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Re: Money or Love (AU, Adult, M/L) Pt 50 7/5/18

Posted: Thu Jul 05, 2018 5:33 pm
by keepsmiling7
Loved Max smiling........and he may not have to wait as long as he thinks to make love with Liz.......????
Serena and Liz had a good sisterly talk.

Re: Money or Love (AU, Adult, M/L) Pt 50 7/5/18

Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2018 4:33 am
by L-J-L 76
Another great chapter!!!! So Sean is gay so what. It is his life and he should live it the way he wants. I'm glad that Kyle and Jim are being supportive to Sean. And being there when he needs them. So Max and Liz had a great date. So glad that Max and Liz finally found love together. Love how they are both thinking of each other. So glad Serena is to talk to Liz. Can't wait to find out what will happen next for Max, Liz and friends.

L-J-L 76

Re: Money or Love (AU, Adult, M/L) Pt 50 7/5/18

Posted: Thu Jul 12, 2018 6:53 am
by RoswellFan68
Looking forward to the next part.

Re: Money or Love (AU, Adult, M/L) Pt 50 7/5/18

Posted: Thu Jul 12, 2018 9:37 am
by L-J-L 76
Please please please please please please come back and post more really really really really soon? Can't wait to find out what will happen next for Max and Liz.

L-J-L 76

Re: Money or Love (AU, Adult, M/L) Pt 50 7/5/18

Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2018 11:12 am
by Roswelllostcause
Carolyn It might be a bit longer before Max and Liz make love. Don't forget she is pregnant, and Max won't want to do anything to hurt Liz's baby.

L-J-L 76 Yes Sean is gay. Jim and Kyle know that doesn't make Sean any different then before they found out.

RoswellFan68 Thanks.

Part 51 Two weeks later

Liz paced in a small room near the court room that Bobby's trial was going on in. She would soon have to go in and testify about what happened to her. She had found out not long ago that in order to get a light sentence Bobby's father cut a deal. He would pled guilty and testify agaisted Lisa and he would only get five years. Liz didn't really care. Raymond Jackman had only used his money to try and buy her from her mother for his son. It was Bobby that had hurt her. Well so had her mother. But right now she was focused on Bobby. A court officer came in.

“They are ready for you Miss Parker.”

Liz took a deep breath and followed the officer into the court room. Liz walked up to the stand never looking at the defense table where Bobby was sitting with his lawyer.

“Raise your right hand.” Said the court clerk.

Liz did as she was told.

“Do you swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth?” Asked the clerk
“Yes.” Said Liz clearly.
“Be seated.”

Liz sat down and looked right at Ms. Simon the prosecutor.

“Will you state your name and age for the record?” Asked Ms. Simon
“Elizabeth Parker I’m eighteen, but will be nineteen in three days.”
“Thank you. Now Miss Parker how did you meet the defendant?”
“Bobby, was the quarterback of the football team at my high school. He made varsity as a freshman. My mother set us up.” Said Liz
“Were you happy about it?”
“Not really. Bobby wasn't the type of boy I was interested in. I never really liked jocks as more as friends. I like guys that are more scholars. Why did you stay with him then?”

Liz sighed. She had been thinking about this for a while.

“I thought that doing what my mother wanted would get her to love me. But I now know that my mother would never love me or anyone else. She only cares about money.”
“Now right before Thanksgiving, you told Mr. Jackman you no longer wanted to see him?”
“Yes. His response was to beat me bad enough to end up in the hospital and leaving me on the lawn in front of the library. I might have died if a friend of my sister's hadn't found me and call an ambulance.”
“What happened to put you in the hospital a few weeks ago?”
“I was walking home from work when Bobby forced me into his van and pulled a gun on me. He beat and raped me.”
“Then what happened?”
“He drove me two blocks from home and shoved me out. I limped the rest of the way home and fell to the floor just inside the door. My step mom found me and called an ambulance. Next thing I remember is being in the hospital.”
“No further questions.”


Serena sat in the back of the courtroom watching as Bobby's lawyer Dennis Goldman went after Liz. Ms. Simon objected a number of times. But Liz never changed her story. Finally Liz stepped down and took the seat next to Serena and Max. Court ended for the day and the three of them left together.


Re: Money or Love (AU, Adult, M/L) Pt 51 7/13/18

Posted: Mon Jul 16, 2018 12:58 pm
by L-J-L 76
Finally everyone knows the truth about what Bobby did to Liz. Hopefully Bobby will be put away for a very long time. Wonder if Lisa, Bobby and his father will be put away for a long time for what the did to Liz. Wonder what Liz, Max, Serena and friends going to do now.

L-J-L 76

Re: Money or Love (AU, Adult, M/L) Pt 51 7/13/18

Posted: Sun Jul 22, 2018 10:00 am
by keepsmiling7
Boy, that was tough for Liz......But she did a good job of staying on point, and hopefully getting Bobby what he deserves.

Re: Money or Love (AU, Adult, M/L) Pt 51 7/13/18

Posted: Sun Jul 22, 2018 1:42 pm
by Roswelllostcause
L-J-L 76 Bobby's father took a deal and only got five years in prison. We have to wait and see what happens to Bobby and Lisa.

Carolyn It was hard for Liz. But she kept her focus and stayed on point.

Part 52

Liz laid on the sofa with her feet on Max's lap while he rubbed them. She hated having to relive that night again. But knew that she had to. It was the only way that Bobby would pay. The only way that he wouldn't do this to anyone else.

“Liz, are you ok?” Asked Max
“As well as I can be. You don't have to rub my feet.”
“I know that. I want to. Liz, you are not use to anyone putting your needs above their own. I want to change that. I will always put your needs above my own. Today was stressful for you. My rubbing your feet is how I am helping you to relive that stress.”

Liz smiled and pulled him closer and kissed him.

“I love you Max.”
“I love you Liz and always will.”


Jeff watched his daughter with the young man she just stated she loved. He didn't notice his other daughter until she spoke.

“She really does love him dad.”
“He is a good young man. I just missed so much of your sister’s life growing up.”
“Dad, she wanted to be here. It was Lisa that didn't want her here.”
“I know. Serena, Liz won't open up to me. Does she talk about her childhood ever with you?”
“Not really. I know that she wasn't happy.”
“Do you think she would have been happier with us?”
“I know she would have been. The only way I could get her gifts for our birthday or Christmas was to send them to her neighbor Alex Whitman.”
“Isn't that the boy Max's sister is seeing?”
“Yeah. Alex's older sister helped Liz get to that diner to meet me. Like Nancy did with me.”
“Thanks honey.”

Jeff walked off leaving Serena to watch her sister and her sister's new boyfriend alone.


Liz moved around so that she was leaning into Max. He wrapped a protective arm around her while resting the other over her stomach. Liz smiled when she her baby move.

“Liz uh what was that I felt?” Asked Max
“For being premed you are a little dense Max. I am nearly five months pregnant. The baby moved. I think she likes you.”
“She? You know you are having a girl?”
“Actually it is just wishful thinking. I want a little girl. Though with you as the father I would love to have a little boy that looks just like you.”
“Maybe he could have your ears?”
“I like your ears. Max, there Isn’t one thing I have found so far that I don't love about you. I am not there yet. But I do want to some day have you make love to me. I have never made love, because until you came into my life I never was in love with anyone.”
“Liz, there is no rush. I want you to be sure that you are ready.”
“I know. I also want to know for sure that it is safe for you. I have one more round of tests to do to make sure that Bobby didn't give me anything.”
“Well he gave you a baby. Liz, I want you to know I am willing to be this baby's dad. Don't say anything. Any guy can father a child. But only a real man can be a dad, weather a child is biological his or not.”
“Thank you Max. That is part of the reason I love you so much.”

Max kissed Liz and she fell to sleep in his arms.


Re: Money or Love (AU, Adult, M/L) Pt 52 7/22/18

Posted: Sun Jul 22, 2018 4:52 pm
by keepsmiling7
It is so sad that Serena had to go through a third party to give her own sister a Christmas present.
Gosh, I hope Bobby didn't give Liz a STD........but with someone like him that's completely possible.