Twined Roads (AU, CC, Adult) ch. 38 - 08/13/16

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Re: Twined Roads (AU, CC, Adult) CH 10 - 4/15/11

Postby Eva » Fri Apr 22, 2011 8:32 am

Liz knew that there was something wrong. She played her game very well. To save Isabel and Michael, Max had to tell the truth. But now he is very nervous to confront Michael and Isabel.

Yeah, Liz was very cool with it. But then again, she always was that fierce girl, looking for answers. She was the girl who dared to confront Max after the shoot incident. She never backed down. Hell, Liz even robed a store once. This is contradictory to some fics in which she’s described as a very vulnerable, little girl. But in my opinion she never was like that.

Tess is indeed a mystery at the moment. Is she alien or not? And most important: how are her values towards life and the humans in it?

As promised you’ll find some answers in every chapter.
Yeah, Max has indeed found his match in Liz. But will he see what’s right in front of him?

You’re right: this Liz and Max are set in a very different situation. We will have and wait to see how their story will turn out.

Isabel won’t be happy, that’s for sure. So you think she won’t kill Max because she will see Michael again? I’m very curios about that one!

Tess and the alien abyss: how will she react? It’s a very important question and I believe the answer will depend on how this Tess is living her life on earth.

Mary mary:
True: is he still married? And where is his wife or ex-wife?

The Bitch… I understand you’re not a fan of Isabel’s? :lol: I smirked when I read your description of her.

Chapter eleven

With a sigh Michael lowered him self to sit on one of the tree stumps in the garden. A suffocating feeling kept strangling him. He had hoped to find some air outside the house but the urge to flee away kept haunting him wherever he went.

Fear. He could taste it in his mouth and it made him nauseous.

Freak. Creep. Alien.

It was the first time he had exposed himself to someone. He could kick himself for being so reckless. What had he been thinking? Taking the risk of detoxing in a stranger’s home. He had known well enough that after the sobering up his long-time suppressed feelings would crop up with all the accompanying consequences.

Every fibre in his body screamed to him to run away. Again. But he knew he couldn’t. The last year had been a long sequence of running and hiding from his feelings, his family, his life and his work. It had brought him nowhere.

It was time to change his acts and to face his life. Or what was still left of it.

It was time to grin and bear it.

A muffled sound snatched him away from his thoughts. Michael looked over his shoulder and saw Maria coming down the porch of the cottage.

Maria DeLuca.

A combination of factors had literally blown him in her life. With her caring support and her unconditional friendship she had surprised him completely. And most likely he had surprised her just as much, he thought ironically.

Which made him believe he owed her an explanation. Big time.

But how do you tell somebody that earth wasn’t your home? Hell, most likely it wasn’t even in his solar system.

Seemingly relaxed Maria came closer. Hesitatingly he made eye contact.

“The windows are…”she pointed towards the little house were every window, glittering again in their frame, reflected the sunlight.

“I know.”

“Just the one on the right,” she restarted.

“Still has a crack. I know.” Michael lifted his right hand to scratch his eyebrow with his thumb. “I’m not that good at it, you know,” he apologised.

He sighed, looking at the ground miserably, and ran a hand through his hair before trying again. “I’m more the man of action.” He cynically smirked, “or destruction. Everything I lay my hands on is sooner or later bound to meet disaster. ‘Cause, you know, that’s just what I’m good at: destroying things.”

“No, you’re not.”

The matter of fact way she had responded to him made him look up to her. “How would you know? The other night you called me an irresponsible jack-ass and you were right, one hundred per cent.”

“No, I wasn’t and I happen to know that for a fact.”

Maria could clearly read the astonishment in his eyes. “Look,” she explained, “I don’t know how it happened or if it’s even possible but I think I saw the real you last night. It was like I was in some kind of movie. But I wasn’t. It was more flashes, little fragments. I really don’t understand but what I do know is that I saw you.”

“Tell me. What’d you see?” The seriousness in her voice had made him curious and edgy at the same time.

Maria frowned while she tried to recollect her memories. “I saw a little boy. He was about six or so. He was wandering in the desert together with another little boy and girl. Then I saw the same kid with an angry looking man. The man unbuckled his belt and-”

“Hold it. You don’t have to give me the whole book. If it’s the same for you, I don’t want to relive that misery for a second time, thank you very much.”

Though Maria had been certain about what she had seen, the truth still hit her immensely. “So, it really was your life I saw?” Her eyebrow quirked.

His face closed off, Michael just nodded.

“Whoa!” The curiosity took over. “But how?”

Reserved he stood up. Turning his back on her, his eyes seemed to search for answers in the skyline. Just as Maria was beginning to think he would ignore her question, he started to talk.

“It just happened I guess,” he said, his tone cautious. He had to grit his teeth and take in a deep breath so he could continue. “In the past it only happened twice. With Max. It’s like I can’t hold my guard up when I’m emotionally in the sewer. Just like-”

Michael didn’t finish his sentence but Maria could easily understand he was referring to last night. She was silent for a moment, remembering how upset Michael was last night. She could still feel his sorrow, his pain. And even now, she still saw it in his closed off features.

Instinctively Maria knew she couldn’t push him. Now that she had seen glimpses of his past life and feelings, she understood what he had been through. And though she didn’t understand everything and still had a billion questions to ask, she just knew she had to leave it. Just for now anyway. She realized that with Michael’s guarded nature, she had already been privileged to see more of Michael than any other person in the world.

Observing him once more, Maria all of a sudden noticed that Michael had changed his look. Wearing freshly washed clothes and short spiked hair instead of the long, unkempt ponytail, Michael’s appearance was a huge contrast to the wild and neglected look he had the first time they met.

Impulsively Maria pointed towards his hair. “What happened to the ponytail? Did you work your hocus pocus on it too?

Michael turned towards her and smirked. “No, just took the scissors to them.”

She tilted her head and looked at him. “It isn’t... you know, fashionable, but somehow it kinda suits you.”

“Aren’t you going to freak out now you know I’m…” He hesitated. The words that had popped in his head earlier all seemed too odd to pronounce. Because they all felt too strange for him to say out loud, he searched for a more appropriate word. “You know, different?”

Maria’s smile widened. “Ten years ago I would’ve gone ballistic if someone would’ve told me there were aliens in town. I would’ve ran screaming through the streets of Roswell.”

Her openness made him grin. Michael could easily picture a younger version of Maria running frantically out of the Crashdown café.

“What changed?” His tone was still cautious, as if he still feared to be rejected.


His unease didn’t alter.

“The fact you’re not ten feet tall with green slimy tentacles helps a lot. Besides that, you’re more human than some of the weirdo’s and wacko’s I met in showbiz.” Maria bantered trying to ease off the situation.

Her answer surprised him greatly. It was the last thing he had expected her to say. He shuffled nervously. “So what happens now?”

“Now?” Maria’s wide and open smile warmed his whole body. “That’s easy, spaceboy: coffee!”

A few minutes later Michael found himself sitting on the porch of Maria’s house. The matter of fact way Maria had just accepted who he really was had left him stunned and speechless. The fact that she deliberately ignored his reserve and kept chattering about trivialities slowly made him at ease. At one point when she was grumbling about her former gardener and the way he had left her precious garden, Michael let his guard down and even entered the conversation.

“And do you have an idea about how you want your garden to look?” he asked her.

Maria wrinkled her nose. Hadn’t he listened to what she had been saying? “Just like I told you: lots of flowers, perfectly cut lawn, a jungle gym for Emily, a sandbox, a- “

“Hold it,” Michael interrupted her, “let me rephrase. The things you just listed, where specifically do you want them?”

He took a paper napkin and folded it open. Smoothly he sketched Maria’s property including her house and guesthouse. “So, this is the plan of your garden and everything in it at this moment. Now, what’s your idea?”

With big eyes she just stared at him and the drawing. It was obvious it wasn’t the first time he had drawn something like that. On familiar ground now, Michael became so engrossed with the design that he didn’t notice Maria’s astonishment.

With his ball-point he tapped on certain areas of his sketch while thinking out loud. “I would advise a flower area here next to the entranceway and here, just before the two porches.”

His enthusiasm was contagious and it didn’t take long until both of them were in a very animated dialogue.
That carefree moment was interrupted with the sound of the bell at the gate. Maria rose out of her chair to check it out.

When she came back, she saw him stiffen when he noticed the blue BMW coming up the driveway. She didn’t need to tell him who it was.

Together they waited till the car was parked in front.

“Max,” she welcomed the visitor, “What a nice surprise to see you on this beautiful Sunday morning.”

Max nodded and reluctantly approached the porch. The carefree setting in front of him surprised him. He wholeheartedly hoped that the cosy breakfast had lead to a good-tempered Michael. Especially with the news he had to tell.

“Can I get you a coffee?” Maria offered.

Max shook his head. Uneasily he glared at his brother, trying to check him out to see he was doing alright after everything that had happened. It struck Maria that Max’s uneasiness was immediately reflected in Michael’s body language.

The two broody men looked uncertainly at each other and at her. It was a tense atmosphere until it dawned on Maria that she was the fifth wheel on the wagon. It became more and more obvious that the two brothers needed to talk. Alone.

“Guys, you have to excuse me. Emily will be back soon and I promised to make her favourite dish.” With that she took matters in own hand and strode into the kitchen.

Max waited till she was out of hearing range and then looked back at Michael. “We need to talk, bro. But not here.”

Michael nodded and pointed to the garden. “I know a perfect spot. Follow me.”


From behind the window Maria observed how Max, with his hands in his trouser pockets, walked along with a stoic looking Michael, still holding his coffee cup in his hand.

Both men looked very alike at the moment: both tall and handsome, both had soulful and dark brown eyes which made their brooding expression almost similar, their unease after seeing each other after so many months away,…

Seeing them walk together over the lawn made her think back at the flash she had got of the little children wandering down the desert. And all at once it hit her, Max was Michael’s brother, they were both found in the desert, therefore Max had to be different too!

The realization that there were two aliens in her back yard didn’t frighten her. Maria had felt Michael’s fears and thoughts and they had been all very human and understandable considering the events and what he had been through. So to her Michael and Max were human, just with a little bit more. Not plain different. Not really. Just more.


Michael let Max towards the tree stumps. Reserved and in thought they lowered themselves onto one of them.

“Are you ok? How are you feeling?” Max began.

Michael shrugged. “I’m fine.” Then he looked Max right in the eye. “Cut the small talk, Maxwell, I know something’s on your mind.”

Max’s head shook up and he messed his hair before starting. “I’m just wondering which one you want to hear first: the good or the bad news?”

“Gimme the good news first. After everything that happened I can use some good news.” He put his cup to his lips.

Without any delay Max just blurted out. “Isabel is coming to see you."

Michael choked in his coffee and spat it out. He was already anticipating the asphyxiating hug that Isabel would give him. “Do you call that good news? If that’s the good news how bad is the bad news really?”

“I kinda told Liz our secret.” Max mumbled.

To his surprise Michael stayed silent. “Haven’t you heard what I said? I told Liz-”

“I heard you,” was Michael’s stoic answer.

“And?” Max’s question was asked with so many question marks; a normal man would immediately start to talk but Michael just shrugged his shoulders in response.

Michael’s coolness was enough to provoke a saint, something Max wasn’t. So he nearly exploded when he asked, “Aren’t you mad? Furious?”

Michael had always been convinced that he couldn’t trust a stranger with their secret. He had even voted against Isabel’s wish to tell her parents. Over the years he had held resolute. His stubbornness to not reconsider the idea had eventually caused some friction between him and Isabel. The only disagreement they ever had.

“I should go hard on you but I’m not going to. The fact is that I blew it too. I had to tell Maria.”

“You had to tell?” Max fell from one astonishment into the other. His puzzled face said it all. He just couldn’t conceive the idea that Michael had voluntarily revealed his origins. “What did she do: point a gun against your head?”

“I kinda redecorated her guesthouse. Twice.” Michael smirked a bit after his dry comment.

Max’s mouth fell open. “You did what?”

“Yeah, yeah,” Michael waved his hands, “You heard me, Maxwell. And don’t give me that ‘I told you so’ bullshit.” He continued. “Look, we both fucked up. The question now is: how can we control the damage? And most important: who’s going to tell Iz?”

Isabel! Max had totally forgotten his sister and the way she would react on the current circumstances. He had already thought that Michael would freak out. But Isabel's reaction was going to be nuclear. Not only would she be furious, Isabel would be disappointed too. She was never allowed to tell her parents and now they had told two strangers!

“Ok, point taken: we both made some mistakes.” Max stood up and started to pace back and forth. “God, I can’t believe we both had to tell the truth! What a situation!”

Running over the cold facts, Michael tried to calculate all risks. He wasn’t worried about Maria. Though he hadn’t told her, he too had received some flashes. They had shown him fragments of an impulsive but open and warm hearted woman who would go through fire for the people she cared about. It had been all qualities he had already encountered in the blond pixie. The only weak link he could think of was the doctor.
“What about Liz Parker? Can we trust her?”

The questions ripped Max out of his thoughts. He hesitated just a moment. Thinking back at last evening where she had listened to him with an open mind and had made him believe they could trust her. So he shook his head. “She won’t give it away.”

But Michael wasn’t that sure about Liz and he feared that Max’s feelings for the woman prejudiced his opinion. Pinching the bridge of his nose Michael persisted. “Max, are you sure?”
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Re: Twined Roads (AU, CC, Adult) CH 12, 10/21/11

Postby Eva » Tue Oct 25, 2011 2:24 am

Due to an error on the board I'm reposting my chapter again. So don't be surprised if you read this chapter for a second time.

Chapter twelve

“Dead certain. I can vouch for her.” Max confirmed with more conviction than he actually felt. He made an inner note to approach Liz again tomorrow to make sure she completely understood the importance of their secret.

Michael gave his brother a look. “I really hope we can trust her. Otherwise we’re fucking dead before we know it.”

“If Isabel doesn’t finish us off first, you mean.” Max snorted. “Speaking of Isabel-”

A loud shriek cut his sentence off. “Michaaaeeeel!” To Max’s surprise he saw a little blonde girl leaping out of a car. With her small legs the child immediately started to run in their direction where she launched herself on Michael.

“Hi Emily.” Michael greeted her while swinging her around.

Emily smiled, “You’re still here!” She spontaneously laid her head on Michael’s shoulder, her little arms loosely hooked around his neck.

For the second time in minutes, Max’s mouth fell open. But this time he wasn’t the only one who was amazed by the scene in front of him. A flabbergasted Kyle blinked his eyes twice before believing it.

Eventually he strolled towards the threesome. When he reached them, Kyle stretched and snapped his fingers in one smooth movement before pointing to the main house. “Hey squirt, a few little pixies whispered in my ear that your mommy missed you and that she’s baking those yellow lemon cup cakes you’re so fond of.”

“She is?” With enthusiasm she released Michael and let herself slide down on the ground. Emily only took a few steps towards the house before she abruptly stopped again. She whirled back to Michael. “You’re not going away, right?”

Michael shook his head. “I’m staying right here. Promise.”

“Great!” And without giving the others a second look, Emily hurried to her mom.

Kyle followed the little girl with his eyes until she closed the back door behind her. When Emily was out of sight he redirected his gaze towards the men.

“Evans. Guerin.” The harsh greeting was immediately followed by a snarled question towards Michael. “Still here?”

Michael nodded in the direction where Emily disappeared. “I promised, like you heard. I may not be Mister Perfect but I always keep my promises.”

Without hesitation Kyle came directly to the point. “Me too. And I can tell you this: if you hurt those two or endanger their home, even unintentionally, I’ll hunt you down like the ragged dog you are. It won’t do good to flee to the other side of the world, ‘cause I’ll be on your tail all the way. I’ll make your life even more miserable than it is right now until you’re screaming for mercy. Understood?” Kyle’s eyes commanded respect and seriousness.

Michael took up the challenge in the other man’s eyes. So without blinking he acknowledged.

Kyle nodded a greeting to Max and without any further pleasantries he turned on his heels and went back to the house. The moment Max heard the backdoor slamming, he refocused to Michael. “So, it’s true, you’re staying here.”

His question caused Michael to snap. “What is it with everybody today? How many times do I have to repeat it? For the last time, Maxwell, pick up your ears and listen for once, will you! I promised the little girl I would stay. And a promise is a promise, right?”

Max held his hands up in defence. “Hey, I wasn’t questioning what you said. I like having you in the neighbourhood. God, Michael, do you have any idea how much we missed you?”

When his brother stayed quiet, not knowing how he should react to this open display of affection, Max knew he couldn’t press the matter. The surprised flash he had seen in Michael’s features, told him that his message has reached the addressee loud and clear. “I just wanted to know what you’re going to do with your house and business in LA.”

“Do I still have those?” Michael asked astonished. The past year he hadn’t thought about any of them.

“Well, the house was yours to begin with. So, yeah, it’s still there. Once a month Isabel or me checked it out, collecting the mail, paying the bills, airing the rooms, that kind of thing.”

The house didn’t interest him that much. There were too many memories attached to it. Memories he couldn’t face yet. So he quickly changed the subject. “And the firm?”

“Your secretary deserves the Nobel Price for loyalty if you ask me.”

“Mabel is still there?”

Max confirmed. “She’s still holding the fort. Completed your almost finished projects. Tells anyone who asks that you’re on a well deserved trip around the world.”

“Whoa!” How had he deserved a woman like that? Michael still remembered every detail of Mabel’s application. Although the woman had been well into her fifties, she had surprised him immensely. While waiting for her interview she had started sorting out the paper stack on his desk. With twinkling eyes she had said “Why wait if I have to do it eventually?” The vivacious old woman had been a sharp contrast to the young empty-headed ladies who had been queuing in his office in the hope of attracting his attention to their delicate figures.

He had recruited her immediately and never regretted it once. Mabel had been the first woman who he had allowed to fuss over him. Besides the fact she was a well organized secretary, she had always guarded his well being. Like the mother he never had in his childhood.

“I’ll call her first thing tomorrow,” he eventually said after taking the news in. “We’ll see what’s still standing of what I left behind. And God, Mabel, I kinda missed her over the past few months. Never thought I would feel like that.”

“Any idea what you’re going to do with it?” Max asked. “I mean with the business?”

Michael shrugged. “I’m going to restart it, I suppose. But this time I’m keeping it small-scale though.” In his drive to make it as an upcoming business man, he had forgotten to live. Something he actually forgot a lot. But this time he would do it differently. Or at least, he would try to do it in a different way.

“I already promised to become Maria’s gardener.” Michael immediately noticed Max’s disbelief. “She wasn’t obliged to take me in, you know. So I figured that it’s the least I can do for her. It gives me the opportunity to think everything through. Maybe I’ll restart part time, maybe not. We’ll see. It’s the least of my worries.”

“And your house?”

The thought about entering his house, where every single room contained so many bittersweet memories, scared the hell out of him. No way would he ever set a foot in that place again. “I don’t care what happens with the house. Sell it for all I care!”

“Are you sure?” Max scowled.


Max couldn’t believe what he heard. “Yeah, but what about everything that’s in it? Have you thought about that? You can’t just decide to sell the dream house you’ve build yourself.”

“It feels more like a horror house right now.” The look on Max’s face asked for an explanation. “Day in day out it would remind me of them. I can’t live like that, Maxwell. If you were in my position, you wouldn’t either. If there’s one thing you could do for me, it’s this: sell the house and everything in it. I’m not going back there. Ever.”

When Michael put it like that, Max had only one option: he agreed. “I’ll see what I can do with it."

“Thanks. You can’t believe what a relief that would be. It lessens the burden on my shoulders, giving me more time to clean up the rest of the mess I created.”

Max’s cell phone announced a message. “Speaking of mess, that’s probably Isabel.” Max checked it quickly out. “Like I thought, her plane landed.”

With a swift motion of his hand he closed his phone. “Ok, what are we going to do with her?”

“Doing nothing is not an option, I suppose?” Michael smirked.

Max grinned. For the first time that day he fully agreed with his brother. “Why not? Ignorance is bliss in this case. I’ll collect her from the airport, drop her off here and you’ll reassure her that you’re fine. And the rest is a worry for later. Agreed?”

“Ai ai captain!” Michael saluted.

Max bumped him playfully. “Idiot! Just make sure you’re still here when I return. You heard Kyle Valenti. I’ll join him if your ass disappears. Got it?”

“Come on, Maxwell, get moving before Isabel throws a fit when you’re not standing before her when she leaves the freakin’ plane.”


With a drum of his knuckles on the porch door he announced his presence.

“Alex! What a surprise” An enthusiastic Maria pulled Alex close while giving him an heartfelt hug. Without releasing him she ushered him inside. “I didn’t hear the bell.”

‘That’s because I didn’t ring it, nosy girl.” Alex grinned. He pointed towards the main gate. “I crossed Kyle’s path and he let me in.”

Although Alex tried to be the relaxed guy who went through life with a laugh and a joke, Maria immediately noticed his forced attitude. As his best friend she saw right through his act, seeing the hollow look in his eyes and the restless tremors in his features.

“A little elf on my shoulder says it’s about time you found your way to my house. Am I right or am I right?” she tried to ease his jumpy manner with the only remedy she knew he liked: humour.

He just nodded.

“Let me guess: you've already a worn path in your bedroom from pacing up and down because you aren’t used to doing nothing anymore. The silence creeps you out, and drives you up the walls.”

Alex starred at her with wonder. How had she pinpointed his feelings after a few minutes? When had she become a mind reader?

Maria poked him gently in his flank. “What do you think? That you’re the only one who has to kick off the neurotic fuzz of touring?”

“No but…”

“There’s no but, Alex,” she looked him right in the eyes. “The world doesn’t turn for you alone, you know. Ok, you’re the lead singer of a very famous band who inspires lots of people and who can rouse a whole crowd. But you can’t live on those extreme highlights forever if you can’t find the beauty in the smaller things of life anymore. Been there, done that and you know what? It sucks.”

She had his attention now.

“Yeah, it does.” He agreed. He slumped down on one of the kitchen chair and pulled his head in his hand. “But the question is: how do you fucking reverse that situation? It sounds so simple in theory but it’s anything but easy.”

Maria turned away from the kitchen unit where she had returned to finish the frostings on the little cupcakes she had been making. “What did you try already?”

“Don’t you mean: what didn’t you try?”

She laughed out loud hearing his sarcastic comment. “Okay, so what did you do?” And before he could even open his mouth, Maria snorted. “Lemme guess, you tried to make it happen, like sitting alone in the garden hoping that you’ll recognise the beauty of the moment while in the mean time you didn’t see the colourful butterfly before your feet.”


Maria rolled her eyes. “It was a joke, Alex.”

Alex’s expression said it all.

“You didn’t, did you?” Her eyes widened when she shook her head in laughter. “What else did you do? Work on some songs with great expectations but it didn’t go that well because you couldn’t find any words or notes that fitted cause you pushed it too hard?”

A goofy smile appeared on Alex’s face. “Huhuh,” he nodded.

“Unbelievable! I know Rome wasn’t built in one day but man, you really have to restart from square one.”

At that moment Emily walked in, her arms filled with a bunch of ‘My Little People’ toys.

“Say hello to Alex, honey,” Maria told her daughter.

The little girl peered timidly at the toes of her purple shoes. She didn’t know Alex well, which made her even more reserved than normal.

“Hi” Her whispered greeting barely made it through the room. As fast as lighting Emily carried her precious load towards her playground in the corner of the kitchen.

Seeing the child gave Maria a new idea. “Emily, sweetie, would you like to help us?”

Shyly the kid nodded.

“Pick us a song.”

The frown on Emily’s forehead was cute when she asked, “Any song?”

“Any song, girl,” Maria confirmed.

Within the minute a clear voice started to fill the room. After a line her mom fell in and sang along.

Twinkle, twinkle, little star,

how I wonder what you are.

Up above the world so high,

like a diamond in the sky

Twinkle, twinkle, little star,

how I wonder what you are

When Maria made a mistake in the lyrics, they both started to giggle.

“Mommy, you were wrong!” Emily exclaimed.

Maria’s smile widened. “Yeah, I was. Exquisite choice though, pumpkin! There was only one thing missing: you!” She pointed at Alex.

“Oh, I was supposed to join?”

“Alex!” Maria said and rolled her eyes, seeing his unmistakable passiveness. “God, you’re indeed a man from head to toe! Do I really have to spell out everything?” She waved her hand to Emily. “Common, Emily, give us another one. Uncle Alex will sing with us.”

The girl took some time to think. Her eyes sparkled when she found the perfect song. Without hesitating, she broke into the song. Her mom and Alex followed her.

Old MacDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O!
And on his farm he had a duck, E-I-E-I-O!.

With a quack, quack here and a quack, quack there,
Here a quack, there a quack, everywhere a quack, quack.
Old MacDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O!

They repeated the song several times and every time Emily could choose the animal while Alex did the animal noises. After he did his interpretation of a horse, Emily and Maria fell silent.

“God, was that a horse?” Maria made fun of the sound he had just made.

“What?” he asked annoyed. “Of course, that was a horse. What else could it be?”

But before Maria could react, she felt her daughter pulling at her sweater. “Mommy, is he alright?” The girl pointed towards Alex. “It sounded like he hurt himself.”

“Ha ha, are we playing fun with Uncle Alex?” He joked, trying to appear offended. But when the two girls burst in laughter, he couldn’t refrain himself either and joined in, snickering to himself long after they had all finished laughing.

“And, Alex, enjoying yourself?”

The completely obvious question didn’t anger Alex. He knew Maria meant well. Therefore his response was very honest. “Yeah, I am.”

When he was a bit calmer, he liked to explain his problem a bit more. “But Maria, this is a children’s song; It’s not, you know, real music,-”

“Alex Charles Whitman, of course that is music!” Maria exclaimed. “If that ain’t music, you tell me what is.”

“But, but, it isn’t, you know-” Alex couldn’t find his words.

“Grown-up?” Maria liked to give him a lecture but she saw in his eyes it had no point. The desperate plea in them to help him out made her understand that she had to do it his way to make her point clear. She had to find a way to get him out his frozen state of mind.

“Come on, Whitman, move your ass.” She ordered him while grabbing a couple of glasses and a bottle of juice.

Suspicious he glared at her. “I’m smelling something fishy here. What are you up to, DeLuca?”

“I’m not joshing you. If you have a little faith in me-” She rolled her eyes at his obvious distrust, “which you should if you ask me, you wouldn’t question my intentions. So come on, start moving and follow me.”
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Re: Twined Roads (AU, CC, Adult) CH 13, 10/28/11

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@ alienfriend:
It's so Maria to try to help others. With Alex she knew immediately what she had to do. Not only does she know Alex inside out and she had encountered the same stress to escape the fake world of showbiz.
Max and Isabel were always very close to Michael. Due the his horrible living conditions as a teenager and the fact he was jealous about the warmth at the Evans's home, Michael didn't always notice that though.

@ Carolyn:
I was getting desperated too, you know! So I was very pleased to see RF back online!
Thanks for the compliment!

@ Ginger:
Her higness :lol: is coming in the next chapter, I'm afraid. In this chapter will find some answers to previous asked questions though. Hope you'll enjoy!

@ Eve:
Yeah, RF was out for almost two months and my last update was like ages ago. So I'm not surprised you read the whole thing again. Thanks for the patience!

@ secretk:
A new reader: welcome!
I can ease your mind already. I'm not into that extreme alien things either. It's just a new version of the first season of Roswell. So expect a lot of feelings, people who are searching their way in life,...
About the dreamerstuff: I can garantee that I won't forget Max & Liz in this story! promised!

@ killjoy:
Considering the factthat you were the base of this story, I'm very pleased with your compliment!

Ah... our Tess brings a lot of questions with her. But you're right, it's funny to see the suspicion. Within a chapter or two I will reveal some more about "your" Tess.

A/N: I included a quote from Roswell first season's episode Blind date.

Chapter thirteen


With an exuberant flourish Maria threw the door of her music room open. Dumbfounded, Alex gaped at the room in front of him. It was every musician’s dream.

The room had a wall-to-wall window so that the daylight had free play. It gave the room a cosy and warm view. Before the window there stood an antique black Steinway grand piano. The marvellous and shiny polished instrument was the eye-catcher of the entire room. On the opposite side a guitar collection hang on the wall. A little recording studio with top equipment finished it of.

Alex whistled. “Whoa, I just entered Ali Baba’s cave! Maria, girl, what a room! Is this for real?”

His admiration made her laugh out loud. With a lot of love for her music and for her family Maria had created the perfect working room in her eyes. Everything a self-respecting musician needed was there. Starting with her precious piano and an old guitar she had furnished the room through the years with collected guitars and souvenirs. So it was a pleasure to see an enthusiastic Alex snooping through the room.

Wordlessly she let him be and she put the beverages on a small-table. She observed him in his journey: the way he looked at her photo wall covered with a mixture of family and tour pics, the way he ran his fingers over the soundboards of a couple guitars. Eventually he stood still when his eyes discovered her old high school guitar. Gently he removed it from its holder and took it in his hands. His fingers met the frets and the strings. Spontaneously an old song he had preformed in high school came into his mind and he started playing.

Maria immediately recognised the intro to “Under the bridge” from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. She took a seat at the piano and joined him. Deliberately she changed the arrangement of the song a few times until he followed her along on a free improvisation.

Her eyes shone brightly when she viewed the scene in front of her. Her daughter danced and skipped around the room while Alex became completely engrossed with the music. After the last chord it was Emily’s applauding that took him out of his attention.

“Now that was fun!” He flashed a big smile.

Maria chuckled, “Up for more?”

“Seriously? You want me to answer that one?”

Her smile widened when he had countered her question with another one. “Ok! Do you have a preference?”

Without having to ponder over it, Alex immediately picked a new song. “Another oldie from our teens: Smell like teen spirit.”

“Ahh, you always were into that grunge stuff. So good old Nirvana, here we go.”

But before they could restart, Maria felt Emily pulling at her shirt. “What’s up pumpkin?”

“Can I go see Michael?” the little girl asked.

Maria frowned. “Do you know where he is?”

Emily pointed to the garden. “I saw him outside by the trees. Look, mommy, there he is!”

From behind her piano, she gazed in her garden until her eyes found Michael. She saw him cutting and fetching branches and logs to clear a piece of the garden. Uncertainly, her gaze wandered from her eager little girl towards the man in the garden and back. “I don’t know-”

“Pleaaaassse, mommy?”

Knowing that Emily would get bored after a couple of songs and how well Emily responded to Michael, Maria gave in. “Ok, you can go to him. But Emily, if Michael says you’re getting in his way, you’ll listen to him and you’ll come back.”

“Uh-huh,” Emily nodded. Without giving her mom any more time to change her mind, she disappeared.


Michael looked up from his work when he heard the music return. It was one of his favourite songs in a version he never heard. The combination of the classic instrument combined with the acoustic guitar gave it a special vibe. A woman’s voice sang along with the music. During the refrains a man’s voice joined her. To his surprise it made his flesh creep.

The moment broke when a shriek startled him. “Michael! Mommy said I can help you!”

“She did, huh!” he smirked. “Well, she was right! I sure need a little pixie to support me. If she’s strong enough, of course.”

She immediately turned up her sleeves to show him her arm. “You see, I’m very strong.”

The amusement sparkled in his eyes when he studied her skinny arm. “Whoa, you’ve got big muscles there!”

She smiled at him proudly.

“Come on, supergirl, you can give me a hand with those branches.”

Together they collected every little twig and piled them up. After fifteen minutes Michael saw that Emily’s movements slowed down. With a big sigh he lowered himself on a stump. “I think we deserve a break, don’t you think?”

“We worked a lot, so why not.”

The earnest look on her face was cute but Michael didn’t dare to laugh at her imitated mature attitude. While having something to drink and eat, they just enjoyed each others company. With emphasis Michael listened to the music.

“My mom is good, huh?”

He could only agree with her and nodded. “Is she, you know popular? I never heard of a Maria DeLuca.”

“That’s because she doesn’t use that name. They call her ‘Luca’.” The matter of factness the girl had in her, showed Michael that she was used of hanging around grown-ups. “But uncle Alex is also very famous.”

Michael bite a piece of his biscuit when he mumbled. “He is?”

“He’s the lead singer of the Wizard. They play very loud music.” She wrinkled her nose. “But I don’t like their songs.”

The Wizard? Loud music? He had a thing for heavy metal and hard rock music but he had never heard of a band like that. What had she said, uncle Alex? Alex… Wizar- “Ohh, you mean ‘The Wizz’.” His eyes bulged when the realisation hit him. “Do you guys have Alex of ‘The Wizz’ in your house?”

“Uhuh,” Emily nodded. She didn’t understand the fuzz he was making. She was still too young to understand the effects of fame and glory. As the daughter of a famous singer she only came across the negative consequences. Heavy crowds made her hide away after she had almost gotten crushed by over-excited fans.


When the last note left the sound box of Alex’s guitar, Maria cocked her head to one side to check up on her daughter. She saw her sitting relaxed on a stump together with Michael. It seemed like they had an animated conversation.

“Who’s the guy?” Alex leaned over her shoulder. The moment he asked his question, he looked again at the familiar figure. He squeezed his eyes to take a better look. “Is that Michael Guerin? What the hell is he doing in your garden?”

Maria sighed. Again another one trying to lecture her. She was tired of explaining her reasons to let Michael stay. Reasons she couldn’t quite share with others. They would all go bananas if they knew the truth, let alone understand her motives. Motives that were based on her sensitive intuition.

So without straying off she just gave him the basics. “It’s a long story. Let’s stick with the fact that we stumbled upon each other and it turned out that we needed him and he needed us. He’s our temporary gardener.”

Alex almost spit his drink when he choked on that statement. “Michael Guerin, a gardener? You’ve got to be kidding me! Do you know how much money that guy makes on a daily basis?”

Maria looked up now. It was the first time someone had said something positive about Michael since she had met him.

“So what?” she said coolly. She wasn’t actually rolling in the stuff herself but she had more than enough to come by.

“Never heard of Toy House?”

She shook her head.

“Toy House is the alias of Michael Guerin. He’s an architect, a well-known one to be exact. He won a couple of awards with his buildings but he hardly steps in the footlights. I only saw him once at a benefit where I played with the band. But other than that, he’s almost invisible. But the constructions he made stand for themselves: they’re known for their setting. It’s like they almost become one with the area where they’re build at. He combines modern architecture with a great need to preserve the characteristics and nature of the landscape.”

Maria shrugged her shoulder. She had seen fragments of the other side of Michael’s success in his dreams. “Money cannot buy happiness. Neither can fame. You for one should know that.”

“True,” Alex admitted. And because Maria didn’t make a big fuss about Michael’s career, he dropped the subject.

“So, about the song we just created. Interested in on working on it later on?”

“We are going to bring that baby to perfection and we’re going to record it here as a duet. Whataya think, Alex? Would my simplicity collide with the noise you can get out of a guitar?”


Although Maria couldn’t deny the enthusiasm in Alex’s voice, she knew it wasn’t always as simple as that in the world of showbiz. “I mean, if your manager is up to it.”

“Screw him!”

“If it’s all the same to you: not in this life time, thank you very much!” The disgust was clearly written all over her face.

“I wouldn’t do it either,” Alex joked.

Maria couldn’t help laughing. “God, Alex, the thought alone!”

Alex flashed her his brightest smile. “Sorry, couldn’t help it.”

Her eyes caught the time displayed on his wristwatch. “Is it that late already? I’ve got to start the preparations for dinner. Sorry, Alex.”

“No, problem, you gave me already more than I ever could imagine.” He hung the guitar back on the wall. “Just let me say goodbye to little Emily. You’ve got a great kid, you know that huh?”

“Yep, I do,” Maria chuckled, “But it’s always nice to hear it again.”

She hooked her arm in his and side by side they walked outside towards Michael and Emily. The girl looked up when they came closer and smiled brightly. “Hi, mom. You see, Michael couldn’t do anything without my help. He said I’ve got big muscles.”

The grown-ups smirked when they heard Emily’s statement. Maria drew a hand through the child’s hair. “You are really indispensable, girl!”

While Maria had been talking to Emily, Michael had stood up to greet them.

“Michael, this is Alex. Alex, Michael.” Maria introduced the men. “But I believe you two already met?”

Michael immediately stretched his arm to shake Alex’s hand. “Hi, Alex. I think we’ve meet on some benefit some years ago. Great music, by the way dude.” Michael narrowed his eyes a bit closer when taking every detail of Alex’s features in. “But with the outfit you’re wearing today, you remind me to somebody else. I’ve seen you before, right? And I’m not talking about pics in some fancy magazine, you know.”

The smile on Alex’s face widened. “Didn’t think you would remember my face; Alex Whitman, former student of Roswell High.” Alex shook his hand. “To speak in stereotypes, you were the outsider and I was the class clown or geek. You can pick the word yourself.”

Michael scratched his eyebrow. “Didn’t you have a band at that time too?”

“Yes! A fan!” Alex exclaimed dramatically.

Michael smirked. “I’m a hard rock fan. You guys were a bit too soft for me in those days. I’m more into Metallica, Nirvana,… That kinda of bands. But you weren’t completely bad either. But how was the name of the band again?”

“The Whits. You know, from Whitman.”

“Hurray for the change in name,” Maria mumbled.

Alex tickled her. “Oh, come on. What's wrong with ‘the Whits’?”

“Just an ‘s’ away from what you really are.” Maria spontaneous answer made everybody laugh.

Emily pulled on Maria’s sleeve. “Mommy, why are you laughing?”

“Nothing, girl. We’re just teasing Uncle Alex. Again.”

“Which means that it’s my cue to say goodbye,” Alex smirked. He kissed Maria on the cheek and whispered a ‘thank you’ in her ear. Then he got down on his knees to get at Emily’s eye level. He offered her his hand and shook hers. “Thank you very much for those nice songs. I really enjoyed singing with you. If you’re interested, I still got a free spot in my chorus.”

The joke made Emily at ease and she laughed out loud. “I’m too young. Maybe later, when I’m grownup. You know, when I’m ten or so. You can call my mom then.”

Now it was Alex who chuckled out loud. He ruffled through her hair. “I’ll do that.”

At last he turned towards Michael. “Michael, it was nice to see you again.”

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Re: Twined Roads (AU, CC, Adult) A/N 4/7/2012

Postby Eva » Tue Apr 10, 2012 4:17 am

Thank you all for bumping me and waiting for me!

To my shame I've got to admit I kept you all waiting a long time. A very long time actually... And to be honest, I didn't got hit by a buss, a train or even shooting star, I got pregnant instead.
It's been a very bumpy road from the start though and my concentration on anything else than staying pregnant was less than zero. But now, when I can proudly say that I'm longer pregnant then I was from Aron, my inner peace is slowly returning (I'm 34 weeks pregnant, Aron was born at 28 weeks). So I restarted writing.

@ begonia9508: Thank you. In the beginning of this chapter you will notice that Alex has another side too. :D

@ Carolyn: Emily adores Michael, children always see more than grown-ups will notice at the same time.
The twined roads will surely continue and I can already promise you some dreamer time in the 15th chapter.

@ Alien_friend: Thanks!

@ killjoy: If the boys are smart, they will wait with revealing that little detail. :D
No worries, I got a complete inside story on Tess in chapter 15 waiting for you!

@ Ginger: You made me blush! What a compliment! Thank you!

@ Kismet: Thank you! I hope I can make it true.
You can indeed ask yourself who will save who at end. Ok, Michael saved Emily's life but she's clearly a good thing for his crushed soul too.

@ Cardinal: I promise I will answer that question later on!

@ BB: Thanks for the bumb and for being my beta!

A/N: Some words and sentences are altered from first Season’s episodes “Monsters” and “Independence day”.

Chapter fourteen

Alex walked around Maria’s house to retrieve his car, his thoughts completely consumed with the tune he was working on. His world literally rocked when he got hit by a human whirlwind.

“Hey, watch where you’re going, will you!” He exclaimed at the agitated woman. But the gentleman in him rose above when the woman lost her balance. He grabbed her by the arms but immediately released her when he recognized her.

He backed away as if her touch had stung him. “You!”

After the woman restored her balance, she looked at him closer. His sudden exclamation caused her to drop her indignation. “I’m drawing a blank. I’m sorry, but have we met?”

Alex snorted. “Fallen off a catwalk that you don’t remember we’ve met? Oh yeah forgotten, you’re a blonde!”

“What?” The man’s cheap and humiliating comment stung.

Isabel tried to regain the upper hand but she had no clue where to place him. She had left her modeling career about three years ago and besides some guest appearances at a couple of benefits, she didn’t give a damn about that artificial world anymore. After a few years she had hated her shallow coworkers, the sexual eager companies and blasé public.

After a black weekend after which she had felt low, lonely and used, Isabel had remembered the words of her guidance counselor in high school.

“How well do you think you know yourself?”

“Very well,” she had answered with a lot of attitude.

The woman had just smiled at her. “ Then you might be a little surprised by your computer profile. Now, you said in our first meeting that you wanted to be a supermodel.”

Her reply had been full of self-confidence. “You work with what you're given.”

The counselor had shown her the result of her computer profile while saying. “That's quite a jet set career for someone who puts family first, craves stability and security, and leans towards care giving fields.”

“Well, I never trusted computers.”

“Think about who you are Isabel, and what's important in your life, and don't forget, there's nothing wrong with just wanting to be normal.”

At that time Isabel hadn’t considered any of the words the counselor had spoken to her. At sixteen she had made up her mind about becoming a supermodel and she had always gotten what she wanted. But the woman had been right: Becoming a supermodel was indeed quite a jet set career for someone who required the warmth of a family life to flourish. So within days Isabel had broken with her old life and she had enrolled in college to become a kindergarten teacher. A career that gave her a lot more satisfaction than she could’ve ever imagined.

“Look, I don’t-”

But the man interrupted her brutally. “In the past few years we met twice but you were too busy with yourself to see past the shiny halo of my success to recognize me. About ten years ago we saw each other almost daily. Still doesn’t ring a bell, Miss Ice Queen Evans?”

With those words Alex left her behind, speechless. She was startled again by a female voice.

“Whoa, you’re back again. Did you forget-” Maria stopped abruptly when she saw the blonde woman standing in front of her house.

“Miss Isabel? Sorry to startle you. I thought I opened the gate for someone else.” Seeing her daughter’s kindergarten teacher on a Sunday morning made her immediately fear for the worst. “There isn’t something wrong with Emily in kindergarten, is there?”

“No, no,” Isabel shook her head, “Emily is doing just great. I’m here for a personal matter. My brother Max brought me.”

“Oh, you’re Max Evans' sister!” For the first time Maria looked at her closely and saw the woman behind the teacher. Reality hit her when she met Isabel’s intense brown eyes. “And you’re Michael’s too! I can see him in your eyes.”

“You do?” Isabel smiled surprised. It was the first time that someone related her at Michael by sight. The compliment lightened up her whole face. “He’s my twin brother.”

Maria pointed towards the garden. “You can find him somewhere over there.”

Isabel nodded and turned to the shown direction. She took several steps before she stopped again. “Uh, Mrs. De Luca?”

“Maria,” she corrected her directly, “people call me Maria.”

“Okay, Maria.” Isabel found it weird to say the name out loud. She wasn’t used to being familiar with other people. But now that she had crossed that line, it gave her courage to ask what was on her mind. “That man who I’ve bumped in before, who was that?”

“Short brown hair, a shirt that was trendy like a decade ago and baggy pants?"

Isabel nodded.

“That was Alex Whitman; I believe you know him from high school… always in the nerdy crowd, but now he's edgy." Maria paused, "but actually he's the sweetest rock star ever...if he wants to be."

“Alex Whitman. Whitman…” Isabel’s mind made overtime. Realization dawned her when a memory of a younger Alex making jokes and doing funny tricks in the schoolyard came to her mind. She had never paid much attention to him. As one of the queen bees of Roswell High she had always been surrounded by a bunch of wannabees. A role that not only had given her the emotional support that she had needed to feel as normal as possible, it had also provided her a lot of prestige. A prestige that had kept her out of arm’s reach of everyone who came too close, protecting her and her brothers’ secret.
Back then it had seemed to be the best solution ever. But now, after lonely and empty years that were only enlightened by the love and affection she received from the children in her classroom, Isabel wasn’t so sure anymore.

Isabel’s mind backtracked to the conversation when she suddenly noticed that Maria was still standing next to her. “Of course. Alex Whitman!” she smiled reassuring at Maria to set the conversation back on track. “I didn’t know him well though and I don’t think I ever ran across him afterwards. What did you say he was doing again lately?”

“He’s the front man of ‘The Wizz’,” Maria answered.

“The what?”

Maria chuckled. “You’re not into hard rock, I suppose?”

Maria’s disarmed reply made Isabel at ease. She shook her head and smiled. “No, am I that obvious?”

“Mmmm,” Maria laughed, “just a tiny wini bit.” Theatrically she leaned forwards to Isabel and winked conspiring. “But I promise to keep this black hole in your culture knowledge to myself if you at least know one of my songs.”

The carefree setting made Isabel to play along. “Whew, am I lucky that I know some Luca songs!”

“Then your secret’s safe with me.” Maria winked with a lot of emphasis.

“One worry less. Which brings me back to my biggest one. You said I could find Michael over there, huh?”

Maria waved in the direction of the garden. “Just keep walking straight ahead and you can’t miss him.”

“Thanks.” A smile appeared on her lips. “And I’m not referring to the directions. It did me good to laugh after everything that has happened. Thank you.”

Maria’s smile widened. “You’re welcome.”

Isabel nodded and pursued her way in the designated direction. Although the urge of finding her brother dominated her whole being, she tried to keep her steps careful and controlled. But the moment she saw just a glimpse of the man she had missed so much, she couldn’t stop herself anymore.


Against his will, Michael was forced to hug an exuberant Isabel, who threw herself in his arms. Pausing for a moment to return her hug, he then gently but firmly pushed her away.

“Hello Isabel.”

Now that she had seen him with her own eyes, her pent-up anger pushed aside her worries and was unleashed. “God damned, you stupid moron! Don’t you ever do that again! Do you hear me!” She smacked him at the head. “Do you have any idea what you did to us? To me?”

Her emotional tirade rendered him silent. Isabel knew she had to change her tactics before his stone wall gained strength.

“Look, I can imagine how hard it had to be but that was no reason to run away. We were there for you, Michael. We still are. You are our brother, you belong to -”

“I thought I had it all but in the end I had nothing.” Michael’s whispered words made her stop.

He looked her right in the eyes before continuing. “I never belonged there, like I didn’t belong here either. I don’t belong anywhere.”

Isabel sighed. “Michael, we understand why -”

Michael immediately interrupted her. “No, you don't. Isabel, you don't understand.”

“So you got a raw deal, no one's saying that you didn't. But, God, Michael, you can change it. Would it kill you to ask for help, just once in your life?”

“Yeah, you know what? It would.” With those words he turned around and strode away. Fleeing again. But after a few steps, he stopped right in his tracks, slamming his fist against a nearby tree.


He kept his back to her and inhaled deeply. “Sorry, didn’t mean… Look, I know I shut you out. I wish I could say I’m sorry but I can’t. I really can’t. I had to do this on my own, Isabel. But I’m here now and I promised a little girl I would stay. Could you just keep it to that?”


The day came to an end when the sun disappeared behind the main house. Armed with two cups of coffee Maria descended her porch and headed to her guest. His lonely figure stood out against the sunset where he seemed to be lost in thoughts.

“That was some weekend, huh?”

The sudden question made Michael look over his shoulder. “Tell me about it.” With a light smirk he tried to brush it off.

She handed him a cup and studied him. “Are you sure you’re alright?”

“Says the woman who almost lost her daughter and got a meeting with three aliens in return?” The mockery in his voice was tangible.

Maria directed her gaze at him. “The first was indeed almost a drama. But like Emily said it herself, she had a guardian angel. And how could I not help out the man who risked his own life to save her?

He wanted to interrupt but she didn’t let him. “No, Michael, I meant what I said earlier today.” She reached out and rested her hand on his arm, feeling the tight muscles jerk at the contact. “To me; Max, Isabel and you are just as human as I am, just with a little bit more. Not different. Not really. Just more.”

“You don’t know that!” he objected. “Hell, I’m not even sure what I am.”

Resolute she looked him right in the eyes and poked his chest. “I’ve seen you, Michael. I’ve seen bits and pieces of the real you. Just take my word.”

“I wish it was that simple.”

She shrugged her shoulders. “For me it is.”
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Re: Twined Roads (AU, CC, Adult) CH 14, 4/10/2012

Postby jbangelo » Wed Jan 22, 2014 8:43 am

Author is ready to update.
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Re: Twined Roads (AU, CC, Adult) A/N 23/10/2014

Postby Eva » Wed Jan 22, 2014 9:46 am

jbangelo wrote:Author is ready to update.

Indeed!! I'm blushing now here. After a break of almost 2 years I restarted writing. I don't know if there will be any readers left but I'm going to post anyway. 8)
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Re: Twined Roads (AU, CC, Adult) A/N 22/01/2014

Postby cwm_ » Wed Jan 22, 2014 9:49 am

can't wait

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Re: Twined Roads (AU, CC, Adult) A/N 01/22/2014

Postby rar1942 » Wed Jan 22, 2014 10:30 am

This is one I have missed - please continue.
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Re: Twined Roads (AU, CC, Adult) A/N 01/22/2014

Postby xilaj » Wed Jan 22, 2014 10:08 pm

This will be a new story to me, so I'm excited to read it and looking forward to following it, Alix

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Re: Twined Roads (AU, CC, Adult) A/N 01/22/2014

Postby Natalie36 » Thu Jan 23, 2014 7:16 am

happy to hear

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