Slaving Away (SERIES, AU, A/I, ADULT) 1/1 [COMPLETE]

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Slaving Away (SERIES, AU, A/I, ADULT) 1/1 [COMPLETE]

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Slave Series

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Slaving Away

Best Stargazer Fanfiction[/center]

Title: Slaving Away

Author: Alison

Genre: A/I

Summary: Isabel Evans has always gotten her way. Cold, calculating and unfeeling, is how she’s made her way through life. But when she buys Alex Whitman as her slave for a day, will he bring out the human in the infamous ice princess?

Rating: Adult

Disclaimer: The characters of "Roswell" belong to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, WB, and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement is intended.

A/N: This is part of series that I like to call, ‘The Slave Series’. The first one is the candy one called Enslaved and you probably don’t have to read it to make sense of this one, but I’d recommend it. I wasn’t going to do any companion pieces to the original, but when I wrote I found that I was really intrigued by the supporting characters. So much so that I wanted to write their stories as well. Isabel is my especial favourite, which is why she’s first up.

Thank you to everyone who enjoyed the last one. I hope you like this one.

This is for Leila. Have it and love it, you crazy fox.

The Series in Order:
Enslaved (Candy)
Slaving Away (Stargazer)
Enslave Me (Dreamer)
Slavery (Lamptrimmer)
Enslavement (CC)
Slaving Away
Wonderful Banner by Lauren. I love it hardcore.
Day One: Auction Day
Today was the day, thought Isabel determinedly. Alex Whitman was finally going to pull his head out of his ass and have a good goddamn look at her. And once he’d done that, there would be no way he could resist her, she decided cheerfully. She was tall, blonde and had big boobs, there was no way on Earth he could overlook that when forced to share close quarters with her. Her plan was genius in its simplicity. She would spend the entire slave day being barely dressed in Alex’s cramped room and she wouldn’t let him leave.

Oh yes... by the end of her slave day, Alex would be begging for her, it was practically inevitable. The only thing she had to do now was buy him and wait for the imminent satisfaction. She could barely contain her gleeful smirk.

Alex Whitman had spent too long ignoring her and if there was one thing Isabel Evans couldn’t handle, it was being ignored.

She had spent her whole life being fussed over and given preferential treatment and to receive anything less than her due was puzzling and off-putting to say the very least.

When she’d made her weekly trips to visit her brother, she’d expected to be hit on by all his friends barring Michael. And she had been, except for one guy. Alex Whitman had barely acknowledged her presence. Not only had he ignored her, but he’d gone so far as to avoid her as well! And avoiding Isabel was absolutely unacceptable. So she’d tried to fix it. She’d actually gone out of her way to speak to him first and he’d simply said a quick, “Hi,” then abruptly exited the room. Isabel had been mortified, but more than that, she’d been pissed off. Who was he to ignore her? There was nothing overly spectacular about him. He was just your tall, lanky, average, run of the mill guy.

When she’d asked Max about him, he had told her that he’d had a girlfriend in the past, so she knew he probably wasn’t gay. And even if he was, most gays thought she was fabulous and flocked to her like bees to pollen.

Isabel was used to being adored. She was used to being worshipped. She wasn’t used to being ignored and she wasn’t going to stand for it. Every single one of Max’s friends had come on to her and Alex would be no exception. She’d even hook up with him today if she felt like it. Sex was always a nice diversion, but she certainly wasn’t a slut. She didn’t hook up with every guy who asked her.

Kyle of course had come onto her a couple of times, but Isabel wasn’t the type to hook up with her friend’s crush. It just wasn’t who she was. Besides, he was far too short for her, anyways. Having to bend down to kiss someone was not her idea of sexy, it made her feel far too masculine. Plus, Tess was one of the few people that Isabel cared for. She wasn’t about to jeopardise that for a one night stand with some short jock that she didn’t particularly like.

“So,” began Tess as they walked towards the pavilion where the auction was being held. “What’s your plan once you buy Alex?”

“I’m going to make him stay in his room and talk to me,” Isabel shrugged, a small smile twitching at the corner of her mouth.

Tess smiled as well, knowing the rest of Isabel’s plan without needing to be told. “And while you’re talking you’ll be wearing next to nothing and making provocative moves on his bed?”

“You know me too well,” Isabel said smugly, letting her wicked grin that she’d been holding back stretch across her lips. “What about Kyle? What’s the plan for the midget man?”

“Why do you call him that?” Tess huffed, knowing that Isabel wasn’t too impressed with the guy she was in love with.

“Because he’s short. And besides, he’s a bit of a dick. He knows he’s got you on a string and he likes to keep you dangling there.”

“He’s the perfect height for me,” muttered Tess, not bothering to rebut Isabel’s other claim.

“Oh, well that’s the basis for every good relationship. Now I know you two will be happy forever,” Isabel declared with a snort, rolling her eyes.

“We would be if he’d just stop fighting it,” Tess bit out irritably. The involved chase she’d been on for two years was beginning to tire her out, not that she’d ever admit it to anyone. Tess wasn’t the type to admit defeat, but deep down she knew that this was her one last shot. If Kyle Valenti didn’t want to be with her after her slave day, then she’d have to move on. It would be hard, but she’d do it.

“Hey, there’s Maria and Liz,” said Isabel, breaking the sudden silence between them. Isabel knew that Tess was reaching the end of her tether with Kyle and she hoped that Tess’s slave day would bring things to a head.

Tess’s smile returned and Isabel shook her head slightly at her sudden change in demeanour. Nothing could keep that girl down for very long.
Hey, can you check and make sure that Liz is still going to bid on me?

Isabel sighed at the text message. She’d received three just like them over the course of half an hour and she was sick of it. Her pansy ass brother needed to grow a pair and just ask Liz out instead of pining over her like a little bitch. She’d ignored the previous three, but the fourth one had snapped what little patience she had.

No. Fucking grow a set you big wuss.

Max’s reply was swift and Isabel felt her blood boil as he moved to extortion to get what he wanted.

I’ll tell mom about Gavin...

Isabel grit her teeth angrily. Gavin had been a much older boy that she’d lost her virginity to back in freshman year of high school. Her Mom had forbidden her from seeing him, but she’d done it anyway. And while she knew that her Mom wouldn’t punish her for it now, it would destroy her relationship with her.

Isabel sighed and turned to Liz, an angry set to her face. “Liz, are you still going to bid on my brother?”

Liz blinked at the odd question, her mind giving her all sorts of various worst case scenarios for why Isabel had asked the question. “Yeah, why do you ask? Does he not want me to bid on him anymore?”

Isabel rolled her eyes and began to hit the keys angrily as she replied to his text. “My brother is being a nervous pussy and thinks you’re going to bitch out on your side of the deal. I’m having to reassure him that everything’s fine and believe me, compassion is not one of my strong points.”

“No...” snickered Maria. “You don’t say?”

Isabel nodded very seriously and smiled at her as she sent Max a strongly worded text message. “It might surprise you to learn that I don’t give a shit about anyone or anything, Maria.”

“Why do you hang out with us then?” Maria asked, amused by Isabel’s statement.

Isabel threw her a wink. “You guys make me look good.”

“Wait,” said Tess, throwing up her hand. “We’re your ugly friends so you look hot by comparison?”

“No,” said Isabel, irritated by the insinuation. “You’re my hot friends so that people look at me and know that you have to bring your A game if you want to roll with me.”

“Hear that, Maria?” said Liz, nudging her friend with her elbow. “We’re hot.”

“Except for you, Liz. You’ve been letting the team down lately, you’re dropped.”

“What?” asked Liz, her mouth agape, completely aghast.

“Kidding,” Isabel snorted. “You’re such a dumbass.”

“And you’re so charming,” retorted Liz, trying very hard not to smile. There was something irresistible about Isabel, even when she was at her bitchiest and Liz was most definitely not immune to it. “Remind me, why do I hang out with you again?

Isabel studied her nails with a touch of boredom. “Because you want my brother to shove it in your slot and work it all around and you figure that hanging with me will increase your chances.”

Liz gasped, horrified beyond belief as Tess and Maria burst into raucous laughter. “That’s not true!” she squealed.

“What’s not?” asked Isabel, a smirk on her face at Liz’s mortification. She enjoyed provoking this sort of reaction from Liz, it always amused her. “That you want my brother inside of you or that you think hanging around with me will increase your chances of it?”

“I’m not friends with you to get in Max’s pants,” Liz protested, shaking her head. “Though I’m beginning to wonder why I am friends with you.”

Isabel grinned at her and slapped her affectionately on the knee. “You’re friends with me because I’m awesome and you know it. And I’m friends with you because you’re like this retarded little kitten I feel the need to protect. You’re all defenceless and fluffy.”

“I’m a retarded kitten,” nodded Liz glibly, musing upon the idea. “Fab. I’ll have to put that on my resume.”

“Well, eventually you’ll be able to add sister in law to Isabel Evans on there. If that doesn’t get you a job, I don’t know what will.”

“Is there a peak to your arrogance or does it just keep going?” enquired Tess very seriously.

“Dunno,” replied Isabel, clearly giving the idea great thought. “So far there hasn’t been any sign of it slowing down. I think my ego will just keep expanding, kinda like the universe, except more awesome.”

“If only you could marry yourself,” smirked Maria. “I don’t think you’d ever be able to love anyone as much as you love yourself.”

Isabel grinned at the idea, then her face took on a ponderous, thoughtful look. “That’s not a bad idea. I wonder, if you had sex with a clone of yourself, would it be considered masturbation?”

Tess chuckled slightly. “I’m sure it’s a very valid concern that many philosophers have spent a lot of time wondering over.”

“I don’t think it would be,” said Liz after a moment’s thought. “Because identical twins have the same DNA and they can be very different. So I think at best it’d just be a strange sort of incest.”

“Incest is best,” grinned Isabel. “Put your sister to the test.”

“Excuse me,” interjected an elderly man from in front of them, turning in his seat to glare at the four of them heavily. “You girls are revolting. My wife and I have had just about enough of your vile talk. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.”

He got up and dragged his wife away as fast as he could, which wasn’t fast enough for Isabel’s liking. She let out a laugh as soon as he was gone and turned to her three shame faced comrades. “What an old coot. I reckon he hasn’t had any since 1902.”

“Isabel,” said Liz, horrified beyond belief by what had just happened. “Don’t you feel bad at all?”

Isabel scoffed at the idea. “No. Why should I care about his opinion? He’s clearly just a sexually frustrated old codger who’s desperate to get laid. And since his wife looks like she’d gathering cobwebs between her knees, I nominate Tess to do the honours.”

“What?” demanded Tess, slowly giving in to the urge to smile. “Why can’t you be the one to bone him?”

Isabel sighed impatiently before she began her explanation. “I’m too hot to have sex with him. He’d take one look at my boobs and die of a heart attack.”

“Oh and I’m not too hot for him?” Tess asked, a little offended at the insinuation.

Isabel mused upon Tess’s point and then conceded with it. “On second thoughts you’re right. Liz can do him. She’s not overwhelmingly hot, she’s more wholesomely pretty.”

Liz shot Isabel a look of disgust as she laughed. “What are you? My pimp?”

“If only,” groaned Isabel with longing. “What I wouldn’t give to sell your ass for my crack money.”

“Take it easy on him, Liz,” suggested Maria. “He’s old, ride him too hard and you’ll break his hip.”

“You know, that old guy was right. We are disgusting,” sighed Liz sadly.

“Ooh!” yelped Isabel, straightening in her seat in anticipation. “Shut the fuck up. Alex is up now.”

Isabel grinned as the MC opened the bidding on him. This was going to be sweet.

“Ten bucks,” bid Isabel, hoping that nobody else would bid on him. She’d already spent so much on her outfit for the slave day, it’d be nice if Alex was relatively cheap to balance out her expenditure.

“Twenty,” cried a nasal voice from over Isabel’s left shoulder. Turning, Isabel glared in the direction of the voice, hoping to deter them from further bidding. Alex would be hers, no matter how much they bid. Isabel always got her way.

“Thirty,” counterbid Isabel, looking over her shoulder to see if the nasal voice would bid on him again.

“Forty,” cried the girl, alerting Isabel as to who her competitor was. Some bleached blonde twit a couple of rows back who thought that blonde automatically meant sexy. There were some people who couldn’t pull off blonde hair and she was one of them. It made Isabel very smug to know that her blonde hair was entirely natural.

“Fifty,” bid Isabel, letting her voice sound bored so that she could send a message to the girl behind her that she wasn’t at all worried about the outcome of this event. She had her daddy’s platinum credit card and nothing was getting in her way today. Especially not some fake bitch with a voice like Fran Drescher.

The bidding continued with Alex looking between the two girls as if he couldn’t decide who would be worse to belong to. When they reached $100, Isabel had had enough. Clearly she needed to show this chick that she was not to be trifled with.

“$150,” she bid, letting Leanna know that she meant business.

And clearly Leanna got the message. She couldn’t even match Isabel’s bid, let alone increase it. So it was with a gloating smile and a vindictive spirit that Isabel won Alex at the auction.

“SOLD! To the lady in green!” cried the MC, who had been surreptitiously checking Isabel out the entire auction.

“Yeah!” cried Isabel, jumping out of her chair and shooting a victorious glare Leanna’s way. “Suck on that!”

“Poor Alex,” laughed Maria, catching a glimpse of his horrified face. “She’s going to eat him alive.”

Day Two: Auction Day
Isabel smoothed out her dress in front of Alex’s door, she was wearing possibly the sluttiest dress known to mankind. It was certainly the sluttiest she could find that covered her essentials. Low cut, short and showing almost all of her back, there was no way known that Alex Whitman could look at her and not want to throw her on the floor and have his way with her.

Isabel knocked on Alex’s door, anticipating his reaction to her appearance. She was going to bring Alex Whitman to his knees... and while he was down there...

Isabel smirked at the dirty thought and was glad that she had gone for a brazilian in preparation for today. The buzz from winning Alex at the auction still hadn’t worn off, and it was making Isabel edgy. And there was nothing like an orgasm to take the edge off of everything. She only hoped that he could keep up with her.

The door swung open and she came face to face with a very nervous looking Alex Whitman.

“Hello, Alex,” she purred, brushing past him into his bedroom. “I hope you’re ready for what I’ve got in store for you...”

When he didn’t answer, Isabel nearly groaned in frustration. She was going to break his control, even if she had to strip off completely. “But first I think I’ll get comfortable, these shoes are soooo painful.”

Bending over at the waist, Isabel began unlacing her aptly titled ‘Come Fuck Me’ boots, knowing full well that Alex must be getting a front row view of her racy red thong, thanks to the uber short dress she had on. She began to slowly pull her foot out of the boot, glancing back to make sure that his eyes were riveted on her every movement.

She was horrified and angered to find that he was not even looking in her direction. Was he gay, she wondered? Alex - in a vain attempt to respect her privacy - was resolutely staring at the wall to his left, clearly waiting for her to finish taking off her shoes.

Huffing with irritation, Isabel ripped her other shoe off and turned around, desperate to try another tactic.

“So, Alex... I don’t think we’ve ever hung out. Why is that, do you think?”

Alex opened his mouth to speak, flapping it a couple of times before he could manage to get an unholy squeak out. He coughed, embarrassed by his disobedient vocal chords and raised his arm up to scratch his eyebrow nervously. “I uh... gee.. I-I think m-maybe it c-could be-”

Isabel’s face became a mask of incredulity as he vainly tried to finish his sentence. “Wait,” she said holding up her hand to stop him. “Are you stuttering right now?”

Alex’s eyes stayed firmly planted on the ground. He shrugged.

“You’re shy?” Isabel found the whole notion entirely laughable, until her mind followed up on what that meant. “Is that why you won’t hit on me?”

Alex’s blush was her only answer.

“Christ on a crutch, I spent one hundred and fifty dollars on you only to find out that you’re fucking shy. Mother fucker, this is just fabulous.”

“Sorry,” he whispered, looking beyond mortified.

Isabel reigned herself in when she noticed Alex’s discomfort. There was something about him that made inspired her sympathy, which was a feat in itself considering how little she cared for other people’s discomfort on a normal day.

She sighed. “It’s not your fault. I could have just asked you instead of bidding on you like a lunatic. In my defence though, I honestly thought you were just playing hard to get.”

Alex shook his head dumbly and wished to God that she would just leave and forget about the entire thing.

She perched herself on Alex’s bed and stared up at him, a look of resigned disappointment on her face. “So, let’s just be clear. Do you find me attractive?”

“I-I uh... you see... the thing is...”

“Yes or no, Alex,” Isabel butted in, sensing that they could have been there all day if she’d let him carry on the way he was going.

“Y-yes,” he stammered, his ever present blush brightening at the admission.

Isabel smiled slightly, her mood slightly better than it had been previously. “Well... good. That’s a balm to my slightly wounded ego. Not that it affected me that much. I don’t think a nuclear warhead could dent that puppy.”

Alex let out a huff of air with a semi smile and Isabel supposed that was all she was going to get out of him. She watched him with genuine interest as he rocked back and forth on the balls of his feet, his arms hanging stiffly by his side as he fidgeted in a fit of unease. Having never really been exposed to shy people before as she usually liked to be associated with lively, brash people; Isabel found his actions completely intriguing. She wondered how anyone could live that way and how badly it affected his life.

After a long moment’s silence and much inner debating with himself, Alex finally plucked up the courage to say, “You know, you d-don’t h-have to stay... I mean... I-I would understand if you-”

“Fuck that,” said Isabel, waving his offer away. “I spent $150 on you. I’m getting my money’s worth.”

Alex swallowed as Isabel uncrossed her legs sensuously and rose from the bed standing toe to toe with him. Alex wondered if he’d make it out of this day alive.
“So,” began Isabel, buttoning up the last button on the shirt she’d borrowed from Alex. She suspected that he’d offered it more for his own comfort than hers, but she liked that he had offered it to her. He wasn’t like most other guys who would have infinitely preferred to let her stand there barely clothed so they could ogle her. “You’re friends with Max?”

When Alex just nodded his head, Isabel sensed that she was probably going to have to do all the talking in this scenario. “How long have you two been friends for?”

“S-since about halfway th-through freshman year.”

Isabel nodded and wondered if she should rethink the wisdom of going through with her slave day if this was the scintillating conversation she could come to expect from him.

“How d-did you meet your f-friends?” asked Alex, bringing a pleased smile to Isabel’s face. He was clearly petrified of her, but he was trying and Isabel couldn’t help but respect that.

“Well, Maria I’ve known all my life. We grew up next door together and spent a good half of our childhoods hating each other because I thought she was a hyperactive tool and she thought I was a bitch. Then we turned seven and became instant friends when we both sabotaged Courtney Banks’s lunch. I spat in her drink while Maria slipped some dirt into her sandwich. I think we recognised and respected the evil we saw in each other.”

Isabel paused and shot a look at Alex who looked at her with a curious mixture of awe and disbelief. She smiled as she recalled how she and her other two friends met. “Tess I met the first day of freshman year. Tess and I became friends because we lived next door to each other at college and we used to have competitions to see who could have the noisiest sex. Our walls were really thin and it was a pretty fun competition. There’s nothing like friendly rivalry and orgasms. And I became friends with Liz because she needs me. When she first popped up on my radar about a halfway through first semester of freshman year she was being pursued by this total jerk named Sean and he wouldn’t take no for an answer. So we were at this party and I heard her make up this total bullshit excuse that she was a lesbian and Sean clearly wasn’t buying it. He had her cornered and she looked pretty scared, so I went over there, pushed him out of the way, told him to get his hands off my girlfriend and gave her the best French kiss she’s ever received. Sean didn’t bother her again after that because he was a total homophobe. Liz couldn’t look at me for about a month after that kiss, but then she was fine. I bet she still thinks about that kiss late at night though, I bet it makes her moist.”

Isabel turned her head away from the poster she’d been studying on the wall above his bed to see how Alex had received her story. She smiled at the look of absolute shock she saw printed there.

“Wow,” he finally managed to get out.

“Yeah. So that’s my story. How did you and Max meet?”

“Well, I certainly didn’t French kiss him,” said Alex shyly, waiting with trepidation to see how his joke would be received. When he was rewarded by a laugh, he visibly relaxed, much to Isabel’s delight. If she could get him to relax more she might actually be able to enjoy herself. She didn’t know if she could manage to have sex with him due to the extreme shyness the boy suffered from, but she thought she may as well give it a shot. She was horny and he was there. It was a good enough situation for her.

“Well that’s good,” she purred walking over to him, hoping that the slight stumble backwards wasn’t a sign of him being about to faint. “I’d hate for my brother to have kissed you before I’ve had a chance to.”

Running a hand down his arm, Isabel then placed her hands on his chest and backed him towards the bed till the back of his knees collided with it and he fell clumsily onto the mattress. Straddling his thighs, Isabel smiled down at her prey, who looked so nervous she couldn’t help but feel a heady rush of power run through her.

“I-Isabel...” Alex stammered.

“Yes Alex?” she asked winsomely as she pressed her hips into his, rewarded by his hissing intake of breath.

“I-I c-can’t do this.”

“Why not?” asked Isabel looking down at his rather impressive erection that was pressed up against her. “You seem to be doing fine so far.”

“No, I... I don’t... I don’t w-want to do this.”

Isabel pinned him with an incredulous gaze. “You’re turning down sex? Sex with me?”

“I-I don’t wanna just have sex with you, Isabel. I mean, I do... wanna... you know...” Alex’s face flushed crimson under her gaze. “But not if it’s not going to mean anything to you. I-I need... more than that.”

Isabel blinked, taken aback by this gentle boy’s sincerity. Never had anyone turned down sex with her because they wanted an emotional bond with her. Guys were usually more than content to take what they were handed.

But Alex Whitman - cripplingly shy, bashful Alex Whitman - was going to turn down sex with her even though she was half naked and primed for action in his lap. He clearly wasn’t a ladies man. His shyness would definitely see to that, and she didn’t know how long it had been since he’d been with his girlfriend and yet he was turning down sex with the most lusted after girl in his college because he saw sex as something special.

“Ok,” she said simply, removing herself from his lap and taking a seat on his desk, enjoying the damage she’d wrought to him. He looked rumpled and disoriented, which was the only thing that stopped her from feeling hurt. He clearly wanted to have sex with her, but it was his principals holding him back.

“Ok?” he questioned cautiously as if expecting severe backlash for his actions. “You’re not m-mad?”

Isabel snorted at the idea. “No. If you think you’ve crushed my self esteem, then you’ve really underestimated its enormity.”

“You’re not going to f-force the issue?”

Isabel glared at him, a little pissed off at the idea that Alex thought she was unable to deal with rejection like a mature adult. “Goddammit Alex, a little credit please. I like my sexual partners to be willing. I’m not about to rape you.” Isabel watched Alex carefully and a thought flashed through her head. “Alex, did your ex-girlfriend force you to have sex with her when you didn’t want to?”

“S-she didn’t force me...” he said quietly. “But she wouldn’t take no for an answer. She just kept at it until I caved.”

Isabel frowned at the idea. She knew that most guys wouldn’t turn down sex, but to try and force a guy that clearly had his reasons for not wanting to have sex was pretty low. It infuriated her that somebody would take an easily manipulated guy and browbeat him till he gave in. She found it surprising how worked up she was getting at what Alex had told her.

There was something about Alex Whitman that brought out her softer side, and Isabel wasn’t one hundred percent sure she appreciated that.
“Alex, I need to talk to you,” interrupted Leanna from the doorway as Isabel and Alex shared Chinese take out. They had been sitting in companionable silence, something Isabel hadn’t believed existed until she’d experienced it with Alex. Usually Isabel needed to fill the silence, to remind people of why she was the life of the party. But with Alex, there was no need. He didn’t expect anything from her. He seemed content to just sit with her and... be.

“Oh, um... can it wait? I’m kinda in the middle of someth-”

“No it can’t wait,” snapped Leanna flashing an angry glare at Isabel who merely raised one perfectly sculpted eyebrow in response. This bitch sure was a piece of work.

“Well, I-I’m sorry Leanna, but it’s just maybe going to have to wait,” Alex said softly, cringing in anticipation of her displeasure.

A sharp huff informed Alex that he was right on the money. Leanna was pissed. “Outside. Right now.”

Isabel frowned at this girl’s audacity. Alex clearly felt uncomfortable complying with her request, but she kept browbeating him into it. He didn’t need someone like that in his life, someone who wanted to squash what little confidence he had. He needed someone who encouraged him to stand up for himself, someone who liked it when he said no, someone who valued his opinions and character.

“Listen bitch,” began Isabel as Leanna tried to stare Alex down. “He said no, so why don’t you run along? Clearly he doesn’t want to do what you’re asking him to, and you can’t make him.”

“Why don’t you keep your nose out of business that doesn’t concern you, bitch?”

“He’s my slave for today, so yeah, I’ve made it my business. Now get the fuck out,” she demanded, standing up to her full height, towering over the girl. Leanna considered her options for a moment and then wisely decided to follow Isabel’s directions. Isabel slammed the door shut behind her and grinned as she took her seat again.

“Thanks,” he muttered. “Usually I have Max around to help me stand up to her, but I guess another Evans will do.”

“Max helps you with her?” she enquired, curious as to her brother’s role in Alex’s life.

Alex nodded. “Yeah, he kinda convinced me that I could break up with her. He knew I was unhappy with her so he backed me up while I broke up with her. He’s been trying to get me to be more forthright and stand up for myself, but I don’t think it’s working too well.”

“I think it’s working fine,” reassured Isabel, patting him on the hand. At the slight contact of her hand on his, her stomach gave a quick clench. She frowned at the sensation. She had no idea what that sensation was, but she knew it wasn’t good.

“Why did you date her again?” asked Isabel, truly curious as to what Alex saw in her.

Alex’s face tinged with pink. “She kinda forced me into it...”

Isabel let out a sharp bark of laughter that turned Alex’s face from a gentle pink to a glowing magenta. “You’re kidding! She forced you?”

Alex winced as she laughed long and loud. “Thank you for laughing at my pathetic excuse for a life.”

Isabel’s laughter faded as she saw the mortification on Alex’s face. Something about him wearing that expression because of her made her feel like she’d kicked a puppy. “No, no Alex. I wasn’t laughing at you,” she reassured. “I was laughing at her and her patheticness. Forcing a guy to go out with you is pretty much the lamest of the lame.”

“Isn’t that what you did?” pointed out Alex tentatively, as if expecting to be smacked back down into place for even suggesting it.

Isabel shook her head, not fussed by his statement, much to his relief. “Not really. I didn’t want to force a relationship on you, I just wanted to fuck your brains out.”

Alex let out a breathy laugh, blushed once more and then stared at his feet in embarrassment. Isabel wished with all her heart that the sight didn’t make her previously stone cold insides heat up.

“So,” said Isabel over a mouthful of fried rice, changing the topic because it clearly made Alex uncomfortable. She wondered how he had managed to inspire that much thoughtfulness in her, she’d never do that for Liz. “How did you get roped into doing the auction anyway? I wouldn’t have thought making a spectacle of yourself would be your thing.”

“It’s not,” said Alex, digging with his chopsticks for another piece of chicken. “Max kinda bullied me into it.”

“So after spending all that time telling you to stand up for yourself, Max goes and manipulates you anyway,” said Isabel with a roll of her eyes. It occurred to her then that Alex’s stutter had disappeared around her. She knew it had to be a good sign that he had stuttered around Leanna and not her. His stutter was a sign of fear, and while she liked inspiring fear in other people, she didn’t want to inspire fear in Alex. And she didn’t know why.

“I think he wanted me to get more involved with people. He gave me this whole pep talk too. Take chances. Make mistakes.”

“Get messy,” said Isabel under her breath as she spooned more rice into her honey chicken.

“Magic School Bus?” said Alex excitedly, his voice raising above his usual soft mutter for the first time that day.

Isabel’s eyes widened in delight. “Oh my god... you got that reference? I used to love that show as a kid! My favourite was Carlos. That kid was fucking epic. Total pimp. Who was your favourite character?”

“That blonde nerdy girl. I’ve always had a thing for blondes,” Alex paused and blushed. “And I... kinda had a thing for Miss Frizzle.”

“Who didn’t want to bone Miss Frizzle?” asked Isabel, with a dreamy look on her face. “She was enough to turn a girl lesbian.”

“Good to know,” said Alex, looking a touch disturbed by her proclamation, but delighted all the same to find another Magic School Bus fan.

“So, do you-” Whatever Isabel was going to ask him, Alex would never know, as he chopstick chose that moment to give way, her piece of chicken slipping from between them and sliding its way down the shirt she had borrowed from Alex, leaving a greasy trail as it went. “Ah fucknuts!”

She picked the stray piece of chicken out of her lap and placed it in a empty container, before grabbing a napkin to try and wipe away the mess. Alex saw her reach for it and knew what she was going to do.

“Don’t,” he said, catching her wrist in his warm clasp just as she was about to rub at the stain. “You’ll just set the stain. Take it off and I’ll...”

Alex trailed off as he noticed his proximity to Isabel. And the way she was looking at him was enough to stop his breath in his throat. It was different than the predatory gleam she’d worn in her eyes when she’d tried to seduce him before. All he this time was seeing was arousal and tender supplication, something he suspected she had never shown anyone else before. Their eyes were locked in a heated gaze and he couldn’t bring himself to tear himself away. He found himself drawing closer to her tempting lips unable to stop himself even though he knew that this might very well be his undoing. He knew he could fall so easily for Isabel and that she could crush his heart without even trying. But even knowing all that, his lips still found hers, meeting together in the most glorious way. He could have sworn that his heart stopped right then and there.

Isabel was in a daze herself. Nobody else had ever affected her this way. Not just in physical reaction, but emotional too. Alex’s gentle nature made her feel ashamed of herself. She had always seen her brash, untactful ways as something to be proud of, but Alex had made her feel clumsy, brutish and ugly without even trying. She knew that he’d be horrified if he found out that he’d made her feel that way, but she couldn’t help it. Alex made her want to be a better person, an achievement that no one else could claim.

Physically, she felt like she was on fire. An exquisite fire that only he could incite. As their kiss heated up, his hands began to roam over her body, leaving delicious trails of electricity in their wake. He made her feel alive with his gentle touch, just as he made her feel precious and delicate.

She stumbled to her feet, dragging him with her and quickly moved them over to the bed. She captured his mouth in a ferocious kiss when she noticed that he was about to speak. He couldn’t speak. Speaking might lead to stopping and she couldn’t have that. Not now.

She unbuttoned his shirt with shaking hands and splayed her hands over his bare chest as he unbuttoned the large button up shirt that he’d loaned to her.

All it took was a few simple flicks of Isabel’s wrist and the skimpy dress she was wearing came undone, leaving her exposed to Alex’s appreciative eyes. His hunger therein was all it took for Isabel to maul him. She grasped his head between her hands and kissed him hotly, her hands reaching for his belt.

After a few fumbling moves, they were both completely naked and loving the sensation of skin to skin contact. Hands skimmed over skin, tongues teased and teeth nipped as they explored each other.

“Oh god,” Alex moaned, running a tongue over a painfully erect nipple. “I can’t stop.”

“Don’t,” she pleaded. It was enough for him that she needed him badly at that point in time. Even if she left after this, he would always have the memory of her asking him to continue and sounding like she’d die if he didn’t.

His hand dropped to the apex of her thighs and Isabel gasped as he carefully stroked her, inciting an inferno within her.

“Alex,” she gasped, desperate to feel him inside her. “Now.”

He fumbled in his bedside drawer and pulled out a condom, after fumbling for a few moments, Isabel groaned in frustration and took over, ripping the foil packet and rolling it expertly down his cock. He just about came at the feeling of her hands on him.

Lowering himself between her thighs, Alex pushed in steadily, just about dying at the heady sensation of being sheathed within her. He’d never felt this close to anyone before. He never wanted to stop.

He began to move slowly, watching her face closely, trying to memorise every line of pleasure etched there. Her breasts bounced softly with the gentle movement and her sighs and moans were the sweetest thing he’d ever heard. He only hoped he could hold out long enough.

His slow strokes soon increased in pace as his climax neared, and from the sounds coming from Isabel, she was close too.

It only took a few more thrusts and Isabel clamped around him, pulling him even deeper as she let loose a deep, guttural moan. That was all it took for Alex to let go too.
Long after their bodies had cooled and their panting for air had subsided, Alex and Isabel still had yet to say a word. Neither seemed to want to break the magic and let reality rear its ugly head. So instead they lay in Alex’s bed on their sides, an arm draped loosely over the other, just staring at each other. However, Isabel’s burning curiosity could not be silenced for long.

“I hate to be the girl in this scenario,” said Isabel quietly, completely unsure of herself for the first time in her life. “But where do we stand now?”

“I know where I’d like to stand with you,” said Alex softly, the all too familiar blush rising on his cheeks again. Isabel decided then and there that she loved it and her life’s mission was to make him blush as many times as possible.

“Wanna be my boyfriend?” she asked quietly, her joking tone belying the spastic beat of her heart in her chest. She was nervous. Another first in the life of Isabel Evans.

“I want that more than anything,” Alex assured her quietly, loving the grin of pure happiness that spread across her face.

“On one condition,” said Isabel, looking at him very seriously.

“What’s that?” Alex was a little perturbed by her statement. What could she possibly want? He hoped it was something he could provide.

Isabel grinned wickedly at him. “I get to be there when you tell Leanna that we’re dating.”

Alex laughed along with her and then sighed at the turn of events. He’d signed up for a day of slavery, but he got the feeling he was in for a lifetime of it. Alex couldn’t have envisioned a better outcome if he’d tried.
The End

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