Expediet Spes (CC KT /Mature) 1/1 - 06/09/12

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Expediet Spes (CC KT /Mature) 1/1 - 06/09/12

Post by PML » Sat Jun 09, 2012 9:11 pm

Title- Expediet Spes

Author- PML

Disclaimer- Roswell is not mine. It is owned by Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, and Fox. This is for entertainment only and no infringement is intended.

Category- CC- KT

Rating- Mature

Summary- This is part four in my end of the world 2012 series. This is to answer a challenge put forth on Rowell Heaven as to how our heroes would react to the supposed 2012 end of the world, whether true or hoax. If you have read any of the previous stories, you will know that in this story it is all too real. The world truly is ending. Diem Perfectum relates how Isabel dealt with the coming end, pushing back time to have just one more perfect day. Sol Aeternum Amor covers Max and Liz and their attempt to stop the disaster by using a remnant of the Granolith left by Future Max on her porch all those many years ago. Then there was Fiat Lux, the story of our Candy couple and how they managed to salvage their home from the encroaching darkness. This story will cover how Kyle, alone and long separated from our other heroes, deals with this crisis.


Kyle closed the door to his hotel room for the last time. He looked around him at the place he had lived for the last six months. These had been fairly good days. The clean mountain air had been good for him.

Time to go back to the real world. For as long as it would continue to last.

The world was ending. That much he knew. Oh, he hadn’t told anyone. What was the point? Most people wouldn’t believe him anyway. What was coming was dramatic, but it was so arcane that only those who were familiar with such cosmological ideas would simply not be able to understand.

Once he would have been one of them. But Kyle now had a very good appreciation of both space and time. Gifts from a good friend, one he hadn’t seen in years.

That was for the better of all of them, really. He didn’t fit in with them, any more than he had with Isabel. If they had all settled down to some centralized locale perhaps he would have settled down there with them. But they had scattered.

Kyle had traveled. His gifts gave him an unparalleled opportunity to do so. And so he had traveled the world. He had learned much and grown as a result.

He was far from the shallow jock he once was. He smiled slightly. Had he come far enough? Was he truly ready for what he needed to do?

Probably not. But he would do it anyway. Do or do not.

That was what a famous Jedi Master had said, immortalized on film.

He was likely more Jedi that Buddhist, no matter how much he had grown. A young soul in need of time to grow. That time was ending. The world was ending.

And perhaps he should rejoice that it was indeed so. But no matter how confused his personal beliefs still were, this was too soon. The universe shouldn’t be struck dead this quickly. By some malignant cancer out of the blue.

This world and even his entire race needed more time to grow. And from the little he could feel from beyond this world made him certain that it wasn’t just this benighted blue globe. The universe itself was still young. Still needed the time to develop itself, for races to grow and die, to discover its secrets and gain the wisdom needed for true spiritual growth.

He was perhaps a little crazy at this point. He would even concede that. But he wasn’t doing this just for his friends or his people or his world. He was doing what needed to be done to save the universe itself.

His friends in their own way were doing their best. He had felt as the wave Isabel had swung out had captured most of mankind. A few slipped through, but not many.

And he had long known that Max and Liz would travel beyond time to save the world. Knowing this and not telling them, letting them follow the steps they needed to take to get there…. That had been one of the main reasons he had left his friends. Feeling their impact on the world had been one of the first things he had felt. Knowing who it was and understanding what they were trying to do had taken more than a year.

Once he had known, he knew he could not stay. He knew he had to leave. It had been hard. Harder still leaving Isabel. He had grown to love her, even if she hadn’t really returned his love back. Letting her go so she could find her own fate had been hard. But necessary.

But she had bent back time, calling for just one more day… One perfect day. He wished he could have shared it with her. There was however, someone with a previous claim.

He wished he had the opportunity to speak with Alex as well. To share in the camaraderie. Even better had they all had a chance to get together one last time.

It was not to be. For Kyle knew himself. If he had the opportunity, he would tell his friends too much. And they might not do all they needed to do to save the world.

It just waited on Michael and Maria. He knew that Michael had kept himself and Maria from joining in that last perfect day. He had felt a couple of disruptions in that seamless wave.

There was one more waiting for him ahead. Did he want to see her? To see what she looked like after all these years? Would she still look like she had before she had died? Forever eighteen?

He crossed over a rise in the road and came across a playground.

She was waiting. Swinging slowly one a swing. She spoke first as he came closer, “I was wondering if you would come. I have been waiting for you for a few hours.” She coasted to a stop and looked up at him.

Her hair was the same. And her eyes were a beautiful blue. But she had aged, coming into the fullness of her beauty. And gone was the bitterness and hatred. The sorrow and regret. Her eyes were now deep and calm.

She knew herself. Finally.

“I wasn’t sure that I could bring myself to see you. Not now. Not at the end of time.” His mouth was slightly dry and he could feel his stomach fill with butterflies.

Funny how she could do that even now. Even after he knew what she had done, even after she had been dead for more than ten years. She still affected him like he was just a callow teen.

She smiled at him and walked over. “I am so sorry for all the trouble I caused you. I am sorry we never truly got to have what we could have. And I know what could have been. It is fading now that I am alive. But bits of it I remember.”

Kyle walked over and traced the side of her face with his hand. “You are real.”

She smiled at him. “You know what we must do. What we were made to do?”

“And then we die.”

Tess smiled, “Probably. To do what must be done, we won’t be able to focus on ourselves. That is the test Maria and Michael face.”

“They will pass it. I am sure. They have worked so hard…. Tess, if you could only see them, how they have grown….”

She smiled again and gave him a brief kiss, “I have, my love. I have been watching over all of you. It hurt me that I couldn’t help any of you more than the little support I could give. That I missed the opportunities I could have had, had I simply been a better person.”

“And that has changed?”

She laughed with a brilliant and clear laugh. “Kyle I was never made to be happy. With you I would have been content. But a tiny kernel would still have dreamed of Max. Having died, well let’s just say that has given me a bit more distance and great deal objectivity.” She looked him straight in the eye. “Even if I had somehow killed Liz, I would never have owned Max’s heart. He had given it to Liz when he first saw her. When he first gazed into her eyes and saw the brilliant soul within. Took the others more time to see what a wonderful opportunity they had. Too late in mine and Isabel’s case. At least she recognized it while he was still alive, despite all the pain. But I killed him. I took him from her. And I can never take that back.” Tess looked away.

Kyle could feel his heart beating. Even with her declaration, her reaffirmation of the mistakes she had made. The problems and situations she had set up that had led to Alex’s death and their having to flee their homes. “Tess…”

Tess smiled sadly at him, “I was made to destroy, Kyle. What we will do here, it works well with what I was designed for.” She closed her eyes, “I just wish I could have had more time. Time that I could have used to fix some of what I did. Time to atone for my actions.” She didn’t cry but her eyes were bright, “Even my attempt to cover my tracks only made things worse for you all. I should have realized that I couldn’t get out of my fate so easily. Suicide was much too quick an end for it all.”


“What, love?”

“We stand now near the end of all things. Most of mankind has been swept away temporarily so that we may do our thing. That we may complete the task set forth to the Royal Four and save the universe.”

Tess snickered and rolled her eyes, “Yeah. That is true and all. But don’t you think that is a little, um, grandiose?”

“I was just pointing out that we have some time before it happens. And well, we never did get to trim that lamp…”

Tess just smiled, “I thought you would never ask.”

Later they lay on a bed in a nearby house side by side.

Tess was shaking her head, “And I missed all this. I could have had you, rather than that damn pregnancy and a long lonely trip to and from Antar. Stupid. Why was I so stupid?”

Kyle stared at the ceiling, “We were young. We didn’t know any better.”


“It will start soon.”

“I can feel it too.” She turned to face him, hand caressing his bare chest. “One more time, Kyle? Go out with a bang?”

Just the thought of being with her again got him aroused. He looked over at her with a sly grin, “Well I am up for it if you are.”

“I will focus on you and you focus on me. And together we will find the flaw and break it. And clear the way for the others.”

“Clearing the way for hope. It is all we can do.” He rolled on top of her. “Top or bottom?”

She giggled, “This is fine. Not a lot of time for foreplay. We need to hurry.”

“Fast but fun? If we are trying to do what I think you mean to do, well that is tricky planning.”

“Well I would like to enjoy this before I get ripped into a bunch of particles, if you don’t mind?”

Kyle chuckled, “No, I am cool with it. It will be harder for you, that is all.”

She looked up at him, one hand slipping down to lead him into her. “Just keep your mind focused. Think of this as sort of, um highly physical meditation.”

Kyle felt as her mind enveloped his as he slid into her. This would be complicated. But worth it.

Kyle could feel distantly on another continent as Michael and Maria held firm against the coming storm. Time to play his own part.

He began to move inside of her, her hips meeting him as they danced together. Linked body to body, mind to mind, and soul to soul. Entangling them in so very many ways.

Kyle felt as the room began to chill, the sun ripped from the sky. As objects began to float and the air became thin. Still the two of them gasped and moaned, their minds drifting from their physical forms. Becoming one not just with each other, but with the physical universe, their love making a symbol of the desire for the universe to continue. Looking for that flaw that had caused the whole of space and time to break down.

Kyle and Tess were little more than a compact cloud still woven together simply by their collective will. Electric fire moved through the whole cloud as they found the flaw and closed it.

And in a moment of sublime ecstasy the cloud grew to incandescent glory as their collective climax peaked and cloud was shattered and torn apart.

But the links they shared now would pass even unto death. And beyond.

It had been stopped and the way was now clear. For in their death they had left one thing behind.