High and Dry - AU/Adult/CC - Ch 34 - 8/3/15

Fics using the characters from Roswell, but where the plot does not have anything to do with aliens, nor are any of the characters "not of this Earth."

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Chapter 34

Postby HIS-&-HERS » Mon Aug 03, 2015 11:12 am

Roswelllostcause: Yeah, the truth should be said and soon.

keepsmiling7: She def. does! Well, what could have happened… we will never find out, lol.

somewhere87: No, he’s not off the hook, but we can still feel a bit of sympathy for him, right? ;)

inesdiangello: It took a while but we are back.

begonia9508: Uh…. Are you sure this was the feedback for the right fic??? *confused*

sarammlover: True, they are beating around the bush and it’s only getting worse.

Eva: They do have strong feelings for each other, but there’s still that big secret hanging in the air…

CandyliciousLovah: Lol, yep indeed.

HypnotiqBlueEyes: Thanks. Yeah, Michael is not far from a breaking point, lol. And so are M&L.

Chapter 34

“YES, BABY!” Kyle fisted the air when the campfire burned. He had started as soon as the rain had stopped thirty minutes ago and he shot a smug grin at Tess, who had been so sure he would never be able to do it. “Did ya see that, Harding?”

She rolled her eyes and got up to get the fish. Why again had she agreed on that stupid bet to gut them in case he was able to light the fire? Ungh! “Are you going to do a dance now and beat your fists against your chest? ‘Me Kyle, King of the jungle.’”

“If that’s what your wet dreams about me are about, Harding, I might be talked into it.”

“Yeah. Not.” Rolling her eyes, she quickly turned away from him and went to start on dinner. Otherwise he might see the slight blush in her checks... either that or she might shove Valenti’s tight ass into his fire and let it cook there.

“Well done, Kyle,” Liz approached the fire in attempt to dry off again. Their shelter had held off some rain, but the wind had blown too heavily from the side to keep them from getting wet. Tomorrow they would have to work on some walls.

“What’s with the face, Parker?” He said, crouching down as well and sticking some more wood into the middle.

“Just hate wet clothes and wish we had a few more.” It wasn’t just that though. Ever since Michael had accused Max of flirting with her while his girlfriend was around, she couldn’t help but wonder if he was right and how much of it was her fault.

Was she attracted to this man? Yes![//i] There was just no way around admitting it. [i]But did she mean to flirt with him? Hell, no! How could she do that to Maria? And to her fiancé. If it had been obvious to Michael, then it was probably obvious to the others as well. Gosh, she had to do something about it.

"Yeah, wet underwear is a bitch, isn’t it?" Kyle nodded unaware of the mental dialogue cruising through Liz's mind. “Don't worry, Parker, one of these days they will find us and until then we have everything we need,” he encouraged and handed her one of the freshly refilled water bottles. “It could be worse.”

Liz smiled. “I knew it was a good idea to bring you.”

Kyle winked at her. “Glad you didn’t bring the office sitter? Bet Bean wouldn’t have been able to get it started.” He gestured to the blazing, rustling fire.

“Shut up,” she warned him, but deep down she knew he was right. If she and Dean had ended up stranded here, he would have been anything but happy.

“Think he already called in some favors to find you? He should know by now that we didn’t make it to our destination.”

She had wondered about it too and the sad thing was, that she had absolutely no clue how he had reacted to it. Was he worried out of his mind, couldn’t sleep or eat? Or was he just glad that he had backed out before it was too late? “I think they‘re working on something to find us. Dean and his company.”

“Yeah,” he agreed, sensing she didn’t want to talk about her fiancé. His attention shifted when the missing couple approached them at the fire and he realized how dark it had gotten within minutes.

“Hey, you got a fire started, that’s awesome,” Maria smiled and crouched down closely to seek the warmth and dry off her bikini and hair.

“Yep, an’ Harding’s preparing dinner. We got three fish.”

“Tess is gutting them?” She asked in disbelief and made a face at the thought of it.

“She lost a bet,” Liz answered, forcing her eyes to stay on Maria and not the bare-chested man next to her. The bare-chested man with the pecs like a Greek God and abs of... Focus girl! Mind, eyes and hands OFF of the taken boyfriend! Shaking her head a bit, Liz cleared her throat. "Did you come upon Michael? He was looking for you as well.”

“Yeah,” the blonde nodded and was glad that the darkness hid her embarrassment. “He’s not back yet?” Max and she had taken a longer walk along the beach after her awkward meeting with her ex and she had figured he’d arrived back before them.

“He is,” Michael spoke for himself and stalked past them, sitting down in a secluded spot further away from the rest. After coming up so close with Maria he had needed some time alone to get his shit together, not to mention get the tightness in his pants to relax a bit. But even now he could hardly bear the sight of her and the new lover next to her.

Max watched the other man, jealousy written so obviously all over his hard face. It was starting to confuse his best friend. She hadn’t admitted it openly, but he could see that his behavior was getting the best of her. How much longer should they pretend this boyfriend girlfriend shit before it ended in a complete disaster? Or worse! He got the hell beat out of him by the jealous ex!

“Dinner is ready to be grilled,” Tess informed them and held a stick with three skewered fishes up. She saw the two Y-shaped branches Kyle had stuck into the sand next to the fire and she laid it into the Y’s so the food was hanging over the fire.

“Looks good,” Max nodded acknowledging her work.

He is right, Kyle thought. She had prepared the fish pretty good and most surprisingly, she hadn’t even bitched about it. “Wish we had some fries and ketchup to go with it."

Maria groaned. “Shut up, Valenti. Don’t talk about food that we don’t have.”

“Lasagne with some soft garlic bread," he teased.

“A steak medium with potato wedges,” Max joined him.

“A double cheeseburger, extra mayonnaise and a side of onion rings," Liz added as well.

A large pizza with a pitcher of cold beer to wash it down, Michael thought, but he didn’t bother to take a part in the conversation.

“And afterwards Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough,” Tess groaned.

“Fuck no, Peanut Butter Cup,” Maria disagreed with a laugh.

“Of course,” her fake boyfriend bumped her shoulder and glanced at the people around the fire. “I guess you guys are aware of her addiction of peanut butter M&M’s?”

“Oh please,” Liz snorted, “the only one she shared ‘em with was…,” she trailed off when she realized her slip, but everyone was aware of the answer anyway.

Maria shifted her gaze to Michael briefly, but he wasn’t returning it. Instead he looked straight forward towards the shore down on the beach, his jaw tight.

“Hey, why don’t the two of you share a few more details about New York and how you got together?” The brunette said, trying to shift the conversation away from the ex couple.

Ungh Liz, you have no clue how much worse you’re making things with this. Maria smiled tightly. “What ya wanna know?”

“Well, you said you were roommates and best friends first before you got together, right? How did you two end up in one apartment?”

“I was living in a one-room apartment in Queens my first year because I couldn’t afford something in Manhattan, not even a shoe box. Prices are sooo over the top.” She shook her head with a snort. “But from there it took me over an hour to get to college every day and together with a job as a waitress I was hardly getting any sleep because I was either studying, taking classes, working or riding public transport. One day after grocery shopping I got some gum stuck to the bottom of my shoe where an evil kid had spit it only seconds before. I ripped off this flyer from the board on the wall and was going to use it to remove the gum. But
I actually read it and noticed it was a flyer looking for a roommate in a rather decent section of town."

"Wait a second," Kyle interrupted and turned to look at Max, "you mean you actually looked for a roommate by putting up a flyer? In New York City?”

"I was a bit naive at the time," Max smiled. "But I was needing help with the rent, plus I didn't know anyone in town at the time."

"So anyway, I gave Max a call, set up a date to check out the place and voila, we met and the rest is destiny." Maria smiled, then shivered a bit from the cool night breeze. "Just think, we owe everything to some gum on my shoe." She smiled at her roomie.

“Yeah,” Max grinned and leaned back to grab his semi-dry tee shirt, which he had hidden under some leaves to protect it from the rain. Helping his shivering friend into it, he pulled one arm around her shoulder and brought her closer. “An’ first I doubted my sanity for it, because she was a slob.”

“An’ you were a tidiness zealot,” she pinched his side with a grin.

Liz smiled at them, hoping it didn’t look as sad as she felt. It was obvious Maria had found a guy who was not only her boyfriend but also her best friend and she envied her for it. The man was attentive and gentle – two things she had missed in her own relationship lately.

“Sounds like a lot of fun,” Kyle snorted.

“We worked around our differences,” Maria continued, “and we became a really good team.”

“Yup, an’ we were friends only until last year’s New Years.”

“Oh,” Liz said, “what happened?”

Tess peered over at her brother, who was doing his best to pretend that this conversation was not affecting him. How could she drag him into this? He had loved Maria and he still did. How hard must it be for him to bear all of this? Stupid, Tess! You’re so fucking stupid!

Max looked down at the woman in his arms, just to make sure she still wanted to go with it. “A New Year’s kiss turned out to be more an’ the next day I was cookin’ spaghetti for her and using those ridiculous Scooby Doo plates. For some reason she likes ‘em, right, babe?”

She nodded dumbly, but her eyes wandered to her ex once again. He had done the exact same thing for her on her birthday and the gesture – from a man who had no clue about cooking – had spoken volumes back then. Rubbing her fake romantic dinner in his face now made her feel like shit. Max though had no clue about the meaning of his words.

Kyle noticed the look on the face of the man who was sitting as far away from the others as possible. He leaned to his right until his shoulder brushed Tess’. “Still think it was a good idea to drag your brother along?” He muttered only for her ears to hear.

She turned her head and looked at him, her expression sorrowful. “Think you could change topics?”

Their eyes locked for a moment until he nodded and went back to sit up straight. “Who wants fish? I think it’s done?” He asked loudly.

Michael was thankful when Valenti started to divide the fish. He couldn’t bear hearing more of this fucking love story. He had wanted to cover his ears and shout at them to shut the fuck up, but instead he had just sat there, eyes locked on the horizon and hands clenched tightly. Maybe this was what he deserved? He had left and he had wanted her to move on without him.

But he had never expected to see it with his own eyes. It still hurt to think about her, but it nearly killed him to see her with this other guy. Hadn’t he been punished enough already?

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Re: High and Dry - AU/Adult/CC - Ch 34 - 8/3/15

Postby begonia9508 » Mon Aug 03, 2015 12:07 pm

You wrote: Uh…. Are you sure this was the feedback for the right fic??? *confused*

Yeah! Sometimes I am in stress and I certainly mix-up the stories! I came back to it but it looks like its past to no other storie... :roll: :roll: Yeah! Stress.. definitely! :lol:

Anyway, I love Tess; because cleaning a fish isn't fun for nobody but she did it and it is great!

It will calm down their hunger for a little bit but certainly not for weeks! :?

Thanks and waiting impatiently for more! EVE :mrgreen:
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Re: High and Dry - AU/Adult/CC - Ch 34 - 8/3/15

Postby keepsmiling7 » Mon Aug 03, 2015 1:09 pm

So happy to finally see an update!
You made me so hungry talking about all of the good food they were having.
The fake hook-up story between Max and Maria made Liz sad and Michael jealous. When and how can we straighten these things out??

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Re: High and Dry - AU/Adult/CC - Ch 34 - 8/3/15

Postby Eva » Mon Aug 03, 2015 1:55 pm

I'm very curious to hear the story behind Michael. He certainly isn't over maria but why has he left her? it makes no sense... At the moment, that is.
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Re: High and Dry - AU/Adult/CC - Ch 34 - 8/3/15

Postby sarammlover » Thu Aug 06, 2015 3:33 pm

Go Tess! Cleaned those fish like a pro! I think her and Kyle's banter is pretty fun. I also love that Liz is so sweet and friend to everyone. Great update!!!!

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Re: High and Dry - AU/Adult/CC - Ch 34 - 8/3/15

Postby Roswelllostcause » Fri Aug 07, 2015 4:33 pm

Well could there be something starting between Tess and Kyle? Sure looks that way to me!
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Re: High and Dry - AU/Adult/CC - Ch 34 - 8/3/15

Postby SmileeUk » Sat Aug 15, 2015 5:03 pm

Sorry for such a late catch up! RL has been very busy :(

I am so happy to see them having some conversation & 'spill' some beans. Truth will be out soon I hope :wink:

I can see why you want them to be in the island for longer. They definitely have each other's attention.

Please come back soon with an update :wink: :mrgreen:
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Re: High and Dry - AU/Adult/CC - Ch 34 - 8/3/15

Postby begonia9508 » Sat Sep 26, 2015 8:00 am

Hello, it there someone here???? Because I am looking for more - I miss the story and want to know if and when they will found the castaways... Thanks!

EVE :mrgreen:
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Re: High and Dry - AU/Adult/CC - Ch 34 - 8/3/15

Postby SmileeUk » Mon Oct 12, 2015 7:12 pm

I have missed this story for a long time :(

Any chance for an update??? :mrgreen:
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