Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult)Epilogue 7/14/19 Complete

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Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 22 5/5/19

Post by Natalie36 » Sun May 05, 2019 3:01 pm

kivar and nick are so stupid

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Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 22 5/5/19

Post by keepsmiling7 » Sun May 05, 2019 5:26 pm

Goodbye Oquad!
I am concerned about Kivar and Nicholas and their sinister plans.

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Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 22 5/5/19

Post by L-J-L 76 » Mon May 06, 2019 4:26 am

Love the way Liz handled the tutor. Diane is right Liz does have fire in her. So glad that Diane did get that tutor out of there. Oh no someone needs to help King Philip. Someone needs to cure Philip before it is too late. Max and Liz needs to bond before Philip dies. Hopefully someone will know what Kivar and Nicholas are up to and save Philip before it is too late.

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Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 22 5/5/19

Post by Roswelllostcause » Mon May 06, 2019 11:01 am

Natalie36 Yes Kivar and Nick are stupid.

Carolyn Yes good bye Oquad. You should be conserned!

L-J-L 76 The tutor never expected to be fired. Diane likes Liz. Unfortunately I don't think there is anything that can be done to help Philip now. Max and Liz will bond before too much longer.

Part 23

Diane watched Philip at his desk in his office. He was getting sicker by the day. She believed what they had been told by Quinn. She had a good idea what the poison was too. It was only found on Te'Jog. Kivar was good, at misleading. He wanted the blame put on the Paylors. Serena's village to be exact. The plant the poison came from only grew in that region of the planet. It wasn't the first time that it had been used to kill. Diane knew as much as Serena hated Philip, she wasn't a killer.

“What are you doing here woman?” asked Philip
“I was wondering if you were going to join me for tea.” Said Diane
“When have I ever joined you for tea? Tea is for you women. I drink Antarian Ale.”
“Of course.”

Diane headed for her study to think. It would only be a few more months at the rate things were going before she would be a widow. Not that she was truly upset Philip was never a warm person. He had grown even colder after Max and Isabel were born. She knew that he had, had sex slaves since he was of age. She remembered when Max came of age Philip had sent one of the sex slave to him. Told Max it was time to become a man. Linta, was sent away by Max. Philip had the poor girl sent to a whore house on the edge of the empire. Diane had learned that she had lasted less then a year there. Linta had only been seventeen when she died. Max, had felt guilty that she had died because he refused to use her like his father had since the girl was fourteen the youngest a sex slave could be.


Maria laid in bed next to Michael watching him sleep. She smiled as she remembered making love with him less then an hour ago. She wasn't stupid and knew that Michael had sex a number of times with slaves from the pleasure houses. It didn't bother her. Heck she had, had more then one lover in the past. But this had been the best sex she had ever had. Michael opened his eyes and smiled at her.

“Hey.” Said Michael
“You ok Maria? I wasn't too rough was I?”
“I feel great. Michael, I told you that I have had sex before.”
“I know.”
“Michael, I never felt like I did anyone else like I did with you.”
“You were the best I have been with too. Maria, I think I am falling in love with you.”
“Good cause I love you.”

They kissed and soon Michael was thrusting into Maria hard and fast.


Tasha bit her lip as Nicholas pounded into her. She hated the way he felt inside her. The only good thing was that Nicholas was a talker during and after sex. She was still trying to get her head around the fact that Quinn was in love with her. She never thought anyone would want her knowing that she was nothing but a whore. Taking a deep breath she knew it was time to get that runt to talk.

“Nicholas baby that feels so good.”
“You like my dick fucking you?”
“Yes baby. You feel even better then Kivar.”
“Good. You been at this a long time haven't you Tasha?”
“Since Kivar bought me when I was fourteen. Nicholas last time you were here with me you mentioned that the King has been poisoned. You never explained how that happened.”
“What does it matter?”
“It's just I know how tight security is at the palace.”

Tasha ran her hand down Nicholas's chest and then the rest of his torso until she reached his balls. She took them in her hand and squeezed. Nicholas groaned as he reached his climax. He pulled out of her and grabbed her by her hair and pulled her up. Then shoved her head at his dick. Tasha took her hand and started to rub his shaft bringing it back up. She then took it in her mouth and started to suck on it.

“We got someone on the inside. He put nectar from the Barta plant in the King's ale.”

Tasha removed her mouth from him and moved up his body. She lined up her sex and imbedded herself on him and began to ride him.

“Who is it My Lord? It's not like I can do anything about it. The King hates my people.”
“It's the King's most trusted aid. Tanner.”

Tasha hid her shock. Lord Tanner would be the last person anyone would ever think would betray King Philip.

“Why would Lord Tanner betray the King lover?”
“Because Kivar promised that bitch Paylor of Maxie's would be his personal whore once the Royals were all dead.”

Tasha hid her disgust as best as she could at the fate in store for her cousin if Kivar wasn't stopped. Nicholas climaxed pushed her off him dressed and left feeling the most satisfied he had in a long time. Tasha curled up in the bed and started to cry. Quinn came in and just held her.

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Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 23 5/6/19

Post by keepsmiling7 » Mon May 06, 2019 2:35 pm

You always make my day when I find a new part to read.
The use of the sex slaves is a disgusting idea to me. I'm sorry it will take Max any time at all to change things after the King is dead.

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Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 23 5/6/19

Post by Roswelllostcause » Tue May 07, 2019 11:23 am

Carolyn Happy to make your day. Unfortunately Max can rush change to their ways. But changes will come.

Part 24

Kyle took a deep breath and knocked on the door of Max's rooms.

“Come in.”

Kyle walked to see Max eating breakfast. He knelt in front of the Prince. Max waved him to his feet.

“Kyle, unless we are with others, not counting my mother, sister or Liz, you don't have to do that kneeling thing. I don't believe that I am better than you.” Said Max
“If I may speak freely.”
“Sure go a head.”
“Ok it's Max right? You are the future King. I was taken against my will to be a forced worker. I have no rights. So forgive me if I have a hard time believing that.”
“Would you want to return to Earth if you could?”
“No. Earth is as good as dead. I bought into the program only because I am smart enough to know that if I fucked up my life would be bad.”
“So you are ok with being my man servant?”
“Sure. It's got to be better than working in that hot sun for fifteen hours a day. Hell I actually get to bathe like every day too.”
“Good to have you on board. Now rumor has it you are attracted to Serena.”
“I am. I think she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.”
“It will take her time to accept that she is worthy of being loved. You are going to have to go against her cultural heritage were she is seen as damaged and unworthy of love.”
“She hasn't told me anything other then the reason she is a slave.”
“Her race is called Paylor. Her home planet where she lived until five years ago was countered about 200 years ago. There is a second race that is considered to be the dominant. Serena's race has always lived in harmony with their environment.”
“Sounds like earth's Aboriginal tribes.”
“Yes. Serena's father is the head of their village, the Chief.”
“So she would be considered her tribe's princess?”
“Was one of them anyway. She has an older sister who has married the man their father has chosen to the next Chief.”
“What do you mean was?”
“Kyle, female slave have it worse then male. It was really bad for Serena. She likes to speak her mind. If it is just me I let it go. Slave auctions are held once a month. Serena was sent to holding two days after an auction. So for a month she was at the mercy of those in charge. She told them off more then once. So she was beaten. She was also forced to have sex with those men.”
“So you are saying she was raped repeatedly for a month. Ginta told me nearly the same thing.”
“That is the way she sees it as do I. But the unfortunate fact is that once she was sentenced to be a slave she lost her right to say no.”
“Why are you telling me this?”
“Because Kyle, I want you to know if something develops between the two of you it's fine with me.”
“Thanks. So what do you need me to do?”

Max smiled and told Kyle what his duties were for the day.


Liz watched as Serena picked at her breakfast. Liz had told Serena that she wanted to have breakfast with her today.

“Serena what is wrong?” asked Liz
“You're lying.”
“It is nothing you can do anything about.”
“Just tell me.”
“I want to see my father and sister.”
“Then we ask Max to go to them.”
“I can't go to my village! Liz, you don't understand!”
“I would think they would be happy to see you.”
“My father is the Chief of what you would call our tribe. I brought shame on him by breaking the law. By being made a slave who was used while in holding for sex even if Max has never touched me like that, I am now untouchable by my people. In order to marry by our customs I had to be pure in body.”
“So you can't marry anyone from your race?”
“No I can't. If I hadn't gotten myself into this mess my father most likely would have arranged a marriage for me to form an alliance with another tribe.”
“Maybe it is better for you this way. Now you may marry for love.”
“No one will love me knowing I have been treated no better then a whore.”

Serena got up and took off. Liz saw Zane reach for his radio to send someone after her.

“Let her go Zane. Just have whoever you were going to call make sure she stays on the grounds.” Said Liz
“Yes My Lady. That was my plan all along.” Said Zane

After Zane made the call to someone he trusted Liz turned to her head guard.

“I noticed that you treat Serena better then a lot of the guards.” Said Liz
“You are curious as to why aren't you? I don't think you are going to buy that I am just following orders from the Queen.”
“While I believe that Diane would do something like that. I know there is something more to it.”
“My wife is a Paylor. She is from the same village as Serena, in fact was her best friend as a child. Jena is the love of my life, well her and our beautiful daughter born last year Lasasha.”
“Does Serena know you married her friend?”
“I am sure she does.”
“That is part of why you were made the head of my guard detail isn't it?”
“Yes my Lady.”

Liz smiled knowing that Serena would be left alone with her thoughts.

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Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 24 5/7/19

Post by keepsmiling7 » Tue May 07, 2019 5:12 pm

The prince was very honest with Kyle.
I hope they can be friends too in the future.
Serena appears to be very strong and opinionated.....hope she doesn't get into more trouble.

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Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 24 5/7/19

Post by Roswelllostcause » Wed May 08, 2019 10:35 am

Carolyn Was very honest with Kyle. Serena is very strong and opinionated. Don't worry about her getting into trouble. Someone from her past is about to reenter her life.

Part 25

Jena pushed her daughter through the garden in her stroller. When Zane called and asked her to go find Serena to make sure she was staying out of trouble she hadn't known what to think. She and Zane had met nearly three years ago. Zane was on Te'Jog with other members of the Royal Guard for forest training. She had been in the forest looking for the right vegetation for the soup her mother was making. Her father was not pleased with her that she had so far rejected each husband her and tried to marry her to. In fact after she told him she wanted to marry Zane, he told her if she did to never return to their home. She had chosen love over her father. She found Serena sitting on a bench not far from where the garden expansion was taking place.

“You haven't changed at all Rena. You still let your emotions control you.” Said Jena softly

Serena turned to see Jena standing near taking a small child from the stroller.

“It has been too long my friend.”
“What are you doing here? I remember you saying once you would never leave Te'Jog.”
“Things change. I met and fell in love with a man while you were on trial. He is with the Royal Guard and had come to the forest near our village for training. I was gathering plants for soup. We married six months after meeting. Fourteen months ago we were blessed with a daughter.”

Serena looked at the child in her friend's arms. The lighter bronze color skin told of the mixed race of the child's heritage.

“Her father is Antarian.”
“Yes. Zane is a good man. He truly loves me.”
“Zane as in Lt. Zane? The head of Lady Elizabeth's protection detail?”
“Yes. He has never treated you like you are less then him has he?”
“No. In fact he is always kind to me.”
“Would you like to hold my daughter?”

Serena nodded. Jena handed the young girl over to Serena who just smiled as she held her friend's child.

“Zane and I named her Lasasha.”
“After my mother?”
“She was like a mother to me. You remember my mother died giving birth to my sister Trina.”
“We were six. Your father remarried a year later to a nineteen year old girl. A girl half his age.”
“I remember, Lana. I never got along with her. My older brother Ryden had a crush on her.”
“He is four years older then us.”
“True. You should know Ryden was chosen to be the next chief by your father. He and Dara married a month before I left our village with Zane forever.”
“That doesn't surprise me. Our father's were always close friends.”
“Rena, Zane tells me you have feelings for one of the slaves from Earth.”
“It doesn't matter.”
“Yes it does. Max, will let you be with him if you ask. From what I hear about Elizabeth, she has treated you more as a friend then a servant. She sees you as no less of a person then herself.”
“You don't know what hell I went through before Max bought me!”
“I know what goes on in the holding cells. You were beaten and forced to have sex. If this man truly cares about you which from what I hear he does none of that will matter to him. Just because no man of our race would want you because you are damaged in their eyes, doesn't mean a man of a different race will see it the same way.”
“You hadn't been with anyone when you married so that means nothing from you.”
“That is where you are wrong. I had sex with Zane a month after meeting him. Had either of our fathers found out I would have been exiled then. Had I gone through with any of the marriages my father tried to set me up into I could have been put to death for not being pure of body. Some of our customs are out dated. Zane makes me happy. You need to explore what you feel for Kyle.”
“I guess I should get back so I don't get in trouble.”
“Neither Zane or Lady Elizabeth are going to say anything.”
“I know. How many children did your father end up having?”
“Ten. Three with my mother seven with Lana. It goes Ryden, me, Trina, Kody, Eva, Brena, Voden, Xandra, Devin and Shawden.”
“Do you see any of them?”
“No. Trina is the only one I ever really got along with. I should get Lasasha back home. Talk to Max and Liz, so we can set up lunch or something on your off day.”
“I would like that.”
“Besides I got to hear all about your man.”

Serena handed Lasasha back to her friend and watched them head off. She then headed back to the palace.

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Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 25 5/8/19

Post by keepsmiling7 » Wed May 08, 2019 1:05 pm

It is a small world for Serena and Jena and always catch up with old families and friends.
Jena gave Serena encouragement for a relationship with Kyle, and she thinks she will have the Prince and Lady Elizabeth's blessing.

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Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 25 5/8/19

Post by Roswelllostcause » Thu May 09, 2019 10:39 am

Carolyn Yes it is a small world. Hearing from someone who was raised the same way as she was may help Serena open herself up to the possibility of love.

Part 26

Serena paused outside of Liz's room and looked at Zane really for the first time. He gave her a small smile.

“You can go back in whenever you are ready Serena.” Said Zane
“Zane, thank you for loving my friend.”
“Let Kyle in. You may find the peace you have been seeking if you do.”
“I'm going to try. By the way your daughter is beautiful.”
“Takes after her mother.”
“Her eyes are her father's though. No full blood Paylor has purple eyes. All our eyes are either brown or green.”
“That is true.”

Serena opened Liz's door and walked in. She found Liz sitting at the dressing table brushing her hair. Serena headed over to her and gently took the brush from her and finished brushing it out before starting to french braid it.

“You ok?” asked Liz
“Yes. Liz, I am sorry I blew up at you.”
“I forgive you.”
“Zane is a good man. He married my childhood best friend.”
“He told me.”
“Jena, helped me understand that maybe everything we were taught growing up isn't as bad as we were led to believe. I'm not saying that it is wrong to only have sex with the man you marry. Or that it is good to sleep with around. But if someone like me was forced to have sex doesn't make them unworthy of love.”
“Glad you are coming around. It is good to be proud of your heritage but you also need to embrace change. If I wasn't willing to embrace change then I most likely would still be on earth slowly dying.”
“You really think Kyle will be ok with the fact that if we get to that stage he won't be the only one I have been with?”
“If he truly loves you it won't matter. Let me ask you something. If Kyle has had sex with other women would that bother you?”
“No. Men in my tribe can remarry if their wife dies. Jena's father did. Her mother died in child birth. Her sister Trina barely lived. Jena was seven when her father took his second wife who was only nineteen. Lana ended up having seven kids.”
“So he fathered nine?”
“Ten. Jena has an older brother Ryden. Who is now my father's heir.”
“That is a lot of kids.”
“Yeah. Liz, I am going to try and be better about everything.”
“I just want you to be my friend.”
“You do know that until Max becomes King, I am still your slave.”
“I know. But in private we can be friends. Just behave I wouldn't want to have you punished.”
“I promise to behave.”
“Good so what are the plans for today?”
“We, as in you, me, Max, Kyle, Isabel, Ginta, Alex and Sergei are going on a picnic. We will also ride Jar-ras.”
“What is a Jar-ra?”
“Te'Jog’s version of an earth horse. Just a little bigger and uh they are orange.”
“I've never ridden a horse.”
“Jar-ras are very calm creatures. The one that has been picked for you is the gentlest.”
“How do you know this?”
“I trained her when I was a child.”
“You trained her?”
“That is how my family raises money. We train jar-ras for nobles. The one that now belongs to you was the one I personally trained before I got in trouble.”
“Did you name her?”
“No we don't name the animals. The owner does. I believe Max named her Spring Breeze.”
“So I must have some kind of riding clothes then.”

Serena got up walked to the closest and reached in back and pulled out what looked like jeans and a flannel shirt. Off the shelf she pulled down a box and removed a cowboy hat. Liz just raised an eyebrow at the outfit.

“You get dressed and I will find the boots that go with the outfit.”
“Serena do you have a riding outfit like this?”
“Uh no. In a few minutes I will go change into what my people wear to ride.”

Liz nodded and started to dress.

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