Burned by Love (M/L, Adult, AU) Epilogue Complete 4/13/19

Fics using the characters from Roswell, but where the plot does not have anything to do with aliens, nor are any of the characters "not of this Earth."

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Re: Burned by Love (M/L, Adult, AU) Pt 17 1/30/19

Post by Roswelllostcause » Thu Jan 31, 2019 12:57 pm

Carolyn Give it some time Liz just might begin to cave.

L-J-L 76 It might not be to long before Max and Liz talk some.

Part 18

Max couldn't get Liz off his mind he was worried about her. He was worried because he loved her. That was why none of his past relationships worked out. Not that he hadn’t tried. In fact he had a number of girlfriends over the years. When he was sixteen he even had sex with the girl he was dating Sarah had been a sweet girl and had reminded him a little of Liz. They had started dating at fifteen. But unlike Sean had done with Liz he didn't dump her after they had sex the first time. They had stayed together another four months having sex a number of times. They broke up when Sarah had to move away. Wendy who he went out with for a while had not been a great experience for him. Wendy had actually gone out with Sean Carlson before him. She had sex with him and had been treated much like Liz had been. They had sex and he dumped her, though she had given in much sooner then Liz had. Wendy hadn't been as hurt by Sean as Liz because it turned out that she had wanted him to have sex with her. Max had broken it off with Wendy when he learn that she was more into just having sex then actually dating. After her he didn't date until collage. Not that he did much there. He had come home days before Liz, Serena and Taylor were to head to the prom. Liz was still with that dick Sean. Kyle and Serena were still strong. But Taylor had been dumped. He knew it was because of her purity ring. He went and got a tux and a corsage so he could take his friend to her senior prom. Needless to say nearly every girl was jealous that Taylor Parker had a collage man bring her to prom. He had only slept with one girl in college and another during medical school. He had wanted to ask Liz out. But by the time he got the guts she always had this look on her face that men were rabid dogs that should be put down. He understood now. But it didn't make it easy to show her he was different. He walked into Cow Patties and ordered a beer. He smiled when he saw his friend Michael Gurien waiting for him.

“Hey Michael.”
“So how are things with Maria?”
“As well as they can be with her being seven months pregnant. I told her I needed to get out for a while.”
“She was ok with that?”
“Oh yeah seeing as she is happy that Valenti finally got his head out of his ass. He is going to ask Serena to marry him.”
“They have been together a long time. I think it's great. Now if only I could get Liz to go out with me.”
“Max, I wish I could help you. But Liz Parker returned one angry woman at nearly all men.”
“I know what happened to her. I also know about Ashlee.”
“Ashlee is the only one that has gotten Liz to smile. That kid is sweet. You should see Jeff walking around with his granddaughter on his shoulders. He is such a proud grandpa.”
“I bet he has always been very devoted to both Liz and Serena. He always made time for Taylor too. Her dad was never part of her life, never learned why. Then her mom was killed by that drunk and he took her in and raised her as if she was his own.”
“I remember. Max, go slow and earn Liz's trust. Deep down she knows that you are one of the good ones.”
“Thanks Michael.”
“Anytime buddy.”


Sean watched Max Evans from across the bar. He had noticed that he had been hanging around Liz Parker lately. So he was going to have to be careful when he made his move. But tonight he was going to settle for whatever bitch he could fuck. The back of his van was set up just for fucking.

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Re: Burned by Love (M/L, Adult, AU) Pt 18 1/31/19

Post by Roswelllostcause » Fri Feb 01, 2019 1:07 pm

Part 19

Friday morning Max walked into the Crashdown and slid into a booth. He smiled when Nancy Parker walked over to him.

“Hi Mrs. Parker. How was your cruise?”
“It was nice. So how have you been?”
“Good. I am a pediatrician in the emergency room at Roswell Memorial.”
“Liz mentioned it. Though she didn't seem to thrilled about it.”
“She wasn't for a while. I still think that she would rather I wasn't there most of the time.”
“Max, my daughter has not had it easy when it comes to relationships.”
“I know. I know about Ashlee.”
“I am surprised Liz told you.”
“Well, Isabel found out and I think even though Izzy said she wouldn't tell, Liz was afraid she would.”
“Liz is very protective of her daughter. She has never let anyone but family near that little. I mean other then Maria of course.”
“Well Maria is sort of like family to Liz.”
“True. You came by hoping to talk to Liz and maybe actually meet Ashlee?”
“Yeah. I know that I shouldn't have but I care about Liz.”
“Just be prepared that she might not be happy to see you.”
“Trust me I know that she won't be happy.”

Nancy nodded and put Max's order in.


Liz sat on her bed with her daughter in front of her braiding her long brown hair.

“Mommy we going to eat at Crash today?” asked Ashlee
“Yes sweetie, and you know what?”
“Grandma and Grandpa are home from their trip. You get to see them.”
“They get me presents?”

Liz rolled her eyes. When she spoke to her dad the night before he hadn't said anything about presents. But knowing her parents the way she did she knew they had gotten Ashlee at least one thing. While her parents weren't thrilled to find out that Liz was going to have a baby without being married, they loved their granddaughter to death. They also spoiled Ashlee. Liz had actually named her daughter for Taylor's mom who had been killed by a drunk driver when Taylor was nine. Ashlee Elizabeth Parker had been the youngest of the four children born to Claudia and Peter Parker. Liz knew her father had loved his baby sister. Jeff Parker was actually the second oldest. Liz's Uncle Steven was the oldest. Francine or Fran as she liked to be called was two years younger then Jeff and was a year and half older then Ashlee was. Steven had three boys that Liz didn't get along with. Her cousins Steven Jr, Robert and Jack were all older then Liz, Serena and Taylor. Junior as he was called was six years older then the girls and was married with two kids. He was a lawyer at some firm in New York. Robert was two years younger then Junior and was a plastic surgeon in LA. He was also married with just one kid. Robert thought that Liz was crazy to treat childhood cancer in a small town hospital. Jack at two years older then Liz was the black sheep of the three. He was a journalist for the New York Times. Fran was not married and never had kids.

“I am sure they did.”
“Then let's go!”
“Let me finish your hair and we need to get our shoes on.”
“Hurry mommy!”

Liz looked up when she heard a soft laugh at the door.

“Morning Tay.” Said Liz
“So tonight is your big date right?”
“Yeah. You know Rena has a big date tonight too.”
“Yeah I heard. Kyle finally is taking the plunge and making an honest woman out of my sister as the old saying goes.”
“Mommy, I want to go see granny and grampy.” Said Ashlee
“Ok honey all done. Now go get your shoes so I can help you put them on.”

Ashlee ran off and Taylor walked in.

“So when are you going to go out with Max?” asked Taylor
“I'm not Tay. I am not ready for that.”
“Liz, you haven't gone on a date since before Ashlee was born.”
“So? She is the most important thing in my life.”
“You do know that all you have to do is let Max in and he would accept Ashlee as his.”
“I am not going to talk about this with you.”

Ashlee returned with her shoes Liz helped her put them on and got her own on and they left for the Crashdown.

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Re: Burned by Love (M/L, Adult, AU) Pt 19 2/1/19

Post by keepsmiling7 » Fri Feb 01, 2019 2:00 pm

It appears that Max's past hasn't been as pure either.....
But after college and his medical school, he discovered that Liz was already "burned" and was a hater of all men.
Sean scares me lurking around......
And I was so glad to see Max was looking for Liz and hoping to meet Ashlee.

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Re: Burned by Love (M/L, Adult, AU) Pt 19 2/1/19

Post by L-J-L 76 » Fri Feb 01, 2019 6:45 pm

So Liz and Max are going to see each other at the Crash Down. Liz needs to listen to Taylor and let Max in. Oh wow tonight is going to be a big night for Kyle and Serena. Can't wait for Max and Liz to see each other at the Crash Down. Can't wait to find out what will happen at the Crash Down between Max and Liz.

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Re: Burned by Love (M/L, Adult, AU) Pt 19 2/1/19

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sat Feb 02, 2019 6:34 am

Carolyn No Max doesn't have a pure past. But he never treated any woman badly. Yes Max noticed Liz had already been burned after college and into medical school. But I wouldn't say she hates all men. She just doesn't trust her heart to any of them yet.

L-J-L 76 Yes it is going to be a big night for Serena and Kyle.

Part 20

Max sat watching the door of the Crashdown drinking his coffee. He smiled when he saw Liz walk in with her daughter. The picture he had seen of Ashlee didn't do her justice. The three year old had her mother's silky looking brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. Though it looked like her legs were a little longer then most three year olds. Liz saw him and led her daughter over to him.

“Hi Max.” said Liz
“Hey Liz. Hi Ashlee. I'm Max, I'm a friend of your mommy's.” said Max

Ashlee just looked at Max smiling.

“Sweetie, can you say hi to Max?” asked Liz
“Hi Max.” said Ashlee
“You want to sit with me?” asked Max

Ashlee nodded and climbed into the booth across from Max. Liz sighed and sat down next to her daughter.

“Liz, I hope you know I didn't plan this.” Said Max
“I know. It's just that I thought maybe we would have gone on a few dates before you actually met my daughter.”
“Well, we could go out tonight. That is if you are free.”
“I don't know. I mean Taylor has a date tonight, and uh I can't ask Serena.”
“Is Kyle finally going to make a commitment to your sister?”
“Yeah. He is.”
“It's about time. I mean Kyle is a great guy. But he needs to realize that not all women are like his mother.”
“I always thought that guys look for a women that reminds them of their mother.”
“Liz, about the only thing about you that reminds me of my mother is your big caring heart. Before you say anything let me explain a little.”

Liz looked at Max and nodded.

“Ok first you wouldn't be trying to find a cure for childhood cancer if you didn't care. I also know that when you have loss patients you have cried. I also know about the girl from the gift shop that you helped. Liz, I get you are scared. I understand why too. But I am not like those other guys you were involved with. I know you want a family.”
“What about you? Do you want a family?”
“Yes. I want kids and a wife. I want a wife that is strong and independent. I want a couple little girls that are as beautiful as their mother.”

Liz blushed realizing that Max was different then anyone she had dated.

“Would you accept a child you didn't father as your own?”

Max looked deep into Liz's eyes seeing that this was important to her. He then looked at Ashlee who was eating her breakfast of eggs, sausage, wheat toast and fresh strawberries. He smiled as he thought about the things that fathers get to teach their little girls.

“I would love any child that I was blessed with having in my life. It doesn't matter if that child is mine by DNA or not. Liz, getting a woman pregnant isn't what makes a father. A father is a man that loves and cares for a child no matter whose DNA is in that child.”

Liz knew that with that statement that she was in danger of letting Max through the wall that she had placed around her heart. But was that really the best thing?

“Mommy, can Max come to the park with us after I say hi to grammy and grampy?”
“Sweetie, I am sure that Max has things to do.” Said Liz
“Please Max! Come play at the park with us!”

Max looked at Liz asking if she was ok with it. He knew that this really wasn't how she had wanted things between them to go. Liz knew that if she said no that her daughter would be grumpy the rest of the day.

“Max, if you are free it would be ok if you join us.” Said Liz reluctantly
“Sure sweetie I would love to come to the park with you.” Said Max
“Yippy! Mommy can I go say hi to grammy and grampy now?” asked Ashlee
“Go a head.” Said Liz seeing her parents by the door to the back room.

Ashlee climbed over Liz and ran to her grandparents.

“Liz if you rather I not come it's ok.” Said Max
“Max, it's fine. Ash will just act out if I tell you not to come.”
“Do you always give her what she wants?”
“No. I also always make her eat her vegetables. She likes having dinner with Rena and Kyle. They let her eat junk food.”
“What about Taylor?”
“Taylor, makes her eat healthier then I do. Taylor gave up red meat a few years ago. She also doesn't eat a lot of sweets.”
“I seem to remember her eating candy bars all the time. Yet she never gained weight.”
“That is because Taylor use to run like ten miles a day. She can't run that far any more. While she was at MIT she tore her ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) in her left knee.”
“She wouldn't tell me. I had no access to her medical records so I let it go.”

Max just nodded. Ashlee came back and they headed for the park after Liz agreed to come to dinner on Sunday with her parents.

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Re: Burned by Love (M/L, Adult, AU) Pt 20 2/2/19

Post by keepsmiling7 » Sat Feb 02, 2019 10:40 am

Well, Max's first meeting with Ashlee went well.
So good that she invited him to go to the park with her and her mom.
Can't wait to hear more about this trip.

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Re: Burned by Love (M/L, Adult, AU) Pt 20 2/2/19

Post by Natalie36 » Sat Feb 02, 2019 6:19 pm

just found great story

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Re: Burned by Love (M/L, Adult, AU) Pt 20 2/2/19

Post by RoswellFan68 » Sat Feb 02, 2019 10:10 pm

I think Ashlee approves of Max.

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Re: Burned by Love (M/L, Adult, AU) Pt 20 2/2/19

Post by L-J-L 76 » Sat Feb 02, 2019 11:12 pm

Loved that Max and Ashlee met. Glad Max and Liz had a chance to talk. So sweet that AshLee wants Max to go to the park with her and Liz. Can't wait to find out what will happen next between Max and Liz.

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Re: Burned by Love (M/L, Adult, AU) Pt 20 2/2/19

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sun Feb 03, 2019 6:25 am

Carolyn Yes Ashlee and Max meeting went well. Here is a look at tge trip to the park.

Natalie36 Thanks!

RoswellFan68 Yes Ashlee definitely approves of Max.

L-J-L 76 Max and Ashlee have met.

Part 21

Diane Evans smiled as she noticed Max walking into the park with Liz and her little girl. Ashlee had Max by the hand and was pulling him to the swings. She then looked at Liz who seemed to have mixed feelings about what was going on. It looked like Liz was happy that her daughter was happy and seemed to like Max. But it also looked like Liz was scared that Max wasn't going to stay around. To most people who didn't know the three of them they looked like a perfect family. Diane from the moment she had met Ashlee at a few months old had wanted her as part of her family. In fact Max looked like he really could be the little girl's daddy. She watched as Max lifted the little girl gently like a loving father would into one of the toddler swings. The kind that had the seat that had only leg holes and wrapped around the waist of the child for safety. Liz stood to the side watching like a hawk as Max began to gently push Ashlee.

“The three of them could really pass for a family couldn't they Mrs. Evans.”

Diane turned to see Kyle Valenti had come up to her.

“Yes they could. Now if only Liz would let Max behind the wall she put up around her heart.” Said Diane
“I think he is slowly chipping away at it. Serena sent me a picture of the three of them having breakfast together at the Crashdown this morning.”
“Nancy sent me one too. How are things with you and Serena?”
“Well hopefully very soon Ashlee will be fitted for a flower girl dress.”
“When are you asking her to marry you?”
“Tonight. I know she wants to get married. She has been dropping hints for over a year. I just need to get past my commitment issues.”
“Kyle one thing I have learned about Liz and her twin over the years is that they don't walk away from those that they truly love. If Liz didn't love that little girl with her whole heart she would have kept her?”
“I know Liz wouldn't have. Serena has pointed out that she isn't my mother. I know that and love her.”
“Then marry her. That might also be the push that Liz needs to let Max in. That is if Ashlee doesn't get Liz to make Max her daddy first.”

Kyle smiled as he watched. He could see a wishful look in the eyes of his long time friend.


Liz watched her daughter with Max. As much as she wanted to keep him at a distance to protect her heart, she knew that she couldn't. She couldn't help the smile that came across her face at her daughter's laughter. She also had to admit that Max would make a very good father.

“Mommy, look I go higher when Max pushes!” yelled Ashlee
“Yeah I see that honey.” Said Liz
“Ashlee, why don't you play on the slide so I can talk to your mommy.” Said Max
“Ok!” said Ashlee

Max lifted Ashlee out of the swing and she head for the small slide near by.

“Liz, we should talk.” Said Max
“Max, it's fine.” Said Liz
“Liz, I want you to know I didn't plan any of this.”
“Oh I know that you didn't. I know who did. I plan to talk to both of them later. Well most likely Sunday at the family dinner. I will not ruin their nights. Taylor has finally found someone that understands and respects her choice to wait to have sex. As for my twin, Kyle is going to finally going to do what she has wanted for a long time.”
“He is going to propose?”
“Yeah. He even got Maria to help pick out a ring.”
“You would have been a better choice.”
“Except I have never been able to hide anything from Serena.”
“Liz, was there any boyfriend you had that didn't hurt you in some way?”

Liz bit her lip. The truth was they all had at least a little.

“Well, Will Powers back in 8th grade didn't really hurt me. But he wasn't good for me either. He was addicted to pain killers.”
“He had been in a bad car accident at the beginning of your 7th grade year right?”
“Yeah. I got him to have his parents put him in rehab.”
“You helped him. That is a good thing.”
“I know.”
“What about that one guy I saw you with in college before you went out with Vince?”
“Chris. We wanted different things. I wanted kids, he didn't.”
“So you ended it.”
“Yeah. Max, I like being around you. But we aren't the same as we were as kids.”
“I know. Liz, I want to know you. Meeting in the cafeteria for a meal or coffee isn't enough for me. I want to take you on a date.”
“Max, I can't. I have my daughter to think about.”
“Your parents would watch Ashlee if you asked them. They love her.”
“I know they do. It's just I can't. I'm sorry.”

Max watched Liz trying to figure out why she was so scared to let him in.

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