The Power of Love (CC,M/M,M/L,TEEN) Complete pg.11 - 9/17

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The Power of Love (CC,M/M,M/L,TEEN) Complete pg.11 - 9/17

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Title: The Power of Love

Author: pooklette

Disclaimer: The characters of "Roswell" belong to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, WB, and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement is intended. The scene between Max and Tess in the prologue was from Max in the City…again, not mine.

Category: M/M, M/L, CC

Rating: Teen

Summary: An alternate version of what could have happened after Max in the City. Tess returns from NY with her own agenda but the Destiny Book holds vital information about the Royals and that may ruin her plans. This story is CC (M/M, M/L, A/I, etc.) but there will be angst for some in the beginning. Alex never went to Sweden. Tess is not a good guy here…you’ve been warned.

A/N: I’m an avid fan of Roswell fics but this is my first attempt at writing my own… :oops: Also, Liz may be acting a bit out of charactor in the beginning but keep in mind she's still struggling to handle the Future Max mess...


Lonnie dragged Tess back into the sewers with Rath close on her heals. She let go of Tess and began telling her exactly how to get Max to accept his destiny and return to Antar. Lonnie and Rath had every intention of coming with to pursue their ‘destiny’ as well. Tess only had a short moment to consider Lonnie’s proposition before they heard Max’s approaching footsteps. As they heard Max approaching, Lonnie reminded Tess, “Remember yo, he has to think we’s dead…”

“Tess! Are you OK? What happened?” Max rushed to Tess’ side.

“I don’t know. I fought them. They’re gone. I’m ready to go home Max…”

Chapter 1: Christmas Chaos

Max and Michael were sitting in their usual booth at the Crashdown. Max suggested they stop there for a quick lunch but in all reality, everyone within eyeshot knew he was just there to moon over one particular brown-haired waitress named Liz…

“Michael, you don’t seriously think you can find a Christmas gift for Maria at the hardware store do you?”

Max couldn’t help but chuckle at the baffled look on Michael’s face at his question. It was obvious why Maria decided to set ground rules for Michael’s Christmas purchases this year. The man seriously needed help.

“Not you too! Maria’s been drilling ‘the rules’ into my head for a week now. It has to be something thoughtful and something she doesn’t need but it still has to be something she would like…Oh, and it can’t be a bath product. Why the heck do they have to make it so hard?!”

Just then, Liz approached. “Can I get you two anything else?” she asked. She was staring alternately between her order pad and the floor in an effort not to look at Max. Michael ignored her while he finished his burger, muttering something about “crazy women and their rules” between mouthfuls.

“No thank you Liz. I think we’re about finished here.” Max barely choked the words out before Liz rushed off to the back room. Michael looked up from his now empty plate just in time to catch Max’s wounded puppy look as it followed her.

“You know what Maxwell? Maybe you shouldn’t be giving out advice about women…looks like you’re having enough trouble in that department yourself.” Michael was almost proud that his love life wasn’t presently anywhere near the train wreck that Max’s was. Sure, he tried to be a stonewall, but he did love Maria and he knew that for some reason she loved him. Maria would never betray him the way Liz did Max. Just as he thought of the perfect gift for Maria, a sudden movement on the other side of the booth startled him.

“Michael, let’s go. I want to head out to the quarry. There’s something we should talk about.” The abrupt change in Max’s attitude had Michael worried. Whatever Max suddenly had to talk about was probably going to be something Michael wouldn’t like.
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Disclaimer: The characters of "Roswell" belong to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, WB, and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement is intended.

Chapter 2: Destiny Rears Its Ugly Head

The ride out to the quarry was quiet and tense. Michael’s apprehension slowly turned to a combination of fear and anger as the ride progressed. When they finally reached their destination, Michael practically leaped out of the Jeep and instantly started firing off questions.

“What is so important that you had to drag me all the way out here to tell me? And why do I have a feeling that it’s something you should have told me earlier?”

Max just sat in the Jeep for a minute putting his thoughts together. Finally, just as Michael was about to burst, Max began talking.

“You remember how I told you that I saw Liz in New York and it saved my life?” he asked. At Michael’s answering grunt, Max continued. “Well I’ve been thinking about it and I know Ava said it was possible because Liz was healed but I don’t think that’s the whole story. I mean, think about it. If my healing power changes people, it would have to be on a cellular or genetic level. If that was the case, then why haven’t you or Iz changed? I’ve healed you two before and you never noticed any changes…right?”

“Maxwell. We’re aliens, Parker isn’t. You can’t make us more alien, so we wouldn’t change.”

“But that’s just it Michael. We’re hybrids. Half-human, half-alien. Technically, if my healing alters human cells, then you two would have been changed to some degree too.” Max was deep in thought, pacing now. Michael didn’t like the direction this conversation was taking.

“So what, you think Parker was always an alien then? Like a skin or something? Maxwell, I think you would’ve noticed that…right?”

“No! Michael, that’s not what I’m saying at all! I’m saying, I don’t think that the healing changed Liz. It had to be something else. Look at Kyle! I healed him and as far as we know, he isn’t any different now. If Liz is getting powers now because I healed her, then Kyle should be too.”

“Look, I get that you’re worried about her or whatever and I can’t believe I’m saying this but…maybe you’re overreacting. I mean, what else could’ve changed her?”

“That’s the problem Michael. I don’t know.” Max paused for a moment. “I think we need to see if we can translate the Destiny Book. It was sent with us for a reason. We need to know what it says.” With that, Max marched back to the Jeep with a look of determination in his eyes. With a sigh, Michael plopped down in the Jeep, consumed with conflicting thoughts about translating the Book. Maria would be heartbroken when she found out what they were doing, but that book might have the answers he’d been looking for all his life.

While Michael and Max were out at the quarry, Maria and Liz were having a much-needed girl talk session up on Liz’s balcony.

“Maria, what am I going to do?! It’s killing me that Max thinks I betrayed him like that…that I even could betray him like that!” Maria sighed and wrapped her arms around her oldest friend.

“Liz, babe, I really think you should tell the others about this.” Liz immediately pulled back and tried to protest but Maria easily cut her off. “No seriously, just let me finish! Yes, this is killing you, but did you really expect this to be easy? Max loves you and you love him. There has to be another way to fix this.”

“Maria, you weren’t there. You don’t understand! Future Max was desperate! If Present Max doesn’t bond with Tess, they won’t be strong enough to defeat their enemies when the time comes. I can’t be responsible for that! I had to do what Future Max asked…”

“Lizzie, Max doesn’t love Tess. He never will and you know it! So if he’s never going to fall in love with her and form the bond that Future Max claimed was so important, then how are you helping by keeping this a secret? They still won’t bond before the enemies come and they’ll be faced with the same fate as before. If you tell them about all this they’ll have like fourteen years to come up with a backup plan!” Maria could not believe she was actually being the voice of reason here.

Liz’s eyes went wide in realization. Maria thought she was finally getting through to her until Liz exclaimed, “We’ve got to translate the Destiny Book!” Maria was stunned.

“What?! How exactly will that help? I could personally live out the rest of my life in peace, never knowing what that stupid thing says.” Maria couldn’t believe that Liz of all people would want to know what was spelled out in those alien pages.

“Maria, think about it. Future Max said that the four of them made a complete unit. Remember the pictures in the book? If we translate the book, Max will see…”

“OK I’ve heard enough. Liz, in case you haven’t noticed, I love Michael. I am in no hurry to wrap him up in a big red bow for Isabel. You need to tell the others about Future Max because I don’t think this is a secret we should keep. If they ever find out about this do you really think that they’re going to be happy that you prearranged their future for them and didn’t bother to let them in on the plans? You’ve got to spill it, now chica, while we still have time to come up with a plan.”

With that, Maria got up and left. As she drove home, Maria started thinking about her role in everything. She was mad at Liz for being so caught up in the drama of her little love triangle with Max and Tess that she refused to see how her choices where going to affect everyone else. Suddenly Maria started to wonder if she was being just as narrow minded as Liz. Michael has been looking his whole life for answers and the Destiny Book probably has those answers but she rejected the idea of translating it immediately because it might tell her something she didn’t want to hear. Maria turned her car around and headed straight for Michael’s apartment.

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post more soon please

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Disclaimer: The characters of "Roswell" belong to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, WB, and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement is intended.

Chapter 3: Michael Tells All

*Knock, knock, knock*

Michael was irritated to hear someone knocking at the door not even five minutes after he got home from his little pow-wow with Max. When he opened it, he was startled to see Maria standing there looking somewhere between heartbroken and determined.

“Michael, we have to talk.” Maria says sadly as she walks in. Michael immediately scowls thinking Max had already spilled the news about the Destiny Book…or worse yet, Max hadn’t said a word and Maria was mad about something else entirely.

“Look, Liz and I were having a talk this afternoon and she thinks we should translate the Book. At first I thought she was crazy but then I got thinking about it and I realized that the answers you have been looking for all your life are probably in that book. Michael, I think she’s right. You need to know what it says.” Maria stared off into the corner as she quickly poured out the short speech she’d rehearsed in the car. She was instantly furious at Michael’s response.


“WHAT?! That’s it? Just OK? No, ‘thank you Maria for being so understanding’…just OK? Typical Michael. Just typical! I come here and tell you that I love you enough to put aside my own fears so that you mmmph…” Michael wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in close for a kiss the minute he heard her say she loved him.

He pulled back for a second to look into her beautiful green eyes and made his decision. He leaned forward again and gave her another, long kiss. As the kiss deepened, Maria began to feel a sudden spinning sensation and she started seeing…Michael. She saw everything.

She saw the day Liz was shot at the Café and felt his fear when Max exposed them. She felt what he felt when she kissed him during the balance ritual. She felt how much it hurt him when he tried to leave her after killing Pierce. She saw herself through his eyes. She broke off the kiss when she saw the scene from earlier with Max down at the quarry.

“You’re amazing, you know that Spaceboy? You finally get the chance to learn something about yourself and your past and you were worried about how I’d feel about it?” Her mouth suddenly perked up into a sassy grin and she added, “Does this mean we’re back together?”

Michael smirked and used another kiss to avoid the dreaded relationship discussion. Of course he wanted Maria in his life but talking about their ‘relationship’ always got him in trouble.

She searched his face for some indication of whether he'd seen any flashes about Future Max when they'd connected. No, he couldn't have seen any of that or he'd probably be yelling right now. It suddenly occured to her that he might not have gotten any flashes from her.

"Did you see anything? Were there flashes for you too?" She felt so exposed for some reason asking him that.

"Of course I did. I always do." As always, Michael was a man of few words but Maria felt relieved none the less.

Maria’s eyes suddenly narrowed with suspicion. “Michael, that was probably the best gift ever. I want you to know that. You let me see you; the real you and it was amazing. BUT don’t even think for a second that’s getting you out of buying me a present for Christmas!”

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Disclaimer: The characters of "Roswell" belong to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, WB, and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement is intended.

Chapter 4: The Task at Hand

Just past the New Year, the whole group finally had time to meet and discuss the translation of the Destiny Book. They decided to meet at Valenti’s house after school on Monday since Tess was already keeping the book there. It was hard for Max to discuss Liz in front of the whole group…especially Kyle. He was still deeply in love with her and he was desperately trying not to let that cloud his judgment.

“So basically, I don’t think Liz’s powers are developing from the healing. If that was the case, Kyle would have started developing powers by now too.” Max was trying to sum up his concerns quickly to a group of teenagers and one sheriff who knew very little about human DNA. It was probably going to be a long evening.

“So wait, you’re saying that I’m not going to wake up one day with little green antennas then? Thank you Buddha!” Kyle’s attempt at humor was met by groans from most of the group and a stealthy glare from Max.

“Max, the answer is obvious! Liz doesn’t have any powers. Isabel was trying to reach you in New York and she connected with her hoping it would help. You only saw her because that’s the image Isabel projected to you. It had nothing to do with Liz. She’s just a human.” Tess droned on to Max like there was no one else in the room. His expression darkened at the implied insult against Liz.

Michael put a restraining arm around Maria before she had the chance to jump up and slap Tess silly. No one treats Liz like dirt in front of Hurricane Deluca. She and Liz might not see eye-to-eye right now about Future Max, but that didn’t mean she was going to let Tess’ attitude go unchecked. From the confines of her chair, Maria was forced to resort to a verbal tongue lashing instead.

“Maybe we should all take a quick break. I know Tess could use the chance to freshen up…Her ugly streak is showing again.” Maria plastered on a giant grin of satisfaction. Liz struggled to smother a giggle.

“You know what Maria?! If I were you…” An irritated Sheriff Valenti cut off Tess’ threat.

“Do NOT finish that sentence Tess! Now everyone calm down and let’s get to the point. What are we talking about here Max? What do you need us to do?”

“Destiny Book” blurted Michael. “That book is probably full of information we need to know and it’s just sitting there in Kyle’s room collecting dust. We need to translate that book.”

There was complete silence in the room as everyone looked around trying to gauge the others’ reactions to that revelation. Everyone noted Maria’s uncharacteristically calm reaction to the news. Liz could barely contain her look of relief at Michael’s proclamation. Her heartache would be worth it if she didn't have to watch Future Max's grizzly predictions come true.

Both Valentis appeared rather confused at the sudden turn of events. Isabel though, she let out a gasp and began shouting at her brothers.

“So you two have just decided this for everyone then? Exactly when did you come up with this ridiculous little plan of yours and why didn’t I find out until just now?!” Isabel had gone straight into full Ice Queen mode and Michael decided to knock her down a notch for a change.

“So you’re mad that Maxwell and I discussed this without you? Angry that Max came up with a plan you don’t approve of and frustrated that there’s nothing you can do about it because he made up his mind before he even got here? Well, welcome to my world Isabel. Get over it.” Michael punctuated his remarks with his typical smirk, leaving Isabel too flustered to argue further.

With a triumphant smile, Tess jumped in. “It’s about time! What took you so long?! I’ve been telling you guys we need to concentrate on the Book for months. It’s about time you learn about your destiny so that we can finally move on.” As always, Tess could be counted on to drudge up the subject of Destiny. It earned her a glare from everyone except for Liz. Liz just quietly looked away, struggling with her own demons about accepting Max’s supposed destiny.

“So that’s the plan then. We try to translate the book to see if it has any useful information. You all know my opinion about the ‘destiny’ part of it. I don’t believe that we have ‘destined mates’ and I don’t expect anyone else to either regardless of what turns up in the translation.” Max, of course, said that with his eyes glued on Liz hoping for some kind of reassuring reaction. Isabel sneaked a quick glance at Alex when no one was looking.

“No offence Max, but how exactly do you plan on pulling that off? You guys don’t remember your language at all right? So how in Buddha’s name do you expect to translate a whole book written in it?” Ah, you can always count on Kyle to ruin a perfectly broody moment. It’s a real talent.

“We haven’t figured that out yet. I’m open to suggestions. How do archaeologists translate hieroglyphics and dead languages? Are computers capable of that kind of thing now?” Max looked over to Alex since he was the resident computer expert.

“You know, I just read about this new supercomputer over at Las Cruces that’s going to be used to test out some new cryptography software. It’s supposed to be able to break even the most complex codes and ciphers out there. I could do some research on it if you want.” Alex didn’t want to betray Isabel, who was obviously against this mission, however he was truly in his element when it came to computers so he decided to step up to the plate.

“That would be great Alex. We’ll all meet at Michael’s on Friday night and you can give us an update on what you’ve found. Oh, and Tess? I’d like to take the Book with me…” After Max issued his ‘order’ about the meeting on Friday, Michael could be heard grunting something about “always commandeering my apartment.”

When the meeting broke up and the others had gone home, Tess excused herself to her room and pulled out her cell phone. “Lonnie…we might have a problem.”

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This is really good! I can't wait for more. :)

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Disclaimer: The characters of "Roswell" belong to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, WB, and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement is intended.

Chapter 5: Heartbreak

Alex spent most of the week holed up in his room researching the applications of that supercomputer at Las Cruces. Max and Liz spent most of their time working, in an effort to avoid each other. When Michael and Maria weren’t trudging through a shift at Crashdown, they were spending time together over at Michael’s apartment. Even Isabel had to agree that the two of them were getting along much better than usual…at first.

“So spill Maria. I haven’t heard you and Michael bicker for days now. What changed?” Liz was trying to pass the time during a boring Wednesday night shift with some girl talk.

“Everything changed chica! Flashes…Michael showed me himself. For once, he didn’t hold anything back. It was amazing!” It was obvious Maria was on cloud nine. Liz’s face crumpled as she was reminded of the flashes she’d had with Max.

“Oh. Yeah. That’s really great Maria. OK I have to go…do something…Inventory! I have to go take inventory in the back…” With that Liz rushed off into the back room, leaving a stunned Maria to refill sugars up at the counter.

“Hey Maria! Order up!” Maria stomped over to the order window to pick up the plates with a scowl that could not be missed by Chef Michael.

“What’s got you so worked up?” Maria just shook her head at his question. She took a deep breath and launched into a full Maria-style rant.

“You know Michael, I’m really sick of the way Liz has been acting. She’s so caught up in her little triangle with Max and Tess she’s forgotten that anyone else exists. I mean God Michael! Is it too much to ask that my best friend in the whole world be happy for me just this once?! But nooooo. Everything revolves around her and Max. My happiness is just one more reminder of what she lost with Max. I’ve tried to be the understanding, sympathetic friend but maybe sometimes I need her to show a little friendship in return!” After her tantrum Maria stomped off with her order, leaving a confused Michael to wonder what just happened.

After closing, Michael and Maria left together. She was obviously still angry with Liz, although Michael still wasn’t sure he understood what happened.

“So why is Liz so upset about Max? She pushed him toward his ‘destiny’ and then hooked up with Kyle. She made her choice…” Maria was suspiciously quiet. Michael had a bad feeling that there was something she wasn’t telling him and he wasn’t sure if he really wanted to know… “Maria?”

There was nearly a full minute of tense silence in the car as Maria agonized over telling Michael about Future Max. She didn’t want to betray Liz’s confidence, but this secret was slowly tearing her best friend apart. Future Max should never have made Liz go through this alone. Her friend was behaving completely out of character lately and even though it Maria found it infuriating at times, she had to admit she’d probably be in worse shape if she’d been the same position. Her anger at Liz vanished and she decided that it was time to get this out in the open…for Liz’s own good. ‘Hopefully she’ll forgive me’, Maria thought.

“Um, yeah. About that. Look, Liz is probably going to hate me for telling you this but this has gone on too long.” Maria rambled her way straight into the story of Future Max and the end of the world. She repeated the scene between she and Liz at the Crashdown nearly word for word. When she finished, she looked up to see that they had arrived at her house. Her mother was out on a date with Sheriff Valenti so Maria invited Michael in. When they got inside, his silence was broken immediately.

“So you’re just now telling me this Maria?! How could you two keep this a secret?!” Michael was furious and Maria could almost feel his stonewall going back up.

“Michael, I’m the one that has been pushing Liz to tell everyone. I’m the one who told you!” This discussion was quickly turning into a full scale Michael and Maria war.

“Yeah and you sat back waiting how long to mention this?! How could you keep something like that from me? This just proves what I’ve been saying all along. We’re dangerous. Future Max said it himself. We all die. All of us Maria.” Michael looked away for a second and then mumbled, “I have to go.”

As the door slammed behind him, Maria felt pain like she hadn’t felt since the day her father left. Michael left and he probably wasn’t coming back. It was her fault. Maria let out a heartbroken sob and suddenly the vase beside the couch shattered.

Later that evening there was a soft yellow glow outside Max’s bedroom window and it swung open to reveal a very angry looking Michael. Max looked on incredulously as Michael lowered himself into the room.

“What’s going on Michael? Why can’t you just use the door like most people?” He'd been thinking about Liz when Michael came barging in. He was already stressed to the limit and without a doubt, it was going to get worse.

Michael just scowled deeper and said, “Better go get Iz for this.”

Minutes later, the three were gathered in Max’s room as Michael finished telling the tale of Future Max. Isabel was crying softly and Max was eerily silent.

“Why would they keep something like this from us? What the heck was Liz thinking?” Isabel was quickly going from quiet sorrow to outright fury. “Who else knew about this?!”

Michael was struggling to contain his anger about the whole situation so he was only able to grunt a quick answer to each of her questions. “Don’t know, she obviously wasn’t thinking and I don’t think anyone else knew about it.”

“So when exactly does this happen?” Max asked through clenched teeth. Now he understood why Liz had hurt him the way she had. It killed him to think that it was, essentially all his fault. He made her do this.

“Fourteen years from now I guess. We don’t know exactly when the enemies will come, where they’ll be or even who they are. Liz apparently didn’t bother to find out anything useful.” Michael didn’t care that Max shot him a vicious glare after his sarcastic comments about Liz. He was too angry to sugarcoat anything about this mess.

Isabel looked at her brother with frightened eyes. “What are we going to do Max?” She asked.

“We act normal.” Max ignored the lethal glare Michael threw his way. “It’s the only thing we can do right now. On Friday night we’ll sort all this out at the meeting.”

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Disclaimer: The characters of "Roswell" belong to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, WB, and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement is intended.

Chapter 6: An Explosive Theory

Maria wasn’t in school Thursday or Friday and she had called in sick for her shifts at the Crashdown. When she showed up at Michael’s apartment on Friday night for the meeting, her face was drawn and it was obvious she hadn’t been sleeping. Max, Michael and Isabel looked like they’d rather be anywhere else but there at the moment. They were still hurt that she and Liz had kept the incident with Future Max a secret.

“Now that everyone’s here, let’s get started.” Max looked around the room trying to decide where to start first. His eyes fell on Liz and his expression turned sad.

“Since we’ve all heard about Future Max and what lies ahead, I think it would be best if we went our separate ways. The four of us will work on translating the Book and the rest of you should just move on with your lives. We never should have dragged you into all of this to begin with.” Max sat down with a sigh, bracing himself for the reactions of the others.

“Wow. His ‘Royal Highness’ is dismissing us. How kind of you to allow us to leave your presence...Your Majesty. Any other requests before us lowly humans go?” Kyle’s comment was dripping in sarcasm and he seemed genuinely angry. Max’s comment had been a slap in the face to half the teens in the room.

Liz looked devastated and struggled not to let them see her cry. She tried to remind herself that this is how Future Max said it had to be. He’d actually hoped she’d move on with her life and find some sense of normalcy with humans…away from the danger. After 14 years, didn’t he know that she’d never really be happy without him in her life? That doesn’t matter, she reminded herself. This is the way it has to be so they can survive.

Suddenly Maria let out a long, bitter laugh. “Are you really that blind Max? You wanted to translate the Book to find out about Liz’s powers. I think I know what happened to her and if I’m right, parting ways will only make things worse.” Maria fixed the Pod Squad with a penetrating glare.

“Maria, maybe this is the way things are supposed to be. If Max and Tess don’t bond, they won’t be a complete unit when their enemies come. Maybe if we go our separate ways, nature will take its course…” Liz choked out, abruptly stopping when the cap on the soda bottle in her hand burst off. Maria snorted and gave Liz a dazed look.

“When exactly did my Lizzie decide to give up and start playing the helpless maiden? The Liz I knew always used to be so strong. You were the rational one. Now you’re rolling over and giving up just because some guy told you to. Snap out of it!” Maria directed an icy look back to Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess before continuing.

“Why would your people go to all the work of specially engineering you to be sent here if you were just supposed to grow up and mate with each other? Why send you here for that? It doesn’t make any sense. Wouldn’t it have been easier to keep you safely hidden away on your own planet until you were old enough to bond and create this ‘complete unit’?”

Isabel shifted in her chair uncomfortably. Max and Liz were stunned to silence. Michael studied Maria closely, noting how drastically she’d changed in just a few days.

“I know what you’re trying to do Maria but it won’t work…” Tess’ snide comments were cut off by a quiet question from Michael on the other side of the room.

“How did you do that Maria? Liz’s soda…how did you do that?” Everyone turned their confused gazes to Maria.

“Well Michael. I don’t think you guys change people when you heal them. I think it happens when you bond with them. The day Max healed Liz he formed a bond with her and now she has freaky alien powers.” As Maria began to unleash her sarcastic fury on Michael, gasps could be heard around the room. Seeing that she had their undivided attention, she quickly continued.

“Future Max had it wrong. Max doesn’t need to bond specifically with Tess, he just has to bond period.” Maria turned her unrelenting gaze on Michael as she prepared to give her closing remark.

“I’ve never been healed but we did form a bond…I thought so anyway. Now, viola, I’m a firecracker. Explain that.” Michael tuned everyone out, thinking back to the evening a few weeks ago when he’d showed Maria his soul. He had bonded with her that night, although his heart belonged to her long before then.

Liz was the first to break the silence hanging over the room. “Maria, you’re saying you have powers now too? When did this happen?” She sounded hurt that Maria had kept it a secret from her. When had they grown so far apart?

Maria looked away and whispered, “It happened the night Michael left me.” The memory caused another flash of pain and they were plunged into darkness when the light bulb in Michael’s lamp exploded. Isabel repaired the light bulb with a wave of her hand and cast Maria a concerned look.

“Lizzie, you’re better at the whole science thing than I am. You figure it out. You were healed but I wasn’t. You started getting freaky alien flashes after you connected with Max. I started blowing things up after Michael and I connected. The common theme here is…there was a bond and then POOF there was powers.” Maria finished, looking exhausted.

“Future Max never mentioned anything about Maria having powers, did he?” Max turned to Liz with hopeful eyes. If that was true, then maybe the future already had been changed. Maybe there was still hope for everyone to come out of this alright.

“No, he didn’t. He wouldn’t really tell me much though. He said it wasn’t safe to tell me too much...he didn’t know what the consequences would be.” Liz said.

Michael grunted, “Great. You’ve been such a big help Parker.”

Michael’s comment earned simultaneous glares from both Maria and Max. Maria became furious as she watched the room erupt into an argument of epic proportions. There were shouts of “Liz, you should’ve come to us” from Isabel, and “We shouldn’t involve the humans in this” from Tess and even a sudden “We should just leave town” from Michael. At his comment, Maria lost her temper and turned on them in anger.

“Bury your heads in the sand if you want, but I won’t. You’re enemies will come to Earth one day and you’ll need all the help you can get. When that day comes, I know I won’t be going down without a fight. Translate the Book and get your act together because this martyr crap isn’t helping.” With that Maria left, slamming the door behind her.

After the meeting ended, Tess drove out to the pod chamber and placed another call to Lonnie. “Plans have changed. I need you two here now.” After hanging up, she sat back looking at the pods contemplating what Maria had told them. “She’s wrong…she has to be!”

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Disclaimer: The characters of "Roswell" belong to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, WB, and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement is intended.

Chapter 7: Isabel’s Two Cents

Monday morning as Maria trudged up to her locker at school, she found Alex and Isabel waiting there for her. She had successfully avoided the others all weekend. She wasn’t ready to answer all their questions because they would inevitably remind her of what happened with Michael. Now here it was, Monday morning, and it looked like she was going to have to deal with it right off the bat.

“Ria, I tried to call you this weekend. You’ve been avoiding everyone…I was worried!” Alex fixed her with his most sincere puppy eyes.

“Look guys, I’m tired and I don’t feel like diving straight into Czechoslovakian matters first thing Monday morning. I’d love to catch up but I’m not talking about anything Czech related.” As she said that, Isabel shot a nervous glance over to Alex.

“You see the thing is Maria…We were hoping to talk to you about your theory from the other night. I know you need some down time or whatever but…I think what you said made a lot of sense. I don’t want to bury my head in the sand.” This was said with the most sincerity Maria had ever heard from Isabel.

Iz looked as tired as Maria felt. Maria noticed the way Alex had his arm protectively around Isabel’s shoulder. She was surprised to see that Isabel was allowing such a public display of affection from the boy she had pushed away for so long. Maybe something good would come out of this crisis after all, Maria thought. She was brought out of her current thoughts by the sound of Alex clearing his throat nervously. They were both staring at her.

“Alright fine. I can meet you guys up by the bleachers at lunch if you want. Don’t tell anyone else though because I’m just not in the mood to rehash everything in front of the whole group.” With a sigh Maria gave Alex a quick hug and then walked off to her first class. She never saw Michael lurking in the shadows as she walked past.

At lunch, Michael could see Maria approaching the bleachers from his hiding place. He hunkered down behind the tree hoping he’d be able to hear them.

“Ria! Over here!” Alex waved her over.

“Hi guys. Look, I’m sorry I was so short with you this morning. Things have been so crazy…” Maria trailed off, thinking about Michael.

“No Maria, I’m sorry. That whole thing on Friday night was a total mess. We weren’t trying to ‘dismiss’ you guys. We just don’t want to ruin your lives or worse yet...get you killed.” Isabel looked away shyly and added, “I’d miss you guys...” Alex, sensing Isabel’s embarrassment at making such an open confession of her feelings, moved on to the next item of concern.

“Maria, I wanted you to know that I think I found a way to translate the Book. It should be pretty straightforward for the computer out at Las Cruces. If I can get in there, that computer should have it translated within a few days.” Alex was really concerned about how Maria would take the news. Apparently Isabel was too, because she quickly cut in saying, “Maria, I don’t care what that book says. I don’t belong with Michael…you do.”

Maria’s tough expression dissolved when Isabel said that. She started sobbing like her heart was breaking. Michael could hear everything from his hiding spot and it killed him to hear her cry. Alex leaned over and pulled her into a hug, rubbing her hair while he whispered soothing words in her ear. Maria pulled back and took Isabel’s hand.

“Thanks Isabel, but I don’t think that Michael would agree with you about that. I betrayed him. I should’ve never kept Future Max a secret.” She gave Isabel a sad smile and then changed the subject.

“I didn’t come out here to spend the whole lunch bawling like a baby. What did you guys really want to talk about?” The nervous look that passed between Isabel and Alex was not lost on Maria.

Isabel decided to be the one to break the silence. “When you left the meeting last Friday, things got even worse. Tess didn’t want to believe that Max had already bonded with Liz, so she started firing off all sorts reasons why your theory couldn’t be right. She pointed out that Liz should’ve gotten her powers right away but she didn’t. She also mentioned that in the timeline Future Max was from, supposedly Max and Liz did bond but it wasn’t enough to save everyone…”

Maria abruptly cut Isabel off saying, “So she basically called me a liar in front of a room full of people and insulted Liz some more. Let me guess. She missed the exploding fixtures and pretty much claimed I was lying about my powers too.” Off Isabel and Alex’s guilty looks Maria had her answer.

“Isabel thinks she’s figured some of this out though Maria.” Alex said quickly. “We think you’re right and there’s a logical answer to all of Tess’ questions. Go ahead Isabel…” Isabel took a deep breath before beginning.

“OK, well you know how our powers get weird when our emotions are running high? I think they’re somehow based on or maybe influenced by our emotions. Liz and Max have been doing this crazy ‘I love you, I love you not’ dance since they met. I bet it was the same in the timeline Future Max came from. They spend so much of their time repressing their emotions; maybe it represses their powers to some degree too. Maria, of all of us, you are the most in touch with your emotions. You hold nothing back. That’s why your powers would have manifested themselves almost immediately.” Isabel watched Maria carefully for her reaction.

“My God, that makes so much sense! That’s why Michael can’t control his powers very well either! He might act like a stonewall but everyone knows his emotions are just simmering in there, barely below the surface…” She paused at Alex and Isabel’s disbelieving looks. “Seriously you guys! He’s the must passionate guy I’ve ever met but he keeps it all shoved down where no one can see it.”

“Maria please! I think my ears are bleeding here! I so do not want to hear about Michael Guerin’s passionate anything.” After his outburst, Alex just sat there clutching his ears until he was sure Maria was done. Maria laughed for the first time in days just as the lunch bell rang. Michael stepped out from behind the tree to watch Maria’s retreating form as she went back to class.

Hang on to your the next chapter Dreamer, Candy and Stargazer fans will finally get to see some alone time for their favorite pairs. Hope you enjoy! :)

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Disclaimer: The characters of "Roswell" belong to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, WB, and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement is intended.

Chapter 8: Olive Branch, Part I

The next day, Maria struggled through a long, disastrous shift at the Crashdown after school. It was really busy, so she and Liz spent the entire afternoon rushing around the dining room. They were able to take their lunch break together and have some much-needed girl talk time though. They both apologized for letting their closeness deteriorate the way it had and Maria apologized for spilling the beans about Future Max. By the time lunch was over, their friendship was back on solid ground again. Michael hadn’t said a word to either of them that day, except for the required “Order up!”

Maria heard the door chime and turned to find a deliveryman carrying a huge vase full of wildflowers. As he approached, Maria pointed toward the back and said, “Liz Parker is over there.”

“This delivery is for a Maria Deluca. Where can I find her?” Maria just stood there stunned. Did he just say Maria Deluca?

“Is Maria here?” The deliveryman was quickly losing patience with the blonde waitress. Maria turned to look in the kitchen window but Michael was gone. Jose had come in for his shift and Michael had left without a word. With a sigh Maria turned to the deliveryman and accepted the flowers.

“I’m Maria. Thank you. Can you tell me who these are from?” The deliveryman rolled his eyes and grunted something about “check the card” before leaving.

Maria set the beautiful arrangement down on the counter and started searching for a card. Finally she found a small, handwritten note tucked in the bouquet.

Sometimes you understand me better than I understand myself.
But this time you were wrong. You never betrayed me.
You’re right. We do need you. I need you.
Forgive me Spacegirl?

As Maria finished reading the note, Mr. Parker walked in from the back room. He looked puzzled.

“Maria, did I ask you to work late today?” Maria looked down at her watch and realized her shift ended five minutes ago.

“No Mr. Parker, you didn’t. Actually I was just on my way out. I have somewhere I need to be.” With that, she picked up her flowers and rushed out to her car. Mr. Parker just shook his head. “Young love” he said with a chuckle.

When Maria arrived at Michael’s apartment she rushed in without knocking. “Michael!” she called. She found him sitting on the couch, silently trying to gauge her reaction to the flowers.

“You were there yesterday, weren’t you? Your note said I never betrayed you. Did Isabel and Alex know you were going to be there?” Maria didn’t know if she should kiss him or kick him.

“I was there but they never knew it. I heard you talking to them at your locker so I went to see what the meeting was all about. I thought…I didn’t know what Isabel was going to say to you. You looked so tired. I just…didn’t want them to upset you.” That last part was mumbled so low it was almost a whisper.

“So you hid and spied on our private conversation.” Michael tried to protest but Maria cut him off. “Whatever Michael. That’s not really the point anyway.” She reached forward and took his hand. “Did you really mean what you said in the note? You don’t think I betrayed you? You’re asking me to forgive you?”

“Look Maria, you know I’m not good at this stuff. When you told me about Future Max I freaked. You had this great life before we came in and messed everything up. I thought if I stayed away from you, maybe you wouldn’t die in this timeline…”

Maria cut him off with a giant, teary-eyed hug. After giving him a long, tender kiss she curled up against his chest and sighed. She wanted to stay that way forever.

After a moment of silence Michael said, “So you think I’m passionate huh?” with a smirk. He never saw it coming when she gave him a hearty slap on the arm.

Chapter 8: Olive Branch, Part II

The next night, Max decided it was time to finally talk to Liz about everything that had happened between them. He knew that she gave him up because she thought she had to, but it pained him that she was still so adamant that they couldn’t be together. If Maria’s theory was true, there should be nothing standing in their way anymore.

Liz was sitting on her bed writing in her journal when she heard a soft tapping on her window. She knew it was Max even before she looked up. With conflicting emotions, she opened the window and crawled out onto the balcony to talk to him.

“How are you Liz?” Max suddenly realized he had no idea what to say. It was like they had become strangers.

“I’m good. Been busy with work and school...” Liz replied, obviously at a loss for words herself. There was a long uncomfortable pause before Max started pouring his heart out.

“God Liz, it’s like we don’t even know how to talk to each other anymore. When did that happen?" Liz shrugged her shoulders sadly with a look of raw pain on her face.

"I understand why you felt like you had to stay away, I really do, but things are different now. Future Max never said anything about Maria having powers but she does in our timeline. That means things have already changed. Maybe his plan isn’t necessary…” Max trailed off as Liz looked away with tears in her eyes.

“Max, we can’t do this. What if he was right? What if it’s not enough for Tess to just be here without that bond between the two of you? I can’t just jump into this again. If he was right…I would eventually have to give you up all over again. Don't you understand? I can’t go through that again!” Liz was openly crying as she made her confession.

“All I’m asking is that you keep an open mind. What if he was wrong? I will never love Tess. I love you Liz and I don’t know how to stop! I’ve seen your soul and it was beautiful. No one can replace you in my life.” Max was practically pleading with Liz not to give up on their love. He couldn’t bear the thought of it.

Liz stared off into the distance for a minute before replying. “In Future Max’s timeline, we bonded but it wasn’t enough. That’s what I’m afraid of. Even if the Book confirms Maria’s theory…I still might not be able to give you what Tess can…” This last part was said in an anguished whisper.

Max suddenly understood what this was all about. From the moment Tess stormed into Roswell, Liz was forced to deal with the thought that she wasn’t the one for Max. Tess and Nasedo did nothing but hammer away at her, saying she was not good enough for their King. Then, Max himself comes back from the future and basically tells her they were right. He tells her she can’t be with him because they needed Tess more. They had slowly destroyed her faith in herself...made her think love just wasn't enough. The revelation broke his heart. He cautiously reached forward and pulled her into a hug.

“You’re the most amazing person I’ve ever met Liz. I don’t need Tess, I need you. I’ve loved you since the third grade and I refuse to give up on that just because some future version of me couldn’t come up with a decent plan! Tess can’t give me what you can. She may have powers but do you really think that's what matters to me? We can find a way to make this work Liz, if you’re willing to try…” He held her close, practically willing the protective wall she’d built around herself to crack.

“I don’t know what to say right now, Max. This isn't want I wanted, you know? I begged him to come up with another plan but he was so sure that this was how it had to be." Liz sighed and then continued.

"Let’s concentrate on getting the Book translated and then we’ll figure everything out from there, alright?” She hoped that answer would be enough for him for now because she just couldn’t bear the thought of opening her heart to him and then being forced to give him up all over again.

“Thank you, Liz. We’ll find a way to make this work…I promise…” With that, Max gave her one final hug and crept back down her balcony ladder. There was a slight skip in his step as he ventured home because he finally had hope that he and Liz would be together again.

Across town, Isabel was nervously preparing to ring the Whitman’s doorbell. She was going to confess her feelings to Alex. He had waited for her for so long and she was tired of trying to push him away. She’d pushed and pushed, thinking that he would be safer if he weren’t involved in all the chaos her life entailed. Lately they’d been growing closer and in the midst of their latest crisis, she realized she didn’t want him to stay away. She needed him and she was terrified of what would happen next.

“Are you going to just stand out here all night or are you actually going to come in?” Startled, Isabel looked up into the smiling face of Alex. He was leaning against the open doorway grinning at her.

“Oh! Sorry Alex. I just have a lot on my mind and I hoped we could talk. If this isn’t a good time I can go…” Isabel searched his face for a reaction as he opened the door to let her in. When they got comfortable in his room, Isabel struggled to begin her confession.

“I have a lot to say and maybe it’ll be easier if you just let me get it all out with no interruptions. OK?” Isabel was actually stammering. She’d never actually let herself get close to anyone in a romantic sense. This was scary, uncharted territory. Alex just nodded so she continued.

“OK. First, I wanted to let you know you’ve been great lately with all the craziness that’s been going on…you’ve really been a good friend. When I came to talk to you last weekend about Maria’s theory, you really made me feel better.” Isabel paused for a moment to collect her thoughts and then dove right in again before she could change her mind and run for the door.

“I was freaking out because, I didn’t know if I wanted her to be right or wrong. If she’s right then there’s no creepy destiny with Michael but then anyone I do fall in love with will change and become just as hunted as we are. If she’s wrong, then we’re back to square one where I’m supposed to mate with Michael, a man who doesn’t bathe nearly often enough and is practically my brother.” Isabel stopped when Alex started snickering at her description of Michael. She rolled her eyes, smirking and then continued.

“The thing is though, I want Maria to be right. It’s not Michael I’m in love with…I just don’t know if it’s fair for me to open my heart to someone knowing I’m essentially dooming him to a lifetime of being hunted by the FBI, evil aliens, crash convention freaks…” She trailed off as Alex moved to sit down beside her. He gave her one of those deep, soul searching looks that made her insides melt.

Alex was terrified of giving her his opinion on the matter. She’d called him a friend. That meant it wasn’t him she was falling in love with. He hated the thought of encouraging her to follow her heart if it was going to lead her to someone else. Like she said though, he was a good friend, so he said it anyway.

“Isabel, I think it’s fair as long as the one you choose to open your heart to knows the whole story. As long as he knows the good stuff and the bad stuff then isn’t it up to him to decide if he wants to be a part of it all? If he chooses to be by your side, knowing everything, then doesn’t he deserve to know how you feel?” Alex’s heart clenched as he said this.

“What if he got hurt because of me though? He’d be permanently changed. What if he changed his mind…there might be no going back…” Isabel searched his face desperately for his true feelings about the possibility.

“No man self-respecting man would change his mind about being with you Isabel Evans. Plus, he’d have cool alien powers to defend himself with if he ever had to. The thing is though; you’d have to make sure this was someone that would be able to handle the whole group. He’d be tied to the rest of us then and there are very few people that Max and Michael will play nicely with…” Alex trailed off as Isabel smiled at him. Her devilish smirk made him pause. Suddenly he realized that she had been talking about him the entire time.

“I don’t think that’s a problem Alex. Seriously though, cool alien powers aside…if I open my heart up to him then we might be connected forever. His life would probably never be normal again. What if it’s too much to ask of him?” Isabel was fairly sure he knew exactly what she was saying now, so she waited nervously for his answer.

Alex gave her a big, thousand watt smile. “Iz, being connected to you could be the best thing that ever happened to him. Did you ever think of that? ‘Normal’ is a highly overrated concept in my opinion. You’re probably not asking any more than he wants to give anyway.”

Isabel slowly leaned forward and gave him a tentative kiss. When she pulled back, he put his arm around her and gave her another long, tender kiss. They’d both wanted to do that for so long they were momentarily lost in each other when it finally happened.

It was starting to get late and Isabel had to head home. They made a movie date for Saturday night and after a quick kiss goodbye, Isabel left.