Love Can Heal (M/L,AU, Adult) Pt 53 & Epilogue Complete 5/3/17

Fics using the characters from Roswell, but where the plot does not have anything to do with aliens, nor are any of the characters "not of this Earth."

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Re: Love Can Heal (M/L,AU, Adult) Pt 48 4/28/17

Postby Roswelllostcause » Sat Apr 29, 2017 5:45 am

L-J-L 76 Maria will never change, and will always stick her nose where it doesn't belong. Max is very sweet when it come to Liz. Matt loves his sister and will always want to protect her.

Carolyn I am sure that Matt and Katie will work things out.

Part 49 Three Weeks Later

Liz sat in the auditorium with the rest of the senior class. Her sister Serena by her side. She wished that she was sitting with the rest of her friends. But they were seated in alphabetical order by last name. That meant that Carolyn and Maria were near the front with, Max and Isabel behind them. Not far behind them was Michael. Then came Brian, then Jessica. Then it was her and Serena. Finally near the back were Justin, Alex and Kyle. The guest speaker was droning on and on about how their futures were still undecided. Liz rolled her eyes at Serena.

"Where did they find this guy?" Asked Serena
"I don't know. But I would rather watch paint peal then keep listening to this guy." Mumbled Liz

Just then Luke Rodgers and Randy Quinn ran on the stage in nothing but there boxers and threw water balloons at the speaker. They were escorted out and the principal apologized to the speaker. Two hour later Liz and her friends a long with their families were gathered in the Crashdown which was closed for a private party for the group. The teens were laughing and enjoying being together. They knew in a few months they would all go their separate ways for college. The bell rang over the door and a woman and teenage girl walked in.

"Sorry we are closed." Said Jeff

Carolyn looked at the woman and girl.

"Mom? Amber?" Asked Carolyn
"Hi honey." Said Mrs. Dawson
"Hey sis." Said Amber
"What are you two doing here?" Asked Carolyn
"Carolyn, you are my daughter I was not going to miss your high school graduation." Said Mrs. Dawson
"Mom, you have hardly called me since dad's transfer over seas. You haven't been back until now. Amber, I have no hard feelings about you. You at least sent me a letter or email once in a while. Not that I would have blamed you if you hadn't. I really hurt you." Said Carolyn
"I missed you Care. I know you were sick. But you are better now right?" Asked Amber
"Yeah. I mean I have to take medication. But I am better."

Amber took a couple shaky steps and threw her arms around her sister in a hug.

"I love you Amber." Said Carolyn
"Love you too big sister. When can I meet this boyfriend of yours?" Asked Amber
"Justin come here. Mom, Amber meet my boyfriend Justin White Wolf." Said Carolyn
"It's nice to meet you Mrs. Dawson. You to Amber. Carolyn talks about you a lot." Said Justin
"Wow you are cute." Said Amber
"Thanks. You and Care look a lot a like." Said Justin
"Carolyn, do you think the three of us can go some where to talk?" Asked Mrs. Dawson
"Yeah sure. Aunt Stacey mind if we go back to the house?" Asked Carolyn
"Go ahead. It's nice to see you again Christina." Said Stacey
"You too Stacey."

Carolyn said good bye to her friends and promised to call Justin and left with her mother and sister.


Later that night Liz laid next to Max under the stars out in the desert. They had just made love.

"Liz, what is on your mind?" Asked Max as he held her.
"I was just thinking about Care. I get the feeling there is more to her mom and sister showing up."
"What do you mean?"
"You never met Care's father. I only met him for a minute. But he gave off this cold vibe."
"Did you ever have this feeling before?"
"Once a long time ago. Back when I was living with Katie."
"You think he might be like that bastard?"
"Not that he likes young girls. But like maybe he knows something."
"Liz, you were so young."
"I know but I remember watching Katie get raped."

Max just held Liz and placed a kiss on top of her head. Even after all this time Liz still was fighting the demons of her past.

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Re: Love Can Heal (M/L,AU, Adult) Pt 49 4/29/17

Postby keepsmiling7 » Sat Apr 29, 2017 9:05 am

What a nice surprise........PART of Care's family showing up for graduation.
Liz is still struggling with her memories of Katie.......

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Re: Love Can Heal (M/L,AU, Adult) Pt 49 4/29/17

Postby SmileeUk » Sat Apr 29, 2017 12:58 pm

I so like Max's marriage idea!! :mrgreen:

:shock: Did Maria have to ask about other people's sex lives so openingly? :shock: No wonder Liz had stayed away from her :lol:

I hope Katie & Matt could work out in long term. :wink:
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Re: Love Can Heal (M/L,AU, Adult) Pt 49 4/29/17

Postby Roswelllostcause » Sun Apr 30, 2017 5:46 am

Carolyn It was a nice surprise that Carolyn's mom and sister showed up for her graduation. But that may not be the only reason they came back. Liz may always struggle to some degree of her memories of the past.

SmileeUk Don't expect a wedding before Max and Liz go off to college. Maria is just being nosey.

Part 50

Carolyn walked into her home for the last four years. Her mother and sister followed her.

"Amber, let me talk to mom alone. My room is upstairs first door on the left. Go hang up there." Said Carolyn
"Sure." Said Amber grabbing her bag.

Carolyn watched as her sister headed up the stairs.

"Carolyn, you look really good." Said Christina
"Mom, why are you really here? I know for a fact that it wasn't because I graduated high school. Is it to dump Amber on Aunt Stacey? Where to dad dragging you now?"
"Carolyn Annastia Dawson! You were not raised to speak to me that way!"
"Mom, I am fucking tired of being treated like I don't matter! Dad has never cared what I wanted. Once he learned that I never can get into the army he wrote me off."
"That isn't true."
"Yes it is! Mom, I was never going to go into the army! I hate guns and always have. I want to help kids."
"Honey, I know your father loves you."
"I don't ever remember him saying that. You hardly ever say it."
"I do love you. I love your sister. I even love Matthew Jr. You are right. Amber will be staying when I leave in next week."
"Where is dad going?"
"South Korea, I am going with him."
"Yeah I am not surprised."
"Carolyn, you do know that your father would not approve of your boyfriend."
"Like I care. I love him. Dad claims not to be a bigot but he is. He thinks blacks should only be with blacks. Hispanics or Latinos should be with people who look like them. So because Justin is Native American he should only be with an another Native American. Best of all I should only be with a white Christian boy. Well here is a news flash for him. I don't give a shit what he wants! I love Justin. I don't see skin color. I see a young man who has made me happier then I ever been in my life."
"Carolyn, have you been taking your medicine?"
"What you think I am relapsing? That I am going crazy again? I have news for you I am not crazy!"

Carolyn turned and headed out the front door and pushed past her cousin and Aunt who were returning home.


Brian watched Carolyn take off down the street. He knew better then to go after her. He pulled out his cell phone.

"Hey, Justin. Care needs you. She took off on foot."

Brian hung up a minute later and turned to face his mom.

"Justin thinks he knows where she will go. You talk with your sister. I will check on Amber."

Stacey nodded and watched her son head into the house. She really wished that his father could see the man he was becoming. But he had been killed ten years ago during an armed robbery. Brian headed up the stairs and knocked on Carolyn's door knowing that was where his younger cousin was. Amber opened the door and looked at him. He had to admit that she looked different then he last saw her. She was not only taller but her reddish blond hair was streaked with bright pink and green.

"Hey kid."
"Hey Brian."
"The major let you do that to your hair?"
"Nope. Oh he ain't a major no more. He is a lieutenant cornol. But that just happens like two months ago."
"You been OK?"
"Yeah. Does Care let you in her room?"
"Then come on and take a seat."

Brian walked into the room and sat in the desk chair while Amber laid down on the bed. Her shirt road up and he saw that she had pierced her navel and had a tattoo of a star above it.

"How you get the tattoo and piercing?"
"They don't check ID very often in Munic. I got a couple other tats too. Dad would really be pissed if he knew where the one is."
"Do I want to know?"
"It's on my ass. So tell me something. You still a virgin?"
"That is none of your business!"
"Chill out Brian."
"Amber what is going on?"
"Mom is dumping me here in Hicksville cause dad is getting sick of me being brought home by the MPs. (Military Police) every weekend."
"Getting into trouble? Why?"
"Cause, I don't want my father's life. Carolyn escapes because of her illness. I don't have the schizophrenia. But I don't want to be in the army."
"You know Matt is down in Texas."
"Yeah. I even heard about his girlfriend. Well that he has one anyway."
"Her name is Kathleen Baker. Goes by Kate, Katie or even sometimes Kat. She works as the guidance councillor at West Roswell High. Uh you heard about Care's roommate from the hospital right?"
"Well, from what little I know. Liz and Miss Baker were foster sisters a long time ago. She is ten years older then Liz and took some abuse that was going to be amid at Liz."
"Brian, is Carolyn OK? I heard her yelling at mom."
"She took off. I think that she was getting on Care's case about her boyfriend."
"Because he isn't white?"
"I knew dad was like that but not mom."
"I don't think she is. But is worried that your dad may cause stress on Care because of the relationship."
"And she will relapse to the point she ends up back in the hospital."
"Yeah. You get some rest kid. I have a feeling that your sister won't be home tonight."

Brian hugged his cousin and headed for his room.

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Re: Love Can Heal (M/L,AU, Adult) Pt 50 4/30/17

Postby keepsmiling7 » Sun Apr 30, 2017 8:24 am

Lots of activity in Care's family.
Her mom is off to South Korea with her father....
And Matt has changed his direction to work with kids.

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Re: Love Can Heal (M/L,AU, Adult) Pt 50 4/30/17

Postby L-J-L 76 » Mon May 01, 2017 4:15 am

Wow a busy day at Carolyn, Brain house. Can't believe Carolyn's parents are so racism. Also can't believe Carolyn's parents are leaving Amber with her aunt. So Amber is a wild child. So glad Brain called Carolyn's boyfriends. Glad that Brain went to talk to Amber.

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Re: Love Can Heal (M/L,AU, Adult) Pt 50 4/30/17

Postby Roswelllostcause » Mon May 01, 2017 5:35 am

Carolyn Yes Care's parents are off to South Korea. It Care that wants to work with kids. Matt is still an army man for now.

L-J-L 76 Amber is a bit of a wild child. Brian knows hat Care needs Justin.

Part 51

Justin walked through the park and found Carolyn sitting on top of the monkey bars.

"You ok?" Asked Justin
"Had a fight with my mom. First time I see her in years and I fight with her."
"Care, want to talk about it?"
"She is here to dump Amber off on Aunt Stacey. My father is being transfered to South Korea. Mom is going with him."
"Maybe it will be good for your sister."
"Maybe. Justin, my dad wouldn't like that I am with you."
"You aren't a white Christian."
"Oh. Well you know there are a few of my tribe that don't think we should mix with the he white man."
"I know. Justin, I don't want to go home."
"Come on we can go to my grandfather's house."

Carolyn jumped down and Justin took her into his arms. He then led her to his car and they headed out of town.


Liz sat next to Max as he drove back into town after their private celebration in the desert.

"Yeah Liz?"
"Are you ok? I mean you are kind of quite."
"I am just thinking that I am lucky that I have such a wonderful girlfriend."
"Max, I am the lucky one. It is your love that has healed me. Don't get me wrong I love my parents and sister. But you gave me a different kind of love. A kind of love that I never believed I would have."
"Liz, I fell in love with you the first time I saw you."
"Max, we were kids. You didn't know what love was."
"Maybe but I knew I wanted you in my life."
"I am glad you came into my life Max and I love you."

Max reached over and took over and took her hand kissed it.


Justin watched as Carolyn slept. He had no idea what had upset her. But had reason to believe it had to do with her family that had shown up. He heard a soft sound from the door. He looked to see his grandfather standing there.

"Come White Wolf, let her rest. The time will come soon for her to join our family." Said River Dog.

Justin followed his grandfather out of the room. They went out to the living room and Justin sat at River Dog's feet like he had as a boy.

"Grandfather are you saying that Carolyn will be my wife?"
"The spirits have shown me that young woman is who you were born to be with."
"When will this happened?"
"White Wolf, I only know that it will before I join those who walk the spirit roads."

Justin nodded. If he was understanding his grandfather then he would be marrying Carolyn in a few years.

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Re: Love Can Heal (M/L,AU, Adult) Pt 51 5/1/17

Postby L-J-L 76 » Mon May 01, 2017 9:41 am

So glad that Justin is there for Carolyn when she needs someone. So Justin is going to ask Carolyn to marry him soon. Now that is cool. So glad that Max and Liz are together. And will always be there for each other. Wonder what is going to happen now that everyone graduated high school?

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Re: Love Can Heal (M/L,AU, Adult) Pt 51 5/1/17

Postby keepsmiling7 » Mon May 01, 2017 1:22 pm mistake regarding Matt.
How much longer will he be in the Army?
Will Max and Liz be going to the same college.
Lots of changes going on here.

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Re: Love Can Heal (M/L,AU, Adult) Pt 51 5/1/17

Postby Roswelllostcause » Tue May 02, 2017 4:19 am

L-J-L 76 Justin will be asking Carolyn to marry him at some point. Well the gang is off to college.

Carolyn Matt is going to be in the army for a while. I would say that it is a safe bet that Max and Liz will go to college together.

Part 52 Three Years later

Liz walked into the two bedroom apartment just off the campus of the University of New Mexico that she shared with her long time boyfriend, sister and her sister's boyfriend. She was tired after a long day of classes and working four hours in the library. She had been called in when one of the other student workers called in sick. She dropped her keys on the small table by the door. She found it strangely quite. Normally the at least one of the other three were home.


Liz smiled as she saw her boyfriend come out of the bathroom.

"Hey. Where are Serena and Kyle?"
"They went out for the night. I ran you a bubble bath."
"Max, how did you know when I would be home?"
"I asked April to call me after you headed in."
"OK. That bath sounds wonderful. Are you going to join me?"
"No. I need to finish making dinner. Now go enjoy your bath."

Liz headed into the room that she shared with Max. She put her bag down and took off her clothes and put on her robe. She then went into the bathroom and climbed into the warm bath. She closed her eyes and let the warm water sooth her tired body. An hour later Liz walked out to the living room where Max had set up a a candle lit dinner. Liz just raised her eyebrow when Max came out of the kitchen with two plates.

"Max what is going on?"
"I made you dinner."
"I see that."
"Now come on before it gets cold."

Liz walked to the table. Max put the plates down and then pushed Liz in before going to sit across from her. Liz took at her plate to find baked chicken with a honey glaze with wild rice and carrots.

"Max this looks really good."
"Thanks I got the recipe from your mom. She told me that it was a favorite of yours."
"It is. What's this about?"
"In good time my darling. Would you like some wine?"
"Yes thank you."

Liz watched as Max poured them each a glass of white wine. Liz had to smile.

"My mom was the one that told me that white wine goes well with poultry."
"Max, not that I don't enjoy this romantic side of you. But I know that you are up to something."
"What makes you think that Miss Parker?"
"You forget I know you almost as well as you know yourself."
"You trust me don't you?"
"With my life."
"Then just trust me."
"I do."

Max smiled. Dinner was only the first step in what he had planned for the night.


Serena leaned against Kyle on the couch in the apartment shared by Alex, Isabel, Brian and Jessica.

"So tonight is the night?" Asked Jessica
"Yeah. Max is going to ask Liz to marry him." Said Serena
"Does she have any idea?" Asked Alex
"No. But I know that this is something that she wants." Said Serena
"My brother is making Liz dinner. Then he will propose." Said Isabel
"So how is he going to do it?" Asked Jessica
"Well Max had me make him a strawberry and chocolate cream pie. Liz, loves it. Anyway he is going to place the ring in her piece and let her find it. Then once she finds it he will drop to his knees in front of her and ask her to marry him." Said Serena
"That is so romantic." Said Jessica
"I know. Kyle, you could learn something from Max." Said Serena
"Rena, Max has been whipped since he was seven years old!" Said Kyle

Serena glared at Kyle then hit him upside the head.

"Dude, I would watch it if I were you. Or you might not get laid for a while." Said Brian
"Alex aren't you going to say anything?" Asked Kyle
"Do I look stupid to you?" Asked Alex

The girls just smiled knowing that Alex was just as whipped as Kyle said Max was.

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