Bounty On Love{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 110 Pg66 1/14/18

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Re: Bounty On Love{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 106 Pg64 12/25/17

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Chapter 107

“Liz like you said it is none of your business why we came back. And if we are staying or leaving after whatever we are up to is over,” Max said

“Max fuck you. You both have been gone a year. You don’t know what we have been through. What we have been doing like we don’t know what you have been doing,” Liz said

“Will you both stop arguing? We all need to work together,” Snow said

“Fine. But when this is all over Max do me a favor and go back to California,” Liz said

“At some point you and I are going to have a talk before I go anywhere,” Max said

“We will see. Max you better go check on your pregnant soon to be bride. It’s been almost an hour since she last saw you. You wouldn’t want her to come looking for you. Would you?” Liz asked

“No I wouldn’t,” Max said before walking out of the room.

After Max was gone Liz leaned against the table with her head down. Michael and Snow both looked at each other then looked at Liz. Snow walked up to Liz and touched her shoulder. Liz turned and looked at Snow.

“Liz are you OK?”Snow asked

“Yeah I’m fine,” Liz said

“Liz is that why you and Max argue a lot?” Michael asked

“It is some of it. But not all of it. Can we please talk about something else?” Liz asked

“Sure Snow,” Michael said

“Liz we are going to do your plan but we are adding something that I just thought of,” Snow said

“Oh no your planning something dangerous,” Liz said

“No. It is not dangerous,” Snow said

“Then no one has anything to worry about then,” Liz said

“No I don’t think we do,”Snow said

“Good. See Michael you and Max have nothing to worry about,” Liz said

“Liz that doesn’t make us worry less,” Michael said

“Michael you and Max need to trust Snow and I please?” Liz asked

“Fine I’ll trust you. Snow if anything happens to my sister your a dead man got it?” Michael asked

“You know nothing will happen to Liz,” Snow said

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep,” Michael said

“I know,” Snow said

“Liz are you sure you want to do this?” Michael asked

“Yes I’m sure I want to do this,” Liz said

“You do realize Max is going to be pissed when he finds out what you are doing,” Michael said

“Why would Max be pissed what Liz does?” Snow asked

“Ask him that,” Michael said

“Ask him what?” Voice asked from the doorway.

Snow, Liz and Michael turned and saw Max standing in the doorway looking at them.

“Who are you talking about?” Max asked

“If you must know we are talking about you,” Liz said

“Liz,” Snow and Michael said

“Why?” Max asked

Liz turned and looked at Michael and Snow.

“You tell him. I’m going to see my family,” Liz said

As Liz was about to walk past Max he grabbed her arm. Liz turned and looked at Max.

“Liz you and I need to talk,” Max said

“Max we don’t have anything to say to each other,” Liz said

“Yes we do,” Max said

“No we don’t. So please leave me alone?” Liz asked

“No not till we talk,” Max said

“Max what is there to talk about? Everything has already been said,” Liz said

"No. I haven’t got a chance to talk,” Max said

“Max who said I want to hear what you have to say,” Liz said

“You won’t have a choice,” Max said

“Yeah right we will see about that,” Liz said

“Yeah I guess we will,” Max said

“Now let go of my arm. So I can leave,” Liz said

Max let go of Liz’s arm and watched as she walked out of the room. After Liz was gone Max turned and looked at Michael and Snow.

“What were you guys talking about?” Max asked

“Liz decided that she is going to help us with this,” Michael said

“Are you serious?” Max yelled

“Max you know Liz will be fine. I’ll be with her,” Snow said

“You know that doesn’t help your case right?” Michael asked

“Yeah I realize that,” Snow said

“What I don’t get is why Liz wanting to help us with this?”Max asked

“Max you and Michael don’t know what Liz has been doing or dealing with since you left,” Snow said

“Snow do you know what Liz has been through? And what she has been dealing with?” Max asked

“Yes. And no I can’t tell you,” Snow said

“Why?” Max and Michael asked

“Because I promised Liz I wouldn’t tell,” Snow said

“Did my sister go through something bad?” Michael asked

“It was nothing serious,” Snow said

The door opened and Liz walked into the room. After Liz walked in the room she shut the door and walked up to the desk and sat on it. She looked at Michael, Snow and Max.

“What?” Snow asked

“Before I tell you. You have to promise not to flip out, yell or throw things,” Liz said

“Liz?” Snow asked

“You have to promise first,” Liz said

“Yes fine. I promise now tell me,” Snow said

“Do you remember agent William?” Liz asked

“Yes. What about him?” Snow asked

“Well it seems him and a couple of others agents have vanished,” Liz said

“What do you mean vanished?” Snow asked

“No one can seem to find them,” Liz said

“Are you serious?” Michael asked

“Yes. Everyone knows out front. And they are worried and on guard,”Liz said

“What do you mean on guard?” Max asked

“Means guns are ready in case someone tries to attack us,” Snow said

“So let me guess we’re all stuck here tonight?” Snow asked

“Yes. Dad knows your staying with me in case,” Liz said

“Wait a damn minute why is Snow staying with you?” Max asked

“Because we are suppose to be hiding somewhere else not here,” Liz said

“Both of you stop arguing and try to get along,” Michael said

“Fine. Snow come on I got you some clothes to sleep in,” Liz said as she pulled Snow out of the office.

Snow and Liz walked out of the office and down the hall. When they got to the front desk that is when someone grabbed Liz by the arm. Liz turned and saw that it was Max that held her arm. Max and Liz both looked at each other.

“Liz,” Max said

Liz jerked her arm free and took Snow upstairs to her apartment. Max watched as Liz and Snow vanished up the stairs.

“What was that about?” Isabel asked

“Nothing I think I’m going to go for a walk,” Max said before walking away.

“Max come with me and we will have a talk,” Grandma Claudia said

“Not now grandma,” Max said

“Too bad now come on,” grandma Claudia said as she and Max walked down the hall.

After grandma Claudia and Max were gone. Everyone turned and looked at Michael. Michael looked at Max then saw everyone looking at him.

“Michael what the hell is going on?” Jeff asked

“Max and Liz have issues to fix before we leave for California,” Michael said

“I wonder what their issues are they have to work out,” Diane said

“I guess we will have to wait and see,” Michael said

“OK everyone lets try and get some sleeps while we can,” Philip said

Everyone at the front desk went up the stairs to their rooms and went to bed.

Meanwhile in an office:
Grandma Claudia and Max were sitting across from each other.

“Max what is going on with you and Lizzie?” grandma Claudia asked

“Lets just say things are really fucked up between Liz and I right now,” Max said

“Max you can tell me,” grandma Claudia said

“Grandma you know the party Michael and I had before we left for California,” Max said

“Yes. What bout it?” Grandma Claudia asked

“Well that night Liz and I hanged out. We were drinking and talking having fun. Then one thing lead to another and we ended up having sex that night. But for some reason it felt different for me. And I somehow realized that I started to have feelings for Liz. I told her while she was a sleep that I love her before I left,” Max said

“Have you tried to talk to Liz about it?” grandma Claudia asked

“Yes. But every time I try something comes up,” Max said

“Max what do you feel for Liz? And what do you feel for Amanda?” grandma Claudia asked

“Just between me and you yes I do have strong feeling for Liz. But I’m not ready to admit my feels to her yet,” Max said

“What do you feel for Amanda?” Grandma Claudia asked

“I care for her,” Max said

“Do you love Amanda?” grandma Claudia asked

“Not like I do Liz,” Max said

“Max you need to tell Liz everything you told me,” grandma Claudia said

“Grandma she won’t listen to me. And right now Michael and I are trying to work a case that somehow involves our family,” Max said

“Is that the only thing stopping you for talking to Liz?” grandma Claudia asked

“Right now yes,” Max said

“Max you have to talk to Liz. You have to tell her everything you told me,” grandma Claudia said

“I know. But you do realize that after this case Michael and I have to go back to California,” Max said

“Why are you both going to go back to California for?” grandma Claudia asked

“Because that is where Michael and I work,” Max said

“Max why don’t you stay here and prove to Liz that you love her?” grandma Claudia asked

“Because Michael and I have jobs to do,” Max said

“Max stop talking yourself out of it and just talk to Liz,” grandma Claudia said

“I know I need to. But I’m just not ready to yet,” Max said

“Max you need to talk to Liz before it is too late,” grandma Claudia said

“I know I do. And I promise I will,” Max said

“You better. Come on we need to get some sleep,” grandma Claudia said as she and Max stood up and walked out of the office.

Grandma Claudia and Max walked down the hallway to the front desk. When they got to the front desk they saw everyone was gone. Max and grandma Claudia walked up the stairs and went to their apartments.

Meanwhile in Liz’s apartment:

Snow watched as Liz grabbed some blankets and a couple of pillows from her hallway closet and brought them to the couch. She set them down on the couch turned and saw Snow looking at Liz.

“What?” Liz asked

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Re: Bounty On Love{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 107 Pg65 1/1/18

Postby L-J-L 76 » Mon Jan 01, 2018 1:08 am

Author's Note:
Hey Everyone I just wanted to let everyone know these days are will be the days I will hopefully be posting chapters. I hope everyone will have a chance to read the chapters to come.

Friday January 5 - The Key Chapter 180
Bounty On Love Chapter 108

Tuesday January 9 - The Key Chapter 181
Bounty On Love Chapter 109

Sunday January 14 - The Key Chapter 182
Bounty On Love Chapter 110

Like I said I will hopefully be posting on these days. So please keep an eye out for the new chapters.

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Re: Bounty On Love{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 107 Pg65 1/1/18

Postby Natalie36 » Mon Jan 01, 2018 8:24 am

I think snow is going to kiss liz. that won't sit well with max

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Re: Bounty On Love{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 107 Pg65 1/1/18

Postby L-J-L 76 » Mon Jan 01, 2018 2:15 pm

You will have to keep reading to find out if Snow will kiss Liz or not.

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Re: Bounty On Love{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 107 Pg65 1/1/18

Postby keepsmiling7 » Mon Jan 01, 2018 6:11 pm

Will Max ever do what Grandma Claudia asked?

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Re: Bounty On Love{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 107 Pg65 1/1/18

Postby L-J-L 76 » Mon Jan 01, 2018 7:37 pm

You will have to keep reading to find out if Max will do whatever grandma Claudia asked.

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Re: Bounty On Love{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 107 Pg65 1/1/18

Postby begonia9508 » Thu Jan 04, 2018 9:55 am

Oh thanks for the Infos! I am waiting impatiently for more parts of your stories! EVE :mrgreen:
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Re: Bounty On Love{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 107 Pg65 1/1/18

Postby L-J-L 76 » Thu Jan 04, 2018 11:43 am

No problem. Don't worry you won't have to wait long. I'll be updating tomorrow morning.

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Re: Bounty On Love{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 107 Pg65 1/1/18

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Chapter 108

“Liz you should talk about what is bothering you,” Snow said

“I know,” Liz said

“You can’t keep this inside of you. It will keep bothering you till you do,” Snow said

“I promise I will talk to someone,” Liz said

“Good. You know I care about you like a sister and I don’t want to see you get hurt,” Snow said

“I know you care. God I can’t believe William and 3 other agents are missing. Do you think it was Jacks?” Liz asked

“It would not surprise me if he did,” Snow said

“True. By the way where is Stevens?” Liz asked

“Stevens went to back to talk to the boss. He should be back sometime tomorrow,” Snow said

“That doesn’t sound good,” Liz said

“It never is good news when you go see the boss,” Snow said

“Yeah,” Liz said

“Liz are you sure you want to do this?” Snow asked

“Yes I’m sure I want to do this,” Liz said

“OK,” Snow said

“But anyway here are some blankets and a couple of pillows for you,” Liz said

“Thanks. Have you heard from Tess yet?” Snow asked

“Tess is suppose to call me today and let me know how everything is going,” Liz said

“Good. Hopefully Tess will have more information for us,” Snow said

“We will have to wait and see what she has to tell us,” Liz said

“That is true,” Snow said

Right at that moment Liz’s cell phone started to ring. Liz looked at the caller id and saw it was Tess. She picked up the phone and touch talk button and speaker.

“Liz?” Tess asked

“Hey Tess how is everything going?” Liz asked

“Everything is good here,” Tess said

“Are you at work or home?” Liz asked

“I’m on my way home now. Why what is going on?” Tess asked

“You do know about Grant being in jail right?” Liz asked

“Yeah. Mr. Miller took over his office till Grant gets out of jail,” Tess said

“OK. Tess can you talk?” Liz asked

“Yeah I can talk. Like I said I’m on my way home now. What happened?” Tess asked

“Max is what happened,” Liz said

“What is going on?” Tess said

“Max is wanting me to stay out of this case. Snow told Max and Michael that I am helping with this case and they can’t do anything about it,” Liz said

“Finally Snow is standing up,” Tess said

“Tess,” Liz said

“Sorry. OK let me guess Max and Michael are not happy that you and the family are involved with the case,” Tess said

“No they are not. And to top it off Max keeps telling me we need to talk,” Liz said

“Maybe Max will admit he has feeling for you. And you can admit you have feeling for him finally,” Tess said

“I highly doubt it,” Liz said

“Liz what do you feel for Max?” Tess asked

“Tess when we had sex before he left you know I gave him my heart. But he broke it when he left without saying a word to me. Yes I may still have feeling for Max. But I’m not ready to admit it to him,” Liz said

“And why are you not ready to admit your feelings to him?” Tess asked

“Because his soon to be pregnant bride Amanda is here. And every time we try to talk we end up arguing in front of everyone,” Liz said

“OK that is so not good,” Tess said

“I know. That is the problem we have going on,” Liz said

“Liz question just between us how do you feel about Max?” Tess asked

“Max is handsome, sweet, kind, loving, gentle, goes out of the way to cheer you up. He bring you things without you asking. He is helpful,” Liz said

“Liz you still feel something for Max,” Tess said

“I know. But I am trying hard not to admit my feeling for Max while working on this case,” Liz said

“Why?” Tess asked

“Because after this case Max and Michael are going to go back to California where they live,” Liz said

“Maybe you could go there and visit Max and Michael. Or hell you could stay there for a couple of days just to see what would happen between you and Max,” Tess said

“I don’t know if I want to. Right now Max and I are arguing so much right now. Snow and Michael have to pull us away from each other,” Liz said

“OK. Now that sounds really bad. You and Max never fight. I guess there in tension between the both of you,” Tess said

“That is what Snow is thinking,” Liz said

“And what about the parents? Do they know what happened between you and Max?” Tess asked

“No the parents don’t know what happened between Max and I. I hope they never do find out. If they do the shit will probably hit the fan,” Liz said

“That is true,” Tess said

“So did you find anything out at work?” Liz asked

“Liz your changing the subject. But I will forgive you this time,” Tess said

“Thanks. So did you find anything?” Liz asked

“Yeah I found out some thing that are unbelievable,” Tess said

“Like what?” Liz asked as she looked at Snow.

At that time there was a knock on the door. Liz watched as Snow went to the door and looked through the peephole. Then turned and looked at her as he opened the door. When the door opened there stood Michael and Max. Snow let them walk into the apartment. He shut the door and walked up to Liz. Liz looked at Michael and Max as she was on the phone.

“Liz are you still there?” Tess asked

“Yeah I’m still here. What did you find that was unbelievable?” Liz said

“Liz what was the names of Snow’s friends that works with him?” Tess asked

“Um there is Agent William, Stevens, Freemen, Jones, Smith, Johnson, Harris, Peterson. Why?” Liz asked

“Liz I don’t know how to say this but I found out from listening to Mr. Miller that Jacks has William, Jones, Smith, Johnson, Harris and Peterson with him. Jacks is keeping them somewhere but I don’t know where,” Tess said

“Oh god. Did you find anything else out?” Liz asked

“Yeah Grant is going to be free sometime tonight. So be ready for whatever he has planned,” Tess said

“You know I will,” Liz said

“Liz Mr. Miller is talking to a guy name Mr. Filler a lot. I didn’t get all of what was said but they are planning something big for the parents. It has something to do about when they were all in college,” Tess said

“Are you sure it was about that?” Liz asked

“Yes I heard them talking about it. Why?” Tess said

“Tess try and find out more if you can without being caught,” Liz said

“You know I will. But Liz why? What is going on?” Tess asked

“Lets just say if what I got from Grant is true then shit is going to hit the fan and no one is going to see the end,” Liz said

“Liz when you say that you got me nervous,” Tess said

“Tess it is time be be nervous, worried and scared,” Liz said

“Why?” Tess asked

“Mr. Miller, Mrs. Filler, Mr. Filler, Grant, Jacks all have something planned for all of us as some kind of payback,” Liz said

“Liz are you telling me thing a going from little dangerous to extremely dangerous?” Tess asked

“Yes. Tess I’m asking you now do you want out or do you want to stay?” Liz asked

“Liz I’m going to stay. I want to help as much as I can,” Tess said

“Are you sure?” Liz asked

“Yes I’m sure. Don’t worry I’ll get what we need to bust all of them then I will leave,” Tess said

“You know that doesn’t make me feel better,” Liz said

“Tell Snow what is going on he will know what will help you be calm,” Tess said

“Tess. I can’t believe you just said that,”Liz said

“Well believe it. I got to go I just got home,” Tess said

“OK. Thanks for the talk. Please be careful?” Liz said

“You know I will,” Tess said

“Bye,” Liz said

“Bye,” Tess said before ending the call.

After the call ended Liz turned and looked at Michael, Snow and Max.

“What are you doing here?” Liz asked

“Liz we wanted to check on you,” Michael said

“As you can see I am fine. What?” Liz asked

“So Tess is your partner that works in Mr. Miller, Grant’s office?” Max asked

“Yes Tess is and does. Did you hear what Tess said?” Liz asked

“Yes we heard everything you and Tess said. What I want to know is why? And how do you know what is planned?” Michael asked

“I’m sorry but I can’t tell you anything about why. Lets just say it was something he ate and drank and leave it at that,” Liz said

“Why do I feel there is more to it then that?” Max asked

“Gee I don’t know,” Liz said

“OK. That is enough. Liz you know what they have planned?” Snow asked

“Yes. Thanks to grandma I found out a lot of things,” Liz said

“How bad?” Snow asked

“If I had to make a guess I would say a 10 or an 11,” Liz said

“OK. That is so not good,” Snow said

“I know,” Liz said

Right at that moment Liz’s apartment door flew open Liz, Snow, Max and Michael turned and saw Maria standing in the door way with a very pissed off look on her face. As Maria walked into the apartment she slammed the door. Maria walked up to Michael and stood in front of him. Liz grabbed Snow and Max by the shirt and pulled them back. Snow, Liz, Max took a couple of steps back so Michael and Maria could talk alone.

“Why did you pull us back?” Snow asked

“In case Maria starts yelling and hitting Michael,” Liz said

“Does she really do that?” Snow asked

“You have no idea how bad Maria is when she is very mad like she is now,” Max said

“I guess I am about to find out,” Snow said

“Yes you are. But heads up be ready for anything,” Liz said

“I will,” Snow said

Meanwhile in the living room:

As Michael looked at Maria he could tell she was very pissed off about something.

“Maria?” Michael said

“Shut up while I am talking. You and I are going to talk weather you like it or not got it?” Maria asked

“Yes Maria,” Michael said

“Good. What I want to know is are you going back to California after this case?” Maria asked

“Maria I have to file a report and give it to my boss,” Michael said

“Michael that didn’t answer my question. Are you staying here or going back to California?” Maria asked

“Max and I have to go back to California to give our boss our report,” Micheal said

“Are you going to come back after that?” Maria asked

“It depends on if our boss gives us a new case or not,” Michael said

“So you rather stay in California then come back here to me?” Maria asked

“Maria no I would rather be here with you. But like I said it depend on if our boss gives us another case or not,” Michael said

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Re: Bounty On Love{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 108 Pg65 1/5/18

Postby Michelle17 » Fri Jan 05, 2018 11:56 am

Hey Lizza,

I love the update. I love snow being a big brother. I love her talking to Tess about Max and admits to Tess she has still has feelings for him. It’s ok that she doesn’t want to deal with those feelings Because Max hurt her really badly. I’m kinda scared for Max and Liz to talk. I can already see that Maria is deeply hurt like Liz about him going to California. My question for the boys is do they really want to leave the girls? Can Liz really give Max her heart?

Special thanks too


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