Bounty On Love{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 111 Pg66 1/19/18

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Re: Bounty On Love{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 103 Pg62 11/23/17

Postby L-J-L 76 » Sun Nov 26, 2017 10:24 am

Chapter 104

“I’m sure dad,” Liz said

“OK. We will be outside then,” Jeff said

“Yes dad,” Liz said

Liz watched as her dad and Philip walked out the door. After they were gone Liz and Snow turned and looked at each other. Then turned and looked at Stevens handcuffing Grant who was starting to wake up.

“What the hell happened?” Grant asked

“You beat the shit out of your girlfriend. And now you are being arrested for hurting her,” Stevens said

“What? I did no such thing,” Grant said

“Then explain what happened to her face then?” Stevens asked

“Liz ran into somethings,” Grant said

“Sorry we don’t believe you. Miss Parker are you sure you want to press charges?” Stevens asked

“Yes I do,” Liz said

“Liz you can’t,” Grant said

“Yes I can. You hurt me,” Liz said

“You bitch,” Grant said

“Take him away,” Snow said

“Yes sir. Come on dirt bag,” Stevens said

Liz and agent Snow watched as Steven took Grant out the door and down the hallway to the front desk. When Grant and agent Stevens turned they saw everyone was looking at them.

“What the hell is going on?” Mr. Miller asked

“Grant here beat Miss Parker up. And I’m taking him to jail,” Stevens said

“Grant don’t say anything I’m calling my lawyer right now,” Mr. Miller said

“Miss Parker is lying. Grant wouldn’t hurt anyone,” Amanda said

“Sorry but I have orders to follow,” Stevens said

“Amanda are you coming or staying here?” Mr. Miller asked

“I’m coming with you,” Amanda said

Max, parents and friends watched as Mr. Miller and Amanda followed Steven and Grant out the doors. After they were gone Max and Michael walked down the hallway to the office they last saw Liz in. When they walked into the office Max and Michael saw Snow with his arms around Liz.

“Liz don’t worry everything is going to be fine,” Snow said

“That is bullshit and you know it,” Liz said

“Liz don’t worry Grant will be getting time,” Snow said

“This plan was very crazy and dangerous,” Liz said as she stood up and walked back and forth.

“This maybe the only way to stop them,” Snow said

“Yeah but what cost. Things are becoming more and more dangerous with whatever you, Stevens and whoever else is in this plan of yours,” Liz said

“Liz,”Snow asked

“No. This case is not safe for anyone anymore,” Liz said

“Are you wanting to stop helping us with this case?”Snow said as he stood up and walked up to Liz.

Snow and Liz both looked at each other.

“No I want to help with this case. I just realize that there are more things at stake then ever before,” Liz said

“Liz the same things are at stake as they were when we started this case,” Snow said

“Snow you realize after this case things are going to be very different,” Liz said

“It maybe a good thing that things change,” Snow said

“God your crazy like Max and Michael,” Liz said

Snow reached out and touched Liz on the shoulder. Liz then turned away from him.

“Liz what is it?” Snow asked

“Promise me you won’t tell Max and Michael my involvement till all you are in California?” Liz asked as she turned and looked at Sbow.

“Are you sure?” Snow asked

“Yes I’m sure. They can’t do anything if they are in California,” Liz said

“That is true,” Snow said

“What is true?” Max asked

“Why are you touching my sister?” Michael asked

Liz and Snow turned and saw Max and Michael walk in the office and shut the door.

“Again what is true?” Max asked

“And why are you touching my sister?” Michael asked

“Max it is none of your business what Snow and I were talking about,” Liz said

“Michael Snow and I are friends,” Liz said

“What kind of friends?” Max asked

“Max that is none of your damn business. Stay out of it,” Liz said

“Now wait just a damn minute,” Max said

“No you wait a damn minute it is none of your damn business. And Michael before you ask I think of Snow as I do Alex and Kyle,” Liz said

“That is OK with me,” Michael said

“I knew it would be. Now Max you need to back off and stop acting like you are my brother or boyfriend when you are neither of them,” Liz said

“Liz you know I do worry about you,” Max said

“Yeah whatever,” Liz said

“Liz?” Max asked

“Forget it,” Liz said

Snow and Michael noticed the tension between Max and Liz were high. But they didn’t know what the cause of all the tension between Max and Liz. But they both knew something happened between them.

Both of you need to stop it,” Michael said

Max and Liz turned and looked at Michael. When they looked at Michael he knew he should have kept quiet. Right at that moment grandma Claudia walked into the office and saw the look Max and Liz were giving Michael.

“Michael can you, Liz and Snow please leave I need to talk to Max alone?” grandma Claudia asked

“Um sure. Come on lets go check on everyone,” Michael said as he, Liz and Snow walked out of the room.

After Michael, Liz and Snow were gone. Grandma Claudia turned and looked at Max.

“Max what the hell is going on with you and Liz?” grandma asked

“What are you talking about?” Max asked

“Max the way you and Liz are acting it seems something happened between you both,” Grandma Claudia said

“Grandma yes something happened between Liz and I. But since it happened things have become complicated between us,” Max said

“Max what happened to change things between you and Liz?” Grandma Claudia asked

“I can’t talk about it yet,” Max said

“Max whatever happened between you and Liz you need to try and fix whatever it is,” Grandma Claudia said

“Grandma I don’t think there is anyway to fix what happened between Liz and I,” Max said

Grandma Claudia raised her hand and hit Max on the back of the head.

“Hey grandma what was that for?” Max asked as he rubbed the back of his head.

“I’m trying to knock some sense into you,” Grandma Claudia said

“Grandma my senses are fine. I know it seems everything is complicated . But right now I am worried about Amanda. Liz is fine so I don’t have to worry about her,” Max said

“Max I know you don’t mean it. Liz is your friend,” Grandma Claudia said

“Yes Liz is my friend. But right now I am more worried about Amanda and this case I am working on then Liz right now,” Max said

Right at that moment a very pissed off Liz walked into the room and walked up to Max. When Liz stood in front of Max she raised her hand and punched Max in the face twice then she kneed him between the legs. As Max was bent over Snow and Michael rushed into the office and grabbed Liz and tried to get her out of the office. When Liz got to the door she saw Max looking at her.

“You know what Max your an major asshole. When you leave don’t ever come back,” Liz said

“Liz you don’t mean it,” Michael said

“Oh yes I mean it. Max is not my friend. I don’t even know him,” Liz said

“Liz,” Max said

“Hope you rot in hell Max. Don’t ever talk to me,” Liz said

“Now wait a damn minute Live here. How are we going to avoid each other?” Max asked

“Easy I’m moving out. I guess that should make it easy for you and Amanda,”Liz said

After Liz was gone grandma Claudia, Michael and Snow all turned and looked at Max.

“Well Max way to go. You pissed off Liz and now she is leaving. I hope your happy,” Michael said

“No I am not happy Liz is leaving. But you got to understand we’re both mad and this was bound to happen,” Max said

“Max it seems you and Liz both push buttons. You both need to calm down and talk it out. But you also need to realize if Liz leaves things are going to be different no one will probably see Liz for a while,” Snow said

“I know Liz and I need to talk. Liz wouldn’t leave her family that way,” Max said

“Are you sure about that?” Michael asked

“Michael Liz wouldn’t do that to you. And you know it,” Max said

“Max I wouldn’t be so sure about that. Liz has changed since you both been gone,” grandma Claudia said

“How much can she change in a year?” Max asked

“You would be surprised,” Grandma Claudia said

“Come on we better check on Liz and the others,” Snow said

Grandma Claudia, Michael, Snow and Max walked out of the office and down the hallway. When they got to the front desk they saw suit cases. They turned and saw the parents and friends each hugging Liz. Grandma Claudia walked up to Liz. Liz turned and hugged her grandma Claudia. Grandma Claudia pulled back and looked at Liz.

“Liz honey you should stay and talk it out with Max,” Grandma Claudia said

“I know. But I’m just too mad right now. I need to calm down for a couple of days. Then I will be back. I promise,” Liz said

“I understand. Where are you going to go?” Grandma Claudia asked

“I’m going to stay with a friend,” Liz said

“How long are you going to be gone for?” Michael asked

“Michael I’m just going to be gone for a couple of days. I promise I’ll be back before you leave OK?” Liz asked

“OK. Liz do you really have to leave?” Michael asked

“Yes I really need to leave. Just think while I’m gone you can talk to Maria. Work things out between you both. And things maybe calmed a little,” Liz said

“Liz you know nothing will be calm while your gone. And I promise I will try and work things out with Maria,” Michael said

“Good. Maybe not. But I guess till then see you around,” Liz said

“Call me if you need me for anything,” Michael said

“You know I will,” Liz said

“Are you driving or is your friend picking you up?” Snow asked

“Snow will you please drop me off at my friends house?” Liz asked

“All you have to do is ask. I’ll take your bags to my car,” Snow said

“Thanks,” Liz said

Snow started to take the suitcases to his car as Liz, parents and friends all looked at each other.

“Well I guess this is goodbye for a while,” Liz said

“How long is a while?” Michael asked

“I guess we will have to wait and see,” Liz said

Snow walked back into the fire house and walked up to Liz. When he stood next to Liz. She turned and looked at Snow.

“Liz everything is in the car. Are you ready to go?” Snow asked

“Yeah lets go,” Liz said

The parents, Max and friends watched as Snow and Liz walked out the front door. When Snow and Liz were about to walk out Mr. Miller and Amanda walked in. Snow, Liz, Mr. Miller and Amanda all looked at each other.

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Re: Bounty On Love{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 104 Pg63 11/26/17

Postby Michelle17 » Sun Nov 26, 2017 10:51 am

Hi Lizza,

This was a good chapter. I need grandma Claudia to talk to Max some more. She needs to be the one to know what really happened between Max and Liz. Max shouldn’t be worried about Amanda. He doesn’t really seem worried about Max to fix it. Max should made Liz stay and talk. I get the feeling that Liz will be back until Max leaves for California. I think don’t think she will be talking to Max. Grandma Claudia needs to be the one to help Max relationship. I believe that Grandma Claudia in Max and Liz and wants them to get married. She also wants them to have kids. I think she also wants to know more about Amanda. I’m wondering how much danger Liz will be in since she isn’t with the family? Will she really call Michael if she is in trouble? Is Max really going back to California?

Special thanks too


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Re: Bounty On Love{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 104 Pg63 11/26/17

Postby L-J-L 76 » Sun Nov 26, 2017 1:54 pm

Glad you like the chapter. Don't worry Max and Grandma Claudia will talk more. Grandma Claudia will find out what happened between Max and Liz. But you may have to wait to find out when it will be though. Don't worry Max and Liz will talk. But you will also have to wait and find out when Max and Liz will talk. Sorry all I will say is you will have to keep reading to find out if Liz will come back or wait till Max leaves for California. Don't worry their will be help for Max with his relationships. Grandma Claudia wants everyone to be happy and in love. Right now Grandma Claudia doesn't know what to think of Amanda as of yet. You will have to keep reading to find out how much danger will be with or without family and friends. You know Liz will call someone if she is in trouble. You will have to keep reading to find out if Max and Michael go to California or not.

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Re: Bounty On Love{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 104 Pg63 11/26/17

Postby keepsmiling7 » Sun Nov 26, 2017 6:50 pm

I'm glad Liz is pressing charges against Grant. It' about time he's put away.
Grandma Claudia had a good talk with Max.......but nothing is settled.
Waiting to see what happens next,

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Re: Bounty On Love{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 104 Pg63 11/26/17

Postby L-J-L 76 » Mon Nov 27, 2017 4:46 am

Yes it is good that Liz is pressing charges against Grant. Yes it is about time Grant goes to jail. Don't worry Max and grandma Claudia will talk more about what is going on with him and Liz. You will find out what will happen next on Friday December 1.

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Re: Bounty On Love{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 104 Pg63 11/26/17

Postby Natalie36 » Mon Nov 27, 2017 7:24 am

i was hoping more truth would come out like amanda 's baby is grant not max's
can't wait for more

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Re: Bounty On Love{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 104 Pg63 11/26/17

Postby L-J-L 76 » Mon Nov 27, 2017 7:44 am

Don't worry the truth about Amanda's baby will come to light. You won't have to wait long to find out about the baby. I'll be posting a new chapter Friday December 1st.

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Re: Bounty On Love{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 104 Pg63 11/26/17

Postby L-J-L 76 » Fri Dec 01, 2017 5:08 am

Chapter 105

“I hope you are leaving for good,” Amanda said

“That is none of your damn business what I’m doing,” Liz said

“It is your damn fault that Grant is in jail. You should have kept your damn mouth shut. Grant wouldn’t be in jail,” Amanda said

“Fuck you. I have a right to call the police when someone is attacking me,” Liz said

“You still should have never done that bitch. You are going to be sorry,” Amanda said

Liz and Snow turned and walked out the door and out of the building. Snow took Liz to his car and drove off. After Amanda and Miller were sure Liz was gone they turned and saw Max and Michael standing in front of them.

“So what happened with Grant?” Max asked

“Since Miss Parker is pressing charges Grant will have to stay in jail till he sees a judge,” Mr. Miller said

“When will that be?” Michael asked

The police said that it will either be tomorrow or the day after. They are not for sure when though,” Amanda said

“So where does that leave us now?” Max asked

“We keep waiting. Grant said he will call us when he sees the judge,” Mr. Miller said

“Dad what about Mr. Filler?” Amanda asked

“Who is Mr. Filler?” Michael asked

“A work partner of mine. I’m going to go see him after this. Maybe he can help us some how. While I am gone Amanda you need to get some rest. Max and Michael here are some papers you need to look over while I am gone.,” Mr. Miller said as he handed Max a box of papers.

“We can do that?” Max asked

“Good. I’ll call you when I find anything out about Grant and other things,” Mr. Miller said

Max, Amanda, Michael watched as Mr. Miller walked out of building and walked to his car. After Mr. Miller was gone Max. Amanda and Michael all turned and looked at each other.

“Amanda you should get some sleep. You had a stress free day,” Max said

“Your right. I am a little tired. Where are you going to be in case I need you?” Amanda asked

“We will be in one of the offices down here,” Max said

“OK. I’ll see you after my nap?” Amanda asked

“Of course you will,” Max said

Amanda walked up to Max and gave him a kiss. After the kiss Amanda took a step back and turned and walked up the stairs. After Max and Michael were sure Amanda was gone they both turned and saw their family looking at them. Max and Michael walked up to the front desk.

“What are you doing?” Max asked

“Max we are wanting to know the truth,” Isabel said

“What?” Max asked

“Max we heard everything that happened and you still side with Amanda and Mr. Miller and Grant. Even when Grant hurt Liz. And to top it off everything you said about Liz was so wrong,” Isabel said

“What I want to know what the hell is wrong with you both of you for letting Grant hurt Liz? And for letting Amanda and Mr. Miller treat Liz like she was nothing,” Maria asked

“Maria nothing is wrong with us. We didn’t know Grant was hurting Liz,” Michael said

“What about the way Amanda and Mr. Miller treated Liz? How could you just let them treat Liz like that?” Maria asked

“Maria I didn’t see anything they were doing wrong,” Max said

“You son of a bitch,” Maria said as she started hitting Max.

Isabel, parents, friends and grandma Claudia watched as Maria punched Max in the face, stomach and between the legs. Max tried to protect himself as Maria kept hitting him. As Max started to fall to the ground Maria started to kick him everywhere. After a few minutes of hurting Max Kyle and Alex pulled Maria away from Max. As they pulled Maria away she kept kicking her legs. Alex and Kyle took Maria to stand next to Jeff and Philip. When Maria stood between Jeff and Philip they held her arms. Michael helped Max stand up. When Max stood up he looked at Maria and everyone.

“We are telling you the truth we didn’t know Grant was hurting Liz,” Max said

“Why should we believe you?” Serena asked

“Because Max is telling the truth,” Voice said behind them.

Everyone turned and saw 2 people walking up to them. When the 2 people got to the front desk everyone saw that it was Liz and agent Snow.

“What are you doing here?” Michael asked

“Jim wanted us to give you this dad and Philip,” Liz said and she handed them a paper.

Jeff took the note and started to read it. A few seconds later Jeff handed Philip the note to read. Everyone noticed how was looking at Liz in shock. Liz turned and looked at Max then turned away.

“Is Jim sure?” Jeff asked

“Yes he is sure. Even Snow check it out too,” Liz said

“Snow what is your boss doing about this?” Philip asked

“The boss said it is almost time to put an end to all of this,” Snow said

“We still have to find and stop Jacks. Before he does something more damaging,” Liz said

“Has anyone seen him since his last attack?” Jeff asked

“No. But it does make all of us a little jumpy that no one has caught him yet,” Liz said

“Liz are you sure your doing OK after what happened?” Isabel asked

“Dad what would happen if we could draw Jacks out of hiding?” Liz asked

“I say we would need something big in order to do that. What are you up?” Jeff asked

“Lets just say no more cat and mouse games,” Liz said

“Liz wait a minute your not going to do what I think your going to do are you?” Snow asked

“Why not it may help in a way,” Liz said

“Oh god you are freaking crazy,” Snow said

“No I’m just ready for all of this to end. Do you think your boss will would help?” Liz asked

“I’ll find out,” Snow said as he pulled his cell phone out of his pocket .

Snow dialed a number and let the phone ring 3 times before someone answered.

“Hello,”Voice said

“Sir it is Snow. Miss Parker has a plan on ending this once and for all,” Snow said

“Ask Miss Parker what is her plan? And what does she need to make that happen?” Voice asked

Snow pulled the phone away and turned to look at Liz. When Snow turned he notice Amanda was watching them from the 3rd floor. Snow lowered his eyes and looked at Liz. Liz noticed Snow looked up then looked at her. Liz realized that Amanda was listening to everything that was being said.

“What is it?” Liz asked

“He wants to know the plan and what you may need for the plan to work,”Snow said

“Let me talk to him,” Liz said

“Are you sure you want to talk to him?” Snow asked

“Yes. Now please hand me the phone?” Liz asked

Snow handed Liz the phone. Liz put the phone to her ear.

“Hello,” Liz said

“Miss Parker what do you need to end this?” Voice asked

“I’m not going into hiding anymore. I’m going to let Jacks find me. All I need from you is for someone to be around,” Liz said

“You know by doing that you leave our protection?” Voice asked

“Yes I do. But I also know your agents will still be protecting my family and I no matter what,” Liz said

“Yes that is true. Miss Parker what do you need?” Voice asked

“I just told you no more hiding. If Jacks and partners want to find me then they will,” Liz said

“You do realize how dangerous this can be?” Voice asked

“Yes I do realize,” Liz said

“Fine we will try it your way. But if it doesn’t work we will have to try something else,” Voice said

“Thank you. You won’t regret it,” Liz said

“Miss Parker we will have to wait and see if this will be a regret or not,” Voice said

“True,” Liz said

“Goodbye Miss Parker. Tell Snow to keep me informed on how things go,” Voice said

“Will do,” Liz said before ending the call.

After the call ended Liz touched the end call button then turned and saw Snow looking at her. Liz handed Snow his phone back.

“So what did he say?” Snow asked

“He said we will try my plan. But he wants you and all the agents to be on guard and ready for anything that may happen,” Liz said

“Fine,” Snow said

Liz walked up to Snow and whispered…

“Is Amanda still watching?” Liz asked

Snow looked up and saw Amanda was still watching and listening to what was being said.

“Yes she is watching. Why? What are you up to?” Snow asked

“Lets just say little spy is going to be letting it be known no more hiding. time to stand up and fight back,” Liz said

“I agree with you. Oh by the way Michael and Max look like they are ready to kill me,” Snow said

“Are you ready for a little fin?” Liz asked

“ Yeah I guess. But why do I have a feeling Max and Michael are going to kill me?” Snow asked

“Don’t worry I won’t let them hurt you,” Liz said

“Fine,” Snow said

Liz turned and saw Amanda coming down the stairs slowly. Liz and Snow looked at each other smiled then turned and looked at Max and Michael.

“Lizzie what is going on with you and this cop Snow?” Michael asked

“Well um I asked Liz here on a date and she said yes,” Snow said

“What?” Max, Michael asked

“Do you know my sister before last night?” Michael asked

“Max he asked me out and I said yes. Michael Snow and I know each other,” Liz said

“What about Grant?” Max asked

“When he hurt me we broke up,” Liz said

“What are you going to do about Grant?” Michael asked

“Nothing. I’ll still talk to him. But that is it,” Liz said

“How could you do this to Grant?” Amanda asked

Liz and everyone turned and saw Amanda walking up to them. Amanda walked up to Liz and stand in front of her.

“No. All Grant wants to do is control me and beat me. That is not love. I don’t think Grant knows what Love is,” Liz said

“You bitch,” Amanda said as she raised her hand to hit Liz.

When Amanda tried to slap Liz Snow grabbed her hand and stopped her.

“You will leave Liz alone,” Snow said

“How do you know Grant loves me? Your not around,” Liz said

“He told me he loves you. I believe he does,” Amanda said

“I don’t care. I’m not going back to someone like him,” Liz said

“You tell him that. I’m not,”Amanda said

“Amanda why are you a bitch to me? And why do you care so much about Grant?” Liz asked

“Your bitch because I don’t like you. Grant works for my father. We care about all about our workers,” Amanda said

“Really then how long did you wait to sleep with Grant then sleep with Max?” Liz asked

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” Amanda said

Isabel, Maria and Serena saw something in her eyes and knew Amanda was lying. Then they turned and look at Liz, Snow. Everyone watched as Liz walked up to Amanda and stood in front of her.

“Liz?” Snow said

“I know the truth Grant told me everything. I know who is really the father of the baby you are carrying,” Liz whispered to Amanda.

After Liz whispered that to Amanda Liz took a step back and stood beside Snow.

“Your lying bitch,” Amanda said

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Re: Bounty On Love{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 105 Pg63 12/1/17

Postby Natalie36 » Sat Dec 02, 2017 1:00 pm

so wish liz said that out loud

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Re: Bounty On Love{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 105 Pg63 12/1/17

Postby L-J-L 76 » Sat Dec 02, 2017 6:02 pm

I know you wish Liz said that loudly. But you never know someone could have heard what Liz said.

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