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Family Secrets (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 70&Epilogue Complete 11/18/16

Posted: Tue Sep 06, 2016 7:27 am
by Roswelllostcause
Title Family Secrets
Author Roswelllostcause
Disclaimer Roswell is owned by a lot of people I am not one of them.
Category M/L AU with aliens
Rating Adult
Summary Liz learns that what she was thought was true about her life isn't.
Author's Note Everything up to "Destiny" did happen. After that things take a major turn.
Author's Note 2 I know some of you read this over on Roswell Haven. So enjoy it again or for the first time.

Part 1

She pushed down on the gas of her black Mustang convertible. She had been driving for hours. She was happy that she was going to meet her sister. But pissed that she was going to have to tell them that things aren't as they know them. That who they think is Queen isn't. That the real Queen has no clue that she isn't even human. Boy she wished that pain in the ass shape shifter protector had to listen to her. But no! It was only the King and Queen that they had to listen too. Her cell phone rang knowing who it was she hit the speaker phone button.

"Gee Princess what crawled up your ass?"
"Maybe the fucking fact that I am doing your fucking job?"
"Don't be so dramatic."
"Look you short bald pain in the ass you are the one that was sent to keep the Royal Court safe."
"Yeah? Don't forget that I have been keeping you safe Princess."
"But none of the others!"
"They got someone in that rat hole town watching their backs."
"Then how in the fuck did Kivar's sister and his lackey get so close to them?"
"You worry to much Princess. Look the King did risk everything to save your sister's life."
"So? That tramp is trying to move in on him just like she did on Antar."
"Not going to happen. The King and Queen will not be able to fight the pull much longer."
"Well if my sister is anything like she was on Antar then we are in deep shit."
"Just get to Roswell. You are expected. You do remember the cover story don't you?"
"Yes I am not stupid."

She hung up the phone as she passed the welcome to Roswell sign.

"Well big sister hope you aren't too pissed when you learn the truth."


Liz Parker watched as her mother finished getting the guest room ready.

"Mom who is this girl again?" Asked Liz
"She is the niece of an old friend of mine. He is going out of the country on business and would rather that she stay here in the states."
"How old is she?"
"Seventeen, she is driving here from L.A."
"What happened to her parents?"
"They died when she was young."
"Liz, try and make Serena feel welcome OK?"
"OK mom."
"By the way you and Maria will train her to work in the Crashdown."
"Maria, will not be happy about that."
"Liz, why don't you go downstairs and wait for her. She should be here soon."

Liz left the apartment and headed down the stairs to the Crashdown. She walked out of the backroom to see Max Evans and his sister Isabel sitting in their normal booth. Max started to get up to come up to her when the door opened and a girl with red hair walked into the diner pulling off a pair of sunglasses. Liz saw her looking around. Liz headed over to her and away from Max.

"Serena Kent?" Asked Liz
"Yep. Looking for Nancy Parker." Said the girl.
"I'm her daughter Liz. She asked me to meet you and bring you upstairs."
"Cool. Lead the way. We can grab my bags later."

Liz lead the way through the back and up the stairs. Serena smiled as she passed Max and Isabel. Once they were gone Max looked at his sister.

"Who is she?" Asked Max
"I don't know. But I got this vibe from her."
"Yeah. Like we should know her."
"Do you think that she is like us?"
"I don't know. She might be an enemy. I don't like that she is going to be so close to Liz."
"Do you want me to try and talk to Liz?"
"Yeah. She won't talk to me."
"Ok Max I'll come back later when she is working to try and get answers."

Max nodded. But he was still worried about Liz and fixing things with her.


Liz lead Serena upstairs to the apartment.

"So uh my mom said you have been living with your Uncle in L.A." said Liz
"Yeah. Not that I see him much. He is really busy with his work." Said Serena
"What does he do? I'm sorry I shouldn't pry."
"No it's ok. He is a movie producer. He is going to Japan to over see his new movie."
"Oh OK."
"Liz, relax this maybe Roswell but I am not a brain sucking alien."

Liz stared at her choice of words. She had to wonder if she was another type of alien.


Re: Family Secrets (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 1 9/6/16

Posted: Tue Sep 06, 2016 11:54 am
by Michelle17
This a real interesting start. I'm wondering why the lies? Does Max know? Why aren't Max and Liz speaking?

Re: Family Secrets (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 1 9/6/16

Posted: Tue Sep 06, 2016 12:11 pm
by L-J-L 76
Great Chapter!!! Please please please please please please please please please please come back and post more really really really really soon? Can't wait to read what will happen next for Max and Liz. Wow a lot of lies going on. And also it seems a lot of secrets too. Great start.

L-J-L 76

Re: Family Secrets (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 1 9/6/16

Posted: Tue Sep 06, 2016 2:38 pm
by Lillmonster
Oh. I read this over at RH but it's really good so here I am again. Refreshing my memory. ;)

Re: Family Secrets (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 1 9/6/16

Posted: Tue Sep 06, 2016 8:28 pm
by Natalie36
sweet, can't wait to see what is next

Re: Family Secrets (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 1 9/6/16

Posted: Wed Sep 07, 2016 6:25 am
by Roswelllostcause
Michelle17 There are some lies but they are covering some major secrets. Max doesn't know what is coming. Liz isn't speaking to Max because she thinks he needs to follow his "destiny".

L-J-L 76 There are a number of lies and secrets going on!

Natalie36 Thanks!

Part 2

Liz walked into the Crashdown at the start of her shift at five that evening. She noticed Isabel walk in and sit in her normal booth. A booth in her section. She sighed and went over to her.

"Hi Isabel."
"Hey Liz. Could I get a cherry coke?"
"Liz, who was the girl earlier?"
"Let me guess Max thinks she is evil."
"Liz, we need to be careful."
"I know that! Look all I know is that she is the niece of a friend of my mom. That she is seventeen."
"I'll get your drink. Stick around maybe you will pick up something if she comes down."
"Liz, he loves you not her you know that don't you?"
"Well this girl coming screwed with me taking off to visit my Aunt in Florida. Now I have to play tour guide and train her to work here."

Liz turned and headed to the soda fountain. Isabel looked to see the girl from earlier slipping back into the back room wiping tears from her face. Isabel couldn't understand why she would be upset about what Liz said when they just met.


Serena ran up the stairs straight to her room. She fell onto the bed crying. Nancy saw her come in and went after her.

"Serena what's wrong?"
"My sister hates me Nanra!"
"Honey, she doesn't even know you! She has no idea that you are even her sister. Serena, she doesn't even know that she isn't fully human. And you need to be more careful. You have to remember to call me by my human name of Nancy. Just like I have to call you Serena and not Trina."
"I know. I'm sorry."
"Now what happened?"
"Liz was talking to Zan's sister."
"Liz was talking to Isabel? Are you sure?"
"Yes. Liz said I screwed up her plans. Because she has to stay here with me."
"Serena, give Liz time. She will come around. Now let me give you a run down on who everyone is."
"Isabel and Max Evans are Vilondra and Zan. Michael Guerin is Rath. Now he is far worse than Rath ever was. They know that they are aliens. Now as you know Liz is your sister Elexa. Alex Whitman is Gathron. Maria DeLuca is Dana, and Kyle Valenti is Jathron. None of them have a clue on who they really are. Their powers are also dormant. Though I am being to think that Liz's are starting to come forward."
"Why do you think that?"
"She was acting odd a few months ago. Spending a lot of time making out with Max even cutting class to do it."
"Yes. I know the night the two of them spent out in the desert they found one of the orbs."
"You maybe right. Her antarian side is waking up. But what caused it?"
"Well the fact that she nearly died and Max saved her might have a little to do with it."
"Wow! Nancy why do I remember some things while the rest don't remember anything?"
"Your pod was the least damaged in the crash. Liz, Alex, Maria and Kyle's were the worst."
"So they came out early and their powers are repressed."
"Yes. I found safe homes for Alex, Kyle and Maria. I kept Liz because her pod was the very worst. She was only about a year old when she came out."
"Nancy, I want to know my sister."
"Don't worry. I am going to talk to her Royal Highness and get her to shape up. Before she finds out she is Queen and I have to listen to any order she gives."
"Good luck."
"Thanks Princess."

Nancy left to go find the young Queen she had learned to love as her own.

Guide to who is who.

Max Evans King Zan
Isabel Evans Princess Vilondra
Michael Guerin General Rath
Liz Parker Queen Elexa
Serena Kent Princess Trina (sister to Elexa)
Alex Whitman Lord Gathron
Maria DeLuca Lady Dana
Kyle Valenti Lord Jathron
Nancy Parker Nanra (Guardian/Protector)


Re: Family Secrets (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 2 9/7/16

Posted: Wed Sep 07, 2016 8:19 am
by keepsmiling7
Yes, I've read this on RH, but I'm looking forward to seeing what I have forgotten, or even missed the first time around.
Thanks for bringing this here,

Re: Family Secrets (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 2 9/7/16

Posted: Wed Sep 07, 2016 9:32 am
by L-J-L 76
I also read this on RH. Love the story and wanted to read it again.

L-J-L 76

Re: Family Secrets (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 2 9/7/16

Posted: Wed Sep 07, 2016 10:33 am
by Michelle17
Hi I love the update. I lobe the fact that Serena is Liz little sister. It makes me a little sad that Liz has forgotten about her sister and doesn't feel the connection. I'm glad that Isabel is trying to to get her brother back with Liz. I know Liz is going to need Max when all these secrets start coming out. She is also going to need her sister too. Is Michael a brother to Liz in this story? Please post more soon.

Re: Family Secrets (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 2 9/7/16

Posted: Thu Sep 08, 2016 5:38 am
by Roswelllostcause
Carolyn Thanks enjoy!

L-J-L 76 Enjoy!

Michelle17 It is sad that Liz doesn't remember her little sister right now. Isabel just wants to see Max happy, and Liz is the person that will do that. Liz will need both Max and Serena when the truth starts to come out, a long with the rest of her friends. As for Michael just wait and see who is part of his family.

Part 3 Antar Three years before the fall.

Elexa walked into her father's study. She was the oldest child of the King and Queen of Pantar. One of the two countries on the planet of Antar. She had just turned fifteen and soon her parents would announce to their people who she was to marry to help her lead them. She had a feeling that is what her father wanted to see her about. There had been a number of noble young men asking for her hand. She hated that they did things in this old fashioned way. But did understand that it was for the best. If only they would pick her secret crush. But it was only a pipe dream. She was sure that she could learn to be happy if it wasn't one of a few men. Her father sat at his desk and looked up at her when she entered. Kneeling in front of the desk as she had been taught from a young age when coming before her father in any place other than the family's private living area of the palace.

"Please stand my daughter."
"You wished to see me father?"
"Yes as you know it is nearly time to announce your engagement."
"Yes I know."
"I have considered a number of possible choices. I have narrowed it down to two. Both are from Cantar."
"Cantar? May I ask why?"
"After talking with King Victron, it would be in the best interest of all the people of Antar to have us work closely together. Therefore you will either marry Duke Kivar who will help you rule our people, or we fully unite our people with you marrying Prince Zan."
"Do I get any say in this?"
"Elexa, I am afraid not. You will be leaving for the capital of Cantar in three days. During the next year you will spend time with both of them. Victron will make the choice one year after your arrival. You will accept his choice weather you like it or not."
"Father! Please I have met the Duke and he will treat me as nothing but something to be owned. He believes that women should have no power and need to bend to the will of men."
"This is not open for debate. Now get Nanra to help you start packing."
"Yes father."

Elexa, left the study but not before flipping her hand causing all the glass in the room to shatter including the bottle of 200 year old antarian scotch. Once she was gone King Riker's wife came in.

"I see that the news went well."
"Shava, she needs to rain in that temper of hers."
"She, should have some say in who she marries."
"We had no say! Hell we didn't even meet until a week before we married!"
"Don't you think I know that?"
"She will spend the next year courting both Prince Zan and Duke Kivar."
"You are leaving the choice to King Victron!"
"Yes! He will know if Elexa, is right to lead our united people. If not then she will marry Kivar and lead our own."

Shava left but not before causing her husband's chair to shatter under him. He fell to the floor hard. He knew right where his eldest daughter got her temper.


Roswell Present

Nancy walked into the Crashdown and as soon as her daughter finished with the table she was serving food she called to her.


Liz's best friend and co worker Maria DeLuca raised an eyebrow. She had never heard Mrs. Parker that mad before. Liz followed her mother into the back wondering what had set her mom off.

"Mom what's wrong? Did I do something I am not a wear of?" Asked Liz
"Well, when you were talking to Isabel earlier Serena heard you."
"Heard what?"
"Don't play stupid young lady! She heard you say because she came to stay with us that your summer plans were ruined. Let me tell you something after you get off you will apologize to her. You will stop acting like this is a big pain for you. You weren't going to go to Florida. I know you are having problems with Max and that is why you wanted to go. You will stay here be nice to Serena and act like the adult that you want your father and me to treat you like. Do you understand?"
"Now get back to work."

Liz went back out into the dinning room and Nancy started up the stairs.

"You won't be able to do that once she learns the truth."

Nancy turned to look at her husband one of the two humans she had ever trusted with her secret.

"I know. Once she learns who she is and I really am I will be the one taking orders from her." Said Nancy
"So is she anything like she was back then?"
"She is just as smart as Elexa was."