Truth Or Dare - With a Twist (M/L, CC, AuWoA, Mature/Adult) Complete 11/26/16

Fics using the characters from Roswell, but where the plot does not have anything to do with aliens, nor are any of the characters "not of this Earth."

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Re: Truth Or Dare - With a Twist (M/L, CC, AuWoA, Mature/Adult) 11/10/16

Postby SmileeUk » Fri Nov 11, 2016 8:46 pm

:lol: :lol: :lol:
Skinny dipping is not a new idea but with the girls' moves explained it is great! Very true to the point :wink: :mrgreen: :wink:
What are they going to bet on?? Someone maybe in trouble :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :roll: :mrgreen:
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Re: Truth Or Dare - With a Twist

Postby Lillmonster » Mon Nov 14, 2016 2:05 am

Roswelllostcause: Yes, it could be some trouble.

L-J-L: Max is always ready. ;)

Carolyn: More info is coming.

SmileeUk: When it comes to skinnydipping with this party... Some things must happen.

* * * * *

“What kind of bet” asks Kyle. He is always up for making some quick money and if it doesn't involve work it's even better.

“When we go back to Liz' and has gotten our clothes on again we will have a little test. You boys” she points at them one by one “will of course be in this test too. But we are the only ones to know about it. Ok?”

“And what kind of test are you talking about?” asks Michael

“We will try Liz' moves of course” says Serena and looks at him like he's stupid.

“And why would we do that?”

Serena rolls her eyes at him “To see if we can send of some rockets of course”

Michael and the rest is staring at her. Maria holds up her hand “Excuse me. Who are you and what have you done with our innocent little friend?”

Serena laughs and looks over to Liz that is still in Max' arms “I guess that she came home from uni, met up will all her old friends and decided to play along in a game that had some interesting twist and turns. But are you up for testing Liz' theory?”

The boys look at each other and nods “Yeah, I guess we are” says Kyle “But how much are we betting?”

“How much? No, I'm not talking about money. I was thinking.... That maybe the loosing team, since it will be us girls against the boys, will have to do something really embarrassing.”

“Embarrassing? And who will decide what is embarrassing? I mean... If you girls loose you can pick something that you don't think is embarrassing but tell us that you think it is. Got my drift?” asks Michael.

Kyle and Tommy nods “Yeah. I think it should be that the winning team tells the losers what they should do” says Kyle

“What? Na ha. If I know you right you will make us girls parade naked in public or something like that” says Maria

“Maria! Don't give them any ideas” sighs Serena

“Hmm, I can agree to let the winners decide but I think it should be something the loosing team has to do tonight. Preferably indoors” says Liz

“And what if we say that you girls have to be naked?” asks Max and presses his hips against Liz back.

Liz bites her lip to keep from moaning loud and glares over her shoulder to him “I know that I don't want to be naked around all you guys”

“You are naked now” says Tommy

“Yeah, but I'm in the water and not everybody is here” she shakes her head and takes a deep breath “If you must go there, and you are guys so of course it will be something like that, I can agree to walk around in my underwear. And with that I mean both parts!”

“Ah, you're no fun” whines Max and kisses her shoulder

Maria looks at Michael and winks, she whispers “What did I tell you”

Michael just nods in agreement and then he turns to the pool again “But if you have to keep your underwear the same should apply for us guys”

Liz looks at Serena who shrugs her shoulders and nods “Ok. Do we agree with the terms now? And can we please get up know?”

Michael looks at his watch. “It has only been a couple of minutes. I think you need to swim some laps first. What do you say?” He turns to Maria and Tommy.

“Four laps” says Tommy

“Four? I was gonna say you need to work of some steam before getting up” laughs Maria and winks at Liz “Maybe... five more minutes and you can do whatever you want to do to work of that steam. Don't mind us. We are just sitting here and enjoying the show”

Liz glares at her and turns to Serena “Wanna have some fun?”

“Sure” says Serena “What?”

“Follow my lead” smiles Liz sinks under the water while Max is turning quickly to see where she went.

“Do you see them?” he asks Kyle

Kyle is turning around “No. Where did they go? Can anyone see them?”

Over in one corner of the pool Liz and Serena is laughing “They look kind of funny” smiles Liz and yells to the boys “I bet you can't catch us! I mean, you can't even find us in the water”

Maria was almost rolling around laughing so hard “Oh, Kyle... You better watch out. If you catch Liz you will get Max after you and if you catch Serena it's Tommy-boy here that will attack you” She looked to her side and then she hid behind Michael “Save me!”

Kyle looked from Serena and Liz over to Tommy and then Max, he sighed really loud “I'm doomed. It doesn't matter what I do” he turned to Liz “Can't I just swim a couple of laps?”

“No way! That is cheating. Come on now boys. You want to work of some steam” says Liz and then she sees Max slowly moving in on them. She pushes Serena “Move! Move! Move!”

Max throws himself forward but Serena swims in one direction and Liz dives under the water. “Where the hell did they go now?”

“Ouch. Something pinched my ass” Kyle is spinning round in the water “Who did that? That's my ass, thank you”

Suddenly they all could here Max groan and Tommy leaned over to Michael and Maria “Somehow I don't think it was Max as that got pinched”

“Nope” laughs Michael “I think it could be something a little more protruding this time”

“And...” laughs Maria “my guess is that it's not Max ears we are talking about”

The three of them falls over on the grass laughing. Kyle shouts “Laugh all you can. It's not your ass they are after. I'm going up now” He moves over to the edge and looks at his towel. 'Why did I drop it so far from here' he thinks to himself.

“Need some help?” asks Maria “I volunteer myself to help you with the towel”

Michael glares at her “Or I could do it” he says

Kyle smiles at them both “If I have to choose between you two I think I choose Michael”

“Ahhhh” whines Maria “We could have had so much fun”

Kyle smiles “I know. But I'm sorry. Maybe a rain check?”

Maria claps her hands “You're on” and then she smiles wide when she sees the sour look that Michael is giving them both.

Michael walks over to the edge and holds the towel up for Kyle. “At least you wont be showing Maria anything but I don't know about the rest”

Kyle looks over his shoulder and sees that both Liz and Serena is standing there smiling. “Come on big boy” smiles Serena “Lets see what you got”

“I think it's time to go back” says Tommy and stands up “I can help you with your towel Serena”

“Nah, this time I think it would be best to let Maria do it. You know we will put you to the test later. No need to tempt you too soon”

Maria walks over and picks up towels on her way “Liz. Need some help with your towel?”

“Sure. Can we do it over here?” says Liz as her and Serena swims to the other end of the pool “Better keep our distance from the boys” she smiles.

“What about you?” Michael asks Max “Need some help to hold the towel for you or do you come with your own rack?”

“Ha ha ha! You are so funny. Not!” says Max “Just hold up the damn towel”

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Re: Truth Or Dare - With a Twist (M/L, CC, AuWoA, Mature/Adult) 11/14/16

Postby L-J-L 76 » Mon Nov 14, 2016 5:01 am

Another bet for the people at the pool. Love the way Liz and Serena played with Max and Kyle. Poor Max and Kyle they didn't know what hit them. So Maria helped the girls out of the pool while Michael and Tommy helped the guys out of the pool. Hoping Liz, Serena, Maria win the bet against Max, Tommy, Kyle and Michael.

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Re: Truth Or Dare - With a Twist (M/L, CC, AuWoA, Mature/Adult) 11/14/16

Postby Roswelllostcause » Mon Nov 14, 2016 7:26 am

Life sure isn't dull with this group!
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Re: Truth Or Dare - With a Twist (M/L, CC, AuWoA, Mature/Adult) 11/14/16

Postby keepsmiling7 » Mon Nov 14, 2016 11:59 am

Wonder what will turn up next??

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Re: Truth Or Dare - With a Twist

Postby Lillmonster » Tue Nov 15, 2016 5:31 am

L-J-L: We will see who wins the bet here.

Roswelllostcause: Nope. They are great friends that has known each other forever.

Carolyn: Some twists and turns left.

* * * * *

Back at the house the others are waiting. “They have been gone a long time now” says Tess “It makes you wonder what is happening over there”

“My guess is that Tommy is hot and bothered, Kyle is embarrassed, Serena tries to hide while Liz and Max has some action going on” says Vicki

Maria and Michael walks up laughing “Wow, Vicki. Was you there with us?”

“What do you mean?” asks Vicki

“Well” says Maria “Tommy got a little hot and bothered but he wasn't the only one” she points to Michael “Kyle was a bit embarrassed and I think Max got some action but I'm not so sure it was from Liz”

“What?” shouts Tess

“Yeah, you see both Liz and Serena was under the water and one of them pinched Kyles ass and the other one did something to Max and from the sound of it it wasn't his ass this time” says Michael

“What is it you say. Yeah, it's for us to know and for you to find out” says Liz as she walks up to the rest “As long as me and Serena knows it's fine by me”

“Me too” says Serena “And now I want to take a quick shower and get dressed. If that is fine with you” she asks Liz

“Go ahead. I will be in right after you. And you already have a towel” laughs Liz “Should we go inside again? I think we only have one more thing to do tonight”

“What about the game?” asks Sean “I think we have a couple of dares left”

“I know” says Liz and turns to Maria “Will you do the honor to tell them about our little bet? I know we said not to tell them but I think it will be more fun if everyone knows what's going on”

“Sure thing. Shall we sit down in our little circle again?”

“I don't get it. How could we loose?”

“Don't ask me. I did my part”

“I failed. It was really hard and I'm sorry”

“It's alright. It could have happened to anyone of us”

“Not me. I always win!”

“If it's any comfort, I guess I failed too. Well, kind of anyway”

“What do you mean?”

“Semi-hard must count as failure or is it winning? I don't know anymore”

“Do we really want to know what our punishment will be? They said it would be something embarrassing”

“Knowing them I'm sure it has something to do with underwear”

“Don't say that. Just because we discussed it when the bet was made....”

“But they did agree on it. I mean, both side did agree on underwear.”

“I know. But it would have been more fun to be on the winning side. Just to wipe the smirks of their faces. They were so sure to win”

“Hell. We were sure too”

“I know... How did we loose again?”

“What's done is done. They won – we lost and soon we will find out what we have to do”

“Why did you come up with the idea that the winning team should decide the punishment?”

“It was something we all could agree on. We thought that the others would cheat and pick something not so embarrassing and so did we. Come on. You know all of them. Don't you think they would have cheated?”

Several heads nods their agreement and then the front door opens and the winners walk back in the livingroom where the losers is waiting.

“Are you ready to hear your punishment?”

“As long as you remembered that it should be something that could be done here and not outside”

“We know, we know. We had some different ideas but in the end we agreed. Wanna hear it?”

They look at each other “Shoot. Better get this over with”

“Well, since Max already had to tell us a couple of secrets we decided that you all have to tell us one of your most embarrassing moments/secrets and... Of course you have to do it in your underwear”

All the winners is smiling “And to make it a bit more embarrassing you have to do it standing up in the middle of the circle”

The losers sighs “Come on. Better get undressed and do this. A bet is a bet even if I hate to loose”

“So.. Who wants to go first?”

“This should be so much fun”

“Alright. I'll do it. Should I stand in the middle?”

“Yes. So we all can see you. And turn around too”

“Fine!” Serena stands up in the middle of the circle and takes a deep breath. She has borrowed Liz scarf again to use as a bra. 'I only have to think of this as a bikini in the pool. Hell I was naked in the pool. I can do this' she thinks. “Right. I have picked a moment that was really embarrassing not only to me but to my mother as well. You see it was last year, she was coming to visit me at uni. The problem was that she arrived a couple earlier and she caught me and a guy I was dating in a compromising situation” By now Serena was blushing all over “And I can add that when it was embarrassing to me and my mom it was more hurtful to the guy”

“Why? Did she hit him or something?” asks Alex

Serena shakes her head and blushes even more “No, she didn't do anything. I did! When my mom opened the door and screamed I was so surprised that I bit him. After that I never saw him again”

“You bit him!” yells Kyle “How? Why?”

“I didn't do it on purpose. It just kind of happened.” says Serena “Can I sit down now?”

“Sure” says Paulie “Who's next?”

“Me” says Vicki “I still don't know how we could loose. Did you put icecubes in your boxers or something?”

“No way. Do you think that we could have been sitting there and be so calm if we had ice in our boxers?” asks Kyle “It was purely the power of meditation”

Vicki laughs “Yeah, you believe that.” She stands in the middle “So, I have already told you a lot and I don't get embarrassed easily so I have to back a long time for this. All the way back to when we were 12-13. I had overheard my older sister and her friends talk about how it would feel really nice if you sat on top of the washing machine when it was spinning. Well, one day I was home alone and I thought I should try that. I started the machine and hopped up and sat on it. I didn't know what to expect so I just sat there waiting for something to happen. Well, what can I say... Just when it started to feel nice, like they said it would, my brother and his friend walked in. Of course they asked me what I was doing and I said that I was just sitting there waiting for the laundry to be done. My brother looked funny at me and walked out laughing. By now the machine was spinning really fast and it felt better and better. Suddenly his friend leans over to me and asks how it feels. I didn't know what to say so I asked him what he meant. And he said that if I wanted to feel good he could help me instead of sitting on the machine and then he added – especially when you're washing an empty machine. I was so embarrassed at that point but at the same time it felt so nice so I just screamed to him so get out. I avoided him for months after that and that was hard since he was at our house almost every day. But eventually when I felt ready to have sex the first time it was with him.”

“Oh my god... I can see it in front of me... My... god...” laughs Tess

“That was my story” says Vicki “and it's still a bit embarrassing but now you know”

One after the other all the girls tells something embarrassing about them selves.

Later when they are all ready to leave Liz claps her hand together to get their attention. “Guys! Hey guys! Could you listen up!” Everyone turns to her “I know that you all will be in town for the next month. Am I right?” They all agree. “So Max and I have talked and we thought it would be fun to go camping like we used to do. Saturday two weeks from now. Is that ok with you? I mean. Now you have plans for that weekend so don't go make any other now. You hear!”

“Will it be like old times? We all bring our stuff?” asks Alex

“Yes. You need to bring your own equipment but I will bring the food this time. It will be my treat, or should I say Crashdown's treat” she smiles “I think dad can afford that since it has been four years since the last time. Don't you think?”

“And could we know were we will be camping? I mean sometimes we were in Frasier Woods up by the lake and other times out in the desert by the rocks” says Pam

“We thought if would be nicer in the woods so bring your bathingsuits or not if you want to skinny-dip” says Max with a smile

“All agree?” asks Liz and when she sees that they are all on board “Yey, it's a date then” She jumps up and down “This will be so much fun. Well, if I don't see you before I will see you there”

“Oh boy, when Lizzie looks like that. Do you think it's time to be scared” Tess asks Maria

“No, I don't think so. I know that she has really been missing us. She was the only one over at Harvard. The rest of us had each other in one way or another” says Maria

“What time should we meet? I think I work until two” says Michael

“Me too” says Kyle “I don't think I can get out before that”

Max looks at Liz who shrugs her shoulders “How about four? Can everybody make it then? Good, four it is”

* * * * *

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Re: Truth Or Dare - With a Twist (M/L, CC, AuWoA, Mature/Adult) 11/15/16

Postby Roswelllostcause » Tue Nov 15, 2016 6:23 am

This camping trip should be fun!
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Re: Truth Or Dare - With a Twist (M/L, CC, AuWoA, Mature/Adult) 11/15/16

Postby L-J-L 76 » Tue Nov 15, 2016 6:36 am

Poor Girls! Can't believe they lost the bet with the guys. So everyone is going camping on the weekend. Poor Tess she seemed a little worried about what Liz has planned for the camping trip.
Can't wait to find out what happens after the party between Max and Liz? And what will happen on the camping trip?

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Re: Truth Or Dare - With a Twist (M/L, CC, AuWoA, Mature/Adult) 11/15/16

Postby keepsmiling7 » Tue Nov 15, 2016 11:18 am

You never disappoint with your twists and turns, and yes camping is a great idea.
Loved the underwater games......will they continue in the lake??

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Re: Truth Or Dare - With a Twist

Postby Lillmonster » Thu Nov 17, 2016 10:28 am

Thanks for the feedback. Campingtrip on the way.


Two weeks later – Frasier Woods

Several people is standing around the cars, unloading them. Maria looks around and sees that Max jeep is already there. “It looks like Max and Liz are here already”

“They should be” says Isabel “It's because of them that we are out here yet again. I thought we had passed that camping stage when we quit high school” She wrinkles her nose “All the bugs, no shower and food over open fire”

“With the lake to swim in, barbecue and several good friends to accompany you” says Alex “What are you complaining about. You could have stayed home you know”

“And miss out on whatever it is that Max and Liz has planned?”

Maria sighs “Isabel. We came here to have fun and so help you.... If you make anything to bring the rest of us down...” She shakes her head “As Alex said, you didn't have to come but you are here and nobody forced you so stop this right now. I don't know if Max and Liz have something planned but I know that I'm here to have a good time with my friends since forever. I really want to count you in as one of them but right now I've had it up to here” she puts her hand up to her throat.

Isabel stares at her “I don't know what your problem is Maria but I think I have the right to say whatever I want. You have no reason to say things like that to me”

Maria turns around “No right! Are you saying that I have no right?” she glares at Isabel with fire in her eyes

“And now I think we have everything” says Michael and turns to Maria “Grab your stuff so we can move on”

“Did you hear what she said to me? Did you?” huffs Maria

“Yes I did and I also know that now is not the time to start an argument. It's Friday now and we will be here til Sunday so come on. Play nice and if you can't to that. Please bite your tongue”

Isabel leans against a car with her arms crossed “I don't want to do this anymore. Can someone drive me home? Like now!”

Everybody is staring at her with their mouths open. They look at each others and then they grab their stuff and starts to walk away from the cars.

“Hey. I was talking to you” yells Isabel “I said I want to go home”

Alex shakes his head as he turns around “I don't know what happened to you the last couple of years but I can see pretty clearly that we all have grown, well, except for you. You behave like you're still in high school. If you want to go home feel free to do that. We are here to have fun and we will have that with our without you” Then he turns around again and walks off

Isabel yells after him “And how can I do that? I don't have a car”

Kyle looks over his shoulder “WALK” he yells

Vicki, Tess, Pam and Serena walks up besides Maria “Are you ok?” asks Tess

Maria shrugs her shoulders “Yeah, I just can't understand her right now. What is her problem?”

“Beats me” says Vicki “I haven't been home much the last summers so I haven't met her. What about the rest of you?”

“I have been here all the time” says Pam “Since I never really left like almost everyone of you did but I haven't seen her at all the last summers. What I heard from Max she was working all the time”

“I heard that too” says Serena “But she wasn't the only one. We all did that but at least we came home for visits a couple of times”

“How about we let it be for now. WE are here to have fun” says Tess and the rest agrees.

“Ok we are here but where is Max and Liz” asks Sean as he looks around the open space. He could see a tent and some wood for a fire later on but no Max and Liz.

“Do you think they are down by the lake?” says Kyle and looks at the other “Do we dare to go down there to see? I mean after what they told us I don't want to walk in on them”

Vicki smiled “I thought it was you that said that you wanted to watch”

Kyle blushed “Well, sure I want to watch but I'm no peeping Tom”


“Hold your horses. I don't think all of Roswell need to here you” sighs Max as he walks up behind them with his arm full of wood. He drops it on the pile and turns to them “Where is Is?”

“Well, your sister or should I say the almighty self-appointed princess was left by the cars. She wants to go home so we told her she could walk” says Michael

“What did she do now?” asks Max

“Hmm...” Maria taps her finger on her bottom lip “What did she do this time? How about what did she not do!”

“Lets just say that she and Maria had a bit of misunderstanding” says Michael

“Misunderstanding? How can you call that a misunderstanding? She was barely out of the car before she started to complain about this campingtrip. She is so full of her self..”

Michael clamps his hand over Maria's mouth “As you can see. They both said some stuff but now we are here and hopefully Isabel will be coming after us soon”

“Aha... Ok... Yeah, that's right.... Four o'clock will be fine... Yes, we will all be here then... Right. I'll see you then” Liz turns off her phone as she walks up to the rest “Good you're here. We are going to have so much fun. Alex, did you bring your guitar?”

“Yup” says Alex and holds up the guitar to show her

“Who did you talk to?” asks Maria

Liz looks at her phone “Oh, noone special. Come on now. Put up your tents. Just stand there. Do something”

“Bossy much” mumbles Tommy but he dumps his bags and takes out the tent “Hey guys. Do we dare to put our tent close to theirs?”

“Very funny” smiles Liz with her hands firmly placed in her sides “Max and I have been sharing a tent since we first started out with our campingtrips and non of you complained about it then so why should this be different?”

“If it makes you feel better I can put my tent there” says Michael

Some time later when they all were ready to go down to the lake Isabel slowly walks up. Liz was the first one to see her “Isabel! So nice that you could join us” She had been told the story about why Isabel wasn't with the others but decided not to make a big deal out of it and she hoped that Maria too had made that decision.

Isabel just stood there and looked down at her feet then she lifted her eyes and searched for her brother. “Max. Where should I put my stuff?”

Max looked around the camp and shrugs his shoulders and shakes his head “I don't know. Anywhere I guess”

“I mean where is your tent” says Isabel

Max simply stares at her “My tent?”

“Yes. Your tent. You know that thing you are gonna sleep in”

Tess leans over to Serena and whisper “Is she for real? Everyone knows that Max and Liz always share a tent”

Serena shakes her head “I don't know what to say. It's like I don't know this person anymore.”

Max looks at Liz and back at Isabel “Well, our tent is over there” he points over his shoulder “But with ours I mean mine and Liz. You now that we always share a tent”

Isabel rolls her eyes “Should have known” she mumbles

“Excuse me? What was that?” asks Maria at the same time she squares her shoulders

Max turns to Liz “You can go on, I will be right behind you. I just need to have a word with my sister”

Liz sees that Max is trying to hold it together so she turns to Maria “Come on. Lets go”

Max watch them walk away and slowly turns to Isabel. With fire in his eyes but with a very calm, low voice he asks “What the hell is your problem? The last couple of weeks you have been behaving like a real bitch to everyone. Not only me, but all of your friends and even mom and dad. I can take this anymore and I know that some of our friends are sick and tired of this too. Either you change and gets of your ego-trip or you're gonna loose us all”

“What do you mean? I haven't done anything”

“Not done anything? How about how you were behaving at Liz' when we all were there? Or a couple of days ago when we all met at Crashdown? You can't say that you didn't act up then. And what about how mom and dad are constantly on their toes because if they say one wrong word you will blow up. I mean.... We are almost 23 now. Even if we are living with them again it doesn't mean that they can't have their own life.”

“Right” says Isabel snotty “When we were at Liz I found out quite a bit. I mean... Why so many secrets? You all are keeping so many secrets from me.”

“Why should we tell you everything” asks Max but Isabel doesn't hear him

“And at the Crash... Didn't you see how the others were toward me. Some of them didn't even want to talk to me. How do you want me to behave then... And mom and dad. Come on. They are my parents and now they live a whole different life that I know nothing about. It's like they don't have time for me any more.”

“Do you hear what you are saying? I mean really hearing it? You can't mean that it's everyone else fault and you didn't do anything? And what about mom and dad. Yes they are our parents but they are entitled to a life of their own. They raised us and we went away for school. What did you expect them to do? Sit around waiting for us to come home? Put their life on hold? Tell me!”

“You wouldn't understand” yells Isabel “You have your friends and you have your precious Liz. I bet non of them could do anything wrong. At least not Liz. She's so perfect it makes me sick”

Max stares at her with big surprised eyes “What did that come from? I haven't said that we are perfect. We all makes mistakes but the difference is that we try to learn from it. We try to not repeat it over and over again and the thing about Liz...” he shakes his head “If you only knew half of it. I don't know why you think she is perfect. She has made many mistakes and I have been furious at her several times but we have always pulled through that. We are best friends and we can talk about everything.”

“That's what I mean. Why can't you talk to me about everything?”

“Because your my sister. I don't want you to know everything about me and I surely don't want to know everything about you. But you demand that I should tell you. That's the biggest difference between you and Liz. She has never demanded me to tell her stuff. She has shown me that she will always be there for me even if I don't tell her what I'm upset about at that moment. I have always known that I could count on her. Sometimes I would tell her right away and other times we would just sit there in silence. She would be there for me even if I didn't tell her. Can you see the difference?”


“And mom and dad” Max continues “If you had been home for visits now and then you would know what was happening in their life. But you decided that your life was more important. You got a great internship at that fashion designer but where did it lead you? You made your own choices and now you are complaining that you are out of the loop with the rest of us. Well, congratulations, that is what happens when you put everyone on hold to life your own life” and with those words Max turns around and walks off to join Liz and the others.

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