Enslavement (SERIES, AU, CC, ADULT) 1/1, 11th of Jan 10

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Enslavement (SERIES, AU, CC, ADULT) 1/1, 11th of Jan 10

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Round Thirteen RF Awards

Slave Series

Best Fluff Fic(s)

Best Series

Title: Enslavement

Author: Alison

Genre: CC

Summary: It’s the silly season for the Slave Series bunch. Let’s see how their relationships have progressed in the last couple of months.

Rating: Adult, mainly for salty language and some sexual situations.

Disclaimer: The characters of "Roswell" belong to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, WB, and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement is intended.

A/N: This is the holiday instalment of The Slave Series. I never planned to do a holidays instalment, but I had an idea for it and... here we go. I know I’m a bit late for the holiday season, but what the heck. A story is a story and hopefully you’ll enjoy it despite the season being over. By the way, there’s no real plot.

The Series in Order:
Enslaved (Candy)
Slaving Away (Stargazer)
Enslave Me (Dreamer)
Slavery (Lamptrimmer)
Enslavement (CC)
25th of December – Christmas Morning
Christmas for the Evans family was going to be a large event this year.

Not only were their children bringing their significant others home for the holidays, they were also housing Michael and Maria and their friends Tess and Kyle. Michael and Maria had both long been established as extended family due to their long friendships with their children and Tess and Kyle had been extended the invitation once Diane had learnt that neither of them would be spending Christmas with their families due to Tess’s parents sucking and Kyle’s father having to go away on business. Luckily for them The Evans’ were loaded and their house was huge enough to provide all the couples with separate bedrooms.

The additions to their Christmas celebrations had in turn had made Isabel even more excited for Christmas. More people meant more presents and Isabel loved getting presents. Which is why she was up at such an ungodly hour, creeping towards Max’s room. It was morning and that meant that it was time for presents.

“Hey ho, fuckers!” cried Isabel as she launched herself in between Liz and Max who had up until that moment been sleeping peacefully.

“Isabel!” screeched Liz, scrambling to pull the covers up even further. “What are you doing?”

“It’s fucking Christmas. So get up, get dressed and give me some presents.”

“Isabel,” chastised Max looking sadly disappointed, but not surprised. “It may have escaped your notice, but we’re naked under here.”

“It hadn’t escaped my notice,” Isabel informed them as she lay back, snatching Max’s pillow out from underneath his head and settling it underneath her own as she lay down. “But I’ve seen you both nude, so it’s no biggie.”

“What? When?” asked Max, looking at his sister completely aghast.

“I snuck a peek at Liz while we were in the showers one day. And you and I, dearest dipshit, took baths together when we were younger.”

Deciding to ignore the fact that his sister had been a peeping Tom towards his girlfriend, Max tackled the inherent flaw in her logic regarding him. “Isabel, we were like four years old, things have kinda changed since then.”

“Can’t imagine that that much has changed,” said Isabel with a self amused grin, turning to Liz. “Amiright? Amiright? I’m totally right.”

Max shook his head sadly as Liz grimaced, deciding to tackle the issue of her boyfriend’s sister inappropriateness so that he didn’t have to. He’d been dealing with it all his life, he deserved a little break now and then. “Isabel, can you stop making comments about the size of my boyfriend’s penis and get out of here?”

“Why, so you can knob my brother while I wait out in the other room for ages dying of lackofpresentsitis? I don’t think so.”

Liz groaned and slapped a hand over her eyes as she struggled to contain her frustration. “Isabel, if I wanna have sex with your brother, then that’s what I’ll do. I’m not going to get out of bed just to satisfy your greed.”

Isabel shot Liz an impressed look. “A repeat performance in the morning? You’ve turned into quite the little ‘ho ho ho’, Liz Parker. Did you like that? Just a little Christmas pun I made up just then.”

“Oh yeah,” Liz snapped sarcastically. “They should put that one in the bon bons.”

Kissing Liz soundly on the lips, Isabel sprung from the bed and winked at them both. “I know, it’s epic. Now get up, I want some fucking presents.”

“Why must she always kiss me?” Liz asked once Isabel had left the room, not particularly expecting an answer.

“Because she knows it makes you uncomfortable,” Max suggested, grabbing his pyjama pants up off of the floor, hesitating before he put them on. “You know what would really annoy her? If we actually did conduct a repeat performance.”

“And have her walk in on the middle of that? No way,” Liz scoffed.

“I’m not getting up,” Max declared resolutely. Despite Liz’s reluctance to make his time in bed more enjoyable, he still didn’t want to leave it. “I refuse to pander to her.”

Liz shook her head and reached over onto the floor to grab her discarded nightie that hadn’t lasted very long the previous night before it had been taken off. “Well, I’m at least getting dressed. I feel very vulnerable naked around her. I think one day she’s going to rape me. And where is Alex, by the way? He should be keeping his woman under control so that the normal folk can have a break from her.”

“She probably waited till he got in the shower before she came in and jumped on us. She has a knack for saving the really inappropriate stuff for when Alex isn’t around.”

Liz grimaced in frustration. “She knows he wouldn’t approve and for some reason she seems to want his good opinion. I wish she wanted mine, the things I could her to stop doing...”

“Wouldn’t that be sweet?” Max mused, a wishful smile crossing his lips. “Unfortunately for us, Alex seems to only want to mildly temper her down.”

“I’m going to have a chat with that boy, he needs to exert more influence. Drastically.”
Charging into the next bedroom, Isabel came to a dead halt at the sight that welcomed her. Someone was getting their stocking stuffed this morning. And while that was well and good on a normal day, today was Christmas and their boning was getting in the way of her getting presents. And that was unacceptable.

Approaching the bed, she frowned when they didn’t notice her presence. She was going to have to take drastic measures.

“Kyle, your angle is all wrong. You know, you have pretty bad technique for an ex manwhore.”

“Tess doesn’t seem to mind,” Kyle grunted, not bothering to stop or show his surprise. He’d show her who had bad technique.

“Kyle!” squealed Tess, shoving him off of her. “I am not having sex with you while Isabel is in the room!”

Tess made a wild grab for the sheets, pulling them up over her exposed body in the hopes that Isabel hadn’t seen much. Judging from the knowing grin on Isabel’s face, she’d seen everything.

“Why not?” demanded Isabel, feeling insulted. “I’d do the same for you.”

“You are revolting,” sighed Tess, running a hand down her face in saddened exasperation. “And you would not. Alex wouldn’t stand for it.”

Isabel gave her a co-conspirator’s wink. “He would if I tied him up and blindfolded him. Then you could creep into the room and have a sneaky fiddle of yourself while I went to town.”

Kyle burst into raucous laughter, which earned him a glare from Tess. He was supposed to be on her side.

“Kyle, might I remind you that you’re not meant to laugh at Isabel? It only encourages her.”

Kyle shrugged, nonplussed. “Babe, I like encouraging her. I never know what she’s going to do next.”

Tess’s eyes narrowed even further as she glared at her boyfriend. “You shouldn’t be on her side! Her coming in here gave you blue balls, remember?”

Kyle shook his head in denial. “No, that was your fault. She and I were all for continuing, if you’ll remember.”

Isabel gave Tess a reassuring smile. “I could have given him some really good tips if you’d kept going.”

Tess shot Isabel a look of disturbed contempt. “Oh. My. God. Is there no end to the disgustingness of you?”

“Well excuuuuuuuse me for caring about your sex life. You two just continue on with your average sex, I’ll be outside waiting for some fucking presents.” Storming out dramatically, Isabel smiled to herself. Tess was so much fun to rile up.

“Were we really having average sex?” Kyle queried softly, not quite sure he wanted to know the answer to that question.

“No,” sighed Tess, taking his head between her hands and kissing him on the forehead. He looked so cute and boyish when he was vulnerable. “We were having amazing sex. Isabel’s just a crazy bitch.”

“I can’t disagree with that,” Kyle laughed. “So... wanna finish what we started?”

Tess glared at Kyle, shooting down his hopes for the continuation of their morning rumpy pumpy. “No. A world of no. Isabel’s going to come back in here in about five minutes and she is not seeing me nude twice in one morning.”

“Bummer,” Kyle sighed.

“Come on fuckers,” Isabel called as she reappeared in the doorway. “It’s Christmas time!”

To demonstrate her point, Isabel picked up one of the many fake reindeer littering the hallways, stuck it between her legs and pretended to ride it. “Hey ho, Rudolph! Charge!”

Taking off down the hallway, Isabel left both Kyle and Tess in stunned silence.

“I have never seen Isabel act like that,” Kyle said after a long moment, not quite believing what he’d just seen the renowned ice princess do.

“It’s Christmas time,” Tess explained with a shrug, gathering up her pyjamas before Isabel decided to come back and do something even more horrific while she was naked. “Christmas really brings out the child in her. I think it’s her inherent greediness that gets her so excited. She gets a real boner about the idea of presents.”

“You know what I get a boner for?” Kyle asked, pulling her closer. “You.”

Rolling her eyes, Tess pushed Kyle away. “We’re not gunna finish having sex this morning, Kyle.”

Michael snapped awake to the sound of his girlfriend’s deafening scream and something else he really hadn’t expected to hear or see that morning.

What he saw was Isabel, straddling his girlfriend as she bounced up and down rhythmically, moaning the entire time.

“Oh! Maria! Oh yeah! Do me, baby!”

“What the fuck?” asked Michael, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. This had to be either the weirdest or best sex dream he’d ever had. His girlfriend and her hot best friend? Totally pushed it into the best category. But the fact that Maria was screaming like she was being assaulted and that they were both clothed pushed it back into the weirdest category.

“Oh yeah! Baby! Get up, it’s Christmas time! Oh yeah! Fuck me!” Isabel panted.

“Isabel! Get the fuck off!” Maria’s attempts to push Isabel off were largely in vain.

“Ugh, oh Maria, just like that! Ooh. It’s Christmas! Ugh! Oh! Time to get up and give Isabel presents! Oh god, yes!”

“Looks like she’s already giving you one, Isabel,” cackled Michael, amused by his own joke.

“Michael!” Maria screeched. “Don’t just lie there! Get her off of me!”

“I don’t want to interfere with true love, Maria,” Michael told her, rolling onto his side and supporting his head with his hand. He wanted to get the best possible view of the proceedings.

“Presents! Ooh yeah! Presents! Oh god! Presents for Isabel! Ugh! Ooh baby!” Running her hands through her hair, Isabel then leant forward and groped Maria’s boobs.

Maria couldn’t take anymore. “Oh for fuck’s sake! Get off! I’ll fucking get up, just get off!”

“I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a boner,” laughed Michael as Isabel rolled off his girlfriend and stood beside their bed.

“Me too!” exclaimed Isabel, shoving her hand down her pants, unzipping her fly a little and sticking her index finger through. She waggled it around a little and said, “Wee!” before skipping from the room.

“The Christmas Spaz strikes again,” Maria groaned once she was sure that Isabel was out of earshot.

“Dear God, every Christmas she gets worse and worse,” Michael grunted sadly.

Maria sighed pensively, her mind taking her back to less disturbing days. “Do you remember that Christmas in freshman year of high school when we thought she couldn’t possibly get any worse?”

Michael nodded. “And then she proved us wrong by getting progressively worse every year since then?”

“Yeah. I miss those days. We were so naive.”
“Alex!” Isabel cried, wrapping her arms around him, then wrinkling her nose in distaste. “You’re wet.”

“I have just been in the shower, Isabel,” Alex replied, gesturing to his half naked form. “Thus the towel.”

“Ok, well get dry quickly. It’s presents time.”

“Is everyone else up yet?” Alex queried, pulling on his jeans.

“They are now,” Isabel grinned mischievously.

Alex eyed her warily as he threw off the towel and grabbed a shirt. “What did you do?”

Isabel shrugged innocently as she sat down on the bed. “I may have jumped on a couple of them...”

“Why do I get the feeling that there’s more to this story that you’re not telling me?”

Isabel’s answer came slowly and reluctantly. “I may have interrupted some Christmas morning hanky panky...”

“Please tell me it wasn’t Max and Liz,” Alex begged, looking aghast.

Isabel shrugged. “Nah, Kyle and Tess.”

“Thank God,” Alex sighed, a look of relief on his face.

Isabel looked at him quizzically. “Why is that better?”

“You’re not related to either Kyle or Tess,” Alex answered slowly, wondering why that answer wasn’t apparent to her.

Isabel smiled at him with a look of realisation. “Oh yeah... I suppose I should be more worried about that.”

“I really think that’d be a good idea.”

“I guess,” she said in a unconvinced tone, before her face brightened once more. “I can’t wait till you see what I bought you for Christmas.”

“I don’t need a gift,” he told her, grasping her arm and pulling her up into his embrace. “You’re my gift.”

Isabel’s eyes softened and her heart thumped in her chest at his tender words. “Alex, you’re such a pussy.”

“Love you too, Iz.”
Isabel smiled broadly as the three sets of couples trudged dutifully into the dining room where the Christmas tree stood proudly, meeting all her requirements. She had decorated it herself and had really outdone herself this time.

Max scowled at the look of satisfaction on his sister’s face and wished that he had stayed in bed just to spite her. But he knew that Isabel would open presents without him, and he wanted to be a part of it. He especially wanted to be there when Liz opened the present he’d gotten her. He hoped she’d love it, but he couldn’t be sure.

Isabel beamed at all of them, the spirit of the season leaving her in a state of elation. “Presents time, you filthy whores!”

“Isabel,” Phillip admonished. “Language.”

Isabel grimaced and rolled her eyes. “Sorry Pops. Presents time, you unclean women of loose morals who are paid for their sexual services.”

“Much better,” grinned Phillip. “Now one of you filthy whores go get me a present from under the tree.”

“Phillip!” cried Diane, unable to keep the smile from her face as she chastised her husband. “And you wonder where she gets it from.”

“I’ve never wondered,” Phillip rebutted. “She got her foul mouth from your side of the family. Ah, thank you, princess.”

“It’s from me,” Isabel told him with a grin as he studied the carefully wrapped gift. “Open it! Open it!”

As Isabel gloated over her gift giving skills, Michael rolled his eyes and brought his hand up to his head in the shape of a gun and pretended to shoot himself in the head. Isabel turned and gave a famous Isabel glare as her friends laughed at a joke she was certain was about her.

Despite Isabel’s overbearing presence, the couples managed to enjoy their exchanging of gifts. Liz gave Max a subscription to Wheels Magazine and a book on battleships. While Max’s interest in cars or war ships wasn’t something Liz could get into, she figured it was a better hobby than others he could have. Plus he was so cute when he got excited about them and his reaction to her present didn’t disappoint either. Though the fact that he’d gotten her an Amazon Kindle made her feel a little cheap in her gift giving, but he didn’t seem to mind. It was the thought that counted after all, and given that his previous girlfriend had tried to squash these interests, she figured he’d be pleased with her support of them.

Tess and Kyle were similarly pleased with each other’s gifts. Kyle had gone with some sexy lingerie as a semi gift to himself, but he had also provided her with the fourth season of The Office on DVD. And while Kyle wasn’t too sure about his festively red thong with matching bow tie, he sure as shit loved the PS3 Ghostbusters game she’d given him.

Isabel had given Alex something that he had gasped and swiftly hidden from view once he’d opened it, but the small, bewildered smile on his face let everyone know that he wasn’t as appalled by it as he appeared to be. Though he still couldn’t figure out how she could bear to let him open that present in front of her parents.

“It’s a scrap book,” Isabel said as she opened her present from Alex.

Moving closer to her on the couch, Alex smiled as she opened it up to the first page. “It’s a scrap book about our time together. I only filled a third of the book so that we could add more to it later on.”

“I’m so glad one of us is the girl in this relationship,” Isabel laughed as she leafed through the pages. “Oh my God! The Magic Schoolbus! You put the Frizz in there!”

“I know how much you love her,” Alex smiled, receiving a kiss from Isabel with profound relief. She seemed to be enjoying her present so far, and he knew he’d only had about a fifty percent chance that she’d like it, so this was very good news for him.

“Alex, this is so cool.” Isabel stopped her skimming when something flashed in the light at her. Pausing, she lifted the shiny object off the page to discover a silver necklace with a diamond snowflake pendant. She then read what was written on the page.

To my Ice Princess,

You’re one of a kind, don’t ever change. Merry Christmas.

All my love,


“Oh Alex,” She cried, throwing her arms around his neck. “You’re such a wussy vagina.”

“That’s me,” he agreed, loving the sparkle in her eyes. She had loved his gift; he could see it written on her face.

As Isabel put on her necklace, more gifts were exchanged, leaving only a few left under the Christmas tree.

“Guess! Guess what it is!” Isabel demanded for the fiftieth time that morning. The only thing Isabel loved more than receiving presents was giving them. She loved seeing the look of joy and surprise on people’s faces when they opened her well thought out gift.

Michael studied the rectangular box carefully and gave it a testing shake next to his ear. “Is it... a pot plant?”

Isabel rolled her eyes at him. “No.”

“Well I’m all out of ideas then.”

Isabel gave grunt of annoyance. “Just open it, would you?”

“Alright,” Michael said with a shrug, ripping apart the wrapping paper.

Isabel gave an affronted cry when she saw him demolish what had been a painstaking process for her. “You bastard! You do this every year!”

“Do what?” Michael asked as innocently as she could.

Isabel gestured to the devastation before him. “You just tear my wrapping to shreds. There is a process to unwrapping presents. You unlatch all the sticky tape first and attempt not to rip the paper. Then you peel the paper back and voila! Both the present and the paper in perfect condition.”

Michael coked a querying eyebrow at her. “Why would you want the paper in perfect condition? Are you going to reuse it next year?”

“Eww! Don’t be revolting. That’s like reusing toilet paper.”

Michael paused in contemplation for a second. “I don’t think I’d mind doing that. Depends what you used it for to begin with. Number one or number two?”

“Michael,” Isabel said sharply. “You’re ruining Christmas.”

“Oh yeah,” Michael agreed sarcastically. “I’m the problem here.”

“Max,” Isabel sighed as she passed him a present that she had wrapped with care and precision. “Show him how it’s done.”

Max sighed in resignation and began to carefully undo his present, saddened that his girlfriend was going to see him kowtow to his sister on the matter.

“Pussy,” coughed Michael, but Max simply shrugged in response.

“There was this one Christmas that involved a nasty incident with my nuts and Isabel’s high heel shoe. I value my scrotum more than the passing enjoyment of pissing her off.”

“And that is why you are smarter than Michael,” Isabel told Max with a smile.

Michael shot them both a lofty look of superiority. “If I was such a dumbass, could I have gotten my girlfriend such a kick ass present?”

“That remains to be seen, Michael,” Maria reminded him.

“Prepare to have your mind blown,” Michael told her proudly as he handed her her haphazardly wrapped present.

Isabel groaned in disgust when she saw it. “It looks like some disabled kid wrapped it and then our dog humped it.”

“A disabled kid? That’s not very PC, Isabel,” Alex told her quietly, quelling what would have been an unstoppable tirade about the shoddiness of Michael’s wrapping and his total lack of skill.

Tearing it open, Maria gasped at the contents. “I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it! Thank you!”

“What’d you get her?” Max asked, unable to see what the box said.

Michael grinned smugly, smirking at Isabel as she answered Max’s question. “A PSP. My woman digs video games and it’s the sexiest thing ever.”

“Merry Christmas, Michael,” Maria told him as she handed him the present she’d wrapped hurriedly the night before.

“Merry Christmas to you too, Ma - Holy shit!” Michael cried out as he opened it. “Infamous? Oh man, I have wanted this game for ages! Baby, you are the absolute best.”

“Don’t know why I gave him that,” Maria sighed as Michael kissed her hurriedly and then ran from the room towards the PS3. “Now he’s going to be spending the rest of our Winter break playing that thing and ignoring me.”

“The things we do for love, hey?” Liz commented, rolling her eyes at her boyfriend’s absorption in what she considered to be the most boring book on the most boring subject on the planet.

“But it’s cool,” Maria grinned. “The Playstation Portable and I will become well acquainted.”
“Oh yeah, Santa went down that chimney this morning,” smirked Kyle as they waited in the dining room for Christmas lunch to be served. Michael had been forced from the Living Room and away from his game by Maria and was annoyed that lunch hadn’t even been served yet. He’d stopped playing just so that he could sit around and wait? Michael didn’t appreciate that at all.

“Did you just call your penis, Santa?” Michael asked, trying to contain his laughter.

Kyle blinked, the quickly backtracked. “Wait... what? No, I mean I was Santa in this scenario.”

Alex’s brow puckered in confusion. “And Tess is the chimney?”

“No! Her vagina’s the chimney!”

“So Tess is the house?” Max asked, enjoying the look of disgruntled confusion on Kyle’s face.

“I...” Kyle was at a loss as to how to redeem his analogy.

Alex gave him a querying look. “So what you’re saying is that Santa had sex with a house this morning?”

“I give up,” declared Kyle, throwing his hands up in the air dramatically.

Michael bit his tongue to keep from laughing. “Who else has a nasty visual of Santa sticking his dick in a chimney? Raise your hand.”

When three hands raised themselves in the air, Kyle spat out, “Ok, so it wasn’t the best analogy. Jesus, who made you guys the metaphor police?”

“Town mayor,” replied Alex. “We had a nice induction ceremony. The catering was awesome.”

“Really great sandwiches,” agreed Michael.

“There were sandwiches?” asked Kyle, sounding a little put out. “How come I wasn’t invited?”

Max rolled his eyes at him. “You’re our worst metaphor offender, Kyle! That’s like inviting a drug lord to the opening of a new drug squad.”

“I’ll invite you to my opening,” Kyle grinned, enjoying the groans of discomfort coming from his friends. He’d never been best friends with them, but their girlfriends had certainly given them a close bond in the months since the Slave Auction.

Michael snorted and took a sip of his beer. “I bet you would too, Valenti, you slut.”

Ex slut, thank you very much,” interrupted Tess as she entered the room, perching herself in Kyle’s lap.

Kyle grinned down at his festive girlfriend. She looked so cute with her Santa hat on. “Thanks for defending my honour, babe.”

“Should we help out?” asked Alex, looking towards the kitchen where his girlfriend and her mother were slaving away in the kitchen.

“I wouldn’t,” said Tess, shaking her head. “I just got sent out for being incompetent. I’m guessing Maria and Liz won’t be far off. Diane’s lovely, but apparently not when it comes to things like this.”

“Watch this,” said Max, turning towards the kitchen. “Hey Mom, can we help out in any way?”

“Don’t patronise me!” was the answering yell, which made Max snicker.

“Okay then,” Max replied cheerfully.

Just then the doorbell rang repeatedly, the person pressing the buzzer having decided to press it to the beat of Sexyback. Maria gratefully fled from the kitchen, recognising the buzzer presser’s idiosyncrasies. “I’ll get it, it’s just Mom.”

Having greeted her daughter, Amy swept into the hallway were Michael was waiting resignedly and threw open her arms.

“Michael Guerin, it has been too long!” she cried as she smothered him with a hug. “You should come over for dinner more often. Or we could go out to dinner. I’ve got a boyfriend now and we could double date. You and Maria and me and my Horace.”

“That sounds...” Michael trailed off, unable to think of a suitable word.

“Disturbing,” Maria said, finishing off her boyfriend’s sentence for him. “No, Mom. Just... no.”

“You’re such a stick in the mud, Maria, I don’t know where I went wrong,” lamented Amy, before launching herself on Diane who had just appeared behind them. “Diane, you look even lovelier every time I see you!”

“And while she’s distracted, we run,” whispered Maria, grabbing Michael’s hand and towing him back into the dining room.

“Oh good God,” moaned Michael. “A new boyfriend?”

“Yeah. She got him a few weeks ago and I have a feeling that “my Horace” is going to be a large topic of conversation today.”

“Hooray for us,” Michael muttered.

Maria raised her eyebrows as Diane sent Liz an approving smile.

“How did you get the Kitchen Nazi to smile?” she whispered once Diane had retreated back into the kitchen.

“I managed to make gravy without lumps. I think I’ve been raised up to real potential daughter in law status,” Liz whispered back giddily.

Maria gave her the double thumbs up and a wide grin before she retreated back into the kitchen to help serve.
Christmas lunch was a leisurely affair. The guys ate more than anyone thought was humanly possible, Amy disturbed everyone with tales of Horace, Phillip cracked appalling jokes and Diane morphed back into her usual self once the food had been served.

After they’d finished their meals, the gang retreated into the living room where Liz promptly fell asleep with her head in Max’s lap on the couch, while he read his book that she’d given him. Maria powered up her PSP and Isabel began making additions to her scrap book while the rest of the guys and Tess watched Michael play his game badly.

The doorbell sounded and Isabel sprang from her seat on the couch. “I’ll get it!”

“Thanks princess,” Phillip called back from his bedroom where he was recuperating from all the food indulged in.

“Deck the halls with boughs of Holly, fa la la la la la la la la! Isabel’s here to make you jolly, fa la la la la la la la la!” sang Isabel as she skipped to the door.

“Oh,” said Isabel, a somewhat stunned look on her face as she took in the two guys standing on her doorstep. “Brett. Daniel. What’s up?”

“Nothing much,” grinned Brett. “Just wondering when you’re coming over to spread some of that famous Christmas cheer of yours...”

“Oh riiiiiiiiiight,” smiled Isabel, looking between the both of them. “Because I usually have sex with you guys on Christmas day.”

“It is kind of a tradition,” agreed Daniel, looking her up and down with an appreciative gaze. Isabel Evans certainly was something. He’d had many, many other girls in the past, but none had been quite so gorgeous and as amazing in bed as her.

“Sorry. Change of plans,” Isabel told them bluntly, her smile unchanging. “Got a boyfriend.”

Both boys looked at each other in confusion before Brett asked the question that was foremost on their minds. “You? A boyfriend? Has hell frozen over?”

“That’s what I said when we first hooked up!” Isabel told them, laughing loudly before coming to an abrupt halt, her infamous bitch face coming back out to play. “Anyway, things are going really well between us, so if you could fuck off now, that’d be great.”

“Izzy, who’s at the door?” called Alex from the living room where he was trying to become engrossed in Michael’s game, but couldn’t really find the energy.

“No one,” she chirped, shutting the door in their faces and skipping back to him.

“Ok,” he said, pulling her into his arms and kissing the side of her head as they both settled in to watch Michael’s game.

“Did I miss anything vital?” Isabel asked.

Alex shook his head. “Nah, it’s just Michael getting his ass handed to him mostly.”

“Lies,” grunted Michael, not looking away from the screen.

“Shit! Michael! Get the reaper behind you!” Kyle yelled.

“Where?” demanded Michael, spinning around trying to find where the bullets where coming from as he dealt with two more reapers in front of him.

“Behind you!”

“I can’t see him!”

“What are you? Blind?” Kyle winced as Michael died. “Dude, you suck.”

“You’re a backseat fucking gamer, Kyle and it is not appreciated.”

“Just trying to help, dude,” Kyle replied defensively, holding up his hands.

Michael grit his teeth and then turned his attention back on the game. Unfortunately for him, the power went out three seconds later, leaving him blinking owlishly at the blank screen.

“What just happened?” Michael asked, looking around at his friends.

Max caught a glimpse at the digital radio and noticed that it was dead too. “Looks like a power outage.”

“Ooh, maybe it’s because of a snowstorm...” suggested Tess, earning her derisive looks from everyone who was awake.

“Babe, we’re in New Mexico,” Kyle told her sadly.

“Yeah, well... I can dream.”

Kyle raised one eyebrow at her. “You dream about snowstorms? Babe, we gotta have a talk about your wasting valuable dream time.”

“What should I be dreaming about, Kyle?” Tess asked him with a roll of her eyes, knowing exactly what was to come.

“You. Me. A bed. Preferably nude.”

“Sounds more like a nightmare to me,” muttered Michael, still pissed off that the power had gone out. He had just started to get the hang of it too.

“I don’t exactly get all hot and sweaty thinking about your nude bod either, Guerin,” Kyle remarked. “Who invited you into this conversation anyway?”

“Tess did.”

“I didn’t hear anything.”

“She appealed to me silently with her eyes.”

“Is that true, Tess?” Kyle asked her as seriously as he could. “Did you appeal to him silently with your eyes?”

“Remember when we thought it would be cool if our boyfriends were all friends?” Tess asked, looking alternately at Isabel, Maria and Liz who had just woken up. “What a dumb idea, huh?”

“The dumbest,” Liz yawned, rubbing at her eyes. Max smiled down at her and took the opportunity to stroke some hair from her face.

“So now the power's out,” Michael sighed. “What did people do before electricity to entertain themselves?”

Maria pursed her lips. “Read, play games, talk to other people...”

“Terrible ideas,” Michael told her.

“Masturbate,” Kyle suggested.

“I like that idea.”

“You would, you sex fiend,” Maria replied, trying to hide the smile on her face.

Michael grinned suggestively at her. “But you know what’s even better than masturbation?”

“Keep it in your pants until later tonight,” Maria told him as he moved closer to her on the couch.

A thought flashed through Isabel’s mind that she just had to voice. “Hey, if we all have sex tonight that’d be 8 people in this house having sex. That’s an orgy.”

“Well I’m never having sex ever again after that comment. I’m traumatised,” Liz declared.

“More like ten people,” Kyle said. “I saw the way Phillip was looking at Diane this afternoon...”

“Oh Christ,” Max said, hauling his girlfriend up into a sitting position so that he bury his face into her neck and pretend that the conversation wasn’t happening.

Isabel merely laughed in response.

“Powers out all over town,” Diane told them as she popped her head into the living room. “Turns out that one of the power stations caught fire, so it won’t be back on for a while. You guys have fun, your father and I are going to have a nap.”

“Great,” sighed Michael, relinquishing the controller with resignation. “Sex is out, so what do we do?”

“Let’s host a slave day for charity,” Tess suggested.

“I think you might have stolen that idea from somewhere,” Liz replied lightly.

“Monopoly?” suggested Alex.

Max shook his head. “Let’s just rule out board games all together. Michael’s a sore loser.”

“Hey!” objected Michael. “I’m just competitive.”

“He’s also a painful winner,” said Isabel, ignoring Michael’s look of indignation.

“You know, Amy’s gone home and Mom and Dad are having a nap... sex doesn’t necessarily have to be out,” ventured Max, an awkward silence following his comment.

“Race you,” said Isabel after a moment, leaping from the couch, closely followed by Alex.

“I am not being outdone by Alex Whitman,” Kyle declared, swinging a laughing Tess over his shoulder.

“Come on, Monkey Man,” ordered Maria, getting up from the couch, much to the astonished delight of Michael. “We may as well.”

“Coolest girlfriend ever!” cried Michael, grabbing her hand and practically towing her up the stairs, leaving Liz and Max alone in the living room.

“Guess it’s just you and me now, huh?” Liz remarked with a sultry look in her eyes.

“Wanna be really naughty?” Max asked her as he lay her down on the couch, covering her body with his.


“Let’s christen the couch,” he suggested, nipping at her neck.

“But anyone could come in,” she whispered, not moving to push him off of her.

He grinned wickedly at her. “I know, let’s spice things up.”

Drawing his head down for a steamy kiss, Liz gave her wordless consent.
With five couples engaging in carnal pleasures at the same time, Christmas truly was the Season of Joy in the Evans’ Household that year.
The End.
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