Baby it's cold outside (AU,M/L,MATURE) Ch 11 - 3/18 [WIP]

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Baby it's cold outside (AU,M/L,MATURE) Ch 11 - 3/18 [WIP]

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Title: Baby it's cold outside

Disclaimer: I own nothing to the song or Roswell-- Just some fun
Rating: Mature
Category: AU without Aliens ( M/L)
Summary: Trying to escape her over barring brother--Liz moves to New Mexico to finish her college final two yr. term--only to have a familiar face meet her there. Will it be Love for her this time around?

Written By: LovelyPom83 aka POM :)

Chapter one: First-Second encounter

Frantically looking around at the huge college and swarming students at every corner, she didn’t know where to start. Liz Parker was starting her first year at Roswell University; she wanted a change—and getting away from her aunt and uncle for an entire year seemed to the best solution.

She was so focused on running to keep up with her schedule that she made the mistake of running right into a brick wall, or so she thought it was.

Slamming to the ground and causing her books to scatter in all different locations around her, she was left breathless. She almost didn't notice the voice trying to ask her if she was alright—it took her a few moments to reply.

“I’m so sorry; I wasn't looking where I was going,” Liz said meekly as she got on her hands and knees, trying to scoop up her papers and books, too embarrassed to look at the other person.

“It’s alright--I wasn't looking where I was going either,” his voice was like pure silk—with sudden caution he looked at her hoping that she would notice him, but she never did.

Liz tried desperately to hide the red tone that seeped through her cheeks. It was always incredibly easy to make her blush--it was the one thing that she wished she could change about her appearance.

“I've never seen you before...are you new?” With that question, Liz made herself look in his direction, and her dark brown eyes met smoldering amber eyes in return.

“Max?” she said almost inaudible under clenched teeth, almost in awe of the man that was standing in front of her now.

What in the world was Max doing in Roswell, New Mexico of all the places he could teach at—why would it be here? Liz looked up again and realized that he was still peering down at her...waiting for a reply, so she decided to play along.

“Ah, yeah...I just moved here from California. Is it that easy to notice it’s been a rough first week if you know what I mean?” Liz smiled and tried to stand again, but her legs felt like liquid under his hot intense glaze.

Soon enough she regained her balance, only to have it disappear, and she started to fall again. But not before he caught her in his strong sturdy arms and held her there for a few moments. It felt like eternity—it felt right.

“Are you alright?” Damn Liz good job with trying to keep it cool and natural, he’s probably screaming with laughter in his head right about now.

“Miss?” he asked again in concern and with the look that easily spread across his face—Liz knew that deep down he really meant it.

Right then Liz feels into a trance, one that she wished would not over take her so soon—he always had this effect on her, and spoke a thought that should have remained just that.

“You’re beautiful.” Right at that moment Liz wished she was dead and she’d fall off the face of the earth.

“Excuse me?” He asked trying with all his might not to burst out laughing, and regained his composure.

“I’m so sorry—I—um....I’m going to be late. Thank you for helping me,” Liz was in no rush to go to class, but she was in a hurry to get out of that situation.

“Why do these things always happen to me?” Liz sighed almost relieved to enter her next class, taking the first seat in the first row in the large stadium-seating class room.

Liz sat there for a good twenty minutes. One by one, students started to fill the classroom until all the seats where filled and there were even people standing in the very back of the room.

“I heard there is a waiting list to get into this class. This new teacher is supposed to be a rebel with his new teaching habits,” Liz heard the girl next to her say to one of her girlfriends that sat behind her.

‘He’d better have a damn good explanation being here—I’d bet my brother has something to do with it. All I wanted was some peace and quiet, and now all I have is more trouble.’ Liz thought to herself as the conversation between the two girls continued on, and she wished she had chosen a seat in the back of the room.

“Yeah, I’ve heard some good things about the teacher himself—he’s a total hottie. I wouldn't mind staying after class for him, if you know what I mean,” The girls started giggling as the bell rang and the teacher strolled in and all the girls literally sighed as he came into full view.

While Liz sunk her head onto the desk and sighed heavily, she couldn't get a break—she transferred classes and was glad that this one was open...well, that was before she knew that he was teaching it. All the other classrooms where closed and Locked, she had no other options but stay or fail.

Her thoughts were interrupted when he started to talk, but she still kept her head down, almost planning to sleep through the class, the last thing she needed was for him to pick on her for the next hour.

Right away, he walked to the board and wrote down his name in legible writing, ‘Max Evans’ there was no prefix to it—Liz wasn't used to such a casual attitude.

He was anything but casual, well at least that was the man she used to know, it wasn't that long ago—only a few years.

“Hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the discovery of Love, Lust, and Sex. I am your teacher—Maxwell Evans. You may call me Max. I am twenty five years old; I have a graduate degree in both education and psychology. I've spent the last couple years trying to find the fine line between Love, Lust, and Sex. How it all ties together, when it works in some cases—while at other times you will just crash and burn.” This wasn't her Max talking--she almost didn't know who he was.

Where did this come along? The Max Evans she knew always wanted to become a fifth grade science teacher—it was one of the many things she has always admired and loved about him. This Max that stood before her isn’t the same guy that used to follow her around the school yard fighting other boys that tried to kiss her—because they wanted her to be their girlfriend.

My mind broke out of the memory when everyone started laughing at that last part because everyone knew that, that much was indeed true.

“Now, for our first lesson—girls—sorry, women,” which caused all the ‘girls’ in the room to giggle like school girls.
Liz just rolled her eyes in disgust—and tried to be invisible.

“By a show of hands, how many want to kiss a guy after the first date?”

A majority of the room raised their hands; Liz was one of the few that didn’t which caused Max to look in her direction.

He started to walk over to her and stopped a few feet away. Right at that moment, Liz silently prayed that he would pick on one of the giggling twits behind her.

“You don’t like to be kissed on the first date?” Liz even ignored him when she noticed that indeed he was asking her opinion on the topic. He had a slight smirk on his face, almost arrogant—and Liz wanted to the opportunity to be the one to wipe it off.

He was doing this on purpose—he knew it was Liz and Liz knew it was Max, at the very instant Liz was all game—and wanted to shut him up once and for all.

“No.” Liz simply replied, knowing full well that he was going to push it even further.

“Why might I ask?” he continued in almost a cocky tone, but still kept his teacher expression on his face, hoping to make his point at my expense.

“Because I would like to get to know a guy a little bit better before I take that step. Besides it isn’t the kiss that girls crave—it’s the anticipation of one that makes the kiss even better than guys would ever imagine,” this time it was Liz’s turn to smirk at the man bellowing above her.

“Anticipation...?” Max asked curiously.

“Yes, the anticipation of the kiss—just moments before, wondering and hoping if the kiss is even going to happen, that’s the moment that a girl craves. If you don’t have the anticipation and butterflies in your stomach, you should just kiss your brother or uncle because that’s what it feels like,” Liz sat back in her chair, speaking matter-of-factly, leaving him at loss for words.

Breaking the eye contact Max held with Liz, almost forgetting about the class he was in the middle of teaching, Max went back to the entire room to ask another question, but he wasn't done with this observation about lust.

“How many women agree with her?” Liz looked around as every single girl raised their hands.

“I think to prove her point—there would have to be a demonstration. Who would like to come up here?” Liz looked around and all the girls turned a bright crimson red and hid their faces from view.

“C’mon ladies—I will not bite.” but still no one was brave enough.

“Liz Parker, will you be brave enough to do me the honor?” He had a half slimmed smirk that completely covered his handsome face.

She slowly got up and made her way to the front of the large room—and tried with all her might not to yell at the top of her lungs for him to 'go to hell', but Liz knew she would never say anything like that.

They haven’t seen each other since her high school graduation, and things did not end as smoothly as Max would have liked. Liz loved him with everything she had—and Max wanted to try something new—without her, but that was three years ago.

Liz tried her best every single day to encourage herself to go on—that he wasn’t worth wasting her life over, and look at herself now...she got through it.

Keeping to the task at hand, Liz tried her best not to stray away, even when she stepped closer to him, careful not to touch him.

The anticipation to kiss him was running like acid throughout her veins; she had to restrain herself not to kiss him with all her might.

He bent down, she inched forward, and they stopped only a half inch away from one another. Liz could feel his warm breath on her face, and she fought the strong urge to close the gap between them—but she stayed her ground.

Just as Max could feel himself starting to give into the ‘anticipation’, the clock hit the hour and Max pulled away almost instantly, but not before whispering in her ear—“You’re beautiful”.

The class that had just barely begun was now over and every student started to piled out of the room, everyone except for Liz who stood her ground as Max yelled above the movement asking them to read chapter two and be ready for the discussion tomorrow.

Guessing this was his free period since he closed and locked the door behind him, Liz turned around towards Max, and she stood there with her arms crossed, waiting for him to say something.

“Hey, Liz—um...surprise.” Max looked a little eager to what she was going to say in return; almost afraid of the rage he was in for.

“Max, why are you here?” Max sighed heavily—and took his time to reply.

“To win you back; Liz I love you.” Leaving Liz breathless not sure to reply to such a confession.

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Re: Baby it's cold outside ( M/L AU w/o Aliens) Chapter one

Post by LovelyPOM83 » Wed Dec 04, 2013 5:00 am

* begonia9508- Thank for the fb, it's really comforting to know people really do read and like my fiction story. And yes, we get an inside look into M/L's past in this next coming chapter. :)

* Natalie36- Thank you for your fb, and yest it may be an issue for M/L--but who knows? LOL! :D Keep reading to fine out. :wink:

* Keepsmiling7- Haha! Yes a re-introduction it is! I hated that I never finished this story, it finally got to me. I'm determined to finish it this time around. And just in time for Christmas..I hope you like it.

* L-J-L 76- Thanks for your nice words, and yes, I am back. I couldn't help myself. I like reading feed back from you all. This next chapter does give you a small glimpse into why Max is trying to win Liz's heart back. I do hope you keep reading. :)

Hope everyone enjoys the next chapter...thank you for reading whether you comment or not. :) it mean a lot to me. <3 POM :mrgreen:


Chapter two: Flashback of Memories

*Liz POV*

As Max confessed his true intentions, Liz began to remember all the events that led them to this point.


“Maria, only a few more hours until we are free from high school, and then we are college bound,” I was ecstatic; it would be the most important day of my life so far.

I looked over at Maria, “You’re not dressed yet! Please stop sulking—New Mexico isn’t that far away.”

I’d been trying to cheer her up every day since she got the acceptance letter to NMU. She applied to ten different schools, and she was hoping to go to school with Michael, my very over protective older brother.

She’d been more than disappointed every single day for the past month, dreading the day that she would have to leave for New Mexico.

“Yes, it is Liz. It’s almost two states away—it wasn’t supposed to be this way. I was supposed to be going to UCLA with you and my Michael.”

I tried really hard not to gag at how sweetly she said ‘my Michael’, but urged a small smile on my face, not for my brother—but for my best friend.

For me, it wasn’t the same thing because when I tried to sympathize with her and relate to her situation, I really couldn’t because my boyfriend (who is my brother’s best friend) went to USC, and his school was only going to be twenty or so minutes away from mine.

As for myself, I didn’t apply to UCLA because it was a family tradition—I did it because I was told to. My older brother Michael tended to acted more like my father rather than my idiotic brother.

Our parents died almost ten years ago to this day. We were sent to live with my dad’s sister and her husband. Michael and I originally lived in Colorado and getting used to living in California took some time.

I looked forward to the snow every winter, and in Anaheim there was nothing but sun with the occasional rain shower, but definitely no snow. When we first moved there, I was reluctant to leave the house, but soon I met Maria, and Michael befriended Maxwell.

Max and Michael were the same age and exactly two years older than me. Max and I got along really great and connected almost instantly, and as the years went on, the connection only grew stronger.

He waited until I was fourteen to officially ask me out on our first date. But really, we’ve been together since I was ten yrs. old—and he was twelve, we just never made it official. I made sure that Max ran the idea past Michael—he would be the one person who was sure to act like an idiot. My aunt was ecstatic and voiced her opinions openly and how it was about time Max made the move to finally ask me out.

Michael was a completely different story. Max talked to his best friend alone in his room while I sat across the hallway—quietly pacing the length of my room, glancing at the small digital clock next to my bed every three minutes. The time felt like it was going slower than usual—every second felt like eternity. I wanted so badly to walk across the brown carpet and open the door to my brother’s room and demand that he let me have my freedom, but I knew Michael more than anyone, and he’d never allow it.

I felt like I was getting lost in my memory as—I could hear someone calling my name, and I quickly snapped out of it find Maria staring at me—like something was wrong.

“Liz?” I did a double take, and the memories that were at once surrounding me faded away, pulling me back to reality—four years had passed, and today was graduation.

“Liz? Are you alright?” Maria sat up now, a little more cautious, and looked at me a little too eager—almost standing up to get someone, and I knew just who that someone would be. I didn’t want to face my brother right now.

“No...I’m alright...I was just thinking.”

Maria’s cautious glare turned softer, and she settled back into her spot.

“Thinking about what?” I didn’t want her to know that I was feeling sorry for her, so I said the only true thought that was always running through my mind.

“My parents,” with that I got up from the bed and started to rummage through my closet, looking for the teal-colored flowing dress that I was planning on wearing to our graduation ceremony.

“I’m sorry Lizzie—I wish your mom and dad could be here for you today. I’m so concerned about leaving Michael, but I have my ironic mother and you--you guys don’t have anyone.”

I stopped looking for my dress, and looked back at Maria’s broken--faced stare that she was giving me.

“It’s okay...really, I have Aunt Nancy and Uncle Jeff—they are the closest things to adult supervision that I can remember,” I smiled sadly, but at the same time, I looked at a picture my parents, on there wedding day.

It was suppose to be them standing beside me today, but sometimes fate is out of our hands—and we just roll with the punches. But at the same time I was grateful for Nancy and Jeff—at least Michael and I had them to turn to.

Again, I got up and headed to my closet, taking out the teal dress and carefully putting it on over the set of curls that I earlier spent the morning doing. Maria saw the clock and decided it was time for her to leave, but not before sneaking off to spend a little time with Michael before heading to her own house to get ready.

I was eager to leave—I hadn’t had a chance to talk to Max all week. I’d been so distracted with finals that I hadn’t had time for Max.

Quickly putting on my shoes I grabbed my cap and gown and headed to the garage. Getting into my silver Volvo, I turned the ignition key, heard the roaring of the engine, and headed to Max’s apartment. It was only ten minutes away, and I was glad for that one advantage.

“Max?” I called aloud as I turned the key in the lock. He was at his kitchen table reading the newspaper.
We both smiled on seeing one another, and I walked into his arms openly. He was careful not to mess up the curls that waved around my face.

“Sorry, I got caught talking to Maria,” I murmured as I whispered against his lips.

“That’s gave a little extra time to get ready and get your present wrapped,” he gave me a shy grin, and I returned it eagerly.

“You didn’t have to get me anything,” I purred as I tried to grab it from him—almost in a playful motion.

“I didn’t huh...” he was reluctant, and held it behind him once more.

“Not until after the ceremony,” he chuckled while I pouted, and he leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.

"Okay, not until after the ceremony."

He simply smiled while I continued to pout. My pouting had always worked before, but that was only if he didn’t have complete control over the situation—which he did right now.

I knew that I was not going to get my way this time, instead I stepped back and retrieved my purse from the kitchen counter and started to make my way to the door—Max was not that far behind me.

“Let’s go get this over with...” I sighed as Max pulled open my door and I climbed into his black SUV sedan,
I couldn’t help the swarm of butterflies that were now wreaking havoc inside of me, but when I looked into his eyes, I was calm, and I knew that everything was going to be alright.

The one milestone I’ve been looking forward to my entire four years passed by in a flash—and as soon as we were marching in, we were marching out.

I caught sight of my aunt and uncle, both with huge smiles on their faces. While Michael was more focused on Maria, he occasionally looked up at me to smile with that huge grin of his.

I saw Max, and he was on his phone, talking in this huge heated discussion. I could tell because his face was bright red, and he only got that way when he was upset.

In my first instinct, I wondered what was wrong. As I inched closer to him, he was oblivious to me—so involved in his conversation that I could hear him a little clearer this time.

“You can’t do this—you have to give me more time.”

More time...more time for what? I was confused—what was going on?

“I can’t leave tomorrow—you promised me two weeks, you cannot go back on your word!” he was now shouting into the phone, and this was not the Max that I knew.

“Fine, I'll see you there. Goodbye!" he snapped his phone shut.

“Max?” I meekly call to him aloud as I could see that he was trying to get his breathing under control.

He quickly spun around—unaware that I was only standing a couple of inches from him, and his once-red face was slowly turning back to his normal bronze color.

“Liz? Umm...we need to talk.” he tried to swallow—his throat seemed as hollow as my own.

“Wait, I need to say bye to my aunt and uncle.”

He nodded and followed me back to everyone, and after, they took pictures and I hugged all of them.

Max took my hand into his own, and led the way back to his truck. The ride was quiet, neither one of us wanted to have this discussion in here, but he kept my hand entwined in his own.

It wasn’t until we got into his apartment that he looked a little nervous, pacing the hardwood floor in front of me.
He wanted to talk--but I didn’t.

I only wanted him.

So, I stopped him in his tracks, stepped on my tip toes and kissed the nape of his neck. He tried to stop me, but I already had my hands around his neck and wrapped in his raven black hair, silently pleading with him.

“Max, make love to me...please,” I whispered into his ear, nibbling on his ear lobe, I could hear him groan—he knew he didn’t have a chance to fight off his own desire as well as mine.

He picked me up, and carried me to his bed. Our love making session was slow and very loving. It was something new for him, only because he was more the eager-type.

It was usually over as soon as it started, but this...this is was something new.

He took his time, almost as if he was trying to remember every single inch of my body—he kissed every inch of me. And it only left me wanting him even more.

“Max please...” I begged—but he didn’t listen, instead he moved even slower which I actually seemed to like.

Even as he entered me, it wasn’t quick and determined. It was slow, as if he was longing to make the best of the night. His mouth made his way back up to mine, and we kissed as he continued his motion, meeting my own.

“I love you Liz,” he whispered in my ear—he sounded almost hurt, but I pushed all thoughts out of my way and focused on him.

“I love you too,” I moaned as his pace started to quicken. A climax started to rush over me—and soon after for him as well. He stayed inside of me, not wanting to pull out anytime soon.

He rolled me over until I was facing him. The moonlight was shining into the room making it look even emptier than before. I was the first one to talk.

“You’re leaving...aren’t you?”

Max kissed my nose and he simply nodded, almost afraid to say the words himself.

“I got the internship at NYU; they told me I would be able to start in two weeks—but something came up, and um...they want me there the day after tomorrow.”

I sighed heavily as I leaned into his chest even closer, not wanting to leave his side.

“What does that mean for us?” I said almost in a light whisper—but I knew that he heard me.

“I’ve been trying not to think of that...but I do not want you to wait for me...I want you to experience all that life has to offer. Long distance relationships don’t work—so I’ve heard. I don’t want that for you. I think it’s for the best that we go our separate ways.”

I tried to keep my breathing intact while he said all of this. I knew that he didn’t want to voice these words, that it pained him to say them as much as it hurt me to hear them.

But I could hear my heart crushing at the same time.

“No, you can’t leave me! You promised you would never hurt promised Max,” I blurted out through tears of raw emotion.

“You will find someone better than me. My future is in New York, and yours is here.” I could see tears welling up in his eyes, almost as if he didn’t want to say the words that he was forcing out of his own mouth.

“You’re the only one I want Max. You are my love, you’re my life. When are you going to see that?” I pleaded with him. “Take me to New York with you,” I was up on my knees almost begging with him to reconsider.

“Elizabeth, you know I can’t—your brother will have you back here in a few days,” his heart was being torn from his chest; I could visibly see that now.

“Then let’s get married—I don’t give a fuck what my stupid brother thinks. Right now...let’s go to Vegas, and then, we can go to New York together.”

Max simply sat there and shook his head no.

“Don’t you want to marry me?” I asked in a meek tone as I sunk back to his side.

“Of course I do...but I want to do it the right way, and I think a little time on both of our parts will do us some good.”

The disbelief was clearly visible on my face, and he looked torn between emotions.

“What good will that do? I’ll be in California, and you’ll be across the country.”

He didn’t say anything—he just sat there in complete silence.

I quickly got up and started to get dressed, walking out the room, and Max wasn’t that far behind me, pulling on his pants.

“Liz, wait—please!” he begged as I continued to raid the living room for my shoes.

“You’ve been my one and only girlfriend since I was twelve-years-old –you’re the only girl I ever wanted, and you’re still the only girl that I want. It’s just—“ he looked down and shoved his hands in his pockets. He looked like he was indeed twelve-years-old once more.

“It’s just--I need do to this for me,” he slowly walked up to me, and I stood as still as a statue.

He slowly leaned down and kissed me full on the mouth, pulling away slowly, “I love you, Elizabeth Parker.” He pulled out the present that he was going to give me before—it was a slender envelope.

“It’s plane tickets; I was going to take you to Paris, France, for the week--but now that I can’t, you can just use those whenever you want. I’m so sorry Liz, for hurting you—I never intended for that. You are my love, you are my life. But I have my own personal reasons for doing this—I just need you to understand.”

I wiped the tears that now streamed down my face.

“I understand Max,” I slowly looked up at him, his anguish painted across his face. “I love you too,” I leaned up to him and kissed him back. The kiss was eager on my part, but soft for him.

“Good bye, my love.” I whispered as I walked past him and out the door as I fumbled for my keys, got into my car, and quickly drove away before I had a chance to change my mind.


A week went by, and then a month passed—everyone knew what happened between Max and me. It was not a secret anymore. Of course Michael was furious, and I had to physically stop him from going to New York to kick Max’s ass.

Something was different though because I was constantly tired, and everything I ate made me sick. I didn’t know what was wrong until I went to the doctor’s office, and they told me that I was exactly one month pregnant.

I was in shock and told my Aunt Nancy and Maria. As for Maria I made her swear on her mother’s life not to tell Michael. That was the last thing that I needed--my brother out to kill both Max and myself.

I kept it to myself, for another two months or so, until I started to feel pain. In total and unbearable pain, I passed out in the middle of class and everything went black.

It only seemed like a second went by, but I opened my eyes, and I wasn’t at school, but I was hooked up to monitors and a white room with something constantly beeping. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks—and tried to sit up, but my aunt was stopping me.

“Liz? Calm down.” Nancy took my hand in hers and gently tried to urge me lay back down and I did as she wanted me to.

“What happened?” I choked out—almost unable to find my voice.

“You’re okay...but the baby.”

My eyes started to tear up, and I repeated it in my head, ‘the baby’.

“What’s wrong with my baby?” almost not wanting to hear what she had to say, but knowing full well that I had to.

“You had a miscarriage--I’m sorry Lizzie.”

My head sank back onto the pillows, and all the thoughts of having a small bundle of joy now dissolved into nothing. I was now completely alone—I closed my eyes and started to cry.

(Present Day)

As the memory faded out, I was taken back to the present. Max stood before me now with a concerned look plastered onto his face.

“Liz, are you alright?”

I shook my head ‘no’ as I leaned against the large wooden desk for support. He was at my side in an instant.

“Liz, what’s wrong?”

I simply looked up at him, ignoring his question but asked him my own.

“Did you find what you were looking for?”

He took a step back from me, looked me in the eyes and stated, “You’re what I wanted. You’re what I’ve always been looking for. I was a fool to let you go.”

He was right about that--he was a fool, but the plain truth was that I loved him.

That was the one thing that never changed over the last three years. He was the one for me—I knew that the day I first met him, and I knew that right now.

“Will that fool be willing to buy me a cup of coffee?” I half smiled as I saw a gleam of hope flash in his eyes.

“Yes. Yes I would,” he picked up my book bag and held open the door for me as we made our way across campus.

I knew this was only the start—he was in no way off the hook, yet. This was seriously going to be a long day, but it was going to be the start of something new for the both of us.


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Re: Baby it's cold outside ( M/L AU w/o Aliens) Ch. 2 12/4

Post by LovelyPOM83 » Fri Dec 06, 2013 9:21 pm

Thank you everyone for there wonderful feedback, it really mean a lot to me.
L-J-L 76

Hope everyone enjoys the next chapter. :D


Chapter 3: Foolishness
(Max POV)

Sitting in the small coffee shop in the far back corner booth, I was taking in her every motion. She invaded my soul, and I wanted to lose myself in her essence.

It reminded me of the part of myself that I shut out—the time when I pushed her away from me. The past--our past--hit me like a ton of bricks as those memories came flooding back.


*Flashback* (August 20,1998)

I remember when I was younger, when Michael and Liz first moved out to Orange County, and my mom explained to me just why they had moved from their home--and it made me wish that things were different for their family.

It made me appreciate all the small things--one of them being my very annoying little sister Tess. But, trust me, there are still parts of me that wish I was an only child, and that she’d never had been born.

When I met Elizabeth Parker after school, Michael introduced us, and even at twelve--years--old, I knew that she was the one. I looked into her chocolate brown eyes, and I fell for her. I was two years older than her, but I wasn't going to stop me from seeing if this connection is both ways. Of course, it was--our bond was unbreakable.

Right away I could tell that Michael was very over--protective of her, watching out for her, making sure no stupid boys would mess with her. On the days were he'd be sick and have to stay home from school, I would be the one to keep her company.

As the years went on, our connection only grew stronger--and I didn't get the courage to ask her out on a date until I was 15 yrs. old when it came time to man up and officially ask Liz, I was scared shitless. Not because of her Uncle, but because of Michael. He scared off any potential boyfriend offers she'd ever gotten, but Liz didn't care about them--she'd only cared about me.

"Max I want to go out with you, and actually be able to hold your hand out in public without having to pull away from you every two seconds, scared of who might see us. But at the same time, I want to be able to have a boyfriend that might actually be alive."

I was confused on the last part--I was alive.

"I'm not following Liz," I shoved my hands in my pockets as she started to pace in front of me.

"Don't you get it Max--you have to tell Michael, you have to ask for his approval. I'm scared that if you tell him about us, he's going to freak out--and he'll kill you. I know him--he's my brother."

I stepped in her way, blocking her from pacing the rest of the path she was making in her room.

"I'll take care of it," I put on a brave grin, hopeful that she will not try to stop me. I had already worked out a plan in my head.

"I don't care how long it takes--we are going out on Friday," I pulled her into my arms and held her to me as I tried to calm her down as anxiety got the best of her.

"I'm talking to him today."

She pulled out of my grasp and stared at me, questioning if I should do just that.

"What? Max--please."

I know that she wanted his approval--she wanted a normal relationship instead of always wanting to hide, but she was scared for me. She knew what Michael was capable of--and the last thing she wanted was for me to be the center of his next brawl.

“Liz, we have to—I want to be able to kiss you without looking over my shoulder constantly. Elizabeth Parker, I love you and I want the entire world to know it,” with that I stepped closer to her and wrapped my arms around her tiny waist, pulled her to me and kissed her full on the mouth.

I know that Liz was trying to pull away, afraid of who might come in and see us, but instead, I only pulled her closer. Her attempts to pull away lessened, and her arms were now wrapped around my neck, making me want to kiss her more.

Suddenly, there was a knocking on the door, and we pulled apart and stood on opposite sides of her room. Liz’s Aunt Nancy made her way into the small narrow doorway, holding a basket of laundry.

“Liz, honey, could you help me?” she looked up and was quite surprised to see me there.

“Max, I didn’t hear you come in—this is a surprise. Did you want to see Michael? I think he should be in his room.” I gave a sideways glance at Liz as I nodded and smiled at Nancy.

“Yes, I think I should. It was nice seeing you again, Liz,” I smiled as I made my way around the ladies and across the hallway and into Michael’s room. Looking directly into Liz’s chocolate eyes as I closed the door, I knew this discussion would decide our fate.

“Michael, we need to talk.” I stood there in the middle of his room, as he turned away from the computer and looked up at me.

“What about?”

There was a part of me that seriously wanted to run from the room, but then Liz’s face shone in my mind, and I remembered why I was there, so I stood my ground.


I tried to keep it as simple as it could, not wanting him to pounce on me like I was his prey without explaining my reason first.

“What about Liz? Did that Valenti guy do something to her again—I swear I’m really going to put that guy in his place come tomorrow.”

I swallowed harshly, but the burning in my throat was still there.

“Calm down man, it’s not about Kyle. It’s about me.”

I knew this really caught his attention because he began to stare me down with blackened eyes.

“I want your blessing to ask Liz out on a date.”

He was up from the small black computer chair in an instant. He started to make his way towards me; it seemed almost in slow motion.

“Michael, easy man. We’ve been seeing each other for awhile now--we just want to make it official.” This was clearly not the right thing to say because he was in full-attack mode.

“I trusted you man—you were the one guy I trusted around Liz, and you broke that trust. How could you?” he was ten shades of fury red, and I wanted more than anything to not be there. But I wanted the ultimate prize--I wanted Liz forever.

“It wasn’t planned Michael--it just sort of happened.” He lunged for me, and I jumped out of his reach.

“C’mon, Mike, you fell for her best friend, and she fell for yours. Isn’t that plain to see? Even you can’t deny that one.”

That took off one knot of pain from his face, but there was still plenty to go around.

“She’s the one girl I told you to stay away from. Why couldn’t you just listen? I don’t want to hurt you, Max,” he practically growled as he inched closer to me.

“She’s not just some girl, Michael. I love her and she loves me.” As I backed up and stood only inches away from the door to his closet, he moved with me. It wasn’t until my back hit the hard wall did I notice that he was still coming towards me.

I shut my eyes tight, expecting his fist to make contact with my face, but instead, it hit the door. I opened my eyes almost expecting him to be in sudden pain, but he was still furious. I don’t think it quite registered with him.

Instead, he grabbed me by the shirt--his hand tightly clenching my blue polo. It felt like he was lifting me off the ground in one swift movement, but in his eyes I could tell that the anger was slowly decreasing. The only way I knew this little tidbit of information was because his gaze was locked squarely with mine.

“I swear on my parents’ lives—if you so much as hurt her in any way, shape or are going to wish you were already dead. I don’t give a rat’s ass if it’s two days or two years from now, if she tells me that you hurt her—“ his voice was cut off by the sudden intrusion of his girlfriend, Maria.

“Mike, what the hell are you doing?” Maria shrieked as she stood in the foot of his door way.

It wasn’t until she came into the room, that she realized that it was me that Michael almost had in a choke hold.

“Michael, why are you doing this?”

Michael only rolled his eyes--the attempt to look threatening was beginning to wear off.

“I want to date, Liz,” I choked out as Michael returned his attention to me, almost tightening his grasp.

“Well, it’s about time.”

Michael looked at Maria with an annoyed glance.

“You knew about them?” he asked, looking at her full on as he still held me in place.

“C’mon, Mike, it’s not rocket science—they’ve been crazy about each other since you introduced them.”

I tried to clear my throat to get her to look at me; Michael really didn’t need to hear about this now.

Definitely not when he still had me in his grasp, but Maria was usually lost in her own world when she got to talking, I just clenched my eyes shut again, waiting for him to sock me in the face or something. I loved Liz with all my heart, and I wasn’t going to fight him if that’s what he wanted to do. I was willing and able to get my ass kicked for her, anything to have her be mine.

“Mike, let him go—please, for me? Please let him go.”

He was stubborn and set in his ways, but the only weakness he had was Maria. In this moment I was glad she’d shown up at this exact time and place.

Slowly, his hands fell to his sides, and I stood up straight, fixing my shirt. He gave me a stone cold stare. We stood there for what seemed like eternity, exchanging the same glance, but once again, it was Maria’s voice that knocked us both to reality.

“Guys, shake hands,” she had to elbow him in the ribs to get him to follow directions, but he did as he was told. My hand clasped with his, and it felt like he was going to break it, but I didn’t show any emotion—I knew he would be grateful for that.

“That’s good guys,” she edged closer to him and gave him a hug that quickly grew into more. Suddenly, she was kissing him--it was really awkward, but she opened her eyes and made a slight hand motion for me to get out while she still had him under her spell.

I walked swiftly out of the room, trying not to burst through the door across the hallway to Liz’s waiting arms.

( Still in the past) July 12, 2005

Time went on going and soon enough I had graduated from high school and started college. I admit it was not the
same without Liz at my constant side, but we didn’t spend every other moment together outside of school.

I had planned to propose to her as soon as she got into college, and then we’d really be together forever.

But my father had got word of my plans from a little annoying bird. He came over to my house to have a few words with me a couple weeks before Liz’s graduation.

“Dad, what are you doing here?” I asked blankly as he let himself into my house, and I stood stupidly by the door.

“Your sister told me about your little plans with this Liz girl.”

She wasn’t just some girl—I loved her, why didn’t he get that?

“I thought we talked about this, Maxwell? You were supposed to head over to NYU–everything is all set, and you agreed to go. You can’t back out--what will my colleagues think of me?” he was now pacing in front of the chair I was sitting in. He always did this—he always had to have his way. But with this one thing...I just couldn’t.

“No, dad that’s what you want. I want to marry Liz Parker. Why can’t you just be happy for me like Mom and Tess?”

His face shot from a normal shade to a bright crimson red, but I didn’t care—I wasn’t going to let him to walk over Liz.

“You told me that you liked Liz, what happened?” I now stood up and looked him square in the face, not letting him walk all over me either.

“I do, Maxwell, but you can do so much better.”

Now, it was my turn for the fury to take hold of me.

“What are you talking about?” I shouted at him as he only stepped closer to me, mirroring my stance.

“If you don’t leave for New York, your little Liz will suffer greatly.”

I looked up at him, in shock of just what he was implying. No, it just can’t be—is he threatening me?

“You can’t—you wouldn’t do that to me--your only son?”

He had an evil smirk that now covered his face--it was stretched from ear to ear, and he started to laugh full-on now.

“Do you want to see if I’m kidding? Try me.”
My father was the chief of police and had some connections of his own--some not that friendly. We all knew that he made deals under the counter, so he could profit from some of the money distributed by some serious gangs.

“Be there in New York in two weeks...or you will be forced to find out if I am capable of such things,” with one last glance glazed at me, his eyes almost black—a demon almost. He had left just as soon as he had come in.

My heart sank as I went over in my head what I had to do--I wasn’t going to give up on Liz, but at the same time, I wasn’t going to put her in danger. I would have to say good-bye.

I would have to go to New York to protect Liz. When I knew it was safe, I would return to her. That’s if she wanted me back. I wouldn’t want me back after the pain I would cause her. But I would have to try, because a week without her was pure agony. I couldn’t even comprehend what a year or even longer than that must feel like, absolutely unchanging torture in my eyes.

I simply refused to make my own father make good on his word; I’d rather die in her place. But in order to get out of this with both of us alive, I would have to sacrifice the only thing that mattered to me—my soul.

( Present day) September 2011

As my mind settled from past to present, it was slowly coming back to me—the present, at least. I tried to push down my past with all of my might.

The ever-so-lovely Elizabeth Parker; that was sitting in front of me with a doe-eyed expression on her face, continued to bring back all those feelings I’d tried so hard to hide for far too long.

There was too much to say to her. I think on both of our parts, we both needed to say too much, that we didn’t have anywhere to start.

I knew that I wasn’t anywhere close to being forgiven, and I accepted that when, those years ago, I had made the decision to let go.

“Elizabeth, I’m so sorry that I’ve hurt you,” I mustered to say through clenched teeth, trying my best not to let my emotions take over me. The last thing people wanted to see was a grown man cry in the middle of a coffee shop.

“I’ve waited all this time to find you and tell you the real reason why I left you,” I continued looking down at my hands, and she looked at me with pleading eyes. I couldn’t tell what it was--sorrow, regret, or pure anger.

But still I continued on, and told her everything about my father, and how he had wanted to kill her, in exchange for my freedom from her. Her emotions ran across her face, and, noticeably, across mine as well.

I had tried to come back—but my father would always threaten me with something else, he wouldn’t say what. But I knew it would always come back to Liz. And that was just a chance that I couldn’t take.

"Two months ago, my dad died of a stroke. Of course, I was sad, but I was free from everything he had put not just me through, but the both of us through.

I even skipped his funeral and headed straight to the Parker’s house where I found Michael helping his aunt and uncle unload some new furniture from the moving truck." I looked up into the her lost stricken eyes, with what looked like deep sympathy towards me, but my only sympathy was for our lost time together. I hated my father for what he did to our precious time.

“You went to my home?” she was shocked that no one had even said anything to her, especially not her aunt.

“Yes, I did.” I nodded my head almost afraid to look at the emotion that ran across her face.

“I tried to get Michael to listen to me, but you know how stubborn he is, he refused to tell me where you were. Hell, he didn’t talk to me—man, he packs one mean punch.” I rubbed my chin unconsciously, almost unaware of what I was doing.

As I replayed the memory of our earlier conversation, he did successfully kick my ass, just as he’d promised all those years ago.

“Your Uncle told me that you moved away,” I said, almost in a whisper.

“I knew that I’d lost you, but I thought I had lost you forever,” I sighed heavily and dared myself to continue on, “Because I couldn't find you. That is, until I talked to Maria two weeks ago, and she told me that you decided to finish your degree here. And I know I don’t deserve a second chance—but I've never loved anyone other than you, Liz.

You've had my soul when you walked out my door, and only you can give it back to me. I don’t care if it takes me my entire lifetime to regain your trust--I’m not going anywhere,” I looked at her with all the hope I could muster within my empty body—hoping for some kind of sign that I had broken through her icy exterior. Hope was on my side, at least.

“I wasn't lying to you when I said I loved you. I just hope you love me too.” My eyes pleading for her to say something--anything to my confession that I just poured out. Give me my peace back Elizabeth. I gently pleaded with myself.


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Re: Baby it's cold outside ( M/L AU w/o Aliens) Ch. 3 12/6 p

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A/N: Thank you for all the feed back, I've written this story a few years ago...and I decided to add on to this and complete it. I have up to chapter 6 completed, that's why I'm updating every other day--I'm going to try and write up to chapter 10. I hope you all like the next chapter. ;) -- POM


Chapter 4: The long coffee break

(Liz POV)

I couldn’t help but stare at his broken face, as he looked at me with a hopeful glint in his eyes. My mouth was gaping trying to find the right words to say, but my mind was trying to wrap around everything he had just told me. That was far beyond anything I ever expected to come out of his lips.

I looked at him deeper and saw him as the boy that I fell in love with, and now staring at the man before me—and saw with new eyes the man that I still loved.

He sacrificed his own soul for mine, how does one actually do that? How does one become hollow? So, that by chance, another can find an alternative path. I can’t even wrap my brain around how selfless this entire situation is.

“Max—I” I could feel tears welling up in my eyes, tempting against fate to fall against my pale, stricken face.

I placed my hand to his cheek and felt as he didn’t pull away but only grabbed my hand in his own, warming my cold fragile one. He kissed the palm of my hand—still holding it in his own.

“I’m so sorry--you had to go through that alone,” I whispered in a silent voice, but I knew he heard me because his eyes were now looking straight into my own, giving me that reassuring glance that I was already used to.

“Lizzy, don’t—please I couldn’t tell you...I couldn’t risk It,” his voice wasn’t as shaky as before, but I couldn’t help my concern for him.

“Maxwell—you’ve had my heart for the past what...ten or so odd years? You’re the only one I've ever loved. I can move past this just as long as we go slow. I know we can make it—I just need a while to adjust, so how about we start over from the beginning?” I stared into his eyes, and saw that flicker burst into a million moonbeams in his and knew that this was the way it was supposed to be.

“Where should we start?” he asked as took off his black blazer leaving him in a crisp white button down shirt, looking absolutely gorgeous.

He extended his hand to me while saying, “Ladies first.”

And I figured, we should get the basic stuff out of the way first—just for the heck of it.

“Hi, I’m Elizabeth Parker,” extending my hand to meet his own in the middle of the table for a nice handshake.

“Nice to meet you Elizabeth, I’m Maxwell Evans.” His firm handshake was a nice touch; the last thing I wanted was soft shake.

“Do you have any siblings, Maxwell?” I gave him a slight smirk because I knew that he didn’t like talking about his annoying older sister, but I asked; therefore, he had to answer.

“Yes, an older sister—her name is Tessina. She’s married now, and has three kids—it’s kind of cool being an uncle.” His smile was pleasant.

“And you miss Elizabeth, do you have any family?” Unlike Max’s relationship with his sister, my relationship with Michael was the complete opposite. Max actually let his sister do everything without getting it approved by him first. That’s the one thing that I was always jealous of.

“You can call me Liz—for short,” I hated being called by my full name. It sounded so formal, and I was anything but formal.

He nodded and corrected himself, “Liz do you have any siblings?” I tried not to laugh at this, tried to keep a-- what do you call it—a poker face. But failed when my straight face burst into a wide smile, which he really didn’t mind as much as I thought he would.

“I have a very annoying and controlling older brother,” I said with a lot of enthusiasm, trying to bite back the sarcasm that swam with each and every word. “And he doesn’t exactly know that I’m out here right now--he thinks I’m at a friend’s house in L.A,” I laughed while I took a sip of my blended peppermint coffee drink.

I looked at Max, and he wasn’t laughing like I thought he would.

“What do you mean, ‘he thinks you’re at a friend’s house’?”
I straightened my posture and looked at him without the smirk on my face, to let him know that I was dead serious.

“Oh, c’mon you know my brother—he wouldn’t let me out of his sight. I wanted—no, I needed a change. So, here I am,” I shrugged off as I continued to drink my coffee.

“Liz, I was the last person looking for you—do you not see what I see?” Max looked more concerned than I expected him to.

“He’s going to jump to conclusions like he always does. Michael doesn’t see reason. When he’s pissed he only sees red--he’s going to come down here, and he’s going to kill me.”

“Max, relax—Maria knows I’m down here,” but telling him this didn’t make him feel any better.

“Maria, great—that’s just great.” He covered his face with his hands once more, and ran his fingers through his shaggy, raven-black hair. He looked really pissed off. “You know Maria can’t keep a secret, especially from Michael.”

I rolled my eyes and started to get up from the table when he grabbed my forearm and urged me to sit back down.

“Liz, I’m sorry—but you have to see this from my point of view. He’s going to find out that I’m down here, and he’s going to think that you ran away from home because of me.”

I looked at him point-blank in the eyes, and I saw the emotion stirring within him.

“No, Max—I’m not letting him get in the way of us, first your dad—now my brother. I’m sorry, but I’m not that strong. If he does come down be it. I’m not letting you go again,” I had tears streaming down my face; I was physically tired of having people walk all over me. I knew what I wanted, and there was no way I was going to let that stand in my way.

He got up from his side of the booth and came over to my side. He embraced me, and I finally let it all out. I held onto him and clenched his shirt in my fists, letting my tears fall. All my emotions were twisted as one, but he didn’t pull away. He held onto me and rubbed my back with soothing circles, until I got it under control.

“It’s okay Liz; we’ll deal with it if it comes up. I’m here for you...I’m not leaving,” he whispered in my ear as he lifted my chin so that my gaze would meet his own.

Gently he wiped away my tears with the pads of his thumb, and kissed me on the forehead, and at that very moment in time, I knew that everything was going too alright. We were going to pull through—we were going to be happy all over again.

We were both exhausted when we left the coffee shop. We were still holding hands, but my body had sunken into his. I was physically and mentally tired, and he was taking me back to my dorm as I continued to ask him questions, unable to realize that he was actually here with me.

“How did you become a teacher? And so soon, too?” I was still unable to understand the reason behind this.

“I’m not really a full-on teacher—I’m working towards that right now. I’m actually a student and am a teacher’s aide for that class you are taking. The teacher called out sick and he lets me teach when ever that happens. It’s sort of like practice,” he scoffed out a laugh as I did the same.

“So, then I don’t have to transfer?” I smirked as I looked up at him as we still continued to stroll through the university.

“Why would you have to transfer classes?”

I inadvertently laughed because he didn’t get the meaning behind the question.

“Because students cannot date the teacher, silly—I thought you knew this?” I laughed at him as he stopped in his tracks, making me stop with him.

He gripped me around the waist and whirled me around, glancing at me with his beautiful amber eyes growing wide and wider with every second that passed before he could get the words out of his lips that he needed to say.

“You’re---we’” he spoke in broken words, but that didn’t keep me from smirking and nodding to his words.

“We are trying again...starting slowly,” I pointed out to him.

“Tomorrow night?” Max asked curiously. He looked sweet--like he was seventeen again, asking me out to prom.

“Tomorrow night would be perfect,” I smiled sweetly, and he leaned down and kissed me on the cheek.

I really wanted to turn and deepen the kiss, but I knew it would be best to wait.

He didn’t know that tomorrow night would change him forever. I was going to tell him the secret that I’ve kept from him for so long, and I hoped he would forgive me for it in the end.

Chapter 5: An unexpected surprise

(Max POV)

I took a little extra time getting ready tonight-- this just wasn’t a normal date, in the past couple years that I’ve been separated from Liz, I haven’t even had the desire to look at another woman like my dead-beat father has hoped I would. It always made him that much angrier that I wasn’t going out with the many socialites that he arranged for me to spend time with, but I always fought him on it--and I always won.

I put on my best suit --a crisp white shirt, black blazer with a traditional dark wash blue denim jeans. With one final look in the mirror and a glance at the clock, I grabbed my wallet and keys and was out the door within no time. On the way to her dorm room,I picked up a bouquet of her favorite flowers, a dozen of white roses. I wanted to cover all my bases and get everything right--so that we can actually move on from this point.

As I entered her dorm and made my way down the hallway to her room, I kept my eyes glued on the ground because all the girls were coming out of their rooms as the saw me pass by, but I kept focused and didn’t stop until the end of the long narrow hallway were she awaited. I only hoped she was as anxious as I was to get this night going; I only hoped that I didn’t make a complete fool out of myself in the process.

I wiped the sweat of my brow and took a couple deep breaths before knocking on the solid white door several times before stepping back and waiting what seemed like forever in my eyes for her to answer the door. Thankfully she had a single dorm, and I didn’t have to put up with the questions of a potential roommate while waiting for her to continue getting ready. Waiting outside of her room was fine with me, well--not the glares from all the young ladies' eyes who were trying to picture me naked.

The door opened and it felt like time stood still for all but a moment, but for that single moment it was long enough for me to take in the full effect of this beautiful woman who was standing before me, which I felt I did not deserve.

“Hey.” This was the only thing I could mouth without sounding like a complete idiot.

“Hey,” she answered back with a coy smile and a glimmer in her eyes. looking over me as she just saw that I did to her.

“Oh, sorry…these are for you.” I snapped out of my dazed state of mind and handed her the flowers, Liz blushing as she accepted them.

"White Roses, you remembered." Liz smiled, and blushed at the thought.

"Of course I remembered, how could I not remember?" I nervously scratched behind my ear, and confessed, " you look beautiful". I whispered before she could look away from my gaze.

“Would you like to come inside while I put these in some water?”

I smiled and nodded and could easily hear the whimper of all the girls gawking at us, knowing that I was no longer going to be in plain view for them to see, but behind closed doors.

“So, what did you have in mind for tonight Max?” she called out from the kitchen as I could easily hear her turn on the water faucet and fill up the vase. Liz put the flowers on her dining room table she had set up in the corner of her tiny room that was covered with books, papers and old take out food containers.

“It’s a surprise,” I said in a hushed tone as I walked up behind her and brushed my fingertips along her arm and heard her whimper when I pulled away and stepped back.

“That’s not fair…you know I hate surprises,” she called back, but it didn’t stop me from laughing.

“I know…you’ll just have to wait and see in order to find out.” I looked at my watch and knew we were right on schedule.

“So, we better get going.” I held out my arm for her to take, just like I’ve always had when we were little. She smiled openly at the gesture…and took my arm.

“You’re not even going to give me a slight hint…?” she asked as I opened the door, and pulled it shut behind us.

“Nope, you’re just going to have to wait--I bet the suspense is killing you,” I laughed aloud as she pouted her lip. trying to break me into telling her my plans for our date.

“Isn’t working,” I smirked as she grumbled impatiently, just like she always had.

“Damn,” she muttered under her breath as we continued to walk across campus back to my apartment.

I made her cover her eyes as she we walked into my apartment building and took the elevator to the rooftop. Once the bell rang indicating we reached the rooftop, I still reached over and covered her eyes, making sure they were completely covered.

“How much longer Max?” Liz impatiently asked, eager to see what I was keeping from her, the blindfold of my hand still in place.

“Just one second more.” As I guided her to the middle of everything I had set up for her, for our date, as I signaled for the orchestra to start playing our song, I let her go and stood behind her, watching her open her eyes and gasp at everything that surrounded her.

“Wow, Max…how did--how did you manage to do any of this?” Liz gaped as she looked at the musicians, to the chef that was cooking up dinner for the couple, to the waiter who was lighting the candles at the dinner table that overlooked the school campus.

There were white candles and white roses that covered the rest of the open area surrounding us. She looked at everything in awe--then looked at me in awe.

“I believe this is our song….” I held out my hand to her, and she took it as we started to rock to the melody.

I am thinking of you
In my sleepless solitude tonight
If it’s wrong to love you

As we were swaying to the music, her head rested on my shoulder as the soft music carried us to the past when everything seemed to be perfect, and brought me to the memory of my senior prom when made our relationship permanent.

Then my heart just won’t let me right
Cause I’ve drowned in you
And I won’t pull through
Without you by my side
I’d give my all to have
Just one more night with you


With the music playing around us, I looked around at our surroundings and noticed that the prom was nearly to a close, and the crowd was thinning out as the clock nearly struck midnight.

“Do you want to get out of here?” I asked her with a smug grin on my face, Liz returning my smile.

“What did you have in mind?” Liz's smile looked up at me, half knowing and expecting our thoughts to be the same.

I held up a single key, and she simply nodded. There were no words needed--we both knew what was going to happen-- no fighting the outcome because we were both willing for it happen.

I took her hand as we grabbed Liz's shoes and our other belongings, and we practically ran to the elevators but slowed down when the teacher chaperon looked our way in question. We slowed down to a quick rushing rather than running.

The night was still young, and I promised to have her back at home safe and sound before 5am, not to their aunt and uncle but to Michael--even though we both knew that he was going to stay out all night with Maria DeLuca.

I’d risk my life to feel
Your body next to mine
Cause I can’t go on
Living in the memory of our song
I’d give my all for your love tonight

With the echo of the music playing from downstairs, we entered our hotel room and looked at each other, putting our belongings in the chair right beside the bed. We stared at each other for a brief moment, and I asked her,

“Are you sure?”

She smiled and nodded, and that was the green light for us to start undressing. I took of her bra and underwear, as she took off my boxers and we collapsed on the bed in a heap of giggles and tongues lashing on each others' skin, trying to remember every morsel of one another’s bodies.

I slid on the condom and waiting to penetrate her barrier, she held onto my shoulders as I kissed her once more and whispered in her ear.

“Lizzie, are you sure you want to do this? If you changed your mind--I underst--”

She stopped with a single kiss and reassured me.

“Max, I’m ready…I trust you. You’re the only one I’ve ever loved and wanted--please I’m ready.”

I nodded and pushed as hard as I could force myself to go, knowing full well that she was going to cry out in pain. I kissed her cheeks, her eyes, her nose, and then her mouth.

“My sweet Lizzie, I love you,” I whispered in her ear as her breathing slowed and came back down to a normal pace. She looked up at me with those warm, doe brown eyes, and my heart melted in that one instant.

“I’m okay Max…I love you.”

I smiled and kissed her warm lips,“I love you too,” knowing full well that I found the love of my life.

Baby can you feel me
Imagining I’m looking in your eyes
I can see you clearly
Vividly emblazoned in my mind
And yet you’re so far
Like a distant star
I’m wishing on tonight
I’d give my all to have
Just one more night with you
I’d risk my life to feel
Your body next to mine
Cause I can’t go on
Living in the memory of our song

“Thank you Max.”

I looked at her as I turned on my side to question her sudden declaration.

“For what?” I smirked as I wrapped her close to me.

“For this…for making me your forever.”

I smiled and completely understood because she was my forever, as I’m sure I was hers.

“I love you Lizzie Parker.”

She smiled and returned the favor.

“I love you too Maxwell Evans.” We sealed it with a kiss and started round two of our love making session.

I’d give my all for your love tonight
I’d give my all to have
Just one more night with you
I’d risk my life to feel
Your body next to mine
Cause I can’t go on
Living in the memory of our song
I’d give my all for your love tonight
Give my all for your love

End flash back

“Where did you go right now?” Liz questioned with a curious glance--as the song came to close and I nervously scratched behind my ear like I always did when I was uncomfortable, and wondered if it was too soon to be going down memory road.

“Well…” she questioned again as she stood there folding her arms, and I knew I had to talk and soon…so I went the easy route and that was the truth.

“I was thinking about the time when we first danced to this song…and how amazing that night was for me.” I blushed at little at the memory and stood there awkwardly with my hands shoved in my pockets, kicking around an imaginary rock with my shoe.

“I was thinking about that exact same moment,” She replied as she lifted my chin to meet her glaze.

And for that one moment we were both back at that same memory and instant, but as soon as it started it ended when her phone rang with a Kings of Leon tune that I noticed and she blushed for having forgotten to turn off her cell phone.

“Sorry…I have to take this…,” Liz noticing a familiar phone number on the caller Id.

“Holy shit!! No!!! This cannot be happening…Maria, tell him to stop. YOU HAVE TO STOP HIM!!!” she shouted on the phone, and I didn’t really connect the two until the elevator doors slid open and out came the one person I didn’t expect to ruin our date.

“Hey Michael--didn’t know you were in town.”

He smirked and strode right towards me with a mission.

“MIKE NO!!!!” Liz shouted as I, on the other hand, only saw his fist colliding with my face and blacked out.


A/N: I wrote the fic in '09 I don't remember the song I used, if you know it...please let me know. :) Thanks.

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Re: Baby it's cold outside ( M/L AU w/o A) Ch. 4 &5 12/7 pg.

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Hey guys I'm back with a new chapter, I tried to update last night but as soon as I pressed submit the system went down ( Yet again. :| ). So, I'm here to upload it again. :) Thank you for all the feed back, it means so much to me when you guys do comment--it gives me some insight to just how to write the next chapter. I do hope you all enjoy the next chapter. :) <3 POM.


Chapter 6: Enough already!


I thought Max was going to kiss me. I thought we should have a little r&r before I had to tell him what was really eating me up inside—what happened after we danced to our song--the night our relationship became serious. I remembered Max’s senior prom and how we made love throughout the night, Max sweetly humming the tune in my ear as I drifted off to sleep....

I really thought he was going to kiss me, and it was a moment I was longing for since he popped back into my life. But it was my cell phone that brought me back to reality, seeing ‘urgent’ flashing next to Maria’s number. The look of disappointment was easily visible on both of our faces, as I flipped it open and said hello.

“Liz…” Maria’s voice sounded frantic and a little hysterical, though, for Maria, most anything could bring on that degree of agitation.

“Maria, not now…,” I exclaimed in a hushed tone, hoping Max wouldn’t take that much notice of my phone call.

“Liz, you don’t have much time--we just drove non-stop for the past day or so to get here--Michael is at Max’s apartment right now. Get out of there, because he knows everything!” Maria hissed out as I heard the car door slam shut, knowing that Maria was telling the truth and my brother was on his way.

“I tried to stop him--he found the letters you wrote me and questioned me, and there was no way around the truth. I had to tell him--you have to believe me, Liz. He stole my car and we’ve been driving non-stop for the past day and a half. He’s here and he’s heading right towards Max.” Knowing Maria, she literally said this in one breath--by her tone, I knew she was telling the truth.

“What are you talking about?” I asked, my voice rising, and waited for Maria
to calm herself down enough to explain everything just one more time.

“Michael, he knows that you’re in New Mexico, and he’s out to find Max--like right now!”

“Holy shit!! No!!! This cannot be happening…Maria, tell him to stop. YOU HAVE TO STOP HIM!!!” I yelled not only to her, but to myself that it was true—Michael was coming after Max, and there wasn’t much anyone could do to stop him.

“I’ve been trying to stop him since he stole my car. He’s mad Liz--only you can stop him. I know you think you can’t, but believe me, he will listen to you. Be strong, and I’ll be up to ease him back to reality.” I took what Maria said to heart because deep down inside I knew that it was true. I would be the voice of reason--I just had to be strong enough to tell him and not be afraid of the after-effects. If I didn’t stand up to him now, he would always be like this. Basically, it’s now or never.

"Long time, no see, Maxie." Michael smirked as he took in the scene before him, knowing just how he planned to play this out.

“Hey Michael, didn’t know you were in town.” It was usual for Max to make light of a situation unless things turned ugly.

“I thought I told you to stay away from her. Aren’t you doing the exact opposite of what I told you Max?” Michael pounded his fist into the palm of his hand. He already knew what he was going to do--I had to stop him.

“Michael, when are you going to get it through your thick skull--Liz is grown, if she wants to see me, she can do just that. She doesn’t need your permission.” Max started to walk to meet him halfway.

Why do guys have to protect their pride? Seriously, it just doesn’t make sense. But knowing my stubborn brother, I wouldn’t expect anything less than what I’m seeing now.

Michael smirked and strode right towards Max with a mission that was written all over his face.

“MIKE, NO!!!!” I shouted as Michael punched Max right in the jaw, sending Max collapsing to the ground. The chef, waiters, and musicians suddenly stopped, startled at the violent outburst that disrupted the evening’s events.

“What the hell is wrong with you, Michael!? He didn’t even do anything! You don’t have right to do that!” I shouted and shoved him hard in the chest, as I went straight to Max to cradle his head in my lap, trying to bring him back around.

“Why are you so concerned about him? Why don’t you tell me what the hell you are doing here Liz, when you’re supposed to be in LA.”

I pretty much ignored my brother, which really didn’t go over too well.

“Liz!” Michael yelled as he tried to yank me away from Max, so I would pay attention to him.

“Don’t you ‘Liz’ me! You are not my father! I don’t have to answer to you! When are you going to understand that?” I stared him down as Max started to regain consciousness. I helped Max sit up, then I rose to face my brother.

“You know all this time, I was terrified of you--always afraid to get what I wanted because there was something that you would do or say to stop me because you thought it was going to tear me away from you. But yet, this overprotective, demanding attitude is driving me further and further away from you.” I was now a mere inch away from him, shoving him with every truth I told.

“Liz, without me you’d have no one! I have to protect you! Do you know how many lunatics are out here in the ‘Real World’?”

I couldn’t help but chuckle at this claim from my stupid, older brother.

“I’m not a baby! Believe it or not--I’m all grown up, and I’ve met my fair share of crazy people. I know that you mean well, Mike, but you’re crossing the line with me. If you want to still have contact with me in the future, I suggest that you and Maria check into a hotel for the night and then head back to LA tomorrow morning.” I stood my ground--there was no way I was going to let him control me anymore.

“I’m not going anywhere if he’s going to stay,” Michael pointed at Max who was now standing in front of me, to protect me from my crazy, older sibling.

“He has a name, Mike…you guys used to be best friends. If I can forgive him, then you should too.” I eased around Max to look at their exchange close up. They both turned their backs on each other and started to walk away to opposite sides of the roof.

My focus was forced away from the two guys in front of me when the rooftop door slammed open, revealing a very pissed off Maria DeLuca.

“Michael Parker, how dare you! First you kidnap me and force me to go with you across two states to face Liz and Max, and then you diss me the moment we get here. Why can’t you just let Liz go? Give her…her space--she’s all grown up. Stop the overprotected father-act. It’s really old, spaceboy.” Maria complained as she edged closer and closer to Michael, trying to get him to reason with her, but knowing my brother, he wouldn’t give up this easy.

“I can’t! ’Ria, you know that -- especially when this jerk is around.” Michael turned again to face Max with a more than lethal look grow across his face.

“Oh, no you don’t, space boy,…work this out now. I‘m not going home until you do. If you want to marry me, work this out now!” She gave him a stern look, and then smiled sweetly in my direction.

I don’t know why I was so surprised to find out that that they were going to get hitched, but this is Michael we are talking about. He acts the complete opposite with Maria than with me. I don’t know why he can’t just be my brother, instead of trying to be my father.

Realizing that my brother was only one part of this confrontation, I shifted my attention to the man I loved at my side.

“Max, please,” I begged quietly, as I turned him around to face Michael, and I gave him a kiss on the cheek to persuade him to work things out for good.

“I don’t see why I have to forgive you--you were the one to walk out on Liz. She was destroyed! You didn’t see her after you left for God-knows-where! How could you walk out on my baby sister when she was pregnant? Tell me that much.”

My eyes almost fell out of my head as I felt the air being sucked out of my body.

“Baby?!!” Max shouted aloud, almost as if it was meant to be a thought.

“How did you find out?” I shouted loudly to Michael--not focusing on Max’s surprised and understanding reaction to this news that I was going to tell him tonight but didn’t get a chance to, thanks to Michael and his big mouth.

“Who do you think?”

I ran through to people in my head and naturally looked at Maria.

“Don’t look at me…I didn’t say anything.”

Everyone looked at Maria, and Michael was shocked more than anyone, I guess because she’d also managed to keep this from him.

“You knew…why didn’t you tell me?” Michael demanded.

She shrugged off Michael’s words like he didn’t say a thing.

“Chica, your aunt told him. She told him only what she knew--he doesn’t know the entire story.”

“What’s the entire story?” Michael insisted through gritted teeth.

I went off into my own little world, trying to catch my breath. Trying to avoid another panic attack, it was my brother’s shouting that brought me back to reality.

“Liz, what’s your story?!” he was now shouting at me. Max stood in front of me again and grabbed Mike by the shoulders to force him back.

“Look Dude, we aren’t friends anymore! Don’t touch me!” Michael shoved away Max’s touch as I got between them once more.

“Michael, what I do is none of your business. This is between Max and me.” I crossed my arms and waited for him to say something--I didn’t have to wait long.

“But Liz…” this time he didn’t yell, he simply pleaded with me, almost as if he were defeated.

“Michael don’t--,” I sighed, “Do you trust me and love me?” I inched closer and closer to him; he just kept looking at me.

“Yes,” he simply said in defeat, and I knew that I had him in my grasp.

“Then go--take Maria and go back home. If you love and trust me then leave right now and accept me, and forgive Max because I love him--and just stop this over-protectiveness. If you can’t do that, then I guess I can’t be involved in your life anymore.”

He just stood there and stared at me. There were a few awkward moments of uncertainty, and then he scratched his eyebrow and weighed out the options. He opened his mouth to say something but quickly shut it again.

He curved around me to get to Max. I was nervous at first when I thought he was going to hit him again, but once I noticed that Michael reached out his hand to Max, I was relieved.

“Truce?” Michael asked Max.

As they did their male bear-hug-thing and shook hands, Maria and I were proud on-lookers at the exchange between the two friends, glad that at least their friendship wasn’t damaged because all of the melodrama that had taken place over the last few years.

Michael turned to me now and embraced me in his signature older-brother-hug that always made me feel protected and loved.

Before he pulled away, he whispered in my ear, “I love you, Lizzie.”

I smiled and hugged him a little longer. Before he completely pulled away, I kissed him on the cheek and told him I loved him too.

“I’ll call you in a few days Chica--and we can really catch up, okay?”

I smiled as I embraced my best friend, agreeing with a nod and smiling as I watched them return the elevator. The door closed before my brother could tell me another thing, or better yet, before he had the chance to change his mind.

I took a few deep breaths before I inhaled and exhaled and turned my attention back to Max. I’m sure his mind was still reeling over the latest news that hit him only a few minutes before.

But when I turned around, he was standing at the ledge, looking at the campus as he downed a glass of champagne. Looking at him, he seemed nervous, pale even--like all the color had suddenly drained from his face.

“Max, I was going to tell you tonight,” I meekly replied, noticing that the once-crowded rooftop staffed with cooks and musicians was almost empty. They were gone, and we were now alone.

“You had a baby,” he whispered. “You had a baby, and you didn’t tell me….?” He meekly asked as he turned to face me.

I didn’t even notice that I was crying, silent tears streamed down my face. My memory returned to that night—the night that nobody knew about but me and Max’s father, Phillip Evans.

“It’s not that easy…,” I whispered and turned from him.

“What do you mean? You could have told me, Liz!” he shouted as he forced me to look at him, jerking me back around to face him.

I knew he would be hurt and mad at me, but I did it for his own good. But, he didn’t know that yet--I just had to tell him.

“I tried to tell you….”

Max looked at me in disbelief, not knowing if I was being truthful.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Max hissed as he was still holding my form, trying to keep me balanced.

“Damn, I had everything planned out--I wasn’t going to tell you like this--not with you yelling at me! If you only knew what happened….Gosh, how am I going to say this?” I gushed as I jerked out of his grasp and started to pace back and forth until he stopped me and pulled me down to sit next to him.

“Just say it, Liz,…please,” he pleaded with me as I tried to swallow the lump in my throat.

“The thing is that…I tried to tell you--but I was stopped. I was supposed to meet your sister at the airport--she was going to tell me where you were, so I could tell you in person. But when I went to baggage claim to meet her, she wasn’t there—instead, there was someone else.” Again tears streamed down my face, and I tried to block out the memory that kept replaying in my mind ever since Max came back into my life.

“Who stopped you, Liz?” Max sounded concerned, as if he could feel my anguish.

“Your father,” I simply said, as he looked at me in horror.


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Re: Baby it's cold outside ( M/L AU w/o A) Ch. 6 pg.3

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Thank you all for the feedback and the nice words, I'm currently writing chapter 8 and trying to decide which direction Max/Liz should take...but here is the next chapter and I hope everyone likes it. :) <3 POM :mrgreen:

Chapter 7: The Truth


“Liz?” I could hear the anguish in his voice--and I was trying my best not to replay the memory in my mind, afraid I was going to break down right here and now. I knew I had to tell him, but I was stalling as much as I could before I told him my secret.

It’s almost as if I went into a trance of my own—unable to really snap out of the state of mind that I was in. Max gently shook me, bringing me back to reality. His confused expression hardened to a glare—he wanted the truth, and I was the only one who could give it to him.

“Ah, sorry…I don’t know how to start, I guess…The only way to say this is to
just say it.”

I wiped away the tears that just started to form in my eyes, and
fall down my cheeks again.

“Just take your time Liz, I just want the truth.”

I simply nodded. Max deserved the truth, but knowing that I should tell him and actually being able to do so were two different things entirely. I sighed heavily knowing that this story was going to take a toll on my emotions.

I started to talk--and my mind started to fade back to that bright, sunny California day, that started out with such promise…

“I was planning on meeting your sister, so she could give me the information about where you were staying in New York. We agreed on a time and place, and I was so excited that I was finally going to be able to see you. But as soon as I had it in my grasp, it was taken away from me--in just a couple of days.”

I held onto his hand, and his other hand sent shivers down my spine.

“Can we go inside before I tell you the rest?” I asked quietly as I looked up at him, and he smiled warmly at me.

He got up and stretched out his hand to me, and I smiled as I took it. He led me off the cold roof top and into his warm apartment. I sat on the couch, but then almost immediately got up and started to pace the room.

As Max went into the kitchen to get me a glass of water, a blurry memory started to fade into my mind, and I indulged in it.


I took the ticket out of the white envelope and looked at it for about the hundredth time that month. I’d been trying to persuade myself to get myself to exchange the ticket for New York City instead of Paris, France. I knew I had to tell Max, but I wanted to do it in person, and this would be my only chance. If I waited any longer, I wouldn’t have the courage to go.

But, I didn’t have any idea where in New York Max was staying. It was a big city, and I didn’t know where to look. Then it struck me—his sister would surely know where Max could be found. They had to keep in contact, and as far as I knew, she liked me--she and her mother had always had nice things to say about me.

With a sudden burst of energy, I leaped off the cool jersey fabric couch and darted to my black planner that I practically lived by and located her name under the highlighted letter E for Evans. The first name read “Tessina Evans,” and I was praying that the number Max had given me was still current.

I silently prayed as I half shut my eyes and absently rubbed my stomach when a perky voice suddenly sounded on the other end of the phone. I knew in that instant that it was Tess--she still sounded the same even though I haven’t talked to her since she left last year for college, back on the east coast.

“Hello, Tess, this is Liz.”

I started to pace in the same spot--I thought I was going wear a hole in the middle of Maria’s living room.

“Liz?” She sounded a little confused…well, I couldn’t blame the girl—it had been a while we’d actually talked.

“Liz Parker--I used to date your brother.”

I shoved my hands in my pockets as I continued to pace, just one of the things that I picked up from Max along the way.

“Oh, right…little Lizzie Parker. I haven’t talked to you in so long--how are you?” I couldn’t help but smile. She was always so nice to me, but I couldn’t really catch up right now.

“Ah…good, I guess--but there was a reason why I was calling, and I was wondering if you could help me out?”

I started to bite my nail on my right index finger-- I tended to do that when I was nervous--and continued to gnaw even though there was no longer a nail present to chew.

“Sure thing, I’ll try my best. Name your poison.”

I smiled at that because this was Tess all the way--she’d always done what she could to try and help, going out of her way for everyone.

“Well, before Max left for New York, he left me some plane tickets, and I was planning on surprising him by taking a trip to see him. I was wondering if you could help me? I need Max’s address, so I can find him once I arrive in New York. Do you have his address?” I tried my best not to rush all this information all in one breath,--I didn’t want to repeat myself. Saying it this one time was plenty enough for me.

“Ah, Liz…you know I love you, but you know Max better than anyone--heck even better than me. He told me specifically not to give out any personal information about him. Can’t you just give him a call? I can give you his cell number.”

I sat back down on the comfy couch and ran my fingers through my hair and tried to tell her what was going on, but without spilling the beans.

“I’d rather not…It’s important Tess--it’s something that cannot be said over the phone. I’d much rather tell him in person. I promise he will not get upset after I tell him what needs to be said,” I crossed my fingers, my legs and, heck, I would have crossed my toes if that would mean that she would give me his home address.

“I know I shouldn’t, but I know you, Liz, and I trust you. I’ll give you the address, but I don’t have it on me. My dad has it, so I have to get it from him. When is your flight?”

I quickly rushed to the small end table where the crisp, white envelope now sat, pulled the stiff tickets out and glanced at the calendar tacked to the wall.

“Ah, Thursday. That’s two days…is that enough? But how are you going to get the address to me?” I was once again pacing the living room floor.

“I’m back in town visiting my parents. How about I meet you Thursday morning, with you all packed and ready to go? Let’s meet in baggage claim at 5:30am.”

I felt as though all the blood rushed to my head--the thought of just standing in front of Max was going to take a toll on me.

“That sounds great. Thank you so much, Tess. I owe you one.” I wanted to get on my knees and do the whole Wayne’s World bit of ‘I’m not worthy’ over and over again.

“It’s nothing, sweetie, but I have to go. See you on Thursday.”

I was ecstatic as I hung up the phone, and realized that I was one step closer to Maxwell Evans than I had been in the last four months.

It really made me smile, to think that it was so close--almost at my fingertips, at least that’s what I thought then. I wouldn’t have guessed that the perfect day that I imagined would end up being a lie.

(End Flashback)

I took a minute, breaking out of the moment that was replaying in my mind, to take a breath and calm my nerves that started to bubble in my throat.
Max came out of the kitchen and stood at the doorway, and it was his intense gaze that made me stop in my tracks and glance up at him.

“What?” I meekly asked as I stood there staring into his amber golden eyes that I kept getting lost in.

“All of these years, and you still are the same irrational girl that I fell in love with…”

I blushed and almost forgot about everything that I needed to tell him.

“Here you go, drink this,” he handed me a glass of cold water, and it felt like heaven as I let the water rush down my raspy throat.

“Any better?” he asked me as he rubbed my back Just knowing that he was here for me when I need him the most--that was what I had truly missed.

“Much,” I smiled.

And then, reality hit me once more. I left my seat and started to pace the room again.

“You don’t have to tell me,” he saw the anguish on my face, and he knew what it would do to me to finally tell him my story.

“Yes, Max, I do. You have the right to know,” I gulped another mouth full of
the cold, crisp water and put the glass down before my trembling got too
far out of control.

“Liz, I don’t understand. If you said that you contacted my sister, then why did you say that my father is the only one that knew about this?” he looked confused, and I was the only person who held the key to the truth. The sooner I relived that awful morning, the sooner he would know. And hopefully, my anguish would finally end.

“The only way to tell you this…is to tell you in full and complete detail--so,
I’m just going to say it…” I took a deep breath and controlled my shaking as I sat back on the couch and continued with my story.
(Thursday Morning-- 5:30am Baggage claim )

It was still pitch black outside when I pulled my into the parking space at
the airport, but I decided to leave my luggage in the trunk. I would wait to
see if she would actually come.

I looked at my cell phone, and it read 5:35am. Tessina hadn’t called me--that was
good considering she had promised that she would call if she couldn’t make it.
She hasn’t called, so that was a good sign. At least I was trying to convince myself of just that exact thought. I had a bad feeling about this, but I pushed myself to get out of the car and prove myself wrong.

It was chilly as I wrapped my jersey knit jacket tighter around me. I locked my car and walked into the airport, scanned the signs and found the one that would lead me to the baggage claim. The arrows pointed to the left, though the whole area seemed abandoned.

I peeked around, but Tess was nowhere to be found. I glanced at my cell phone and noticed the time, ‘She should have been here by now…and she hasn’t called. Where could she be?’ I thought to myself as it took a few minutes for me to actually take notice of my surroundings.

“Liz Parker, I thought you were a smart girl,” a low husky voice echoed in the empty baggage claim lounge area. My head shot up and around, a relieved smile on my face at the presence of someone I knew in the lonely airport.

“Mr. Evans, what are you doing here?” The smile I now sported quickly faded once I saw the grim look on his face. There was a look of hatred reflected in his eyes as I inched closer to him.

“I know why you are here, and you are not going near my son. He has more going for him than to stay with a snobby bitch like you. He’s actually going places…unlike you. I confronted Tess last night. I was wondering why she was acting strangely, and then she told me about you. How could you be so stupid, so naive to think that I was just going to let her come here and deliver you to Max. I thought you were smarter than that.”

My eyes glazed with tears. Philip Evans never said one word bad to me in all my years of knowing him. I had always thought of him as a nice man--what had I done to make him hate me so much? I thought about it and couldn’t find an answer for my question.

“I love your son. What is so wrong with that?” I tried to stay strong, but my voice squeaked and cracked a bit.

“Everything is wrong with that. You’re a nobody--just plain white trash, you don’t even have parents. My son has a family, has an education, has a future. He needs to be with someone that has all the same things--you don’t have a chance with him. You never did, so why bother trying something that is going to fail to begin with.” His words stung my heart and soul when he mentioned my parents and the memory of them.

“I don’t care what you say. Max and I are going to be together, whether it’s now or ten years from now. Whether you’re alive or you’re dead. We love each other and no one, not even you and your cold black heart is going to stop that.”

I started to walk away from him, but he grabbed me by the forearm and pulled me into a part of the airport that was off limits to the public. It was taped off, but no one stopped him when he pulled me into the room.

“You’d better stay away from my son,” he threatened me as his grip tightened on my forearm. I tried to push him away from me as he inched closer to me, but he was too strong for me.

I reached up and slapped him in the face. It had stunned him, but it didn’t break him. He still didn’t release me, but when he nearly kissed me, I kneed him in his crotch. He doubled over in pain and released me. I had nearly reached the edge of the room when he dragged me back by my hair and nearly slammed me against the wall.

“Now you listen here, you are not getting anywhere near my son--if you try to contact him--Email him, call him, or meet him in anyway shape or form, I will not only kill you, but I will kill him as well.”

I stared at him in shock--no one person could be so cruel, could he? But the cold stare in his gaze sold me on just that--he was not the nice man I thought he was when I was growing up.

He had turned slightly and yet turned back to me. “What a poor pathetic excuse for a woman.”…and he shook his head disapproving as he exited the small convinced space we were crammed in that look big not more than two minutes ago.
I was relieved to finally breath…and I started to cry, glad he was finally gone and anguished by the reality that just slammed into me like a ton of bricks. As I tried my best to regain my composer, and quickly exited the building and back to the safety of my car…as I tried to start the car but my hands were trembling so horribly bad, and tears started to stream down my face.

I knew from that day on he was not playing around, and I knew I had to let Max Evans go in order for my baby to have both a mom and possibly a father one day, but who knew when that day would be? From the moment on I feared for my life and for Max’s as well.

(End Flashback)

I was now sobbing uncontrollably, unable to catch my breath. Max wrapped me in his
warm and comforting embrace. My confrontation with his father wasn’t something that I didn’t want to relive again, but I knew I had to for Max. I wanted him to know the complete and honest truth, and the only way to do that, was to relive the nightmare.

“Liz, I am so sorry you had to go through that alone. You don’t know how sorry I am to have a father that would torment you like that. He doesn’t have a soul--he’s better off dead. I would have killed him myself if I had to see him do to that to you. I’m so sorry Lizzie.” The anguish in his voice was apparent, but it was understandable, and it made my heart beat for the first time in a long time to have him here with me…and knowing that he still loves and cares for me like this.

“I promise to you now that I’m not going to let anything get between us again…no matter what. You are my future Elizabeth Parker--you are my everything. I promise, that neither you, me or our child will ever have to go through any of this again.”

Tears started to well up and stream down my cheeks. It was Max that looked concerned now.

“Liz, what’s wrong?” I looked up at him with tears in my eyes once more.

“A week later…I lost the baby… The doctor said that it was due from anxiety, and stress. I was taking on too many things, with school, family life and wondering if my continuous search for you, was going to get me killed, or you. And then I was alone, that little piece I had of you was all of a sudden gone. I’ve been broken for a long time, and I’ve never forgiven myself for it…can you?”

He embraced me even more so, and we cried together as he kept whispering, “I’m sorry” in my ear over and over again…


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Re: Baby it's cold outside ( M/L AU w/o A) Ch. 7 pg.3

Post by LovelyPOM83 » Sat Dec 21, 2013 5:35 am

Thank you for all the feedback guys, I've been so busy with work...and Christmas shopping. And then my stupid cell phone decides to break and it's been a very stressful few days. But I'm here... and with a new chapter. Hope everyone likes it. Also, I'm trying to get another chapter done for my other story 'Odd one out', so stay tuned. :)


Chapter 8: New Traditions

Max pov

"I'm so sorry". She was shaking uncontrollably, how does one fix this? How do I make this right? I silently cursed my family and wished Liz never had to endure such pain. I wished I could take it all away, and just give her some peace.

"Max, can you forgive me?" She choked out in between a sob. I lifted her chin slightly until she was at eye level with me.

"You did nothing wrong Lizzie." I did my best to wipe away her tears, and convince her of just that.

"But I shouldn't even tried to look for you, I should have taken your sisters advice and just talked to you over the phone." My heart sank as she got up from my side and started to pace the room once again.

"Lizzie, I'm glad you did--It took a lot of courage to stand against my family. Against my father, and I've never been so glad in all my years that he's dead. We never have to think about him again. There is no body standing in the way of us. You have my heart Elizabeth--you've always had it. Whether I'm standing beside you or 3,000 miles across the country, that's never changed." I held her close to me, she was shaking all over and I guided her back to the couch, and held her close and she took everything I said into consideration.

She had no words left that she could say, we both knew that...the emotions that were swarming in the room ran deep --no other words could be said in that moment. She looked at me with her big brown eyes that I could get lost in for hours at a time.

She reached up, and kissed me--and I knew as well as she did that it would take time to heal the wounds that my father left between us. It would be hard, and a long process but in the end it would be well worth it.

I was reluctant, but I was the first to pull away--a desperate need for air was a must.

"Well, take this as slow as you want or need. I'm just glad that I'm back in your life and we will create new memories and new traditions together--build our own little family. I don't care if we do it here or move back to California. You are my home and where ever you are--that's where I want to be." She looked at me with hope that gleamed in her eyes, she smirked and kissed me really quick on the lips. A little too quick if you ask me.

"How did I get so lucky? To find such a loving thoughtful man like you?" I smiled and pulled her closer to me.

"I don't know, we are a rare breed." I winked at her with a cocky grin and she smacked my chest and laughed out loud. It was the first time I've heard her laugh like that since I came back into her life almost a week ago. And god how I missed it, and how I ached for her.
All of a sudden things became quiet, a little too quiet for my comfort.

"Max, I know you say things are going to be okay with your teaching on the side and everything, but I'm still not so sure about us being an item and you still in an official teaching position. You know I don't you to get in trouble by the board or anything." I knew this was going to come up eventually.
I didn't want to do anything to make her feel like I was hiding her, and making her feel uncomfortable.

I took her hand in mine and I kissed the top of her hand and looked into her eyes, "Look, I understand --I'll pull out from the teacher's aide position and just enroll in more classes to get my doctorate in English Science and Psychology. I was going to finish it in New York, but I pulled out of all the classes when I got word from my mom that my dad had passed away. I packed up all my stuff and went home to find you." I looked at Liz and just listening to my confession it's like all the hope that was once lost in her and finally reappeared.

"I love you Max." I smiled and thanked the heavens above that I didn't lose her.

"I love you too , Lizzie." She leaned over me and kissed me with such passion--it was hard not to become overwhelmed with the emotion. I didn't want to push her too far, it was after all our first date ( again). I didn't want to mess it up.

We pulled apart, both of us in need of air-- "Make love to me Max." Huh? I wasn't prepared for would I answer without coming off as rude.

"Lizzie, we don't have to--I'm fine just like this, I don't want to rush anything for you." Liz smirked and kissed me lightly on the lips.

"You're not rushing me, I love you and I'd like to make love to my boyfriend." I was amazed by her boldness, it was something she's learned in the last few years they've been separated.

"Boyfriend, huh--are you sure you want to make this official so soon?" She smiled at my remark, and simply nodded and leaned over and kiss me yet again, only this time I didn't pull away.

As much as I wanted it take in slow and really savor the moment. In reality it was quite the opposite, We couldn't get our clothes off quick enough. Even as awkward as I was, clumsy even--it felt like we were moving in slow motion. And Liz, was as also so graceful in her motions--it was if we weren't separated by all these years and we were as we should be together.

Finally, everything was as it should be-- Michael had finally accepted that I am capable of thinking for myself, and let Max and I be in peace without trying to break us apart. And Max, was here with me once more--without his overbearing psychotic father threatening our lives against our own. I'm sad to say this...but I'm glad he's dead and I'm glad my love came back to me. As I glance at the sleeping form next to me--and watch his breathing movement, and the outline of his perfect face in the moon lit room; I cannot believe that he has chosen me once again.

Our love making was tender--but slightly rushed, he was the last man I made love to and I had hoped and prayed that he would be the last. Only time would tell if that would be permitted to us again, this time around everything seemed promising.

"Liz?" I looked up and he was starring down at me...and I couldn't help but blush, once again lost in my thoughts.

"I thought you were asleep." I smirked--and he gave me a sheepish grin in return.

"Just trying to recuperate, and gain some strength for round two." This time it was my turn to grin.

" Round two huh?" He didn't reply this time, he just pulled me closer into his embrace and I felt him starting to get aroused again.

"I don't know if I can go back to my dorm, knowing that you're in the time zone as me." I stated, because it was true. I didn't want to leave his side. His presence was addicting, and after tonight with making thing official--I didn't want to leave his side again.

"Then don't." I thought he was kidding and started to laugh until I noticed that he looked quite serious. That playful cocky grin was nowhere to be found. He was serious.

"Max I---" He cut me off in mid sentence, he knows me too well.

"Liz, I'm serious. Stay. This apartment is big enough for two--plus it's only five minutes away from campus. I know how much you like your space, and I know living with a roommate in that dorm has to be almost torture for you." I smirked, he did know me way too well.

"That's true, that even if I live here--I'll have a roommate." I smirked, and noticed as his eyes went dark and playful.

He pulled my body until my eyes were locked on his own, my chest on his chest and my own breathing motions matched his. It's like we were moving in sync, two broken hearts formed into one full beating heart. Together we were one.

"True, but I'm not your run of the mill roommate." I tried not to giggle as he started placing wet kisses on my neck and down my throat as his hands roamed the small of my back and caressing my butt as he tried other ways to persuade me.

"I can see that--but I think I still might need some more convincing." that's when his lips met mine and my knees went weak, and I thanked the stars above that I was laying down--because it was that all too familiar swooning moment. It happened a lot when Max is in the picture, he's always had that affect on me.

"Liz, move in with me...C'mon Liz, I make a really mean pot roast." Max said in between kisses, and he motioned to flip me over that way he hovering over me.

"Well, when you bring food into the picture...Of course I'll move in with you." I laughed--as he smirked, and captured my mouth full on. I groaned into his mouth and gave myself to him fullheartedly.

He was more gentle this time around, and less awkward--it felt like a steady pace as he entered me slowly, and his motions were slow and loving.

"I love you Lizzie." he whispered in my ear.

With hearing that and his thrusting inside me only made my orgasm so much stronger, and intense. I didn't even mutter the words to reply to him, but deep down inside I knew that he knew how I felt about him.

With one final thrust...I saw stars--and it felt like I was flying in mid air. I pulled him closer and further inside me as I climaxed even harder than I thought I ever could. His breathing was uncontrolled, but still he bend slightly and kissed me on the forehead.

"I love you too Max." He simply smiled.

"I know you do Lizzie, I know you do." I curled myself into his embrace and I didn't want this night to be over, but I knew that my drowsiness and sleep was starting to overtake me. He hugged me closer as we fell asleep into each other's embrace.

It was where I knew I belonged and where I had always wanted to be--my heart was full, it was whole once more and couldn't wait to see where it would lead us in the years to come.

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Re: Baby it's cold outside ( M/L AU w/o A) Ch. 8 pg.4

Post by LovelyPOM83 » Mon Dec 23, 2013 3:01 pm

Okay, here is the next chapter. I just got done writing in this, and I'm trying my best to get this done before. the next year. This isn't going to be a long bear with me. I'm trying to fit a lot into the story line in a small amount of time. I'm thinking I might continue this story--on major holidays to keep up with the theme. LOL! But I'm trying to get this story done to get back to my other story. I don't have a beta for this--so excuse if it gets a little rambling ( I tend to do that a lot). So Enjoy.

<3 POM

Chapter 9: Coming home

It's been nearly three months since Max came back into my life and it's been a process and learning experience trying to find our balance again. But it's been good if you don't count all the catty looks I get from all the other women on campus wondering how I managed to get a hold of the hot young teacher's aide on school grounds.

We have since moved in with each other, but in doing so Max has discovered my one sleeping habit that worries me with each growing day. My nightmares of his father and the constant reoccurrence of losing our baby, some nights it makes me so sick that I actually throw up. He's worried about me, but he doesn't push me--but I know he wants me to seek help. As much as a part of me would like to so I can get back to regular life once again, it's a process and he knows that.

"Liz?" Lost in my own thoughts once again...I snapped out and looked at Max as he was hovering over me.

"Are you okay?" I smiled warmly and patted his arm in reassurance, he was concerned and I knew he felt like he was responsible, that was his burden.

"I'm fine. I was just thinking...these months really did pass quickly didn't they?" I got up and started to put my clothes in my suitcase, making to pack all the little essentials.

"Time flys when you're having fun...huh?" I couldn't help but laugh at his remark, and looked at his cocky grin that now plastered his face.

I walked a few steps to wear he was standing and kissed him. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me onto the bed and we fell in one swift movement. I was lost in his arms, I knew we had other stuff to do--but it could wait till now.

Our breaths were heated and I moaned into this mouth and I wanted him to make love to me, but we had to keep up with a tight schedule. Our flight was in a few hours.

"Max we--have to--pack" I said in between kisses as I tried to pull away from his grasp, as much as I wanted to stay in his embrace. I knew we couldn't.

Max sighed and put his head on my shoulder, "Just five more minutes, and I'll do anything you want me to do." He pleaded and I giggled, how could I say no to that offer. He was very persuasive when he wanted to be.

I fell back into his embrace and got lost in the moment. Maybe a little too much because he started taking his shirt off and I forced myself to pull away.

"No, we have to pack. If we miss our flight Maria will be pissed and I won't be the one to tell her just why we missed their engagement party." We were only inches apart, and I could see the dark passion in his eyes subside and the amber gold-ness return.

"Fine." He placed a quick kiss on my lips and helped me off the bed before he got up himself.

"You know once were home I have to face my mom, I know she's going to wonder why I didn't attend my fathers funeral. Im sure he didn't tell her anything about our situation. He always kept her in the dark about everything." I stopped what I was doing and went and stood beside him. He looked worried, I knew how much his Mom meant to him, and it was understandable. We've been such a whirlwind of emotions, and I knew that she had no idea why Max probably always kept himself at arms distance with them.

"Max?" I softly placed my hands on his face and urged him to look at me.

"It's okay, you'll have me at your side. Your strong, but we can do this together--we are stronger together. We can get through this, and I'm sure once you explain everything--she'll understand." He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me into his embrace and he was my home. I knew I had to be there for him just as much as he was for me.

"I don't think I do this without you." He muttered into my ear, as he hugged me even tighter. I rubbed his neck and gently caressed his hair at the nape of his neck and tried my best to soothe his worries.

"You can do this, the last thing I want is to isolate you from your family. I know you've been dreading this moment, but you have to. You can't hide from them forever." He sighed heavily and simply nodded, knowing just what he had to do and I also know he didn't want to go through with it.

"Okay, you won't be alone baby." I grabbed his hand in mine and placed the palm of his hand over my heart.

"You have my heart Max, it belongs to only you--and we will get through this together." He looked into my eyes and smiled, and leaned over and gave me the most sweetest kiss.

"Okay, we really need to pack--oh and make sure to get your good suit for the party." He winked at me as he walked into the closet and tried to remember what his good suit was. They always needed direction, Men!

Just then my cell phone rang.

"Hello Maria." I laughed, because of course she was checking in on us.

"Lizzie, please tell me that you guys aren't having a quickie before you guys leave. You two cannot be late, I need you here to help with the final touches of the party." I laughed as I continued to roam around the room getting things that I needed for our two week stay.

"Maria, I can tell you that we are fully clothed and still getting ready. Besides, we aren't in high school anymore--we can keep our pants on longer than an hour at most." I heard her laughing on the other end. I smiled at that admission, because it was true. Max and I just couldn't get enough of each other.

"Well, the flight is two hours isn't it?"

"Yeah why?"

"Well if you guys can only keep your pants on for only an hour, then you two are going to be in the mile high club." I must have turned ten shades of pink, just thinking about doing it such a public place--made me--I don't even know the word for it.

"I don't see that in my future--yet." I laughed so loud that it made Max peek out from the closet and looked at me curiously.

He held up the grey suit, waiting for my approval. I turned the cell phone away from me to talk to him.

"The black suit for the party, and the grey one for Christmas dinner." He nodded and winked at me with a sly grin. Damn he was sexy.

"Chica, I can feel you drooling from over here." I laughed and made sure to close my mouth.

"Shut up." I blushed, because she knew me so well.

"Look, I better go. I still have some more packing to do and I cannot be late, you already warned me. Pick us up at 10pm, our plane should land by 9:30 or so hopefully the weather isn't too bad."

"Sounds good Lizzie. Oh, and please keep those pants on for the stewardess sake." She laughed, and I tried not to give into her joking banter.

"Whatever...I'll see you later." And with that I ended the call, still with her laughing in the background.

"What was that about?" Max asked as he wondered back into the room, with a full packed suitcase in hand.

"Oh, it was just Maria. Making sure we weren't doing 'Anything' to make us late, and when I say anything...I mean you know." I laughed as he threw the suitcase on the bed and wrapped his arms around my waist and picked me up so that my legs were now wrapped around his waist.

"You mean this anything?" he whispered as he kissed the inside of my neck, then trailed down to my collar bone.

"Umm yes...that would--be the" I couldn't move...I was paralyzed by his touch. He's always had this effect on me. I can still remember our very first kiss--as much as it was awkward, it was perfect.


"You know Max, it's my birthday next week. What are you going to get me?" He stood there pondering--and was a little unsure of what to say.

We had grown close since him and my brother Michael had become really good friends over the last few months. It's been hard not having my mom around to talk to, but Aunt Nancy has been great.
I know I was only 11 going on 12 years, but even then when I looked into Max's eyes I knew he was different then all those stupid immature boys that would pull my hair during class--or trying to shove me at recess.

He was handsome, even though he hadn't hit puberty yet, and I'd already been in it for more than a year already. It was awkward being the only one in fifth grade having to deal with this sort of thing. Having to wear a bra and having to deal with that time of the month. My aunt told me that it wasn't going away, but it was only going to get worse. She told me it was the joys of becoming a woman, and it was a joy that I didn't want anything to do with. But again once it's's there.

As he paced around me, I brought back into the moment--then he stopped and faced me.

"How about a kiss?" I blushed and looked away.

"You can only kiss me if you're my boyfriend." I countered, and I had suspected that he would turn down that offer knowing full well how overprotected my stupid older brother was.

"Okay." I turned to look at him...and he had picked a daisy from the ground, and got on one knee and I was dumb founded not knowing what to say.

"Elizabeth Parker, will you be my girlfriend?" I was aghast and couldn't find the words to say's something you wouldn't expect a 13 year old boy to do.

"Yes." I pushed the words out and sighed as he smiled at me.

He got up and in one swift move his lips were on mine, and it took me a minute to adjust. My head was spinning and everything around us disappeared. I opened my mouth and accepted his tongue and it was weird and awkward at first but at the same time it was exhilarating. It was hot and heated at first, and then it became slow and tender and it was perfect. Just the way a first kiss should be.
He placed his forehead onto mine and peered into my eyes, and I couldn't feel all the emotions he was feeling. Only knowing that I felt the same, the moment was beyond perfect and I couldn't ask for a more wonderful present from my first true love.

Little did I know he would be my only true love.

"We should get going, I don't want anyone to worry about you." Max said as he place his hand into mine and let me away from the open field, our only way of actually being alone.

"I have nothing to worry about, I have my boyfriend to take care of me after all." He grinned at that admission, and I stood on tiptoes and kissed him on the cheek.

( End Flashback)


A smile crept onto my face and it was funny that one touch could bring back such a beautiful memory. Memories that for such a long time, I pushed deep down inside to keep from crying at night.

"What are you thinking about?" Max asked as he stepped behind me and pulled me into his arms.

"Our very first kiss, do you remember that?" I turned toward him and he laughed.

"Yea, I was so nervous...I had been wanting to do it since I first saw you, but I didn't want you to run away from me. So, it took a good year or so--but I did it." I was a little shocked by his confession.

"Really?" I didn't know that. I looked at him more closely and he blushed and nervously scratched behind his ear. He was so cute when he was nervous, so nervous that I could devour his right here. But no, keep pants on.

"I was nervous too--you were my first kiss. I had no idea what to do, or when to do it." This time I guess it was his turn to look shocked.

"I was your first kiss?" I smiled and nodded.

"You seemed to know what you were doing to me, I didn't even know that...after all these years. You always seem to amaze me baby." We kissed and I know he wanted more--he's been hinting that all night, but we couldn't.

"Nope, we can't--we have to leave." he rolled his eyes, but he knew it was the truth.
With that...we made double checked to make sure we had everything.

"All the bags here?" He counted everything...


"Lights off and everything locked in the apartment." I laughed as he roamed the apartment and walked back to me.


"Boarding passes, and passports just in case." He opened a small bag he had with him and checked, zipped it back up and put in my purse.


"Okay, let's go home to California--I bet it's only 70 degrees down there right now." I laughed when he ushered me out of our apartment and locked the door behind us.

"I know, I brought my swim trunks." He smiled, always a California boy.

"Well, I know it's a lot better than this frosty temperatures over here." He said as he held open the car door for me.

"Yeah, well at least the sun is still out and it's not snowing like I thought it was going to do. Does it snow in Roswell?" He shrugged his shoulders as he started the car.

"You are asking the wrong person, remember I'm from Southern California. Where if it's 50 degrees it's considered freezing." I laughed because it was true, this man was made for fun in the sun.

"Well, if it is below 50 degrees when we get home, I can warm you up." I smirked as his eyes went dark with anticipation.

"Is that a promise or are you just teasing me?" I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek and whispered in his ear " It's a guarantee mister." I smirked as I feel him shutter.

"You are going to be the end of me woman...seriously, if we didn't have to be someplace important--I'd take you right now in the back on this SUV." I smiled and whispered in his ear again, knowing how much he loved that.

"I know, I'm sure you can come up with a plan to get me back later when we land." I leaned over even more and took his earlobe into my mouth and playful bit it. Causing him to lose slight control of the car--as he took in another shuttered breath.

"Oh, this is going to be a long flight." He moaned out as he continued to drive to the airport.

And indeed it was...we just might have to join that mile high club after all.

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Re: Baby it's cold outside ( M/L AU w/o A) Ch. 9 pg.4

Post by LovelyPOM83 » Mon Dec 30, 2013 3:22 am

Thank you for the feedback guys, and I'm trying to get this story done--but I still can't decide if it should be a long story or just a few more chapters. I guess I'll see where it leads me. It's be the longest week ever, I worked on Christmas and was behind on wrapping gifts. My one day off was Friday, and my family celebrated Christmas on that day--but I live in southern California. It's nice writing a story based around a familiar setting, and my baby sister works at Disneyland. So, that will come into the story too. Hope you all like the next chapter. Enjoy. :)
<3 POM

Chapter 10: Holiday madness

The plan ride was only an hour or so...but it felt somewhat like an eternity, the sexual tension was so thick you could smell it. It also didn't help that Max was trying to get to second base in the coach seats that we were placed in. I was self conscious about the wondering eyes of the people next to us, along with the women passengers that kept eyeing my boyfriend. I knew they wanted him just as much as I did.

"Max, you have to stop--people keep looking at us." I whispered in a frantic tone, and half pushing him away--only knowing it was only a matter of time before I gave into him. Just like I always did, Max is a force to be reckoned with.

"Well, it's your fault for starting it." Max whispered in my ear as he continued to kiss my neck feverishly.

"Ho--how did I start this?" I tried to complete my sentence, as he continued his torture, I had to clench my thighs together to keep his hand from going where I only expected they were going.
"In the were teasing me--so consider this payback." He whispered in my ear as he continued his torturous kisses along my neck.

Why was he doing's like he could feel my aching for him with every second he continued to leave a trail of kissed down my jaw line and down my throat and back up again. I wanted him, only problem was were on a damn plane.

I had to bite down on my lip to stop myself from groaning out loud, my nails dug into the arm rest of the seat, and my pelvis buckeled every time his hand inched closer to my mound. The ache was unbearable, and he knew that.

"Max..." he didn't stop, but I could hear his voice in between kisses.

"Yes, my--love." Damn it, I was going to give into him...I had to--it was only 40 minutes into our stupid flight, he was going to pay for this later but at the moment--my eyes where too heated from passion that i didn't care.

"Wait two minutes, and follow my lead." I whispered in his ear and kissed him quickly on the lips before getting up from my seat and walking swiftly to the front of the plane.

The restroom felt more like a closet, I hated them--and always avoided using them. I was claustrophobic but the things you do for the ones you love.

Right on time...I heard two knocks, I didn't even open the door all the way before pulling him into the small stall. I pulled his t-shirt off in one motion, not wasting any time...and it took little motivation for him to follow my lead.

I love feeling his bare chest on mine, the feel of our heart beats so in sync and when we were together like this we were one.

"Max" I moaned out, as his lips crushed onto mine and he lifted my shirt and was quite surprised to find that I wasn't wearing any underwear. It was one of things I took off as soon as got into this closet of a room. I liked surprising him every now and then, it was the only real way to keep the spice right in the relationship.

"Liz..." He moaned out as he entered me. I was hot, wet and waiting..almost impatiently by this point.

It was his own damn fault for teasing me for nearly 45 minutes, I know it was payback for the ride over--but I was only teasing him for ten minutes, not over half an hour. Like I said before, he always knew how to get his way.

And once again, he was getting his way--by torturing me over my limit. But then again, our limit wasn't that high. All he had to do to get me into the mood was kiss me on the neck--and I was a pile of goo in his hands.

I was brought back to the moment as the sudden orgasm was rushing over me like a warm blanket and for several minutes everything went black and I forgot who I was, or even where I was. That's the effect this man had over me. His thrusting became quicker and harder and it was his turn to climax and he usually grunted extremely loud and I knew that couldn't happen.

Almost right on cue, he came and I swallowed his grunts and moans with a passionate kiss, and pulled away when his breathing became normal again.

"Baby, I love you." I whispered to him as I pressed my forehead against is, and waiting a few more minutes as he gently pulled out of me and started to clean me up before cleaning up himself.

"I love you too Lizzie. " I stood on my tip toes this time and kissed his nose lightly and he smiled. He was always so loving and caring, and always putting me in front of his own needs.

I splashed my face with some water, its a really good thing I didn't put on makeup before we left, maybe I'd do that--with the remainder for our time which was only 25 more minutes to go.

"I'll see you out there...don't get lost." I smirked at him, as I straightened out my dress and fixed my hair as best I could before I kissed him once more before unlocking the door and stepping on the other side. Ignoring all the knowing glares from the sea of people that sat before me. Pleading with my subconscious not to blush.


Did that really happen? Seriously?! Elizabeth Parker and I just joined the mile high club, never in this lifetime or the next would I have expected her to feel comfortable enough to check that off our to do list.

I was beaming ear to ear..and tried my best to fix myself up as I was to walk out of this crammed stall and join her back in the seat. It was a little uncomfortable to feel many eyes of the women stare at me, and a couple gay guys too. I know Liz didn't like it, but I hoped that she knew that they could look all they wanted. Because the only girl I would ever want was sitting right beside me, she was the only one in my eyes and has been since I was twelve years old.

When I reached our seats, she had her makeup sprawled out in front of her with a huge mirror and I knew she was getting ready, so I kissed her on the cheek and she smiled at me. We knew what the other one was thinking without even having to say it. It was strange, but it was our own secret language.

While she did her makeup, I took this opportunity to take a little nap. That vagarious exercise in that somewhat closet took a lot out of me, and she knew it. At least for the remainder to the ride, we kept our hands off of each other.

It felt like I had just closed my eyes, when I heard her soft voice and a gentle kiss on my check urging me to wake up. We were pretty much the last ones on the plane other than the flight crew, who were also checking me out. I hated this, but before we took another step I pulled Liz into my arms and kissed her passionately and I heard a few sighs from behind us and knew they got the picture I was indeed taken.

"What was that for?" Liz asked as she tried to regain her composure, and fix her lipstick. Also cleaning what transferred onto myself as well.

"That was just because I love you." Liz smiled at me--and put her small hand into my own, and gently urged us to continue walking to exit the plane.

"I love you too Maxwell." I smirked at that, she hasn't called me that in years. I'm glad we are finally getting more and more comfortable with one another again. I wanted and hoped she knew that I wasn't going anywhere this time around, no matter what.

I went ahead to get our luggage, and I was so glad wasn't like most women who had more than five bags, and had to pack everything but the kitchen sink in order to feel comfortable to travel. She had two compact bags and then her carry on, while I only had the one.

"Okay, I texted Maria and she said she's five minutes out. She wants to meet us outside, do you want to get a snack before heading out?" I wasn't hungry for food, only for her.

"Food wise no, but for you...Always." I smiled as I put a protective arm around her. I thought she would smack me for making such a harsh comment, but she didn't--she just snuggled closer into my embrace and we stood like that, it felt like an eternity. But it was just a mere few minutes if I was counting, but that just took my focus away from her.

"Max, I want you too--but that would always be time for that later back at the hotel." She smiled and my face fell.

"Shit." I cursed under my breath.

"What?" She looked confused and I knew I totally forgot to tell her with everything that had been going on.

"I knew I forgot something!"

"Max, Tell me you didn't forget to book the hotel room." She looked pissed, but that wasn't even the start of it.

"Well, I didn't see, I was talking to my sister and she told my mom--and she wants us to stay with her over our visit." Her mouth fell open and didn't know what to say.

"You told her no right?" I looked everywhere but in her eyes.

"Maxwell Evans, you didn't!" ahh there was that name again, my full name this time. She wasn't happy, and I knew it.

"I didn't agree for the entire trip, since we are heading to the lake house for Michael and Maria's party in a few days, but I did agree to tonight after we see your aunt and uncle." I winced, getting ready for her shouting...even though we were in such a public location.

But given I'm talking to a more mature Liz Parker she did just the opposite, which surprised me even more.

"Well, one night wont hurt--besides my aunt and uncle don't have the room right now. But only one night--okay, and you are so not getting lucky tonight mister!" I didn't think I wasn't going to anyway...but I'm glad she agreed to at least meet me half way. She did want me and my family to start somewhat communicating, and this seemed like the only way to really do it.

"Thank you baby...I'm sorry I forgot to tell you. I didn't do it on purpose, it just slipped my mind." She half smiled, knowing each other for so long--we knew when to fight our battles and deep down inside we both knew that this wasn't one of them. Just a slight complication that was easily fixable.
I pulled her close and kissed her lightly on the lips this time all too aware not to mess up her makeup. I went down that road all too well, and knowing that if I messed up that creation I would have hell to pay. I didn't want that on top of the mess I was already in, No thank you.


His lips where so soft, I didn't want the spell to end--no matter how pissed I was that I had to say at the house that I knew his father lived in. I didn't know if this was going to trigger my dreams and make them even worse than they already were. But then again, it was only for one night and what could that hurt. It would be nice to see Diane and Tess again after all these years.

It was about to get more intense...when a familiar voice broke our spell.

"I see your still whipped Evans." I pushed him away only to see my annoying brother standing before us. My face blushed a red shade, as I clearly didn't expect to see him.

"Where's Maria?" I asked as I struggled to get the bags off the floor, before he prided them out of my hands. We haven't talked since the night he punched my boyfriend in the face.

"She's in the car holding off the police from towing the truck, you know how she can be--so we'd better hurry." I nodded and looked back at Max, and he looked like he was going to be sick. I knew the last thing he wanted was to be stuck in a car for nearly forty minutes depending on traffic with Michael.

Things were still strained and I didn't want history to repeat itself, but I knew he was going to stick it out for me. He was my family, no matter how annoying he was--I was thankful he was at least making an attempt to accept us as an official couple. Knowing him and how he functioned, that was saying a lot.

I grabbed a hold of Max's hand and pulled him along as we strided to keep up with Michael, when we reached the truck just outside the entrance of the LAX airport--there was Maria having a very verbal argument with the police officer that didn't look like he was having a good day. Especially not with Maria shouting god knows what in his face, trying to get him not to give her a ticket for parking in a red zone.

As we got closer, Max let go of my hand--and started to approach the officer.

"Kyle Valenti?" the officer looked up at Max, ignoring Maria's rude comments--and a smile broke out all of a sudden onto his face and Maria didn't know what to think. I was in the same boat as her, as the two men shared a manly hug--with back slapping. I've never understood personally why guys did that, the harder you slap; does that make you more of a man?

"What's going on?" Maria asked me ask I reached her and took her hand in mine. I just shook my head.

"I don't know." Unclear myself of what exactly was unfolding before our eyes.

"Max?" I asked meekly as he peered around at our confused faces.

"Oh sorry guys, this is Kyle--he's my sister Tess's fiancée." I never pegged her getting married to a cop, I guess Max wasn't the only one who rebelled against their father. I know that if he were alive, he would never allow this.

Max held his hand out to me, and he pulled me closer to him, " This is my lovely girlfriend, Liz".

"Finally, I get to meet the famous Liz Parker." I smiled at his comment and looked at Max, who was smiling at me. He had talked about me with his friend, it comforted me to know he had never forgotten about me--like I thought he had. I was always alive with him, and that warmed my soul.

I shook his hand, and the way he smiled at Max--I knew he was happy for us, I don't know what they had talked about, about me. But it had to be good, Max was still beaming at me.

"Um excuse me...sorry to interrupt the family gathering, but can we go?" Maria looked impatient, and as much as I didn't want to be rude. Maria decided to be rude for all of us.

"Kyle, can you let them off with a warning--they drove all this way to pick us up." Max pleaded and Kyle just nodded and slapped him on the shoulder.

"Oh, this is my brother Michael and his fiancee Maria." Michael shook his hand, while Maria just waved and stood her ground and he didn't attempt to approach her either.

"It was nice meeting you Liz, after all this time. I'm sure we can all catch up tonight, but I have to go--duty calls." He shook hands with Max.

"Yeah in more ways than one." Maria said whispered in a hushed tone, Michael elbowed her in the ribs.

I smiled warmly as Kyle looked in Maria's general direction, before smiling at Max and I one last time before turning and walking in the opposite direction where the four of us stood.

"Maria!" I shouted, when I knew Kyle was out of ear shot.

"What?" She was annoyed and instructed Michael to put the bags in the truck.

"Seriously?! Why were you so rude, he let you guys off with a warning." I didn't know what was making her this frantic, she was my best friend and she was acting like someone I wasn't familiar with. Was she pissed because we weren't staying with them like she had hoped? I wasn't sure , but I was going to see to finding out what was wrong.

For the moment, I let it go as Max saw and could sense my concern. He kissed my forehead as he pulled me into the truck. Maria sat up in the front with Michael, while Max and I cuddled in the back. As much as I was glad to be home, a part of me wished that Max and I would have stayed home.
Have our first Christmas and New year's wrapped in each other's arms without a care in the world. As much as I love southern California, it was indeed my home--but I was starting to love Roswell even more.

We've only been here an hour and you could already sense the tension in the air, this was going to be a long two weeks. I could sense it, but at least we were together--and with Max by my side I know that we can get through anything.


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Re: Baby it's cold outside ( M/L AU w/o A) A/N: pg.5 (2/3)

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Thank you for all the amazing feedback, sorry for the long time gap in between posts. But I'm back with chapter 11, and it was longer than I first intend it to be. But I hope everyone likes it.

-- Erica aka POM :)


BICO: chapter 11

Maria POV

Holding back tears as Michael grasped my hand as he merged onto the 101 freeway, as we left LAX. I felt like the biggest jerk for acting the way I did, it was strange--I didn't even know why I acted that way. It was so out of character for me. I kept fighting the urge to look in the backseat where my what I hoped would still be my best friend was sitting. That's if she'd ever forgive me.

I don't know why I felt so guilty, I should be happy--but I just wasn't sure how I was supposed to feel. Unsure of how I was supposed to keep my emotions in check, I actually pretended to be asleep to avoid the awkward glances that seemed to be coming in all directions in the all of a sudden cramp SUV.

"Baby what's wrong?" Michael asked as soon as the once stable traffic screeched to a halt.
I knew he was worried, and that we would have to talk, but we would have to have this conversation alone.

I didn't open my eyes, just shook my head and said quietly, "not now". He didn't argue any further, but I could also hear Max and Liz whispering in the back seat and I knew she was worried about me. I could feel it, and I knew we'd have our own discussion as soon as we reached the house.

I was dreading it--and I didn't know how I was going to approach this topic with her.


I found comfort with Max holding my hand, today was supposed to be an exciting day. I get to see family and friends that I haven't' seen in almost a year. The car ride seemed to last forever, the traffic is one of the things that I didn't miss when it came to southern California.

Max knew that I was worried about Maria, he tried his best to comfort me. Whispering loving and reassuring thing into my ear and I was very thankful that we took this trip together.

It wasn't until we reached Michael's house, and Maria bolted out of the truck as if her blatter was going to explode. Max and I exchanged a look, he nodded knowing what I had to do. He stayed back to talk to Michael as I raced after Maria to get her to say what was really wrong with her.
Once inside the house, it was free reign.

"Maria?" She was sitting on the couch, as if she was waiting for me. She had this blank look on her face, and I just couldn't understand what mood she was in. In all our years of friendship, I've never seen her like this.

"Maria, what is your problem? Why are you shutting me out?" She stayed quiet, she had tears in her eyes and she started to pace the room. This didn't look like my best friend, something had to be up.

"'Ria, what's wrong?" At this point I was scared, afraid of what to think.

She was wringing her hands together, anyone could clearly see that she was uncomfortable and didn't want to be here. She opened and closed her mouth a few times with failed attempts of words actually getting out .

Taking a deep breath, and exhaling . Shaking off the nerves, "I'm so sorry Lizzie." Maria's voice cracked. She choked back a sob in the middle of the throat.

Her hands were shaking so bad, as I looked at her--something was eating away at her, but I wasn't sure what exactly.

"I'm sorry for being such a bitch back there, I have nothing against Kyle or Tess. I don't know why I acted like that." she had tears running down her face now, and my heart sank for her. Rushing to her side to hold her hand. Try and steady her before she toppled over.

"No, wait--I need say this." She pushed away from me, and continued to pace as I watched her.

"I feel guilty Lizzie, I don't want to. I don't know why I am, but I just can't help it." She had tears streaming down her face, I found a box of tissue tucked away near the wall unit. I carefully put it in front of her as she continued to pace.

"Maria, what is it?" Now she had me worried, what could she feel so guilty about that would cause her to walk on pins and needles?

"Liz, I'm--I'm pregnant" I could feel my face light up in a huge smile, as her face crumbled into shambles and she covered her face and continued to cry.
"I found out yesterday--I'm 5 weeks along."

"Maria, this is happy news. Why are you crying?" I asked and she looked sad, almost even more so now that I just said that.

"I feel guilty Liz, you were suppose to be the one with the baby. Not me." Maria had gotten up from the couch and again started pace the same path right in front of me.

"Maria, don't say that. You're going to be an amazing Mom". She had stopped pacing and looked at me , like really looked at me in one moment with a gleam of hope in her eyes. As if she only wished to what I was telling here were indeed true.

"You don't have to feel guilty, I know what you're saying--but it just wasn't the right time for Max and I to be parents. We will try again in the future. Don't let that out coming get you down." I now stood up and embraced her and I tried my best to calm her down.

I knew where she was coming from, it took me nearly a year to come to terms and process with losing our baby. As much as I wanted things to be different, I knew I couldn't change anything.

"What does Mike have to say about this?" She wiped away her tears with a tissue, that I had handed to her.

"Well, he doesn't know yet. He'd always told me that he didn't want kids. I didn't mean to get pregnant and I'm afraid of how he's going to react with being told this news." I smiled because I knew my brother would be thrilled at this news, more excited than Maria had ever hoped he would be.

"So, you told me before you told Michael?" She gave me a half smile and nodded.

"I just couldn't take it, if you hated me for it. I could take Michael being mad at me--we get mad at each other at least five times a day". She giggled at that because it was true, they always got into fights but then they always made up just as quick as they started fighting. At times it was humorous.

"So, you're not mad?" I smiled, well more like beamed in her direction. She had to be crazy.

"Are you insane? I'm going to be a Aunt, and you're going to be the coolest mom ever!" We embraced and you could see the worry and intense fear just drip off her.

"Now, go talk to your man. While I go visit my past." I huffed as she looked worried for me, and again I felt like everything was where it should be.

Max carried some of our luggage in the house, most of the stuff we needed for their rehearsal dinner and then wedding nearly two weeks from now. A lot of the major stuff we'd keep with us as were on our way to his Mom's house.

A part of me didn't want to go, while the other part of me wanted to get it over with. My reward for the night was to make it in one piece and cradled in his arms. Hopefully, it would all go as well as he promised.

"Are you ready to get going?" Max asked as Maria and I embraced and I urged her to talk to Michael once more as I started my way back outside.

She simply nodded her head as she walked us both outside, and she walked right into my brothers waiting arms. I smiled at that, knowing that my brother had someone he could love and depend on. Also grateful that he finally came to terms with Max and let go of most of his overprotected tendencies. It was a still a work in progress, but he had come a long way.

Max helped me to climb into the truck, and he buzzed around hoping in himself. Turing the ignition, with the roar of the engine. I couldn't wait to get this adventure over and done with.

We drove away, and it warmed my heart that Maria was perfectly encased in my brothers arms as we started our next journey. I knew she'd be okay, and that they would be able to talk now that we were leaving.


It was strange, I've driven down this street almost a million times before. But this time was different, my father was dead and the love of my life was by my side.

Thinking about all those year back, when everything seemed so perfect. I was such a fool, how could I not see that he didn't like her? But at the same time I only saw what I wanted to see.

"What are you thinking about?" it was like being pulled out of a daydream, as I looked at Liz. She looked a little worried, and I couldn't blame her. This was a big step for both of us.

"I'm thinking about you, our past--how things were good. Also, I couldn't see the warning signs that were right in front of me." I stopped at the stop sign, turned on my blinker and wanted to make the left hand turn, but I felt frozen.

Liz took hold of my hand, and it comforted me.

"I'm nervous too, as much as I'd like to avoid this situation, they are your family." I nodded and prepared myself to make the turn. The house was at the end of the block, and I didn't know if I was ready to face my mom yet.

"They are my family Liz, but you're more important. If you're not ready, we can go back to Michael's or get a hotel room like you originally wanted. " She smiled at that truth, because that's what it was. I loved my mom and sister, but if Liz wasn't ready to face this part of our past I was going to stick by her a thousand percent.

She turned around in her seat and placed her fingers under my chin urging me to look at her, and when my eyes reached her warm brown glaze my heart melted all over again. It was as if I was ten years old again, and she was comforting me after my parents got into another one of their daily fights. I would run the two blocks to their house and seek Liz's all too contagious comfort.

"Max, as much as I want to run away from this. I don't want to keep you from your family. You need them more than you think you won't. I don't want to be the burden to keep you from them. I'm doing this for us, for our future together." I smiled and pulled her hand away from my cheek and gently kissed the palm of her hand. I know now that I wouldn't be able to do this, not without her by my side.

With Liz by my side I could do anything I put my mind to--nothing was impossible.

We made a complete unit and nothing was going to change that, nothing or nobody. I was forever going to fight for what is mine, and if my mother didn't accept her or our love I would say goodbye to her forever.

I put the truck in park, and carefully climbed out. Almost sprinting out of the automobile to help Liz get out. I got our bags out of the back of the carriage, and took her hand in mine as we walked up the pathway to the three story mansion that was my father's pride and joy, but growing up it was own form of prison.

I never thought I'd be back here, not after what all has happened over the last few years. But my mom wanted to mend what she could savage of a relationship between us. This could get interesting.

Liz rang the door bell, and I squeezed her hand. Trying to send reassuring thoughts to her that everything was okay.

The door opened, and there was a meek looking woman staring at us, with a baby in her arms.

"Tess?" I questioned, she looked older but it was a far cry to what she used to look like.

"Max?" She squinted against the sun...but her smile widened, it was her alright. It's been at least three years since I've seen her, and it looked like I haven't seen her in ages.

We embraced, but careful not to crush the baby in her arms.

"Tess, you remember Liz right?" I brought Liz to my side and Tess smile beamed even more so, and she broke away from me and hugged Liz as if her life depended on it. I imagined she somewhat felt guilty for what happened to Liz.

"I'm so sorry Liz." Tess's voice cracked, and it was Liz who tried her best to calm her down. The baby that was in her arms started to get fussy, I set the bags down near the door and closed the door behind us.

Carefully, I took the baby out of my sisters arms and into my own. She cried fully then, and I gave them some space as I bounced the baby in my arms. The babies cries seemed to muffle after an few minutes.

It was ten minutes before the ladies rounded the corner, both wiping away tears, and Tess was once again at my side.

"Max, I never knew you were so good with babies?" Tess questioned as she reached down and grabbed the baby once more.

"I didn't know either, it must be my fatherly instinct shining through." I smiled as I wrapped a protective arm around Liz's waist and brought her warmth to me.

I kissed the top of her head and whispered "I love you" in her ear. She smiled and pressed her body closer to mine, which caused something to stir.

"Well, that's good because this little one would really like to get to know her Uncle." I perked up when she said the term 'Uncle', that was her baby. She never told me before that she had a baby.

"I want you guys to meet, my daughter Mandy Valenti" Liz smiled and pulled out of my grasp, and she started to play with the baby. I didn't think my heart could melt more than in that very instant. This is what my father stole from her, and I hated him more in that instant.

I wanted to fill that void for her--I wanted that before when we were still in Roswell, but being back home in California and in the house I grew up in. I wanted that more than anything--and imagine she had to go through that on her own.

She was stronger than I could ever give her credit for, I don't know what I would do if I was in her situation. But I knew I admired her more in this very moment and loved her more deeply than I ever knew possible.

"Tess, what's with all the noise?" A slightly annoyed voice came from the room down the hall, and I turned and stood face to face with our mother.

She didn't look to pleased that I was there at all, which was strange because from the email she had sent me--she was the one who wanted us to come over and visit.

"Max? What are you doing here?" She just stood their shocked, probably in awe that I showed up at all.

Before I could say anything it was Tess that spoke up first, "I invited him, I knew he'd be in town for Liz's brothers wedding and thought we all could catch up and mend broken bridges." My face fell, it was Tess who was behind this.

Liz was once again at my side and grasped my hand--I knew that if we did this, we would do it together. We would have to, because I wasn't sure if I'd be able to all by myself.

"Mom, you remember Liz?" My mom didn't say anything...she looked as if a bus had hit her full force, and she turned and walked away.

Well this night was going to be an interesting one, but I didn't know what I should do--storm after my mom and demand answers, or strangle my sister for making me think I was talking to my mom when it was really her I talking to all along.

I did neither, instead I turned and looked at Liz.

"Are you okay--do you want to leave?" She smiled halfheartedly, and I knew I had to make sure she was fine before I dealt with my family. She was and would always be my first priority.

"No, I'm fine. You go, talk to her." She could always sense when I knew something was wrong, I kissed her briefly before I gave a pleading look to my sister and she nodded.

"C'mon Liz, I need help setting up the table for dinner, Kyle will be here soon enough--he'd be happy to see you again." I smiled at Liz and she smiled back, and we parted ways.

I turned and walked to my father's old study, where my mother was.

"Why is she here?" I didn't have to walk all the way into the room to get a reaction out of her, she was unbelievable.

"She's here because I love her." She laughed as my expression stayed stone cold, if this was the game she wanted to play I was all game.

"Love? does that even exist anymore?" She scoffed, while I just stood there. Realizing that she was probably just as bad as he was. Incredible.

"If you want me in your life, you're going to have to accept Liz. Accept that I love her with everything in my being, and accept that one day she is going to be my wife whether you like it or not. You may have driven me away once, but you will never do that again." I wasn't aware but I now stood in front of her, starring down at her.

"Max, we just wanted what was best for you. Nothing against her, but we--" The blood was now boiling within my skin, they did act together--I should have known.

"Her name is Liz, Mother." I nearly shouted, which made her jump.

"You should be home with your family Max, not in Roswell doing god knows what with you know who."

"Look Mom, I don't know what you may get out of this visit, but it isn't me. You aren't my family
anymore. Liz is my everything, and everything I ever wanted. She's all the family I will ever need." I was done, and over this bullshit.

"I'll act civil and stay for dinner, but that will be for Tess. If you so much as look at Liz in a threatening will be sorry. Got that Mom?" I didn't even wait for her to answer, I stormed out and headed outside. I need air and space to breathe.

In a million years I never knew that she'd be capable of this of all things. I could see Liz talking to Tess through the panels of the back doors, and it warmed my heart that she was strong enough to be in the same room as them and I wasn't.

Maybe one day, but not now.