If I Should Die Before I Wake (CC, A/I, CHILD) [COMPLETE]

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If I Should Die Before I Wake (CC, A/I, CHILD) [COMPLETE]

Post by NewYorker18 » Tue May 27, 2003 4:37 pm

Title: If I Should Die Before I Wake
Author: NewYorker18 (Keri)
Rating: CHILD
Synopsis: Alex’s letter to Isabel before he dies.
Disclaimer: Do I even have to say it?


I’m writing this now in case I don’t get to tell you myself. I’ll start with an explanation. This letter is written to you, so you can understand what has happened. Being merely human, I don’t know exactly, but I do know I am no longer on Earth. This is all happening because of a pact made long ago. I don’t have specifics. Other than, my job, to decode the Destiny Book. I can’t say more than that, in case this letter falls into hands other than your own.

I love you Isabel, remember that wherever you go. Also remember this. We are not who we are. Leanna is not Leanna. Take these clues and figure this out before its too late, and people get hurt. I have faith in you. Do it for me, please. I could give you most of the answers, but like I said before, it’s too dangerous. Share this only with Michael, if you choose to share it at all, lest it once again fall into the wrong hands. Trust no one else. I’m not implying Max in any of this, but he cannot know until its over. Hopefully it will be over before he does get hurt.

I knew I should have come to you first and told you, but I didn’t, so now, after my death, by no accident, I am asking you to save me. Save me and yourselves.

Good luck Izzy. I love you. Don’t, please don’t cry for me.

All my love,



Finishing the letter she’d found on his desk, Isabel vowed to find the truth. Understanding that it was no accident, and alien related, Isabel started her search for Alex’s murderer. The last thing she wanted was for Max to get hurt. She knew also that Liz wouldn’t kill Alex, she loved him too much, and had no real means. With the thought of who this person might be, she headed to Michael’s to get his help in proving her hunch, though it was hard for her to take in.

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