Vanished (CC,M/L,Adult) *Complete* Chpt 34 5/2/14

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Vanished (CC,M/L,Adult) *Complete* Chpt 34 5/2/14

Post by jake17 » Tue Nov 26, 2013 9:13 pm

*This story had been accidentally deleted but has since been restored up to the current chpt, please see my author's page.*


Amazing banner by behrbabe, who I am forever indented to, so much of the inspiration came from this perfect banner, thank you so much!

Title: Vanished
Author: jake17
Couple: M/L
Disclaimer: I own nothing Roswell
Rating: Adult

Author's Note :

This was given to me by MP, an amazing, heart wrenching, brilliant challenge that I was lucky enough to be handed personally. Her ideas are truly nothing short of genius, I just hope I can give it the justice it deserves. Thank you so much MP, sorry for the surprise, I couldn't wait any longer. so praying that your happy with this.


please read

This story picks up towards the end of the episode Interruptus, if you remember Max and Michael run to save Isabel from Kivar who wants to possess her as Vilondra and take her back to Antar, in this story Max in a struggle to save Isabel gets trapped into the portal with Kivar and ends up on an apocalyptic Antar.

He spends ten years starving, lost and alone fighting for his life in a war torn planet where Kivar and his followers are in a constant battle with rebel forces trying to assassinate him and take back their home at any cost.

Captured by the leader of the resistance they strike a deal with the one they know as Zan (Max), the King who fell at the feet of Kivar leading to the mass murders, forced slavery and the destruction of their once beautiful planet.

In an exchange for a huge sacrifice that will help them in their fight against Kivar, but will nearly cost Max his life, they agree to return him to his home planet Earth. After ten years of horror he finds himself near death back home but far from Roswell.

The story continues on with him finding his way to the others and the struggle to live in a world he no longer understands or belongs, and to the love of a girl whose memory was the only thing that drove him to struggle every day to stay alive in an unimaginable hell.

Chapter one.

~ A good day to die ~

'It has begun!'

Rising out of the crimson ashes miles deep Max could see them coming.

Slow and steady, poised for destruction focused on their prize, Kivar's brutal ground forces were descending upon them.

An army of mindless obedient killing machines ordered by a madman to destroy the last of the resistance, the only thing left standing between a heinous dictator and total world domination.

But it wasn't his world...

Not anymore...

Not after today...

Dead or alive Max was going home and nothing short of the devil himself was going to stop him.

Immense vibrations erupted the ground under his worn boots as his dirty face traveled upwards to see the daunting wavering ballistic capsules deploy their weaponry.

Covering his head the scorched land exploded into flames surrounding them in a sea of fire.

Max fell to his knees as funnels of dirt and gravel were sent rupturing fifty feet straight up into the air.

Everything erupted into a fury of chaos and confusion as the alien resistance saw their one last ditch effort to destroy Kivar disintegrate before their eyes.

Scrambling for cover Max held his head as an onslaught of commands from the alien beings surrounding him roared in a panic from every angle.

'Fall back! Fall back!'

'It's too late!'

'They know we have the king! '

Reaching out with his mind he glared at the leader of the resistance feeling his last chance at going home beginning to slip away.

Kivar's troops had arrived earlier then they had anticipated, their sheer numbers were daunting with their heavy artillery and air force the fledgling ill equip rebels were beginning to lose hope.

They didn't have the time or the preparation needed to set forth their very dangerous risky plan, despair and defeat was already crushing their spirits motivating them to retreat.

They had one shot at assassinating Kivar and they weren't going to waste it.

'We're not ready'

The leader's second in command's damning words echoed in his head forcing Max to resort to drastic measures.

As he raised his gun upward towards the intimidating alien that towered over him at nearly eight feet tall, he heard grim dark laughter reverberating in his head.

Large black dead eyes bore into his mind speaking telepathically, a paranormal phenomenon specific to Antar, leaving Max ten years without hearing even the sound of his own voice.

'I could decompose your ape descendent brain in seconds you anthropological hybrid misfit.'

Max undeterred by the obvious veiled threat released the safety aiming the gun higher now directly pointing it at the extraterrestrial's oval shaped human-like head.

'That may be, but not before my bullet would pierce your frontal lobe, we both know if I'm dead so is the royal seal, my ticket home and your only hope of defeating Kivar. Trophus, we are out of time, take the seal before its too late! We made a deal, dead or alive I am going home!'

The ominous voice in his mind remained firm showing no sign of fear as the sound of Kivar's approaching army shook the scorched ground beneath their feet.

'We need to get out of sight, they have taken the air and land, underground is our only option, it will buy us time to obtain the seal and isolate Kivar.'

Muddled voices clamored around his mind as the rebels argued amongst themselves, still he remained vigilant and steadfast.

'There is no time to prepare, his body will never handle the extraction of the seal.'

'Almost no chance at maintaining his existing form, tissue and bone will fail to withstand the acceleration of his core temperature - '

With a calmness as steady as his cold thumping heart, Trophus focused on the one goal necessary for completing their mission.

'Will the integrity of the seal be damaged?'

'No, as long as you keep the human alive during the procedure, but the chance of survival after will be minimal if not hopeless.'

Falling to his knees as an artillery blast knocks out the bridge they had just crossed Max lowers his head for a moment to regain his equilibrium.

After a deep breath he once again defiantly held the gun with two hands firmly pointed at Trophus, proving that the grim outcome hadn't pushed his resolve.

'As you wish Zan.'

Trophus nodded with respect before declaring his orders to his obedient militia.

'Split the earth!'

Max shielded his eyes as the four Artarians pressed their long thin lanky fingers over the deep red soil revealing the entrance to a sewer below.

Screams of civilians are disregarded as they shove Max into the small hole following him one by one before securing the opening with their powers.

Unable to see in the pitch black underground Max held his arm in pain as the gun is disabled immediately from his hand.

Gripping his head distressingly as Trophus bellowed inside his mind he fought to hold his ground.

'To die again, what a venturesome life you have led Zan. Still, I sense no fear, no fight or flight reflex, not as human as you thought perhaps or maybe you realize that both hold no promise for you.'

Bracing himself against the cool earth Max grimaces with impatience and provokes the alien.

'It's a good day to die, now do it before you are all buried in the fucking ground with me! You worthless piece of shit!'

Suddenly there was a deep rumble as the first fleet of Kivar's impressive armored combat tanks approached them causing dirt to shower down upon their heads.

With the scent of the king on the tip of his tongue Kivar was leading his homicidal battalion virtually unprotected.

It was almost unheard of to be so vulnerable but ten years of hunting has made him bloodthirsty and impatient.

It's what they counted on, what they needed...

To get close enough to use the power of the seal to destroy the murderous ruler that had enslaved and terminated an entire race of people.

It was the plan, a deal forged between a boy king and the leader of a fledgling resistance, a portal home to Earth in exchange for the royal seal, the only viable weapon that could assassinate Kivar.

It had been five years in the making, the timing had to be precise, they were not ready, but it was now or never.

And Max knew it.

Easing his hand into his pocket he placed his fingers gently over her image, closing his eyes he whispered his goodbye, his gratitude to her for getting him through the past ten years, and finally his eternal love.

Taking a deep breath he punctuated the two words harshly in his head that would end his time in this hell and possibly his life.

'Do it!'

Glaring down on him the menacing alien nodded acknowledging the marked courage of the boy King.

'As you command... your Highness.'

Keeping his foreboding gaze locked on him, Trophus ordered them to begin the extraction of the royal seal.

'Hold him down!'

Max braced himself as he felt the impact of their power pin his arms and legs roughly against the mossy slim of the sewer.

His head fell back hard as the malevolent alien hovered over him.

What was to follow was a horror beyond mere words or description.

His tough resilient stare quickly faded away dreadfully replaced with confusion and a helpless vulnerability as he felt Trophus tear into his soul.

Shaken from the onslaught of heartbreaking visceral intense emotions the commander hissed distressingly inside Max's head.

His long bony finger tips curled over his heart as he held Max on the brink of death.

Through the smoldering scent of burning flesh Trophus spoke his final damning words.

' My sincere apology for the unfortunate intrusion Zan, consider it … collateral damage.'

Max shivered in agony, his once warm vibrant Amber eyes now faded into a hopeless muddy greyish hue as he stared off into the distance.

'You see the seal acquires its power from the soul of the one who possesses it Zan... the symbol is simply a catalyst.'

It was then that she appeared, her image reflected in the cold black large oval eyes of the deviant extraterrestrial extracting, raping, boring into his beautiful soul.

His heart swelled as he felt the life drain from his bones so tired from a fight that had gone on far too long.

In his mind he whispered her name as she wrapped her arms around him, consoling him, comforting him,


His angel had come to carry him home.

Struck expectantly from an onslaught of overwhelming feelings of love, longing and loss, Trophus tore the six circle configuration lifting it from Max's broken body.

'The end is near... your eternal rest awaits.'

At that moment an incandescent blinding white light flashed almost violently flooding Max's sight as he drew his last breath.

His mighty courageous heart faltered stilling its rhythmic beat.

The ancient King of a tumultuous, savage planet...

The innocent hybrid boy from Roswell New Mexico...

A lonely brave soldier trapped on a distant strange world far away from home...

Whoever he once was, or was forced into, or had become … now... was gone

~ the end is just the beginning ~

In the deep recesses of his mind he heard the familiar distant cries of seagulls and the lapping ocean tide against a distant shore.

Heaven, he thought to himself briefly before he was slammed harshly down upon the Earth with a rush of unimaginable pain shooting through his body.

Swallowing hard he winced in agony as a rush of cool air was forced into his collapsed lungs.

Gasping he turned onto his stomach into the rough sand and coughed violently.

He pressed his arm against his fractured ribs as he writhed and rocked in excruciating pain.

Struggling to move he forced his eyes open confused by the heat radiating off his dirty face.

Straining his torn burning muscles he pulled himself up to a sitting position as freezing water lapped at the worn heels of his boots.

Starving and exhausted he looked out onto the turbulent New England sea watching as the tide rushed in tossing snow white caped waves against the deserted shore.

It was then that his worn bloodshot eyes lifted towards the late afternoon sun.

A sight he had not seen in ten long years.

Tears formed beneath his thick black eyelashes as he blinked several times moved beyond words by the giant radiant circle of light that peaked between the grey clouds dotting the horizon.

His mouth fell open as the inconceivable realization sunk its way to his bruised broken body and mind.

He was home.

Immediately he went into survival mode remembering the words from his training.

Every breath you take could be your last unless you claim it for yourself .

There is no such thing as safe

secure your perimeter – water – food – shelter

Keep moving soldier

Stumbling to his feet he searched the beach as the wind howled eerily all around him.

“Hey you! You alright there son?”

Immediately Max pressed his hands over his ears and whipped his head around to see a portly older bearded man looking at him curiously.

The sound of the old man's voice reverberated through his head bringing him down to his knees.

Confused the silver long haired gruff looking man walked closer leaning against a makeshift cane made from a piece of driftwood.

Max attempted to stand until the entire world spun upside down and he lost his barrings.

“Whoa, just take it easy, you look like you've been through a hell of a time.”

Max just stared at his round smiling face stunned by sounds he never thought he'd hear again.

Once again the realization of where he was ripped through his broken body.

He had survived, he had actually made it home.

Severely hurt and weak he was barely able to stand.

“Here let me help you.”

Max continued to stare at his disheveled friendly face dressed in mismatched clothes still in shock as he placed his arm around his shoulder and helped him to a make shift shelter under a bridge not far from the beach.

Grimacing as his chest burned like white hot fire over his heart he knew he had to gather his strength to heal himself soon.

Flipping a milk crate over the kind man helped Max to sit before reaching into a torn camouflaged backpack.

Pulling out a green canteen and a newspaper carefully folded in two he sat across from Max clearly trying to figure him out.

“The name's Nick, I have some water here and some day old bread from the bakery across the street, I grabbed it right after they threw it out so its perfectly safe.”

Max hesitated briefly before taking the canteen from his shaky winkled hand.

Coughing roughly again as the cool liquid ran down his dry scratchy throat he nodded towards Nick.

“You look pretty banged up there, did someone rough you up... um.... sorry didn't get your name.”

Closing his ripped shirt in an attempt to hide his badly burned chest Max cleared his throat as he attempted to speak.

Straining to use vocal cords that have been dormant for so long he automatically said the name that was forced upon him for years.

“Zan... I-I mean... Max.”

His voice cracked with emotion as he became visibly upset.

He lowered his head overwhelmed by the sound of his own voice, it was as if it was a piece to the puzzle that once belonged to the boy he once was, before his life was ripped away from him.

It was then that he frantically reached down in his pocket for her picture.
Pulling out the yellowed cracked image he brushed the ashes from her young face and forced himself to stand.

His beautifully broken spirit focused on the horizon that stretched out before him as the sun began to set across his golden eyes that once again lit with a fire not yet quenched.

Turning towards Nick his expression was hard, strong full of resolve.

"What is this place?"

Confused Nick rubbed his scruffy beard. "Harvey's beach."

With a growing intensity Max hardened his voice. "No, I mean where am I?"

"Well son you're in Connecticut, listen there's a free clinic not far - "

Immediately Max began caculating the distance and what he would need ignoring the stranger's obvious concern.

“Is there a garage or junkyard close to here?”

Thinking for a moment the elderly man pointed towards the edge of the beach.

“About three miles past that dock there's a dirt road, follow that and you'll end up at Joe's, he'll help you out with anything you need.”

Nodding Max began to limp towards the dock, his mind focused, his lonely heart beating once again, his long journey almost at an end.

“Hey Max where ya headed?”

Walking at a steady pace Max slowly raised his hand laying it against the scorched ravaged skin across his chest.

His deep hoarse voice strained as the tissue and muscle over his heart healed forming back into place.


Nick fell back off his milk crate, his eyes widened with wonder as a blinding white light sparked like fireworks streaming an outline around Max's body as he walked away.

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Re: Vanished (CC,M/L,Adult) Chpt 2 11/30/13

Post by jake17 » Sat Nov 30, 2013 1:27 pm


Courtney thank you so much again! So appreciate the feedback everyone.

Chapter two

~ in my darkest hour she still remains the same ~

Resting against a sandy rough dune Max listens as ocean waves crash hard against the adjacent shore littered with turquoise emerald sea glass and delicate opalescent broken shells.

The sheer beauty is so striking it's almost difficult to take in as he reflects upon the hell he is used to.

A sunless dark cold godforsaken wasteland torn apart by greed and madness, the stench of death and despair always lingering in the dense suffocating toxic air…

Feeling slightly mad he sometimes fears that this is all just a dream that suddenly he will wake to find himself still there.

Max held his head remembering the death camp, the brutal mindwarp Kivar would torment him with.

Convincing him he was home, seeing her, actually touching her face, her soft hair then suddenly it would all dissipate and he would find himself staring into the vacant eyes of a prisoner chained beside him, maniacal dark laughter echoing inside his head.

Clenching his jaw tight he rubbed his eyes cursing himself for being so weak.

Gently he reaches down and touches the tips of the tall lime green grass brushing against his thigh and sighs shakily.

With midnight approaching he begins to feel more alive, existing on a sunless planet he had become like a nocturnal animal, moving silently, hunting, concealing himself in almost any surroundings, surviving at any cost.

One of the many challenges forced upon him when he was first thrust into darkness those first few months, a mere boy, terrified, alone.... a far cry from the hardened soldier he had become.

Breathing in the salty fresh crisp air his weary eyes rise up to meet a haunting full radiant moon flooding the vast dark sky.

His heart clenches painfully as she appears in his mind, like every night before the last time he laid eyes on her, but this time it felt different.

He is struck hard by the notion that at this very moment she could be staring up at the same luminous moon.

Tormented lonely eyes that have witnessed and been the cause of so much death and pain, flood with tears knowing that he was that close to her.

It had been nearly ten years since their cherished connection their powerful bond had been severed but still in his heart, in his darkest hour, she still remains the same.

His shelter, his hope, his warmth... her memory, the last thread that bound him to home, to the boy with the innocent soul buried deep beneath the horrors that surrounded him invading, raping, ravaging his very sanity.

She kept him tethered to a hope he had no reason to hold onto, time after time he would come to the end, all the fight in him drained, too tired or wounded to go on, and she would bring him back.

She would always bring him back...

He had to get to her, time would stand still until that moment, every second stretching out endlessly, torturing what was left of his mind.

Sleep was a luxury he had learned to give into sparingly only when absolutely necessary and this night was no different.

Limping through the junkyard he rummaged through piles of garbage pulling away old sinks and refrigerators until he found what he what he was looking for.

Yanking an old rusted out Harley motorcycle from beneath a hollowed out nineteen sixty eight Chevy El Camino he quickly began to inspect the engine.

Swiping his hand over the padlock that secured the small garage he swiftly began to rummage through the large toolbox taking what he needed and a few bottled waters from a small fridge set on a messy desk near the door.

After collecting the parts he needed, he continued to search for supplies.

Spare clothes, sun glasses, a sliver of soap from the bathroom, a handful of candy bars, a few maps and a hunting knife that he slid inside his boot.

He didn't think twice as he walked away, his young self would never resort to stealing, or if he was forced to would torture himself with guilt feeling responsible for something he knew was wrong but that person was gone now.

Survival at any cost, it was a hard lesson, one that almost took his life many times before he finally understood it in his gut.

Immediately he started working on the badly damaged bike, another survival skill he had learned, anything mechanical, a makeshift shelter, a weapon... you learn fast when the wind is against your back.

As dawn broke out over the bluish green sea Max wiped the sweat from his forehead leaving a mark of black grease across his cheek.

Satisfied with his work he grabbed the bottled water and headed for the ocean.

Slipping off his boots and jeans he breathed in deeply as the ice cold water rushed against his thighs.

Reaching back with one hand he grabbed his torn shirt and pulled it over his head.

An orange reddish hue reflected off his bare muscular battered body from the rising sun.

Closing his tired eyes his head fell back as he released the cap from the bottle letting the cold liquid run down over his face and chest.

Rubbing the thin piece of soap between his hands he washed the grease and grim from his skin before scrubbing his longish black hair.

Dry and packed he studied the map before tucking in his back pocket.

Pulling a clean white tee shirt over his head and a long sleeve button up mechanic work uniform shirt with the name 'Joe' stitched across the chest he was ready to go.

Squinting against the bright sunlight he took out the black sunglasses using them to shield his sensitive eyes.

Pressing his hand to the engine he cranked the gas and took off pushing the limits of the bike as fast as it would go.

He found his powers very useful as he stopped several times for gas and food glaring deeply into the eyes of the cashier behind the counter convincing him or her that he had paid.

Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Oklahoma, it was all a blur, just a long never ending stretch of asphalt, an endless broken yellow line leading to her.

Choosing to ride at night finding it easier on his eyes he rested only when absolutely forced to.

It was when he finally reached Texas that a strange feeling overtook him, for a few days he felt it there, but he had chalked it up to lack of sleep and his constant state of paranoia.

But now he knew it was real, the familiar feeling he never quite got used to in the death camp, he was being watched.

It was very vague, like something just out of reach from his mind but still hovering on the edges of his consciousness.

They had no idea that he sensed them; they gravely underestimated what he had become.

Max himself was soaked to the bone with the atmosphere known only to Antar, an unwitting beacon completely unaware of the blaring signal he was emitting.

Like a walking breathing orb he unknowingly aroused them from their dormant state.

And so they patiently followed him, hanging back in the shadows, gathering their data…

Vigilantly aware of the people around him and the possible dangers before him Max continued on.

The unknown lurked around every corner, fear kept him alive; it was like a fuel driving him to always be prepared.

There is no safe

The temperature was nearing ninety degrees as he drove over the city line to the place he once knew as home.

His skin glistened with sweat as he stood opposite the glass doors of the diner where it had all begun, where she had breathed life into a scared, introverted, sensitive, sweet boy.

Thunder clashed over head loudly shaking the ground beneath his boots as lightening streaked across the night sky.

Suddenly the dark heavens opened up released a pounding steady rain down upon him.

Tensing with each clap of thunder he tentatively walked towards the glass before raising his shaky hand against the door.

His body shivered suddenly as he brought his hands upwards smoothing back his wet long hair away from his haunting brandy shaded eyes.

As water dripped down his weathered aged face he let out a shuddered breath.

He felt her...

A rush of adrenaline pierced through his body waking every part of him, like fire in his veins, he felt a hunger, an all-consuming yearning like never before.

She wasn't inside, but she had been...

Traces of her were everywhere...

Slowly closing his eyes he breathed her in, raising his arms out to the side of his body as the pulsating rain poured over him, he could feel her....

On the tips of his fingers...

The sheen of his lips...

Vanilla... no… something - floral, more mature ...sensual... alluring.

His boots slammed into the reflective puddles splashing water high against his thighs as he ran towards a payphone across the street.

Breathlessly he searched through the phone book, each name coming up a dead end until he found it.

Mr and Mrs Jesse Ramirez
43 Lovely Drive

Wincing through the torrential down poor he sped down each road feeling the pull of her just beneath the surface of his skin.

His long journey back to her and the solace he so desperately needed was within his grasp.

His deep raspy voice whispered calling out to her as he turned the corner to Isabel's house.

I feel you Liz...

I feel you...

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

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Re: Vanished (CC,M/L,Adult) Chpt 3 11/30/13

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Chapter three

~ grazing the edges of heaven ~

Frozen unable to move Max stood silently just a few feet from the house concealed by darkness watching them through branches of a tall pine tree.

Hidden just out of sight under the shelter of the stormy night sky he gazed upon them as they celebrated.

Brightly colored balloons and streamers adorned almost every inch of the elegant dining room as they gathered together hovering around blonde identical twin little girls with round faces, big pink cheeks, curly flaxen hair, and bright blue eyes.

Singing and clapping everyone cheered as they blew out five large candles on a beautiful cake in the shape of two purple and yellow butterflies.

A huge homemade sign was strung from one side of the room to the other written lovingly encircled with tiny hearts.


Barely breathing he grabbed onto the rough bark feeling as if his legs would give out as music and indiscernible voices mixed with the continuous sound of the relentless pelting rain.

Motionless he remained quiet leaning against the rough bark fixated on the happy scene playing out before him.

Beaming proud parents, Isabel and Jesse hovered around their children helping them open their presents with Michael and Maria by their side doting on the girls adoringly.

His attention quickly turned towards Kyle who was holding a pretty, strawberry blonde, green eyed girl in his arms whispering something funny in her ear as she giggled snuggling into him tight.

Jim looked on obviously proud of his son back in his Sheriff uniform with Amy nestled by his side.

A brief view of his mom pouring coffee, while his dad pulled a coin from one of the girl's ear, loving her surprised expression, so proud of his little granddaughter…

His once boyish face now aged from horrors too young to witness, fell into an expression of loss and anguish as he looked on at the life he was meant to have.

It was something he had never imagined, in his mind time had stood still, everyone remaining the same locked in a perpetual memory of the last time he had seen them.

It was completely irrational, but it was how he dealt with the nightmare of losing everyone he loved in the blink of an eye.

He was an uninvited observer not belonging to this world or the people connected to it.

People he loved so dearly and fought so fiercely to protect were now so far removed they felt like strangers.

He felt the life drain from his body as his eyes fixated on a framed picture of his younger self.

It hung on the wall almost like a memorial, an unrecognizable smile of a boy that no longer existed.

His soul nothing but a pile of ash buried in the scorched ground of a distant world they would never know.

His lifeless expression fell to the ground watching as the mud surrounded his boots pulling them into the damp earth, a living breathing corpse without the understanding that he had passed.

He wondered if they had mourned for him, if there was a stone next to Alex with his name engraved, under the shade of a tree perhaps, yes his mom would have appreciated that, he thought to himself as the watery grave swallowed his shoes.

He wondered what story they told his parents, to the people in his life that didn't know his secret.

He imagined Maria singing as they lowered an empty casket into the ground, something they all agreed upon as a group.

Faking his death...

He couldn't believe it never occurred to him before, to bury him would bury their secret, the ever present danger he put them in.

With him gone so to would be the FBI threat, and any alien race that had come to capture the King.

They would all be safe, they were all safe.

It was evident in their faces, no longer living under a constant threat, they were free to live their lives and be happy.

To them, to his parents, to the world that he never fit, that he always hid from, he was now dead, and they had moved on.

Raising his hand he laid it across his heart needing to feel its steady rhythm.

His weary eyes closed wondering if that was enough evidence to make him real, to prove that he wasn't a ghost.

The deceased forgotten boy and a sacrificial King of an ancient land both gone forever…

The nightmare he had started on that fateful day he himself had inadvertently ended.

It was then that he felt a pull from deep inside, like a tiny piece of his heart waking up for the first time.

Like someone was breathing life inside him, his tired broken body shivered with the rush of her love.

Her essence pulsating racing through him he could feel what he had waited for what seemed a thousand years.

Tears of happiness filled his darkened eyes as he lifted his face to see her for the first time.

His lips parted as his heart now hammered with the force of hundred men.

Like an angel she breezed into the room light as air, no longer a girl, but now the embodiment of a beautiful woman.

Leaving the safety of the tree he moved towards her unable to stay hidden.

Breathless he placed his hand against the wet window pane entranced by the quiet eloquence of her graceful confident presence.

Her name a whisper on his lips as her smile curved upwards, her eyes lit like the brightest star, her hair dark like raven feathers, longer than what played in his memory fell tousled and wavy across her bare back.

His fingers curled digging into the glass with every breath, every glance, each with its own mysterious secret hidden behind her long black eyelashes that fluttered kissing the cherry hue of her cheek.

His eyes traced her white sundress that hugged curves that had not been there before.

But it was her inner light that shone so fierce inside her that carried him to another place that he knew in his heart would always lead him home.

It was then that he heard an unfamiliar deep voice as his hand came around to possess the gentle curve of her hip.

Max's eyes narrowed as he stepped back from the window, back into the shadows, his hand falling to his side.

There was a soft roar of excitement as everyone gathered to greet him.

Reaching in for a handshake or a quick hug, warm smiles instantly welcoming him to their home…

Tall and blonde, the clean cut stranger before him gave off an immediate sense of calmness, gentle and polite, his affection for her more than obvious and sincere.

Max looked towards her suddenly noticing how at peace she seemed, so content and relaxed, the weight of the world far from her slender shoulders.

Confused and torn with what he knew he had no right to expect, and what he so desperately wanted to be true, he took one more step back.

Suddenly there in the glass his reflection so cruelly revealed his true self, the monster that he had become.

Seeing his image for the first time was crushing, beyond devastating.

It was not only the ugliness of what the years had done to him that was so glaringly hideous, but there in his eyes, it was gone, the result of what he had done, what could never be erased staring back at him.

The loss of his humanity…

A deviant result of what happens when innocence is ripped away, when you are faced with choices no one should have to make.

His eyes shifted to them one last time, the family that he lost, his angel that slipped from his hands, and the stranger that had so easily taken his place.

Jumping on his bike he took off skidding on slick asphalt leaving black smoke in his wake as the street lamps that lined the road exploded one by one leaving shards of glass behind as he passed them by.

Even miles away the ones that observed him fell to their knees and covered their ears from his cries of pain that screamed with despair in his mind.

He was stronger than they had imagine, still they couldn't conceive of the power and rage that laid dormant within his beating heart.

Conflicted and inconsolable he drove for hours, the emptiness inside him tearing what was left of his sanity apart.

Miles stretched out behind him as the storm raged on.

He knew it would be wrong to go to her now, that he didn't belong, that he would only prove to be a painful reminder of a time she had fought hard to forget.

But it was there, hot inside him, burning igniting a fire within him, their bond, their sacred connection, he could feel her there.

It was like grazing the edges of heaven with your fingertips only to force yourself to look away.

Touching the cool brick behind the crashdown he closed his eyes as his bike laid against the sidewalk out of gas.

Exhaustion had taken hold of him as he found himself mindlessly turning the corner as sheets of rain fell ruthlessly from the sky.

Whatever responsibility he felt for protecting her feelings was buried far too deep under a mountain of pain as he slowly approached the glass front door.

He was at the end, able to fight no more, or continue on, he knew in his heart it was selfish, that doing this could only bring her misery and pain, but his heart was still leading him straight to her.

It was a path that he had followed since he was a small boy and he couldn't turn away even now.

For miles he could feel her soul, soft and gentle at the core, courageous and strong when called for.

A confident, intelligent woman with dreams and needs with a heart of an angel.

Fiery and independent with views and opinions that could never be challenged.

Beautiful inside and out she held a quiet dignity that could level you to the ground with a glint of her eye and lift you just as high with a curve of her sweet smile.

She was everything a man could want but never hope to possess.

On the verge of death he battled tyrants and slang monsters pushing them to the corners of the universe and back just to be near her again.

Standing there helpless in her wake he watched her as she sat at the counter, pen tapping at her cheek, journal in hand, eyes gazing off into the distance deep in thought.

As he knocked gently her attention drew closer towards him.

“Sorry, we're closed.” she spoke as she slid off the stool to take a closer look.

Barely breathing he stood trapped under her spell, unable to move waiting for her to recognize him.

Walking slowly towards him she stared as if in a trance feeling something pulling inside her calling her to him.

His muscles tensed as the thunder rolled violently overhead, pounding rain falling unmercifully upon him.

Tilting her head to the side her eyes narrowed slightly with curiosity, “Sir? Do I know - “

Just then a flash of lightening streaked across the sky engulfing him in bright white light.

Staring into his vulnerable pained amber eyes she halted her step, ruby lips parted as her astonished eyes widened with wonder.

Her soft voice broke with emotion as she took one step closer, her journal falling from her hands to the floor as she raised them to cover her racing heart.


"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

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Re: Vanished (CC,M/L,Adult) Chpt 4 11/30/13

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Chapter four

My heart is with you by the rescues

Waited a hundred years to see your face,
And I would wait a hundred more
If only to be near you,
To have you and to hear you.
Isn't that what time is for?

I sailed a thousand ships in search of you.
Traveled to distant land.
I dove for sunken gold.
I took what I could hold,
But you're still the greatest treasure I've held in my hands.

My love, the reason I survive,
Trust we'll be together soon.
Should our fire turn to dark,
Take my heart with you.

A tattered photograph my pocket holds.
I keep you secretly.
I studied every line.
You're etched upon my mind
For not a million soldiers could take you from me.

My love, the reason I survive
Trust we'll be together soon
Should our fire turn to dark,
Take my heart with you.

My love, the reason I survive,
Trust we'll be together soon.
Should our fire turn to dark,
Take my heart with you.
Take my heart with you.
Take my heart with you.

~ awake but still dreaming ~

Liz’s image was distorted blurred by the endless cascading water that ran down the glass door as the thunderstorm raged overhead.

Still his heart froze, his breath hitched shakily along his parted lips as she curiously took him in.

After all this time, after countless hopeless nights, he had done the impossible...

He found his way back to her.

He watched fascinated, completely lost in her as she slowly approached him.

Her beautiful face tilted slightly in disbelief, her wine-coloured lips whispering his name with a questionable tone not quite certain yet if what she was seeing was real.

He knew what she was feeling; she had to be sure...

Shape shifter, some other version of him.... skin.

The possibilities ran through her mind as she struggled to accept what was standing before her.

If not for his beautiful amber eyes that pierced her soul she would never have recognized him.

Standing tall like a fierce warrior from another time and place was a grown man, much different than the innocent sweet boy that lived in the corners of her mind.

As luminous white lightening flashed around him water trickled slowly down his face curving around his full lips, edging along his strong jaw, threatening to fall trapped in his striking black eyelashes, hovering on his chin.

Covered in mud, soaked to the bone, his long wet dark hair fell over his eyes as he stood still and quiet patiently waiting for her to understand.

Like a feral animal he looked wild and untamed as if he were running on pure adrenaline, still as he stared into her soul it was painfully evident how severely broken he was.

It was something he couldn't hide; his vulnerability was like a constant silent scream demanding to be heard.

The emotion coming from him was distressingly unsettling but strangely inviting at the same time drawing her in closer.

Sensing her ambivalence he placed his hand gently against the glass.

She watched intently as his eyes dilated and his fingers curled against the door.

He let out a shuddered breath as he harnessed his powerful energy.

Reaching down into the places he kept hidden away with all the strength he had left he sent a message out to her.

Transforming their connection he shifted the air around her compelling the space between them to appear non-existent.

Instantly their bond became tangible, something she could physically feel.

The lights above the counter flickered rapidly before bursting shattering millions of pieces of glass to the ground causing her to jump but still her gaze remained on him.

She stared into his hypnotic golden eyes as a funnel of emotions rushed towards her with a force that took her breath away.

What he encountered in return caused a stir so deep within him it almost brought him to his knees.

It was painfully clear to him that she held a part of himself he lost long ago.

Enraptured, completely mesmerized by her he silently spoke inside his mind.

‘You know who I am. Do not be afraid...’

Shivering her eyes filled with tears as she rushed to the door.

She fumbled with her keys only to drop them nervously on the ground.

Kneeling to the floor she grasped them just in time to hear the familiar metal click of the door unlocking.

Stumbling back to her feet her eyes widened as a soft red glow radiated from the palm of his hand illuminating her astonished face.

She stepped back breathlessly trying to perceive the wonder of his powers, something that she had not witnessed in over a decade.

His daunting intense eyes lifted back up into her hers as he released the door and stepped inside.

With each step towards her she took a step back still trying to convince herself that this wasn't her imagination.

For him it was there, so clear, just like it had been when he was a child the first time he saw her, like the day he healed her and the very last time he laid eyes on her.

She was the first, and would forever remain his only love.

Only this time she wasn't in a hazy dream or forced into his head from a cruel torturing mind warp.

She was real, flesh and bone, heart pumping, pulse racing, he could feel her sweet breath as she exhaled wondering how something could be so exhilarating and heart breaking at the same time.

As a barrage of questions raced through her head she was only able to form a single trembling word.

“H-How… ?”

Looking down at the ground he stood silent unable to speak just concentrating on the steady beat of her heart.

Cautiously she stepped towards him as thunder roared and lightening once again zigzagged across the sky illuminating the lines etched upon his handsome rugged face and the heavy bags under his lonely eyes.

An expression he could not discern covered her face as she reached out towards him.

Gasping for air her voice cracked as she breathed out to him. “You're hurt...”

Realizing she had noticed the chilling jagged scar that ran down the side of his face he stepped back into the safety of the shadows behind him.

Her sympathetic stare followed the horrific four inch knife wound that began at his temple and ended at the edge of his jaw.

Fighting back tears she looked down at the puddle beneath his worn boots trying desperately to compose herself.

It was what they had all feared the most and in the end forced themselves to believe hadn't happened so that they could go on.

To think that even for a moment he was trapped on that planet defenceless, alone against the very evil that had altered their entire existence was beyond devastating.

Looking up into his frail stare one thing was clear to her.

Whatever questions that were filling her mind would have to wait.

Drenched and exhausted he looked as if he could barely stand.

Willing herself to be strong she cautiously stepped towards the back of the diner hoping he would follow her.

“Come with me, you're soaked.... you need to get out of those clothes.”

Hesitating briefly he nodded before following her into the kitchen and slowly up the stairs to her bedroom as memories of his innocent youth surrounded him like ghosts from another life.

Standing in her room was surreal; looking around it was almost as if nothing had changed.

He stood almost in a trance staring out her window onto her balcony.

Scenes played out before his eyes as if he was watching a stranger, someone he had never met, but strangely held his memories and feelings close to his heart.

Two teenagers wrapped in the safety of each other’s arms, lost in the magic of a first kiss.

He touched his lips still tasting her there, sweet like peaches she softly surrendered gracefully in his arms.

He narrowed his eyes as the view out her window began to change growing darker colder her silky hair turning coarse and matted beneath his fingers.

Fire erupted under his feet as the bitter taste of metal dripped from his mouth down to the other wordy creature trapped in his hands.

Releasing the being he caught his reflection in the bloody blade of his knife and was reminded of the truth.

Terror swelled in his gut knowing what he had become and now would always be.

“I hope this will fit - “

He winced as he turned away from her almost as if he were in pain as light flooded the room dissipating the images before him.

Quickly she turned off the overhead light opting for the small lamp on her night stand.

Softy she whispered as he stood shaking in the dark just out of her reach.

“It's alright Max.... you're safe now.”

Stepping fiercely into the light inches from her he raised his fingertips grazing the soft pink hue of her cheek.

“There is no safe Liz... you have to know that.”

The entire house shook as thunder loudly rolled angrily directly over them streaming white light threw all of the windows cutting out the electricity for the whole block.

Her stomach twisted in knots feeling the marked meaning behind his pointed words.

Clutching her father’s clothes she placed them on the bed not knowing what to do or how to help him.

Tensely she pulled out her father's black tee shirt from the pile and placed it on the edge of the bed carefully.

“I think this one will fit you... you can sleep in my old bed for tonight, I'll be right across the hall in my parents room if you need me.”

Stepping out of the room she rested her back against the wall in the hallway.

Tears threatened to spill down her face as she closed her eyes until she was suddenly jolted again from the crashing thunder.

Reaching for her cell she ran back into the room just as he was lifting his wet shirt over his head.

Distracted by the objects laying on her bed she silently ran her fingers over the sharp hunting knife until something else caught her attention.

Her eyes widened as she looked down to see a small, yellowed, tattered picture of her younger self.

Lifting the fragile image she turned it over feeling the burned edges between her fingertips.

The ink was faded barely visible but she could still make it out.

To Max

Love always


The sound of him approaching was blocked by the relentless rain and thunder as it crashed around them.


Tenderly he took it from her holding it gingerly in his calloused rough hands as if it were precious, something so unbelievably special and delicate.

Just then the electricity snapped on igniting her small lamp.

A sharp alarming gasp left her lips as she covered her mouth.

Tears flooded her shocked eyes running black streaks of mascara down her trembling face.

Her cries sounded injured almost pained as she stared back up at him.

Desperately searching for what was wrong he stepped back to follow her distraught gaze.

It was then that he noticed his skin bathed in the light coming from her nightstand.

It didn't even occur to him, he was taught that emotions were considered a weakness, a distraction, a sure fire way to get yourself killed.

But as he looked over his many wounds it was impossible not to feel the trail of pain that was forged over his young body.

A living map of his torment and torture spanning over ten years of his life…

Bullet wounds that had gone straight threw his side only three weeks into his long sentence on Antar, deep scars of symbols that were carved into the flesh between his ribs so he would never forget the destruction of his reign as King left by Kivar's guards during his stay in the death camps.

Long raised strikes made by tough leather from when he was whipped left their mark as punishment for stealing food.

Those were the ones he could remember clearly, the ones that they made sure he would never forget.

Then there was the one over his heart, the one that brought him home.

It was plain to him if not to anyone else; he could clearly make out Trophus' long fingers stretched across his heart covering the six figure configuration under the massive burn adorned into his swollen skin.

It had been so long since he really looked at them, he never really saw the point.

What was done could never be undone.

He had to keep running, keep going; there was never time to mourn what was lost.

Slowly he lifted his face to her suddenly realizing that this was all new to her.

Unable to hold back her feelings she fell into his arms openly crying.

The sheer force of her emotions punched a hole through the stone wall he had built deep inside to keep himself strong and safe.

Tears hovered along his tragic beautiful eyes as he held her close.

Knotting his fingers inside her raven hair he stared out blankly into space.

His deep hoarse voice whispered against her ear as he pulled her against his ravaged bare chest.

“Is this... real... are you real Liz... am I … home?”

Gripping harder onto his broad shoulders she nodded slowly as her tears continued to stream down her face.

“Yes Max... yes.”

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

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Re: Vanished (CC,M/L,Adult) Chpt 5 11/30/13

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Chapter five

~ dead man walking ~

Coming hazily out of a deep sleep Max jumped to his feet instinctively reaching for the knife that had been concealed in his boot since finding it in the garage back in Connecticut.

Disoriented he forgot for a moment where he was as he defensively backed against her bedroom wall checking the perimeter of the room.

Feeling his bare ankle and the absence of his knife his heart started racing as the night's events quickly funnelled their way into his mind.

Holding his forehead his eyes slid shut with relief as his bare chest heaved in rhythm to his quickened pulse.

Barefoot wearing only a pair of black sweatpants he scanned the room noticing that the night sky was no longer cloudy but full of thousands of stars set off by a radiant full moon.

Spotting his knife on her nightstand next to her aged picture and the clothes that he had been wearing, which were now clean and folded neatly in a pile on her bed, he wondered where she was and how long he had been asleep.

His eyes suddenly flashed to the light escaping from under her door as he began to hear her soft muffled voice.

Walking silently into the living room he ran his hand threw his hair feeling lightheaded and weak realizing that he had no idea when he had last had something to eat or drink.

Resting his forehead against the opposite wall from where she was he felt a certain calm fall over him, just knowing she was feet away from him gave him of feeling of peace he thought he'd never experience again in his life.

She was so different, the maturity in her voice, the quiet confidence and self-awareness that she possessed, but it was still her, still her warm, kind self-coming through.

As the conversation continued it was obvious that this wasn't a friend she was speaking to.

Her voice was breathy and flirty, it was plain to see that she was speaking to someone she had special feelings towards.

His heart sank as he heard his name for the first time flow from her lips thick like honey and just as sweet.

“That's very thoughtful of you Charlie, the ballet sounds amazing this Saturday, and dinner at the Willows afterward... you know I've been dying to go there. Listen, I appreciate you being so understanding about tonight...”

Max lowered his head as his suspicions from what he witnessed at Isabel's were confirmed once more.

Liz had the life she was always meant to have, that she deserves to have; it was in the playful tone in her voice, the effortless calm in her laughter and the delicate rise and fall of the happy pitch of her words.

It was familiar, and although very unrealistic, something he always felt was reserved for him.

Not wanting to hear anymore he made his way back to the bedroom only to accidentally knock over a vase that was sitting on the edge of the coffee table.

Liz hesitated briefly before cutting short her conversation to run into the living room.

“Is everything alright? Are you ok Max?”

It was as if someone had his heart in a painful grip, it was so clear he felt like a fool that he hadn't picked up on it earlier when she was crying in his arms.

It was pity she felt for him, sympathy for the misplaced freak that lived in the shadows of a distant past.

How could he be so wrong, how could their connection, their tangible bond be mistaken for something so powerful…

Was it his own feelings being reflected back to him, or an entanglement of her emotions and confusion muddling his perception of what he thought was so much more.

Without thinking he immediately knelt to the floor and began smoothing his hands methodically around the broken pieces causing them to lift from the floor and spin up in a circular motion in the air.

Grabbing his forearms to halt his actions she stopped the process instantly causing the ceramic shards of the vase to fall back down to the ground.

As her fingertips heated against the skin of his arms their eyes met, only this time it wasn't in fascination and wonder.

An awkward almost inappropriate feeling was thick in the air, unlike before she seemed different with him.

It was almost like a wall was there, as if she had distanced herself from the overwhelming emotions of their first encounter.

Slowly she spoke as she forced a polite smile from her soft lips, it was agonizing to him.

“That's not necessary Max, please just leave it, I'll take care of it.”

Gazing into his intense eyes for several seconds she promptly released him before going back into the kitchen to fetch a dust pan.

Recalling her reaction when he used his powers to unlock the door and feeling her clear discomfort as he attempted to fix the vase, it was obvious she had grown used to the absence of alien powers.... maybe even afraid of them.

Taking the dustpan from her he bent down and began sweeping up the shattered pieces while she looked on now holding a glass of wine.

“I hope it wasn't expensive... I'm sorry Liz.”

It was clear that it wasn't the vase he was apologizing for, his barely audible tone was heart breaking.

But she had to push those feelings aside, this wasn't something she could or wanted to handle on her own...not anymore.

He needed help, more help then she could give him.

“Please don't worry about it, it’s nothing … listen Max, we need to talk.”

Feeling very out of place he sat with her staring straight ahead at a Native American mask that was hanging on the wall across from him.

Taking a deep breath Liz tucked her hair behind her ears and took another sip of wine as she tried to be as delicate as possible with him.

“Max please don't be upset, but I called Isabel and Michael, they should be here in about an hour. I know I probably should have talked to you first but you were asleep for so long and - “

Confused he broke his stare and turned towards her. “What do you mean; I've only been sleeping for a few hours.”

Walking to the other side of the room she lifted the shade pointing to the sky, “Max, it's Sunday night, you've been asleep for over twenty one hours.”

Shaking his head he ran his fingers threw his thick black hair. “That's impossible; I haven't slept for more than two hours at a clip for years. It's not safe; it's never safe, you always have to keep moving … you can't ever let yourself... “

Catching himself in mid-sentence he realized how crazy he must seem to her.

Standing quickly feeling very vulnerable he went in the direction of her room only to fall against the door frame when the room began to spin.


Running to him she pulled his arm around her shoulder and led him to her bed before turning the shower on.

“Max, how long have you been … I mean when was it that you ... appeared here?”

Trying to steady his erratic breathing he let her hold his neck down so the blood could rush back to his head.

“A few days, I'm not quite sure, the hours, the time is different here … there is no sunrise or sunset where I’ve been, I guess I haven't adjusted.”

Handing him a glass of water she attempted to piece together what he was saying.

“So the sun is always in the sky?” she replied intrigued.

Shaking his head he whispered as the cool liquid soothed his throat. “No, I mean.... there is no sun.”

The ramifications of what he was saying baffled her as she lowered her fingers from the back of his neck.

Inquisitively she couldn't help her imagination as she thought about what that meant.

“So you were in complete darkness … all of the time? What did they use for a heat source? Were the temperatures reflective of the absence of the sun, or do they use some other source, maybe from volcanic tectonic plates shifting or was the land heated by natural … “

Standing visibly distraught Max walked towards the bathroom with his back towards her.

“Liz... I can’t... I'm sorry this isn't something I can talk about now.”

Feeling horrible she stood with the glass in her hand as the doorbell began to ring several times.

“It's alright Max, it's my fault, it's obvious you're not ready to talk yet. I'm sorry; I didn't mean to upset you.”

The tension was thick in the air as he stood unable to face her, feeling unsure of everything.

Gently she softened her voice. “Listen why don't you take a shower, they have no idea why I asked them to come over, you just come down when you're ready. In the meantime I'll fix you something to eat.”

He nodded silently as he walked into the bathroom and closed the door.

He stood staring at the rushing water until he was certain she was gone having a strong need to be alone.

Removing the borrowed sweatpants he stepped under the hot pounding water raising his hands to rest against the blue tile wall on either side of the shower head.

Lowering his head he watched the stream of filthy water wash from his battered body as it swirled around in circles before disappearing into the drain.

Taking the bar of soap in his rough hands he brought it to his face smelling the floral mixture of her sweet skin.

He couldn't remember the last time he felt the luxury of a shower, or hot water for that matter.

He felt the sting of tears form in the lost stare of his gilded honey eyes as he turned to rest his scarred back against the wall.

He breathed out heavily as a steady stream of hot water pulsed against his sore muscles, soothing his troubled mind that continuously raced wondering how they were going to react to him.

After his shower he stood in front of the bathroom mirror leaning against the sink with a white towel she had left for him wrapped around this waist.

A bran new razor, shaving cream, a toothbrush and toothpaste were lined up on the side of the sink.

He glared at his face as if a stranger was staring back at him, and unrecognizable image of a truth he hated, that he struggled to accept.

Running his fingertips over the horrific scar that was carved into the side of his face he understood why in the light of day she had a change of heart.

She wasn't alone, she had a normal man in her life that made her happy, it was how it should be.

Trying to steady his shaky hands he did his best to shave away most of his scraggly beard leaving slightly more than a five o'clock shadow behind, feeling too odd taking it all away.

Combing back his shoulder length black hair he stepped out into her room to find a pair of jeans, a white tee shirt, and socks neatly arranged on her bed beside the clothes he came to her in.

Hanging on her bedpost was a button up blue and green plaid shirt with his boots clean from the mud from the night before directly underneath.

After dressing he stood in front of her full length mirror nervously fumbling with the buttons trying to get his awkward fingers to work.

The irony was not lost on him, he could disable a bomb wounded in total darkness under direct fire with the threat of being captured and tortured for eternity but three plastic buttons on a flannel plaid shirt was too unnerving for his fragile state.

He huffed at his reflection as he smoothed down his unruly hair over his collar wondering if he appeared normal enough.

Moving close to the glass he brushed his fingers over the deep lines stemming from his eyes and the grey streak that stood out so vividly against his thick black hair along the side of his disfigured face.

There would be no blending in, no hiding, he would never fit in.

But could they see, he thought to himself, would they be able to tell.

To him it was plain, glaring at him like the dead lifeless eyes of the aliens that he had spent over a decade with.

The truth of what he had done, and the soulless monster he had become.

He couldn't run from his past, he felt it gnawing inside him, eating away at his gut.

It was true, he could breathe in and out, walk and talk, but still he remained numb, just a ghost … a dead man walking through a life he didn't understand.

Making his way down the stairs he could hear them laughing... Liz, his sister and the brother he didn't know any longer.

He tried to force a smile on his face, make the edges of his mouth rise upwards, clear his throat to sound as normal as possible.

Hello Isabel, Michael, he practiced in his head as he got closer, it’s me... It's your brother...


"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

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Re: Vanished (CC,M/L,Adult) Chpt 6 11/30/13

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Chapter six

Linkin Park, Crawling

Crawling in my skin
These wounds, they will not heal
Fear is how I fall
Confusing what is real

There's something inside me
That pulls beneath the surface
Consuming, confusing
This lack of self control I fear, is never ending

Controlling, I can't seem
To find myself again
My walls are closing in
Without a sense of confidence
I'm convinced that it's just too much pressure to take
I've felt this way before, so insecure

Crawling in my skin
These wounds, they will not heal
Fear is how I fall
Confusing what is real

Discomfort, endlessly has pulled itself upon me
Distracting, reacting
Against my will

I stand beside my own reflection
My own reflection
It's haunting, how I can't seem
To find myself again

My walls are closing in
Without a sense of confidence
I'm convinced that it's just too much pressure to take
I've felt this way before, so, insecure

Crawling in my skin
These wounds, they will not heal
Fear is how I fall
Confusing, confusing what is real

There's something inside me
That pulls beneath the surface, consuming
Confusing what is real
This lack of self control I fear, is never ending, controlling
Confusing what is real

~ wounds that will not heal ~

With his fingertips gently pressing against the door of the kitchen Max peered through the diamond shaped window into the diner at his once close knit family as they smiled lovingly pointing at photographs of Isabel's children Emma, and Lily.

It occurred to him as he stood outside looking in at the people he had cared so deeply and felt so responsible for, that maybe he had been the problem all along.

With great clarity it was painfully apparent that if anything he had been a burden to them back then.

Controlling every aspect of their lives, a stifling domineering boy trying to fulfill the role of leader.

A seventeen year old with no experience of the world, setting down rules, making decisions for them with the up most sincerest consideration for their safely and the safety of the others, but still lacking in the maturity, knowledge or tools needed to do a job that shouldn't have been giving to him in the first place, he knew he had made many terrible mistakes.

He thought back to the enormous pressure he felt back then to keep them safe and protected....and to what end.

Living in fear, holding them back, he wondered briefly if it was him that needed them all along, instead of the other way around.

Always feeling the need to control everything and everyone around him, like a delicate house of cards they were the fragile walls that kept him whole, kept him going.

Thinking back there were just too many examples to prove his point.

Switching his blood at the hospital, rescuing him from the white room, saving him from the dupes murderous plan, Tess' betrayal, the loss of his son... it was always one of them or more that picked him up and helped him through.

Liz, Michael, Isabel, and the rest of the human's that became more than friends... they put their lives at risk for him... time and time again.

And what did he give in return?

He was the ultimate source for all of their struggles, all the danger that was brought into their lives.

The truth was without him they had thrived, built lives of their own, and were happy.

Liz had gone off to college and was a successful professional with a relationship that instead of filling her life with danger and turmoil left her safe and happy with a sense of normalcy, which is what she always wanted and deserved.

And then there was Isabel, blissfully content, managing to achieved everything she had ever wanted, but was told time and time again she could never have... marriage, a family... the white picket fence and all that it entailed.

Looking towards Michael it was obvious he had changed the most, his appearance being the most obvious with his short crew cut hair, polo shirt, and dress pants it was clear his life had gone in a different direction then short order cook and security guard.

Just by his demeanour it was obvious that he had a quiet confidence, a maturity that was so far from the defensive, insecure, temper ridden, boy of his youth.

It made sense, without always being pushed to the side, made to feel as if his opinions were discounted, he had a chance to come into his own.

No longer the boy left in the background, but in the forefront where he had the chance to lead the group, protecting them, sending them in a direction that would keep them safe.

Which looking at how happy they were was exactly what he managed to do.

Suddenly Isabel and Michael broke out laughing immediately snapping him out of his thoughts.

As he stood in the shadows it became apparent to him that he wasn't part of their world, not anymore …

He felt disconnected, isolated, standing on the outside looking in, not as a participant but an observer.

“That little Lily has a mind of her own, she is insisting on wearing a tux to the wedding instead of the pretty white dress her sister has been proudly prancing around in. She said that Uncle Michael didn't care if his flower girl wore a suit... please tell me you didn't tell her it was ok Michael...”

Rubbing his temples with a mischievousness glint in his eyes he shrugged his shoulders trying to hold back his amusement of the whole situation.

“I cannot be held accountable for questions asked during hockey playoffs Isabel, you know that, besides like I could ever say no to little Lily, I'm her uncle for God sakes.”

Slapping him hard upside his head they both began to crack up while Liz sat staring pensively down at the wine glass she had been sipping most of the night in an attempt to calm her shaky nerves.

She wondered if maybe she should've told them earlier, that maybe the shock of seeing him would cause them to say or do something that would upset his fragile state even further then it already had been, but as hard as she racked her brain nothing sounded right.

“Earth to Liz, are you ever going to tell us what was so important that we had to drop everything and come down here?” Michael jokingly jabbed as he waved his hand back and forth in front of her face.

Pulling Michael’s hand down Isabel moved closer leaning across the booth to Liz as a look of concern narrowed her bright green eyes.

“Liz? Is something wrong? Is it Charlie? Weren't you supposed to go out with him tonight?”

Immediately Liz's eyes shot up towards the kitchen door feeling her stomach twist in knots.

Just then all three of them heard a creak in the floor board coming from the kitchen as a shadow passed by the window.

Isabel lit up as she turned around with her stack of pictures excited to show Liz's boyfriend.

“Charlie get out here! What are you doing hiding back there!”

“Isabel.” Liz's hushed tone hit the air just as Max emerged from the darkness of the kitchen.

His head was lowered, his eyes cast downward, wincing from the bright lights from the diner and the massive uncomfortable emotional moment that he had absolutely no idea how to deal with.

Quickly sliding out from the booth, Liz reached for the light switch shutting off the overhead fixtures leaving only the dim lamps hanging over the counter tops.

Overwhelmed by his feelings of awkwardness and anxiety Liz stood by his side lacing her fingers into his holding his hand tightly.

They both turned towards him initially unaware of who he was, confused by Liz's overwrought state and the fact that she was holding this stranger's hand.

Edging Isabel out of the booth causing them both to stand Michael looked over at Liz. “Are you going to introduce us? Or - “

Grabbing Michael's hand suddenly Isabel's eyes flooded with tears that threatened to spill over as her entire body began to tremble.

“It can't be, it's not possible...”

Her shaky voice was barely understandable as black spots appeared before her eyes shortly before collapsing into Michael's arms.

“Isabel!” Releasing Max, Liz ran to grab her a bottle of water as Michael eased her back into the booth they had been just sitting in.

Holding her against his chest with his arm wrapped around her shoulder he stared almost hypnotized silently going over in his mind the reality of what was happening and what this must have meant.

“Is it really you... Max... “

Emotions that had been buried deep came rushing to the surface as Michael held Isabel tight rubbing her arm soothing her as she came to.

It was all so apparent, so fast to Michael, as he studied Max's state of being... scarred, aged beyond his years, worn by torments he couldn't even being to imagine.

“You've been alive all this time... “

Liz stroked Isabel's hair urging her to drink the cool water as tears spilled down her flushed cheeks.

Max still with his head angled towards the floor raised his tragic filled eyes towards his sister as she pushed Liz and Michael away and ran towards him throwing herself against his hard battered chest.

Breaking down as she wept in his arms his eyes slid shut as he tried desperately to hold back years of heart wrenching pain.

Physically holding her up as she openly sobbed, he knotted his fingers threw her now short blonde hair trying hard to let himself believe that this was actually real.

As Isabel buried her face inside his neck Max looked up towards Michael as he stood just feet away trembling, frozen unable to move.

His intense fragile tortured stare saying it all, years of pain, loneliness, and hopelessness reflected back to the one he always considered to be his brother.

Holding Isabel while she continued to cry Max raised out his hand slowly in Michael's direction.

Walking towards him Michael collapsed into their embrace finally breaking down letting his feelings go.

Sitting in the booth wiping the continuous tears from her cheeks she watched the long overdue emotional reunion of a family torn apart.

With his arms securely wrapped around Isabel and Michael, Max kept his weary eyes fixated on Liz.

Like the alien planet he had escaped from, to the foreign world he now stood, he still looked to her for guidance and strength.

His dark haired angel that anchored him to a reality he no longer knew and a life that would prove harder than he could ever imagine.
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"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

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Re: Vanished (CC,M/L,Adult) Chpt 7 11/30/13

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Chapter seven

~ Standing in the flames of fear ~

Blood-red glowing eyes pierce the horizon as he hides, holding his breath, trying hard to slow his rapid pulse, knowing that their senses are highly perceptive, sharpened to a level far beyond most creatures that walk or crawl, designed for one purpose... to kill.

With his back scraping painfully against the rough spiky surface of the amethyst rock he closes his eyes and waits knowing that they're there searching... hunting.

Extremely intuitive and intelligent they find it almost amusing how effortless it is to hone in on their neighbouring scavengers.

Weak and feeble, Antarians, once a proud thriving race, now reduced to slaves or refugees since the fall of their mighty King are easy prey.

In the past their visits to the adjacent planet were few and far between, at best a last resort when their resources had gone dry from over harvesting or drought.

But now all it took was a simple bribe to the one that now occupied the throne to leave the fertile planet unprotected and vulnerable.

As long as Kivar's pockets are full and his needs satisfied by their more attractive female dignitaries, he turns a blind eye to the murderous rampage now done for sport rather than impending need.

Zan shivers, terrified, as he closes his weary eyes condemning himself for his weak and utterly loathsome frailness willing himself to be strong…

Clenching his jaw he drowns out his fears and focuses in on the discussions looming in the alien minds that are quickly approaching the mound just above him.

Letting everything fall away he's able to get inside their thoughts as they grind their claws along the hard amethyst hillside preparing for their victims.

Not far from where Zan is standing huddled together beneath the shelter of a protruding cliff are two young Antarian orphans.

With the knowledge that their lives are already gone, he remains still, waiting for the horrific sounds that he has become all too familiar with to begin.

Bones crunching, tissue tearing, useless screams for help echoing in his head long after death, now an almost daily occurrence … Zan waits for the inevitable…

Only suddenly their path has changed, leaving the two extraterrestrial children to run free, they raise their attention to another.

To Zan's horror he feels their crimson blood thirsty eyes searching in his direction.

Something different has caught their astute scent, a delicacy, a rare find.

Succulent and sweet their mouths water with delight as they realize what is in their midst...

A hybrid...

Part Antarian, part human, his emerald tinged blood rushing in his veins has them almost jumping out of their silvery luminous skin for a taste.

Sweat breaks out along his forehead as his brave heart, now out of his control, rams painfully against his ribs.

Facing his demise yet once again he calls out to her in his mind as he witnesses a single razor sharp claw curve around to dig into the blue stone within inches of his tender flesh.

Liz... I love you... can you hear me... Liz!




Startled out of their conversation the gang quickly turned towards Max who is slumped over in Isabel's couch screaming in his sleep.

Everyone stood horrified, paralyzed, watching as he shook violently fighting an invisible force …

Fighting... for his life...

Coming to his rescue as he desperately called out to her, Liz ran to his side, tenderly holding his face in her hands, trying her best to gently wake him.

“Max... you're dreaming... it's just a dream... you need to wake up now... you need to - “

Jolting off the couch and out of her hands Max backed himself against the living room wall wide eyed and shaking, staring at several terrified, confused faces looking back at him.

Embarrassed he looked away from Liz who was trying to approach him.

“I'm fine, it was nothing.”

Rushing to the bathroom sink he splashed cold water on his face as images flickered uncontrollably inside the mirror across from him.

Bracing himself on the bathroom counter he stared into his reflection telling himself silently to get a fucking grip.

Sensing Liz in the hallway he backed away from the mirror trying hard to look as normal as possible.

“Hey... it's just me... can you use some company? Or should I - “

Glancing quickly at her sweet concerned face he shook his head. “No, stay, I just need a minute.”

Sitting on the edge of the bathtub Liz dug her nails into her thighs unsure of what to do, wanting so much to help him.

Feeling her discomfort he grabbed a towel and wiped the water from his face as he leaned against the wall.

Trying to calm himself he spoke slowly, carefully, still attempting to get used to the sound of his own voice.

“Listen, what happened back there... it was just a nightmare. A memory … sometimes they … “

Unsure how to finish his thought he looked down to see his hands trembling, as if they belong to someone else, feeling as if they weren't a part of him he wondered if he was losing his mind.

Hiding them behind his back he cast his introspective gaze downward, away from her. “You must think I'm pretty crazy.”

Standing across from him she reached around his back pulling his hands away from the wall to rest them in her own.

“I think you are incredibly brave, I think you've been to hell and back, and when you're ready to talk about it I hope you know that I'll be here for you, always, whenever you need me.”

The gentle sound of her voice floated around him, lingering against his skin, hovering over his lips... touching his heart in ways he thought wasn't possible any longer.

“Max, Isabel is very concerned for you, she wants you to stay here with her.”

Nodding Max understood the underlining meaning of what Liz was trying to say.

She was going back to her apartment, to her life... her boyfriend... Charlie.

“She feels that with her close she can … help you if you need anything, and when you're ready we will all do what we can to make the transition here as painless as possible for you.”

Max continued to nod pretending to agree with her as he slowly flashed his eyes back up to the mirror.

For a spit second he saw his face, a sinister grin glaring back at him, mocking him.

He wondered as the image dissipated slowly if he would ever truly be free of Kivar, or his time in hell.

Softening his deep voice trying to reassure her he gazed into her sincere hopeful eyes.

Wishing so much he could just hold her... knowing in his heart that only she could keep his demons at bay... he faced a hard truth.

She was no longer his to hold.

Forcing the edge of his mouth upwards into an awkward smile he released her hands.

“Sure Liz, I'll be fine here... “

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

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Re: Vanished (CC,M/L,Adult) Chpt 8 11/30/13

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chapter eight

Song ~ heron blue by Sun Kil Moon

Don't cry my love don't cry no more
A crashing sky a rolling screen
A city drowning Gods black tears
I cannot bear to see

She lay under the midnight moon
Her restless body stirring
Until the magic morning hour
Like poison it succumbs her

Her baby skin her old black dress
Her hair it twists round her necklace
Constricts and chokes like ruthless vines
To sleep she overtakes her?

Her room is painted Heron Blue
Lit by candlelight and chandelier
And from her headboard perched so high
A million dreams have passed her

Don't cry my love don't cry no more
It overwhelms my breaking heart
A minor swell of violins
I cannot bear to hear them

A mother shepherds her young birds
she fills their mouths and warms their souls
Till they are strong and good to fly
Away from her alone she'll die

Cradle on quiet old oak limbs
As heaven blue her light fails
A breath of soot into her lungs
A life, a journeys end in one

Don't sing that old sad hymn no more
It resonates inside my soul
It haunts me in my waking dream
I cannot bear to hear it

Don't play those violins no more
Their melancholic overtones
They echo off the floor and walls
I cannot bear to hear them

~ her hair it twists round her necklace ~

Tuesday night,
three days after Max's return,
two am
Isabel's house

Terrifying shadows rise tall along burnt out buildings as Max huddles in the corner of an alley, starving, freezing, filthy he watches as a rodent resembling a rat scurries next to a sewer just a few feet from him.

He had lost count on how many days he had landed onto this nomad’s land, paralyzed with fear he still is holding onto hope that they will find him that someone will come for him.

With his family and most of all Liz a fresh memory in his heart his mind cannot yet except the reality of the situation.

Wrapping his arms around himself he lowers his head as indiscernible noises rattle disturbingly inside his head, voices unlike nothing he has ever heard before chatter horrifically relentlessly.

Bringing his hands to his ears he concentrates trying to will the voices to stop.

Looking down he sees the oddly shaped vermin baring its teeth against the toe of his sneaker.

Giving into the starvation that gnaws at his stomach he grabs its tail then screams in pain as several spikes protrude from the extremity shockingly piercing his hand agonizingly.

Tearing off the bottom of his tee shirt he wraps his hand before taking off running as the voices grow increasing louder.

Someone or something is approaching him, he has no where to hide, no one to help him, it sinks deeper just how completely alone he is.

With his eyes still not adjusted to the constant darkness he stumbles on a pipe jetting across the deserted road and falls painfully to his knees.

Out of breath he begins to shake uncontrollably as two large boots walk towards him covered in reddish mud that seems to be everywhere.

Sitting back on his heels he quickly looks up to see the towering ten foot alien staring down at him.

A deafening screech rips inside his head as a large hand reaches down and grabs him by the neck.

'Going somewhere filthy hybrid?' evil laughter resounds inside his mind as his large oval head turns to the side moving closer to get a good look at something rare and delicious.

Inside his lifeless black eyes he sees the refection of himself , looking defenseless and weak Max realizes this may be the end.

'Get away from me!! Let me go!!'

His useless screams now slam confusingly inside his mind as he is dragged away with gravel and mud scrapping cutting into his skin.

'Stop! Please!'

What happens in that alley would change Max for the rest of his life, as he broke down and cried for what would be the last time as Max Evans, he understood he was left with two choices.

To give up and die or fight to learn to survive.

There would be only one thing that would determine the answer.

His angel, his reason for everything.

To see her face, taste her lips, to love and be loved by her once again.

After that it was clear, he would do whatever it took to endure, to find her ...

But the screams of that night would remain, forever in the depths of his worst nightmares, deep in his subconscious, never relenting, never fading.

Awakened once more he jumps in fear to his feet thrashing around with his knife in one hand and the other stretched out ready to strike with his powers.

An emerald shimmering light already growing emanates within his palm as he breathlessly strained his wild eyes trying hard to grasp the right reality.

His eyes blink several times as the oscillating image of lines of buildings in ruin change to the rose floral bedspread and lace covered pillows covering the bed in front of him.

Sitting on the floor in Isabel's spare room Max angrily edges the blade of his knife along the tip of his thumb noting its need to be sharpened.

A tiny knock echo's against the walls causing him to nick the edge of his nail.

For a few seconds he watches as the blood surfaces and spills down his hand, mesmerized by the crimson liquid he becomes very still.

The small knock gets louder suddenly snapping him out of his daze.

Slipping the knife back inside his boot he whispers into the darkness thinking it must be Isabel wondering if he needed another pillow or something.

“Come in.”

Blonde curls suddenly appear in the crack of the door as two cobalt sleepy eyes shyly gaze up towards him.

A small voice comes from her cherry punch stained lips as she swings a worn teddy bear from the arm back and forth against her flowered nightgown.

“Uncle Max... I can help you.”

Kneeling down hesitantly in front of her he smiles somehow feeling a calmness around the little girl he can't quite explain.

“Lily, its late, you should be sleeping.”

Yawning completely at ease with him she rubs her eyes before placing a nightlight shaped like a half moon and three large stars in the palm of his hand.

“I can't sleep because your nightmares are keeping me up. I can feel you against my walls.”

Unsure of what she meant he softened his voice. “What do you mean you can feel me?”

Throwing her stuffed animal up in the air like this was no big deal she rolled her eyes as if he should have already known.

“Emma and daddy are like everybody else but you are like mommy and me, different... I knew it as soon as I saw you. Mommy told me not to talk about it, she said it was bad to use my magic, so I never do, but I don't think it's bad. Do you Uncle Max?”

Max held the nightlight in his hand as he looked down in wonder at the innocence brightly dancing in her eyes.

“No Lily it's not bad, you are very special, always remember that.”

“You are special too Uncle Max.” raising her arms wide out to her sides she smiled lovingly at him.

“You have a biiiig heart, its got boo boos but you gonna be fine, I just know it. You just have to forgive yourself, and then you be alright.”

Max was stunned by what she was saying, it was clear they shared a bond, he already was feeling extremely protective over her, and now he knew why.

Lily lifted her old teddy bear up in the air watching it closely admiring her stuffed friend.

“Gregory helps me with my bad dreams but I think my light will help you more. You're mixed up Uncle Max, the light will help you know you're here with us. You see, it will help I promise. I have to go back to bed before mommy hears me, she got bad nerves lately, don't want to make her mad.”

Skipping out the door curls flying behind her with Gregory in hand Lily was out of sight before he could thank her.

Tentatively he plugged the nightlight into the wall and smiled as a huge moon and stars lit up the dark lonely space.

It was then that he heard the arguing.

Jessie had found Lily in the hall and that's all he needed to see.

It had been three nights of constant fighting between the married couple about Max and the danger Jessie felt he had placed them in.

It was one night too many for Max.

Jumping from her window he paused for a moment thinking of the little girl with the teddy bear, the niece he knew he already loved.


7pm, St. Mary's Hospital


Staring off into the orange reddish remains of the day that glimmered across the horizon Liz found herself lost in thought.

An expression of concern washed over Charlie's bright blue eyes as he wrapped his arms around Liz's waist from behind and gave her an affectionate squeeze.

“Hey beautiful, is everything alright? You seem a million miles away.”

Hearing his carefree voice in her ear was enough to snap her out of her thoughts as she jumped slightly before settling against his chest.

Sighing she closed her eyes welcoming the drama free normalcy that encapsulated Dr. Charlie Sutter.

Taking a deep breath she let Max's haunting image dissipate along with the entrancing sunset outside her window.

“I'm fine, it’s just been a long week.” she replied as she gazed down at her phone on her desk watching as Isabel's name flashed giving her a sinking feeling that something was again wrong.

Her eyes widened with surprise as he playfully spun her around giving her a gentle kiss on the lips as he lifted her chin up to look into his self-assured sweet expression.

“Well it just so happens that I have the perfect cure for such a week.”

Wiggling out of her white lab coat Liz flipped her long wavy hair over her shoulders and began rubbing her sore neck.

“Oh really? And what would that be?” she coyly breathed out as she reached for her purse and briefcase exhausted from a long week with very little sleep.

Crossing his arms in front of him Charlie leaned against the wall and stared down at her admiring her as if she were the most beautiful woman in the world.

A wave of strange unexpected guilt ripped through her as she averted her eyes away from his adoring gaze.

“Is something wrong Liz? Because you know you can tell me anything”

Her heart faltered knowing that this relationship was already starting off with lies.

This was obviously a secret she would be forced to keep, just like so many others.

Still this was something she refused to give up on.

Charlie was safe and stable, someone she could depend on, someone uncomplicated and sweet.

He was real, he was everything she wanted, she saw her future with him.

Charlie came from a good home; he had a seriously charmed life.

A Harvard graduate he was finishing up his first year as a surgical pediatric resident at the hospital where she worked.

He was charming and kind, a real gentlemen whose biggest problem was failing to match his tie with his socks half the time, which she found endearing.

He could give her everything she wanted, she could really see herself building a life with him.

And she was definitely ready, where in past relationships it was always her that ultimately ran from the finality of commitment here with Charlie she was ready to stay and risk it all.

She had been through so much pain to get to this point; there would be no turning back, no matter what.

It was a promise she made herself … no matter what...

Still if Max was going to be around she wouldn't be able to hide their past for long, it would only be a matter of time before it came up accidentally or he felt the awkwardness between them.

It wouldn't be easy but she thought that it was better he heard it from her than anyone else.

“Actually there is probably something you should know.”

A sincere look of concern covered his face as he turned to her to give her his full attention.

“I was seriously involved with someone, he left town ten years ago and he's back now. It's Isabel's brother so we will be running into him. I just wanted you to know in case you over heard something or noticed anything awkward.”

Noting the intensity in her tone he definitely got the impression that this person hurt her, which in his mind explained so much.

“It ended badly; I can see it in your eyes.”

Shaking her head she waved it away. “It was a very painful chapter in my life, but we're friends now, really there is nothing for you to be concerned about.”

Wanting so much to protect her he decided not to prod her about it, but it was definitely something he would not forget.

Watching a certain sadness cover her delicate features he took in his arms.

“I'm sorry Parker, I didn't mean to pry, just can't help myself, I hate to see you upset in anyway, it's unavoidable, you see.... I kinda of like you.”

The end of his sentence fell into a whisper as he leaned in for a kiss that slowly turned into something more serious, at least on his end.

It wasn't as if there was something wrong, in fact he kissed much like he did everything in his life, perfectly.

He was tender, easing into her, feeling her out, nothing was rushed or forced, mechanically it couldn’t have been better, but still... there was something missing.

Passion... fire … that feeling of falling into something unknown and magical.

Angrily she reprimanded herself in her head for even thinking about it, for expecting to feel it.

A mistake she had made in past relationships she adamantly refused to go down that road again.

Taking his hand she grabbed her cell and flipped the lights off as she rehearsed the speech she had in her head mesmerized throughout the years.

That kind of fire came with a price, one eagerly paid by someone foolish and young and blindly unaware of the consequences.

And that wasn't her... not anymore.

This time she would be rational and smart knowing that chemistry can always develop over time in a loving relationship built on mutual respect, trust and common interests.

Feeling better she relaxed as she listened to him talk about their plans for the weekend.

Walking her to her car he detailed their impeding date talking of the ballet, a candle light dinner at her favorite restaurant and a stroll down the pier.

“That sounds amazing Charlie... I can't wait.”

She smiled brightly as she waved from her car window in the dark parking garage under the hospital.

“I have to get back to my patients, I'll pick you up at eight, drive careful Parker.”

Walking backwards toward the elevators his heart skipped still amazed that after months of trying they were officially a couple.

Holding his eyes till the large steel doors shut Liz felt calmer, more in control over her emotions.

She was sure that she could handle both this relationship and her friendship with Max, she had it all under control.

Reaching for her cell she read Isabel's text message.

Max has been missing all day
its getting late Liz
please if you hear from him call me
I have everyone out looking for him
I'm very worried

“Damn.” Instinctively she felt her anxiety begin to rise as images of him waking from that nightmare flashed before her eyes.

She knew it was a mistake for him to stay with Isabel, she wished she had spoken up earlier but she didn't feel it was her place to disagree with her.

Now he was gone, out there, probably confused and in pain, it made her heart ache just thinking of him wandering the streets alone.

Immediately starting her car she grasped her steering wheel for several moments listening to her heart pound hard as she tried to think of where he might have gone.

Tucking her silky hair behind her ears she touched her lips suddenly remembering the feeling of his heated skin as she held him terrified in tears on the floor of her room.

Looking out into the dimly lit parking garage her fear for him was tangible as her hands shook pulling out of the parking lot.

It was clear to her that even though her romantic future would belong to someone else her heart and her devotion would always be his.

Chuckling quietly as her tormented soul vibrated the air around him he nodded with satisfaction.

His deep set black eyes narrowed as he slithered along the pillar in the shadows watching her car disappear from sight.

The immense connection he held so deeply to her was like a silent scream to the alien's ears.

A deafening beacon peaking his interest as to the importance of the boy King and his splintered broken soul.

Echoes of his heart could be felt within her very presence, oh how truly important she must be.

This bond would prove to be intricate in their plan he thought to himself as he scurried back towards the sewers out of sight.

'Love' he snickered evilly, 'the ultimate weakness all human's held, but it ran much deeper within him and this could definitely be very useful.'

As she raced up the stairs to the sixth floor of her apartment to change before meeting the gang at Isabel's house her phone once again began to vibrate in her hand.

Hoping it was good news she gazed down to see Charlie's names blinking.

Quickly hitting the ignore button she fumbled with her keys before running past her living room to her bedroom effectively removing her blouse leaving her with a white camisole and a black skirt.

It was when she reached down to take her heels off that she noticed her curtains flowing high in the air as a warm breeze hit her face.

Slowing inching towards the tall narrow window she held back the heron blue sheers to see Max sitting on her fire escape staring out towards the desert far off into the distance.

Without turning to look he calmly spoke as if he knew she was there the entire time.

“Hello Liz.”

His voice was alluring full of mystery dark and reflective as if he was lost in thought, at the same time, husky and deep hiding a well of secrets too elusive for anyone to truly know.

Carefully so as not to startle him she edged her way out onto the metal grate taking a seat next to him letting her bare feet hang over the edge alongside his worn boots.

Her long locks lifted from her shoulders dancing around her face from the warm wind floating around them.

Max could feel his muscles slightly relax as her perfume drifted over him calming him in such a way that nothing else could.

It reminded him of the purple flowers that grew alongside the red tinted ocean that swelled along the cliffs far from the war torn cities.

He watched in awe completely enchanted as she leaned back on the palm of her hands and stared out into the dark sky.

“Wow there must be a million stars out there, it’s so beautiful.”

Gazing down at her his eyes fell to a strand of her chocolate hair that was twisted around a silver necklace lying along her golden skin.

“Yes, very beautiful.” he rasped softly in a trance as he followed the graceful slope of her neck.

His effect on her was immediate, intimate causing her cheeks to blush as if she were a teenager.

She flashed her smoky dark eyes sharply in his direction feeling the heat of his stare.

Slowly he looked back out towards the desert in the distance lit by a huge full moon that seemed to be peering down upon them as if an uninvited guest eavesdropping on a private moment between them.

“Isabel is very worried about you... they all are... I really should call her and tell her you're safe.”

His eyelids became heavy lowering downward as he whispered. “There is no - “

“... safe.” she finished the line that he had been gravely repeating to her since he had returned.

Her words dragged as she followed the scar that edged down the side of his face to his strong jaw.

“Still I should call her...”

Covering her hand with his he urged with his tormented eyes. “Not just yet... please.”

Nodding she tried to ignore the electricity that sparked like fire off her skin as he touched her.

“How is it over there … for you I mean.”

Liz carefully picked her words hoping not to upset him.

Leaving her hand he raked them through his long dark hair grimacing as his body ached from years of being broken again and again.

“Hard... Isabel treats me like a child, constantly watching me, asking me a million questions I can't answer.”

Unable to look away from his battered but still spellbinding handsome face she watched as he stared back out towards the heavens.

“And Jessie?”

A look of sorrow endless and forever glazed over his eyes. “He's afraid of me, he doesn't want me around the children, I've heard them arguing at night... he doesn't trust me Liz.”

A level of hurt rose in his voice that was truly unsettling. “How could he think... I would … never... “

So needing to comfort him she moved closer placing her hand on his back. “It's not you, its the powers, the whole alien thing... you have to understand Max... after … well after you disappeared they shut down their alien side. They were heartbroken, afraid. The only way they could go on was to act as if ...well as if they were...”

“Human.” he whispered with an air of understanding but indifference, this was not his way, it was something he could never do.

Laying her head on his shoulder she felt the emptiness of his isolation. “It was a way of coping with something horrific, they made a pact to never use their powers again, and as far as I know they haven't.”

“Well, that explains your face when you watched me open the lock on your door, that must have really been scary for you.”

Swinging her bare legs back and forth like a child she closed her eyes. “You could never scare me Max... it was just … I think my mind was afraid to believe it was really you, but when I saw you use your powers I couldn't deny it. It just made it real for me. You were really back.”

Looking down at her as she rested her head on his shoulder he tried to hold back his question but it almost forced its way to his lips.

“Liz, who is Charlie?”

There was no hint of anger or malice in his voice, it was a question he already knew the answer to but for some reason needed to hear from her.

He could feel her body stiffen as she lifted her head from him to look out straight ahead.

“He's someone I work with at the hospital, we started dating about a month ago... he's... well he's my boyfriend I guess you could say.”

The sharpest knife couldn't cut him deeper than that sentence but he refused to let her see it.

“I saw you together, at Isabel's … that first night. Before we talked I found Isabel's address and went there. You looked … beautiful, at peace with your life.”

Looking down she nervously began to bite her lip. “I had no idea, that must've been... so horrible, I'm so sorry Max. To see us all there, I can't imagine.”

Brushing his thumb across her bottom lip to stop her he shook his head.

“It's nothing for you to be sorry for, I never expected you to wait, I would never want you to be alone, and unhappy Liz.”

Nodding she caught his gaze and for what seemed like forever they stared into each other’s eyes with a knowing sadness for all that could have been and all that was lost between them.

But what she didn't see, what she couldn't have known was the absolute unrelenting knowledge inside him that he would never ever give her up.

Patiently quietly he resolved to wait in the shadows, a step behind her but always with her until she was his again.

For him nothing had changed, he had travelled across galaxies, battled forces more ruthless than the devil himself for what seemed like a lifetime... for her … for his Elizabeth, he had all the time in the world.

What they shared was forged from the stars; it could not be forgotten or denied... it was forever.

This was no ordinary love, and he would wait till the end of time for her to remember that.

“I'm so happy we can be close Max... after everything, I'm so glad you understand, and you are comfortable with how our relationship has changed.”

His soulful eyes fell once again to her raven hair tangled around the silver necklace.

Reaching over he lifted the chain from under the silky material of her camisole freeing her twisted raven locks.

A gasp of air escaped his full lips as he held the metal charm that was weighing it down between her breasts.

Flipping it over his thumb traced the symbol he had given her so long ago.

Tears flooded her eyes as she lowered her head.

Taking a hold of the necklace she grabbed onto the railing and pulled herself back into the window.

“I really should call Isabel now.”

It hit him like a title wave washing, crashing down over him like ice cold water.

The realization, the complete heart wrenching knowledge of the pain she must have endured.

It may have been years since she had felt it, maybe even forever since she closed the door to it, but it was there …

Through their connection he saw a glimpse of her struggles, her sleepless nights, salty tears upon her pillow, his image there in her waking dreams... his memory imprinted irrevocably in her heart.

No, she had not forgotten...

She had convinced herself out of necessity or pure will that she had moved on, that she could give her heart to another, maybe she had, maybe he was being foolish, but it was something he refused to accept.

To him it was unmistakable, glaringly obvious that she hadn't yet...

Not yet...

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

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Re: Vanished (CC,M/L,Adult) Chpt 9 11/30/13

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Chapter nine

~ beautifully broken ~

Rifling through Jessie's toolbox in the garage Max tried to busy himself as the argument raged on inside the house.

The subject was exclusively about him but he couldn't be more further more removed if he tried.

Looking down at the battered old motorcycle he could hear the voices of Michael, his sister, and rest of the gang minus Jessie who had taken the children to see their grandparents.

Kneeling down he welded a wrench while the discussion of what he would do with the rest of his life took front and center.

“He needs time, we can't just throw him back into society, he needs his family around him now, he needs time to heal.”

Michael shook his head as he paced the room.

“I disagree Isabel, he's not the teenager you knew, I know you want to look after him but he's a grown man, he can't just stay locked up in this house.”

Raising his hand slightly nervous to voice his opinion Kyle cleared his throat.

“Listen he can always come and work with me at the garage, that way I can keep an eye on him, if anything happens I can call one of you, he can work in the back away from the public. It might be easier for him until he adjusts.”

The debate went round and round in circles, questioning where Max should live, what jobs would be suitable for him, and even who would be available to look after him at any given time.

Liz remained quiet, choosing to stand in the hallway between the living room and the slightly ajar door that lead to the garage watching as Max worked on his bike.

She watched in a trance as he calmly ran his hands over the parts on the bike as if it was a living breathing thing, as if it were precious.

It occurred to her as she stood there just of sight that it was the only thing that was truly his in this world.

She couldn't imagine how frightening, and empty it must feel to have no possessions, no daily ritual or routine, no direction or purpose.

She had no idea where he should live or what he should be doing but one thing she knew for sure, Max needed a reason for existing, for getting through one day and the next.

Liz understood that the others were just trying to help but it bothered her how they were treating him as if he were a child.

The fact that he wasn't even included in the conversation seemed completely wrong.

Max was living in a type of limbo, not in that hellish planet any longer, but not really in this world either.

She knew the only chance he had was to somehow find something that would tether him here.

He had spent ten years with one mission in mind, one singularity goal... to get back home.

Now that he had done that he was lost, merely existing along with the nightmares that plagued him.

Kyle was as always sweet in his offer, but it was obvious to Liz that Max needed more than eight hours of oil changes to keep his mind from flying off the rails, he needed a purpose.

It was at this point Maria who had remained relatively silent happyily leafing through her bridal magazines brought up a very good point.

“This is all important don't get me wrong but has anyone thought about what we're going to tell Max's parents about where he's been all this time? Not to mention everyone else, its been over ten years, how the hell are we going to explain his sudden return.”

The group looked around at each other dumbstruck, it was something that hadn't even occurred to them.

Instantly Isabel's level of anxiety shot up.

“Maria's right, what the hell are we going to say, and its not even the point of where he's been but how are we going to explain why he is the way he is. I mean he can barely hold a conversation, he's scarred from head to toe, he looks as if he's been to hell and back … this is bad... this is very bad.”

Standing in the hallway with her arms folded Liz gazed at him through a crack in the door completely mesmerized.

She whispered slowly as she stared at Max, studying his movements.

She followed the pronounced muscles in his forearms as he tightened the screws on his bike, and the calloused tough skin on his hands.

Her eyes focused on the lines stemming from his golden eyes that come with an age far older than he was and the streak of grey hair that was hidden beneath the stark black that touched his shoulders, something she hadn't noticed before.

She also noted how he never put his back to a door, how he always noted the exits when entering a room, how even when he was talking to you his eyes searched for possible danger.

He was never relaxed, always alert on guard reacting to the slightest noise as if his life depended on it.

His mind seemingly focused here but also somewhere else as if he couldn't let go of something just beyond what was in front of him.

His body was battered and worn, marred with scares and wounds too deep for any of them to ever understand but there was something beautiful in the way that he moved.

Something deliberate and precise in the way that his hands controlled the tools, the way his haunting eyes focused on the metal that reflected the gentle soul inside she knew still remained.

He was genuinely beautifully broken, a living breathing example of strength from the inside out, his body, his everything mapping out years of survival and courage.

It was then that it occurred to her what he truly was.

He was a warrior, a soldier in every sense of the word.

Her whisper to herself became louder, reaching the others as his loneliness for what he had endured, for what none of them would ever really be able to understand resonated all around him.

“We could say that he has just returned from Afghanistan, that he was a marine... a soldier back home from the war. Its no secret he was at odds with his dad when all this happened, he was lost living with Michael no real direction. He was eighteen at the time, old enough to join.”

Max halted his movements as she spoke, his honey eyes lifted slightly from their focus as his mind spun her idea around for a moment before shifting intensely in her direction giving her a rush of chills up her spin.

It was plain he knew she was standing there the entire time, it was also obvious how moved he was by what she said.

Michael ran his hands through his hair as he rolled it over in his mind.

“That's brilliant, perfect, it would explain everything, his wounds, his total change in personality. Everyone would completely back off of him, it’s definitely something that they could relate to.”

Rubbing his temple Kyle nodded. “Well I have to agree, it will sound much better to Phillip and Diane than telling them he was sucked up into an alien vortex and stranded on a planet far far away for over a decade.”

Isabel stood almost excited, her mind already spinning stories on how they found him, how he was healing in some military hospital suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome, maybe even suffering from a head trauma.

“I can work this, they will definitely buy this, I know it.... we just all have to get our story straight … and of course make sure we tell Max exactly what to say.”

Liz began to get more annoyed as the night went on listening to them.

“This isn't right guys.”

Confused Michael stepped closer putting his hands on Maria's shoulders almost needing to feel her support.

Liz shook her head as she pointed towards the garage trying hard to keep her voice down.

“We're talking about him as if he were a child, as if his opinion doesn't matter, this is his life. The man made it ten years alone, with no one to help on another planet with an alien who wanted him dead. He deserves to be treated like the man he is”

Clearly angry Isabel became defensive.

“Not really liking your tone Liz, for your information I happen to love my brother … “

Liz quickly turned in Isabel's direction as everyone stood surprised at her level of emotion. “And I don't?”

Stepping between them Kyle raised his hands as if he were a referee in a boxing match.

“Ok I think we all need to take a breath.”

Raising her hands to rest on her hips Isabel narrowed her eyes.

“Of course you do but lets face it Liz, your priorities are different now, you're in a relationship, things are not the same.”

Raising her voice uncharacteristically Liz hardened her tone. “I can't believe you just said that to me.”

Putting his hands on Isabel's shoulders Kyle attempted to quell the situation with a little wisdom.

“Liz has a point Isabel, Buddha teaches us that no one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path to enlightenment. Max must find his own way.”

One look from Isabel was all Kyle needed to announce his goodbye's and take off.

“Ok, well I have to pick up Sara now, tell Max he's welcome at the shop any time.”

Liz grabbed her keys and went for the door murmuring under her breath that she needed to get some air leaving the group to argue amongst themselves.


Twenty minutes later Max found her sitting on the trunk of her car staring down at a text from Charlie.

Can't wait till tomorrow night!
Pick u up @ 8
prepare to be swept off your feet!

Peering over her shoulder as he wiped the grease off his hands with a dirty rag he read the message on her phone.

He quietly lifted his eyes to painfully watch what he imagined as relief washing over her as she thought about her date, about Charlie.

“So, what do you think about Kyle's offer?”

Surprised, unaware that he was there Liz instinctively flipped her phone over as she slid off the car.

“Max, how long have you been standing there? I didn't hear you at all.”

Scanning the perimeter around the dark deserted neighborhood he shrugged catching a few stolen glances towards her.

“Not long, I didn't mean to spook you, I guess I'm used to staying under the radar.”

Leaning against an Oak tree he angled the side of his face marred by the deep scar away from her as he forced the words from his head trying so hard to connect with her.

“Staying invisible was essential for surviving back... well, where I was, luckily it was the one thing I already had plenty of practice with.”

His hushed gruff tone was almost too soft for her to understand.

Brushing her hair from her eyes she couldn't help but stare in wonder, to appear so hard, so tough, like he could kill without blinking an eye, but so fragile and damaged at the same time, he was truly an enigma.

“I'm sorry for what Isabel said back there, thinking before speaking isn't exactly what she's known for.”

Liz turned her back to him lost as to what to say, as her eyes drifted down at her phone.

Her fingers floated over Charlie's words as she felt her stomach twist in knots.

“Max you should know that you have other options, Kyle told me that there's an efficiency apartment above his shop, it’s not much but I can help you fix it up.”

His silence made her wonder if maybe she had pushed too hard.

“I shouldn't have been so rash, Isabel could be right, maybe it would be better if ...”

Walking up behind her he rested his hand on her shoulder. “No, you're right, I can't stay with them anymore, Lily especially shouldn't be around me...”

His voice trailed off thinking of the little girl with the alien side and the bright blue eyes.

Facing him she reached for his hand that had slid down her arm. “Max what do you mean especially Lily?”

He hesitated for a second realizing he couldn't keep anything from her.

“Lily... is a hybrid, and I think like the rest of us she has powers that are specific to her. I'm not sure what they are yet but she is very special... amazing actually.”

Shocked Liz looked up at the house. “I had no idea, Isabel never said anything … I can't believe it, what about Emma?”

Shaking his head his eyes lifted sharply towards the edge of the woods as a dog rustled some leaves.

Like a nocturnal animal he spotted the mutt in the blackness of the forestline before looking back to her and continuing.

“Completely human, its just Lily. Jessie and Isabel think I'm a bad influence. They actually told her that her powers were bad, like she should be ashamed.”

Liz brought her attention back to him realizing how volatile this situation could be.

“Max, they're scared, I can't imagine how Isabel must feel.... after what happened to you... It's very important for her to keep her children safe.”

Lifting her chin he trapped her eyes in his entrancing stare causing her to gasp as he rasped heatedly.

“Liz, our powers are a strength, she should be teaching her to hone her skills, to get as much control over what‘s hidden inside her as possible. None of you have any idea what is out there, I had it all wrong all those years hiding... it’s not us that should be afraid, it’s you... humans.”

Raising his darkened eyes to the star filled sky his voice hardened giving Liz a sense of fear she had never felt before.

“Earth is a vulnerable lamb just waiting to be slaughtered, ignorant and helpless it will lie in ruins when they come, a fiery wasteland full of bodies with nothing but the stench of death in the air.”

Shocked and terrified at the words falling from his lips Liz stepped backwards shivering as she focused in on the horror reflected in his eyes.

“It may not be tomorrow or next month or even ten years from now but it will happen, if the resistance fails to stop Kivar he will only grow stronger and more thirsty for blood.”

His eyes glazed over as if he were witnessing the hours of his time on Antar vividly in his mind.

"Liz, I fought my way back not only to... be close to you, but to protect you."

Breathless Liz felt paralyzed with fear, understanding that he wasn't speaking of a future happening, but a reality, his reality.

He was describing a past that he somehow managed to survive, but was obviously far from forgetting.

Taking a deep breath she clenched his hand getting his attention off the night sky and back to her.

“Max, what is the resistance?”

Spotting Isabel on the front steps glaring in their direction Max stepped away from Liz silently as his fingertips slowly parted from hers.

“Another time, I think someone is trying to get a hold of you.”

Liz jumped as her phone suddenly began to ring loudly echoing off the empty street.

Sitting in her car she reached for her cell as she leaned her head against the seat reliving Max's omen over and over again, watching in fascination as he made his way back into the house.

“Hi Charlie... “

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

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Re: Vanished (CC,M/L,Adult) Chpt 10 11/30/13

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Chapter ten

~ come early morning ~


three months, two days, six hours and seventeen minutes …

With his shaky hands he held her image tight trying once again to get lost in a memory of her.

He focused in on her endless pools of dark ebony eyes that held so much love and devotion.

He pictured in his minds eye her standing in the desert, the night they found the orb.

Rousing desire flush hot across her pink cheeks, passion giving way to wanton need as they nearly made love under the stars.

Trying with everything inside him he placed himself there, feeling the cool breeze against his face, her shivering soft body pressed flush against his, the sounds of her breathless kisses filling his senses.

It was all he had, precious memories of her, keeping him alive, pushing him to keep going when everything seemed so hopeless.

Then suddenly he felt a strangers eyes upon him, a presence hovering close.

Instantly his heart began to race knowing that he was cornered, that there was nowhere to run or hide.

Exhausted, emaciated, and wounded he braced for the inevitable.

Lifting his eyes frightfully up into the blackness before him he was startled when he heard a youthful almost friendly voice resonating in his mind.

'Who's the girl?'

Quickly shoving her picture back in his pocket Max focused his tired eyes up towards the towering extraterrestrial who appeared almost human looking.

Standing at a staggering eight feet tall he was very lean and muscular with long sandy blonde hair that hung over his bright turquoise eyes that almost seemed to glow in the darkness that surrounded them.

Dressed in old military garb, that was obviously not his size he had a long usual looking gun slung over his back and an impressive knife strapped to his thigh.

The way he held his ground with little fear, defiant and focused, it was clear he was well learned in using both weapons.

As he scanned the empty streets that intersected about a half mile from the alley they were currently standing in he spoke once again telepathically to Max.

'I know who you are; it’s not safe for you here.'

Glancing down towards Max's stunned face he eyed the deep knife wound and the infection that had begun to set in.

'If we don't get that fixed up soon you’re as good as dead, those gutter dwellers can smell blood a mile away.'

Lowering his elongated fingers down towards Max he nodded. 'Come with me if you want to live.'

Out of options and near death Max struggled to lift his body from the concrete building but was too weak to pull himself up.

Just then an eerie far away sound echoed in the air resembling the low bellowing groan of a dying animal.

Before Max could process what was happening he was thrown over the lanky alien's back and was flying through the air at breakneck speed.

Through the slits of his blood shot eyes just as his vision was beginning to fade he could see foot long curved sharp claws ripping metal sewers out of the ground and tossing them in the air as if they were nothing more than bottle caps.

'Don't worry, I've got you boy King. You're not alone anymore.'


“Max?” waving her hand in front of his glazed over far away eyes Isabel sighed impatiently. “Sweetie, I know this is not exactly where you want to be right now, but you promised me you'd at least try.”

Shaking his head slightly he blinked several times as the vivid image of Antar dissipated into an unhappy grimace of Isabel holding a blue polo shirt on a hanger out in front of her.

After a long day of moving into the studio apartment over Kyle's auto mechanic's business the very last thing Max wanted to be doing was shopping on Main street with Isabel.

He tried hard to shake the visions in his head that had been happening often and unexpectedly since he had returned.

Sometimes they would happen out of the blue, but more then not they would occur when he was stressed and overwhelmed.

After a day of hearing Isabel argue with Michael and Kyle over Max's new living arrangements he decided that he would appease her by agreeing with her to let her take him shopping for some new clothes.

A suggestion brought on by little Lily as she proudly plucked her nightlight out of a box and plugged it into the socket by his bed.

Taking him by the hand she pulled him into a corner during a particularly heated discussion and waved him down so she could whisper in his ear.

“Uncle Max, let my mommy take you shopping. Believe me I hate it too, especially when she buys matching girly dresses for me and Emma. It's beyond disturbing if you ask me, but it makes her happy.”

Smiling down at her he felt a huge weight lift from his shoulders as he gazed into her wide bright sky blue eyes.

It was always so comforting about the way Lily spoke to him.

She made him feel normal, accepted for exactly who he was, and in a way very loved.

With the exception of Liz everyone walked on eggshells around him, talking about him as if he wasn't even there.

He could feel the tension in the room rise whenever he entered, and there was always that question in everyone's mind...

What had they done to him, and what was he now capable of … almost as if he was feared.

But not Lily, never Lily.

Her face would light up when she would see him, without hesitation she would throw her arms around him for a hug letting him know just how happy she was to see him.

The scars, the long hair, his intimidating disposition... none of it phased her.

She was innocent to all the hell lurking just beyond the edges of her little sheltered world.

She was clueless to dangers that little imaginations could never conceive of, but for some reason she felt his pain, and gave him a level of compassion that humbled him almost to tears.

Focusing his attention back to Isabel Max stared down at the golf shirt he could never imagine wearing.

Trying to be nice Max forced a smile at the shirt Isabel was holding up for him to try on and shrugged his shoulders.

“It’s just not me.”

Frustrated she placed the yuppie shirt back with the other pastel colors on the rack and picked up the stack of dark colored plain tee shirts and jeans that he was willing to settle on.

“Well at least these are new and clean although I do think that eventually you should get something a little less casual, especially if you decided to attend classes in the fall like we talked about.”

Max decided to let that argument go not having the strength to explain once more how that just wasn't what he wanted.

Dinner was strained as she searched for safe topics that wouldn't upset him.

She felt bad watching him uncomfortably trying to fit in with the people around him.

It was then that she noticed Liz was right about the way he acted.

He was never relaxed, he never let his guard down.

“Except for today I haven't seen much of Michael, I think I freak him out.”

Shaking her head furiously she felt horrible inside knowing that was exactly what was happening.

“No, he's just so busy, it has nothing to do with you Max.”

Keeping his eye on the people coming and going he tried to think of what a normal person might say in a casual conversation.

“I can't get over the crew cut, he looks so old and responsible, I almost didn't recognize him.”

Nodding Isabel sipped her ice tea trying hard not to break out laughing. “I think Michael has changed more than any of us. Between graduating from art school, and becoming a teacher at the high school, he's really become quite a respected member of society.”

Max leaned against the back of his chair relaxing a bit still keeping his eye on the people around them with half an ear on the conversations Isabel was oblivious to.

With his barely eaten food in front of him he watched the couples walking hand in hand past them on the side walk.

“What's this I hear about a wedding?”

Waving her hands in the air with excitement Isabel launched into Michael and Maria's big day and how Isabel was more then happy when Maria asked her to be their wedding planner.

She was well into a detailed description of the menu when she caught a glimpse of Liz and Charlie browsing in a book store across the street.

It had almost been impossible to drag Max out that night, and even more difficult to get him to open up enough to have an almost normal conversation, the last thing she wanted was for him to see Liz with Charlie.

Reaching for her purse Isabel threw a twenty on the table and quickly grabbed his bags.

“Oh wow, I had no idea how late it was, I have to get back to the girls.”

Noting the time Max thought it was odd that the kids would even been up at this hour but didn't make an issue of it.

For all he knew Jessie was upset she was out with him alone period.

Still it was obvious just how much Isabel's demeanor had changed in seemingly an instant.

As they walked back to his new apartment Max grew more uncomfortable by the second.

Saturday night in Roswell wasn't exactly a hot bed of nightlife.

In fact Main street provided the only real entertainment for the small quiet community with the exception of the alien tourist attractions that is.

With its little under a mile of store fronts, cafe's, fine dining, and the famous Warner Theater leading out to the pier along Moonlight lake, it was the place to be if you were on a romantic date.

Looking back nervously Isabel could no longer see them as her and Max walked leisurely down the sidewalk.

With just a few more blocks to go she breathed a sigh of relief assuming that they had gone into to one of the more fancier restaurants that was located further back where they had just come from.

Looking ahead there was nothing but the other end of the pier, still she couldn't hide her anxiety as they walked through the crowd.

Max kept an eye on every face as they strolled down the side of the street lined with small trees filled with twinkling while lights.

He couldn't be more awkward with all the people around him, he had done his best for Isabel but it was becoming increasingly difficult.

He was unable to distinguish the voices from one to the other as they reverberated all around him.

His heart began to race as sweat broke out across his forehead.

His hands balled up into tight fists as he began to walk faster through the crowd.

Then out of no where he heard her voice.

“Isabel? Isabel! Hey wait up!”

Immediately stepping close to Max, Isabel smiled wide pretending to be surprised by the sight of Liz and Charlie.

Already feeling tense and overwhelmed Max raised his eyes from the concrete sidewalk to meet the stare of the blonde, tall, well dressed, handsome doctor who had his arm draped securely around Liz's waist.

Liz had not seen Max at first but when their eyes met there was no mistaking the intense emotion behind their exchange of meaningful glances.

Max was left speechless by her exotic entrancing beauty as she stood like the goddess Venus herself attired in a white fitted dress with thin straps laying across the golden skin of her elegant slender shoulders.

Her raven hair was long with loose big waves that seemed to dance around her flushed cheeks and red lips from the warm breeze floating around her.

But it was her eyes that he was drawn to the most, smokey, dark, sexy, with an air of an unattainable mystery that one could only hope to discover.

There would be no denying the flutter of butterflies racing around her stomach, and the weakness of her knees that threatened to buckle as he stared down into her soul as if he could easily see the secrets that lay in wait only for her eyes to see.

Again she reminded herself that she was not the school girl who was a prisoner to her emotions.

These feelings she was having could be easily explained away.

Their history, the bond they shared, the immense sympathy she felt for what he had gone through, and the love she knew she would always have for him.

The reasons for her choices were concrete and valid, something that she had gone over and over in her head.

The life she wanted, the family she craved, and the peace and security she needed to be happy would come with a price.

This was something that she resolved within herself, this was her choice.

The intensity of their interaction was not lost to Charlie as he possessively pulled her closer.

Liz, unable to take her eyes off of Max, introduced them, the only way she knew how.

“Charlie this is Isabel's brother, Max.”

Her voice was calm, she was determined not to fall apart, this moment was inevitable, and she had made her decision.

Max stood quietly gazing deep into her eyes as he heard the explanation of who he was to her now.

Isabel's brother...

Staring Max down, Charlie had a hard time believing that Liz could ever be involved with someone like this.

His experience working in the emergency room alerted him immediately to the gang related untreated scars that marred his body as Max stood in an obvious defensive intimidating stance.

He looked like every other thug that the police dragged into the hospital at two am during his residency.

He now fully understood her emotional distress during the past week, it was crystal clear to him why she was so upset that her ex-boyfriend was back in town.

“Max, it’s nice to meet you, I'm sure your family is very happy to have you back in town.”

After a long pause Max still with his golden stare locked with Liz nodded slowly.

His voice was soft and deep lined with the knowledge that he was not someone to be taken lightly.

“Charlie, I've heard a lot about you. Good to meet you.”

Charlie held her even closer as they continued to stare into each others eyes making even Isabel uncomfortable as she pretended to read a fake text from her phone.

Unsure and clearly unhappy with what Charlie interpreted as aggressive behavior coming from Max, he cleared his voice raising it to an authoritative tone.

“Well we really should be going, we have tickets to the ballet. Isabel as always it was a pleasure seeing you, and Max I'm sure Liz and I will be running into you again.”

Stressing the words Liz and I was purposeful and the meaning behind them was clear to everyone as Charlie led her gently away by her waist.

Finally breaking her stare from Max, Liz smiled at Isabel and said her goodbyes.

Max stood calmly watching Charlie lean close to her ear and whisper something that made her smile.

His eyes fell to their hands as their fingers interlocked, her attention was now back with her boyfriend as they passed by a stunned Isabel who felt physical pain in her stomach for Max.

Walking the opposite way with Isabel as he made his way home he noticed Charlie's eyes firmly watching his every move.

Making sure Max was aware that indeed they were a couple, and it was serious.

Max looked away towards the dark heavens filled with stars and the bright full moon the hung low in the sky so different from what he was used to.

He kept his amber eyes fixated on that beautifully lit horizon as they passed each other by.

It was then, just as her body walked by his, deep in her conversation with Charlie that Max opened his fist and with a feathers touch grazed her arm.

It was only for a split second, a blink of an eye that his fingertips touched her skin but it nearly stopped her heart.

Max felt it immediately, the fire rushing up from her heated silky skin, her breath hitched excitedly, instantaneously in her throat.

The flashes like lightening speed flickering behind her eyes of them.

The passion... the deep, endless, forever connection.

Something Charlie could never hope to give her.

Within seconds both had gotten lost in the crowd.

Charlie squeezed her hand affectionately as he described the romantic story behind the ballet they were heading off to see.

Liz stared off lost in a moment of unimaginable desire from depths she could not deny or escape from.

Closing his eyes for a moment the corner of his mouth raised as he felt her response.

Come early morning he would wake without nightmares.

Tonight he would sleep ...

Tonight he would dream of her ...

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare