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Burned by Love (M/L, Adult, AU) Epilogue Complete 4/13/19

Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 7:04 pm
by Roswelllostcause
Title Burned By Love
Author Roswelllostcause
Disclaimer Roswell is owned by a lot of people. I am not one of them.
Category M/L AU without Aliens
Rating Adult
Summary Liz Parker is a woman that has been hurt more than once by men that told her they loved her. What will happen when she finds herself falling for a man that seems to be the man of her dreams. Will she open her heart to him or will she protect her heart from being broken again?

A/N There will be mentions of past UC for Liz and a little for Max as well.

Part 1

Liz Parker walked through the halls of Roswell Memorial Hospital heading for the emergency room. She had been just called down to consult on a little girl who had come in an hour ago. She was three years out of medical school and already showed promise as to becoming one of the top pediatric cancer doctors in the entire United States. She walked into the small exam room to find the one doctor she wanted nothing to do with. Maxwell Evans, was a year a head of her all through her schooling. Both had grown up in Roswell New Mexico, and they both had gone to Harvard for both their undergrad degrees as well as Harvard medical school. She took a deep breath and faced Dr. Evans.

"What do we have Dr. Evans?" Asked Liz

Max tried not to smile when he heard her voice.

"Dr. Parker, this is Jenny Sanchez seven years old. She came in with a headache that she has had for nearly a week. We did both a head CT scan and MRI. They show a mass the size of a golf ball near the base of the skull." Said Max
"What about blood work?" Asked Liz
"White blood count is very high."

Liz nodded as she studied the scans and then the other tests. Including a biopsy of the mass. It was cancer.

"The tumor is cancer isn't it Liz?" Asked Max
"Yeah it is. Where are her parents?"
"They went to get some coffee."

Liz just nodded.

"Can the tumor be removed?" Asked Max
"I'm not sure. We need to speak to a neurosurgeon about it."
"I already called. They haven't been down yet."
"I'll call again."

Liz walked over to the phone and talked to someone. Five minutes later a graying man came in.

"Dr. Max Evans meet Dr. Henry Kent. The best neurosurgeon in Roswell." Said Liz
"Nice to meet you Dr. Kent." Said Max
"Dr. Evans, Dr. Parker let me see what you got." Said Dr. Kent

They showed Dr. Kent the brain scans. He studied them closely.

"It is cancer?" Asked Dr. Kent
"Yes sir." Said Liz
"Well based on where it is as long as it has not grown around any nerves I should be able to remove it. But I would feel better if we could try and shrink it first." Said Dr. Kent
"That was my thinking." Said Liz
"Then we should talk to the girl's parents." Said Max

They found Jenny's parents and explained what was wrong. Her parents were devastated to find out their daughter had cancer. But Jenny was admitted ten minutes later. Liz was heading to the elevator when Max stopped her.

"Liz, wait a minute." Said Max
"Max, I need to get back."
"I know. I just wanted to see if you wanted to get coffee some time."
"Not going to happen. There will never be anything between us. We work in the same hospital that is all."

Liz entered the elevator and Max watched her go. He sighed wondering what happened to make such a change in the girl he use to know growing up. But he had a good idea on who to ask.


Re: Burned by Love (M/L, Adult, AU) Pt 1 1/12/19

Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 8:24 pm
by L-J-L 76
Love the start of this story. So Max and Liz grew up together that is interesting. Wonder how Max is going to find out about Liz's past? Who is Max going to ask?

L-J-L 76

Re: Burned by Love (M/L, Adult, AU) Pt 1 1/12/19

Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2019 1:36 pm
by keepsmiling7
Can't wait to see where we are going here.
Something has happened in the past regarding Liz.........wonder what it is?
Thanks for the new story!

Re: Burned by Love (M/L, Adult, AU) Pt 1 1/12/19

Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2019 4:55 pm
by Roswelllostcause
L-J-L 76 Yes Max and Liz grew up together. But have never been together. Who is Max going to talk to? Well you will have to wait to find out. But it is someone who knows Liz better then anyone.

Carolyn Yes something happened in Liz's past. As to what you are going to have to wait to find out.

Part 2

Liz exited the elevator and headed down the hall to the pediatric cancer ward. She stopped at the nurse's station and picked up the chart of one of her patients.

"Dr. Parker, José Lopez has been complaining of pain in his left leg." Said one of the nurses
"He has bone cancer right?" Asked Liz
"Yes. Dr. Nichols, has authorized you to approve any increase in his morphine."
"Let me take a look at him first."
"Room 345 C"
"Thanks Lucy."

Liz grabbed José's chart and headed to his room. Liz walked in and headed for bed C in the room. Each of these rooms had four beds. Each had it's own TV. Liz smiled at the eight year old boy.

"Hi José. I'm Dr. Parker. Lucy tells me that your leg is really hurting today."
"Yes. It feels like someone hit it with a baseball bat."
"Let me take a look at it OK?"

He nodded and Liz examined the leg. He winced at her gentle touch. She then looked at the chart and made a note to increase the morphine.

"OK José, I will tell Lucy to go a head and give you something for the pain."
"Thank you."

Liz left the room and returned to the nurse's station. After talking to Lucy she headed into the lounge to get a cup of coffee. She was going to need it. She was on all night. She sat down at the table and started to go through charts for some of the other kids in the ward.


Liz looked up an hour later to see her fellow resident Carolyn Fisher.

"Hey Care."
"So I just saw the new admit."
"Yeah brain cancer. Though Dr. Kent believes that he should be able to remove the tumor after we try to shrink it some."
"That's good. So was it that good looking Dr. Evans that called you down to consult?"
"Yes it was Dr. Evans."
"You do know that he likes you."
"Nothing will ever happen between me and Max Evans."

Carolyn raised an eyebrow. In the time she had known Liz, Liz never talked about seeing anyone. In fact whenever the subject of dating came up she would either change the subject or walk away.

"Liz, you know I am your friend. But all work and no play is no way to live your life."
"Care, I don't tell you how to live your life. So don't tell me how to live mine."
"Why are you so afraid to let someone into your life? Hey if you aren't into guys that's cool. I know a couple ladies you would love to go out with you."
"I am not gay. Not that I find anything wrong with it. I just don't have time to date."
"Liz, maybe you should make time."
"Carolyn, my personal life is none of your damn business. So bud out of my life."

Liz got up and stormed out of the room leaving Carolyn alone.


Sean Carson watched as Dr. Elizabeth Parker stormed down the hall. She was even hotter now than she was back in high school. He was sure that she had to be a better fuck then she had been when he popped her cherry back on the night of their Senior prom. He had to admit it had been fun being the first one to bury his dick into her. He hadn't been a virgin like her that night. Hell it had taken him nearly a year of dating her to get her into bed that night. He had even told her that he loved her. Oh he had loved the idea of having sex with her. But he didn't believe in romantic love. Hell he had been with at lest a dozen different girls since then. Hell he'd had fuck six or seven before Lizzie Parker. He was going to have her again no matter what it took. Sean smiled as he mopped the floor at the thought of that dark haired bitch under him as he pounded hard into her.


Re: Burned by Love (M/L, Adult, AU) Pt 2 1/14/19

Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2019 5:31 pm
by L-J-L 76
Think Sean was the first guy to hurt Liz in high school. After high school there must have been a couple more guys. Glad that Liz is there to help the kids in the hospital. Carolyn is a good friend to Liz. Agree with Carolyn that Liz needs to go out on dates. Oh hell no it looks like Sean is going to be causing trouble and problems for Liz. Hopefully Carolyn and Max will be there to help Liz.

L-J-L 76

Re: Burned by Love (M/L, Adult, AU) Pt 2 1/14/19

Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2019 5:32 pm
by L-J-L 76
Think Sean was the first guy to hurt Liz in high school. After high school there must have been a couple more guys. Glad that Liz is there to help the kids in the hospital. Carolyn is a good friend to Liz. Agree with Carolyn that Liz needs to go out on dates. Oh hell no it looks like Sean is going to be causing trouble and problems for Liz. Hopefully Carolyn and Max will be there to help Liz.

L-J-L 76

Re: Burned by Love (M/L, Adult, AU) Pt 2 1/14/19

Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2019 6:27 pm
by keepsmiling7
yikes.......something really has Liz up in arms regarding Max......
And Sean .......sounds like he is just asking for trouble when trying to approach Liz again.
Great start!

Re: Burned by Love (M/L, Adult, AU) Pt 2 1/14/19

Posted: Wed Jan 16, 2019 11:43 am
by Roswelllostcause
L-J-L 76 You might be right about Sean hurting Liz in high school. But weather he was the first or not you have to wait to find out. It is good Liz is there to help the kids.

Carolyn It might not be Max personally that has Liz up in arms. It might just be the fact he is a guy! Right now all Liz sees is a guy that is interested in her. In her mind all men are scum until proven other wise. Sean is not just asking for trouble. He is trouble!

Part 3

Max walked into the Crashdown cafe after his shift. He smiled at the young woman behind the counter. If it was not for the auburn hair he would have thought that it was Liz. But the auburn hair told him that this was in fact Liz Parker's twin sister Serena. The hair color was one way to tell them apart. In fact that was the only way that people who didn't know the Parker twins well could. He knew she hadn't seen him yet, so he sat down at the counter.

"Anyway I can get some men in blackberry pie?" Asked Max

Serena turned around and smirked at him.

"Max Evans what brings you in tonight?" Asked Serena
"Well how about we talk about it over that pie?"
"Sure. Cherry coke?"
"You remember."
"Yeah well you did kind of stalk my sister until you went off to college. Even though you never dated her, oh and the gerbil wanted in your pants."
"You have spent way to much time with Maria DeLuca."
"Uh hon it was your sister that came up with that name for your stalker."
"Well you know that she was caught having sex in the eraser room with two football players at my senior prom."
"Yeah I heard about it. I had left by the time that had happened."
"Right. You and Kyle have been together since you were sixteen. Any plans to get married?"
"I have dropped hints. Maybe it's time to tell him he won't get laid until he gives me a ring."
"Yeah right. You enjoy sex too much from what I hear."
"Who has been talking about me?"
"Kyle likes to talk when he gets drunk."
"That's it I am cutting him off!"

Max just smiled as they headed for a booth near the back. Once seated Serena looked at Max.

"OK Evans, I know you didn't come here to talk about my sex life." Said Serena
"True. I actually want to know what is going on with Liz. She is closed off. I asked her to get a cup of coffee some time and she turned me down flat saying we can never be more then coworkers."

Serena sighed wishing she had something a lot stronger then cherry coke to drink.

"You know that Liz started to date Sean Carson right around the time you graduated high school."
"Yeah. Why I will never know. He is an asshole."
"Bigger then you think. Well they dated all the way through prom our senior year. They went to his apartment after the dance. You know he had been on his own for a while after his dad killed his mom. Well anyway he some how convinced my sister he loved her. He didn't by the way. He never had. All he wanted was to have sex with her."
"She had sex with him?"
"Worse, she gave him her virginity. He then dumped her. By the time school started the following Monday Sean had told all his buddies who spread it around school."
"Max, it took Liz over a year to go on another date. She finally agreed to go out with this guy Mark. I know they dated for a while. Liz seemed happy."
"Let me guess until he got her to have sex and then he dumped her."
"Yeah. The final straw for Liz was Victor"
"Victor Patterson. He was ex spelled from Harvard for attempted rape."
"Liz was the victim."
"So she had sworn off guys ever since?"
"Yeah. Max, I love my sister. But I can't see her hurt again."
"Rena, I know you want to protect Liz. But you also know that I have been in love with her for a long time."
"I wish you had gotten together with her during high school."
"Me too. So where are your parents?"
"Well they are taking advantage of the fact that one of their daughters has a degree in business management. They are on an Alaskan cruise."
"Personal if I were to go on a cruise it would be to the Caribbean."
"You and me both."
"So Rena will you help me prove to Liz that not all men are scum?"
"I don't know Max. While you are my friend. Liz is my sister. Hell she is my twin. We might not be identical but we are twins. We share a bond that is stronger then anything."
"I understand that. But I can't even get Liz to have a cup of coffee in the hospital cafeteria with me."

Serena sighed.

"I will talk to her. But I can't promise that it will do any good."

Max kissed Serena on her cheek and headed out. Serena watched him go never noticing that her long time boyfriend Kyle Valenti had come in.

"It's a good thing I am not the jealous type." Said Kyle
"Max, had questions about Liz."
"Your sister has had the worst luck when it comes to men."
"I know. I think she could be happy if she would give Max a chance."
"How likely is that to happen?"
"Not very. Without help."
"You should stay out of it."
"Kyle, do you ever think about getting married?"
"Rena, what is bringing this on?"
"Kyle, I want to have kids. I love you. But I won't have a baby without being married."
"I guess I am scared. You know my mom left my dad and me when I was little."
"I know. But Kyle I am not your mom. I am not going anywhere."
"I know."
"Kyle, until you can make a real commitment to me, I am not going to have sex with you."

Serena got up and headed into the back to tell the cook to go ahead and start cleaning up.


Re: Burned by Love (M/L, Adult, AU) Pt 3 1/16/19

Posted: Wed Jan 16, 2019 2:44 pm
by L-J-L 76
So Serena told Max the truth about what happened to Liz and he still wants to go out with Liz.. Now that is a great guy. Agree with Serena about what she said to Kyle.Kyle better do something or he will never have sex with Serena again. Wonder if Serena will be able to help Max with Liz? How long will it be before Liz will agree to go out with Max. Will Kyle ask Serena to marry him? Will Max and Liz talk or will Liz keep walking away from him?

L-J-L 76

Re: Burned by Love (M/L, Adult, AU) Pt 3 1/16/19

Posted: Wed Jan 16, 2019 4:28 pm
by keepsmiling7
So Liz had a long history of jerks.......Sean, Mark and Victor.
No wonder Liz hates men at this point.
Will Serena be able to help Max???
And, will Serena be able to have that family that wants......sooner or later???
Thanks for the new part!