Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult)Epilogue 7/14/19 Complete

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Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 57 7/6/19

Post by Roswelllostcause » Mon Jul 08, 2019 11:34 am

Carolyn It is hard for Max to sit back and see things that should be changed right a way and not do anything. But he can't force changes right away either.

A/N Sorry to say that this will be coming to an end before long. But I have something else on the way too.

Part 58

7 months later

Max winced as Liz crushed his hand in hers. She also let out a string of curses that she had to have picked up from Serena. As they were in the old Paylor language. Kara only smiled at her King. She was watching Liz closely. It had been discovered several months ago that Liz was carrying twins. While twins weren't unheard of on Antar, in fact Max and Isabel actually being twins. She was a little considered because Liz had such a small build. Though everything was going better then expected.

“Kara are you sure Liz is ok? That everything is normal?” asked Max
“Max, you got to relax. Liz is doing better then great.” Said Kara
“Isn't her heart rate higher than normal?”
“Liz's heart rate is above normal. But it is no higher than it would be if she had just gotten done running a mile. She is in no danger right now. Neither are your babies.”

Liz cried out again with another string of curses. Kara checked Liz and smiled.

“Ok Liz on the next one you need to push.” Sais Kara

Liz grunted and looked at Max. He kissed her hand that he was still holding. Five minutes later their son came into the world crying loudly. Two minutes after that they welcomed their daughter. A nurse checked over the babies while Kara took care of starting to heal Liz after the birth. Both Max and Liz smiled as the two babies were laid in her arms.

“So Liz what are we going to name these two?” asked Max
“I'm not sure.”
“Do you want to name them after your parents?”
“As nice as that would be, I have never been someone that believed in naming a child after someone else. I think it puts pressure on them to be like that other person.”
“Maybe give them your parents names as their second names?”
“That would work. How does David Jeffery sound to you?”
“I love it. Now what about our little princess?”
“Jessica Nancy?”
“Perfect.” Said Max kissing Liz.
“So you have agreed on those names?” asked Kara
“Yes. David Jeffery the crowned prince, and princess Jessica Nancy.” Said Max
“I will make sure that the birth records are correct.” Said Kara heading out.

Max reach over and took his daughter from Liz to hold.

“Liz you know I only referred to David as the crowned prince because he was born first. If Jessica had been born first I would have named her my heir.” Said Max
“I know. Max, I know you well enough to know that you wouldn't name one of our children as the heir based only by their gender.” Said Liz

Just then a nurse came in and took baby Jessica from her father shoeing him out so she could teach Liz how to nurse her babies.

Max walked into the private waiting room to find his mother, sister, Alex, Kyle, Serena, as well as Michael and Maria waiting. Zane was at his post outside of Liz room standing guard. Jena, who had given birth a month earlier was at home with their daughter and new son Jordan. Serena was sitting on the couch with Kyle who was rubbing her feet. Tasha had stayed back at the palace with Liz other assistant Julia handling everything they could on their own in Liz's office.

“I have a son and a daughter. David Jeffery was born first, followed two minutes later by his sister Jessica Nancy. Both babies are healthy and Liz is doing well.” Said Max
“That is wonderful news!” said Diane
“Congrats dear brother. I look forward to meeting my niece and nephew.” Said Isabel
“Thanks. Izzy, don't you think it's time that you settle down with Alex who we both know you are in love with?” said Max
“We are being bonded tomorrow. The priestess will be able to be at the palace then.” Said Isabel
“Good.” Said Max

Max accepted congratulations from everyone before heading over to Serena. She was resting her hand on her very pregnant belly.

“It won't be much longer will it Rena?” asked Max
“Another month. It is good that the foals were born five months ago. I have trouble getting down to the ground and back up now.” Said Serena with a smile.
“Yeah so Kara said six months for you?” asked Max
“Yes. Paylors are pregnant four months and humans nine, like antarians. Seeing each of Jena's pregnancies went six she said it should be the same for me. Besides that is what the scans have been showing as well.” Said Serena
“Kyle are you enjoying married life?” asked Max
“Yes very much. Serena is the only woman for me.” Said Kyle

Max smiled. All those he considered family were finally happy.

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Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 58 7/8/19

Post by RoswellFan68 » Mon Jul 08, 2019 12:33 pm

Great News!

The babies have arrived. Sounds like Serena's and Kyle's will be next.

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Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 58 7/8/19

Post by keepsmiling7 » Tue Jul 09, 2019 9:13 am

Happy, happy family times. Little David and Jessica are welcome members to the royal family and will be such fun to see grow up.
Glad Kyle and Serena are doing well too.

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Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 58 7/8/19

Post by L-J-L 76 » Wed Jul 10, 2019 4:44 am

Max and Liz picked before names for their children. So glad everyone is getting married and having a family. Wow soon Kyle and Serena is going to be welcoming their little joy. Please please please please please please come back and post more really really really really really really soon? Can't wait to find out what will happen next for Max, Liz and family.

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Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 58 7/8/19

Post by Roswelllostcause » Wed Jul 10, 2019 11:02 am

RoswellFan68 Yes the babies have arrived! Serena and Kyle are next.

Carolyn Yes Little David and Jessica are very welcome members of the Royal family. Yes Kyle and Serena are doing very well.

L-J-L 76 Max and Liz did pick nice names for their babies. Yes Kyle and Serena will be welcoming their little joy soon.

Part 59

One month later

It was early morning and Tasha laid in bed with her lover. Quinn who had once been her boss was now her lover. She had never thought she would have sex with a man by choice. But Quinn loved her and when they had been together last night for the first time he had been so loving and gentle. Nothing like the years she had spent first as Kivar's personal whore, or after that in the pleasure house. The only man that had come close to treating her like Quinn had been the recently promoted Major Michael. He had been kind to her. But not the same way Quinn was. Quinn hadn't only cared about himself like the close to three hundred men she had, had sex with over the years.

“Tasha, are you ok?” asked Quinn
“Yes. Just thinking.” Said Tasha softly
“Anything you want to share?”
“I was thinking that I was lucky to have you come into my life. That you never treated me like less then a person like so many have.”
“Tasha, you are a smart and beautiful woman. I am lucky that you trust me and love me.”
“Quinn, you know I can't have children.”
“Tasha that doesn't matter to me. There are so many orphans both here in the empire and on what is left of Earth. We can give some of them a loving home.”
“Max, did tell me that he and Liz have already approved me to adopt.”
“Then that is settled when you are ready we will adopt us some kids.”

Tasha kissed Quinn and they fell to sleep curled up together.


Liz paced holding David trying to get him to sleep. David unlike his sister was not sleeping well. Jessica only needed to be in her daddy's arms in order to fall to sleep.

“Davy, come on sweet boy don't you want to let mommy get some sleep?” asked Liz

His only answer was to cry. Liz sighed and turned when the door to Diane's room opened and she came out. Diane looked at Liz with sympathy.

“Max was just like this. Mind if I try something that worked for him?” asked Diane
“No. Anything to get more then half an hour of sleep at a time.” Said Liz

Diane gently took her grandson from Liz. Diane then took a small spray bottle out of her pocket opened David's little sleeper and sprayed it on his belly. She then gently rubbed it. Soon David was asleep.

“Lavender oil from Earth. It use to sooth Max as a baby.” Said Diane
“How did you come up with that?” asked Liz
“We have been watching Earth for a very long time. Long before the last war. We studied nearly every known natural remedy. Even found new ones not known to the people of Earth.”
“Thank you for your help.”
“Liz, never be scared to ask for my help.”
“I won't.”

Liz took David back and took him into her room and placed him in his bed. She then climbed into bed next to Max and fell to sleep.

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Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 59 7/10/19

Post by keepsmiling7 » Thu Jul 11, 2019 8:38 am

So good to see Tasha and Quinn happy together, and soon possible adoptions.
That was a neat trick Diane had......who would have thought of lavender oil??

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Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 59 7/10/19

Post by Roswelllostcause » Fri Jul 12, 2019 11:29 am

Carolyn Tasha and Quinn are very happy together. Yes it was a neat trick Diane had.

A/N Well just the epilogue left after this. Thanks for reading.

Part 60

Ten years later

Liz took a sip of her tea as she watched all the children play. They were on a school break so there were a lot of kids playing in the gardens. The oldest of the group was Lashasha who had just turned twelve. She had been sitting in the shade of a tree reading until her eight year old brother Kalden dumped a bucket of water on her. Now she was chasing him. Lashasha's other brother Jorden who was ten was showing Liz's ten year old daughter Jessica something. Jessica's twin brother David was playing ball with his two younger brothers, eight year old Peter and six year old Parker. Liz's other set of twins, girls who had just turned nine Ashlee and Amanda were playing with a couple other little girls. Liz's youngest her little four year old daughter Claudia named after Liz’s grandmother was playing with a doll away from the older kids. Liz couldn't help but smile as she noticed David watching Serena's oldest ten year old Christina, who was playing with Ashlee and Amanda, a long with her own nine year old sister Diane. Serena’s three boys Even, who was seven, Cole, who was six and Jimmy four years old were with the other boys playing ball.

Isabel and Alex's two kids seven year old Charlie and five year old Grace named for Alex's parents were playing in another part of the garden with Michael and Maria's four kids. Nine year old Amy, named after her late grandmother. Seven year old Tyler. Six year old Connor and four year old Brian. Tasha and Quinn had adopted four kids all from Earth. Nine year old Katerina who had been born in a small village in Russia, seven year old Juan who has born in Cuba, five year old Ichiro who had been born in Japan and four year old Keisha who had been born somewhere in Africa.

“Boy there are a lot of kids!” said Maria
“I know. Seven of them are mine.” Mumbled Liz
“True. Liz, do you ever think about Earth any more?”
“Maria, I am the one that has final say on who can adopt the children from earth. So I have no choice but to think about it. But it is not my home, it hasn't been since my parents died. I got lucky I was staying with a family friend out in the middle of nowhere when the bombs were set off.”
“True. Each of us that came here are lucky. I heard that Max upped the age of slaves to eighteen.”
“Yeah we got to go slow to end it.”
“People don't like change. History has proven that.”
“That is true. So Maria how does it feel to be the wife of one of the youngest Colonel in the Empire?”
“It's great. Though I do miss teaching in the schools of the Capital City. Though with this crowd it is never dull in the classroom. Caitlin and I have our hands full.”
“None of my kids are causing trouble are they?”
“No of course not. The little princes and princesses are angels compared to mine and Zane's youngest boy.”
“I know what you mean. When Kal dumped a bucket of water on Lashasha it looked like she wanted to beat the crap out of him.”
“It takes after his mother. Jena was always pulling pranks as a kid.” Said Tasha joining them.

Liz watched Tasha walk. She no longer needed a cane most of the time. She did have a limp that not even Max's healing abilities could get rid of. But it was only during the winter months when it rained a lot that she used the cane now.

“Tasha how are the kids adjusting?” asked Liz
“Kat and Juan are doing the best. Ichiro is coming a long well. Keisha has only been here four months so she is still scared. But she knows that Quinn and I care about her and want her.” Said Tasha
“That's good. They are getting along? I mean they all come from very different backgrounds.” Said Liz
“Yes. Kat has really taken the big sister roll to heart.”
“That's great.” Said Liz

The kids

Max and Liz

Zane and Jena

Serena and Kyle

Alex and Isabel

Michael and Maria

Tasha and Quinn

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Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 60 7/12/19

Post by keepsmiling7 » Fri Jul 12, 2019 6:47 pm

Wow......what a bunch of kids. Sure glad you gave us the names and family members.
Max and Liz did their part in keeping the royal line children!
Sorry to see this story ending, but I'm looking forward to what you have coming up next.

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Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 60 7/12/19

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sun Jul 14, 2019 5:30 am

Carolyn Yes what a bunch of kids! With Max and Liz there really was no danger of the royal line ending! I needed the list of kids and who their parents were to keep them straight myself!


Seven years later

David watched as Christina dove into the lake from the dock. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Her big blue eyes, light brown almost blond hair and pale bronze skin looked perfect together.

“Davy why don't you just tell Chrissy how you feel?”

He turned to see Lashasha standing behind him with her arms crossed across her chest. Like Christina, Lashasha had pale bronze skin that told of the fact they were both part paylor.

“Shasha, I can't. I don't think I could handle it if she rejects me. You know none of our parents will force us into a relationship unless it is one of love.” Said David
“Davy, you won't know how Chrissy feels if you don't act on it.”
“What about you? Is there a guy you like?”
“Not to the extent you love Chrissy.”
“Or how your brother Jordan likes my twin.”
“He is just as hardheaded as you are when it comes to his feelings.”
“I am not hardheaded.”
“If you say so your highness.”

David sighed and watched Lashasha walk off.


Christina watched David after coming up. She just wished that he would tell her how he felt. Then maybe she wouldn't be so scared to tell him how she felt. Things were different in the empire. Two years ago her Uncle Ryden had been killed when he got into a battle with two of the neighboring tribes of the one that her mother had been exiled from. Her mother’s sister Dara had been named the new Chief by the elders. A first for the tribe. Dara had invited the exiled members back along with their families. No longer were female members of the tribe exiled if they were raped or had been forced to be a sex slave. Though women who chose to have sex outside of marriage with more than one man were still looked down upon.

“My dumb ass brother loves you Chrissy.”

Chrissy smiled at her best friend Jessica.

“Yeah I know. I just wish he would tell me that.”
“Maybe you should tell him you love him.”
“Maybe I will. You should tell Jordan how you feel.”
“I plan to. My Grandmother always tells me that no matter what destiny will always step in to make things right.”
“The Queen Mother is a wise woman.”
“Yeah she is.”


Liz smiled as Max wrapped his strong arms around her.

“Mom said that David and Christina will soon admit their feelings.” Said Max
“Jessica and Jordan are meant to be too.”
“They all have grown up fast.”
“Yes they have. Max, do regret not having any more kids after Claudia?”
“No. Liz, Kara admitted that it would not be good for you to go through another pregnancy. So us making the choice to remove your uterus was the right choice seeing as even the strongest birth control didn't work for you. Serena was in the same situation. Except the only birth control that did work on her was too dangerous for her race. She had been given it by mistake when she first got to the slave holding.”
“I remember when Kara found out. She had that doctor dragged into her offices and yelled at him in nearly every language she speaks. Even two or three from earth that I recognized.”
“That was kind of funny. Liz how about tomorrow we take the morning off and go for a ride?”
“That would be great. Spring Breeze and Thunderstorm would love it.”


David walked into the garden after dinner to find Christina watching the stars.

“Nice night.” Said David
“Yeah it is. David, I love you.”
“I love you too.”
“Let's just go get bonded. The priestess is here.”
“Are you sure? I mean we haven't even dated.”
“I am sure. We have known each other our whole lives. Much longer than either our parents knew each other when they became mates.”
“I would love to have you as my mate.”

The two of them kissed then went off to find the priestess. Diane smiled as she watched the next King and Queen run off together. An hour earlier Jessica had dragged Jordan to the priestess to be bonded. It would be in two years that she would greet her first great grandchildren. Max and Liz nearly twenty years ago had laid the ground work for the golden age of the empire to begin. David and Christina would be the ones on the throne to usher it in when Max and Liz retired in fifteen years.

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Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult)Epilogue 7/14/19 Complete

Post by keepsmiling7 » Sun Jul 14, 2019 8:31 am

Love this story, and following the children through their lives.
Liz couldn't have had a more wonderful life, and was indeed fortunate to be selected to be the Prince's future wife.
They were blessed with a very happy family.
Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

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