Real Destiny (M/L, AU, Adult) Epilogue Complete 8/24/17

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Re: Real Destiny (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 15 7/22/17

Post by keepsmiling7 » Sat Jul 22, 2017 9:25 am

Will Liz be able to convince her brother and sister she was not rejecting them?
Love how Max laid the truth on the line for only he could do.
And what will Tess do when she finds out she was not included in this pow-wow?

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Re: Real Destiny (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 15 7/22/17

Post by pandas2001 » Sat Jul 22, 2017 4:49 pm

I think Max is wrong, Liz has every right to feel angry, hurt and confused right now, she thought she was a small town human girl and to find out that her parents have been keeping this secret from her her whole life is shocking and hurtful especially with how close she is with her parents. Then add the confusion with the whole future Max thing and how that conflicts with what she is being told. I say the girl has a right to take a moment to mentally deal without being snapped at by Max saying she is being selfish.

Liz isn't selfish, she is very selfless, she risks her life and puts others ahead of herself time after time and she will do (or try to do) the right thing even if it hurts herself.

I get Michael and Serena jumping to conclusion of rejection but they shouldn't, Liz just got a bombshell dropped on her, so hopefully they will be understanding when she does come to them especially since they both knew they were different their whole lives or most of them. And Serena knows more about what is going on so she should be patient with Liz.

this part bothered me, they expected Liz to react a certain way without considering what she is feeling and dealing with.

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Re: Real Destiny (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 15 7/22/17

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sun Jul 23, 2017 5:55 am

Carolyn Liz, will have to show both Michael and Serena that she is not rejecting them. Max did lay into Liz in a way only he could. Who said Tess will find out about the pow wow?

pandas2001 Liz does have a right to feel hurt and confused. The whole Future Max thing really is confusing her. But remember as far as she knows no one else knows about it. Liz does try to do the right thing for those she cares about even if it could hurt herself in the end. Michael, Serena and Liz will have some bonding time very shortly.

Part 16

Liz returned to the group noticing the tear tracks on Serena's face. Michael just shook his head as if to tell she had fucked up. Liz sat back down across from them without saying a word.

"Now the eight of you are the Royal Court of Antar. It is the eight of you that will save Antar from Khivar the tyrant that is responsible for all your deaths. One thing you need to know is that Khivar was not working alone. He had help. Java who was the daughter of the leader of one of the other planets helped him. She was lied to. Khivar promised her that she could have Zander. But he had plans all along to kill him, and take the throne for himself. He was Zander and Vilandra's cousin. He also was obsessed with Elexa. Once Khivar killed Zander, Java went crazy and killed Elexa. What was not known at the time was Elexa had recently conceived her and Zander's first child." Said Nancy

Max shot Liz a look that caused Liz to look away.

"Khivar, at seeing the woman he wanted as his wife dead in a pool of her own blood on the ballroom floor grabbed Java and snapped her neck with his own hands. One thing you need to know is that Elexa, had visions of the future. She knew that they were all in danger of being murdered. So she got together with her sister and mother in law and came up with the plan to send all of you here. Khivar found out and had Java reborn as well. He had all pods except for Zander's, Rathron and Vilandra's removed from the ship. He also had Java's added. We expected that with the exception of Elexa's he would destroy the others. But he never got the chance. The five pods that had been pulled from the ship were hidden and as soon as we could we placed them on another ship and sent them here. That is when the three of us along with Natasha came to earth." Said Nancy
"Why do none of us remember coming out of pods?" Asked Liz
"The pods that came on the second ship had been damaged. They were repaired the best the scientists could. But the only one who really understood how the pods worked was Elexa. Elexa, had an off the charts IQ. Even smarter then Liz is now. If Elexa had taken the SAT's she would most likely have gotten a perfect score at age ten." Said Nancy

Liz noticed all of them looking at her.

"What?" Asked Liz
"So you have always been Miss Scientist and a genius Lizzie." Said Alex
"Rah rah." Mumbled Liz
"We need to find out if Tess knows the truth." Said Max
"Of course the scank knows the truth. What we need to do is do something about her before she gets all of us killed." Said Maria
"Maybe Nasado lied to her." Said Max

Amy narrowed her eyes at Max. There was something going on with him.

"Earth to Maxwell! Haven't you been listening? That bitch killed your wife and baby back on Antar! She has known all along that she was never your wife. I bet she has been playing mind games with you!" Yelled Michael
"All of you need to be checked for mindworps." Said Charles
"How is that done?" Asked Isabel
"That is where I come in. I can detect and remove mindworps." Said Serena
"After Serena does her thing each of you will need to wear a piece of jewelry with an amathist stone in it. The amathist will block any future mindworps." Said Nancy pulling out a box of rings.
"One thing is you have to trust me. I will have to connect with you that is the only way I can clean out the cobwebs." Said Serena

Liz looked at her sister. A sister that until today she never knew she had. She knew that she had ton to make up for.

"Serena do me first." Said Liz
"Are you sure? Liz, the connection will be different for us. We may not be Elexa and Dexa any more but we have part of them in us. With them being twins no matter what I do we will have a very deep connection. It will also be permanent. You will need to learn to control it." Said Serena
"I understand." Said Liz
"OK. Maybe we should go somewhere quiet to do this."
"I am going too." Said Michael
"Let me get one thing clear general you will not distract me. I know what I am doing. I have been training since I came out of my pod." Said Serena
"Understood." Said Michael
"Same goes for you your Highness when I clear Michael's head."
"Ok." Said Liz

Serena got up and pushed through the door and started up the stairs to the apartment. Michael and Liz followed her. Max started to go after them but Maria, Isabel, Kyle and Alex stopped him.

"Let them go. They need this bonding time Max." Said Isabel
"I should be there watching in case something goes wrong." Said Max
"No you shouldn't Max. Serena won't hurt either of them. They are her family." Said Maria
"I don't like it." Said Max
"Well your Highness not even the King will get his way this time." Said Kyle

Max sat down and started to brood.

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Re: Real Destiny (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 16 7/23/17

Post by L-J-L 76 » Sun Jul 23, 2017 12:32 pm

Wow Liz surprised everyone by being the first one to get her head clear. Glad Michael agreed to go with Liz and Serena. Love how everyone is trying to keep Max from going up stairs. Can't wait for everyone to find out what Tess has done to them.

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Re: Real Destiny (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 16 7/23/17

Post by keepsmiling7 » Sun Jul 23, 2017 1:42 pm

So Kivar was obsessed with Elexa back on Antar.
I was surprised to learn that Zan and Elexa had a baby on Antar......
It's good that Serena can removed the mind-warps, she'll have her hands full.
And I can just see brooding Max not being included as the siblings get their minds cleaned out.

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Re: Real Destiny (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 16 7/23/17

Post by Roswelllostcause » Mon Jul 24, 2017 5:47 am

L-J-L 76 Liz did surprise everyone by going first. Max is not happy that he can't be with Liz during this.

Carolyn Yes Khivar was obsessed with Elexa. Elexa never gave birth to her and Zan's baby. She was killed shortly after finding out she was pregnant. Yes it is good that Serena can remove mindwarps. It is easy to see Max brooding.

Part 17

Serena looked at Liz with her arms crossed over her chest. Liz looked nervous about what they were about to do.

"Liz, look I know that you understand that there will be next to no secrets between the two of us. One thing you need to know is I know more then you think about you." Said Serena
"What do you mean?" Asked Liz
"You weren't the only one that got a visitor from the future a week or so ago." Said Serena
"What are you talking about?" Asked Michael
"Mullet head sit your ass down and shut up. Or I will kick your ass out of here." Said Serena
"Stop calling me mullet head shorty!" Said Michael
"Then cut your hair." Said Liz
"No." Said Michael
"Think Maria and Isabel share our opion?" Asked Serena
"I know Maria does. She liked the spikes he use to have." Said Liz

Michael growled at his sisters and sat down in a chair.

"Liz maybe we should sit down to do this." Said Serena

Liz bit her lip and nodded. They sat down on the couch next to each other.

"OK you have connected with Max right? I mean besides when he healed you." Asked Serena
"Yeah. He told me to look into his eyes and let my mind go blank." Said Liz
"Same theory here. But I want you to focus on around the time Tess showed up in Roswell." Said Serena

Liz nodded. Serena took Liz's hands and the two girls looked into each others eyes. The connection was almost instead. The images flew between the two of them almost to fast for them to fully see. After a few minutes Serena broke the connection.

"You are fine Liz." Said Serena
"So uh were there any mindworps?" Asked Liz
"Not many. But there were a couple. Give it a little time and your memory of what you were made to forget will come back." Said Serena
"Thanks. Uh Serena, I'm sorry for how I reacted to finding out we were sisters." Said Liz
"It's OK. I understand better now why you reacted the way you did. I have always known who you and Michael were. You had it hidden your whole life." Said Serena
"You really OK Liz?" Asked Michael
"Yeah I am Rathy." Said Liz with a smirk
"Don't call me Rathy!" Said Michael

Both Serena and Liz started to laugh at Michael's reaction.


"Isabel, I was wondering if you got around to doing that thing I asked?" Asked Max
"I did dreamwalk Liz. But she wasn't dreaming about whatever her secret is. Based on what we have been told. I would say that she was having a memory from Antar."
"What was it about?"
"Max, I really think you should just talk to her. That really is the only way you will fix things with her."
"Isabel, I am not fully sure we should trust Serena."
"Why? Because she just showed up and claims to be Michael and Liz's sister? Max, I won't tell you want to do. But there is something about her. It feels right that she is here."
"You are the one that brought Tess into the group."
"I know! I am beginning to think she was playing her mind games to get me to do that."
"It's taking to long. They should be back by now."
"Max, it will be fine. We have no idea how bad Tess's games got with them. It takes time for Serena to do her thing." Said Nancy
"Mrs. Parker why didn't you tell us who you were before?" Asked Isabel
"Isabel, all of us have watched from a distance. In fact we had a plan to rescue Max from the Special Unit before you all went after him. Isabel, I know that you have questions about your past. That maybe Whitaker told you things before she died. But anything she told you is a lie. Vilandra would never have betrayed her brother."
"Thanks Mrs. Parker."

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Re: Real Destiny (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 17 7/24/17

Post by L-J-L 76 » Mon Jul 24, 2017 6:24 am

Love the sister, brother and sister interaction between Liz, Michael and Serena. That was so funny how Liz and Serena started to pick on Michael. And he just took it. Max and the others should be worried about what Tess did to them.

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Re: Real Destiny (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 17 7/24/17

Post by Natalie36 » Mon Jul 24, 2017 8:29 am

had me rolling with "rathy" :lol:

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Re: Real Destiny (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 17 7/24/17

Post by keepsmiling7 » Mon Jul 24, 2017 2:02 pm

I love the "rathy" too.......that's perfect for Michael, and mullet head. He's got two sisters now to shape up his life. And probably Maria will appreciate the help.

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Re: Real Destiny (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 17 7/24/17

Post by Roswelllostcause » Tue Jul 25, 2017 4:17 am

L-J-L 76 It was a nice bonding moment for the siblings.

Natalie36 Liz calling Michael "Rathy" is funny.

Carolyn Michael might learn to enjoy having his sisters tease him.

Part 18

Liz, Serena and Michael returned to the Crashdown and everyone noticed that there seemed to be a new closeness between the three of them. It was most noticeable between Liz and Serena. It was like they were able to tell what the other was thinking.

"Michael and Liz are good. Michael was a bit worse off then Liz. But they both had their minds messed with." Said Serena
"Uh you three seem closer." Said Maria
"We are Maria. But don't worry you will always be my best friend." Said Liz
"I'm going next." Said Max
"No you're not Max. Next is Isabel and Kyle. Then Alex and Maria. You are last. I have a feeling you are going to be the worst. Which means after you are done I will need a nap." Said Serena
"I don't like it." Said Max
"Tough. I know what I am doing. I also know that you are the one that Tess wants to control more then anyone else." Said Serena
"I still don't know why I should trust you. You show up out of nowhere and just want us to trust you." Said Max
"Max! Stop it. Isabel, Kyle go with Serena. Max, you and I are going to have a little talk." Said Liz

Isabel and Kyle got up and followed Serena up to the apartment. Liz glared at Max her eyes glowing gold around the edges. Max felt a chill run through him as he got up and followed her into the backroom. Once there Max just looked at Liz.

"Max, I never slept with Kyle." Said Liz
"Why did you try to make me think you did?" Asked Max
"I thought it was better at the time to push you away. That it was better if you were with Tess."
"Why would you think that?"
"Because you told me that the world would end if we were together."
"I never told you that!"
"Well not present day you. But you from 14 years in the future."
"You expect me to believe I came back in time? As far as I know time travel is impossible. How do you know it wasn't a mindworp?"
"He knew you would show up with the Mariachi band. He also knew about the tickets to the Gomez concert."
"So we went to a concert and caused the world to end?"
"No he said we never made it to the concert. That instead we made love. That it cemented things between us and it caused Tess to leave. But you needed her to defeat your enemies."
"But your mom just told us that Tess is a traitor. That you are the real Queen."
"I know. He was wrong. When Serena checked me for any mindworps she and I were connected. She got a visitor from the future too, me. This future version of me didn't think that Tess leaving was the problem. She believed that it had to do with the fact that Alex, Maria, Kyle and I didn't learn the truth of who we were until it was too late. We stopped trying to find answers to your past after we got together."
"So why didn't you just tell me this?"
"He told me that you couldn't know. Max, I am sorry for hurting you."
"So what made you do it? I mean I think I know you really well, and how did they time travel anyway?"
"Reason I did it was everyone we cared about was dead. The how. Is the Granalith. Some how you, me and Serena were able to harness it's power for time travel. One thing he said was that you can't in counter yourself in another time or you both will cease to exist. Well he said Serena told him that. Something to do with quantum mechanics."

Max just looked at her not really understanding.

"Don't look at me! I don't know what it means either. Remember I am biology girl."
"Liz, what are we going to do about Tess? We can't let her stay with Valenti."
"I don't know. We need to figure it out as a group."
"Liz, you were right I do have a destiny. But I was right too. You are my destiny."
"I guess we were both right."

Max leaned down to kiss Liz when Michael came through the door.

"Maxwell, you hurt my sister and I will blast you all the way back to Antar." Said Michael

Liz rolled her eyes walked up to Michael and shocked him as she pushed past him.

"Shit when did she learn that?" Asked Michael
"No idea. But I think Serena might have something to do with it." Said Max
"I would end up with two pain in the ass sisters wouldn't I?"

Max just smiled and followed Liz out to the Crashdown.

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