What's Meant To Be (Adult ML CC) [WIP]

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What's Meant To Be (Adult ML CC) [WIP]

Post by Roswell_Fan86 » Fri Dec 02, 2011 1:49 am

Title: What's Meant To Be
Disclaimer: I got the transcripts for the 'FLASHES' from crashdown.com. I do not own any of the characters or any rights to the show.
Summary: This story is a 'What If' version of Roswell. What if Liz started developing powers earlier on? What could have happened from that point on? Could things really change or are some things just meant to be? Takes place after the episode 'The Balance'.
Couples: M/L, CC
Rating: Mature possibly Adult

Ch. 1

Max and Liz stood on her balcony not even caring about their surroundings or the possibility of being caught by her parents who were less than ten feet away. Max was kissing Liz like a starved man; savoring the sensations that came with the kiss they shared. Liz sighed into his mouth as she tilted her head up to deepen the kiss. Wrapping her arms around his neck to bring him closer, Max did not disappoint her as he tangled one hand through her silky tresses and the other finds its way up under her shirt to carress her back.


Valenti looks down shocked at Hubbles lifeless body, then looks at Max and Michael, "I didn't know this was gonna happen." He tries to explain, "I didn't know he was as dangerous as he was."

"What did you tell him?!" Max yelled at Valenti feeling angry and scared; his heart beating a mile a minute as he continued to question him. "Why did he come after me? You're the Sheriff! You're supposed to protect me, but all you've done is gone after me!" He cries out in pure frustration, "You believe all these crazy things, just like Hubble...you want me, well here I am!" Max says as he throws his hands out in mock surrender, "Take me!"

"Max come on, just relax." Michael tells him as he tried to calm him down.

"No..." Max yells at him, shaking his head, keeping his eyes on Valenti.

"Son." Valenti starts to say surprised by Max's anger.

Max laughs in disbelief. "Son?" Would you treat your son this way?"

The sheriff shakes his head and looks down at the body before him, "Get outta here." He whispers looking at Max and Michael, "The both of you! You were never here, go on!" Max and Michael look at him confused before Michael pulls him to the car.


"Ok, fine..." Liz teased Max as she watched him walk over to her side of the jeep. "If you know so much then tell me, Max, what's my destiny?" She asks him as he helps her out of the jeep.

Max smiles at her before looking at her; the teasing smirk he had on his face now gone. "I only know the part I'm hoping for."


"Can I join you?" The girl asked interrupting Alex and Isabel.

"Actually, we were-"

Alex starts to say but Isabel cuts him off. "You're the new girl, right?"

"If you're busy, I could..." Tess starts to say hesitating.

"No, join us," Isabel tells her with a smile on her face, gesturing to the seat next to her, as she moves her things out of the way. "Here, sit down."

"Thanks," She says setting her tray down. "I'm Tess."


"You put yourself in danger," Max says as he idly strokes her hand in the back of the warehouse where they were keeping surveillance on Tess. Liz sighs and looks up at him. "Thanks for believing in me."

"I went on faith..." Liz admits to him meeting his gaze, "A lot of it."

Max nods. "I know."

"You know, you still kissed her, Max." She tells him still hurt, "I don't know if there will ever be reason enough to explain that."

Max opens his mouth to say something but Isabel interrupts them. "Max...Michael, come look at this."

"What's going on?" Max asked as he and Liz made their way over to Alex and Isabel.

Isabel shrugs, "I'm not sure..." They watch as Tess dumps the bucket of broken shards from the statue before raising her hand over it as it starts to move in the air being put back together.

"What the hell?" Michael said out loud.

Liz places a hand over her mouth completely shocked. "Oh my god!"


Tess looks up at him as he leaned against the jeep; walking over to him. "I know it must have been a surprise finding out about me," She admits honestly.

"We knew there was someone out there, but we thought it was Nasedo." Max explains to her as he watches her reaction, "You do know him then?"

Tess nods as a smile formed on her face. "He was there when I came out of the pod and he's taken care of me ever since."

"He's our father?" Max asks her confused.

Tess smiles, "Not really Max."

"Then who is he?"

"I don't even know," She said, shrugging her shoulders. "I've been with him for ten years but everywhere we go, he changes into somebody different."

"Why?" Max questions.

"Because we can't get caught." She tells him, "That's how we've survived."

"Why can he shape shift and we can't?" Max questioned her; curious to know what made him so different than them.

"Because he doesn't have a human body like us, Max," She explained. "He needs to hide who he really is."

***End Flash***

Liz broke the kiss but felt him lean his forehead against hers while he tried to regulate his breathing; her lips still tingling from the kiss they shared. Her eyes were still shut while her entire body shook with passion that Max had ignited within her. She slowly opened her eyes to find that his eyes had turned dark with desire. "Ma-Max...." She moaned as she touched her bottom lip; the flashes still echoing in her mind as if it were a movie being fast forwarded.

Worried she was regretting the kiss they just shared; he took a step back placing a small amount of distance between them, refusing to look her in the eye, "I'm sorry Liz...I shouldn't have done that." He said apologizing, as he tried to swallow past the lump in his throat that had now formed.

Hearing him apologize, her eyes snapped open; confusion etched across her beautiful face. "Yo-you mean, you regret kissing me?" She asked him, her eyes immediately started to water up with tears.

Hearing the hitch in her voice, he smiled before taking her hand in his. "No, of course not..." He told her while his thumb stroked the top of her hand. Taking a deep breath, he looked at the ladder. "Maybe I should go."

Liz didn't want him to go; she noticed he had yet to let go of her hand causing her to smile. Licking her lips, she looked up at him and asked him, "Why?"

"Because if I don't things are going to change Liz." Max tells her trying to keep himself in check as he leans in closer.

His scent was intoxicating; reaching up with her free hand she began to slide it up his solid chest. Wrapping his free hand around her waist, he pulled her closer to him so that there wasn't an inch of space between them. "Things have already changed Max," She whispered against his mouth before she pressed her lips against his. Unable to deny her or himself the pure pleasure that had sparked between them, he slid his tongue inside her sweet mouth before sucking her bottom lip in his mouth. She wasn't sure if it was him moaning or if it had been her but either way she didn't care; her tongue dueling with his as they stood on her balcony bathed in the moon light, the stars shining brighter than they had ever been before but neither of them noticied too consumed with each others taste.
"So wait, you mean to tell me, you and Max..." Maria squeals in excitement. "Last night?" Liz nods with a 150 watt smile across her face. She and Maria stood in the girls restroom for a little girl talk before heading to their first period class, "Did you two, you know?" Maria asked wiggling her eyebrows suggestively.

Rolling her eyes, she shook her head. "No, Maria...Get your mind out of the gutter, would you? We're not going to hop in bed the first night we finally get together," Liz scolded her. "We just kissed..." She admitted unable to hide her flushed cheeks at the memory of last night, "A lot." She added feeling her cheeks heat up even more.

Maria let out another squeal of excitement for her best friend. "Oh my god, was it explosive?" Maria asked eager for all the details.

Liz let out a dreamy sigh, "It was....everything I ever imagined and more." She told her not able to hide the grin on her face as she leaned against the bathroom sinks; talking about last night with Maria had reminded her of the flashes she saw. She bit her bottom lip before speaking up. "But something else did happen," Liz started to explain to her. "I saw things, Maria."

Maria looked at her confused. "Saw things? Like you did when you first found out what he was?" She asked referring to the connection Max made with her one night at the Crashdown after telling her that he wasn't completely human per say.

Liz shook her head trying to find a way to explain. "This is gonna sound really crazy..."

"Wait...crazier then when you told me 'Czechoslovakians' existed?" Maria asked concerned. Liz nodded. "I doubt that girlfriend but, let's hear it."

"It's just..." Liz hesitated. "I think I saw the future, Maria!" She blurted out. Maria stared at her as if she grew a second head before bursting out laughing. "Why are you laughing?" Liz asked confused.

Maria shook her head trying to catch her breath from laughing so hard, "I'm sorry Lizzie, it's just, that's a good one...you really had me going there a minute." Maria said wiping at her eyes. She was laughing so hard that it made her cry. "My best friend is clairvoyant...good one!"

"I wasn't joking Maria." Liz said in a serious tone. Maria's back instantly straighted; the smile that was on her face, now gone.

"Oh. MY. GODDDDDDDDDD!!!" Maria screamed in the bathroom.
Liz had eventually calmed Maria down enough so they could head to their lockers and gather their books for first period. "How do you know it was the future?" Maria whispered to Liz, "For all you know, it could have been some crazy fantasy or memory of Max's. I mean, that's possible right?" She rambled on.

"I'm not a hundred percent sure, 'Ria." Liz said shaking her head, "But I don't think it was some fantasy of his or a memory."

Maria frowned at her friends complacent attitude as she leaned against the lockers. "What did Max have to say about all this?" Liz pretends she doesn't hear her while she continues to search her locker for her books. "You did tell Max, didn't you?" Maria eyed her suspiciously.

"Tell me what?" Liz froze at the sound of his voice as she slowly shut her locker. Cutting her eye at Maria; she took a deep breath before turning around to face him with a smile on her face. "Hey..." He whispered to her completely forgetting that Maria was standing right there, watching the two of them being oblivious to everything else around them.

Blushing, Liz smiled back at him. "Hi..." She said embarrassed about being caught talking about him with Maria; wondering how much he over heard exactly. Max took a step forward trying to close the distance between them while Maria took a step back so her feet wouldn't get stepped on.

Wrapping one of his arms around her waist, he pulled her against his chest. Licking her lips in anticipation; Liz watched as he lowered his lips down against hers making her eyes flutter shut. His tongue slid against hers causing her knees to buckle. Reaching up, she wraped her arms around his neck so she wouldn't fall and at the same time, trying to taste more of him. She wanted nothing more then just to be able to kiss him all day long. An image of the eraser room flashed in her mind.


Max had her sitting on a small broken desk that was in there while he stood between her legs. His black button down shirt hung off of him as she ran her hands up and down his solid, smooth chest down to his abs and then back up again to play with the hair on the nape of his neck. His hands weren't idle either, as one was wrapped through her hair, tugging on it slightly so that he could gain easy access to her throat; sucking on her pulse point, marking her as his. While his other hand crept its way under her shirt, up towards her lace covered breast causing Liz to chant his name over and over again.

End Flash

Maria cleared her throat, trying to break them up, "Good morning to you too Max." Maria teased him not realizing what he had just saw while kissing Liz.

Nipping at her bottom lip one last time, he rested his forehead against hers while they tried to catch their breath. Not letting go of Liz, Max turned to look at Maria, "Good morning, Maria." Max said cheerfully making Maria shake her head with a chuckle. Liz pinned her with a scowl while Max took the books from her and placed them on top of his and then as he led them to class he draped his other arm over her shoulders.

Liz looked up at him softly and smiled. "Thanks..." She told him, leaning into his embrace, happy being close to him as Max placed a gentle a kiss on the top her head when he saw her smiling up at him.

"Aww that's sooo shhweet..." Maria said as if she were talking to a baby. "But next time, I should really charge admission for the show you guys just put on." Maria joked with the two of them after watching people stop in the middle of the hallway to point and whisper about the kiss that her two friends had just shared. "You guys had quite an audience...." She explained laughing when she saw she had both of their faces were beet red.

"So, what were you two talking about earlier?" Max asked quickly changing the subject.

Liz and Maria exchanged looks; which didn't go unnoticed by Max or the fact that Liz had tensed up under him when he asked her what they had been talking about. "It's nothing." Liz lied. Max arched his brow up at her, silently asking her to tell him the truth.

"It is something." Maria corrected her. Max looked at Maria, then back at Liz who was now looking at anywhere but him. "He needs to know Liz, tell him..." He heard Maria plead with her.

Concerned now, Max pulled both of them into an empty classroom and shut the door behind him, "Okay, what's going on you two?" Liz wasn't sure what to say. She looked at Maria then up at Max, trying to figure out how to tell him without sounding crazy.

Maria waited to see if Liz would tell him but after a few minutes of silence, she threw her hands up in the air with a huff, "She thinks last night when you two kissed she saw the future. Crazy I know..." Maria blurted out. "But hey aliens exist so its not all that crazy when you think about it. So she's physcic and you're an alien..." Maria said like it was no big deal shrugging, "I told her it was probably some fantasy or memory she saw of yours with that whole connection thingy you two have but she seems pretty sure it was the future." She finished telling him in one breath.

Liz saw Max's grow big as he listened to Maria tell him what Liz saw last night or at least what she thought she saw. He tried to get his mouth to work but couldn't get anything to come out. "I'm not sure if it was the future Max but I can tell you it wasn't some past memory of ours. I know that for sure." She quickly tried to explain.

"Okay, so you think you saw the future when we kissed last night?" Max asked her to make sure he was hearing things and losing his own sanity. Liz nodded as he reached out to take her hand, "Liz, why didn't you say something last night?"

Maria chuckled. "Maybe cause she was too busy playing tonsil hockey with you..." She muttered under her breath sarcastically.

"Maria!" Max and Liz snapped at the same time looking at her. Maria shrugged and just smiled.

Max frowned, before he started to pace the room running a hand through his hair. "Okay, so what exactly did you see? How do you know it's about the future?"

"What? You think I just made it all up?" Hurt evident in her voice as she spoke.

Max shook his head. "That's not what I meant. I believe we connected last night, I don't doubt that one bit. No matter what, we'll always have that connection between us....which I love, Liz. That connection between us, it's like I get pulled into your soul and you can my soul." Max attempted to explain the best he could with love in his eyes, "I just need to know what you saw, so that we can figure this all out."

Liz looked at him apologetically, "I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to imply that you thought I was lying. I'm just as confused as you are...I don't know what I saw. It's all blurred together now. I can't say for sure it was of the future because it's not possible to be able to see future, right?" She half asked to no one paticular; her logical side trying to convince herself that it wasn't possible.

Max was about to respond but Michael's angry voice caused the three of them to look up. "What does she mean she saw the future, Maxwell?!?!" Michael snapped angrily as he stormed into the classroom with Isabel trailing behind him.

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Re: What's Meant To Be (Mature M/L CC) NEW Ch. 1 12/2

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Ch. 2A

"I can't friggin believe you Max!" Michael yelled, "What the hell were you thinking?" He asked him angrily. Max, Michael and Isabel had decided to skip their first period class and drive out to the quarry after they had walked in on his earlier conversation with the girls. Max made the decision, that before any of them talked about what Liz saw, he needed to diffuse the situation with the two of them first. The last thing he wanted was them taking their anger out on her and making her rethink their relationship before it even had a real chance to start. "We already discussed this, we agreed not to get attached!" Michael argued with Max while Isabel stood off to the side quietly.

Max shook his head feeling the anger boil up inside of him. "No Michael...you and Isabel agreed, I did no such thing." He explained to them in an even tone, "Liz has done nothing but stick her neck out for us time after time, I love her and we want to be together, where is the problem in that?!"

"How about the fact that she's human and you're not? Or the fact that we're not gonna be sticking around forever? Maybe even the fact that being with her is selfish because you having any sort of relationship with Liz puts all of us at risk for exposure!!" Michael continued to yell off reasons why he couldn't be with Liz.

Seeing her brother about to snap, Isabel stepped in. "Max..." She said calmly trying to get his attention focused on her instead of Michael, "All we're trying to say is that its not safe for us to get involved and you know that. We don't know what kind of enemies we have out there?" She tried to point out to him, "How would you feel if something happens to her because of who we are?" Max flinched at the mere thought of it."And what if we do find a way back up there, Max? Are you going to be able to pick up and leave her behind if the time comes?"

Max shook his head, he looked over and saw Michael leaning against the front of the jeep; arms crossed in front of his chest still fuming. Enough was enough! He looked his sister right in the eye; keeping his cool the entire time he spoke, "What about our connections with mom and dad? Should we just pack up and forget about them too?"

"That's completely different Max and you know it." Isabel stated as she tried to glare him down but Max stood his ground.

"No it's not. Us loving our parents and having attachments to them, is no different then me having a relationship with Liz. You can try to argue all you want but we're here, not up on some planet. I'm not going to live my life alone so that we can find some space ship back to some alien planet, Isabel!" He argued with her, "As far as our enemies are concerned, that's something I worry about every day but I know that I'd rather be there to protect her just like I am for mom and dad, than to leave her alone." He pointed out to her before turning his attention to Michael also, "You may think I'm being selfish and you might not like the fact that I'm with Liz but guess what? That's your problem not mine, so just deal with it! This is our home now...For all we know whatever planet we're from probably doesn't even exist any more!!!" Max finally snapped exasperated.

"What's so damn great about Liz Parker, that has you acting like some idiot?" Michael asked him sarcastically. "Is she givin' it why you're thinking with the wrong head?!" The next thing Max did, took Michael completely by surprise as Max connected a right hook to his jaw causing him to go flying back on his rear.

"Michael!" Isabel yelled rushing to help Michael up as she placed herself in between the two of them.

Max was seeing red, as he clenched and unclenched his hands on either side of him. "Don't you dare talk about Liz that way." He hissed at Michael trying to control his temper.

Michael pushed himself up, shoving Isabel's helping hand out of the way as he rubbed his jaw. "You can't even see it..." He told Max as he stared him down. "This stupid high school crush you have on Liz is nothing but trouble! Not only is it putting us at risk but your only gonna end up breaking her heart in the end. The only reason you're so pissed off with me, is because you know I'm right." Michael warned him, "So go ahead, live out some normal high school fantasy life but you and I both know you are far from normal." He pointed out to him, shaking his head in disgust before walking to the jeep, leaving Max hunched over feeling guilty.

"Max, you can't do that to him!" Isabel snapped at him as she spun around to face him, disappointment written all over her face causing Max to look away. "Michael needs his wacky version of hope. It's the only thing that keeps him going, you know that!" She scolded him. "His life is completely different than ours, you know what he has to live with every day of his life with Hank...you can't destroy his dream that there's something better out there for him!"

Max nodded in agreement. "I want him to have hope, Isabel but he also needs to be realistic about it. He needs to find a way to have hope, here on Earth because this is our life now." He told her, "What about you Isabel?" Isabel looks at him confused. "Are you honestly ready to give up everything we built here to go to some planet that we know nothing about? Because I'm not..." He admitted to her. Placing a hand on her shoulder; he smiled at her, "Iz, I love you and Michael no matter what; you will always be my family but if the time does come for me to chose living my life out here or going back up there on some ship where I could possibly die, I chose here...a thousand times over Isabel, even if I wasn't with Liz, I'd still chose to stay here."

Isabel knew her brother was right but she still sympathized with Michael. "I'm not saying that I want to give up my life here either, Max. I agree that we shouldn't spend the rest of out lives alone...but Michael, he doesn't have mom and dad; so he has to hold on to hope that there's something better out there for him. Even if it's some other planet." She explained to him. Sensing that Max felt guilty enough, she decided to move on to other pressing matters. "So what is it that Liz saw last night?"

The two of them climbed back into the jeep and started heading back to school,"Honestly? I'm not sure...I just found out about it this morning. I told her that I'd come over after I got off from work tonight, her parents had to go to Santa Fe to pick up some supplies, so once she's done for the night." Thinking carefully about his next words, he carefully thought of the next things he was about to say, "I might need you to cover for me." He said as if it were no big deal before taking a quick glance at Isabel. Michael mutters something under his breath, which Max didn't fail to notice. "What is it Michael?" He asked not wanting to argue with him any more.

"Don't you think we should all be included in this little meeting of yours or is it just you and Liz now that you two are a thing?" He asks sarcastically.

Max glared at Michael through the rear view mirror. "I didn't want you there if you two were just going to be rude and take your anger out on her."

"Max, we have a right to know what's going on too. This isn't just about you and Liz." Isabel simply stated, "Look, we promise not to be...mean to Liz but, we should be there too."

Max didn't disagree with her, he thought they needed to be there too but he was more concerned about Michael taking his anger out on Liz when it should be directed at him. "Fine, I'll let Liz know it'll be all of us after we both get off work but if you have a problem with us being together then take it up with me not her, understood?"

Isabel nodded agreeing with her brothers request. "Whatever..." Michael mutters as he leans back in his seat.

"Maria and Alex will probably be there too once I tell Liz that the two of you are planning on being there, just so you know." Max warned them, having a feeling that Maria would demand to be there if Michael and Isabel were going to show up.

"Great, why don't we just get a t-shirt that says 'I know an alien'? That way we can save time letting the entire town know that aliens exist." Michael said sardonically. "Might as well with big mouth DeLuca knowing our secret." Michael snaps sarcastically. "Who knows who the hell she told!"


Later that evening, Max, Michael and Isabel were sitting at their usual booth while Maria was at the counter chatting with Alex as they waited for Liz to finish up with the last customer. Michael kept throwing dirty looks at Max who was choosing to ignore him while Isabel kept eyeing Alex and Maria which didn't go unnoticed by Michael. "Why are you staring?" Isabel jumped in her seat startled by his voice and being caught staring. "Why is your face turning red?"

Isabel glared at him before shrugging, "It's just..hot in here that's all." She whispered as she saw Liz locking up and the three of them head over to the booth where they were sitting.

"No it's not." Michael argued back.

Isabel threw him an icy glare before turning her attention to the others. Liz slid in next to Max as he leaned down to give her a quick kiss while Alex and Maria pulled up a couple chairs.

"Can we get started now?" She asked as she interrupted Liz and Max's staring contest, "You two can stare at each other on your own time."

"Isabel..." Max warned.

"Sorry." She mumbled leaning back against the booth.

Liz shook her head shooting her a smile, "It's fine, your right, I'm sure you're all curious to know what I saw."

They all nodded in agreement, "What I'd like to know is why the hell you think you saw the future? Let alone how?" Michael demanded to know in frustration. "You're human!"

Max turned and glared at Michael and was about to say something before Liz stopped him, "Max...it's fine." She whispered to him.

Max shook his head. "No its not." He told her wrapping his arm around her pulling her close before turning his attention to Michael, "I warned you earlier Michael, cut it out now!" He told him.

Michael cut his eye at Liz and Max before giving in, "Fine." He mumbled.

"Look, I know you and Isabel don't approve of me being with Max but you can trust me...you can trust all of us." Liz told them gesturing to Maria and Alex also, "We aren't going to tell anyone else, right guys?" Maria and Alex nodded. "In fact I think we've proved to you the past month just how much you can trust us."

Maria clicked her tongue leaning forward, "Exactly, I've lied to the cops for you all and I let you kidnap me spaceboy." Maria says wagging her finger at Michael.

"Would you quit calling me that?!" He snapped in frustration.

"And I've lied to the cops for you too and I replaced my blood for Max's to save your guys secret and I hacked into the schools computer system and found out about Topolsky being sent from the FBI. I think Liz is right when she says we have proved ourselves worthy of being part of this." Alex finished explaining. Maria and Liz flashed a smile his way. "And I appreciate it if you start realizing that and started treating me and my friends better, Isabel and Michael."

"Well you wouldn't have to cover for us if Max here hadn't gone and play super hero!" Michael argued in defense, "We didn't ask you too."

Maria stood up in front of Michael. "So what you're saying you rather Max have let her die?" Michael opened his mouth to say something but Maria stopped him, "You are such an ungrateful alien! I mean you can't even muster up a simple thank you? Is it that hard of a thing for you to do? Would it kill you? I mean seriously..what? Is gratitude not something they teach up there from where ever it is you're from?" Maria continued to rant on. Max and Liz just looked at her shell shocked as Isabel's eyes met Alex's.

"Maria's right." Isabel said tearing her gaze away from Alex and looking down at the table instead.

"What?!" Maria and Michael said at the same time confused.

Isabel sighed, "Without your guys help...who knows what would have happened." She admits causing Max to smile. "I mean we were doing fine hiding out per say before Max healed Liz and I'm not going to lie and say I was happy about Max risking our lives to save you Liz..." Max was about to stop her when Isabel continued, "But at the same time I wouldn't want you to die Liz, my brother did the right thing and if I was in his position I probably would have done the same thing and even if Michael won't admit it out loud he would have too." Isabel looks at Michael whose now looking at the ground. "And I want you to know that if you two are happy together then I'm happy for you."

"Thank you Isabel." Liz tells her, she thinks about what Isabel said and then smiles, "I think." Isabel smiles back at her and chuckles.

Max smiles at his sister. "Thank you."

"Whatever, fine...can we just get on with this?" Michael begged, just wanting to ignore what was going on; Maria rolled her eyes. "Look I just want to know what happened, we all do, so don't try and pretend otherwise. You guys can celebrate them getting together when I'm not around." Ignoring the glares he was getting all around he looked straight at Liz. "Why is it you think you can see the future? I mean it's friggin impossible for anyone to tell the future isn't it?"

Liz looks at Michael with a straight face. "A month ago, I would have told you it's impossible to tell the future but I would have also told you aliens don't really exist too." She says trying to lighten the mood. Ignoring the glare from Michael, Liz continues, "I thought a lot about this and I've reached this conclusion..."

"I told her it was crazy might I add." Maria points out. "I don't like being the sane one of our group." She said winking at Liz causing everybody but Michael to chuckle.

Frowning at Michael in disappointment, Max turned to look down at Liz. "What is it?"

Liz looks up at him then at Michael and Isabel before pushing forward, "I think Max changed me that day he healed me. I mean why else would I be getting these...these visions?" She half asked and half stated.

"You think he turned you into some kind of alien?" Michael asked shocked as Max sat there trying to swallow past the lump in his throat.

"Is that even possible?" Isabel whispered to Max who didn't answer her.

Alex cleared his throat, "When Liz told me this afternoon I thought she was crazy too but what she said made sense. I mean you guys are half human at least you look human, right?"

"If you're asking if we are really green and slimy on the inside and this is just some mask, then the answer is no." Michael said sarcastically.

Liz shook her head, "That's not what he meant Michael." Liz turned her attention to Max noticing how quiet he was. "Max, it's okay...I don't think you did." She explains trying to put his fears to rest. "What I'm saying is that maybe you just...I guess awakened something in me. I mean you guys are part human obviously..." She pointed out. "But you're just more advanced, maybe I am now too."

"Okay let's say theoretically that is a possibility and you have some kind of powers what is it you think you saw?" Isabel asked exploring all avenues.

"Firstly, I want you all to know that it wasn't like some movie...it was just like bits and pieces of different images." Liz started to explain. "It didn't give me like a date or time or anything."

Max shook the fear off of him, "And you're sure this hasn't already happened? I mean it's not like some kind of memory of yours?" He almost begged her to tell him it was for his own sake.

"I'm sure Max, I mean the things I saw they weren't memories." She told him wanting to put him at ease but not wanting to lie to him.

"So...what did you see?" Michael asked.

Liz looked at Michael, "I saw you...and Max." She started to explain, "You guys were standing around some guy...I think you called him Hubble, Max." She told him holding his hand now, "He was laying on the ground when Valenti showed up with Michael and you were arguing with him. It's all kind of blurred together but he let you guys go and he even seemed sorry for something..."

"He just let us go?" Michael asked her. Liz nodded, "No questions asked?"

Liz nodded again, "Max..."

Max shook his head before smiling at Liz. "I'm fine Liz, go ahead, what else did you see?"

Liz sighed, deciding to skip over some things she continued on, "There was this girl, she was blond, blue eyes and she's some new girl...I think her name is Tess. Alex and Isabel meet her first."

"Wait as in together?" Isabel asked her now.

"You two were having lunch at school together when she found you guys." Liz told her. "But the thing is, she's one of you..." Liz said pulling away from Max causing Max to look at her with confusion and concern written on his face.

"Liz what..." Max starts to ask her as she moves to stand up with her back to him. "Liz what is it? What's wrong?" He asks as he pushes himself out of the booth to go and stand next to her. He places his hands on her shoulders to turn her around to face him, "Liz..."

Liz turned and immediately Max was on alert as he saw the tears forming in her eyes. "I'm sorry, it hasn't even happened but it's just hard to think about." She told him quietly so no one else could hear.

"Liz what is it, tell me what you saw." Max begged as hugged her to him.

"This girl, she's one of you guys." She repeated muffled against his chest.

"We got that Liz, what else?" Michael urged her to continue also wondering what could have her so upset. Looking at Maria and Alex he knew they already knew something the others didn't with the way they were looking down at their feet. "You know something..." He hissed at them.

"What?" Isabel asked confused now. "What is it?" She asked also.

Liz looked up at Max sadly and smiled. "You were drawn to her Max...it was some kind of alien pull or something because she was one of you. You kissed her..." Max looked ready to object but Liz stopped him, "We were spying on her when we saw her use her powers and then the next thing I saw was you and her talking about this other alien, she called him Nasedo he's like your protector and he can shape shift into anyone he wants so he can hide who he really is." Max frowned and pulled her even tighter to him trying to calm them both down not knowing what to do next.

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Re: What's Meant To Be (Mature M/L CC) NEW Ch. 1 12/2

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A/N: This is mostly flashes in this part, after this part the story starts really going, I couldn't have the chapter 2 just end where it did because this was part of it so I spilt it up. Enjoy! I'll be finishing When Reality Sets In this week and have an update for Revenge Is Sweet this weekend.

Ch. 2B

After the meeting Max made the decision that Liz needed a break after the emotional turmoil she was just put through. Everyone agreed that they'd finish discussing the rest another time but Max had asked Isabel to cover for him at home so that he could spend some time alone with Liz; not wanting her to be alone right now after reliving everything she saw. They were both now laying in her bed enjoying each others company and Max couldn't deny the fact that nothing had ever felt more right then this very moment. He was slowly running his fingers up and down Liz's arm alternating between placing hot open mouth kisses on her shoulder that was exposed from her small camisole she put on after her shower.

Enjoying Max's touch, she could also tell he was fighting an inner battle and she knew exactly what about. "I don't regret it, Max." Liz said quietly.

His hand froze mid-stroke; licking his dry lips he frowned and decided to play dumb, "What do you mean?"

Liz smiled turning in his arms so they were facing each other as they lay on their sides. Reaching up she placed a hand on his cheek, "I don't regret being with you..." Max couldn't help but look down not wanting him to see the guilt that written all over his face. "No, Max...I wouldn't change a thing, the day you healed me, is the day I came alive." She swore to him with nothing but love and admiration in her voice. Max felt a smile form on his lips as he felt his heart soar at her words. "Those things I saw, some of them were awful, I won't lie to you." Max nodded as he listened to her angelic voice before taking the hand that was on his cheek in his, placing a kiss on the palm of her hand, "I can only hope that the reason I got to see them is to stop them from happening but some things they're just meant to be..." She told him sadly.

"Liz, your the one I want to be with, the only one." He told her stopping any ideas that were running through her head about him being with someone else. The idea was crazy! He didn't care what this girl looked look or who she was, he could never imagine kissing anyone else but Liz. "Whatever you saw, we won't let it happen, I won't let it happen, I promise you."

"Don't make promises you can't keep." She tells him with a small smile. "You know everything I saw wasn't all bad..." She said with a teasing tone in her voice causing Max to chuckle before it turned into a moan as she pushed him on his back and straddled his lap. Leaning over him so that her lips were mere inches from his,

"Really...so you were holding back on me Ms. Parker?" Liz laughed, "Tell me what's my future have in store for me?" He teased her. Liz leaned down licking her lips in anticipation. Max wrapped his arms around her waist to bring her front down on top of him before he pressed his lips against hers.

"I only know that part I'm hoping for." She murmured against his mouth before she started kissing him back. His hands had managed to sneak their way up under her camisole so that he could feel her skin against his hands; his tongue stroked her bottom lip asking for permission. Liz could only moan as she felt the intrusion of Max's tongue caress her mouth.

Feeling herself being rolled over on her back she wrapped her legs around his waist and found her own hands exploring underneath his shirt. Max broke the kiss much to Liz's disappointment before she felt Max start trailing warm wet kisses on her neck, she could feel Max sucking on her pulse point causing her insides to heat up with desire. Max's hand began to make its way further up Liz's shirt and just as she felt his finger start to caress her breast; she was hit with an onslaught of images causing her to gasp.


"And does the minor, Michael Guerin, pledge to take charge of his life as an adult from here forward?" The judge asks him.

Michael looks at Max and Isabel before he nods, "I do, your honor."

"And do you understand that you will be solely responsible for your financial, educational, and medical decisions as they may arise?"

Michael nods again, "I do, sir."
"And I might add, young man, that you are fortunate in having these folks here today...." Gesturing towards Mr. Evans, Max and Isabel, "Who have an interest in your future...and have shown a confidence in you that is reflected in my decision. I hope you can live up to that faith."

Michael smiles, "I'll try, your honor."

The judge looks over the last bit of paperwork before signing, "I hereby grant your petition for emancipation."


"Max, Highway 42. Isn't that..." Liz asked looking at the picture she drew still feeling high from her last make out session with Max before being caught by Maria.
Max nods not being able to take his eyes of Liz, "Yeah. Just a couple miles from the crash. "

"Well, there's something buried there." She tells him.

Max throws the drawing down on the lawn chair, "I should go there with Michael."

"Is that what you really want to do?" She asks him taking a step closer to him.

Max shakes his head, "No." Was all he could get out.

Liz smiles up at him, "Look, all I know is that if we're gonna do this, we've gotta do it tonight."


Isabel is pacing up and down her room while Max is sitting on her bed, "She really scared me, Max. It was like I lost a few seconds of time, and when it was over, I wasn’t even sure if what I remembered had happened or not. Is that what she did to you?"

Max nodded, "Kind of. It was like she could make my mind go places I wasn’t taking it."
Isabel thought a moment before continuing, "What about your body? I mean, did you feel like something inside of you was changing...like waking up?"

Max knew exactly what she was referring to, "Something primal."

"Instinctive." She admitted scared.

"Something not human." He finished for her as she sat down next to him.


Liz looks at Max concerned, "Do you really think she’s using Kyle as bait, I mean, just to get us to follow her here?"

Max shrugs, "It’s the only thing that makes sense. Look, if this is a trap, I want you to get Kyle and get out of here. "
Liz shakes her head refusing, "But Max, that’s why I’m here. If Tess tries any mind games, I’ll be here to snap you out of it."

Max opens his mouth to say something when he sees them, "It’s them."

"Why Kyle?" She wonders out loud.

"To make sure we’d notice." He tells her.

"Why doesn’t Nasedo come up to you all this time?"

"Why doesn’t the Sheriff just come and pick us up? Or the FBI? No one’s sure enough about us. Not even Nasedo. The risk of exposure’s too great." Max explains to her before noticing they lost Kyle and Tess.

Liz takes charge, "Ok, you go left, I’ll go right." Max hesitates, "You’re the one she’s after, remember?" Max nods before going right.

"So...ancient languages… what does this have to do with our English assignment?" Kyle asks Tess.

Tess looks him and smiles, "Absolutely nothing."

Kyle smirks, "I was hoping you’d say that."

"There’s just this one book I need for my history class." She tells him leading down the aisle of books.

Kyle pulls her to him seductively, "Well, what do you say we start speaking the most ancient language known to man?"

Tess shakes her head pushing him away, "I think it’s on the top shelf. Would you mind helping me up?" Kyle gives her a boost, "I’ve almost got it."

Kyle helps her down once she retrieves the book, "So, what language is this?"

Tess shrugs, "It’s a lost language."

"What is it, Max?" Liz ask him in a whisper.

Max frowns before looking at her, "Something about us. She wanted me to see it. That’s why she brought us here."


Liz starts frantically looking around for Max before she runs into Isabel, "Oh god." She murmurs to herself.
Isabel grabs her by her shoulders to get her attention, "Liz. Liz!" She calls out forcefully.

Liz looks at her tearfully, "They have Max." She cries, Isabel looks at Michael scared handing Liz to him as he hugs her, "They have Max."


Valenti looks up surprised to see Liz, "Liz Parker..."
Liz swallows past the lump in her throat, "You’re right Sheriff. I need your help. We all do." Valenti eyes her carefully, "Your new deputy, Fisher; he isn’t a deputy, Sheriff, and his name is not Fisher. It’s Pierce – from the FBI Special Unit. He’s the one who has Max."

Valenti stands up confused, "How do you know that?"

Liz shakes her head, "I can’t tell you, Sheriff, but Max is in a lot of trouble. I think that they all are. Sheriff, please. Will you trust me? I can tell you where he is." She begs him.


Valenti heads to his SUV as Michael helps Max into the car, "I know somewhere safe. It's an old silver mine in Galitas off horseshoe road. If we make it there, it will buy us some time. We should split up, make it harder for them to follow." Valenti waits for everyone to get loaded up, "Come on! Let's go." He yells.
Michael looks at Max, "I don't know about this."

Max shivers, "I trust him."


Michael comes up behind Valenti in the storage room of the UFO center, "So, this guy at the Attorney General's…" Noticing the sheriff not paying attention he tries again, "Sheriff?" Valenti looks up at him startled, "The one you called? Is he coming here, or are you taking Pierce to him?"
Valenti looks away, "I haven't decided yet."

Michael notices and catches on, "There is no guy, is there?"

Valenti shakes his head and glares at him, "If I turn him in, I turn all of you in. He kills people, Michael. It's what the guy does. He killed Topolsky, and Stevens, and six innocent people in that hospital, and who knows how many others. And he was just about to kill all of you."


Kyle looks around from where he's laying as Max pushes himself off the ground, as Valenti takes his place and hugs his son, "What the hell just happened to me?" Kyle asks to no one in particular.

Valenti doesn't answer but looks at them all, "I don't care who you are, or what you are. I'll be here for you. I need a moment alone with my son."


"You don't know, do you? You don't know how to use the orbs. If you knew, you would've already used them. You're here to protect us, but not to lead us, you said it yourself. But if you're not the leader, who is?" Max asks confused. Everyone looks at Max then.
Nasedo smiles, "If you really want to know what the orbs do, you can find out for yourselves, I can't stop you. But do it at your own risk."


They all watch as the holographic woman speaks, "If you are seeing me now, it means that you are alive and well. I take this form because it will be familiar to you, and it will help you to understand what I am about to say. You have lived before. You perished in the conflict that enslaves our planet but your essence was duplicated, cloned, and mixed with human genetic materials so that you might be recreated into human beings. My son, you were the beloved leader of our people. I have sent with you your young bride. My daughter, the man you were betrothed to, and your brother's second-in-command."

Max looks at the three of them, "Things will never be the same, but whatever happens, we have to stay together. It's the four of us now."

Tess wraps her arms around his waist while Liz tries to quietly back out of the pod chamber, "I knew this was meant to be." Tess tells him happily.
Max unwraps Tess's arms from his waist and shakes his head, "No." He strides over to Liz and grabs her arm, "Look, everything I told you before is still true."

Liz starts to cry, "Max, you do have a destiny. You just heard it. I can't stand in the way of it."

Max looks at her hurt and confused, "But you mean everything to me." Liz leans up, she places a gentle hand against his cheek and places a lingering kiss against his lips before pulling away to look at him and sees the tears in his eyes.

Liz shakes her head before backing out of the cave, "Goodbye, Max."

End Flash

Liz immediately tears away from his lips with a loud cry as she starts pushing against Max's chest to get off of her. Confused Max quickly sits up so that he is on his knees, trying to catch his breath. He watches Liz sit up and pull her legs up to her chest before she starts to cry. All he can hear her say is, 'No. No. No' as she sobs repeatedly. Max feeling completely helpless reaches out to touch her but Liz too emotionally upset flinches from his touch. "Liz..." He called to her as his voice cracked; hurt that she didn't want him to touch her and scared as to what just happened to cause her to pull away from him.

"She's your bride..." Was all Liz could get out and closes her eyes wishing the images to go away. "She's your bride, Max...oh my God...your destiny." She cried out as she sat there rocking back and forth. Max swallowed past the lump in his throat as replaying what she just said. Hearing her choked sobs Max pulled her into his arms; Liz tried to fight him but Max held tight and soon he felt her give in as she clutched at his shirt in desperation.

"It's okay...it's gonna be okay..." Max promised her as he kissed the top of her head.

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Re: What's Meant To Be (Mature M/L CC) NEW Ch. 2 a & B 12/7

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A/N: Thank you Mary Mary for the wonderful banner, it looks awesome and thank you everyone for the wonderful feedback I appreciate it! This part is dedicated to all of you out there.

Ch. 3

Isabel strides up to Michael with a purporse and straight face, finally reaching him she slams his locker shut keeping her palm against the locker, "What the hell, Iz!"

"Oh please, like you're really planning on going to class anyways." She says sarcastically rolling her eyes.

Michael glares at her, "What do you want?"

"You need to talk to Max, somethings wrong." She whispers careful not to attract attention.

Michael raised his brow at her. "This whole thing is wrong...Max being with Liz, it's nothing but trouble waiting to happen."

"Get over it Michael. Max is right...Liz is more then trustworthy and if being together makes them happy...makes Max, your best friend happy, you should be happy for them...for HIM!" She snaps frustrated.

"Then what's the problem, if they're so happy then what's wrong with Max?" He asked her confused as he leaned against the lockers.

She sighs as she shrugs her shoulders. "I don't know he got home early this morning...something happened last night at Liz's. I tried to talk to her about it but she doesn't look any better then he does."

"What do you want me to do about it?" Michael asks her confused. "Guys don't exactly talk about their relationship problems with each other...that's what you girls do during your gab fests..."

Isabel bites her tongue to stop from laughing. "And what, Michael, is it that guys do since you seem to be the expert?" She asks him sarcastically.

He shrugs. "We give each other a punch on the shoulder and it totals out to six months of therapy." He explains calmly as if that much were obvious. Isabel stares at him in disbelief as if he grew another head.

"Are you serious?" Isabel snaps, "Damn it Michael, go in there and talk to him, something is seriously wrong!" She orders him gesturing to the boys bathroom, Michael opens his mouth to object. "I swear to God Michael if you don't go in there and talk to him, I'll make your life a living hell." She threatens. Michael thinks about it a minute before caving in. Isabel watches him head into the bathroom before patting herself on the back and went in search of a certain computer geek with a smile on her face.

Maria hands Liz a tissue underneath the bathroom stall door. "Lizzie, come on...open up please..." She hears Liz sob before unlocking the door and walking out. Her eyes puffy and red from crying all night. "Ah, honey...what happened, last night you and Max were fine, did something else happen?" Maria asks her stroking her back as she washes her face.

Liz refused to look her in the eye. "It's stupid, I mean it hasn't even really happened and it might not even happen but...."

Maria looks at her confused, "But what sweetie?"

Meanwhile in the boys bathroom Michael walks in and sees Max leaning over the counter taking in deep breaths. He sees a hole currently in the wall next to him and smirks. "You might wanna fix that." Michael says gesturing to the wall. Max looks up and sees him through the mirror then looks at the wall before waving his hand over it and making it look like nothing happened.

Michael walks over to him and punches him on the arm. "What the..." Max ask him in confusion, "Why the hell did you just hit me?"

"Okay, guess you rather do it the girly way."

"What? Michael would you cut it out, I'm not in the mood this morning..." Max says pushing himself off the counter and grabbing his bookbag.

Michael stops him, "Isabel said something happened last night...what's up?"

Max stops mid stride and turns to look at him, "Do you honestly care or were you just sent in here by the hand of Isabel?" Michael frowns. "That's what I thought."

"Max, wait man...look I'm...I'm sorry..." He says quickly.

In the girls bathroom, Liz is explaining to Maria what transpired last night between her and Max. Liz is sitting up on the bathroom counter, her legs swinging over the side as she continued on with the events of the night. "So wait, this girl who ever she is, Max is married to her?" Maria asked in shock.

Liz nodded, "Well, when they were up there..." Liz tells her pointing up in the air. "Michael was his second in command, Isabel was some princess, Max was king and this girl Tess, well she was...."

"His bride?" Maria finishes for her. "Liz...this stuff, it hasn't even happened and we don't even know if it's going to happen. I mean maybe you're seeing these things to prevent them from happening." Liz frowns. "Chica look, Max is head over heels crazy for you and IF this girl shows up, I don't see Max playing tonsil hockey with her."

"Thanks Maria, that makes me feel a whole lot better." Liz snaps hurt.

Maria shakes her head. "That's not what I meant, I just...you know he loves you...he wouldn't betray you like that."

Back in the boys bathroom, Michael and Max were currently having a similar conversation. "Look, Maxwell, I'm sorry for giving you grief about you and Liz." Michael admits to his friend, "It's just..."

"You're not used to letting others in?" Max half asked, half stated. Michael nodded. "I'm sorry for hitting you, how's your jaw?"

Michael smirks. "My jaw ain't made of glass...besides you hit like a girl." He jokes with him causing Max to laugh. "So I'm your second in command huh?" Max nods his face turning more serious. "And this girl, she's supposed to be your bride?"

Max squeezes his eyes tight, "She was hurt Michael by what she saw...but it hasn't even happened yet and she thinks that it might happen and I'll end up with this girl...a girl I don't even know. How do you convience someone who is seeing things that haven't even happened yet, that they won't happen?"

"I don't know man..." Michael said just as confused. "Have you seen this girl yet, does she even exist?"

"I haven't seen her, I even asked around if anybody knew a girl named Tess and everyone I asked said they didn't know anyone by that name." Max tells him, "This is just so damn frustrating, I just...I don't know what to do."

"You stay strong Liz." Maria tells her as they walk out of the girls bathroom. "You have a chance to prevent all this from happening. You told me yourself, not all of it was bad. So maybe you can prevent this girl from coming after Max."

"How Maria?" Liz whispers feeling defeated. "I mean the visions of this girl, she's beautiful and if she was sent down here with Max then..."

Maria stops her, "No, Liz..this is happening for a reason...we won't let none of it happen. Maybe if we take the offense, say we see her we approach her first and we tell her that we are on to her...that we know who she is."

Liz smirks as she opens her locker to gather her books for the day. "Right, we just walk right on up to her and say 'hey, I know we don't know each other and this will sound strange but I know your some alien bride from another planet but it's okay because I found your groom it's just he's my boyfriend now so he's hands off, but we can all still be friends.'" Liz says sarcastically, "Yeah, that will go over real well."

Just then Michael and Max come walking out of the bathroom. "Why didn't you tell me you were having problems with Hank again?" Max asked him concerned. "Has he hit you?"

Michael doesn't answer. "So she um, saw I got emancipated?" He decided to ask looking towards where Max was looking seeing his eyes locked onto where Liz was who also happened to be staring right back at him.

Max turned his attention back to Michael. "Yea, she said that the judge approved your emancipation and you got a job working at the Crashdown...is that something you want?"

"Do you really think it's possible?" He asks Max, "I mean would your dad really help?"

Max nods, "You have to be honest with him though, has Hank been hitting you?" Max asks him again in harsh whisper. Michael nods. "Michael, damn it, why didn't you say something?!" He asked alarmed.

"He wasn't really my family anyways, it wasn't like I was planning on sticking around for long..." He says shrugging it off. "So what do I need to do to get this emancipation?"

Isabel saw Alex talking to a few other students and decided to make her way over, Alex spotted her before she reached him and smiled at her but it faltered as soon as he saw Pam Troy and a few other girls step in front of her. "Isabel, oh my God, like please tell me you were not just like smiling at Alex Whittman." Pam said laughing at the same time.

Isabel held a straight face. "Okay like I won't." She mocked the girl before walking around her leaving her and the other girls standing there shocked. "Hey Alex." Isabel interrupted, "Do you have a minute?" She asked him wanting to laugh at the look on his face.

"Um...yeah, sure..." Alex stammered out. Quickly telling his friends bye he walked off with Isabel. "So wh-what's up?" He asked her nervously.

"I was just wondering if you'd like to go catch a movie tonight? I mean I know it's last minute and you probably have other plans with it being Friday night and all. Plus with Liz's parents being out of town until Sunday, Max will probably be hanging out with Liz doing God only knows what and Michael well he never wants to do anything so I mean..." Isabel started to ramble causing Alex to chuckle.

"Isabel..." Alex interrupted her, "Wow, you sounded like Maria there a minute..." Isabel blushed. "I'd like that, how about I pick you up around 7?"

Isabel smiled. "Perfect, care to walk me to class?" She asked him looping her arm through his as they walked past Pam Troy and her clan her were glaring her down. Alex nodded and gathered her books in his hand and led her down the hallway. "So are you and your dad doing the annual father camping trip next weekend?" She asks him as they head to her class.

"Yea, we do it every year." Alex lied trying to sound manly causing Isabel to chuckle. "What about you?"

Isabel shrugged. "I don't go, at least I never have before; dad and Max usually go and Michael ends up coming with but maybe this year I'll have a reason too." She said suggestively, "So maybe I'll see you there?"
Sheriff Valenti was walking out of the Crashdown with a to go cup of coffee as he headed back to the office. He was still investigating Max Evans and he was more determined then ever to find out the truth about what he was hiding. There was just too much linked to Max for things to be a coincidence but for now he had nothing solid to go on. "Hello, Jim." The man said walking up to Valenti.

Valenti eyed him cautiously before dipping his hat. "Hubble....what brings you back here?" He asks as he opens his car door.

Hubble smiles. "Well, I've been tracking what's been going on around here for the last few months. The shooting in September here at the Crashdown. What really happened?

Valenti refused to play his games. "You got to my father when he was at his weakest, and you pushed him over the edge. Because of you, I had to have him committed. I'm not my father..."

"Now, now you're giving me more credit than I honestly deserve." He said smugly.

Valenti took a threatening step forward. "You get the hell out of my town before you regret it." He threatened the man in a calm even tone. "I'm not talking to you as the Sheriff now. This is coming from me. From everything you've cost me. I don't ever want to have to see you again."

Hubble nodded as he took a step back. "I understand you'd be upset, but remember this...all those years your father's been in that nuthouse, I've been living in my own hell." Clearing his throat he pressed on, "Now, from what I hear, your dad isn't all there these days. But I'll bet you still have a lot of questions...about your father, about that Silo murder and why he was arrested. I'm the only person in the world that has the answers to those questions. I was there. I saw it all. I'm your link, junior. So before you kick me out of town, you ought to think about that. I can help you. We can help each other."

Hubble handed him his business card. "I'll be staying in the motel just down the road, feel free to give me a call." He told Valenti before walking away. Valenti threw his hat in the car before he crumpled up the card in his hand and drove off.

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Re: What's Meant To Be (Mature M/L CC) NEW A/N Jan. 7 Pg. 2

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Thank You for the wonderful Feedback:

Keepsmiling7: I didn't like the relationship Isabel and Alex had on the show so be prepared to see differences in the characters then what was on the show. Hopefully you guys will like the changes I'm making to them.

Discospider: I agree Liz is going through a lot right now but I'm trying to write her character completely different then how they had her on the show. The Liz in my story will still love Max with all her heart but she will be stronger. So don't worry!

Begonia9508: Yep Valenti is being harrassed by Mr. Hubble already but trust me I think you'll like the twist that will be coming up soon. You'll see why he's harrassing Valenti already real soon, I promise.

Roswell_Lover2012: Just because your my sister doesn't mean you'll get free sneak peeks LoL.

Zaneri1: I'm glad you are enjoying the story and I hope you continue to enjoy it! My stories aren't as popular as most on here but I still enjoy writing them and getting feedback like yours really is encouraging! If you have any tips on how to improve my writing please PM, I'd apprecaite it!

Ch. 4
"Max?" Isabel called out, knocking on her brother's bedroom door. She could hear the depressing music of Counting Crows playing on his stereo and couldn't help but roll her eyes.

"Not now Isabel." Max snapped at her as he laid on his bed with his hands behind his head while he stared up at the ceiling. Isabel sighed, before using her powers to unlock the door, "I had that locked for a reason Iz." He told her refusing to look at her.

Isabel shrugged as she walked over to his computer chair and sat down, "I asked Alex out tonight."

Max pushed his self up into a sitting position so that he was leaning against the headboard of his bed. Not sure quite what to say, he licked his dry lips before chuckling, "Are you serious?" He asked his sister raising his eyebrows in disbelief, "We are talking about Alex Whittman, right?"

"Yes, what's wrong with me asking Alex out to see a movie tonight?" She demanded to know, "I mean you're the one who started dating people, I should be allowed to date also." She argued.

Max nodded, "I-I've got no problem with you dating someone Isabel. I mean you are my sister so of course anybody you date I'd be a weary of because I want them to treat you right but Alex is one of Liz's best friends..."

"What's that suppose to mean?" She asked with confusion written all over her face. "Are you saying that I'm not good enough for him or something?"

Max shook his head, "No, if anything I don't think anyone is good enough for my sister." He teased her causing her to roll her eyes, "All I'm saying is that I know you Isabel, yesterday your vote was with Michael about not trusting anyone else and letting them in. You thought it was a bad idea for me to be with Liz and now all of sudden you want to date Alex? What's changed?"

Isabel sighed, "I don't know, I mean after hearing what Liz saw and everything it just got me thinking." Swallowing past the lump in her throat, "You were right, this is our home now and if I had to make the choice one day on whether or not to leave to go back up there." She said pointing up with her finger, "Or stay here then, my answer would be to stay here. I just don't want to spend the rest of my life scared of opening up to someone because we're different."

"I understood that you guys were concerned about us being exposed with me saving Liz's life and then choosing to be with her but I think that we can still be careful and find somebody to be with and love and have them love us back." Max told her, "Sure, we still have to be careful...I mean if you were to date some other guy, you wouldn't tell him on the first date, hey I'm an alien." Max joked causing Isabel to smile, "You'd get to know that person and if you saw yourself having a future with them and you trusted them with your life...our lives, then I'd be the first one to support your decision of telling him about us." Max scooted down to the end of his bed and placed a hand on her knee, "We deserve to be happy Iz...."

"Do you think we should tell mom and dad about us?" She asked him biting her bottom lip. Max sighed, "I know that you don't think it's a good idea but...."

Max shook his head, "I'm not saying we won't ever tell them Iz, let's just...let's just take this one day at a time okay? I get this is hard for you not being able to have mom and dad to talk to about things and keeping secrets from them. I don't like it either but we just have to be smart about this." Isabel nodded sadly, "Iz, look at me." Isabel looked up at him, "We will tell them one day, I promise but we have to wait for the right time."

Isabel tried to smile but Max knew it was an act, "Are you going to see Liz still?" She asked trying to change the subject. "Alex told me what happened...have you two talked about it at all?"

Max frowned as he looked over his shoulder at his alarm clock, "A little last night but she was really upset so we decided to just drop it for now."

"None of what she's seen has happened yet Max and none of it might ever happen." She told him as she stood up, "It's like you always tell me, we create our own destiny, right?"
Liz couldn't get the image of the girl she saw out of her head. She was supposed to be Max's bride, what would happen if she really did come to town? Would Max be attracted to her? She didn't think her heart could take it if he did end up wanting to be with her. "Liz!" Michael snapped ringing the bell on the counter, "Order's up!" He snapped before heading back to the grill.

"Do you have to be such a jerk?" Maria asked annoyed, "You okay sweetie?" She asked Liz concerned for her friend.

Liz shrugged, "I just wish I knew what was happening, if what I'm seeing really is of the future." She explained grabbing the plates of food and heading towards the diner.

Maria turned on her heel and glared at Michael, "What?" He asked uncomfortable with the way she was looking at him.

"I can't believe Mr. Parker gave you the job right on the spot. You didn't even have to fill out an application or do an interview, nothing he just handed you an apron and a spatula...now I'm stuck looking at your ugly mug every day." She said sarcastically.

Michael shrugged, "Trust me the view ain't a whole lot better from this side either Blondie." He said flipping the burgers, "The food isn't gonna serve itself, hop to it," He said shooing her away just as Liz walked back over to them.

"Can't you two get along during work hours, please? We're gonna be stuck working with each other a lot so, we might as well get used to it." Liz told them aggravated.

Maria rolled her eyes before heading towards her tables to take their orders, "So you and Max still going out tonight?" Michael asked Liz with his back to her.

"He's supposed to be coming over after we get off work." Liz told him, "Why?"

Michael shrugged, "He told me what you saw the last night." Liz looked down at the spot on the counter finding it a lot more interesting, "He's worried about losing you..."

Liz's head shot up, "He told you that?" She asked surprised. "I m-mean, I'm not going to leave him if that's what he's thinking....this isn't his fault, he hasn't even done anything...none of this has even happened."

Michael frowned, "And if some of what you did see starts to happen then what?" He asked her leaning through the serving window.

Liz looked at him raising her eyebrows in speculation, "Since when are you so supportive and interested in mine and Max's relationship?"

"Look Liz, I'm not saying I'm all Gun-Ho for you two being together but Max cares about you and wants to be in a relationship...God only knows why, I mean relationships are just a pain in the ass..." Michael started to explain.

Liz chuckled, "Great pep talk so far Michael, thanks..." She said rolling her eyes.

Pointing the spatula in her face, "All I'm saying is you can't blame him for stuff that hasn't even happened, you knew what you signed up for being with him. That we were different." He hissed at her, "So don't prove me right by telling Max you can't handle it." He finished telling her before handing her a to go bag. "Here this goes over to the UFO center to Max's crazy boss...whatever his name is."

"Milton?" Liz said grabbing the bag. "Just you and Maria try not to kill each other while I'm gone. We only have another hour before we close up." Michael just grunted.
Liz walked into the UFO center looking at the displays of plastic aliens every where. As she made her way through the center looking for Milton she couldn't help but get a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach, brushing it off as just stress she made her way to Milton's office in the back. "Milton?" Liz called knocking on the closed door. Just as she raised her hand to knock again the door swung open causing Liz to gasp and drop the to go bag. "Hubble..." Liz found herself saying.

Hubble looked at her confused, "I'm sorry do I know you?" Liz shook her head, "Are you okay, you look kinda pale?" He asked her again but Liz couldn't find her voice. Hubble smirked at her, "You work at The Crashdown Cafe?" He questioned her noticing the to go bag on the floor, bending down to pick up the bag and it's spilled contents. Liz just nodded, "Were you there the day of the shooting?" He asked her as he handed her the bag of food, "Do you speak English?"

"NO!" Liz all but screamed at him causing him to look at her as if she were an alien. "I-I'm sorry...y-you just startled me." She explained calmly. "I mean I wasn't there the day of the shooting." Hubble just stared at her, "I uh, just brought Milton his dinner but I uh..."

"Is that my dinner?" Milton asked as he walked up behind Hubble.

Liz nodded, "I'm sorry...he startled me and I dropped it." She explained gesturing to Hubble.

Milton frowned, "You're Max's girlfriend, right?"

"The new kid you hired a few weeks ago?" Hubble asked. Liz made a mental note to call Max as soon as she got back to the Crashdown. Why was he asking about Max? Why was Milton and Hubble talking about him?

"Um...y-yea." She replied quietly pushing a strand of hair behind her ear nervously, "I-I'm sorry about your food...I'll uh, I'll just go back and get you something else and um, it's on the house..." She explained backing away from the two men.

Hubble noticed the way she was backing away from them and the panicked look on her face, "Are you sure you're okay?"

"Yes sir, I'm fine, I'm just going to go get a new order for you Milton." She explained to him. Milton shook his head and mumbled something under his breath before closing the office door again.

"You know what, I haven't eaten yet and I've been wanting to check out the place since I heard about the shooting...I'll walk with you." Hubble told her as he smiled.

Liz put on a forced smile before nodding, "Sure...great, um, but we are really backed up so it could be a little wait." She lied trying to think of an excuse to get him to stay away from the Crashdown but failed miserably.

"That's fine, I'm in no hurry..it beats a sandwich from the vending machine for dinner tonight." Hubble gestured for her to go ahead, "After you Liz." As they started heading out the UFO center, Hubble couldn't help but ask, "So tell me do you believe in aliens, Liz?"

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Re: What's Meant To Be (Mature M/L CC) NEW Ch. 4 1/7/12 Pg.

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Author's Note: I'm in desperate need of a Beta for this story. I just seem to have trouble wording things to where they flow right. I have these ideas but I can't seem to get them worded right and written out properly plus of course the usual grammar errors that everyone usually has trouble with. So if anyone could help me improve my writting and help me correct these errors I continue to make along with helping me word things right I'd really appreciate it. Please feel free to PM me....I'm using my sister's email address right now so feel free to email me at navybrat1986@gmail.com if you rather. This would be me on my hands and knee's begging for assistance! :oops:
Ch. 5
"And you're sure that's the same guy?" Maria asked as she casually looked over her shoulder at the man who walked in with Liz after she went to deliver Milton's order. Liz nodded as she tried not to panic. Maria sensing that her friend was beginning to panic, tried to reassure her. "Lizzie just because this guy is actually here and real doesn't mean that everything else will happen. This could just be one big coincidence..." She said as she walked around picking up the dirty dishes off the counter.

Liz sighed. "I guess you're right..."

"Try to not worry so much chica, that's my job remember?" Maria joked with her causing Liz to smile. "Besides, you have better things to think about..." She said winking at Liz before nodding her head towards the front of the Crashdown. Liz looked up in time to see Max stroll in with Isabel and Alex right behind him. Their eyes locked causing her stomach to do little flip flops.

While Isabel and Alex found a booth to sit at, Max headed towards Liz and met her halfway. "Hey..." She whispered just so he could hear.

"Hey..." He whispered back reaching out to take her hand; his thumb stroking the top of her hand, "I missed you..." He told her leaning down so that his lips were just inches away from hers. Liz blushed before closing the distance between them, letting her lips linger against his; Just a simple touch of his lips against hers caused her insides to melt. Realizing that they were standing in the middle of the Crashdown Liz took a step back to put some distance between them but not letting go of his hand, "A-Are you still feeling up to going out tonight?" Max asked her.

Liz nodded. "Can we talk real quick in the back?" She asked him as she led him to the break room by his hand. Max nodded as he followed closely behind her. "I need to show you something." She told him. Keeping the door open a tad bit she pointed to where Hubble was currently sitting at."Do you see that man?"

"Yea...what about him?" Max asked confused as to why she was pointing to the older gentleman.

Liz frowned, "Max, that's the man I saw...in the visions. That's Hubble." Max looked back out at where he was sitting and then back down at Liz. "He was at the UFO center earlier when I went to drop off Milton's dinner order." She told him. "They were in his office talking about something and then when I went to knock Hubble came out. I think they were talking about you, Max."

Max noticed the worried look all over her face, closing the door he led her over to the couch that was there. "Liz, look at me..." He said trying to get her to look at him. When she still wouldn't look at him, using one hand he gently tilted her chin up so that he could look her in the eye. "Liz, what's wrong?"

"Max, that man out there, h-he's real..." She stammered out causing Max to be even more confused. "I mean h-he's really here and s-sitting right out there eating." She told him as she felt her eyes tear up.

Max raised her hand up to his mouth and kissed it, trying to soothe her. "Liz, you're not making a lot of sense right now..."

"If he's real Max, that means everything else is going to happen...everything I saw..." She cried out, "T-That girl I saw, that means s-she could show up at any time and..."

Max finally understood and pulled her into his warm embrace. "Liz, just because that man is out there doesn't mean everything else you saw is going to happen. All this could just be a coincidence. No matter what you saw Liz, you're the only one I ever want to be with. I love you...and only you." He tried to reassure her but saw it wasn't working, he realized there was only one way to get her to trust him when he said she was the only one he wanted...would ever want no matter what.

He slowly brought one hand up and ran the backs of his fingers across Liz's cheek. She closed her eyes and leaned into his touch, wanting to savor every moment she had with him. His touch sent shivers through her entire body and she felt as if nothing else existed but them. Max knew she needing reassuring that he wouldn't leave her, that he was hers and she was his. Resting his forehead against hers, his hand never stopped touching her as he turned it over and resting his palm along her jaw line while his thumb was rubbing gently across her cheek. They both opened their eyes to stare at each other so that their connection would spring to life so that she could feel everything he was feeling. He slowly lowered his head, tilting it slightly to one side as she tilted her head up toward Max. His hand still resting along her jaw, closing his eyes, he slowly lowered his lips down towards hers. She could feel through the small intimate touches just how much Max loved her, how he felt that she was the only one for him and it made her heart soar causing her stomach to tie itself in knots. As she felt his Max's lips brush gently against hers before pulling back again causing them both to smile. He brought his lips back down to hers and he gently captured her bottom lip between his. The kiss was so gentle, yet full of passion and promise of more to come. Her arms found their way around his neck trying pull him deeper into the kiss causing Max to moan.

She captured Max's bottom lip and gently sucked it into her mouth. After she released his bottom lip, he mimicked Liz's actions by running his tongue along her lip. He moved his hands down to her waist so he could pull her on to his lap taking Liz by surprise. She felt his tongue slide against hers and welcome the intrusion as she let out an involuntary moan, her uniform had been hiked up high around her thighs as Max slowly ran his hands up her thighs to cup her rear. He knew he had to stop them before things got out of hand and he ended up taking her right there on the sofa. No, he wouldn't do that to her. He told himself as he broke their kiss but he didn't pull back, instead he just rested his forehead against hers as they both tried to catch their breath.

"I love you too Max." She whispered back to him as she finally opened her eyes. She was met with Max's dark amber eyes staring back at her. "I love you too." She told him again causing him to smile.

Max rubbed his cheek against hers before whispering against her ear. "No matter what happens Liz, you're my destiny. You're my soulmate, my everything." He told her huskily, his warm breath tickling her ear.

"I'm sorry." She said feeling guilty about her earlier outburst. Climbing off his lap, she snuggled against his side after fixing her uniform.

Kissing the top of her head. "It's okay...nothing to be sorry about Liz. We'll figure this out together, I promise." He murmured against her hair. Looking down at her, Max couldn't help but feel pride over the fact that he had made her look so ravished.

Just as Liz was about to lean up to kiss Max again, Maria came storming into the break room. Taking in the scene before her she couldn't help but smirk, "Well, I hope I didn't interrupt anything...."

Max just smiled, "You're fine Maria." He told her before standing up and offering a hand to Liz to help her off the couch.

"The last customer just left so, we're just locking up...I told Alex and Isabel that you wanted to talk to everyone before they left tonight Liz so we're just waiting on you guys but Lizzie, you may wanna run to the ladies room to freshen up before you come back out there. Max, here, really did a number on ya' I see... " Maria teased her causing her to blush and chuckle.

She gave Max one last peck on the lips before heading to the restroom. "I'll be out in a minute...." She told Maria who just winked at her. Max waited until the bathroom door locked before walking out to the diner with Maria right behind him.

"So, Max, what do you think about Hubble being an actual person?" She asked him, "I mean, Liz is freaking out about it, she's worried if he's real then that means everything else will happen." Taking a seat across from Isabel and Alex, Max was about to open his mouth to say something when Michael came strolling out of the kitchen.

"Worried what will happen?" Michael asked coming out from the kitchen.

Maria just shook her head. "Was anybody talking to you space boy?" Max, Isabel and Alex just rolled their eyes at the two of them fighting.

"Would you quit calling me that?!" He snapped at her as he yanked a chair out to sit down on.

"Sure, would you rather jerk face instead?" She argued back with her hands on her hips.

Before Michael could say anything back, Liz came walking out. "Are you two still fighting?" She asked rhetorically while rolling her eyes.

"What's going on? You said you wanted to talk about something important..." Alex asked curious to know what was going on, looking back and forth between Liz and Max he could see something was wrong. "Is everything okay?"

Liz slid into the booth next to Max as he took her hand in his for moral support. "Earlier this evening, I went to deliver Milton's dinner order and when I got there Hubble was coming out of his office."

"The guy you saw in your vision's?" Isabel asked concerned, Liz nodded. "What was he doing talking to your boss Max?"

Max shrugged. "I'm not sure but Liz thinks they were talking about me..."

"What makes you think that?" Michael asked starting to grow concerned.

Liz frowned. "I can't be sure, but when they were coming out of the office Hubble asked me if I worked at the Crashdown which was obvious because I was in my uniform so he asked if I was working the day of the shooting..." She explained, "Then Milton came out and asked if I was Max's girlfriend and that's when Hubble asked him if Max was the new employee he just hired."

"But the creepy thing is the fact that he decided he had to walk over here with Liz and tell them what he asked you Liz..." Maria urged her to tell them.

Max was now concerned. "He followed you here?" Liz nodded, "What else did he say to you?"

"He asked if I believed in aliens." Liz told them all causing Michael to choke on his drink. Maria looked at him and started hitting him on the back to try and help, "I'm sure he was just joking..."

"What do you think he wants Max?" Isabel asked fearing for her brother's safety. "Didn't you say Valenti was in the vision you had with Hubble?"

"Yea, h-he um was standing over Hubble's body with Max and Michael. Do you think he has something to do with it?" She wondered out loud, turning her attention to Max. "You were yelling at him about something...blaming him for sending Hubble after you or something like that...it's all pretty fuzzy." She tried to remember.

"I'm sure it's nothing...we could be getting worked up over this for nothing." Max said trying to reassure the group. "We just need to be cautious, keep our eyes open for anything suspicious like we always do. If we panic over this now and draw attention to us then that might be what causes problems. We'll keep an eye out for Hubble, he could just be driving through town or something."

Michael shook his head. "Talking to your boss though Maxwell, about you, don't you find that kind of odd?"

"I'll talk to Milton about it tomorrow when I get to work. I'll see what I can find out, just let's not over react." Max pointed out to him. Max smiled at Liz trying to calm her nerves along with his own and everybody else's. "This could just be one big coincidence..."
Meanwhile, back at the Sheriff's station Hubble had been persistent in speaking with Valenti and told him that unless Valenti met with him he would stay in town until they spoke. Giving in,Valenti finally agreed and now Hubble was currently sitting in front of him rambling on and showing Valenti a bunch of different photographs that he had acquired over the years. Valenti was regretting calling him in the first place and getting him involved with the shooting at the Crashdown that day. Valenti had told Hubble about Max Evans and his suspicions that something more happened that day then a broken bottle of ketchup being spilled. However, Valenti was now coming to regret his choice to get in contact with Hubble in the first place. "Thanks for hearing me out, Jimmy." Hubble told him. Valenti just looked at the photographs in front of him. "This guy's been leaving carnage all over the southwest for the past 40 years. No reason to believe he's about to stop."

"What makes you think he's here in Roswell though?" Valenti asked him leaning back in his chair.

Hubble smirked. "Hand prints are the only trail he leaves. It only lasts for a day or so, and then it disappears. If I remember correctly, didn't you tell me your son saw a silver hand print on the Parker girls stomach?"

"I spoke to her the next day and there was nothing there." Valenti argued back, growing concerned by the minute.

"That doesn't mean she didn't have a silver hand print on her the night your boy saw it Sheriff...like I said it only lasts a day or so before it just disappears." He pointed out to him.

Valenti quickly changed the subject, "Where did you get these anyways?"

Getting annoyed with Valenti, Hubble gathered up the photographs sticking them back in his briefcase. "Look, I know you've been investigating this since the shooting but you're a rookie for me it's a full time job. It's not important how I got these images..what's important is catching this alien before he kills anyone else."

"Who are they?" Valenti found himself asking not able to get the images out of his head of the dead bodies in the photos.

Hubble shrugged as if it was nothing. "They're just people. People with bad luck, in the wrong place at the wrong time." Clearing his throat Hubble knew what he had to do to get under Valenti's skin, "Jimmy...your father may have made a mistake that night by pulling the trigger on the wrong man but he wasn't crazy." Valenti's jaw went rigid as he gripped the arm of his chair trying to stay calm, "You already knew that, didn't you? All your father wanted to do was to help this world out and they hung him on a cross for it. This isn't just some happy-go-lucky alien we're lookin' at. This is a killer, Jimmy! If you know anything about it, it's your duty to protect the people of Roswell and team together with me so we can do something about it." Hubble explained to him with a smug look on his face.

"And what exactly do you propose we do? We have no idea who this killer could be, what are we going to do go around accusing people of being an alien and then shoot them? No thanks, Hubble..." Valenti told him sarcastically with a shake of his head.

Hubble was getting angrier by the minute. "What about this kid you told me about, Max Evans? You said he was there during the shooting and did something to the Parker girl...He might have something to do with all this? Don't you think?"

Valenti shook his head angrily. "I made a mistake contacting you, Max Evans is just a kid and so is Liz Parker. I gave you your five minutes to try and convince me, so I'm going to tell you this one last time Hubble. Leave these kids alone...get out of my town and don't look back."

Hubble gathered his things before throwing Valenti an icy glare. "You know I'm right about this. You wouldn't have called me otherwise unless you thought this kid was guilty of something..." Valenti just stared right back at him refusing to back down. "You're going to regret this Jimmy...I'll find the truth out with or without your help. Just remember you're the one who told me about this kid and I'm going to find out the truth about him and what happened that day in Crashdown." He promised Valenti angrily.

"The only thing he's guilty of is being a scared teenager in the wrong place at the wrong time..." Valenti hissed before standing and straightening his back, hands folded in front of his chest. "Piece of advice Hubble, let this obsession of yours go, your life isn't worth it. It already cost you Shelia's life, don't lose yours over it too." Hubble shook his head before storming out of the office.

Valenti sat back down in his seat after he was sure Hubble was gone and pulled out a file from his locked desk drawer labelled Max Evans. Quickly glancing through it, he stopped and looked at the photograph of Liz's uniform she wore that day of the shooting he had found with the bullet hole in it. Making his decision, he closed the file again before getting up and walking over to a machine and turning it on; placing the documents one at a time in the shredder. He knew he made the right choice protecting Max Evans from Hubble.

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Re: What's Meant To Be (Mature M/L CC) NEW Ch. 5 1/9/12 Pg.

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A/N: Thank you guys for the wonderful feedback! I may not have many fans but if it wasn't for all your feedback I probably wouldn't be writing any more LoL. So thank you very much!! Just so you know, I've edited some of the previous parts. Nothin too major but just fixed some of my writing after re-reading things. Might want to re-read the other parts.
Ch. 6
Max was laying back on Liz's bed waiting for her to come out of the bathroom. They had managed to lock up the cafe and it being the last night they would be able to be alone, Max didn't have to be asked twice if he wanted to come upstairs with her. As she walked out of the bathroom towel drying her hair, she ran her eyes up and down Max's body. She couldn't help but admire his strong arms that were under his head; she trailed her eyes down further, her mouth practically watered at the sight of his bare chest that was rippled in muscle. "You could give a guy a complex staring like that." Max teased as he propped himself up on his elbows.

Liz blushed as she turned back around to head back in the bathroom. "Jerk..." Liz called him with a hint of laughter in her voice.

"I could help you with that, you know?" Max said as he made his way behind her. Placing his hands on her tiny waist, he pulled her to him so that her back was pressed against his chest. She could feel the heat radiating against her back as she closed her eyes to just enjoy the touch of his bare skin. "One of the perks of having an alien boyfriend..." He whispered against her ear as he threaded his fingers through her hair, drying it as he went.

Liz opened her eyes when she felt him place a kiss on her shoulder, looking at him through the mirror with a smile on her face. "Thank you..." She told him quietly before turning in his arms; wrapping her arms around his neck as she stood on her tippie toes to place a gentle kiss against his lips.

"Come on..." Max told her as he took her hand in his and led her back into her room where he pulled her between his legs once he got settled against the headboard. "What are you thinking about?" Max asked her as he laced his fingers through hers.

Liz just shrugged. "I-I'm just worried Max..."

"About what?"

"About Hubble being here...." She admitted, "I know you think this is just some coincidence but what if it's not?" She said sadly. "I think we really need to take these flashes I had seriously."

Max frowned not liking what she was getting at. "Liz...what are you saying?" He was worried she was going to tell him that she thought they needed time apart, to take a step back to see what these visions meant and if she did that he didn't think his heart could handle it. "I mean just because Hubble's here doesn't mean that the other visions are going to happen."

"I know but Max, what if they do?" She asked peering up at him under her lashes. "What if this is just the start? Hubble being here, what if that leads to everything else...I-I think you should talk to Valenti Max." She finished the last part a little bit quieter.

"You think I should tell Valenti about who we are?" Liz didn't answer. "Liz you know we can't do that, he's the Sheriff!"

"He's also the guy I saw in these flashes that risked his life to help us when we needed it Max. He was there for us when we rescued you from the FBI! He's only suspicious of you three because he knows you're keeping some secret." She cried out. "This isn't just about you three...this involves my life along with Maria's and Alex's lives."

Max sighed as he listened to her side of it. Stroking her cheek with the back of his fingers to calm her down a bit, he placed a small kiss to the crown of her head. "Liz calm down. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you..."

Liz wiped the few tears that had fallen during her outburst before turning so that she could straddle his lap. Placing his hands on her waist again as to steady her, he tried to smile up at her. "I know you and the others think these flashes I had aren't a big deal..."

Max shook his head. "No, Liz we do. We just, we're trying to stay calm about this all so that we don't attract any unnecessary attention our way." He tried to explain to her. "I'm just worried that if we tell Valenti about who we really are, we might be making a mistake. Sure you saw him accept us for who we are but what if he doesn't now?"

"I know you're scared, Max. I am too." She told him. "But I don't think I would have gotten these flashes if we weren't meant to do something about them. I know that you guys aren't used to letting people in but I think you really need to start trusting other people. Like maybe Valenti...your parents even?" She half asked and half told him.

"Even Kyle?" He asked her sarcastically.

Liz frowned at his tone. "Max stop...I never mentioned Kyle. All I saw was that you did heal him because he was shot but I don't think we need to tell him...yet." She added with a second thought. "But I do think it would help in the long haul if your parents knew and if Valenti knew."

Max nodded as he considered what she said before he wrapped his arms around her. "I know these flashes are a big deal. I'm scared too...scared of losing you." He admitted, "But I'm trying here to stay calm. I know it looks like I'm not, but I am. I can't lose you Liz and after you told me about that last vision you had, it's all I can think about."

"Oh, Max...I don't know what to say. I mean these things haven't even happened yet but I can't imagine walking away from you." She said as she wrapped her arms around his neck pulling his head to rest against hers. "This girl Tess though, she's supposed to be your destiny...your bride."

"No!" Max stopped her, "I don't believe that...whatever that message said it was about someone who died a long time ago. I'm not that person any more. I don't have any destiny with some other girl. The only destiny I have is to be with you and only you. Without you I-I'm nothing Liz." He swore to her with so much love in his voice that it made her heart skip a beat.

"I love you too Max and I promise...I'm not going anywhere." She said as they rocked together on her bed. "We j-just need to figure things out, Max. What are we going to do?" She asked him with a scared voice.

Max sighed, "I'll talk to Michael and Isabel about telling our parents. I mean with my dad helping Michael getting his emancipation he seems to be a lot more relaxed knowing he won't have to deal with Hank any more and I know Isabel would jump at the chance to have our mom to talk to about all this...I'm not promising anything but I think you're right. As for telling Valenti, let's just take it one step at a time, okay?" He told her smiling up at her. Liz nodded before leaning down to place a feather light kiss against his lips. Intending to pull back, Max stopped her. Threading his fingers through her silk like hair; Their lips parted in sync both wanting to taste more of each other. Tilting her head to get better access, she glided her tongue against his as they both moaned out in pleasure.

She could never get enough of him, he was like a drug, addictive. She never wanted to stop; wanted to stay wrapped up in his arms forever and at this very moment she knew she could never walk away from this man. She could feel every ounce of love that Max felt for her and it made her dizzy. Liz felt her body respond to his touch, her hips ground into his obvious arousal causing him to growl as he trailed kisses down her chin to her throat. "Ma-Max..." She moaned out in pleasure causing Max to smile; proud he was the one making her feel this way. Tonight would be a good night...no awful visions of the future; they focused completely on the present. Enjoying every kiss and every touch that was to come.


Maria was driving home while jamming out to the music in her car. Feeling completely relaxed, having the night off and being able to go home and soak in a nice warm bubble bath. Nothing could ruin this night...almost nothing. "Great..." Maria mumbled rolling her eyes as she pulled off to the side. Rolling her window down she shook her head, "Get in..."

"No thanks, I can walk." Michael said not stopping.

"Would you look at that! Thanks is in the aliens vocabulary." Maria joked sarcastically.

Michael stopped mid step and glared at her. "Wanna say that a little louder?" Maria rolled her eyes. "You really do have a big mouth, Deluca."

"Wouldn't you like to know?" She flirted back causing her to blush once she realized what she was doing. "Come on, get in...I'll take you home." Michael looked back down the road then back at her. "You know you want to...." She egged him on.

Michael gave in running over to the passenger side to hop in. "Uh, thanks." He mumbled. Maria nodded. "I, uh, I live about five blocks from here." He explained. "The apartment complex on Glenn Rd."

"You got your own place?" Maria asked shocked. "I thought you lived with your dad?"

Michael seethed with anger at the mention of Hank. "Foster dad and no not any more."

"Cool...so what you live by yourself?" She asked him surprised. Michael nodded as started getting uncomfrotable with the subject. "Since when?"

Michael furrowed his brow at her. "Do you always talk so much?"

"Hey, it's my car and I just like to know about the person I'm driving home." She simply stated as she started driving.

Michael chuckled. "You already know I'm an alien what more do you want to know?"

"How about how you get to live on your own at the age of sixteen?" She asked curiously.

Michael frowned. "Mr. Evans is helping me get emancipated." Expecting her to ask a bunch of other questions he braced himself.

Maria smiled. "That's cool." Was all she said before turning the radio up a bit and bobbing her head to the beat. Michael looked at her surprised but soon just smiled at her and watched the scenery go by as they drove to his apartment. 'Maybe she isn't so bad after all.' Michael thought to himself.

Alex and Isabel had decided to take a walk through the park after they had an ice cream and talked for a bit. Isabel found she really had a lot in common with Alex and was beginning to wish this date would never end. "Maybe I could rent, um that movie Aliens and we could watch it sometime." After Alex heard she never had seen the movie because of the title he chuckled and insisted she see it.

"I'd like that...but I don't like horror movies all that much." She admitted to him. "Maybe you could hold my hand during the movie so I don't get scared?"

Alex looked at her and smiled. "You know it can get pretty scary walking around this park at night..." He teased. Isabel laughed before brushing her hand against his. "That's what I'm scared of you know? Walking around this park at night, it gives me the hebbie jebbies."

Isabel started to laugh again which made Alex's smile grow even bigger. "Well, maybe I should hold your hand then?" She asked him with a twinkle in her eye.

Alex took her hand in his before bringing it up to his lips and placing a kiss on the top of her hand. "You have a beautiful smile, Isabel. You should smile more often."

"I just...it's hard to let people other then Max and Michael see that side of me. I've worked so hard in putting this front on that I don't know how to let it down now." She explained to him. "But Max told me something yesterday and I realize he's right."

"What did he say?" He asked his interest now piqued.

Isabel looked at him and smiled again. "That we shouldn't live our lives out all alone. That we need to let other people in."

"Smart guy, your brother." Alex said as he nodded. "Can I ask why you feel like you can't tell your parents?"

Isabel sighed. "I want to but at the same time I just feel like I'd be putting them in danger. That's why I was worried when Max healed Liz and told her about who we really are...then when Liz told you and Maria." She tried to explain. "It wasn't that I didn't like you guys, it was just...the more people that know, the more people we put in danger. Plus we agreed we wouldn't tell anyone...Max kind of broke that promise but I don't think Michael would be too happy about letting two more people in on our secret."

"Well, from what you told me about your dad helping Michael, I think he might be receptive to the idea...maybe you should just talk to Max and Michael about it." Alex told her. "And I understand that you care about putting other people in danger, but at the same time that's their choice if they want to be a part of your life and trust me Izzie...you are really worth it." He added causing her to blush. "I think your parents would agree. Are you worried they wouldn't accept you?" He was met with silence. "I liked you...a lot even before I knew who you really were and I know your parents love you to death without knowing so when you do tell them I know they will love you even more."

Isabel tugged on his hand to stop him from walking any further. Looking back at her confused he was about to ask what was wrong when Isabel stepped up and placed a kiss against his lips. Shocked he couldn't move and found himself now looking at one very red faced Isabel. "I'm sorry, I just...I really wanted to thank you."

"Uh...um...uh...can you tell me what I did to deserve a thank you? Be-Because I'll do it a-again and again..." He asked eagerly. Isabel's face got redder in embarrassment before she leaned over again and placed another kiss against his mouth. This time though Alex wrapped an arm around her waist pulling her closer. His lips relaxed against hers as he boldly snaked his tongue out and licked her bottom lip causing her to moan. Parting her lips, she allowed him to caress her mouth with his tongue as she responded back. Feeling like she was a normal girl for once in her life, kissing her date underneath the moon light in the middle of the park, she smiled against his mouth as they continued to make out in the park.


"Hubble, I'm telling you, I would know if one of my employees wasn't of this Earth." Milton said in disbelief as he went about looking at the books and newspaper articles in front of him. "Especially Max Evans...he's one of the most normal people I've ever met in Roswell. Besides when I talk about encounters and aliens, what not he's not even the least bit interested. He's a good kid though..."

Hubble frowned as he watched his old friend look for clues in the newspaper. "There's something off about that boy. Something happened that day in the Crashdown and he was involved, I know it. No matter Valenti says, he believed it too but now...now he's playing dumb. I don't know why but I know something is going one." Hubble said shaking his head.

"Here it is." He said holding up the article. "I knew it, it happened here in Frazier Woods, that sighting we were talking about earlier." Milton explained handing Hubble the newspaper clipping. "I told you I heard something on that police scanner. Some hiker reported it..."

Hubble rolled his eyes. "This could be some Hoax...he sold his story for fifty bucks and his name is Buzz?"

"Oh, no, it's real all right." Milton said smiling. "There's corroboration. Two motorists, a family that was camping and a fly fisherman by the name of Rocky Calhoun...they all saw it." He said getting excited. "I've seen a lot of hoaxes...I can smell them a mile away. This is no hoax." Hubble nodded. "Besides we should go check it out..."

"Frazier woods is a big place." Hubble told him.

Milton shrugged. "Not when you know where the cops are looking...besides we need to get out there before those high school kids go on their silly camping trip destroying any evidence that may be out there!"

Hubble's head shot up. "Camping trip? Isn't Evans a high school kid, is he going?"

"I think so, he asked for time off for it today. Says his dad asked him and his sister to go this year." Milton said not realizing what Hubble was asking, "They are going to be looking near the Indian reservation." Milton said as he looked over his map. Hubble stood up and looked too. "Which means those kids would be only about hundred feet away from where this sighting was. We should get out there first." He told Hubble walking towards the door.

Hubble stopped him. "The cops aren't going to let us near that place now. I think our best bet would be to go when those kids go." Milton frowned. Hubble growled in frustration. "Listen Valenti wants my ass out of Roswell, if he catches me any where near that sighting he's gonna lock me up. You need me, Milton. Let's just wait. When is this trip?"

Milton gave in. He did need Hubble besides he had the only working car at this point. "Next Friday."

"Good...then we'll be there next Friday." Hubble promised with an evil smile across his face.

"You don't marry someone you can live with - you marry the person who you cannot live without."


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Re: What's Meant To Be (Mature M/L CC) NEW Ch. 6 1/13/12 Pg.

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A/N: Thank you for the wonderful feedback and thank you to Zaneri1 for being my wonderful beta!
Ch. 7A
Max was busy setting up a new exhibit that Milton wanted to have on display for the weekend. Milton had mentioned him having a business trip to deal with and since Max had requested time off to attend the annual father camping trip, Milton had insisted to get the display done tonight. He was looking forward to taking some time to enjoy nature but what was even more excited about was just spending some time with Liz acting like normal teenagers, even if they weren't all that normal. Of course they wouldn't be alone; Maria would be tagging along with Liz and her dad, along with Alex and his father plus his dad and of course Michael but what was even more shocking was the fact Isabel was tagging along. He was pretty sure Alex had something to do with it.

He couldn't lie to himself, sure he had been putting a brave front on in front of everyone else but truth be told he was scared out of his mind. Even though he had yet to actually meet Hubble in person, he knew that his being here was not a good sign. If what Liz was any indication on what was to come, Hubble was just the tip of the iceberg. He could tell that Liz was also a nervous wreck being concerned about the girl she had saw in her visions. Max had told her that no matter what she saw there was no way he would ever be with anyone else, that she was it for him. To top it all off, he had Isabel now on his case about telling their parents but he was still unsure if it was a good idea. Michael being Michael of course was against telling them let alone telling Valenti and he couldn't help but think he was right.

He was so busy in his own thoughts that he didn't hear someone coming down the stairs until they cleared his throat. Startled Max turned to see who it was and was shocked to see none other than Sheriff Valenti standing there. Clearing his throat he automatically took a step back, shoving his hands in his pants pocket, "Sheriff, how are you this evening?" Max asked politely trying to stay calm.

"I'm doing fine, how about you son?" He asked as he looked around.

Max nodded. "Good. Just uh, trying to set up this last exhibit here before my shift ends. Milton wants it done before I leave for the camping trip tomorrow."

"Great! So you and your father are going too?" Max nodded. "Well, I guess we will see you there. Kyle and I are going too." Valenti took a step forward noticing how nervous Max was, "Maybe we could make a party out of it." He joked.

Max swallowed past the lump in his throat and willed his rapid heartbeat to calm down. "Yea, uh, I'm sure that would be fine...just Isabel and Michael are coming too and my dad already asked Mr. Whitman and Mr. Parker to set up with us but I'm sure there would be plenty of room for you and Kyle."

"That's right..." Valenti said leaning against the other exhibit. "You and Liz Parker are dating now, correct?" Max just nodded again, "Kyle said that she broke up with him to be with you?"

"It wasn't like that sir..." Max interjected.

Valenti just smiled and shook his head, "It's fine Max." He assured him. "Honestly, I always thought of Liz like I daughter and she seems to be very happy with you. I knew the thing between her and Kyle wouldn't last. My son's a great guy, just he and Liz weren't meant to be."

"He, uh, he is a really nice guy. Liz is hoping they can at least be friends." Max explained in all honesty.

Valenti eyed him closely. "And you'd be okay with that?"

"Well, sure...I mean I trust Liz completely." Max said confused.

"Of course you do. Liz is a very trust worthy person and Kyle would be a fool to not at least still be friends with her just because they broke up." Valenti told him. "You know Max, I know that after the shooting at the Crashdown that day, I came after you pretty strongly with accusations..."

Max felt sweat forming on his brow and that lump in his throat returning, "You were just doing your job...you thought I was keeping something from you, I understand." He lied quickly.

"No son, what I did was wrong. I was forming my own conclusions and didn't act in the authority a Sheriff should I have and I came here to apologize to you tonight Max." Valenti explained to him sincerely.

Max offered a weak smile but it was all he could muster up at this point, completely taken back by his apology. "I appreciate that Sheriff but it wasn't necessary sir."

"Well, I still feel the need to apologize son but I appreciate your understanding." Valenti added, "I just want you to know that you can trust me...that if you ever feel you are in trouble or needing help even somebody to just talk to, I'm here. No judgment. Just because I'm Kyle's father I don't want you to think you can't come to me for anything, even if it's concerning Liz or any of your friends. That offer goes out to them also."

Max nodded accepting his offer, "Thank you...I'll uh, keep that in mind and be sure to tell them that."

"How's your friend Michael doing with his emancipation?" Valenti asked as he headed to the stairs.

Max followed behind him still shocked by what had just happened. "Um, he's doing well. My dad says that his court date is in two weeks but Liz helped him get a job at the Crashdown and he found apartment yesterday, so he's getting there."

"Good, I'm glad to hear it. I never really liked Hank, I know Michael isn't too fond of the police but if you could let him know that I took care of Hank and he won't be an issue with the case." He explained.

Max looked at him confused as they came to stand at the foot of the stairs. "You took care of him? What do you mean?"

"Just that I stopped by the trailer last night and told him if he had any dignity at all, he'd sign the consent forms terminating his rights and he'd leave town immediately. He came in today and handed me the forms before telling me he was leaving town." Valenti told him as he recounted the events from this morning. "He even gave me the last check he cashed from social services; I gave it to your dad to give to Michael."

The hits just kept coming , Max thought to himself. "Wow, I'll be sure to tell Michael. I'm sure he would appreciate knowing that and definitely be relieved to Hank is out of the picture. He'll probably enjoy this weekend more."

Valenti chuckled to himself. "Yes, I think we all will. Well, I better get going, got to pack for this weekend. I guess I'll see you all there."

"The offer stands if you and Kyle like to set up tent with all of us. I-It be fun." Max told him holding his hand out. Valenti shook his hand before tipping his hat and leaving. Max watched him head out the double doors of the UFO center before shaking his head with a smile on his face.
Later that night, Max explained to Isabel and Michael what happened with Valenti. Isabel was unpacking some groceries her and her mother had picked up for him to get him started. While Max sat on one of the bar stools at the counter, they were waiting for Liz and the others to get there to have a little house warming party for Michael much to his dismay.

"So he just up and apologized out of the blue?" Michael asked confused. Max nodded, "That makes no sense, why would he do that? Don't get me wrong I appreciate him getting Hank out of the way and this cash but he's gotta be up to something."

Isabel rolled her eyes as she put things in the cabinets and the fridge. "Geesh, Michael maybe he was being nice, offering an olive branch ya' know? Is that so hard to believe?"

Max caught on to her tone and frowned, "Iz, don't start not tonight please."

"Don't start what?" Michael asked confused.

"All I'm saying is that maybe Liz was right. She saw you telling Valenti the truth and he was there for us and risked his own life along with his career not to mention Kyle, what if she’s right? Maybe we do need to tell him and tell our parents, too." She asked shrugging her shoulders. "I mean he did talk to you tonight Max."

Michael shook his head, the mere thought making him angry. "Are you nuts Isabel? You want to tell other people about who we really are? Let's put in the paper or better yet let's just put in the 6 o'clock news!" He yelled.

"Michael, calm down." Max warned not liking his tone.

Michael turned and glared at him, "You can't seriously be considering this? Are you?"

"Max, they're our parents...they deserve to know the truth." Isabel pleaded with him. "I still think we should tell them and Valenti. Alex and Liz agree with me even Maria does!" She pointed out. "I'm not saying we tell Kyle, I mean we shouldn't have to but that's not the point..."

Michael was growing even more annoyed by the minute. "I can't believe we are even considering this! Am I the only sane one here?!" He snapped at the both of them.

Max was just about to reply when Liz, Alex and Maria came in. Max immediately stood up to grab the bags she had in her hand. "Actually, far from it Michael. You've got some thin walls in this dingy apartment of yours." Maria said looking around the apartment.

"Hey if you don't like it you can leave!" Michael said firmly.

Maria rolled her eyes as she made herself comfortable on the couch. "Michael calm down, she was just joking around with you." Liz told him, "Besides we bought pizza, sodas, some chips and dip along with movies." She pointed out as Max pulled her between his legs placing a chaste kiss to her forehead, "Hi..." She said softly, smiling up at him.

"Hi..." He told her before leaning down to give her proper kiss.

Michael rolled his eyes grabbing one of the soda's before plopping himself down in the recliner he had bought from the used furniture store earlier in the week. "Can you cut that crap out, please?" He muttered to Max and Liz.

"Wow, look at that Liz, please is in his dictionary." Maria stated sarcastically while Michael casted dirty look her way.

Liz shook her head, "Maria be nice. Don't start." She saw Alex and Isabel whispering in the corner of the kitchen and elbowed Max giving him look, as if saying, 'when did this happen?'

"I know, he she came home from that date the other night and they've been close ever since." Max whispered just as surprised.

Liz nodded in approval. "What were you guys talking about exactly earlier?"

"Isabel wants to tell our parents and Valenti maybe even Kyle," Max explained calmly.

Isabel walked out with the pizza and napkins in her hands setting it on the coffee table, Michael had also purchased earlier in the week, with Alex following closely behind with the sodas and plates. "Which I think is a great idea." She said as if it were nothing.

"It's a stupid idea!" Michael roared angrily. "Why would we risk exposing ourselves!"

Maria shrugged, "We wouldn't be telling the world Guerin. If you guys tell their parents and Valenti
they could help out if need be." She explained to him.

"No, this is a bad idea; the more people we tell the more we risk our identities getting in the wrong hands. Liz saw the FBI was after us in those future visions what's to say telling Valenti didn't set that off or even Max healing Liz is what caused all this!" Michael yelled angrily.

"MICHAEL!" Max snapped while Liz looked down guiltily. "Liz, look at me, this isn't your fault." He told her forcing her to look at him. Liz smiled weakly at him and nodded, "I mean it, I made the choice and I don't regret it." He promised her before leading her to the sofa to sit down.

Isabel glared at Michael. "God, do you have to be such a jerk?" She said shaking her head leaning back against Alex's chest from their position on the floor.

"Look, all we were trying to say Michael is that maybe if someone does come after us then Valenti could come in handy. Not to mention their parents...they could help cover for us." Alex tried to put it in perspective.

Michael refused to budge, "There is no us! Don't you guys get that? It wouldn't be you lying on the table getting sliced open like some experiment!"

"We get that Michael, but they have a point." Max told him calmly stroking Liz's arm trying to convince her this wasn't her fault. "What Liz saw, was that Valenti saved me from some room the FBI had me in. He risked everything to protect us and from the talk I had with him tonight he seemed like he suspected something and was trying to convince me we could trust him..."

Liz looked up at him confused, "Wait...you had a talk with Valenti tonight?" Max nodded before re-telling the events that happened with Valenti to them. "Wow, so he seemed opened up us talking to him about things?"

"From what I could tell and I don't think it would be all that bad idea if we did tell him Michael, after all look what he did for you." Max told him. Michael just shook his head, "I'm not saying we go out and tell them tonight, I think we should all consider this because this affects us all Michael, whether you'd like to admit it or not. It's not just the three of us..."

Michael shrugged. "Whatever."

Maria huffed shaking her head at Michael's indifference. "Why are you so against them telling their parents? From what Isabel has told me, they love you like a son." Maria stated trying to reassure him. Michael shot Isabel a dirty look who was currently picking at her pizza, "And Valenti, Liz and I have known that man since we were kids, he's like a father to me, and they wouldn't turn you away if that's what you’re worried about spaceboy."

Realizing Michael was just becoming agitated Liz decided to drop the subject. "Look like Max said we don't need to make a decision now, let's enjoy this camping trip tomorrow like normal teenagers and then we can sit down and weigh the pros and cons."

"I agree." Max said pressing a kiss to the back of her hand before smiling at her. "Michael, sound good to you?" Michael nodded picking at the material on the recliner. "Good, let's watch these movies so we can head home and get some rest for tomorrow."

"The thing is Maxwell, we aren't normal, we never will be." Michael pointed out to him.
Maria chuckled, "But who is normal these days Michael. Just because you got some alien voodoo going for you doesn't exactly make you abnormal." She told him causing everyone to laugh.

"Maria's right, Michael. We've seen people who are far from normal and they aren't from some other planet." Alex teased causing Isabel and the others to chuckled, "Well, now that you think about it, maybe they're from the same planet you guys are from. I mean look at what Liz saw, that girl..." Alex trailed off noticing the sad look that came across Liz's face. Max frowned hugging her tighter to him wondering how he could convince her she was the only one for him.

Isabel also couldn't help feel bad for Liz knowing that this girl was out there somewhere and worried about if she did come to town what would happen for Max. After Liz had explained to her this past week what she saw, she couldn't blame her for being worried. Hell, she was freaked out knowing that if this girl show's up she has to be concerned about things happening, dreams in other words, between her and Michael something she had yet to share with Alex. "Let's just forget it for tonight and this weekend. We deserve a weekend of fun, Liz hasn't seen any more visions so maybe that means things have changed or it was just a false alarm."

"We should still be on the lookout though, Iz." Liz told her looking up at Max. "We don't know what Hubble is up to or if this girl is in town yet..."

Max stopped her, "I know we're all worried and stressed about what Liz saw but even if Hubble is up to something or this girl does show up, then we'll figure out what to do then. I'm worried too." He finally admitted earning shocked looks from everyone. "But we can't panic over this, we need to stay calm."

"So pretty much we just sit around with our thumbs up our asses?" Michael asked sarcastically.
Max shook his head, "I just mean let's figure out what Hubble is up to and then when this girl shows up we'll figure out how to deal with her."

"I think that's what Lizzie is afraid of Max." Maria told him, “Apparently this girl has the major hots for you." Liz winched at the thought of it causing Maria to shoot her an apologetic look.

Max just frowned at Maria. "Thanks Maria I realize that but we can't exactly walk up to her and admit that we know she's an alien. Liz said she saw her doing something to my mind, so if we see her, I'll know to be on the lookout for anything strange and be sure to come find one of you."

"She has more control over her powers because she lived with t-this Nasedo guy. He seems to know a lot about your powers and who you guys were but I don't know how trust worthy he really was." Liz explained.

Michael sighed. "Okay, fine, let's drop this for now." Michael said to the others. "I'll agree to think about telling your folks and possibly Valenti but I see no reason to tell Kyle as long as you guys also consider the negative side of telling them too. For now can we just watch the movies and go on the camping trip."

"We all agreed then?" Max asked them all, receiving nods of agreement from everyone. "Alright, Alex put the movie on and let's enjoy tonight." He said smiling at Liz as he relaxed on the couch.

Leaning down to whisper in her ear so just she could hear, "I love you." He told her.

Liz tilted her head to look up at Max, smiling, "I love you too..." Before reaching up and pressing her lips against his. Forgetting she was surrounded by their friends, she soon felt Max's tongue snake out to caress her bottom lip. She eagerly replied allowing her tongue to mate with his causing a small moan in the back of her throat.

"Who needs a movie when we got the real deal here." Maria teased them causing them to break apart and blush.

Max cleared his throat while Liz buried her face in Max's chest. Max held his hand up and soon the lights were dimmed. "We'll be right back." Max said before grabbing Liz's hand and leading her outside.

"You don't marry someone you can live with - you marry the person who you cannot live without."


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Re: What's Meant To Be (Mature M/L CC) NEW Ch. 6 1/13/12 Pg.

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Ch. 7B

"Max, what are you doing? The movie just started..." She said gesturing towards the TV while standing on Michael's back patio.

Max simply pressed a finger against her lips to silence her, "I know...I just wanted, no needed to talk to you."

"Okay...is everything alright?" Liz asked concerned.

Max shook his head, "I saw how you reacted to what they were saying in there and I thought we had cleared this up last week, Liz."

"What do you mean?" She asked looking down at her feet.

Max placed a finger under her chin to force her to look at him, "Liz no matter what, you're the only girl I wanna be with. I don't care if this other girl shows up, you saw the only reason I was attracted to her was because she was doing something to my mind. I wasn't a willing participant..."

"That doesn't matter Max, I mean, it wasn't all her, you were attracted to her because she was your bride in the past." She said sadly. "I'm so scared of losing you Max; I couldn't bare it to see you kissing her...it was awful to see it in my visions let alone to see it actually happen."

"I understand Liz, trust me I do. I wouldn't be able to handle it if I was in your position. But I'm asking you to please trust me. Trust in us that this girl will not get between us. I waited eleven years to be with you. Since the first day I saw you in kindergarten, out on that playground playing with Maria...this is all I ever dreamt of. Being with you...and now that I have you, I don't plan on ever letting you go." Max said wrapping his arms around her small waist.

Liz smiled up at him, hearing the love in his words and it love written all over his face. "I do trust in us...in you Max. I really do. That message though, she won't give up...she never relented in my visions especially after hearing that message. I walked away because after hearing it, it was the right thing to do even though it broke my heart. What if four have to be together romantically to help your planet? Sure you say you only want to be with me now, but what if when she shows up you feel differently?" She asked concerned.

"First off, do you honestly see Michael and Isabel getting together romantically? I mean I know you said they had some weird dreams in your visions of them being together that way and having a baby but you also said that was..."

"Tess...her name is Tess." Liz told him.

Max frowned, "That was Tess's doing, she was manipulating them too. Do you honestly think they feel that way about each other?" Liz shook her head. "Michael is like mine and Isabel's brother Liz. I can assure you that they would never be together in that way. Plus why can't we still help our planet even if we aren't all romantically linked?" Liz started to say something but Max shook his head stopping her. "No Liz. Whoever the message was referring to wasn't me. That person died on that planet way back then. I'm just seventeen year old Max Evans. Son of Diane and Phillip Evans. Honor student of West Roswell being beat for valedictorian by the most beautiful woman in the world who also happens to be my girlfriend, my soulmate and hopefully one day my wife."

Liz blushed at his words. "Really?" She asked with a smile.

"Only if you want that Liz. Because I do. I think about it every day and what you've been going through, I couldn't begin to understand what it's like seeing the future and I feel awful for letting this happen to you but I don't regret saving you that day. If anything it was the best thing that ever happened even though it scared me half to death, you being shot." He explained. "I just want you to know that day, is that day that my life started, I meant that Liz and I will not let anything come between us or hurt you."

Liz nodded, "That's an awfully big promise Max."

"It's a promise I intend to keep. I want you now and forever Liz, if you'll have me." Max told her leaning down so that his lips were mere inches from hers. He could feel her warm breath against his lips. "Tell me, your mine Liz Parker...I promise I'll never leave you."

Liz smiled against his lips, "I'm yours Max Evans and you are mine."

"That's right, you're stuck with me." He joked before sealing his lips against hers. His hand threading through her hair while the other one pulled her against him even tighter. Their tongues danced against each other as they poured every emotion that was racing through their bodies at that point in time. Love, Hope, Desire, Fear, Reassuring themselves that nothing would come between them.


Meanwhile outside of Hollywood, California, a man barged through the front doors of a large mansion racing up the stairs before throwing the bedroom door open causing the girl inside the room to yelp. "What is it? What's wrong?" She asked jumping to her feet. "Where have you been?"

"Pack your bags; we are going to Roswell, New Mexico." He told before heading down the hallway.

The young girl followed behind him confused, "Why, what's in Roswell?"

"Just do as your told Tess. We are leaving tonight." He ordered her.

Tess looked at him with a hint of excitement twinkling in her eyes, "You found them, didn't you?"
Nasedo just looked at her with a smile on his face, "You found Zan."

"Yes, Tess I've found your king. We need to leave tonight. We don't have much time." He explained to her.

"Why? What's wrong?" Tess asked nervously.

Nasedo frowned, "The young king has taken with a human. A girl he healed..."

"What?!" She exclaimed, "How is that possible?"

"I'm not sure, but the sooner we can get to Roswell, the better. Once he see's you, we can put our plan into action and the four of you can find a way to get us back home. The human will be nothing but a distant memory; he'll just need a push in the right direction. Now go pack." He told her pointing to her bedroom. Tess nodded before running to her room excited.
"You don't marry someone you can live with - you marry the person who you cannot live without."


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