Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Complete 10/19/16

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Re: Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Chapter 23 10/09/16

Post by Natalie36 » Sun Oct 09, 2016 7:33 am

diana better get in the game :(

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Re: Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Chapter 23 10/09/16

Post by Lillmonster » Mon Oct 10, 2016 12:38 am

Natalie: What can I say? Dianne has her own agenda.


Max helps Liz out of the car as she holds Jazmine against her chest. “Wait, I'll just take your bag”

“I take it, you can go ahead” says Granma and smiles at them.

Max puts his arm around Liz and steadies her up the stairs. “Thanks” says Liz “I'm still a little dizzy”

“I'm here now and I will not leave. You see... I'm gonna take care of my family, starting with the mommy” says Max and lifts both Liz and Jazmine up and carries them in through the door.


Max smiles wide when Liz jumps in his arms and then he sees Jazmine's little face. She wrinkles her little face and then lets out a little cry. “Oh, my little honey bee. Did they wake you?” He kisses her on the head and then Liz on her lips. “I guess they want to welcome us home”

Liz laughs “It's not fair. You got to stop surprising me like this. You know how easy I scare”

“We know” laughs Alex “That's why it's so fun to do it”

Isabel slaps him on his arm. “Sorry about waking my niece. I guess we didn't think that far.”

“It's okey, she has already calmed down.” says Max and then to Liz “Where would my darlings want to sit?”

“The sofa will be fine”

Max puts them down on the sofa and then looks at Liz “And now my love. I'm gonna get you something to eat. You heard the doctor. If you're gonna be able to feed Jazmine you have to eat more”

“I promise. I know I will be feeling better with you here” says Liz with a smile. She turns to the others. “How long can you stay? Do you have to go back today?”

They all nod their heads. “We missed school yesterday and today so we have to go back” says Maria. “Mom won't let me miss more”

“I understand. We have to plan a longer visit later then” says Liz. Her friends glance at each other and agree. No need to tell her that they will be back in a few days for another surprise.

Max puts a sandwich and a cup of tea in front of Liz. “Eat up. I can take my honey bee”

“Are you really gonna call her honey bee?” asks Ava

“Sure am” says Max and kiss his daughter on her head “Liz has always been called honey bear so what would suit our daughter better then honey bee?”

“And what would that make you? Winnie the Pooh?” asks Kyle.

Everyone laughs and then Zan manage to get out “Yeah, you got all the honey you need”

“Okey” says Maria and stares at Liz “Now, on to bigger more important business. Why the hell didn't you tell us that Max was your soul mate? Why the big secret? And why tell Kyle and not me?”

Liz sighs “Maria, you must confess that you have a small problem with keeping secrets. Even if you don't tell to the person directly you tell others and eventually it would have reached Max ears” she looks at Max and whispers in his ear “And I love those ears”

Max is blushing at Liz comment and he kiss her.

“Na-ah, non of that” says Maria “You still haven't answered my questions so spill”

And Liz told them all about what had happened. Zan told them about why he did what he did and Max told his part in it all.

“So you understand. Max had to come to this conclusion by himself. I couldn't force him and I wanted him to love me and be with me, not because of the baby”

Maria nods her head and looks at the others “Yeah, I guess we can see that. But I'm still pissed that you told Kyle”

“I can live with that” laughs Liz.


Granma and the newly grandparents sits in the kitchen with their cups of tea. “I'm sorry but since Liz got pregnant we have a no coffee policy. She got really sick and I had to do whatever I could to help her and to sacrifice my coffee was one of the things. I hope that she will be better now so I can get my morning cup again” says Granma

“They look so happy” says Nancy “I haven't seen Liz smile this much since last summer”

“I know what you mean” says Philip “I knew something had happened last summer but nobody wanted to tell me. Zan was so angry at Max and we didn't know what that was about...”

“Is that so hard to understand” interrupts Dianne “Liz dumped him and slept with his brother”

They all stare at her. “What are you saying” asks Jeff with a low voice

“I'm saying that if Liz had stayed with Zan non of this would have happened. Zan had been happy and Max's life wouldn't be ruined”

Jeff stands up slowly “What the hell do you...?”


Isabel, Ava and Max runs in to see why their brother is yelling. “What is going on” asks Isabel

Zan turns to them “Mom is crazy. She thinks that Liz should have stayed with me and that your life is ruined” he says to Max.

Max is stunned. How can his mother think this? “How the fuck can you say something like that? This is the best thing that has happened to me. How dare you?”

Dianne stares at him “Don't speak like that. I'm your mother. And I'm only saying what I believe is true. You are only 19 and still in school. What do you know about life?”

“I will be 20 next month, if you have forgotten, and I have been living away from home for the last 1½ year and do you know what. I have been taking care of my self all that time. And before that I helped take care of the others. My god. Give me some credit here. I love Liz and I'm happy about this. Why can't you be?”

Everyone is quiet, holding their breaths and awaiting Dianne's answer. She is glaring at her son.

“Who are you? It's not like I know you any more.”

“I guess I grew up – mom” says Max

“What do you know about love? You practically never dated and out of the blue you are talking about love!” yells Dianne

“Haven't you been listening to what Mr and Mrs Parker has told you? Haven't you been listening to your own children when they told you everything? Liz is my soul mate and I'm hers. We belong together. Why is that so hard to get?”

“Soul mate! And you believe this? I bet she didn't tell you about herself before she seduced you”

“Dianne” says Philip firmly and grabs his wife's arm “I think you have said enough now”

Dianne turns to her husband “And you... You are okey with this? You are okey that your son is a father at 19? That – that – girl kept this a secret all this time?”

Max is now furious at hit mother and yells “She has a name. You have known her for almost 6 years. What the fuck is wrong with you? Let me tell you that if you have to put the blame on someone it should be on me. I am the older one. I was 19 and Liz 15. What does that say about me? And if you must know. I didn't give her much of a chance to tell me anything at that point. We agreed to talk but different circumstances came between us”

“And that was me and my lies” says Zan loudly “If I hadn't been jealous of Max I never would have done what I did” He turns to Dianne “Come on mom. I told you all about this in the car up here. I told you about my jealousy and actions between them. And much of that jealously is you the reason to” He turns and runs out of the house

“I have forgiven my brother for what he did. He explained it all to me. Liz has forgiven him. The only person that is now ruining our life is you! Our own mother!” yells Max and leave them there.

Isabel turns to Ava who has tears running down her cheeks “Come on. Lets find Zan”

Meanwhile in the living room. Liz is hearing every word that is said in the kitchen. She cries and cradles Jazmine against her. Alex sits down besides her and puts his arms around them. Kyle is sitting on her other side and pats her on her leg to show her support. Maria is sitting in a chair and Michael is pacing the floor as they continue to listen to all the angry words.

Michael growls “What the fuck is her problem?”

“I ruined Max life” cries Liz “This is all my fault”

“No way” says Maria “This is not your fault. I admit that I was flabbergasted when we found out that is was Max that was the soul mate but never say this is your fault. You met your soul mate and fell in love. How can that be anyone's fault?”

“Yeah” says Kyle “I told you all along that Max loved you but you didn't listen. You tried to do this on your own and let him live his life”

“Problem is...” says Max when he hears Kyles words “is that I didn't want to live without you in my life. I was devastated when I thought that someone else was the father of your child. I said that I should be happy to be your friend but that was the hardest thing I have ever tried to do. All I wanted to do was to yell out to everyone that you belonged to me.” He pulls Liz up from the sofa and cradles his little family against him “You belong to me! The same way I belong to you. And this...” he kisses Jazmine's head “is only a bonus that I'm ecstatic about. Have I made myself clear?” Then he leans in and give Liz a passionate kiss that speaks of all his feelings.

“Oh man. Come on. That's my sister for gods sake. Can't you do that in private” whines Michael

Liz ends the kiss and turns to her brother “I think someone is a bit jealous” and she winks her eye. “Now you have to excuse me but I think that this little baby is starting to get hungry and I love you all. But I'm not ready to have you with me when I breastfeed” She looks up at Max “Coming?”

“Sure am” says Max and they goes to Liz' room.

“Damn. Thanks for that image” shouts Kyle after them.

Maria laughs at the boys “Can't stand to hear about breastfeeding”

“Shut up” yells the boys “I can't believe Max is in there with Liz when she's doing that” says Alex

“What! It's love! And besides, it's his baby that needs feeding” says Maria and laughs at the boys faces.


Philip leads Dianne out to their car. “I think it would be best if you waited her” he says and leaves.

“Why? Where are you going?” asks Dianne

Philip turns around and sighs “Why? My god. Can't you see what you have done? Do you really think anybody wants you inside that house right now? Liz gave birth to our grandchild yesterday and you are behaving like this... This person I don't know”

“How can you be on their side? They don't understand” whines Dianne

“No, Dianne. It is you that don't understand and if you don't try to change. And change fast my guess is that you will loose at least one child”

“What are you talking about?” Dianne is high on her feelings of betrayal that she can't see her own faults.

“I'm talking about Max, you know, our oldest son. If you continue on this road that you're on. And have voiced pretty loudly if I may say so. My guess, no that's not right it's not a guess. I know that if he has to choose between you and Liz and Jazmine you will be the biggest loser. That I can guarantee.” He stares at her “Sit in the car and wait. I have to go find our other children. You know, the ones that ran out after your tirade” and then he walks off.

Dianne sits in the car and is fuming. How dare he talk to her that way? She has always done whats best for him and their children. So what if she has high expectations of her children. What parent doesn't. And she knows she is right. A mother always knows best!


Philip walks around to the back of the house and sees all the kids there. We walks up to them and says “Are you ready to leave? Mom is already waiting in the car?” He sees his daughters looking at Zan.

“I won't ride with you” says Zan “Michael will be in Roswell the rest of the week so I will ride with him”

“Oh, I can understand that but mom wont be happy” says Philip

“I don't give a damn about mom right now. I'm sorry but I'm too angry” says Zan

Philip nods his head and turns to his girls “What about you? Coming with us?”

Ava looks between her dad and brother “I want to go with Zan” she says and grabs Isabel's hand. “Yeah, me too” says Isabel

Philip looks at his children. “I see. I'll tell your mother and I'll see you at home. Okey?”

“Sure. Bye dad” says Zan and watch Philip leave.

“I hope you don't mind” says Isabel to Michael “I know we should have asked first but I just couldn't sit in the car with her for several hours”

“It's okey. I got room and it's more fun to have company then to drive by myself” says Michael.


Max is sitting on Liz bed with Liz in between his legs as she is nursing Jazmine. He strokes her hair and arms and gives her little kissed.

“What do we do now” asks Liz is a low voice

“What do you mean” asks Max

“Where do we go from here? You have to attend UNM and I still have to get my education.”

“What do you want to do? I know you have a plan somewhere in there” he says and knocks her on the head lightly

Liz smiles “Yeah, I had one but now that you are here we have to make a new one”

“What was your plan then?”

“Well, since I really want to go to university some day I planned on home schooling the rest of high school. Or maybe for a year and then go back to school for SAT and graduation.”

“That sound good. I know you can manage to do that. What do you want to do after high school?”

“I have already checked courses at ENMU and they have a couple that I might be interested in. It all depends on you and Jazmine know. But what about you? I know you like to plan just like me”

Max smiles “Oh, I admit it. Problem is that the last couple of months I have been thinking about what I want to do. I'm not so sure I want to be a lawyer. It has always been said that I should study law and follow in dad's footstep but... I don't know. I have my little family to think about and...” he sighs

“Max, it's fine. Take it easy. I'll support you what ever you do as long as you are happy. I don't want you to do something you don't want to just because you think it's the right thing to do. If we are gonna work we have to do this together. My parents marriage has taught me that.”

“I'll think about it a little bit more. Satisfied?”

“Yes. But when do you have to bee back at campus?”

“I called and told them that I would be missing two weeks due to personal issues. I told some of them that I had become a father but that was only the ones I like. So you won't get rid of me in the first place. We have two weeks do decide what do to and where to go”

“Great” says Liz and looks down to Jaz. Looks like this little honey bee is sleeping. Let me just put her in the cradle. She stands up and moves around her room. She can feel Max eyes on her “What?” she asks as she moves towards the bed again.

“You are so beautiful” whispers Max and holds his arms out to her. Liz looks at him with a disbelieving look “I know you gave birth yesterday but it's the honest truth. You are so beautiful and I love you”

Liz crawl in to his arms and whispers “I love you too”.

They sit there content to be together and after a little while Max can feel that Liz has fallen asleep. He can hear a soft knock on the door and it opens slowly. Isabel sticks her head in and whispers “Mom and dad already left and we will be going soon. Come out and say goodbye?”

“Let me just wake sleeping beauty here or she will be miffed at you for leaving without telling her”


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Re: Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Chapter 24 10/10/16

Post by L-J-L 76 » Mon Oct 10, 2016 4:38 am

Wow loved the way Max is with Liz and the baby. Max is so loving and caring. Loved the way Max and the others defended Liz and the baby. So Isabel, Zan and Ava don't want to be around Diane. I would agree with them too. Oh love the way Max and Liz are trying to make plans for their future. Agree with Philip Diane needs to change before she loses Max. Or maybe it is already too late.

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Re: Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Chapter 24 10/10/16

Post by Lillmonster » Tue Oct 11, 2016 4:12 am

L-J-L: Well, I'm a true dreamer so... We will see if Dianne can change or not.


Granma Claudia knock on Liz's door. She hears “come in” and opens the door slowly. She sees that Liz is nursing little Jaz and as usual she is sitting against Max chest. She laughs at the sight. “I bet that if you could you would be nursing too”

“My time will come” says Max “she will start to drink out of a bottle sooner or later”

“Aha, so you will be the one up in the middle of the night feeding?” she asks

“Granma. He's always up with me even if it's in the middle of the night” says Liz

“Okey, didn't know that” says Granma “But when you go back to school that could be hard to keep up you know. You can't sleep in class”

“I know, but I take whatever I get with this little honeybee and if it means to be up in the middle of the night. I'll take it”

“Sure” says Granma, she thinks, let him discover for him self how hard it can be going to school and having a baby. “I was wondering if you two maybe could go to the store for me? When she is fed that is. I forgot a few things earlier when I was there.”

Liz looks at Max who nods. “Sure we can. As soon as Jaz is satisfied”

“Great, I'll write you a note” says Granma and leaves. Now I did my part and it's up to the others when they get here to fix the rest.


“I see them, they are leaving now” says Zan from his hiding place. “Come on, let's go, hurry hurry”

Three cars rolls up to Granma's house and people are running out and hurries inside. The three drivers turns the cars around and goes around the block to park. No need to advertise that they are here.

Isabel is right now in a party planning Nazi mode. “Mr Parker could you help get the decorations up to the ceiling?” “Maria, I said that the drinks goes on that table.” “Zan stop playing with the balloons, you and Kyle were supposed to hang them.” “Michael, Alex, please a little more hocus pocus please” She wiggles her fingers.

Michael glares at her and mumbles “They are not hocus pocus. How many times do I have to say that?”

Isabel smiles at him “Got you to do the job, didn't it?” She then turns around “Where's Ava?”

Ava and Philip is in the kitchen and helps with the food and desserts. Nancy looks at them “You two looks like you have done this before”

Philip looks at Ava and smiles “Yeah, this has been my little helper with decorating food since she could stand up. Dianne was the one that cooked and I was responsible to make it look good”

“And sometimes we couldn't fool anyone no matter how nice we displayed it. It just tasted awful” laughs Ava

“I know. Trust me. I know” smiles Philip

Nancy and Granma laughs at them. “We have heard some bits here and there about Dianne's cooking” says Nancy “Some weeks your kids would eat at the Crash every single day”

“I wish I could do that too” says Philip “But I have learned to eat a very big lunch and late at night, when she is asleep, I sneak down for some snack”

Ava slaps his arm “I didn't know that”

“It wouldn't be a secret if everyone knows would it?” smiles Philip. He really enjoys being here with his kids and to laugh and have fun. Now all that is missing is that little pumpkin for a grandchild.

“All right. Everybody listen up!” Maria stands in the middle of the living room “We all know how Lizzie hates surprises and we don't want to scare her so she drops Jazmine or something”

“Like that would happen” laughs Granma “When Jaz is to be carried somewhere you can bet on that it's Max doing it. He says that he's doing it so Liz can get her strength back but I know that he adores his daughter and she already has her daddy wrapped around her little finger”

Maria smiles “Even so. I don't think that Liz would be too happy if we scare her again. So no yelling this time. We will be quiet this time, just sit still here and wait for them to discover us”

“With all the decorations it's hard to miss” says Michael “Did you leave one spot free from pink stuff?”

“Sshhh, sit down and shut up. They're coming” says Kyle as he hurries in to the others.

“Max. You know I can carry her or the bag” complains Liz

“But now I'm doing this” says Max “You opened the door” He smiles wide when Liz sighs deep.

“Uh, Lizzie! Do you see what I see?”

“What?” she walks in “What's this? Shower?” She looks at Max and then she screams and runs in to the living room. She sees that everyone is there and she screams again. She spins round and looks at all the pink decorations, sees the food and presents and screams one more time.

“Lizzie, please. You're waking Jaz” says Max and walks after her. He stops “Oh, Hi guys. What are you doing here so soon?”

Isabel throws out her arms “Surprise! It's a combo-party”

Liz stops spinning and looks at her “Combo-party?”

“Yeah, a baby shower, since you wouldn't let us have one before and with a sprinkle of sweet 16. Even if you are a mommy you gotta celebrate sweet 16” smiles Isabel

Kyle and Zan look at each other and smiles “Oh yeah, gotta celebrate 16, a big number, a milestone” says Kyle

“Sure, and even if you are a little momma now. You sure is a little hot mama” smiles Zan and winks at Liz.

“Hey, hey” says Max “No need to say it like that” he looks at Zan and continues “and besides... She's MY little hot mama” His smiles wide when he sees Liz blush.

“Oh, TMI, TMI” yells Maria and hold her hands over Nancy's ears.

Nancy smiles at Maria “Well, I think I can agree with that comment. Liz. Remind me to tell you about the hall closet some time. One of the best places when you have little children”

“MOM!” yells Liz, Michael and Alex “Now we can talk about TMI”

“Well...” says Philip “...the washing machine could be fun too...” He winks at Max who's turn it is to blush now

“DAD” yells Isabel “I think I'm gonna need therapy after this”

“And on that note. I think it's time to start the party. Hand over the baby and eat something” says Maria

Nancy looks at Jeff and Philip “Mission accomplished. Try to embarrass us? I don't think so. We will always have the advantage on them.”

“The best part is that they will never know if it's true or not” laughs Jeff

Max and Liz sits on the floor and enjoys talking to their family and friends.

“I guess mom didn't want to come” says Max

Isabel looks at Zan and Ava “We can put it like this. Even if she wanted to come we wouldn't let her. After what she did last time we don't want her here. Sorry for that but it's how we feel”

Ava nods “We haven't even been sleeping at home”

“What? Why not?” asks Max

“When we came home last she was still ranting about how you is destroying you life. How you have no future now that you has a “brat” with – her. We told her to cut it out. That we didn't want to listen to this and that we supported you and was really happy for you two. That was when she told us that is was up to us now. She has goals for us and we should just do as she says and shame on us if we don't. We are still underage and she will make sure that we don't fail like you did” says Isabel

“Non of us has been sleeping at home since then” says Zan “I'm staying with Kyle, Isabel at Maria's and Ava has been sleeping in Liz bedroom at Parkers”

“I hope you don't mind” says Ava “Nancy said it was okey”

Liz shakes her head at what she's hearing “Of course it's okey.” She turns and look at Max. “Sweetie, what are you thinking?”

“I knew that mom had plans for, at least me, but I never thought she would behave like this. I don't know who this person is and that is a bit scary” he says

“Maybe it's because up until now you guys has always done what she has wanted. You have got good grades and never been in trouble, besides Zan here” smiles Kyle

“Hey, I have good grades” says Zan

“Could be” says Max and turns to Isabel “How was she when you did your applications for school? Did she tell you what school to apply to? What courses?”

Isabel nods “Yeah, at the time I didn't think much about it, but after talking in school with some friends I know it's not normal to do it like she did.”

“What schools did you apply to?” asks Liz

“NMSU in Las Cruces, UNM, UT in San Antonio and UA in Tuscon. All of them takes under 8 h to drive to. Even Phoenix was too far in her opinion.”

“But what about Yale, Stanford, Harvard? With your grades you could come in”

“I asked her about that and she said that she was paying so she could call the shots. And in her opinion, those school is too far away and anything could happen if I was too far from home”

“It sound like your mom is a total control freak” says Maria

The Evans-kids nods their head. “We have figured it out now. Better late then never, isn't that what they say” says Max

“Everyone eaten?” asks Maria “Good, Alex, go get the grandparents so we can open the gifts”


After all the present are opened they all sit around the room. “Max and Liz. We have some questions for you?” says Jeff

Jazmine wakes up with a cry. “Dad, she is hungry” says Liz “Can this wait a bit?”

“We would like to do it now” says Nancy “Can you feed her here?”

Michael looks chocked “Here? Na-ha, that's gross”

“That is the most natural thing to do” says Nancy “I really hope you change your mind until you becomes a dad”

“I'll get a cover up” says Granma

Max takes his position and leans back against the sofa, Liz takes her place in between his legs and leans back against his chest and then Max holds up the cover up to hide Liz's breast from the other when Jazmine is eating. When they are comfortable he puts the cover up down and asks “What did you want to know”

Everyone is staring at them and smiles. “You look like you trained on doing that” says Nancy

“Max is always with me when I'm nursing so this is how I always sit” smiles Liz and tilts her head back and gives Max a kiss.

“Oh, my god! You're whipped” whines Michael and get slapped on his arms by Maria and Isabel

“It's really cute” says Isabel

“Yeah, take notes, look and learn” smiles Maria

Michael looks at Max and shakes his head “Now, see what you did. You're destroying it for the rest of us men”

“I remember that I loved it when you guys started to eat from the bottle. That was when I could take care of feeding you. So I think that you should be quiet now before you dig yourself down deeper” smiles Jeff.

Philip laughs “I can certainly agree with you there Jeff. But now we have some important issues to take care of.”

Jeff nods “Yeah. We would like to know what you will do next. What about your educations? Where would you like to live? How will you manage school and Jazmine?”


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Re: Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Chapter 25 10/11/16

Post by L-J-L 76 » Wed Oct 12, 2016 4:29 am

So Max wants to be there whenever Liz feeds the baby. I think that is so sweet. Loved how Isabel and Maria took control of decorating for the party. So Philip and Ava know how to make the food look good even if it tasted bad. Loved Liz and Max's reaction to see their friends and the party they threw. I wouldn't blame Isabel, Zan and Ava for not staying at home. Glad they have somewhere to stay. Someone needs to do something about Diane. She is way out of control and needs to be stopped before she loses her family. Oh boy now Jeff, Nancy and Philip want to know what Max and Liz will do now.

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Re: Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Chapter 26 10/13/16

Post by Lillmonster » Thu Oct 13, 2016 2:25 pm



Liz looks up at Max and over to her parents “I sort of made some plans for me during the pregnancy and after telling Max about them we agreed that my plans were good. I'm gonna stay home with Jazmine until next fall and then go back to school. During this time I will home school and take all the tests that are required. I want to finish high school and graduate with my friends.”

“That sounds like a good plan” nods Nancy “And after high school?”

“I have looked into ENMU...”

“You stay in Roswell?” asks Maria with hope in her eyes

“Well, it seems like it at this point but it could change” says Liz “But they have some programs that I'm interested in”

“What about you Max” asks Philip

Max looks down at Liz and Jazmine and clears his throat “I actually called UNM again”

“Again?” says Philip

“Yeah, first I called to tell them that I will take two weeks off for personal business. But Liz and I have been talking a lot the last couple of days...” he takes a deep breath “...and I won't go back there. I will wait until fall and then start ENMU. That way we can live in Roswell where we have our family and friends. Up in Albuquerque we would be alone and I don't think they would allow me to live on campus with my girlfriend and baby.”

“And what am I? Chopped liver?” asks Michael

Liz laughs at her brother “Oh, Michael. Of course not... but you have your classes and not that much time to help us out if and when we need it. And my guess is that we could need it now and then with this little cutie”

“Max. ENMU doesn't have law” says Philip

“Uhmm... Yeah... I know... But I have thought about this ever since I started this fall and I'm sorry dad, but law doesn't feel right for me. Liz and I talked about it. She asked me some questions and the tiebreaker was if I could see myself doing this ten years from now and still be happy about it. I thought about it a long time and found out that I wouldn't be happy even one year. Law isn't for me. Sorry. I know you wanted me to do this and work with you”

“I think that was more your mothers wish then your own. But what do you want to do instead?”

Max smiles “I wanna teach. I haven't decided if it will be at junior high or in high school but I have some time to figure it out”

Philip watches his son's smile and the happiness that surrounds him when he talks about what he want to do. Not what someone else has told him to do. Something he choose for himself. He knows that Max is doing the right thing even if it stings a bit that he doesn't want to follow in his footsteps. He sighs heavily “I know someone who's not going to be happy about this”

“Me too” says Max “But I don't care. This is my life and I want to do what feels right for me. I want to do what is best for my family and I think that they deserve a happy dad/boyfriend”

“Don't get me wrong. I will support you. To me it doesn't matter what you do as long as you are happy. But your mother is a totally different story” says Philip

“She has to realize that she can't run my life. I'm 19, almost 20 and I have a family now. She can't tell me what to do any more and I won't let her. If she can't accept my decisions then to hell with her” says Max with anger in his voice.

Jazmine starts to whimper “Oh, sorry honeybee. Didn't mean to disturb you when you're eating” He strokes her back under the cover up. He looks up and meets Isabel's eyes “What?”

“You sure has the daddy-gene. It looks like you have done this forever” smiles Isabel

Max blushes “It just feels so right” he shrugs his shoulders and looks down to his daughter.

“Hmm... That was education” says Jeff “From what you have told us you will be staying in Roswell. Where would you like to live? With us? I'm sure we can fix that. Or with Philip and Dianne?”

“I think it will be too crowded at our place” says Liz “We want to live together with Jazmine. We are a family know and that could work for a little while but not for long. We need a little more space then my room there. We needs a place to study and not disturb Jaz when she's asleep. And my guess is that we will both need to study at the same time”

“We have room” says Philip “You can get take Max room for yourself and the guestroom next door can be Jazmine's”

“I have thought about that but I don't think we will feel welcome there. Not with mom up on her high horses at the moment. I won't expose Liz and Jazmine to her anger” says Max “The best thing would be if we could find some place of our own”

Nancy looks at Jeff “Honey. Are you thinking the same as me?”

Jeff nods “I think so. That could work”

Liz looks between her mom and dad “What are you talking about?”

“Well in the back of Crash we have three big storage rooms that is filled with... well, junk... We haven't done anything about it yet but we thought about fix it up into a small apartment. Of course we thought it would be for Michael after uni but you need it better”

“Hey... For me? And now they get it?” says Michael

“Yup, they need it more” says Jeff “Come on. I know you will do this for your sister and besides. You didn't know about this until now”

“Oh, right. Okey” grumbles Michael

“There is a lot that's need to be done but with a little help from Michael and Alex I think I can have it done in less then a week” says Jeff

“How?” says Maria. She see a lot of wriggling fingers in the air “Oh, of course. Didn't think of that”

“Liz, is this something you want to do?” asks Max

“It will be perfect. I promise” says Liz. She lights up the whole room with her smile. “Dad. I know how big the room is. Can't we have one as a living room, split one into two and have bedrooms for us and Jaz and maybe split the last one into three little rooms”

“I think I can manage that but why make the last room in to three?” says Jeff

“I thought a little kitchen, a little bathroom and a little study room” she turns to Max “What do you think?”

“That sounds great. Are you sure you can do it?” he asks Jeff “Tell me if there is something I can do to help”

Michael shakes his head “Na-ha, better leave this to the professionals, you know us with the special powers”

“You do know that you won't knock any walls down but to put new ones up?” says Liz with a smile

“I wanna help too” says Isabel “I can help with the drawings and later with the decoration” She turns to the girls and clap her hands “Ladies, we need go shopping” The girls smiles at her statement and the boys groans. They just know that they will be dragged along for this.

“That's settled then. We'll go home tomorrow and start to make the changes” says Jeff. Everyone nods around him.

Philip clears his throat “And now onto something completely different. We three...” he points at himself, Nancy and Jeff “has talked a bit. As you know there will be a lot of gossip and rumors in Roswell when you move there with a baby. And that you two are gonna live together will only be icing on the cake. As you know the legal age of marriage is 18 and Liz is now 16. That makes it two years left. But... if you want to marry before that there is a way to do so”

“How?” asks Max

“You need to have parental consent and we will give that to you.” says Nancy “We just wanted you to know that”

Max turns to his father “You wouldn't mind if I marry Liz some day?”

“Hell no” says Philip “You have a child together and call me old fashion but I think that it's the right way to go. Of course most people try to marry before the children...” He chuckles at Max surprised face. “And don't care what mom says. Remember that you have me on your side”

“O-o-o-Of course” nods Max


One week later

“This feels weird” says Liz as she exits the car

“What” asks Max as he lifts Jazmine out of the car seat.

Liz stares at the Crash “I haven't been here for almost eight months and it just feels weird. When I left I didn't know that I was pregnant, only that I was sick and then I never came back. Until now. With a baby.”

“Don't forget that you have me as well” says Max and grabs her hand “Are you ready? I can see some family/friends in there waiting”

“Yeah, and some not so friendly” sighs Liz

Max squeezes her hand and leans down and gives her a kiss. Then he pull Liz toward the door and opens it.

“Lizzie. You're home” shrieks Maria and hugs her hard

“Maria, you saw me last week” laughs Liz

“I know but now you are coming home and we have been waiting forever” says Maria and nods at the booth where Kyle, Zan, Isabel and Alex is waiting.

“Hi guys. Where is Ava and Michael?” says Liz

“They should be here any minute now” says Isabel “They had to pick up some stuff”

Alex puts his arm around Liz shoulders “Come on sis. Let me show you all the hard work we have done”

“Hard work?” asks Liz with a smile

Alex frowns “Yeah, there were some crucially hard hours there” and then he laughs. “Come on”

They walk around the building and just past the ladder that reaches the balcony is a new door.

“That wasn't here before” says Liz

“Nope. Mom and dad thought that you would have your own door. Makes it more like an real apartment that way” says Alex

“But the door that connects it all” asks Liz

“Is no more” says Alex “I know. It's gonna be tough on you. Now you have to go around the building to get food”

Max laughs “Is food the only thing you think about? I like this. Like he said, feels more like a real apartment and not just some rooms at your parents house. But let's go inside. I wanna see what you have done”

Liz opens the door and the first thing she see is a ton of balloons and a banner that says – Welcome Home. Michael and Ava stands there with big smiles “Hope you like it sis” says Michael

“I'm sure we will” says Liz

After taking the tour of their new place they find some small changes from what they had imagined.

Max smiles at Michael “From what I have been told about these rooms my guess is that you got to knock some walls down”

“Oh yes...” Michael laughs “All the things I do for my sister and her soul mate”

Maria slaps him on his arm “You loved it and we all know that” She turns to Max and Liz “You should have seen him when Jeff told him they had to move some walls. He was like a kid at Christmas. Almost jumping around in anticipation”

“No matter what. I love it this way” says Liz

“And on that note – let's get shopping” yells Maria and clap her hands “Ladies, come on. The mall is waiting for us” She grabs Ava's and Liz's hands and start to drag them to the door.

“Hold on Maria” says Liz “I have to see if I have everything with me” She turns around and looks for the baby bag.

“What are you looking for?” asks Maria “The only thing you need is your dads credit card and Isabel has Mr Evans card”

“What?” asks Max

“Oh, didn't we tell you” says Isabel “The dads decided that you can buy everything you need for the apartment. They will pay for it. Isn't it great?”

“So what are you waiting for. Were loosing time here” says Maria in a sing-song voice

“Found it” says Liz and holds up the bag

Maria frowns “What do you need that for?”

Liz looks at Max and laughs “Well you see... Maria... sweetie... You see these?” she points to her breast “I can't just lift them off and leave them here with Max. So... Wherever I go Jazmine go. Since I'm the walking, talking food container” She takes one look on Maria's red face and laughs so hard that tears are running down her cheeks.

“But... I... Oh...” stammers Maria

Max puts his hand on Maria's shoulder “It's fine. Takes some time to get used to” Then he turns to Liz “Don't worry. We can all go to the mall”

“We can” asks Alex

“Yup. That way Liz and the girls can shop and when Jaz get's hungry Liz can come and feed her”

“Oh, great. How fun” grumbles Michael


Later that evening. They are sitting in the Crash eating dinner. Liz looks at her friends “Thank you so much. The place looks great. All that is missing now is a bed and all our personal stuff”

“And we will pick up the bed after we've eaten” says Max

“If we all go we can collect your personal stuff too” says Liz

“No. I don't want you around mom. I know that she will start something when I get there and I won't put you and Jaz in the middle of it” says Liz

Liz frowns “I wasn't asking. I want to be there. We are in this together. Remember”

Michael snickers “Better do as she says”

Liz glares at her brother “And you...” Jazmine starts to whimper in the stroller “I think someone else is hungry. I'll just go in the back. Be right back” Liz takes Jazmine and walks through the door.

Max grabs Liz glass of water and walks after her.

“Where are you going?”asks Michael

“To Liz” says Max “Why?”

“Can't she manage by herself? I mean what can you do?” says Michael

“I can bring this glass of water to her. I learned that it's important for her to drink lots of water when she's nursing. She could fell sick if she doesn't.” he looks Michael straight in the eye and waits until Michael lifts his fork up to his mouth “And I'm on diaper duty”

Michael spits out the food “Gross!” he yells “Why would you do that?”

Max shrugs “It's my little girl and if that's all I can do for her right now I will do it” and he turns around and leaves.

“What the hell happened to my best friend?” mumbles Michael “It's like someone body snatch him or something”

“Can't you see it” says Isabel. They all look at her with blank faces “My brother is truly happy for the first time. I can't remember when he smiled as much as he do now. Can you?” She turns to Ava and Zan and they have to agree with her.

“But diaper duty... That's so gross” whines Michael


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Re: Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Chapter 26 10/13/16

Post by L-J-L 76 » Thu Oct 13, 2016 3:53 pm

Loved the surprise Mr. and Mrs. Parker did. Wow it seems Max and Liz have everything planned out for themselves. Glad Max and Liz told the parents what she has planned. Loved how the parents and friends are being so supported of Max and Liz. Diane is not going to like what Max has planned for his life. But it is Max's life. So Max and Liz can get married if they want with their parents support. That is good. Oh no Max is going home to get is stuff. Diane is going to probably be a bitch to Max, Liz and friends.

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L-J-L 76: I think that since the Parkers has known about everything the whole time it's easy for them to help Liz and Max out any way they can. I mean, if they had told Liz about everything maybe she wouldn't have had Jaz this young. And Mr Evans... He just want's his kids to be happy. ;)


Max opens the door to his parents home. “Come on guys. Lets do this fast”

Liz walks up to him and gives him a kiss “I'm sure Jaz is fine with mom. I fed her right before we left so we have some time to get your stuff now”

Michael waves at Alex “Come on. We can take the bed”

Isabel turns to Ava and Maria “And we girls can take all the clothes”

“You see” says Liz with a smile “The only thing left is your nick-knack”

“I don't have nick-knack. I have big important stuff” laughs Max and kisses her again. Liz puts her arms around his neck and just as the kiss is about to get even better they here a gasp. Max lifts his head and sees his mother.

“Hi mom”

“Oh, I thought it was your dad” says Dianne. She sees that Max and Liz is still holding each other and she frowns. Then she hears the other talking. “What is going on?” she glares at Liz “I thought you would be back at UNM now”

Max holds Liz harder “No, we are just here to get my things. I'm only taking the bed and personal things. Zan can have the rest if he wants to” says Max

“Get your things? Bed? What are you talking about? Why would you need them?”

Liz looks up at Max “We are moving to Roswell today and we have everything except a bed. So here we are. Collecting his stuff and the bed” she says to Dianne

“Parkers and dad has helped to fix a couple of rooms for us so now we have our own apartment to live in at the back of the Crash” says Max

“I thought it would be only her to move here” Dianne says and stares hard at Liz

“I told you that this is my family now. I'm almost 20, mom. You can't tell me what to do any more. Why can't you see that I'm doing what is best for me” says Max

“Maybe because you are only 19 and doesn't know what's best for you” snarls Dianne

“My god! Would you listen to your self! I'm telling you that you CAN'T do this. You CAN'T tell me what to do. I'm a grown up” yells Max

Dianne turns to Liz “What have you been telling him now. More lies? How you can't live without him? I'm giving you a year tops and then you will dump him so you can run after someone else. Can't you see that you are ruining everything for him? He has a promising future as a lawyer and then you came along. I wish he never met you!”

Liz knew that Dianne was angry but she never thought it would be this bad and she starts to cry. Max is furious. He turns Liz head up and brushes her tears away and then he calls for Michael “Could you come and get Liz” His eyes never leaving Liz.

“Whats going on?” asks Michael.

“Can you take out Liz to the car. I'll be right there” says Max

“Sure. Come on Liz” says Michael and puts his arm around her “Lets go wait in the car”

Isabel comes down the stair “What is going on?”

Dianne turned to her oldest daughter “Nothing dear. Max is just a bit upset at the moment. It will be fine as long as he goes back to school. Did you have a nice sleepover at Maria's?”

Isabel's face drops and she looks at Max who is fuming. “ What are you talking about? I have been living with Maria since Jazmine was born. You know that”

Dianne waves her hand in the air dismissive “Oh that... Well that's not important”

“Not important? Are you saying that my daughter, your grandchild is not important?” asks Max

“Of course. Didn't I tell you what you had to do? Go back to school is the first thing you have to do. Enough of these nonsense. I'll help you pack a bag for you. That way I know that you take the right clothes with you”

“You got to be kidding me” yells Max and rubs his hand in the back of his head “Mom or whoever your supposed to be... As we speak the others are helping me pack up my room. I'm moving out to live with my family”

“We are your family and we are the only important thing. Do you understand what I'm saying. Now go to your room and do as I say” yells Dianne

Philip walks in and hears the yelling. “What is going on here?”

Dianne turns to her husband and in the next moment she is crying and sobs “Darling. You have to tell Max to stop this nonsense. He won't listen to me and now he says that he is moving out. He can't do that, darling. He doesn't know what's best for him her. Only we do”

Max and Isabel looks at their mother and wonder what the hell is going on here. Who is this person in front of them.

Philip takes a deep breath “Dianne. I have told you that Max would come home and pick up his stuff. You know that they would be moving back here. I even told you that he will be changing school and not study law any more. We talked about it right before I left today. Do you remember?”

“Dad. What's going on? What is happening to mom?” asks Isabel

“I'm not sure” says Philip.

And at that moment Alex and Kyle stumbles down the stair with Max bed. Behind them comes Maria and Ava with boxes full of clothes.

“Isabel, there are some bags stuffed with clothes left up there. Could you take them?” asks Ava. She turns to Max “I threw down all your other stuff in boxes too. You can go through it later at the apartment and decide what to keep and what to throw away”

“Thanks Ava. I'll get the computer” says Max and walks up with Isabel.

“Max. What do you think is going on with mom? I have never seen her like this before” says Isabel

“Me neither. And I hope she will start acting like herself soon” says Max and puts the last of his stuff in boxes.

“I take this down and sends up the guys to help you carry the last. I don't want to leave Liz for long”

“Go, it will be fine. I'll just check everything and see if we forgot something”

Max walks down the stair. Philip and Dianne is still standing in the entryway. “I'll be off then” he says “When we have everything in place you have to come and see how nice it is”

“Where are you going” asks a disturbed Dianne

Max looks at his dad “Mom, I told you that I will be moving today. I will be living with Liz and Jazmine in our new apartment”

“No your not! I told you to go up and pack a bag. I really should help you do that. Come on now” Dianne moves to the stair when she see Isabel coming down. “What are you doing honey?”

“I'm taking out the last of Max's clothes” says Isabel and tries to walk past Dianne

“No, your not” says Dianne and grabs Isabel's arm

Philip reaches Dianne and pulls her away from Isabel who is crying. Max hugs her and tells her to go out to the cars. “Tell Zan and Michael to get the last from upstairs” Isabel nods and hurry out the door.

Dianne stares at Max. She is furious. She can't believe that he would do this to her. Hasn't she always done what's best for him. “If you don't do as I say you will be sorry” she screams to Max “I will make your life a living hell. Do you hear me? I told you what to do and you do this? What is wrong with you? You never behaved like this before that slut showed up in Roswell. This is all her fault. She is taking you away from me”

“Don't you ever call her that. You have known Liz for the last six years and you never had a problem with her. Why now? Because I love her? Because we have a child together? I will live with them and if you don't pull your act together and start behaving like a sane person”

“What?” snarks Dianne “What would you do?”

Max sighs “If you can't act like a sane person you are not welcome in our home. I don't want you around Liz or Jazmine. They are my first priority and I will not allow you to hurt them in any way. Don't call me until you can apologize for what you have said to me and Liz tonight” He turns to his dad “I'm sorry dad but this is how it's got to be. You are always welcome in our home. You know that. Love you dad. Bye mom”


Six weeks later

“Honey! I'm home” laughs Max when he walks through the door.

“We're in Jaz room” says Liz

Max walks in and sees his sisters there. “Hi” he says and then he grabs Liz around the waist and leans in for a passionate kiss.

“Hrm... Sisters present in the room” snickers Ava.

“Come on Max. Can't you wait until we are done here” asks Isabel and wrinkles her nose

Max lifts his head up but won't release his hold on Liz. “Why wait? This is my home, my beautiful girlfriend and I'm home from a basketballgame with the guys and I must say it was a very hard game. I wonder if Alex can walk tomorrow”

Isabel look at her brother “What did you do?”

“Me? Nothing... But it get's kind of rough when neither Michael or Alex plays nice if you know what I mean” he laughs “you should have seen when Michael gave him a little shove and he almost fell on his nose. Or when Alex somehow tied Michael's shoelaces together right when he was about to do a line up.”

Liz laughs at her brothers “They can't help it. It's always been this way” she says to Isabel. She tries to get out of Max hold “And you need a shower, you're sweaty” she smiles and then giggles when Max leans down to kiss her neck.

Isabel look at Ava. “I think that is our cue. We will finish this tomorrow” she says to Liz who is giggling “Not that you will care. Bye” She shakes her head and grabs Ava's hand “Come on. Lets leave before we see something we really don't want to see”

Liz hears the front door and looks around the room “Where did they go?”

“Was it something I said” laughs Max “Where is the little honeybee?”

“Upstairs with mom, dad and your dad” says Liz. “I was just up there nursing her but they wanted to keep her for a little while. Your dad wouldn't let her go when she fell asleep in his arms. They'll call when they wants me to go get her”

“Aha” nods Max “So I'm gonna take that shower now” he walks our of the room but stops just outside “Any chance you will shower with me?”

Liz bites her lip and looks down in the floor. She really want's to shower with Max but she is afraid. They have been sleeping in the same bed since Jazmine was born but that was all. She hasn't let Max see her naked yet and she is afraid to.

“Honey” says Max “What is it? It was just a suggestion. You know I won't push you to do something you're not ready to. Do I need to remind you that I love you and that will never change”

“I love you too” says Liz and nibbles her lip “I really want to take a shower with you. I really do but...”

“But what? You can tell me everything”

She turns her head from him and mumbles “You will only think I'm stupid”

Max puts his hand on her cheeks and turns her head up. He looks in to her dark eyes and kisses her. “Never”

“Oh... I'm a bit scared”

“Why? This is just me. The guy who loves you to the stars and back” He smiles at her and kisses her again “Please, tell me. Maybe I can help you be less scared”

Liz sighs “It's my body. It's not like it was last summer”

“What's different? To me you look just as beautiful as before”

“I have been pregnant” says Liz

“Yes” nods Max “What has that to do with it?”

“Come on. You saw me. My stomach was huge” whines Liz

“And you were a radiant beauty” He leans down to whisper in her ear “And if I have to confess... Every time I saw you I wanted to make love to you again”

Liz gasps “You're kidding”

“No. I swear. Do you know how many cold showers I took when I had visited you?” laughs Max “Now I have made my confession. Your turn”

“I have wider hips, my stomach isn't as flat as it used to be and I have stretchmarks”

“Okey” says Max “I read in a book that it's normal to get a little wider hips after a pregnancy. I promise. I got no problem there. As for a flat stomach... Lizzie. Jazmine is only two months old. But again, not a problem with me. And the last one, stretchmarks. I know I won't have any problem with that either but how can I prove it to you if you won't let me see them. The only thing you have to remember and believe in is that I love you. To me you are beautiful. You were beautiful two years ago, you were beautiful, and hot as hell, pregnant and you are beautiful now. Do you believe me? I love you” And he kisses her hard and pours all his love into the kiss.

Liz takes a deep breath and looks in to his amber eyes. “Let's take a shower”


Liz walks in to the bathroom and turns on the shower. Max comes in after her with two towels. He sees that Liz is standing with her back turned to him. “Do you want me to wait outside” he asks

Liz looks over her shoulder “No but could you please turn around until I'm in the shower”

“Sure” says Max and turns around “Can I get undressed”

“What? Oh, yeah. Sure”

Liz undresses quickly and steps in to the shower. She can't help but sigh when she feels the warm water against her skin. She has been working in Jazmine's room all day and is longing for a shower.

She hears Max move out of his clothes, she hears when he moves the curtain to get inside the shower and she feels him standing behind her. A shiver goes through her body when she feels him put his hand on her hips and she can't help the gasp that escapes her when he leans forward and kisses her shoulder. He stands there for a moment before he moves against her back. She can feel all of him, feel how hard his body is against her.
She can feel how he slowly strokes his hands from her hips to her stomach. She can feel him splay his fingers over her stomach and all the time he is kissing her shoulders and up her neck. She turns her head to the side and his mouth finds hers. The kiss deepens and she lets out a moan when she feel his hand slowly move up to the underside of her breasts. She can feel his love for her in every move he makes. In every touch. In every kiss. And she can feel how much he wants her.

“You are so beautiful” he whispers in her ear as he cups her breasts in his hands. “I love your breasts. I love how they still fit in my hands. I told you last summer that you were made for me and it's still true”

She can feel how he nibbles her neck and then back down to her shoulder. She can feel how he sucks at her skin and she knows that he is marking her as his. She can feel his hands playing with her nipples and then he asks “Can I see you?”

Liz nibbles her lip again but nods her head. Max puts his hands on her shoulders and slowly he turns her around towards him. All the time he has his eyes stuck on her face. He looks in her brown eyes and then slowly shifts his eyes down her body. His hands are following his eyes. He stops at her breast and his hand molds over them. “I have seen them plenty of times but this time it's for me” he whispers.
He slowly looks further down her body and stops at her stomach, his hands is stroking her upper body and then he sees them, the tiny white stretchmarks she was talking about. He takes his fingers and follows them. “I can't hardly see them. If you hadn't told me I don't think I would have noticed them” he says in a low voice. He kneels down in front of her and puts his hands on her hips. He leans forward and kiss her stomach. He kiss her stretchmarks. Then he looks up at her “You are beautiful and these small marks makes you even more beautiful. They are the proof that you carried our wonderful daughter inside you. How can I not think that it's beautiful”

Liz looks down at him with tears in her eyes. She knew she loved this man with her everything and somehow he makes her love him even more. She don't know how that is possible but it's the simple truth. “I love you” she whispers “I love you so much that it hurts sometimes”

Max stands up and hugs her to him. He strokes his hands all over her backside “I love you too and I now exactly what you mean”


Max turns off the shower and wraps a towel around his waist. Then he takes the other towel and starts to dry Liz. She laughs at Max grin “You look like the cat that ate the canary”

Max can't stop grinning “I got to see you today, love. Who knows what could happen tonight” He laughs loud when he sees Liz face.

Liz collects her quickly and steps closer to Max. She leans forward and kisses his chest. At the same time she lets her hand slowly stroke very low on his stomach, she dips a finger inside the towel and when she hears him gasp she steps back. “Only time will tell” she says and then steps out of the bathroom and in to their bedroom.

Liz hears a knock on the door and hurries to put some clothes on. Her hair is still wrap in a towel when she opens the door.

“Hi honey” says Nancy “I think someone misses her mommy. I tried to call but didn't get any answer. I'm not disturbing I hope”

“No, sorry. I didn't hear the phone. I was in the shower”

“Oh, and where is that soul mate of yours?” asks Nancy with a smile

“He's... still in the bathroom” says Liz and blushes

“No need to blush honey. You live together and have this little cutie. I'm just teasing”

Max walks out to them “Hi Nancy. How are you?” and then he takes his daughter “And here is my little honeybee. Did you have a great time with your grandparents?” He kisses her all over her face and smiles when she search for food on his cheek. “Lizzie. Something tells me that this little honeybee is hungry”

Nancy laughs at him “That's what I figured and we came here when no one answered the phone. Had a nice shower?” she asks Max and winks her eye at Liz

Max ears turns red and Nancy laughs. “You two...” she shakes her head “Two peas in a pod. Well, have a great evening and I'll see you tomorrow”


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Re: Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Chapter 27 10/16/16

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great part but scared of diane

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Re: Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Chapter 27 10/16/16

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Great story :)

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