A Night to Remember (CC ALL/ Mature) Epilogue - 05/20/12

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Does Tess die?

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2) Yes and she suffers
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4) Don't care, flip a coin.
5) This whole story is a bad dream Liz has while napping before her afternoon shift on 09/18/99.
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A Night to Remember (CC ALL/ Mature) Epilogue - 05/20/12

Post by PML » Mon Apr 30, 2012 1:05 am

Well I need another story like a hole in the head. But none of the others has any movement at all. I know where they go, I just can't bring myself to write. Haven't written in truth for over a month now. Something had to be done, and so I am trying this. It will be fairly brief and the parts will be kind of short. Hopefully I can be finished with it in a week or two. Fingers crossed.

Title- A Night to Remember

Author- PML

Disclaimer- Roswell is not mine. It is owned by Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, and Fox. This is for entertainment only and no infringement is intended.

Category- CC All

Rating- Mature

Summary- Ah, Prom night! So much fun for all the protagonists! This story takes off during Heart of Mine. It will not be long. My current goal is one POV per character. Expect the unexpected. Wish me luck. Considering how recalcitrant my muse has been recently, I will likely need it.


Prom Night. Personally I am glad I never had to deal with all this high school crap. Real life is cruel enough without extra drama.

Let’s look over at our heroes, shall we?

Once and possible future King, Max Evans and his beautiful potential consort Liz Parker. Rumor has it they were once the word on sentimental sappiness. That they would spend hours staring into each other’s eyes and sigh. Maybe saying each other’s name once and a while.

Not so much anymore. Rumor also has it that she has actually started sleeping around. Kyle being her first but not only rumored lover. Yeah. Not pretty. Oddly enough Max is not considered to be one of the potential lovers. Too many people think he is too uptight for premarital sex. They used to say that about Lizzie Parker too, but now they just call her a slut behind her back.

She does have loyal friends though. Right there, the high stung girl with that…. Is that like some weird feather thing? Um okay, so she is sartorially challenged today. Then again her mother was supposedly a hippy of sorts. Which I suppose is kind of cool. I suppose. But anyway, she is one reason why no one would consider telling Liz bad things to her face. Yeah, Maria Deluca looks like a lightweight, but she has quite the temper.

Fitting given who she is sometimes with, and given some of the nastier rumors at school has hooked up with, Michael Guerin. Yeah, he’s the one who is getting his picture taken even though he isn’t dressed up. Poor Maria is going alone. Apparently Michael did something to piss her off and they have broken off relations.


Personally I don’t expect it to last. It never does. Not that they apologize to each other. They just seem to make out.

Hey, don’t ask me how their relationship works. I don’t have a clue. But then given my history, I suppose I don’t have much of a basis to know how a natural relationship should look like.

And no I am not telling you more. You want to know more go read a different story, okay?

Moving on.

Yeah, Michael is actually quite a catch supposedly. A dunce at school he looks handsome enough. But his personality has all the charm of flaming steel wool. Abrasive doesn’t even begin to cover it. But then charm isn’t needed of the King’s Second and personal hatchet man. If anything he seems less psychopathic than his original.

Anyway, if you want changes from the original, lets ponder miss I used to be a psychotic bitch that may or may not have been the reason we all died on Antar, shall we? She looks ravishing in red, got to tell you that. But then the Princess was always jaw droppingly beautiful. That continues here.

Only things are different this go around. She doesn’t have the usual brainless arm candy for one thing. No she has sweet and somewhat bland Alex. Yeah, not what I expected of her. Not to mention all the charity work she has done. Looks like nurture really does play a part in how we grow up. Something to think about I suppose.

No seriously, when I was told that Whitaker had mistaken Tess for Vilandra at first I had to laugh. And then I did some digging.

It was an honest mistake I think. Because good old Ava was a fairly nice innocuous girl back on Antar. Much too sweet for the psychos she ended up with. But then they didn’t need her to be smart, they needed her to be fertile. Too bad she got killed carrying baby number one, or we wouldn’t be having this little conversation. Hell, a lot of us wouldn’t even be here.

No, it was Vilandra who was the outgoing schemer. Of course, Vilandra was never aiming to sleep with her brother, so I guess Whitaker really should have done some more homework. But just based on personality I suppose it was an easy mistake.

It is too bad about Alex too. Because he’s probably working for the enemy. We don’t know if he is a willing participant, but his actions bear it out. Where he went and why, we don’t know yet. But it wasn’t Sweden. It is no wonder he has tried to stay away from Isabel. One wrong flash and the man is dead. Only one thing remains the same, Isabel gets what she wants. She might be a kinder gentler Vilandra, but she is still Vilandra.

And I would say poor Alex here too, because despite all my efforts, Isabel isn’t scheming at anything. Well, she is graduating from school early, but as far as I can tell she hasn’t made any further plans that getting into Whitman’s pants.

Which you know is good and all, sex is fun. But he seems kind of ordinary.

No accounting for taste I suppose.

And over there, poor Kyle. Who seems a little confused. I actually feel a little guilty about that. But you will find out the whys and wherefores of that latter. No, he looks handsome. I can almost see what Tess sees in him. It’s just he is so short. I mean I can see the attraction to Max. Hell we are programmed to like guys who look like him.

You would think my twin had better taste. Or that it was all an act. But oddly enough it’s not. She really cares for that ditzy jock. Huh.

Well that ends tonight. Sorry Jock-boy. Until we can figure another way to keep Tess here, she gets Max. As painful as it was for them, tonight is the night he gets officially passed over to Tess.

My goal is to watch from behind the scenes and keep the blood spilling to a manageable level. Oh, and to keep Liz from doing something stupid with Sean. I know Liz can’t help it what with all the mind warps, but seriously. Does she want to confirm her new status in school?

I am pretty confident that Tess will avoid jumping Max tonight. I understand why they have asked me to do this. I just hope all of it is worth it. Because watching it all unfold will be painful in so many ways.

For all of us.

Yep, boys and girls, this is going to be a night to remember.
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Re: A Night to Remember (CC ALL/ Mature) Prologue - 04/30/12

Post by PML » Tue May 01, 2012 11:41 pm

And here is part one. If I do this right, I should be posting small bits every few days. Well that is the plan. Wish me luck. Also note this part has a song to it, the song that Alex and Isabel are dancing to. I Will Remember You by Sarah Maclachlan

Keepsmiling7- Thanks. Hopefully this will get me moving again. Hope you enjoy.

begonia9508- Thanks. Each part will have one of our heroes, and then a bit from the narrator.

A Night to Remember Part 1


Alex was fighting himself. He had to hold on to himself, because she was simply too alluring. And to fall again would place himself back into the same pathetic rut he had been in before he had gotten help.

He closed his eyes as they slowly danced.

Why? Why did he agree to this? It was complete torture.

Right. Isabel was graduating and she needed someone to take her to Prom.

But why him? For the love of God, why did it have to be him? She was one of the more popular girls in school!

Okay, she could be a little sarcastic and intimidating. Alex knew that well from personal experience. If anything she was more scathing to those she knew personally than those she knew casually. Maybe because she knew where to place those barbs for maximum effect.

Hmm. That might be going too far. There was a part of her that was sweet and caring. Small and well hidden maybe, but there. He had experienced that part of her as well.

Isabel softly said in his ear, “Thank you Alex, for all of this. We have been growing more distant. Even in Vegas, I still could feel you drifting from me.”

Alex smiled softly and pulled back so she could see him, “It is simple self-defense, Isabel. No matter how much I, or we ever want it to go further, it will never happen. So I simply have to steel myself.” He looked away, “I do still care for you and that will never change. But I can’t love you. Not anymore. It, it hurts too much.”

Isabel begins to cry.

Alex holds her close, “I am sorry. But I can’t risk it.”

She said thickly, “I can’t believe I have lost you, even before I had you. I am finally ready, really ready and….”

Alex soothes her, both still slowly moving to the music. “It is for the best. I will still be there for you. Always, Isabel. But let’s face it, we don’t belong together.”

“I can’t believe it’s over.” Isabel said glumly.

Alex said softly, “We never really started.”

Isabel pulled away and ran from the dance floor.

Alex stood there in shock, watching her run. He could hear the conversation get a little louder, and looked around at his onlooking peers.

What should he do?

Maybe it would be best if he left it at this. She might hate him, but perhaps that would be for the best. A nice clean cut.

So why did he feel like his own soul was bleeding?

Alex looked around. Maybe Max would be able to take her home. Maybe….

No. He needed to be a gentleman about this. Even if she hated him for this, this last defense of his own sanity, he had brought her here. He should at least take her home.

He slowly walked after her, his pace increasing with each step until he too was running off into the school.

I find it hard to believe that the Princess, even this new softer lighter version could be routed so easily from the romantic battlefield. And by such a milquetoast too!

Wow. One for the history books.

Except, looking at Mister Milquetoast, I am not so sure the battle is over.

Does he know that Isabel is graduating? That she recently received a packet from a San Francisco school. Nice school from the brochure too. Pricy.

Good thing her parents love her or the tuition is much too high. Huh. Except I don’t recall Max saying anything about her talking to her parents about it.

Something I need to look into. Last thing we need is another outside party getting involved.

Do I go or do I stay? Michael is holding Maria and, well I am expecting explosions but they haven’t happened yet. Hmm. And where is Liz anyway? She dropped the bomb on Max, like planned and he is wandering around like a goat waiting to be slaughtered.

Yeah, perfect set up. Go for the bait, Tess.

We’ll get you yet.

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Re: A Night to Remember (CC ALL/ Mature) Part 1 - 04/30/12

Post by PML » Fri May 04, 2012 2:10 am

And here we go, another part actually on time! Will wonders ever cease? Hopefully I can keep powering through this and it will ignite my muse to finish my other stories. Let's hope shall we? Because writing was starting to feel more like a chore than a joy, and that is bad.

For the part the song is White Flag by Dido I think it fits Max's thoughts here quite well. I wonder if you folks will agree. Hope you enjoy.

marymary- Thanks. Good catch. And you are right. But what is she doing and why?

begonia9508- Thanks. Well I have to agree that being nice to the locals is the smart thing to do, remember all of this is because she is frightened. And fear makes people make stupid mistakes. But then I like all the characters from the show.

keepsmiling7- Thanks. I agree. Alex never was a main character, but he was such an important support character that all the other characters went off the rails when he was gone. As for Alex being a gentleman, well that is just what he was.

A Night to Remember Part 2


Max stood there stunned. It was finally fully over. He hadn’t even thought this was a chance, but it must have been. A hidden opportunity to win her back and he must have failed the hidden test.

How else could he explain Liz’s actions. She had asked him here, not as a boyfriend but just as a friend. And he had come, despite the pain. For he had wanted it to be more, for her to be at his side in truth and not just so that she could enjoy the Prom.

But he hadn’t changed at all. He was still in love with her.

And would be until the day he died.

But how and why had it failed? He was still pretty sure that her sleeping with Kyle was a lie. He couldn’t be sure, and was no longer willing to pry about it. But there you have it. He had let it drop because asking her repeatedly only lead to greater and greater pain for them both.

Why had he assumed she would tell him the truth when she had lied to him continuously about that night? He had even let it color things she said and information she had given him. Which was stupid. Because underneath it all, and the total burning hell of this whole situation is that one look into her eyes and he could see that she desperately loved him.


But for whatever reason she was certain that she SHOULD not have him. And Max didn’t know why.

And so the endless dance in circles. Pointless circles as neither of them could truly move on.

Was it any wonder she said she felt like she was suffocating? He felt the same, actually. How he wished that he had never heard of Destiny. That he had never learned of his past.

Nothing good had come of it. He had lost his best friend, Michael to it. That seemed to be on the mend just a bit. But it was still rocky. His sister was a stranger to him now. She was keeping secrets that even now she hadn’t fully shared.

Even now that he knew some about Vilandra, he still didn’t know all of what Whitaker or Lonnie had told her. Could he still trust her?

He simply didn’t know.

Of the humans only Maria and Liz actually cared about him. Sure Alex was a friend, and they had had some interesting conversations, but they weren’t very close. As for Kyle… Well Max was pretty sure they were on the same team, and that he would help if needed. The man had proven that.

Other than that, Kyle hated him. And given what had happened to the Sherriff, he wasn’t sure that Kyle’s beliefs that he had only brought ruin on his family were not to far off the mark.

And Maria was wrapped up in the drama over Michael. She had little time for him now. Nor apparently did Liz.

How had he hurt her so badly? What had he done wrong?


He simply didn’t know nor was he likely to.

He saw a confused Tess standing near a hallway. Where was Kyle? Max had to admit that a tiny part of him was jealous of the affection Tess gave to the jock. It came so natural, her face was alive when she talked to Kyle. She laughed at his jokes even when they angered her, although she was quick to strike back.

Not like when she was with Max. When she was with him, it was all business, all aliens and Destiny all the time. No casual chat about movies or just random stuff. Everything with her was focused. She was to be his mate and she took it very seriously.

The few times he had broken through that shell, those horrible times when he had simply been shattered and needed comfort, she had been there. It had been Maria who had saved him this summer, but it was Tess who had saved him this horrible ordeal with Liz. It had only been on those infrequent instances where she had seemed a different person. Caring and compassionate.

It was only at those times that she acted like he was a person and not a project. And he had loved her for those times.

Not like he did Liz. He really didn’t think he could love another like Liz. But maybe, maybe if Liz truly was unattainable he could at least gain some comfort there.



Liz may have given up on him. But he had not given up on her. They may never be together. And that thought hurt, but he was not going to imagine that he could ever love anyone else like that.

If he and Tess did ever have a relationship, he would have to be honest at the start with that. He would have to tell her she would never be number one in his eyes. That he would always love Liz first. And that it would be foolish for her to even hope for that to change.

And that she deserved better than to accept that. But if she were willing, if she truly accepted that, then he would try.

It seemed to be what Liz wanted anyway. Maybe it would make her happy.

Why did it seem to hurt her so.

Max was so confused about this. What did Liz really want? What could Max do to make her happy?

Max saw Kyle across the room talking with a laughing Vicky Delany. One that was smirking across the room at Tess. Hand on one of Kyle’s shoulders.

The look in Tess’s eyes….

Max crossed the room. He might love Liz. But Tess had been there for him.

Time to return the favor…

Wow. The King is making the first move. I seriously expected Tess to be over a Liz-less Max like a lion on a limping gazelle.

Still the look of sadness and heartbreak seems to have woken something up in Maxie-boy. Maybe he thinks they are kindred spirits of a sort now?


Now the question I have is simple. Is this artifice or is Tess actually broken up about losing Kyle? And will that help or hurt her chances with Max.

Not that I care. I just need to make sure that my twin doesn’t leave Roswell.

Or we all die.

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Re: A Night to Remember (CC ALL/ Mature) Part 2 - 05/04/12

Post by PML » Sun May 06, 2012 10:58 pm

And here we are with a nice fluffy addition to this story. Hope you folks enjoy. There is a song to this part, usually in my stories a character or theme will pick up a tune or two. But I realized that if you hit that link you will drop out of the story. And this is why you are here, so for now I will relent in adding them. Pity.

Natalie36- Thanks.

keepsmiling7- Thanks. It is all quite the set up. Max basically drifted into Tess's orbit because everything else was too painful.

begonia9508- Thanks. As for Antar, not a clue why they would do that. But then if things happened like on the show, then pretty much anything that could go wrong, did.

A Night to Remember Part 3


Maria danced slowly with Michael. Once more he had surprised her. She didn’t know whether she should apologize or hit him.

Why did he always make her so suspicious? Why did she always think he was going to cheat on her. Why did that always hurt her so?

She sighed a moment looking up at him and thought quietly to herself that the reason was self-evident. As much as she tried to deny it to others and to herself she was in love with Michael. She didn’t want to be.

Oh it wasn’t that she didn’t want to be dating him. Or that making out with him wasn’t the most explosive thing she had done with any boy. No. Wonderful experiences kissing boys was one of the things her Mom said made the tedium of high school worth bearing.

And it was so true. Certainly had been with Michael. But she wanted more.

And that scared him, she knew. In truth it scared her. Because while she wasn’t about to advertise it, but no one could hurt her like Michael could. And she knew it. Just the thought he might be cheating, that he might leave her….

“What is wrong, Maria. I am here in this stupid suit and dancing with you.” Michael said gruffly, “What more do you want?”

Maria couldn’t help the tears. They spilt from her eyes as she looked up into his. Because she knew.

One day he would leave her. It was not something he had ever hid. It was part of the deal.

But with each day that very thought became more painful. She wanted to keep him forever! She knew she wouldn’t be able to, but still in her heart there was the desire, no NEED to keep him. To have him by her side for always.

And it wasn’t going to happen. He was going to find out something about his past or they would come to fetch him and she would be alone. She wasn’t even sure he would say goodbye.

He might just be gone one day.

That was why she was always so afraid someone would take him from her. Because her time with him was so limited. So very short.

She wanted to have every minute with him that she could. Wanted him to hold her and kiss her senseless. To bring her to heights of pleasure running his hands up and down her body.

The way he made her feel….

What would the sex be like?

She felt her face heat. And not just her face. All along her body there was a warm tingly feeling. Whenever he was worried about her or they were kissing or well basically any time he held her close she felt this. These vibrations that would work their way through her body.

It felt so good. So warm. So loving.

Michael looked into her eyes in that odd way of his and smiled. He said softly, “I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what is wrong? What am I doing wrong?”

Maria said thickly, “Nothing. You are doing everything right. ” Softly she said, “For now.”

The tears began to flow harder. What would she do without him?

She wouldn’t die. She knew that much. Life was not that kind. Just look at Liz, and what she had to deal with.

Life lasted a long time. Sure it could end in a second, before you were even aware you were in danger. But you had to live with the consequences of your actions for as long as you lived. They never went away. You were just stuck.

The key was to find a balance. Her mother had told her to live life to the fullest without making too many bad mistakes. Early pregnancy being one of them. To come to her the moment she thought she MIGHT be thinking of sex. Whether with Michael or another. But to come to her first.

Her mother wanted grandchildren, just preferably in seven to ten years.

They would go to the clinic together to start her on whatever regimen of birth control she thought best fit them. Maria wasn’t sure she was ready. Oh, physically, not a doubt. There had been a couple of times she’d had to pull away during a make out session that was getting a little too heated.

A thought popped into her head. A wry smile snuck onto her face, she knew of a way to reward him for coming through this time. She was a drama queen and in her more honest moments would admit it if only to herself.

She had wrongly accused him of cheating on her. When he was taking those dancing lessons just to show up here and save the day. Her hero.

Too bad the day would come when he would ride off into the sunset without her, but for now. For now she had him. And while sex was off the table, for today at least, this would please him she was sure.

“Maria, that look in your eye.” Michael sighed, “What now?”

Maria sweetly said, “Will you sketch a picture of me?”

Michael flushed a little, “I guess.”

Maria pulled him closer and whispered into his ear, “Sketch me in the nude?”

Michael pulled back slightly, “What?”

Maria just looked up at him wickedly, through her tear stained eyes, “Please?” Teasing him was so much fun! Besides there wasn’t much of her he hadn’t already seen or touched.

But she had never been fully naked in his presence before.

She wasn’t even entirely sure she wouldn’t chicken out at the last minute. But the man made her bold. He took away so many of her normal fears and made her brave.

It is just too bad he brought others.

But while he was here. While she still had him, she would not stay quiet. She would hold on to him as best she could.

He looked at her eyes full of shock and desire, “Are you sure that is safe?”

And she kissed him. As always fireworks bloomed behind her eyes and soothing warmth rushed through her. She almost moaned in pleasure. It felt like her whole body was being caressed from the inside.

Tonight. She would talk to her mom tonight about protection.

Because the truth was, if Michael could make her like this with a kiss…. What would going further be like?

Okay. I no longer expect an explosion from the Deluca corner.

And I begin to understand how this bizarre relationship works. The communication is nonverbal. Literally.

Maria is a Receptive. Huh? You don’t understand?

She’s like Isabel. Well I doubt she will be raiding anyone’s dreams anytime soon. For which I thank God. Having one person able to raid dreams is one too many.

No, she can pick up background psychic impressions some of the time. She is human so I doubt she can do much… yet. If that man keeps stimulating her like that though, I can’t be certain of the long term effects.

Eh, what? No it’s not harmful. She will be fine more than fine.

Kind of like you.

Okay. I need to put the warps back on you. Do you think they will hold this time?

Good. Just don’t go running off into Sean’s arms or something stupid okay?

Maybe. But I call them like I see them. You should know that about me by now. Maybe I should add something to keep you here?

And here we go. One crushed Cinderella to go.

God, I feel for her. But it’s their plan I am working with. If we need to keep Tess here, and we need to find out who she is working with, well having Max get close to her is the best way.

Let’s see. Who to check up on next. Hmm. Max and Tess are talking quietly. I guess this will give me a moment to find out what is happening with the Princess.

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Re: A Night to Remember (CC ALL/ Mature) Part 2 - 05/06/12

Post by PML » Tue May 08, 2012 3:18 am

Okay, so the previous two parts were fairly short. This one on the other hand ran away with me. Hope you folks enjoy.

begonia9508- Thanks. No, I agree with you. I think Max never did believe. But he could never be completely sure. And I think that weakened his faith in himself. It is one thing to believe in something painful, even if its a lie. But to be full of doubt, to be uncertain, that is much worse to my mind. At least the other has the option of closure. Liz screwed poor Max up much worse than I think she ever believed with that lie.

keepsmiling7- Thanks. This bit is a little long.

A Night to Remember Part 4


Isabel stopped running. That had hurt. He had meant every word.

Every single word.

To Alex, she was an enemy to his continued sanity. She had pushed him and pulled him so much that he had nearly broken. Or perhaps at some point he had. And she hadn’t even noticed.

What kind of a bitch was she anyway? How could she have done that to someone who she had reluctantly loved for some time?

A small voice inside told her that she might have known that she loved him, that she had been flirting with the idea for a while now, even when she had been with Grant actually. She had cared for Grant, had even loved him in a way.

But on serious reflection it had been Alex she had cared for all this time. It was why moving further with Grant had seemed so hard.

No it had taken nearly dying to realize the truth. Nearly dying and then nearly tossing herself at a random stranger, simply to fulfil the old man’s advice.
‘You are too fucking tense Isabel. You need to get laid, badly. It always calmed you down on Antar, and I am sure it’ll do the same here.” He took a puff of his cigar, “Bah, for all the supposed differences we and humans are much alike. Hell it is why they sent you here.’

She had told him about her misadventures in Las Vegas. In fact she had talked to him for a couple of hours after Las Vegas, swapping stories. He had even caught some things she had missed, like Maria applying to be a stripper.

Now that is future blackmail material.

Isabel had to smile at the memory.

‘So you realize you want the kid after all. Well then seduce the poor bastard. From my sources he is still madly in love with you. A couple good pushes and bang, he’ll be in your arms for sure. Or if you do it right, you will be in his.’

Two days later she had received a box. In it there had been several thousand dollars and a book. The book hadn’t covered seduction. It had been a book that covered the basics of hybrid physiology and how to use their powers. Inside the book was a note.

‘You will read the section on how to avoid becoming pregnant right? You’re not human, so a one night fling with someone you don’t give a damn about is probably safe. But it sounds like you care for the boy. That ups the chance of you being bare foot and pregnant a lot. I know you have plans for your future, and they probably include kids. But I doubt you want to start a family at nineteen.’

‘I’ll help you either way. You are my kids.’

‘Don’t share this with anyone. Tess should already know this crap. Most of it won’t help Max or Michael in any meaningful way. Oh, and if they get serious with the girls, make sure they don’t depend on condoms. Same thing with you, although not as bad. Don’t depend on them. For humans, sure they work great. For you hybrids… Hell, your basic powers are molecular manipulation. The desire for greater direct physical contact will just turn a condom into a bit more lubricant. And as far as I can tell, that won’t be a problem with any of the involved parties. I might not be too happy with how Max has handled himself this year, but I will be damned if he didn’t pick the right girl. Michael too.’

‘So if the boys get frisky, make sure the girls are on the pill or something. If they need help paying for it I will happily chip in. Just let me know.’

But for now keep it mum.’


Isabel opened the nearby nurse’s off ice. She smiled at the beds. Sure they were only singles, and she would have to do a lot of clean-up after. But this was a lot better than in the backseat of someone’s car.

Isabel closed her eyes and felt along the weak bond she had with Alex. It was a remnant of better days, something she had kept telling herself she would get rid of, but never had.

She turned the light on and let the door ajar. She had asked for help here. The last thing she needed was for any of this to be on camera. And her guardian angel had said yes.

“It will be tonight. Tonight I claim him.”

The old man chuckled dryly from the other side of the phone line. “That is my Isabel. You have the tools and the knowledge. Hit him hard and fast and take no prisoners.”

“I don’t know. I am nervous about the whole thing.”

“Bah, seduction should come as easily to you as fighting does for Michael, or leadership to Max.”

“Then Vilandra was…”

He cut her off, “You are NOT Vilandra anymore than Max is Zan or Michael is Rath. It is part of you, tricks and skills that will come easy and naturally to you. But you are Isabel, and a hell of a lot better dame than Vilandra was on her best day.” There was a growl on the other end of the line, “See this is what I am talking about. You need to calm down and relax. So go make your boyfriend’s day and call me tomorrow with the details.”

She had stared at the phone for some time before she looked over what she had planned to wear tonight. And what she wasn’t.

Did she really have the guts for this?

Isabel looked in the mirror. Would it be better for her to still look tearstained or back to perfect? Not quite sure. Both had advantages.

How would he react to this? Would she win the day? Or lose him forever.

She closed her eyes. No prisoners.

She was so nervous. And surprisingly turned on. She hadn’t even started those stimulation exercises she had studied in the book and she was already wet. Butterflies coursed through her belly as her body prepared itself.

She had already done the necessary house cleaning down there last night. No conception tonight or for the next few weeks at least. The exercise to stretch muscles she hadn’t really used all that much had been a little frustrating. But she shouldn’t be as sore as she would have been on her first time.

Or so the book said. It also gave tips on the day after.

And God as her witness, if Tess had these tips on lessening the pain and aggravation of periods and hadn’t shared them, that girl was dead.

Isabel shook her head. Now was not the time for her to be day dreaming. Not when he was about to come through the door.

She placed herself artfully on the nurse’s desk. She accidently rubbed part of her sex against the table as she lifted herself to a sexy position and sighed slightly at the sensation. And she could feel herself beginning to leak slightly.

She hadn’t been this turned on since… No change that, she had never been this turned on. Not in a situation like this.

She could feel her cheeks flush and it took her powers to keep her face from turning crimson. God, she was nervous.

As the door began to slowly open….

What would she do if it was someone else? What would she do if it wasn’t Alex?

‘I would kill them. Then hunt down Alex and fuck him senseless. That boy is MINE!’

Isabel shivered at that thought. Because it was real. That was how she felt. And while she probably wouldn’t actually kill anyone, the thought was tempting.

Alex called out, not entering the room, “Isabel? Are you in there?”

“I am in here.” She kicked off her sandals and used her powers to bat them out of the way. She could always power buff the skid marks away.

Alex poked his head in and looked around, “I just wanted to ask if you need a ride home.”

She giggled slightly. A ride? Yes she needed a ride. She wanted to ride poor Alex all the way home. Maybe even all the way to Antar.

No. This wasn’t helping. Cold. Aloof. Desirable.

But she couldn’t help it. The laughter wouldn’t leave her.

“Are you okay, Isabel?”

Oh, the clueless face on her soon to be lover. He didn’t expect anything! So clueless, so lovable. Her Alex. Hers.

All she needed to do was seal the deal. She could see his love for her, his worry for her, along with his fear. When had he begun to fear her?

Alex grew closer to her, one hand reaching out to feel her forehead. “Isabel, I think you have a fever. Did you drink anything strange or did anything weird happen to you?”

Isabel said softly while still gently laughing, “Yes. I guess you could say something strange has happened.” She reached over and caressed his arm, and used one of the weaves she had read of in the book. It was a pattern of low level healing weaves that would sooth and excite him.

“What happened?” He said, voice sounding full of panic. “I didn’t know you ever sweated before. I thought you used your powers to keep cool.”

She chuckled again and took his hand in her free hand, “This isn’t the kind of heat my powers alone can cool.”

“Isabel, I want to help you, but I meant what I said back there.”

She could feel him stiffen. He was thinking of running. She locked eyes with him and their connection slammed into place. She could feel him and he her.

Alex turned his gaze and shut his eyes. “NO! I don’t want that!” His voice was thick with emotion as he said, “I can’t take it anymore, Isabel. Nothing will ever come of it, and I will be left in your shadow to wither. NO, NO, NO!”

Her heart was pounding a mix of lust and love and fear all mixing together inside of her. She didn’t understand why he was reacting so badly to this. She had to prove herself to him. She had hurt him so badly that he didn’t believe her when she said she was willing to give herself to him.

And she was. Finally.

He would see.

She used her powers to cut the straps that held her dress up. It cascaded to her hips.

Too bad Alex still had his eyes closed. But he hadn’t run from her. Not yet. She still had a chance.

She slid her hand that had been massaging his arm and grabbed his hand and moved it towards her now bare breast. “What if I told you I was willing to give you everything Alex. Mind and Soul.” She leaned in and said softly in his ear, “And let’s not forget the Body.”

Alex was shaking and sweating. His face flushed, but his eyes were still firmly closed. “Please Isabel. Please, just let me go….”

She placed his hand on her breast and sighed as she felt her nipple harden at his touch. The other hand she placed on her soft belly and slid it down past the remaining bits of her dress to her sex. “I am ready for you Alex. For you and only you. Mind, Body and Soul. Forever if you wish.”

She felt his hand on her. Felt as he caressed the folds of her sex. As he slid one finger in, her muscles clamping on it tightly as he retracted it. She could feel his will bend. Feel as his desire began to conquer his fear.

Suddenly his mouth was on hers, his hands caressing her body, one hand on her breasts, the other fondling her sex.

It felt so good. More. She needed more. More contact, more sensation.

With a wave of her hand all of the buttons on his clothes cascaded to the floor. Her hands no longer guiding his, but on a trek all their own. To explore him completely. To claim him as hers.

Not enough. More contact. More skin. Too many clothes. Both of them were wearing too much!

She pushed Alex back slightly so she could get off the table. One flick of her hand and his belt was cut. Another and a wave of air pushed all the clothing down to the ground. That same wave whisked those clothes aside.

He was now down to his boxers and she to her stockings and garters. The boxers would definatly have to go, but the rest was simply too much work. If she wanted her legs to touch his, she’d just vapor the stockings. She could always buy new ones.

Her breathing was heavy as she giggled. Oh yeah, condoms would be worthless. For her too, she thought. No she would want to feel Alex. All of Alex inside of her.

In fact that was a really good idea. She would like to feel that now. As in right now. Or maybe a few minutes ago.

She reached in to grasp his sex. It was already hardening. But at her touch she felt it harden still further. She stroked it and heard Alex moan. She looked at him, at his still closed eyes, “Now Alex. I want you now. Please.”

Through the bond she could feel him move to comply. He wanted, no needed this as badly. Another giggle escaped when she could feel him ask to not keep stroking him as much. He was too close to the edge.

But it was strange. Part of him seemed distant, partitioned. She lifted herself back onto the table slightly and opened her legs to let him in.

And something broke the spell. Alex’s eyes were open. And he was glaring at her. “Do you think this is funny? Do you think you can do this to me again? That I will let you take me like this? I know she wouldn’t do that. She loves me. But, not like this. Never the way I would want it. But she wouldn’t taunt me like this.” Tears were streaming down and his eyes were wild, “Why do you have to be her? I know who you are, why do you have to pretend!”

“Alex. It is me! Isabel. I, I love you Alex. Please. Please take me! I need you inside of me.” She began to whimper slightly. All of her ached, all of her needed him. And he was pulling away.

And it hurt. It hurt everywhere. It felt like she would die without him. “Please Alex!”

She could feel the same inside of him. It wasn’t just the physicality either. They were Bonding. She hadn’t expected this. Not at their first time. But her emotions had been so high, and his must be too.

Right now they were vulnerable. Their defenses down, ready to be rebuilt. Ready to face the world as one. But if he pulled away now… It could cripple them. Mind and Body and Soul.

They would probably recover. Someday. But they would never be able to be together. Not after something like this. They wouldn’t be able to bring themselves close enough to. The scars would be too deep.


Alex raised his arm to strike her. But he paused. “I can’t. I know it isn’t her and still I can’t. Oh, God, what is going to become of me?”

She could feel herself cool. And not just her body, but the parts of her that made her who she was. Her mind was being distorted, filling with fears and anxieties that she had always kept at least somewhat quelled. She was breaking. Bits of her soul and mind were cooling and settling in places they weren’t meant to be along. Places that would have fit with another soul, would have joined to it. The part of her Soul that would have been given and gifted to him was beginning to drift away from her. A part of her forever lost.

He was human, he might not feel it directly. But it would affect him the same. There had been warnings about this. That Bonding someone was dangerous. To be sure.

There were reasons why it was traditionally done only after a wedding or binding social tie.

She was openly weeping, her legs closed. How had she ever thought he could love her? Why would anyone in their right mind do so. No she deserved this pain. It was payment for how she had treated him to get to this point. Payment for what she had done to others in her previous life.

She needed to cover herself up lest her ugliness show. Sure her body was beautiful, but surely others could see what Alex must have seen to leave her like this. She was ugly and evil and deserved to be destroyed.

She would ask him one last time. One more time for salvation for an unworthy sinner.

Had her charity work not been enough? Had all her hard work at Christmas, all those long nights at the women’s shelter, had it all been for nothing?

She could see as the post Bond madness began to settle into him. Almost out of time.

Did she even need to bother? He would only refuse her.

No. She had promised that old man. That she would try.

She moved to hold him. He moved away, as if disgusted by her. The pain and rejection of the failed Bond. She could feel it herself. Her need to get away. Her need for a shower and some clothes.

One more try.

She looked into his eyes, perhaps for the last time. “Alex. Don’t throw me away. Please. Please. Just, just love me. I, I don’t need much. Just, please.”

He stared into her eyes, a look of defiance and anger. And deep within a fading love and a sense of despair creeping over him. “You think this is some sort of joke! You think I am going to fall for this again!”

Her eyes closed in despair.

She felt herself lifted and carried toward one of the cots. Was Alex really this strong or had the madness taken him. Was he going to kill her?

Well. That would save her the trouble of killing herself. Maybe it was for the best.

Or maybe he was just going to toss her naked in the middle of the Prom. Maybe he simply wanted to kill her reputation. Destroy her social image.

In truth, she didn’t care. Not anymore. The only person she could have loved had tossed her aside. Had decided he couldn’t and wouldn’t love her.

Her back hit the mattress and she kept her eyes closed. Unwilling and unable to watch what he would do to her next.

She felt as her legs were parted and he settled in between them. She could feel the heat of his body above her. She opened her eyes.

Alex’s gaze didn’t quite meet hers, “Last time you took everything I had, and everything I could have been.” He whined in despair, “And now you are here to take more. You want me to love you. Well this is all I have left. All I can give you.”

Isabel just said softly, “Please. Don’t throw me away. Don’t abandon me. I, I am sorry. I am sorry for what I did to you. I, I, Please?”

Alex nodded reluctantly and slid into her.

It was too fast and she wasn’t really ready anymore. And it hurt.

But it let her reopen the connection she had had with him. It let her back in. And while the experience wasn’t as magical and frenzied as she had planned, it was perhaps more profitable.

Something was wrong with Alex. Something was seriously wrong. And while they slowly made love, she did what she could to fix him.

It was beyond her. She learned that quickly. But she was able to fix a lot of the damage. Damage buried so deep she didn’t even receive a flash from him. Buried under so very much pain.

What had happened to cause that much self-hate and pain?

She didn’t know, but she spent herself, all of her mental resources, not prying to find out, but trying to help Alex cope.

And in the process, she Bonded him.

The build-up was long and slow, but eventually she could feel herself give way in bittersweet ecstasy, Alex releasing himself into her. And panting he said softly in her ears, “And that is all I can give you. There is nothing else left inside. But I did love her. God I loved her so.”

And his eyes closed.

She held him close, drinking his presence in. Until she too drifted off to sleep.

But there would be a reckoning. Someone had hurt her Alex.

And they would PAY.
All I can do is bang my head softly against the door frame. Had I actually watched that? What the hell was that girl thinking?

Is every last one of these hybrids insane? I mean I understand the need for such a Bond between Liz and Max. But between the pretty pretentious Princess and mild Mr. Milquetoast?

Excuse me?

Do they even have any fucking idea how rare that is? I mean I certainly didn’t have that with Zan. And there was no way, NO WAY Lonnie would condescend to Bond Rath. Not in a million fucking years.

And they are humans. Ordinary fucking humans!

Suddenly what Michael is doing to Maria isn’t funny anymore. How long before he makes the plunge. Would he even realize what he was doing?

Are these people NUTS?


I don’t have time for this! Okay Aves, focus and wipe those tears. We aren’t jealous. No. No way are we jealous of these bland cornballs who, who….

Oh, who am I kidding. I want that. I want to have someone I love that closely. I loved Zan, I would have Bonded him, but he, well he wasn’t that deeply in love with me.

And that memory, that fucking memory, hurts. Some nights I stare at the ceiling and wonder if that is what kept me from saving him. If I was so petty, I let the man I love die because he didn’t return my love.

I hope not.

I suppose I could check up on Jock-boy and see how he is doing, but really there isn’t a point. No. I will go see how Max and Tess are doing. Or maybe I will see if Liz is still here, check on those warps.

It really is annoying that she keeps breaking them. But without them she won’t stay in character.

Yeah, maybe I should check on her.

Assuming she hasn’t left and jumped Sean.


I bang my head on the door frame a couple more times for luck and seal the door. Yeah, you could open it easily from the inside, I think. Don’t want to trap our two love birds. But getting in without using some serious powers will be difficult.

Hope those two wake before the cleaning crew tries to get in there.

Anyway. Off to go find Liz. Or barring that Tess and Max.

Personally, I can’t wait for this night to be over.

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Re: A Night to Remember (CC ALL/ Mature) Part 4 - 05/08/12

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And one step closer to the mystery of what is going on... Hope you folks enjoy. Do note that this part is a little dark.

begonia9508- Thanks. I would say a good question is why is Ava the narrator. There is a reason, and a good one, parts of which I have been leaking with each of her POVs. And yes something is wrong with Alex. Remember in canon he only has a couple more days before he is dead.

Natalie36- Thanks.

keepsmiling7- Thanks. The book wasn't for the seduction. It was to teach her how to control her body and stop her from concieving. Condoms are useless with hybrids. Alex has a reason for how he acted as you will see in the next few parts.

AvalonRose- Thanks.

A Night to Remember Part 5


Kyle sat down on the bench. He simply couldn’t stand the air inside of the auditorium. And despite Vicky’s offer he had to give her a rain check.

He needed to make sure Tess had a ride home.

Had he really told Tess that? Told her that he thought of her as a sister? Even now he was shocked by it.

And it was true. Well sort of. Kyle wasn’t really sure what he felt anymore. Because if he thought of Tess only as a sister now, why did he still see her half dress and panting from a make out session? Why did he still ache to feel her hands roam along his body. Why did he still wish to share her breath?

At the same time he felt so very protective of her. Determined to protect her from any comer, and yet willing to let her go. Willing to let Max have her.

Which made no sense, as the last person he liked was Max. Oh, sure he respected the guy. Probably wasn’t going to tell anyone that. Or that he was thankful for his life being saved.

Even if that had completely turned his life upside down. But dying would have put a bigger crimp in his style as he would have been dead and not living by definition. It was hard to enjoy life when you were dead.

Kyle sighed. He was irrational. Worse he knew it. Once this wouldn’t have bothered him. He would be with Vicky right now. Who knew, he could actually have managed to sleep with her. And a part of him wanted that. A large part.

So what was he doing out here? Why wasn’t he in there, or better yet heading out to a more secure location to do a little productive lamp-trimming?

He needed it. He was tense and it had been a long time. He thought back. How long had it been? There had been those Rosario High School chicks last November… Kyle smiled at the memory.

He had been a bit of an ass, drunk off the victory and much too much beer. But he had still managed to get that sweet little brunette out of her cheerleading outfit. He had been dealing with the fallout of the rumor of sleeping with Liz and the girls had been watching him like a hawk back home. Cheryl. He couldn’t for the life of him remember her last name.

They had talked a couple of times after that. But then the Skins had attacked Roswell. Followed by those twisted twins of his little green friends. And Thanksgiving.


Kyle’s heart began beating fast. That was why he hadn’t slept with anyone since.


He had always wanted her, snuck peeks at her when he thought he could get away with it. But it was different living with her. Particularly with his dad there. He had to be civil, had to watch his step as she was basically his father’s ward.

Day by day she had become a fixture in his life. He had remembered she had been ready to leave after his dad had lost his job. He had been so angry that day, had railed against all the aliens. He had been so very angry.

And yet… The very thought of her leaving had been painful. Didn’t she realize how important she was to them? How much a part of their family she was?

Kyle loved her. Loved her deeper than he had loved another girl. Even Liz. And he still cared for Liz. But not like he did Tess.

Tess confused him. Because he was so full of love for her and saw her as more than just a pretty body. More than the hot blonde who lived with them. She was his best friend and confidante. And there were many days he did see her as simply a part of their family. When he didn’t even think of how hot she was. Of how much he had wanted to simply carry her into the room that had once been his and have his merry way with her.

Not that he didn’t think that on many of an occasion.

But the past week, he had been feeling more of the family feeling with her. Memories of caressing her breasts seemed to fade. Kissing her, all of it had seemed to fade.

In fact those feelings had almost been extinguished tonight in favor of a sort of protective brother feeling.

Kyle said softly, “She mind warped me. It has to be that. She saw her chance with Evans and she is taking it.” He sighed, “Buddha wept, it’s not like I didn’t know she had it bad for him. But to erase my feelings for her?”

He would confront her when they got home. If she wanted Max, he would back her play. It would hurt like Hell, but he loved her. And if she didn’t really love him back it was better to know now. To see if there was someone he could move on to.

And he would call Vicky and if she were still willing, he would fuck her senseless. They both knew they would never last. She had been making a play for him because he was now her favorite rebound guy. But there were too many differences between them, no matter how flexible she was.

She was fun, he was fun, and they would have fun together. Until one of their hearts had healed enough to move on.

Kyle picked up a rock and hurled it as hard as he could into the darkness.

The door opened and a disheveled Alex came out.

Kyle looked at him, “So how has the night been treating you?”

Alex stared at him. “Huh?” His head whipped left and right. He then put his head into his hands and moaned.

Kyle went over to his friend, “Too much to drink? They must have really spiked the punch this year.”


“Isabel is drunk? Now that would be a problem. I can vaguely remember Max getting hammered last year.” Kyle chuckled. “Not that I remember much of that night. Still trying to live down that photo at that Valentine’s concert.”

Alex mumbled something. The only word Kyle could make out was rape.

Kyle shook him, getting worried. “Someone is getting hurt now Alex? Someone needs help? Let me go get dad and we’ll sort this out. You call Hanson and….”

Alex reached up and knocked his arms away clumsily, “NO. Or yes. Maybe. I don’t know. It, it isn’t something that can be taken back. But I really didn’t think it was Isabel. I thought it was… God, I thought that she wanted….”

Kyle felt his blood go cold. Alex couldn’t seriously be saying…. No, not Alex. Never Alex. The man was a gentleman. But he listened to his friends blathering he could feel a mix of anger and fear.

For just a moment, Kyle saw what looked like finely woven spiderwebs inside of Alex’s head and throughout his body. Tiny lines that shouldn’t be there. Unnatural.

He swallowed hard. Both at the sight and the knowledge, the certainty of what he was seeing.

Mindwarps. Alex had been mindwarped.

What was Tess thinking? How could she do this to such a good man? How could she?

He loved her, but this was too much.

Under enough warping maybe it was possible for the impossible. Maybe Alex really had raped some poor girl. Probably not Isabel, no matter what poor Alex thought, that woman could defend herself. But a mind warp could make you see anything. Could make you do anything.

Even make you think you had raped the girl you loved.

“Take me to her, Alex. We will figure out what to do when we get there.”

Alex nodded raggedly. He turned to the door and walked into the door sill. Kyle steadied him.

Something was seriously wrong with Alex. And Kyle couldn’t smell any alcohol on him at all. That didn’t mean anything; he could be hopped up on some drug. He looked carefully at Alex and concentrated.

Those webs looked thick. Like they were stifling Alex. He could see so much but he understood so little.

Story of his life.

No he could break down about all this later. There were lives on the line here. Alex’s and possibly some other girl’s.

He hoped not. He hoped that Tess hadn’t set him up like this. Kyle knew for a fact that Isabel would kill her if she had. He had talked to the tall blonde the other day and had been surprised at just how happy she was about going to Prom with Alex.

How he wished Tess would look at him like that. Like he was the most important thing in the world.

They were moving into the school proper, towards the administration offices. He nodded to himself. Nurse’s office.

It took serious guts to use it, but it had beds. Much more comfortable for play than outside or the back of a car. There were several cameras in the office itself. None focused on the beds themselves, but the pathway to the beds was covered.

Kyle looked up at the cameras and noticed the telltales were dead.

Every single camera.

He whistled slightly. That would take a lot of doing. Knocking out a few cameras or better looping them somehow was one thing. But knocking them all out and not having security all over you….

Something strange was going on here. And not just with Whitman.

He hushed Alex as they walked the corridors. It would do little good if they were caught by the chaperones or security while they checked on what Whitman claimed.

They reached the Nurse’s office. And something had happened here. That much was a given. He left a babbling Alex against a wall and went in to check.

One of the beds had been slightly moved. He moved the blanket and noticed a faint sweat stain. Faint but very large. Say about the size of a girl’s torso. Reluctantly he lifted the sheet up to smell it.

Burnt linen. And it was dry. Stained. As if it had been heated very fast. Possibly to remove the stain.

Not Isabel’s handy work, Kyle was sure. She was slick with her powers.

He nodded. Michael probably. No wonder the body has been moved. He looked over briefly at Alex and wondered how long the poor boy had to live.

Off in the corner. In a pile with a bunch of buttons was a large corsage that he remembered Alex giving Isabel. He looked over at the still gibbering Alex and noticed all the missing buttons. His heart began to drop as he began to fear the impossible.

He noticed another piece of what looked like lace work. There were tiny strips of partly melted fabric attached. He looked at it and felt as his face began to heat, as he concentrated, as all his worries and fears and heartbreak began to speed changes that had been slowly developing….

Isabel stood admiring herself in the mirror. She let the towel open and looked at her body. She felt her firm breasts. Large but firm enough to not need a bra. Daring she supposed, but not too daring.

It was all part of her plan. She looked on her bed at the underwear she would be wearing. All of it she had bought yesterday at Victoria’s Secret with the money she had been given.

She bit her lip. She liked how the garters and stockings looked. But did she have the courage to actually go through with the whole plan? She turned to face the mirror and ran a hand through her pubic hair. Should she trim it a little? She usually waxed herself for bathing suit season, and it was close to that time of year. But it hurt and she would have to do it again.

She looked over at the book on the bed and wondered if there were tips on stopping hair growth. It had covered so much else she had needed to know.

Her hand slipped down and caressed herself, feeling herself respond. No she doubted it would be a problem.

With a mischievous grin she reached over and put the panties back into her drawer. The stockings would be held up by the garters, she didn’t need the panties. Not if her plan worked.

Just the thought of it…. She slipped a finger inside of herself. Tonight. It would be tonight….”

End Flash

Kyle staggered. He was now completely confused. He touched himself. He was still Kyle. A quick pinch, yes it hurt. But for a moment, for just a moment he had been,

He had been Isabel. His face flushed.

That had been a flash. Oh, Buddha wept flaming tears, it was happening. What he had feared.

Why NOW of all times? Why him? Shouldn’t Liz be affected by this first? Surely she would have told him if something strange had been happening to her.

He heard a loud thump and looked over at Alex. Alex was trying to awkwardly get up, babbling something about decoding a book. Something about the Royal Four being reborn and…

He didn’t have time for this!

Deep breath. Focus. What he wouldn’t give for an hour to meditate. Maybe with some incense burning in the background. Or, hell, maybe just one of Tess’s fragrant candles.

No time. Need to deal with this first.

Kyle walked over to Alex and pulled him up. He helped him into a chair. “Okay, man. I need to know everything. Everything you remember. Because I just don’t know what is going on here. All I can see here is too much evidence pointing in too many different directions.”

Alex just stared at him dumbly.

Kyle grabbed his head and said, “Focus Alex. What happened here tonight.”

Alex said in a distant sort of voice, “I told her that she had pushed me around too much. That I couldn’t trust her with my heart. God I love her so. Did I ever tell you that I love Isabel? That she is perfect. Well not perfect, but I love her.”

“Yes Alex, I know that.” Kyle said with mock patience, “Go on.”

Alex nodded. “But telling her that broke her heart and she ran. She actually ran from me. I, I should have let her go. I planned on letting her go. But I, I love her you know?”

Kyle just glared at Alex.

Alex continued his ramble, “So I followed her. I was going to offer her a ride home. Only when I found her, I knew it couldn’t be her. She said these wonderful things. She offered, she offered me everything I wanted. And I knew, I KNEW it wasn’t her.” Alex’s voice changed, became harsher almost violent, “It was her. The other one. The pretender. She had done, oh, God I can’t tell anyone.” Alex placed his head in his hands. There was a loud whimper of pain and then in a lucid voice, “I don’t remember what happened next. Just waking up next to Isabel. She was sleeping. For a second I was, I was happy.”

Kyle softly said, “And then?”

Alex looked up at his friend, “She was dreaming. A nightmare. And, and she kept saying, Alex, please. Alex please don’t. Please Don’t. over and over and that is when I knew. Knew what I must have done and. I, I thought about killing myself. But I couldn’t. Something wouldn’t let me. I know enough about pharmacology, enough about chemistry to make something fatal. Or just slit my wrists or throat. But I couldn’t. I couldn’t.”

“Who? Who did you think she was?” Kyle said, shaking Alex. “Who did this to you?”

“I, I can’t talk about it. It hurt. Oh, God, it hurts so much. Please, just let me die. Please, I don’t want to live like this. Why Tess, why did you have to do this to me?”

Kyle felt as his blood flashed to ice. Tess.

It had been Tess.

Over and over it echoed in his mind.


The woman he loved.

Had destroyed the man he was rapidly considering to be his best friend.

And quite possibly the proud woman he had come to admire from a safe distance.

Why? Why go this far?

He held a shuddering and crying Alex, “What the hell do I do now?”

All I can do now is sit here and cry. Seriously how fucked up is all of this. And worse. Where is Isabel?

She was exhausted doing whatever she did to Alex to ‘fix’ him. And from the looks of it, she wasn’t able to do much. But, from a simple guess, I would have thought several hours. And that means she had help.

Liz is gone, who knows where. I can only hope she didn’t sleep with Sean. Ever since she sealed the deal with Max, she’s been a bit more sensual. And its been a bit over a month and a half since they’ver really had the opportunity to slip off and do the nasty with each other.

Doesn’t help I have to keep resealing their warps. Max at least can play the part reasonably well unwarped, but he tends to be to focused, and we are going for the overwhelmed boy king part. If his enemies realized just how sharp he really was, they might move better and more capable operatives here. Until then, let them wonder why they keep failing.

But Tess is a problem. Particularly given what I have just learned.

And it would have been more had Kyle not just developed the ability to shrug off warps. It was bad enough with Liz, now him too?

Worse he’s somehow gained the ability to shield who he is with. At least I assume that is the case, as I can’t use my powers on Alex either.

Damn it all!

Don’t worry Max. Don’t worry Liz. Good old Ava has your back. She’ll walk behind the scenes and smooth everything over. Don’t worry, I can take care of it all.

Good job, Aves. Total FUBAR city.

And Max is still calmly chatting with Tess. Still hasn’t even KISSED her yet. Has this whole nightmare been for NOTHING?

I need to check on Michael and Maria. Make sure they are at least safe. Maybe see if I can edge them out of the playing field. Just to reduce another set of potential nightmares.

Okay. Deep breath.

Let’s see if we can fix this. Surely there has to be a way to fix this. Maybe if I wake Max up, he can fix Alex enough for now and we can get through today.

I just wish we didn’t NEED Tess. Because if she is seriously done all this….

I can’t believe she is my twin. How could someone be so cruel, so wantonly destructive?

Yeah. Time for the King card.

It’s not that the Queen wouldn’t be as capable, just that her powers aren’t quite so good at fixing things like this.

Their a bit more… proactive.


Okay, let’s get to work.

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Re: A Night to Remember (CC ALL/ Mature) Part 5 - 05/10/12

Post by PML » Sat May 12, 2012 3:44 am

Thanks again. This part will be a little different. No narrator as she doesn't witness this. This happens while she is watching Kyle. But it still happens, and part of this tale is told from the POV of the heroes. One each if you haven't already guessed. Liz will be next.

Natalie36- Thanks. Poor Aves.

keepsmiling7- Thanks. There has been a lot going on that her little cabal don't know about. And it is all coming to a head right now. For instance, where did Isabel get that book?

begonia9508- Thanks. I agree about Kyle. Something had to be messing with his mind. You will note they still have chemisty in the previous episode in Las Vegas. So it had to happen after that.

AvalonRose- Thanks. Poor Ava. She is going to need help before this night is over. You get to see what happened with Isabel in this part. Or some of it anyway.

ken_r- Thanks. Hmm, not quite. I am afraid I don't have quite the same level of skill. But I hope you make it back and let me know what you think of it.

A Night to Remember Part 6


Michael continued to dance with his Maria. She confused and worried him constantly. The only thing that ever settled him down was the simple knowledge of looking into her eyes.

And seeing her. People hide. Everyone hides. Except Maria. Maria didn’t hide. Not from him. One look into her eyes and he could see her, all of her.

It wasn’t like he hadn’t see layers of defence slide across those eyes. That she never hid from anyone. But more often than not, those eyes were crystal clear. And for whatever reason she never hid from him.

He didn’t really understand it. But it attracted him in ways that he could not describe. Ever since that day in the car, when she asked him why he had stolen her car and driven off with her….

The glaze on those eyes, the defences to her soul had slid open, and never really closed. Even on those days, and they were many, when she thought he had done some unspeakable thing or cheated on her in some way, she still didn’t veil her soul to his Gaze.

He could see her just as clearly as he could see her now. And she was beautiful and radiant. What the hell did such a creature see in a failure like him? Why did she love him? He could understand Max and Isabel and Tess. They were a team. It wasn’t unconditional, and he knew he pissed off his three siblings off often enough.

They were too damn cautious and unwilling to take risks. You couldn’t sit back until you knew everything or you would end up knowing enough to know you were acting too late.

He would admit if only to himself, that he was in turn a hothead and sometimes a little too quick to act without thought. Maybe more than a little, he thought glumly, remembering all the times Max and Isabel had had to bail him out.

Maria gave him a little peck, “Such dark thoughts Michael. Lighten up.” She smiled up at him, “And I don’t care what she told you, you are doing fine.” She pulled him closer. “Just fine.”

Michael didn’t cry. Ever. Occasionally dust got in his eyes and they got aggravated and maybe it looked like he was crying but….

Michael sighed. Who was he lying to? He blinked to stop the budding tear forming in his eye. He did indeed cry, although he tried to hide it from everyone. Usually he was successful.

But holding her here and now for some reason, knowing what he was and knowing how utterly useless he was. He could read it in her eyes. She was ready to go further with him. And he would take it.

He would take anything she offered to him. Knowing he would hurt her. Knowing he would leave her.

And the pain of knowing, of KNOWING that he would hurt her, that the more involved they got would simply make it worse, hurt him. He couldn’t explain it, could not fathom the reason why, but there it was.

Oh, he could think of a reason. A simple and insidious reason. He had after all consumed a considerable amount of American, English, French, hell much of Western Europes classics, novels included.

Just because he played the dunce at school and didn’t give a damn about his grades didn’t mean he was an idiot. He had even found himself paying more attention, simply for Maria’s sake. He had even turned in a few homework assignments this quarter. She was corrupting him.

She was!

All that literary knowledge, all that human thought and philosophy lead him to one incredible position that he so desperately wanted to deny.

He Michael Guerin, former commander of Antar’s Armed Forces and second to the High King of Antar, was in love with Maria. And those damning words kept revebrating inside of him. That he loved her. That he would do anything for her.

This sort of thing never ends well. Not given the circumstance they were in. One or both of them stood a good chance of dying or merely feeling like they had when the other left or died.

So much for story logic.

Except…. It didn’t stop how he felt. It didn’t stop the need or sheer importance this little blonde had to him. How a quick glance into her eyes could make him feel like a million bucks or beneath contempt.

Sometimes within the same hour. Hell sometimes at the SAME TIME.

Couldn’t he have fallen in love with someone with less mercurial emotions?

But she could read him too. She didn’t always do so. Launched into tirades without thinking things through, was often highly irrational about things.

He recognized that. Could understand it. They were similar in so many ways.

“What are you thinking about, Michael?” She looked up at him, a small grin lighting up her large eyes.

He looked down at her, and sighed. How could he answer her? How could he tell her the truth without telling her the truth? That he was in love with her. That he would indeed someday leave.

And that it would not only destroy her but him as well.

No this situation was impossible. And the further he let it continue the worse it would get for the both of them.

But he couldn’t, wouldn’t stop. He simply couldn’t .

He loved her too damn much. And looking into her eyes he could see that she did to him. The whole reason she feared that he would leave her was her history. That history had taught her that good things didn’t last. That the day would come when he left her and broke his heart.

Round and round in circles, never to escape.

But he couldn’t, wouldn’t lie to her. Not tonight. So he said, “I was thinking of you.” He looked down at her, “Why don’t you ever trust me?”

There was a flash of anger followed by guilt in her eyes, but she did not explode. She simply held him close. Her voice was so quiet that he could barely hear her, but he could feel that she meant every word. “Because I love you Michael. Because of everyone you can hurt me the most. Because I, I love you.” She looked him firmly in the eyes. “I meant what I said before. I want that sketch. I want something tangible, some tangible memory that I can keep forever. Something of you that will never leave and that I can hold onto. Because….” She burst into tears.

So mercurial.

He pulled her close and with all his strength tried to convey his feelings for her. It was so hard to speak. SO hard to tell her what he felt and what she so desperately needed to hear. So hard.

Maria gritted her teeth and continued, tears streaming down her cheeks. “I need to talk to you. In private. Please.”

Michael ran his hands through his hair. What had he done now?

But he led her off the floor, trying not to pay attention to the stares he was getting leading an openly sobbing Maria. He say as an angry Amy began heading in his direction.

Maria gave her some hand signal and Amy gave both of them a stern look. Michael watched a complicated series of emotions flow across the older woman’s face. It ended with an odd glare at him. But it was odd, because it didn’t have the usualy heat, more of a weighing look. Strange.

But Amy definitely kept her mind closed to him. Unlike her mercurial daughter he could never fully read her. But were those tears? Surely not or the woman would have been all over him.

Maria said gruffly, “Come on, Michael. This is important.”

“I came to the dance. You were the one who wanted me here. I even learned how to dance for you.” He barked a little laughter, “Not well maybe, but you know me and schooling.”

She hit him lightly on the arm. “We don’t have time for this.” She dragged him into the school.

Michael felt something odd about the school. He looked up. The telltales on the cameras were dead. He saw a couple making out near the lockers. Where was security or the chaperones?

What was going on here.

A small smile graced his lips, his patented smirk. He had a feel for where they were going. He was right, She opened one of the janitor’s closets.

Both of them stood there for a moment watching as Pam Troy and Vicky Delaney were making out. Maria tilted her head to one side and sighed. Softly enough not to disturb them she said to Michael, “Well at least Pam won’t be hitting on Liz tonight. Come on lets go.”

Michael waved towards the two girls.

Maria pulled him away and shut the door gently. Softly she said, “Go ahead and seal the door. Everyone knows about Pam, but this could hurt Vicky’s rep.” She shrugged, “Or help it. She doesn’t think in sane terms as far as I know. All her stable must be busy.”

Michael said, “You knew this stuff was going on and didn’t share?” Michael placed his hand over the lock and locked it. They would still be able to open it from their side. Probably wouldn’t even realize they had left it unlocked.

Maria shrugged. “Vicky prefers guys. But when she is in the mood….” She quirked an eyebrow at him, “There are few guys like that at school too, Let’s see.”

Michael placed his hand over her mouth.

She removed it, “I thought so. Besides we are busy. We need to talk.”

“Hmm, talking isn’t the thing I am thinking about.”

“Me either. But the talking comes first, Michael. It is important.” They came to another of their usual hideouts and it too was taken. “The chaperones aren’t doing a good job this year.”

Michael shrugged. For someone in a hurry, Maria hadn’t evicted anyone. And it was a byword in school that she would. “What are you thinking? You feel strange.”

“I feel strange. Trust me. It’s a strange situation we are in and I want to make the most of it.” She flashed him a quick bright smile, “I want to make the most of our time together.” She looked away and began pulling him to another room.

“You know it is not like I am leaving tomorrow or something. We have time.”

Maria looked over at him, “You don’t know that. These past few years have taught me that anything is possible. Including a ship arriving to take you all home. It could come tomorrow.”

“We are more likely to be snuffed out by some Unit left overs or Skin assassins.”

“Gone or dead, does it matter in the end. You won’t be with me and you won’t be coming back.”

Michael reached out and stopped her. “What makes you think that.”

Maria laughed, “Come on, you live to leave Earth. If you got a chance to leave, you won’t be coming back. Don’t kid yourself.”

Michael could see a sudden flash of grief in her, quickly buried under a forced cheerfulness. But he could still see it. She didn’t trust him. She loved him. But she knew in her heart that she wasn’t important enough to him to make him stay. Or even to come back.

“Stop.” He said thickly. She honestly thought he would be so callous to her? “Why, Maria? Why do you think that?”

She looked up searching into his eyes and said candidly, “Michael, I know you. If given a chance, I don’t even know if you would say goodbye.” She laughed a forced laugh, “Makes those months when you don’t pay your phone bill hell for me, let me just say.”


She placed her hand on his cheek, “Michael, please. Don’t say anything you can’t be sure is true. It hurts but it was something I realized. To have you, to have the magic you bring to my life, I have to accept the pain. It is all part of the same deal.”


Maria laughed, this one melodic and true mirth, “Michael you have NO CLUE how much you mean to me. The way you make me feel. And that is why,” She looked both ways, “I guess this is safe enough. That is why I want to discuss sex with you. I know you want it, heck, I know I do. But as much as I love you, I do not know if I can be as strong as my mom. I don’t know if I could take care of a child at my age without you.”


“Hush, just let me finish. So I need protection. I have been playing a sort of game of chicken with Mom, I tell her just about everything in my life. Well anything not alien related. And that includes a lot of what goes on between us.” She sighed, “My mom is pretty smart. She knew I had fallen and fallen hard for you long before I truly understood. She has been trying to get me to go to the clinic and start on the pill or find another form of protection I am comfortable with.”

Michael looked away. What about condoms, is what he wanted to ask. But, he just couldn’t bring himself too. He didn’t want to look like he wanted to rush her.

To be honest he was surprised by this whole conversation. More so by the fact her mom hadn’t forced her to be on the pill. He knew she didn’t trust him.

She opened her purse and pulled out a couple of packets. “These will work, but mom wants another layer of protection before we start.” She looked at them, “it’s not just you she doesn’t trust in this matter. She doesn’t trust me. Something about being too much like her. Much better to solve the problem before it becomes one.” She dropped silent.

Michael just looked at her. What had brought this on? “Something more, Maria? I don’t need this you know. We can wait. I don’t want you to think I am pushing you.”

“You aren’t pushing for this Michael, I am. Time is running out. Can’t you feel it? Things are moving and I can feel everything go wrong. Even Liz feels it. On the way here she muttered that she was worried this was going to be the last time we were all together as friends. That after tonight….”

“Maria you are just getting yourself worked up. Everything will be fine.”

“I don’t know. I just feel… strange, you know. Its like all these vibrations all around me are telling me to worry. That everything is about to go wrong.” She reached up and held his hand, “I almost didn’t have the courage to tell you this. Almost wasted this opportunity. You and me, I, we aren’t the center of this storm I think. It will happen around us. But it will affect us. Tell me my love, tell me you don’t feel this too.” She caressed his cheek. “You aren’t as blind as you pretend to be.”

He kissed her lightly. “Neither are you.” He sighed, “I feel it too. But then I always feel that something might happen.” He smirked, “And you are almost as jumpy as I am. So maybe if we just keep calm nothing will happen.”

She returned his kiss, this time a little firmer. He pulled her close, leaning in the hallway near the Administration Offices. As they parted she said, “I meant everything Michael. I will be talking to my mom about protection, so you watch yourself with her. And in a month or two you and I….”

What could he say? He did want her. He would be lying if he said anything different. But sex. He hadn’t really thought of it. Oh, he had dreamt of it, but actually talking about it. Planning it.

Shouldn’t it be spontaneous between them. He laughed bitterly, maybe some random time. Probably right before he left? Wouldn’t that be more like them?

No. Looking down at her. Maybe it was time to listen to the things Jeff had been trying to tell him. Time to grow up a little. He didn’t know after all how long they would be here on Earth. Could be days, could be months. It could easily be years.

Suddenly he was filled with the hope that it was years. That he would be with Maria for that time. That he would love her. That they would succeed.

Maria was still lost in her thoughts. “I hope you are right. But to face it, I want this settled between us. You are fine waiting for this? And if we do stray, if in the next few weeks, if we begin to go farther you will remember these?” She shook her arm with her purse, and their important packets.

“I promise.”

Maria nodded and closed her eyes. “My mom worked so hard to raise me, Michael. And there are nights when she cries herself to sleep.” She waved her hand decisively, “Not over me, but over the other children she could have had. One she had aborted when she was a teen and the baby she lost before my dad ran out. The bastard.” She smiled up at him, “I could have had a brother. I bet you didn’t know that. I don’t know what the other would have been. Mom never knew. Just wasn’t ready for it. But it breaks her up some nights. It was the right decision, I think. But it wasn’t without cost to her. And I don’t want that. If I knew that you would stay with me, if I knew…. God, Michael I would love to carry your babies. I would love them. But I will never have them. You won’t stay and I won’t live like mom has had to. I just can’t. And so…”

“You can trust me, Maria. In this if nothing else.” He looked away. “I, I….”

Maria smiled up at him. “You don’t need to say it. I know already.”

Looking into her eyes he could see the truth. But there was still a barrier there. Not her hiding, no she wasn’t hiding. She simply knew he would break her heart.

And it was possible. Very possible that would be the case.

But she should know. She should know just what she meant to him. Maybe. No. He was too weak for that.

What if he just showed her a little. Just a tiny bit? Surely he was brave enough for that? Just a tiny bit?

Michael said thickly, “Maria. I, I simply can’t say it. But, but maybe… Maybe I can show you.”

She smiled wanly at him, “No, you don’t have to. I mean I know I cant receive flashes, and I am so sorry I pretended that I could. I just wanted you to love me. I was desperate. I wanted my love for you to be special, just like Liz’s was for Max.”

Michael shook his head, “No Maria. You should have. It was me. I wouldn’t let you.”

Maria looked up at him, slightly confused.

“I hide Maria. I am not proud of who and what I am. Of some of the things I have done. I, I don’t want anyone to know some of the things I have thought and….” He closed his eyes. This was so HARD. “I didn’t want to lose you. I, Maria, you have no idea how important you are to me. How much I, I, I.” He held his breath for a moment and then simply said it, “I love you Maria.” He kept his eyes firmly on hers, “You are crazy and emotional and, and I love you.”

“You love me?” She said in a small voice, her eyes tearing.

“There is more. I, I am not strong enough to share everything. To let you see all of me. Not, not yet. I am not like you. I am not that brave. But I, I can show you, show you a little. Would you, would you like to see?” Part of him hoped that she would say no. The rest of him was simply too scared to move.

She simply nodded.

“Clear your mind and focus on your thoughts of me. Yes, that is good.” He could feel her connect. He remembered what Max had told him, what he had done to Liz.

He watched her eyes closely. The connection was one way. He couldn’t see what she was seeing. Couldn’t tell if he had succeeded in hiding as much as he hoped he had done. What if she saw it all. What if she left him because of it.

But from her eyes, from what he could see, he could see something she had never shown him before.

She smiled as the connection broke. “You really see me like that? You really…? My God, I, I. was so beautiful. I am ordinary Michael. I, I don’t understand. I….”

He ran his hand through her hair. “I love you, Maria.” Saying it the second time had been so much easier.

She smiled up and said, “Remember your promise, we are about to test it I think. One way or another.” She giggled happily and pulled him along. “And you can unlock the door!”

She didn’t drag him far.

Maria stopped. “Damn, the door is open.”

Inside Michael could hear a moan of pain and despair.

A voice that sounded just like Isabel’s cried out. “Alex, please. Please don’t!”

With that Michael was in the room followed by Maria. Both of them saw Isabel, partly covered by a blanket, her skin sparkling along every visible space.

“Please, no. Please!”

Michael’s gaze swept the room. Her dress lay in a heap in the corner next to a pile of buttons. Given how much of her leg he could see through the blanket, he doubted Isabel was wearing much underneath it.

Maria said, “Oh. My. God.”

Isabel thrashed on the cot. The blanket tore in her grasp as she sat up and said, “No, Alex. I won’t let you. I won’t!”

Michael looked away, feelings of guilt as his mind played a vision of Isabel’s body.

Maria walked over and held Isabel. “Michael. Michael you need to focus. We need to help her.”

Michael kept his gaze averted.

Maria’s voice was soft. “This part is going to be hard for you. Hard for me too in a different way. But I am going to need your help with that dress.”


Her voice remained soft as she struggled to calm a violently restless Isabel. “I understand, Michael. I do. And if you want to sketch Isabel, I will understand. You have loved her for a long time.” A chuckle, “Much better her than those stupid magazines under your bed. MEN!”

Michael bit out, “Maria, you don’t know what you are asking me.”

Maria laughed, “You have let me see you. I know of the programming you have been fighting all year. Your dreams of Isabel. You have loved her for a long time. Even after you fell for me, even after you realized how shallow your desire was for her. You see her as a sister and yet you still want her.” Maria laughed, “Don’t worry, I will protect you from her. You are MINE. For now anyway. She can’t have you. She’s got the hots for Alex anyway.”

Michael said quietly in return, “This looks pretty bad, Maria.”

Maria sighed, “Yeah, and she’s had sex. Still a little flushed and eww. Is that from her or from Alex? Just eww, eww, ewwww!”

Michael looked over at his love struggling with a babbling and very naked Isabel.

“Michael, will you get over here and help me?”

Michael began to rush to help her, trying to keep his eyes averted. Well sort of. Visions of Pam and Vicky flashed before his eyes. And in his mind he could see Maria and Isabel struggling together on the bed, but in an entirely different way.

Maria looked over at him, “Are you going to help here or daydream? God, what a pervert.”

Michael flushed.

Maria turned back to clean up Isabel a little, “I will want those sketches as well. Just for us to share, okay? Mine when you leave.” She sighed a little, “Michael get me some water and a cloth. We should clean her up before we move her.”


Michael felt he would nearly die as he helped Maria sponge bath Isabel. And he could feel Maria tease him about it. Directing him to grab this or hold her like that.

He was going to get her for this. Somehow. Wasn’t she afraid he might fail and fall for Isabel?

She looked up and smirked at him.

Not anymore. She knew. Knew how much he loved her.

And he could only smile. Life might be crazy. But it was also good.

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Re: A Night to Remember (CC ALL/ Mature) Part 6 - 05/12/12

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Okay, dreamers. Do not kill me. Just finish the post, there is a pay off here. Several actually. Hope you folks enjoy. One more mainline chapter and then the epilogue.

begonia9508- Thanks. You do not overcome severe neglect and emotional abuse instantly. But he is trying and Maria is helping.

keepsmiling7- Thanks. Time is running out. Things could go bad so very easily here.

AvalonRose- Thanks. Yep. That happened simultaneously, and Ava is wringing her hands over Alex.

A Night to Remember part 7


Liz was confused. Completely confused.

When she has left Max she had stood there a while with Maria, even dancing with her once. And then Michael arrived. She had watched for a few minutes, but that merely made her a mix of happy and jealous.

A tiny voice told her that it should be her that was dancing proudly across the dance floor. That it should be her who had her love hold her tight.

But then Max wasn’t hers anymore. Not after tonight.

She looked over at Max still sem-stunned by her comments. And they were true comments, Liz had meant every one of them. At the time.

She was suffocating. She could feel a massive pressure slowly strangling her. Slowly crushing her soul. And somehow given the pain she had given him, given the fact he still didn’t know that her sleeping with Kyle was a set-up, he had accepted that he was to blame.

He wasn’t. She was. It just was so hart to come out and say that she had completely destroyed any hope of them being together. That the needs of the world must take precedence over her own needs.

If they were to live Tess needed to stay.

The rest of the Prom was a blur, but she must have left early. Very early, Sean had been completely surprised to see her. Surprised and maybe a little happy. Happy that after a disastrous time with Max it had been him she had gone to.

He had helped her the other night. Had even fed the lines she had spoken to Max. In his own somewhat shallow way he had told her how she had felt. Liz was waiting for the inevatible. For Max to remember that once he had loved another. And that he loved her still.


It was killing her. Slowly. Day by day.

How Future Max assumed that she would survive in the long run, Liz didn’t know. She felt so empty.

Even now with her heart racing and tension wrenching up in her belly. Even as the excitement was building, she still felt that great emptiness.

Something had to fill it. Something!

A week ago she had tried Kyle’s way. Alcohol. All that had done was make her silly and a little sick. She couldn’t really remember much. But the pain had still been there. That hadn’t changed. If anything it had been worse. More maddening.

There were drugs, she supposed she could try them. See if that helped any. But she was loath to do so as her brain was pretty much all she had left. Sure she was pretty, but she would rather base her life on her thoughts that her looks. Looks faded over time.

She wasn’t ready to risk it.

But there were ways to increase feel good hormones and pleasure. Say like sex.

She had been on the pill for a while now, although why she wasn’t sure. She just made sure she took her medication every day. It was important for some reason. Pregnancy wasn’t likely. Add in that her reputation was already tarnished beyond repair.

Why not.

Besides Sean liked her. Why not let her be her first. It wasn’t like it mattered anymore. She had already given up the love of her life.

And he was gone for good she was sure. She had seen Tess and Max huddled together talking. They had been so close. He was soothing her for some reason, making her feel better. Helping her.

Helping Tess and not her. Not helping her fill in the void that was threatening to swallow her whole.

Maybe she should have just jumped Max. That might have killed two birds with one stone. She could have had him take her virginity, and have chased him away.

Of course she didn’t really want him gone. No. She would have wanted him to stay with her forever, and if she had jumped him she didn’t know if she would have been so blasé as she had been in her little covert war over Max.

Liz sighed amidst her moans. She should have fought for him. She should have done more. No matter the cost. Maybe if she had talked to him, talked to her some compromise could have been made.


That was what her life was going to be from now on. Maybe if I had done x or y, I wouldn’t have lost him for good. Maybe….

Sean was half way down her naked chest slowly kissing his way down her belly. She could feel her body prepare itself for what was coming next. She stretched her arms and tried to enjoy herself.

It did feel good. But it still felt wrong for some reason. Like she was cheating on Max.

Which was silly and stupid. She wasn’t with him and hadn’t been for a long time.

She felt Sean lift himself up off of her. He looked up at her, “Are you okay with this Parker? I mean this is pretty far. Although for a self-proclaimed virgin, you certainly seem calmer than I would expect.”

Liz growled, “You doubt my word?”

“No, Parker. You just seem calmer about all this than I expect. Less jittery. But cold.” He tilted his head and said sadly, “You don’t love me do you. This isn’t about your wanting me, it’s about Max.” He stood up.

Liz narrowed her eyes and glared up at him. “I am trying to get over that prick. He had been the center of my world for so long, and I need to move on. I thought I would start here. I know you have wanted to fuck my brains out since I was fifteen.”

Sean shook his head.

“Oh yeah, Sean. I knew. I even know about the photos you took of me. Quite a little portfolio, I would say. Once I found out I moved that mirror. No more pictures of me leaving the bathroom clad only in a towel or less.” She shook her head angrily, her legs still spread. She could feel the flush from her anger deepening her sense of need. “Good thing Maria and Amy don’t know about your little hobby. I know you have always wanted me, but I have to ask if I am the only one. Well I know, and have known. And yet I still like you. I don’t love you no, and I will be honest, I don’t think we have much of a shot as a long term couple. But I might be wrong.”

“So I am the rebound. What if I am not content with that. What if I simply turn you out. I mean seriously, I don’t need this crap. I have loved you, but you seem to want to destroy yourself.”

Liz felt a deep pressure in her head swelling, not dimming her body hunger, but filling her with a sense of rage and knowledge. She hadn’t known about those photos. Not until she had condemned Sean about them. But right now she could point out exactly where they were stashed. She could feel the whole room. Feel Sean’s erection as it strained against his boxers.

He wasn’t as big as Max, but he would do. She was only looking to drown her need in him. It had been six weeks since she had last slept with Max. Six WEEKS! After she had told him about Future Max they had been at it like bunnies whenever the opportunity had arisen.

And then came Max’s daily sessions with Tess. Tess would feel Liz on him. The aura usually took about twelve to twenty four hours to fade. Well fade into the background radiation of their Bond. But Tess had been ignoring that since she had gotten here.

Maybe she was aura blind like Liz had been until Ava had opened her eyes. But it had been Ava who had showed her how to actually use her new gifts. Some of them anyway.

How she wished she could just smash that little blonde tart and let Ava take her place. They would all be happier in the end. Even Kyle if Aves and he struck sparks like it seemed he was with Tess. Ava was a little rough around the edges and Lis had had to watch her language after spending time with her. But the girl was fabulous. She just wished Maria could spend time with her.

A smile flitted across her face as she imagined her two best friends bonding.

But no. They needed Tess. If she left Roswell they all died.


While Liz’s new gifts let her have a feel for what was coming, it was so vague at times. And even there Liz could feel bad things coming without Tess.

And it was Tess not Ava they needed.

God damn Future Max. Why couldn’t he have given her more details WHY they needed the annoying blonde?

“Look Sean. Tonight is the night. I will lose my virginity. I chose you. You weren’t my first choice, not by a landslide. But you were my second. And I know you want me. I can feel it coming off you in waves. Well this is your chance, Deluca. If you make me have to find someone else to take my cherry, I swear I will never speak to you again.” She pulled her legs back and all but tore her panties off her legs. “This is your chance. Take it and take me. You might not get to keep me, but you will have HAD me.”

Sean’s eyes tightened. “Fine. You want it that bad, I will do it. But no complaining to M about this.”

Liz folded her legs back and arched her pelvis for him. She took a finger and with a pleasured sigh tested herself. “Come on in, the weather is fine.”

Sean slid down his boxers, kicking them away when he was done. “We are going to do this my way. If you are going to do this, I am going to make sure you enjoy it.”

Liz was expecting him to maneuver himself to enter her. But instead he lowered his head to her sex and began to caress her folds with his tongue. Liz hissed in pleasure and felt herself heat up even more. She even began to leak a little, Sean lapping at her lips.

Yep, next time Max was doing this. She would even learn to give him blow jobs if he needed, turnabout was fair play. Another shudder of ecstasy as Sean gently caressed her clitoris with his tongue.

Last time she had been so eager to join with him, to feel him move inside her she had turned Max down. Next time he was doing this.

It was a learning experience, slowly learning what made the other tick. She looked down and saw Sean happily watch her arch her hips into him as he began to flick his tongue inside of her. One of his hands remained caressing her breasts, the other trailing down her belly, following that insidious path of kisses he had given her.

On its way to her core. One digit and then two plunged into her. She screamed in pleasure as the tension in her belly gave way.

As did the mind warps.

She lay there panting, wondering if she was going to kill Ava and if Max was ever going to forgive her.

But that had felt so good! There was no way Max would ever ask Sean on technique tips for pleasing her. Well Max was pretty good at following the neural pathways and touching her right where he needed to.

Worse case scenario, he could always ask Pam. She was supposed to be pretty good. Pam had been chasing Liz for years. Liz could feel her cheeks heating. Maybe he would be open for a threesome? She wasn’t sure she was daring enough for something like that, but she wanted that magic again.

Well it all depended on whether Max ever spoke to her again after this. She sighed as she watched the clueless Sean maneuver himself to enter her.

“Sorry Sean, playtime is over.” With a casual flick of her left hand he was knocked back. She awkwardly stood up. That really had shaken her up, although she now felt wired.

And needed Max desperately.

Sorry Liz, no Max for you.

Damn plan.

Sean looked up at her and said, “What?”

Liz looked down at him and said “Sleep.”

Sean’s eyes rolled up back into his head.

Liz walked over to where Sean had his cache of pictures. At first she was tempted to destroy them. But she looked at them, and most were pretty tame. The racier ones she used her powers to fog up the interesting parts.

There was one she examined. What she had been thinking that day, standing nude so close to the window. True no one from the street could have seen her. The way the light had ran across her form as she looked into that damned full-lengthened mirror. One hand holding a mug of coffee while she had admired her body.

Apparently she hadn’t been the only one admiring her that morning.

Still, that was a nice photo. Not one for Sean. But maybe Max….

The picture rained as dust to the ground and with a flick of her hand she broke Sean’s camera. Poor guy would have to find another hobby.

She gathered her clothes, but didn’t bother to put them on as she walked toward the outside door that Sean’s room had. After what she had just done, she wanted a shower before she put anything else on.

Liz was wandering the back hallways of West Roswell. She couldn’t remember how she had gotten here. In fact she wasn’t even totally sure where she was in the school. She looked up and saw a small sign that said Nurse’s Office.

She sighed with relief and opened the door. She stood there stunned at what she saw.

Michael was holding Isabel’s upper body which kept thrashing. His gaze was slightly averted, although Liz could see him glance at Isabel.

Maria said, “You know, I didn’t realize this would be this messy. She’s like sweaty everywhere. Did you find her underwear?”

Michael ground out, “No.”

Isabel roared, “No, I won’t let it happen. I won’t let you leave me. You are MINE, Mr. Whitman. I won’t let you leave. I WON’T LET YOU DIE!” And she sat up.

Maria stopped and Michael pulled back.

Isabel said, “What the hell is going on here?”

Maria said softly, “I was just trying to clean you up a little before we put your dress back on.”

Isabel sniffed and then looked over at Michael. “And you? I can imagine her doing something so brainless, but you?” A slight pause. “Never mind.”

Maria got off the bed. “Sorry.”

Isabel sniffed, “Did you like what you saw?”

Maria stammered, “What?”

Isabel said drolly, “Let’s just say Clarissa has a long memory.”

Maria shook her head, “God, one night at band camp and you never live it down.”

Michael looked over at Maria, whose face was now flushing.

Isabel glared at Michael. “You are still here?”

Michael said, “Sorry for wanting to help.”

“If you want to help, then help me find Alex. He is broken, and we need to fix him.” With a gesture at the floor the dress flew up, zipper opening fully. Another wave it enveloped her and zipped itself up. She reached down for the straps to cover herself. The creases and dust fell away and the dress looked brand new.

Maria said softly, “What about your underwear?”

Isabel said dryly, “Who said I was wearing any.” And she walked out the door. “Follow me.”

Liz watched as they marched out the door, not even seeing her. She called out but they didn’t hear her at all. It was like she was invisible to them.

She ran after them. She stopped at the doorway. When they had closed the door she had felt as if something had changed. As if some critical threshold had been passed.

Liz licked her lips. She wasn’t sure what was beyond this door. Was it the administration offices? Or was it something else.

It should be the admin offices. It should be. But why was she so sure that it didn’t have to go there. Why did she think it could go to somewhere else.

Every closed door led to somewhere else. And not only to the obvious places either. She could feel the possibilities.

“Alex. She said Alex was in trouble. I need to go, I need to help him.” And she opened the door and….

She was outside. Kyle was helping Alex up and moving him towards the door.

Kyle stopped, still carrying Alex and turned to face her. His eyes looked shocked into her eyes. “Are you real?”

“Kyle, what is wrong with Alex?”

Kyle reached out towards her, stopping just short of her. His head tilted slightly and he looked her up and down. “Buddha wept you are beautiful Liz. But why are you here and why are you…. No there is no way. I have to be hallucinating. There is no way Parker would be standing here in the parking lot naked.”

“Kyle what are you…” She looked down and flushed bright crimson, slowly moving from her cheeks and progressing down her neck and her bare breasts. “How? I never left… Or did I?”

Kyle took the hand he had stopped and tried to place it on her breast.

She moved her arm to intercept him. There was a slight crackle, as if there was some resistance, but his arm went straight through hers and into her chest.

Both of them stared at his hand sticking into her body. Liz could actually feel it, distantly. She coughed as she felt it tickle inside her lung. She backed away.

Kyle just nodded. “Looks like Alex isn’t the only one whose had his mind broken by Tess. I hope I can find Max in time.” With one last, okay, who are we kidding, several glances back at Liz, he walked back into the school with Alex.

Liz stood there pondering for a moment. What had happened to her. What had happened to her clothes?

Liz woke up staring into the mirror. There was a towel at her feet and she was so cold. What was going on?

Liz stared at herself in the mirror. She couldn’t keep herself like this. It would be too easy to sneak up on Max and jump him. She wasn’t sure she could trust herself enough to get close enough for Ava to rewarp her. But at the same time if she didn’t.

A image of a tigress stalking a large and very masculine gazelle, ripping a tiny lioness to shreds in her quest. The bitch wouldn’t even see her coming. Even with the extra training Tess had from Nasedo, surely she wouldn’t be ready for gifts that were so different from what she was used to.

Apparently there was a reason that Max had been mesmerized when he had first seen her. Power called to power apparently. And if her gifts had been locked away, they had still been there.

Well she would probably be safe if she just stayed here as the poor broken Liz that had been stumbling around recently. She sighed Time to go back to that reality.

So she looked into her eyes through the mirror and said, “Forget.”

Liz shook her head. What had that been? Was she confused?

She stood there carefully and thought.


That had been real.

That Liz was real. The real Liz.

Tears slipped down. The real Liz would have fought for Max.

The real Liz had.

She reached down and touched herself.


That had been real too.

She sighed and quietly said, “I am being mindwarped by Ava for some reason. And yet I consider her a friend.”

Why did she feel that way? Was it true or some mindwarp itself?

Why is this all happening to me?

She felt her back straighten and a sense of purpose and strength flow into her. A strength she hadn’t felt in so very long. “Because I am Queen of Antar. Max has claimed me and I have accepted my duty. We may never rule that distant world, but we will do what we can to protect those who look to us for protection. Namely our family and friends. And for whatever reason Tess must not leave. She needs to stay here of her own free will. That is adamant. And so we sacrifice.”

Liz felt strange as she talked to herself in the mirror. But what else could she do. “So me and Max….”

Liz smiled back at herself, “Search within and ask yourself, why did Sean think you weren’t a virgin? Ask yourself if you have ever felt the touch of a man who loved you. A touch you craved and felt satisfaction as his whole body and mind and soul brought you to completion.”

She could feel herself blush again, the redness swelling past her breasts and warmth kindling again in her groin and belly. A distant memory of her mind bursting with radiance as the two of them, bodies intertwined claimed their ecstasy. Liz felt herself moan in memory of that exquisite moment.

It was not alone.

She looked up at herself. “What do I do now?”

She smiled back fondly, “Well obviously I am not fully awake anymore. You will have to do this on your own. I would say trust your instincts, but that isn’t true. Right now your instincts are not fully in accord with your best interests.”

“But what I saw, Alex….”

Liz in the mirror sighed, “Yes. You can’t stay. You must go help them. It can’t be avoided. I can’t undo everything, not after I have replaced it all in my ham handed fashion.” She shook her head, “I really wish I could get that mind warp weave down, but it’s really not my forte.”

“Please, any help at all!”

“This much I can give you.”

And Liz’s knees buckled and she fell to the ground, sound asleep.

Liz was standing in the center of the auditorium at school. She looked down at herself.

Still naked.

Why me?

She looked around.

No one looked at her twice.

She nodded to herself. “This is like New York. I am not really here. Most people can’t see me.”

She wrapped her arms around herself, “Except Kyle of course. And Max. Max can see me.”

She looked down at her nakedness, “Except him I don’t mind so much.”

Liz looked around, searching for Max. It would be embarrassing but she could lead Kyle to him.

Only when she saw Max, all she felt was rage. It was silly and stupid. She had all but said he had destroyed her life and that she was waiting for him to crush her heart, when in truth she had crushed his. But there it was. The heart wants what it wants.

Even when there are mindwarps in the way apparently.

The two of them were close. Very close. Tess said something. Max replied. And from fifteen feet away she could see their two heads move together.

It was like watching a train wreck. Without a thought Liz gathered her power and tossed it at Tess.


She wasn’t real. She couldn’t directly affect the real world.

But there had been an electric tang when she had been touched by Kyle. There was some overlap. Andidea sprung into her mind and she stalked over to the new couple. She all but sat in Tess and whispering in her ear, using the full power of her gifts said, “DIE!”

There was a gratifying immediate response as Liz felt waves of electrical impulses swarm through Tess’s brain. As she felt the girl’s heart and lungs stop as every muscle in Tess’s body locked up.

She watched as Max looked at her confusedly and then at Tess who was slumping from the bench, twitching.

Max reached out to catch Tess.

All Liz could think as she watched her rival die was, “What have I done?”

I watch as Kyle drags Alex slowly towards Tess. A Tess whom I hope has some clue as to how to untangle the ungodly tangled mess that is Alex’s mind.

My twin has been more than a little haphazard in her mindwarp weaving. Alex is perhaps hours, hell, maybe minutes, from his mind completely unlocking from his soul.

And yes that will kill him dead. Hell the last bit of his life he will likely be highly suicidal. Only his love and the Bond he has with Isabel has likely stayed his hand.

All I know is that I would likely kill him if I have to try to sort this out. Too many complicated weaves that I have had no hand in placing. And some of them are deep. They are near the core of his mind, near where the soul joins with the mind, which is created by the body, if you happen to be following along. Let’s just say that without the soul, the mind sort of falters. Coma city, usually. One if your soul is gone, you’ll never wake from.

That would be the best case scenario.

Worst case would be total seizure of the mind. This tends to cause effects on the body. Namely large scale electrical discharges in the brain. The body goes through massive seizures, quite likely enough to cause heart failure.

Fun stuff. Oh, you thought mind warping was a kinder gentler thing than Michael’s power blast?

No. Every one of us is fucking lethal. Even Liz.

Hell particularly Liz.

I don’t know how dangerous her command ability is, but her still new and weak teleportation abilities show great sign of lethality. Who knows. Maybe even her astral projection skill has some way to be twisted into a weapon.

Which is why I am not entirely surprised at what I see.

A shocked ethereal Liz. A weeping and working Max. And a dying Tess at Liz’s naked ghost like feet.

Tess probably didn’t even see her coming.

How can you, when the girl can use any closed doorway to travel anywhere she’s ever been.

And yeah, the weather in Florida is nice. Liz and Max even have a little home there, right on a beach. It is perfect for those times the two of them can break away from everyone else.

I of course provide the mental coverage for that alone time, thank you.

Looking forward to beach season myself though. All those guys.

Oh yeah, right. Tess is dying on the floor.

You know. Someone should do something about that. Cause if she dies, the clock is ticking on good old mother Earth.

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Re: A Night to Remember (CC ALL/ Mature) A/N and Poll - 05/1

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Wow. Not a lot of love for poor Tess. Pity. In the original she lived. Remember that when you read this part. Hope you folks enjoy.

natalie36- Thanks.

keepsmiling7- Thanks. This night has completely fallen apart. Poor Liz and Tess and Ava and Alex and, okay, poor everyone in one manner or another.

begonia9508- Thanks.

Mt Gazer- Thanks. Max will certainly try to save her. Live and atone, yeah, that would be a good option. It was however not what the vote netted. Sorry.

AvalonRose- Thanks. Originally Tess lived. But a quick reading of the reactions, along with a quick burst of imagination and I had an alternate ending.

emerald123- Thanks. Well the vote is in, and I have written the piece. Live and atone is one I should have added, but I didnt think of it when I made the poll. A pity. Hope you enjoy this part.

A Night to Remember part 8


Tess had enjoyed the night. Even with the disappointment of Kyle telling her he wasn’t interested in her body. That he didn’t care to ‘Trim the Lamp of Wisdom’ with her anymore.

That stung a little. Because she knew she was hot. She wanted to be desired and wanted, even if she didn’t plan on carrying through with anything. Teasing boys was an art form she was good at. Flirting was fun.

The trick was knowing how far to push it so that they would desire her but not make themselves a nuisance. To make them want more but not so much they thought you were promising anything.

None of those tricks worked on Max. He knew what he wanted and it wasn’t her. Never mind they had literally been made for each other. That in another life they had been married.

So she had been taught as a child. Taught by her humorless but diligent protector.

And it was all true. All of it. The book that Alex had translated filled in all the gaps. Yes she had been married, had indeed been by Zan’s side almost since the first moment they had met.

But the man hadn’t really loved her. Oh he had wanted her, had kept her close for her connections and her body. He certainly hadn’t truly respected her.

Reading between the lines, she could see it had given poor Ava quite the inferiority complex.

Maybe in time she could have won that. Maybe she would have been as influential on him as his psychopathic sister and homicidal best friend. But slowly working their way into their good graces had proved fruitless when they had all gotten killed.

And then life on Earth. Being fed fairy tales until they had become her world.

Finding those fairy tales had been as truthful as Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny had been quite the shock.

The three hybrids in New Mexico hadn’t even full remembered her, let alone expected her to arrive. They certainly had been cagey and cautious with her.

And to prompt their memory she had activated the apparently dormant programs inside of them. That had done very little to help her case except seriously confuse and frighten them. If anything it had pushed them closer to their prospective human mates. Max had already lightly bonded with Liz, the bond old by the time she had come to Roswell, but really only active since Liz had been healed.

But her activation of the programs meant to push Isabel and Michael together only started the two of them on a process of bonding their own chose humans. She had been able to stop that to some degree by heightening the weaknesses inside the humans.

For Liz she had heighted her sense of emotional weakness, increasing her flight instinct. That had borne considerable fruit over the passing months as it had settled deeper and deeper into the pesky rival for Max’s affections. So too had the paranoia she had instilled into the flighty, yet quick to judge Maria. This had caused some spectacular breakups over the past year, but still no permanent severance.

Her only true success had been with Alex. It had been a combination attack on his sense of self-worth, and Isabel’s vanity. They had broken up right after they had used the Communication Orbs. So had Max and Michael, but Tess had been wary of it.

She had spent time with Michael and, well things had changed. Of all the hybrids he had treated her like he treated everyone. Sure she didn’t get a lot of respect from him, but then he gave little to anyone who hadn’t proved themselves to him. And with her training of him, she had.

Tess hadn’t bothered to use her warps on Michael. They wouldn’t have worked well or for long, any more than placing them on Isabel or Max. So she had as noted before done her work on the humans.

Only, while she would never truly be friends with them, she started to lose the knee jerk hatred Nasedo had bred into her. Once Nasedo had died and the Sheriff took her in, it had been hard to hold the canny Sheriff in contempt. And Kyle was, well Kyle. He was shallow and corny, and well fun. He could make her laugh or smile or even rage with a few words.

She grew to like him. And then that changed. Oh, she didn’t fall in love with him, not entirely, but he became well an acceptable target for her basic urges. Sure she couldn’t actually do anything about them, couldn’t actually do what she wanted to…. Or at least not go as far as she wanted.

She would lose all credibility with Max if he got a flash of her and Kyle, and it would be hard to keep her emotions mellow in Kyle’s arms. She had almost faltered and failed in her quest to keep herself pure for Max, aided ironically by Liz. Those few times she was about to fall, Liz would be there to push her at Max.

At times it actually annoyed her. As did her own robotic desire for Max. Seriously what did she see in him? The man was so boring. Fine he had been a king on their planet, as she had been the queen. But they were different people now. It was obvious.

But, well, she simply didn’t know how to live any other way. Destiny had been all she had been raised to complete. Even after Alex had brought her the Book. Even after she had read it and learned the truth of it all, she still found herself drawn to the man.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Which is why Kyle’s words tonight had hurt her. She could remember Vegas and the stolen kisses they had had there. To just be seen as a sister after all the passion they had nearly shared….

If she hadn’t known that she was the only one of the hybrids with the power to mind warp she would have thought someone was playing a trick on her. But Kyle really did feel that way. Kyle felt protective and he did love her.

Just not the way she wanted him to.

And now she was stuck with Max. Who had just been dumped by Liz again.

She looked up at him, at his stoic but stunned face and sighed. Was this to be their future? Both of them trying to be content with second best? Sure she still had the plan, and she supposed she would try it. But she didn’t really expect much joy or happiness out of it.

Max began to talk to her and tell her of all that had gone before him, seriously asking Tess where he had gone wrong with Liz. And she softly listened. Listened as the poor man spilled his heart break at her feet.

It was here at her moment of triumph that she felt the emptiness that such a victory entailed. She cared for Max. In truth she cared for him more than she had imagined she would, more than she thought she could care for someone. But he was a friend and confidante, not a lover. She was attracted but there was no passion here. And so she said, “Max, I will talk to Liz for you. I, I don’t really want you like that anymore.”

Max looked confused, “But why? You have been constant in pursuing me, and now? Now you give up?”

Tess gave a little laugh. “Yeah, I guess my timing is a little off. But after I got dumped by Kyle, I really started to think through things. And ironically I want him, the confused Buddha worshiping Jock, and not you. No accounting for taste, huh”

Max laughed, “Yeah, well my love plays soccer with my heart on a regular basis. Maybe if we work together we can fix it all?”

“Maybe.” Tess looked down. “I have something to confess. Part of the problem is the mind warps I have placed on your friends.” She raised her hand at Max’s anger, “None of it is recent, but an old warp tends to stay and strengthen itself. It becomes part of you. I will cut those strings if you will help me.”

“Help you? With what?”

Tess’s face went grim, “With Alex. He will likely kill me for confiding in you about this, but the warps I have been using to stabilize him aren’t working well anymore. Any large mental or spiritual shock and he might,” She looked away, “He might die.”

“What did you do to him?” Max said gripping her arm firmly.

“Nothing more than I had to, I assure you. There are basic warps attacking his self-esteem. All of your human friends have those, all aimed at their personal weaknesses.” Tess said defensively. “The rest, well I had to.”

“And us, did you warp us as well?”

Tess looked at him pityingly, “I didn’t have to. Besides, you all would have felt me work on you, just like you did when I activated the programs. No I had no wish to be accused and kicked out of Roswell, thank you.”

“Then what is wrong with Alex? What have you done to him that needs that kind of help?” Max’s eyes dug into hers like daggers.

“Did you ever wonder what happened to Rath and Lonnie?”

Max said sharply, “What does that have to do with this?”

“Everything. Because you see, Max. I killed them. I mind ripped them. I didn’t mean to. I was resisting Lonnie’s attempt to mind rape me. It didn’t help that Rath was… fondling me at the time.” Tess shuddered. “She was so strong Max. So very strong.” Tess sighed, “But in this I am the stronger. I attacked them and destroyed them. In the process I gained access to their thoughts and memories.”

Max looked at her sternly.

Tess shuddered again and hugged herself in memory. Max had been supportive that night, eager to know what had happened to the two evil twins of their friends. “I had never truly known evil until that night. Even Nasedo had reasons for why he did things. Why he killed. They liked killing. They liked hurting. Zan had kept it in check. I don’t know if Ava knew about their sadism or not. My guess is that is one reason she left them. Probably fear of that is why she left town so fast. Didn’t want to take the risk one of you was tainted too.”

“I am listening.”

Tess flashed him a pained smile, “I am getting there Max, I am. And in a way I am partly at fault. I did put those warps weakening him. I did try to push the couples away.” A surge of anger flowed into her, “But that doesn’t mean I am totally complicit. All of you hold some responsibility for what happened to Alex. My God, he was your friend! And you left him COMPLETELY defenseless. Maria had Michael, Liz had Maria and you. Kyle and the Sheriff had me. But who did Alex have? Alex had NO ONE! NO ONE WAS PROTECTING HIM!”

Max said softly, “What are you saying?”

Tess’s words were still biting, “Lonnie and Rath were psychopaths Max. I know you could sense something was wrong with them. I know I could. But I didn’t know how deep it truly went. When they came here, when they found out how close you were with the humans, they wanted more information. Rath tried to get access to Liz. He even tried climbing up her window to fetch her. But Maria saved her. And Rath knew Maria was Michael’s girl. He knew what he would do if someone messed with Lonnie, so Maria being in her room that night is what saved Liz. Rath didn’t really fear you. But Alex was playing with his band. When they left Lonnie was waiting.”

Max stood there with a look of confusion and concern.

“Oh, give her some credit. She wasn’t waiting as Lonnie. She was pretending to be Isabel. And they went to talk through their issues. Something Alex had desperately wanted and needed. So he went with her.” Tess closed her eyes. “I think the closest thing to say is that she raped him. First as Isabel. Then again as Lonnie. And not just his body, Max. She fucked with his mind and his spirit. Badly. Rath participated in some of it too, Alex isn’t too coherent on it all. But Rath was there.” She shook her head, “She obviously had training, because she tried to cover her tracks. Alex became a ticking time bomb. One that I tried to defuse when I got home, for I learned of it in when I mind ripped those two.”

Tess rubbed her arms as if chilled and continued, “I couldn’t actually believe they had done what they had and so I confronted Alex. He folded like a house of cards. Seriously, any major impact would have destroyed him then. So I did what I could. I was going to tell you, but Alex begged me not to tell anyone. And I didn’t. We invented Sweden, poor Alex so wanted to go, but there was no way we could let him out of our sight for that long.”


“Yes, I had help. Eddie and his grandfather Riverdog. And Eddie’s new girlfriend Jennifer Coleman.” She smiled fondly, “They did manage to hit the slopes for some skiing, and to take a few actual pictures. But most of the slides he had were faked, Max.”

“We need to find him!”

Tess lay her hand gently on his shoulder, “There is more. You know that book Nasedo had me pick up in the library?”

Max nodded.

“While he was mostly stuck at Eddie’s house, I had him translate the Destiny Book.” She shrugged, “It gave him something to do. Wasn’t that hard once I gave him some good software and a key to Antaran. Now that was a find.” Tess shook her head, “Nasedo had all sorts of things hidden from us.”

Max sighed, “I will help him, of course. But you have to promise to lift the warps on everyone, and to apologize to them.”

Tess laughed dryly, “Not looking forward to that. I will send you a pdf file of the book when I get home. There are some interesting tips in there.” She suddenly looked serious, “And hey, I don’t mean to pry, but have you and Liz…”

Max said, “No. I have wanted to. But then there was Kyle and I was so mad. Now, if I had to go back, I don’t think I would have reacted so badly.” Max laughed, “No, I doubt that would have changed. I mean we weren’t even going out and I still thought of her as mine.”

“Yeah. I nearly slept with Kyle the night before. Liz stopped us. She set me up to meet you. Gave me a bunch of lines….”

Max laughed wryly, “And it was working until I saw her. Realized it was a set up.” He looked away for a moment. “You know. I really do like you. And both of us seem to have been dumped tonight. I don’t see us lasting as a couple. But maybe for tonight we can hang out. Maybe plan how we will regain our loves?”

Tess pinched her nose, “Yeah, I guess. I have a lot of stuff to tell you anyway. Some good, some bad.”

“There is more?”

Tess shook her head, “Not in that sense, no. I have given you my story. I can give it in more detail at one of your little meetings, but let that suffice for now. But we should look for Alex. He should be fine today, as long as he doesn’t Bond Isabel that is. But I know he was still skittish of her, she reminds him too much of Lonnie to be honest.”

“My God, what did they do to him?”

Tess said softly, “I could show you, but seriously, just leave it at that it was horrific. Alex will be angry enough that you know. And when you heal him you will probably pick up enough residue anyway.”


Tess nodded. She tilted her head aside and said wistfully, “You know if we are going to pretend that we are together if only for tonight. Can I ask you to do something?”

Max said, “Sure.”

Tess said softly, “Can you kiss me? Just a small kiss on the lips. In a former life I did love you, and you loved me. Let this be good bye.”

Max looked at her intensely. He nodded slowly. “Okay. I can do that.” He slowly moves his head closer.

Tess can feel her heart beginning to speed up as she purses her lips in expectation.

And they kissed. His lips were soft and sweet, with just the right tang of spice to them. She opened her mouth to let him in, and in a few seconds he did the same.

She could feel the echoes of an old bond between them. But it was fragile and weak. Both of them care for another.

Tess enjoys the kiss, for she will never have another from Max. Not like this.

For she feels and odd electric tang lance across her body. And an echoing command. DIE!

So she did.

I just stand here in shock as I ponder the depths of my failure. For not only is Tess not going to be safely in the arms of Max, as painful as that is, she is dead.

Dead at Liz’s hand.

Looking at the poor ethereal Liz fade out as she realized exactly what she has done. But while I know, and Max knows, do we tell the others? Do we dare?

Or do we play it as a tragic accident. Do we pretend that everything will carry on and wait for the ball to drop? For while we know we needed Tess for survival, we don’t know why.

I can almost feel the bonds shatter on Max. I can feel his power soar through him again, can feel his presence once more. I have sworn myself to his service, and if my Bond is not the same as the one he shares with Liz, it is there. He knows where I am instinctively.

I can feel his summons and I attend him. I figure he has a plan. He always does.

Max looks at me with those deep brown eyes, “Ava, can you be Tess? Can you take her place? I know that you don’t want to, but the situation calls for extreme measures.”

“I will do what I can. But it will hinder my abilities to operate behind the scenes.”

He sighed, “Those days are over I am afraid.” He waves his hands over me and I can feel my hair change, feel as my clothing shifts.

“And what of my sister?”

Max frowns, “I am sorry. So sorry.” He raises a hand and Tess is a pile of dust. A wave of his hand and the dust disperses.

“I take it we are going to hide this?”

Max sighs and nods.

Ava said, “I will need to check on Liz. She will be broken up. I knew she was strong but…” This will be hard, remembering that I am now Tess and not Ava. Will Liz and I be able to remain friends?

Max lifted a hand, “First we deal with Alex. Then I will take care of Liz. We may be hiding this, but I think the time for me and Liz to hide is over.”

“Very well.” Ava swallowed. This had been a contingency plan. She knew her sister very well, knew how to be her. But she wasn’t really Tess. She didn’t have the same attitude or training.

And Future Max had stressed Tess’s importance. Not the queen’s. Tess.

All I can do is do my best.

Twelve years later I know it was not enough. Why we needed Tess. What she could have done that we were unable to do, I still don’t know. But one by one we all sicken and die.

It has swept the world. And there is no cure.

As my raspy breath begins to fade, as the world slowly darkens, as I leave my poor young child alone in a hostile world, I know that I have failed. In this life and the last.

And with Mankind dead, will I get another shot? Is the rebirth of my husband’s faith even possible now?

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Re: A Night to Remember (CC ALL/ Mature) Part 8 - 05/19/12

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And now for the epilogue. This by the way is the alternate ending that occurs since Tess dies in the previous part. Let's just say if this story doesnt end happy, it does end hopeful. I certainly hope you all enjoy.

Mt. Gazer- Thanks, both for the fb and the occasional help putting this story together. As to saving the world, in this case it doesnt have to be the Royal Four. (That future was averted.) Just that saving Tess is important for some reason. As for Tess, I could feel everyone wanted her dead. And so I gave it to them.

keepsmiling7- Thanks. Hope you like this epilogue as well. Not everything can end happy, but hope never fully dies.

A Night to Remember Epilogue


Liz stared fondly down at the town she had helped found. They would survive. Of that she was now sure. What would become of Earth and its scattered inhabitants, Liz wasn’t sure. But perhaps this was in a sense for the best, that it would give the battered world a chance to recover and heal from all the damage her people had done to it.

She took a deep breath, if so it was a too great a cost. So many dead. The cities like boneyards. So much learning and knowledge lost.

She had tried to recover what she could. Had her people scour the libraries of the crumbling old world. They and their descendants would need it. It would allow them to slowly remaster the world, and in so doing perhaps not make the same mistakes that had been made before.

She looked back at the picture of Max she still had kept all these years. His black hair shining, his deep brown eyes so full of love as he danced with a still dark haired Liz Evans.

How long had it been since her hair had been that shade of dark? How long had it been that the tide of grey that had followed had been swept by this new wave of pure white?

No matter.

“It is time. Time to toss the dice once more. I have given this world the best I can give. Perhaps enough to even account for my crimes.” Liz closed her eyes and remembered those distant frantic days. The days of her youth.

Saving Alex. That had been so hard. Bad enough having to treat Ava like she had for her sister’s sins. She had made up with the woman in private, had been her friend…. But it had taken so long before she had been able to publically treat her like she should. Precious years that had been squandered.

Those heady days of her youth, back when everything had seemed possible. And then the Dying began.

We had thought we had eliminated all the Gandarium. That it had been dealt with.

We were wrong.

The first signs of our error were the strange deaths that occurred in Atlanta. How should we have known? How could we have known?

Within two weeks most of mankind was dead. And it was not a happy death, as tissues crystalized and tore into the softer regions of the body. The first we lost was Maria. Michael simply wasn’t the same after that. He simply got on his bike and took off.

Those were bad days. People desperate to avoid contagion, doing anything and everything to survive. Law breaking down and chaos erupting.

Liz had tried to keep her family together. Had used her gifts to bring them all together and able to fight off this new attack.

Max’s powers couldn’t effect the crystals. For whatever reason they were immune to his gifts, and while he could soothe someone afflicted, he could not cure them.

Nor could he cure a dying Isabel as she slowly turned to crystal in his arms. Alex had simply pushed him away and done something. We had long known that he had dormant gifts. Whatever they might have developed into, this we had not expected.

Even now there stands a crystal statue in the center of our little town. It is all that remains of Isabel and Alex. For he did something and the crystals overwhelmed him.

But they died. That was a first. Always before they had kept growing and infecting others.

Perhaps a cure had lurked inside of him. Perhaps.

Did it matter? For he was dead and his cure with him.

Max had gone next.

Liz could still feel the hollow emptiness she had felt at his death. Could still feel the need to follow him. Even now it filled her. She had kept herself busy everyday trying to fight against the coming of endless night in his memory. She had fought with everything that was in her to prevent the Gandarium from winning.

It was Michael that had provided the cure. Some people had proven to be resistant or immune, herself among them. Of all the hybrids Michael had been the most resistant. But he had not been immune. His body riddled with protruding crystals, he had come to her headquarters, two small children in hand.

They had been cured. Michael had cured them. Michael of all people.

He looked up at Liz and had said, “Finally I can match Max. Finally… Maria I am coming….” And he died.

Filled with a mixed sense of awe and horror, Liz had analyzed them, searched what had changed about these two small children. Liz knew then why she had been resistant, knew that Kyle should be the same. As should several children once in a hospital in Phoenix.

Massive applications of alien power changed normal human tissues. And in turn changed the human just slightly from what the Gandarium attacked. Gave the body antibodies of sorts.

The hybrids had no immunity as they had Gandarium in their blood. While their altered state partly fought against it, other changes to them to permit the Gandarium to exist inside of them fought against that immunity. It was the Gandarium that stabilized their alien souls in human bodies.

Liz took this knowledge, once she had realized what the cure was, and how she could effect it.

She saved everyone she could.

Ava could not be saved. By the time she had found the woman, she had already been filled with the Gandarium crystals. Only the need to save her daughter had kept her alive as long as it had.

Liz had healed Helen and taken her to some place safe. In time that little girl became her lieutenant and second. Like Ava had once been. Trustworthy to a fault and worth her weight in any medium you cared to wager.

There was a knock at the door.

“Come in.” Liz said quietly.

Helen walked in with purpose, her bright blond hair just now beginning to show signs of grey. She ran her hands through it with obvious distraction, “Sorry I am late. But one of my kids is getting a little too close to a friend of his.”

Liz could only laugh softly, “Sounds familiar.”

“Yeah, you did warn me that I was going to have troublesome kids.”

Liz smiled, “I knew your mother, Helen. More to the point, I knew YOU. Good luck with that.”

“Hmph. Some help you are.” Her gaze took in Liz. “Are you okay? Greg told me of your finalizing your will. As well as other things.”

“Helen, it is time. Time to toss the dice yet again. I stayed to do what I could, to make sure this world will go on without me. But there is a chance the world won’t turn out this way.”

“The Granolith? It has been found?”

Liz was quiet.

Helen stared at the older woman. “You have known where it was the whole time haven’t you.”

Liz said firmly, “Yes.”

Helen looked shocked and hurt, “Why?”

“You didn’t need to know. But now you do. It will be yours to care for, your burden.”

“But what of you?”

Liz smiled, “No I am not going to go kill myself, although what I am doing will probably kill me. The Granolith is capable of many things, and I have learned much from it.” She turned from the younger woman, “One thing I learned is that Tess being alive could have altered all this. That this was not inevitable any more than being invaded by the Antarans was in a further back time line.”
“You are talking about Future Max….. You are going to use it to access the past!”

Liz nodded, “And it will likely kill me. But in that brief time I think I can make enough changes that the primary timeline moves to a different set of probabilities.”

Helen took a deep breath, “Then all of this, all our hardships have been for nothing. We will all disappear like a soap bubble as a different world sweeps us away.” There was a sob, “I can understand why you would want to do that. But what of Greg, what of little Hailey and Simon? The odds of us meeting, the odds of me having those specific children…. My God, Liz, I probably won’t even be born. What of us, swept entirely out of fate? I understand you want to bring back your friends, bring back you old life and old world. But what of us!”

Liz turned back and walked over to the woman she considered her daughter. How she wished the woman truly had once resided beneath her heart! There was no one she would want more as a daughter. She said gruffly, tears slowly slipping down, “Don’t you think I didn’t consider that? Why do you think I stayed so long? Why do you think I didn’t leave as soon as I realized exactly what I could do?” She pushed her daughter back slightly, “I have contacted other worlds, Helen. Other possibilities. I have done this before. I have tossed the dice at least three other times. And so far I have failed.”

Helen just stood there weeping, searching her eyes for something.

Liz smiled softly again, “But each time I learn a bit more. And one thing I learned on this go around was simply that these worlds still exist. When I go you will still be here. So will everyone else. This time and the one directly previous I stayed to help, to guide the reconstruction. Although the last time wasn’t quite as devastated as our world was. Come.” She motioned the door to open.

It did not open outside, but rather to an old cave. Liz began to walk out the door, gently pulling Helen with her. Liz turned to Helen, “You will have to remember this place. I will key it to you, so the doors will open. But there is little reason to go outside.”


Liz shrugged, “It is in the middle of the desert. My old home town of Roswell isn’t far from here, but everyone is dead, so why bother. Perhaps in your children’s time or your children’s, children’s time you will reclaim it. But for now….”

Helen said sadly, “It is just another bunch of old ruins.”

“Yes. And the salvage here will last a long time. Well anything not covered up in dust anyway.” Liz stopped and looked around the room. Once it had held the old Pods that her friends and her husband had been born in. But long ago , as her knees began to creak, she had brought some workmen to clear a passage to the inner door.

She walked toward the door now.

It wooshed open, happy that the Queen and the Heir had come to it. For Helen was Heir to an ancient legacy of protectors. Liz had made it so.

It wasn’t strictly hereditary. That was too dangerous. In any case, the Granolith would choose a protector if any of its previous protectors died. What it was and where it had ultimately had come from, Liz still didn’t know. But it meant her and her people well, just as it had to those Antarans who had found it so very long ago.

And it would be capable of doing what she needed it to do. To go back to a night she would never forget. It was there times fulcrum currently swung, where Liz could most easily make the changes that could save her world.

Liz pressed her hands against the column, told the Granolth her intentions, both for the protection of this world, and the one of her youth.

In an instant she was inside the column staring out at a shocked Helen.

Helen beat at the column, “Please don’t go! Don’t leave me! Please!” She fell to her knees heart-brokenly beating at the Granolith.

Liz placed her hand against the walls of crystal that now separated them. “You are ready, my dear. More than ready to lead them. Go with my blessings. More-over, go with my love.”

I stagger back from the old woman’s touch. Echoes of what I have just seen carom through my mind, breaking all sense of normality. This was impossible!

I look at woman’s white hair, her strange garments. But the eyes are the same. The same only deeper. “Liz?”

It was Liz’s voice, only tinged with age, “It is a difficult task you have before you. We never did find out why she was so important. But the Granolith assures me that she still has some important part to play.”

“But what about you and Max. Surely you can’t simply let her have him?” I simply have to get myself under control. I haven’t even been able to truly absorb what has been implanted in me yet..

The old Liz smiles at me, “I am not even sure they need to be a unit, there was nothing I saw that called for that. But for some reason that only the Granolith might know, we need her. And tonight is our best chance to firmly tie her to us. How that little slip of a girl is able to save us from the fate my world suffered I don’t know. But she is. And so you must save her. From me if necessary. Oh, and don’t let me leave school okay?”

“Wait. Why?”

Liz smiled sadly, “Let’s just say you won our little bet.” She turned and began walking away.

I simply stood there. Sure I had teased Liz about her strange attraction to Sean, had even made a wager with her about it. But it had been good natured. Surely nothing would happen. Only apparently it had. But this woman knew! She was from the future. She knew for sure!

I take one more look at my friends and charges as they prepared for their picture. I have to know. “Wait!”

The older Liz said, “I am sorry, I just wanted to visit a few things before I disappear. So many memories.”

“How much did I win? How badly did Liz, I mean how badly did you fall to Sean.”

Liz said softly, “I had sex with him.”


Future Liz raised an elderly hand, “I didn’t have intercourse, but it took me a long time to forgive myself afterwards. So please?”

I look back at Liz and then Sean who was staring at Liz from a booth. Right.

“Do you want me to stop Isabel? I mean this is a different world but if….”

Liz smiles, “No. Don’t interfere with either Michael or Isabel in their plans to gain their loves. Do help Alex though. If he needs it. There is always the possibility that he will be fine. I just hope that Tess opens up to Max again.”

All I can do is nod as the memories return.

Liz sighs. “So little time. I waited so long and that has given me so little time.”

I softly ask, “Is there anything I can do for you?”

Future Liz smiles and whispers two words, but I can feel the command in them. “Forget me.”

I shake myself. I am losing time! How long have I been day dreaming in this corner? I shrug as a memory of the nightmare flashes through my mind.

That better not be a fucking premonition or we are so screwed.

Liz sees me and wanders over. “Are you okay?”

I have to sigh, “The warps slipping already?”

Liz chuckles. It is the first honest laugh I have heard out of her when she is in this persona. “I suppose so. Not completely though.”

“You seem cheery. Weren’t you the one spouting off how bad this night was going to be?”

Liz smiled at me, a little forced but not much. “I don’t know. Somehow I think it is all going to be okay. Don’t ask me how. I just have that feeling.”

I take the opportunity to add a few extra loops to the command protocols. Still shallow. Deep warps are dangerous warps, my teacher had always said. Effective, but dangerous.

Better to have someone be curious or to break a warp completely than to have their autonomic nervous system shut down. I like Liz. She is my friend as well as my Leige.

And the trust, the simple trust they have shown me in allowing me to work behind the scenes for them. To do all they were allowing me to do.

It humbles me.

Before I finish Liz says, “Next time you will be out there with us. Next time, I promise.”

“It is safer this way.”

Liz’s gaze is intense, “You have the right to your own happiness, Ava. We all make sacrifices, but you have that right too.”

I nod and watch her go.

I follow them into the auditorium. And I watch them. Somehow I feel an intense sense of déjà vu. I shake my head and think, ‘One way or another, this will truly be a night to remember.’

And it was.