A guy, his roomate... (AU,CC,ADULT) [WIP]

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A guy, his roomate... (AU,CC,ADULT) [WIP]

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AUTHOR: chanks_girl
DISCLAIMER: I don’t own Roswell. I just use the characters for my guilty pleasure, otherwise you can keep them. If I’d own the show….Alex would have been the stud in the show.
GENRE: AU without aliens
COUPLES: CC, focus on A&I
SUMMARY: It’s Christmas and things never are like they’re supposed to be.

Author’s note: I had a conversation with a friend about Christmas and what could go wrong or make it a disaster. During our conversation I gave an example of how bad the holidays could go wrong when some things happened which you couldn’t control. So after the talk, I had this for the fic. I want to add that this is NOT to be taken seriously. It’s just for fun and entertainment.
This is going to be a short fic and I hope you enjoy it

Chapter I: Falalalalala…it’s Christmas time

Christmas was the time in the year that had this special touch. People were behaving different. Everybody wore a smile on and everybody was happy.

The air smelled different.

The town looked colourful.

On the streets choirs were singing; the boutiques were more packed than usual.

Everything was different.

Everyone felt different.

It was that special time that made everything different.

Christmas in Roswell was special.

There was always something special about it.

Roswell had its own elves. Four nice and enthusiastic ladies had made it their goal to have always the best Christmas. Every year the women organized the Christmas pageant. The pageant had become famous and citizens from the other towns had travelled to Roswell to see the parade. It was all because of the women’s organization and their love to Christmas.

Now, Christmas was different in Roswell. A lot had change.

The four ladies weren’t any more responsible for the organization of the pageant.

Christmas felt different.

Roswell would celebrate Christmas without the girls.

Normally, it wouldn’t be a big deal. They were used to spend the holidays in Roswell and having great days with their family and friends.

Now it all changed.

The girls’ parents, who were all friends, decided to spend the holidays in the mountains.

Park City Mountain, Park City, Utah was their destination.

With them to come were also their boyfriends and their parents. It was going to be one big happy family get together. Everyone was hoping to have a great time.

They all hoped for calm and enjoyable holidays.

The four girls were looking forward to the trip. It would be different because it would be the first time that they didn’t spend Christmas in Roswell. Nonetheless spending Christmas away from Roswell shouldn’t corrupt their holidays

Liz Parker, Maria DeLuca, Tess Harding and Isabel Evans were going to have the best Christmas ever – so they thought.


“This is going to be super dope. Mountains, snow and fun. What else do we need?” Kyle Valenti, who was Tess’ boyfriend, exclaimed excited.

“Love, family and knowing that not everything in life is for granted. Every day is a gift.” Tess replied, knowing that it would irritate her boyfriend when she refuted his statement.

“Thank you Tess for reminding me. I’m talking about fun as in enjoying every day. And the other stuff is also in. You know the saying cape diem.” Kyle rebutted.

“It’s carpe diem, you dumbass.” Michael Guerin, Maria’s boyfriend, corrected the other boy.

“Don’t call me dumbass.”

“How about I call you idiot? You idiot.” Michael offered with a cheeky grin. He knew the other boy had little patience and would soon snap.

“How about I kick your ass? You ass.” Kyle threatened.

“How about you two stop this shit? We’re almost there and I don’t want to explain our parents where we left Kyle’s body.” Max, Isabel’s twin brother, interjected. He was tired, annoyed and not in the mood to spend more time with his friends and sister (especially her) in a minivan. Right now, they were waiting for Isabel and Liz, who were on bathroom break.

“Whoa…wait. Why do you think that I would lose the fight? I can take Guerin.” Kyle protested. He couldn’t believe that his best friend hadn’t had faith in him to beat Michael.

“Because you’re a midget…Sorry, I take that back. You are a little Christmas elf that can’t beat me. Kaboom! That was Christmas related. See Maria, I have the spirit.” Michael exclaimed excited to his girlfriend.

“Will you keep the spirit for the rest of the holidays?” Maria asked though she knew the answer. It was always the same.

“No, I don’t think so.” Michael replied, placing a small kiss on her cheek.

“Stop harassing my sister and tell me why you think you can beat me. Size doesn’t matter…”

“According to your girlfriend it does.” Michael interrupted.

Before Kyle could retort, Liz tore the car door open, scaring the others. Out of breath, she just stared at her friends. Maria was the first to react.

“Wanna tell us what happened or do we have to guess?” She asked calmly, after so many years Maria got used to Liz antics. The girl had the habit to get too excited by something and exaggerate the issue.

“We have a big problem.” Liz told them short of breath.

“What do you mean? It’s Christmas time, there aren’t big problems. It’s a problem free time. We cannot have a problem.” Tess rambled on. She didn’t want to hear about a problem. She just wanted to enjoy the holidays peacefully as always.

“Believe me, this Christmas is going to be a little bit bumpy.”

“It’s Isabel, right? I know it’s her. Christmas depends on her. What’s her problem this time?” Max was already annoyed by his sister’s antics but he knew her craziness had no limit when it came to Christmas. Even the combined power of Maria, Tess and Liz wouldn’t reach the level of Isabel. His sister decided if they were going to have great holidays or not.

“Well, yeah but…well…the other…” Liz stuttered. She didn’t know how to say it. It was kind of exciting and bad news – it depended on the point of view.

“St-st-stop st-st-stuttering and start talking like a human being.” Michael interrupted Liz, who glared at the boy for his rude behaviour.

“What do you know about human beings?” Liz snapped at Michael.
“What do you know about being tall?” Michael retorted, knowing that Liz’ height was a sore.
“You’re such a jer…” Liz started but was again interrupted. This time Maria interfered.

“Guys, stop it. I want to know what this time happened to get Isabel’s panties in a twist. I swear, if she gets any more irritating and annoying, this Christmas will end bloody. Have you heard about what she did to a Santa Claus on campus? She made him cry…”

“Maria.” That was Max.

“She told him, he wasn’t chubby enough…”

“Maria.” That was Tess.

“Then our dear Isabel told the guy that he was ruining Christmas for the children by…”

“Maria.” That was Kyle.

“…pretending to be a fake Santa and deluding the kids. Can you believe her?” Maria finished her rant.

“I can’t believe you talked this much. Wait,…I can believe it.” Michael chipped, earning himself a loathing look by Maria.

“Bite me.” She snarled at her boyfriend. Sometimes she wished he would just be quiet and not add his wisdom to the conversations.

“Baby, I did last night and you loved it.” He winked at her. Despite her slightly pissed mood, Maria felt her cheeks redden as she remembered the last night’s activities.

“Can you stop, please? I think my breakfast wants to say good morning.” Kyle pleaded. There were things that a brother doesn’t need to know.

“Can I now tell you, what’s the matter with Isabel?” Liz asked impatient. She didn’t like it when the others (usually) interrupted her when she had important news.

“Yes please.” Everyone said together.

“I just got off the phone with my parents. They had just received a call by the Whitmans saying that they were arriving later due to some work stuff. Anyway, my mom talked to Mrs. Whitman and she has told her Alex will arrive before he actually planed. After the call, I informed Isabel about the new Alex situation. Now, Isabel is pissed because Alex’s coming.” Liz revealed.

“Why? That’s great news that Alex is coming.” Tess said enthusiastic.

“For us. Yes. For Isabel. No. He brings company with him….Female company.” Liz revealed hesitating.

“Hohoho…We’re fucked.” Kyle slumped down in his seat.

Christmas was over.


After Liz delivered the news about Alex’ coming, the mood among the group changed. They were all excited to see their “lost” friend after two years. But they also knew that his arrival would cause some trouble, especially between Isabel and him.

Alex Whitman was the girls’ best friend since kindergarten, elementary school. While the girls were outgoing, Alex was introverted. He was mostly interested in things that he could do on his own and some of his interests weren’t really girl magnets.

Nonetheless, he was the best friend a girl could ask for. Whenever they needed him, he was there for them. And he was a proud participant of their girl nights. None of the girls’ parents minded his presence in the girls’ bedroom.

He was Alex and that mostly was enough explanation.

The dynamic among the group changed when they were in their senior year in high school. Liz dated Max. Max was befriended with the girls but occasionally he would spend time with them. Of course, it was also a way to come closer to Liz and spend more time with her. Then the day had come when they became a couple. Finally, Max had found the courage to ask Liz out and she said yes. Since that day both went strong and it seemed that nothing could break them apart.

Then there were Maria and Michael Guerin. Until today no one knew how it had happened and why it had happened that these two people date each other. The saying was “Opposites attracts” but those two were the perfect example that opposites should not date. They had nothing in common. They mostly argued about everything. So people didn’t understand their relationship.

The next to come together were Tess and Kyle Valenti. It wasn’t really surprising that they dated since he was the super athlete of their school: quarterback, wrestler, pitcher and there was probably no sport he didn’t do. Tess was the head cheerleader. They were the clichéd high school couple. No one expected that they were still together after high school.

Among the couples, there had been Alex and Isabel. Isabel dated occasionally but never meant to deepen the relationship. For a short time, the other three girls had the suspicion that Isabel might be interested in the same sex. The idea was fast shot down when she started dating Grant Sorenson.

Every girl was occupied with her life and there seemed to be no place for Alex.

The gap between the girls and Alex grew. The boy started to feel displaced and lonely because he felt like he lost his friends. There were times when the girls wanted to involve him in their girl activities but it wasn’t the same anymore.

Everything changed again when Isabel left Grant. She caught him cheating on her. Though the girl wasn’t in love with him, it had hurt to be betrayed like this by someone she had cared about.

She had withdrawn from the group and didn’t want to socialize with anyone. It wasn’t because she was sad and moping around in her room. She was angry. Her anger was mostly directed at herself for having been so stupid and naïve.

No one could reach her. Not her parents, not her brother nor her friends.

It had been Michael’s idea to send Alex to her. The boy always had had a calming effect on her. No one really believed that this idea might work. Alex hadn’t been a real part of Isabel’s life for some time.

But he had never been someone to let his friends down when they needed him. So he agreed to try getting Isabel out of her funk. It had been bumpy in the beginning because the girl mostly ignored his attempts to get past her walls. But time after time, Alex managed to get through Isabel’s thick wall.

Until today, no one knew what went down between them but Isabel became her normal self. Alex and she spent more time together. It had been surprising for everyone when both started dating. Yet the changes in both teens were obvious.

Alex became more confident and outgoing while Isabel was happy. No one had ever expected them to get together since there had been no signs at all. Alex had never confessed to anyone that he had feelings for Isabel and she didn’t say that she had interest in Alex. Nonetheless everyone was happy for them; especially their parents.

But after their senior prom, things started to change again.

Suddenly Alex and Isabel broke up. No one expected it and no one had seen their end coming. All seemed to be well. They never fought or argued. So their break up was a bad surprise.

As if their break up wasn’t bad enough, Alex had announced that he was about to graduate a year earlier and to study abroad. It was needless to say that the girls were very upset.

But nothing could change his mind.

He left.

Now after two years being in Great Britain, he was finally coming for a visit.

And his presence would certainly cause some trouble, especially having a woman with him.

Isabel didn’t receive the news well that her ex-boyfriend was coming to their Christmas trip as well. When she walked back to the car, she could almost feel the looks. She knew that everyone’s eyes were on her.

Her friends probably thought she was going to lose it and explode like a damn volcano.

She was in control.

She was in control of her feelings.

She was in control of Christmas.

She was in control.

She didn’t care that Alex would be with them as well. She didn’t care about him and his company. She would ignore him.

No, she wouldn’t.

After everything, she couldn’t do it.

That wasn’t her.

It wouldn’t be nice to ignore him – it was Christmas and couldn’t ignore people. She wanted to spread love and happiness. Even Alex deserved it.

A little bit.

A tiny bit.

Nothing would ruin Christmas for her.

To be continued
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Re: A guy, his roomate and a secret (CC, Mature) CH 1; 12-23-10

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I wanted to post this part earlier but I had some problems with my internet connection and posting on the site also got a little bit difficult.

Earth2Mama: Thanks for the feedback. You’re right. Time passed by and they should get over it. But their break up was messy due to a fact that will be revealed in another part. Yet we also have to consider that they were young and when you’re young you make decisions that change everything (probably) without realizing it. As for Alex and Isabel, their story has two sides.

Keepsmiling: Thanks for the feedback. We’re getting closer.

Mary mary: Thanks for the feedback. There are some unresolved issues between Alex and Isabel that left also bitterness in them.

Killjoy: Thank you. Well, I didn’t know that you were back by then. It’s good to have you back again. My Gazer heart has always a spot for the other couples. Always.

Alright, here’s the new part. I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter II: New arrangement

“You do realize that this trip is ruined?”


“One word: Isabel.”

“You’re mean.”

“On the contrary my dear, I’m damn realistic. You know that Alex and she didn’t break up on good terms. It was awful. And after he left it only got worse with her and her moods. Now with him being also there, I can guarantee you that it will be the worse trip ever.”

“I know…I know you’re right…I know. It’ll be awful. Why the hell did we agree to this shitty trip?”

“Because our parents pay for everything and we’re greedy people.” Max replied.

“I’m not greedy.” Liz protested.

“Well, not you but the rest of us.” Max retourted.

“No, we’re not.” The others protested too.

Max blinked several times at his friends’ reply. He thought he was quiet so that none of the others could hear his conversation with Liz.

“Forget it Maxwell. You weren’t as quiet as you thought.” Michael told his friend who was still looking perplexed. “I bet now you’re thinking how come that I know you’re thinking that I know what you think. Right?” Michael smiled at his friend, knowing well that it unnerved Max that he got into smartass mode.

“Not at all.”

“You’re sure?” Michael asked.

“Yes, I’m sure.” Max replied.



“Are you being honest?” Michael asked further, waiting for the moment Max would lose his cool over such an irrelevant stuff.

“Are you done asking me shit?” Max snapped annoyed by his friend’s bad habit to annoy people until they freak out.

“For now, I am.” Michael leant back in his seat, letting his friend believe that he was off the hook.

“Right now Max should think about a way to make it up to me for thinking that I ruined the trip. I didn’t do anything. I would appreciate it if you won’t spread your bad aura everywhere.” Isabel said from her spot. She looked at her brother through the rear-view mirror and Max felt the chill that ran down his spine. Being in trouble wasn’t something new for him but being a victim of his sister’s wrath was bad. Very bad.

“It’s not a good time to be naughty. Santa doesn’t reward naughty boys. He only rewards the good ones.” Kyle spoke with a childish voice mocking his friend.

“I’d rather be a naughty boy than a dwarf who speaks like a child.” Max replied annoyed. He knew the trip was a bad idea. His level of annoyance rose more and more with passing time.

“You’re a mean boy. Let’s see how many presents you get.”


He wasn’t crazy about Christmas as Isabel and their parents. He liked spending time with his family, enjoying a good dinner and exchanging gifts. But he hated all the preparations for it.

His sister had thousands of lists, diagrams and memos to tell him how to have a great holiday. Max understood Isabel’s craze to a certain degree. She liked to be in control and controlling things in her life. Yet he couldn’t understand why she had the urge to make his life miserable by wanting to control it.

He wished his sister would be less into all this Christmas craze that she got sucked into.

The worse was that his girlfriend had the same disturbing love to Christmas.

There was no way for him to find peace.

This year it was decided to spend the holidays away from Roswell. Max knew that the parents wanted that the girls have a quiet and less stressful feast. Year after year, the four organized the majority of the festivities in Roswell. It was a generous gesture but they were teenagers and should enjoy the holidays and not get into the stressful time of Christmas.

However, there was no way that the girls weren’t going to prepare something. And this scared Max.

He was going to be the one to suffer. Isabel and Liz probably had their lists and all the other stuff ready to occupy their time on this trip.

The success of this trip depended on Isabel’s mood. He hoped it was possible to have a perfect Christmas away from Roswell. But he also knew with Alex’ presence it would be hard.

Max didn’t really know what went down between Alex and Isabel. But their break up was bad. The effect on his sister hurt him. Her reaction was worse than her break up with Grant. Max also saw how Alex was affected.

He felt sorry for both. He didn’t blame Alex for what had happened. Both hurt then.

It had hurt Max seeing his sister suffering. He really believed that they would have made it and end as high school sweethearts.

It wasn’t meant to be.

Max could only hope that Isabel and Alex would be able to be together in the same room after such a long time.


“Thank God, we’re finally there. I swear one minute more with you guys and I’d have killed someone.” Maria exclaimed. She was exhausted, annoyed and in a bad mood.

Next time travelling would be without the guys.

“Amen, my friend.” Max agreed with Maria’s exclamation.

“And it certainly doesn’t mean that travelling in a car with six other people have to be fun.” Liz agreed with her boyfriend.

One minute more in this car and she would lose any feeling in her legs – and probably her mind as well. She loved her friends but they were all nuts.

She loved her friends but all together put together in a small space was a bad thing. Everyone showed his bad, bad as in annoying, side: Michael and Kyle would start a contest in something that was totally disgusting. This time it was farting. Add to that Tess’ lack of patience. In the last 35 minutes of their journey, she probably asked over thirty times if they already arrived at their destination. Maria was a different story. The girl would start a discussion about the least interesting topic. Then it ended as usual in a fight. Unfortunately for Liz and everyone else, Maria chose Isabel as her partner.

Of course Isabel wasn’t somebody who enjoyed Maria’s antics. It took less than ten minutes until both girls engaged in a full screaming match. But in the end they agreed that they disagreed.

Now Liz could have tried to distract herself with her boyfriend but he fell asleep.

At least they reached their destination and Liz was looking forward to spend her holidays with her family and friends…so she hoped.


“Hey kids, you made it. Did you have a safe trip? Are you all alright? Do you want anything to eat?” Liz’ mother, Nancy Parker greeted the group. She was known for being a mother hen: always putting others’ needs before hers. And mostly that meant that she was happy when everyone was fed and satisfied.

“Hi mom. Yes, yes and no. How are you? Where is daddy? Where are the others? How is the place? Can we help with anything?” Liz asked in the same manner like her mother.

“Liz, don’t forget to breathe. And please let’s go inside. It’s too cold” Tess advised her friend by pushing Liz towards the entrance.

When everyone was inside, the group was hit by the smell of the wonderful meal that Nancy prepared for them.

“Mrs P., you have no idea how happy you made me. It smells delicious.” Kyle was excited. There was nothing better than a good self-cooked meal by Nancy. The woman knew how to cook. In contrast to his stepmother, Amy DeLuca-Valenti, who preferred calling macrobiotic food as a nutrient meal Kyle liked his good piece of meat. He only felt sorry for his father, Jim Valenti. The man had to eat this so called food that Amy dished up.

“Can you only think about food?” Maria asked annoyed. She would like to leave her luggage where it was and just take a long, relaxing bath. She needed to relax so badly. She was sure the moment her mother would arrive craziness would break out. Her mother had the tendency to act out of control, especially when it came to cooking. Maria wouldn’t survive another tofu turkey. She also wouldn’t survive hearing the multiple stories of how animals got tortured so people could enjoy perfect meals. Maria prayed that her mother could hold back this year and let them all enjoy a peaceful Christmas.

“I want to enjoy a good meal before mom comes and wants explain how awful the animals are treated before we, I might add awful humans, eat them.” Kyle glared at his step sister. He loved her to death and would do anything for her but she always got under his skin with those little comments.

“He’s right.” Max agreed with his friend.

“Speaking of mothers. Where are the parents?” Isabel asked, also to get away from the food topic and hoping to get soon starting on her lists. There was a lot to do before everyone else was arriving and especially before he arrived. Her lists would take her mind of it.

“Philipp, Diane and Jeff are in town grocery shopping while Jim and Amy are getting the tree with Hank and Hilary. And Ed went downtown to get the decoration. I think they should be back soon. And as Liz already informed you, the Whitmans are coming tomorrow.” Nancy told the group.

“That’s alright. I suggest first we bring our luggage to our rooms and then we enjoy the great meal you cooked for us, mom." Liz looked at the other, walking towards the stairs that led to the second storey of the cabin.

“Oh honey, didn’t your father inform you?” Nancy asked perplexed when everybody followed Liz.

“Inform me about what?” Liz asked. She knew there was something catchy about the whole trip. She knew nothing would go right.

“Don’t worry, it’s nothing bad. It’s more for your all’s benefit. We, the parents, decided that you guys need your privacy to enjoy the trip. We can’t expect you to spend the whole time with us under one roof. I suppose you also want to go out and enjoy yourselves. Though we would like to still know what you do, we came up with the idea that you get your own cabin.” Nancy revealed.

Hearing this information, everybody freaked out.

“Oh my god.”


“Hell yeah.”

“Michael, stop cursing.”

“Heaven yeah. Better”


“Do we need two trees?”


“Everybody calm down. Let’s hear Nancy out to know why our parents allow us to stay in the other house…without surveillance.” Max took control over the situation. He was also ecstatic about the news but somehow he had the feeling that there was something fishy about it.

“Thank you, Max. We really have no hidden agenda. We all think that you’re old enough to act responsibly and respectfully towards us and each other. Besides we want to enjoy our vacation and not worry night activities like switching rooms. We also know that asking you to stay in rooms with the same sex would be exaggerated by us. In addition, we want you to enjoy yourselves but we’re also asking you to not take advantage of our trust. You can expect that all your parents will want to have a talk with you about what’s appropriate and inappropriate behaviour. Because we don’t want to be grandparents in nine months. Got it? Now Let’s eat.” Nancy explained to them. She wanted to wait until the other parents were there as well but it seemed that they underestimated the girls’ planning.

Nonetheless, the other parents would grab their kids and have a serious talk with them.

“Where’s the catch?” Maria asked. She doubted that her mother, who was known for her super overprotective antics, would be calm about that arrangement. It was probably Jim who had his hands in it. Maria still remembered the time when Michael and she started dating and how Amy tried to scare the boy off. She sat down with them and wanted to have ‘The talk’ with them. Until today it had to be the most embarrassing experience Maria ever had. But poor Michael was the one who suffered the most. Amy even taught him Maria’s menstruation circle. The memory of it was still giving Maria nightmares. Her mother was a crazy, overprotective nutcase but Maria loved her for that.

Nancy just looked at the kids and she knew that there was nothing they needed to fear. Yet it didn’t mean that the woman couldn’t have some fun. She mostly enjoyed seeing her daughter and her boyfriend getting nervous.

“You deal with your mother like everyone else here. So enough talking. Let’s eat, I didn’t cook so we only can smell the food.” The woman turned around and walked towards the dining area.

“Great, we’re screwed. The catch is that our parents get the chance to humiliate us before we can enjoy our vacation.” Maria complained.

“No, you’re screwed. Your mother has the tendency to get crazy when it comes to your private life aka Michael and you are dirty bunnies.” Tess smiled at her friend. She had the better end of the deal since her parents and her share a very open relationship and had no secrets.

“Oh shut up.”

Before Tess could reply, there was noise coming from the door.

Then there he was. All eyes were on him.

Shock, happiness and unknown feelings rushed through them.


To be continued

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Re: A guy, his roomate and a secret (CC, Adult) CH 2; 01-08-11

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AN: I intended to post earlier but due to a special situation regarding my family, writing hasn’t been my priority. Anyway, here’s the next part and I hope you enjoy it as well.

Mary mary: Checking into a hotel would be the easiest and best solution but the kids don’t have the money for it. Their parents pay everything for them regarding this trip.

Killjoy: When parents react this way, I’d also say they’re too old to deal with 20year old children and try to control their lives. We know it wouldn’t work out as well.

April: Yay, new reader. Glad you like it so far. I don’t know how festive this will be, we’ll see. As for the break up, how and why it happened will be revealed in later parts. As for title, you got two-thirds of the title right. You shouldn’t focus too much on just one secret. You know, on holidays there will be revealed more than one secret.

Here’s the new part and I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter III: It’s all about love, peace and harmony

“Alex!” Tess, Maria Liz screamed, running towards their friend throwing their arms around him.

Alex had been used to at least catch two girls at a time because it was the girls’ habit to jump on him in order to scare him or for an evil girl attack. But three of them were a little too much for him. With the weight on him, he wasn’t able to hold his balance and fell backwards.

With a loud thump Alex and the girls landed on the floor.

“Gir…girls…air is….needed. Please!” Alex gasped. Unfortunately Tess, Liz and Maria ignored his request and bombarded him with questions.

“How are you?”

“How was your trip?”

“Aren’t you supposed to arrive later?”

“Why the hell didn’t you tell us you come sooner?”

“Is that a new hair cut?”

“Why didn’t you call?”

“I…I…I…need air”, said an unfamiliar voice that came from underneath them.

It was then that Liz, Tess and Maria noticed the person that was under Alex.

A beautiful woman.

A suffocating woman due to lack of oxygen.

The female roommate.

A bit perplexed, the girls got off Alex, who then stood up and helped the lady beneath him up. Groaning in release that the weight was lifted up her, she only glared at Alex.

As if it was his fault that three little women threw themselves at him.

“What? I thought you like it having me on top of you.” He said smugly.

“Not when it feels like my guts are being crushed by your weight. When have you got so heavy?” She complaint.

“Are you calling me fat?”

“No, I’m not. I’m just pointing out that you became bulkier since we met and this leads to me being unable to take your weight.”

“You really think that’s a better description, right?”

Before Alex’ company could respond to him, someone cleared his throat very loudly to get their attention. Looking at the coughing person, Alex smiled. He knew why Liz sought his attention. He had company. And the person wasn’t someone they knew. It was hard for outsiders to get into their tight circle of friends – so he had always thought.

“Liz, are you getting sick? You didn’t sound good.” Alex asked.

“No, I’m not sick.”

“That’s good to hear. Would suck for you to get sick during the holidays.”

“Are you going to introduce us to your guest?”

“Tess! Don’t be rude.” Liz chastised her friend.

“What? I’m just asking. You know, your sorry attempt to get his attention was…well…poorly.” Tess defended herself. Her curiosity was getting the better for her. Especially seeing how Isabel was staying in the background watching the interaction between Alex and his company. It would be interesting to see how the situation between Alex and Isabel would unfold having another person thrown into the mix. Even Alex didn’t go out of his way to acknowledge Isabel’s presence.

“Ow! What the hell was that for?” Alex cried when his company hit him in the ribs.

“Show manners and introduce me.” She said.

“Alright. Nosy ladies, this is my roommate and friend Adina Melson.” Alex introduced the woman beside him, giving her a shove which put her in the spotlight.

Normally, Adina wasn’t someone who was afraid of other people but these were Alex’ closest friends. They were his family and she didn’t want to leave a bad image of herself. Alex was her best friend and she appreciated him as a very important part in her life.

Seeing the curious looks in their faces, Adina felt like a teenager again. Suddenly she didn’t feel like a 27 years old woman, she felt like 15 again and it made her uncomfortable.

Especially the tall blonde girl was shooting daggers at her since they made eye contact. Of course, Adina knew the story of Alex and Isabel. Though she didn’t want to feel hostile towards the younger girl, she couldn’t stop the anger that engulfed her.

“Hey guys, I’m Adina.” She introduced herself again, wanting to distract herself from Isabel. The girl was in for a surprise.

Normally, it would be polite to react to the introduction by introducing yourselves but no one was able to. The girls were just staring at the new person.

“Hello dear, I’m pleased to meet you. I’m Nancy Parker and Liz is my daughter. I just want to remind you that her lack in manners isn’t a result of my education.” Nancy shook hands with the young woman.

And still no one seemed to make the attempt to approach Adina. The girls were still watching her carefully as if all information about her was written on her forehead. The boys were standing behind waiting for the girls’ reaction. Since the girls didn’t acknowledge Adina, the boys did – in their own special way.

“Hey Adina, I’m Max. Excuse the others, they aren’t used to seeing human beings.” Max introduced himself. “And I also shall greet my lost friend Alex who doesn’t seem to have interest in saying hello to me.” Max grinned at his friend.

“Well, I would have greeted my male fellas if three little girls hadn’t knocked me over.” Alex countered and shared manly hugs with Max. Then Michael and Kyle joined them afterwards the latter turned to Adina to welcome her in their middle.

And the girls were still silent.

“Well, Alex doesn’t care about us so we should focus on his lovely company. Hey Adina, I’m Kyle and it’s my pleasure to meet you.” Kyle shook her hand enthusiastically as if he was going to rip her arm off.

Michael shoved Kyle out of his away,” Before the midget hurts you; I’m Michael and I can see why Alex is with you.”


“Oh look, she can talk. Nice to have you back in the land of talking.”

“Nice to see you arrived in Jerk-Land.” Maria countered another jab by her boyfriend.

“As I was saying, Adina, it’s nice to meet you and maybe you can soon dish out about our dear Alex. I want to know every dirty detail of his life in London.” Michael grinned evilly at the new woman.

“Uhm…there isn’t much I can dish about him what can be said in front of him but I think we can arrange a secret meeting to gossip about Alex.” Adina winked at Michael.

“Thanks, you traitor.” Alex grumbled.

“Oh stop it. I’m so glad to finally meet your friends and get all the dirt about you.”

Before Alex could reply, Tess pushed Michael and the other boys out of her way and stood in front of Adina. Both women stared at each other. Adina wasn’t sure how to react because she wasn’t used to be surrounded by weird strangers.

Even the four guys didn’t know how to react to it.

Suddenly, Tess threw her arms around Adina and engulfed her in a tight hug.

“Welcome to our very special Christmas vacation. Are you excited to be here? It’s exciting to have you here and I hope we will have a great time together. Since when do you and Alex live together? Does he make trouble when it comes to housework? He’s actually a total sweetheart and the sweetest boyish girlfriend you can have. Alex’ friend is also my friend. Whenever you need something, just tell me and I help you.” Tess ranted without noticing the blank expression on Adina’s face and the stiffness of her body.

“Tess! Tess! You’re rambling and scaring her off. Please wait ‘til tomorrow for making her think we’re a bunch of crazy people from a town that’s known for its craziness.” Kyle pulled Tess off the new arrival. Sometimes Kyle wondered how Tess accomplished to be the definition of stoic calm though within a second she was a bundle of energy like the damn Energizer Bunny – then you really needed a button to switch her off.

“What? I’m being nice.” Tess pouted.

“Really? You’re appeared more like a psycho with all the…Ow!” Michael couldn’t finish his sentence due to Liz’ and Maria’s hands making contact with his head.

“Shut it!” Both girls countered when Michael was about to say something again – certain that it was going to be something inappropriate.

“Hey, I’m Liz and I don’t lack in manners. I expected you’d be a bit different…well…Anyway, these are Maria and Isabel. Welcome to the States and I hope you’ll enjoy your stay with us.” Liz greeted the new addition enthusiastically. She didn’t want to make Adina feel uncomfortable or not wanted here though Isabel was right now giving the impression.

Liz hoped that the situation between Isabel and Alex wouldn’t affect their trip. It was obvious that they were already avoiding each other. Hence, they didn’t even greet each other and it didn’t look like one of them was going to make the effort to be the smarter one of them and get over it. Whatever “it” was. And it was obvious that none of them would be the one to make the first step.

“Alright kids, now after all the greetings let’s eat. I also became hungry after all that.” Nancy announced when none of the kids moved or said anything, she pushed the group towards the dining room. Besides she was also getting uncomfortable watching the nonverbal interaction between Alex and Isabel.

Like anyone else she also had no idea why those two broke up. In her opinion, they made a great couple. Nancy had always considered Alex and Isabel as addition to her family and they were both great friends to Liz. Despite their differences, it wasn’t a surprise for Nancy that they started dating. She had always thought that the friendship between them was extraordinary to the other girls.

When Diane informed her about the break up, she couldn’t believe it. There were no indicators that the couple had a hard time or even problems to keep their relationship going. Nancy couldn’t understand why they broke up but she assumed that there were things going on in their relationship that no one knew of.

The break up surely changed the dynamic in the knit circle of friends.

Liz, Tess and the boys clearly stayed neutral when it came to Isabel and Alex but soon it was evidently that Maria was affected by the latest developments within the group. Her behaviour towards Isabel changed. Gone was the friendly bickering or the typical girlish discussions Maria and Isabel had. Snappy comments and sarcasm replaced the friendly treatment between the girls. While Isabel tried to not react to Maria’s jibes, Maria couldn’t (or didn’t) stop.

Though it changed between the group, they were still close friends and whenever one of them needed help or support, the friends were there – even Maria for Isabel and vice versa.

For now, Nancy hoped that no further incidents would disrupt the holidays.


“Damn, did you pack your whole closet? Your shit weights a ton.” Kyle groaned when he stepped through the door and dropped Tess’ luggage in the doorway without noticing that his girlfriend and the other girls were right behind him.

Seeing that her boyfriend blocked the way with her luggage and his form, Tess pinched him in the butt making Kyle jump and squeal, “You better not comment on my luggage or you’ll have some very lonely nights here. Now be a darling and take our luggage to our room.” She patted him on the pinched spot and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Kyle wasn’t dumb and he surely wasn’t suicidal by upsetting her. So being the boyfriend that he was, he shut up and did what his girlfriend asked him for.

He ignored Max’ and Michael’s chuckling and he also ignored the fact that his girlfriend owned his Christmas sack.

Ho ho ho….it was going to be a great time.

“Speaking of the rooms, we should look around and decide who gets which one.” Liz spoke getting everyone’s attention.


Liz turned to the person who let out this unwelcome sound. She didn’t like the sound of it and she didn’t like the expression on Alex’ face. Liz learned to read Alex’ face when there was going to be trouble. That was wonderful about him, his emotions mostly displayed on his face and it was easy to know what Alex Whitman felt just by a simple look.

“What was the “Oh” for? It’s Christmas. We’re in the mountains. We have our own lodge. We won’t be under our parents’ surveillance. There is no need for Ohs. I don’t like the sound of it.” Liz ranted walking up to Alex who stood near the staircase. “Why do you make this sound?” She inquired standing toe to toe now with him.

“I suppose your mother’s tendency to not give full information shone through. Since I arrived earlier than intended, I took the liberty of choosing a room for Adina and me.”

“You sleep together?” Tess interrupted shocked. This was going to lead to more trouble if Alex had nightly company while Isabel would be alone.

“No! No, hell no…” Adina protested.

“You could be a little less disgusted by the thought of us so…” Alex brought in not liking how Adina’s protest made him look in front of his friends.

“Oh be quiet and let me explain this.” Adina shushed her room-mate. “First, Alex and I are room-mates and friends but under no circumstances do I want to share a room with him. Anyways, when we arrived earlier, Mrs. Parker was nice enough to give us the keys to the lodge here, as we found out she forget to mention to you. With the keys handed to us, Alex and I came over placing our luggage and already choosing rooms. We thought it would be alright to take single rooms since you’re mostly couples and would want to share with your significant others. Well, now you need to decide which couple shares rooms…” Adina explained without realizing she just caused trouble.

“Whoa…wait…wait. What do you mean with sharing a room?” Max intervened.

“Told you the trip would be a fiasco.” Maria whispered to Michael.

“Don’t lose your enthusiasm. It’s going to be fine.” Michael soothed his girlfriend. She saw the smirk dancing on his lips but Maria wasn’t sure what he meant. Normally, Michael had retorted with a sarcastic comment. Something was odd. Very odd for her own liking.

“That’s why I explain things like that.” Alex nudged Adina.

“Then go ahead and share your wisdom with me because as it seems I’m doing it all wrong.” Adina walked away from him and took a seat in the arm chair. Unfortunately for her, opposite of her sat Isabel who didn’t look happy at all to have her ex’s female friend or room mate or maybe more sitting in front of her.

“Well, our parents give us the liberty of having privacy but they forgot to mention that our lodge isn’t up to the standard of their lodge. This lodge is smaller which results in having only having two grand bedrooms and also two twin rooms. That means five of you have to share.” Alex concluded and looked expectantly at the others.

“Wait, let me get this right. Our parents screwed up by booking a lodge that hasn’t enough rooms for us all.” Maria interrupted.

“Well, there are enough beds for all but the amounts of rooms is limited.” Alex cut Maria off explaining again their (messed up) bed situation.

“Right. So now this situation means for us that some of us need to share rooms…God, I knew this trip would start suckish.” Maria moaned. Then Michael took her in his arms and planted a kiss on her head.

“On the contrary my dear, this trip will be great for us. You’ll love me for this and I want you to know that this plan was created before this mess. And thanks to Facebook and texting, we’re not screwed like the others.” Michael smiled brightly at his girlfriend.

“What are you talking about?” Maria murmured into his chest.

“What I want to tell you is that Alex contacted me via messages when he has arrived and told me about the rooms. But I didn’t know about the second lodge. So I knew what the situation was.” Michael explained. He knew Maria would love him for this but the others would hate him - not that he cared much about it.

“This can’t be good.” Max groaned, knowing what to expect when Michael and Alex worked together.

“It’s pretty simple. I have the keys for Michael’s and Maria’s room. Congrats you two, you have your own deck.” Alex announced, throwing the keys towards Michael, grinning sheepishly at Max and Kyle, who wore looks like they wanted to kill someone.

“Yay! Suck on that bitches.” Maria screamed and hugged Michael like a maniac. She was so happy to not having to share a room. Now, it seemed that the trip was going to be good.

“I already got my room because I won’t share with a girl or a couple.” Alex announced after Maria’s squealing died away.

“Why not? One of the couples get your room.” Kyle interjected. He was screwed. Alex was a stubborn person and there was no way that he gave up his room.

“I won’t share a room with a couple, may it be Max and Liz or you and Tess, to listen to smushy smooshy lovey dovey shit in the night. Or by mischance walking in on one of you getting your freak on. No thanks. Secondly, I don’t share a room with a girl. No matter who it is. It’ll only lead to trouble.” Alex defended himself.

He wouldn’t say it out loud but Kyle wouldn’t either give up his own room when the chances were high to bring back to the house hook ups. Besides having to share with the ex a room would be so wrong on so many levels. With the tension between Alex and Isabel, it was best to keep them separated. He couldn’t believe that they still didn’t talk to each other.

“And before Alex forgets to mention it, he already put me in a room and now I need a room mate or mates. Who wants to? I’m a really likeable person.” Adina butted in because Alex liked to ignore some information.

“Not to insult you, but we’re five people who still need rooms. There are Liz and I in addition Kyle and Tess and there is Isabel.” Max mentioned the options. “I won’t share a room with my sister and girlfriend. That’s disturbing.”

“Same goes for me. I suffered enough living with Max in the same womb for 9 months and house for 18 years.” Isabel told them. She couldn’t believe what was happening. She knew why Alex wanted a single room. He was looking for hook ups. He never looked for hook ups. He was a more a relationship guy.

So knowing that he would alone in this bedroom maybe having company with him and…

“Isabel and I can share if she doesn’t mind. I have to admit I would feel uncomfortable as well sharing with a couple. Therefore I’d like to share with Isabel. Is that alright with you?” Adina supposed.

This was bad.

This was worse than a car crash.

Isabel couldn’t believe her ears. Alex’ company, his room mate and new friend wanted to share a room with her. She didn’t like the girl. She didn’t want to like her but from the beginning Adina was nothing but friendly and courteous. And even now, Adina was smiling at her and probably hoping to get her as room mate. She probably wanted to talk as well and becoming friends.

Isabel didn’t want this.

What were her options?

Max and Liz.

Kyle and Tess.

What could she do?

“Sure, I’d like to share with you.” Isabel agreed presenting the fakest smile she could muster.

“Great. I’m a good room mate. Ask Alex, he can tell you stories.” Adina was happy. Now she could try to find a way to get Alex ad Isabel on speaking terms.

Isabel looked over to Alex and the look in his eyes indicated that she shouldn’t even consider coming near him. He hated her. It was visible. She knew too well. He was an open book to her. She knew how he felt.

Isabel didn’t know how to deal with him being there.

It was ridiculous. He was so close but so far away.

She was angry because he was with them on this trip.

Seeing him after two years, it hurt her. She remembered the time she was with him. He made her happy. He made her love.

In a moment, without seeing it coming, Alex took this away from her.

For that she hated him.

Isabel didn’t want to feel anything for him. He didn’t deserve her feelings.

She was brought out of her thoughts as Max touched her shoulder and gave her a small smile. “Come on sis’, let’s go freshen up for our parents. And I need to adjust to the thought sharing with Kyle a room.”

“Shut it Evans. It’s not like we’re sharing a bed.” Kyle yelled from upstairs.

“In your dreams you do.”

“Shut up, Guerin!”


Here she was with the least person she wanted to. Granted Isabel didn’t know Adina at all and she didn’t plan to interact with the girl but she didn’t like Adina.

That’s how it was.

Adina was Alex’ room mate and “friend”.

She wondered what kind of friendship they had.

They were close.

Very close for friends.

That’s how it had started with her and Alex.

Isabel didn’t want to think about them but what other option did she have?

He lived with the woman under the same roof. They shared probably the most intimate moments of their lives. Maybe Alex had talked about her. Isabel wondered how much Adina knew about her and Alex.

Since they entered their room no words were spoken.

While Isabel put her clothes and cosmetics away, Adina was watching her. Isabel felt her eyes on her. Every move was watched.

“You aren’t happy about the arrangement.” Adina broke the silence.

Turning around Isabel looked at her. Adina sat on her bed with a little smile and a glimpse in her blue-grey eyes that Isabel couldn’t classify. There was something about the look that made Isabel uncomfortable. Now it would be a great time to have mind reading skills.

“What gives it away?” Isabel required with a forced smile.

“Right now, your fake smile.” Adina stated. When the smile fell off Isabel’s face, Adina chuckled and starred at the girl in front of her. “Let’s be real. The circumstances that led us to this arrangement are unhappy. Your ignorance towards me lets me know that you have some problems with my person though we don’t know each other. Well, I can’t change that your ex-boyfriend is my room mate and one of my closest friends. However, I think this here can turn out good. We just need to find common ground I don’t know what exactly happened between you and Alex since it’s not my business. We both need to come to an agreement. I don’t want to spend my holidays with walking on eggshells around you because there are unresolved issues between Alex and you.” Adina got down to business.

She wasn’t anymore in high school and didn’t need to deal with high school relationship issues, as it seemed to her. Of course Alex had explained to her what relationship to Isabel he had had but he never told her about the circumstances which led to their break up. Every break up was hard and painful yet Adina was surprised about the way Alex and Isabel regarded each other. The tension between them was unbearable. They gave each the silent treatment and avoided any look.

“There are no issues between him and me. There’s nothing between us. As for us and finding common ground about sharing a room, I don’t have a problem with you because, you said it, I don’t know you and right now you’re a stranger to me. Therefore there are no other options but finding an agreement. As long as we aren’t about to kill each other, we’ll be fine.” Isabel concluded. “Do you have any further questions?”

“No, I think we have an agreement. See you downstairs, roomie.” Adina stood up and was about to walk out but turned walked towards Isabel. Facing each other, Adina threw her arms around her roommate hugging her. “This will be fun.”

And she walked out leaving Isabel alone behind.

To be continued
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Re: A guy, his roomate and a secret (CC, Adult) CH 3; 01-26-

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Due to time issues and internet issues, today I’m able to post the new part. Here’s the new part, I hope you enjoy. Big thanks to everyone reading this story.

Keepsmiling7: It’s probably no one’s idea of fun sharing a room with the significant other and the siblings. The eww factor is pretty high regarding this. Adina will experience more awkward situations.

Earth2Mama: You’re right, right now Isabel and Alex are people you don’t want to spend time with because they are behaving so awkward/mean to each other. As for the others, they didn’t get pulled into the mess. So far neither Isabel nor Alex made them to take sites. As for Adina, she’s in a tough place but she has the balls to get through the mess.

Starcharm: Yay, new reader. Welcome. Michael is a sneaky B***H. But he’ll be the one to have fun with his girlfriend. Sexy times call for sneakiness. I think, it would be hypocrite by Isabel pretending to be happy when she isn’t. That’s not our Isabel. As for the break up…we’ll see what led to it.

April: Adina doesn’t have an easy way to get into the group. She’s a great woman. It would be easy for her to take Alex’ side and be mad at Isabel. But she doesn’t. That makes her sympathetic because she tries to find the balance between the sides. Alex as her friend and Isabel as roomie. And the room situation can easily become a horrible scenario. Sorry to hear that yours suck. *Online hug*!

I might add that I’m a bit proud that so far it’s hard to speculate on what led to the break up or what the secret is.

Chapter IV: Coming closer

He lay on his bed, enjoying the silence. He knew it was a question of time until the silence would be broken and he had to face reality. It would be bliss if he could stay in this room for the rest of this trip and ignore anything else or a certain person.

It was an easy way.

And it was the cowardly way.

Was he happy to be here?

Not really.

His options of spending the holidays somewhere else were limited. He didn’t want to spend again Christmas without his family. But he wondered why his parents had agreed to such a trip. Though his parents loved their friends who were like a second family, the Whitmans liked to spend the holidays at home and avoided mostly any adding holiday stress.

It was a surprise for Alex getting the phone call and being informed about the trip. Until then he wasn’t sure if he could make it to get back to the States. It had been Adina who convinced him to tag along and finally see his family.

Two years was a long time not seeing his parents. Though he had planned to visit them, Alex always found something to avoid getting back. It got easier when his parents visited him the first time on Thanksgiving and they had seen that his decision to leave wasn’t bad. It made a lot easier for him having his parents’ support and their love. Alex was sure that if his parents had doubted his decisions regarding his life in London.

Then there were his girls.

And this also included Isabel.

They were friends since he could remember. It had been strange seeing a boy playing with four girls. As time went by, their friendship grew deeper and until now Alex couldn’t imagine not having the girls in his life.

Everything changed when they were in high school. Though Alex hadn’t been the social butterfly like the girls or the other boys, he dated from time to time. But something seriously never developed between him and the girls he dated.

When the girls started dating and going out, Alex didn’t care much knowing that they would be careful. Besides, he knew Michael, Max and Kyle pretty well and they were no danger for the girls – that was what the fathers and Alex agreed to. It helped that Sherriff Valenti was Maria’s stepfather though Amy was harder and scarier to deal with than any father. With Liz it was the same, her father was a scary man when it came to his only child. No one wanted to mess with Mr Parker out of fear ending as a burger in his restaurant. And Tess, her parents didn’t worry too much about her when she started dating Kyle. Maria and Amy always made sure that Kyle knew what would happen to him if he would hurt Tess. The DeLuca women were the best insurance for a daughter’s safety.

Then there was Isabel. Alex didn’t remember when it happened and how it happened but he had feelings for her that went beyond friendship. He felt a change when Isabel started dating random guys.

He didn’t want her to go out and have fun with other boys. He couldn’t bare the image that she was touched by those guys, that another boy would be able to win her heart. Maybe that she would forget him over time when she would realize that other boys were better than him.

Losing Isabel would have crushed him.

Every time Alex wanted to confess his feelings his fear prevented him from doing so. He didn’t want to risk his friendship to her.

Then it had happened.

He lost her.

Isabel met Grant. Before he knew it, the girl he loved was in a relationship with the wrong guy. Alex had wanted to tell her that Grant wasn’t the right one for her. But he couldn’t. He hadn’t known what would happen then. He hadn’t known what to tell Isabel. Though he had feelings for her and it hadn’t meant that she would have felt the same way like he had. Alex hadn’t wanted to risk his friendship to Isabel and the other girls. The revelation would have changed his friendship to every girl. The risk was too high so Alex had stayed quiet and watched from far away.

It had been weeks later when he received the phone call by Max telling him that Isabel experienced the ultimate betrayal by her lousy and disgusting boyfriend.

Never ever before Alex had felt such rage and hate for one person. He wanted to hurt Grant, making him feel pain that had lasted for the next century. But violence wasn’t Alex’ nature – not really.

He wanted to go to Isabel and console her and making her happy again, it wasn’t possible. Max told him that she isolated herself from anyone.

Time passed by and the situation with Isabel hadn’t changed.

This time it had been a phone call by Michael to tell him that Isabel’s behaviour was getting worse and he saw in Alex the only person to get her out of her dark place.

When he entered her room, Alex didn’t know what to say or what to do when he had faced Isabel.

She had looked so fragile as if a simple touch would break her. Slowly he approached Isabel, who was had been sitting on her bed not reacting to his presence. It seemed as if she had locked out her environment. He didn’t say anything; he had watched her sitting there alone.

Touching her shoulder, Alex had got her attention. With her teary eyes she looked at him and before he could react, she threw herself into his arms.

“There’s no need for you to go down the memory road.”

Alex turned towards the voice and a cracked a smile. She knew him too well and always would. Maria was right that he should let go of the past. It would be possible if Isabel wouldn’t be that close. Two years they had been apart in every sense. Alex wasn’t sure if the word friend was a term he could connect with Isabel.

That barrier was crossed long time ago. There was no going back.

And he regretted it.

“Why do you think I’m on the road?” Alex asked Maria, who sat down on the bed and lay next to him with her head on his chest.

“You get wrinkles every time you do it.”

“I’ll use your cream which has an amazing effect on you.” That comment earned him a slap in the stomach.

“Dumbass.” Maria mumbled burrowing her face deeper in his chest enjoying the feeling of his wool sweater.

Maria wasn’t someone to express her feelings but when it came to her friends, she was a softie. She never took it well when her friends were sad, crying, depressed, angry etc. whenever one of them cried, she had to cry as well though she didn’t want or needed to.

“I missed you.” Alex said kissing her on the top of her head.

“Aw…you’re going all mushy on me. That’s cute.” Maria replied stroking his stomach. “Can I ask you something and you promise not to get mad.” She asked hoping that this wouldn’t end badly.





“I promise. I want to add that you’re too stubborn for your own good.”

“Please, my stubbornness is the key to my happiness.”

“Isn’t it Michael?”



“Well, yeah…but it’s a fifty fifty thing.”

“That’s alright, I think.”

“You’re distracting me. Back to my question…”

“You haven’t asked me anything.”

“Because you’re distracting me.”

“Am not.”



“My question.”

“Right, please go ahead.”

“Will you ever talk to Isabel again?” Maria asked lifting her head of Alex’ chest to have a better look at him.

Alex knew that this question was about to get asked but he thought he still had time to avoid it for a couple of days.
Now, being confronted with it he didn’t know how to react to it. Reality was different to what he made up in his mind. Alex always thought he had the right answer to the question but he didn’t. After seeing Isabel, he didn’t know how to react or behave towards her. So for now ignorance was his solution.

“I don’t know. I don’t know how to answer it. I made up so many scenarios about my reaction that right now, after seeing her, I don’t know what to do. For the start I think, it’s best keeping our distance.” Alex answered avoiding eye contact with Maria.

“Well, after all that happened, it must be the best.” She agreed with her friend.


After settling in and resting a bit, the group was on their way to the parents’ lodge. By now the other parents should have arrived and they couldn’t wait to reunite with them. And get some answers to why they weren’t able to book a lodge with enough rooms for everyone.

“Get that damn grin off your face.” Liz growled towards Michael.

“Why? I’m a happy person. My grin shows my happiness.”

“My fist in your face will be my happiness if you don’t stop grinning.” Liz threatened.

“Liz please. Stop being so angry. Violence is never the answer.” Michael tried to sound sincere but failed miserably.

“Michael, stop mocking Liz. It’s not her fault that she has to share a room with Tess and Kyle.” Maria played peacemaker though she enjoyed rubbing it in that she got a room for herself.

“It wouldn’t be upsetting if I haven’t had to listen to Michael bragging about the room with its hot tub and the view of the mountains. It’s Max’ fault.” Liz huffed punching her boyfriend in the shoulder.

“What?” Max cried.

“You weren’t as sneaky as Michael to get a room for ourselves. No, you had to be goody Max. Ergo we don’t have our own room. Ergo there’ll be no Christmas love for you this year.” Liz defended her huff.

“Liz, no one can be like me. You have to see the positive side of it; you and Max won’t be alone tonight and on other nights.” Michael laughed at her misery. He didn’t want to be mean but it was fun to mock them.

“I’m not going to comment this.” Max dismissed the others.

“What’s there to say? Two couples have to share a room which results in having no privacy. My Christmas spirit left me.” Kyle whined.

“Great…cranky Kyle has arrived.” Tess mumbled not wanting her boyfriend to hear her.

“I’m not cranky. I’m pissed.” Kyle denied heatedly not liking his girlfriend shooting against him.

“You’re horny, that’s your problem.” Alex threw in from behind.

“Shut it Alex. You’re responsible for this whole mess.” Tess accused him.

“What? Don’t blame me for this shit. Our parents are to blame. You’re just upset because Michael and I are smart enough to get rooms.”

“You mean sneaky.” Kyle interrupted to get the facts straight.

“Call us what you want but we’re having our own rooms.”

“And getting our freak on without audience.” Michael howled throwing his arms in the air in triumph.

The affected persons just ignored Michael. They knew that arguing and fighting about the rooms wouldn’t help their situation. The only way to solve this was to suck it up and live it with it.

During the banter Isabel walked on her own not listening to what her friends were talking about. She watched Alex and Adina. It was weird seeing him so carefree with another woman. They were laughing and joking. An outsider would think they were a couple.

A happy couple.

Over the years Isabel had wondered if Alex had moved on, forgetting about her and their time together because he had another woman in his arms.

She didn’t want to be jealous. She didn’t want to feel the urge to push them apart and take the place beside Alex.
Isabel was kidding herself if she wanted to think that there were no feelings anymore.

She had loved Alex once as a friend.

She had loved Alex as her lover.

And she still did.

But he didn’t love her anymore.


Alex didn’t care about her. Until this point, they hadn’t exchanged a single word. No greeting, no look; there was nothing. It felt as if everything had vanished. There was nothing anymore between them.

As if they never knew each other.

They were two strangers.

They weren’t friends.

They weren’t lovers.

They were nothing.

Isabel was so lost in her thoughts that she didn’t notice what happened around her. So it was a surprise for her hearing in the one minute squealing and a moment later she was in her mother’s arms – being hugged to death.

“Mom…mom…my lungs…ribs…broke.” Isabel gasped. Hearing the desperation in her daughter’s voice, Diane Evans released her daughter.

“Stop exaggerating, honey. A mother’s love never hurts.” Diane reacted to her daughter’s antics.

“I’m happy to see you as well mom.” Isabel retorted before her father was the next to call her.

“Where’s my little pumpkin?” Philipp called for his daughter.

“Dad! Please, don’t call me that.” Isabel whined. Her father always called her pumpkin no matter who was around them and where they were.

“Stop exaggerating, honey. A father’s love never hurts.” Philipp used his wife’s words to tease his daughter.

“Not funny.” Isabel managed to get out before her father engulfed her in a hug.

The same could be seen with the others. Parents greeting their children and the children feeling embarrassed about the pet names, hugging and kissing.

When all kissing and hugging was done, the parents noticed the two persons standing aside watching the interactions between parents and children.

“Alex, honey…look at you. Such a fine man you became.” Amy DeLuca announced happy, pulling the lost son into a tight hug.

“Don’t be surprised about her behaviour. She had some eggnog.” Jim said to Maria as if it would explain everything.

“She more likely had too much of it.” Maria corrected, while her mother peppered Alex’ face with kisses.

When Hilary and Diane were able to get Alex out of Amy’s clutches, they engulfed him in a tight hug.

“Let me take a look. You’re healthy and well-fed. I like that. So good to see you.” Diane pinched Alex in the cheek.

Diane had always liked Alex. He was like a third child for her. He was a constant guest in her house and Isabel’s best friend. It was quite a shock for her when Alex and Isabel dated. She hadn’t seen it coming. But Diane saw the effect the relationship had on Isabel.

Her daughter was happy. Always in a good mood, smiling and just being herself.

And suddenly that ended.

“Hey Mrs E, how are you doing?” Alex greeted his ex’s mother. After such a long time seeing the Evans again it was weird and uncomfortable for Alex.

“ Such a long time ago that someone called me Mrs E. I missed it. I wouldn’t mind if you come back.” Diane suggested; ignoring Isabel’s glaring that was directed at her and Alex.

“I don’t think so. I still got to finish school.” Alex replied feeling the nervousness crawling through his body. It was harder than he thought meeting the families and friends again.

Diane wasn’t able to engage in a deeper conversation with Alex when Philipp joined his wife.

Since his childhood, Alex always felt scared near Philipp. The man was intimating.

“Alexander, nice to see you.” Philipp shook hands with the boy who broke his daughter’s heart.

“Mr Evans, nice to see you again as well.” Alex said politely while he fought the urge to cry out in pain because Philipp was crashing his hand.

The tense situation between Alex and Philipp was solved when the other parents came and welcomed Alex. The tension between the two men was visible and every one was hoping that nothing would happen that might ruin Christmas.
Not able to take the attention, Alex grabbed Adina, who was standing behind him, pulled her in front of him.

“This is my room-mate Adina Melson. She’ll be spending the holidays with us.” Alex introduced Adina nervously. He saw the look Mr Evans was giving him. The man was ready to kill him if Alex would make one wrong move or say the wrong thing.

“Miss Melson, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I hope you’ll enjoy your stay with us.” Hilary welcomed the young woman.
And everyone followed.


Everyone finally made it inside. The parents enjoyed their kids’ company and the kids hope they can soon hit the clubs in Park City. It was new for everyone to have a full house on Christmas holidays.

“Have you seen the way the Evans were looking at me?” Adina asked Alex quietly. They were standing in a corner from where Alex watched the whole room. Right now, he wasn’t in the mood to engage in conversations with the others and was hoping that no one would try to talk to him.

“Not really. I’m more focused on avoiding any interaction with Philipp. He probably already has a plan to kill me in my sleep.”

“I doubt that. If that was his plan, the parents haven’t booked the lodge just for their children. He would want to have you close to play mind games and then kill you. You broke his little pumpkin’s heart. I’d kill you as well if you had done this to my daughter.” She replied, ignoring Alex’ grunt.

“What looks are you talking about?” He changed the topic. Thinking about the break-up wasn’t his idea of fun.

“You know that penetrating look as if they want to suck my brain out.” Adina described dramatically which made Alex laugh out loud.

“Your paranoia is going to suck your brain out. I think it’s nothing. You’re new and you’re with me which might piss them off. You’re female and hot…the possibility of us dating might have crossed their mind. So it’s imprudence for them that I appeared with you.” Alex said. As he looked at Adina he noticed that she was looking at him weird which made him very uncomfortable. “What? What’s that look for?”

“You think I’m hot? You never told me that you think I’m sexy.”

“First off, I said hot. Yes, I think you’re hot. Secondly, I’m not blind nor do I have a defence system against women. Lastly, though you’re hot I won’t ever start anything with you. Our relationship goes deeper than just being friends. You’re my family.” Alex told her how he really felt towards her. It wasn’t actually necessary to mention it because Adina knew how Alex felt. However, it was nice hearing it. It was great to have him.

“So, why do you think they watch us?” Adina was now the one to change the topic.

“They watch you not me. They just want to see my blood and this will happen sometime but not tonight. Remember, you’re here with Roswellians who have the tendency to act crazy.”

“Very comforting.” Adina sighed and dared to look at the watchers who were still observing her.

“She seems familiar.” Diane murmured.

“I know but I can’t remember where I’ve seen her before.” Philipp agreed with his wife.

When they met Adina there was something familiar about her. The Evans were sure they knew her from somewhere. Their problem was that they didn’t know where they had met her before. Maybe during one of those banquets they went to they got to know her. But it couldn’t be the woman was from Europe and the chances to meeting her were slim to none.

“Maybe she worked in one of the firms you present?” Diane suggested.

“Nah, I don’t think so. It’s like I have seen her a few weeks ago. It’s not that long ago but I can’t remember.” Philipp replied frustrated.

“On another note, what do you think is going on between Alex and Adina? They look very cosy over there.” Diane asked the question that Philipp hoped she wouldn’t address to him.

“Though I’m not Alex Whitman’s biggest fan, I don’t think he’s that cruel to bring his new girlfriend or whatever she is with him and stroll with her in front of Isabel. He isn’t that kind of jerk.” Philipp kind of defended the boy.

“Are you sure? We also never thought that Isabel and he would become an item. And when that happened we certainly didn’t think that they would ever go separate ways. They were close, Philipp. Now look at them, they behave as if they have never known each other.” Diane argued.

“Do you think I like this? They are so right for each other but it didn’t work out for them. Bummer for them and for us. I want to see my daughter smiling and laughing again as well but neither I nor you can force her or him. It was their decision and we have to accept that it wasn’t meant to be. I want to strangle him for what he did to Isabel. And I want to push her to him and make her talk to Alex so she can be happy again. But it isn’t our business so we have to let them be and hope for the best.” Philipp let out his frustration.

“We should lock them in a room then that way they will be forced to talk.”

“Very comforting idea. And when we open the door we’ll be greeted by two bodies.” Philipp sighed and went back to watch Alex and Adina. There was something about Adina and he had to find out what.

“I give them two days and then things get fucked up here.”

“Kyle! Don’t say things like that. Maybe things will get better. They will talk to each other…someday.”

“They rather kill each other soon.”

“Kyle, stop the depressing thoughts. You depress me.”

“Tess, this whole trip is depressing. We share a room with Liz and Max. Liz and Max. You know how they are.”

“I know. I just want everyone to be happy. It’s Christmas. This is the time to be happy and content. Being with the family and friends.”

“Sorry to disappoint you but I think this time we can be happy when this Christmas doesn’t end with dead people.”

“Alex and Isabel.”

“Alex and Isabel and Adina. Trust me, there’s something going on with them. It will end ugly when they decide to cross the barriers of silence. Then we have a damn war here.”

“I know.” Tess sighed and went back to find a way to clean up this mess.

“I give them two hours then hell will break out.”
“You’re optimistic. I admire that.”

“Thank you.”

“That was sarcasm.”

“Oh well…I’m still right. They’ll kill each other soon.”

“I’ll kill you soon if you don’t stop spreading bad mood.”

“Ho ho, it’s Christmas time. I’m not spreading bad mood. I’m being Christmassy and I want you to be Christmassy.”
“You don’t like Christmas. You’re only here because your parents paid for this trip like ours. It’s the first time in five years that you actually participate in something that’s Christmas related.”

“Liz, Liz Liz…right now, I’m more in the spirit than you.”

“I hope you have a tight sleep because I’ll come after you when you’re sleeping.”

“Don’t try it. Michael and I are doing a lot but not sleeping...well we do sleep but with open eyes and active bodies.”

“Ugh…you two are disgusting.”

“Then let’s talk about our ménage à trios: Isabel, Alex and Adina. A dangerous combination.”

“I think they’re our smallest problem, I’m more afraid that my father will attack Alex and rip his heart out.”

“Like Alex did with Isabel.”

“Michael! That’s uncalled for. We don’t know what happened between them that led to the break up.”

“I know. I wished they never broke up.” Michael sighed and thought of a way to clean up this mess.


In the evening, the families came together to have the first big meal in a long time. The parents were happy to be with their children and the children just wanted to eat. The dinner went well so far and everyone was enjoying themselves. The food was good and there was a large amount of it. Everyone engaged in conversations.

Everyone had a good time.

Well not everyone.

Adina, Alex and Isabel.

They didn’t seem to have fun.

To her dismay, Isabel had to watch everyone being paired while she was the one being alone. It was no comfort that even Alex had company and was having fun with Adina.

They were smiling.

They were laughing.

They were talking.

They were together.

They looked happy.

It hurt to watch them and to know that she wasn’t the one next to him. It was Adina. Isabel still wasn’t sure what to think of the girl – her roomie. As if it wasn’t bad enough to share a room with her, Isabel had also to watch Adina with Alex.

But it didn’t matter. Isabel didn’t care about them. Alex could do whatever he wanted. She didn’t have a say anymore. It had been over for a long time. She decided for herself to stop caring. He wasn’t her business and she wasn’t his. It was easier said than done.

Yet, his ignorance hurt her. They had been friends. He was her best friend and suddenly he stopped being her friend.
She watched them. What else could she do? Isabel was afraid to make the first step. The last time she and Alex exchanged words it ended in a yelling feast.

Both said things that they meant and regretted.

And both were left hurt and angry.

Today wasn’t different. Isabel was still hurt and angry. Seeing him smiling and laughing as if never something happened fuelled her anger. Alex wasn’t supposed to be happy if she couldn’t be it. Sure she dated from time to time trying to find Mr Perfect but it was hard. The final step to trust a man paralyzed her. She couldn’t let go and fall into a new relationship. She was scared that in the end she would be left hurt and alone again.

It was a fight she would always lose. Out of the corner of her eye, Isabel saw that her father directed his attention at Adina.

“Adina, how did you meet Alex?” Philipp asked suddenly the young woman gaining everyone’s attention.

“Uhm, I was looking for a new room-mate because out of the blue my former roomie decided to become a nun. So I had to get a new roomie who was able to share the loan with me. After some weeks, Alex replied to my request and I invited him to take look at the apartment. After some time, Alex convinced me to have him as new roomie.” Adina told him.

“You live together for the last two years? That’s long for someone in your age regarding your age difference between you and Alex.” Philipp added with undertone that indicated his disdain.

“We manage so far and it works well.” Alex countered. He ignored Adina’s hand on his thigh and her squeezing.

“That’s obvious.” Philipp said his eyes fixed on Adina. “May I ask what your profession is? You seem familiar to me and I’m wondering if you’re working as lawyer.”

Adina didn’t know what was going on but she didn’t like the way Philipp was behaving towards her. Alex had informed her that he was an attorney and had the habit to interrogate people.

She didn’t like the way the man regarded her but Adina was a big girl who would face Philipp Evans.

“No, I’m not. Actually I’m having a little furniture shop selling self-made designs.”

“Interesting.” Philipp commented. “I’m sorry if I come off as noisy man. It’s a habit which is hard to shake off to ask questions when you meet someone new.” He excused and it was the first time he sounded genuine.

Adina accepted his explanation but she couldn’t shake off the feeling that this was just the start of an investigation.

To be continued

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Re: A guy, his roomate and a secret (CC, Adult) CH 5; 04/16,

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I did intend to post this part earlier but as usual I didn’t make it. Time isn’t my best friend right now. Real life is as usual kicking ass but not in the good way. So this will be my last update for the next two months. Right now, I need to focus more on my school and can’t participate in the world of fanfiction as much as I’d love to.

I appreciate everyone’s feedback and that you take time to read this. Thank you very much.

Sarammlover: In this part, we’ll find out why Adina seems familiar to Philipp and Diane. As for the break up, there will be some insight to Alex’ and Isabel’s situation.

Keepsmiling7: Here’s more…

Mary mary: Here’s more to the plot.

Earth2Mama: Insanity can be a bliss…sometimes.

Chapter V: My secret, your secret…shh!

“You were rude to her.”

“I know. It wasn’t my intention but seeing Alex being so carefree with that Adina girl, made me angry.”

“Is this about Alex? If it is, let me tell you: Don’t go there. It’s a thing between Alex and our daughter. Not between him and you. Whatever it was that had happened between them, it is not our business. Isabel is old enough to deal with her own problems. When the time comes that she’ll need us then we will be there” Diane tried to get through her husband’s stubbornness.

“But she’s my little girl and needs me.” Philipp argued.

“Philipp, Isabel can handle her problems. Let it go and wait for your daughter to come to you.” Diane argued as well, hoping her husband would understand her.

“I know you’re right.” He sighed seeing that his power was limited when it came to his daughter. “But I want to protect her. I want her to be happy.”

“Don’t you think I want this as well? Right now, we shouldn’t try to interfere. They’re civil for now and I hope nothing leads to any trouble which might affect us all.”

“You like being the voice of reason, right?” Philipp asked annoyed because his wife was right.

“Well, yeah and one of us needs to be the wife. And to be honest, the role fits me better than you.” Diane patted her husband on the cheek as she walked passed him to get to their bathroom.”

“I admit you’re the hotter wife.”

“Sweet talker.”


“I need alcohol. I need a lot of liquor to get Hank Guerin out of my head.” Kyle drowned his drink hastily.

“Dude, it wasn’t that bad what he said. You know him long enough to know that he says stuff like that.” Michael defended his dad.

“I know but it still horrifies me whenever he says something sex related. Parents shouldn’t say stuff like ‘Kids, we got you the lodge so that your papas and mamas can get it in without you interrupting us.’ That’s wrong on so many levels.”

“I thought it was funny.” Alex added knowing very well it would earn him dirty looks from Kyle and Max.

“Of course you do. Your parents aren’t people who hide their private life.” Kyle looked at his friend.

“Over the years that I and some of you had several encounters with my parents in delicate situations.” Alex recalled.

“More likely in delicate positions.” Max shuddered when he remembered his encounter with Mr and Mrs Whitman and their sex life.

“What are we talking about?” Maria asked when she joined the men at the table coming from the dance floor where she left the other girls.

“Hank Guerin’s sex life and the Whitmans showing us more about sex than any teenager should experience.” Max summed up their conversation.

“Eww…eww…more eww.” Maria made a gagging expression.


“Hey M, let’s dance. I want to see how you shake it.” Alex took Maria’s hand and pulled her towards the dance floor.

“Guerin, your father is a perv.” Max stated.

“I know, it’s in the family. I’m one as well. Ask Maria.”

“That’s my sister!” Kyle screamed.


“Okay, spill. What’s going on with you and Alex? You looked very close during the dinner” Tess addressed Adina while they were waiting in line for the restroom.

Adina was dumbfounded by the question. She didn’t understand why everybody would think that she dated Alex. Sure they were close and sometimes it seemed like they were a couple.

He was Alex.

Her Alex wasn’t dateable for her.

He was her best friend.

“Spill about what?” Adina asked clueless.
“Alex. You and Alex.” Tess repeated, sensing that this was going to be a hard battle to gain information.

“What exactly about Alex and me? You know Alex longer than me and if you have questions then you should direct those at him.” Adina avoided answering.

“I know that I know him longer but as you should know he has the trait to keep things to him and not saying anything to anyone. I mean, we didn’t know that he had these feelings for Isabel all this time. Suddenly, both are tongue wrestling. Then before we know it because everything had gone smoothly, he ended things with Isabel. So yeah I know him but I don’t know how his freaky mind works in reality.” Tess rambled on frustrated.

“Are you done rambling?”

“Yeah, but my point is that two years change things and people.”

“So you think that Alex changed his type of girls. Going from blonde to brunette. I have to disappoint you or to say it in a positive way, he never changed. If your Alex is the same person as he was when he has left then you all have nothing to fear. He’s still your Alex.” Adina clarified.

“There’s nothing going on between you?” Tess asked again to be clear on that matter.

“You really need long to get it. Alex is not the kind of guy I would want to date. He’s awesome as friend and roomie. That’s it.” Adina could see that Tess was thinking about something. “What are you thinking about?”

“We’ll play matchmaker and I know the right person to help us.” Tess stated grabbing Adina’s hand pulling her out of the line to the restroom.


“It was nice of you spending the evening with Isabel.” Max told Liz when she entered their bedroom. He just recently woke up with a little headache resulting from their last night in the club. Sexual frustration and horny parents led to a massive use of alcohol.

“She’s the Evans who knows how to shake the booty and you’re the one who doesn’t know.” Liz smiled at him patting him on the cheek. “It’s not your fault that you look like a robot on crack when you try to dance…or whatever it’s called you do. You got blessed with other talents.”

“I know how to move between the sheets.” Max wiggled his eyebrows.

“Hallelujah to that.”

“We’re alone. Kyle and Tess already went to the parents’ lodge to have breakfast. And the others…I don’t care…” Max didn’t finish his sentence dipping his head kissing a sensitive spot on Liz’ neck.

“Not my…uhh…neck…Max…” Liz tried to fight her boyfriend.

Though Liz wanted to continue and overcome her sexual frustration, she just wasn’t in the mood. Next to be cramped in a room with Kyle and Tess, listening to a drunken Isabel ranting about Alex and his lack of attention to her and her complaining about Adina though there was nothing bad Isabel could say about the woman. Adina was too nice and not the bitch Isabel wished she was. To top her night, Liz and the others had to listen to Michael and Maria enjoying the privacy of their room. Listening to Michael’s and Maria’s sex louds wasn’t a turn on for her, unfortunately Max was going to be the one to suffer.

“Max, stop.” Liz found the strength to resist him and pushed him slightly away. Seeing that confusion settled on his facial features, it was time for an explanation or better said to crush a man’s ego. “I’m not in the mood.”

“What?” He asked dumbfounded when he registered what Liz told him.

“I’m not in the mood.” Liz repeated slowly.

“Not in the mood? Not at all?” Max asked again as if his questioning would change her mind.

“Not at all. Isabel was drunk and ranting about Alex. We’re stuck here with Kyle and Tess – that’s not sexy. Our parents behave like a bunch of horny teens. Then there are Michael and Maria. When I think about them, I hear them in my head. And…I’m not in the mood.”

“We have the room for ourselves. There are no interruptions…” Max tried to convince her but he could feel it was a lost battle.

“No Max…”

“Ten minutes, forget foreplay, we make it fast. I make it fast…”


“Seven minutes.”

“No Max.”

“Six minutes.”

“Are you desperate?”

“No, frustrated…four minutes.”

“Gosh, you’re like a dog that got a bone.”

“Might as well start licking myself.” Max released Liz and went towards the door.

“Can I take pictures while you’re doing yourself?” Liz asked suppressing the smile. “I promise to not put them on Facebook.”

“Woman, don’t mock me. I’ve got a fragile soul. I take a shower and cry my pain away.” Max turned around and made a dramatic exit, leaving Liz alone in their room.


“Even hangover you look great. I hate you.” Adina grumbled when she saw Isabel running around their room wrapped in a towel.

“Are you being nice?” Isabel asked distracted. Though Adina thought that Isabel didn’t suffer from last night’s partying, Isabel had a bad headache, her stomach was rebelling and her body ached from kneeling in front of the toilet the whole night.

Drowning her frustration in alcohol wasn’t her best move. Yet, seeing Alex having such a good time while she bathed in her frustration and anger enraged her even more that led to massive consumption of liquor.

Right now, seeing Adina with bad hair, hangover and not looking hot at all, it made Isabel feel better.

“You’ll realize when I’m nice.” Adina addressed her roommate.

“Good to know, is there anything to discuss or are we finished?” Isabel’s annoyance shone through. Why couldn’t Adina understand that she didn’t want to talk to her?

“Well, there’s just one thing I want to ask you.” Adina got up and walked towards Isabel stopping right in front of her.

“What?” More annoyance and anger.

“Do you enjoy being a bitch 24/7 or is it just me? I’m just asking because you haven’t showed any nice trait towards me since I arrived. Whatever was between Alex and you, it’s between the two of you and not Alex, you and me. Either way, get over it.”

“Who do you think you are?” Isabel was enraged. Adina didn’t know anything about her and Alex. She had no clue.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Adina countered, not wanting to let go and be Isabel’s punching bag for her dysfunctional relationship to Alex. “No doubt Alex is avoiding any interaction with you due to some shit that happened between you. But you could change that. You know him best. You both dated and saw each other’s good and bad sides. Corner him; annoy him so he speaks finally with you. If you don’t do anything, nothing will happen and you two remain in that place where you’re now.”

“It’s easy to talk. But this is more complicated than some teenage drama” Isabel countered.

“And it’s also easy to do something. Get dressed while I shower then we get the other girls to annoy a certain roommate of mine in the morning.” Adina stated confidently knowing what it would take to make Alex and Isabel see what was in front of them.

Isabel didn’t know what to say. One moment she was angry and ready to lash out; now she stood in her room not knowing what to make out of Adina. She didn’t get the woman.

She was the enemy.

She was the other woman.

She wasn’t supposed to play her friend who would improve her love life.

Isabel didn’t want her help.

She didn’t need her help.

Isabel woke up and was happy to have the house to herself. She hadn’t planned anything but she soon would call Alex. He would come over to spend time together.

She hadn’t seen him for three days and he didn’t call. Isabel knew that they needed some time for themselves. Last week she had barely time for him but he had understood. He was like that. He understood her and she didn’t need to pretend to be someone else.
She still couldn’t believe that they were dating.

Her best friend.

Now he was her boyfriend.

It was still surreal for her.

He was there for her when she had been in her darkest place. Slowly, she had been able to open up to him. He didn’t try to push her. Alex had just let her be. When she had been ready to talk, he was there for her. That way, they grew closer. While he had remained in his place, waiting for her and giving her the space she needed. Isabel felt the pull towards him.

And slowly, she saw Alex.

She really saw him. Not anymore as her best friend; he had become more.


Isabel went to open the door she hoped it would be Alex. For the last couple hours she tried to call him.

Opening the door, Alex stood in front of her. Not really knowing why, but Isabel felt a change in him. His facial features were hard. An uneasy feeling settled in her. She knew that something was wrong but she couldn’t tell what it was.

“Alex. I tried to call you but I didn’t reach.”

He didn’t respond.


No reaction. There was just this look.

She hadn’t known what to do or to say. For the first time she was scared of Alex.



It seemed as if he was miles away with his thoughts. He didn’t react to her.

He had had this clouded look, as if he was trying to figure something out. As if he was looking for something but he knew he couldn’t find the solution. So many emotions crossed his face.

“Alex? What is it? You’re scaring me.”

He looked at her.

In that moment Isabel had seen all the pain, anger and sadness reflecting in his eyes.

“I didn’t want to come by but I think this is the only way to get through with it. And I thought about it long and no matter what scenario I go through, I always come back to square one.” His voice broke, swallowing the lump in his throat. “Isabel, I’m sorry.”

It was bad, she knew it. For the first time ever, she was afraid of Alex. Because she didn’t know what was going on with him.

She felt her eyes stinging with unshed tears.

Isabel knew that she lost him.

“This is a mistake. We shouldn’t be together because let’s be honest, we aren’t meant to be. I’m done.”, was all he had to say and their world collapsed.

“Are you in?” Maria’s question brought Isabel back from her memory. Pushing aside the hurtful reminder of a gone love, she looked at the other three women in front of her.

Swallowing down the lump in her throat, she just nodded. She knew that when she would speak, her voice would be filled with sadness and hurt. They didn’t need to know that she still was affected by the break up.

So far it went well ignoring the break up.

“Wait, how do we do this?” Liz asked sceptically as Maria was about to push open the door to Alex’ bedroom.

“What do you mean? We open the door and wake him up. Like we used to do when we were younger to take him shopping.” Maria replied confused by the question. She hated to repeat herself when it came to her plans. She already made it as easy as possible for the others.

“Wait, you took him shopping with you? Damn it, I never achieved that. What’s your secret?” Adina interrupted Maria’s second attempt to open Alex’ door quietly.

“I threatened to tell every girl in Roswell that he has a STD so that no girl would go out with him. Drastic? Maybe. Effective? Hell yeah. And now ladies shut up so I can…” Maria was interrupted in her little speech when suddenly the door was torn open and an irritated and sleepy Alex appeared in front of her.

“Good morning, sleepy head.” Maria greeted him with a smile when she lifted her head and saw Alex staring at her. His eyes moved from her face to the other girls’ faces.

He grumbled.

“Did you sleep well?” That was Liz asking. It was obvious that Alex wasn’t happy with them for trying to play a prank on him.

The girls knew they were in trouble. Alex wasn’t a morning person and he had bad mood swings in the morning. Adina and Isabel remained silent in the background, both women not wanting to get (more) on his bad side.

On the other hand, Liz and Maria tried to get Alex to talk though they already knew it was unnecessary and not welcome by Alex.

“Stop making noise, don’t annoy me and go away.” Alex ordered, with each word his voice rose in volume before he slammed the door in their faces.

“Drastic? Yes. Effective? I don’t think so.” Isabel mocked her friend.

“It has been effective two years ago. Things change.” Maria countered passing Isabel to avoid a confrontation with the girl. But it seemed a part of her plan worked - Alex and Isabel looked at each other.

Though she had planned their encounter a bit different, it was undeniable that Isabel had checked out Alex standing in front of them only clad in a pair of boxers.

Plan A accomplished.

The next step would have to proceed fast.

For a long time Maria hadn’t been very keen of Isabel. After what had happened with Alex and her, she was just angry.

Over the years, Maria noticed how Alex’ behaviour towards Isabel had changed.

He talked to her differently; he looked at her differently and he certainly started to feel different about her. Maria knew. She had known for so long that someday things would change between them. But she didn’t think it changed to the bad.

Now Maria planned to change that.

It had been a surprise when Michael approached her this morning and told her about the plan to get Alex and Isabel to talk, as a start. He had told her that Tess and Adina asked him to help them get the dysfunctional couple back together.

He had been the one to give Alex the final push asking Isabel out. So he would be part of their reconciliation

Needless to say, Michael agreed to help. Maria knew that his tiny romantic side shown through in that moment and there had been a lot of liquor in his system which made him come across as a gruffly cupid.

It was just a matter of time until Alex and Isabel would get back together.

Maybe this would be their Christmas miracle.


“What do you mean it didn’t work?” Michael whispered, making sure that the parents didn’t hear his conversation with Liz.

“It didn’t work. You know that Alex is a cranky baby in the morning and doesn’t tolerate any disturbance. Before we could start our plan, he slammed the door in our faces. Well, good news was that Isabel and he exchanged looks.”

“Oh yay, they exchanged looks. I bet the fire sparked again that they’ve had. Right now, I’m for locking them in the same room and wait. Best solution.”

“Who calls the coroner? For all we know, they drifted apart badly and still we don’t know why.”

“Do you really want to know? It’s their issue not yours. I don’t care what had happened, I just want them to be able to be in the same room and stop hating each other. The past is in the past. They can have a future together if they would open their damn eyes.” Michael explained.

For Liz, it was the first time she heard that Michael was actually upset about the break up. She always thought that he didn’t care.

Apparently she was wrong. Now she understood why Maria suggested asking for his help.

“What do you suggest?” She asked.

“A Christmas miracle.”


“Oh my baby.” Gretchen Whitman cried as soon as she saw her son. Pushing her husband Charles out of her way, she ran towards Alex engulfing him in a tight, motherly hug. “I missed my baby.”

“Mom, please don’t call me that in front of the others.” He whined though he was happy to see his parents again.

“No, I won’t. I’m your mom and it’s my job to embarrass you...like this.” Gretchen said and grabbed Alex’ face planting a big kiss on his mouth.

“Mom!” Alex wiped his lips in disgust.

“Son, you shouldn’t complain or it gets worse.” Charles warned him before he engulfed his son in a tight hug.

Thanksgiving was the last time Charles and Gretchen had seen Alex. When he had told them that he wanted to study abroad, they weren’t happy with his decision but they accepted it.

Two years later they still had trouble dealing with Alex being far away. Even phone calls or talking via Skype were just little solace. They knew that Alex wasn’t coming home soon. There had been conversations about him coming back but Alex always said that he would stay until he finished school. Gretchen tried crying on the phone but Alex knew his mother’s ways of getting what she wanted and resisted her plan.

“Don’t be surprised, Alex, your parents don’t get to see you on a daily basis or on weekends so their only chances are the holidays. Bear with them.” Jeff told Alex when he entered the living room to greet the arrival.

“And having the Atlantic between you and your parents doesn’t mean that your dear mother will stop kissing you. It’s a good reason for her to show her love for her only child.” Amy added when she brought in a trail of sandwiches with Maria following her with coffee pots.

“You all enjoy adding your two cents, don’t you?” Alex asked annoyed.

“If my baby would leave the continent, I would go bunkers and leave with her.” Amy replied earning an eye roll by Maria.

“At least we wouldn’t need to deal with her tofu shit.” Kyle muttered under his breath.

“KYLE!” That was Jim chastising his son.


“Son, be quiet” Jim advised his son, who sometimes didn’t know when it was better to shut up.

“Well now that everyone has arrived and it’s a day before Christmas, we can decorate the place and tree. I made copies of my memo for everyone and with schemes for the tree, lights, placing the presents correctly under the tree and how to hang the socks. And I’ll watch everything. Any questions? No. Great let’s start.” Isabel took control, ignoring that everyone wanted to enjoy the quiet time they had, ignoring the dumbfounded faces and ignoring everyone’s desire to not deal with her Nazi antics.

And not wanting to deal with her meant that everyone did what was asked by Isabel.

“I should’ve known her inner Nazi would cross our plans. I knew it.” Michael mumbled while he, Maria and Adina were decorating the tree.

“We should’ve known that this is a Nazi Christmas. Typical Isabel, knowing how to make everyone wants to strangle her. I mean the Whitmans just arrived and want to have some time with Alex and she gets all Nazi on us.” Maria answered when she put more tinsel on the tree.

“Why do you keep calling her Nazi?” Adina asked confused. Michael and Maria weren’t the first to call Isabel that name. She heard Kyle and Tess even Max calling the girl like that.

“Because Isabel’s one when it comes to Christmas. This holiday means for her pure perfection. Everything have to be planned, organized and executed in the way she wants it. If she notices one failure, World War III breaks out. The girl’s nuts and lunatic. That’s why we call her the Christmas Nazi.” Michael explained after making sure that Isabel wasn’t close to hear them.

“That’s mean. She just loves this holiday.” Adina defended her roommate.

“Obsession doesn’t equal love.” Maria countered.

“Is everything fine over here?” Isabel asked approaching the three to inspect their work. She knew with Michael and Maria the chances were low that they would get their task done.

“Everything’s fine.” The three answered together.

“Really?” Isabel asked again.

“Yes, Isabel.” Together they answered.

“Okay, then keep working. Before I forget it, Adina please put this star on top when you’re done decorating. This one looks much better than the one Liz got. Don’t switch the lights on before everybody is done with their chores.” Isabel said and walked away. Ignoring the look that Liz gave her from the other side of the room; she went over to Kyle and Tess, who were responsible for the socks.

“See, she’s a Nazi.” Michael whispered to Adina, who elbowed him in the ribs.

“You’re so mean. I think it’s adorable that she wants the perfect Christmas.” Adina defended Isabel.

“Don’t try to argue with Michael. He hates Christmas but he’s a Love Nazi that’s why he plays matchmaker for Alex and Isabel.” Maria added.

“Oh please, don’t be ridiculous. I’m sick and tired of their messed up behaviour towards each other. And them being friendly leaves us all in a state of peace.” Michael explained.

“Cute, you have a heart that seeks love.” Adina pinched Michael in the cheek.

“Shut up and put the damn star on.” Michael removed her hand.

“You’re such a cranky elf.” Adina took the star and climbed on the latter putting the star on top.

“Oh my god.” Someone cried from somewhere.
Adina tried to locate the person but couldn’t locate from where the cry came. “Have you heard that?”

“Are the Nazis coming?” Michael asked bored, hoping that soon he can be released from this Christmas crap.

“Would you stop with the Nazis shit? I meant that loud cry…It was like ‘Oh my god’.”

“That’s what Maria cried last night.” Michael replied with a smug smile on his lips.

“Talk louder, my mother didn’t hear you. She’s still out for your balls.” Maria warned her boyfriend.

“What is it with you DeLuca women wanting my balls?”

“You’re disgusting.” Maria and Adina said together.


“Philipp? Philipp, I have to talk to you.” Diane called her husband, who was in the kitchen with Hank and Charles drinking some eggnog.

“Diane, come and have a drink with us.” Charles offered her a cup.

“Charlie boy, Diane doesn’t want eggnog. She wants her man.” Hank sang.

“How drunk are you to lose all shame, again?” Philipp asked amused.

“First, I’m not drunk and secondly I lost my shame a long time ago. You should know that.” Hank replied.

“Thanks to Hilary I also know. Philipp, I need to talk to you.” Diane grabbed her husband’s arm and pulled him out of the kitchen out to a more secluded area where they could talk more privately.

“Di, what’s the matter?” Philipp requested not liking his wife’s weird behaviour. Whenever Diane behaved weird, Philipp knew trouble near. He just didn’t know if it involved him or somebody else which meant he had to clean the mess.

“Do you remember our last trip to Martha’s Vineyard three years ago?”

“Uh yeah, of course I do. It was the best time we had…and the stuff we did…” Philipp remembered the time they shared with a dreamy look.

“Focus husband and get your mind out of the gutter…for now. When we were there, you remember that we got a bit experimental with finding new ways to increase our stimulation…” Diane recalled.

“We watched porn.” Philipp interrupted.

“Yes. Now try focus on me and try to remember that movies.”

“Those aren’t movies, they’re entertainment” Philipp interrupted again Diane.

“Focus Philipp. Do you remember the really dirty one… you know the one…with the…you know…” She stammered bashfully.

“Lesbians and Gang bangs…oh yeah. I never imagined a human body could bend that way.” He remembered.

“Yeah, yeah…awesome trip and awesome nights and you need to focus. There was that blonde girl with the butterflies tattoo on her back.”

“Well, I remember that detail very vaguely. I had been focused on you. What’s the point of this?”

“What I want to tell you is that Adina seemed very familiar to us but neither you nor I can remember why she seemed familiar but she seems familiar. Very familiar like three years ago familiar…” Diane didn’t finish her sentence, letting Philipp putting the pieces together.

“Oh…oh…Oh my god. She’s the blonde. Adina is the porn girl.”

To be continued

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Re: A guy, his roomate... (AU,CC,ADULT), Part 6, 01/08/12

Post by chanks_girl » Sun Jan 08, 2012 4:42 pm

I’m sorry for the lack of updating last year. School made more trouble than I thought. Anyway, it’s after Christmas but here’s the new part. Things won’t be revealed in this part but it leads to a new situation our happy group has to face. Thanks for reading.

Keepsmiling7: Thanks for your feedback. Max has no luck. Maybe this time…we’ll see. As for Adina and her former career: she had her reasons and her past will lead to confusion and chaos among them.

Earth2Mama: Thanks for feedback. It soon will be revealed what Adina’s deal is. As for Alex being the one to break up the relationship, have patience my friend. We have to remember that they were young. Maybe Alex and Isabel didn’t expect things to take a bad turn for them when they decided to go from friends to lovers. Neither Alex or Isabel are the bad guy, they made bad decisions.

Natalie36: Thank you for your feedback.

Mary mary: Thank you for your feedback. Max just can’t catch a break.

Drogyn: thanks for your feedback. I’m glad that you enjoy the story and the characters. It took me longer than I expected to get to this story but I’m back.

Sarammlover: thank you. I don’t know what’s embarrassing, knowing that a porn actress is with you or that you got off thanks to said actress. When everything gets out, we’ll see how everyone will react.

Have fun reading.

Chapter VI: When things change…

“Don’t you think something weird is going on here?”

“What do you mean? By my observation, I say everyone’s normal…well as normal as someone can be when Ed is near.”

“Ugh don’t remind me, I just walked in on Ed, my dad and Hank. As usual Ed told them one of his dirty jokes.”

“Which one was it?”

“Why do you want to know that?”

“Uhm…uhm…well…you see if I should walk in on them and Hank is in the middle of telling this said joke, I can easily walk out without…”

“Stop talking, you’re digging yourself a very deep hole.”

“I love you.”

“You better do.”

“Don’t you love me?”

“Get back to work.”

“You do love me, right?”

“You’re so cute when you’re afraid I don’t love you.”

“I’m glad that my misery amuses you.”

“You’re cute when you pout.”

“Stop that.”

“Max, I’m just kidding.”

“I said stop that.”


“I said stop that. I have to heal my bruised ego.”

“I love you when you behave like a sissy.”

“I should be offended.”

“But you aren’t. Everyone’s decorating and doing all christmasish stuff. So the rooms are empty.”

“You’re horny and we have the room for ourselves?”


“Let’s go and I forgive you.”


“She’s watching us.”


“What ‘and’? There’s no ‘and’.”

“Oh. Then yeah…she’s watching us like a crazy, paranoid Christmas loving hawk.”

“Don’t make fun of her, she knows it and will punish you.”

“I know. Are we done here with the socks?”

“Yep. Oh…oh keep working, Isabel’s looking at us.”

“Do you think that Alex and she will make up?”

“You know my answer.”

“Saying that they need to get it in isn’t an option when both parties can’t stand to be in the same room.”

“Why does everyone think they don’t want to or can’t be in the same room? Alright, here’s my opinion about our Alex-Isabel-debacle: we don’t really know what had happened between them. One strange day, they weren’t together anymore. The reason or a simple explanation was never told. All we know is that they stopped. I don’t mean stopped loving each other but they stopped being the couple Alex and Isabel. That sucks.”

“What are they now?”

“Just Alex and Isabel. It doesn’t suit them. They belong together.”

“I think, they just need a nudge in the right direction to solve their problems. Then they’ll be fine again.”

“I don’t think a nudge will be enough…”

“Yeah, they need a major ass kick.”

“It’ll be alright. I know that.”

“I love your enthusiasm.”


She was on a mission. She would set things right. What was happening here with her family and friends was unacceptable. She still couldn’t believe it.

Diane wasn’t sure how she should tell the others. It was still hard for her to believe that a porn actress was among them. She also couldn’t believe it that Alex had brought her with him.

She still didn’t know what really happened between her daughter and Alex but if that boy was seeking revenge by dating some whore to hurt Isabel, she wouldn’t stand for it.

Diane was happy that Isabel had been with a boy like Alex. Alex was perfect for her. He was nice, well-mannered, smart, funny and much more. But what really spoke for him was that he loved Isabel. It had been obvious.

When they came together, also Diane and her husband had been happy. They knew that their daughter was in good hands. In addition, Alex was a strong upgrade in comparison to Grant.

And suddenly everything was over. There was no Alex and Isabel anymore.

Diane had to fight hard so that Philipp wouldn’t go beat the crap out of Alex - who broke their little girl’s heart.

The split.

It was unexpected.

It was sudden.

It broke her daughter’s heart again.

Until today, Isabel didn’t say anything about the break-up. Her lips were sealed. Diane tried to find out what had really happened by sending Max to his sister but Isabel remained silent. Maybe Isabel still hoped that Alex and she would get together again.

Diane stopped wanting to know. She had accepted that her daughter kept some things to herself. But Diane wasn’t the kind of mother who looked away when her child was going to get hurt.


Diane was still stunned.

The woman had seemed familiar but it had taken Diane quite some time to recognize Adina. What she was wondering about was who else knew about Adina.

She knew that Isabel shared a room with that woman. How much did her daughter know?

She had to find out.

Diane saw Max and Liz who were about to leave the cabin. Sprinting up to them, Diane called the couple.

In their hurry to get away from the parents’ cabin to their own one, Max and Liz ignored the calls. They just closed the gap to the door, Diane’s voice came also closer to them and stilled them in their final move to escape for getting some private time.

“Max honey, didn’t you hear me calling?”

Max was frustrated. Why did everybody think it was alright to stop him from some loving? Sex put him in Christmas mood. Right now he wasn’t in any Christmas mood.

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t hear you. The music is too loud.” Max lied, smiling at his mother though he didn’t feel like it. “What’s the matter? Is Isabel going bonkers again because the ornaments are ugly?”

“Please Max, don’t make fun of your sister’s love for Christmas. Hey, I bought the ornaments. Who said they’re ugly?”


“Mrs Evans, is everything alright? You look a bit troubled?” Liz asked concerned, throwing her boyfriend a dirty look. He never knew when it was time to be quiet. Neither she was happy being halted in her attempt to get sex but Liz couldn’t just scream at her boyfriend’s mother that she wanted to screw her son’s brain out.

Diane wasn’t really sure how she should approach the subject of porn, Adina, Alex and Isabel. She wasn’t even sure if she should talk to Max about it now that she had his attention.

“It’s nothing of serious matter but I’m a little concerned about the triangle that we’re encountering here. I’m wondering what’s going on between Alex and Adina.” Diane started her explanation.

“Mom, this is none of your or anyone’s business.” Max didn’t want to talk about the messed up situation between his sister, her ex-boyfriend and his roommate. He knew it would end badly, if his parents would get too nosy. He had to intervene.

“I’m not here talking to you to get information about Alex. I wanted to know if you knew how Isabel’s dealing with it. I mean, she shares a room with Adina. I can’t believe that things are going smoothly. We know Isabel and…and…I want to keep my baby safe.” Diane argued.

“Maybe that’s what makes it hard for you. Isabel isn’t a baby anymore and we can’t protect her forever. What happened then isn’t our problem anymore. So far Alex and Isabel are behaving civil. I admit, there isn’t much talking going on between them but…it works for them. As for Adina, she’s a super nice girl that tries her best to get along with everybody – especially Isabel.” Max explained, hoping his mother would see that intervening with their children’s lives wasn’t helping.

Liz saw that son and mother were in a dilemma. She understood that Diane wanted to protect and help her children but Diane also needed to understand that her children were grown-ups. There were things that parents couldn’t help with. As for Max, he wanted to assure his mother that everything was alright but he didn’t really know. Even he didn’t know what really had happened between Alex and Isabel.

“Mrs Evans, I don’t think you need to worry about Isabel. Everything is fine.” Liz reassured.

Diane looked at the young woman. She knew that Isabel and Liz were close but there was still that nagging feeling in the back of her mind. Diane wanted to believe that everything was alright. But it wasn’t that easy how it sounded. The revelation about Adina made it hard for Diane to believe that everything was alright for Isabel.

Diane was sure that her daughter could handle the other woman but she wasn’t sure how Isabel would take it if Alex would have an intimate relationship with that woman.

“Look mom, there’s nothing you need to worry about. Everything will be fine. Alex and Isabel are grown-ups. They know how to act and what they should do so that no one else will be pulled into their affairs. As for Adina, be open-minded when it comes to her. She’s a really nice person who’s spending her holidays among strangers. It’ll be alright.” Max tried to calm his mother. He didn’t know why there was a sudden interest in Adina and Alex.

For the last two years, Philipp and Diane didn’t show much interest in the boy who broke their daughter’s heart. They were mostly concerned about Isabel. She didn’t take the break up well. Isabel isolated herself from her friends and family for a whole month before she finally got herself together and emerged from her room.

Max always assumed it was around the time, the news had leaked that Alex would leave to Great Britain. From that day, Isabel had been back being Isabel.

She didn’t let anyone close. Sure, she went back to dating but it never became serious between her and the men but she enjoyed being the one having control and power over them.

She forgot Alex but Max doubted that. He knew his sister.

Now seeing how his mother was interested in Alex’ life, it made him curious. They blamed him for everything. Without knowing what really had happened and without listening to both sites, they blamed Alex.

“Mom, why there’s this sudden interest in Alex and Adina?”

Diane was surprised. She didn’t think that Max would be able to see her motives in asking him. She thought, she could get away with getting some information.

“I’m just curious. There’s no special reason. I just don’t want to see Isabel getting hurt.”

“Alright, well then I hope I could help you with whatever you wanted or needed.” Max still doubted his mother’s motive. There was something wrong. He pushed the thought aside; there was still time later to deal with it. He should ask Isabel if she knew what was going on.

While Diane and Liz talked to each other, Max saw how Kyle and Tess sneaked out through the porch door. He swore under his breath, there went his chance for some Christmas fun.

“Max, are you alright?” Liz asked her boyfriend, when she noticed his sour expression.

“Nothing, it’s nothing.”


The cold air filled his lungs. It was a shock to his system but also a welcomed wake up. He couldn’t stay longer inside. It was hard to keep his eyes off her. She was everywhere. No matter where he looked or went, she was there.

He had to leave.

He needed to breathe.


People would say too much time had passed since Alex and Isabel had seen each other, but for Alex too little time had passed. He tried to avoid her. He tried to get as much space as possible between him and her. He couldn’t be near her.

He didn’t hate her. He just couldn’t be near her.

It hurt.

Instead of exposing himself to self-pity and pain, Alex walked out. He knew that she was happy he left. He indeed was.

What was he supposed to do inside?

She didn’t even give him a Christmas chore. She couldn’t even look at him.

There he was, not knowing what to do. Everybody else was busy decorating and doing all the other Christmas stuff except him. He was on the outside.

So he decided to leave her and wanted to enjoy the cold.

He needed that feeling. The cold air cut through his lungs reminding him that he still felt.

Alex wasn’t a heartless monster but he didn’t feel sorry for what he had done. It didn’t mean that he enjoyed the break-up. It just meant that he ended things before it would have got worse for Isabel and him.

Yet, he felt sorry for the effect the break-up had on all. It wasn’t only about Isabel and him; also their friends were caught in the middle as well as their parents. Everybody was torn between two sites. He hadn’t wanted that to happen.

He just wanted to go back to the time before Isabel and he dated. Back to being friends that was what he wanted. He knew it wasn’t ever happening. Too much damage had been done.

Alex wasn’t sure if they could ever go back to where they came from.


A simple sound.

A voice he recognized everywhere.


Uncomfortable silence engulfed them; no one knew what to do or to say.

Eyes avoided contact.


He said so quiet that Isabel wasn’t sure if she really heard him speaking to her or if it was a fragment of her fantasy. Alex said something to her. In the last two days she didn’t hear a single word from him directed at her.

She admitted that avoiding contact with Alex was her number one task here but she couldn’t believe that he would go through with it as well. They barely were in the same room. During breakfast or dinner, they put so much space between them yet she always saw him.

No matter what she tried to get out of his way, he was there.

It seemed as if she wasn’t allowed to get away from him.

“Hi.” Isabel replied after getting over the shock. She shifted uncomfortably, not knowing what she should do now.

“Wanna sit down?” Alex got over himself and acted like he was supposed to. There was no need to treat her badly. He didn’t need to engross her in a conversation, but there was no need for her to leave just because he was also here.

They didn’t need to say or do anything.

They just had to sit through it. Pretending that things were alright – for now.

He just needed to know that this was going to be over soon.

What was going on? Had she stepped out into an alternate universe?

Two years. Two years they hadn’t spoken to each other. No e-mail, no letter, no message, no birthday cards had been sent.

Now he wanted to be nice. Isabel was confused and angry at the same time. Yet, she didn’t want to start a fight with him.

Slowly she approached him, thinking about the best way to sit. She didn’t want to sit too close to Alex.

“Thanks.” Isabel murmured. She was uncomfortable when she had seen him but now her discomfort reached another level.

“You’re welcome.” Alex murmured as well. He didn’t know why he had invited her along to sit with him outside.

They were alone.


He didn’t want to be alone with Isabel.

He fled to be not around her.

Uncomfortable silence settled around them. Isabel and Alex didn’t know what to do.

Isabel turned around to look at him; wanting to say something but she didn’t know what. He didn’t even attempt to notice her presence after she sat down.

Opening and closing her mouth, Isabel didn’t find the words to say something. How could she break this barrier between them that existed for two years?

Isabel couldn’t know that Alex felt the same way.

He didn’t know how to approach her. He knew what he wanted to say something but Alex didn’t know how she would react to him.

Swallowing down the lump that had formed in her throat, Isabel was about to speak to him as just in this moment Gretchen Whitman called for her.

Isabel and Alex turned to her, noticing her perplexed expression. Gretchen saw her son with his former girlfriend and it surprised her. Though she wished both were still a couple, she accepted and respected her son’s decision to end his relationship with Isabel. Now seeing them together was a shock.

“Uhm…I’m sorry to interrupt you both but we need help inside fixing up the lights.” Gretchen explained while she still couldn’t take her eyes off the couple.

“But weren’t Kyle and Tess responsible for that?” Isabel sighed annoyed. She knew that none of her friends would do one thing right.

“I think, right now Tess is making sure that Kyle’s lights are up.”

“Mom!” Alex whined.

“What? It’s true. You’re all happy to have a lodge for your own. At least these two take the chance of having some alone time.”

“I guess, there’s a little truth to that. Well, I won’t stop you from your Christmas work.” Alex stood up and walked by his mother, leaving her and Isabel on the porch.

“I’ll restrain myself from saying something like “Time will heal wounds” or any other flowery phrase but I want you to know one thing Isabel; you’re important to Alex. No matter what his behaviour might be like towards you, he still cares about you. Don’t forget this. Maybe now you still have your issues but someday things will change because you will change.” Gretchen smiled at the young woman in front of her.

“You really think that?” Isabel countered. She wasn’t a sappy romantic like Gretchen but she wanted to believe like her.

“Oh dear please…I know that. Now get up and let’s get this light problem solved. We still have that Christmas dinner to make. And God knows if Amy puts that tofu turkey on the table, I’ll lose my mind.” Gretchen shook her head as she remembered the last tofu turkey.

Isabel chuckled knowing how the woman felt. Everyone hoped that Amy would supress her desire to cook the fake bird. She stood up and braced herself for the mayhem that would meet her inside.


It took them more than an hour to get the lights on. As Isabel followed Gretchen almost none of the adults dared to tell the young woman that Tess and Kyle hadn’t done anything.

The light chains were still entangled; then they had to change the majority of the bulbs until it was finally time to hang up the lights.

Isabel was beyond angry. She was approaching a new level of being angry when she saw Kyle and Tess entering the living-room. Due to their lack of understanding the preparation for the perfect Christmas, Isabel lost one hour of planning. Her plan was scheduled to click like clockwork. Everyone had to follow her plan.

Kyle and Tess were afraid for their lives when Isabel was being in full Christmas Nazi mood. First she screamed at them; then she threatened them to do them bodily harm if they ever dared to endanger her Christmas again.

Unfortunately for Kyle and Tess, Isabel wasn’t the only Evans who wanted to give them a piece of mind. Max found the perfect opportunity to let out steam when Kyle and Tess were finally alone. While Diane thought Max knew enough about his sister’s love life, Kyle and Tess used the opportunity to sneak off and use the bedroom for their own private Christmas party. They didn’t care that Max and Liz were left horny and angry.

Max’ rant was interrupted by his sister when she angrily yelled at him that he should leave the couple alone so they could help finishing the decorations.

While everyone was busy running around and fulfilling Isabel’s demands, Alex stayed out of that circus. He watched Adina.

She was adjusting well to the new environment. He had hoped that getting in touch with his friends wouldn’t be a problem for her. It was in her nature to be nice and open towards strangers.

Even for him it had been a surprise and shock that Adina joined up with Isabel. True, he had told Adina his reasons for breaking up with Isabel and she understood his position. But until today Isabel didn’t know the reasons and that angered Adina.

Alex knew he made a lot of mistakes when it had come to handling his relationship with Isabel. There was nothing he could do to change it now.

He tried to behave normal when Isabel was near him but every time those feelings were squashed when the memories came back.


Isabel knew that Alex was watching her.

She was still confused about their encounter outside on the porch. She didn’t know what it meant. Too much time had passed.

She tried to ignore his presence. It was hard not to steal glances at him. She wanted to know what he thought while he watched her. It had always been easy to read Alex.

Alex was watching.

Isabel knew he did. She felt him.

Isabel could call him over to help the others. It would be like back then when they had spent together Christmas in Roswell.

But it wasn’t anymore like back then. It had all changed.

Isabel ignored him and the memories. She didn’t need him watching her and making her feel weird. She was fine without him. She didn’t need him to ruin her Christmas. Everything was going to be perfect. With or without him, she would have a perfect Christmas.


Isabel admired the room.

The room looked amazing.

It was perfect.

That’s what she needed: perfection.

It made it all easier.

She was kidding herself when she thought she could ignore Alex.

It wasn’t possible.

She watched him talking and laughing with Maria.

And she felt the jealousy building up. She wanted that Maria stopped talking to Alex. She should stop laughing with him and touching his arm. It only should be her with Alex not anybody else.

Suppressing her jealousy, Isabel walked into the kitchen seeing if she could help there. She only wanted to get her mind off.

Two damn years, she lived happily without thinking about him and without talking about him. She knew everyone avoided saying his name when she was near. She knew that everyone thought they had to walk on eggshells around her as if she would break down any second.

She didn’t want them to think that she was weak. She was dealing with the situation at hand and that was it. Isabel doubted that things would change between Alex and her.

Walking back, Isabel examined every detail of the decoration. Her attention was fixed on the decoration and on her conversations with the others. Isabel hoped that when she extended her examination, Alex would leave.
Unfortunately for her due to her lack of paying attention to the things that went on around her, Isabel found herself under the mistletoe with Alex.

“Oh now you two have to kiss.” Amy exclaimed happily, right now not realizing what was about to happen.

When Isabel heard Amy, her eyes widened and all colour left her face. She didn’t know what was worse that she had been inattentively or that everyone else’s eyes were on her. She heard Alex clearing his throat. Slowly she turned her head, coming face to face with him, and right now she wished the ground would swallow her.

She saw hurt in his eyes.

“Uhm…Amy...I…I…we shouldn’t push the matter.” Jim nudged his wife, giving her the hint to be quiet. As the others, Jim and Amy knew about the delicate situation between Alex and Isabel. In comparison to Jim, Amy had too much eggnog and her judgement went straight out the window. She was looking for Christmas harmony.

“But it’s tradition. It’s Christmas and kissing under the mistletoe is a tradition. It’s a Christmas tradition.” Amy reasoned, still not understanding where the problem was.

“She got it right.” Ed chimed in, holding up his glass toasting to Alex and Isabel.

“Mom, don’t say anything. We won’t force traditions on anyone.” Maria intervened.

She exchanged nervous looks with Tess and Liz. They planned to get Alex and Isabel together but having a mistletoe intervening with their plan wasn’t planned.

Gretchen watched her son. She couldn’t read his expression but she knew that something was wrong. Alex looked angry while Isabel looked frightened.

While the parents and their friends tried to solve the situation, Alex and Isabel ignored everything that was around them. Isabel didn’t know what to do. His look said enough.

And then he said the words, Isabel never thought to hear.

“There’s nothing going to happen in any kind like this between her and me.” Alex stated with a stern voice.

To be continued