked now suddenly terrified that they had been discovered.

“The question isn’t who am I Max, the question is who are we all? I have been searching for others like myself for the last month and last week I got a feeling that I needed to come here. I am not a danger to you all. I am just as confused as you are and just want to figure out why I have these abilities all of a sudden. I never used to have them. But then about a month ago, I started to notice little things.”

“What kinds of little things?” Liz asked.

“Well, at first, my eyes turned black. Then, I started to float around which lasted about fifteen minutes before I was finally able to get back down. Then, when I looked at something, it would either explode or float across the room and now all I have to do is look at and concentrate on something and I can change the way it looks. I don’t understand all of this and I was really hoping you could help me to figure it out. I guess I came to the wrong place though. I’m gonna go now and I will leave you alone.”

She started to walk to the door when Michael said “Wait!”

Turning, Tess looked at Michael and said, “What?”

Michael continued clearly fascinated now, “Maybe you have come to the right place. But we need some leverage that says we can trust you…something that tells us you are legit.”

Tess felt all eyes on her which made her extremely nervous. She was generally pretty confident, but when she felt the pressures of so many skeptics just waiting for her to prove she was a liar, Tess was left feeling insecure. Now she had to prove herself, even though they had just seen her turn a wall the color of orange! What was the demand? That she give leverage…she felt she was on Jeopardy having to answer the question.

“Okay. You want leverage, here goes.” She opened the bottom half of her shirt, to just below her breasts, showing flat stomach, turned around and lifted the back, showing bare back—no bra. What a floozy, Maria thought. The girl was wearing a rose colored clingy T Shirt, and she wasn’t exactly flat chested either. Ewe!

She definitely had Alex’s attention. He was envisioning her topless on a Sahara Desert with coconuts and hot summer nights.

Tess asked, “Satisfied? I have no wires on me anywhere. I’m not working for the law or the FBI or CIA. So you can rest assured I’m not going to turn anything I hear into the Feds.”

The group introduced themselves and each proceeded to tell their own stories of strange happenings as of late, leaving the most ostentatious for last—Liz’s floating.

At the end of the conversation, they felt they had another ally in Tess….

They had all been so busy getting to know Tess that they had forgotten all about watching Valenti. But then out of nowhere, they noticed that he was yelling at someone. When they flocked around the tv screen that showed his office, they saw another man sitting at the other side of the desk. The man was tall, had blonde hair that was cut real short. No one could tell what color his eyes were because he was wearing black shades. This struck them as odd because he was inside an office. He was wearing a black suit.

“I wont do it Baker! I will not go on some kind of alien hunt in my own damn town! If you want to do that, do it yourself.” Valenti shouted at him.

Before they had a chance to try to figure it all out, they noticed a gun pointed at Valenti’s head.

“You will either do what we tell you to do Mr. Valenti, or you and your son will find yourself nearing the end. And let me tell you, it will not be a pleasant experience.”

Valenti was left in a position of not knowing what to do. He thought to himself if I don’t help them, they will kill me and Kyle… but if I do help them, how many more will be in danger?

Looking at the man in black Valenti said simply “Mr. Baker, I’ve made my decision.”