Money or Love (AU, Adult, M/L) Pt Epilogue 1/15/19 Complete

Fics using the characters from Roswell, but where the plot does not have anything to do with aliens, nor are any of the characters "not of this Earth."

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Re: Money or Love (AU, Adult, M/L) Pt 46 6/21/18

Postby Roswelllostcause » Sun Jun 24, 2018 3:19 pm

L-J-L 76 Bobby is getting payback for what he did with his life. We just got to wait and see how Max and Liz show each other they love each other.

Carolyn Michael would just make the perfect protective brother for someone wouldn't He? Yes Bobby is getting what he deserves in prison.

Part 47

Liz smiled when she saw Max standing at the door with a teddy bear.

“Hey Max come on in.” said Liz
“Thanks. How are you feeling?”
“I have felt better. But I am doing a lot better too.”
“That's good.”
“Max, I think that we should talk.”
“Talk about what?”
“Let's sit down.”

Max followed Liz over to the couch and sat down.

“Max, I like that you are spending time with me. But here is the thing. I need to know what this is between us. Are we just good friends? I only ask because on new years that kiss we shared sure didn't feel like the kind of kiss between friends to me. But you have also not tried to kiss me since then.”
“Liz, I don’t see you as just a friend. But I am afraid that if I tell you how I really feel that I will scare you away. That we won’t be able to hang out any more.”
“Max, I have been talking to Serena. She made me realize something. When I was in the hospital the doctor referred to you as my boyfriend. I didn't correct him, saying you were just a friend. I didn't do that because I want you to be my boyfriend. I want to find out what it is like to be truly loved by someone as kind and sweet as you.”
“So what you are saying is that you want to date me?”

Actually I want to find out what it would be like for you to make love to me. But that would be moving a little too fast I think.

“Yes. I want to date you. I want you to hold me in your arms and make me feel safe. I want to hear someone other then my father or sister tell me they love me. Max, I want to hear you tell me that you love me. I am not blind. I have seen how you look at me. I saw it that night we met. Bobby never told me he loved me. He almost never said anything nice to me. To him I was just his bitch, just someone he felt he had the right to fuck whenever he wanted.”
“Liz, I could never see any women that way. Most of all you. I love you Liz. I love you because you are this beautiful woman both inside and out. I know that you sometimes have a hard time expressing your feelings. That I need to take things slow with you.”
“Max, you're right. I do have a hard time saying how I feel. My mother is to blame for that. She doesn't believe in love.”
“What about you? Do you believe in love?”
“Yes. Unlike my mother I know money is not going to make me happy. Love is the only thing that will make me happy. Max, I know I have feelings for you. But since I have never been in love before I don’t know if what I feel is love.”
“I understand that. How about I take you out to dinner tonight?”
“I would like that. Not to late though. I get tired really easy.”
“Don't worry I will get you and the baby home in time to get a lot of sleep.”
“What time should I be ready?”
“How about six? I will have you home by ten.”
“Sounds good. Uh nothing too spicy. It hasn't been agreeing with me.”
“No problem.”

Max leaned over and placed a gentle kiss on Liz's cheek. Then he headed out to get ready for his date.


Serena had watched her sister with Max. Liz really needed to admit that she was in love with him to Max. But she could understand the need Liz had to go slow. Her bitch of a mother had really screwed up her twin up. But Liz was slowly healing. She then headed into the living room.

“So you are going on a date with Max?”
“Want some help to get ready?”
“I have been on dates before.”
“Lizzie, I would never call what you and that ass did dating. You went out for three months before you started to sleep with him. You called me the night you lost your virginity and told me you made a mistake. But you kept sleeping with him.”
“Our mother wouldn't let me break up with him. She accepted dates for me. She told me that Bobby is the only one that would want me. That I had to have sex with him so that he would want me.”
“Liz, that is not what a real relationship is about. It is about respecting who you are with. Max loves you. He respects you. He may want to make love to you, but he knows that you are nowhere near ready for that step.”
“I am also pregnant. Luckily that is all Bobby gave me. I know he was screwing behind my back. He hated that even though I was on birth control I made him use condoms. The night of the party he broke my arm for talking to Max he stopped. I didn't find out until after he got me pregnant that he got someone to switch out my birth control pills. He wanted me pregnant.”
“Are you going to find out if the baby is a boy or girl?”
“Yeah. I figure if It’s a girl it will be easier to get Bobby to give up his rights to the baby. Rena, I am keeping the baby no matter what. I don't know how I am going to do it. But I am going to raise the baby and finish college.”
“You know I will help you.”
“I know Rena. Dad and Nancy said they would too.”
“Just remember that we all love you Liz.”
“Love you too sis.”

Liz hugged Serena and then both headed to Liz's room so she could get ready for her date.

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Re: Money or Love (AU, Adult, M/L) Pt 47 6/24/18

Postby keepsmiling7 » Sun Jun 24, 2018 6:52 pm

That's a great start for Max and Liz.
I'm proud of her for having goals, and I bet she will finish college.
With someone like Max beside her, she is finally having the life she deserves.

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Re: Money or Love (AU, Adult, M/L) Pt 47 6/24/18

Postby L-J-L 76 » Mon Jun 25, 2018 4:19 am

Finally Max and Liz admitted they have feeling for each other and wanted to take things slow. Which is a good thing. So glad that Max and Liz finally talked and out everything out. Can't believe Bobby got someone to switch Liz's birth control. Love how everyone wants to be there and help Liz with her baby. Oh I think Liz will pass college with help of everyone. Can't wait to find out where Max and Liz will go on their first date.

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Re: Money or Love (AU, Adult, M/L) Pt 47 6/24/18

Postby Roswelllostcause » Thu Jun 28, 2018 11:36 am

Carolyn Max is going to do whatever he has to, to make sure Liz reaches her goals.

L-J-L 76 With the help of her family and friends Liz will reach her goals. They may just take longer then she thought. Well as for Bobby having switched out Liz's birth control pills you all ready know he is scum.

Part 48

Lisa paced in the prison cell. She couldn't believe that she was stuck here. She knew that she should never have let Elizabeth near that brat of her ex's. That brat turned Elizabeth against her. She looked at the cell door as it opened and another woman came in. The guard walked off without a second look.

“What are you looking at bitch?” Asked Lisa

The woman glared at her before shoving her into the wall.

Jasmine Lopez was a big woman. She stood five feet ten and weighed nearly two hundred pounds. She had also lived a hard life. Born and spent most of her childhood in the projects of South central L.A. She ended up in a life of crime starting at fourteen when her mother's boyfriend gave her to a loan shark to work off his gambling debts. By working them off it meant she was forced to be an escort. But the word escort was being used as a polite way to say hooker. She had moved to Texas five years ago. She had spent time in jail for hooking as well as assault. This time she was arrested for armed robbery. The guards had given her the low down on this piece of work as she was being processed into the prison. This bitch made her sick.

“I watched who you be calling bitch. I ain't the one who disowned my own kid, or forced the other one into a relationship with a bastard that think it ok to hit a woman. You don't give a shit about either your girls. You only care about money. Thing is money ain't gettin’ yous out of this mess. So here’s the deal. You be my little bitch and I make sure no one kills you.”
“I did nothing wrong!”
“You keep tellin’ yourself that.”

Jasmine then punched Lisa in the face and let her fall to the ground.


Just before six Max knocked on the Parker's front door. It opened and Serena smirked at him.

“Hi Serena. I uh have a date with Liz.” Said Max
“I know. Come in. She will be down in a minute.”

Max followed Serena into the living room.

“Max, I want you to know that Liz does love you. She may have a hard time saying the words. But you should know that.” Said Serena
“Why are you telling me this? You already know that I love Liz.”
“Because, I thought you should be aware of it.”
“Rena, I know Liz has trouble expressing her feelings. But she also is not the same person she was at the beginning of the school year.”
“No she isn't. Just don't hurt her Max.”
“I would never intentionally hurt Liz.”

Serena just nodded as Liz walked into the room.

“Liz, you look lovely.” Said Max
“Really? You don't think this outfit makes me look fat?” Asked Liz

Max looked at Liz dressed in a lose fitting light blue blouse with dark blue flowers on it, and a pair of dark blue pants. She had her long hair pulled back in loose waves and very light make up.

“You don't look fat. You look beautiful. That baby bump is cute.” Said Max

Liz smiled and then reached up and kissed him on his cheek.

“You're sweet. Now where are you taking me?”
“Well I was think Ma'ma Maria's Italian restaurant.”
“Sounds wonderful.”

Liz took Max's arm and they headed out.

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Re: Money or Love (AU, Adult, M/L) Pt 48 6/28/18

Postby keepsmiling7 » Thu Jun 28, 2018 2:11 pm

It's good to see Serena sticking up for her sister, but I think Liz already knows what she wants.
Hope they enjoy their Italian dinner!

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Re: Money or Love (AU, Adult, M/L) Pt 48 6/28/18

Postby L-J-L 76 » Thu Jun 28, 2018 4:17 pm

Love the way Jasmine threatened Lisa. It is about time someone teach Lisa a lesson. Glad Serena sticked up for Liz. Wow that so sweet of Max to bring Liz flowers. Well it seem the start of the date is going really good. Can't wait to find out how the rest of the date will go. Also can't wait to find out if Bobby and his dad go to prison too.

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Re: Money or Love (AU, Adult, M/L) Pt 48 6/28/18

Postby Roswelllostcause » Sun Jul 01, 2018 10:16 am

Carolyn Liz knows what she wants. Serena is just looming out for her sister.

L-J-L 76 Let's see how the date goes.

Part 49

Max parked his jeep in the parking lot of the restaurant. He then walked around to the passenger side to help Liz out.

“Max, you don’t have to help me.” Said Liz
“Liz, a proper gentleman offers a hand to his lady when exiting a car.” Said Max
“You learn that from your mother?”
“Of course.”
“Then I guess I shouldn't argue.”
“Liz, I know it will take some getting use to. But I am going to show you how you should be treated.”

Liz smiled as she took Max's arm and he led them into the restaurant. They approach the hostess where Max spoke.

“Yes we would like a table for two.” Said Max
“It will be about ten minutes. They are clearing a table now.”
“That is fine.” Said Max
“Could I have your name sir?”
“Max Evans.”

Max and Liz sat in the waiting area. It was less then ten minutes later they were led to their table. Liz noticed that it was in a small alcove away from most of the other tables. Max pulled out her chair for her and then pushed her in. This whole date was a new experience for her. Max was treating her better then Bobby ever had. Not that she was truly surprised. Max was the kind of man she dreamed about as a little girl. Liz picked up the menu and started to study it.

“Anything look good Liz?” Asked Max
“All of it. Well not any of the fish or seafood choices.”
“Well, pick whatever you like.”

Just then a waitress came over to them with a basket of breadsticks and glasses of water.

“Hello my name is Carrie and I will be your server this evening. May I get you something to drink?”
“Yes I will have ice tea with lemon.” Said Liz
“and for you sir?”
“I'll have a Pepsi.” Said Max looking at the soft drink choices.
“One ice tea with lemon and one Pepsi. I will be right back with those drinks.”

The waitress walked off and Max smiled across the table at Liz.

“I have an idea Liz. We each pick a meal and then give a taste to the other.”
“I like that idea. I was thinking of the veal parmesan, with Caesar salad.”
“Sounds good. I will get the baked manicotti with meat sauce, and a garden salad with the house Italian dressing.”
“That sounds good.”

Carrie returned and they placed their order. Their salads came five minutes later and Max and Liz talked while they ate. Liz laughed when Max told her the story about when he was ten and Serena put a snake in his sleeping bag when his family and Serena, her dad and Nancy went on a camping trip together. Michael was still with his father most of the time at that point.

“I actually could see my sister doing that. She always did like creepy crawly things.”
“Yeah. I guess I should be grateful that the snake wasn't poisonous.”
“Rena wouldn't do anything to hurt you. My mother on the other hand I wouldn't put it past her.”
“I know. But it surprised the hell out of me.”

The evening continued with Max and Liz sharing their dinners. They then shared a large piece of chocolate cake topped with fresh strawberries and vanilla ice cream. After Max paid they returned to the car and Max drove them to a field just outside the city where he spreads a blanket on the ground for them to lay down on to stargaze. Liz laid curled up in Max's arms feeling safer and happier then she had in a very long time.

“Max, tonight has been wonderful.” Said Liz
“I am glad.”
“There is just one thing that would make it even better.”
“What is that?”
“You kiss me. I mean a proper kiss Max.”

Max smiled and leaned down to her soft lips and started to kiss her. Liz broke the kiss after a moment pushed him down climbed on top of him and started to kiss him passionately. Max was a little surprised at her boldness but soon was wrapping his arms tight around her and returning it full force. They only broke when the need for air became to great. Liz rested her head on Max's chest right over his heart. She spoke almost so softly he almost missed it.

“I love you Max.”
“I love you Liz.”

They stayed like that for another half an hour before Max helped Liz back into the jeep and drove her home. He walked her to the door and they kissed goodnight. Liz then headed in to bed and Max went home smiling.


Sean Harris smiled as he watched Max and Liz together. Max Evans was the perfect guy for the sister of his cousin's girlfriend. He planned to help make sure Bobby Jackman paid for hurting that sweet girl.

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Re: Money or Love (AU, Adult, M/L) Pt 49 7/1/18

Postby keepsmiling7 » Sun Jul 01, 2018 8:05 pm

Don't we all dream of finding a man like Max Evans.
Liz is finally getting the attention she deserves.
What is Sean up to......??

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Re: Money or Love (AU, Adult, M/L) Pt 49 7/1/18

Postby L-J-L 76 » Mon Jul 02, 2018 4:00 am

Love the date Max and Liz had. They are so perfect for each other. Max and Liz's date was a great date. Oh boy what is Sean up to? Why was Sean watching Max and Liz for?

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Re: Money or Love (AU, Adult, M/L) Pt 49 7/1/18

Postby Roswelllostcause » Thu Jul 05, 2018 2:20 pm

Carolyn Max has to be the perfect man. He is definitely the kind of man Liz has been dreaming of. As for Sean, I really wouldn't worry about him becoming a problem.

L-J-L 76 Max and do seem perfect for each other. Don't worry about Sean.

Part 50

Liz walked into her house said goodnight to her dad and Nancy before heading to her room. Tonight had been the best night of her life. Max Evans was everything that Bobby wasn't. Bobby had no clue how to be a gentleman. Max on the other hand was perfect. Liz had just finished changing into her pajamas when Serena walked in without knocking.

“Ever hear of knocking Rena?” Asked Liz
“Please It’s not like I haven't seen you naked before Lizzie.”
“Still it would be nice if you would knock.”
“So you going to tell me about your date?”
“It was great. Max is so sweet.”
“So besides dinner what did you do?”

Liz sighed and laid on her bed. Serena plopped down next to her.

“Well after dinner we drove to this field outside the city to stargaze.”
“Carson’s field. As long as no one trashes it they don't care if we go out there to stargaze or even a little making out. Though I did here that they won't put up with people having sex there.”
“Well we were just laying there looking at the stars and then we started kissing. Before you go mother bear on me, it was my idea. Rena, when Max kisses me, or holds me looks at me or anything I feel like I am the only woman in the world.”
“That is a good thing. Liz, Max makes you feel loved. That is what most women want.”
“Is that how Kyle makes you feel?”
“Yeah it does.
“Rena, I’m kind of tired.”
“No problem get some rest.”

Liz hugged her sister before she left the room.


Sean walked into his Uncle's house where he was spending the weekend. He walked into the kitchen and poured himself a glass of apple juice.

“So you have a hot date Sean?” Asked Kyle
“Nope. Just was out walking.”
“Not causing any trouble I hope?”
“Of course Not! Kyle, dispute what you think I am not a bad guy. I have no interest in doing anything to hurt the relationship between Max Evans and Serena's sister. Hell I am the one that tipped your dad off to look into Jackman!”
“I know that. Sean, I know you have no interest in Liz Parker.”
“You ain't told no one what I told you have you?”
“Sean, look I don't even want to know what you told me! Like hell I would let anyone else know!”
“Kyle, I’m sorry. I just am not ready for everyone to know.”
“I understand. So are you even seeing anyone?”
“There is someone I am interested in. But I am not sure he is interested in me.”
“Then he is a fool. If you weren't my cousin and I was into guys then I would go for you.”
“Thanks man. I am grateful that you and your dad let me crash here. My old man caught me kissing a guy when I was fifteen and threw me out.”
“Well your old man was always an asshole. That is why your mom left him.”
“Wish she had taken me with her.”
“Well that wasn't going to happen. That rich piece of shit she had an affair with didn't want no kids he didn't father around.”
“Yeah I know. He probably wouldn't like me cause I’m gay anyway.”
“Sean, you know that doesn't bother me or my dad.”
“I know. You are a great friend man.”

Kyle and Sean fist bumped and then headed to their rooms.


Max laid in his bed with a smile on his face. Tonight most definitely had been the best date he had ever been on. He knew that it would be a while before he would be able to make love to Liz. But he would wait a lifetime to make love to her if that is what it took. He was just happy that he could hold her in his arms and kiss her.

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