Real Destiny (M/L, AU, Adult) Epilogue Complete 8/24/17

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Real Destiny (M/L, AU, Adult) Epilogue Complete 8/24/17

Post by Roswelllostcause » Wed Jul 05, 2017 8:01 am

Title Real Destiny
Author Roswelllostcause
Disclaimer Roswell is owned by a lot of people. I am not now or ever been one of them. If I did do you really think season two would have gone the way it did?
Category M/L AU with aliens
Rating Adult
Summary Someone shows up in Roswell after the events of End of the World to fix things before they go wrong.

A/N Everything up through End of the World did happen as seen on the show. But Destiny is not what anyone thinks it is. Also forget that there were eight pods mentioned in Sof47.

Prolog POV

Damn! What the hell is wrong with Max Evans! He is a fucking idiot! Back on Antar is wasn't so stupid! But of course my sister is to blame too. Then again they couldn't have done it with out my help either. We really had to have been bad off if I agreed to help them turn the granilth into a time machine. Wait I guess I should back up a little. My name is Serena Turner, and I am an alien. I like Max, Isabel and Michael am from from Antar. Well so is that bitch Tess. But let's not talk about her right now. But I guess you should get a bit of a history lesson. Antar was ruled by King Zander and Queen Elexa. King Zander had a sister named Vilandra. His close friend was Lord Rathron, the head of his army. Elexa had a twin sister named Dexa. (That would be me.) They were also the younger sisters of Rathron. One thing you should know is that twins are very rare on Antar. Rathron was engaged to marry Brana who was BFFs with Elexa and Dexa. Vilandra was in an on and off relationship with Jaxer who was the cousin of Elexa and Dexa. Dexa, she was in love with Ryden, Brana's brother. Well anyway everyone was happy for the most part. Well except for Zander's cousin Khivar. Now Khivar hated Zander. He hated Zander because he want Elexa. Let me tell you Elexa didn't scare easily, but Khivar did scare her. Elexa was also head over heels in love with Zander. Trust me I don't remember much from my life on Antar but I do remember how sickingly sweet they were together. I only know as much as I do because I was raised by a protector of the Royal Court. Now there was one other person who was there Java. Now she was the daughter of Gantar's leader. Gantar is a neighboring planet to Antar. Now as much as Khivar wanted Elexa, she wanted Zander. Well anyway Khivar gathered an army and killed all the members of the Royal Court at the engagement ball for Rathron and Brana. Well Khivar was responsible for the death of everyone but Elexa and Dexa. Java killed the two of them. Khivar was pissed from what I heard. So he killed her. Now every member of the Royal Court was cloned and had their DNA mixed with human DNA, and we have all been reborn. This was done by Zander's mother, the former Queen Mayra. Khivar had Java cloned and reborn as well. He also had the pod that held Elexa removed along with everyone but Zander, Vilandra and Rathron from the ship. He had his own man put in place killing one of the real protectors. Of course it wasn't learned until after the ship left Antar. A second ship was sent with the remaining pods and new protectors. Now what no one knew until we got to earth was that the pods that held Elexa, Brana, Jaxer and Rydon had been messed with. They came out of the pods as invents instead of six year olds. But their personal protectors were there to get them when they came out. Each of them had found a human that they had married. Now not all of the humans knew about their mate. In fact only two of them learned the truth to my knowledge. Jeff Parker knows his wife Nancy is an alien and the personal protector of Elexa now known as Elizabeth Parker, Liz to her friends. Grace Whitman knows about Charles, and that the baby boy that came into her home was once Jaxer. But Amy DeLuca never told her ex David about herself or Maria being Brana. Finally James Valenti Jr. Never knew that his wife Michelle was an alien or that his son Kyle was once Ryden. Now I happen to know that Michelle didn't want to leave her family. But she had no choice. He cover was nearly blown and she had to go into hiding. My protector is name Natasha. Unfortunately the four that had their pods messed with have no idea that they aren't human. I have to meet with the three remaining protectors and get them to wake up the powers of the four who think that they are human. Plus I get the job of telling the whole fucking group that the one they know as Nasado is out to get them killed and that Tess is really working for their enemy. But I get the feeling that Max will be more then happy to learn he belongs with Liz. But Liz needs to come clean about her visitor from the future too. I know all about it because while future Max was with Liz, future Liz came to me. But future Max didn't know about her coming back too. While I can't wait to see my sister and brother again, I am also scared. If Michael is anything like he was on Antar I am in deep shit.

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Re: Real Destiny (M/L, AU, Adult) Prolog 7/5/17

Post by keepsmiling7 » Wed Jul 05, 2017 8:36 am

great start........but I will need a road map for these names, depending how the story is tld.

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Re: Real Destiny (M/L, AU, Adult) Prolog 7/5/17

Post by Roswelllostcause » Thu Jul 06, 2017 4:10 am

Carolyn Don't worry it will clear up soon.

Part 1

Serena Turner walked into the Crashdown Cafe and removed her sunglasses. She rolled her eyes at the alien theme. It was a little too cheesy if you asked her. But she was here on business. At least her sister and none of her friends were working right now. They were at school. Well technically she should be at school too. But that could wait until tomorrow. Right now she needed to talk to Nancy Parker and stop any of the Royals from doing something stupid like going to Copper Summit Arizona. That would be such a bad idea. She looked around and spied Courtney Banks, known back on Antar as Ioda. Ioda was a skin but not with Khivar. No she was part of a faction that believed that Rathron should have been King and not Zander. Personally Serena though she was nuts. Taking a deep breath Serena walked over to the alien woman. Keeping her voice low Serena spoke low so no one would hear her.

"Ioda, let's not play games. I know you know who I am. So just go get the boss of this cheesy diner." Said Serena

Courtney just nodded and Serena went to sit at the counter. Ten minutes later Jeff Parker walked out of the back and up to her.

"Hi Serena. Uh I thought it wasn't safe for you to be here." Said Jeff
"Yeah well some deep shit is about to go down. There is a threat getting too close to his royal pain in the ass." Said Serena
"Come on maybe you should come upstairs and talk to Nancy." Said Jeff

Serena stood up and with a toss of her long mostly brown hair followed Jeff into he back and up the stairs.

"You know I never noticed how much you look like Lizzie. If it wasn't for that purple you have you might be mistaken for her from behind. Well I think you are a little taller." Said Jeff
"Well from what little I know about our human DNA donors they were sisters." Said Serena
"Right. Nancy, there is someone here who needs to see you." Said Jeff as they walked in the door of the apartment.

Nancy came out of one of the bedrooms and looked at Serena surprised.

"Serena?" Asked Nancy
"Hey Nancy." Said Serena
"I got to get back downstairs. Fill me in later." Said Jeff

Jeff left and Nancy took a good look at her Queen's sister. Serena had the same almost olive skin tone as Liz, the same brown eyes and hair. Well Serena had purple streaks running through it. Serena also stood nearly two inches taller than the girl she had raised as a daughter.

"So Serena did you want anything to drink? Tea, juice?" Asked Nancy
"Relax Nancy. Remember only the King and Queen can issue orders. But as you know Khivar had Java sent with Zander, Vilandra and Rathron. She is here in Roswell trying to worm her way into the group." Said Serena
"Is Liz in danger?"
"I don't think so at the moment at least. Java doesn't know that Liz is Elexa. But she is trying to get into Zander's pants. It doesn't help that our stupid King came up with this plan to have Liz get him to fall out of live with her. Like that is even possible."
"What are you talking about?"
"OK at some point in like 14 years Max and Liz possibly me were the only ones left alive after Khivar attacked earth. But anyway. The Max from that timeline came back to get Liz to help him keep that blond bitch in Roswell. Java took off because Maxie boy kept pushing her away. While the whole time he and Liz got closer. In fact the other night Liz ended setting it up so that present Max found her in bed with Kyle. Making him think that they had sex. Now relax nothing happened other then those two yanking."
"How do you know this?"
"Well while Future Max was working with Liz. His wife Future Liz came to me. In short I had to agree to expose the trampy bitch and make sure his Royal dumb ass and Royal stubbornness get their asses together. But we need to tell everyone who they really are."
"You do know Maria is going to freak out don't you?"
"She wouldn't be Brana if she didn't. Just like Michael won't be Rathron if he don't blow a gasket."
"Liz will not be happy that I haven't been honest with her."
"We can deal. Now are you aware that Courtney Banks is a skin?"
"Do you know if she is with Khivar?"
"No she is one of them crazy ones that think that Rathron should of been King."
"Well at least she won't tell Khivar's people where to find us."
"They might already know. Congresswoman Whitaker was a skin. Isabel killed her. But she may have already reported in by then. The skins in Copper Summit are going to cover it with a car accident. But we need to stop Max, Liz and anyone else from going there. I know that Liz was working for Whitaker. So that she is needed to get them in."
"Damn. Is Natasha here?"
"Will be soon. She is taking care of our house over in Dexter."
"Ok who is Java anyway?"
"Tess Harding."
"I will talk to Amy and Charles. Now I just need away to get the rest of them here."
"If it helps Sheriff Valenti knows about Max, Isabel and Michael. I don't know all the details. But he has helped them out since May. I think it has something to do with helping get Max away from the special unit."
"I hate that unit. They are the ones that sent Michelle into hiding."
"I know. Nancy, I am scared to meet Liz."
"Don't worry she is going to love you. You are her twin sister after all."
"Yeah except she don't remember me."
"Did the future Liz know who you are?"
"I don't know. She wasn't big on telling what she knew."
"Well knowing to much about the future is not a good thing."
"I know."
"Do you have somewhere to stay until Natasha gets here?"
"Just a room at the Tumbleweed. I got into town last night."
"Check out. You will stay here. Until we tell Liz, you will just be the daughter of an old friend who is staying here until your move to town is finished."
"Thanks Nancy."

Serena got up and went to get her stuff. While Nancy started to make calls. She knew that they needed to tell Diane and Philip Evans the truth too. But right now they had to come up with away to meet without Tess finding out.

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Re: Real Destiny (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 1 7/6/17

Post by keepsmiling7 » Thu Jul 06, 2017 10:28 am

Lots of intrigue!
Funny how Jeff noticed how much Serena looked like Liz.
Glad to know Future Liz had some input into this destiny.

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Re: Real Destiny (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 2 7/7/17

Post by Roswelllostcause » Fri Jul 07, 2017 4:14 am

Carolyn Yes Jeff did notice that Serena and Liz look a like. Future Liz wasn't going to sit back and wait to be captured or die.

Part 2

Liz Parker watched as Max walked down the hall without even looking at her. She sighed wishing that she could tell him the truth. But he had to be with Tess or the world was going to end.

"Chica what is going on with you and his royal broodingness?"

Liz turned to find her best friend Maria DeLuca standing behind her.

"Nothing Maria."
"Yeah right. Max has all been about getting back with you. Now he won't even look at you. Well if he does then it is to give you a dirty look. So what the hell happened this weekend?"
"Nothing happened. Maria, I really don't want to talk about Max Evans. Besides he and I aren't meant to be. He is meant to be with Tess."
"Please that blond hussy? Liz, he is so not into that blond bimbo."
"Well let's just say he is no longer into me either."

Liz took off down the hall leaving Maria alone in the hall.

"Hey what is going on with her?" Asked Michael Guerin coming up to Maria
"Hell if I know. Something to do with your King from what I can tell."
"Maria, I am sure whatever is going on will pass. I don't give a shit about my so called destiny. I am not going to be with Isabel no matter what."
"Gee nice to know that."
"Maria, I am not involved with Courtney. I don't care if she wants me. There is only one blond for me. But I also want to keep you safe."
"I know. Come on Space boy walk me to class."


Tess Harding watched as Michael walked off with Maria. Boy she hated that girl nearly as much as she hated Liz Parker. Hell the two of them reminded so much of Elexa and Brana. But that was so not possible. Khivar made sure that besides herself only Max, Isabel and Michael were sent to earth. But it was time to start her plan to destroy Liz Parker once and for all. She knew about Kyle and Liz being in bed together. So all she had to do was tell the right person and everyone at school would know. She smiled when she saw Pam Troy walking down the hall. She knew that Pam hated Liz. No clue why, and she didn't care either. Pam was nothing but a stupid human that meant nothing to her.

"Pam wait I got something to tell you." Said Tess
"What is it Tess?" Asked Pam
"Well it seems Miss Goody Goody is nothing but a low down slut. Max caught Liz Parker having sex with Kyle Valenti."
"I don't believe that."
"Well Max told me himself."
"Really? I guess it is really over between those two. Not that I can say I am unhappy about it."
"I know! She acts like she is better than everyone."
"Well we know that she isn't. Thanks for the gossip."
"No problem."

Tess smiled as Pam walked off no doubt to spread it around school.


Isabel Evans narrowed her eyes as she watched Tess talk with Pam Troy. Pam and Tess weren't friends. Hell the only people Tess wanted anything to do with were Max, Michael and herself. So whatever Tess was doing with Pam was not good. Isabel lately had been having a feeling that something wasn't right with Tess. That maybe she shouldn't be a part of their group. That there was something she should be able to remember but can't that it was just out of her reach to remember. She was not going to worry about it too much right now. But would keep an eye on Tess from now on.


Serena laid on the bed in the Parker's guest room and closed her eyes. She let her mind drift back to when she lived on Antar with her sister and brother in their parents home. This was before her brother left for his military training.

~Dexa smiled at her twin as the two fourteen year old girls slowly walked up behind their sixteen year old brother. It would only be a week before Rathron left for the military academy. He had been selected to attend the Royal Military academy for training to be the next Lord General of the Royal Golden Guard. They were the ones responsible for the protection of the King and Queen of Antar. Their father Gartharon was the current Lord General. That gave their family a nice house on the palace grounds. So they had grown up knowing Crowned Prince Zander and Princess Vilandra. Dexa knew that her twin had a mega crush on the Prince. Not that she blamed her. But Zan was a little too serious for her taste. She liked Ryden better. Ryden was a little like their cousin Jaxer. Both had very strange senses of humor. Dexa and Elexa walked as quiet as they could up to their brother.

"I know you are there Dex and Lex." Said Rath
"Damn it Rath! How did you know?" Asked Dexa
"I have to know what is going on around me at all times. You know I am going to miss you two troublemakers." Said Rath pulling both of them into a hug.
"We will miss you too big brother." Said Elexa
"Lex, promise me that you will keep your sister from getting into too much trouble."
"You know I will Rathy." Said Lex
"You know I hate when you call me that!"
"But you never do anything about it. You love me too much."
"That I do. I love both of you. Always remember that. I will love you forever."

It would be two years before they saw their brother again. It would be just days before the announcement that Elexa would be married to Prince Zander.~

Serena wiped a tear from her eye at the warm memory. She could only hope that she would have that closeness with Michael and Liz. But she also knew that might never be.

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Re: Real Destiny (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 2 7/7/17

Post by L-J-L 76 » Fri Jul 07, 2017 5:32 am

So glad that Isabel knows something is off about Tess. Wonder if Isabel will know what Tess is up to. That was a very sad memory Serena had about her sister and brother. Tess and Pam need to be put to death and killed right now. Tess telling the gossip queen is really bad. God Tess is so evil and a bitch.

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Re: Real Destiny (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 2 7/7/17

Post by Natalie36 » Fri Jul 07, 2017 6:11 am

looks like another great story

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Re: Real Destiny (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 2 7/7/17

Post by keepsmiling7 » Fri Jul 07, 2017 7:36 am

It makes me mad that Max thinks he needs to be with Tess......if he only knew.

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Re: Real Destiny (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 2 7/7/17

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sat Jul 08, 2017 5:57 am

L-J-L 76 Isabel knows that Tess is up to something.

Natalie36 Thanks!

Carolyn Don't worry Serena will help clear things up!

Part 3

Liz walked into her apartment after school and headed to her room. She dropped her backpack on her bed and let out a sigh. It hadn't taken long for the rumor about her and Kyle to start spreading around school. As soon as she had heard it she found Kyle and he told her he hadn't said anything. That he would never do something like that to her. He also said that Max hadn't said anything to anyone at school. She had good idea who had started it. But there was nothing she could do about it.

"Liz, honey is that you?" Asked Nancy
"Yeah mom." Said Liz
"Will you come out here? There is someone I want you to meet."
"Sure mom."

Liz walked out of her room to find her mom in the living room with a teenage girl about her age. In fact looking at the girl she noticed that they looked a lot a like. Almost as if they were sisters. But that was not possible. Unless her parents never told her.

"Liz, this is Serena Turner. She is the daughter of an old friend of mine." Said Nancy
"Nice to meet you Serena." Said Liz
"You too Liz."
"Serena is going to stay with us for a little while. She and her mom are moving from Dexter to Roswell."
"Yeah my mom wants me to start my new school as soon as I can." Said Serena
"So you starting tomorrow?" Asked Liz
"Yeah. Maybe you will help make sure I am caught up with my school work?" Asked Serena
"Yeah sure. Maybe we can talk later? I got a lot of homework to do." Said Liz
"Liz, you and Serena will be on your own for dinner. Your father and I are meeting some friends for dinner." Said Nancy
"Ok. We might order a pizza or just go downstairs to the Crashdown." Said Liz
"Ok honey." Said Nancy
"Well I better go start on my homework." Said Liz
"No problem. How about we get dinner around six?" asked Serena
"That would be great. So pizza or alien themed diner food?" Asked Liz
"Uh pizza." Said Serena
"Great uh about five pull me away from my World War 2 homework ok?"

Liz headed back to her room and Serena tried not to cry.

"Serena, honey Liz will come around. You have to remember that she has no memory of you. She doesn't know you are her sister."
"I know. You are meeting with Charles and Amy?"
"Grace will be there too."
"What about the Evans?"
"They don't know the truth. We will discuss telling them and bring Jim Valenti in on our secret."
"Then it would be telling everyone the truth."
"Ok. I am going to go read in my room."

Serena walked off leaving Nancy alone.


Maria placed the order on the wheel in the kitchen cut out. She then went to make the drinks for her table. Not that she wasn't tempted to put something in Pam Troy's drink. She just knew that bitch had something to do with that nasty rumor going around school about Liz. But she knew better. As much as it pained her she had to play nice. She took Pam and her friend their drinks and checked on her other tables before picking up their order. After taking them the food she went back to the cut out to Michael who was working in the kitchen.

"God I so want to kick Pam out on her ass!"
"You think that she is behind those rumors about Liz and Kyle?" Asked Michael
"I so wouldn't put it past that bitch. She has hated Liz since kindergarten."
"Well if she keeps up her shit we will take care of her."

Maria looked at Michael wondering what was going on. Why did he seem so protective of Liz all of a sudden.

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Re: Real Destiny (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 3 7/8/17

Post by keepsmiling7 » Sat Jul 08, 2017 9:12 am

This must be very difficult for Serena since Liz has no memories of her......

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