Meet the Evans Clan (MATURE)end: ch. 45 7/29/16

Fics using the characters from Roswell, but where the plot does not have anything to do with aliens, nor are any of the characters "not of this Earth."

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Re: Meet the Evans Clan (MATURE) Ch.: 25 2/11/2016

Postby keepsmiling7 » Fri Feb 12, 2016 1:33 pm

How could they let Don Adams escape....???
Loved that JP immediately got his kicking boots and later the skillet when he got the news.
Poor Liz......I'm sure she is about ready for a complete melt down, gin bottle or not.

Thanks Ginger. I haven't had much to read lately so I went to Innocent by Mockingbird. I usually read it again at least one a year. Which reminds me of my mother reading Gone With The Wind over and over. Matter of fact I still have her copy that included pictures from the movie. Wouldn't Jason Behr have made a great Rhett Butler??
Wow, my mind is off and running today.

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Re: Meet the Evans Clan (MATURE) Ch.: 26 2/19/2016

Postby mary mary » Fri Feb 19, 2016 5:35 pm

Carolyn: Always be prepared or something like that as the saying goes. This is a fun chapter, I think. Hope all's well in your part of Texas, mine's doing pretty good these days. :wink:

Chapter: 26

Max finally felt comfortable about leaving the children in their rooms but he also put Jack’s bed right in the middle of the hallway and left all bedroom doors open. For some reason the dog understood and stayed on guard.

“I swear he has a sixth sense Liz…look at him.” And Max stood in the doorway and watched as Jack cocked his ear and watched.

“I don’t have to look Max…I know he’s aware. He’s been watching JP for the past three weeks out in the back yard. It was brought to my attention by Smitty and I started to observe him, he’s never more than two feet away from him at any given time during the day. I think if JP wanted to move the entire front yard dirt to the back yard Jack would follow every footstep without fail.”

“Well, one thing’s for sure, that dog is definitely more than a free loader.” And Liz giggled…Max knew this would tickle her, she had once called the dog a useless freeloader and Max just looked at her and grinned.

“You know what Liz?” Max asked with a twinkle in his eye…

“No Max…what?” Liz wasn’t too sure about where this conversation was going but she’d hear him out without interruption.

“I think, when this is all over, that you should write a book. You keep a journal; you should just write all of this down and then publish it.” Max was on a roll now and Liz was ready to pummel him with pillows.

“A book! You want me to write a book about all of this shit? You have lost your mind Max Evans…there is no way in hell that I want to put any of this to paper much less read about it. I just want all of this to go away…and go away right now. I am so sick of being terrified that one of my children will be harmed that I don’t know where in the hell to put myself and you want me to write this down. You have gone mad Max… totally mad!@!!$!!”

Max grabbed Liz by the waist and lifted her up onto the bed and crawled in beside her. He knew he had just made a terrible mistake, this wasn’t funny and he shouldn’t try to make light of it.

“Shhh, shhh, shhh. Baby, it’s okay.” He rubbed her back and cuddled her. “We are going to be fine. It’s not like we will be surprised by anything that happens. We are expecting it and we are ready for it and neither one of these men is the brightest crayon in the box so just relax.”

Liz looked up at her beautiful husband and smiled through her tears…

“You’re right to a point Max, they may not be very bright but they are dangerous. I still want it to go away, I want my mundane life back. I want my eight year old girls to have crushes on little boys called Tim and Tom. I want my six year old sons looking for special shirts and smiling at Marlene and Margie…I want JP trying to con me into spaghetti every night of the week for dinner…and I want my husband back…my relaxed husband. The relaxed husband who isn’t walking around with a terrified look on his face. The one who can smile easily at a child’s faux pas. The one who can play a game of catch without looking beyond the fence between every pitch. I want Us Max…I want us back.”

Max smiled,

“Sweetheart you have all of those things already you don’t have to wish for them.”

“Yes I do Max. I have to keep my beautiful children away from their friends at school because some damned fool thinks it’s my fault he’s nuts. I pity him Max, I really do. Do you know that he has children of his own somewhere out there and those poor children have no father to love or to take care of them? That is sad Max and he’s too damned stupid to realize just what he’s missing and he’s making our lives a living hell. I want him gone and when I say gone I think I mean permanently.”

“Oh Liz, you don’t mean that sweetheart…you’re just worn out from all of this.”

“No Max, I do mean it. I’m beginning to think that it’s the only way to stop this… just get rid of him. You know what Max? I wish the blow on the head would have killed him…I know that would make me a murderer but if it would help our kids to be safe then so be it.”

“Shhh…I know you don’t mean that and our kids are safe and this will be over soon. The police will find them and it will all be done with.”

“I don’t think those policemen could find their asses in the dark with both hands Max. That asshole was right out there on the other side of the fence and they didn’t even see him. JP saw him for God’s sake and the cops didn’t. I don’t know Max, this is all insane.”

Max chuckled, it wasn’t funny but Liz was…she continued ranting and for her it was a good thing…she was getting it all out and Max just laid there with her in his arms and let her rant. Finally she ran down and Max kissed the top of her head and asked her if she was ready to go to bed.

“Yes.” And then she looked up at her husband and grinned. “You are wonderful. You know that don’t you?”

“Right back atcha’ sweet.” And Max got up and grabbed her hand and pulled her upright so she could crawl off the bed and get to the bathroom to get ready for bed. She did have school to teach after all and she had to be ready for JP or he just might take over for her. And Max smiled…this was getting to him also but he couldn’t let Liz know that and he headed for the hallway to check on the kids one more time as Jack laid there quietly watching every move the man made.


The next morning the alarm went off right at 6:30 on the nose and Liz groaned, she had forgotten to change the time so she just reached over and flipped the button off with full intentions of going back to sleep. Max awoke immediately on hearing the offensive appliance but didn’t make any indication to Liz that he was awake…he just laid there and waited for her to make the decision to get up or not and when she proceeded to crawl back onto his body and go back to sleep he grinned and wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in much tighter than she expected.

“Are you sleepy?” He asked, knowing full well what the answer was going to be…

“Mmm Hmm.” Was her only reply…her mouth making a tickling sensation on his chest as she mumbled…

“Do you think you might have a couple of minutes for me this morning?” He chuckled…that usually got her attention.

“Mmm Hmm.” She managed to get out as she wiggled a little…finding a much cozier spot on his body to lay next to.

“Well, that feels nice. Just how awake are you?” Max grinned over the top of her head.

“I’m as awake as I’m going to get but don’t you think that, if we carry on this CONVERSATION, we should close the bedroom door?”

“Well, maybe for a little while anyway…who do you think should do the closing?”

“Since this was your idea I think you should have the honors, don’t you?”

“Well, if you insist.” So Max got out of bed and made his way to the bedroom door, quietly pulling the set of French doors off of the sitting room in the master suite to the closed position. He left the other doors open just in case someone felt the need to come in and get them…of course he did make sure the door was locked first and when he got back to his bed his wife was already prepared for him…pj’s thrown to the foot of the bed and propped up on the pillows waiting for him with open arms. Max chuckled at the sight and he knew he was in for a great start to his morning, nothing else like it on earth than to be with the woman you loved and he was one happy man.

When they finally got up and headed for the bathroom there was some scratching at the bedroom door and since Liz was already half dressed she went and opened it for Jack. She knew by the sounds just who it was wanting in and when she opened the door the dog made a bee line for the balcony door and Liz was hot on his tail.

“What Jack? What’s out there?” Her heart was jumping out of her body she was so scared and when she looked over the balcony she saw that Jonesy had found a cat in the side yard…apparently the animal had gotten stuck somehow and couldn’t get out and Liz relaxed. Then she started to wonder how in the hell a cat would get stuck…there was nothing to get stuck on and she took off like she had been shot out of a cannon and Max was right behind her.

“Liz…what’s wrong?”

“I don’t know yet…” and she kept on running down the stairs.

When she got outside she ran into Jones and repeated Max’s question…

“Oh, it’s alright Liz. A cat has kittens back here and was trying to move them. I guess she didn’t know where to move them to. Should we call the shelter?”

“How big are the kittens?” She asked breathlessly and also relieved. She wanted to know if they were old enough to be separated from their mother or not.

“They aren’t too big Liz…as a matter of fact I would say they’re very young, maybe just a couple of days if that, their eyes are still closed.”

“Oh damn.” Was Liz’s only comment.

Max knew damned well that those kittens had just found a home…just what they needed. If they kept the kittens until they were old enough to take them to the animal shelter the kids would have already named all of them and then they would all have a fit. Damn…he agreed with Liz.

“What do you want me to do with them Liz?” Jonesy knew what she was going to say before she even said it. They were all getting to know each other fairly well by now and he just knew she wouldn’t get rid of them.

“Well, we’re not going to take them into the house but I guess we can get a box and put them in the enclosed patio. Does the mother look tame?”

“Yeah, she seems to be but I wouldn’t try to get between her and her babies just yet.”

“Okay…let me get some tuna fish and some water and put it on the patio for her. I’ll find an empty box and put some papers in the bottom and some towels. She can make herself comfortable back there with her babies and then we’ll decide what to do with them in about six weeks.” And with that she turned and headed back into the house while Max and Jonesy stood there shaking their heads.

“Looks like you’ve got cats Max.”

“Seems as though.” And Max followed his wife into the house. Just what they needed…cats, dogs, kids and criminals. What next?


After Liz got a box from the basement she went to the linen closet and got a couple of old towels…then she saw the heating pad, retrieved that as well and headed to the patio and left the door open to the yard. She made a clean bed for the kittens; she cut a hole in the lower side of the box to feed the power cord to the heating pad through and then plugged it into the wall and turned it as low as it would go. She then placed the pad under the folded towels. She put some water in a metal bowl and opened a can of tuna and put that in another bowl about the same size, then she left the patio to allow the mother cat to do her moving.

She headed upstairs to get the kids up and get them ready for the day and when they had all made their beds, taken their showers and were dressed they headed to the kitchen for breakfast.

Since Liz had a house full of grown men she had decided that a hardy breakfast was in store for today and when Max came back down stairs dressed and ready for work he wanted to know if she needed any help.

“Why don’t you set the table in the dining room and make enough places for all of the men as well. Olivia can clean up after she gets here. I think we’ll do bacon, eggs, hash browns, and toast today. Does that sound good?” She asked with a puzzled look on her face.

Max smiled and gave her a hug…

“That sounds wonderful. I need that after the workout I got this morning.” And then Max really smiled…he could still make her blush and it was a wonderful feeling.

It wasn’t but three minutes after coming down the back staircase until JP came running into the kitchen to get his sisters and brothers ….

“Come on!!! We have kittens.”

And Liz yelled…

“WE do not have kittens. A STRAY CAT HAS KITTENS and they are too little to move…DO NOT PLAY with those kittens, DO NOT TOUCH those kittens… AND ABOVE ALL, DO.NOT. NAME. those kittens!!!”

And five little bodies stopped dead in their tracks. Then JP, the leader of the pack, had to ask…

“Can we look at the kittens?” He was as serious as Liz had ever seen him. Not ignoring what she had said but knowing his mother as he did he knew she just got a little excited sometime. She looked over at Max and he told the kids to sit down a minute.

“Look guys…if you touch the kittens before they are old enough the mother cat won’t have anything to do with them and then they’ll die. We have to wait and see if she has moved them all into the patio room first and then we’ll all go out and look at them because the mother might get angry and we don’t want her to scratch you. Do you understand? And above all, we don’t know how Jack is going to act around them so we must keep him away from them for sure.”

“You mean she’ll let them die because we want to hold them?” Briana asked.

“Yes…for some reason cats don’t want anything or anyone to touch their babies. Maybe they think we have germs or something, I don’t know. Just don’t touch them.” Max wasn’t sure whether he was telling a story or not but if it worked then it was worth it.

And five little voices all said


And six grown men had to leave the room and find something to occupy themselves with because they knew those kittens were going to have names before the day was over.


When Olivia came in the back door all five kids went running to greet her as they always did and she was just as happy to see them as they were to see her and then JP announced

“A cat had kittens in our yard and they’re living on the patio. We’re going to go see them when Dad makes sure they are all in the box. We can’t play with them though and Mom said we can’t give them names or play with them but we can look. Do you want to look with us?”

Olivia looked down at her little angel faced imp and smiled and then got a look at Liz…she knew Liz wasn’t really happy about the new arrivals but she would bet her life that those kittens would be named by tomorrow and she gave Liz a knowing grin.

Liz looked back at Olivia and grinned right back at her and said,

“Be quiet.” And both women giggled…

After breakfast was over and done Max and Jonesy went out to the side yard and looked all around and found no kittens so they headed to the patio…sure enough the babies were all snuggled down in the box laying on the clean towels Liz had placed in there all snug and warm and the mother cat had emptied both bowls and was snoozing with her babies. Max told Jones that he’d go get the kids and be right back and Jones just nodded his head and then said with a chuckle…

“You know they’re going to give those kittens names.”

“Yeah, I know but it was worth a shot. I just hope Jack takes to them. I think we’ll bring him out with us and see what he does. The mother cat might not take to him either. This is going to be interesting.”

So Max went inside and called the kids and the dog and they all went out to the patio to have a look. The mother cat wasn’t too pleased with Jack but didn’t make any territorial advances toward the dog and then Max thought…’this cat is used to a dog. She’s not afraid of Jack at all…let’s hope Jack is okay with this’ and the dog just sat and watched. The kids were enthralled with the whole ordeal and then JP popped up with…

“That one looks like a tiger!” And the other four agreed with him. Max just stood there and shook his head…

“Remember what your mother said…do not name the kittens. They do not live here they are only visiting.”

And JP looked at his dad and said…

“Well, he does.” In a very matter of fact tone and Jonesy left the patio to take care of the bushes. This was not going to work at all. Six kittens…oh boy!


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Re: Meet the Evans Clan (MATURE) Ch.: 26 2/19/2016

Postby keepsmiling7 » Fri Feb 19, 2016 10:00 pm

Sweet, sweet story Ginger. That family needed a distraction from the danger they had been facing.
I was afraid that Liz was going to have a melt down with all of the uncertainty.
Once again Max knew how to handle her.

Things are going well here, Bob has completed the home health portion of PT and will start out-patient PT Monday. He is very lucky they were able to preform such a successful total hip replacement at his age. The kids in Houston are still dealing with their health issues as best they can.
Take care,

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Re: Meet the Evans Clan (MATURE) Ch.: 27 2/26/2016

Postby mary mary » Fri Feb 26, 2016 10:18 pm

Carolyn: So happy to hear Bob's coming along and my prayers are certainly with the rest of your family. Nothing exciting going on around youngest granddaughter is flying in from Texas next Wed. and I'm excited about that of course. I have been cooking up a storm in preparation....she has a few favorite foods that are a pain to make but hey, you know how grandma's are. :wink: On with the show. :)

Chapter: 27

After the kids had a good look at the baby kittens they decided the tiger looking kitten should be called “Tigger”. They decided this using their sign language so Jonesy wouldn’t have to lie in case he was asked.

When they went back into the house they found their mother waiting for them in the office turned classroom and got ready for their day. Liz managed to complete their lessons in three hours just like yesterday and decided that she would spend some time with the boys practicing writing their numbers while the girls worked on learning more spelling words and rules. After the numbers were mastered she would start on the alphabet as extra curricular activities for them and the girls could work on cursives. She figured if she spent fifteen minutes each day on one number at a time they would be in the lines and legible in 10 days which meant two weeks. Even if they can go back to school, and hopefully they could, she would practice with them anyway. It didn’t take that long and it was worth it. So by noon they were finished for the day and Liz told them to go and have lunch before going out to play. She was going to look over their work and fax it off to school but before she could gather it up her baby was standing there, in his big boots, waiting to see how he did.

Liz looked at her youngest and smiled as her heart swelled with every beat.

“Come here JP and bring your papers with you. I’ll check them out first so you can go out to play.”

JP gave his Mom a big smile and brought all of his papers over to her. She looked at the crude attempt at writing but everything was answered correctly and she put a great big star on his work and smiled down at her baby.

“Everything is perfect JP…all you need is practice with your penmanship.”

“Does that mean I can go to school with everyone?”

“No sweetie…it doesn’t. It means that you are a very smart little boy but you are still too little to go to school with the big kids. Daddy and I like you just the way you are and next year when you start kindergarten you can help the teacher with the other kids just like you do at pre-school with daddy.

You will be able to play t-ball next year too and then you will be able to make new friends and have fun with kids your age but right now you have to stay home with me and move the earth in the back yard.”

JP stood there and watched his mom and then he smiled and nodded. She already told him he could play t-ball and make new friends so he guessed he would just have to wait to go to school but he needed some new books…

“Mom, if I have to wait to go to school can I have some new books to read…mine are all old.”

“Tell you what JP, when we get all of this danger taken care of and we feel safe again I will take you to the library and we will see what they have for someone your age. Okay?”

“That sounds great mom…how soon do you think that will be?” And then they were interrupted by Olivia who had a very nice middle aged looking gentleman following her into the office.

“Liz. This is the Chief of Detectives at the PD; he’s here to see you.”

Liz held out her hand and shook the gentleman’s hand and introduced JP to the Chief who also held out his little hand to the man, which the Chief took willingly as he stood there and smiled at the youngster. He had read the report from the break-in and the tyke was everything Bradley had described. Bright and alert and very mature for his age. At least Bradley got one thing right.

“How do you do JP, I am very happy to meet you.”

“I’m happy to meet you too sir. Are you here to arrest my mom?” JP asked in an extremely nonchalant manner for such a big question.

The Chief kept a straight and serious face, which was difficult, as he answered the youngster.

“No JP. Your mom hasn’t done anything wrong. I am here to retrieve some equipment from your mother that’s all.” And the Chief stifled a chuckle…he didn’t want to make light of the situation.

“JP you can go out and play with your brothers and sisters and make sure you stay where Jonesy can see you at all times.”

Now JP, being the bright little boy that he was, looked up at his mother and grinned and Liz thought ‘oh no, what’s he up to?’ And JP said…

“Can I go look at Tigger?”

Liz wrinkled her eyebrows at her son; she wasn’t going to let him get away with it, the little devil. She knew he thought he was getting away with something the minute she saw that grin…well he was going to be corrected whether they had company or not.

“JP, you were told not to name those kittens and you were told to stay away from the patio. As soon as those kittens are old enough they are gone…DO YOU UNDERSTAND!”

JP looked at his mom and then the Chief and grinned and said…

“Yeah. Good bye Chief. I’m glad you’re not going to take mom away even if I can’t name the kittens.” And he was gone.

The Chief looked at Liz with a question unasked and Liz felt he deserved an explanation…

“A stray cat had kittens in the side yard and they are brand new so we have them in a box on the patio. The kids were told to leave them alone because I don’t need a cat and 6 kittens but I think I’m fighting a losing battle.” And she grinned at the Chief who only shook his head and smiled.

“Anyway, come with me and I’ll get your equipment and you can place the new one wherever you want to if you think it’s really necessary.”

The Chief followed Liz to the kitchen and Liz handed the man the surveillance device that was wrapped in a plastic sandwich bag and then the Chief noticed the man on the patio…there was also one on the front porch when he arrived and he had to ask..

“Mrs. Evans, just how many body guards are here?”

“Oh, there are eight all together. Four on day shift and four on graveyard. Four are sleeping right now. There’s the ‘gardener’ who is trimming all the shrubs, bushes and trees around the perimeter of the property. There’s one on the patio, one on the front porch and one on the balcony upstairs. The other four went to bed after breakfast.”

The Chief shook his head and smiled,

“Mrs. Evans, I really don’t think we need another device. Just dial 911 and tell us who is calling. We will be here within fifteen minutes. Right now I have four men going over all of the surveillance tapes from the hospital and I am sure we will find out what this Joey is driving. We should be able to find him soon. I can’t make any promises to you about how long but it should be soon. I only wish we had known all of this a day sooner and it would all be over with but it seems that life doesn’t work that way does it?”

“Well, apparently not where I’m concerned.” Liz said and she was as serious as she had ever been.

“You know what Chief…if a governor wanted to cut expenses it seems to me that he would hire a group of independent accountants who didn’t care about any personalities, length of service, or the departments in question. They would go over a budget and expenditures then cut expenses where they really needed to be cut and I personally don’t think releasing hardened criminals is the way to start.”

“I agree with you Mrs. Evans. Maybe you should run for governor. Have you ever thought of politics as a career?”

“Are you serious…I’ve got a husband, five kids and a children’s facility to deal with, the last thing I need to deal with is the general population. My God NO!”

The Chief chuckled at Liz and held out his hand…

“Mrs. Evans, it has been a pleasure to meet you and as I said…911. Just tell the kids, the guards and your husband and anyone else in the house that needs to know…911 and ‘this is the Evans home.’ That’s all you need to say.”

“Thank you Chief, I’ll let them all know. And thank you for coming out here to get that thing…I am just so glad to have it gone.”

“You’re very welcome Mrs. Evans and good luck with those kittens.”

“Thanks, I know they’ll all have names by the end of the day but it was worth a shot.”

And they both laughed as Liz led the Chief to the front door and bid him goodbye.

Shorty nodded to the man as he left and the Chief nodded back and walked down to the unmarked vehicle parked in the driveway, he felt as though the Evans’ were going to be well taken care of and pity the person that tried to harm them. He just hoped for everyone concerned that this would all be over soon.

In the meantime, across town in a seedy motel room, a confused Joey Sabotini watched Don Adams and wondered what in the hell he should do. Apparently the man needed medical help and he sure as hell couldn’t take him to a doctor and then he finally asked the man if he knew anything at all about himself.

Don just looked at him with a blank stare and finally spoke very softly…

“The doctors in the hospital said there was swelling on my brain and they didn’t know how long it would be before I knew who I was, if ever.”

Joey just sat there bewildered and then made a decision…

“Your name is Don and I am going to call you a cab and have the driver take you back to the hospital so you can get some help man. I don’t know what to do for you and they do so here’s the deal…keep quiet about me, don’t tell them where you’ve been and I’ll keep checking up on you. When you regain your memory we’ll leave again. Do you understand?”

Don nodded his head in agreement, not knowing what the hell was really happening and Joey made the call.

When the cab arrived at the motel Joey took Don out to it and told the driver where to take him.

“He was discharged yesterday and his symptoms showed up again and he’s lost his memory…he needs to go back to that particular hospital. Take him to the emergency room and tell them that he’s Don Adams.”

The cab driver looked at the man and saw the bandages on Don’s head and nodded in agreement and did as Joey asked.

When Don showed up in the emergency room again the place went nuts as you can imagine. The Chief himself was there overseeing the investigation and finally decided that he needed to talk to the cab driver since this Joey was smart enough to send Don back to the hospital knowing he sure as hell didn’t need an amnesiac on his hands.

So when the cab driver was dispatched back to the hospital he went right in to the waiting room and met with the Chief of detectives. Of course he was asked where he found Don first thing off the bat and the cabby gave the PD the address of the motel and told the cops that Joey, of course he didn’t know the guys name, was dressed in cammies and an army green t-shirt. He gave the cops the room number and several black and whites were dispatched to the motel within minutes.

When the police arrived they found the room empty, naturally, but they did question the desk clerk and the Forensic team took over the investigation of the room. They found numerous fingerprints, hair samples and dirty linens but that’s about all. The front desk did have a license plate number on the old jeep. The information was sent out over the wires immediately and then the Chief showed up and wanted all information that had been compiled right now. As soon as he was satisfied that he knew everything that had been gathered to this point he called the Evans’ home and talked with Max.

Max told the Chief that he had talked to Liz this evening about his morning visit and thanked him for his concern. He also told him that he wasn’t going to let the body guards go until all players in the game were accounted for. The Chief smiled to himself and told Max that he agreed with him 100%.

“I can certainly see where you’re coming from Max. You take care of that family of yours and those kittens. Do they have names yet?”

And Max chuckled…

“You know it.” And the Chief laughed.

“You take care of them Max and we’re doing everything we can to take care of this.”

“Thanks for all of your help and thanks for calling.”

The two men hung up.


“Who was that?” Liz asked her husband as she passed him on her way to the laundry room to put the kitten’s dirty towels in the washer. She had just cleaned their box out for them and gave mommy cat some fresh water.

“That was the Chief over at the PD. Joey sent Don back to the hospital in a cab. Apparently Don has amnesia and Joey didn’t know what to do with him and did a smart thing or a dumb thing depending on how you look at it. Don is back in custody, he has no idea who he is and the cabby gave the PD all the information on the motel where he picked up the fare. Joey’s driving an old jeep and they have the license plate number.”

“Uh-huh. Well, I can tell you the old jeep is gray.”

“How do you know this?” Max asked.

“Because it’s been parked down the street for quite awhile now. I thought the driver must be working around here somewhere. Now that we know what to look for we should be able to prevent an entrance to the house and the fact that all the bushes and trees have been trimmed back to practically reveal the entire block we should be able to see everyone coming and going. Let’s get the guys in here and fill them in on the good news before they change shifts.”

“Okay sweet. You go get the kids ready for bed and tell JP he can sleep without his boots tonight that the really bad guy is back in jail.” And he kissed his wife on the top of her head…one of his favorite things to do, and she headed back to the family room to gather her brood only to find them missing. Oh damn…out to the patio she went and there they all were kneeling around the box with Jack by their side just watching the kittens sleep.

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Re: Meet the Evans Clan (MATURE) Ch.: 27 2/26/2016

Postby keepsmiling7 » Mon Feb 29, 2016 1:00 pm

J.P. never gives up......he thinks he's as old as his sibling, and he probably just as smart.
Maybe T-Ball will give him some place to channel his energy.
Don Adams is something else.......will things ever settle down for good?
Love this family's story, and thank you Ginger for bringing it to us.
Things are going okay here, hoping that Bob will be well enough to attend the four graduations and one wedding we have coming up soon.
Take care,

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Re: Meet the Evans Clan (MATURE) Ch.: 28 3/9/2016

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Carolyn: I got myself so wrapped up in the rewrite of this one that it's sequel is sitting in my flash drive untouched for some reason and I was really going great on it until I had to start reading this one to make that one make sense. Oh well, maybe I can get back into the swing of things when this one is over. :lol:

Chapter: 28

“Okay…everyone, upstairs and into the showers. They’ll still be here tomorrow.” And with that Liz turned on the little night light she had plugged into the socket, closed the door to the patio and nodded to Smitty who was sitting in a patio chair over in the corner of the back porch grinning at her and she said…

“Be quiet!” And grinned right back at him.

Smitty and Olivia had won the bets about naming the kittens. They both figured the kittens would be named by tonight and the rest had bets going on tomorrow… Liz was pretty sure of what they were doing but truthfully, she really didn’t want to know about it.

Max had picked up kitty litter and cat food for new cat mothers at the pet food store. The cats, it seemed, had found a pretty good and safe temporary home. Hmmm?


The next morning Philip called Liz and he was filled in on all of the excitement over at the hospital and also the kitten epic. Of course he thought it was wonderful. He had spoken with Max when the extra guards had been posted but he still wanted to know how things were going with the home schooling and all the extra bodies. He was very concerned about all of them and wanted, no…needed, to be kept in the loop. He was walking a thin line between exploding and keeping sane as well as everyone else. He couldn’t remember ever having been this frightened.

“Liz, do you think JP would like to go fishing with me Friday morning? He’s probably bored to death with you teaching school at home.”

“Well, you’ll have to ask JP Philip. He’s attending classes with the others and taking it very seriously. Just as he does everything that he involves himself in. He is doing quite well actually and understands everything that is going on. He informed me that he needs new books to read because his are all old and he knows them already so we are going to join the library when all of this blows over.” Liz said with a chuckle as she worked her way to the back door leading to the patio in question.

She continued her conversation with Philip…“I’ll get him for you…I have a sneaking suspicion that they are all out in the enclosed patio checking on the baby kittens. It only took them a matter of four hours to give them names and three of those four were spent in class. They were forbidden to do that you know and Jack is as bad. He has taken on the job of protecting the kittens as well as the kids. When they are in class the dog stands guard over the patio door like a sentry at his post. The only thing I can say about the whole thing is that I am proud of all of them, including the dog, the way they have become so protective of the little creatures.

“They are so cute Philip, they make the cutest little sounds and can’t see a damned thing yet but they know where their food is and it is amazing how they can make their way right to the spot…crawling over one another to get there and the mother never moves. She’s also gotten used to the kids and the dog and seems quite comfortable about the entire situation.”

Philip had to smile listening to Liz. Max had told him about the cat food, kitty litter, night light, heating pad, clean towels and anything else the woman could think of to make the cat comfortable. Hell, some women didn’t get treated that well he thought to himself and then he snapped back and replied…

“Well yes, then, if you think he’d like that let me talk to him.” Liz grinned, JP was going to have to make a major decision it seemed.

When Liz got to the patio sure enough they were all kneeling and watching the kittens along with Jack who seemed to understand that this was a very important event.

“JP, your grandfather would like to speak with you.” And she handed the youngster the phone.

“Hi grandpa…” JP stood and spoke into the phone with all the confidence of any adult and Philip grinned on the other end of the line.

“HI JP…hey, I was wondering if you would like to go fishing with me tomorrow morning. I could come over and get you tonight and we could go really early tomorrow morning and then you would be home about 10:30 or 11:00. Does that sound like fun?”

“Well, yeah it does but I have to go to school with mom in the morning. Can we go on Saturday morning and then Parker, Gerard, Briana and Deana can all go too. Maybe even Dad. Is that okay? You and grandma can come over here and stay and grandma and mom can do something together.”

Philip chuckled…just what Max and Liz needed, two more bodies.

“Ask your brothers and sisters if they want to go fishing on Saturday and I’ll wait until then to go, how’s that?”

“Hey guys, grandpa wants to know if you want to go fishing on Saturday?”

Parker was the first to answer…

“Gerard and I have a ball game on Saturday…what time are we going?”

“Grandpa, Gerard and Parker have a ballgame on Saturday, what time do you want to go?”

“What time is the ballgame?” Philip didn’t want to make the boys tired for their game.

“What time’s the game?”

Jonesy was sitting over in his position in the chair taking all of this in while Liz just stood leaning against the door frame taking it all in. ‘They are getting so big’ she thought to herself as they spoke like adults to each other. She just knew that Philip was thrilled with this conversation.

Gerard spoke this time…

“It’s at 3:00 p.m. Is he going fishing in the morning?”

“Are you going to go in the morning grandpa?”

“Yes JP. I plan on leaving at 6:30 and we’ll be home by noon.”

“He said he’s leaving at 6:30 and we’ll be home by noon. You’ll have lots of time to get ready for your game. You can even take a nap.”

And Liz turned her back on them and stifled a laugh as her own words came back to haunt her. “You’ve gotta have a plan.”

Gerard and Parker looked at each other and said in unison, as they always did…scary…


Then JP looked at his sisters and they said they’d rather stay home with mom.

“Grandpa… Parker, Gerard and I would like to go but Bree and Dee Dee want to stay home with mom. Are we going to stay with you and grandma or are you going to stay with us?”

“Well JP, now that I know you want to go I’ll have to check with your mom to see about sleeping arrangements. But either way I will see you on Saturday.”

“Okay grandpa, here’s mom.” And JP handed the phone back to his mother. Liz smiled down at her son, told the kids to leave the kittens alone and headed back into the house.

“Well what do you think Liz? Should we pick them up Friday night or Saturday morning?”

“I think Friday night would be great Philip. It will give them a chance to get away from the chaos that is our life right now. Maybe Max and I can do something with the girls on Saturday that would give them a little break as well. I’m sure eight body guards can take care of the house while we’re gone.”

“You know what Liz? Why don’t we all go fishing?”

“Philip, as much fun as that sounds I don’t really feel up to it right now. Maybe we can plan a fishing trip later, when things have settled down.”

“Fair enough Liz…I’ll come over on Friday afternoon on my way home from the office and gather them up and take them on home with me. Maybe we can go out for pizza and rent a movie. We haven’t done anything with them in quite a while.”

“I’m sure they would love that Philip. I’ll have them all ready for you. We are usually finished with our lessons by noon and then they have lunch. They’ve been spending a lot of time watching the kittens the past couple of days so I think they need a break. Whenever you feel like coming over they’ll be ready.”

“Great Liz. I’ll see you on Friday afternoon then.” And the two old friends hung up. He may be her father-in-law but he has been one of the best friends Liz has ever had and she smiled. Life was still good even with its lunatics.

After Liz and he hung up Philip called Jesse to see if he had any news regarding the Joey incident and Jesse told Philip something that came as a surprise.

“Philip, you know that “release model prisoners” to save money just wasn’t setting well with me so I had a team investigate a little deeper into some of that entire scenario. It seems that the Governor of Connecticut and your Judge Abbott were roomies at Yale. None of this is making a whole lot of sense to any of us. There were a total of ten prisoners released and only one had been convicted of attempted murder…one Don Adams. Joey Sabotini was only a petty thief when you get right down to it so why was Don Adams released? I think we need to delve a little deeper into this. There’s a whole lot more going on than meets the eye here Philip.”

“Well my God. I sat in on a meeting with the man just the other day along with the Chief of police. We discussed the entire case with each other. This was before Sabotini helped Don escape and then he sent the man back to the hospital in a cab for God’s sake. I think Sabotini might just have been brought into this as an afterthought if you ask me. Sabotini must think there’s some easy money to be had and if they were living in a motel you know they had to be getting money from somewhere. Neither one of them are gainfully employed. Something sure sounds fishy. Good work Jesse, keep up the investigation and I will make sure to bring the Chief up to date. We just might keep any pertinent information away from the Judge for awhile. He really doesn’t need to be kept in the loop anyway. It seemed as though he was just doing us a favor by holding the meeting in his chambers. We’ll get to the bottom of this yet.”

And with that Philip and Jesse bid their goodbyes.


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Re: Meet the Evans Clan (MATURE) Ch.: 28 3/9/2016

Postby keepsmiling7 » Wed Mar 02, 2016 11:37 am

Phillip is such a good grandpa........those children will have great memories of those fishing trips.
Bob has said so many times he enjoyed the grandchildren more than he did his own children. During their young years he was too busy trying to earn a living and worked way too many hours. We feel we have really been blessed to be involved in the grandchildren's activities.......and they have all had such varied interests.
I am a little sad, our great granddaughter left three days ago for Germany. They came from VA to pay us a visit before leaving, but I'm excited for them and the adventure they will have for three years. My daughter and her husband also had the military experience there, and I must say I loved the three trips I took to visit them.
Rambled on forever, thanks Ginger.

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Re: Meet the Evans Clan (MATURE) Ch.: 29 3/10/2016

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Carolyn: You can ramble all you like....and in case people are reading this they need to wish you a happy birthday. My two stepdaughters grew up in Germany...well one was 4 and the oldest 7 when they left the U S with their mom and came back 7 years later. They loved it and the youngest, who is now 50, says she's from Germany. She lived on an American army base, went to a French school and lived in Germany so she speaks 3 languages like a native. I have no reason to brag but I think it was a great experience for the girls to grow up this way. My three grew up in the good old U S with girl scouts, Little League and normal activities for kids. I'm very proud of them too but hey...I wish the best for you and yours as well. God bless and happy birthday. Enjoy some more Liz and Max... :)

Chapter 29
So on Friday afternoon, about two o’clock, Philip drove up the driveway and found three little boys sitting on the porch talking to Shorty as they awaited their grandfather’s arrival. The gray haired gentleman had a smile as broad as the Hoover Dam.

“Hey grandpa, we’re ready but mom has some stuff for grandma and our clothes are in the house so you need to go in there first,” JP announced.

Philip grabbed the youngster and threw him in the air and laughed and then he tussled Parker and Gerard on the head…The last time he picked them up they informed him they were getting too old for that so they settled for a good head rubbing and gave their grandfather a big smile. About that time Max pulled in behind his dad in the circular driveway and gave his dad a big hug as well as the boys, nodded to Shorty and they all headed into the house together.

Liz saw the whole group and gave them all a big smile, Philip got a hug and Max got a nice little peck on the lips and a big wink for good measure and then Max hugged his daughters as did their grandfather. It was so good to be home and see everyone safe…this situation with Don and Joey was getting to him as well as Liz but he couldn’t let her know that.

“Liz, it’s so good to see you…JP tells me you have something for Diane?”

“Yes…Olivia and I made apple butter yesterday. The men trimmed all of the trees and the apple tree was overflowing with apples so we got on the internet and found a recipe. I remember Grandma O’Reilly making apple butter when I was little and we would visit her so we decided to take a turn at it and it’s pretty good. We also canned some apples for pies or apple sauce but I have a sneaking suspicion that they will be used for applesauce due to the fact that Max still insists on ordering his pies from Connecticut. Tell Diane that there is plenty more where that came from.”

Philip smiled at his daughter-in-law and took the small box full of jars and thanked her and then looked at the boys…

“Are we ready?”

And three little faces looked up into the tall man’s eyes and smiled and nodded yes. They each had their little overnight bags with their names boldly printed down the side and they pulled the handles free and all started toward the front door when Liz stopped them cold in their tracks…

“Hey! Did you forget something?”

They all turned and looked at their mother for a second and then JP dropped his handle and went over and reached up to his mom for a hug goodbye.

“Sorry mom, I forgot.”

Liz smiled and hugged the little boy for dear life and Parker and Gerard were right behind him waiting their turn.

The twins looked at their mom and in unison, as everyone expected…

“Bye mom. We’ll see you tomorrow.” And Liz smiled as they walked out the front door. Liz, Max and the girls followed them as far as the porch and Philip got them all loaded up, put their bags in the trunk and waved as he drove off.

Liz looked up at Max as she held each girl around the shoulders and smiled.

“They need this…to get away for even a night will be good.”

Max smiled over his daughters heads and nodded in agreement. Then he asked the girls if they would like to do something fun.

“Can we go to dinner and a movie?”

Max and Liz looked at each other and smiled and Liz nodded yes…

“Sure we can. Is there anything special you want to go see or something special you would like to have for dinner?” Max wasn’t really sure what movie was playing that would be appropriate for the girls but if the girls didn’t know what was playing then they would check the internet.

“How about Chinese?”…the boys really didn’t like Chinese food and the girls did so this would be an excellent opportunity to go to the Chinese restaurant down town.

“You know what, that sounds great. Now, about that movie…what did you have in mind?”

And sometimes…just like their brothers…they said in unison.

“We don’t know what’s playing.”

They didn’t even reaLize that they had both spoken at the same time and Shorty just smiled and shook his head…Max and Liz didn’t even take notice they were so used to it.

“Okay then, let’s go check the internet and see what’s down town. Maybe we can go now and then have dinner later.”

And so that’s exactly what they did. The next movie started at 2:40 and if they hurried they could make it just in time and Liz called the Chinese restaurant and made reservations for five o’clock which shouldn’t be any trouble at all because people would be getting off work at that time and headed home. This was going to work out just perfectly; they would be home just about sunset and out of danger. God would she be glad when this was over and they could relax again.


The next morning Philip had the boys at the big estate and out on the fishing boat by 7:00 a.m. and the three little boys were as excited as if it was Christmas. They had all been on the boat fishing before but they always had help with everything. Grandpa was letting them bait their own hooks and cast into the water by themselves. Philip was very impressed with them. He, Max and Jeff had taken them out many times before and it was very apparent that they had listened to everything they were taught. All three of them were very careful with the hooks, tied them to the lines in perfect little knots and baited the hooks like little pros. Their mother would be proud of them. None of them had any qualms at all about handling the bait.

When they left the fishing dock at about 9:00 a.m. JP was the only one that caught anything worth taking home and Philip couldn’t convince the little one to release the poor lone trout back into the lake. He was determined to take it home and show everyone, so take it home he did.

When they got back to Max and Liz’s JP was the first one out of the car and had his fish hanging from the stringer to show everyone and Shorty was the first to see the little one as he started up the driveway.

“Wow JP!!! What a great looking fish! Are we going to have that for dinner?”

And JP looked at Shorty and told him very seriously…

“You have to catch your own fish” and headed into the house to show his mom and dad.

Philip looked at Shorty and shook his head…

“I guess you have to go with us the next time Shorty. He’s the only one that caught anything and as you can see he’s not letting loose of it very soon. I think he might want to have it stuffed.”

Shorty started to laugh…

“You know Philip, after getting to know him, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised. And with the parents he has they most likely would do it for him.”

“Oh Shorty, you better believe it. No doubt at all.”

By the time Philip had entered the kitchen with the other two in tow and had put three little overnight bags in the hall Max and Liz were listening intently to their son telling about the fight his fish had put up before he landed him. Max looked at Liz and said…”He’s got to stop watching those educational shows…whatever happened to cartoons?” Liz giggled and watched JP with interest…

Max looked up and nodded to his dad as he took a seat on one of the island stools and continued to listen to his son along with his wife. Parker and Gerard both shook their heads at their brother and went to the refrigerator and got a ‘Capri Sun’, they offered one to their grandfather who shook his head no as he noticed the coffee pot was almost full. Philip got up and went to the cupboard, got a cup, and helped himself to a cup of coffee. He sat back down on his stool between Parker and Gerard and then Gerard tapped his grandfather’s hand…

“Do you want to come to our game today grandpa?”

“Yes, I think I do. Let me call grandma and see if she’s busy…maybe she’d like to come too.”

And both boys said…

“Good!” And got down from their stools and went and took their over night bags and headed upstairs.

Max watched with interest as the boys headed to their rooms …they were probably going to take a nap and he smiled.

Philip went to the patio to call Diane after he finished his coffee and to check on the kittens as JP finished his fish story.


“Wow! You were the only one to catch a fish…that’s great JP. What do you want us to do with it?” Liz asked.

“I want you to show me how to clean it and then I can have it for dinner.” Liz looked up at Max and smiled.

“Sure JP…do you think we should go to the market and buy enough fish for everyone else?

“Nah…they can eat something else. I’ll just have fish.” He was serious as usual and Max had to leave the room leaving Liz to deal with JP…it was very hard for him to talk with JP without chuckling and he did not want to let his son catch him when he was like this.

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Re: Meet the Evans Clan (MATURE) Ch.: 29 3/10/2016

Postby keepsmiling7 » Fri Mar 11, 2016 8:27 am

JP continues to come through. Liz and Max really have their hands full with him.
Thanks for the birthday wishes.......can't believe these birthdays come so fast. But then again I'm glad they are still coming.

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Re: Meet the Evans Clan (MATURE) Ch.: 30 3/18/2016

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Carolyn: LOL, it's too bad we can't put these birthdays in reverse....say like at maybe 65 the next one would be 64. Now wouldn't that be something. Now there's an interesting sci fi novel, or maybe it's been done. I think maybe 2001 space odyssey might have suggested something like that...It's been a very long time since I've seen that movie. Oh well, all dreams. As for JP, well, he is a character. :wink:

Chapter: 30

“Okay JP…first we have to get some paper and put it on the counter. Can you get the paper while I sharpen the knife? It’s easier if the knife is sharp.”

“Yup.” And off JP went to find some newspaper.

When he got back to the kitchen his mother had the knife sharpener on the counter and a trash can liner laid out in front of one of the stools. JP watched as his mom put the newspaper over the trash can liner and then she had JP sit down and she stood behind him with the knife in her hands.

“You have to watch me JP because I’m not going to let you cut with this knife yet. You’re still too little but you can learn by watching for the time being. Is that agreeable to you?”


And Liz smiled and started right at the tail of the trout and worked her way up it’s belly to the part right under it’s gills, she did another slit from one side of the gills to the other along it’s throat and then she pulled the insides out and set them on the paper. Then she turned the fish over, laid it down on the paper and holding it still with her left hand she started scraping the scales off with her right. JP never took his eyes off his fish and he never once got sick watching. Max, Philip and Jonesy all stood at the back window watching mother and child while carrying on some small talk about the weather and then Philip looked at his son and smiled.

“Max, I know you know how lucky you are to have her but I thank God every day that she came here to find you all those years ago.” And Philip had tears in his eyes as he said it.

“I know dad…I know.” And Max smiled as he watched his wife and his son clean a fish.

“You know what dad…it’s too bad Isabelle isn’t here…Liz could make her sick.” And both men laughed.

Then Jonesy had to ask…

“What do you mean by that Max?”

“Well, my sister Isabelle has a pretty weak stomach and Liz knows it so she loves to tease Isabelle about this sort of thing. Liz was a science geek in high school and Isabelle would get sick just thinking about biology class. Liz would tease her unmercifully.”

“Oh, then you’ve known Liz a long time?”

“All my life. We grew up together. Our dad’s went to school together and then when they got married they continued their friendship. Liz’s dad took over the family business and dad went off to college but then dad moved back to Roswell with mom and started his law practice. He and mom are both lawyers but mom doesn’t practice anymore. Liz was always with us when we were little and mom and dad took her everywhere with us. Then when we started to school we continued to be friends. Liz and Isabelle are just like sisters. Now you throw in Maria DeLuca and there’s a threesome that terrorized the entire neighborhood. Maria’s mouth was always going, Isabelle was always planning and Liz always had a devious concoction to top it all off with. Between the three of them they made our life a living hell. Oh it was a great time.”

Jonesy stood there and listened to Max talk about his childhood and he could see why all these children were so happy and secure with their lives. He didn’t need to know that if it had not been for the Evanses, Liz would have never had a childhood or a life. That was private and forgotten.

Soon Liz was finished with the fish and put it in a zip lock bag. She convinced JP that the fish should go into the freezer for another day because today there was just too much going on. She wrapped all of the fish’s innerds in the paper and put it into the trash can liner, rolled it all up and put it into another trash can liner and told JP to take it to the freezer off the laundry room until trash day. She didn’t want anymore cats than she already had visiting them. She only wished she had had the time to teach JP about all of the fish’s internal organs. That would have been great she thought to herself, maybe another time.

JP did as he was told and then went to see how the kittens were doing. He found that they were doing fine just as he had expected and his grandfather and dad were talking to Jonesy.

“Grandpa, I heard you say you were going to the ball game with us…is grandma coming too?”

“Yes JP, she’s going to meet us there. She has some things she wants to finish first. Are you going to take a nap before we leave? I think I’ll take a little rest in the recliner…what do you say?”

“Yeah, okay. That sounds good. Mom… Grandpa and I are going to take a rest before we go to the ballgame, okay? And, I’m going to take my skateboard with me so I can have something to do while Parker and Gerard play ball…okay?” JP yelled into the back door. “You know Grandpa? I was watching “The Learning Channel” the other day and they were talking about gravity and you know what I think? I think if grandma stood on her head all of her wrinkles would fall out!”

Philip Evans almost spit his coffee all over everyone that was on the patio and Max and Jonesy had to leave the area. Liz walked in on the last part of the conversation and didn’t know what prompted her son to come up with such an idea but knew better than to ask him…

“Okay JP, how about you go take a shower. You smell an awfully lot like a dead fish.” She said with a grin.

“Ahh mom.”

“Ahh JP, just do it. I’ll wake you up in plenty of time to get dressed…now go.”


And with that JP was off to the showers. Philip gave Liz a hug on his way to the family room and whispered “The Learning Channel” and then he said, with a twinkle in his eye…

“Do I smell like fish Liz?”

Liz grinned at her father-in-law and said…

“If you did I’d make you take a shower too, besides you have to catch a fish if you want to smell like a fish and, I think I’ll block the learning channel from all TV’s in this house.” Philip grinned and continued on his way.

“Well, do you think he’ll be able to clean a fish from now on?” Max asked his wife…

“No doubt about it Max…but I don’t want him handling a knife just yet. It’s so much easier to do it with a sharp knife but one slip and he could lose a finger or worse so we’ll just let him watch for now and, I hope he doesn’t tell Diane she needs to stand on her head. I don’t want to tell him not to because then he’ll know it’s something that’s going to get a rise out of all of us and he’ll really make a show of it.”

Max pulled her into a hug and chuckled.

“I love you Liz Parker Evans.”

Liz looked up at Max and wondered where that came from, even though it was nice to hear and repeated right back…

“And I love you more than life itself Max Evans.” And they both smiled at each other as Philip hunkered down in the recliner to take a much needed nap. ‘I’m definitely not as young as I used to be’ he thought to himself then he grinned ‘gravity indeed’ and promptly fell asleep.


"Age is just a state of mind"...I think that's mine? I could be wrong! I'm old, so sue me.

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