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Hey Everyone
I wanted to let everyone know I will be posting a new chapter this weekend. I hope everyone will have a chance to read the new chapter and let me know what you think.

L-J-L 76

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Chapter 14
While Liz walked up to the DJ. Alex, Isabel, Michael, Maria were on the dance floor dancing. After Liz talked to the DJ she walked up to the couch and sat down. A few minutes later Liz felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned and saw Kyle standing next to her.

“Kyle,” Liz said as she stood up and hugged him

Kyle hugged Liz then took a step back and looked at each other.

“Liz wow you look great,” Kyle said

“Thanks. So where is Serena?” Liz asked

“She went to the bathroom. I saw you sitting here, and I thought I would come and talk to you,” Kyle said

“Thanks. So, what do you think of the party?” Liz asked

“All I can say is wow. Who did this?” Kyle asked as he pointed to Liz’s outfit.

“Maria, Isabel, Tess did this. They thought I needed a change. So, what do you think?” Liz asked

“I say you look hot. The girls did a great job,” Kyle said

“Thanks,” Liz said

As Liz and Kyle were talking Max and Serena watched them. After a few seconds Serena walked up to Kyle and Liz. Serena tapped Kyle on the shoulder. Kyle and Liz turned and saw Serena standing in front of them. Serena looked between Liz and Kyle.

“Wow Liz is that you?” Serena asked

“Yeah hi Serena,” Liz said

“Oh my god. You look great. Let me guess Maria, Isabel, Tess got their hands on you,” Serena said

“How did you know that?” Liz asked

“Liz remember they did the same thing to me at prom?’ Serena asked

“Yeah. I remember. When you screamed, I ran,” Liz said

“I knew you would,” Serena said

“Thanks for the warning though,” Liz said

“No problem. So where are Maria, Isabel and Tess?” Serena said

“Easy all 3 of them are on the dance floor with their men,” Liz said

“Where is Max?” Kyle asked

“Last time I saw him he was at the bar,” Liz said

“So you don’t know where he is?” Kyle asked.

“No. Why should I? Max has been acting like he is my brother. Not my friend,” Liz said

“Liz you know Max cares about you. Maybe he is trying to keep you safe,” Serena said

“That is the thing what is he trying to keep me safe from? That is what I want to know,” Liz said

“Liz you may have to ask him that,” Kyle said

“Great,” Liz said

While Liz, Kyle, Serena were talking Max was standing in the doorway watching. Max turned and watched as Michael and Maria were dancing closely. When Max turned back to look at Liz he saw she was looking at him then turning away. Max watched as Liz walked up to the bar and got a drink. Max decided he was going to walk up to Liz and talk to her. He stood next to Liz. Liz turned and looked at Max.

“What Max?” Liz asked

“Liz I’m sorry I have been a jerk to you. I just wanted to let you know I care and worry about you. I don’t want anything to happen to you,” Max said

“Max I know you worry and care about me. But sometimes you need to just stop and have fun OK?” Liz said

“OK. I will try and do that,” Max said

“Good. Now come on let’s have fun,” Liz said as she pulled Max to the dance floor.

As Max and Liz walked to the dance floor, I’m Just A Girl by No Doubt started to play. Max and Liz were bouncing around and having fun. Max and Liz were laughing as they were dancing. Michael and others smiled as they watched Max and Liz dancing and having fun. After the song Max and Liz laughed then they held each other hand in the air and started to dance goofy. After the song Max and Liz let go of each others hand and walked to the bar where they ordered shots of vodka. After Max and Liz did 2 shots, they went back to the dance floor and started to dance. After another 3 songs Max and Liz did another 2 shots of vodka. Then Max and Liz went back to the dance floor and started to dance around and have fun. While Max and Liz were dancing Michael and Maria went upstairs to Michael's room. When they got to the door Michael turned and looked at Maria.

“Maria close your eyes. I have a surprise for you,” Michael said

Maria closed her eyes and let Michael pull her in his room. After they walked in Michael shut the door then he turned and looked at Maria.

“Maria stay here. I need to do something first,” Michael said

“OK,” Maria said

Michael pulled a lighter out of his pocket and lit all the candles. After the candles were lit Michael stood in front of Maria. He looked at her as he got down on one knee.

“Maria open your eyes,” Michael said

Maria opened her eyes and saw all the candles lit then saw Michael down on one knee holding out a ring for her. Maria looked around then looked at the ring and then looked at Michael.

“Michael?” Maria asked

“Maria I have been in love with you since we were friends in grade school. You always knew when I needed someone to talk to or hang around with. You knew when to cheer me up when I was sad or upset about something. So, Maria will you do me the honor and marry me?” Michael asked

When Michael looked up, he saw Maria had tears in her eyes.

“Maria?” Michael asked

“Yes I will marry you,” Maria said as Michael put the ring on her finger.

Michael stood up and leaned in and kissed Maria. As they were kissing Michael walked Maria backwards to the bed. They both fell on the bed kissing. As the kiss became more passionate, they were taking off each others clothes.

Meanwhile down stairs:
Liz was standing next to the doorway while Max was sitting at the bar. They looked at each other every few seconds then turned away. Serena, Kyle, Tess noticed how Max and Liz were across the room from each other. They wondered what had changed in the few minutes they were dancing. Kyle walked up to the bar and sat next to Max while Serena and Tess walked up to Liz and stood next to her.

At the Bar:
Max turned and saw Kyle sitting next to him.

“Max why are you over here and Liz is by the door?” Kyle asked.

“I almost did something dumb,” Max said

“What could that be? You and Liz are always around each other. What?” Kyle asked

“Kyle I almost told Liz I have feelings for her. I can’t do that to her when I’m leaving tonight,” Max said

“Max what do you feel for Liz?” Kyle asked

“I’m in love with her,” Max said.

“Max,” Kyle said

“Yeah I know. Like I said I can’t tell her then leave. It maybe better if she doesn’t know what I feel,” Max said

“Max you know that might hurt you both in the long run,” Kyle said

“Then what the hell am I supposed to do Kyle?” Max asked

“Well you should spend some time with Liz before you leave since you don’t know when you will be back,” Kyle said

“Yeah, maybe I should. Thanks for the advice Kyle,” Max said

Max turned and saw Liz shaking her head no and talking to Serena and Tess. Max stood up and walked over to Liz and the girls. Max stopped when he stood behind Tess and looked Liz straight in the eye.

“Max what do you want?” Liz asked

Serena and Tess turned and saw Max standing in front of them. They noticed that Max looked at Liz not them. Serena and Tess looked at each other then walked away. When they were gone Max walked up to Liz.

“Max why did you walk away while we were at the bar?” Liz asked

“Liz let’s just say I’m starting to see you differently,” Max said

“What does that mean?” Liz asked

“Liz come to the bar so we can talk a little please?” Max asked

“Fine,” Liz said as she followed Max to the bar.

Liz followed Max to the bar and sat down. Max and Liz turned and looked at each other.

“Max what?” Liz asked

“Liz I’m just going to say this,” Max said

“Max,” Liz said

“Liz I’m starting to care for you more than a friend. I know it is wrong to feel this way. But it is how I feel,” Max said as he looked at Liz.

“Max why are you telling me this now?” Liz asked

“Because I wanted to let you know,” Max said

Max and Liz both looked at each other. They didn’t know what to say. As they were looking at each other the bartender brought 2 shots of vodka. Max and Liz turned and saw the 2 shot glasses in front of them. They both reached out and grabbed the cups. They raised the cup up to their mouths and drank it quickly. After they finished their drinks the bartender brought them another shot. By the time Max and Liz both stood they had finished 4 shots between them. Max put his hand out for Liz. Liz looked at Max then looked at his hand then back to him. Liz put her hand in Max’s as they walked to the dance floor. When they walked onto the dance floor a slow song begins to play. As Max and Liz started to dance, they kept looking at each other. They didn’t know what they could say or do to make each other happy. When the song ended Max and Liz walked back to the bar and sat down. Max and Liz raised their hands to the bartender. The bartender nodded his head and then went to fix their drinks. A few minutes later the bartender walked up to Max and Liz and set 4 shots in front of both. After the bartender set the drinks down and went to the other side of the bar to serve drinks. Max and Liz both looked at each other then reached out and grabbed a shot class. They raised the drinks to their lips and downed the drink in 2 seconds. They did that to all the drinks in front of them. After Max and Liz finished their drinks, they both and looked at each other.

“Do you want to dance again?” Max asked

“Sure,” Liz said

Max and Liz stood up and stumbled to the dance floor. When they got to the dance floor Max and Liz both turned and looked at each other. As they looked at each other “Brain Adams Everything I Do I Do It for Love” begin the play. Max reached out and put his hands on Liz’s hips while Liz had her arms on Max’s shoulder. As they begin to dance Max pulled Liz closer to him. They kept looking at each other then turning away. When the song ended Max and Liz took a step back and dropped their arms.

“Do you want to get something to drink?” Max asked

“Um yeah that sounds good right about now,” Liz said

Max and Liz walked up to the bar and sat down. Max ordered him and Liz 4 more shots of vodka and tequila. As they were drinking Max and Liz kept looking at each other. After they finished their shots Max and Liz went to the dance floor. When they got to the dance floor “Beautiful Life by Ace of Base was playing. Max and Liz started to laugh and dance. They were having fun together. Max grabbed Liz by the hand and started dance wild as “One Week by Barenaked Ladies played. When the song was over Max and Liz went back to the bar and drank another 4 shots of tequila. After they finished their shots Max turned and looked at Liz. When he turned to look at Liz, he saw she was looking at him.

“What?” Liz asked as she smiled

“Liz can we go somewhere quieter? I need to talk to you,” Max said

“Um sure. But where?” Liz asked

“Come on we’ll talk in my room if that is okay with you,” Max said

“Max it is fine,” Liz said

As Max and Liz were walking out of the room Kyle, Serena, Tess, Eric watched them leave. They all turned and looked at each other then looked towards the doorway.

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Good Max is emitting that he has feelings for Liz.

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Hey Everyone
So sorry I have not posted a new chapters of yet. Things have been a little crazy here with family and friends since last month. Hopefully things will be calm here and I can start posting new chapters. So please forgive? Please keep an eye out for new chapters to come?

Yes it is good Max is emitting his feeling for Liz.

L-J-L 76

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Chapter 15
Outside the room:
Max and Liz walked up the stairs and walked down the hallway to Max’s room. Max opened the door and they walked in. After he and Liz were in the room Max turned and shut the door. When Max turned, he saw Liz was looking at him.

“Max what did you need to talk to me about?” Liz asked

“This,” Max said as he walked up to Liz leaned in and kissed her.

Liz was shocked at first by the kiss. Then Liz started to kiss Max back as passionately as he was kissing her. As they were kissing Max pulled Liz closer to him. A few seconds later Max and Liz pulled away from each other and looked at each other. Liz reached up to the top of Max’s shirt and started to unbutton it. As Liz unbuttoned his shirt Max leaned in and kissed Liz. While they were kissing Max reached his arms around Liz and reached up her mid back and unzipped her dress. After Liz unbutton Max’s shirt, she gently pushed the shirt off his shoulder and down his arms. The shirt fell to the floor. After the shirt was off, Max reached up to Liz’s neck and snapped the halter dress. When Max unsnapped the halter dress it fell to the floor. Liz had unbuckled his jeans and slow unzipped them before sliding them off his body. Max stood in his black silk boxer staring at Liz who was wearing nothing but a lace thong. Both looked at each other’s eyes with longing desire. Max pulled Liz to him and started to kiss her passionately. As they were kissing Max walked Liz backwards to the bed till the back of her knees touched the bed. When Liz’s back of her knee touched the edge of the bed. Then she flipped Max to the bed and pushed him on to the bed. Max laid there as Liz began to crawl on top of him. Their eyes flickering with desire and from the buzz of the alcohol. Liz began to kiss Max with intensity spark of passion began to overtake their bodies. Max rubbed Liz’s back as Liz was massaging Max’s chest. Liz stops kissing and began to slowly take Max’s black silk boxers off. Exposing his hard dick through slip she smiled seductively.

“Oh my you are huge,” Liz spoke in her drunk but lustful voice.

Max simply smiled back with a blush and she climbed back on after taking off her lacy thong. They begin to kiss again more sloppily and hungrily. The intensity of the room could fill the room. Max gentle enters but she squeaks from the pain before it ceased being replaced with passion pleasure. They kept kissing and moaning as they both followed the others movement. Both swearing and looking at each other. Liz underneath Max smiling and enjoying this moment. Both wanted to make this last through the drunkenness and obliviousness of their feelings. After they made love, they both feel sleep with their arms wrapped around each other.

A couple of hours later when Max woke up, he saw Liz was sleeping next to him. He smiled as he watched her sleep so peacefully. He turned and looked at the clock beside him and saw that he and Michael had to leave in about an hour. Max then turned and looked back at Liz. He leaned closer to her and whispered in her ear.

“Liz I will always remember tonight, and I will love you always,” Max said

Max then leans in and kiss Liz on the check before he gets out of the bed and gets dressed. After he is dressed Max looks at Liz one more time before he leaves the room. After Max is gone Liz started to cry. She knew that it would be maybe the last time she would see Max again. As she cried, she fell back to sleep.

Meanwhile Downstairs:
Max, Michael, parents and friends were all standing in the entryway. Michael held Maria close to him. While Isabel, Philip, Diane were standing next to Max while everyone stood between them.

“Where is Liz? I know she wanted to say goodbye,” Maria asked

“Liz is probably sleeping somewhere,” Alex said

“That is true. Her and Max were drinking tonight,” Serena said

“Max how much drinking did you and Liz have?” Michael asked

“I lost count after 4 drinks I think,” Max said

“All I know you both were having fun,” Serena said

“Can we not talk about this? Maria can I talk to you for a second?” Max asked before walking into the living room.

“Um sure,” Maria said as she followed Max into the room.

Max and Maria walked up to the fireplace and stood in front of it. When they were in front of the fireplace Max and Maria turned and looked at each other.

“Max what is it?” Maria asked

“Can you stay with Liz after Michael and I leave?” Max asked

“Um sure. Is something wrong with Liz?” Maria asked

“No nothing like that. I think she is going to need someone,” Max said

“Max what are you not telling me?” Maria said worriedly

“Maria, please talk to Liz. I can’t say anything right now,” Max said

“Fine. But you know Liz is going to be mad that you didn’t see her or talk to her,” Maria said

“Maria, I know that. But we are leaving. So please be there for her?” Max asked

“Max you know I will. So, don’t worry,” Maria said

“Thanks Maria,” Max said

“No problem,” Maria said

“Max come on we need to leave,” Michael said from the doorway.

Max and Maria turned and looked at Michael then each other then they walked up to Michael. Michael stood in front of then blocking them.

“What were you both talking about?” Michael asked as he looked at the pair.

“Nothing. I just asked Maria to take care of Liz while we were gone. That is all. Right Maria?” Max asked

“Yes. That is all he asked. Why are you asking honey?” Maria asked

“Because you were both were talking low and it sounded like a secret,” Michael said

“Michael, I promise you there is no secrets here. Now come on you both have to say good-bye to everyone,” Maria said

“Okay,” Michael said

Max, Maria, Michael all walked out of the living room and into the entryway. When they walked in everyone turned and looked at them. Maria reached out and grabbed michael’s hand. Michael turned and looked at Maria. They both smiled and nodded their heads. Then turned and looked at everyone.

“Maria and I have an announcement to make.” Michael said

“What?” Isabel asked

“Maria and I are engaged to be married,” Michael said

“What? When did that happen?” Parents asked

“I asked Maria to marry me last night during the party and she said yes,” Michael said

“Oh wow,” Isabel, Tess, Serena said

“Are you happy for us?” Maria asked

“Yes of course we are happy,” Parents said

“So, when are we planning the wedding?” Tess asked

“We are planning the wedding while Michael and Max are gone. So that way when they come back we can get married. What does everyone think?” Maria asked

“Well it seems you both have everything planned,” Jeff said

“Yeah I guess you could say that,” Michael said

Philip looks at the clock and notice the time. After he notice the time he turned and looked at Max and the others.

“Max, Michael come on we will take you to the airport. Your plane leaves in an hour so we better get going,” Philip said

“OK,” Max, Michael said

Max and Michael followed Jeff and Philip out the door and to the car. Everyone watched as they drove off. After Max and Michael were gone everyone turned and looked at each other.

“So now what?” Alex asked

“Um I don’t know about you, but Serena and I are going to check on Liz,” Maria said

“What?” Serena asked as she gave Maria a strange look.

“Serena later,” Maria said

“Maybe I’ll come with you,” Isabel said

“Isabel you and Alex said you both were going to do something honeymoon tonight,” Maria said

“Oh yeah,” Isabel, Alex said before running upstairs.

After Alex and Isabel were gone Maria turned and looked at Serena.

“Come on Serena lets go check on Liz,” Maria said as she pulled Serena behind her.

“OK,” Serena said as they walked up the stairs.

When Maria and Serena were upstairs, they turned and walked down the hallway to the first door on the right. They opened the door and saw Liz was asleep on the bed. Maria and Serena walked in the room and shut the door. After they shut the door Maria and Serena sat on the bed and looked at Liz. A few seconds later Maria reached out and touched Liz on the shoulder and shook her a little. They watched as Liz opened her eyes and looked at them.

“What are you both doing here?” Liz asked as she wrapped the blanket more around her.

“Max told us to come and check on you. Liz what happened? Why are you crying?” Maria asked

“Max did? Nothing happened,” Liz said as she tried to sit up and rest against the head board.

“Then why are you crying?” Maria asked

“Maria, Max and I did something dumb while we were drunk,” Liz said

“What did you both do?” Serena asked

“Max and I slept together,” Liz said

“What?” Maria and Serena asked

“Max and I slept together,” Liz said

“Oh boy,” Maria said

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Chapter 16

“Did you and Max use protection?” Serena asked

“No,” Liz said

“Oh god. This is so not good,” Maria said

“I know,” Liz said

“Liz what are you going to do?” Maria asked

“I’m hoping to go to the doctor this week or next week,” Liz said

“Good thinking,” Serena said

“Thanks,” Liz said

“Liz did something else happen between you and Max?” Maria asked

“Um yeah,” Liz said

“What did Max say or do?” Maria asked

“Before Max left, he told me he will always love me and he would never forget tonight,” Liz said

“Oh wow,” Maria and Serena said with surprise looks on their faces.

“Liz question when are you supposed to start your period?” Serena asked

“The beginning of next week why?” Liz asked

“If you start then you should be safe. But also, this was your first time. So, I guess we will have to wait and see,” Serena said

“Liz are you sure your OK?” Maria asked

“I’m fine. I just can’t believe Max is gone,” Liz said

“We know. Maybe they will call and let everyone know how everything is going,” Serena said

“Yeah maybe,” Liz, Maria said

“Liz do you want to stay in bed, or do you want to do something?” Maria asked

“What time is it?” Liz asked

Maria looked at the clock on the night stand and saw it was only 1am. Maria then turned and looked at Liz.

“It’s 1am. Come on sweetie we need to get you changed and into your bed before anyone notices you are in here,” Maria said

“OK,” Liz said as she pulled the sheet closer to her.

Liz stood up with the blanket around and walked to the bathroom. While Liz was gone Maria and Serena notice the blood on the sheets. They both stood up and pulled the sheets off the bed and wrapped them up into a ball. When Maria and Serena turned, they saw Liz standing in the bathroom doorway looking at them.

“What are you doing?” Liz asked as she looked at them.

“We are taking the sheets to the laundry room,” Maria said

“Oh,” Liz said

“Liz we need to clean the sheets so no one knows what happened between you and Max,” Serena said

“I understand,” Liz said

“Good. Liz while we take these downstairs why don’t you go to your room and change for bed,” Maria said

“Um yeah,” Liz said

Liz, Maria, Serena all walked out of Max’s bedroom. Liz walked to her room while Maria and Serena took the sheets downstairs to the washer. They put the sheet in the washer and started it. After the washer started Maria and Serena walked up the stairs to Liz’s room. Serena knocked on the door and waited a few seconds before walking into Liz’s room. After they walked into Liz’s room, they shut the door and walked up to Liz. They both set on the bed and laid down next to Liz. They all fell asleep a few seconds later.

Meanwhile at California Airport:
Max and Michael walked around in the airport looking for a lift. As they walked to the door that is when they saw a man holding a sign with their names on it. Max and Michael walked up to the guy.

“Hi we are Max Evans and Michael Parker,” Max and Michael said

“Hello sirs. Please follow me to the car it is waiting to take you to see the boss,” the driver said

“Sure lead the way,” Max said

Max and Michael followed the driver out of the airport and to the car. When Max and Michael saw that the car was a black four door jeep with tinted windows. They both got into the car and drove off. A few minutes later they pulled up to a tall brick building with a lot of windows. The driver parked the car in front of the building then turned and looked at Max and Michael.

“Sirs, the boss told me to let you know you need to go up to the 8th floor where he and a couple of men are waiting for you,” the driver told them

“Thank you for letting us know,” Max, Michael said before the got out of the van and walked into the building.

Max and Michael walked into the building and walked across the hall to the elevator. Michael reached out and touched the down button. As they were waiting for the elevator, they noticed no one was around. A few seconds later the elevator door opened, and they stepped in. Max reached out and touched the 8th button. While the elevator was going up Max and Michael were quiet. A few minutes later the doors opened and there stood Snow and Stevens in front of them.

“What the hell are you both doing here?” Max asked

“We work here. Come with us the boss wants to see you both,” Stevens said

“What the hell is going on here?” Michael asked

“You will see,” Snow said

Max, Michael followed Snow and Stevens down the hallway to a big wooden door. Snow raised his hand and knocked on the door three times. A few minutes they heard.

“Come in,” Voice said

Snow and Stevens opened the door as they walked in. Max and Michael notice a guy sitting behind the desk had his back turned to them. Max turned and saw Snow and Stevens standing in front of the door. He then turned and looked back at the man behind the desk.

“Why are we here?” Michael asked

“Michael you always ask too many questions,” Voice said

Max looked between the man behind the desk and Michael. When Max looked at Michael that is when he saw that Michael was very pissed off and ready to kill someone.

“What is going on?” Max asked

The man behind the chair turned and looked at Max and Michael.

“It’s good to see you again Michael,” Man said

“Again? Who are you? How do you know Michael?” Max asked

“Max meet my dead uncle Ted Parker,” Michael said angrily

“What do you mean, your dead uncle?” Max asked confused

“Michael that is no way to talk to me,” Ted Parker said

“Michael what do you mean dead?” Max asked

“My uncle here is supposedly died when Philip, Jim and dad were helping the FBI take down a friend of theirs for doing somethings illegal during college,” Michael said

“Um OK,” Max said

“So uncle Ted does anyone but us know you are alive?” Michael asked

“No one knows I’m alive and I want to keep it that way,” Ted Parker said

“Why don’t you want anyone to know your alive? What are you hiding?” Michael asked

“Michael I’m not hiding anything. I’m trying to keep all of you safe,” Ted Parker said

“Keep us safe from what?” Max asked

“There are people who want all of you dead,” Ted said

“Why are we here then?” Michael asked

“Because I need your help catching the people before they go after your family,” Ted said

“How are we to help you?” Max asked

“I need one of you to get to know and get close to the daughter of the man that is after your family,” Ted said

“Sorry I can’t I’m engaged to be married to Maria,” Michael said

“Maria DeLuca?” Ted asked

“Yes I asked her to marry me before we left,” Michael said

“Wow well congratulations. Max what about you?” Ted asked

“Fine I’ll do this to keep our family safe. What do I have to do?” Max asked

“All you got to do is get close to the daughter and find out what they are up to,” Ted said

“What is the daughters name?” Max asked

“The daughter is Amanda Miller,” Ted said

“How am I to meet this Amanda?” Max asked

“Easy you’ll bump into her a couple of times and you will save her from some trouble where ever she goes,” Ted said

“You make it seem so easy,” Max said

“That is the plan,” Ted said

“How close do I need to be to her?” Max asked

“The closest you can be. We need to find out what they are up to,” Ted said

“Fine,” Max said

“Good there are a few things we need to talk about before we start the case,” Ted said

“What would that be?” Michael asked

Right at that moment Snow’s cell phone starts to ring. He reached into his pocket and pulls out his cell phone. Snow looks down and sees that it was Liz calling. Snow looks up and sees Max, Ted, Michael looking at him.

“I need to take this. excuse me,” Snow said before stepping outside.

After Snow closed the door behind him.

“Liz what are you doing calling me?” Snow asked

“Question were you serious when you said you need my help on a case?” Liz asked

“Yeah I’m serious. Why?” Snow asked

“I did some thinking and yes I’ll help you with your case,” Liz said

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Snow asked

“Yes. I am very sure,” Liz said

“Good. I’ll send you the file this afternoon. Do you think you can get some people to help you?” Snow asked

“Snow you know there are people willing to help,” Liz said

“Of course. I better go the boss here is having a meeting on a case,” Snow said

“OK. I’ll let you know what I think of the file when you send it to me,” Liz said

“OK. Talk to you later. Bye,” Snow said

“Bye,” Liz said before ending the call.

After the phone call ended Snow opened the door and walked back in the room. He stood next to Stevens in front of the door. As he stood next to Stevens, he noticed Ted, Michael and Max looking at him.

“Is everything OK Snow?” Ted asked

“Yes. Um after this we need to talk sir,” Snow said

“Fine. Now back to what I was saying there are a few things to talk about before you both start this case,” Ted said

“Again what would that be?” Michael asked

“Easy you both can’t tell your parents or friends what case you are working on here. And you can only call your family twice a month. Your family and friends can’t call you. And both of you are staying at a firehouse we turned into an apartment for the both of you. You both will be close to the club where she goes. And where she works. Both of you will be 10 minutes from her father’s office. So, see Max you will be able to bump into her at different times,” Ted said

“Why can we only talk to our family twice a month?” Michael asked

“Because you both need to focus on the case,” Ted said

“Why can’t they call us?” Max asked

“Because both need to focus on the case,” Ted said

“You know you are really not being helpful here,” Michael said

“Sorry that is all I am going to tell you,” Ted said

“You do know if we only talk to them twice a month they will be worried about us right?” Michael asked

“Yes I know they will. But we need to protect them,” Ted said

“Yeah right,” Max said

“When do we start this case?” Michael asked

“You both start tomorrow morning. That should give you time to get what you need for your furnished apartment,” Ted said

“Come on I’ll take you to your apartment now,” Stevens said

“Fine,” Michael, Max said before following Stevens out of the office.

After Max and Michael were gone Snow and Ted turned and looked at each other.

“Who called?” Ted asked

“It was Liz Parker,” Snow said

“What did she call for?” Ted asked

“Sir Liz said she will help with the case,” Snow said

“Good. Hopefully she will find out what this Grant guy does for Miller and Filler,” Ted said

“True sir. Liz said she has some people that are willing to help her with the spying stuff sir,” Snow said

“Wow my niece is a smart capable woman. Good her smart thinking is going to be really helpful in this case,” Ted said

“Yes it will be sir,” Snow said

“Snow you have two choices 1}You can go see Liz and talk to her about the case. 2} You can send her the case and talk to her on the phone about it. Which would you like to do?” Ted asked

“I will go see Liz and talk to her about the case. When do you need me to leave?” Snow asked

“The sooner you leave the quicker you get back,” Ted said

“Yes sir. Is there anything else?” Snow asked

“Yes take Stevens with you. I want you both to make sure Jeff, Philip, Jim and family are doing good.” Ted said

There was a knock on the door. The door opened and there stood Stevens with a black bag in his hands.
Ted and Snow looked at Stevens then the bag he had in his hand and back at Stevens.

“Stevens what is in the bag?” Ted asked

“Sir these are video cameras. Since Liz is going to be working on the case, I thought it would be a good idea that we had some video cameras at her apartment and where we think her, and Grant would possibly go. So that way we can find out what Grant and others are up to What do you think sir?” Stevens asked

“That sounds like a plan. Liz and others will be protected while they are working together,” Ted said

“Are you ever going to let Max, Michael know that Liz and others are working on the same case together?” Snow asked

“Hopefully they won’t find out till the end about working together on the case,” Ted said

“What will happen if they do find out?” Stevens asked

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Chapter 17:
“If they do find out it will be a pain in the ass to try and straighten things out. By the way make sure we get video cameras at the place Jeff, Philip and Jim work,” Ted said

“Why do you want to put video cameras in the workplace?” Snow asked

“Because I want to make sure everyone is safe and see if anyone pays them a visit,” Ted said

“That is a good plan,” Steven said

“Now you both better pack your bags and go see Liz and the others,” Ted said

“Yeah we better,” Snow said before he and Stevens walk out the door.

After the door was shut Snow and Stevens both looked at each other and realize that this was going to be a very interesting case that everyone will be working on. They both turned and walked down the hall to their offices. Snow and Stevens shut the doors and called their girlfriends. The phone ringed 3 times before the phones were answered.

“Hello,” Abby, Mia said

“Hi honey,” Snow, Stevens said

“Hey babe. What is up?” Abby, Mia asked

“Are you at home by any chance?” Snow, Stevens asked

“Yeah, Why, what is going on?” Abby, Mia asked

“The boss is sending me on an assignment. We must leave tonight,” Snow, Stevens said

“What? But you promise to take me dancing,” Abby, Mia said

“I know. I am so very sorry about this. As soon as I get back, I will have a huge surprise for you,” Snow, Stevens said

“What kind of surprise?” Abby, Mia asked

“Sorry I can’t tell you or it won’t be a surprise,” Snow, Stevens said

“Fine. When do you have to leave?” Abby, Mia asked

“I got to leave tonight. I was wonder if you wanted to help me pack,” Snow, Stevens said

“Sure. What time do you want to meet at your apartment?” Abby, Mia asked

“I’m leaving now. I should be there in 40 minutes,” Snow, Stevens said

“Sounds good to me. See you then,” Abby, Mia said before ending the call.

Snow and Stevens hanged up their phones and gather their things they would need for the so-called assignment. After they got everything, they needed they walked out of their office and walked down the hall to the elevator. They pushed the elevator button and waited for the door open. A few seconds later the doors opened, and they got onto the elevator pushed the down button. A few minutes later the elevator doors open Snow and Stevens saw Max and Michael waiting for them. Snow and Stevens walked up to Max and Michael.

“What are you both still doing here? You should be at your apartment,” Snow said

“We are here because we have a few questions for you to answer,” Max said

“What kind of questions?” Stevens asked

“Stevens we don’t have time for this we need to leave for our assignment now,” Snow said

“Wait a minute what assignment?” Michael asked

“We are not permitted to talk about our assignment. Now what questions do you have?” Steven asked

“Does Liz and the others know what you both do for a living?” Max asked

“No. We want to keep it that way. Liz and others are safe if they don’t know,” Snow said

“Does anyone know what you both do for a living?” Michael asked

“No. It is safe if no one knows what we do,” Stevens said

“Why? What happens if you get hurt or die?” Max asked

“Max, Michael the only ones that know we work here for your uncle Ted Parker is our girlfriends. Only they know. We want to keep it that way,” Snow said

“But what about your family?” Michael asked

“No. Our families don’t know,” Stevens said

“How can you have it this way?” Max asked

“This is what the job is for us,” Snow said

“Is that all you wanted to ask? We need to go,” Stevens asked

“How long have you been working for Ted Parker?” Michael asked

“Since we graduated,” Snow said

“That long and you never told a person?” Max asked

“Yes it has been that long,” Steven said

“Is there anything else we need to go?” Snow asked

“No I guess that is all we have,” Michael said

“Good. Now we better go. See you guys when we get back,” Steven said as he and Snow walked out of the building.

Max and Michael followed Snow and Stevens out of the building. Max and Michael walked to the driver standing beside the car. When they stood in front of the driver the driver opened the door for them.

“Are you gentlemen ready to leave?” Driver asked

“Yes,” Max, Michael said

“Good sirs. Where are you wanting to go?” Driver asked

“Um we would like to see where we are staying,” Max said as he and Michael got into the car.

The driver shut the door then got into the driver’s seat and drove off. A few minutes later the driver pulled up to a 4-floor building. The driver got out of the car and walked the passenger side and opened the door. Max and Michael got out of the car and looked at the building.

“This place has 4 floors. We only need 2 for each of us,” Michael said

“Sir there is someone in the building if you have any questions,” Driver said

“Thank you for letting us know,” Max said

“No problem sir,” Driver said before he turned and helped with their bags.

After the bags were out the car Max and Michael grabbed their bags and walked up to the door and ringed the doorbell. A few minutes later the door opened and there stood a man wearing a black suit standing in the doorway.

“Ah yes Mr. Evans and Mr. Parker it is so nice to finally see you are here,” Man said

“Uh thanks. Who are you?” Michael asked

“Oh I’m sorry my name is Mr. Hall. I’m Mr. Parker's assistant. He asked me to meet you here and talk about everything,” Mr. Hall said

“What else is there to talk about?” Michael asked

“ Easy the first floor of your apartment is where we are standing at is your kitchen, Living room. The second floor is 3 bedrooms 3 bathrooms. Third floor is your work out room and your offices. And the final floor is your meeting room and turns into your weapon room. But of course, the weapon room is hidden till you need it. Is there anything you want to know?” Mr. Hall asked

“Why do we need offices, meeting room and weapon room?” Max asked

“ Mr. Parker wants you to be ready for anything that may rise,” Mr. Hall said

“That is very nice of Mr. Parker,” Michael asked

“Oh before I leave Mr. Parker asked me to give you these,” Mr. Hall said as he gave Max and Michael boxes.

Max and Michael took the boxes and then looked at Mr. Hall.

“What are in these boxes?” Max asked

“Open them and you will see,” Mr. Hall said

Max and Michael opened the boxes and saw that they had new cell phones, car keys and saw some papers. They pulled out the papers and saw that the papers had descriptions of where they work and what they do.

“What is the job?” Max asked

“You both are working undercover as bouncers at night to a club Amanda goes to. During the day you both will be working in Millers office. So that way Max will get a chance to meet Amanda. Oh, before I forget we put in your files that you both are weapon experts, self-defense expert. That may help you get close to Miller and his people,” Mr. Hall said

“Are you serious?” Michael asked

“Yes we are serious. We are hoping as soon as they see your files they will have you in their little group,” Mr. Hall said

“How do you even know this is going to work,” Max said

“Oh trust Mr. Evans we have our ways,” Mr. Hall said

“Say it does work and Amanda is with me how are you going to know?” Max asked

“We already have surveillance set up at the club, Miller’s office and here,” Mr. Hall said

“What do you mean here?” Michael asked

“Every floor has a video camera. There is a video camera in the kitchen, living room, stairway, workout room, laundry room, offices, weapon room,” Mr. Hall said

“So basically there is video cameras everywhere but our rooms and bathrooms, right?” Max asked

“Yes. That is right. Mr. Parker wanted you both to be safe,” Mr. Hall said

“You mean watched in case something happens,” Michael said

“Yes that too,” Mr. Hall said

“Is that all you wanted us to know?” Michael asked

“No. Mr. Parker told me to remind you that when you are not working you are training,” Mr. Hall said

“ Do we get any time to ourselves?” Michael asked

“Of course you both do,” Mr. Hall said

“When would that be?” Max asked

“On your days off,” Mr. Hall said

“How many days would that be?” Michael asked

“You both will probably have to wait and see,” Mr. Hall said

“Oh gee,” Michael, Max said at the same time.

“I better go. Remember you only call your family twice a month. And you both start your training and bouncer jobs tomorrow,” Mr. Hall said before he walked out of the apartment.

After Mr. Hall was gone Max and Michael both looked at the door then looked at each other.

“Do you think we should believe Mr. Hall and your uncle?” Max asked

“I don’t know what to believe. All I know is that we need to be on guard with them and with everything else going on,” Michael said

“I agree with you there. So, what do we do now?” Max asked

“I say we unpack and in the morning, we call our family before training,” Michael said

“That sounds good to me,” Max said

Max and Michael started to unpack their things from the boxes. They put things in the kitchen, bathrooms, living room. After everything was unpacked downstairs Max and Michael walked up stairs with some boxes. They went into their rooms and saw their bedrooms were furnished. Max and Michael set the box down and investigated the closets. When they looked in, they saw they had black, Navy, blue suits with white dress shirts. Under the suits there were black dress shoes and tennis shoes. Max and Michael walked up to the drawers and opened them. When they looked in the first drawer, they saw boxers, socks. Second drawer they saw black and white tight t-shirts and muscle shirts. Third drawer they saw black, lite blue, medium blue, dark blue jeans. After they saw what was in the first 3 drawers, they decided to look to see what was in the fourth. When they opened the fourth drawer, they saw it was empty. Max and Michael decided that was where they were going to put their shirts from home at. By the time everything was unpacked it was 2am. Max and Michael went to their rooms and went to bed.

Meanwhile at airport:
Snow was kiss Abby while Stevens was holding Mia in his arms. A few minutes later Snow and Stevens took a step back and looked at Abby and Mia who had tears in their eyes.

“Don’t worry we will be back in a couple of days,” Snow said

”I know but we are going to miss you both,” Abby said

“We are going to miss you too,” Snow said

“Both of you please be careful? And don’t do anything stupid, dangerous, crazy,” Mia said

“You know we won’t do anything stupid, dangerous, crazy,” Stevens said

“We promise we will be careful,” Snow said

“We are going to hold you to that,” Abby said

“You know we will,” Snow said

Snow and Stevens turned and saw their pilot waiting for them. They turned and looked at Abby and Mia.

“It is time to go. See you in a couple of days. I love you,” Snow said

“I love you too,” Abby said

Snow and Abby turned and saw Stevens down on one knee holding a 2 Karat diamond ring in front of Mia. Mia looked at Steven then looked at the rings and started to cry.

“Mia I know we have only known each other for 2 years. But damn it I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I know we have our ups and downs. Good times and bad times. I love your smile; I love how you know what I want before I ask. You always make me want to be better person. I love how you are. How you always try and make me laugh. Love how we like to spend time together. So, Mia will you do me the honor and become my wife?” Stevens asked

“Yes!!!,” Mia yelled

Steven smiled and stood up. When he stood up, he slipped the ring on her finger. Stevens leaned down and kissed Mia. As they were kissing Steven pulled Mia close to him. While Steven and Mia were kissing Snow and Abby smiled and clapped for them. Snow leaned in and kissed Abby. After Snow kissed Abby they turned and looked at each other.

“So when are you going to ask me?” Abby asked

“When I do ask you, I want it to be a surprise. You know when you least expected it,” Snow said

“Oh you do huh?” Abby said

“Yes I do. So that way you will really be surprised,” Snow said

“OK,” Abby said

“OK really?” Snow asked

“Yes really,” Abby said

“I’ll remember that then,” Snow said

“Good you better,” Abby said

“Yes ma’am,” Snow said

Abby and Snow turned and saw the plot standing in front of Steven and Mia. Snow, Abby, Steven, Mia all turned and looked at the plot.

“Sorry to bother you sirs. But we need to go,” Plot said

“Yes of course,” Snow, Stevens said before turning and looking at the girls.

“We got to go. We’ll be back in a couple of days and we will plan something to do,” Snow said

“Sounds like a plan,” Abby said

Abby and Mia walked Snow and Stevens to the plan. They watched as the plane took off. After the plane was gone Abby and Mia turned and looked at each other.

“I’m so happy for you,” Abby said

“Really?” Mia asked

“Yes of course. Since I’m your maid of honor we need to tell our dad and make a list of people to invite,” Abby said

“Of course. I hope dad will be happy for me,” Mia said

“You know dad will be,” Abby said

“Hopefully,” Mia said

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Chapter 18
It was 2am when Snow and Stevens walked into the airport. They looked round then walked to the baggage area. A few minutes later they walked out of the airport and hailed a cab. A cab stopped in front of them. Stevens and Snow watched as the cab driver put their bags in the trunk and opened the door for them to get in. After they got into the cab the cab driver drove off. A few minutes later they pulled in front of a Hotel. The cab driver helped Snow and Stevens out of the cab and helped them with their bags. After their bags were out of the car Stevens and Snow walked into the hotel and walked up to the desk where a lady was working.
The lady looked up and saw them standing in front of her.

“Yes can I help you?” Front desk lady asked

“Yes we would like rooms for a couple of days ma’am,” Stevens said

“OK. Let me see what we have free,” Lady said as she started to type away on computer.

“We have a twin beds room on the 3rd floor; Then we have 2 singles rooms on the first floor. Which would you like to take?” Lady asked

“We will take the twin beds on the third floor,” Stevens said

“How do you plan to pay for this sir?” Lady asked

Stevens reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet then credit card and handed the card to the lady. A few minutes later the lady handed the card back to Stevens. Steven put his card back into his wallet and his wallet back into his pocket.

“Here sir you both sign this and your checked in,” Lady said

Stevens signed first then Snow signed. After they signed the lady handed them the keys. Snow and Stevens walked to the elevator and pushed the up button. A few seconds later the stepped on the elevator and went up. The doors opened and they walked to their room. Stevens unlocked the door and they walked in. After they walked in Snow locked the door. They both set their suit cases on the bed.

“So what is the plan for tomorrow?” Snow asked

“Easy we go and talk to Liz and others. See if we can get them to help in this case. Hopefully they will and no one will know about each other working the case,” Stevens said

“True. But you know this could bite us in the ass, though right?” Snow asked

“Yeah that is what I’m afraid of too,” Stevens said

“Hopefully everything will go smoothly. But we never know,” Snow said

“True. We better get some sleep since we got to talk to Liz, Jeff, Philip, Jim in the morning,” Stevens said

“True,” Snow said

They put away their clothes and changed then went to bed.

In the Morning:
Stevens and Snow were getting ready to leave their room when the rooms phone ringed. Stevens reached out and picked up the phone. He put the phone to his ear.

“Hello,” Stevens said

“Hello sir this is the front desk calling there is someone waiting to talk to you at the front desk sir,” Lady said

“Did he give you a name?” Stevens asked

“Sorry sir he said you both will know when you see him,” Lady said

“Tell him we will be right down. Thank you,” Stevens said

“Yes sir,” Lady said before ending the call.

Stevens hanged up the phone and looked at Snow who was looking at him.

“What?” Snow asked

“Someone is waiting for us downstairs,” Stevens said

“Should we be worried?” Snow asked

“We will have to wait and see who is waiting for us. Come on let’s find out,” Stevens said

Stevens and Snow walk out the door. Stevens turns and locks the door. They walk down the hallway to the elevator. They push the button and waited for the doors to open. When the door opened, they walk into the elevator and shut the door. A few seconds later the door opened, and they walk to the front desk where they saw Jim waiting for them. They walked up to Jim.

“Jim what are you doing here?” Stevens asked

“I was told you were going to be in town to talk to Liz, Jeff, Philip and I today. So, I thought I would find you,” Jim said.

“Yeah we need your help with a case,” Snow said

“So that is why your here for a case?” Jim asked

“Yeah. We’ll tell you more with everyone else,” Stevens said

“Why do I have a feeling that this maybe something dangerous?” Jim asked

“Just wait and see,” Snow said

“Then come on let’s go. They are waiting for us anyway,” Jim said

Stevens, Snow followed Jim out of the building to his car. They got into the car and drove off. As Jim was driving, they kept watching everything around them.

“So how long are you both here for?” Jim asked

“It depends on how long the case takes,” Snow said

“Jim how did you know we were here?” Stevens asked

“Liz told me you both needed to talk to us. So I thought I would start looking for you,” Jim said

“Great,” Stevens, Snow said

“Don’t worry Jeff and Philip have changed since you last saw them,” Jim said

Right at that moment they pulled up to an empty tall fire house. When Stevens and Snow saw the old fire house, they were a little worried. Jim parked between Jeff’s and Philip’s trucks. They all got out of the car and walked into the building where Liz, Maria, Alex, Isabel, Serena, Kyle, Jeff and Philip were waiting for them. Liz, Jeff, Philip turned and saw Jim, Stevens and Snow walking up to them. They were all face to face.

“Hey Stevens, Snow about time you both got here,” Liz said

“Yeah,” Stevens, Snow said

“What are we doing here?” Jim asked

Right at that moment Maria, Serena, Kyle, Isabel, Alex all turned and saw Jim, Stevens, Snow standing with Jeff, Liz, Philip. Maria and the others walked up to Liz and the parents.

“So Jim what do you think?” Maria asked

“Think about what?” Jim asked

“This is going to be our office/ living place,” Kyle said

“Huh?” Jim asked

“What they are trying to tell you is that this old fire house is going to be where we work and live,” Philip said

“Really?” Jim asked

“Yes. Isn’t it great,” Maria said

“How many floors does this building have?” Stevens asked

“This building has 6 floors,” Philip said

“So how are you both planning?” Jim asked

“Don’t worry you will love what we have planned for this whole building. We just need to change somethings, and everything will be ready hopefully in a month with help,” Jeff said

“Who is going to help you with all the changes you want to do?” Jim asked

“So glad you asked Liz, friends, contractors and of course us,” Philip said

“When do you plan to do this?” Snow asked

“We plan to try and start either today or tomorrow,” Jeff said

“Well everything is planned. I just have one thing to say,” Jim said

“What would that be?” Kyle asked

“How can I help?” Jim asked

“Yeah how can we help?” Stevens, Snow asked

“Seriously? You want to help?” Liz asked

Snow and Stevens looked at each other then looked at Liz.

“Yes,” Snow, Stevens said

Liz walked up to Snow, Stevens and hugged them. After the hug they took a step back.

“So boys what do you need help with?” Jeff asked

“We need your help with a case we are working on,” Stevens said

“What kind of case do you need help with?” Philip asked

“And how dangerous is it?” Jeff asked

“Do you, Philip, Jim remember a guy in college that your brother Jack busted?” Snow asked

“Yeah, what about him?” Jeff asked

“He is out and is working for a man that is 10 times worse. We are wanting someone to try and get close to one of his men to find out what they are up to,” Stevens said

“Who ever does this don’t you think they will recognize the last name?” Philip asked

“Maybe. But think about this. It has been 20 years since college. Too much time has passed,” Snow said

“But the truth is it we still remember everything that happened in college,” Philip, Jeff said.

“True. This could put him and everyone he works with a way for life,” Stevens said

“So what do you say will you help us with this case?” Snow asked

“Yes we will help you with the case,” Everyone said

“Thanks. Now we got to find someone to get close to one of the men,” Snow said

“Who is the man you are wanting get the information from?” Jim asked

“His name is Grant Swanson. He works with Miller and his partner. They work in high rise building a couple of blocks from here. Grant is their take care of it man. If you know what I mean,” Stevens said

“So you need someone to get close to him?” Jim asked

“Yeah,” Snow, Stevens said

“I’ll do it,” Liz said

Everyone turned and looked at Liz with shocked looks on their faces.

“What?” Liz asked

“Are you sure you want to do this Liz?” Jeff asked

“Yes I want to do this dad. I’m not going to back out now,” Liz said

“It is up to you,” Jeff said.

“I’ll do it. Besides Maria is engaged, Isabel and Serena are married,” Liz said

“True,” Philip said

“Wait. When did Isabel and Serena get married?” Snow asked

“Isabel and Alex got married a week ago. Serena and Kyle got married 3 days ago in Las Vegas,” Liz said

“Wow,” Stevens said

“Yeah. Stevens, Snow how would you feel if we had someone in the so-called workplace?” Liz asked

“You mean like a spy in a way?” Snow asked

“Yes,” Liz said

“It could be helpful,” Stevens said

“Who are you thinking of?” Maria asked

“I was thinking of having Tess work there,” Liz said

“You know that could work. Tess could hear things we don’t,” Isabel said

“How are you going to get Liz to bump into this Grant Swanson guy?” Alex asked

“Liz you are going to be bumping into Grant a couple of times and leave mysteriously. Always wanting him to get to know you. And when you bump into each other hopefully for the last time he will ask you out,” Stevens said

“Hopefully after that it won’t take long for the both of you to feel close,” Snow said

“Did you guys plan everything?” Serena asked

“Yes,” Stevens, Snow said

“Figures,” Alex, Kyle said

“Liz do you think Tess will be willing to help?” Stevens asked

“I’ll call her right now to find out,” Liz said as she reached into her pocket and pulled out her cell phone.

Liz dialed Tess number and let the phone ringed 3 time. By the third ring Tess answered the phone.

“Hello,” Tess said

“Hey Tess,” Liz said

“Hey Liz what is up” Tess asked

“Tess how would you like to help on a case?” Liz asked

“What kind of case are we talking about?” Tess asked

“The kind where you are like a spy,” Liz said

“Sounds interesting. What would I have to do?” Tess asked

“All you would have to do is work in the office at a desk,” Liz said

“Is that all I will have to do?” Tess asked

“Yes. So, see it should be easy. So, what do you say?” Liz asked

“Sure I will do it. It seems easy enough for me. Just let me know when I start,” Tess said

“Hold on and I will ask Stevens and Snow right now,” Liz said

“Sure,” Tess said

Liz turned and looked at Stevens and Snow who were looking at her.

“Hey Stevens, Snow when do you need Tess to work at the business?” Liz asked

“If she can either today or tomorrow would be good,” Stevens said