Truth Or Dare - With a Twist (M/L, CC, AuWoA, Mature/Adult) Complete 11/26/16

Fics using the characters from Roswell, but where the plot does not have anything to do with aliens, nor are any of the characters "not of this Earth."

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Truth Or Dare - With a Twist (M/L, CC, AuWoA, Mature/Adult) Complete 11/26/16

Post by Lillmonster » Thu Oct 20, 2016 5:43 am

Title: Truth or dare – with a twist

Author: Lillmonster

Disclaimer: I don't own anything about Roswell. I'm simply borrowing the characters and offers them my imagination. Fifty Shades of Gray is owned by E L James.

Parings/Couples: M/L, CC

Category: AuWoA

Rating: Mature/Adult

Summary: Summer after everyone finished uni, the whole big gang meet up again for a little fun.

* * * * *

“Maria! Don't sit on your ass. Some help, please” said Liz and tried to move a heavy chair by herself. “We need to clear up some space so we can play tonight”

Maria sighed but bent down to help her “Couldn't we've waited for the guys and let them do this”

“We could but if we do we will hear it to no end... You know how some of them are... We, the little women that needs the help of the big strong men that they think they are. As if” said Liz and stood up.
She looked around her living room and was satisfied with what she saw. Her apartment wasn't big – kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom and the most important thing in a girls life – a walk-in closet. Out back she had a little terrace with a lounge chair. She had taken her old one from her parents. She had recently moved back to Roswell and had been lucky to get this place. It wasn't that far from the Crashdown and across the road was the park with the pool. She turned to Maria and sighed “Have I told you how much I love my place?”

Maria laughed “Like a million times. But I must say I love it that you are back. I missed you”

“It's nice to be back. I'm sick and tired of cold winters. I loved Boston but not the weather”

“Is everyone coming tonight” asked Maria

“Yes, everyone is coming. We all kept our promise that we made in high school” said Liz.

Everyone was the gang – Liz, Maria, Isabel, Serena, Tess, Pam, Vicki, Alex, Michael, Max, Paulie, Sean, Tommy and Kyle. They had gone to school together since they were nine and hung out almost all the time and the last day of high school they had made a promise. That no matter what, they would all come back to Roswell the summer when they graduated from university. Some of them hadn't been home at all and some were home all the time. This would be the first time that they would collect the gang again.

Maria jumped up and down and clapped her hands “This is gonna be so fun. Crazy but fun”

“Sure is” said Liz “Want some wine while we wait?”

“Please, I think I'll need it with the rules you came up with” giggles Maria “What do you think the others will say?”

Liz pored some wine for the both of them “I think they will go for it. I have talked to all on the phone and they all sounds as crazy as they were back then. Hell, even Isabel was on board to play a game tonight”

“But did you tell them which game?” Maria raised an eyebrow

“Of course not. Do I look stupid?” laughs Liz

There was a knock on the door and Liz opened the door, threw her arms open and yelled “Hi gang!”

“Hi Liz” shouted the gang

“Ok, everybody in but first I want a hug from each. Got that” smiled Liz. Everyone hugged her and went inside.

There were a whole lot of hugging, talking, laughing and catching up but eventually they all had their drinks and sat down on the floor to have some fun.

Liz looked around her friends “It's not fair” she said

“What” asked Isabel

“Look at you. You are still all blonds, couldn't one of you gone over to the dark side” Liz was the only girl there that had dark brown hair.

“I'm no blond” said Serena

“Ok, but you got that red thingie instead” Liz shook her head “Nothing dark there”

Isabel laughed “Well you could have left the dark side you know...”

“Hell no. It's more fun on this side. I can be a bitch without expectations”

“You got that right” said Tess

“Come on ladies. Enough of chit-chat about your hair” said Sean

“Well, since you guys haven't changed much since high school we have to talk about something” said Maria

“Not changed. Not changed” Kyle jumped up “Don't you see the muscles we got going”

“Yeah” yelled the rest of the guys and up they went to start flexing their arms

“Oh please” laughed Vicki “Sit down before you hurt yourself”

Liz looked at Maria “Remember what I said earlier”

Maria nods and pulls at Alex shirt “Sit down”

When everyone has calmed down Michael looked at Liz. “I heard something about a game tonight”

“Yeah, what have you come up with? You were very secretive on the phone” said Isabel

“I had to make you all promise to play. Everyone has to be in on this game or it will be no fun” said Liz

“Do we have to” whined Pam

“If I have to do it you have to do it” said Isabel “And we did promise”

“Alright, we are all here and we all promised to play. Please enlighten us with your perverted ideas” said Serena

“Perverted? What the hell? I'm not perverted” said Liz

“Come again” said Tommy “Remember that we all know you, Lizzie. You are not as innocent as you look”

“Ok. I agree on some levels but to call me perverted... I simply have a lively imagination” said Liz

“Perverted” said Michael

Liz sighed “Do you want to hear about the game or what?”

Maria grinned like the Cheshire cat “Tell them”

They all looked at Liz with anticipation, they all knew that when Liz came up with ideas anything could happen.

“We will play an old favorite but with a twist” she looked at each one of them “We will be playing Truth or Dare but in a new way”

The others looked around “New rules” asked Paulie “How the hell can you play Truth or Dare with new rules”

Liz smiled and pulled out a bunch of papers and pens “Tess. Could you give me the two bowls that is behind you” She puts everything in the middle of the circle “New rules. First of all. Everyone take a piece of paper and write your name on it, fold it and put it in this bowl”

Everyone grabbed some papers and did as she said. “Why are we doing this” asked Max

“New rules” said Liz “Done? Ok. Now to the fun part. Take two papers each and write down two dares and here comes a little twist... You have to write a number next to the dare”

“A number” asked Isabel

“Yes. A number between 1-4. You see, you have to decide how many people you want to do the dare” said Liz with a smile

“Can we choose our partners or what” asked Sean

Liz shakes her head “No. This is why we wrote down our names. Say that you take a dare and on that paper is says 3, that means that it's you and two more. You will draw two names from that bowl and they have to do it together with you. Do you understand?”

They all nod there heads and spreads out to write down the dares.

“Can we write what we want” asks Alex

“Anything goes as long as no one gets hurt. I don't need any trips to the ER” says Liz

Alex nods his head and leans over the papers deep in concentration. Suddenly he laughs out loud “That's a good one”

Liz turns to him “Sch. The point is that we shouldn't know who wrote the dare”
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Re: Truth Or Dare - With a Twist (M/L, CC, AuWoA, Mature/Adult) 10/20/16

Post by Roswelllostcause » Thu Oct 20, 2016 6:27 am

I loved this over at Roswell Haven! Glad to see it here! Can't wait to read it again!
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Re: Truth Or Dare - With a Twist (M/L, CC, AuWoA, Mature/Adult) 10/20/16

Post by L-J-L 76 » Thu Oct 20, 2016 6:47 am

OMG!!!!! Thank you so much for posting this here. I have re read the story on Roswell Heaven. I was hoping you would post the story here. Hoping everyone is into a very interesting time and game. Let the games begin!!!!!

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Post by Lillmonster » Fri Oct 21, 2016 5:16 am

Roswelllostcause: I hope you like it this time too. :)

L-J-L 76: Glad you like it. I had a lot of fun writing this one so it makes me happy that you like it. And like you said... Let the game begin. :twisted:

* * * * *

15 minutes later the bowl is filled with folded papers. Liz shakes it around a bit “Good. Now we have to change our seating. Male, female, male etc you got the idea”

They all sat in a circle – Liz, Alex, Maria, Max, Serena, Michael, Pam, Kyle, Isabel, Paulie, Tess, Sean, Vicki and Tommy.

“Great” says Liz “On with the rules. You have to ask the person next to you. That way we are sure that everyone is asked. Since we are so many you can't answer truth two times in a row. And with every truth-question you have to drink a shot of your own choice”

“Can we ask anything” asks Maria

Liz rolls her eyes “Come on, what do you think?”

Isabel smiles “This could be fun. It has been a couple of years since we last played and with the new rules... It could be really fun” She nods here head in agreement

“So who starts” asks Kyle

“Since you asked you can do it” says Liz “Ask away”

Kyle turns to Isabel who giggles “Don't overdo it, Kyle. It's just a question”

Kyle glares at her “Aha. Truth or dare. What is your wildest sexual fantasy?”

Isabel's face turns red “What kind of question is that? That's personal. Shit. Dare. I can't believe it. I start the game with a dare”

“Ok. First you draw a note from the dare-bowl and if there is a higher number than one on it you have to draw names too” says Liz

Isabel sighs and takes a paper “This is for two people, should I draw a name?”

“Yes, since you are the first person” says Liz

Isabel takes a note from the name-bowl and reads “Maria”

“Me?” asks Maria and points to herself

“I can't see another Maria here so it must be you” says Alex

“Har-har, you are so funny” She turns to Isabel “What do we have to do?”

Isabel read the note and smiles “My guess is that you are gonna love this dare”

“Come on, just tell me” says Maria

“We are gonna sing” smiles Isabel

“Yes” shouts Maria “Can I pick a song?”

“Maria” says Liz “It's Isabel's dare, she choose”

“But...” whines Maria

“No, you're along for the ride and some support” says Liz “When a dare tells about more people it's always the person that drew the dare that's in charge. Ok?”

“Sure” mumbles Maria. She turns to Isabel “What do you choose?”

“Since I don't like to sing I will choose something easy” says Isabel “How about Row row row your boat”

Maria groans loudly but agrees “Sure if you start I will pick up after you”

Isabel nods and starts to sing, after some notes Maria comes in with a higher note and their voices blends really well. When they finish everyone is clapping their hands.

“You sounded great together” says Pam and the rest agrees.

“Ok. My turn to ask” says Isabel. She turns to Paulie “Truth or Dare. Have you ever cheated on a girlfriend?”

“Truth” says Paulie “I have to say yes to that question”

“Why?” asks Vicki

“Why?” Paulie shrugs his shoulders “I don't know. Maybe I didn't love her or I just got horny and this other girl was there.”

“But why not break up with the girlfriend first. Isn't that the responsible thing to do” says Isabel

“Yes. I know that now. But this happened senior year in high school and my excuse is that I was young and dumb”

Tommy laughs “Well you are older but I'm not so sure about the not dumb part”

“Right. Are we done with me now? I'm dying to ask Tess my question. Are you ready, Tess” asks Paulie

Tess swallows “I guess...”

“Truth or Dare. Back in high school. Did you have a crush on one of the teachers?”

“Shit... Truth... I can't believe that I'm telling you this. Yes. I did” says Tess and turns quickly to Sean “Ready for your question?”

“Na-ha, hold on” yells Kyle “Who was it?”

“Do I have to?” whines Tess and sees them all nod – yes.

“Uhmm... Do you remember that sub-teacher we had when Seligman was away?” The others nods their head again “I kind of thought he was hot” blushes Tess

“Him?” shrieks Pam “He was like – old”

“He wasn't that old” says Tess

“Tess. We were 17 and he was a least 35” says Michael “I agree, he was old”

Max laughs “I remember him. Liz didn't think he could teach and we had to do over a lot of our labs because of that. I had never spent so much time in the bio lab as I did during those weeks”

“Don't complain. You got good grades of it” smiles Liz.

“Now can I ask Sean my question” asks Tess

“Be my guest” says Kyle “I'm happy we found out who it was”

“Truth or Dare. Who was your high school crush and did you tell her that?” asks Tess

“Dare” says Sean and reaches for the bowl right away

“With that reaction I would like to know” says Pam and smiles

Sean waves with the paper “No, this is a dare” and then he laughs “Give me the name bowl. This is a dare that need three more people” Sean pulls up the notes and reads “Vicki, Paulie and... Tess”

“What me? But I asked the question” she looks over to Liz

“Sorry” says Liz “That's the rules. If your name is drawn you have to do it”

“This is so good” says Sean “Liz, we're gonna need some markers. Got any?”

“Sure, look in that drawer” says Liz and points behind him.

Sean pulls out one marker each and hands them out. “What are we gonna do with this” asks Vicki

“Use a marker and draw a tattoo on the each of the participants” reads Sean “Vicki my dear. You're about to get some tattoos from us” and he laughs

Vicki and Tess is stunned “Well, I wouldn't laugh yet” says Tess “We got some drawing to do too”

“Shit” mumbles Sean and everyone laughs

15 minutes later the four of them had some nice and not-so-nice tattoos on them. It was a mix of flowers, stars, breasts, a large cock on Vicki's leg and big heart on Sean's cheek.

Sean sits down and turns to Vicki “Truth or Dare. Ever had a one night stand?”

Vicki stares straight in Sean's eyes “Truth. Yes. Several. Surprised?”

“I must admit that yes” says Sean “Didn't think you had it in you”

“Why not? Do you think that all women must have a relationship? I'm happy to be single and not tied down to someone. When I want sex I find someone I'm attracted to and if I play my cards right I get lucky. And after I walk home to my place. Most of the times happy and completely satisfied” She sees that the guys are staring at her “Come on guys. Close your mouths. You could catch flies” She turns to the girls “I think I broke them” she says with a smile

“You sure did” laughs Maria “I must say that I don't like one night stands but if you do. Go for it”

“And that I do” giggles Vicki “Tommy. Nod if you can hear me so I can ask your question”

Tommy shakes his head “Damn, Vicki. You can't just say stuff like that when there is a bunch of guys in the room”

“But I just did” smiles Vicki. She is truly enjoying to chock the guys. They think that they know everything. “Ready? Truth of Dare. Underwear, what kind, or commando”

“That's easy. Truth. I wear boxer briefs most of the time but sometimes it's nice to go commando. Don't you agree guys?”

“Don't pull us in on your question” says Max

“Afraid to tell” asks Tommy

“No. But if I don't get the question I won't tell. Gotta keep some secrets” smiles Max

“Didn't think like that” says Tommy. He rubs his hands together and turns to Liz with a big grin “Now, our little scientist. Truth or Dare. Where is the weirdest place that you had sex and with who?”

Liz looks around the circle and sees that they all want to know. “No way I'm telling you guys that! That is something that is between me and the person I was with and it will follow me to the grave”

“But what if the person you had sex with talks” says Isabel

“If he knows whats good for him he won't tell. I threatened him when it happened and I promise I will keep that threat if I found out he talked. So... Dare!”

Sean pushes the bowl to her and she pulls out a note and reads to herself “What the fuck! Who came up with this dare?”

“No telling. You said it yourself” says Alex

“Give me the names too. I need one name to do this dare” She puts her hand in the bowl and stirs it around before she pulls out one name “Max” Then she starts to laugh really loud.

“What is the dare” asks Max “I must say that you are kind of scary right now”

Liz laughs so hard that her tears are falling “Oh. My. God...” She reaches over to Max and gives him the dare and continues to laugh. Max reads it silently and then he too laughs.

“What does it say” asks Pam

“First I must say that if I have to do this dare I'm truly happy that it's with Liz” says Max “She's one of my best friends and that will make this easier”

“But what the hell is the dare” yells Kyle

“We have to be tied together for the next two hours. It says here that it will be round our ankles and around our knee. We can't remove the ties before the two hours are up and we have to do everything together” says Max

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Re: Truth Or Dare - With a Twist (M/L, CC, AuWoA, Mature/Adult) 10/21/16

Post by Roswelllostcause » Fri Oct 21, 2016 5:36 am

Oh this is so much fun! Poor Max and Liz! Oh I really am looking forward to what is going to come!
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Re: Truth Or Dare - With a Twist (M/L, CC, AuWoA, Mature/Adult) 10/21/16

Post by L-J-L 76 » Fri Oct 21, 2016 7:20 am

Wow some people have picked some crazy dares. Max and Liz tied together now that is going to be interesting.

L-J-L 76

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Post by Lillmonster » Sat Oct 22, 2016 7:55 am

L-J-L 76: It's just the beginning. Much more to come with the dares. :)

Roswelllostcause: I don't think they mind being tied together. Do you?

* * * * *

“But what if you have to do another dare? Or go pee?” asks Maria

“I guess I will have some company then” giggles Liz “And since we are tied together if Max does another dare I guess I'm there too”

“Do you have any string” asks Michael

“No, but I have duct tape” says Liz “It's in the toolbox in the closet. I'm gonna go change to jeans. If I'm gonna tape my leg I won't wear shorts”

When she returns Max stands waiting for her. She moves up next to him and they put their legs next to each other. Michael is managing the tape.

“Ow, you don't have to make it so tight” says Liz

“Sure I do” says Michael “This will be tight so you can't get away from each other. There. Done” He leans back and looks at his handiwork. He has really taped them together. Instead of tape in two places he started up under Liz knee and then circled their legs all the way down to their ankles.

Liz looks at Max and laughs “How the hell are we gonna sit down on the floor”

Max smiles “Beats me. Since you are so short we can't bend our knee at the same place”

“If we keep that leg straight in front of us maybe we can sit down slowly” she starts to bend down and sits down with a thud “Or maybe not” she laughs

“Ouch” says Max as he falls when Liz falls “Next time could you please warn me first”

“Sorry” says Liz and turns to Alex who has changed place with Max. “Don't think that you can escape my question” she says “I will ask you, you ask Maria and Maria asks Max. Ok? That way we won't have any changes.”

“Sure. Shoot. Ask me whatever you want. I'm not afraid of you” says Alex and hits on his chest

Liz smiles “Truth or Dare” she waits until Alex takes a swig of his bear “Got any fuck buddies and who is it?”

Alex chokes on his bear and starts coughing. Maria pats him on his back as he turns tomato-red. “What the fuck. You can't ask that kind of questions. Your whole innocence image is down the drain, lady”

Michael laughs hard “I think that image disappeared back in high school”

Liz grins at Alex “Come on. What will it be? Gonna tell Aunt Lizzie all about your sex-life or are you brave enough to take a dare. Huh?” She wiggles her eyebrows at him.

Alex laughs “You're crazy but I must say I missed that. But no. I won't tell you shit. I'm a man. I'll take a dare” and he grabs the bowl and pulls out a note. “Fuck. Why is this happening to me... Give me that damn name bowl” He pulls out three notes and reads “Serena, Isabel and Tommy.... Tommy? What the fuck? You can't be serious?”

“What's the problem with my name” asks Tommy “What is the dare?”

Alex stares at him “The dare says that I, since I'm the one that pulled the dare, has to kiss the other three persons that I pulled. And your name was one of them.”

“Oh” says Tommy with wide eyes

“Yeah, catch my drift” says Alex

“Oh, stop be so melodramatic” sighs Serena “Does it say you have to use tongue or did it just say kiss”

Alex looks at the note again “Just kiss”

“What's the problem then? A peck on the lips. It's not like they want you to use your tongue with Tommy. No big deal” says Serena.

“But what if one of them wants that” laughs Paulie

“Shut up” yells Tommy “or are you jealous? I will get a kiss from Alex and not you...” Paulie turns beet-red and everyone is laughing. Tommy turns to Alex “Oh my big handsome man. Pucker up and give me all you got” and then he makes some kissingsounds.

Alex catches on and smiles “I'll show you what I got” and then he plants a big kiss on Tommy. The next second he leans back and looks over to Paulie “Want one of those?”

Paulie hides behind Isabel “Na-ha, but your next victim is here” and he pushes Isabel to Alex. Isabel turns and glares at Paulie.

“Well, there are some in this room that I could kiss and Alex is one of them. I guess it's your loss” she says then grabs Alex shirt at pulls him to her. She kisses him and when Alex opens his mouth out of chock she slips her tongue inside his mouth. When the need for air demands that she pulls back from the kiss she has a big grin on her face “That's what I call a kiss” and then sits back down next to Paulie who is looking a bit chocked too.

“Alex. You alright there” laughs Serena “You know we have to kiss as well. Hmm...” she eyes him from top to toe “I wonder how we could top that kiss. I think I saw some steam coming from the heat between you”

Alex shakes his head “What? I mean... Oh, yes... You.. Kiss you too”

“Do you think you can handle it” asks Serena and winks to Isabel

Alex nods and looks at Paulie “Can you believe it? This must be the worst dare I got... Sure I got to kiss Tommy but after that two, not one, two lovely ladies will kiss me. Don't you agree with me, Paulie? Well, I guess I was lucky. I mean, I could have picked three of you guys” And then he leans in and kisses Serena as well. It was nothing like the kiss with Isabel but it was a kiss.

“That's enough now. Ask Maria your question” says Michael

“Maria. Truth or Dare. How old were you when you got your first kiss and with who?” asks Alex

“Truth. I got nothing to hide” says Maria “I was 11 and it was Jamie”

“Jamie? Jamie Olsen?” asks Vicki

“Yes, sure was” smiles Maria

“But he's like three years older and from what I can remember he tried to kiss all the girls” says Tess

Maria shrugs her shoulders “Yeah, I know. He kind of tricked me to do it”

Liz starts to giggle, she has heard this story before. Michael looks at Liz and knows there is a story here. “How did he trick you?” he asks Maria.

“Well, we were at the playground and he came up to me and asked if I wanted gum. Of course I said and then he told me that I could get one if I could take it from him”

“How did that make you kiss him” asks Pam

“Sch, I'll tell you.... As I said. I would get a gum if I could take one from him. The only problem was that I had to take one that he plopped in his mouth” she starts to giggle “So I kissed him, got the gum from him and he was so impressed that he gave me the whole package”

At this point everyone was laughing. “I can't believe you” says Vicki “All that for a gum”

“Yes, I really like the cherry-flavor gum” laughs Maria. “And now....” she pats Max on the shoulder “Truth or Dare.... What should I choose? What should I choose?” she mumbles

“Oh, just pick one” says Max

“I will but since you switched place with Alex this is my only chance to ask you something really juicy” she smiles “Oh.. I got it... Ready? How old were you when you had sex the first time and the most important part, with who?”

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Re: Truth Or Dare - With a Twist (M/L, CC, AuWoA, Mature/Adult) 10/22/16

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sat Oct 22, 2016 8:28 am

Oh I know that Max and Liz don't mind being tied together. :wink: But going to the bathroom just might be a bit of an adventure. :wink:
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Post by Lillmonster » Sun Oct 23, 2016 6:10 am

Roswelllostcause: Let's see what happens in the game. :wink:

* * * * *

Isabel leans forward “That's a good one. I have tried to get it out of him like forever but he hasn't told me anything”

“You are my sister. Why should I tell you when you ask me something private. And that was back in high school. Come on” says Max

“Aha” says Kyle and points his finger at Max “That means that you didn't get laid in high school”

“I'm not saying that” smiles Max

Liz turns her head and leans it in her hand as she smiles at him “So what will it be Max. Truth or Dare? And remember that if you take truth your sister and everyone else will now. And if you take dare I have to do the dare with you. I'm not saying what you should do but remember the choices”

Max sighs and looks at Liz “That's a tough one. I could have some fun and pick another dare with you or come clean in front of everyone. What would you do?”

Liz shakes her head “Na-ha, don't put this on me. This is all you”

“Hmm, but it doesn't only involve me. I mean I did have sex with someone and maybe that person doesn't want others to find out”

“Come on. It's only friends here. Who was it?” says Sean

“Who? I haven't even said I wanted truth did I?” says Max. He looks at the bowl with dares and sighs “Alright. Truth”

“Yay” yells Isabel and can't sit still. “I knew I would find out sooner or later”

“And in this case it's later. Really later” says Max “It was the same night when we” he points between Isabel and himself “turned 17. After the party we had”

Isabel stares at him “That night? But how? When? Who?”

Max grins at her “Bet you could never guess that huh?”

“Ok. Now we know when and my guess is that we all now how” says Sean and glares at Isabel “The only question left is who?”

“Who? Do you really want to know who? Are you really sure you want to know?” teases Max

Isabel is getting irritated “Of course we want to know who. Are you stupid? And I would really like to know since we were all there at that party and I can't remember you meeting someone? Did he leave that party” she asks the others.

Everyone shakes their heads “Not that I know but it was a long time ago and I can remember it wrong” says Kyle

“I didn't leave the party” says Max and smiles “I'm not sure I should tell. I'm not so sure you can handle the truth”

“Didn't leave the party...” Isabel is deep in thoughts “But who” she mumbles

“Please” says Michael with a smile “Put them out of their misery”

“You know” yells Isabel and points her finger at him

“Yep. I know and I have known for years. In fact I have known since a couple of days after it happened” smiles Michael

“Alright. I guess I have to tell you” says Max nonchalant. He leans back and puts his hands behind Liz and Maria “It was with...” he lifts one hand and strokes her back “Liz”

It's dead silent in the room and everyone is staring at Max and Liz. “You're fucking with us” says Alex

Max shakes his head.

“Come on Liz. Enough of the joke. Did you make this up together” asks Isabel “Fine I guess you won't tell your sister but this joke is not funny”

“It's no joke” says Max and smiles. He takes Liz hand “I guess they don't believe it”

“I guess not” says Liz and smiles back “But I don't know why it's so hard to believe. I mean we have been friends forever”

“And that is why you are joking” says Isabel “You are friends. You don't sleep with your friend and we all now how hard it is to stay friends after a break up. And you never dated”

“No, we never dated” says Max “And we are still friends and why can't you sleep with a friend?”

“Isabel... It's true” says Michael “Like I said. I have known for years about it”

“Me too” says Maria “We found out at the same time”

“But when? How? Why?” stutters Isabel

Max sighs “Here we go again” He shakes his head “I told you when, the same night we turned 17. How? Well, if you don't know how to have sex I feel sorry for you sis. And why?” He turns to Liz “Would you like to answer that?”

“It was nothing” says Liz “Max and I had talked about expectations and fears regarding the first time. You now the big first time when you are nervous as hell and wants everything to be perfect. We had heard so much about that around school and how so many regretted it. The girls complained that it hurt, it was over to fast, the guy never called again and the biggest fear if they got pregnant when the guy refused to wear a condom”

“And I heard about guys that came to fast, girls that cried because they were too drunk or regretted it right away etc. After hearing that I knew that I wanted my first time to be with someone I knew”

“And I wanted to be with someone who knew me and that I could trust. I didn't want that awkward embarrassing feeling so we talked about it and decided to do it with each other. We planed it to happen that night since we were all in your house for the party. Non of us would go home so it was the perfect alibi with our parents”

“But we were all there” says Isabel “I don't get it”

Liz giggles “As I guess you can remember some of you” she points around the circle “had a bit too much to drink and I can guarantee that you were all passed out”

“You drank too” says Tess

“Yes, but I had my one glass of wine the whole evening. And Max had his bear bottle the whole time. Remember – we planned this”

“You tricked us” yells Tommy

Liz smiles “Yes, we tricked you. But we wanted to be at one of our houses. We had heard to many horror stories about, cars, the desert and Buckley Point. I really didn't want to have my first time there”

“And this way we were both feeling safe, secure and could take our time. I think we both agree that it couldn't have been better then it was” says Max

“I'll bet” mumbles Michael and turns his head to Maria who smiles at him

Isabel sits and thinks about what her brother has told her and suddenly “Why did you tell Michael and Maria and not anyone else?”

Maria starts to giggle and Michael laughs out loud. “That was a good question” he says.
Max and Liz looks at each other and then Maria says “They didn't exactly tell us”

“What do you mean?” asks Pam

“And now it's my turn to ask a question” says Max “Serena. Truth or Dare?”

“No way” says Serena “I want to hear the rest of the story” She turns to Maria “They didn't tell you? How did you find out?”

Maria looks at Liz “Sorry” she says “They didn't tell us because we caught them”

“Caught them?” asks Sean “If you two didn't trick us that night I remember that you were as drunk as the rest of us”

“No tricks” says Michael “It was a couple of days later”

All eyes are on Max and Liz again. “It wasn't just that one time?” asks Isabel “I'm pretty sure you never dated!”

Maria snickers “It was like this.... A couple of days after the party Liz' parents went out of town for some reason. Me and Michael were working in the Crashdown and Liz was upstairs studying, or so we thought she were. When our shift was over we went up to Liz to see if she wanted to do something. We knocked on the door. I knew she was there so we let our self in and when we came to her room we could here music. I called out to her and opened her door and there they were”

Paulie laughs “You caught them having sex”

Michael shakes his head “No and am I thankful for that. I love them both but that wasn't something I wanted to see. They were sleeping in Liz' bed, butt naked under the covers. Maria screamed when she saw them and that woke them up” Michael starts to laugh and waves to Maria to continue

“I screamed. Wouldn't you? I mean there were our friends naked together. And you should have seen them. I didn't think anyone could turn that red... And then they tried to feed us some lie. Come on. You are naked in bed together... So they told us what had happened after the party and we found out”

“But...” says Isabel again

“No, we never dated” says Liz “As you know we casually dated others but never each other” And then she smiles “But if we should confess it all... we continued to sleep together until graduation in high school. Then we went our separate ways”

“What?” yells Alex “How come no one knew”

“We were sneaky” smiles Max “And besides we didn't think it was something you needed to know. It was between Liz and me”

“Wow. Talk about friends with benefits” says Kyle

“You could call it that” says Liz and turns to Max “And now we have another problem before you ask your question”

“Yeah? What?” asks Max

“I need to pee” says Liz and laughs.

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Re: Truth Or Dare - With a Twist (M/L, CC, AuWoA, Mature/Adult) 10/23/16

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sun Oct 23, 2016 8:22 am

Of course Max and Liz were each others firsts! My bet is that they were in love and didn't want anyone to know. Oh boy this should be fun going to the bathroom! :lol:
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