Real Destiny (M/L, AU, Adult) Epilogue Complete 8/24/17

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Re: Real Destiny (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 33 8/9/17

Post by Roswelllostcause » Thu Aug 10, 2017 4:11 am

Carolyn Max and the others will be there soon!

Part 34

Max and the others stepped through the portal and into the woods. Max looked around and realized that there was something familiar about the woods.

"There is a cave just past these trees that leads to the base where the Royal loyist are." Said Nancy
"Let's go." Said Max

They walked quickly and reached the cave in under five minutes. When they reached it they were surprised that there was someone waiting for them.

"Who the hell are you?" Asked Michael
"Nice to see some people never change general. I am Jarden, member of the true Royal Guard. I can't believe the kid was right about you all coming." Said Jarden
"What kid?" Asked Max
"That would be Jaxer's nephew. Kid just seems to know stuff." Said Jarden
"I have a nephew?" Asked Alex
"You also got a niece. They both seem to be taking after their mother's side of the family. But it wouldn't take much to be better then their father." Said Jarden
"Did we know you before?" Asked Isabel
"Yes Princess. I worked in the palace. I was on your mother's protection detail at the time. Queen Elexa had ordered me to get the former Queen to safety no matter what. There was already the plan in place to bring you back."
"We need to come up with plan and fast Khivar has Liz." Said Max
"If you are speaking of your Queen Your Highness, do not worry. Kira and her boy got her out. But Kira was badly injured. Though Nicholas learned not to piss off the Queen off. She dusted him."
"So you are saying Liz is safe?" Asked Serena
"Yes Lady Dexa. Your sister is tougher then she looks. It also helps that Braydon has the power to restore others powers to their full power."
"Is Kira alive?" Asked Alex
"Yes Lord Jaxer. Your sister lives. The young Queen healed her as much as she could. But only the King will be able to restore her to full health."
"How could Liz heal? I mean that isn't one of her powers." Said Michael
"She has a connection to the King. It is not the permanent bond but it is strong enough that she can use his healing ability. All the members of the Royal Court can share powers to some degree. Life bonds make it easier for mates. Though Elexa and Dexa can to nearly the same degree do to them being twins."
"Are you sure that Liz is OK?" Asked Max
"Yes. She was sleeping off the over use of her powers when I came to meet you."

Max glanced at his friends hoping that they were doing the right thing trusting this guy.


Charles and Amy silently made their way into the Harding house and found Tess slumped on the floor and unconscious. While she was still alive she had multiple broken bones and her skull was cracked. They pulled out the healing stones once they laid her on her back. They placed them around her and used them to remove her powers permanently. They also erased her memory of everything that had to do with aliens and Antar. They planted new memories and healed her broken body. They took her from the house and took her to Ireland and gave her a new identity as well as altered the memories of a family with five boys older than Tess and two younger. To the family she was now Theresa and been adopted at the age of six. They then left her. When she woke from her deep sleep she would never know that she had ever been to Roswell New Mexico and have never heard of Max Evans or Antar.


Max walked into the cave and ran to Liz's side. Once he was sure that she was in fact OK he moved to where Kira lay unmoving. He moved his glowing hand over her and found that while her breathing was a little labered her heart was beating strongly. He also found signs of a recent pregnancy that had not ended well.

"I don't know if I can help her with her being unconscious." Said Max
"You can do it. Let me show you." Said Bray

Max looked at the little boy who seemed so sure.

"You really think you can help me to help your mom?" Asked Max
"I know you can. I just know stuff. I don't pictures like Liz. But I do know stuff." Said Bray
"OK show me what to do." Said Max

Bray placed his hands on either side of Max's face and looked into his eyes. It only lasted a few seconds and then Max placed his hands on Kira's head and started to heal her. While Max was healing Kira, Alex sat down on the floor of the cave. Bray pulling his younger sister crawled into his lap.

"Hi I'm Braydon, but call me Bray. This is my sister, Delexa but mommy and I call her Del." Said Bray
"Well I guess I am your Uncle Alex." Said Alex
"Yep. You been a good friend to Liz for long time." Said Bray
"How do you know that?" Asked Alex
"I had to help Liz like I did Max. She killed the mean man boy." Said Bray
"He means Nicholas." Said Jarden

The others nodded and waited until Max finished healing Kira.

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Re: Real Destiny (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 34 8/10/17

Post by L-J-L 76 » Thu Aug 10, 2017 5:26 am

Finally everyone is together now. So glad that the little boy helped Max heal Kira. Can't wait to find out what will happen when Liz and Kira see Max and others there.

L-J-L 76

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Re: Real Destiny (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 34 8/10/17

Post by keepsmiling7 » Thu Aug 10, 2017 7:15 am

Tess got a good change......almost too good for her.
Little Braydon is proving to be very special.

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Re: Real Destiny (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 34 8/10/17

Post by Natalie36 » Thu Aug 10, 2017 6:38 pm

all caught up and WOW. Tess seemed to get it kinda nice but maybe all those boy brothers will be a pain in the butt

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Re: Real Destiny (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 34 8/10/17

Post by Roswelllostcause » Fri Aug 11, 2017 4:24 am

L-J-L 76 Well you will find out here what happens when Luz and Kira wake and see everyone.

Carolyn Braydon is a very special boy. Tess has gotten a change. Maybe too good. But then again she now has seven brothers who are going to make things very hard on her!

Natalie36. Tess may find it very hard to date with seven brothers!

Part 35

Max broke the connection with Kira and pushed a strand of her auburn hair back from her face. She was just resting now but he now knew that she had been used. That under mind control she was forced to help kill her family and live with guilt since that night. When she wakes he will tell her that she will be given a full pardon.

"Hey little man. You mom will be OK. She is just sleeping." Said Max to Bray
"I know. I knew you would save her and see her for who she really is." Said Bray
"You take care of your mom. She needs you and your sister." Said Max
"I know. You take care of your Queen." Said Bray
"You know I will."

Serena watched Max with the young boy. Liz would be happy to learn that Max had the makings of a good father. She glanced over to the cot where Liz was resting and saw her sister watching. She moved next to her and smiled.

"Nice to see you awake." Said Serena
"How did you guys get here?" Asked Liz
"The Granilth." Said Max coming over and kissing her.
"Not in front of the kids." Said Michael

Liz glared at her brother then flipped her wrist and Michael's pants fell down.

"Liz!" Said Michael
"Drop the over protective brother act Mikey. I am going to be with Max and you can't stop me. Besides Bray here and I are good friends. Right buddy?" Said Liz
"Yeah. It's OK that Max and Liz kiss. They grown ups." Said Bray
"Well almost anyway." Mumbled Maria

Michael just glared as Max and Liz kissed again. He knew that they were the King and Queen but he didn't have to like it.

"Max, you need to heal Kira." Said Liz pulling away.
"Already done darling. She is not to blame for what happened that night." Said Max
"I know. She helped me escape and got hurt protecting me."
"I know. We are going to officially pardon her."
"Good. We need to take out Khivar and free Kira of her nightmare of a life. Her kids are the only good thing in it."
"Don't worry she will be happy."


Alex pushed Kira's hair back from her face. He wished that he could remember her. But that was not possible right now. He heard a soft moan come from her.

"It's OK sweetie. You are safe." Said Alex
"Actually it's Alex now. But yeah."
"Are Liz and Bray OK?"
"We are both fine Kira." Said Liz
"Mommy, I good." Said Bray
"How did we get back here? I mean I know you couldn't carry me Liz."
"I carried you Kira."

Kira looked to the opening of the cave and saw Jarden standing there.

"Jarden? Why? I thought that you didn't trust me?" Asked Kira
"Kira, I was hurt that you had Khivar's children. I love you. I always have." Said Jarden
"I love you too." Said Kira

Liz and the others watched as as Jarden took Kira into his arms and kissed her. Alex noticed the girls smiling. But he didn't like it.

"OK stop the spit sucking will you!" Said Alex
"Alex, they are in love let them be." Said Liz
"Liz in case you forgot my sister is still legally married to that bastard that stole Max's throne." Said Alex
"Not by choice Alex. Gee it was ass of a father that forced it on her." Said Maria
"She got a point." Said Michael
"Like you weren't flipping out a until Liz pants you about her kissing Max." Said Kyle
"That was different." Said Michael
"None of you have changed." Said Kira looking at them.
"Kira, I want you to know Liz and I know what really happened that night. You aren't responsible. We are issuing you a full pardon." Said Max

Kira looked at her King and Queen and knew that they really meant it.

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Re: Real Destiny (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 35 8/11/17

Post by L-J-L 76 » Fri Aug 11, 2017 4:53 am

So glad everyone is together now. Love the over protective brother act Michael and Alex pulled. So now everyone is together they can finally take down Kivar and the skin once and for all.

L-J-L 76

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Re: Real Destiny (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 35 8/11/17

Post by keepsmiling7 » Fri Aug 11, 2017 7:41 am

A deserved full pardon for Kira.......very good.

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Re: Real Destiny (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 35 8/11/17

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sat Aug 12, 2017 5:40 am

L-J-L 76 It won't be long before they take down Khivar.

Carolyn Yes Kira gets a deserved pardon.

Part 36

Khivar paced in his war room. His men had searched the woods and found nothing. Even worse Nicholas had disappeared. He knew that his traitor of a wife had gotten the little Queen to the rebel base. What really pissed him off was she took his boy with her. That was her big mistake. She would pay for taking his boy from him. He would make sure the stupid bitch died a very slow and painful death. He would also make sure his boy learned to be a real man that didn't let any woman tell him what to do.


Liz walked through the caverns with Max. It had only been a couple of days since they got back together, but it had felt like a lifetime that they had been ripped apart. Max reached over and wrapped his arm around her.

"You really OK?" Asked Max
"Yeah. Khivar didn't really do anything to me."
"So uh your cousin helped you escape."
"Yeah. Max, since being here I have started to remember things."
"What kind of things?"
"I remember our first kiss as Zan and Lex."
"Yeah we were nine!"
"Yeah, I know that is like really young."
"It is. Liz, maybe you can share the memory with me?"
"I can do that."

Liz pulled Max down and placed a soft sweet kiss on his lips as she opened their connection focusing on that day that two little kids kissed.

~Zan laughed as he ran from his friend Elexa on the beach of the lake. He had just dunked her and she was not happy. He suddenly tripped and fell into the sand. Elexa jumped on top of him. He looked up at her laughing.

"Zan, you are so mean!"
"Oh come on Lex! It was just a joke!"
"It wasn't funny! I could have drowned!"
"I never would have let that happen."
"You know I don't swim that well."
"Lex, I'm sorry. You wouldn't really hurt your favorite prince would you?"
"Zan, you are my only prince!"
"I know. Lex, do you have any idea how cute you are when you are mad?"

Lex smiled down at Zan. Then she leaned down and placed her lips on his. Zan was surprised at first but then he kissed her back. After a minute Lex was pulled off him. He looked up to see Lex fighting to get away from her brother Rath. All Zan could do was smile.~

Liz broke the kiss and looked into Max's eyes.

"Wow! It seems that you were the agresser in that relationship." Said Max
"Maybe a little."

Max looked at Liz and saw a little spark in her eyes. He had to wonder what else she was starting to remember.


"OK uh everyone why don't you tell me what your names are now." Said Kira
"Well I'm Maria, but you knew me as Brana. This grumpy lunk head is my man Michael, better known as your cousin Rathron." Said Maria

Michael glared at Maria.

"Ok Maria and Michael." Said Kira
"I'm Isabel. Formally Vilandra." Said Isabel
"My brother's girl. I have to say you are more beautiful then you were before."
"Uh hi I'm Kyle. Use to be Ryden." Said Kyle

Kira nodded and smiled at Serena.

"That mean you are Dexa. What is your name now?"
"Serena. Sometimes I go by Rena." Said Serena
"And Max is Zan."
"Yep." Said Serena
"Well these are my two kids. Brayden, Bray for short. He's six. And this sleeping angel is Delexa who is three." Said Kira
"Khivar is their father?" Asked Maria
"Please don't hold that against them. Del was nearly killed by that monster." Said Kira
"Why?" Asked Alex
"Because she won't get the visions like Elexa did." Said Darva walking in.
"Why does that matter?" Asked Michael
"If Khivar controls someone who gets visions of the future he will be able to prevent us from defeating him." Said Serena
"If that is the case how did he kill us before?" Asked Kyle
"Because Elexa was pregnant. Pregnancy can sometime screw up our powers." Said Liz

Everyone turned to look at Max and Liz as they walked in.

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Re: Real Destiny (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 36 8/12/17

Post by keepsmiling7 » Sat Aug 12, 2017 9:26 am

Loved that memory of Zan and Lexie's first kiss.
Of course big brother had to step in.....

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Re: Real Destiny (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 36 8/12/17

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sun Aug 13, 2017 5:36 am

Carolyn Of course big brothe had to break up a sweet moment between Zan and Led.

Part 37

"Liz how do you know that?" Asked Michael
"My memory has been coming back from that other life. I think Bray might have something to do with that." Said Liz

Bray just smiled and nodded.

"Bray what did you do?" Asked Kira
"I had to mommy. It was the only way she could save you." Said Bray
"Wait let me get this straight this kid can restore our memories?"Asked Maria
"Yeah. I think that it is starting to work on me." Said Max
"He is only six how can he be so powerful?" Asked Isabel
"It's in his blood. His father is very powerful and his mother's bloodline is powerful. Only the Royal family's bloodline is more powerful then either of those." Said Darva

Delexa woke from her nap saw her mommy and got up to run into her arms.

"Mama!" Said Delexa
"Oh I missed you Del." Said Kira

Jarden watched the woman he loved with her kids. He wished that they were his kids. But he knew that he would grow to love them as much as he always loved their mother. Del was a mini Kira. She looked just like her mother. She was also smart like her mother. Kira noticed that Jarden was smiling.

"Jarden what are you smiling at?" Asked Kira
"Just noticing how much your daughter is like you." Said Jarden
"You think so?" Asked Kira
"Jarden speaks the truth Kira. Delexa is very much like you." Said Darva
"Kira, things will get better for you." Said Liz
"I hope you are right." Said Kira
"She is right mommy. I got to help the others to remember. But I need your help. I am not strong enough to do all of them on my own." Said Bray
"Not sure I want the kid in my head." Mumbled Michael
"Mikey! You will let Bray do his thing." Said Liz
"Uh Lizard I am not one of the protectors. I ain't got to listen to you." Said Michael
"Yes you do! I am your Queen!" Said Liz shocking him.
"Is it me or are they the same as they have always been?" Asked Kira
"To us this is new. They only learned they were brother and sister a few days ago." Said Maria
"To me it is like they never died. Lex and Dex loved to mess with Rath. They even played tricks on him." Said Kira
"Oh they played a trick on Michael. Except they roped Maria and Isabel in too." Said Alex
"Do I want to know?" Asked Kira
"We only gave him a hair cut, turned it pink and purple and gave him a tattoo." Said Serena rolling her eyes.
"Same stuff you were always doing." Said Kira
"I believe that you played a few tricks of your own little sister." Said Alex
"I will not answer that." Said Kira

Jarden smirked remembering the time when Kira made Jaxer's swimming shorts disappear at the lake when she had been twelve. Jaxer had been fourteen and not happy with his little sister.

"What the hell is wrong with you women in this family? Do you have to torment your older brothers?" Asked Michael

Liz and Serena looked at Kira and smiled.

"YES!" Yelled all three at once.
"Do I even want to know what Kira did to Alex?" Asked Kyle
"Let's just say that Landra got a good look at Jax long before they married." Said Liz
"Liz!" Said Alex

Liz just laughed. It felt good to have fun with her family and friends. But soon they would have to get ready to take down Khivar once and for all.

"I hate to break this up. But I think I need to inform you that in order to defeat Khivar Maxwell and Elizabeth will need to complete the bond." Said Darva
"When you say complete the bond what the hell does that mean?" Asked Michael

Liz bit her lip and looked at Max. She knew what it meant and from the look on his face he had a good idea too.

"Is someone going to answer me?" Asked Michael
"We have to make love Mike." Said Liz
"Hell no! No sister of mine is going to have sex before she is married!" Yelled Michael
"I hate to break it to you Michael but in our last life I was far from a virgin when I married Max! We had been sleeping together for nearly two years at that point." Yelled Liz
"Uh Liz how old were we when we married?" Asked Max
"Nineteen." Said Liz smiling
"That is young." Said Max
"Not by our customs." Said Darva
"Liz, you know that it will be better for all of us if you do this." Said Serena
"I know. Darva do you have somewhere that Max and I can go to be alone?" Asked Liz
"Yes. Come this way." Said Darva

Liz took Max's hand and they followed Max's antarian mother from the room.

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