Vanished (CC,M/L,Adult) *Complete* Chpt 34 5/2/14

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Re: Vanished (CC,M/L,Adult) *REPOST* Chpt 21 12/4/13

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Song, Christina Perri
A Thousand Years

Chapter twenty one

~ I have died everyday waiting for you ~

He let out a shuddered breath, lifting his weary, beautiful face slowly, his lips trembling, parting with shock towards the empty space where she had just been.

He could still see silky wisps of her raven hair trailing high in the air behind her like the wings of an angel.

Which is exactly what she was to him, all those years spent wrapped in the arms of her memory, her love, protecting him, giving him strength, when everything seemed lost… never ever leaving him.

Leading him back through time and space, through soaring heavens and ancient galaxies, back to where he belonged… home.

He heard her words still, spoken so sweetly, effortlessly, falling from her lips beckoning him to end his torment.

The declaration that he had been waiting for, the answer to everything, like music drifting, rising, lifting his ravaged soul, bringing life to a man who had so much ripped away in the blink of an eye, whispered in his ear, forcing him to accept what he believed to be an unattainable dream.

Barely able to stand he braced himself against the bar, knuckles white, rough hands twisted painfully from broken bones that never healed properly, griped the dark wood as he searched for the courage to take that first step.

With just the faintest hint of her intoxicating perfume still lingering sublimely in the air, surrounding him, wrapping around his skin, eliciting a fire inside him that no other could inflict pushing Max, now standing alone with only the sound of his pure heart beating hard in his ears he turned the corner.

Limping painfully down the hallway, soot still clouding his lungs, unseen burns searing his already scarred body, he walked towards the sparkling, white lights emulating from entrance to the grand ball room.

His soulful brandy gaze hovered shyly against the shiny wooden surface as he reached for his aching leg placing it along the other as he stepped carefully onto the dance floor.

A marred of indiscernible voices seemed to fade as a sudden hush swept among the crowd before him as everyone stilled realizing what was happening.

Knowing all eyes were on him he froze for a moment before reaching up to smooth down his unruly long dark hair, and wrinkled suit, feeling as if everyone could see just how out place he was.

Time seemed to still as he bravely took a deep breath lifting his thick eyelashes that beautifully guarded his wounded honey tinted gaze.

Tensing his sore muscles he began to feel his courage quickly leaving him as the number of people stilling their previous actions began to stare at him.

Suddenly he felt a tiny hand close inside his as small fingers curled tightly around his palm.

Wide azure blue eyes bright with an understanding, knowing gleam stared up at him.

Calmness showered down on him like warm rain as he knelt beside the blonde little girl beside him.

Cherry punch stained lips smiled up at him lovingly beckoning him to come close to her.

“Lily… ” Max breathed out in a sigh of relief feeling instantly comforted.

Reaching up to cup his face, she titled her head to the side sadly, knowingly, as if she could feel the painful remnants all of his dark secrets, all the guilt and shame that dwelled deep inside him.

Hiding the quiet suspicion that he didn’t deserved to love, and to be loved, especially from someone as special as Elizabeth Parker, he lowered his head casting his tormented expression away from her.

It was in that moment she understood his hesitation, the depths of his fear.

Deep down inside Max never felt worthy of such a gift and suspected that someday she would see that darkness and feel it too.

“She’s waiting for you Uncle Max…. be brave… believe the truth of my words… what you did, you did to survive. You are free now; your soul has been washed clean. You deserve to be happy… go to her.”

Unsure if she was right, if he would ever really be able to let go of the weight bearing down upon his shoulders, he somehow felt that if someone as special as Lily believed in him, that maybe someday … someway he could.

Pressing his lips against her golden curls he whispered softly so only she could hear.

“Thank you Lily.” He breathed out with a level of love and gratidute only she could understand.

Letting her hand slip from his fingers she stepped aside looking out into the crowd where Liz was standing still waiting patiently among the couples floating effortlessly around the dance floor.

He breathed out anxiously shoving his trembling hands inside his pockets unsure of how to do this as he lifted his vulnerable gaze to her.

His heart clenched as his warm amber eyes connected to her ebony wide stare like fire and ice, his burning desire melting against the cool embers of her love that endured over thirteen years.

A fiery passionate timeless love fusing, combusting like fireworks cementing their unwavering unbreakable bond.

With all uncertainty gone as if never existed at all she held out her hand inviting him to join her.

With each step limping tenderly towards her he felt the judging eyes of the crowd fall away until all he could see was her.

As the music began he shook his head, scratching that place behind his ear, unsure, fearing he wouldn’t know, wouldn’t remember…

So many years spent damned to darkness, caged in silence, living each day surrounded by death, forced to kill, a warrior survived by blood stained hands harboring the rage of a murderer.

He wondered if he had any humanity left inside him.

It had been over a decade since he embraced her in this way, he couldn’t help the insecurities searing inside him.

An alien, a man, a freak, what was he? Would she know if he didn’t? Would she be able to see it in his eyes, feel it in his touch?

Coming closer to her he heard Lily’s sweet voice in his mind urging him on.

Be brave…

Standing a breath apart from her now he raised his right hand out to her wrapping his fingers around hers gently, holding her arm outward properly, tenderly resting his left hand against the small of her back.

Hearing the swell of the music begin he took a tentitive step only to stumble, as his anxieties over took him along with the pain of the bone still broken in his leg.

Closing his eyes feeling as if he was failing her he heard Liz whisper softly to him.

"Max, it's just you and me out here. We've done this before, not so long ago. We were meant for this, right here... right now. You can do this. I believe in you, I always have."

Heartbeats fast
Colors and promises

How to be brave
How can I love when I'm afraid to fall
But watching you stand alone
All of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow

One step closer

Finding the courage in her meaningful, loving words he began to slowly sweep her across the dance floor.


Suddenly hearing her breathe out his name once again, he swallowed hard before gazing up into her eyes seeing all the love and acceptance he had been waiting for his entire life silently looking back at him.

I have died everyday waiting for you
Darling don't be afraid I have loved you
For a thousand years
I love you for a thousand more

Tilting his head to the side, his lips shivering as his hands trembled against her he whispered deeply looking down at her feeling as if he was dreaming.

“Is this real?”

Time stands still
Beauty in all she is
I will be brave
I will not let anything take away
What's standing in front of me
Every breath
Every hour has come to this

One step closer

Letting his hand go she reached her arms around his neck pressing her body close to his, angling her mouth to brush along his parted lips.

His eyes slid shut as he felt the rhythm of her heart race against his chest, her sweet breath flush against his mouth.

“You have nothing to fear anymore Max, I’m here, and I always will be.”

I have died everyday waiting for you
Darling don't be afraid I have loved you
For a thousand years

I love you for a thousand more

Trying to further explain her resistance in the beginning he reached down and pressed his finger gently to her pale pink lips halting her words.

“That’s all I needed to hear, the rest doesn’t matter anymore, as long as you’re here with me now.”

Cupping her face sweeping his thumb lightly across her bottom lip he pressed his forehead to hers doing his best to move his aching body to the music sweetly rising and falling all around them.

"You are so beautiful Liz... so beautiful."

And all along I believed I would find you
Time has brought your heart to me
I have loved you for a thousand years
I love you for a thousand more

One step closer
One step closer

Feeling as if he were drifting in and out of heaven oblivious to the many people staring at them, just as lost in the beauty of their love as he was, he couldn’t hold back any longer.

Wrapping his strong arms tightly around her he lifted her fervently against his battered body suddenly unaware of any pain, just a need… a need to feel her… all of her…

I have died everyday waiting for you
Darling don't be afraid I have loved you
For a thousand years
I love you for a thousand more

Soft lips brushed along her neck to her ear huskily declaring his love for her as the music swelled all around them.

“I never stopped loving you, not for one day, one second… from the very beginning it was all about you Liz. I would’ve waiting till the end… till the very end.”

Breathlessly leaving the shell of her ear he took her lips pouring all of his heartache and pain into her, languidly, passionately, tasting the sweet solace that he had waited so long for.

And all along I believed I would find you
Time has brought your heart to me
I have loved you for a thousand years
I love you for a thousand more

As their song came to an end so did their kiss as they hesitantly let their hands slip from each other.

Only she didn’t let go, not all the way.

With the tips of her fingers still curled inside his hand she led him off the darkened dance floor as white stars flickered all around them.

Walking to the entrance of the ball room Liz turned to him, her hands reaching up to fist his shirt tightly bringing his mouth to hers.

“Max, take me home… we’ve waited long enough. “

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

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Re: Vanished (CC,M/L,Adult) *REPOST* Chpt 22 12/4/13

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Chapter twenty two

Dance me to the end of love, by the Civil Wars

Dance me to your beauty with a burning violin
Dance me through the panic 'til I'm gathered safely in

Lift me like an olive branch and be my homeward dove

And dance me to the end of love
And dance me to the end of love

Oh let me see your beauty when the witnesses are gone

Oh let me feel you moving like they do in Babylon

Oh show me slowly what I only know the limits of

And dance me to the end of love
And dance me to the end of love

Dance me to the wedding now, dance me on and on
And dance me very tenderly and dance me very long

We're both of us beneath our love, and both of us above
And dance me to the end of love

Won't you dance me to the end of love

~ the love I have for you... it is fierce, absolute... it is forever ~

Not a word was spoken between them as she held him, her arms wrapped tightly around his waist, her dress gathered up in her hand as they made their way home.

The curves of her body molded to his, her long silky black hair flying through the wind against a horizon of brilliant stars that seemed to have all come out of hiding for them, for this night…

Max pulled into the parking lot of her apartment watching as she stepped off his bike, his humble gaze directed to the ground feeling overwhelmed and embarrassingly incompetent for what he waited for what seemed a lifetime for.

Doing his best to hide the pain in his leg he walked behind her as she took his hand and led him through the foyer to the elevator.

Standing in the corner of the metal box he stared off as the number of each floor lit up slowly bringing them closer to the moment at hand.

He could feel the heat from her stare on him, confident and secure in herself, it was never more apparent than in that moment how she was no longer a girl but a mature woman who had experience with an intimate act that had been only a dream to him.

Paralyzed with fear of disappointing her he stood finding it almost hard to breathe, his hands in tight fists trembling deep inside his pockets.

He wondered as she stood just feet across from him if she knew, if she had any idea how she could level him with just a look, how the mere closeness of her could tear down all his defenses leaving him helpless in the wake of her beauty.

As the doors opened he jumped backing up slightly before feeling her hand reach over to his arm gently pulling his hand from his pocket.

Limping painfully behind her he kept his eyes focused on the modern design of the emerald green carpet below his feet as she unlocked her door and walked inside letting his hand free leaving him to follow on his own.

Through the dark apartment he walked slowly towards the flickering light coming from the crack of her bedroom door.

Awkwardly he edged his way inside her room lost as to what to do or how to act as she calmly finished lighting two large white candles on either side of her bed before walking to open the three tall narrow windows lining her bedroom wall.

Stepping back she removed her earrings and necklace laying them on her nightstand with a cool sureness that left him backing up to the wall behind him furthering his anxieties.

His lips shivered as he gazed up slowly towards her feeling all the air quickly abandoning his lungs as he melted into the vision of the candle light flicker exquisitely against her golden skin.

Hearing the distant howl of a coyote she stepped to the window her hands grasping the frame as she leaned down to remove one heel than the other as the wind carried the tips of her raven tresses almost magically around her delicate bare shoulders.

“It’s such a beautiful night, don’t you think?” she whispered softly looking across the barren dust ridden land stretching out miles before her illuminated by the full moon above.

He searched desperately for the right words but suddenly he felt as if he were back where his voice was taken, stripped from him, where chains held him down, where he was taunted, tortured by her memory.

He was a soldier, a ruthless warrior who came to know no mercy, no death too disheartening, no ending too brutal.

At the end it was only him and his weapons, and the need to see the faded light leaving his enemies eyes, the death rattle in their throat for the last moments till they stilled … till the threat was gone.

He was no longer the boy, innocent and sweet; strong with conviction and righteousness standing before the bubbly girl he daydreamed across crowed school hallways and busy diners.

He was a killer, a broken man who had seen the horrors of war, the worst of what evil could bring.

The blood of thousands stained his calloused hands scaring his torn scorned soul.

Survival his only thought driving him to do things that would make her skin crawl, her stomach turn with disgust.

Was this fair, he contemplated to himself just as her perfume found him.

Closing his eyes he breathed out surrendering to her alluring tempting scent that wrapped around his battered bones, his tortured mind, the noises in his head echoing the same sentiment over and over.

You don’t deserve her

It seemed like forever until she finally turned around to face him, like a dream, slow and meaningful love shinning in the depth of her eyes.

Translucent sheers carried by warm desert breezes caressed her golden skin flowing all around her as he watched in arrested awe.

There were no words; nothing had ever been spoken since the beginning of time till now that could do justice to her beauty, to her heart, to the purity of her soul.

Standing before him was the woman he always knew she would grow to be, for the first time there was nothing standing between them, nothing holding them back.

Still his mind haunted him, reminding him of past lovers she had, lovers who knew how to please a woman, men void of death and war.

You don’t deserve her

How could he even try he imagined as his eyes fell again to his uncomfortable shoes that by this time were scuffed and dirty.

He glanced over his wrinkled oversized suit; his crooked loose tie as he anxiously ran his hands through his long tousled dark hair falling haphazardly across his tired wounded eyes… he was a mess.

Damaged and shattered his body and mind scattered somewhere on a ravaged far away planet where Max, the boy she knew was lost long ago.

You don’t deserve her

His dark eyelashes wavered upwards to her as she stepped towards him gently reaching out brushing his messy hair from his distraught amber eyes that had seen so much.

Carefully she lifted his suit jacket from his broad shoulders removing it from his body tossing it against a chair in the corner of the room.

Raising her fingers to the lapels of his shirt she began to release his buttons one by one till it was left hanging open revealing his scarred chest.

Darting his nervous eyes around the room he closed his hands over hers as she began free him of his clothes.

His voice was hoarse, husky, deep full of trepidation worried that she would see.

“Liz… wait, there’s … I’m hurt, I-I mean something … happened last night.”

Nodding slowly she moved his hand away and discarded his shirt as tears filled her eyes threatening to spill over.

“Kyle told me what you did, he showed me the newspaper, how you saved that family… how you pulled that little girl from the burning house as it collapsed at the last second.”

Liz’s head tilted aside grazing her fingertips along his strong jaw to his lips torn inside marveling at his bravery, his selflessness, as her gaze fell to the burns covering his chest.

Her voice was so soft like the flutter of butterfly wings, sublime music to ears that had been trapped in silence.

“I could feel your pain while we were dancing, when you were holding me, it was only when you left to get your motorcycle that I forced Kyle to tell me, his concern for you was written all over his face.”

Taking his hand she led him to her bed and lowered the covers.

“You didn’t have enough time to heal yourself did you? You spent all your powers and energy to save that family, you almost died to save her… and for Michael you were still there.”

Moving close she put her arms around him needing so much to feel him when her thigh accidentally pushed his shattered leg into the mattress causing him to grimace in pain as shards of bone pierced his muscles.

Covering her mouth with her hand she gasped bending to gingerly place her hands on his thighs.

“Oh my god! I hurt you, I’m so sorry Max!”

Shaking his head he cleared his gravelly voice that was filled with so much emotion.

“I would gladly suffer a thousand wounds to be this close to you, die a thousand deaths to feel your touch. It’s all I dream about.”

Hanging his head immediately humiliated by his words that he was sure sounded ridiculous, he shook his head shamefully.

“I’m sorry, I-I don’t know what to say… I don’t mean to … it’s just what was in my heart. I’m not stupid, I know people don’t talk that way, I – “

Closing his eyes as her soft hair brushed across his chest he stopped talking feeling her fingers pressed to his lips.

Lifting her gown she knelt to the floor and pulled his shoes and socks before standing to slip his belt from its metal latch sliding it free from the loops around his dress pants letting it fall to the ground.

Her steady hands fell to the button of his pants as he shivered beneath her touch.

Pushing them gently down to his ankles she carefully pulled them off.

Standing in his black boxer briefs she helped him to the bed fighting back tears as he winced in pain as he carefully laid down.

Exhausted he lifted his heavy eyes towards her as she knelt by the bed pulling the covers over his injured burnt body.

Forcing a small smile through watery eyes she caressed his cheek watching as he fought the heaviness of his weary eyes wanting so much to keep her there afraid she would disappear.

“Sleep now, I’ll be right by your side, you need to rest, you need to heal.”

Fighting against fatigue that was even too much for him he breathed out coughing slightly as the soot rose in his throat.

“Please stay with me.”

Placing a tender kiss on his cheek as she cupped his face she whispered like a breeze dancing through the leaves of the willow tree he watched her leaning against at the wedding.

“I'll never leave you again Max, I promise you that.”

Her voice was but a distant echo now as he fell into a deep sleep far from the hell of war and the monsters that remained like a shadow on his back just one step away… always just one step away…


It seemed like days that he had been asleep as his eyes slowly fluttered open.

Turning fast he shuttered from the shooting pain throughout his body as he searched for her.

There lying beside him as she promised she peacefully slept on her side facing him, her long black hair splayed across the stark white pillow case, a sheet pulled tight in her hands revealing the thin strap of a slip of a nightgown over her tan shoulder.

Feeling stronger he edged his fractured leg quietly over the side of the bed then the other forcing himself to stand.

Making his way down the hall to her bathroom he disposed of his briefs and stood under the cool water soaping his body running his hands over the many bullet and knife wounds avoiding the most damaging one, the embedded reminisce of the scar that outlined the royal symbols that was ripped from his soul.

Standing in front of the mirror he grabbed a thick white towel and wrapped it around his waist before wiping the steam away revealing his reflection.

It was still difficult to look at the man he had become, if he was even a man at all.

Lowering his head he turned away to make his way back to the bedroom.

Standing in front of the window water droplets fell from the tips of his jet black hair onto his broad shoulders skimming down his chest to his stomach disappearing beneath the towel he breathed out feeling the warm breeze graze his skin.

He was completely unaware of Liz watching him hidden away in the shadows from the corner of the room.

Bracing his hands on the sides of the window frame he flexed the powerful muscles of his arms as he looked up into the heavens summoning up the ancient power that had been bestowed upon the essence of his soul, the rightful King.

From within a luminous brilliant white light emulated inside molding his bones slowly back into place, mystically repairing the shredded muscle fibers making them stronger, tighter, lengthening like a beautiful sculpture carved from the finest marble.

Liz stared in fascination as the radiant beam of light fluctuated outwardly shinning off his skin like diamonds engulfing the room in rays of gleaming glowing beams of pure energy.

Stepping out from the darkness unable to keep her distance any longer she reached out barely touching the outline of the flickering sparks surrounding his body.

“You’re beautiful.”

Turning quickly completely unaware of her presence the light instantly faded disappearing like a flash of light in the night sky.

Her eyes widened worried with concern.

“Max, I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb you.”

Her bare feet began to back away but he caught her hand in his before she could move any further.

Overcome with his immense power, still feeling the gift of his life-force ripping through him, he pulled her vehemently to him.

Lifting her hand to rest upon his heart he gazed down into her wide eyes, down into her soul and beyond sharing his gift, compelling her to let him in, to open her heart with the intensity of the passion immersed within his warm amber eyes.

Her lips parted as she felt the force of his power flow through her body awakening her senses causing her to let out a shuddering gasp.

“I feel it, I feel… you.”

She breathed out astonished; her eyes captured by his penetrating sultry stare.

Pressing his hand closer over hers he stepped towards her so there was but a breath between them.

Like velvet sweeping over her skin his deep husky voice embraced every intimate private part of her.

“How do I feel?”

Trying hard to steady herself she worked hard to find words that could come close to what was rushing deep inside her.

Like waves of electricity it was beyond sensual, stimulating her in ways she could never hope to imagine.

Her lips parted, her breath was shallow and erratic, her eyes fixed locked into his all consuming illuminating stare.

Seeing her difficulty, feeling everything she was feeling, the edge of his mouth curved up into a searing uncharacteristic hint of a smile that almost did her in.

“Maybe I can help… you can feel it in every cell of your body, from the tips of your fingers to the bottom of your feet.”

Nodding slowly as if in a trance afraid to break the bond passing through them she never wanted it to stop.

A barely audible ‘more’ slipped through her lips as her chest rose and fell under his powerful beautiful loving spell.

Raising his other hand to cup her face she let out a soft moan her lips now shivering as her eyes glazed over.

“It’s inside you now, a part of you, like it was always meant to be, your soaring, floating high above the Earth.”

Losing her balance she leaned into his strong capable trusting hands breathing out his name as he continued to carry her along with him through the mysteries of the vast universe.


“You feel weightless, free, as if you’re flying through thousands of brilliant blazing stars, colors you have never witnessed before, too beautiful to describe shimmer like fireworks behind your eyes as distant planets graze your fingertips.”

Feeling her knees go weak he effortlessly lifted her in his arms carrying her to the bed.

Laying her gently down he lifted the hem of her nightgown gazing his fevered eyes up to her leaving nothing to question.

Slowly lifting the silky material up her thigh he brushed his lips to hers breathily whispering to her as fire from his hands trailed along her skin.

“It’s intoxicating, mind altering, surpassing time and space; you can feel me now… deep… deep inside seeking out secret places you’ve never revealed to anyone before… never until now, here with me.”

His hands trembled as he lifted her gown passed the exquisite curve of her hips over her ample heaving breasts to fall to the floor.

Speechless she stared brazenly up at him as she reached for his towel releasing it from his waist down his strong muscular thighs to join her discarded gown on the floor.

Her breath hitched as she bit down into her bottom lip staring up at his glorious bare hard body feeling the rush of his powers once again.

Gripping his broad shoulder she led him to her as he hovered over her settling inside her parted thighs that wrapped lovingly around him.

Grazing her fingertips over his lips she whispered watching him shivering helplessly feeling her body wet and warm beneath him.

“More… “

Swallowing hard his voice straining to hold what little control he had left he skimmed his tongue along her lips lightly tasting her as if she were made of the sweetest honey.

Her head fell back against the pillow as she arched her back lacing her fingers through the wrought iron head board giving herself completely to him.

His hands braced along her raven hair fisting the sheets as he lowered his head caressing her breast with the faintest touch groaning softly lapping at her slowly, torturously.

Moaning her fingers clutched the ivy iron above her as she cried out.


Her mouth fell open feeling him there, finally, teasing her, caressing her, softly rocking slowly back and forth.

Panting hard against her breast as sweat glistened along his massive flexed muscles gracing his arms as they shook with restraint he rasped deeply emotion choking his heartfelt words.

“I’ve waited a lifetime to make love to you. You can feel that now, the love I feel for you, it is fierce, absolute… it is forever.”

Thrusting hard he captured her lips, with the whisper of her name on the tip of his tongue.

Clenching her thighs tight around his waist they moved together as if it was always meant to be.

Groaning with desperate urgency he felt her falling fast beneath him as he continued to drive deep inside breathlessly whispering words of love against her heated skin.

Needing to draw the moment out he quickly grasped her hip holding her there as she trembled crying out his name before finally following her falling, panting, shivering against the crook of her neck.

Tears fell upon her skin, a release he could not control as years of pain and loneliness, at least for a brief moment, left him as he gave himself over to the warmth of her love.

Forged in the heavens beneath the stars, fated and bound they cemented their bond, a force so powerful that nothing and no one could ever destroy.

Lying in her arms for as long as he could remember he finally felt saved… he was at last home.

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

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Re: Vanished (CC,M/L,Adult) *REPOST* Chpt 23 12/4/13

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Chapter twenty three

"Safe & Sound"
Taylor Swift featuring the Civil Wars

I remember tears streaming down your face
When I said, I'll never let you go
When all those shadows almost killed your light
I remember you said, Don't leave me here alone
But all that's dead and gone and passed tonight

Just close your eyes
The sun is going down
You'll be alright
No one can hurt you now
Come morning light
You and I'll be safe and sound

Don't you dare look out your window, darling,
Everything's on fire
The war outside our door keeps raging on
Hold on to this lullaby
Even when the music's gone

Just close your eyes
The sun is going down
You'll be alright
No one can hurt you now
Come morning light
You and I'll be safe and sound

Just close your eyes
You'll be alright
Come morning light,
You and I'll be safe and sound...

~ demons and angels ~

Seven years, four months and three days…

‘Zan, we’re surrounded … we have to do what we discussed. It’s time my friend.’

Sam bravely expelled his empty gun clip laying his weapon carefully on the ground between them under the windows of the burnt out warehouse where Kivar’s troops had at last cornered them.

Sweat poured from Max’s face as he let his head fall back against the brick wall weakness overcoming him leaving him unable to walk or move.

Removing his shirt Sam tore it into makeshift bandages using them as tourniquets placing them around the bullet wounds Max sustained to his leg and chest.

They could hear Kivar’s henchmen stomping up the stairs in a death march coming for them as their ships hovered just outside the windows blinding them with pulsating white lights.

There would be no escaping this time, their luck had run out.

They could feel the foul breath of Kivar breathing down the back of their necks.

Max’s dressings quickly soaked through turning the dark green cloth bright red as his blood seeped down his skin like thick crimson molasses.

With labored breath, shaking from the pain, Max hesitantly relented accepting his fate.

Turning to face Sam he soundlessly expressed his gratitude.

‘There are no words for what you have done for me, for what you have come to mean to me. Your bravery, your endless sacrifices and strength… how deeply you care for the people here…you should be their King. Sam you have to survive, I know we agreed to keep fighting but – ‘

Refusing to hear anymore Sam began to talk about their strategy again as he reached for his canteen and held it to Max’s lips forcing him to drink.

Pushing his hand away Max began to cough up blood and gasp for air.

Using all his strength he forced his thoughts into Sam’s head demanding to be heard.

‘New plan, use the fire escape and get to the roof, we both know you can make it. Take my gun, please … do this for me. Save yourself… you’ve done enough, I’ve lost too much blood, it’s over, but you… you can still make it. Please go, your people need you Sam.’

The boots of kivar’s blood thirsty regime were growing louder as they closed in on them just a few floors below.

Handing back his gun Sam shook his head as he pulled out his six inch blade from inside his boot.

Winking his emerald cat like eye Sam grabbed Max’s hand holding it tight up against the stream of lasers pointed straight towards them.

‘I told you from the beginning, we’re in this together, if you go, I go brother. It’s not over Zan, you have to fight to the bitter end. I’ll be right there with you… somehow; someway I’ll get you out of this. I will get you home.’

Max panted choking on his own blood as it trickled from his lips.

‘My friend, my brother…I will never forget you.’

Suddenly twenty black eyed mindless militia dressed in silver armor blew out the door filling the room with smoke.

‘Sam, please! I can’t watch you die, not for me, not like this… get the fuck out of here!!!’

Max screamed in desperation in his mind, pleading for him to leave, knowing soon it would be too late.

Ignoring his pleas Sam stood in front of Max protecting him, holding his knife defiantly high in the air, rage evident in his alien fierce eyes, he was prepared to defend his friend at any cost.

In that moment Sam fell to his knees as everyone slammed their hands against their ears in agony.

A deafening high pitched screech resonated from the craft behind them as lasers expelled from beneath the ship piercing through the building.

They both flinched as the windows were blown out behind them sending shards of glass exploding everywhere slicing several large pieces into their backs and thighs.

Sam jumped to his feet his mind rattled by the blast waving his knife in the air still attempting to hide Max who was slumped over sitting on the ground now completely covered in blood.

‘Mother fuckers! COME ON!! IS THAT ALL YOU GOT!’

A few silent moments eerily hung in the air as the smoke cleared before an insidious voice thundered from behind the robot like mindless troops.

Ripping through their heads like spikes tearing into flesh Max and Sam knew exactly who was coming for them.

Gliding through his army as if he were dancing, waving his long boney arms high in the air as if a symphony was playing the score to his arrival, it was gravely clear just how insane and drunk with power he had become.

Sam refused to cower, boldly glaring with hatred straight into Kivar’s cold dead eyes still holding onto his knife, his only thought to protect Max who was now violently coughing up blood behind them.

Kivar’s alien form was truly a sight from hell, a direct reflection of the evil that lurked deep in the depths of his heartless soulless hollow chest.

Black as night, tall with slimy slick rancid skin he towered over the other creatures as his distorted eyes shone bright with a blood thirst racing through his vengeful crazied mind.

His body was but a boney twisted skeleton covered in rank sludge resembling crude oil dripping as if he had just emerged from hell itself.

His oval head was much larger than the other creatures Max had contended with containing huge glowing red eyes that sparked with elation that he finally captured the half human boy that had eluded him for so long.

Lifting his long boney distorted fingers he curled his razor sharp claws with delight as he focused in on Sam.

His quiet calm malevolent voice was what nightmares were made of, the beast with nothing to fear taking the up most pleasure of the terror he invoked and the torture he soon would be bestowing upon his guests.

Edging his black forked tongue along his small slit of a mouth he curled it flicking quickly enjoying the taste of terror in the air.

Lifting Sam’s chin with his serrated finger he looked over the soldier that had been harboring his enemy for all these years.

‘So this is the traitor we’ve been hunting for so long, oh what creative devices of torture I have planned for you… very special indeed.‘

Screaming with a warriors battle cry avenging his family and all who suffered at the hands of the beast standing before him Sam plunged his knife deep within Kivar’s chest before falling backward blocking Max with his huge body mass.

Kivar wavered slightly back and forth before calmly tilting his head to the side staring into Sam’s wide eyes as he pulled the knife out with the least bit of effort from his body.

Breathless Sam watched as Kivar waved his gangly hand over the wound instantly healing it as if it never happened.

In an eerie monotone voice Kivar ordered his men to take Sam away to the death camp before turning his attention to Max.

Max groaned staring back at the beast just barely hanging on. ‘Just kill me, get it over with.’

On the brink of death Kivar knelt down again waving his boney fingers over Max’s bullet holes, healing him just enough so he would survive, but not enough to take away his suffering.

Laughing he shook his crooked finger back and forth slowly as he moved within inches of Max’s face.

‘Killing you would bring me joy that much is true, but it’s not joy I crave, it would be like swatting a fly, way too easy… pain is what I desire, glorious desperation, the sweet scent of hopelessness… my dear boy I want you on your knees begging screaming for the end to come.’

Scrutinizing his cool amber eyes he flicked his forked tongue with excitement as he reached his claws into Max’s pocket and pulled out Liz’s worn, yellowed picture.

‘Ahhh… the key that holds everything you hold dear.’

Moving closer Max winced from Kivar’s foul breath as he sniffed Max’s beating pure heart.

‘Oh my, you will do more than beg, more than cry out for the sweet release of death... what’s left of your mind will be but a drooling, pathetic mindless fool scratching… clawing at your heart desperate to rid yourself of the memories I intend to put into your head of what I am going to do to your little human whore.’

Calmingly placing the image back into his pocket Kivar stood waving his claws in the air signalling to his henchman.

‘Take him to the death camp! I am just itching to get started.’


Jumping up in bed screaming silently in his head Max panted harshly as his heart pounded furiously against his ribs.

Sweat lined his forehead leaving his jet back hair wet stuck to his twisted terrified face.

For a second he had no idea where he was or what was happening until he heard her soft breath close to his body.

Looking down at her lying so peaceful, her stunningly beautiful face void of any stress or pain, an angel … his dark haired angel…

Standing quietly so not to disturb her he walked to the open window still shivering from the vivid nightmare that plagued him night after night.

Bracing his hands on the sides of the window frame he let his head fall back welcoming the cool breeze whipping through his thick dark damp hair.

Gazing up at the stars above him he thought back to the nights in Kivar’s dungeon staring through the bars, thinking of her.

Rising from the bed she silently watched him, naked standing with the moon light dancing off his muscles… his body glistening from the gleam of sweat still fresh from his nightmare.

She had never seen anything so striking, so beautiful…

How could a man be so powerful and strong, a warrior, who had dealt out death and hovered on the edge himself be so sensitive and kind… so tender and loving.

Consumed with his thoughts he had no idea she was there watching him.

Digging his fingers into the wooden frame he felt a strange overwhelming premonition that this was no ordinary dream but a warning …

He could feel its presence out there somewhere, just over the mountains in the desert lurking, waiting ... for him.

‘There is no safe’ he whispered as he tensed his muscles causing her body to come alive.

Her heart sank hearing him, wondering if he would ever feel peace again, if could ever let his demons go.

Liz knew that in some small way she took away the dread, the fear, the memories … at least for a little while anyway.

She knew that was important, to give him the love that he had longed for but she also knew he needed more to keep the memories and guilt at bay.

But for now it was enough to have him here, for them to finally be together... tomorrow would come soon enough and with that the harsh light of day.

She longed to be held in those strong loving arms again, to feel the heat of his fingertips graze along her skin bringing her to the brink with just a kiss from his full and tender lips.

Stepping closer she made sure she heard him this time knowing he was always on edge, always ready for the worst.

Lowering his head he angled it to the side catching her out of the corner of his eye whispering softly to her.

“I don’t think there are words that can express what it’s like to wake by your side.”

Her hooded ebony eyes sank into his exquisite sculpted body bathed in moon’s bluish glow.

From his broad shoulders, his muscular arms leaning flexed against the window frame down to his strong lean back that dipped sinfully to his bare ass to powerful thighs that simply took her breath away.

His voice was just as heavenly, deep and sultry without even trying like velvet wrapping around her urging her closer.

But she wasn’t fooled, she rode the wave inside his soul last night, along with the magical bliss of becoming one and solidifying their bond Liz got a glimpse into the parts he tried so hard to keep away from her.

Liz witnessed the darkness haunting him, the horrors trapped inside his mind, flashes of memories so disturbing and sinister her heart broke for him.

“You don’t have to hide your nightmares from me. Max, you need to know that nothing will scare me away from you, you don't have to pretend. I love you for who you are, for everything you are... always.”

Turning around he stepped towards her melting with each flicker of her long dark eyelashes as she gazed upwards to him pulling in her bottom lip rendering him paralyzed within the wake of her beauty.

There was no hiding his passion for her, no shame in his body’s reaction as he grew harder with each passing second.

His instincts were as sharp as an animal surviving in a sea of predators after all these years.

The golden glare of his wanton needs caught every move with lightening precision.

Her right knee slightly edging inward inciting friction between her thighs attempting to ease the ache growing inside her.

The graceful way her arms crossed under her breasts, lifting them together upwards as her rosy nipples drew to hard points, her supple skin pulsating from her rapid heartbeat.

His gaze rose to her parted full lips still puffy and swollen from his kisses just hours before.

Her trembling erratic breath filled the room making it almost impossible to stand back and savor this moment which he was determined to do.

Desperation filled her as he stared her down expressing with only the intensity of his wild eyes how badly he wanted her.

Just then a gust of hot desert wind blew through the window causing her long silky jet black hair to fly like ravens feathers all around her bare shoulders, the tips coming to rest beneath the curve of her breasts in the most erotic way.

Breaking what little control he had Max rushed towards her fisting her soft tresses in his hands forgoing her waiting mouth.

Panting harshly between the valley of her breasts he released her silky locks skimming his fingertips ghosting lightly over her quivering mounds as his hands smoothed around her tiny waist to cup her bottom trailing his gentle hands down lower between her thighs.

A shiver rushed through her as she released a whisper of his name pleading breathlessly for more.

Tenderly with such devotion and intensity he kissed her sweet peak flicking his tongue over her, sucking, pulling, teasing… all while whispering words describing his undying adoration and love for her.

Skimming his open mouth to her stomach he fell to his knees taking a moment to embrace this miracle, this grace he thought would only remain in his dreams.

Unable to control her need she brazenly gripped his thick hair leading him to where she ached for him to be.

A deep groan rumbled in his throat as euphoria rushed through him as he tasted her for the first time.

Stroking deep within in her she cried out her knees buckling causing her to fall forward into his arms.

Holding her tight he brushed a stray hair from her sweaty face as a look a worry covered his unsure expression.

Leaning against the bed with her cradled in his arms he lowered his head.

Rasping softly he spoke needing her to understand, to know his past.

“Liz, I want to please you but you must understand, my life, that world ... was cold, without mercy. When I'm with you, my control, the stronger side, it takes over."

Flashing his brandy colored eyes intensely into hers his tone lowered growing husky and hoarse unable to restrain the passion she stirs within him.

"I am more alien than human, there is no denying that fact, it is who I am now. I want to make you feel good, I-I just, I lived with death and carnage for so long, the war raged on day after day."

Hesitating briefly trying to find the right words his voice grew vulnerable, almost distant recalling the years of isolation he suffered.

"Survival drove us, there was no way to be close, to anyone... to feel any kind of emotion made you weak, I have never ... been - fuck ... this is coming out all wrong.“


"No, I have to get this out... I am strong Liz, powerful... more than you realize. When I am with you, touching you, making love to you... something takes over. I'm just worried that if, that if I get too intense..."

Unsure of what he was trying to say she placed her hand over his heart. "Max what are you saying?"

It's just that you consume me, every part of me... you awaken desires, arouse me in ways that are ancient ... wild.... unrestrained... "

"Alien." she whispered trembling growing wet with each word that fell from his sultry lips.

"I've been holding back... nervous that it would be ... different, not what you want or need. This is all new to me. The world I existed in was a savage place, you are my first, my need to tell me if ... if I'm not pleasing you, not giving you what you need."

Laying her hand upon his cheek she forced him to look at her.

Shock and deep sadness ripped into her heart realizing what he was saying.

“Max, all those years… all that time… “

Struck by how deep his loneliness and pain must have ran, how after everything he had been through to never had felt the comfort of being held, all that time alone…

Tears filled her eyes as she moved over him straddling his legs as he leaned against the bed amazing by every move every breath.

Cupping the sides of his face she laced her fingers through his thick hair staring into his insecure sensitive golden eyes.

“I’m so sorry, for all your pain, for all the torture and loneliness you’ve endured. I can't imagine how alone you must have felt all those years.”

He angled his gaze downward, her words too raw, too intense for him to handle.

Lifting his face once again she began to lightly, tenderly kiss the jagged scar running down his face.

Years of having to be strong and hard threatened to crumble as his eyes slid shut trembling against her beautiful bare body.

Whispering against his lips she reached between them positioning herself so he could feel how desperately she wanted him, how urgently she needed him, how it was him making her feel that way and only him.

Breathlessly she whimpered shivering almost violently as he gasped shaking as sweat glistened their bodies dripping down their heaving beating hearts.

Sliding her tongue along his bottom lip she parted his shivering mouth straining to hold back as she softly groaned against his sweet breath.

Taking his hand she placed it between her thighs as she slowly sank down onto him.

Edging his finger against her clit she sharply inhaled showing him, teaching him, as she rose and fell slowly up and down his hard cock.

Instantly she began to come as her head fell back frozen letting the delicious waves over take her.

Pressing her breasts to his lips he gently moved her hand away, taking over, teasing her understanding now exactly what pleased her.

Gasping for air coming again and again she found his mouth whispering against his parted lips.

“It’s always been you Max… only you can make me come so hard, love so deep, leave me desperate to feel you inside. You can feel it now, never doubt yourself again. I am yours...I will always be yours.”

Feeling him straining to desperately control himself she moaned against his mouth as her climax continued to rip through her.

"Max, don't hold back... let it go. Show me who you are, I want the real you. Give yourself over to it...please.... please."

She suddenly gasped with unimaginable pleasure watching as his eyes darkened, his jaw clenched the muscles in his arms flexed as his fingertips began to glow heating her skin like fire.

Passionately almost roughly he grabbed her hips thrusting upwards as she convulsed above him panting his name again and again.

Flipping her over so he was hovering above her he laced her fingers through his lifting them over her head pressing his forehead to hers gazing deeply into her eyes conveying through their bond the power, the force of the pleasure she was giving him.

Faster and deeper he filled her again and again mouthing the words that he breathed out in the depths of his loneliness and despair over and over year after year in his dreams.

‘I love you.’

'I love you.'

'I love you.'

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

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Re: Vanished (CC,M/L,Adult) *REPOST* Chpt 24 12/4/13

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Chapter twenty four


I remembered black skies,
the lightning all around me
I remembered each flash as time began to blur
Like a startling sign that fate had finally found me
And your voice was all I heard that I get what I deserve

So give me reason to prove me wrong,
to wash this memory clean
Let the floods cross the distance in your eyes
Give me reason to fill this hole, connect the space between
Let it be enough to reach the truth that lies across this new divide

There was nothing in sight but memories left abandoned
There was nowhere to hide,
the ashes fell like snow And the ground caved in between where we were standing
And your voice was all I heard that I get what I deserve

So give me reason to prove me wrong, to wash this memory clean
Let the floods cross the distance in your eyes across this new divide
In every loss, in every lie, in every truth that you'd deny

And each regret and each goodbye was a mistake too great to hide
And your voice was all I heard that I get what I deserve
So give me reason to prove me wrong, to wash this memory clean

Let the floods cross the distance in your eyes
Give me reason to fill this hole, connect the space between
Let it be enough to reach the truth that lies across this new divide
Across this new divide, across this new divide

~ black skies and soft kisses ~

Over the next few weeks life for Max had fallen into what at least resembled to the casual observer the appearance of a normal life.

Moving in immediately with Liz he attempted to take on a more structured schedule hoping that it would help him blend in with everyone else and keep his demons at bay.

Liz would head off to work at the hospital and Max would continue to spend his days in the back of Kyle’s garage hidden from the public quietly changing oil filters and rotating tires.

He also kept up with the story of being in Afghanistan for his parent’s sake and the people that knew of him before his disappearance, with the urgency of Isabel and Michael, which at times became extremely uncomfortable when he often was cornered with questions he could not answer.

He did his best acting like a normal couple with Liz, going out with the group but no really knew the struggles he faced within himself.

He was lost with current events and would usually ended up sitting quietly while jokes and discussions went on around him that he did not understand.

It was never lost on him that this was not a problem Liz would be having with any other guy, not that there was any question of her devotion to him, it was more Max wanting desperately to give her the relationship he felt she deserved.

Although he did his best social situations were a nightmare for him.

He always felt on edge, whether it was true or not there was never a time where he didn't feel that people were staring at him judging him, criticizing him.

He could feel people staring at the horrific scar on his face, and he was sure people could see how his hands shook at times when he was particularly having a bad day.

He was always aware of his surroundings, needing to be seated against the wall if they were at a restaurant so he could get a wide view of the perimeter.

Exits and entrances were always marked in his mind, keeping a mental note of the fastest way to excape a building or area that was heavily crowded.

And when it came to Liz he was like a guard dog, his senses were heightened to the point where anything he deemed a threat was quickly taken care of.

Sometimes leading to a situation that took a little finesse on Liz’s part or the group’s to get him out of trouble.

Which was something else he cared very little about, unlike his younger years of being terrified of the FBI finding out about him Max was fearless, once you’ve faced evil in the purest form everything else pales in comparison.

His close eye on Liz ran deeper than social situations; he often would try to insist on bringing her to work and home and spent many sleepless nights up just watching her making sure she was safe.

This had nothing to do with jealously or possessiveness, it was the over whelming need to protect the woman he loved more than life itself.

It was also the need to constantly assure himself that this was real, that she was real.

If he were to be honest with himself the only time he truly felt at peace was lying in her arms late at night just talking with her, or the precious times when they would make love for hours on end.

Although Max wasn’t religious or even believed in God he imagined that if heaven existed this would be it.

But the panic attacks, nightmares and flashbacks were a stark reminder that no one was looking out for us, that we were all alone in this world or another, that suffering and pain never discriminated.

It was like a roll of the dice, some people led content, peaceful lives and others where tormented with their own demons to battle.

What really upset him, more hurt then anything was the fact that Max was strictly forbidden to see Lily.

After being threatened with divorce from Jessie, Isabel was forced to go along with his wishes.

Jessie was a high powered attorney with full knowledge of their secrets; his threats were not to be taken lightly so Isabel felt like she had no choice.

As hard as it was on Max poor little Lily was absolutely devastated.

After spending many nights crying over the loss of being able to see her Uncle Max she was bound and determined to harness her mother’s powers so she could visit him in his dreams.

Lily felt an acceptance and love from Max that she had been longing for her entire life. There was something special between them and she was not about to let it go.

As much as Max believe he was keeping all of this from Liz she was very aware of the pain he was in, but for him to talk about the past or the events that shaped these nightmares was impossible.

She understood, how could she not, after not even being able to speak for over a decade she couldn’t expect him to be able to share the horrors that had such a tight hold on him.

She had accepted him with the deepest of love unconditional, without limits or concern for herself.

She would do everything in her power to be supportive and loving; she never wanted him to ever doubt that part of his life. It was the very least she could do, after everything he had been through.

Liz always held out hope that he would learn to trust and believe in this fact and open up to her eventually but there was never any pressure put upon him.

What did concern her was the pain he always seem to carry with him, this invisible cross he was force to bear.

Liz felt his suffering deep in her heart, the memories that ravaged his mind were beyond measure, his guilt he wore like a ton of bricks strapped to his back.

However difficult public life would prove to be the nights held a level of hellish torment that would be impossible to describe to someone who had never witnessed it.

Sleep was something of a luxury; nightmares plagued him as soon as his body gave finally gave into the exhaustion that never left him.

He would often scream out in his sleep a language she could not understand, except for one name... Sam.

In his dreams he was always trying to save someone named Sam, and it was obvious he never could.

If he was lucky he would get two hours before being jarred awake by some dream where he was fighting for his life or reliving his mind being raped, manipulated by a madman.

Tonight was no different …

Violently pulled awake from his past, heart pounding a furious pace his glistening chest heaved deeply as he threw his head back desperate to calm himself.

With sweat once again soaked through his tee shirt dampening his thick black hair he fisted the sheets trying hold onto the present.

Tired of putting her through this one more time he silently slipped from their bed while discarding the wet tee shirt over his head throwing it to the floor.

Quickly pulling on his faded ripped jeans he shoved his feet into his boots and grabbed a hooded sweatshirt not bothering to zip it as he quietly took his keys and ran out the door.

Running down the stairs by passing the elevator he urgently made his way to the parking lot.

It was as if he had to keep his body moving, as if somehow if he went fast enough he could outrun his past.

Jumping on his bike he took off into the star filled night with his head down as his intense pained eyes edged up towards the horizon.

Clenching his jaw tight he worked hard to block out the images that invaded his dreams but they came flooding in like powerful waves crashing down upon a shore impossible to hold back.

Nine years, one month, three days
Death Camp

Licking his parched cracked lips dehydrated and weak slumped down against the dank cold wall of his cell in desperation Max inwardly groaned feeling as if he couldn’t go on.

The usual beautiful golden tint of his eyes had become bloodshot and weary sunk in over shadowed by dark bags and prominent crow’s feet that were far too premature for his age.

Beyond defeated he gazed up towards the horizon cursing the oncoming sunless dawn finding it harder and harder to hold on.

Slipping momentarily into the past he could almost feel the silky strains of her hair slide through his fingers as he cradled her neck tilting her face up towards his waiting lips for yet another kiss.

Max felt a rush of hope pulsate through his broken body as if she were urging him through her sweet breath to hold on.

As if reaching through the fabric of time and space she was comforting him, giving him that tiny shred of faith that one day he would once again taste her lips, wrap himself in the love and peace that was Liz Parker.

In his fantasy he watched as she drifted further away as he descended down the ladder of her balcony.

He could hear the echo of his boots hitting the metal runs as he looked up revealing in her beauty as she leaned over the edge smiling loving towards him her chocolate hair sweeping all around her face as her innocent eyes spoke of a love so strong it surpassed anything he had over known.

Suddenly the warm vision behind his eyes became of haze of muted colors of greys and black, her face became a blurry mist of indistinguishable shapes.

The loss of her was immediate and cold chilling his bones straight through but the worst was still to come.

Realizing in that moment that it wasn’t his boots he was hearing but that of Kivar’s henchman approaching his cell he closed his eyes preparing himself for another session of his mind being ravaged with images of his beloved being defiled raped and mutilated.

Clutching the iron bars he leaned his forehead despairingly against the caged doors knowing that his words were useless but still they slipped from his mind anyway.

‘No… no more… please.’

A sinister grin curled along Kivar’s lackey’s oval distorted face as he raised his webbed fingers waving them along the lock to pop the door open.

‘Already begging… and here we were told a King was in our midst! I can’t imagine how truly disappointed your suffering followers must be … especially your most devoted and loyal disciple.’

Following the towering alien’s crimson’s gaze to the courtyard littered with those who had perished that day and had not yet been carried away to the fiery pits, Max’s eyes widened in horror.


A guttural scream rained out deafening everyone in mind shot as Max struggled to stand.

His chest heaved with agonizing disbelief as he watched helplessly as Sam hovered high above the gathering crowd of Kivar’s crew nailed bleeding grimacing to a makeshift wooden cross.

‘The true King decided that if your treasonous confidante was so hell bent on suffering nobly to protect you, it would only be fitting for him to suffer a death such as the ultimate martyr of your world ... oh how I do love the human faith, so blinding and unwavering … absolutely fascinating.’

Tears threatened to spill down Max’s fifthly hollow cheeks as maniacal laughter broke out echoing like rolling thunder above him.

Kivar drifted out before him spinning and bowing as if he were dancing in a ball room beneath twinkling grand chandeliers.

‘Isn’t this a glorious spectacular day!’

Waving his elongated razor clawed fingers up towards Sam’s face Kivar sighed with the upmost satisfaction and delight.

Gazing back over his narrow skeletal shoulder towards Max his blood red eyes gleamed with bliss.

His words eloquently danced as if they were set to chamber music in Max’s head as he spun around to face him.

‘I do savor the extent of how deeply you can delve into this thing you call a soul. It’s endless how much pain the hybrid heart can take… it’s very … surprising I must say… and oh so gratifying.’

With a blink of an eye he was standing suspended high soaring over Max to get a better view into his pained stricken crushed expression.

‘Such defiance… how you refuse to break, how you cling without a glimmer of hope to this… life… or lack of I should say. Very impressive, I do love a good challenge. Yes … oh yes… this is proving to be far more fulfilling then I had imagined.’

Grasping at the cold iron bars as they swung open leaving him to fall on his knees to the rust dirt below Max desperation thick in his mind pleaded for Sam’s life.

‘It is me you want; please … don’t do this… please.’

It was within that moment as he paused drowning in his infinite grief as he dug his fingers in the ground in a blinding rueful haze that he heard the strangled small far away voice of Sam in his mind.

‘Do not beg for me, you must continue on … fight … remember what you have been taught. Fight like the King that you are. Get home; get home to your Elizabeth.’

Lifting his distraught darkened eyes up towards Sam, Max shuttered watching as the nails ripped through the tendons and muscles of his feet and hands.

It was in that moment that something snapped in Max, something primal, ancient.

Lunging his broken body towards the nearest soldier knocking the unsuspecting warrior down to the ground with a hard thud as cloud of crimson dust rose above them all effectively covering his body Max was determined to end Sam’s suffering.

As chaos ensued Max grasped for the gun that clung to the alien’s hip lifting it up towards Sam with the expertise of an assassin firing three times effectively striking him lethally in the head ending his torture.

With faltering strength he whipped the gun around to Kivar but was struck down with a force so powerful it shattered several bones in his body.

A roar let loose so loud it brought everyone to their knees except for Max who was sent flying high into the air.

Fisting his tattered shirt Kivar brought him face to face as all glee drained immediately from his extraterrestrial twisted face.

‘You cannot win this; you will never ever see her again. You have lost … everything. If you do not see that now, it will be my life’s work to insure that you do.’

Present day Earth, somewhere in the desert

“Fuck you!”

Raising his hand towards a large jagged boulder Max shattered the orange rock sending broken pieces spiraling in all directions.


Breathing hard, his sweatshirt open to reveal his pouding heart, sweaty and obviously drunk Max stumbled backwards attempting to make out the image through the cloud of debris in front of him that was screaming his name.

Turning away breathing out heavily when he recognized Michael’s face in the darkness Max lowered his head stumblingly towards his bike grudgingly.

“Max, wait!” Michael calmly called out as he jogged towards him thoughtfully.

Placing his hands on both handlebars facing him bravely Michael stood in front of his bike as his headlight pierced his eyes blinding him.

“Max, we need to talk.”

Rubbing the back of his neck impatiently Max shrugged. “There’s nothing to talk about Michael.”

Feeling the vibration of a text on his phone Michael quickly typed a message back and shoved his cell back in his front pocket.

“Liz is on her way, she sent us all out looking for you. She had some kind of vision/dream I don’t know but she called us all desperate to find you, so maybe you can hear me out before she gets here, for her sake.”

Reluctantly waving his hand over the engine effectively shutting it down, Max avoiding eye contact with Michael staggering over to a flat rock and hung his head into his hands.

‘What is it Michael.’

Confused by the alcohol Max first spoke in his mind out of habit.

Misplaced anger lined his voice as he huskily spoke out loud this time irritatingly.

“God damn it, what is this about Michael?”

Kneeling across from him he lowered his voice trying to be understanding.

“It’s about … this. Running off in the middle of the night, getting drunk, using your powers right out in the open, Max, we’re all worried about you. We just want to help.”

Shaking his head riding his thoughts of the nightmares that plagued him Max smiled sarcastically.

“You have no idea, no fucking clue what I’ve been through, what I’m still going through. I’m doing the best I can.”

Pointing to the bottle of Jack on the ground Michael caught Max’s eyes making his case.

“Just because you don’t react the same way to alcohol as us doesn’t mean it’s the right way to cope with what’s happening to you.”

Frustrated Max glared up Michael causing him to stand and stagger backwards.

“Go home Michael, go home to your nice little life… “

Noticing headlights over Michael’s shoulder Max’s speech trailed off feeling Liz’s presence coming closer.

Whipping his head around Michael turned to face the approaching car.

Blinded by her headlights the two didn’t make her out until she emerged from the blaring white lights that engulfed the dark desert.

Watching her materialize out of seemly nowhere dressed in nothing but one of his black tee shirts and flip flops Max immediately felt a level of calmness rain down over him.

With her eyes firmly locked with Max’s, Liz softly spoke as the wind picked up her messy raven hair sending it flying high all around her.

“Thank you so much for finding him Michael, you can go now, I’ll call you tomorrow.”

Eying the both of them back and forth feeling the power of their connection Michael put up his hands and nodded walking swiftly back to his car.

Whispering as he walked by her he warned of the fact that he’d been drinking.

“Just be careful, he’s not quite feeling like himself tonight.”

Liz didn’t respond only stood there staring at Max who was still sitting on the rock staring almost mesmerized into her eyes.

It was only till after Michael had left that Liz tilted her head to the side while brushing a stray hair that the wind had blown across her lips away.

“Hi.” She whispered without judgment as she slowly made her way over to him.

Standing now within inches of him she reached out and ran her fingers lovingly through his long thick black hair.

“You scared me.” Again whispering she glanced down towards him watching as he rested the side of his cheek against her flat stomach.

Breathing her in, he sighed wrapping his arms around her tiny waist taking comfort in her.

“You must know I’ve done this many times before, sleep is … hard for me.”

His voice was hoarse from screaming, exhaustion evident in his labored breathing.

Lacing both hands through his hair as he leaned into her she nodded.

“Yes I know, but this time was different. I had this dream… nightmare really. It just really scared me and when I found that you were gone I had this bad feeling, almost as if you weren’t going to come back.”

Lifting his head up from her stomach he gripped her shirt clutching her tight, his eyes deadly serious.

“That will never happen.”

Nodding as she grazed his cheek with her fingers smiling weakly, “Yes I know, I’m sorry for calling in the troops, once the word gets out there’s really no stopping them.”

With his mind heavy with feelings he had no idea how to deal with he reached out to her.

“Liz I don’t want to lie to you, the voices, the dreams … they’re getting worse. I don’t understand why… maybe it’s just me…”

Kneeling on the ground between his thighs she slid her warm hands beneath his shirt gliding along the smooth skin of his muscular stomach invoking a shuddering breath from his parted mouth.

Brushing her lips across his neck she sighed as the heat from her hands and mouth quickly dissipated the liquor from his body leaving him utterly sober.

“No one here or anywhere else in this universe could have endured what you have. To have faced such loss and pain, such suffering would’ve broken the strongest of men. No one expects you to just jump back into this world without struggling.”

Smoothing her mouth along his jawline she closed her eyes relishing just having him close.

“The true miracle of you, the thing you don’t see or can’t accept but is so evident to me… is that aside from the hell you lived through your heart, what makes you who you are is still as gentle and loving as the day you saved me. I see it in you every day; I feel it when we make love. How you always look after me. You have to find a way to let this guilt go.”

Burying his face in her soft hair nestling his lips in the crook of her neck he rasped intensely.

“I’m trying… you know that right?”

Pulling her face away to face him she slid her thumb along his bottom lip sweetly.

“Yes, you are … you are trying so hard but, it might be easier if you let us in, let … me in.

Max I found an application for the fire department in the pocket of your jeans. This is about that girl you saved in that house fire isn’t? “

Lowering his warm amber eyes to her lips he was sure she would disapprove because of the how dangerous the life of a fireman could be.

“Liz so many people were killed, just slaughtered in cold blood because of me… Kivar’s search for me… It never leaves me; I see those charred bodies, women and children… entire families. I need to somehow make amends; I appreciate Kyle giving me that job… but…”

Kissing his lips gently she raked her fingers through his hair so she could see his face.

“But you were meant for so much more than that, you need to make a difference, to help people. It’s who you are, and it doesn’t surprise me at all.”

Reaching for his hand she helped him up staying flush against his skin needing to be close to him.

“Max, why didn’t you think you couldn’t share this with me?”

Pressing his mouth to her temple he sighed searching for words that for him were so hard to find.

“I’ve spent so long on my own. It's not easy for me to talk about my.... Jesus LIz, I'm sorry, I wouldn’t even know … how…”

Feeling blissfully dizzy from her soft caresses along his stomach and chest his breath became uneven, his heart pounding hard.

“I understand, but you’re not alone anymore. You have your family and friends… and you will always have me Max.”

Staring up at the stars as they blurred into sparkling luminous lights streaking across the night sky he felt his body giving over to her as he longed as always to be inside.

“Let’s go home.”

Hearing the deep urgency in his voice she took his hand leading to her car.

“I’ll be right behind you.”

Climbing on his bike watching as she turned back onto the road he closed his eyes focusing on the monotone deep voice hovering on the edge of his ear shot.

Gritting his teeth Max growled fiercly calling upon his most powerful gifts as he reached for the handle of the five inch hunting knife hidden inside his boot.

"I know you are here, this is not something you want. Trust me on this."

Lowering his head he took a deep breath focusing deeply like a pin point of light in the universe confidently edging his darkened eyes towards the stranger that had been following him since he arrived on Earth.

“Come near her or the ones I love and you will feel the wrath of the very thing you fear the most in the heavens and beyond.”

Max’s voice was final, terrifying, thick with the rage and blind fury of all that he had lost, all that he had seen taken at the hands of Kivar.

There would not be another warning.

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

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Re: Vanished (CC,M/L,Adult) *REPOST* Chpt 25 12/4/13

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Chapter twenty five

~ the innocent and the beast ~

Sitting in Isabel’s kitchen Max stared out into her backyard digging his fingers into his thigh; his jaw clenched tightly reaching for patience he no longer held as the arguing ensued.

“Are you out of your fucking mind Liz!?”

Max closed his eyes at Isabel’s shrieking voice his knee quickly jerking nervously up and down trying hard to hold his temper.

He felt ridiculous waiting in the kitchen, he didn't see the need for any of this, it was his choice, his life, but Liz thought it would help to have the support of his family behind him.

He knew what would happen even if her kind heart wasn't able to see it, but he did it for her, because he would do anything for her.

Words didn't come easy for him so she did the talking but he insisted on being there just to make sure she would be ok.

“Isabel, please hear me out.” Liz gently breathed out before catching Michael standing from the couch out of the corner of her eye.

Sighing deeply Liz folded her arms across her chest preparing herself for Michael’s reaction.

“Liz, with all due respect, I’m not sure you understand the … complications that can and well hell let’s face it, will arise from this!”

Standing toe to toe with him Liz placed her hands firmly on his shoulders insuring that he would listen to her.

“With all due respect Michael the man has lived through ten years of hell, I think you’re underestimating what he’s capable of.”

Joining Michael’s side Isabel fanned back her blonde hair attempting to cool down.

“Liz the idea of him being a fireman, trying to save people is very… noble, it doesn’t surprise me at all that he would want to do this, but don’t you think putting him in that kind of danger might cause some of the trauma that he suffered to resurface?”

Shaking her head Liz’s eyes filled with emotion.

“Isabel, he lives with that trauma all the time, it hasn’t just faded away, it’s literally burned into his skin.”

Shrugging angrily Michael waved his hands in the air.

“That’s exactly our point Liz; he’s like a ticking time bomb! The man is unhinged, I love him, we all do …but this …this insane! He drinks too much, uses his powers at his will, right out in the open, what about his panic attacks? What do you think this kind of stress will do to him!?”

Trying to hold her composure Liz backed away and turned towards the kitchen feeling the rise in Max’s energy coming from the other room.

“He’s not a child.”

Gingerly approaching Liz Isabel placed her hand on her shoulder.

“Liz don’t you think after all the loss he’s had he’d do anything to save someone, even if it meant hurting himself or exposing all of us?”

Nodding slowly Liz turned back towards them searching for the right words.

“He survived ten years on an alien planet where the worst evil you can imagine scorched every inch of land to make him his prisoner. He lived through years in a death camp where they mind raped him, tortured him endlessly… with no hope of ever seeing home again he managed to endure it all. He found his way back; he did the impossible and came back to us.”

Frustrated Michael leaned against the mantle of the fireplace rubbing the back of his neck anxiously.

“What exactly is your point Liz?”

Running her hand through her long dark hair Liz looked up at them her eyes gleaming wide full of love.

“He’s a warrior, not a victim… you refused to see it but he has surpassed the both of you in every way…he's walked through hell and out the other side …”

“Liz- “

Isabel went to reach for Liz but she bitterly dipped her shoulder out from under her grip.

“….and he would never ever do anything to expose his family or put anyone in danger.”

“But- “

Beyond offended Isabel tried to interrupt again unsuccessfully.

“No! You took away that precious little girl that tethered him here, the one person who could see him for who he really is, who could ease his pain, give him peace, don’t lecture me on what’s best for him.”

Kyle stood nervously stretching his hands out between them knowing how touchy the subject of Lily was for everyone.

“Does anyone else think this is getting out of hand?”

Unable to hold her tongue Liz tried lower her voice to calmly speak.

“Isabel, whether you want to face it or not Lily is special, she needs to understand who and what she is. Think of what you all went through growing up, do you really want that for her? To feel confused, ashamed, different...she needs to know how incredible she is, she needs Max... they need each other."

Pointing her finger out towards Liz Isabel’s voice reached a level that concerned everyone.

“Leave my daughter out of this! Jesse’s right, Max is dangerous, we don’t know what he’s capable of after all he’s been through, it’s not safe for Lily to be around him!”

Worried that Max was over hearing Isabel Liz dropped the subject and turned towards Kyle.

“You’ve been amazing through all of this, but Max needs to feel that he is making a difference here, that there was a purpose, a reason for everything he’s gone through. Tell me you get that Kyle.”

Smiling softly Kyle nodded.

Furious Michael shoved Kyle back a few feet. “And when he comes back from a raging fire half burnt or not at all what are you going to say then?”

Shrugging slightly Kyle’s gentle words struck them all.

“The night before your wedding he pulled three people from a house engulfed in flames, he saved a little girl that would have died. He managed to heal himself enough to show up as your best man; in pain suffering he didn’t say a word. He deserves to live his life the way he sees fit Michael, god knows he’s earned that right.”

Laying her hand lovingly across his cheek Liz silently thanked Kyle.

“What? He’s done this before? Did you know about this Liz?”

Seething with resentment Isabel began to pace the room while Michael just stared out into space fuming.

Collecting herself Liz grabbed her keys.

“The thing is, we didn’t come here asking for your permission. Out of respect for the two of you Max wanted you to know before he took the test. It was my decision to explain to you why, I was obviously wrong thinking that you could just once give him the support he deserves.”

Placing her hands carefully on Liz’s arm Isabel began to whisper in a desperate tone.

“Liz you could change his mind, talk him out of this crazy idea… please, I can’t watch him suffer anymore.”

Pulling her in for hug Liz whispered back needing for her to understand.

“He’s suffering now Isabel, what he went through can never be forgotten, we have to be there for him, trust him. He’s a man now, not the boy you remember, when are you going to accept that?”

Running into the kitchen Liz slammed her fist onto the counter knowing he had heard it all and must’ve taken off.


Driving back to their apartment to look for him, Liz noticed a dim light inside the crashdown.

Knowing her parents were away she peaked in the door sighing with relief finding Max sitting in one of the booths.

“Hey.” Her soft voice raised a small smile of comfort along his hardened face.

"I was surprised to find you here."

Liz watched in fascination as Max concentrated on the glistening white light swirling around in the palm of his hands.

"There's good memories here, I guess I just wanted to remember when things were more... simple."

Staring down light that was engulfing his scarred beautiful face he whispered somberly.

“I’m sorry if I worried you, I just couldn’t stay.”

Sighing Liz ran her fingers through her hair before watching sadly as the light disappeared within his hands.

“I was wrong to think that I could make them understand, I’m so sorry I put you through that. We should’ve done it your way and just told them out right and let them deal with it on their own.”

Stepping out from the booth Max walked to the counter swiveling the stool back and forth.

“They don’t trust me with Lily, all this time I thought it was Jessie… but it’s all of them.”

Walking quickly towards him Liz wrapped her arms around his neck her heart breaking feeling how incredibly hurt he was.

“That’s not true Max.”

Lacing his fingers through her long hair he pulled her in tight feeling more of a stranger to this world than ever before.

“I heard Michael, and Isabel… she thinks I’m dangerous. How could she ever think that I would hurt that little girl?”

Pulling back Liz forced Max to look into her eyes.

“They’re just afraid Max, you have to understand that they shut down that part of themselves a long time ago. To them it isn’t a gift, it’s a curse… it’s why Pierce tortured you, it’s what took you away from them all those years ago. What they fear is that part of them that they know still exists inside. It has nothing to do with you.”

Feeling his mouth close to her ear as he lowly whispered his concern to her, she sighed sliding her warm hands beneath his shirt over the hard muscles of his stomach.

“Never… I could never fear you Max. I love you.”

Her eyes slid shut as she felt the tips of his fingers glow a warm blue light within her silky raven hair.

“Take me home.” he rasped deeply longing for the comfort that only she could bring him.


Death Camp
Three days after Sam's death

Groaning softly Max awaken from another nightmare wincing as the day’s lashing stung the bloody broken skin across his back.

Swallowing back the bile as starvation crawled up in throat he pushed aside the bowl at his feet watching as insects as big as his hand went scattering out of the milky fluid making it slosh around onto the ground.

Emotionally and physically drained Max gazed out through the metal bars into the courtyard looking out at the empty cross where he was forced to shoot Sam just days ago.

He could see him approaching, floating over the rusty soil, his intricate crafted armor glistening in the moonlight he edged his crimson lifeless eyes focusing intensely towards Max.

Pointing with his serrated long fingers towards the lock his henchman swiftly followed orders opening his cell.

Bending so Max could see the immense glee flushed across his twisted face Kivar pulled Sam’s severed head out from behind his back throwing it in his lap.

‘I see that tonight’s meal is not sufficient enough for you, perhaps a nibble on this will be more to your liking.’

Thrusting his body back Max dug his heels into the gritty dirt desperately attempting to back away from the horrifying sight before him.

Deep dark laughter pierced Max’s head as Kivar disappeared back into the darkness of the courtyard.

It was this moment that Max truly began to lose hope, to wish for death, to beg for it all to end.

Shaky hands reached for her picture holding it close to his heart.

‘Please tell me what to do Liz, I’m so tired… so damn tired.’

It was then that he heard her tiny voice in the corner of his cell, deep in the shadows.

Tilting his head to the side confused by the actual sound of someone’s voice he rose to his knees leaning further towards the small sobs.

Falling back on his heels his ragged torn clothes hanging from his thin emaciated frame Max’s eyes widened in horror seeing the little girl clutching a teddy bear step out into the moonlight.

Shaking violently she mouthed his name. ‘Uncle Max?’


A guttural roar fell from his mouth as he stumbled falling from their bed onto the floor.

“Max! What happened! Are you alight?”

Rushing to his side Liz lifted his matted black hair to reveal the catastrophic look in his eyes.

Max was staring devastatingly out into nothing with his hand outstretched as if he could still see her tiny form.

Breathlessly he attempted to pull himself from the dark echo of his nightmare.

“L-Lily, Lily …was in the cell with me, she dreamwalked me Liz… oh my god… I have to go.”

Throwing on his jeans and a sweat shirt with his boots in this hands he ran towards the front door.

“Wait! Max …where are you going?”

Looking back his face was pale, his breathing labored as if he was running for his life.

“I have to go talk to her. I can’t let her be alone after what she’s seen.”

Stumbling to find her clothes Liz called out to him as he ran down the hallway of their apartment complex.

“Max, Jesse is there, he’ll never let you near her!”

Jumping on his bike he peeled out of the parking lot as a whirl wind of emotions rushed like cold water through his veins.

Raising two fingers effortlessly in the air he changed red traffic lights to green as he sped towards Isabel’s house skidding dangerously around each corner desperate to get to her.

His pained eyes widened as he approached the large white colonial home.

Lights flickered in each window as her screams carried throughout the charged night air.

Throwing his bike down on the gravel driveway Max rushed to the front door just as it whipped open.

In a feeble attempt to restrain him Jesse grasped Max by the upper arms slamming him against the side of the house.

“Max, you are not welcome here, get out before - “

Gasping for air Jessie’s words faltered as Max lifted his piercing amber eyes towards him.

Sliding slowly on the ground against his will Jessie attempted to speak to no avail.

Kneeling over him Max held his eyes forcing his thoughts into his mind as the palm of his hand pressed like flames against his head.

‘Lie still, do not try to speak. The gravity of your ignorance has put your child in immense danger. You will never fully understand to what degree, all because of your misguided judgments and hatred of something you can never hope to understand. This I can never forgive. Don’t ever challenge me again Jesse, trust me you won’t enjoy the outcome.’

Upon hearing Lily once again cry out for him Max released Jesse before taking off towards her room.

Blinking several times as he struggled to stand Jesse’s strangled voice followed behind Max.

“She’s just a child.”

Charging through the house towards her room Max growled under his breath fuming with impatience.

“She is so much more.”

Reaching her room he watched as blinding white light flooded through all the cracks in the door that was bowing out towards him.

Shifting his eyes to the right he saw Isabel crouched down in the corner holding Emma as tears of fear filled her eyes.

“Max thank god you’re here … please help us… she won’t let me near her!”

Nodding reassuringly Max glided red radiant fingertips along the door effectively diffusing the power on the other side.

His heart broke as he looked down upon her sitting in the middle of the floor, her arms wrapped around her head with her knees tucked up to her chin as if she were trying to block it all out.

Falling to his knees before her he whispered softly placing his hands on either side of her face tenderly.

“Lily sweetheart, I’m here… it’s over, you’re safe now… you have to let it go...come back to me.”

Lifting her tear stained face up towards him she focused her eyes realizing that this was real, that he was really there with her.

Throwing herself into his arms Lily buried her face in his neck sobbing forcefully shivering uncontrollably.

Breathing out a heavy sigh of relief he held her close as he heard Liz outside the door explaining to Isabel what had happened.

Running his hands protectively through her blonde locks Max tried to soothe her knowing all along that what she had seen could never be forgotten.

Her tiny voice cracked as she choked out broken sentences still reeling from witnessing how deeply Max had suffered.

“I-I’m so sorry Uncle Max. I broke the rules, I didn’t listen to daddy, I just missed you so much. I just wanted to be with you. Please don’t be mad.”

Pulling her from his chest to gaze into her azure swollen eyes he wiped her tears away leaving healing wisps of white glowing light along her bright red cheeks.

“I could never be mad at you. I love you my sweet Lily.”

Rocking her back and forth holding her close he now understood the powers that she held, how incredibly special she really was.

“It’s going to be alright now, I promise honey… I will never leave you again. It’s over. “

Biting her bottom lip still shivering she shook her head as she laid her trembling hand over his heart.

“I-I saw… him. I know what he’s done to you. Uncle Max I saw the beast that stalks your dreams… it’s not over …”

Lifting her in his arms he stood holding her close, his brandy gaze directed to the dark sky as he coaxed her to sleep pressing his lips to her head shushing her sweetly.

“… he’s coming… “

Exhausted she went limp snuggled safety in his strong arms as her small fearful voice trailed off.

“…he’s coming for you…”

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

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Re: Vanished (CC,M/L,Adult) *REPOST* Chpt 25 12/4/13

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Chapter twenty six

Sarah Mclachlan

Listen as the wind blows
From across the great divide
Voices trapped in yearning
Memories trapped in time
The night is my companion
And solitude my guide
Would I spend forever here
And not be satisfied

And I would be the one
To hold you down
Kiss you so hard
I'll take your breath away
And after I'd wipe away the tears
Just close your eyes dear

Through this world I've stumbled
So many times betrayed
Trying to find an honest word
To find the truth enslaved
Oh you speak to me in riddles and
You speak to me in rhymes
My body aches to breathe your breath
You words keep me alive

And I would be the one
To hold you down
Kiss you so hard
I'll take your breath away
And after I'd wipe away the tears
Just close your eyes dear

Into this night I wander
It's morning that I dread
Another day of knowing of
The path I fear to tread
Oh into the sea of waking dreams
I follow without pride
Nothing stands between us here
And I won't be denied

And I would be the one
To hold you down
Kiss you so hard
I'll take your breath away
And after I'd wipe away the tears
Just close your eyes dear

~ burning from the inside out ~

Running through the thick hot haze of the desert setting sun Max is focused, determined as her words burn like fire inside his head over and over.

“…he’s coming for you…”

“… the beast that haunts your dreams…”

Breathing out hard he pumps his arms, sweat sliding down his skin as his sneakers dig into the hard dense sand that kicks up beneath his feet.

Pushing himself hard he grinds his teeth, clenches his jaw, tenses his hard muscles, and fists his callous hands.

Rage fills every cell, every fiber of his being; it fuels his body enabling him to push himself faster and farther than humanly possible.

He needs to be prepared, to be ready.

It’s not fear that is rushing through his veins, not this time.

Almost collapsing as he reaches his beat up motorcycle he leans over grasping his knees in attempt to catch his breath.

Sweat is pouring down his shirtless back, sliding down the well-defined lines of stomach, edging along his hairline.

Scanning the perimeter making sure no one is around he leans against a large red boulder as the sun dips down behind the mountain range causing a purplish hue to reach out upon the impending night.

Still on fire from his run he closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, pressing his hands together he begins to feel his core temperature begin to drop significantly.

Cold air rushes from the inside out straight down his arms into his hands jetting out through his fingertips.

A cobalt bluish glow ignites inside his palms as he stays perfectly calm and focused.

Raising his hands above his head while darkness now envelops the desolate vast desert Max stares up to the star filled sky.

Lowering his palms over his head, never touching, just within inches he watches as steam rises from his blazing skin like cool rain falling on asphalt on a hot summer day.

Grazing over his hard muscular chest, down each sculpted ripped powerful arm he moves downward to his mid-section to his burning tight thighs and calves.

Shaking out his palms he breathes out a sigh of relief from the intense heat that has now effectively left his body.

Staring out onto the seemingly endless dirt road before him he can hear the distant mumblings that has roamed the outskirts of his mind since he has been home, just out of reach but never hidden far from earshot.

Max knows that these voices he hears are not Kivar, if he really is coming for him he wouldn’t come alone.

Kivar is a coward; he needs his henchmen to surround him, to make him feel powerful invincible.

Kivar sees himself as a King, and a King never does his own dirty work, unless of course if it is revenge he seeks.

Every evening Max has run these five miles telling Liz that he is training for the fireman’s physical test at the end of the week.

Part of this is true, but mostly he runs to clear his head, something isn’t adding up right for him, and it’s making him uneasy.

His nightmares are more intense, vivid; it’s as if his mind is trying to warn him of something.

When he wakes he feels emotionally and physically drained as if he had just gone through the dream itself for real.

Dressed now he reeves his motorcycle disturbing a flock of vultures that had descended upon a carcass he can no longer recognize as an animal.

There is an unsettling look that passes from the bald six foot wing span bird to Max as they hover over the rancid meat hanging from their beaks, an air of indifference, understanding almost.

People believe that there are lines they would never cross, even if it meant death or worse, it’s a delusion that keeps humans feeling superior, morally above animals that crawl or slither but in reality, in the right situation we are no different.

Once you’ve crossed that line you can never go back, there is no difference between the scavengers that seek out the last lingering moments of death and the lengths one will go through to survive.

It’s only our lies we tell ourselves in the darkest of hours to comfort ourselves that define us.

Max feels a twinge of guilt as he jumps on his bike and takes off down the long lonely stretch of narrow road leading back into town, back to a life he is trying his hardest to understand.

He has been holding back, keeping his secrets guarded well hidden from the people he loves, he wants to be sure before alerting the group.

The guilt he feels is not for them, it’s for her…

Living a life of solitude for so long is a hard habit to break, trust feels unfamiliar, almost dangerous but he knows without a sliver of doubt that he can trust her with his life, with everything.

He knows he needs to confide in her, to let her in, share with her the weight he’s been carrying on his back for so long.

She’s felt it, she knows it’s there, but there is so much more.

He can sense it now, bubbling up from the surface, rising from deep within.
Maybe it’s from whatever or whoever has been following him, getting closer ever day… or it could be due to his face off with Jesse, finally letting the alien inside him show itself for what he really is.

Regardless it’s intoxicating, powerful, like he’s burning up from the inside out.

Fueled with a purpose, a reason for being here, finally shedding the shy skin of a confused boy who shouldered the responsibility of the world on his shoulders.

Flying down the road on his bike he let his head fall back taking in the black sky as thousands of stars whiz by like lightening.

He feels strong, unstoppable; the powers of his long lost ancestors are there whispering secrets he should’ve known a long time ago.

Max never asked for any of this but he’s ready to embrace it all now.

For Sam, for all those that died in his name, for the people he loved more than the very breath rushing through him.

His family, Liz… he wasn’t going to let them down, not a chance.

Parking his bike he chose to run up the emergency stairs to the apartment that he and Liz now shared.

Quickly kicking off his sneakers he shed his clothes as he entered the shower.

Sighing as cold water soothed his tight muscles edging rising steam off his burning skin once more he began to think of her.

Soaping up his dark tanned body he pictured her, all her sacrifices, her youth just handed over to him.

There shouldn’t have been a price for the life he chose to save but there was.

She paid it, ready and willing to give up and lose everything for him.

Her freedom, her life…everything…

Now standing in front of the mirror he leaned his hands on the rim of the sink staring into the eyes of a killer, a fighter, warrior …an alien.

Tilting his head he watched as his long hair felt across the jagged rough scar that was etched down his face.

Running the tips of his fingers down the wound that would stay with him forever he remembered the night it happened.

Back when he was that boy, that innocent terrified self-deprecating, bruiting child who thought he lost everything, who had not yet to even understand what lurked inside his human beating heart.

Back before he learned how to wield ancient weapons, and to fight with the spirit and soul of those who came before him.

Raising his darkened golden eyes upwards the corner of his mouth curled slowly up recalling how afraid he was of Peirce.

Max could still picture that smug smirk displayed across the fuckers face, his threats against Liz still vivid in bright colors and surround sound before his eyes with his primitive virtual reality images.

His palms that gripped the sink flashed bright red as his anger rose within his chest like a pounding drum knowing, understanding deep inside he would never let anything like that happen again.

He had no idea of the epic power that slept silently inside him, unnoticed, unseen by everyone, even himself.

Wrapping a thick white towel around his waist as water droplets skimmed sinfully down his hard stomach he opened the medicine cabinet reaching for the scissors.

There was no longer a need for the long hair that hung over his face hiding what he thought to be something hideous.

A deep understanding sank down within him, this scar was not an embarrassment, it didn’t hold shame, it wasn’t ugly or disfiguring …no quite the opposite.

It was a symbol of survival, a badge of courage, a mark of soldier who had witness true evil and lived to tell about it.

Sam always told him scars were something to be celebrated, a good fight that was fought and won.

He had plenty of those, tales of bloody battles fought on a rusted wasteland, forgotten alongside a friend that gave his very life so that he could get back… home to her.

Raising the metal sheers to his long locks that were there to hide who he was he took a deep breath, knowing he would no longer be hiding from anyone or anything.

Lifting his chin with a look of defiance, a true sense of who he was he began to cut.

Wisps of wet jet black hair fell against the stark white sink until he was standing there staring into the face of someone he had evolved into, the man he had fought to become.

A transformation was finally underway; years in the making, through blood, pain and immeasurable suffering a metamorphosis had begun.

Running his fingers over his inch long dark hair he tilted he face back and forth knowing that his future was now in his hands, not to be determined by family or mysterious aliens that loomed just out of reach.

It was then that he heard her key in the door.

“Max? Are you here?”

Stepping out from the doorway of the bathroom he watched as her eyes widened surprised by his new look.

Dropping her briefcase on the floor she stepped closer shimmying out of her lab coat throwing it to the floor.

Big ebony eyes lifted upwards taking him in.

He was magnificent, strong, and in a very real way absolutely beautiful.

His scars only seemed to enhance the strength and power that surged through him.

Max was gifted with an unusual quality of being incredibly vulnerable, kind and passionate, a warrior with an angel’s heart.

Liz was speechless, breathless, her cheeks flushed with a rush of desire, an intensity that she had never felt before in her life.

Standing tall, chin up, wet chiselled defined muscles flexed and ready Max didn’t give her a chance to react for very long.

Raising his hand in the air she watched shivering as the tips of his fingers shone a bright emerald green energy that crackled like electricity.

Rushing up to her he grabbed her by the arm and turned her towards the wall facing away from him.

Feeling hot pulsating electric currents from his hands push her skirt up over her thighs to the curve of her hips he growled lowly against her ear..

A high pitched whine puffed out her parted lips blowing the hair from her face as her eyes slammed shut feeling a warm thrust of his fingers inside her as the other hand strummed her hardened nipple with expert precision to the rhythm below.

Her head fell back as he moved against her from behind showing her exactly what she was doing to him.

Sliding his fingers through her he began to play with her clit as he lowered his mouth to the back of her neck.

Her body trembled as his gruff hoarse whisper swept across her heated skin.

“I need you… now.”

Reaching back she ripped the towel from his hips urging him on.

“Then take me.”

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

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Re: Vanished (CC,M/L,Adult) *REPOST* Chpt 27 12/4/13

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Chapter twenty seven

Six months later ...

Linkin Park

When you were standing in the wake of devastation
When you were waiting on the edge of the unknown
With the cataclysm raining down
Your insides crying, "Save me now"
You were there, impossibly alone.

Do you feel cold and lost in desperation?
You build up hope, but failures all you've known.
Remember all the sadness and frustration
And let it go.
Let it go.

And in a burst of light that blinded every angel
As if the sky had blown the heavens into stars
You felt the gravity of tempered grace
Falling into empty space
With no one there to catch you in their arms.

Do you feel cold and lost in desperation?
You build up hope, but failures all you've known.
Remember all the sadness and frustration
And let it go.
Let it go.

Do you feel cold and lost in desperation?
You build up hope, but failures all you've known.
Remember all the sadness and frustration
And let it go.
Let it go.

Let it go.
Let it go.
Let it go.
Let it go.

Do you feel cold and lost in desperation?
You build up hope, but failures all you've known.
Remember all the sadness and frustration
And let it go.
Let it go.

~ no rest for the weary ~

Standing on the roof of the burning house Max lowered his mask over his face blocking out the repeated commands from the Chief below.

All around him pieces of shingles were curling melting like paper blowing away in the wind.

Four separate streams of water from the engines below pulsated against the engulfed house had little effect.

Soaking wet covered in black thick soot he stood concentrating, golden focused eyes closed with and ax firmly grasped in one hand while the other skimmed the hot surface below.

It was very subtle, barely there, a slow unsteady weak rhythm, but it was enough for him.

Just as the entire roof began to cave Max jumped to the horrors of his fellow firemen, the Chief responsible for him, the remaining family, and on lookers below.

Grunting using all his strength he managed to grasp onto the chimney that ran straight through to what was the master bedroom and family room below.

He wasn't sure how this little boy could still be alive looking down into flames below but there wasn't time for questions just the quick reactions, bravery, and utter sheer madness of an alien hybrid warrior to do what he does best.

What no other in this world or others could do...

Shimming his way down the bricks dodging the rising dancing flames all around him he managed to jump down onto what was now the only remaining floor of this once colonial home.

Scanning over piles of debris that burned with an intensity that no other normal person could stand he knelt on the ground and began to crawl through thick suffocating blinding black smoke.

The heart beat was barely there now and fading fast there was no time left he had to find this child.

Taking off his thick protective gloves he raised his hands out in front of him and concentrated calling on the strength of the others that he knew now were a part of him.

A sudden shot of white pure energy streamed like strobe lights from his palms.

There beneath a pile of sheet rock and a burning mattress was a tiny scalded foot.

The mattress was wedged on both sides with beams acting as a protective shield from the searing flames.

Tossing the sheet rock and the mattress as if it weight nothing Max found himself looking down into a little boy with flaxen blonde hair no older than five years he guessed.

His spiderman pajamas looked untouched by the surrounding chaos, it was the smoke that was killing him, choking the life from his little body.

Pressing his hands to his lungs and heart Max ripped the Mask off his face as the bright red flames raced around them like the claws of the devil, a devil Max knew all too well.

Not this one, he breathed out as he shook the little boys almost lifeless body needing him to open his eyes.

“Hey! Your mom and dad are waiting for you, you need to open your eyes kid!”

Clenching his jaw knowing that time was running out he shook him again harder this time deepening his voice as if he was angry.

“Your dad is very upset little man, he's telling me that if you don't open your eyes your grounded for a month! Now open your eyes!!”

Disoriented his blonde eyelashes began to flutter, soon Max was looking down into the brightest green eyes he had ever seen.

“That's it kid, didn't mean to yell at you but you have to listen to me, I'm gonna get you outta here, now all I need for you is to be very still and look into my eyes. Can you do that for me?”

A slight nod was all the indication he needed as he laid his hands back onto his lungs.

Straining using what little strength he has left Max's face contorted, premature wrinkles on his forehead and along his eyes deepened as he breathed out several times.

His hands trembled pulling the toxic black smoke from his little lungs inch by inch till he was completely clear.

Slamming his hands on either side of his flaxen hair against the hot floor Max struggled trying to gather enough energy to get them both out.

Taking his mask he was just about to place it over his small face when the boy raised his hand up holding it back.

“Are you a superhero?”

An unusual smile rose along Max's charcoal smudged face.

Nodding he moved his little hand away placing the mask safely over the boy's airways.

Taking his bright yellow coat off he wrapped it around his little body pressing him close to his chest.

Standing he turned to try and find a way out, there was none, he was out of options.

He could hear Michael and Isabel in the back of his head warning him of the consequences of using his powers in front of people.

Honestly he didn't give a shit, no one else was going to die because of him, not on his watch.

Fear covered the little boy's wide eyes as he gazed helplessly up into Max's confident calm expression.

Lowering his mouth to his ear he knew it was now or never.

“Listen little man, I'm gonna get us out of here but superhero's needs to keep their secret idenities so the bad guys can't find us, so you need to keep your eyes shut tight for me and never ever speak of this, you need to trust me... deal?”

Nodding the little boy squeezed his eyes shut hard balling himself even further inside Max's chest.

With the house collapsing all around him he raised his hand streaming out a green shield before letting out a guttural growl blasting straight through the fire climbing up the outer wall.

Lowering his head he held the boy as tight as he could and ran for his life straight through the blaze wincing as the flames burned his clothes right off his back.

Falling onto his knees he opened his eyes to find neatly mowed grass beneath his hand while he still clung the boy hard to his body.

Voices were suddenly all around him like a swirling mass of chaos.

Completely spent Max couldn't discern one from another as he looked up to two medics calmly speaking to him.

“It's alright sir, he's safe now, let us help him, you can let go now.”

Although he was nodding as if he understood they still had to pry the small boy from his protective arms.

Gasping it all hit him at once as the adrenaline that had been sky high began to crash.

Bent over the grass he began spitting and coughing up the smoke he didn't even realize he had taken in.

Three of his fireman buddies were immediately by his side urging him to let the medics help him, which for the past three months of his duty was something he never accepted.

Shaking his head he stumbled to his feet as he struggled to speak.

“The kid, is he alight?”

Suddenly the guys disappeared as he Chief stood before him.

A big burly white haired man with a heart of gold and an Irish brogue who swore like a sailor placed his finger below Max's chin forcing him to look at him.

“Evans for fucks sake I have no God damn idea what the hell you did in there but if you think I'm going to go along with this obvious fucking death wish you have your crazier than I thought!”

Raising his shining amber eyes to the Chief's sky big blue ones he asked again.

“The boy... is he gonna be alright?”

Scoffing knowing that Max neither cared or heard a word he just said he nodded.

“Little Sam is going to be just fine, thanks to you, another fucking miracle Evans.”

Pushing away another medic Max leaned closer.

“His name is Sam?”

Rubbing the back of his neck dreaming of the beer he would be soon downing the Chief nodded again.

“Yes, his name is Sam and guess what? As of right now you've been suspended. And if I hear that you didn't get treated for those burns again your ass is mine!”

Coughing and laughing Max spotted Micheal’s car across the street and reluctantly began to make his way over there,

“Is that a promise?”

Crossing the street he could hear the Chief yell after him.

“I mean it this time Evans!”

Standing outside the car holding the backdoor open as Isabel sat stoically in the passenger seat Michael wordlessly waved him in.

Wincing as the pain began to set in Max rested his head against the headrest in front of him unable to press his burnt back against the seat.

Straining to speak his hoarse voice was calm but his annoyance was clear.

“You know Liz respects my request to do this on my own why is it that you both of you feel the need to show up every damn time.”

Isabel's abrasive cold tone was unmistakable as she wiped away a tear from her cheek.

“Did you see the reporters Max? Because they sure saw you, blasting through that wall like you're god damn superman.”

Wiping the soot from his mouth Max smiled to himself.

“I don't care what anyone says I am not wearing tights.”

Flashing a hardened whiskey colored glare in the rear view mirror Michael gripped the steering wheel.

“It's not funny Max, you're putting us all in danger, this isn't just about you and your need to save the fucking world.”

Racing through traffic trying to get him home as fast as possible so he could heal they drove the rest of the way in silence.

Taking a deep breath of relief Max shoved opened the door as they pulled up to their apartment.

There she was like always, calm and cool, desperately trying hard to hold back her fear and never ending worry for him Liz helped him out of the car.

Locking his eyes with hers she wiped the black soot away from his mouth.

"Are you ok?"

Instantly feeling the peace she always gave him he reached out and smoothed the back of his hand down her cheek.

“I am now.”

Raising one side of his mouth he leaned into her as he stumbled out onto the driveway leaving them both in the car shocked as always fuming mad, and gravely determined to put an end to his heroics.


Bracing herself against the wall watching as he stood naked gripping his hands against the frames of the large windows facing the vast night sky above him, she teared up as a stream of vibrant colors swirled around his body like a breathtaking prism.

Gasping and grimacing as he dug his nails into the wood she noticed that each time his healing was more painful, almost invasive and emotional.

Sliding down to the floor she rushed to him holding him close pressing her lips to his temple.

Whispering lovingly she apologized for Isabel and Micheal's appearance once again.

“I'm so sorry, I've tried to stop them, they wont listen to me, what's worse is that Maria told me that they're scheming something big to get you off the department.”

Unfazed Max led Liz to the bed.

“I'm gonna take a shower, and then I'm going to sleep for at least twenty four hours. That's how concerned I am about Michael and Isabel.”

Standing in the shower resting his forehead against the tile he shuttered hard as he watched the swirling dark water flow in circles down the drain.

The voice in his head was clear this time as he bashed through the wall of the blazing house.

There was no denying it, it was time to tell the others... it was time to tell Liz.

The messenger who spoke the ancient language of Sumerian he came to know so well left no room for doubt.

Closing his eyes he heard the words again like an eerie echo refusing to leave.

Eli Baltuti Ima '' Idu Mituti (Dead will be more numerous than the living)

Ruggummum Manzaz Kunukkum (claim Royal Seal)





It wasn't possible, the resistance had his royal seal, something must have happened.

Curling his hands into fists Max punched the walls hoping that Sam was somehow with him, that the stars were alining, that little boy, those bright green eyes.

It had to be a sign.

I will always be with you my friend

He thought back to his time on Antar, the sea of burning bodies laid in front of him, the price the innocent paid for an insidious ruler's need for vengeance and power.

He thought of his friend and the life he gave up to protect a hybrid he had so much faith in that came from another world he never knew.

Max wasn't afraid, his rage ran forever, endless, a constant flame burning deep inside beneath the wounds and scars that made him the warrior, the alien he was.

Tomorrow he would go to the desert, he would search out the stars, feel for the messenger.

Tomorrow Kivar would know.

There would be no innocence lost, no bounty to collect, only an alien with a human heart who was no longer afraid to fight for the ones he loved.

A tender soul with the strength of a King.

A warrior ready for battle.

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

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Re: Vanished (CC,M/L,Adult) *REPOST* Chpt 28 12/4/13

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Chapter twenty eight

Valleys by hounds

The water’s rising, eclipsing ocean reaching that diamond crown that you like to wear.
But it’s only, the La-la life you’re losing you know there are more important things.

There is no hiding now or ever
There’s no escape for us it seems
This heart has changed in me forever
This heart unfettered sparrow dreams?
There’s anger laced in our accepting
There’s blood haunted sorrowed eyes
Oh we will welcome all misfortune
Tell the golden fan, un-blind our eyes.

And you say, your sense of timing’s shitty you’d like to stay but you are on fire.
Don’t worry child I know that you’re an angel.

There is no hiding now or ever
There’s no escape for us it seems
This heart has changed in me forever
This heart unfettered sparrow dreams?
There’s anger laced in our forgiving
There’s blood in haunted sorrowed eyes
Oh we will welcome out misfortune
Tell the golden fan, un-blind our eyes.

~ angels and demons and everything in between ~

Ten minutes into the planned meeting Max felt himself fading away, drifting to another place and time, where survival was a daily occurrence, and his fate was uncertain.

Confusion, fear, and guilt mingled like acid strangling his throat, like a strong pair of hands suffocating his airway.

Isabel's voice was but a distant muffled noise, insignificant to the reality that was happening all around them.

The more she went on, the more he knew they were gravely ill equipped to handle what was coming, decisions had to be made.

He needed to tell Liz everything; she needed to know what he could not put off any longer.

After about an hour of Isabel’s speech about the abuse of his powers and responsibility to his family, Max quietly rose from his spot next to Liz on the couch.

Brushing lightly by Michael he made his way to Lily’s room, with no explanation or answer to their looming questions.

“Where the hell is he going! I wasn’t finished talking to him, God he really doesn’t care anymore does he? He’s just gonna to do whatever the hell he wants!”

Shrugging off Isabel’s shrieking voice Liz hugged both her and Michael before grabbing her jacket.

She understood both sides, they were just frightened, but this was getting old, and it wasn’t doing anything to help the demons that continued to plague Max.

Ten years of living completely as humans, never giving into their alien side was the result of the trauma coming out of Max’s disappearance, she got that.

It was the only way they could go on without him, they worked hard to leave it in the past, and here he was back, and with him all their fears and memories of a time when their lives were in jeopardy.

Liz understood that Isabel didn’t want that kind of life for her children, and Michael had come so far, accomplished so much, he was finally happy and at peace with himself and his place in the world… this world.

It was obvious that they were trying to hold what they knew to be safe.

She had just hoped that in time they would come to understand him more and learn to compromise.

Liz had assumed that they would come to realize that the gift of having him back would come with a price, but it was a price worth paying.

She was beginning to worry that she was wrong; still she wouldn’t trade any of it for the so called ‘normal’ existence they all grew to be accustomed to.

She couldn’t imagine her life without him now, the thought of Charlie ever being enough for her seem inconceivable at this point.

Liz trusted Max like no other, he held her heart and with it a loyalty that could never be broken.

She gave him the space that he needed, never needing explanations, she knew that he would always come back to her.

They had a silent understanding, an unconditional love that few others could ever grasp.

She felt that eventually Max would settle down, that he would at some point deal with the guilt and pain that he carried, it would just take time.

She was convinced that becoming a fireman was a sign that he was moving forward, that he was becoming more and more accustomed to being back on Earth and the life he now had.

Liz wasn’t blind though, his struggle was written all over his face everyday.

It was in the limp he sometimes had from wounds so deep they sometimes drained his energy, or the headaches he suffered after intense dreams.

No one, not even a powerful alien King could just erase ten years of abandonment and torture.

She was aware of the constant battle raging inside him regarding his past and the man he had become because of it.

Liz couldn’t help but grow inpatient with Isabel and Michael’s refusal to see or appreciate what he had been through and how hard he was trying.

She had heard it all before, their increasing concerns, their fear of the unknown and how it would affect their lives; she couldn’t sit through it again.

She knew Max had gone to see Lily, she was fine with waiting in the kitchen for him, but her leaving the room set off an already tense situation.

Michael watching their opportunity fading away stood momentarily in front of Liz blocking her way.

“Liz please, we’re just concerned… for everyone. Isabel is half way to divorce court and to tell you the truth Maria isn’t thrilled about the possibility of going through another FBI investigation if someone should happen to start paying attention to his antics.”

Her patience had worn thin, her concern was with Max not them, and it was showing.

“Antics… really Michael, he saves lives, he’s not doing it for an adrenaline rush, and he’s not doing it to piss you two off…”

Stopping herself she knew she was just wasting her time, they had grown complacent in lives that were possible because of his sacrifice and they couldn’t see it.

Liz could only hope that his visit with Lily would provide him with some sort of momentary peace.


“Come in Uncle Max.” whispered a tiny sweet voice from inside the bedroom.

Feeling an immediate sense of relief as he walked through the door Max spun around surprised at the spectacle around him that she obviously had planned for him to see.

In the center of the room stood Lily, arms raised high, blonde curls floating like yellow cotton candy up in the air, while a rainbow of colors spiraled from her fingers stretching out against her walls.

Impressed Max nodded, “Wow, very cool. But how did you know it was me?”

Concentrating on her fingers Lily rolled her eyes as if the answer was clear.

“Because I felt you there, you didn’t want to talk to mommy anymore. You wanted to see me!”

Biting back another smile Max rubbed the back of his neck worried about the other things that Lily may be picking up about him.

The truth was he didn’t know the extent of her powers, except for the fact that he suspected that she possessed all of them.

Also that she was at her best mentally and physically when she embraced her alien side, a fact that he finally managed to convince Isabel of; this fortunately culminating from an incident that finally forced Jesse from a situation he could not accept.

Trying to restrain that much power would be like attempting to hold back the waves of an ocean by standing on the shore with your hands out stretched.

The possibilities were endless for Lily, with her intelligence she could go on to help the human race in ways none of them had ever imagined, lord knows she had already used to her powers to save one particular important hybrid in this world.

“Uncle Max put your hand inside one of the colors, pink! No, no…” Scrunching her face up she thought about it. “…yellow, definitely try the yellow!”

Slowly Max slipped the tip of his finger inside the color radiating brightly from Lily’s hands.
Almost immediately the vibrant sunny yellow turned to a orange brown then into a more sickly green.

Before he could remove his hand Lily gasped as all the colors faded out pushing her flat on the floor.

Running to her Max scooped her up in his strong arms straining to breathe himself from the unexpected drain of his energy.

“Are you alright Lily?!” he whispered softly to her temple, worried, confused.

Placing her small hand on his cheek she glanced up with teary eyes and deep concern.

“Uncle Max, what happened?

His honey tinted eyes widened as she threw her hands around his neck.

"Please don't, there has to be another way. Promise me!.”

Placing her on the bed he knelt by her vehemently shaking his head.

“Lily, whatever you’re thinking you’re wrong. I’m fine, everything’s fine honey.”

At that moment the door swung open and Isabel rushed in whisking Lily off the bed.

“Bath time, besides Uncle Max and Auntie Liz have to be going now, you can call him tomorrow.”

Isabel knew she could no longer deny them access to each other; Lily’s reaction to being separated from Max was something she couldn’t live through again, but she wasn’t going to make it prolonged or easy.

Lily stared intensely into Max’s eyes as she was pulled out of the room as if she were trying hard to concentrate on what he was thinking.

It was clear she was distressed but it didn’t seem to come across to anyone accept Max, and there was nothing he could do.

Worrying her was the last thing in the world he wanted, he was sure he would’ve been able to conceal everything from her, but he was terribly wrong, clearly even Max had underestimated the strength of Lily’s alien side and what she was truly capable of.


The entire ride home Max stared out the window as Liz drove carelessly unaware of the interaction that took place with his little niece.

Max gripped the side of seat hard trying to erase the look on Lily's face, this wasn’t supposed to happen.

His fight, the war, it was all supposed to end.

He had to somehow hope that the slight brush of his fingertips over Lily’s forehead had soothed her thoughts helping her forget what she had seen.


Max had spent the next few hours watching Liz catch up on some work on her lap top.

She looked worn and uncharacteristically anxious sipping on a cup of tea lost in a sea of papers on her desk.

Max could feel the tension and stress running through her, it was more than her career at the hospital.

Sighing harshly he watched as she turned her computer off and shoved the papers frustratingly back in their binders.

"I'm going to take a shower before bed, I can't get anything done tonight, I can barely keep my eyes open. Are you tired?"

He nodded before pulling her in for a hug.

"I'm wiped, gonna head to bed now if you don't mind."

Smiling softly she was happy that he was going to try to sleep, it had been several nights that he had even tried and it was beginning to worry her.

"Not at all, I'll be as quiet as a mouse, you won't hear a thing." she whispered before disappearing into the bathroom.

He noticed the anxiety in her eyes, he was so lost in his own issues he forgot how long it had been since he had really talked to her about her life, and problems.

Max knew life with him was anything but easy, the chances he took, the constant fires, the late night disappearance with no explanations.

Still she was unflinching in her love for him; it was constant, steady, something he had grown to depend on.

Saving him, protecting him from himself and the darkness that threatened his sanity…

She was his angel, his haven.

Trailing his fingertips along the door of the bathroom he felt her there, it was all consuming, her light, the fire that pulsed through her.

He needed to bask in that light, burn beneath her touch, he was desperate to escape within her.

It become almost imperative that he relieve her of the worry and stress that she had been carrying around with her, at least for now.

Liz, closing her eyes as she stepped into the hot spray, was completely unaware of him outside the door as she showered.

She stood under the hard pulse of the steamy water sighing as it worked her tense muscles.

Liz had been pulling double shifts working on a research project that had some real promise for a new vaccine, it was as challenging as it was exciting though calling for longer hours in the lab and constant updates with her findings to her superiors.

Between that, the constant pressure from Michael and Isabel and worrying about Max she was exhausted.

Rolling her neck she moaned slightly slicking back her long hair rinsing the shampoo from the ends that came to a point down the middle of her back.

Lathering the coconut scented bath gel between her fingers she leaned against the green tile pointing her toe as she caressed the sweet scent along her legs up her thighs.

Max began pacing as flashes of her in the shower flickered helplessly in his mind.

Stripping his shirt from his body Max brushed off the sweat along his forehead as he felt each movement she made.

Bracing his back against the wall just outside the door he kicked off his shoes and socks clenching his jaw as she brushed her fingers lightly over her breasts.

Releasing the confines of his belt he groaned as the image of her slick and wet lingered along his skin causing his temperature to rise.

Suddenly he heard the shower shut off.

Slow drops of water echoed off the bathroom walls as she stood staring into the mirror.

Wrapping a large blue towel around her she combed back her drenched raven hair looking at the reflection of a tired woman not at all the young girl she remembered so well.

Running her fingertips under her wide ebony eyes she noticed the dark circles and the beginnings of lines that would someday mark her face.

Outside the door Max stood naked, barely making a sound except his shuddered breath as he listened intently for her to come out.

Titling her head disappointed at the reflection staring back at her she went to leave as water droplets descended along the curves of her body falling one by one to her feet below.

Thinking he was asleep she was sure to be quiet as she shut the light off and reached for the doorknob.

As soon as the door opened he reached for her wrist spinning her around to face the wall.

This was something that was long over due, something they both needed.

A sharp gasp slipped from her lips as he stood flush against her back his breath hitching hotly down along her neck.

Deadly serious he took a hold of the towel and pulled it slowly releasing it from her still moist skin.

She was shivering now as she felt his body hard and ready impressing its image along her backside.

A bright blue light emitted from his fingertips as he hovered his hands over her shoulders.

Like shimmering sapphires the glow skimmed along her back down further as he lowered himself to his knees.

Brushing his mouth softly along each cheek he reached around her sliding through her, opening her up for his invasion.

Her forehead fell to the wall in front of her as his firm tongue searched her out, lavishing the most private parts of her.

Her thighs spread for him as her finger nails dug into the sheetrock making half moon marks as she struggled to keep her balance.

Curling his tongue he smiled against her as she began to convulse shaking so hard he was forced to grip her hips steady not willing to end it just yet.

Her moans and urgent whimpers filled the room as the color flickered from his fingertips from a cobalt blue to a fiery crimson bright red.

Quickly standing he jerked her close bending her forward causing her to press her cheek to the wall.

He had never been so rough with her before but she reveled in it, the power, the strength seething behind her was like nothing she had ever felt before.

He was in total control as he twisted her wet hair around his fist before slamming into her with everything he had.

She cried out in immense pleasure causing him to cover her body pressing his mouth to her ear.

“Do you have any idea how fucking beautiful you are?”

Moving inside her he reached up to grasp her breast while using the other hand to strum her clit making it almost impossible for her to breathe.

Molding his muscular body to her petite frame his amber eyes had darkened to a deep brandy as he worked her into a heightened state of euphoria unlike ever before.

Liz’s body radiated with the supernatural scarlet glow of the extraterrestrial force vibrating through him.

Growling in her ear as he sped up he lifted her forcing her to stand as he hammered inside her relentlessly.

Glistening with sweat he was breathless almost in a trance as he groaned against her neck lifting her up on her toes with each powerful thrust.

Slamming his palms flat against the wall on either side of her head he felt her hands clutch his strong thighs behind her as she went over the edge again.

The fluctuating red light searing from his fingers pulsated into a blinding white light spiraling around the room bouncing off all the walls as he came hard gasping for air.


She cried out throwing her head back against his chest as they slid to the floor still shaking.

Worry and confusion filled her as she realized the name she had just screamed.

Leaning into him as he wrapped his arms around her she gazed around the room as it continued to flicker with brilliant white lights rising and falling like diamonds suspended in the air.

Oblivious Max held her close lost in his devotion, freed at least for the moment from his past, secure in the profound solace she provided him whispering words of love and forever.

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

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Re: Vanished (CC,M/L,Adult) *REPOST*NEW UPDATE Chpt 29 12/5

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Chapter twenty nine

Metallica Enter Sandman
Say your prayers little one
Don't forget my son
To include everyone
I tuck you in
Warm within
Keep you free from sin
'Till the sandman he comes

Sleep with one eye open
Gripping your pillow tight

Exit light
Enter night
Take my hand
We're off to never never-land

Something's wrong, shut the light
Heavy thoughts tonight
And they aren't of snow white
Dreams of war
Dreams of lies
Dreams of dragons fire
And of things that will bite, yeah

Sleep with one eye open
Grippin' your pillow tight

Exit light
Enter night
Take my hand
We're off to never never-land

Now I lay me down to sleep
Pray the lord my soul to keep
And if I die before I wake
Pray the lord my soul to take

Hush little baby don't say a word
And never mind that noise you heard
It's just the beast under your bed
In your closet in your head

Exit light
Enter night
Grain of sand

Exit light
Enter night
Take my hand
We're off to never never-land

We're off to never never-land

Take my hand
We're off to never never-land
Take my hand
We're off to never never-land

We're off to never never-land

~ gone ~

Guilt, some deal with it by losing themselves in work, meaningless sex, a handful of pills or crawling into a bottle.

Others block it out, choosing to believe that the crime they’ve committed was somehow justified or beyond their control making them the victim unable to shoulder the weight of what they’ve done.

But for a very few who truly own their offense the crushing day to day of it eats them alive from the inside out plunging them into hell, forcing them to repeat the pain they’ve caused over and over until they slowly go insane.

The damage such trauma could bring down on a normal human being could be immense, but on an alien hybrid with an ancestry of unimaginative power and the heart of a lion, the result could border on catastrophic, total chaos.

It had been weeks since Liz uttered the name that Max distained, the name that held so much pain, so much weight that sunk so heavy upon his shoulders.

She had no idea why she felt the powerful unconscious urge to refer to him as Zan, but she never told anyone.

At the time it was meaningless, something spoken in the heat of passion but now it seemed wrong, as if she had somehow channel a darkness inside him she was never supposed to witness.

As if an omen from that point on distant grew between them and what followed even Liz could not have foreseen.

The weeks following Michael and Isabel’s speech of disapproval were unsettling if not downright alarming.

Max had jumped right back into firefighting with vengeance using his powers blatantly out in the open.

Without regard for his own safety, only the mindless need to save others it seemed as if he was on a path of self-destruction that no one could save him from.

He would disappear for sometimes days going off into the desert burnt and broken only to come back partially healed with a bottle of booze and a need for his space.

It was as if he needed to suffer, to feel pain.

Liz was at a crossroads, this wasn’t about the stories he had told her about guilt stemming from Sam’s death or the thousands that perished under Kivar’s orders.

Something bigger, darker was blacking the edges of his mind.


Standing tall on the very edge of the roof of their ten story apartment building Max stared up at the night sky in quiet contemplation.

From the position he was in he could easily see past the many white flickering headlights and piercing red taillights of the cars coming to and from his little corner of Roswell.

He also could see the edge of the vast desert, where it stretches out into an unforgiving dusty alien like atmosphere that felt so disturbingly familiar to him.

A place where death is waiting to find you, where is seeks you out, daring you to play… the place where he was trapped, like an animal for what felt/feels like an eternity…

And just like that he was back, breathing in the thick crimson dirt filled air, on the edge of death, worn, broken, barely a shadow, merely existing.

Like ice cold water rushing in his veins, the fear returned and along with it the blatant unsettling awareness that everything was about to change.

Max could no longer ignore the signs, the constant dark foreboding stream of voices that once called to him now screamed.

Threatening nightmares, soulless beasts with a thirst for the tender flesh of a boy’s innocent soul, from a world he should have known he could never escape.

‘There is no safe.’

A soft sigh fell upon his lips as he recalled Sam’s ghostly words.

‘There is no safe.’

Taking a swig from a small green whiskey bottle Max coughed violently as the soot from his latest dangerous fire crawled scrapping like acid up inside his burned throat.

“I know old friend.”

His voice was gruff and gravely, no longer a boy he stood as a man, with years of pain and struggle etched across his skin.

Nights were sleepless and forever, his days draining, burdened with his attempts at being ‘normal’, of pretending to Liz and the others that he was fine, that they were all going to be alright.

The hard truth was that none of it ever left him, the hundreds of thousands he witnessed being tortured and slain because of him weighed like steel upon his heart.

Sam’s sacrifice, his battered corpse forever laid across his weary shoulders for him to carry every day.

He wanted to believe the myth that he was dispelling, that he was getting stronger, healing, but the wounds went far beyond the physical.

They raged inside his head, refusing to be silenced, shocking and relentless, saying one thing over and over…

Never again

He could never shoulder the responsibility of a life extinguished because of who he was.

His dizzy head fell back as the hard liquor washed over him helping to numb the relentless memories that infiltrated his mind.

The brief moments of atonement he experienced saving people in fires only lingered for a few weeks before he needed another fix.

Anything to fill the cavernous hole in his soul, to block out the signals, the never ending menacing threats that they were coming and what he now knew he had to do.

Max would die before risking the life of his love, his Liz.

Then there were the others, although distant in his life were never far from his heart.

Falling to his knees the bottle slipped from his fingers smashing on the black tar littering the roof beneath him.

Both hands covered his ears as the ancient Sumerian language rumbled like thunder inside his head.

Eli Baltuti Ima''Idu Mituti

Eli Baltuti Ima''Idu Mituti

Eli Baltuti Ima''Idu Mituti

Dead Will Be More Numerous Than The Living…

Liz’s heart dropped as she watched him rocking back and forth on his knees with his hands slammed up against his ears as if someone was screaming in his mind.

Slowing walking over to him she knelt cautiously in front of him afraid to touch him worried that she would traumatize him even more.

Liz watched in horror, stunned at what she was witnessing, lost as to how to help him.


Hearing nothing but the distant sounds of the traffic below she whispered his name softly once again.

“Max, can you hear me?”

And then suddenly he was back, driven out by the sound of her voice, the only thing that ever brought him back.

Wide wild amber eyes were glowing like fire as he stared blankly up at her; he knows now that he has to tell her soon but not today, not like this.

“I’m sorry, too much whiskey, not enough sleep.”

Max’s voice comes out broken, separated by gasps of air from lungs that have not yet healed completely.

His head is ringing, stinging with unnerving echoes but still he pretends.

No words are spoken as she helps him to his feet; completely unaware that she has seen anything he does his best to be strong.

Broken glass is left behind as if unseen, an issue for a different day; right now she just wants him safe in her arms, in their bed.

The warrior gives in and doesn’t fight; this one brought him down, straight down to his knees.

Thoughts cloud his mind as she helps him inside.

Michael and Isabel have never known such darkness, they could never fight.

Max knows deep inside, as he has now become more alien, they too have become all too human, they would never survive.

Liz is silent as she undresses him and helps him in bed.

Her face is cool and calm her smile comforting and steady, nothing is showing, just love and respect.

Inside is different, she knows that look in his eyes, she remembers it from that first night in the crashdown and in the woods, something is very wrong.

Max is holding her now, his hand is stroking her long wavy hair, but he’s far away stuck in another world trying to figure it out, needing to why.

He had learned long ago that you cannot hide, that matter how hard you try to escape … the wrath, his enemy…he would always find you.

He didn’t know why Kivar was coming for him; he no longer possessed the royal seal, he was no longer a threat or a prize.

Reaching up beneath his black tee shirt he swept the tips of his fingers over the raised swollen scar tissue that remained in place of the symbols that proved he was the true King.

flashback… the day the resistance took him from the death camp and made the exchange of his royal seal for a ticket home.

He remembered the towering Aliens of the resistance, the fury in their eyes, the gnash of their claws against his flesh.

Max could picture them infiltrating the death camp, an army made of the angry and desperate.
It was a life or death mission, to take the boy King Zan from their oppressor, the devil himself, to risk it all for the chance to take their freedom, their planet back.

Like a wave of grey mist they ripped him from his cell whispering in his head, spinning a deal to end his nightmare, a simple transaction, an exchange of sorts, just a piece of his soul to be with her again, to be sent home.

Closing his eyes he saw himself braced against the sewers of the cold dark underground, thinking it was the end.

Lakes of fire above, deafening screams of bodies dying, Kivar’s army enclosing on them right on their heels.

Panic, disorder, mass confusion, Max watching his one shot fading as the leader of the resistance looks as if he’s giving up.

Lying in bed he can still hear them arguing, he can even recall the gun heavy in his hand as he spoke to the leader in his mind.

‘We made a deal.’

Large black dead eyes bore into his mind speaking telepathically.

'I could decompose your ape descendent brain in seconds you anthropological hybrid misfit.'

Max undeterred by the obvious veiled threat released the safety aiming the gun higher now directly pointing it at the extraterrestrial's oval shaped human-like head.

Screaming Max played his last card, gambling his freedom and his life.

'That may be, but not before my bullet would pierce your frontal lobe, we both know if I'm dead so is the royal seal, my ticket home and your only hope of defeating Kivar.

Trophus, we are out of time, take the seal before it’s too late! We made a deal, dead or alive I am going home!'

And so it was done, the seal was removed.

His body wasn’t ready, a procedure he was unaware of, memories, damage, too costly to put into words.

They didn’t have time to prepare him for the extraction, but it was too late.

Max closed his eyes still feeling the white hot burn, believing, knowing that this was the end.
Only it wasn’t.


It was sometime early the next morning that he found himself pacing the living room still fixated on that moment, on what went wrong.

As dawn approached he gazed out the window desperate for what they were after, why Kivar was coming back for him.

Why this was not over.

The answer was swift, blinding, final…

Golden eyes rolled back as the mighty warrior fell crashing to the floor unconscious.

As if awaking into a bad dream Liz sat up in bed startled by the loud thump that reverberated throughout the apartment.

Frantic when she sees him gone Liz runs in the living room to find him on his back staring up at the ceiling.

He’s out, not responding to her at all.

She had no way of knowing that across town a little blonde haired girl at that moment had collapsed on the ground in front of her mother’s bed.

Bright blue eyes locked on the ceiling as her frightened mother shook her screaming her name with no effect.

“Lily! Oh my god no!!”

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

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Vanished (CC,M/L, Adult) chpt 30 12/8/13

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Carolyn, thank you so much, I have no idea why you are so nice to me, just know that it means the world to me, for some reason I think you know exactly why.

Chapter thirty

~ revelations ~

Gasping for air Lily sprung upwards to a sitting position after being practically catatonic for what seemed like hours, but in reality was close to twenty five minutes.

Running to her side Isabel threw her arms around the wide eyed child who was struggling to speak.

Michael immediately asked Maria to check on Max who was still unconscious in Isabel’s room down the hall in hopes that he too had woken up.

Breathless Maria rushed through the door where Kyle and Liz were by his side to find Max still unconscious.

“She’s awake! Lily! She’s trying to speak but – “

Before Maria could answer Liz motioned for Kyle to stay with Max as she made her way frantically to Lily’s side…

As Lily carefully sipped water Isabel held her hand up towards Liz pleading with her to take it slow, fortunately for Liz Lily was more than eager to share what she had experienced.

Sitting by her side Liz took her little hand and softly spoke to her.

“Lily are you alright sweetie, how are you feeling?”

Clutching her stuffed bear Lily shook her head as big tears rose up and over her rosy cheeks.

“I’m fine but Uncle Max is in trouble, he’s in so much pain … it’s so bad… it was all so bad mommy.”

Gazing sadly into her mother’s eyes Isabel feared the worst as she wrapped her arms around her daughter.

Angrily Michael began to pace the room as his powers spontaneously sent cracks up the sides of the walls.

“I knew it! They’re back, they’re here and we are totally defenseless! That’s why he’s been acting so crazy, the booze, the long periods of time where he just disappears… the erratic behavior! What the hell are we – “

Slowly sitting on the bed Liz covered her eyes with her hands. “This is my fault, I knew they were communicating with him, he talked in his sleep, he wanted to tell us all… warn us. I didn’t want to interfere; I kept thinking that I should wait till he was ready.

Isabel’s voice cracked as she held back her tears. “No, we’re to blame.” Looking over to Michael she nodded knowing he felt it too. “If we had supported him instead of constantly fighting him all the time he would have confided in us. We pushed him away; we’re responsible for whatever happens Michael.”

Sighing loudly Lily pushed off her mother’s shoulders so she could stand on the bed to get everyone’s attention.

“Please, stop… you don’t understand. You need to listen; you’ve got it all wrong.”

Panicking Maria took Michael’s hand. “We’ve got to get the hell out of here, we have to run. God knows how close they are. With Max in la la land we have no protection from Kivar!”

Slumping down into a chair in the corner of the room Michael shook his head. “Run? Where? Max is like a freaking beacon to these aliens. They’ll find us wherever we go.”

Maria squeezed Michael’s shoulders jumping at every little sound outside. “We could leave him in a hospital, I mean he is technically in a kind of coma – “

Furious Liz glared at all of them. “That is not happening, never going to be an option. Maybe Kyle can take Lily away somewhere safe, but we are not leaving him!”

“Well I’m not leaving my daughter!” Isabel bit back in a fury of emotions.

Suddenly Lily raised her hands spreading her fingers out releasing a spiral of sky blue and teal streams of light causing everyone to immediately focus on her.

Taking deep breaths each one of them slowly sat down on the bed as Lily crossed her legs Indian style.

Inwardly she smiled realizing that her Uncle was right, that she was powerful, an alien, and that was something to be proud of.

Silent admissions of apologies darted around the room as a sense of calmness filled the air.

Poking his head around the corner Kyle winked at Lily giving her a knowing smile.

“Nice going kid, too bad you weren’t around twelve years ago, we could have really used you back then.”

Patting the bed beside her Lily smiled back. “Sit by me Uncle Kyle, this involves you too.”

Now getting their full attention Lily carefully thought about how she was going to tell them something that she knew they were far from prepared for.

Holding her bear close to her she bit her lip as she looked over to Liz.

“Auntie Liz the only way we’re going to be able to help Max is if we all work together, I don’t exactly understand what I saw but I could feel that it was painful, especially to you.”

Michael moved beside Liz wrapping his arm around her pulling her close.

“We’re so sorry … for everything… whatever it is we’re here for you. We love you both.”

Glancing over to Isabel he sighed with relief as she nodded in agreement.

“We’re family, we’ve all we’ve got, I’m so sorry we lost sight of that. I promise we will do whatever it takes to get him back. To keep us all safe… please forgive us Liz.”

Wiping tears from her face Liz snuggled closer to Michael waving Maria over knowing she was just scared.

“There’s nothing to forgive, we’re together now that’s all that matters, that's all that he wanted.”

With a shaky breath Liz nodded to Lily. “It’s alright sweat heart, just tell us what you know, are the aliens here, do they know where we are?”

Lily’s disheartened eyes fell downward along with the beautiful colors radiating from her fingertips.

“That’s just it, no one is here… no one is coming.”

Confused the group glanced around at each other as they did their best to stay calm.

Brushing back her flaxen curls Isabel rubbed her back in slow circles.

“Sweetie, what do you mean? If no one is coming who is it that Uncle Max is talking to?”

Pointing to her chest Lily struggled to make them understand what she had seen.

“I was dreaming of Antar before everything happened. I saw the big monsters burn Uncle”

Mimicking the symbols over her heart Lily gazed up at Liz with an expression of deep penetrating despair.

Michael nodded. “The royal seal, you saw them take it from him. That’s good Lily, keep going … you’re doing great baby.”

Squeezing the bear that Max gave her Lily’s voice cracked in pain as she continued.

“They weren’t ready, they did it wrong.”

The tension was thick in the air as they all braced for the worst.

“His …soul, it’s broken.”

Lily looked up at Isabel struggling to explain.

“It’s like his soul is a puzzle, when they took the seal some of the pieces were lost. Uncle Max can’t get better until he finds those missing pieces and puts his soul back together. Until then a part of him will always be tortured by the death he believes he caused. Something horrible happened that he can't remember when he is awake, but its there ...its always there."

Gently reaching for her hand Liz carefully pressed on.

“Lily, do you know what is missing? Do you have any idea what it is that he can’t remember?”

Sofly sobbing Lily wiped her tears with the back of her hand.

“I woke up after they burnt him, I ran to mommy’s room because I was scared and that’s when it happened.”

Shivering Lily did her best to be strong recalling what she had seen.

“One minute I was trying to wake mommy and then next I was there, I was in the bad place.”

Turning Lily towards her Isabel wrapped her arms around her hugging her tight.

“Oh baby, you dream walked Uncle Max again, it was just a dream baby, it was just a dream.”

Staring at the wall over Isabel’s shoulder Lily described what she had seen.

“It was very dark except for this big stage, where the bad man was… there were so many people watching… so many that they could hardly move.”

Calmly Liz interjected. “Did you see Uncle Max?”

Lily hesitated for a few minutes as a rainbow of colors flashed from her palms recalled something a child should never have witnessed.

Pressing her hands over Lily’s cheeks Isabel gave her a comforting smile.

“You did what I told you didn’t you baby, you surrounded yourself in white light, you made yourself invisible to everyone…even Uncle Max.”

Guilt washed over her face in a shower of tears as she buried herself inside Isabel’s long blonde hair.

“I sorry mommy, I was so scared… there was this lady, she was holding a baby… the bad man hurt them, burned them, the fire was so bright, the screams... It was so horrible… how could anyone hurt a little baby mommy?”

Shaking Liz ran out of the room grabbing a photo album off the shelf.

Frantically she flipped through the pages until she reached their prom picture.

Taking it from the transparent page she held the picture up for Lily.

It was all of them, Alex and Isabel, Michael and Maria, Max and Liz and there in the front Kyle and Tess.

Pointing to Tess Liz took Lily from Isabel placing her on her lap.

“Lily was this the lady that was with the baby?”

Taking the picture from Liz Lily pointed to Tess.

“She was the baby’s mommy; the bad man had her tied to a big pole. The bad man began screaming in my head. He said that if Uncle Max didn’t go to him that he would kill his son. He said that a real King would never let his child die.”

Crying openly Lily bit her lip covering her eyes trying to get the image out of her mind. "I didn't know Uncle Max had a son."

Everyone did their best to control their emotions because of Lily but one by one they broke down.

“I saw Uncle Max, he was trying to run to him but someone was holding him back. They were hiding behind a big dumpster. He was crying mommy, he was screaming kicking, punching but his friend was strong. Too strong, Uncle Max looked bad, like he was sick, he was so skinny and weak… he looked young like he did here in this picture.”

Hearing enough Liz stood motioning for Kyle.

Whispering in his ear she asked him to look after Lily while she talked to Isabel and Michael.

After getting them alone in the living room she began to pace back and forth.

“Kivar killed Tess and his son, right in front of him. It must’ve happened soon after he was there if he looked young, like that picture. That’s the piece that’s missing, he keeps reliving it in his dreams, it must be manifesting itself into this danger he always believes we’re in. The guilt is crushing him but the memory is lost.”

Suddenly they heard tiny footsteps enter the room.

Kyle rushed after her apologizing.

“I’m sorry, I tried but Lily has a point, she knows what’s happening; you need to include her in this.”

Kneeling down to her level Liz hugged her tight.

“I’m afraid for Uncle Max Lily. I think the guilt of watching his son die over and over again is hurting him.”

Pulling away from Liz Lily looked up at all of them before running to Max’s side.

Gently taking his hand she closed her eyes before falling to her knees.

“He’s been carrying this pain inside him; it’s made a big hole in his heart. Uncle Max has to accept what happened, he has to remember, to forgive himself, he needs to know this wasn’t his fault or he won’t be able to move past it.”

Michael knelt by Max’s side pressing his forehead to the mattress feeling helpless.

“So when the alien’s took his seal they ripped a part of his soul out too, the part that holds this memory, but it’s still in his mind… his subconscious… “

Isabel knelt on the opposite side pulling Lily onto her lap.

“It must play on a loop when he’s sleeping … when he wakes he feels what happened … the pain of it all with no way of dealing with it.”

Sliding down against the wall behind her Liz wrapped her arms around herself.

“That’s why he has such a need to save those people in the fires, in his mind he’s saving his son… he’s trying to find a way to save him over and over again.”

Lily looked up at all of them refusing to let go of Max’s hand.

“But he never can, the voices… the danger he thinks is coming… it’s all in his mind, he’s punishing himself. He thinks he has to be this warrior, he has to fight, if he stops fighting then he has to accept that there is nothing he can do, that what he saw was real.”

Gripping his short hair Michael slid down beside Liz.

“It all got much worse when he saved that little boy, remember? Sam I think he’s name was… it must’ve triggered something.”

Stroking Max’s hair Isabel broke down remembering how horrible her and Michael were about Max using his powers that day.

“It all makes sense now… it must’ve eventually broke him, he’s stuck in his mind in that moment. Oh my god… how are we going to help him? “

Placing Max’s hand against her cheek Lily smiled bravely.

“I can do it.”

Leaning her forehead against Lily’s shoulder Isabel whispered softly.

“How baby, he’s lost …”

Lily gazed back into Max’s eyes that continued to stare blankly up towards the ceiling.

“I will find him.”

*not sure if anyone is still reading this but I wanted to explain because I think this is a little confusing...
Shortly after Max became stranded on Antar, Kivar tried to flush him out by having a public execution of Tess and his son... he set them on fire when Max didn't surrender. Sam knowing that Kivar was going to kill them both even if he gave himself up held him back. Max was injured and starved too weak to fight Sam. I wrote this scene early on as a flashback but didn't reveal what they were watching.
When the resistance took his seal it damaged his soul leaving him with the 'feelings' and 'emotions' of what happened but not the actual memory. He hates himself, carries this guilt, always feeling that he murdered someone, sees it in his dreams but when he is awake he can't remember.
Now he is trapped in his mind reliving that day on a loop, his mind won't stop until a different out come occurs. All the voices he's heard all this time were manifestations of this guilt.

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare