Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult)Epilogue 7/14/19 Complete

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Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 13 4/24/19

Post by Roswelllostcause » Fri Apr 26, 2019 11:53 am

Carolyn Yes it was a nice casual meeting between Liz and Queen. As for the King that meeting is still to come. Here comes more Max and Liz time.

RoswellFan68 Kivar is going to be trouble.

Part 14

Liz walked into the private dinning room to find Max waiting for her. He smiled walked over to her and handed her a flower. It looked like the lilies that once grew in her grandmother's garden. The only difference was it had a blue blossom.

“This is beautiful.” Said Liz
“It's called a moon Lilly. They aren't native to Antar. They actually come from Serena's home planet.” Said Max
“Max, do you know much about it?”
“Not really. Ask Serena. I am sure she will be happy to tell you about it.”
“I will ask her.”
“Good. Now my lovely lady how about we have dinner.”
“Sounds good.”

Max pulled a chair out for Liz and she sat down. Max rang a bell after sitting across from her and two servants came in with soup and water to drink. Liz tasted the soup.

“Wow. This soup is good. Lots of flavor.” Said Liz
“Not too spicy?” asked Max
“No why?”
“Some non antarians find it too spicy.”
“I think it tastes really good. I mean there have been a few things I have had that are too sweet. But this has the perfect amount of spice.”
“That's good. I will see about having the sweet dishes made less sweet for you if you want.”
“That would be great.”
“Liz may I ask you a personal question?”
“Sure. I mean it's not to personal is it?”
“I just am curious as to why you would agree to a marriage contract.”
“I had nothing to keep me on earth. While I did well on the tests I was given, none of the contracts for work based on my skills appealed to me.”
“But to come to another planet and marry someone you never met is not an easy choice.”

Liz knew he had a point. She really didn't know why she had chosen to enter into this contract.

“Maybe I saw this as my only way for living. There wasn't a lot of food or clean water. I wasn't ready to die. It was becoming very dangerous too. More then half the women that lived in the same building as me sold their bodies for protection. I couldn't bring myself to do that. There were times I didn't in order to pay the former soldiers for protection.”
“Liz, you never have to worry about going hungry again.”
“I know.”
“Liz, why don't you tell me about yourself? Something that wasn't in any of the forms you filled out.”
“I don't know what to tell you.”
“If your world hadn't been destroyed what would you have studied at the University?”
“I had an interest in science, biology mostly.”
“If you still want to study it arrangements can be made to bring in a tutor to teach you.”
“Maybe. But I would feel bad if I got to learn new things and Serena couldn't.”
“Well, Liz remember she is now your companion. Meaning she is to be there for whatever you need her for. That means if you are in lessons and you want her there during that time….”
“She has to be there!”
“Yes. You just found the loop hole for her to get more education.”

Liz smiled realizing that Max really was a kind and caring man.


Serena stood leaning against the wall outside the dining room that Max and Liz were in. She couldn't hear what they were talking about. Not that it really mattered. As a child her father had warned her that her temper would get her into trouble. She had lost what little freedom she had because of it. While Max had treated her as well as could be expected what she had never revealed to anyone was what happened to her while she sat for nearly a month waiting to be sold. What few knew was that those sentenced to be slaves by the courts could be held for nearly two months before being placed on the auction block. She had been held that time in a small holding cell. What she suspected no one knew was that those that ran the holding area regularly abused and even had sex with the unsold slaves. She had been the subject of electric shock for being defiant and had been forced to have sex with more than one of the men. She had been given birth control during that time to prevent pregnancy. She had to wonder what Kyle would think if he knew that she was used like a whore.

Why am even thinking about what Kyle would think of me? I mean it's not like we can be more then friends unless Max gives his permission.

Serena sighed. She had no idea why she cared what Kyle thought of her. It wasn't like they even knew each other. They had talked once.

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Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 14 4/26/19

Post by keepsmiling7 » Fri Apr 26, 2019 12:37 pm

I am glad the Prince asked Liz personal questions........and she gave him honest answers.
They discovered a loop hole for Serena's education........that is amazing.


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Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 14 4/26/19

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sat Apr 27, 2019 12:18 pm

Carolyn Max already knew of the loophole. That is why he assigned her to Liz.

Part 15

Kyle wiped the sweat from his forehead with a rag. He had been at work since just after sunrise. He had been given three fifteen minute breaks and one half hour for lunch. He grabbed his garden hoe and went back to work breaking up the soil. Out of the corner of his eye he could see two big muscular men hulling large rocks away to be used to expand the garden wall. Based on their appearance he would guess they had come from some south Pacific island. The two of them had not spoken to any of the other men. A small Asian girl was making the rounds through the men along with a girl from Africa or the Caribbean giving them water. When one of the water girls reached him Kyle took a drink smiled and thanked her. She nodded and moved on to the next man.

“That one is working hard. In a month if he still is working this hard he will earn a day off.” Said one of the supervisors
“That is number 6789 right? Says here his name is Kyle.” Said the other.
“The Queen said to let her know about that one. If he is a hard worker then he may be moved to the palace to be the prince's new companion.”

Kyle was close enough to over hear the men. He never stopped working. After that short talk with Serena last night he knew that being a companion was the best he could hope for. A large bell rang getting everyone's attention.

“Put your tools away. Get something to eat in the chow line and get some rest. You got more hard work to do bright and early tomorrow.” Said the head supervisor

Kyle took his hoe to the shed and placed it on the rack. He then headed for the chow line. He took a bowl and a woman from the kitchen used a ladle to fill it. He was given a hunk of bread and a cup of some kind of fruity smelling drink. He sat down at a table where Sergei joined him. Sergei had been working on the other side of the garden from him breaking up the soil.

“Friend Kyle!” said Sergei
“Hey Sergei.”
“I didn't think I would see you again.”
“I know what you mean. But I got news for you. I met that beautiful woman from the ship.”
“The one with the warm bronze skin?”
“Yeah. Her name is Serena.”
“A beautiful name for a beautiful woman.”
“Well, she is owned by the Crowned Prince and he has assigned her to be the companion to his future wife.”
“What is this companion?”
“Think of it as a hand maid. She helps the prince's bride. That is why even as a slave she has nice things to wear. Is that something you understand?”
“Da. She like you?”
“I think so.”
“Next time you talk with her find out if she has a friend that might like me.”
“I will do that.”

Kyle and Sergei finished their meal and returned their dishes to the line. Then headed to their bunk houses to get some rest.


Ginta smiled as she watched Kyle and Sergei. The Princess told her to read the new workers. They needed to find new companions for both the Prince and Alex. These two seemed to be the best candidates so far. It also helped that Serena was feeling something for the one named Kyle. She herself found something about Sergei that made her feel something she hadn't before. After the men headed for bed she turned and headed in to check on the princess before going to bed herself.

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Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 15 4/27/19

Post by keepsmiling7 » Sat Apr 27, 2019 6:10 pm

Working the system......what ever it takes!
Kyle will be a perfect companion for the Prince.
I'm happy for Serena and Kyle.


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Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 15 4/27/19

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sun Apr 28, 2019 8:46 am

Carolyn Kyle overhearing has given him a heads up. So he will do what he has to, even work the system do get a better life. Things might not be easy for Kyle and Serena. She has things in her past that she will have to deal with first.

Part 16

Alex sat in the library reading when he heard someone come in. He looked up and saw a guard standing by the door. Then he saw Liz walk in.

“Well what brings you here this late my lady?” asked Alex
“Can't sleep. What about you Alex?” said Liz
“Just some studying. I guess the day got away from me.”
“That can happen.”
“So who is your friend?”
“That would be one of my personal bodyguards. Even inside the palace or on the grounds I don't go anywhere with out at least one.”
“Well seeing as you are going to a princess in a few weeks that is understandable.”
“Yeah I guess. At least they don't come into my room.”
“Liz, so have you met the prince?”
“Yes. I've even had dinner with him a couple times. Oh and get this I have what they call a companion. She is a slave that is basically my personal helper.”
“I heard about companions. I met the princess.”
“Are you attracted to the princess?”
“Uh maybe. But I don't think she would go for a guy like me.”
“Why not? From what I see you are a very sweet guy. Any girl would be lucky to have you. Well except me of course. I am already taken.”
“You like the prince don't you?”
“Well, I don't know him very well yet. But he is hot.”
“So you are good with being his mate?”
“Yeah I am. He is the most considerate man I ever met. He is putting no pressure on me.”
“That is great. I mean as a prince I am sure that he is use to getting whatever he wants.”
“That is another thing he doesn't act like I thought a prince, the future king would act.”
“I hope you are happy with him.”
“Thanks. I think I will go to bed and see if I can sleep now. Dez, I am ready to return to my room.”

The guard, Dez opened the door and held it never speaking. Liz walked out and headed for her room with Dez not far behind her.


Serena watched as Ginta entered the room they shared. It wasn't until she had come to the palace that she had met anyone of Ginta's race. Ginta was from a planet call Ra-Varn 7. At first she had been very uncomfortable around the telepathic woman. But soon learned that Ginta never dug into anyone's thoughts without permission or just cause. She understood that the only way the purple skinned woman could communicate was by projecting her thoughts to others. Ginta had been first owned by a woman that felt that slaves should never be heard. The woman had a chemical from Earth used to make soap called lye poured down Ginta's throat rendering mute forever.

*Good evening Serena.*
“Hi Ginta.”
*The human man you spoke with last night is a hard worker. He may earn his way to being the prince's companion. That would be good for him.*
“He seems nice.”
*You feel something for him.*
“I hate when you do that.”
*I only pick up on what you let me. You have not been as angry since you have returned from Earth.*
“I will give you that. The woman the Prince will take as his mate is nice.”
*There is something special about Elizabeth. Weather she knows it or not there is greatness within her soul.*
“I thought it was only the Queen that saw things to come.”
*Serena, you know that I am only a telepath and empath. I have sensed greatness in Elizabeth. Though I have not yet been close to get a full reading.*

Serena knew that Ginta was speaking the truth. That is one thing she learned about the other woman. She almost never spoke anything but the truth and knew when others lied as well.

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Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 16 4/28/19

Post by keepsmiling7 » Mon Apr 29, 2019 7:32 am

It appears all of these characters are being fleshed out.
Elizabeth does indeed have a "hot" intended mate.
Ginta has sensed greatness in Elizabeth.....Guess that's why she was selected to be the future Queen.

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Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 16 4/28/19

Post by L-J-L 76 » Mon Apr 29, 2019 1:52 pm

So everyone knows Liz is going to do great things. Hopefully Liz will realize that too. Alex needs to talk to Isabel like Kyle and Serena need to talk. Hopefully Max and Liz will get more time to be alone together before their bonding. So glad that Liz find a loophole for Serena to learn more. Please please please please please please please please come back and post more really soon? Can't wait to read what will happen next for Max and Liz. Hopefully more alone time together. And Hopefully Liz will meet Maria soon.

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Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 16 4/28/19

Post by Roswelllostcause » Tue Apr 30, 2019 11:04 am

Carolyn Yes Elizabeth does have a "hot" intended mate. Ginta does sense greatness in Elizabeth, that may have been a factor in her being chosen as the next Queen.

L-J-L 76 Oh I am sure that Max and Liz will be spending more time together. Max knew of the loophole and is glad Liz can see it to. Now Serena can study more.

Part 17

Serena walked nervously into Max’s sitting room. She knew it was rarely good to be summoned to your owner. While her main duty was to Liz, until after the bonding and Liz gained full citizenship it was Max's name that was listed on her papers as owner. Max came out of his bathroom wearing only his pants. Serena bit her lip trying not to stare at his bare chest.

“Serena, I want you to go with Liz shopping.” Said Max
“I thought her clothes had already been provided?”
“Not all her uh personal items. You know things women wear. She also needs some swimsuits. I am planning a trip to the lake before our bonding. She was not given a swimsuit. You need one as well. You will be going as well on one of the trips.”
“If that is what you want. I will do it.”
“Serena, what is wrong?” asked Max gently
“Nothing my prince.”
“You're lying. I told you that you need to be honest with me.”
“It's nothing. Just something from before I was sold to you.”
“Rena, you don't think that I don't know what happens in the slave holding? That you were beaten and raped?”
“Except legally I wasn't raped! As soon as I was sent there I had lost the few rights I had.”
“Now it is bothering you because you are attracted to one of the human slaves working on the new part of the garden.”
“It always bothered me.”
“Rena, Kyle right now is the top choice to be my companion. Ginta, knows he over heard the overseers talking about how hard he was working from the start. He hasn't caused any trouble in fact he talked to a couple that were and got them to tow the line. Told them that if they didn't do what they were told that would be punished and sent to somewhere worse.”
“How would he know there are worse things then what he was doing?”
“He's not stupid. Rena, I will see about getting you time to spend alone with him.”
“If that is what you want.”

Max sighed and handed a money card to Serena and she headed out. He wished he knew what to do. While he saw what those guards did to her as rape legally it wasn't. Once the court sentenced her to be a slave she couldn't say no to sex. While Antarians and several other races in the empire didn't see sex as a big deal he knew for some such as Serena's people it was only meant to be between mates. Serena and her cousin Tasha would be considered damaged and unfit to marry. It was really bad considering who her father is in their village. Serena was the youngest daughter of a Paylor Chief. Serena has an older sister who will marry the man their father choose to be the next chief.


Tasha closed her eyes as she was pounded into. She tried not to wince as the man thrust hard into her. She had lost track of the number of men that used her. This man had been coming to this pleasure house since he was of age. He was by far the roughest client she had been with. Though by far the roughest was when she was with Kivar himself. She finally heard him grunt loudly and then pulled out of her. He dressed and left. She sighed as she laid in bed for a few minutes. Then got up to clean up and get ready for her next client. She only had twenty minutes to get ready before the next client would be there. This was the busiest house Kivar had and she was the most popular of the slaves here. She was just finishing changing the sheets when the manger of the house came in. Quinn wasn't actually that bad of a man. He placed a gentle hand on her scared back. She turned to look at him.

“Are you ok Tasha?” he asked
“Why do you want to know? It's not like my life is going to change.”
“I need to know because of who is next. Tasha, Prince Maxwell knows that Kivar is planning something bad. This next man is his top lieutenant.”
“You need me to get him to talk?”
“Tasha, he knows even if he were to free you that you would never be accepted back in your village. But your life will improve.”
“You do know if Kivar were to find out I am dead.”
“So would I. Tasha, you are the only one I trust to do this.”
“Quinn why do you trust me? As a Paylor I never was given the same rights as you. Most of my people hate you Antarians.”
“Maybe I am one of the few Antarians that doesn't see you for your race. Maybe I just see a beautiful woman who has been abused.”

Tasha was surprised by what he had said.

“I am fine. I will do what you are asking.”
“Thank you. The Prince will know your roll in stopping what Kivar is planning.”

Quinn left and Tasha finished getting the room ready. She turned and smiled as she recognized Nicholas as he entered. Everyone knew the man boy that followed Kivar like a well trained puppy.

“I am told you might be the most skilled whore in the empire.” Said Nicholas
“How about you find out my Lord? I was trained after all by the great Kivar.” Said Tasha trying to keep the venom out of her voice.
“Then you should have the skills I require out of a whore.”

Tasha dropped the thin robe she was wearing to reveal her body to Nicholas. He smiled at her and grabbed her breast roughly. She reached for his shirt and started to unbutton it. She knew that she had to get Nicholas to talk, Quinn had listening devices in all the rooms. He would have turned on the one in hers before Nicholas entered. She just had to be careful with how she got him to talk. The last thing she wanted was to do was to speak wrong and join Kivar and Nicholas on the executioners block. As much as she hated King Philip, he was by far the lesser of the two evils. Kivar is someone who would let slaves be abused far worse then they were now.

Two hours later Nicholas left and Tasha went into the bathroom and threw up. Quinn had come in and pulled her long red hair back not saying a word. He then went to the tub and ran a warm bath when he was sure she was done being sick. He helped her in to soak.

“You are done for the day. We got what we needed.” Said Quinn
“Good for you.”
“Tasha, you don't understand Nicholas told you that Philip has been poisoned, he will be dead in a year. You just got your name on the very short list of slaves that Max will free once he is King.”
“How short of a list is it?”
“I only know of two names on it. Yours and Serena's.”

Tasha turned to stare at him. He just smiled and then gave her a soft and sweet kiss. She wasn't sure what to think of it.

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Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 17 4/30/19

Post by keepsmiling7 » Wed May 01, 2019 8:11 am

What? Rape is legal in their society.
It is hard to read what those girls went through, and made me so very thankful for the society I've been able to live in.
Tasha performed a dangerous task....hope she will indeed be rewarded for that that.
Maybe the first step is the soft, sweet kiss from Quinn.

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Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 17 4/30/19

Post by Roswelllostcause » Wed May 01, 2019 11:11 am

Carolyn Slaves have next to no rights. So in the eyes of the law a slave can't be raped. Once Serena was found guilty and sentenced to be a slave she lost her right to say no to sex with anyone. Max has plans to change that but he has to do it slowly. He hates what happened to Serena.
Max will learn of what Tasha has done and see that is is rewarded. The kiss from Quinn maybe the first step in Tasha'a healing.

Part 18

Serena sat next to Liz in the transport they had just spent the last three hour shopping. Liz looked at the other woman. She could tell that Serena hadn't wanted to come on this trip. Lt. Zane sat across from them another guard was seated in the front. Serena shifted so that her back was facing Liz. She could see healed scares coving it. Many more then could be from the one time Serena claimed to have been whipped.

“She hasn't lied to you My Lady. The Prince only sent her to be whipped once.” Said Zane
“Lieutenant please don't say more.” Said Serena softly

Liz looked at Serena who was crying.

“Does Max know the truth?” asked Liz
“Yes.” Said Serena
“Lt. Zane if I order her does she have to tell me?” asked Liz
“Yes My Lady. Serena is your personal companion. That means she must follow any order you issue.” Said Zane

Liz nodded and looked Serena in the eye.

“Tell me the truth have you been beaten besides when you said Max had you whipped for being disrespectful?” asked Liz
“Yes. While I was in the slave holding waiting to be sold. The men that worked there can beat and have sex with any slave they choose until they are sold.”
“So you weren't just beaten? You were raped?”
“Except it wasn't rape by the law. I had no right to say no at that point. So even if Max keeps his promise and gives me my freedom once he is King. I can never return to my people. While many Antarians don't see sex as something special my people do. My father can't give my hand in marriage now. I am damaged by my peoples customs. As is my cousin Tasha.” Said Serena
“Now you think if Kyle finds out he won't see you the same way as he does now.” Said Liz
“Why would he want me? I am not pure!”
“Let me tell you a little about humans. We are controlled more then I like to admit by our emotions. I bet Kyle sees you as this beautiful and mysterious woman. Someone he thinks he might fall in love with.” Said Liz
“You entered in to a contract to marry a man you never met. How is that being controlled by your emotions?” asked Serena

Zane just smiled. Serena had a point. He wondered how his future Queen was going to answer that one.

“Maybe I was only thinking about the best way to stay alive. Though after meeting Max, I think maybe in time I will grow to love him. Serena, you feel something for Kyle. I haven't met him or seen you together. But when you told me about him and each time I have said his name I have seen something in your eyes. A longing to spend time with him. You get a day off right?”
“Yes. But he won't for at least a month. The first or two months are always hard on new slaves. We have to prove that giving us a day off won't cause us to slack off.”
“Unfortunately she speaks the truth My Lady. They have to earn the time off. Though from the guards assigned to watch the laborers for the garden that Kyle is apart of, I am told he and one called Sergei are two of the hardest workers after only a couple days. All these men are former military from all over Earth. There are half a dozen female slave assigned to the group to work as water girls.” Said Zane
“How long did it take you to earn your first day off Serena?”
“Six months. I was too angry at first.” Said Serena

Liz nodded understanding.

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