Whisper of a Distant Dawn (CC , Mature) Epilogue - 02/12/12

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Re: Whisper of a Distant Dawn (CC , Mature) Part 9 - 05/23/2

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Well here we go yet again. I seriously am going to try to get the next part out I a two week time frame. This part we learn a bit more about the mysterious Malindara and even a touch about Maria’s father. Hope you enjoy.

On an unrelated note, did anyone want me to do a corresponding one part featuring a virtue rather than just the deadly sins?

Begonia9508- Thanks. I have plans for both Tess and Isabel. Don’t count either of them out. Yet.

Keepsmiling7- Thanks. Maria’s father will be important to this and the sequel. Just like Nancy will.

Strawbehrry Shortcake- Thanks. And you are right about Tess. But Isabel didn’t/doesn’t know that. Note that Alex has effectively two masters. One is the Tutor, the other is none other than the Lady Malindara, who you will meet in this part. Sort of.

Ellie- Thanks.

Blxgyrl18- Thanks

Mary mary- Thanks. Yep, remember kiddies, what happens in the Balance DOES NOT stay just in the Balance. At least in my world. Errhhmm.

valentine baby- Thanks. And to answer your questions, Yes and No. As you will see below….

AvalonRose- Thanks. No, both of them are kind of at a low point. But things have a habit of changing….

Smac- Thanks. Nope, as you will shortly find out, it wasn’t Tess. But it will cause a bit of tension now won’t it?

Disclaimer- Roswell is not mine and no infringement is intended.

Whisper of a Distant Dawn part 10a


Alex stared at the now inanimate Isabel. He could feel her soul firmly attached to his inside his body.

Together. They would always be together.

But her body now lay dead in a school bathroom in Roswell. How could he possibly change that. How, when he no longer even had hands.

Except, he could feel them. Alex could feel their grip shift on the amber crystal his tutor had given him.

Was he still connected to it as well? Was he still connected to the Balance?

In his dreams, Alex closed his eyes and vanished.

Once more he was in the desert. Next to him was a collapsed statue of Isabel, the throat torn out. His heart went out to his dead love, and he reached out to touch the statue.

His hands. Here he still had them. But they were not normal. Tiny flecks of crystal glittered along the back of his hands, and the lines on his palms glowed softly golden.

Did they still have the power to reshape her?

He summoned his strength and the fabric of the Balance to repair her torn throat. He could feel as he was making the repairs as she flowed from him into the statue that represented herself.

When he was done they simply stared at each other for a few moments.

Isabel softly said, “Thank you, Alex. Once more you have saved me.” She grasped his and closed her eyes.

Alex could feel her move within him. Could feel her change him. “Isabel… What are you doing?”

Isabel kissed him lightly, “What you do to me, I believe that I can do for you. And when you wake, you will find your hands once more.”

“All I want is for you to be safe. You have to promise me you will be careful, Isabel.” He pulled her close.

Isabel sighed, “I wish we had more time. But my friends, our friends are in danger.” She pushed him a little back, “But you will be seeing me, soon. If only in your dreams.”

Alex smiled and said, “Goodbye Isabel. And please….”

Isabel smiled and was gone.

Alex looked around. Again the desolate wasteland that was the Balance.

Except…. Was that tree flowering over there? Did those brambles look a little more green?

Alex shook his head and willed himself awake

And watched in awe as his hands rebuilt themselves before his very eyes.


Maria was concentrating on her singing when she noticed that she was singing alone. Only her teacher stood there stunned.

Maria’s heart was beating rapidly as she looked around. Another alien invasion? Only why hadn’t her teacher disappeared.

Mrs. Connors quietly said, “So it’s true. Old Dom’s blood really does flow through your veins.”

There was a howl out in the hallway.

Maria stammered out, “What is going on?” But inside of her she could feel a wonderful glittery feeling. As if every cell woke up and greeted the world with glee.

Mrs. Connors reached into her purse and removed what looked like a crystalline toy gun. “Your hybrid friends have enemies. And friends for that matter.” She walked toward Maria, her eyes on the door. “My cover is blown, so I guess its safe to tell you I’m a friend. But right now I don’t have time to tell you more. Did your friends give you anything to protect you?”

Maria reached into her purse and lifted out the crystal Amy had given her only a few hours earlier.

Mrs. Connors smiled. “Your mother. I should have known. That should provide some protection.” She shook her head in bemusement. “We need to find your friends. They will be able to protect you much better than I.” She laughed, “Protect me as well, even if I do have to spill all my secrets. Better to be alive.”

Maria opened her mouth to speak when the door was burst open.

Mrs. Connors turned and blasted one of the onrushing creatures. A second knocked her down and began ripping at her with its claws. The woman’s screams would linger with Maria for the rest of her life.

A third rushed Maria and bounced a couple feet away. Maria felt the impact resonate on the crystal that she held and push her back.

The creature looked almost human. But there was a feral look in its eyes, and its jaws seemed much too full. It hissed at her, “I will not hurt you girl. You are one of those we are to capture. Your father would pay a pretty penny to ransom you. No matter how sweet your flesh would taste. So just put down the stone.”

The two of them circled slightly, Maria trying to get a shot at the door so she could flee. Michael would have to be here somewhere. If not she could run down the stairs and catch Max and Liz in their Physics class.

Maria felt so hopeless, but one look at the monster on top of Mrs. Connors made her certain there was nothing she could do for the woman. Maria would be lucky if she could escape on her own.

Maria kicked a music stand in the way of the creature following her and ran. Max was her best bet.

She ran towards the stairs, hearing the monster following her.

Perhaps if she had been more athletic, or if she had been paying more attention, she would have been fine. But as she came to the stairs she tripped and fell. As she fell she felt the rock tumble from her hands.

And then darkness.


Tess lay naked on her back on a bench in the girls locker room. She had always hated the fact Roswell demanded PE credits to graduate. Her last school hadn’t.

The need to take showers at the school annoyed her immensely. It meant she had to use a hair dryer to dry her hair. That always fried it a little and it took so much time. But there was no way she could just remove the moisture with her powers at school.

So annoying.

She was trying to keep her mind off what was happening to her now. Some visitor to the school was rubbing down her naked belly and breasts. Only it wasn’t some human visitor.

The body that was doing this was possessed. And not by a normal alien. This one was skilled in the same way that Tess was. And she was stronger.

The woman smiled down at Tess, “You have failed me for the last time, my dear. And while it would be so very tempting to simply kill you, I will do something much worse. I will make you human. Well more human than you already are.”

“I tried Lady Malindara, I tried to win him over and….”

“Excuses. Useless excuses.” She reached one hand up to massage her forehead. “I wish I could alter your mind like the rest of your body. But your body would reject your Aelowey soul. Pity that. It is amazing the level of sophistication that my mother was able to rig up.” She shook up her head.

“What are you doing to me?”

“Mother was nothing if not determined to make sure you lived blessed lives. Your bodies were made to utilize the Illiaster your minds generate much more efficiently than normal humans. It makes you healthier and reduces the ravages of aging on this hellish rock. But not you, Tess. Not anymore.” She smiled, “You have no idea how much this is helping my research into making hybrids of my own. To be able to have something more permanent than those stupid Changelings.”

Tess just stared at the ceiling. She had already chosen Kyle. So her life would be even more normal than expected. Maybe Max would be able to heal her.

Lady Malindara ran a hand up and down her belly. “I wish I were actually here. I wish these puppets were able to send more of their senses. Or I would taste you myself. But I do have a plan for you.”

Tess tried to move, but Lady Malindara had firm control of her body. Worse she could feel as her body began to respond. No she had to control this, she couldn’t let Lady Malindara win. Not like this.

No please, not like this.


Liz paced in the Physics room. Something was wrong. Well, obviously as all their classmates had been suppressed by some alien technology again.

Max had gone to check the hallway to see if he could see anything. Liz had only let him because she was feeling very jittery. She felt as if someone were filling up all the empty spaces inside of her. As if a serene desert were being transformed into an active ocean.

And it made he feel bloated and oddly strong. She felt as if she moved wrong she could crush things without though. She was almost afraid to gesture. But the odd green lightning did not comeback.

Instead she was haunted by strange thoughts and epiphanies. She KNEW things now. A glance at an object filled her mind with oddly symbols and numbers. They were not words or sentences.


Her mind was filling with strange equations.. It was something her mother had done to her.

But it had been unfolding so slowly before. Now, she could feel her mind begin to open like a flower in the sun. Because those equations were starting to make sense.

Unfortunately, it was also making her a bit queasy and unstable. The world suddenly seemed like it had an extra dimension or two. Not ones she could move across, at least not yet; but new ways of seeing the world in its entirety.

Which is how she knew something was wrong. Oh not about her missing classmates, that was obvious. And whatever they had used was different. There wasn’t a heavy feeling pushing at her existence, but rather an electric tang that pushed most people aside.

Those it didn’t it fed….

Illiaster. They had deployed an object that increased the ambient levels of the substance.

‘I shouldn’t know that,’ she thought ‘But I do.’

And amid that wonderful flow of life were bits of foulness. One was trying to harm Max. She could feel its hunger.

But it knew its prey was mightier than it. It would attack from surprise or ambush.

She staggered to the entrance to see what was threatening Max.


Michael slowly crept along the hallway towards were he felt Maria was. He had already killed several creatures that had tried to attack him.

But he had been to strong for them.

Truth to tell he could not remember using this much power without feeling any effects. Blasting usually took some effort. But right now it seemed effortless.

There was part of him that was advocating just ripping through the walls that were in the way. To simply smash his way to his love.

He could do it. At the moment a glance told him how fragile the whole structure was. No real reinforcement at all. And that was what stopped him.

What if he accidentally ruined to many supporting surfaces. He could hurt his friends or possibly even Maria.

He closed his eyes and visualized the school. He could get to her faster if he made his way through the gym. He smirked as he saw the girls locker room was closer.

He’d always wanted to be able to just walk through the front doors rather than sneaking in. He placed his hands on the door. and opened it.

“I am afraid I can’t let you do that Lord Rath.” Said a rather plain looking woman in business attire. “She is mine now. Even if she has failed me. She has betrayed you and my brother and so I claim her.”

From inside he could hear a familiar voice moan. His eyes shot up as he realized it was Tess. Interspersed were a few male grunts.

“What are you doing to Tess?”

“That commoner whore? Well she decided to change plans without telling me. Now I will have to see how biddable that Parker slut is. At least she is part Antaran. It’s bad enough that she has some of this pathetic world in her genes.” She looked aside for a moment, “Although they do have some charms.” Her gaze was piercing when she looked at him again, You likely think it’s a good move to link yourself to Old Dominic’s half-breed. But the man is a coward. If he hasn’t chosen sides in half a millennium, even at the behest of lovers, children, and Kings…. No. It is an inspired play based on your current weak position. But these things can change. Perhaps you will come to see the light and join ME this time rather than my self-righteous siblings.”

Michael stared at her. Information. He was learning a ton of information. But none of it made any sense.

And it certainly wasn’t helping Maria.

Michael growled, “Maybe, once I know the score. But right now I am concerned with Maria. If you won’t let me pass I am afraid that I will have to fight my way through you.”

She shrugged, “Easier for you to go through the boy’s locker room. Leave Tess and her lover to me. I promise I won’t kill them. Although if you and your friends don’t stop the Pack soon, they will likely be quite sore.”

“You won’t call off your goon squad?”

The woman shrugged, “They are not mine. I don’t like to use such corrupt tools anymore than my brother did. Even Zan wasn’t wrong about everything.” She smiled, “You can even tell him his baby sister said so..

“Who are you?” Michael said rubbing his eye brow.

“My name is the Lady Malindara, and if you are wise you will chose me over my siblings. You died for your foolish choice last time, and there is no guarantee that you will be brought back again.” She laughed, “Unless Vilandra leads you around by the balls like she did to so many fools on Antar. How that woman juggled so many lovers I will never know. I guess my love is not as sweet,” She raked her eyes along his body, “Although if you do make it to Antar, you should drop by and I can show you how much I have learned in your absence.”

“I’d have to make it to Antar.” Was there a way? Some ship that made regular stops?

She laughed, and for a moment he could feel her project her true image into his mind. Tall and slender with large purple eyes and almond shaped pupils. The eyes were a little too large and her face seemed just slightly off.

Almost human, but not quite. The arms and legs were off slightly too. But the body was perfectly formed with high firm breasts and a thin strip of pubic hair driving the gaze to the exposed cleft between her legs.

He stood there shocked as the woman walked forward and pressed her body along his.

“So much better than any mere human, yes? Just present yourself to my Court and I will happily provide you with protection and see to any of your needs.” She kissed him on the cheek, eyes asking if he wanted more. “Absolutely anything, my lord.

His head bobbed slightly, even as his mind screamed that none of this was real. This was all in his mind!

He kissed her. She tasted of nutmeg and cinnamon. His hands began to roam, one hand sliding up and down her back. The other cupped one of her breasts and with his thumb fondled her rock hard nipple.

This has to stop!

He felt one of her hands slip under his shirt, the other opened the front of his pants with glowing palm. The belt and buttons moving of their own accord to her will.

The kiss deepened and he could feel himself sinking deeper into his own mind. He had to find a way to fight this. She was so STRONG!

They paused to catch their ragged breaths. She smiled up at him, “All this could be real, Lord Rath. Just come to me.

Her right hand stroked his dick and it became rock hard. Hard enough to be almost painful. She guided him into her, both of them working to find the right leverage.

A tiny bit of him cried out that this was wrong. But most of him was now caught up in the pleasure of the moment, the hall filling with their moans.

A memory of another girl and a beach came to him. Of a real love and a real bond. One not fully consummated but yet fully real.

And Michael grew angry. He blasted the phantom lover, only to realize it had all been in his head. Although the erection was very real.

He looked for Malindara and saw only the now closed door.

He couldn’t open it. In fact when he got to the door he couldn’t remember how to open it. Couldn’t find the handle.

The bitch was simply too strong.

He would remember this though. That woman was going to pay. And pay large.

But first he needed to find and save Maria.


When Isabel returned to her body it was still cold. It did not grip her like it usually did. None of the places for her mind and soul to hold on to were there anymore.

Her body was nothing more than a pile of decaying meat slowly cooling down to the temperature of the cold bathroom floor.

It made her want to cry.

And all the blood. It seemed like all her blood had spilled out and splattered everywhere. Bloodstains that large and ground in …. No that set of clothing was a total loss.

She didn’t want to die. Now more than ever, with the knowledge that Alex was alive… No she wanted to live.

Isabel felt as Alex’s presence made itself felt. He could feel her shape her body like clay. Could feel him fix the torn neck. Feel as the dust from the Balance flowed into her for blood.

Isabel snapped back into her body. And screamed. She was lying in a pool of congealing blood. The smell was simply appalling. And she could feel where her clothes were further fouled by her sphincters releasing after death.

And she felt so very strong. So much power was flowing through her now. She could feel and sense everything in the bathroom.

She could feel her shrieks starting to dig in, could feel as her mind was about to crack from the shock.

No. No she was not going to be brought back again from the dead to only go insane.

Not acceptable.

But then the chaos she was surrounded by was simply to much.

So she remembered the bathroom and how it had been before. Before she had had her lifeblood splattered all over it.

So very strong now.

She closed her eyes.

She used the memory as a pattern for her mind and felt as it changed everything around her to fit it.

Isabel opened her eyes a few minutes later and stood up. She brushed a bit of dust off her skirt and looked at herself in the mirror. She could not tell if she looked different than she had before. If Alex’s touch was noticeable.

She whispered, “Thank you.” and walked out the bathroom door.

If the enemy thought they had rid themselves of Isabel Amanda Evans, known also as the Lady Vilandra, they were sorely mistaken.

She tasted the sweetness of the air and began her hunt.

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Re: Whisper of a Distant Dawn (CC , Mature) Part 10 - 06/15/

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Thanks to everyone reading along. Note that much of what you see may not be what you see in this story. I think you will understand what I mean when you get there.

Keepsmiling7- Thanks. And I think you have a pretty good grasp on the woman. She is still very dangerous though.

Ellie- Thanks. That would be the Big Bad of the story. She’s not a nice person. Note that she is also Alex’s overlady.

Begonia9508- Thanks. Together each pair is unstoppable in its own way.

AvalonRose- Thanks. More info to follow, but I have to fit it in to where is slides into the story without taking over.

Blxgyrl18- Thanks. Poor Michael and Maria. More about Dom in later chapters.

Timelord31- Thanks.

Whisper of a Distant Dawn part 11


Max walked cautiously down the hallway. Something was off with Liz. It wasn’t something as simply as an illness or even what Michael had suffered when he had gotten involved with River Dog.

He wasn’t even sure Liz realized it yet. Max wouldn’t except that whatever was going on in the school had amplified his senses somehow. He could feel things moving through the hallways. Could feel as life moved about.

And he felt as there were a few deaths as well.

His friends were out there and he needed to save them. But Liz was more helpless than she probably believed. What should he do now?

Why didn’t he ever have anyone he could ask that to?

Max sighed. The price of being the leader.

Max looked up and saw a figure skulking along the wall towards him. It was familiar. Green eyes flicked out of a dark blonde head. She hadn’t seen him yet.

“Maria, over here!” Max stage whispered.

Maria looked up and happily began walking towards him purposefully. The gait wasn’t quite right, too smooth for his sometimes clumsy friend.

“Max, I am so glad to see you. Finally someone who can protect me.”

The flicker of golden light as it streaked in front of him astonished Max. It took Maria dead in the face, lifting her off the ground and flinging her into the wall.

Max looked behind him.

Liz was leaning fitfully against the Physics room door, breathing heavily. “That was not Maria.”

Max looked over at the face that was broadening and becoming wolf-like. It whimpered slightly and tried to move towards Max.

Liz blasted it again. She then began to cough.

Max rushed to her. “What is wrong?”

Liz clung to him. Her eyes were wide with a mixture of wonder and fear. “Max, there is something wrong with me. I can feel so much power flowing into me. Feel so much… mmmm” she purred there for a moment before breaking into another set of coughs.

“Hold on Liz, we will find a way out of here.” He sent a surge of healing power into her trying to find the problem. Again he saw little rivulets of power filling tiny spots all along her body. But most of it, a veritable whirlpool of energy was seated in her pelvis area.

Something was going on there, but he wasn’t sure what. Moreover, with that much power playing around in such a delicate spot, he wasn’t sure he wanted to interfere unless he was sure he had to.

He wanted kids someday, and knew Liz felt the same.

Of course as the only child of a family that had wanted a larger family, she wanted way more than just two. Max was certain they would find a balance at some point. He chuckled softly.

Liz gave him a soft glare.

Max sent in a general healing burst into her body. It was readily absorbed, much of it joining the swirl around her lower belly.

Max gave her a kiss, “We will get out of here.”

Liz gave one more small cough, “Together, Max. We will do it together.”

Max could only nod and they headed out into the darkened school.


Nancy stared down at her lap as the Sherriff drove her to Amy’s house. She had wondered if this day would come. If the day when her normal human neighbors would see the real her, would know her by her real name.

And there was a part of her who wondered if today truly was that day. How much did Amy actually know? Sure, Nancy was involved. Amy knew that Nancy had known her husband. Might even know that Dom had been the one to secure her place here in New Mexico.

But it was one thing to know that she was a fugitive from Antar. Another for them to know that she was Demetris Arledal. Who probably still had a large bounty on her head. Even her allies had turned against her when it all fell apart.

She still wondered about that. Had Khivar set her up? Or had he been as taken back at the events, just using them to his favor.

And if it hadn’t been him, who had it been? Someone had started it. Most thought it was her or her group.

Nancy knew it hadn’t been. Knew that she had been set up.

Not that it had done her any good.

The car stopped in front of Amy’s. Jim turned to her. “You know, you are the last person I expected to be involved in all this. Did you help them at all before this? Where you aware of what your daughter was up to?”

Nancy nodded, “More than you know. But mostly I was concerned for protecting my daughter and Maria. To a lesser extent Alex and once he got involved Kyle.” Nancy sighed, “Once I realized what had happened at the Crashdown last September, I had hoped that my daughter at least would be able to stay out of it.”

“Why didn’t you take an active role?” His voice was shaking a little, “Do you have any clue how nerve wracking it was to believe I was the only adult to know what was going on? Only to find out that apparently I was fooled not only by those kids but by their parents…. “

Nancy looked up at Jim, and for the first time let her true age and power flow into them for him to see.

Jim backed up and looked at her as if for the first time. Which in a way he had. His hand absently reaching for the gun that used to be at his belt.

Nancy chuckled, “It wouldn’t help you even if you had it. Although, now that I have decided to help you, I will teach you some tricks and devices that will work. Against various foes.” She opened her door and began walking to the door.

She knocked on the door, aware of the man behind her.

Perhaps it was foolish to have an armed and possibly hostile man behind her, but Nancy wasn’t really concerned. Her armor was not only present but active. Unless he had a rocket launcher or flame thrower, she wasn’t truly concerned about anything he might possibly shoot her with.

She had decided. This was not the time to hide. If her daughter was going to be hunted, let them know exactly who they were hunting. And who stood at her side.


Isabel calmly got up and straightened her clothing. She was trying very hard not to remember what had just happened. Trying hard not to recall the fact that she was for all practical purposes dead.

And yet alive.

But she felt warm. Felt alive. She felt her pulse, blood that had been… what exactly? What was she made of now? It wasn’t the blood she had once had. That had been pooled around her when she had awakened.

No, there was something different inside her and she wasn’t sure what it meant. But she could feel Alex clearly now.

Isabel sighed. Where once she had worried about being alien, now it was so much more complicated. And irrelevant to the moment.

She needed to save her friends.

So she crept out the hallway. Who should she try to help first? Max and Liz would be together this hour, and downstairs.

She paid no attention to the two grease stains where she had fried two members of the Pack only moments ago. Nor the fact that she knew who and what they were.

That knowledge was frightening, because it spoke of the past. A past she wasn’t entirely comfortable with. She knew with a certainty that she had not been the corrupt creature Whitaker and Nicholas had tried to portray….

But also that she had been far from innocent.

Alex was now on Antar. He would learn the truth of her. Learn what Vilandra had been capable of. And learn it from tainted sources.

Rage filled her. She knew why Alex had been targeted. Why of all of them Alex had been the one taken.


Isabel let the rage flow and hit the wall. Energy rippled throughout the building causing it to shake. She felt as the tendrils filled the building.

If she wanted to she could rip the entire building like cheese cloth. The air hummed with power.

‘The Pack. They must have a device to increase the amount of power for the Pack. They could never survive on Earth. Not without help.’

Isabel took in a deep breath. Their enemies probably did not realize just how strong they would be with all the extra energy. There had to be some reason.

This whole plan smacked of desperation.

Isabel withdrew the tendrils of power and wrapped them around her. She needed to bleed off energy, needed to do something.

So she did what she always did when she was furious and needed to blast something. She didn’t even need to lock her door to do it. She looked at her environs and it felt delicious to be able to use her powers in the hallway at school.

Isabel wrapped a torus of air around her, telekinetically moving all the objects in a ten foot radius, It was relaxing as her mind had to track and keep each object from hitting another and possibly damaging it or a wall. Faster and faster it spun….

Michael’s voice brought her back into the real world, “Isabel? Is that you?”

Isabel took a deep breath and calmly stopped the torus and placed everything carefully where it had been stowed.

Michael said, “So you noticed the increase in strength too, huh?”

“Kind of hard to miss.” She shook her head, “It’s not for us though. I don’t think our enemies realized how much we would be strengthened by it, or maybe they didn’t care. It’s for the Pack.”

“The Pack? You mean those creatures?” Michael looked around, “They aren’t our only problem. Tess has been captured by a, um…” Michael blushed brightly and would not meet her gaze.

“What happened?”

Michael’s voice was gruff, “Not going to talk about it.”

Isabel nodded. It might take some work, but she would find out immediately. If only by asking Maria. “Let’s go find the others.”

“Maria should be ahead.”

Isabel tilted her head slightly, “You can feel her presence?”

Michael grunted. “We should move.”

“After you.”

Michael nodded and moved carefully forward toward the computer room. “We need to hurry. Something is happening. Maria is frightened.” He stumbled and gripped his head. “Can’t go on. Please!” Michael looked up at Isabel with an expression she had never expected to see from him.

Fear and need. He needed her to do this.

She would not fail him. Not this time.

Isabel rushed forward. The door was torn asunder by a quick flick of a hand. There were four creatures surrounding Maria. They were doing something to her, but she didn’t stand by to watch.

She killed them.

As their ashes began to settle she came upon the traumatized girl. She was naked and a little bruised. “You alright, Maria?”

Maria looked up at her with a mix of fear and surprise. Her green eyes were a little glassy and flat. “They were doing something. Putting something into me.” Maria caressed a mark at her upper hip and one on her shoulder.

Isabel automatically looked for the one on her forehead, above her left eye.

It was missing.

Thank God. They hadn’t finished.

Isabel quickly mended Maria’s torn clothing and helped dress the girl.

Maria coughed and said, “At first I was afraid they were going to… to…hurt me, you know? But even after they ripped off my clothes they seemed, distracted. I mean the guys weren’t even looking. Which I guess I felt was kind of insulting…..”

“The Pack only are only sexually active during periods of heat. They are dangerous to be around then. Both the males and females will rape humans or Aelowey then.” Isabel said distractedly, “They won’t get children from it, but the parts all fit. I suppose we must smell differently, I know my human lovers used to complain about….” She felt Maria stiffen in her arms. “What?”

“You sound different. And how do you know all this?”

Isabel tilted her head. She still felt that odd sort of half-alive/ half-dead feeling she had had in the hallway. Maybe it was all the extra power. Or maybe Alex bringing her back had brought back some of the old Isabel. She shook her head, no, she hadn’t been Isabel then, she had been Vilandra.

Was there a difference?

Isabel felt as her blood ran ice cold.

Michael walked up to the door, “Are you okay?”

Maria looked up at her confusedly, “Is it proper for Michael to see me like this?”

Isabel’s voice was dry, “I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s seen you in less.”

Maria nodded firmly and flew into Michael’s arms.

Isabel tightened her eyes watching them. Something was wrong. She couldn’t quite place her finger on it, but something had happened to Maria.

More than nearly having been made a slave.

Later. She would deal with it later.

Isabel said, “Let’s go find the others.”

Michael held possessively to Maria.

Maria seemed quite content to be held by Michael.

Isabel led the way.


Maria looked up at the white ceiling tried to ignore the various implements that were poking and prodding. There was nothing holding her down and yet she could not move.

She felt a burst of pain as they drilled something into her hip. When they were finished there was an odd chill feeling that ran across her body. For a moment she felt as if Michael’s hands swept softly across her body. A wave of arousal followed, a sense of need and desire. She could feel her body flush and a sense of tension filled her.

Just as quickly it was gone.

She shuddered on the table. There was an odd pressure in her lower abdomen and in her breasts. But that too quickly went away.

One of the figures that had been in the background said something to another that she couldn’t see.

The other laughed.

Where was she? What was happening to her?

The first figure moved closer to her head. It had a large drill like machine that had some crystalline bit to it. Her eyes were able to track it to where he placed the crystal on her upper shoulder and it began to dig in.

She whimpered in pain.

The creature who was working on here was wearing a loose fitting white suit. There were two large black areas for its eyes. Maria couldn’t see into it.

The creature pressed her shoulder and cut off the crystal that stuck out of her. It was capped with a soldered on symbol.

She looked up and with a great force of will said, “Please? Let me go? Please?”

The creature laughed and said something in an unintelligible language to the other.

Her body tensed as every muscle activated. She felt that odd icy feeling roll through her body again. Only this time it flowed to her limbs. Odd thoughts slipped into her head. Playing the guitar. Dancing. Working in the Crashdown.

Odd thoughts and memories.

She almost felt like her limbs were going through the motions, were actually doing things. Only she knew she was stuck on the table.

“Why? Why me?”

It looked at her and said a few odd words ending in Dominic.

Then it loaded another crystal and placed it right above the brow ridge on her left eye.

“Please don’t kill me!”

The drill swiftly sank into her skull and she felt that icy feeling pour through her mind.

And Maria Deluca was no more.


Liz knew the exact minute when the enemy deactivated their device. It wasn’t simply that the other people were confusedly appearing. It wasn’t the odd weather outside.

No. It was the sudden lack of air.

She couldn’t breathe. It made the tiny fits she’d had earlier seem child’s play.

Max held her as she struggled for breath. As he carried her to nurse’s office.

She could feel him surreptitiously adding power into her, and that seemed to help. It seemed to fade after a few minutes.

But she could still feel it. Could still feel something missing.

Where had all the air gone?


Alex lay staring at the ceiling. He was thinking of Isabel. Of course, since that time spent in the Balance, when wasn’t he?

Alex smiled slyly. She had been wonderful. Now she simply just had to be careful.

But he knew on thing. As long as he could feel her, as long as one of them was whole, the other could heal the other.

Alex looked at his hands. There were still bits of crystal in them. That Balance Stone was part of him now.

Part of them.

He looked forward to the day when he could be with her in the flesh, not just the spirit.

The mere thought of laying down with Malindara or Yndra…. It simply didn’t appeal. He only wanted one woman.

They had talked about it. And Isabel hadn’t been happy, but she had been firm. He wasn’t to do anything that could lead to his situation getting any worse. He had foolishly promised Malindara to help provide a hybrid child, and so he had to do his side of the bargain.

Failure was an option, not keeping his side of the deal was not. The Aelowey were much like the Faerie Courts he had read about. Keeping the letter of their word while mangling the spirit of it as much as they could.

Alex shuddered.

There was a knock on the door and Malindara entered. She smiled at him and noticed his hands. “I must say I am impressed at your ability and adaptability. You are much more than I originally thought. I begin to see some of what she must have seen in you.”

Alex kept his face blank and watched his alien lover.

Malindara laughed, “You even impressed that dry old stick of a tutor I sent you. And let me tell you that man is NEVER happy. So I have decided to give you a gift. Your very own slave.”

A girl wandered in. She was in a slaves’ tunic and skirt. Both low enough to see the emblazoned slave marks glittering and active. She bowed very low, low enough he could not see her face. But he could see the glow from the slave mark glittering past her pulled back dark blond hair.

She was fully owned. Her owner would have access to the full fruit of her Mind, Body and Sex.

Not every slave was fully marked. Many managed to pay their way out of one aspect or another. And sometimes a free man or woman might sell a part of their life away and not their whole existence.

Usually only criminals and rebels were fully sold. Although at the margins of society, parents often sold off parts of their children to pay off debts.

But that wasn’t what chilled him. He thought she looked very familiar.

Malindara continued, “Now, I have increased your personal household revenue, even given you a few permanent holdings to play with. If you need more, I will be happy to increase your allowance. But in the main, I will expect you to support your new household yourself. That will include the upkeep of this slave and her progeny.”


“Yes. Part of this is from our bargain. I make you worth the hand of an Antaran Princess, you provide me with a human-aelowey hybrid.”

Alex sighed, “Right.”

“Well, Yndra made a good point at breakfast today. What proof do we have that you are truly fertile?”

Alex frowned, “Don’t you have tests for these things?”

Malindara nodded, “Yes, of course we do. But Yndra is if anything more conservative than I am. She believes in seeing with her own eyes. And that the best ways are the old ways.” She nodded her head, “Much better for the child to be reared in body rather than medically supported in a pod. Not only would that prove to be a viable living specimen, but also the psionic imprint of the mother is crucial in the well being of a child. If you have only seen… I won’t bore you.” She gave him a kiss on the forehead and with her other hand ripped off the covers.

“What are you doing?” Alex said reaching for the covers that were floating out of his grasp.

Malindara gripped his head with both long fingered hands and held it so their eyes locked. He could feel her use a tiny bit of her power to hold him still, even as the other girl began to stroke him.

Malindara’s voice was tight, “It is her natural fertile period. I was waiting to give her to you anyway simply for that reason. The fact you have made such progress in your studies to make me proud of you, well that is frosting for the cake.”

Alex tried to move. Particularly when the girl took him into her mouth.

He had to know. He had to know who it was.

But he could not ask. He could not risk that Malindara would target them. Maybe use them as hostages for his good behavior. The woman was capable of it.

So all he said after a moan was, “Thank you for the gift. Um, I think I am going to need privacy?”

Malindara smiled, “Not the first time, Alex. I know you. Inside of you there is a gallant knight errant waiting to save the world. I like that. I can use that. Antar NEEDS people like you, Alex.” She laughed, “But sometimes you simply are not practical enough. You let your ’morals’ and ’ethics’ get in the way of what needs to be done.”

Alex could only glare at Malindara as he felt his body moved about as the girl sought to straddle him. His dick was rock hard as the girl lowered herself onto him.

He heard another voice speaking encouraging words to the girl.

Oh, God, Yndra was here too.

He still could not look away from Malindara’s eyes. Such beautiful purple eyes for such an devious woman.

How was he ever going to escape this and find his true love with Isabel? How could he ever truly expect Isabel to forgive and live with this?

He tried to remain quiet. But the building pleasure as the girl rode him was simply too much. And he came.

Malindara looked away and patted him on the cheek. “I will expect you in my chambers late tonight. Try not to completely wear yourself out. But the others will simply have to wait for at least five days.”

Alex’s eyes were on the girl who now lay on his chest. Her high cheekbones and her green eyes.

Please no.

Yndra moved the girl over and began giving her advice on how to keep the sperm inside of her long enough to become fertilized….

Like Yndra had ever been pregnant!

He looked over. The body was the same. Or at least it looked like Maria from his memory. But then he had never seen the girl naked before.

He asked Malindara, “What is her name?”

She shrugged, “She is a slave. Her mind was wiped by her previous owner, so I doubt it matters. Don’t worry about it, my dear. Yours was the first seed to pour into her.”

Alex said dully, “She was a virgin?”

Again, Malindara shrugged it off, “Well the eunuchs had her first. If only to get her over her hang ups and give her some experience. You know as well as I, that sex is like any other physical activity. Practice and proper training can improve performance.”

Alex blushed. After his first time with Malindara, she had sent him to be trained. It had been humiliating, but enlightening.

And the sex was better for it.

Malindara left.

Yndra stared at him and moved between his legs to quickly kiss his balls. “Make sure she doesn’t empty you Lord Alex.”

Malindara sharply called into the tent.

Alex slammed his head repeatedly into the pillow.

He turned and stared into those familiar green eyes. Eyes that did not recognize him. “Who are you?”

Even the voice sounded like her as she said in Antaran, “Does it matter?”

And Alex cried.

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Re: Whisper of a Distant Dawn (CC , Mature) Part 11 - 07/04/

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Thanks again to everyone reading along. This chapter is a little short. A transition chapter so to speak. Hope you folks enjoy.

Mt. Gazer- Thanks. Think of it as a cosmic shell game with the characters. It was an aspect they never played up on the TV show. How can you be sure who is who when you have Skins and shape shifters and clones?

Natalie36- Thanks. Remember things are not necessarily what they seem. Until our heroes get a firm grasp on what is real and what isn’t, expect a certain level of confusion.

Begonia9508- Thanks. The shell game won’t last forever. But our heroes need to get a firm grasp on what is going on for it to stop.

Keepsmiling7- Thanks. Our heroes are still a little confused at what is going on. This chapter helps some.

AvalonRose- Thanks. The whole situation is complicated. Some of it will be a little clearer in this part. But then again, remember shape shifters, clones, etc….

Roswellian117- Thanks.

Whisper of a Distant Dawn part 12


Sean thrummed his hands along the table. Patience usually wasn’t an issue with him. That was part of the reason he had been sent out here. He could wait. Years if needed.

But right now there were too many unknowns. Nancy Parker was one of them.

He had known that she was a refugee from Antar. His boss had even hinted that she had some talent and should not be taken lightly. But that she would also be keeping her head down.

When Liz Parker had been simply the friend of Maria Deluca, and the subject of the King’s interest, that had been of comfort. Because he might have some back up if he needed it. Nancy had long been friends, and her daughter was nearly Liz’s sister.

He had fancied the Parker girl himself. Vulnerability and teenage angst covering a layer of steel? The thought of helping her forge her identity, of wiping those tears away so he could get a better look at her shining soul.

Humans had always fascinated him. That was why he was here after all. And watching the humans of Earth was like watching them grow on fast forward. Sad and ultimately tragic, but fascinating nonetheless.

Amy broke him from his reverie, “So what really happened to the real Sean. I assume you haven’t copied him since birth.”

Sean sighed weakly. It was the seventh time he had told her. From the way she kept asking, he could tell she didn’t want to believe. But she did. “He died in an accident before his release from Juvenile Hall. I was able to take his place.” He shook his head, “I know you don’t want to believe it is so easy to replace people. But in some cases it is. Sean is part of your family, and my boss has always been watching over you all.”

“You work for that no good ex-husband of mine, don’t you?” She scowled at him. “It is one thing with him trying to prop up my business, but this is too much!”

Sean sighed, “I am also a Royal agent of sorts. Dom knows of course, that I pass on information to others as well. The Queen Mother mostly. My contract with him allows it.”

His hairs stood up on end. Alarms began to activate throughout his Husk as its primary defenses came online. It wasn’t something he liked to use unless it was an emergency as it burned through his Illiaster stockpiles. Burn too much and he would be helpless.

But there was an active combat sensor suite that was fully operational. High end military grade. His passive systems had picked it up before he had been detected, but there was no way he could hide what he was from that.

Sean swallowed heavily and prepared both offensive and defensive responses. “Aunt Amy, we are about to be under attack. You might want to prepare.”

Amy picked up the red crystal she’d kept with her. She looked out the window, “It is just Nancy and Jim. No need to worry.”

Sean’s heart began to pound. Of course. The timing. Human refugee with a local born child in the late teens.

She had been one of the rebels. Part of one of the groups that had been determined to destroy the monarchy and all society to reshape it to their desires.

Nancy opened the door, stared at him, and said in perfect Antaran, “Are we going to have a problem here, Hist?”

He replied, “I serve the Queen Mother and support the coming Dawn. Who are you and whom do you serve?”

Nancy tossed her head back proudly, “I serve no one. My name is Demestris Arledal, make that of what you will. I have no interest in Antar, merely my daughters safety and future.”

Amy said with frustration, “What are you all saying?”

Sean switched to English, “You know that your daughter has Bonded with the King.”

Nancy looked at Amy and sent her a reassuring smile, before continuing, also in English, “Yes. I admit to trying to prevent it, but she has chosen. I will not stand in her way.”

Sean began to cool down. The woman in front of him was extremely dangerous. But if she could help them, she would be an ally of no small strength. “Then you already know.”

Nancy frowned, “Know what?”

“About your daughter’s state. You did see the signs last night, Domina?”

Nancy became very still, “What signs?”

Sean looked at the others, “An heir was conceived last night. Liz is pregnant.”


Max stared down at Liz. She was lying on one of the cots that was available at the nurses office.

She was breathing easier now. But he could see she was sick. The storm of energy in her abdomen was part of it. But he really didn’t understand what was going on there.

It was like something was being built. And that the body was rushing every resource to speed the process along and to protect it.

Very strange.

He had seen Isabel earlier and while they had both been polite, Max knew their relationship would take some work to mend. This year had been disastrous to all the relationships he had once taken for granted.

There was a knock behind him. He turned to look and was surprised that it was Tess and not the nurse checking up on them.

Tess had also been injured during the whole mess. As had Kyle.

He had meant to check up on them, but he didn’t want to leave Liz. What if her attack returned? He needed to be here.

She looked sallow and tired. She felt different to him. Broken somehow.

Tess softly said, “We need to talk.”

Max said, “Yes.”

Tess looked at Liz, “I was fairly sure I was winning in our little contest. But it is just as well. She suits you better than I ever would.”

Max was surprised. Where had the woman who had been all about Destiny? So he merely nodded.

Tess walked over and rubbed Liz’s belly. And nodded.

“What are you doing, Tess?”

“Confirming my suspicions. We share something now, she and I. Although she will suffer more for it than I. But then, I would have been in as much danger had I been the one you chose.”

“You are speaking in riddles.”

“Liz is pregnant. And her reproductive system is in full working order. Mine is not. Not anymore. Just as well. I can’t leave now. Earth is my home. But Liz…” Tess sighed. She shook her head and looked at Max in sorrow, “Liz needs to get back to civilization.”

“Liz can’t be pregnant. It’s just not possible!”

Tess smiled tiredly up at him, “Did you have unprotected sex with her?”

“Yes, but that was last night There is no way that there would be any sign this early. It is just not possible.” He ended quietly.

“Of the three races, humans are the toughest. We can live in places that would kill the others. We aren’t as adaptable as the Hist with their shape shifting and Husks. But while a Hist might be able to live underwater, a human can live and thrive half broken. Or starved for Illiaster. It might hurt and take a long time, but a human can do it. It is how they have lived here on Earth after the Disaster.”

Max’s eyes tightened, “How do you know this?”

Tess closed her eyes, “I have been in contact with a faction from Antar. I inherited them from Nasedo. I would be allowed to return to Antar as long as I carried the Heir. I would be given a pension to live off of, and more importantly, I would be allowed to stay. I could live there.”

“You sold us out.”

Tess nodded. “Did you feel that rush that energy sphere gave us? How it magnified our powers? How it made your whole body sing? That is what it is like Max. And living here…. Living here on Earth is like slowly suffocating when you know a room nearby has clean air. And…” She closed her eyes and cried.

Max just looked at her. He felt both sorry and disgusted. She had been a traitor the whole time. In fact, how could he be sure anything she told him was true?

Tess cried and looked completely crumbled up when she wiped her eyes. “I guess, I shouldn’t have expected forgiveness. I will still do what I can for you.” She laughed bitterly, “I have failed and have been abandoned. Outside of my powers I will live a normal human life.”

Max just glared at her. What did she expect him to say?

Her gaze tightened, “I am surprised that she I as far along as she is. I think that burst was a trap, but still, it is already implanted and growing. It would have had to have started earlier.” She shook her head, “Not that it matters in the end. She won’t be able to carry the baby to term on Earth.”

“Excuse me?”

Tess glared up at him, “Liz and the baby will die unless you get her to Antar or some other civilized world.” Tess bit her lip, “I know a way to get home, but….”

“But what?”

Tess’s eyes were wide, “It will get you there, but it’s a trap.”


Maria felt as these days flew by. They gave her test after test. Pushing her harder and harder.

They pushed her to her limits. And beyond.

She was happy with the clothes they had given her. Little more than a shirt and shorts, but so much better than nothing. She did note that the shorts were lower on her left side, allowing her slave mark on her hip to show. Just as the shirt did not cover the mark on her shoulder.

She had to figure out a way to escape or send a message back home.

Michael would undoubtedly come for her, as would the rest of her friends. But it would help if they knew where to go.

There was one thing that both worried and delighted her. That exhilarating feeling she had back at the school had remained and if anything intensified. She felt herself growing stronger and she had never felt more alive.

She had also never felt more constrained. As she felt herself fill up with the golden light that surrounded her, she could feel the devices implanted in her try to suppress her.

Very frustrating.

This feeling, this elation…. It was what had been missing her whole life. She hadn’t even realized how much she had felt a lack, but it had been this sense of emptiness that had filled her since childhood. And had only gotten worse as she had gotten older.

With Michael it had gone away a bit. Not just making out with him, but just being near him. The same when she spent the summer with Max. Although there was no spark with him, she still felt better with him.

But right now…

She was a slave. They told her that. They treated her like a thing. Something to be taken care of, a living machine, but nothing more than that.

Certainly none of the aliens had wasted anytime dealing with her outside of their suits. She wasn’t even sure what they looked like. Hopefully not bug-eyed aliens.

But even if they were, Maria wasn’t about to fall apart now. She was God knew how far from home, with no real hope of getting home. No real hope of contacting her friends. No real hope at all.

She should be curled up in a little ball in the corner. A year ago, heck probably a month ago, she would have been.

What had changed, Maria wasn’t sure. But even if she was doomed, she wasn’t going down without a fight.

Didn’t they realize who she was?

She was Amy Deluca’s daughter and she would deal with this situation. And make sure that her enemies knew not to screw with her again.

They could count on it.

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Re: Whisper of a Distant Dawn (CC , Mature) Part 12 - 07/12/

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Thanks again. Still trying to get it down to a two week interval. And hopefully, posting on my other stories, sigh. Well, I am not giving this story up. (Nor the others, although posting on them will be a little more sporadic) I hope you enjoy.

Begonia9508- Thanks.

Natalie36- Thanks.

Ellie- Thanks. Hopefully, this chapter clears things up, if only a little.

Keepsmiling7- Thanks. Worrying about Liz is good, she’s in major trouble.

AvalonRose- Thanks. That pretty much sums up their problem. Assuming Tess isn’t lying about her transport.

Carrie- Thanks. Hope you keep enjoying.

Mela3- Thanks. Hope you continue to enjoy.

Smac- Thanks.

Disclaimer- Roswell is not mine and no infringement is intended.

Whisper of a Distant Dawn part 13


Nancy stumbled over on uncertain legs to a nearby seat. She looked up at Sean, “You are certain? But this means…”

Sean nodded, “I thought you already knew, Domina.”

Nancy looked down. Amy handed her a glass filled with amber colored liquid. Nancy savored the harsh bite of the whiskey as she downed it. “No. I would never had let he go to school today.” She sat there in thought.

Amy gave her another shot. And sat across from her. “We share more than we’ve talked about.”

A smile flitted across Nancy’s face. “How many of the major factions have representatives in Roswell?”

Jim frowned “Factions?”

Amy sighed, “Antar is far from unified. Having their King assassinated didn’t help things.”

Nancy sighed.

Sean frowned. “Too many. Most of them won’t move quickly though. This news is dramatic but I doubt it has gotten to Antar yet. Even if it has they will still move slowly, trying to position themselves to their advantage.” Sean laughed bright-eyed, “Hell, the mere existence of an heir or living Royal is probably still being factored in as we speak.”

Nancy peered into the amber liquor, “What you aren’t factoring in are those who are desperate. They will attack immediately while she is most vulnerable. That first month… it may kill her.”

Jim’s phone rang and he moved away from the table.

Amy’s said, “Pregnancy is hard, particularly on such a young woman but….”

Nancy looked at her friend, “You don’t understand. Liz is full of Illiaster now. Not enough for the pregnancy, but enough that her body will still try.” She closed her eyes, “Add in the hybrid nature of Max.” She shook her head, “Liz nearly killed me. And I was at the peak of health and skill. Liz is finally starting to gain a little of her natural health and….”

Amy said quietly, “I don’t understand.”

Nancy downed the liquor in front of her. “It is why your husband left. Why my people left. You think you are healthy, Amy. And I suppose in a way you are. But without Illiaster you are dying minute by minute. It’s lack is killing you just as it would any Hist or Aelowey, it’s just that it is slower in humans. We can breed faster than it kills us. But if you have a little Illiaster in your system your body tries for a normal pregnancy….”

Sean’s face was white. “The first month.”

“Unless we figure something out that first month will kill my beautiful daughter.” Nancy couldn’t help the tears.

Amy turned to Sean, “You are from Antar. You must have a way there. A way back home.“

Sean said, “I will do what I can, but.” He looked apologetically at Nancy, “Domina, forgive me, but my transport was through Dominic. And…”

“My daughter is carrying the fucking Heir to Antar. Can’t get more political than that.”

Jim walked back to the table, his face grim. “We have a problem. Something happened at the school. Kyle and Tess were hurt. The others are fine, but Liz had a panic attack of some sort.”

Sean was grim. “You were right, Domina. It has begun.”

Nancy reached over to grasp the Hist’s arm, “If you are truly on our side, do what you can to see about transport off world for Liz. Max too. I wish I knew if any of my old allies were still alive.”

Sean shook his head, “The Old Queen will take them in. They won’t be safe anywhere else.”

Jim and Amy exchanged glances.

Nancy stood up, “We need to pick up our kids. And figure a way to keep them safe.”


Isabel wandered the school for a few minutes after it was cancelled to find her brother. Five of the classrooms were cordoned off, and there were police all over the building.

Apparently in more than one room the students were listening only to find one or more of their classmates or teachers suddenly torn to pieces right in front of their eyes.

Isabel closed her eyes momentarily. What this would do to their whole hiding in plain sight, Isabel didn’t know. She was still feeling the effects of what had happened to her.

She still wasn’t sure she was alive. She felt alive. But at the same time she felt so different from what she had ever felt before. There was a sense of being awake in the dream that was with her as well. As if she was more dream walking reality than actually truly awake.

But the shadows lay strangely. Almost like she could see through them. Isabel shivered. She felt so very strange.

She walked into the nurse’s office. She had been told that Liz had been sent there. Something about an asthma attack of some sort.

Isabel didn’t really understand her brother anymore. Something had gone horribly wrong in their relationship. It was hard to place the exact date. It was more than just fighting over Liz. That had been a factor, but Isabel knew her own fears and need for secrecy about Vilandra’s possible past had fueled a great deal of it.

Add in her clone had actually killed her Max analogue. Max’s increasingly desperate attempts to control everyone and everything hadn’t helped.

But Isabel knew it wasn’t all one way. If her link to Alex had told her anything, it was that she, Isabel, was the source of at least half of her own problems. Which in a way was bad, but it did make it easier to find out ways to stop them.

And Isabel was determined to change all of this. The renewed connection between Liz and Max would undoubtedly help. But working the way back to the close relationship that she had once shared with her brother would undoubtedly be a long and possibly painful one.

Max was sitting in a darkened room with Liz sleeping on the cot next to him. He was holding her hand and had a look of deep concentration.

She stopped and just looked at Max. He had changed. Not just the lines of frustration that had marked this horrid year, but changed again. There was a focus, a determination that she had never seen on him before.

Not even on Antar. Not even the drive to protect and save Antar had filled Zan’s eyes with that level of focus. It was strange. He wasn’t actually watching Liz. Just staring off into the distance, but Isabel could feel his intensity. “Max?”

Max’s brown eyes glittered when they met hers, “Isabel. I am sorry for how I have treated you. There is so much we need to speak of. And we have so little time.” He squeezed Liz’s hands tightly. “Are you still planning to go to San Francisco this summer? I will help you in any way I can.”

Isabel shook her head, “Alex is alive, Max. He is alive and captured by our enemies.” She tilted her head slightly, “Sort of.”

Max’s expression froze, “Did Tess tell you this. Or did you already know. I want to trust you Isabel. You and Michael are all that I have, save Liz. And she is sick. Sick and possibly dying.”

“No!” Isabel moved closer. “What is wrong with her?”

Max’s expression shifted to a mix of wonder and shame. “She is pregnant, Isabel. Tess came to me and told me that there is no doubt about it. An heir was conceived last night.” He looked away, “She had planned it to be her. Had actually mind warped me with preset conditions.” He sighed, “We have triggers Isabel. You were right to worry last year with that baby and Michael. It could have happened. If the right triggers had been set….” Max shook his head.

“Liz is pregnant? She came to me last night. I knew she had been with you, that you had… But pregnant? Are you sure?”

Max nodded, “I checked. I just thought it was her body adjusting to becoming more like us. To learning to use a heritage that no one expected her to have. Certainly not me.” He looked in wonder at Liz. “Her mother, Nancy Parker wasn’t born here. In fact I am beginning to wonder who exactly is purely human here in Roswell.”

“Wait, what are you implying? Our cell structure is completely different. We are half alien hybrids, for heaven‘s sake, Max. How could Liz or anyone else be like us?”

“Maria’s dad apparently is some hot shot smuggler. Even Tess had heard of him.” He looked off into the distance, “I learned a lot from Tess today. I just wish I could be entirely certain it was all true. Certainly most of it seems true, feels true. But she is such a skilled liar.”

“Max you didn’t answer my question.” She stood there trying to hold her temper.

“Apparently humans live on Antar. You felt that wonderful energy this morning. That is what Antar is like. All the time. And you are right. We are different. We were alien. Aelowey when we lived on Antar, and not human. And you are right we are different now.” He examined his hands, “Somehow our body produces Illiaster, enough for us to thrive. To live like there was more around us. Liz doesn’t have that. Her body can’t produce enough Illiaster to thrive. Maybe enough to live on, maybe now that she has changed a bit more. Enough to use basic powers maybe?” Max shook his head, “I don’t know. But last night I filled her with more than just my seed. I filled her with a large amount of Illiaster, enough to guarantee fertility. To guarantee that not only would seed find fruit, but also to help the first bits of pregnancy, which apparently are Illiaster intensive.”

Isabel just stood there. “It all comes down to Illiaster doesn’t it. Antar has it. And we don’t.”

“Yes. I hope Nancy knows how to get there, because if not the only other option is to use the Granolith like Tess planned.” He gritted his teeth and continued, “Our enemies will be waiting for us on the other end. Not only will we be giving them ourselves on a silver platter, but the Granolith as well.” He stopped, “Wait, you don’t seemed phased at the mention of Illiaster. What is going on?”

Isabel smiled sadly, “Well, while you were busy knocking up your girlfriend, I was facing the darkness of my soul. In a temporary fit of madness, I nearly committed suicide in the Balance, but Alex saved me.” Isabel blushed, “We um, talked there.”

“Talked huh?” He waved over to another seat, “Mrs. Parker is on her way over, and I will go with her. But while we wait, why don’t you tell me what has been going on with you.” He smiled ruefully, “My days of giving you preemptive orders is over. I am so sorry.”

“You should be.” She sighed and sat down. “I will try to keep the secrets to a minimum.” She laughed a little, “How long has it been since we talked like this?”

“Too long. You said you met Alex?”

Isabel told Max the whole tale of her running into Alex in the Balance. The time for secrets had past. And as she talked she watched the girl whose arm Max held.

Liz had often been the center of the troubles between Isabel and Max. But somehow Isabel knew that was about to change. Isabel felt an affinity for the girl that she hadn’t before. Moreover her new sight, the vision that made the world seem so dreamlike saw something inside of her.

Inside of Liz’s abdomen was a whirling nebulae of light and Sand from the Balance coalescing into a new life. It was still loose, still mostly unformed.

But it was there.

Isabel continued her story.


Alex looked over at his bed partner. The woman he had been told to impregnate to prove that his sperm could indeed bear fruit.

A poor child that would be the control in this ongoing experiment of Lady Malindara’s. Part of her quest for a human-Aelowey hybrid.

Unfortunately this woman looked exactly like Maria Deluca. And Alex knew without a doubt that it was very possible for Lady Malindara to get Maria if she decided to. Or to provide a copy.

But the copy would have to be human if she truly wanted this experiment to actually mean anything.

‘Maria’ was delicately eating a couple sandwiches. Alex had already finished his and was contemplating fixing another. But he needed to get a handle on this.

Alex sighed and tried again, “So you don’t remember anything? Nothing about growing up or going to school? Nothing?” And he said it all in English. Surely if she were Antaran she wouldn’t recognize the language.

‘Maria’ answered in Antaran, “Nope, nothing a complete mind wipe. I mean, I am sure that I will pick up stuff as we go along. As time passes, no one gets everything on a wipe. But separating the memories from the dreams…” She shrugged. “The flashes will be the worst. You think of her when you are with me. Your memories of her have already started leaking through. Honestly if you wanted me too, I could become her.”

Alex’s heart plummeted. She had understood him. “Can you speak English?”

She tilted her head slightly and said without accent, “Yes. I suppose I can.” She shook her head, “It doesn’t prove I am your friend though. Quality programming could implant it in my head. We have been over this, Alex. It is the same reason my powers don’t prove I am Antaran.”

Alex’s eyes tightened and looked at the heavy text books his tutor had left him. “If they can just download information right into my skull, why do I have to learn all of this stuff the hard way?”

‘Maria’s’ eyes went wide. “With the risks it entails? No way! I am a slave. Blow out my brain and I end up in a factory or brothel. No big loss. There are too few Citizens as it is. And to be honest, I think Lady Malindara wants to make you a Lesser Dom anyway.”


“Lower nobility. She sees potential in you.” ‘Maria’ cocked her head to the side, “This deal… What do you get out of it? She gets a hybrid, and you get?”

Alex sighed. “Okay, first. A name for you. Sara.”

Sara nodded with a grin, “Nice traditional name. Fits both your culture and standard Antaran. Your grandmother’s right?”

Alex sighed, “Yes. If you remember anything that might let me know whether you are my friend or not, please let me know.”

“Right.” Sara bit her lip, “About your deal. I am a slave, I know that. But I really do want to know.”

Alex looked at her, “She promised to make me worth the hand of a Princess.”


She didn’t really know what to call herself. Her memories were that of Maria Deluca, but she was very aware that she was not the girl.

For one thing she wasn’t human. She was a changeling. A pleasure model.


She had been surprised when Michael had turned down her offer for sex. But a careful perusal of Maria’s memories showed that they had discussed the subject just that morning.

She buried herself under the covers of her namesakes bed.

Pity. She would have to work on him.

There was just something wrong with a virgin pleasure model slave. Her body ached for the act. It had been designed to.

But there were limits to what Maria would have done under these circumstances. Still sometime in the next couple of days she have an opportunity. She certainly hoped so.

Amy opened the door, “Honey, I fixed a little bit of dinner for us. I know that this whole day has been a massive shock. But it will give you something to tide you over until we head over to the Crashdown to plan our next step.”

The Doppelganger said, “Sorry, Mom. Just not hungry at the moment.” Not that she ever would be. Her model wasn’t made for long term service. She didn’t have intestines to process the food.

In the unlikely event her mission didn’t kill her she would starve to death. Survival was not an option.

Amy walked in and gave her a kiss, “I will wake you in an hour or two when it is time to go. Or do would you rather me make you some soothing tea?”

‘Maria’ turned over and shook her head. “Just let me rest, mom.”

Amy smiled softly and backed out of the room, “If you need anything, honey, just call, okay?”

“I love you, mommy.”

The doppelganger watched as her comments caused a tear of sympathy from the targets mother. So far she was doing a good job with the mother. No one else had called her on any abnormal behavior either.

So far so good.

She just hoped that all of her mission objectives didn’t crowd themselves too soon. She would like to have more than a day or two of consciousness before her soul returned to Hell or awoke in the mind of a babe, fresh and clean.

Light send that this mission’s success was enough to procure her soul’s advancement back to common humanity.

Still there was a part of her that really wanted to sleep with Michael before she completed her mission and killed them all. Maybe that sinful thought would keep her from advancing, but the fragments of desire she had received from the mind of Maria before they had sent her through the wormhole to Antar….

That girl had truly loved Michael. And the doppelganger could still feel that emotion. Still feel the echoes of that desire.

And so the creature spent the hour pleasantly remembering fond and not so fond memories of Michael. Cherishing each of her stolen memories.

They and her mission were all she had.

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Re: Whisper of a Distant Dawn (CC , Mature) Part 13 - 07/28/

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And here we go again, a bit closer to finishing this off.

Ellie- Thanks. In a lot of ways, the real Maria is being used as a bit of a shell game. But after this chapter we should be closer to figuring out what her eventual fate will be.

Keepsmiling7- Thanks.

AvalonRose- Thanks

Jojotheorange- Thanks

Smac- Thanks. As above, the whole Maria section is a bit of a shell game. Each part has an important bit to play.

Disclaimer- Roswell is not mine and no infringement is intended.

Whisper of a Distant Dawn part 14


Maria achingly lay on her cot in the room they had provided her.

The one thing that they had completely convinced her of, was her inability to resist doing what they told her. Following their orders seemed to be the most natural thing in the world.

Maria touched the tiny gem imbedded in her skull. It was that device of course. Doing what they told her to do was pleasant and resisting was painful. Resisting their commands to do even the most vile or dangerous things made her queasy and sick. And it only got worse from there.

Each gem seemed to stimulate and control a different aspect of her body. They had done a lot of adjustment with the one to her shoulder. Making her twist like a pretzel. Making her body shift ever so slightly under the skin.

Frightening. But she felt more flexible and agile than she ever had.

In truth she had always been a bit of a klutz. She wasn’t sure about that anymore.

Not that it mattered. They had proven it to her. She was a slave. They could make her do anything.

They were pushing her for some reason. Getting her ready for some big meeting.

The female captor came in and threw clothes at her, “Get dressed now.”

Maria got dressed and wondered who it could possibly be. It wasn’t who she expected. “Daddy?”

True she should have. She had been told her father was involved in all of this. Had been told that he had left to avoid getting old.

But she hadn’t expected this. Her father was tall and blonde with bright green eyes. The tiny patches of grey she remembered from the photos of him she kept hidden away were gone.

If the man she had remembered had been soft and kind, this man was not. Maria could still see that man lurking deeply hidden in the eyes. The surface was hard as diamond. And just as warm.

He looked at her, as if measuring her worth. He nodded, “Maria, my darling. It is good to see you, despite the circumstances.”

The lead captor, a tall man whose fingers had too many joints. Not human but Aelowey. “So, Dominic? She is your progeny?”

Maria stood looking up at her father. So many times she had expected him to drop in and save her. But her dreams had him save her from a normal life of boredom.

Now she needed him for so much more. “Daddy? Please help me?”

His eyes were cold, “If I can.” And he gave her a kiss on cheek. She felt a flush of warm power surge through her. “But I do claim you as mine. An heir by flesh and blood.”

The captor smiled, “Shall we adjourn to the next room to discuss terms.”

Dominic nodded.

The female captor, this one human, laughed. “I honestly thought Atrix completely insane for this spur of the moment plan. But this might be better than capturing one of the Royals after all. I mean, Dominic. Wow.”

Maria softly said, “What happens now?”

The female captor smiled, “Well, Doma, we will likely still keep you as a hostage. Maybe at some neutral territory.” She shrugged, “Some rich bitch school or something. You will need an education. I mean, I seriously doubt Dominic would send you back to that hell hole you came from. And we gain an ally against Khivar and against Malindara. Or any of the other host of rivals for power.” Her eyes were positively glowing, “But if Dominic really comes through for us, if he really backs us….”

Maria looked down. Once more she was a burden.

Had she ever been more than a burden to anyone ever? She had helped Max a little this summer, but that had been half an attempt to reach Michael. Just as Max had tried to reach Liz through Maria. So in a way they had supported each other.

But this whole situation with Alex had just about crushed her. And she had always been a burden to her mom. Now she was causing trouble for her father. And while there was a part of her that was almost happy that he had to actually pay attention to her, she wished she could have done it in a way that had made him proud. Not a situation where he would have to bail her out.

She wanted to do the saving for once. “At this school. Will I learn to use powers?”

The captor burst out laughing, “I keep forgetting you’re from Earth. Doma, you are alpha plus capable. It’s almost a pity we can’t sell you on the open market. Outside of some coordination problems, you are alpha class all the way. And a scion of Dominic?” The captor licked her lips, “Honey, there are very few doors that won’t open at your knock.”

The building shook.

Maria said, “Something’s wrong.”


Liz felt as she was carried across the threshold of the apartment she had grown up in. Defenses she had never imagined existing welcomed her home. Here in this space she was safe.

She opened her eyes and looked up at a worried looking Max. Max was holding her cradled in his strong arms as he moved through her home towards her room. “Max. Love you.”

“Liz,” He looked down a moment. “I am sorry I got you involved in all this. That I keep making your life worse…”

Liz wearily lifted a hand to his cheek, “I chose this. I chose you.”

Max softly smiled at her.

Jeff opened her bedroom door, “Pumpkin.”

“Daddy, I am so sorry. I am so sorry I won’t be what you wanted me to be. Be what I wanted to be….”

Jeff looked at Max and nodded.

Max opened his mouth.

Before he said anything Jeff raised his hand and said, “I hate losing you like this. Losing you this early and the idea I might never see you again….” He shook his head and blinked back a few tears. “But it doesn’t matter what I want. You need to leave. Need to go to Antar or someplace safe. Earth can’t be your home anymore. And so…” He looked away.

Max breathed in deep, “Liz will you marry me?”

“Yes. Of course I will, you know that.” She blinked a few times, “You mean like now?”

Her father wasn’t hiding his tears anymore, “Your mother took Isabel and is getting everything she needs. One of her friends is a minister of sorts.”

She looked at her father and felt an odd whirl of sensation and KNEW something.

Her father would be at her coronation. She could see him out of the corner of her eyes as Max knelt beside her. As they were both crowned.

He looked so happy and proud and sad all at the same time.

It would happen. She KNEW it.

“Love you both.” She said weakly. So tired. Her lids so heavy. And with the Hymn of Antar rolling majestically through her head, Liz Parker fell into a deep sleep.


Kyle hurt. It was pretty much that simple. That woman had made Kyle and Tess try positions Kyle hadn’t even dreamed of. He’d used muscles he didn’t even know he had.

Add to that all the simple soreness and dehydration.

Milandara wouldn’t let them stop. Over and over and over again.

Kyle liked sex. He didn’t like being used as an animate sex toy.

He had been angry at Tess at first, until he realized she was just as caught up in this trap as he was. That this other woman was strong enough to mind warp Tess. To mentally dominate her. To taunt her and denigrate her.

And to use his body to do it.

Kyle was not looking forward to the argument that would likely happen when his Dad finally had time to deal with him. For the first time, Kyle was glad to not be the first priority. The looks his father had shot him….

Kyle sighed.

There was a knock at the door. Kyle answered it and let Sean in. His father had told him the man was coming over. To have Tess give him a crystal that she said she’d possessed.

Sean raised one eyebrow upon looking at Kyle, “You’ve seen better days.”

“Yeah, come on. Tess is pretty beat up and is sleeping, but she showed me where the crystal was.” Kyle led him to the table where the Destiny Book and a few other alien devices lay. One of which was a foot long crystal.

Sean picked it up and held it against the light. “It’s a program alright.”

Kyle tilted his head slightly, “Program?”

Sean nodded distractedly, his eyes firmly on the crystal. “Max’s ancestors found the Granolith a few generations back. Mind you it had been lost for a little while by then, and most of its history and usage had been lost. But Aelowey memories are long. They hadn’t lost everything.” He looked around. “I need to get working on this. We need it as soon as possible.”

“Yeah, we have a worktable set up in the garage. Will that do.”

Sean nodded, “As long as it has some good lighting. I might need to repurpose some tools as well.”

“Right.” He led Sean to his father’s workbench, pointing out the tools that lay near by.”

Sean set the crystal on the table and began to write some notes on some paper.

Kyle said, “Can I get you any coffee, or anything?”

Sean looked up at him, “Considering this involves Max, you are being much more helpful than I might have expected.”

“There is no love lost there, no, but Liz is involved too. And that Malindara…. I don’t know, but someone has to stop her. I figure she has to be one of the bad guys that Max will help put down.”

“It is a lot more complicated than that.” Sean gaze was contemplative.

Kyle shook his head, “I just want to do what is right. Liz needs my help. And… I don’t know, I just want to do the right thing.”

Sean nodded, “Kyle, when this is all done, I would like to make an offer to you. You are already involved and obviously can keep a secret. We have too much to do right now to really get down to business, but at the end of all this your world will still need to be protected. No matter what happens to your friends, there is still a lot of work to be done.”

Kyle looked at Sean in shock. The man had that same earnest tone that the recruiters had when talking with him. “Let me get you some coffee.”

Kyle left the workroom/garage and walked to the kitchen. Did he want to still be involved in all this alien business? This was his big chance to escape it all. If the Pod Squad plus Liz vanished, he didn’t need to be tied to the alien chaos anymore.

Kyle’s eyes whisked over to Tess’s room. But his fate was tied to hers. And even if she truly had been made normal, that didn’t mean she wouldn’t be involved.

And Kyle would support her in whatever she did.

But beyond that… Did he want to get involved?

Kyle thought earnestly about his future as he made a pot of coffee. He figured it was going to be a long night.


Michael knocked at the Deluca’s house door. There was a soft “Come in”

Michael opened the door and stopped when he surveyed the scene. There was a pizza box sprawled on the table.

Amy lay sleeping in an armchair. She had a happy little smile on her face.

On the couch sat a naked Maria. Her skin was flushed from the upper parts of her breasts to her cheeks. A bright rosy red. Her hair was damp and her body glistened with drying sweat. In one hand she held a bottle of whisky, on her other hand was a box of chocolates.

The air smelled strange. One part musky, but another part was a heavy and sexy perfume.

Maria looked up at him, “Pity you weren’t here ten minutes ago. It would have been quite the show.”

Michael just stood there, eyes blinking. What the hell was going on here?

Maria continued, crossing her legs, “The pizza is for you. The least I could do. I know you can’t do the alcohol and you wont sleep with me. So I guess pizza is it.”

Michael walked over, shaking his head at the increasingly heavy scent. “Maria, what is going on here?”

Maria smiled and took a heavy swig of alcohol. She smiled at the bottle as she pulled it away. “I am not Maria. I am a big fucking bomb meant to kill all of you.” She giggled a little, “Of course, I am not supposed to tell you that.”

Michael touched her and felt as a line of desire poured into him. Part of it was the scent, but a good deal of it was the sensations along the bond, telling him that this was indeed Maria. And that she was more than ready to be taken.

The next few moments were a blur as he pulled her body next to his and tried to shed his own clothes. The kisses were like fire, the desire sending waves of electric shock down every inch of his body. He needed her now.

More than he had even wanted Malindara he wanted his Maria and….

He woke up dazed and lying on the ground. He could hear Maria crying behind him. The smell that had filled the room was less now.

He lifted himself up to look at her.

She was back on the couch, more of the whisky gone but she was wearing a bathrobe. She took another swig of whisky, “Why do I have to love you? I know this Maria girl I am impersonating does. Did they have to make it this strong? Did they have to make me actually care? What the hell were they thinking?” She was crying now. “Like I could kill him. Like I could make his eyes shut forever?”

Michael struggled to his feet and leveled one palm facing her. She was Maria. There was no doubt. But something wasn’t right about her. Isabel had said that and he hadn’t really paid attention. He’d been too concerned at how close he had come to losing her. Too willing to accept the small changes because of what had been done to her. “Who or what are you? What have you done to the real Maria?”

Maria looked up at him, “Such pretty eyes. Did she ever tell you that? That she could see you there? Shuttered away half the time, but even then what she could see…. She always wanted to see inside. And you showed her. Didn’t you? You showed her how much you loved her. How you were willing to wait until she was ready. And, I could have taken you. I wanted to. I wanted to feel you move inside me. Much as she does. But you would never forgive yourself. Not when you realize who and what I am. She would forgive you first, I think. She would be mad you couldn’t tell the difference. But she will come to understand that in her new life, the poor girl.”

Michael could feel the blood drain away in his face, “You are like Alex was. A Doppelganger.”

She pointed at him, “See, I always knew you were smart.”

Michael could feel his rage rising, “What did you do to her!”

“She is likely on her way to Antar as we speak. They will try to cut a deal with her father. You really should talk to Mom about that. Her father is an important person back on Antar. But he doesn’t play politics.” She shook her head sadly, “Most likely, your Maria will be sold as a slave.”

Part of him wanted to blast the creature in front of him right now. But a larger part was swirling with dismay. His Maria was… gone? Stolen away from them?

The Doppelganger looked woefully at him, “I wish I could help you. God, I love you so much. I would do anything for you. And, and all I am set to do is explode when you and your friends gather. You can’t even take me to them. I just wish…”

The false Maria continued her babbling, but Michael had stopped listening.

Shock was settling in.

His Maria was gone. Lost to him, perhaps for forever.

Michael fell to his knees and cried to the uncaring heavens.

There was no response.

There never was.

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Re: Whisper of a Distant Dawn (CC , Mature) AN - 10/26/2011

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Probably won't post again until after November is over, but this was half finished. And I needed a tiny break from Hall. It is short, but I hope you enjoy.

Natalie36- Thanks for the well wishes and the comment.

keepsmiling7- Thanks. Max has decided to grow up.

Earth2Mama- Thanks.

Strawbehrry Shortcake- Thanks.

AvalonRose- Thanks. Dominic will do what he can, but his situation is complicated. So no, not much help.

Whisper of a Distant Dawn part 15

Doppel Maria-

Knocking out Michael had been a simple as giving him a narcotic kiss. If anything he’d required less a jolt than Amy had. She could understand their sorrow.

She missed Maria too.

Her handlers had really messed up with her programming. They had left on a lot of secondary programs they should have removed, and had left too much of the targets emotional spectrum. She practically was Maria, only with special abilities.

And the full knowledge of who and what she was. That she had maybe a couple of weeks. And that if she were ever in the room with all the Royals, she would explode.

They wanted her to kill her friends.

Not going to happen.

Still she didn’t want to die. But no matter how she looked at it, she had no hope. She could only try to help her friends in the hope they could aid the real Maria.

Because Maria was going to need friends soon.

She quietly scrambled up the back way to Liz’s room. From the little she had heard, Liz was sick and likely would be there. More importantly they had mentioned why Liz was sick.

Illiaster deprivation. For whatever reason, Liz Parker was suffering Illiaster deprivation to the point they were trying to find a way to Antar.

For just a moment, Maria considered that maybe they could save her. Maybe on Antar….


On Antar she would simply be a thing and a slave. Not even a human slave. A tool. Her mind would be wiped, assuming they didn’t simply break her down for chemical components.

Maria sobbed, she truly was dead. No hope for her. But her real self. The one being carted away…. There was hope for her.

And there was a way to help Liz. Maria touched her upper belly. When they made her shell, they didn’t bother replicating all the delicate machinery that went into a normal human. They simply placed food cells and power cells into her.

Liz would have no need for the food packs. Her body’s metabolism would easily handle that. But the power. The Illiaster…. Liz simply didn’t produce enough.

Maria smiled. This much she could do for her friend.

But it was going to hurt both of them.

A lot.

Maria got started.


Isabel walked into the church not expecting much. What exactly did Nancy expect to get here? They had already gotten a dress and rings for Liz and Max.

Surely there couldn’t be an alien hiding as a priest in an Catholic Church?

Nancy walked up and greeted the priest in Spanish.

Father Carlos was a trim Hispanic man who seemed to radiate an aura of kindness. He looked over from Nancy to Isabel and blushed, looking down. “It is a pleasure to meet you in person Your Highness. I have always been a follower of your work. I wasn’t surprised when Nancy here told me that you were indeed Vilandra reborn. Your dedication to charity work should have clued me in.” He chuckled slightly, “I simply thought you were trying to work the angles, like so many kids these days.” He looked over at Nancy, “Some colleges really like to see charitable work in their incoming students.”

This was one of the first times she had ever heard Vilandra spoken of fondly. “So you know who I was?

“How could I not. It will truly be an honor to aid you.”

Nancy said, “Do you have what you need? We have planned for the ceremony in a few hours. Will you be ready?”

Again the man laughed, “To marry a King in the style such a thing demands? You give me no time and no resources. To marry a young man and woman in love? That I can do. The parents of the King will be there?”

“It will be small, but they will be there.”

“Good. Marriage should start on solid foundations.”

Isabel asked, “Don’t you think they are a little young?”

Father Carlos turned to her and said, “If they are Bonded, and I will check, they are more ready for the give and take than most human weddings. Nancy, I will be there for the party.” He walked toward the back of the church.

Nancy sighed, “Now all we need is a cake.”



Max walked over to Liz’s room to check on her.

Liz lay naked on her bed, her stomach having a lump on the left side. Blood lay spilled all over the bed.

Maria sat on the bed, her belly ripped open. Her eyes were glazed and hazy. They slowly turned to Max.

“What is going on here?” Max cried.

Maria looked at him, “You are so beautiful. Did you know that? So pretty.”

Max rushed over and used his powers to try to heal Maria. Only Maria wasn’t truly Maria.

Maria said, “Don’t worry. I am going to die. I am resigned to it. I would have lasted a few weeks anyway.” She laughed bitterly, “Assuming my mission didn’t get carried out. Assuming I didn’t kill you all.”

“What have you done?” Max used his powers to probe Liz. Something had changed about her.

“I bought her some time. My Illiaster power source. Just one. I tried to get the second, but I started to pass out. It will save her.”

Max could feel Liz’s vitals fully stable as was the child’s. He could feel the baby rapidly forming inside her. “But why?”

“So pretty.” Maria shuddered and said softly, “Because I love you both. Nothing more than that.” Again a violent shudder. “Tell Michael, I love him. Tell Liz, tell her….” Maria’s eyes closed

And her body turned to dust.

Max held Liz to him and cried. It was all that was left to him at the moment.

And so he cried.

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Re: Whisper of a Distant Dawn (CC , Mature) Part 15 - 11/18/

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Hope you folks enjoy.

keepsmiling7- Thanks

AvalonRose- Thanks.

Mt. Gazer- Thanks

Zanieri- Thanks.

Whisper of a Distant Dawn part 16


Liz’s eyes were very wide as she woke up in Max’s arms. She felt like she was full of life itself. And she could feel every mote of every piece of matter in her room.

She could feel each tear form in Max’s distraught eyes. Could almost see the equations run through her head as the friction of his skin slowed their descent down his face. She could feel the rain of debris from the Maria clone still slowly drifting to the floor.

It had not been a dream. A clone of Maria had been here. And had implanted something in her. A battery.

It would not last. The Maria clone had been adamant that she remember this. That it would wear out.

“Don’t waste what I am giving you, chica. Consider it my marriage gift. I expect you to be out there saving the real me too. I would if you were missing.” The clone had winced, “I know you will. You never gave up on Alex.”

Liz had been too tired and too weak to say anything as the clone cut open her belly.

That had HURT so very badly. So much blood.

But the power had been there too. And Liz Parker was Demtris Arledal’s true daughter. The strength was there, the talent was there. Only the triggers had been absent, and those had been activated recently. The knowledge Nancy had poured into her head to protect her at school came to her now.

Liz Parker healed herself from the wound. She had seen the naked Maria, her stomach open but not bleeding much, almost as if she’d had panels to be accessed.

That Maria giggled weakly, “Always the scientist. Always trying to figure out how things work. Sorry, no time. Just remember, its temporary. Every use drains it more. At your level, maybe a few days? Save me please!”

Liz felt herself drifting as the clone talked about what she had done to Michael and Amy. She must have drifted off at some point, because she didn’t remember Max being here.

His arms felt so very warm on her naked body. Part of her found it unfair that he was still dressed.

Down girl. No time.

Instead she reached up and touched Max’s face, “It will be alright, Max. We will make it all right.”

Max’s eyes were dark, and his voice hoarse, “How can you say that. Maria is…”

“Captured, just like Alex. And like her we will get her back. Her clone has given me a few days. When we go I won’t be on death’s door. I will be ready. We all will be.” She gave him a kiss, “Now let me up so I can dress. We have things to do.”

Max chuckled softly as he backed up and watched her. “I can think of something we could do. I mean it would have to be quick but…”

“Max, don’t make this harder than it already is. We will have a brief wedding in a couple hours. One aspect of Maria’s gift is I will actually have enough energy to consummate it tonight.” She giggled a little wildly, “Even if you have already knocked me up.” She rummaged through her dresser and quickly put on panties and bra.

Max just watched with a dazed smile.

Liz raised a hand and the shirt she wanted flew to her hand. She shook her head. She needed to get used to this. She looked down at the shirt. She didn’t really like the pattern on it. Something seemed off….

Oh. A memory her mother gave her. It was a pattern from a rival clan. Almost. Maybe. A descendant of theirs or simply chance?

Could she change it? She reached into the fabric and felt it. She could feel the odd way the molecules moved against each other. It was so very strange.

No. Too tricky. She might ruin the shirt. She would discuss it with Isabel. She would probably know. She added a skirt and sweater and turned to Max. “So how do I look.”

Max answered truthfully, “You always look beautiful to me.”

Liz just smiled and said, “Let’s go.”


Isabel was amazed at how fast Nancy had been able to organize everything. And her view of Roswell would never be the same. Because some of the people she had been introduced to had known her. Had known she was from Antar the whole time.

They hadn’t known she was the reborn Vilandra. That had caused a stir.

She turned to the older woman who was driving from the bakery, where one tired pastry chef had nearly had a heart attack over making a quick wedding cake for the previous and reborn King of Antar.

The looks he had shot her had been so odd. Half in reverence and half in almost hatred. After he knew who she had been, he hadn’t looked her in the eye and kept calling her ‘Highness.’

And she could remember going to that bakery before. He’d always been so nice to Max and Isabel. Always gave them the best cookies. Her mother had never liked them, but had always bought them for Isabel and her brother as a special treat.

Over the top sweet with more than a hint of spice. She should have known.

“How many of our people live here?” Isabel asked Nancy. She tried to keep her annoyance from her voice, but she could tell some of it leaked through. It simply wasn’t fair. She had thought she was alone!

“Our people?” Nancy sighed, “More like my people. We are exiles here, Isabel. Just like you, I suppose.”

“But I always thought we were alone and now it’s like people are popping out of the woodwork.”

“I guess we’re like an immigrant group of sorts. Those of us in the know, we all stick together and do what we can to protect others like ourselves. You and even Michael, you aren’t quite the same as us. Some worried that you might be a threat. That you might be a plant of our enemies.” She laughed, NO ONE and I mean no one, imagined the truth. I mean, the Queen mother might have been a brilliant scientist before she married the old King, but seriously? Half human-Aelowey hybrids? Impossible.”

“So she announced us?”

“A light tossed to the future. That is how she described it. That our civilization was doomed. And that one day you and your brother would come back to save it. To help bring back the hope for the common folk that had long been lost.” Nancy rolled her eyes. “I was too busy trying to save the world myself to care.”

Isabel thought for a moment, “So if everyone already knows… Um what about my parents?”

Nancy looked at her sadly and shook her head. “But they really should. If you plan on leaving with Max and Liz, you really should tell them.”

Isabel looked down, “So Roswell is full of our people. And yet none of you took us in. Orphans. And you knew, you KNEW where we were from. That we would wonder?” Anger began to fill her, righteous anger at all the growing sense of betrayal. That all she had known for most of her life had been an utter lie…. “At no point would one of you even risk the smallest gesture that we were not alone? That we had others like us?” She was screaming at the woman at the end, “THAT WE WERE NOT ALONE? DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT IS LIKE!!!!”

Nancy stopped the car and turned to face Isabel. Her face was a mask of pain. "Yes I know what it feels like. I know what it feels like to be the last. To have every member of my family hunted down and slain. So yes, Isabel or Vilandra or Your Highness, or whatever you want to call yourself. I DO know what it is like to be alone. Pardon me for not risking my new family for your comfort."

“Well then,” Isabel said in a crystal cut voice, “I guess it’s good none of you found us then. We wouldn’t want to be an inconvenience the rest of you. I mean, I got lucky with the Evans. So did my brother. So I guess WE made out okay.”

Nancy turned to face forward, her gaze hard.

Isabel continued, her voice becoming cheerfully sarcastic, “But hey, a drunk can beat and batter poor little Michael to his heart’s content. And you bastards can just look on. Poor kid. Luck of the draw can be a bitch can’t it.”

Nancy started up the car. “Yes it truly can.” She began to drive away from the Crashdown. And towards a familiar place. Home.

The look Nancy gave her surprised her. Isabel had just slung a series of horrible insults at the woman. Isabel knew that she herself would not have calmed that fast. Certainly she wouldn’t have expected, sorrow or, or pity. And they seemed so deep. Like she had seen it all before.

Isabel’s head spun looking for a barb she could toss, something to rattle the older woman. Because peevishly she wanted the woman to BE rattled. To not look at her like that. To not look at her as if she truly understood what Isabel was going through. Only Alex should see through her defenses so easily.

It wasn’t fair!

The car stopped. Nancy turned to her and said softly, “You should make peace with them now. Or you will regret it for the rest of your life. Even if you return someday, you will regret it.”

Suddenly Isabel felt like her legs were made of lead. But she had to do this. She WANTED to do this.

Didn’t she?

Nancy rubbed her shoulder gently, “I can go in with you if you need me to.”

“No. I will be fine.” She said softly, “I just wish Max were here.”

“Honey, just remember. Even when things look bleak, you are never truly alone? If you need me just call.”

Isabel got out of the car and took a few steps. “Thank you for today. It was enlightening. Now I need to enlighten a couple other poor souls.” She took a deep breath and said softly, “I hope they take it all better than I have.”

“You will be there for the wedding, right?” Nancy’s eyes were bright.

“I wouldn’t miss it. Go on, I will be fine. As I said, I got lucky.” She turned to go.

“Call me if you need a ride there.” And Nancy left,

Isabel absently placed her hands out, in the position she had long ago on the road way when Michael and Max had held her hand and protected her.

But not now.


She hated it. Always had.

A deep breath and she walked into the house to tell her parents the truth.


It had taken some work to pull herself together. Her worst nightmare realized. Maria stolen by some group from Antar.

Michael had been nearly as bad. Sean sedated him somehow. Some Skin trick or something. It was going to take getting used to. But her contacts had vetted that he was trust worthy.

Both the Queen and her husband’s network said the guy was okay.

She had other contacts of course. Ones she kept hidden. From everyone. Because when you were in a position like she had been for the last twenty years you learned to play the sides. Learned to keep your options open.

A friend today could be tomorrows enemy.

It had taken nearly an hour to get everyone out of the house. Max and Sean were headed off to activate the Granolith somehow. It would take them back to Antar.

Max had promised to do everything in his power to bring her baby back. As he should.

What Max didn’t know was that he had already contacted his pervious incarnations mother of his immanent arrival. And of her daughters fate.

She had received the same promises of support.

The same was true of her husband’s network. Promises of support.

If she could contact the Traditionalist faction of the Aelowey she would have. She wanted everyone looking for her daughter, and right now she had the coin that everyone wanted.

Amy Deluca knew where the Royals were and what their plans were.

And she knew exactly who to talk to get results. She closed her eyes and prepared to make a deal with the devil.

From all her contacts, she knew the man was not the evil man he was painted of by some of the exiles here in Roswell. But at the same time he was known to be highly manipulative and dangerous to be in contact with.

But to protect Maria she would do anything.

With a whispered apology to Nancy, she activated the Communicator with the code she had been given.

She pulsed the response code and said quietly, “My name is Amy Deluca.”

The voice came back, urban and in unaccented English, “The wife or former wife of Old Dom. I am impressed you have this contact number. I knew you were in the business, but this is indeed a surprise.”

“You are Khivar?”

“I am Khivar.”

Amy tested the devices that let her truth read any messages. It wouldn’t tell you what was true or not, only if the subject was being truthful. And he was. She was indeed speaking to Khivar himself.

“I have a favor to ask/”

There was laughter on the other side of the communicator. “So bold! I like you, woman. You know how this game is played. Tell me how I can help you.”

“And in return?”

“I will tell you how you can be of service to me.”

Amy took a deep breath. “My daughter was kidnapped by forces alien to Earth. I want her found and protected. Brought back if possible.”

“A daughter. This would be Maria Deluca then?”

“Yes. I would do anything to protect her.”

“Anything, really?”

“If you will uphold your end, then yes. Anything.”

“Very well. I will contact you later.” The line went dead.

Had she made the right choice? God she hoped so.

But she had meant it. She would do anything to keep her daughter safe.

Anything at all.

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Re: Whisper of a Distant Dawn (CC , Mature) Part 16 - 12/16/

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Well here we go still working our way up to the Wedding, which if I am lucky will be featured in the next part. And hopefully that part will be sooner rather than late. Crossing my fingers.

Natalie36- Thanks. Yep. And you won't see its fruit for a few more parts.

AvalonRose- Thanks. Amy has a communicator that she uses to contact her former husbands smuggling network. And over the years has made contacts of her own. And through them got the contact number for Khivar. And you will see a bit of a twist on the Evans parents, not the one I expected mind, this one just sort of grew as I wrote it. Hope you enjoy!

keepsmiling7- Thanks.

Zanier1- Thanks. Amy sent a message to everyone. Except to Malindara anyway. So the Queen and the Royalists are looking, Doms people are looking, and well Khivar is now involved. Much fun was had by all? Note that this is late season 2 Max, he has a long way to go. But yes, he is on the mend and folks who think they have gotten the better of him might be surprised at what will come next. Or not. We shall see.

Whisper of a Distant Dawn part 17a


Liz followed Michael and Sean on the short trek to the Granolith Chamber. She rubbed her arms and wondered what had been so important that her mother had dragged Max from his own Jeep. But whatever hushed lecture she had given Max had left him chagrined and obedient.

He had given her a kiss and told her to make sure everything went smoothly for him. Michael had grunted at that. But Max had orders for Michael and Sean.

To protect her with their lives and they had agreed. Even Michael. Sean had even called Max Your Majesty after that command.

Liz wasn’t sure how she felt about it all. On one side she wanted to protest that she could take care of herself. But the truth was she wasn’t sure she could. Sure she had powers now. And her mother had given her some memories that should let her use them. But as she had discovered when she had wanted to change a pattern on her shirt, the mere fact she had the memory and the power to do it didn’t mean that she could.

None of it was natural to her. So the how and why might be just a few idle moments away or she might not be able to figure it out. These implanted memories would not replace her actually learning how to do things. It would probably make it easier, make it more like relearning something. But still making it so doing things with her powers was easy would likely take some time.

Plus there was the little matter of her slowly draining battery. Would she drain it too fast if she got into a fight? She needed it to last until she was safe somewhere,

Michael reached up and the door opened when he cocked his head aside and closed the door. “Sean you see where this door is right? Would you be able to open it.”

Sean looked at Michael with an amused look, “Making sure I am not going to run off with the Granolith?”

Michael grunted and said, “Look, I don’t fully trust you. But if you had wanted to hurt us, you’ve had plenty of chances. I don’t think you mean us much harm. I don’t know what your angle is yet, but for now…”

Sean laughed, “Well then. I could in time. But I would require a lot of tools. It would probably be easier to dig out the walls surrounding it than to breach the door itself.” He shuddered, “Not that I am eager to try. My guess is that it would be booby trapped against unauthorized Illiaster usage.”

Michael nodded thoughtfully, “Liz come here. I want to see something.”


He smiled at her. Oddly enough it was a real smile. “Open the door.”

“Michael it’s keyed for you and….”

He took her hand. “Right there. Now open it.”

Liz felt a pulse of energy flow from her to the door. She felt as the door recognized her and opened.

Michael nodded. “I thought so. I wonder if Maria could have done it.”

Sean asked quietly, “Have you Bonded her? That would have marked her. Whether she could open the door or not I don’t know. But the door would have recognized her at that point.”

Michael looked grim, “I don’t know. I don’t really know how this whole bonding thing works.”

Sean said softly, “Could you, can you feel her? Like she is a part of you very far from you?”

Michael nodded slowly, his eyes wet with unshed tears.

Liz reached over and hugged him. “We will find her. We will!”

Michael stiffened a moment and then accepted it. His voice was harsh, “I will move heaven and Earth to make it so.”

Sean sighed and brushed past both of them. “We have things to do before you can do your heroics. Namely we need to prime the Granolith so that it is ready. It will take at least twenty hours or so for it to be ready.”

“And then we go?”

Sean chuckled, “Well as it was originally programed the ship would have left right after it was competed. You would have had twenty-four hours and then it would be gone. No backing out. Hell, it was even programmed to slag the hill and a bit of the local area to get rid of stragglers. Who knows what the local military and space agencies would think of that. Very flashy.”

Liz said, “You fixed that, right? No massive destruction or drawing of attention?”

Sean smiled as he walked toward the pods. He touched one of them reverently, “Such magnificent craftsmanship. The Queen spared little to make sure these were well made.”

Michael gruffly said, “You didn’t answer her question.”

“Yes, it won’t be as flashy. It will still consume a chunk of the hill, no helping that. It needs some material to make the ship after all.”

Liz stopped for a moment, “It is MAKING a ship?”

Sean looked confused, “How else did you assume you would get home. The Granolith can build just about anything if the right people tell it too. Of course you have to know how to tell it to build something. It really is a lost technology from the First Age. I have often wondered if there were others once upon a time. But legends pretty much talk about THE Granolith more than just Granoliths, so I suppose it must be the only one.” Sean shrugged. He looked around, “I presume it’s hidden past this chamber?”

Liz nodded and crawled through Isabel’s Pod and into the outer chamber. The metal door opened before her and once more she was in the Granolith’s presence.

It felt different this time. Before she had only felt an oddness about it. Felt an almost electric tingle. Now she could see it almost blaze with an unseen light.

Illiaster. She would wager that it was producing Illiaster. She reached out her hand and felt as some of the power flowed into her. Her hand moved toward the central cone and she felt its warmth.

Flash- Knowledge and power rushed through her. So very much knowledge. Past and Present and Future. For just a split second she thought she almost could understand it. A little. A tiny little bit that she herself was part of.


But it was too much. Too much for her mortal frame to hold on to. And while she wanted it, it would not let her die. And so it took it all away.

She felt herself return, felt the knowledge and the understanding leave.

Liz fell to her knees and pleaded with the device, “Please. Please just leave me with a little. Just a little?”

Michael was at her side, “What just happened?”

Sean said, “Fascinating.” He shook his head, “I am beginning to sound like my uncle.”

Liz just stared up at the device that had filled her with such wonder. She had finally understood so much, had finally known…..

She couldn’t help the tears from flowing. But she knew one thing without a doubt. This was not an Aelowey device. Nor human. It was older than both races. Older than the Hist as well.

Sean continued, “Liz just interacted with the Granolith. Doesn’t happen often. No one really understands it Michael. It is old.”

Liz nodded, “Very old. So very old.”

Sean said intrigued, “It told you things?”

Liz nodded, “Yes, but it took most of it away. What it left me with, I don’t really know. It doesn’t want to make my decisions for me. It, it believes in free will.”

Michael nodded, “it’s alive isn’t it.”

Liz thought for a moment, “Yes. No. Well maybe. But not in any way we would consider alive. But there is a consciousness there. Sort of. I can’t really explain it.” A wave of sadness flowed through her. “A moment ago I understood. I understood it all. But now….” She turned away. “Sean place the crystal in. It should work exactly like you think. I need some fresh air.”

She rushed out of the Granolith Chamber and through the Pod Chamber. The door opened easily for her and she stood in the bright sun and felt its warmth pour into her. She looked around at the desert landscape. Antar’s sun was a little greener than Earth was. The colors would be subtly different.

It would bother her for a little while, but she would get used to it.

Her child would never know the difference, not for many years. He would grow and prosper on Antar.

Liz shuddered. She KNEW that. She simply knew it. How she couldn’t say. Something the Granolith left her she supposed.

Just like she knew that things would get worse, possibly much worse than they were now. And that it was possible that this night would be the last one she spent with her friends in peace. Things would change when they reached Antar.

She hoped Max was having better luck.


Alex calmly looked at his tutor. The man had seemingly warmed up to him for some reason. Not that it had changed the harsh regimen he had structured for Alex.

Nope that hadn’t changed one bit. If anything he had increased the physical and mental aspects of it. It wasn’t just about Powers now. The man was training him in Estate Management and Antaran Law. Swordsmanship and Duel Arcane.

But mostly he was still having him practice in the Balance every single day.

Alex looked over at him, “Why am I doing this again?”

“My dear Alexander, you have a great deal of potential. But ability in the advanced areas require a level of understanding you do not yet have.” The Tutor lit up one of his odd cigars. Alex was sure it wasn’t tobacco he was smoking, but some odd herb he had never run across before. “You could probably manage to do some of it. Just like so many of these half-trained kids running around these days. But while that might make you think you have power, you won’t be able to fully use it without a deeper foundation. You are my student, Alexander, and you will not embarrass me by showing a lack of depth to your abilities.”

Alex sighed and nodded. He meditated and concentrated on a Balance Stone in his hand. In truth he didn’t need one anymore, but he hadn’t really let anyone know that. He thought his tutor suspected, but the man hadn’t called him out on it.

The stone glowed in his palm and….

He was back in the desert. He absently looked around for Isabel to see if she was there or in the mirror world she used to raid others dreams.

But no. She was in the real world and fully awake.

But he could still feel her. She felt so close and yet so far.

He followed the Bond between them and…

Isabel looked at her anxious parents. Her mother was sitting in a chair across from her. Her father had his phone in hand and was about to dial, “I need to tell you something. Something important.”

Her father sighed, “I was going to order some dinner. Do you think Max will grace us with his presence tonight?”

“Um, yeah, I am pretty sure. But I mean he already has plans, and um, so do I. And I….”

Philip sighed, “Is it so hard for you kids to spend time with us anymore? I know you are graduating and need to be with your friends as much as you can because you’re leaving. You are still considering San Francisco right? I mean Max was telling me you were reconsidering and in-state tuition is so much cheaper….”

“Max talked to you about Sante Fe State?”

Philip nodded, “It seems reasonable.”

Diane sighed, “Phil, we can talk about this later. Isabel, honey, what did you need to tell us?”

Isabel’s face writhed with indecision. “Actually, God, this is so hard.”

Philip rolled his eyes, “That is it, I am calling. I will order some for you and Max. You can either have it tonight with us, or as left overs tomorrow.” He got up to leave.

Isabel flicked her wrist and the phone in his hands flew across the room.

Philip stared at it in shock.

Isabel stood, “You will listen to me. I, I…”

Diane said, “You aren’t pregnant are you?”


Philip looked over at Isabel. “What just happened? That phone was in my grasp and…”

Isabel said, “I did it. You wouldn’t listen to me and, I need you to. I need you to listen.”

“You have my attention.”

“Okay, me and Max. Um you remember how you found us?”

Diane said, “How could we ever forget?”

Philip just grunted.

Isabel said, “Well we aren’t from around here.”

Philip said, “I never was able to track down where you were from. I spent a decent amount of money on it too. Are you saying that you know something you haven’t told us.”

Isabel looked down, “We were afraid. Both of us. I wanted, I wanted to tell mom to share what we knew, but Max. Max was too scared you wouldn’t love us anymore. That you would see us as freaks.”

Philip sighed, “I always wondered when we would have this conversation. You already know about your blood.”

Isabel said quietly, “My blood?”

Diane looked over at Philip, “Phil honey?”

Philip grimaced, “It wasn’t something I wanted to worry you about. But their blood is… altered with a group of chemicals. And some sort of odd virus in suspension. The CDC….”

Isabel’s cheeks went white, “You sent blood samples. My blood samples to the, the CDC?”

Philip sucked in his cheeks, “Well I didn’t do it directly, the doctors who were studying your blood work did. Came back harmless enough. They did ask for us to send any changes or health problems you had. But you never needed to go to the doctor. Hell, they are probably still studying it. Your genetic samples too, although outside of an odd genetic marker you are perfectly healthy. Whoever gave birth to you had good genes.”

Isabel sat down heavily and began to hyperventilate.

Alex tried to reach out to her, to provide support, but he felt himself growing tired and…

Alex shook himself as he found himself back on Antar. He felt tired and more than a little hungry.

His tutor smiled and handed him an apple.

Had it been real or had he just imagined it? The dreamworld was very close to the Balance.

He didn’t know. But if it was true, his heart went out to his poor love. So much of her life had been predicated on no one knowing her origins.

He took another bite. So much to learn, so much to do.

They would find a way to be together. He just knew it.

Alex just wished that time was now.

He sighed and knew that he still had a ways to go. He looked up at his tutor, “Okay, what is next?”

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Re: Whisper of a Distant Dawn (CC , Mature) Part 17 - 01/21/

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Hey if your muse is focusing on one story, plow ahead with it, right?

keepsmiling7- Thanks. Trying to keep these parts coming.

Mt Gazer- Thanks. Alex was seeing the Earth. He has a pretty good feel for Isabel and could probably find her anywhere. The same is true for all of the Bonds, depending on the degree of activation.

Whisper of a Distant Dawn part 18


Max sat in the passenger seat of Parker’s family car. He looked over at the seemingly calm Nancy Parker. She was staring straight ahead, watching her driving.

To think this woman had known him when he had lived his other life. Had in fact been the one to kill him. And here they were driving through Roswell on the way to something of utmost importance.

He finally broke the silence, “Where are we going?”

“To do something you and your sister probably should have done years ago.” She laughed ruefully, although I do understand your point. It would be even worse in some ways for you two kids. Not really being sure where you came from. Just vague thoughts that linked you to the Crash.” She glanced over, “Why did you settle on being survivors of that crash anyway. I mean why aliens of all things.”

Max shrugged, “It just felt right. We knew we were not from here. And our powers….”

Nancy chuckled, “Never read any comic books? Didn’t think you were mutants or some bizarre creations?”

Max dryly said, “I never really cared much for comic books. I don’t know. Sometimes we just know things. Memories from before.”

“Memories from when you were Aelowey.”

“I suppose. We knew we weren’t human. Or not fully human.” Max shrugged again, “Not important now I suppose. But it would have been nice to know we weren’t alone.”

Nancy sighed, “It’s hard in some ways. Because you aren’t human. You are almost, but not quite. None of us really knew what you were. So we watched you. And when we could help you surreptitiously we could.” She wryly smiled and winked at him, “You kids are good. And you can really come up with a quick plan, but you don’t think your little group and an aging Chalsei were enough to finish the Special Unit.?” Her voice turned grim, “I only wish we knew just how far they had gone. I am so sorry Max. I would have done more to help you had I known. My little girl going to the Sheriff for help because she didn’t know she could trust in me.” She gave another heavy sigh.

Max said, “I don’t really know how we would have reacted ourselves if you had suddenly contacted us. Michael at the very least has always been skittish.”

“I talked with Isabel about this. Your sister right now is telling your parents who and what you are.”


“Max, you are about to leave them and they don’t know a thing. Don’t you think it is time to be straightforward with them? They have raised you like their own. They love you. Trust me they will accept you for what you are.”

“And if they don’t?” Max said harshly.

“Then it’s a handy thing you waited until right before you left!” Nancy replied harshly.

Silence filled the car as they finished the drive to his house. He got out sullenly and stared at the building he had called home for most of his life.

He heard the door behind him open. “You are not escaping this Max. I won’t let your sister face this entirely alone. She’s been by herself in there long enough don’t you think? You say you want to turn over a new leaf, well Isabel hinted at some of what you have done to her lately. And Max, I find it deplorable. If you ever, and I mean ever, treat Liz like that….”

Max gulped as for just a moment Nancy’s eyes turned pitch black. He turned to face his parents.

Funny how he always had thought he would be more frightened of them than his potential in-laws. He gulped again. Maybe this part wouldn’t be so hard.

He opened the door and Isabel was freaking out on the couch. Diane was trying to console her, but it wasn’t working.


Diane looked up at him, “I guess you were right. Alex’s death really did hit her hard. She isn’t stable. No way can we let her go to San Francisco like this. And yet she keeps saying she’s leaving.”

Max felt his heart speed up. He took a deep breath and said “She is, we both are. My fault of course.”

Isabel backed away and looked at Max. “Why are you here? Why aren’t you with Liz?”

Diane’s face wrinkled and she looked up past Max, to Nancy who had followed him in, “So Liz is sick? I wasn’t sure…”

Nancy said quickly, “She is fine. Max here has a bit to say.”

Isabel pushed her mother away and strode towards Max. Every inch of her shrieked fury, “Go ahead Max. You tell them. Maybe they will believe you. Because they sure as hell didn’t believe me. Someone has been telling them that Alex’s death has hit me so hard its left me unstable. That leaving now would be bad for me. Leave me open to bad influences.”

Max said, “Isabel…”

“No, no. Go ahead. Do what I have always dreamed of doing. Build a bridge of understanding between you and Mom, as you finally share your deepest secrets.”

“I am sorry Isabel, I was just…”

Her words were clipped and cold, “Trying to control me. You couldn’t persuade me so you were setting me up. God, I can’t believe it. You really would have done it wouldn’t you? You would have lied to my teachers, lied about drugs, all of it. You would have dragged me back kicking and screaming here wouldn’t you. Simply because you couldn’t let me go.”

Max looked at her and he did something he knew needed to be done. He let the shutters of his soul that guarded his eyes from casual contact down, a wall he usually only let Liz breach. He needed Isabel to know he was sincere. And he told her the truth, his voice full of emotion, “Yes. Yes I would have. I am so sorry, Isabel. I am so very sorry….”

Isabel hit him.


He staggered into the wall.

Diane called out “ISABEL AMANDA EVANS!”

Max waved her off. “No. No Mom, I deserved that. For what I was, for what I became…. I deserve that. And more.”

Nancy sighed, “That is enough children. We still all have a wedding to get ready for. So lets get the information sharing done, as in today?”

Diane said, “Wedding?”

Nancy pushed Max off to the kitchen. “Your father is in there. You deal with him. Isabel and I will talk with Diane and fill her in.”

Isabel tapped Max’s shoulder, eyes still smoldering, “This isn’t over little brother.”

Max said quietly, “I know, and I am sorry.”

Isabel nodded, a trace of fury leaving her face. “We need to talk. Clear the air between us.”

Max smiled, “I would like that.”

Nancy simply pointed at her watch.

Isabel smiled, “Oh, and Max. While you are in there, you should discuss with Dad how good our hide in plain sight plan has worked.”


“Apparently the CDC has blood and genetic samples from both of us. We sure did a good job hiding huh?” Isabel turned away.

Max gave her a double take, but Nancy pointed at her watch again. Gulp. He walked into the kitchen.


“So you are going to join us after all. Nice to see you. We are doing Chinese for dinner, was there something you wanted me to order?” He said gruffly, fixing a cup of coffee.

Max just stood there. The CDC had genetic samples? Blood samples?

Philip just shook his head, “I am sorry about being so hard on you the other day about Isabel. I know you have always depended on her, and I just thought you were trying to sabotage her. Keep her here where she would still be with you.”

Max said faintly, “I was. I thought I had the right.”

“What are you talking about? You were right, Isabel isn’t in any fit state to be traipsing about without someone to help her. The poor girl is a few short steps from a breakdown.” He sighed heavily, “And I missed it. Some parent I am. Your mother is really worried about her.”

“Dad, why did you send samples to the CDC?”

Philip laughed, “Well they did a battery of tests before they would let you be adopted. You were pretty skittish about the doctors, but after a little sedation you both calmed down considerably. Considering the state we found you in you were both in remarkable condition. A little dehydrated but nothing else. You didn’t even have as much exposure damage as you should have. It was strange. All of it was strange.” Philip laughed again, this time ruefully. “Well I guess you are old enough to know this. Who knows, maybe it will jog some of those memories you’ve suppressed from your childhood.”


“Sit down son. Please.”

Max sat down wondering how long Nancy was going to give him, but still fascinated by his father’s sudden openness.

“You know that we found you on those old back roads. Well Diane fell in love with you both immediately. Isabel seemed to warm up to her quickly as well, almost broke both their hearts when we had to leave you at the hospital. But when the blood tests came back, well I was contacted by some of my friends who asked exactly where you got picked up. They didn’t go into any details. But they asked me a favor...” He took a deep sip of his coffee, “They knew that Diane and I were looking to adopt, preferably an infant or toddler. But the waiting lines were so long and….” He shook his head. “Well that isn’t important now. Diane already was in love with Isabel, and well you seemed to come as a pair.” He laughed.

“So you took the both of us in? As a favor?”

Philip nodded, “Your background was too strange, they asked me to keep track of you. To watch and see if you were, well…”

“Different.” Max felt as chills worked up and down his spine. Was anything he thought he knew true?

“Yes, exactly,” Philip nodded.

“So you already know.” Max felt himself tremble. He had spent so much of his time worrying, so much effort in lying to his parents. All for nothing.

“Know what?”

“That we are alien.”

Philip coughed out his last sip of coffee. “What? Aliens? What for heaven’s sake makes you say that? Alien? Half the kids in Roswell have stranger genes than you do. No one knows why, maybe because of all the bombs that were stored here, maybe because of Trinity. Luckily, most are harmless. Just odd.”

Max closed his eyes. The colonists and expatriates from Antar. That was why there were genetic oddities in Roswell. It was funny, his father knew and yet knew nothing. “Well it is true. I wasn’t born on Earth. But another planet. So was Isabel.” He opened both eyes, “The Crash was real Dad. I wasn’t alive then, I was in a pod where they planned to wake me. But something went wrong and we crashed. The life support must have finally given out and our pods opened. We don’t know that much more. But what we do know, I will tell you.”

Philip looked at him as if in a new light. “Let me get you some coffee. This might take a bit. I have some questions.”

He accepted the coffee and took a sip. Not bad. His dad had learned exactly how he liked it. “I could start at the very beginning, but we don’t have time. Let me start at where we get the most relevance.”

Philip smiled, “Thanks.”

“We’ve always known we were different, but we’ve tried to hide ourselves. Until the day when I couldn’t. When the day the girl I love nearly died….”


She didn’t know who she was anymore, although she knew she was important. It was more than the gleaming alpha level marks on her skin, the bright emerald glowing on her slave markers.

She was naked as were the rest of the slaves in the pen. They were being held for sale and she might very well fetch the highest price.

But it came with a cost.

None of the others would come near her. While she couldn’t use her powers on her captors, and they were limited, she still had them.

She was powerful. Still young, still growing into her gifts, but her master should be happy with what she would be able to do for him.

Still the others feared her. And while that made her proud, she was also frightened and wished there was someone brave enough to comfort her. She glanced off into the distance. She knew there was someone out there for her. Her master perhaps.

Either way, she missed him. Missed his touch. And wondered as she watched some of the others couple and fondle each other what it would feel like.

She was a virgin. Not untouched perhaps. They had said she had residue, strange residue left on her. But she had never been penetrated by living flesh.

Her first master would have the right of first seed pouring into her. That was something coveted, even if she were given to an Aelowey. Which made no sense as she could never bear a child from such a union. But she didn’t care. Her price determined her worth.

And so she waited to be sold, proud but lonely. There was something she was forgetting. Something so very important.

But how could it be? She was a slave and her old life had ended. Her new life would soon begin once she was sold and the desired personality traits were blended in with the remnants of who she had once been.

But it had been so important to her. He had been so important to her.

And so she cried.

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Re: Whisper of a Distant Dawn (CC , Mature) Part 18 - 01/24/

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And here we go again. Just one more part and then an epilogue I think. Hope you folks enjoy.

Keepsmiling7- Thanks. And yep.

AvalonRose- Thanks. And here is a third. Those odd genetic markers will have more an impact in the sequal than in Whisper. They come from the exiles.

Mt Gazer- Thanks. You are right about the genetic markers. As for who was on the slave block, well I think I solve that one in this part.

Whisper of a Distant Dawn part 19


Michael watched from the sidelines as Max and Liz tied the knot. From time to time his eyes scanned the small crowd attending the wedding. He recognized most of them from around town.

It was hard to believe that such a community of people in the know had existed. And that it was still somehow secret.

But then if someone had said that Nancy Parker, let along some of the other folks out there had ties to another world Michael would not have believed him. Nancy Parker had always seemed so ordinary and mundane. Asking him about his homework and what he planned to do after school ended.

He still hadn’t really focused on school, as it had always seemed pointless. But just like Amy, she had tied. And she had always known he was different. If not exactly how or who he had once been.

So normal. All of these people were so normal. And all of them were fugitives as much as he and his friends were. How had he missed this? So many of these people had been among those who had treated him the best either that or with the most suspicion.

Michael had always looked to the stars in the hopes his people would come to save him. Only to find that some of those people lived here already.

He listened in to the vows as Max and Liz pledged each other to the other forever. And he could not help but an image of himself kneeling there with a white garbed Maria.

“Do you promise to love and cherish the other as long as you both shall live?”

Michael closed his eyes and sent a pulse of emotion to Maria, to let her know that he was still there. That he was looking for her. And that he loved her.

And Michael quietly said, “I will.”

She awoke curled in a ball and whispered a name. It was the name she whispered that woke her.

It was not Antaran.

Michael. That was the name. Michael.

Why did that make her feel so very strange? So very full of joy and sorrow?

She simply couldn’t understand it. All of her past had been scrubbed from her. She was clean and new, ready for a different master. All the old ties and bonds should be gone.

But they weren’t. For the first time she realized she hadn’t been willingly give up. That this shouldn’t have been her fate.

She had been stolen. Taken from those had loved her.

They had tried to cut those Bonds but had failed. She began to laugh. It was not a pleasant laugh.

Her mind raced, searching for some way to escape and find her current predicament.

No. Too many guards. Her powers were partly neutralized. She might be able to do some damage, but they would stop her. And she would be in the same predicament only worse.

No she would bide her time. An opportunity would present itself. And if they couldn’t snap the Bond before they wouldn’t be able to now.

In English she said, “We will be together again, Michael. I don’t know how and I don’t know when, but neither Heaven nor Hell shall bar my way. I claim you as you claim me!” And she closed her eyes and with all her might concentrated on her hidden Bond.

It would take a lot of work and pain and possibly suffering on her part, but she knew she would succeed. For she could feel him so very far away, but still there. The Bond was open now, they had tried to cut it, tried to paper it over when they had failed.

She would find an opportunity and take it. Nothing could stop her now.

The guards wandered through the central corridor looking at all the sleeping slaves. Tomorrow was a sale day and they had all been told to get their rest. They walked past her without a comment.

She let herself drift back to sleep. But it would come. And soon.

She smiled as she drifted to sleep, her mind already coming up with ideas.


Max could not keep the butterflies in his stomach from swirling continuously. He certainly hoped his nervousness didn’t show on his face.

He was marrying Liz! Both of his parents had come, his mother clucking at the lack of time. His father grilled him over getting Liz pregnant. But both of them had come.

They knew what he was, who he had been , and still they came. Isabel had been right after all. They really would have loved us anyway.

So much missed time. So many regrets.

Because tomorrow they would leave for Antar and hope to find a safe haven so that Liz could bear his child in peace. He kept his face impassive as the emotions of it all coursed through him.

Max tried to keep his mind focused on his lines, to make sure that he didn’t make any mistakes. There had been no real time to practice.

“I, Max Evans, take Elizabeth Claudia Parker to be my wife and consort.”

‘Where had that last line come from? I need to focus!’

He continued, “To love and cherish, in sickness and health, in good times and bad, to rule by my side, so long as we both shall live.” He felt a swelling inside him, as if another part of him demanded its say. And to the gasps of the crowd he said in flawless Antaran. “By the Creator above and all of you as my witnesses, I Zan of Antar claim Elizabeth Claudia Parker to be my wife, my consort and the bearer of my heirs. I swear I will protect her from harm and listen to her wise counsel in good times and bad, for we shall face both. I swear to cherish her always until my death and if the Creator will allow it, after. By the powers graced to me by the Creator and the Granolith which I have been entrusted, I do so swear.”

There was a pause and Max felt himself shift again and he looked again at Liz, soon to be his wife. What had come over him? Would she still want him? Knowing now what she did?

She smiled and a determined look crossed her face, “I Elizabeth Claudia Parker, take Max Evans to be my husband. I swear to love and cherish him in sickness and health, in good times and in bad, so long as we both shall live.”

He thought she was finished, but she gave him a glance and in slow and broken Antaran said, I Elise Arledal, claim Zan of Antar, known as Max Evans, to be my husband, consort, and the father to my children. I swear to protect him from hidden dangers and to provide wise counsel in good times and bad, for we shall face both. I swear to cherish and love him up until the time of my death, and if the Creator allows, beyond. By the powers granted to me by the Creator, I do so swear.”

There was a pause and the Priest conducting the ceremony did not hide his tears. “It has been so long since I have heard the old way spoken. A blessing be upon both of you children.” He smiled, “Let us finish this. Bring forth the rings.”

Max stared at his bride, at his Liz. How, where, when? He glanced over at tearful Nancy and she simply shook her head.

The rest of the ceremony went by in a blur.

He Max Evans was a married man.

Surely he was the luckiest man in the universe!


Isabel couldn’t stop the tears from flowing as her brother married Liz. The venue, outside at the Clubhouse of the Roswell’s best golf club. Her father often took her here for Brunch.

How Nancy had managed all of this in such a short period of time…. Well Isabel would not have believed it if she hadn’t spent the afternoon with the woman.

All of it was perfect.

She scanned the small crowd of well-wishers. Many of whom she had met only today. One in particular caught her eye. In fact, he made her heart flutter.

She had thought she was over this! She had Alex now. And sure Alex was currently with another woman. But they would solve that problem as soon as possible. She would go to Antar and they would find him.

And she would claw out her sister’s eyes for taking Alex!

She bit her lip. But until then…. Alex had told her not to wait for him. To know that they would be together at the end, that they were meant to be together. But that it would take time.

It would not happen overnight, and it wasn’t like he had the opportunity to just stop where he was. So he had told her not to wait.

Besides they were leaving tomorrow. Maybe a dance or two at the reception. And maybe a little more after, but …

She heard Max announce something in Antaran. She could almost understand. Almost. But if she couldn’t quite catch the words, she certainly understood the meaning.

The romantic fool.

Her eyes rose when Liz did the same back, albeit slowly and awkwardly. Where had Liz Parker learned to speak Antaran?

Isabel was still dazed as the ceremony finished and people began congratulating Max and Liz. She was about to do so herself when the man she had spotted before touched her arm.

He was tall and had dark hair. His eyes were a deep indigo that seemed to go on forever. He was dressed in a well-tailored suit that fit his well sculpted body perfectly.

His touch sent an electric thrill through her body. She felt flushed and more than a little bothered by him.

He said in an oddly accented baritone, “My dear Miss, do I know you from somewhere?”

“I… I” There was a part that knew him. That desired him more than anything. Half of her drive to keep away other boys had been simply her waiting for this man to find her again. She squirmed a little awkwardly as she felt wetness between her thighs.

She might not be in love, but she was certainly deep in lust at the moment.

He kissed her palm, “I could have sworn you recognized me.”

“It’s not safe for you to be here. You need to go. Unless… Unless you and your goons have come to wreck this whole wedding….” She could feel herself power up, ready to strike at this interloper.

Preferably after they had hot screaming sex.

He had always had this effect on her. Had always been a weakness of hers. And the sex had always been amazing.

“No, I swear I am here simply to witness such an event. Maybe to make an offer to your brother. I have certainly brought wedding gifts.” He paused, “I never wanted what happened. I took full advantage, but I never wanted you to be hurt. It gave me opportunities I wouldn’t have otherwise had, but the cost… No, I never wanted this.”

“But this is what you got.” She backed away. “Maybe you aren’t lying, but your actions brought about this.”

“I did what I thought was best for my people and the general populace of Antar!” He said pleadingly. “And despite my mistakes I am still trying my hardest. Having the Monachy would help me….”

“Good luck in selling that to Max or Michael.”

He smiled and placed his hands on her shoulders, “I don’t expect them to, not after what happened last time. But you will see. When you get home and look around you will see that I am right.”

Isabel said nothing. She was too busy trying to tell her body to cool down. She started to look around for a room or something. She wasn’t about to just leave Khivar here unattended.

But she still didn’t want him harmed if she could help it. She was a fool. She always had been, but even now, even when she had him essentially in her control she couldn’t betray Khivar. She had loved him so much.

And she could feel echoes of that love radiate from him. He still loved her.

He said quietly, “I have a gift for you. Something that you left behind on Antar.”

Isabel sighed, “Why?”

“Because I still love you, Vilandra. And I know that part of her is still there. I can see it in your eyes.” He looked away, “I can see that you will choose another in time. That I will not be your choice. But it doesn’t matter. I still love you.”

“Alright. Where is it?”

“In my Limo, follow me.”

Isabel sighed, she was probably making a huge mistake here. Just like she had on Antar.

But she followed him anyway.

Liz looked around. This whole experience had been a very overwhelming one for her. She was married to Max! She had dreamed of it, but had gotten to the point she had truly never thought it could possibly happen.

Certainly if you had asked her a few days ago if this were even possible, she would probably asked what kind of drug you were using. And that she would like some once she had found Alex’s killer.

But now….

Married. And pregnant.

Guess she wouldn’t have to worry about the SAT’s after all.

Her whole life was in a total flux and it still hadn’t stopped spinning. But she sat here at Max’s side eating the meal her mother had somehow arranged in such short order. Hearing toasts from the few people who had been invited. Not many of her friends from school.

Too dangerous.

The dancing had yet to start. She looked forward to dancing with her father and Max. This whole thing had been hard on him.

At least he had known some of what had been going on. Her new in-laws were handling it well for the whole situation they found themselves in.

A tall well-dressed man that she didn’t recognize walked up towards the microphone. In fact, many of these people she knew only casually.

He spoke into the microphone, “So today we have witnessed one of ours marry into the Royalty of a land we no longer honor. I have to ask you Max Evans, once Zan of Antar, do you plan on going home and making it a safe place for us. Or are you simply going to be another parasite like most of your kind back on Antar?”

Nancy stood as did several others. A few in the crowd openly agreed with the man.

Max stood and said, “I don’t know. I haven’t been to Antar. When I go I will do what I can for the betterment of the people.”

The argument did not subside. To many factions. She could see it on her mother’s face. These people worked together here on Earth because they had to. Back on Antar they would all be at each other’s throats.

She nodded. This was why they had lost. When she went to Antar, she had to find a way to bridge the gap between these groups. Liz closed her eyes. Politics fascinated her even though her heart had always been set on biology.

In biology and in science in general, the world didn’t change based on someone’s opinion. If someone was wrong, they were wrong. Truth in politics was much more flexible.

There was open bickering amongst the exiles now. This whole wedding had brought old sores to light. Old papered over arguments once more were spoken. And now Max, who was calmly trying to bring order was getting angry. She could feel his well concealed rage slowly build.

This would not be good.

There came a sound of clapping. Liz and others turned to look at the man who stood at the entrance of the tent that had been set up for the event. He looked vaguely familiar.

The man Isabel said she had to take care of something with. Liz went pale when she realized that Isabel had never returned. She got up and grabbed Max’s hand, “Max! That man was the one who took Isabel.”

Max looked around, “Where is she anyway, I thought she said she would be back soon.”


The man began to speak. Most of you likely do not recognize me, not as I am.” He smiled winningly, “This world is so very hard to survive on. But progress does move on.”

Nancy stood, “Khivar!”

“Very good my dear Demestris. It has been a long time since I have seen you. You look tired.”

“I will not let you disrupt my daughter’s wedding!” She began to move forward, darkness overtaking her dress. “I will kill you myself if I must!”

“Ah, humans. Always so fast with the violence. No my dear, I am here to witness an important event. To present the couple with gifts suitable to their station and offer them a deal.”

Max said, “Nothing you say will win me to your side.”

Khivar said, “A pity, but I offer you the Crown of Antar if you wish it. We can arrange an official coronation in a few days. My people are already drawing up plans for it. Simply come with me and we can be on Antar before your child suffers more from this worlds lack of Illiaster.”

“Never Khivar.”

Nancy stopped one hairsbreadth from Khivar, one of her arm blades touching his thoat.

Khivar smiled and said, “You know that things will only get worse without me. I can at least keep Malindara busy. Without me….” His smile was very bright,

Nancy grunted with disgust and walked away, her dress reappearing.

Max said, “Go. I will not accept the Crown from you, Khivar. You came in peace, and by the old laws you may leave in peace.”

Khivar said “I will go. My gifts to you.” He tossed a bag on the table. “The come with no strings attached. Good bye, I pray our next meeting will be under better terms.”

Liz looked at Max, “We are just letting him go?”

Max sighed, “Yes. He is right. He is an enemy, but we need to have a better feel of what is going on before we remove him.”

Sean moved to check the items in the sack. He whistled. “I will check to see if these are authentic, but…” He looked up at Max and Liz, “These are rich gifts.”

Liz held Max tightly, “It’s going to be like this now, won’t it?”

“I am afraid so.” He looked down at her, “I am sorry I got you involved in all this.”

Liz shook her head, “No, I want this. Well maybe not this part, but its part of what I get if I want you. And I want you, so I want this too.”

“How did I ever get so lucky.”

Liz laughed, “Must have done something good at some point.”

Michael stood up from where he had been sitting. “I will be right back.”

“What is it? Khivar could be trying to separate all of us.”

Michael shook his head, “It’s Isabel. She needs me to pick her up. We will be back.” His face was grim, “Try to enjoy this as much as you can Max, Liz. You don’t know when it will end.” And he left.

The crowd was cowed and frightened now. Khivar knew where they were.

She and Max moved among them bringing calm back to the gathering. By the time the cake was cut, everyone was enjoying themselves. Michael came back with a pale Isabel about a half hour later.

She was wearing a set of jewelry she had never seen before.

Tomorrow. She would deal with it all tomorrow.

Tonight it was simply her and Max.

She focused her mind to enjoy it. And she did.