THE ASSASSIN - AU/CC/Adult - Epilogue - 11/6/16

Fics using the characters from Roswell, but where the plot does not have anything to do with aliens, nor are any of the characters "not of this Earth."

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Re: THE ASSASSIN - AU/CC/Adult - Part 31 - 8/30/15

Post by Eva » Sun Aug 30, 2015 3:16 pm

Accidently I reread my last post and it's beyond me how you girls could ever understand a thing I was saying! :oops: I wrote it on my son's tablet and the thing used every word I didn't want to use. It has some kind of automatic dictionary in it that chooses its own words. Anyway, sorry for my last post on the fic.

Back to the story: I had been right in two things: yes, Maria was mad but Michael/Bane sees her differently now. The knowledge he has now, helps him to understand her. To like the person he sees more than he will admit.
Their kiss was breathtaking in any way possible! It was like fireworks, shining in a dark sky! Man, what a kiss! But it stopped so sudden! And by who? Friend or enemy? I'm sitting on the edge of my seat, eagerly waiting until next Sunday!
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Re: THE ASSASSIN - AU/CC/Adult - Part 31 - 8/30/15

Post by Earth2Mama » Sun Aug 30, 2015 9:45 pm

I'd be pissed off if someone read my private personal thoughts as well. :x

Dammit! And just when things were heating up between them, an alarm goes off? Who's found them now? And who will be injured this time around? :?
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Re: THE ASSASSIN - AU/CC/Adult - Part 31 - 8/30/15

Post by Alien_Friend » Mon Aug 31, 2015 12:24 pm

Oh my goodness!! Is it hot in here or is it just me! :lol: Talk about pantie dropping! That boy can kiss. Lucky girl. :D

Only Michael and Maria can go from pissed off at each other to steaming hot in a second.

I have a feeling reading all of that just made him fall deeper. The fact that he wanted to be the person to ultimately made her dreams come true says a whole lot.

Now for the ending!! I shouldn't be surprised but damn! You had to end it right there. I sure hope Michael doesn't want to not ever touch her again because she distracted him and now they could be in serious danger. But I sure hope that between him and Val and Max & Liz they can be the victors if it comes down to it.

I couldn't help but notice during their moment when she called him Michael I thought he might be annoyed but it didn't phase him at all. I sure hope that's a good sign moving forward.

After reading the kinds of things Maria experienced whilst living with her uncle I can't help but feel relieved for her that she doesn't have be cooped up by him and his selfish actions anymore. Once she can get out of this at least she has the opportunity now to truly live her life to the fullest without any boundaries.

Excellent stuff ladies. I adore this immense talent of yours.

Eagerly awaiting more!

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Re: THE ASSASSIN - AU/CC/Adult - Part 31 - 8/30/15

Post by sarammlover » Wed Sep 02, 2015 11:05 am

Funny but my first thought was Kyle and Tess are back....but they don't know about this cabin right? This was a Val cabin? Interesting. Maybe it's just a bear? A deer? Some elk? Another hired assassin?

See you sunday!!! And shame on you two for cutting off Maria's sexy makeout session with Bane/Michael....she is LONG overdue!

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Part 32

Post by Double Trouble » Sun Sep 06, 2015 6:20 am

Roswelllostcause: Yes, he did. We’ll have to hope that things get better.

begonia9508: He is that, lol. Yeah, control flew out the window as soon as the two of them came into contact.

keepsmiling7: Thanks for reading!

Eva: Lol, isn’t the auto-correct and the way technology automatically assumes it knows what words you’re intending to use and just fills them in for you great? No worries, girl, we’ve both been there too!

Reading those journal entries did give Michael some insight into Maria and that’s huge.

Thanks! Lol, yeah, interruptions suck, don’t they?

Earth2Mama: Yeah, that’s a major invasion of privacy.

We’ll find out today who set that alarm off.

Alien_Friend: Lol, we’re pretty sure it’s not just you.

Just one more reason to love the Candy couple!

It does say a lot but it’s going to take time for him to realize just what it means.

Lol, yeah, that alarm just came outta nowhere. But we have a feeling our group is up to the task.

Nope, there’s a part of him that responds to her calling him Michael. He doens’t understand it, may not even really like it, but he can’t help responding to it.

Maria has a chance to really live if she can just get out of this alive. She’s got some good people helping her though.

Thank you!

sarammlover: Hmm, no, they don’t know about the cabin. Alex is the one who sent them to this location. We’ll find out today.

Lol, consider us completely ashamed. But really... it’s not our fault! Something tripped the alarm!

Part 32

He could hear doors opening and closing as he retrieved his gun and a quick glance down the hallway showed Valkyrie exiting the room her civilian had taken. He buried his surprise when she turned to speak, her voice too low for him to make out the words, but there was no mistaking the gun she shoved into a pair of hands before turning in his direction.

He motioned behind her when he caught sight of Maria’s so-called friends, but it was pointless because she would’ve known they were there before he’d even seen them.

“This isn’t a party,” he grumbled, his voice low as he went to grab his gun from the counter, checking the magazine before turning to Val. “Cover the front door. I’ll get a look from outside.”

She nodded and moved into position, staying back in the shadows, her body taut in anticipation of a potential attack. There was no denying there was a certain thrill that came with these situations where adrenaline flooded her system. It was a high, but no matter how addictive it was she knew if the circumstances were right she’d give it up and get as far away from the life as she could get.

Bane slipped out of the cabin silently, his sharp gaze searching the immediate area for the threat and finding nothing. He was quick, but thorough as he made his way around the cabin, and he straightened up and sighed, expelling a heavy breath on the icy air when he caught sight of an animal. It was difficult to make out what it was exactly because it had moved away from the light, but it was large; a moose or maybe an elk. He had no idea which of them populated the forested areas in this part of the state.

He shook his head and went back inside. “All clear,” he said as he caught sight of Val. “Damn animal. Tell your boy toy to do somethin’ about that alarm’s sensitivity.”

“There’s not much you can do about animals triggering the alarm, Bane.” She relaxed slightly and turned to head back to Alex’s room. Besides, all that adrenaline coursing through her veins needed an outlet so he was going to be busy for a while.

He grunted and looked at the couple hiding in the shadows of the hallway. “Go back to bed.”

“I’m gonna check on Maria first,” Liz protested, but Bane blocked her way.

“I’ll do that. Go. To. Bed.”

Max placed a calming hand on his girlfriend’s arm and pulled her backwards. “Come on,” he urged her gently.

“I don’t want him around her all the damn time,” she hissed when she gave in and followed him back towards their room.

“I know what you mean, but we have to trust him at least with protecting her.”

“Yeah, I’m sure she’d do a helluva lot better with people who lie to her,” Bane called after them. Did they really think he wouldn’t overhear their whispered words in the silent hallway?

Liz stopped and turned around to face him again. “Why don’t you just shut up, Bane? You’re not a saint!”

He shrugged carelessly. “I’m not a liar either.”

“No, you’re just a killer.”

“Then count your lucky stars that you’re not dead.”

“Don’t threaten her,” Max growled.

“What’re you gonna do, Opie? Thumb wrestle me?” He snorted disdainfully. “You two go back to bed. It’s way past your bedtime.” He almost hoped Evans would come at him so he could give him a good beating.

“Son of a bitch,” Max muttered and pushed past Liz towards the other man. “I don’t know who you think you are, but we’re not some helpless children that you can order around just because you think you’re in charge here.”

“Because I THINK I’m in charge? I AM in charge. This’s my operation, you stupid fuck.” He brought his hands up and curled his fingers over repetitively in a ‘come on’ gesture. He smirked when the other man advanced on him and he waited until he was within striking distance before he reached out and gave him a good hard shove.

“YOUR operation was to kill Maria. That has nothing to do with it anymore.” Max didn’t let the agitated body language intimidate him.

He was bored with the tired game Evans was playing. Yeah, that had been his original mission, but the status quo had changed and he’d generated his own mission. And he didn’t need this kid telling him what his job was. Rather than participate in a verbal exchange he curled his right hand into a fist and hit the guy with a hard right cross.

Max stumbled back but he wasn’t about to give up. He collected his strength, trying to remember the lessons he’d had combining several kinds of combat sports although they seemed to be so far out of his grasp. He launched forward, ready to take the other man to the ground, but Bane saw him coming and was already lunging for another hit.

“What the hell you think you’re doing?” Maria threw herself in the line of fire, shocked when she had seen the fight going on between two men that should be working together.

Bane pulled his punch at the last second and he whirled on her. “You don’t get between two guys in a fight!”

“Watch me,” she challenged him with a glare.

“Maybe you’d like to get hit too! Damn it, is that what you want?!”

“Would you?”

“Why the hell are you defending this guy? He’s been lyin’ to you since day one.”

“And you tried to kill me on day one,” Maria told him dryly. “Seems to be bad karma.”

“They’ve been lyin’ to you for more than three years! And I didn’t try to kill you,” he corrected her. “If I meant to kill you you’d be dead.”

“Thanks, that’s so good to know.” She rolled her eyes. Yes, she still was mad at Max and Liz but she didn’t want them to get hurt just because of her. “A lot of people have already died or gotten hurt, Michael. I want it to stop. I don’t want to be the reason for any of this!”

“Woman, this right here doesn’t have anything to do with you. Opie over here seems to need an attitude adjustment and if he keeps baitin’ me that’s exactly what he’s gonna get.” He shot a look at the guy. Wouldn’t hurt to rearrange his nose either.

“He’s not the only one with the attitude, you know?” Out of the corner of her eye she could see Liz come up next to her boyfriend. She whispered something in his ear and he nodded and followed her down the hallway before the situation could end up in another battle.

“Why’re you getting on my ass about this? He’s the one who started it.”

She grinned to herself at his irritated tone while she turned to get a water out of the refrigerator. “Maybe because I know you’re getting frustrated by it.”

That wasn’t the only thing he was frustrated about. He moved up behind her, crowding her as he reached around her to snag a bottle of water. Damn, what he’d give for a good stiff drink right now!

The way his hard body pressed against her brought back all the exciting feelings from earlier and she shivered. “If you wanted a water you could’ve just said so.”

“I could’ve,” he said with a shrug.

She closed the door slowly and fought with her bottle to open it up. Not so easy when you were shaking with... whatever! No, she was not going there.

“Problem?” His tone held a hint of teasing as he moved to lean against one of the counters. He could practically feel how wired she was.

“No,” she answered way too quickly and placed the still sealed bottle aside in frustration.

It was cruel to leave her so wound up. “No?” He took a long drink of the ice cold water as he watched her.

Maria glared at him and reached out to snag the open bottle from him to cool her nerves. “Everything’s fine!”

“So you’re not wound up tight enough you feel like you’re gonna snap in two?” He nodded knowingly. “That’s good to know. Otherwise it’d sure make it hell to get any sleep.”

“I’m still just a little on the edge because of the alarm.” Yeah, it was a lie, but it could be true, right?

“Um-hmm, I’m sure that’s all it is.” He couldn’t leave it alone and he didn’t know why.

She hopped up on the counter across from of him and crossed her legs, the movement making her aware of other needs she was trying to ignore. “I want you to teach me how to fight. And how to shoot.”

That couldn’t possibly be what was on her mind. He shrugged and took another drink. “Good.”

Maria hadn’t expected him to be so agreeable. “Okay. Good.”

He bit back a grin at her obvious surprise. “We’ll have the place to ourselves soon as the rest of them clear out in the mornin’. We’ll get started then.”

She swallowed visibly while her eyes locked with his. They would be alone again. The thought was thrilling and scary at the same time.

“Just so you know, there’s gonna be plenty of close physical contact involved.”

“I’m aware,” she nodded.

“You will be,” he muttered as he took another drink of water.

Just the thought increased her heartbeat as well as the heat in her cheeks. A few minutes ago they had been in plenty of body contact and it had nothing to do with fighting tactics.

“I think you should get some sleep.” He motioned to the doorway and lifted an eyebrow while he waited for her to move.

“Yeah,” she whispered and slipped from the counter. It was late, or early, depending on how you looked at it and technically she should still be mad at him for reading her journal.

He waited until she had almost passed him before he spoke again. “Unless you need somethin’ else,” he offered.

Man, he had some nerve! Narrowing her eyes, she faced him in the semi-dark hallway. “I’m not gonna beg for it. You turned me down once when I asked. I’m not doing it again.”

“Learn to read between the lines.” He set the water bottle down and pushed away from the counter, turning to face her directly. His right hand came up to wrap around the back of her neck, exerting just enough force to hold her in place as he swooped in for a fast, hard kiss. “When the time’s right, Blondie, I’m gonna give you a proper introduction to hot sweaty sex, but it’s not gonna be with a house full of people.” There was no longer any question that she was his. The only question that really remained was what that meant beyond their current situation.

She wished he didn’t have this knee-weakening effect on her. Anticipation as well as a thrilling kind of fear flooded her veins at his promise. Nonetheless, she would take his offer. If he helped her to accomplish her stupid bucket list before her life ended... well, then she wouldn’t chicken out. “I’ll take you at your word,” Maria rasped, mirroring his intense stare.

“Go before I change my mind and say to hell with an audience,” he growled.

She smirked and nodded. “I’ll go.”

Shit, he needed a cold shower! He shot a baleful glance at the door to Val’s room. She’d give him hell if he interrupted her so she could take watch. Not that he was afraid of her. He just wasn’t in the mood to have another pissed off woman on his hands. He smirked to himself and pulled his gun out to clean it. Busy work, but it’d help keep his mind occupied. He certainly didn’t need it wandering into the bedroom with Maria while he was on watch.


Maria awoke to the sounds of muted conversation and the smell of bacon and eggs. Her stomach rumbled in response and she rolled over, blinking against the blinding light of the early morning sun reflecting off of the snow piled high outside. She stretched and as the sound of Michael’s voice reached her she felt the response to it deep inside her body. “No, no, no,” she muttered and forced herself out of bed.

She’d lain awake for hours after leaving him and climbing into bed, her entire body too keyed up to let her sleep. She shivered as his promise whispered across her mind and from there it took only the space of a heartbeat for her thoughts to return to kissing and touching him… to him kissing and touching her. She felt heat rush through her and she knew before she looked in the mirror that her cheeks were flushed.

She hurried to grab a quick shower and got ready for the day, leaving the bedroom and slipping out into the hall. The closer she got to the kitchen the more distinguishable the voices became and she paused in the shadowed recesses of the hallway to listen for a moment.

“We’ll get them a burner phone at the first opportunity,” Valkyrie was saying. “I’ll text you the number once it’s up and runnin’.”

“I’ll be the central contact and relay pertinent information.”

“Meaning you’ll decide what we need to know,” Liz spoke up.

“That’s right, Parker,” Michael growled. “And if you’ve got a problem with that you can just kiss my ass.”

Maria rolled her eyes at his baiting tactics. He was spoiling for a fight.

“Anyway,” Valkyrie interrupted, “once they’ve retrieved the information from the safe deposit box they’ll make contact with you. They’ll reach their destination and have some answers before we do.”

“I’ve given Max the necessary password and other information,” Alex spoke up. “They shouldn’t have any problem gaining access to the box.”

“Unless someone’s watchin’ it. We don’t know for sure that it’s not under surveillance. There’s always the possibility that The Circle has eyes on it, just waitin’ for someone to reveal their hand.”

“What do we do if someone approaches us after we’ve got the contents of the box?” Max asked.

“Run like hell,” Michael muttered. “They target you and you’re as good as dead.”

Maria leaned back against the wall, her expression thoughtful. What if they got killed because of her? What if Liz and Max risked their lives to get the stuff out of that box and they paid for it with their lives? She didn’t want them to die thinking she hated them.

“Growing roots over there?” Alex was the first to notice her presence and he gave her a teasing smile.

“Thinking about it,” she said with a shrug as she finally stepped into the kitchen.

“You should eat for once,” Michael said, sliding the plate he had fixed for himself across the counter to her.

Her eyes widened at the helpings on the plate. There was enough there to feed a small army, but rather than decline his offer she nodded and slid onto one of the barstools. She tried not to read too much into it but sometimes when he did something nice and he wasn’t yelling at her she found herself wishing it was something more that caused him to do things like this. “You really think it’ll be dangerous for them to get the stuff from the safe deposit box?”

He looked at her briefly while he fixed himself a new plate. “At this point everything involves a certain amount of danger.”

“Then maybe they shouldn’t be involved to that degree.” Michael and Valkyrie, they were trained killers, they knew how to protect themselves, but Max and Liz, they weren’t like that.

“It’s okay,” Liz spoke up. “We weren’t forced to be involved, remember? And we have training. Maybe not as much as the two of them, but we know how to handle weapons.”

“And is it worth dying for? Whatever’s in that box can wait a few more days.”

“If someone else is aware of it then it can’t wait,” Val said.

She sighed and shot a look at the couple they were discussing and she shook her head. “You don’t have to do this.”

“We know that,” Max assured her.

“Then do the smart thing and get out now.”

Michael took a seat at the counter as well, chewing on a piece of bacon before he spoke. “They’re already involved. They’re already on the the Circle’s hit list. Dropping out now won’t get them anywhere as long as they’re out there.”

She started pushing her food around her plate as she contemplated the truth she already knew.

“It’s really okay, Maria.” Liz hated to see her like this. She’d been through so much in her life and now she blamed herself for dragging everyone down with her.

“It’s not okay. It’s one thing if I get killed over this. I’m the one who started the ball rollin’ and askin’ all those questions. I don’t want the rest of you to get hurt or worse for it.” Her fork clattered loudly against the plate as she lifted her head to look at Liz, unaware of Alex ushering everyone else out of the kitchen. “You don’t deserve that.”

The brunette slipped from her barstool and walked around the counter to stand directly in front of her. “And you don’t deserve to be killed either. Nor do you deserve that everyone you ever knew has let you down. We’re here of our own free will because we care about you, Maria. And you don’t need to ever blame yourself for anything because none of us including you is responsible for this mess.”

“You told me to leave it alone and I wouldn’t. If I’d just left it alone we wouldn’t be in this mess right now.”

“But you would’ve never been free, Maria.”

“Did my uncle tell you to discourage me from lookin’ into the past?” she asked.

“Yeah, he did. He said you were wasting your time with it because there was nothing but an accident to discover.”

She drew in a shuddering breath. “Was it all a lie, Liz?”

“What do you mean?”

“Our friendship, all the conversations... all of it.”

“None of it was a lie, I swear it, Maria.” The brunette reached out and cradled the other girl’s face with both hands. “I’m your friend.”

“Why couldn’t you tell me the truth?” Her own voice wavered at the sincerity in the other girl’s voice.

“I don’t know,” she sighed. “It was our job and we knew if we told you then it was just a matter of time before they assigned someone else to you.” This had to sound like the worst apology ever. “I’m sorry.”

“You didn’t think you could trust me to not tell anyone else?”

“That’s not what I meant. But I’m pretty sure Halverson watched what we did or didn’t do.”

“All those times you guys talked me into going out and doing things, that was you?” She shook her head. “I mean, it wasn’t somethin’ you were told to do?”

Liz snorted. “Do you think your uncle would’ve ever wanted us to do that? He was furious!”

“But you worked for him. If he was so furious why didn’t he just fire you and request someone else take your place?” They were rational questions and she needed to be rational right now. She had to make sense of what she was being told.

“I don’t know. I think he liked the fact that you saw us as friends. He may be involved in the crime, but I do believe that he wanted you to be safe and although he needed to protect you, he didn’t want your life to be miserable.”

“The only thing that made my life miserable was not knowing the truth about what happened that day.”

“I know and I think your uncle knew as well. But think about it, Maria. He knew what would happen if you learned the truth and he wanted to prevent it.”

“Did you ever look into my uncle’s past?”

“Not until recently.”

“Do you know anything about his involvement with that secret organization?”

“No more than you do.”

She shook her head. “I can’t imagine why he would’ve been involved with something like that. They employ assassins and who knows what else they do? From what I’ve learned so far it sounds like they’re involved in bad things all over the world.”

“We don’t know how deeply your uncle was involved.”

“Deep enough to get him killed.” She looked away for a moment. “I don’t want anyone else to die over this mess.”

“And you shouldn’t die over it either,” Liz said with a gentle nudge.

“Yeah, well, I have an insane assassin watchin’ my back.” She snorted softly. “And so does Alex, but you and Max? You don’t have anyone if you go back out there.”

“Max an’ I are a lot stronger together than you think. And we can’t just sit around doing nothing.”

She nodded slowly, resigned to the fact that she had no control over how any of this played out. She had no control over whether or not Liz and Max took on the mission to retrieve the contents of the safe deposit box.

“We have to believe that we can bring them down.”

“Yeah.” She wanted to but her optimism was wavering in the face of the odds that were stacked against them.

She didn’t think twice about it and pulled the blonde into a tight hug. “That Michael guy’s a little rough. Think you can bear him a while longer?”

“I don’t have much choice, do I?” She turned her head towards the living room, knowing without seeing that he was close by. “He’s rough,” she agreed, “but I believe I’m safer with him than anywhere else.”

“He’s kinda your type,” the brunette winked, trying to lighten the mood. “Ya know... superficially.”

“And you know what my type is?”

“Yep. We’ve been to parties together, remember?”

“Oh, yeah, like that could really give you an idea.” She rolled her eyes. “C’mon, Liz, I was a complete nobody at those parties and no one ever noticed me.”

She snorted. “That’s bull, Maria. Just because no guy had the nuts to talk to you doesn’t mean no one noticed you.”

“Says the girl who got hit on by half the guys at those parties. I used to think Max was insane to leave you alone for two seconds.”

“I’m not insane,” he denied when he joined them slowly to check on them. “I trust her.”

“Yeah, I figured that out. Most guys just seem to be incapable of standing back and not getting in other guy’s faces when they try to make a play for their girl.”

“You two are unbelievable,” Alex rolled his eyes.

Maria smiled as the shattered pieces of one part of her world began to come back together. These people truly were her friends and now they were getting ready to go out and take part in the war she had unknowingly started. They weren’t arrogant about their abilities but they were confident and she knew she had to respect that and hope it was enough to keep them alive. “They’re not the only ones,” she said, shooting a quiet smirk at him.

“Yeah, Whitman,” Max gave the other man a little shove. “Unlike you, we don’t get a kick out of doing illegal stuff.”

“Hey, what can I say? I like to walk on the wild side on occasion.”

Maria narrowed her eyes at him. “Don’t think I’m gonna overlook the fact that you let me believe it was Valkyrie and Michael the other night.”

“Oh, you confronted him about that, huh?” He gave her a look. “Would you have believed me if I had admitted it?”

“Why would I think you’d make up something like that? She’d kill you.”

He snorted and nodded at Liz when she stared at him in disbelief. “That right there? That’s the reaction I would’ve expected from you.”

“And why would you care if Bane slept with that bitch?” the brunette muttered into Maria’s ear.

“I wouldn’t,” she denied. “I just wanted to make sure he wasn’t losing his focus.”

“Uh-huh.” She didn’t believe her, but she let it go for now.

“We should get ready to leave,” Max said gently and gave her a hug.

“Yeah, and I have more questionable activities to participate in,” Alex said with a grin.

Maria sighed and took a step back. “You guys be safe.”

“We’re gonna get through this,” he promised. “You hang onto that and do what your assassin tells you to do.”

“Well, unless it’s something that has nothing to do with keeping you safe,” Liz winked.

Alex pulled her into a hug. “Just don’t let him break your heart, girl,” he whispered. “I’m lookin’ into their pasts but I don’t have any answers yet. I have a feelin’ they’re both gonna be hard to hold onto but my gut says they’d be worth it if we could.” He released her and took a step back. “We’ll be in contact.”
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Re: THE ASSASSIN - AU/CC/Adult - Part 32 - 9/6/15

Post by Earth2Mama » Sun Sep 06, 2015 9:29 am

So... Maria is his girl. That didn't take long. :wink:

I don't know... an animal? I still get the feeling that someone was out there, spying on them. :?

I'm glad that Max, Liz, and Maria have become civil towards one another. Now if only the boys would get along. :roll:
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Re: THE ASSASSIN - AU/CC/Adult - Part 32 - 9/6/15

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sun Sep 06, 2015 10:16 am

I think that it was more then an animal out there. But it is good that it looks like Maria and Liz are rebuilding their friendship.
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Re: THE ASSASSIN - AU/CC/Adult - Part 32 - 9/6/15

Post by keepsmiling7 » Sun Sep 06, 2015 1:50 pm

Some things are moving together better......hope they continue.

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Re: THE ASSASSIN - AU/CC/Adult - Part 32 - 9/6/15

Post by Eva » Tue Sep 08, 2015 5:09 am

Bane/Michael's promise for the future was great to read. The tension is really building to a point where they can't avoid each other anymore.

It's good that Maria talked things through with Max & Liz. Now that everything is cleared, everyone can go on their mission with a clean sheet. They can focus on it, within rechewing the past.
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Re: THE ASSASSIN - AU/CC/Adult - Part 32 - 9/6/15

Post by begonia9508 » Tue Sep 08, 2015 11:36 am

An animal? Maybe it was... or maybe not!...

Anyway it is always thrilling to read this story, as the people are being sooo friendly to each other and more... :roll: :wink:

Thanks EVE :mrgreen:
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