Enslave Me (SERIES, AU, M/L, ADULT) 1/1, 1st of October 09

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Enslave Me (SERIES, AU, M/L, ADULT) 1/1, 1st of October 09

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Round Thirteen RF Awards

Slave Series

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Title: Enslave Me

Author: Alison

Genre: M/L

Summary: Liz has always had a crush on Max, after helping him by buying him in the slave for a day auction, will she finally get what she wants?

Rating: Adult

Disclaimer: The characters of "Roswell" belong to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, WB, and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement is intended.

A/N: This is part of series that I like to call, ‘The Slave Series’. The first one is the candy one called Enslaved and the second one is gazer called Slaving Away. You probably don’t have to read them to make sense of this one, but I’d recommend it. I wasn’t going to do any companion pieces to the original, but when I wrote I found that I was really intrigued by the supporting characters. So much so that I wanted to write their stories as well. By the way, I really hate writing smut. This is the third one I’ve had to write and they don’t get any easier. In fact, I think they get worse as we go along, but whatever.

This is for Alien_Friend, because she’s awesome.

The Series in Order:
Enslaved (Candy)
Slaving Away (Stargazer)
Enslave Me (Dreamer)
Slavery (Lamptrimmer)
Enslavement (CC)
Enslave Me
Day One: Auction Day
Liz shifted uncomfortably in her seat, trying not to stare too much at Max, but she found that she couldn’t help it. He was gorgeous. So impeccably beautiful and with such a gentle heart that she felt a physical ache in her chest whenever she was near him. She felt it when he was away from her too, but it was the sweetest torture. She’d never felt as alive as when she was with Max.

Of course, he was the total opposite of his sister, which suited Liz just fine. One Isabel Evans was more than enough for the world. He wasn’t funny or the life of the party like his sister, but Liz didn’t want that. She just wanted him, exactly as he was.

“You know what I think I’ll make Alex do now that I own him?” asked the aforementioned sister of her crush.

“You don’t own him,” Liz reminded her flatly. “You bought his services for a day and what you’re thinking of is completely banned by the rules. They very clearly state that forcing your slave to do anything sexual is not allowed.”

Isabel merely shot Liz a look that told her how little she valued her commentary. “It’s not like I’m going to tie him down and force myself upon him.” She grinned at the thought. “Not unless he wants me to. I’m just saying, it’s entirely inevitable that he’ll want me. And when he’s gotten down on his knees and grovelled enough, I’m going to make him fuck me up against the door.”

“Charming,” deadpanned Liz, a little bit disturbed by Isabel’s openness when it came to sex. Truth be told, Liz was a little inexperienced in that area. She’d had sex in her senior year of highschool with one of her friends from her science club and it had been a bland, unexciting endeavour that had mostly been done so that they could both go to college as non-virgins. In fact, the entire experience had left her so cold that she hadn’t wanted to repeat the excercise, even though she knew from Tess and Isabel’s exploits that it was supposed to be fun with the capacity to be mind blowing.

So despite numerous offers to hook her up, Liz remained adamant that school work was the most important thing. That she didn’t have time to get involved with someone and that hooking up with a stranger just wasn’t her cup of tea. But deep down, Liz knew that it was just a front for her real reason. She didn’t want to have sex because she was scared that it was her, that she was the reason it had been so completely crap. It worried her constantly that she might be a cold fish, an impassionate, sexless freak who lacked the ability for sexual arousal. She’d have asked Isabel how to fake arousal in bed in the off case that she might actually find someone she wanted to fake it for, but she doubted that Isabel ever had to fake anything. Isabel only ever had sex with someone for her own personal pleasure, and if some guy wasn’t up to scratch, then Liz was certain that Isabel would never fake it for a guy’s self esteem. Liz snuck a glance at Isabel and decided that she probably just kicked them out of her bed and finished herself off if they weren’t up to scratch.

Isabel’s lips pursed in thoughtfulness as she contemplated what else she would make Alex do. “I think I’ll make him give me a foot massage...”

Liz smiled at her encouragingly. “Finally, something that you can make him do.”

“With his penis,” finished off Isabel very seriously.

“What?!” Liz choked in shock, having sucked down spit into her airways at Isabel’s disturbing remark. “How would that even work? Would it even feel good to you?”

Isabel winked at her. “I guess we’ll find out.”

“I can’t imagine ever wanting a guy to do that to me,” shuddered Liz, who had a very detailed mental image of some guy poking her in the foot with his pecker.

“I can’t imagine you ever being in a situation where it could happen,” said Isabel, having a slight dig at Liz’s inexperience, as she was wont to do on occasion.

“Leave Liz alone,” demanded Tess, patting Liz on the back. “It’s not her fault that her hole has closed over.”

“If it’s closed over due to her not using it, then I kinda think it is her fault,” replied Isabel lightly as Liz spluttered in a horrified manner at their casual discussion of her genitals.

“Oh,” said Tess, withdrawing her arm that had been patting Liz’s back in a consolatory way up until Isabel’s speech. “Point taken.”

Maria rolled her eyes at her two blonde friends and threw an arm around Liz’s shoulders, pulling her in for a hug. “Don’t you listen to those two sluts, Liz. You don’t need to have sex to feel validated. You’re your own person.”

“Hey,” objected Isabel. “I don’t need sex to feel wanted, that’s Tess’s schtick. I just do it because I like orgasms.”

This time it was Tess’s turn to object. “You guys really think that I’m so emotionally needy that I have casual sex to feel better about myself?”

“Sweetie... you honestly think you don’t?” enquired Maria softly, noticing the look of hurt on Tess’s face.

However, Isabel was not as perceptive and with her usual tact and subtlety - which was not dissimilar to a brick in the face - she began to pinpoint exactly what was wrong with Tess. “Oh please, every time you get rejected by Kyle you go out and you pick some random stranger to fuck. Do you seriously not see the pattern?”

Tess blinked sharply, having never looked at her actions in depth previously.

“Hey,” said Liz, deciding that Tess needed the break from her personal demons more than she needed her dignity. “At least you’re not completely terrified that you might be asexual.”

Maria stared at Liz in shock. “You think you’re asexual?”

“Sometimes...” she admitted self-consciously.

Isabel gave Liz a piercing stare. “But... you’re hot for my brother, aren’t you?”

Liz blushed hotly and flicked a glance at him up on the stage. “Well... yeah, I have a crush on him, but my thoughts tend to turn more romantic than sexual.”

“What do you think about you and him doing together in your fantasies?” Isabel probed, not the least bit freaked out by this conversation.

Liz shrugged, a little embarrassed by the attention that had just been forced on her. “Walking hand in hand through the park and stuff...”

“Liz, I wouldn’t get moist thinking about that either. I mean, if I was thinking about some other guy instead of my brother.” Isabel paused, running the words through her mind and frowning as they came out wrong once again. “Actually I wouldn’t get moist in either situation. Speaking of... what about sexual situations? Surely you’ve thought about him pounding you senseless?”

“No!” protested Liz sharply, her mortification growing exponentially. “I’d never be able to look him in the face ever again if I did that.”

“Oh good god,” sighed Isabel in despair, resting her head on the back of the recently vacated chair in front of her. “I’m fighting a losing battle. My brother is never going to get laid.”

“Should that really be your concern?” laughed Maria, unable to fathom worrying about a member of her family’s sex life.

“Well, if I’m not gonna worry over it, who will?” She asked very seriously. “Honestly, sometimes I feel like I’m going to end up with this total loser as a brother. What’s going to happen if he doesn’t get with Liz and ends up pining for her for the rest of his life? He’ll be unbearable, and he’ll be the laughing stock of our cousins. We come from a very sexually active family, the men in it are judged on their worth by their sexual activity. Honestly, I’d prefer it if he was a total manwhore, but if he’s not going to go around chasing everything with a skirt then he should at least be getting it regularly from someone. Seeing as he only wants Liz, then it’s going to have to be her. And even if she is asexual, I still think she should let him climb on top of her and plow her at least once or twice a week when they get together.”

“Please,” Liz begged, her face in her hands. “Stop.”

“I’m going to have to agree with Liz,” said Maria, a disturbed look on her face. “I’m not even remotely involved in this and I want you to stop.”

“Why?” asked Isabel, confused by the strange looks she was receiving. “I don’t understand.”

“It’s just a little bit creepy to be talking so candidly about your brother having sex,” explained Maria, shaking her head sadly at Isabel’s inappropriateness.

“Why is everyone so repressed when it comes to sex?” huffed Isabel. “It’s perfectly natural. And it’s awesome.” At this point she gave Liz a knowing nudge. “Which you’ll find out once you actually have some good sex. You know, you’re such a quitter. You have one dud experience with one guy and you’re put off for life. You just wait till my brother gets into you, then you’ll kick yourself for all the missed opportunities.”

“Thanks for the pep talk, Isabel,” Liz sighed pushing past the disturbing inappropriateness of Isabel’s comment. “But I honestly think it’s me. I’m just not a passionate person.”

“I refuse to believe that you’re asexual,” continued Isabel. “You’re actually a pretty good kisser. I think you just need someone to push your buttons and get you fired up. I mean, you were pretty responsive when I kissed you the day that we first met. Not that I can blame you, I am a fucking fantastic kisser-”

“That wasn’t the day we first met,” interrupted Liz, glad to have a topic to segue into. If she’d left Isabel to her own devices, then they’d have been there all day as she recalled all her good points.

“It wasn’t?” Isabel asked, her brows furrowing.

“No,” chorused the girls together, deepening Isabel’s frown.

“Well, when did we?” she asked, clearly confused by this comment.

“The first day of fresher week,” said Liz, rolling her eyes. “You just don’t remember people unless they make an impact on you. And apparently kissing me was enough to kick me onto your radar.”

“You always thought that you introduced Liz and I, but I’d been friends with her for three months before that,” Maria told her with a smug smile as she watched the confusion flick over Isabel’s face.

“Huh,” said Isabel, sitting back, looking perplexed. “Do I do that a lot? Just forget people?”

“Yes,” the girls said together in unison.

“Sucks to be them,” she eventually said with a shrug, causing the three girls to exchange looks and then slowly give way into laughter.

“Up next, we have Max Evans,” announced the auctioneer, sending a quick nauseous hit to Liz’s stomach. She heard the loud cheer for him and felt a little pride when she realised that he could have asked anyone to do this for him and they’d have gladly accepted. But he’d chosen her.

“Oh god,” she whimpered, the nerves in her stomach making it impossible to sit still comfortably. She was so nervous she felt like she was going to be ill. “I don’t think I can do this. Everyone’s going to be looking at me.”

“Yes you can, Liz,” snapped Isabel. “Stop being a goddamn pussy.”

“$10,” began Mindy, giving Max a wink that in turn had him turn a look of entreaty towards Liz. This motivated her into action like nothing else could.

“$20,” cried Liz, blushing as everyone turned to face her.

“$50,” cried Tara Gilbert who was sitting across the aisle from them, looking very determined to win.

“$80,” bid Mindy, not to be outdone by two brunettes.

Liz looked at them both and wondered if she’d have to go to Max’s limit. She really hoped it wouldn’t come to that. It felt so wrong to be spending Max’s money. Especially when he wouldn’t hear of her paying him back. “$100.”

As the auction reached the $200 mark, Mindy dropped out, much to Liz’s relief, but she still had Tara to contend with, and she knew that Tara was a very determined person, especially when it came to guys. She had her eyes set on Max and nothing would deter her from her prize. Rumour had it that she had snuck into Max’s bedroom through devious means and had stripped before laying provocatively on his bed waiting for him to come back. She had apparently waited four hours, only to have had her clothes thrust at her and told to get dressed before being asked to leave his room. This memory made Liz smile and forget all her previous reservations about spending Max’s money. There was no way she would throw him to the proverbial sharks. He was far too sweet to be handed over to the likes of Tara Gilbert.

“$220,” Liz bid, her voice sounding more confident than it had been for the entire auction.

“You go girl!” she heard Tess whisper and she grinned in response. She was going, alright. She was going to win.

She watched Tara’s face and could see the indecision printed there. She was starting to weaken. This filled Liz with victorious glee.


Liz grinned at the girl’s bid. She was no longer going up by twenty dollars a bid, she had dropped back to upping by ten dollars. Liz knew she had her by the jugular and it filled her with malicious glee.

“$250,” Liz countered smugly, knowing that Tara’s budget was kicking in.

“280!” cried Tara, looking so desperate that Liz could almost guarantee that that was a last ditch attempt at winning Max.

“$300,” drawled out Liz, watching Tara’s face fall with a triumphant grin.

“$300. Do I hear 310? Anybody 310?” The auctioneer shrugged and gave Liz a subtle nod. “$300 going once, $300 going twice. SOLD! To the brunette in red!”

Max clenched his fist victoriously as Liz won him, stiffening when the loud chorus of laughter from the audience reminded him that he was in full view of the entire pavilion. A pavilion that now contained one very pissed off Tara Gilbert. He avoided looking at her furious face and instead sought out Liz’s. He grinned at her flaming red face. She always looked so cute when she blushed. He thought she was adorable.

Liz only became aware of her audience when they began to clap. Her self-awareness soon kicked in and she blushed hotter than she ever had before. She must look like the biggest stalker of the century, paying twice what most other winning bids were. Isabel’s had been the highest bid of the night until Liz came along and doubled the record. How was she ever going to live this down?
Liz fidgeted in her seat, obviously wrestling with some inner dilemma as they waited for Michael to come up for auction.

After a long few minutes of restlessness from Liz, Maria’s hand clamped down on Liz’s leg, stopping the infuriating bouncing that had been slowly driving her mad. “Liz, what’s wrong?”

Biting her lip nervously, Liz began to ramble. “Do you guys think that Max made me buy him because he sees me as a little sister? Maybe he asked me to buy him because he’s heard about my frigid reputation and knows that I won’t try anything with him. Oh god, it’s even worse that I thought, he sees me as a little brother. A sexless little brother that he can spend a whole day hanging out with, with no expectations-”

“Dear God...” moaned Isabel, interrupting her mid rant. “You are both fundamentally retarded. I swear, if I thought that it would take you this long to get together when I first introduced you, I’d have shot myself on the spot. This is like... painful to the extreme. And even worse than that, it’s lame. It’s even lamer than Tess’s obsession, because at least Kyle knows how she feels. You two just moon about and assume that the other feels nothing for you. It’s total donkey balls.”

“Hey,” objected Tess, disgruntled by her inclusion into Isabel’s rant. “Can we please not bring Tess down right now? I just found out that Kyle is off buying condoms in preparation for tomorrow, so I’d like to keep this high going for as long as possible.”

Isabel grinned evilly at her and voiced a thought that had just popped into her mind. “I wonder... if Megan had managed to win him, do you think he’d be buying condoms just the same?”

“Thanks.” Tess managed to force out with a fake smile. “Honestly, thank you for that.”

“I’m just trying to prepare you for the inevitable,” Isabel said with a roll of her eyes. “You really think you guys are going to have sex and live happily ever after? He’s probably going to see it as a no-strings attached, one-time deal while you’re off imagining what your future children will look like. He’s going to get freaked out, you’re going to get heart broken and pissed off and before you know it you’ll become known as the bunny boiler because you’ll stalk him even worse than before.” Isabel threw her hands up in the air, exasperated by the glares she was receiving from her friends. “Oh please, I’m just trying to soften the blow for her later. See, this is what I get for caring. I try to do something nice and you all treat me like a pariah.”

“Just out of curiosity’s sake, Isabel,” segued Maria so that Tess could have a break from Isabel’s special brand of ‘kindness’. “When was the last time you did something truly caring for someone?”

“I introduced Max to Liz in freshman year,” Isabel said after a moment’s consideration. “But I suppose that wasn’t really just from the kindness of my heart because I made Max promise to loan me his car...”

“Why’d he loan you his car?” Liz asked, confused by Isabel’s statement.

“You really are retarded,” Isabel sighed, her mind taking her back to that day in her first year of college. If she’d have known that two years later they’d be in the exact same position, she’d have kicked them both in the face on that very day.

Freshman Year

“Tell me again why I’m here?” Liz asked grumpily, her arm aching from the heavy load she was carrying.

“Because I can’t carry all this stuff by myself,” Isabel replied lightly, not letting Liz know the real reason she’d forced her to come along. Max had seen Isabel and Liz from afar one day on campus and he’d begged Isabel to introduce him to her. So being the dutiful sister that she was, she’d dragged Liz along under the pretence of giving Max some stuff their parents had sent up. It also didn’t hurt that Max had promised her the use of his car if she came through with her part of the deal. While Isabel had her own car that she loved dearly, Max’s was a red, shiny convertible that practically screamed ‘Come Fuck Me!’. Max knew that his sister would probably use it to have sex in it, but he would put up with pretty much anything so long as he could meet the girl that stopped his heart and took his breath away. Besides, one of his conditions was that she clean the seats before returning it to him.

“Is your brother anything like you?” Liz grunted, hoping their visit would be short. She could deal with Isabel, but a male version of her?

“No,” answered Isabel succinctly. “If there was a male version of me and we ever met, the world would cave in on itself due to overload of awesome.”

“Oh of course,” drawled Liz sarcastically, wondering just how long it would take for them to reach his room.

Isabel continued on, not even recognising Liz’s tone as sarcasm. “He’s more like the exact opposite of me.”

“Fat and ugly?”

“No, he’s really sensitive and caring. In other words, he’s a total pussy.”

Liz laughed, long and loud at Isabel’s description of her brother, secretly glad that there weren’t two Isabel’s in the world. One was certainly more than enough.

“Here we are,” said Isabel brightly, rapping sharply on the door.

The door pulled open sharply as if someone had been waiting on the other side of the door and in that moment, Liz caught her first glimpse of Max Evans.

And everything stopped. For just one second, Liz was certain that time had stopped. He was absolutely gorgeous.

“H-hi,” she stuttered.

He swallowed nervously. “Hi.”

There was a moment of stunned silence between the two while they stared at each other and Isabel rolled her eyes sarcastically. Why did she always surround herself with losers?

Suddenly Max thrust his hand forward. “Max. Is me. Hi.”

Liz nodded at his words and dropped the basket she’d been carrying at her feet. “Yeah. I know. You’re Isabel’s brother.”

Butterflies ripped through her stomach in a whirlwind when she took his hand in hers and shook it gently. He held her gaze for a second and looked at her inquisitively. She felt herself blush hotly under his gaze, and that blush turned into an inferno when he gently prompted, “And you are...?”

“Oh!” she gasped, feeling completely stupid. “Right. I’m Liz. Liz Parker. Elizabeth Parker if you want to get really technical, but everyone just calls me Liz, so you can just... call me Liz.” she finished lamely.

“Great,” he said, still holding onto her hand. So her name was Liz. He studied her carefully and decided that it suited her.

Liz looked down at his hand, which still engulfed hers and wondered if he was ever going to let it go. She quickly decided that she didn’t really mind if he didn’t.

Max followed her line of sight and realised with a jump that he was still holding her hand. He swiftly released it and stuck his hands behind his back to stop any further touching, even though his hands were itching to touch her. Any skin he could get contact with really. The touch of her hand, though prolonged, hadn’t been nearly enough for him.

“So,” began Liz uncomfortably, not knowing quite what to say to him. “Where did you want this stuff?”

Max’s brow furrowed and then he remembered that he and Isabel had made up some bullshit story about Isabel being sent a care package in the mail from their parents that was half his. He had gone out and bought blankets and baked goods just so that it looked authentic enough to pass inspection. “Here, I’ll put it on my desk.”

Liz picked up the basket and handed it to him, watching his butt as he walked the short distance away from her.

“Ok great,” said Isabel, unable to handle anymore awkwardness and lameness from her brother and her friend. If this was how he picked up chicks, it was a wonder that he had ever gotten laid before. And as for Liz... Isabel knew she had some issues, but she was sure it was nothing a good cock in her vagoo wouldn’t fix. That chick was so repressed that Isabel was sure that it would take at least three mind shattering orgasms before her anus would loosen up enough to let the enormous stick she’d been harbouring up there slide out. “We’re going now. See ya Max.”

Isabel watched brother’s face fall with disappointment and wondered just how obvious he could be.

“Ok then. It was nice meeting you, Liz.”

Liz gave him a blinding smile in return and Isabel nearly gagged at the cheesiness of it all.

“You too, Max.”

Max closed the door behind them and Liz walked silently back to Isabel’s car in a daze. She had never been more glad that Isabel had took it upon herself to be her friend. Because Isabel had the most gorgeous brother in the world. Liz prayed that one day the right Evans sibling would kiss her.


Day Two: Slave Day
Max paced in front of his door impatiently. It was nine thirty. Why wasn’t she here yet? Her slave day had started half an hour ago and he was impatient to see her. Maria hated Michael and she had even been early for her day. Maybe Liz wasn’t really interested in him, not even in a platonic sense. Maybe she thought he was boring. He knew that she hung out with three very out there girls, one of them being his sister, so maybe she wanted someone like that. Someone the complete opposite of him. Max groaned at the thought. How the hell could he turn indifference around? It stung him to think that he might not be a passing thought in her mind when there were days that she was all he could think about.

He stared at his phone with uncertainty. He had Liz’s number, but he had gotten it from his sister. Sure he could ring her, but how would he explain how he’d gotten the number and how could he make it so that he wouldn’t sound desperate?

A knock on the door, snapped him out of his despair and had him practically falling over himself to open the door.

He grinned as he came face to face with a windswept, puffing Liz. All his doubts flew away at the sight of her.

“Hi,” he said as she stood gasping for air in his doorway.

“Hi,” she said breathlessly as he opened the door wider and gestured for her to come in. She shrugged off her coat as she entered and hung it on the back of his chair. “So I was on my way here when my car broke down, so I had to pull over and then I had to call someone to tow it and they took it to the mechanics and then after everything was organised I noticed the time and the campus was only two blocks away so I sprinted here. So that’s why I’m late. How are you?”

“I’m good,” he told her, unable to stop grinning. She hadn’t stood him up. She had tried to get to him on time and had even run to get here. Max’s mood was a complete 180 from where it had been previously.

“Have you eaten breakfast?” he asked as casually as he could as she stood, her chest still rising and falling rapidly, her pert little breasts moving rhythmically under his watchful gaze. He didn’t know what it was about her, but she really brought out the pervert in him. Not only that, she brought out the romantic as well, and occasionally the romantic and the pervert at the same time. What he wouldn’t give to know where he stood with her... it was torture for him to feel so strongly towards her, but to never know if it was at all reciprocated.

“No,” she said, her breath finally getting under control again. “I haven’t.”

She’d been too nervous to even consider eating. She was going to spend the next fifteen hours in Max’s presence and she didn’t know if she was capable of doing so without making a complete moron out of herself.

“Do you want to go out and get some breakfast?”

“Yes,” she almost sighed. Having breakfast with Max sounded like the closest thing she’d ever have to a date with him.

“Great,” he smiled, snatching up his keys and holding open the door for her. She walked out feeling lighter than she ever had before. This had to be one of the best feelings in the world. She and Max Evans were going out for breakfast. It almost felt like a date.
Liz smiled goofily as Max held open the door to the diner just off campus. It was a diner as famous as Parsino’s on campus, but it had a better breakfast menu and average coffee. Max ushered her into one side of a restaurant booth and took the other side, sitting opposite to her.

Liz sniffed the heavenly scent of fried potato and her stomach clenched tightly and grumbled slightly. “Oh man,” she moaned. “I could murder some hash browns.”

Max grinned at her, pleased that she wasn’t holding back with what she ate in order to try and impress him. He loved a woman who wasn’t afraid to eat.

“Me too,” he told her, scanning the menu eagerly. He found that he was doing most things with an uncontrollable eagerness whenever she was around, but he didn’t know how to stop that. Just her proximity was enough to make him fidgety and nervous, let alone her undivided attention.

They ordered and soon their meals arrived, laden with grease. They chatted leisurely, making a lot of small talk and just enjoying spending their time together. Max even let himself momentarily pretend that they were together and just enjoying a lazy Sunday morning brunch after a morning in bed together. He then internally berated himself for it. His sister was right, he was lame. He had all these desires that he’d never actually worked on achieving and he only had himself to blame for it, he realised. He’d never asked Liz out or even indicated that he was interested for fear of rejection. But he was going to change all that, he decided. Life was too short to not pursue what you want, and by god did he want Liz.

Neither of them were particularly intent on ending the conversation, so breakfast soon stretched into lunch, both of them entranced by each other and reluctant to break the magic by suggesting that maybe they should leave.

A lull in conversation meant that Max found himself free to ask the question he’d always wondered about ever since they’d met. He’d asked Isabel on occasion, but she didn’t know. Isabel was never really one to worry about other people, if they didn’t volunteer information, then she sure as shit wasn’t going to ask. “So, Liz, do you mind me asking how you got that scar on your eyebrow?”

Liz’s fingers went automatically to the slight scarring on her forehead as her cheeks flushed red. “Well, I got into a fist fight, actually.”

Max’s eyes bugged out of his head. “A what?”

Liz winced at his disbelieving look. “A fist fight. You see, I have this dormant temper that gets triggered about once every five or so years. It doesn’t even have to be a big thing, it’s usually just a bunch of little things combined that make me crack. But that one was in high school. This girl I knew spread this rumour about me that was particularly nasty just because I’d ruined the grade curve in Biology. So anyway, I found her in the yard and she managed to get one punch in.”

“I thought girls were supposed to slap and pull hair,” Max said, glibly amused by this tale of hers.

“Well, not this girl. I just kept swinging and she kept getting in the way of my fist.” She winced at how horrible it sounded. “And now I’ve repulsed you.”

“The opposite,” Max assured her with a wink. “Girl fights are hot.”

Liz laughed, but her happiness was soon diminished by the sound of a very unwelcome voice.

“Well, well,” said Mindy, a fake smile plastered on her face as she pushed herself in next to Max. “Fancy seeing you two here.”

Liz could have easily gotten into another girl fight in that very moment. She was furious at the interruption into her one day of Max’s undivided attention. Sure, she hadn’t actually paid for it, but Max was more than willing to give Liz her slave day regardless in a debt of gratitude for saving him from Mindy and Tara.

“Are you guys going to be staying long?” Mindy asked with a hopeful look in her eye.

“We were just leaving,” Liz answered for him, making sure that Mindy couldn’t invite herself into her time with Max.

“Oh that’s too bad,” she said, levelling a quick glare towards Liz. “Where are you going?”

“Bowling,” Liz told her brusquely as she got up from her seat, intending to pay the check so that they could get out of there.

“I’ll get the check, Liz,” Max said eagerly, practically pushing Mindy out of the way as he leapt from the booth.

Liz could have laughed at the look of fury on her face as Max basically ignored her.

“Oh no, Max, I couldn’t possibly let you pay, not after you’ve spent so much money already,” Liz protested.

Max held up on hand and put her worries to rest. “No, honestly, it’s the least I could do. You’ve already done me the biggest favour.”

“What favour was that?” hissed Mindy, clearly assuming that the favour had been sexual. Liz rolled her eyes at the notion. As if Max would just casually mention a sexual favour in hearing distance of a whole diner full of people.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Liz asked with a smirk, content to let a rumour go around that she and Max were doing the dirty. Maybe once he caught wind of it, it’d make him see her as woman instead of the kid brother that she thought he might see her as.

“Done,” he said as he returned, placing his hand on her lower back to usher her out of the diner. “You ready to go?”

Liz shot one last smirk at Mindy before following Max out to his car, enjoying her ownership of him. For one day she could ensure his undivided attention and she wasn’t about to pass that up because Mindy thought that she was intimidating.

“So...” asked Max once they had buckled themselves in. “Which bowling alley did you want to go to?”

Liz laughed a little once she realised why he had asked that. “We’re not going bowling, Max.”

Max looked genuinely confused. “We’re not?”

Liz shook her head with a bright smile. “No, we’re not. I just said that so that Mindy would go around to all the bowling alleys looking for us.”

“Ah, ok.” Max nodded, pleased that she’d managed to shake Mindy off. “So where are we really going?”

Liz shot him a hopeful smile. “I was hoping we could lay low in your room, if that’s ok with you. We could just hang out there.”

“It’s more than ok with me,” Max told her, trying not to grin with excitement. He wanted nothing more than to just hang out with her all day, away from everyone else. If he could pull this off, he could maybe suggest that they hang out again sometime, then he could slowly try and make her notice him as something more than a friend. It had taken all his courage to ask Liz to bet on him, and that was only because his sister had spent the good part of half an hour telling him that Liz was into him and that he must have been dropped on his head as a baby, because there was no way the genes they shared could possibly produce someone as retarded as him and then produce such a goddess. While he hadn’t appreciated the second part of her speech, he’d very much enjoyed the insinuation that Liz liked him. But it was one thing to hear from someone else that somebody had a crush on you, than to hear it from the horse’s mouth. Isabel could be mistaken, and it was that possibility that stopped him from asking Liz out. That and the fact that Liz had never really indicated her interest in him. She was nice and always friendly towards him, but he couldn’t get a read on her.

As Max pulled out onto the main road, Liz shifted on the passenger seat and then asked a question that had been plaguing her all morning. “Why do you have plastic covers on your car seats, Max?”

Max grimaced as he recalled the reason. “Isabel borrowed my car once. I haven’t been game to sit on them without a protective covering since.”

Liz’s brow creased in confusion. “Why? What’d Isabel do with your car?”

“She had one of her dates in there,” Max told her slowly, waiting for the look of recognition to cross her face.

“Well, I still don’t see-” Liz pulled up short, her eyes widening as she blushed. “Ohhhhh. Never mind.”
They walked into the frat house side by side, glancing at each other when they thought they could risk it, both eager not to be seen staring at the other. It was whilst slowly traipsing down the hall towards his room and shooting sneaky glances at Liz that Max heard the most unwelcome noise of his entire life.

“Oh! Alex! Oh yesssssssssssss... oh god, harder!”

“Eww.” Max said with a look of disgusted horror on his face. “Please tell me I didn’t just hear my sister in the throes of ecstasy with Alex Whitman.”

Liz grabbed his hand cautiously and pulled him further along the corridor. “Let’s not dwell on that.”

But as she neared Michael’s room, she came to a screeching halt, causing Max to collide with her back.

“What?” he asked, eager to get as far away as possible from the unholy union further down the hall.

“Oh, Michael,” groaned a very familiar voice. “Fuck me! Oh goddddddddddd...”

“Oh. My. God.” gasped Liz, clapping her hands over her open mouth as she and Max exchanged appalled looks.

They both ran quickly to Max’s room when they heard the answering grunts of ecstasy from Michael, disturbed beyond all measure at what they’d both just heard. Closing the door behind them, Max swiftly turned his CD player on just to ensure that Michael and Maria’s liaison couldn’t possibly assault their ears again.

“Was that really...” Max couldn’t even finish the question.

Liz nodded dumbly. “I really think it was.”

“But they...”

“Hate each other,” Liz finished off for him. “I know.”

Max shuddered and shook his head. “I’m just glad that Kyle’s room is way down the opposite end of the hall. Who knows what disturbing things we’d be hearing from those two.”

“Well,” laughed Liz a little. “It seems like everyone’s putting their slaves to good use.”

Max shot her a look that had her stammering and blushing. “I-I mean... clearly that’s not what you’re meant do with your slaves. No one’s actually supposed to have sex with them, but obviously they weren’t listening properly when the rules were read out. I mean, I don’t expect you to-”

“Oh no,” agreed Max quickly. “I didn’t think that you expected me to... you know... with you.”

“Well, good,” said Liz, a little disappointed by their conversation. It was like they’d just agreed that their relationship was purely platonic and while Liz wasn’t sure that she wanted to start a sexual relationship with Max, she was sure that she didn’t want to be just friends with him.

A knock at the door jolted them out of their awkward silence. Max frowned as he moved to open the door, unhappy at the intrusion into his alone time with Liz.

“I just wanted to come around and let you know that there are no hard feelings about the auction yesterday,” Tara told them, quickly assessing with her eyes that they had not been doing anything untoward. She thanked god and smirked at the girl’s disbelieving glare. After all this time she’d spent laying the ground work with Max, she wasn’t about to let some snotty little upstart push her way in. She didn’t care if Liz was friends with Max’s slutty sister. She had bigger boobs and longer legs, and that’s all that mattered. Max couldn’t possibly pass her up over some short little nerd.

“No you didn’t,” Liz snorted, her famous temper finally being unleashed. “You came to make sure that Max and I weren’t having sex. Sorry to disappoint, but Max and I were just planning to fuck to our heart’s content before you arrived. Now if you could make yourself scarce, we could continue with that plan.”

Liz punctuated the end of her speech by grabbing Max’s butt with both hands and pulling him into her till they were pressed tightly together. Max’s arms wrapped around Liz automatically and his breath came in short pants at the determined look in her eyes.

“You can’t do that!” cried Tara, outraged at the idea of Liz having her way with Max. “It’s against the auction rules!”

Liz didn’t even bother turning to look at her when she spoke. She kept her eyes on Max. “The rules say that you can’t force the slave to have sex with you. I’m not forcing him to do anything. He wants it, don’t you Max?”

“Y-yeah,” Max stuttered almost laughing at the idea that Tara thought Liz was forcing him into having sex with her. Did he want it? Of course he did. He wanted it more than anything in the world. Angry possessive Liz was so hot!

“I’ll tell the officials at the auction!” cried Tara as a last minute resort. There wasn’t supposed to be any sexual activity between the slaves and their masters, but it wasn’t something they could very well police if the two participants were both willing.

“And we’ll both deny it,” countered Liz, a victorious look in her eyes. “But we’ll know. And more importantly, you’ll know. If you’d like to stick around I’m sure you’ll be able to hear us through the walls.”

Tara’s eyes widened as Liz slammed door shut and swiftly locked it, interrupting whatever Tara was about to say next.

Liz grinned in vindictive glee, forgetting that she still had one hand on Max’s butt and was pressed against him very tightly. She had only been messing with Tara’s head, but when she glanced up and caught a look at Max’s smouldering gaze, she realised that she might have just thrown herself head first into something she wasn’t really sure she could do.

But before she could say anything, Max’s lips swooped down and captured hers. Her breath caught in her throat as butterflies the size of bats exploded in a frenzy within her stomach. Wrapping her arms around his neck, Liz made damn sure that there was no escape or backing out for him. She’d never felt so alive and she wasn’t about to let this feeling go.

Placing his hands on her waist, Max moved her backwards then hoisted her up onto his desk, stepping between her legs so that she could wrap them around his waist. She gasped when his groin came into contact with hers, filling her with a deep ache that she’d never felt before. Sure, she’d felt the occasional tingle, but never this deep, palpable need. It felt to Liz like she’d die if she didn’t have him inside her. She rolled her hips against his and kissed him even more ferociously.

If she’d been able to breathe, she might have laughed at her previous misconceptions. Her? Asexual? Absolutely no way. She’d just never been touched by Max Evans before. She was pretty certain that she never wanted to be touched by anyone else after this. He was everything she’d ever need. No one else could make her feel this way.

When he felt her tugging at his shirt, Max broke off the kiss quickly, then wrenched it over his head before returning to her with alacrity. Liz let her hands roam freely all over his torso, eager to touch every bit of skin she could. She felt the cool breeze hit her skin and realised that he’d unbuttoned her shirt. And oddly enough, she didn’t care. When she’d had sex that one other time, she’d refused to take her shirt off and had insisted that they do it under covers with the lights off. But it was so different with Max. He was worshipping her body and she realised that she wanted to be skin to skin with him. She wanted nothing to be in between them. She felt him tug at her skirt and without any hesitation she lifted herself up so that he could pull it down her legs.

She groaned when he pressed his thumb onto her clit through her panties and began to rub. So this is what it was meant to feel like... she knew that she never wanted him to stop, but she also knew that she needed more. She needed him inside her.

She made a wild grab for his belt buckle and began to tear at it, hoping that in her desperation that the belt would somehow undo. She finally got it open and she then made quick work of his pants. Her eyes widened in surprise when she realised that he had been going commando all day.

She gasped when she felt his hand rip one side of her panties, leaving it free to be pulled out of the way down the other leg. The animalistic action made Liz’s lust spike sharply and so she wrapped her legs around him, drawing him in so that the head of his cock brushed against her entrance. Bending down quickly, Max yanked his wallet out of his pants and pulled out his condom that he put there the previous day in what he thought had been a foolish hope. He quickly unwrapped it and rolled it down his length before repositioning himself between her legs.

He kissed her tenderly once then began to slowly push in. Liz moaned and tightened her legs around his hips needing all of him inside her.

He began to move within her, drawing another loud moan from Liz as he thrust into her smoothly. Their pants and moans echoed throughout the room mingling with the music coming from Max’s CD player, giving a very erotic edge to Max’s Coldplay CD.

They moved together in sync as if they’d done this before many a time. Sex for Max had usually been so awkward and self aware, but with Liz it was the complete opposite. He was completely absorbed by the feeling, it was as if there was nothing else in the world but the two of them. If a bomb had gone off, Max wasn’t sure that he’d have noticed.

Liz could feel the pressure rising within her, she didn’t know what it meant, but she definitely knew that she needed more. She needed to get there, a primal urge pushing her on until she reached her destination, though she had no idea where that might be.

Max’s pace quickened, his hips becoming slippery with sweat as Liz desperately clung to him. After a couple more thrusts, Liz felt herself tip over the edge, clenching around him as he continued to move within her. He was quick to follow her over, wrapping his arms around her tightly needing to get even closer to her.

They didn’t move for a long moment, content to be wrapped up in each other for the time being. Liz had never felt so blissfully happy with Max’s head on her shoulder and his arms tightly around her waist.

“I think your physics paper is stuck to my butt,” Liz told him once she finally came down off her high enough to be aware of her surroundings.

“Fuck physics,” he muttered into her neck, his breath still coming in short pants.

“Pass,” she laughed. “I’d rather fuck you.”

She stiffened as she realised what she’d just said, but then relaxed when Max gently nipped the crook of her neck. They’d already had sex once, who cared if he knew that she would eventually want to do it again? He was a guy, he probably found it flattering, rather than stalkerish.

“I can’t believe our first time was on my desk,” Max said with a disbelieving shake of his head. “I should get it bronzed.”

“Yes, and hang it up on your wall,” Liz agreed very solemnly.

“And show it to our grandkids one day.” Max’s voice took on warbling rasp in imitation of an old man’s voice. “Here’s where your grandmother and I made love for the first time.”

Liz’s heart began to pound in her chest at the idea that Max wanted to have grandkids with her, but she covered it by lightly replying, “Our poor grandkids, they’re going to be scarred for life.”

Max smiled at her, brushing his nose against hers. “I’m pretty sure they’ll be scarred a lot more by their great aunt Isabel. We’ll hardly be a drop in the ocean of their trauma.”

Liz laughed heartily, her head dropping onto Max’s shoulder with a sigh. She’d never felt closer to anybody in her life.

“Hold on,” Max whispered as he hoisted her up into his arms and transported her to the bed. “You’ve wiped me out. I need to lie down.”

“I’m just too much for you,” she said cheerfully, though she knew that there wasn’t enough blood rushing to her for her to even attempt standing up.

“That’s true. But I shall persevere in the vain hope that one day I’ll be able to match you.”

“Practice makes perfect,” she told him, laying her head on his chest as she inwardly laughed at the idea of her sexuality being greater than his.

“I have a question,” Max asked as he stroked her hair lazily with one hand.

“What would that be?” she asked lazily, running her hands over his abdomen.

“Did you really kiss my sister?”

Liz stiffened automatically, cringing as she imagined his response to this admission. “In my defence, she kissed me.”

She relaxed as Max began to laugh, his whole body shaking from his mirth. She’d dreamt of this closeness with Max before, but she wouldn’t have been able to conceive of the sexual combustibility she had just experienced. Max set her on fire and she was kicking herself for not trying to seduce him earlier. All that time wasted when they could have been making love. Once he had recovered, she was going to have to make up for lost time.

She was so glad she’d agreed to buy Max with his own money; it was the best $300 she’d never spent.
The End

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