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by mrsfriedmsh
Love it!

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clueless wrote:Just checking in for a new part

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by Cocogurl
clueless (2x)
dreamon (2x)

I know. I'm terrible at updates. :oops: But I want to thank you guys for being so patient with me and I hope you enjoy this next part!

Chapter Eighteen

Liz breathed a sigh of relief when the final school bell rang, and she started gathering her books. The entire day had been a long, exhausting blur and all she wanted to do was crawl into her bed and forget the world. Liz left the classroom and made her way to her locker to grab the rest of her books. Quickly, she grabbed the rest of her belongings and shut her locker before turning to leave and crashing right into someone who’d been standing behind her. Her books and homework fell the floor, scattering around her and she kneeled to pick them up, still not paying attention the person she bumped into. A second later, the figure knelt in front of her and she felt her entire body freeze at the sound of a familiar male voice.

“Hey, Parker,” Sean greeted. “Been a little while. You’re not avoiding me, are you?”

Liz’s heart dropped into her stomach when she finally looked up and caught Sean’s evil smirk. He held out one of her notebooks to her but kept it far enough away that she’d have to come closer to him to get it. “Give me back my notebook,” she said firmly, trying to hide the fear she was feeling.

Sean’s smirk turned to into a full-on grin as he eyed Liz up and down, taking pleasure in her discomfort. He pulled her notebook further away when she tried to grab it and held it slightly above his head before leaning in closer to her. “Say please.”

Liz could feel Sean’s breath against her face as he spoke, and the desire to vomit bubbled up inside of her. She was about to just get up and leave when footsteps came up behind her and voice cut through their staring contest.

“Is everything okay?”

Both Sean and Liz looked up to see Doug standing there staring down at them—more specifically, staring down at Sean. Though he didn’t appear overly hostile, his demeanor wasn’t friendly either. Sean seemed to notice this and backed down, handing Liz her notebook. She snatched it from him before standing up, taking a step back to put as much distance between her and Sean as possible.

Sean stood as well. “See ya, Parker.”

Giving her a little wink, Sean turned on his heels and left in the opposite direction. Liz watched him leave, desperately feeling the need to shower even though he hadn’t touched her. A hand on her shoulder made her jump in surprise and she turned to see Doug looking at her with concern. She’d completely forgotten he was there.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

Taking a breath, she gave Doug a small smile. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Are you hanging out with Sean?” The worry in his voice was noticeable. “He’s bad news, Liz.”

“Trust me. I’m aware of that,” she muttered. “We’re not hanging out. He was just handing me my books. So, what’s going on?”

“Well, I wanted to talk to you about Friday.”

A new batch of anxiety hit her as she remembered their date this Friday. She’d been dreading this conversation but knew there was no other way around it. “Listen, Doug…”

Doug brought his hand up to stop her before she could continue. “I just wanted you to know that it’s okay if you’re not interested in going out with me. I know Isabel was pushing for it, but it didn’t seem like you were that interested.”

A pang of guilt hit Liz. “I think you’re a really nice guy, Doug. I’m just not interested in you that way.”
There was a flicker of disappointment in his eyes as he nodded his head. “It’s all right, Liz. I’ll see you around.”

As he started to leave, Liz began to rethink her decision. Doug was a nice guy. And maybe spending time with him would finally make things better between her and Maria. “Doug, wait,” she called out, taking a few quick steps to close the distance between them. As he turned around to face him, she gave him a smile. “If you’re okay with it, maybe w could go to the movies as friends.”

After a moment, Doug returned her smile before nodding. “I’d like that.”

After that, he offered to walk Liz to her car, and she accepted. As they walked out of the school together, Liz began to feel optimistic about her newfound friendship with Doug.
~ * ~ * ~ * ~
Max walked out of school; his backpack slung over his shoulder as he made his way to the parking lot. The entire time, there was a pit in stomach as he wondered what he’d walk in on when he got home. His parents had been fighting more than usual—if that was possible—and he had to make sure his mother was okay. As soon as he spotted his jeep at the very end of the parking lot he reached down and started fishing his keys from his pocket, but then froze when he took another look and noticed a figure leaning back against the hood of the jeep. A figure that he desperately wished would disappear. With a groan of annoyance, he continued making his way to the car.

Pam smiled seductively when she spotted Max and straightened herself. “Hey, baby. Where are you heading?”

“None of your business.” His tone made it clear that he wasn’t interested in talking, but Pam clearly couldn’t take the hint. As Max started to walk around to the driver’s side, Pam quickly stepped in front of him, getting into his space as much as possible.

“Don’t be like that,” she said, giving him a playful pout. “I just thought we could have some fun. Like the old times.” She started to run her fingers around his chest and there was guessing what she was implying.

Max stepped back, glaring at her. “Did I not make myself clear last time? The days of us having fun are over.”

Her playful demeanor evaporated at his harsh tone and she returned his hard stare. “Because of Liz?” She asked, annoyance in her voice. “For fuck’s sake, what is so interesting about that prissy little bitch that you’d be willing to throw away what we had?”

Seeing the fury in Pam’s eyes made Max smirk in amusement. “What we had?” His tone was mocking as he stared at her. “Do you even hear yourself? All we ever were to each other was a good fuck and you know that. You just won’t admit that because your pride is hurt. That’s not my problem, Pam.”

He brushed past her and this time she didn’t stop him. As he reached down to unlock his car door, he paused when heard Liz’s familiar laughter. Immediately, his head shot in her direction, unable to stop himself from catching at least one look at her. He felt his heart sink, though, when he spotted her across the parking lot and noticed that she wasn’t alone. Walking next to her was Doug Shellows. They stopped by Liz’s car where Maria, Alex and Isabel were waiting. A moment later, Doug leaned down slightly and said something to Liz that se clearly found humorous.

As Pam turned around to yell at Max some more, she noticed where he was looking, and a cocky grin spread on her lips as she saw a chance to appease her wounded pride. “I didn’t realize that Liz and Doug were a thing,” she said in a honey sweet tone, her grin becoming larger when she noticed the way Max’s body tensed up. “They look really cute together. Don’t you think?”

Though she was standing behind him, Max didn’t need to see Pam’s face to know that she was enjoying herself, and he didn’t want to give her anymore satisfaction than she was already getting. Composing himself, he turned back to Pam, keeping his expression neutral as he shrugged. “I don’t really care. She can go out with whoever she wants.”

“Sure, you don’t. Look, that girl will never understand you, Max. Not like I do.”
A moment later, she stepped closer to Max and leaned in for a kiss, but he quickly pulled away from her. Pam just rolled her eyes at his response. “Whatever. When you’re done pining, let me know.”

With that, she sauntered away, feeling confident that he wouldn’t be able to resist her for long. Max just shook his head in exasperation as he watched her leave. With a sigh he unlocked his car door, shooting Liz and Doug one last pained look before getting in his car and pulling out of the parking space.
~ * ~ * ~ * ~
Liz pulled her car into a parking space outside the Crashdown and rushed inside to get ready for her shift. As she headed to the back to change into her uniform Tess came up to her and pulled her aside. “Hey, Michael’s over at your book,” she said, jerking her head towards the booth that sat near the entrance of the diner. “He wanted to talk to you.”

Liz looked over to where Michael was sitting and nodded. “Thanks for telling me.”

As she headed towards the booth, she noticed how fidgety Michael looked and he almost looked nervous being there. “Hey, Michael. Are you waiting for Maria?” She asked as she stopped in front of the booth.

“Oh, no. It’s just me.” Michael continued to shift awkwardly in his seat, and Liz became concerned. This wasn’t typical of Michael. He always very laid back and comfortable with everyone.

She took a seat across from him. “Is everything okay, Michael?”

Michael nodded, but his face looked uncertain. “Yeah, I was just…I was wondering if everything was okay with you.”

Liz looked at him in confusion. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Seems like things have been tense between you and Maria lately.”

This time, it was Liz’s turn to shift uncomfortably in her seat. “You noticed?”

Michael gave her a nod, a humorous smirk appeared on his face. “I may not be big on feelings, but I have eyes.”

Liz wasn’t sure what to say. She didn’t want to lie to Michael but telling him why she and Maria were fighting would only complicate things further. Finally, she shrugged and rolled her eyes, trying to act casual. “It’s nothing. Just stupid girl stuff.”

“Is it about Max?”

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, Liz’s entire body froze. And that was all the confirmation that Michael needed. With a sigh, he stood from his seat and started to leave, but Liz quickly got up to stop him.

“Michael, whatever it is that you’re thinking, I promise it’s not that.”

Michael gave Liz a small smile, but he couldn’t hide the sadness that was in his eyes. “It’s cool, Liz. I’ll see you later.”

As Liz watched him leave, a nervous feeling settled in the pit of her stomach and she hoped that she hadn’t just made things worse.

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You have no idea how awesome it was to see an update to this! The only downside was that it was too short!!!

Don’t keep us waiting to long cause I have a feeling that major angst is right around the corner and I can’t wait to read it!

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Thank god your back. Good thing Doug was there for Liz before Sean started anything. So Liz and Doug are going to be friends now that maybe a good thing. Poor Max the whore Pam won't leave him alone. Max needs to stop pretending that he doesn't have feelings for Liz when he does. So Michael knows something is going on with Liz and Maria. Liz is right she may have caused some trouble for Maria and Michael. Hoping Max and Liz will talk again.

L-J-L 76

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I agree with Doug.......Sean is bad news for Liz.
She wants to be just fiends with Doug........
And I do hope the days of having fun are over for Max and Pam...
Can't wait to see what happens next.

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Thanks for the new part! I can’t wait to read more, so please post more soon.

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Is it time for an update yet?

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dreamon (2x)
L-J-L 76

Here's the new chapter! I hope you all enjoy it. :D

Chapter Nineteen

“Are you sure you want to wear that?”

The critical tone in Tess’s voice made Liz roll her eyes in exasperation at her friend as she looked at herself in the mirror. Liz had decided on a simple black tank top and jeans for her movie date with Doug, which seemed fine to her since, as she continued to point out to Tess, her and Doug were just friends. But Tess still insisted on helping Liz get ready and had already made her change three times in the last half hour.

“Still don’t know why you won’t date him,” Tess continued she sat crisscrossed on Liz’s bed, scrolling through pictures of Doug on her phone. “The guy is hot!”

Liz snorted at that as she plopped herself down on the bed beside Tess. “Then you can date him?”

“Please, I already have my hands full with Valenti.”

Liz scrunched up her nose as she caught the meaning in Tess’s tone. Yes, she was completely over Kyle and was happy that her two friends found happiness with each other, but the image of them in bed together was not something she wanted in her head, even if Tess only implied it. The sound of knocking made both girls turn their heads toward the door as it opened, and Liz’s dad entered. “Hey, girls.”

“Liz smiled. “Hey, dad. What’s up?”

“Jim and I are going to be leaving for our fishing trip pretty early, so I wanted to say goodbye now.”

Liz hopped off the bed and gave her dad a hug. “Have fun on your fishing trip.”

Jeff returned her embrace as he gave her a quick kiss on her head. “I intend to,” he said with a smile as he released her.

As Jeff left the room, Liz turned to Tess. “Are you going to be okay without Kyle for a few days?”

“Yeah, I’ll miss him, but I’ll be fine.” Tess turned back to her phone, looking at the picture of Doug on her screen. “Now let’s talk more about Doug. Why exactly don’t you want to date?”

Liz sighed. “Why is everyone so interested in my love life?” She grumbled as she sat down at the edge of the bed. Tess was still eyeing her, waiting for an answer and Liz shrugged. “Doug seems like a good guy. My heart’s just not there.”

“What about that Max guy? Are you into him?” Tess asked and smirked when she noticed the way Liz’s eyes nervously darted away, confirming her suspicion. “I thought I sensed some tension between you two the other night. If you two like each other than just be together. What’s stopping you?”

“Maria,” Liz said, staring down at her comforter. “I think she’s in love with him.” Her eyes then went back to Tess, who was staring at her in confusion.

“Maria’s with Michael. Why would she care about you and Max getting together?”

“Max and Maria have history,” she told Tess. “A bad one. And I think she’s still hurt by it.”

When Tess didn’t say anything, Liz felt herself becoming defensive, already preparing for Tess to defend Maria like Isabel had, to remind her of the sanctity of the girl code and how a real friend wouldn’t even consider doing that to someone who’d been so good to them. Frankly, the thought of hearing it annoyed her. She was tired of having to defend herself against something that hadn’t even really happened. She was surprised, though, when Tess’s expression turned sympathetic and she reached forward and gave Liz’s hand a gentle squeeze.
“Have you talked to her?” She asked after releasing Liz’s hand.

Liz shrugged. “I’ve tried, but honestly, I don’t think would do any good. And I don’t want to hurt her.”

Tess continued to stare at her friend with sympathy, but her tone took on a slightly more exasperated note. “I get that. Maria’s my friend too. I don’t want to see her hurt, but I don’t want to see you hurt either.”

Liz immediately opened her mouth to argue, but Tess cut her off.

“Maria has a boyfriend. And you deserve to be happy. You two really need to talk.”

Liz didn’t say anything. A part of her new that Tess was right. Things between her and Maria had been so strained, and she hated it. Maybe if they got it all out, things would get better. Or maybe I’ll lose her, another part of her worried. As annoyed as she was with Maria at the moment, she really did care about her and their friendship. She didn’t want to lose that.

After a while, Tess could tell that she wasn’t going to get anywhere with Liz and rolled her eyes in exasperation as she hopped off the bed. “Fine. I’m heading home. But will you at least think about it?”

Liz gave Tess a small nod and watched her leave before going over and sitting down in front of her vanity. As she put the finishing touches on her makeup, she tried to push her conversation with Tess out of her mind. Because the more she thought about it, the more annoyed she became. Not at Tess for pointing out the truth—well, at least not entirely, but more annoyed at the situation she was in. She really cared about Maria, and the last thing she wanted to do was lose her as a friend, but she feared that, with the way things were between them, that outcome was inevitable.

The sound of the doorbell downstairs broke Liz out of her thoughts, which she was extremely thankful for. Quickly, she dabbed a little lip gloss on and grabbed her black leather jacket off the edge of the bed before rushing down the stairs. She made it down to the foyer just in time to see Jeff opening the front door and letting Doug in.

Jeff glanced up just as Liz hit the bottom step. “I was just about to come get you.”

“Thanks, dad.” She turned her attention to Doug. He stood there in faded blue jeans and a grey t-shirt that successfully showed off the muscles in his arms and she had to admit that he looked hot. And Liz could tell by the excited look on Doug’s face that he was happy with her appearance.

“Wow! Liz, you look great.”

“Thank you,” she said, feeling a blush spread on her cheeks. She turned to her dad, who looked amused witnessing these two kids gawk at each other like nerds. “Goodnight, dad.”

Jeff let out a little chuckle. “Goodnight, sweetie. You two have fun.”

As soon as he went upstairs, Liz turned her attention back to Doug. “Are you ready to go?”

With a smile, Doug stepped aside, allowing her to leave the house first. “After you,” he said and the two of them headed towards his car.
~ * ~ * ~ * ~
Two and a half hours later, Doug pulled his car into Liz’s driveway and turned the engine off. Liz shift awkwardly in her seat, unsure of what to do next. Despite insistence that she and Doug were just going out as friends, the entire evening had felt very date like. When she turned to Doug and caught the nervous and slightly eager look in his eyes, she knew he was hoping for something more.

“So, I had a really great time,” he said, nervously fiddling with his keys.

“Yeah, I did too,” Liz replied, and she meant it. After the movie, Doug had taken her to a tiny ice cream shop where they spent the next 45 minutes talking about anything they could think of. She was surprised by how much they had in common. As the night came to an end, she found herself not wanting it to end. And, if she had to be honest with herself, she was attracted to him. And that made her even more uncomfortable, so she tried to keep the conversation light. “I can’t believe I’ve never been to that ice cream shop before. Their food is amazing.”

Doug chuckled as he looked at Liz. “I could tell when you scarfed two bowls of ice cream and then went after mine.”

Liz smiled. “Hey, you offered your ice cream to me. How’s a girl supposed to say no?”

The both laughed, but soon the silence returned and when Doug started leaning in towards her, she froze. She wasn’t sure if she was ready for this, but she couldn’t deny that she was curious what it would feel like to kiss him. She didn’t do anything at first when his lips connected with hers, but after a moment, she found herself giving in to it. His lips were soft, warm, and she knew that she liked it. But as they continued to kiss, that spark that she was looking for just wasn’t there. Not like it had been with Max. The image of Max’s face made her abruptly pull away from Doug, which he noticed.

“Uh…goodnight, Doug.”

His face fell a little at the way Liz awkwardly avoided his gaze, but he brushed it aside. “Goodnight, Liz.”

Liz quickly got out of the car and gave him a little wave before he drove off. She sighed to herself in disappointed as she watched him leave, hoping she hadn’t just ruined a potential friendship. But she knew there was nothing she could do about it if that happened. She wouldn’t lead Doug like that. Turning, she walked towards the house, pulling her keys out of her pocket as she made her way up the steps. She stopped at the front door when she noticed movement in the corner of her eye and glanced over to see Max sitting on the wicker bench.

“Max,” she gasped in surprise. “You scared me.”

Max didn’t respond and when she came over to sit next to her, he didn’t look at her. He just continued to stare off at nothing and that worried her.

“I’m sorry,” he finally said, his voice flat. “I didn’t want to intrude on your date.”

Liz felt the urge to assure him that there was nothing between her and Doug but decided against it when she took his appearance. As he sat there, staring off into the distance when an almost lost expression, she that whatever was bothering him, it was bigger than her and Doug.

“Are you okay?” She asked gently. “You seem upset.”

After several moments of silence, he turned his gaze to Liz, and her heart broke when she saw the tears forming in his eyes.

“My mom left,” he said, unable to contain the tears that were now sliding down his face.

Immediately, Liz pulled Max into her arms, holding him close as he started to cry. Max didn’t resist. He just clung to her tightly, taking comfort in the only good thing he had left in his life.
~ * ~ * ~ * ~
Max and Liz sat on the porch, holding each other for awhile before Liz released him. She then grasped Max’s hand and led him into the house.

They were unaware of Pam Troy’s car parked across the street. Pam sat in the driver’s seat, gripping the steering wheel as she watched Max and Liz go inside, rage boiling inside of her. After a moment, she started the car and drove away, promising herself that she was going to take care Liz. That bitch wasn’t going to get away with stealing her man.

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by keepsmiling7
There's no spark with Doug for Liz....
Max came to Liz with a big problem.
Pam was watching and isn't happy that Max is with Liz.
Can't wait for more!