Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Complete 10/19/16

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Re: Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Chapter 16 9/28/16

Postby keepsmiling7 » Wed Sep 28, 2016 7:37 pm

So Nancy has a plan.......that's good.
She's a smart woman to figure out Max's part.
Can't wait for more!

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Re: Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Chapter 17 9/30/16

Postby Lillmonster » Fri Sep 30, 2016 3:56 am


Liz is looking out the window, she waiting anxiously for her friends to arrive. It had been two months since she moved and now he couldn't delay their visit any longer. She had told them about her being pregnant but she still refused to tell them with who. Maria was still a bit pissed about that, Liz knew that but the didn't care. She didn't have the time or energy to do so.

“Honey bear, it will be fine. They know about the baby and I'll bet you the girls will ooh and aah over your little bump” smiles Granma.

“I know, it's not that or well... maybe a bit. Zan is coming with them and the last I heard was that he had confessed to our friends in Roswell that he had lied but I don't know if he has told Max yet.”

“Maybe you can ask Michael when he arrives. You know he will be here tomorrow.”

“I know and I'm not looking forward to another lecture of him” She looks out the window again and sees two cars driving up “They are here” She takes a deep breath, smooths out her shirt over her baby bump and opens the door.

“Hi guys” she waves “It's so good to see you. I missed you tons” she says and the next minute she is surrounded by Maria, Ava and Isabel. They hug, they ooh, they aah, they hug some more until they could here Kyle “Come on. I want a hug too” Liz turns to him and engulf him in a big hug and cries.

“Are you okey?” asks Kyle and looks hard at her. “I hope you are trying to eat, you still look a little pale. Still queasy?”

Liz smiles. Kyle has been there for her these months when she had to talk about Max and he knew all about how she was doing. “I'm trying and no, not so much queasy. More like nausea all the time” She makes a face and Kyle mimics her.

“Hrm...” They can hear someone and turns around. “Hi” says Zan “You look good”

Liz cradle her hands on her baby bump “Hi” she says and then turn to the girls. “Let's go inside. You girls will be sharing my room, I apologize in advance if I wake you up in the middle of the night. I'm not sleeping well. Anyhow, you boys will share one of the guestrooms. Michael is coming tomorrow and he has his own room here and Alex has his”

“That will be fine with us” says Maria

“Yeah, no problems” says Isabel

“Okey, everyone. Grab your bags so we can settle down for the evening” says Alex


“Morning” mumbles Liz when she stumbles in to the kitchen

“Morning honey bear How are you feeling this morning? There's hot water in the kettle and toast on the counter. Take it out back and relax. You know stress isn't good for you” says Granma.

“Thanks” says Liz “I'll do that. When the others wake up could you tell them where I'm out back? And cross your fingers that I can keep this down for a while”

She walk out to the back porch and tries to relax. She knows that when Michael arrives the lecture will start. She just hopes that he won't say anything so the others hear.

“Morning Lizzie” says Kyle when he sits down across her. He puts down his cup on the table and hears a sharp inhale and then a moan. “What's wrong? Nausea?”

Liz nods her head before she runt to the toilet. Granma sees Liz run past her and walk out to Kyle. “Oh” she says “I guess we forgot to tell you yesterday. Only tea in this house. Liz can't stand the smell of coffee – among many other things”

“Shit” says Kyle. “I found this instant coffee and took some. I'll go pour it out and warn the others”

“It's fine. I have that because when Liz is in school I usually drink a cup outdoors. That way she can't smell it when she gets home” smiles Granma

Kyle walks in the kitchen and sees the others “Guys. Absolutely no coffee. It makes Liz sick” he says and rinse out his cup

“Tea it is then” says Isabel and fix some cups for the others.

When they sit down on the porch Liz walks out again. “Kyle, sorry about that. I should have told you but I forgot”

“It's fine. We can drink tea as well” says Kyle “But now I want to be honest with us. How are you really feeling? It looks like you lost some weight”

“That can't be right” says Isabel “shouldn't you be gaining weight when you are pregnant?”

Liz start to fidget when everyone is looking at her “Yes I know I should be gaining but I can't keep much down. I'm constantly nauseous. I can't stand the smell of... a lot of things” she sighs “I'm dizzy and my whole body hurts. I have pins and needles all the time, that's why I can't sleep. Is that what you wanted to know?”

“Lizzie. We're not here to point fingers or blame you or anything. We are worried about you and want to help you. Is there something we could do” asks Isabel

“Thanks but no. There isn't anything you can help me with. I just hope that this will be better when the baby is born. The doctors have told me that it's because I'm alone in this pregnancy that I'm feeling like shit. I can only hope that it won't get worse but they don't give me too much hope.”

Maria is studying Liz closely “What's that?” she asks


“The marks on your arms”

Liz looks down at her arms “Oh, they are needle marks. Sometimes I have to be hooked up to an IV for fluids”

“And when was the last time you did that?” asks Alex “Mom and dad hasn't said anything about this”

“I told them not to and yesterday before you came. I wanted to be able to have fun with you” says Liz

“Is there anything that could make this better” asks Isabel

“Yeah, they say that if the father was around I would be like my normal self. At this time the morning sickness should be gone. But since I'm alone I got all the bad stuff. I'm just looking forward to have my baby”

“Where is the father? Who is the father? Why isn't he here?” Maria almost shouts out the questions. She is getting pretty irritated at Liz. “This is your health we are talking about. If something as easy could make you fine get the damn father-to-be here!”

The others nods there head agreeing with Maria. Only Kyle sits still, he ogle at Zan to see how he will react.

“I thought we had discussed that already. I don't want to tell you who it is. I don't want to force him to be here just because I'm pregnant, this was an accident and I take responsibility for it. If he want's to be here it should be on his terms and because he loves me regardless of the baby”

“You still haven't told him” asks Isabel

“No. If he wants to talk to me he knows there is some ways he can go to find out where I am. And if he want's to talk to me he can pic up a phone. I have my cell and I'm listed” says Liz irritated. “Look guys, I don't want to fight over this. You will be staying for a couple of days and lets just have fun. It's been so long since I saw you”

“Sure” says Kyle. “What should we do?”

“We could go bowling down at the community center” says Liz.

They all agree and the girls goes inside to fix themselves. Kyle and Zan is left. “Why are you so silent” asks Kyle

“Got a lot on my mind” says Zan

“Could it be something with doing the right thing. Have you told him about you lie yet?”

Zan looks away “No, I haven't”

“Why the hell not?”

“It's not that easy” shouts Zan “What will he think of me? I was so jealous that I lied to him? And now Liz is so sick because of that. Do you think he will forgive me?”

“Liz did. She had no reason to let you come with us but she wanted to try and save the friendship you once had so here you are”

“She is on guard against me”

“Wouldn't you be? Think about what you have done toward her and if you find nothing wrong then you can complain. But not now” says Kyle and grabs his cup and walks in.

How the hell am I gonna fix this, thinks Zan. It's not like I can call Max and say, you know what I said about Liz and me, well it was a lie. If I couldn't have her you shouldn't either. Yeah, that will work out fine...


“I don't think you played fair” whined Kyle

“What do you mean? Because we girls proved to be better then you?” smiled Liz. She was happy with her friends and she had only been sick once in the bowling alley.

“It was four against three. Not fair”

“Stop being such a baby” says Alex and pats Kyle on his back “If it makes you feel better I can tell you that only two of them had won over us as long as Liz was playing. She's really good at this”

“Not helping” says Kyle

“Oh, look. Michael is here” says Maria and smiles wide. “Come on, no snails here”

“Oh my... Did she get in a rush or what. Wonder why?” teas Isabel

“I'm not really sure. Maria, could you show us again” laughs Liz as they walk up to the door.

“Come on, come on, come on” says an overly eager Maria

They walk in the door and can hear voices from the kitchen.

“Hi, were home” shouts Liz and the next second Michael comes barging out in the hall and grabs Liz in a big bear hug. Liz laugh at him “Did you miss me big brother”

Michael leans back and looks at Liz “I'm sorry”

“Sorry about what?” says Liz and then she hears a voice.

“Hi Lizzie”


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Re: Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Chapter 17 9/30/16

Postby L-J-L 76 » Fri Sep 30, 2016 5:01 am

Poor Liz she is sick all the time. Maria needs to stop bothering Liz about who the father is. Liz will let everyone know when she wants too. Glad Kyle is trying to get Zan to do the right thing. But Zan better do it very soon or Liz will probably get worse. Something is going on with Maria she is very happy to see Michael for some odd reason. Oh no what did Michael do to tell Liz he was sorry. Oh boy Max! Now maybe Zan can fix things with Max and Liz????

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Re: Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Chapter 17 9/30/16

Postby keepsmiling7 » Fri Sep 30, 2016 1:01 pm

Zan, please just go ahead and tell Max the truth.
He needs to come be with Liz!

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Re: Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Chapter 18 10/01/16

Postby Lillmonster » Sat Oct 01, 2016 5:18 am

Thanks for the feedback. :)

Zan will tell Max but will it help? Remember that Liz is a very proud young lady with a strong mind of her own.


Liz eyes opened wide and one protective hand went down to her stomach and the other up over her mouth as she ran past everyone to the toilet. They could all hear her throw up and then her cries.

“Was it something I said” asks Max and looks at the others. They all shrugs their shoulders. No one knew what they should say. Liz didn't want him to know anything. It had taken them almost two months to persuade her to tell Zan.

“Maybe I should” said Kyle. The others nod their heads and Kyle walked to the door. “Lizzie. It's Kyle, can you manage to open the door?”

The only thing that was heard was her sobbing “Alex can you help me” asks Kyle. Michael knows what he needs help with and says to the others “Lets go out back and leave them alone for a while”

Alex waits until they leave and then walks over to Kyle. He holds his hand in front of the lock and they can her a click. “Thanks man” says Kyle and sneaks in to Liz. He sees her hanging over the toilet crying. “Oh Lizzie” he takes a washcloth and wipes her face but the tears are still coming down. Then he cradles her in his arms and talks soft nonsense words in her ear. After a while when she is calming down he can hear her “Why did he have to come?”

“I don't know. I don't think anybody knew that he would be here. Do you think you can make it?”

“Don't know. Maybe. If I try to stay away from him. But I can't do that, can I?”

“No, you can't. That would look really suspicious and since you wont tell him anything it's a no no. Sorry”

“Thought so”

“Should we get out of here? I must say that I have never spent so many times on the bathroom floor as when I'm with you” he jokes.

Liz giggles “I know what you mean. It feels like I spend more time in here then out with Granma. That is the only part I hate about being pregnant. How I feel.”

“You know what to do to make it better” says Kyle

“No no no no no, not gonna happen” Liz shakes her head hard from side to side. “Oh, shit. Shouldn't done that” and then she leans over the toilet again. Kyle sighs, holds her hair and strokes his hand over her back.

“Come on” he says “I'll help you to your room so you can lie down for a nap. Your eyes are even more hollow then yesterday.”

“Thanks you truly knows how to make a girl feel good” Liz tries to smile.


“Okey, can someone tell me what just happened” asks Max

“I don't know what you're talking about” says Isabel.

“Are you kidding me” he looks at Zan “You of all must now what the hell is going on”

Zan looks away and says “Why should I know something?”

“Maybe because she is your girlfriend. Why the hell is Kyle in there with her and not you?” Max stars at the others and knows they are keeping things from him. But why would they do that?

“Michael. Do you know?” he asks his best friend.

At that moment Kyle walks out “Michael. Liz wants to talk to you. I got her to lie down for a bit” he says.

Max looks between Zan and Kyle and shakes his head. “If one of you want talk to me I'm going to ask Liz?”

“No, don't do that” says Kyle “She's not feeling well right now”

“That I could have figured out myself since we all heard her. But then maybe you could answer what the hell you were doing in there with her and not her boyfriend”

“What boyfriend” says Ava “Ooops, shouldn't have said that” She looks at Isabel and takes her hand and drags her away. “I didn't mean to say that. I promise. I thought Zan had told him.”

Isabel tries to calm her down “Ava, it's alright. And if Zan hasn't said anything it's really time to come clean. He can't lie to Max forever and he has told all the others he lied to so”

Max turns to Zan. “What did she mean? Last I heard you told me you and Liz were back together. Did you break up again or something?”

Zan looks at Kyle and Alex for some help. “Umm... Kyle can you help me in the kitchen. Granma wanted me to...” says Alex

“Sure, come on, lets go” says Kyle and hurries away from the brothers.

“Oh.. umm...” says Zan

“Very informative” says Max statistically “Could you try a sentence now?”

“Fuck” yells Zan “This isn't easy and your just making it harder.”

“What am I doing? I came here with Michael because I heard from mom that you all would be here. I didn't even know that Liz lived here now. I found that out in the car over here. And now you all have some secret from me. Please just tell me what the hell is going on”

Zan turns away and slumps down on a chair. “Maybe you should sit down” Max does as he's told “Do you remember when Liz turned 14? When you came up to us at lunch?” Max nods “Well, that was the first time I noticed how you looked at her”

“What are you talking about?”

“Don't deny it. I noticed an interest in your eyes. It was almost like your eyes “sparkled” when you looked at her and then you kissed her cheek. You had never done that before. That was the confirmation I needed.”

“Confirmation to what?”

“That you wanted the same girl as me”

“But... she was 14... I was 18...”

“That won't change a thing. You still wanted her. Then at the party I saw how you were almost more protective than Michael when she danced. I don't know how the guys dared to dance with her when your eyes were burning holes in their heads.” Max looked down “That was the time I knew I had to make my move and I kissed her”

“I know, we all saw that”

“And after that I more or less talked her into going on dates with me. It was always as casual as she said and all that happened was some kisses. But I wanted more. And most of all I wanted to keep her from you. Did you know that I was almost happy when you left for UNM? That meant that I had Liz for myself”

“I'm sorry Zan. I didn't know...”

“How could you know when I myself didn't even know why I did what I did. Or maybe I do, now at least. You see it was never easy to be your little brother. You are this person that is nice to everybody, helpful etc and I have always been compared to you, every time I did something that mom and dad didn't like I heard things about how you never did this and that. It made me jealous. See I can admit that now... “ he laughs. Liz and the others helped me with that.

“But what has all this to do with Liz and what is happening?”

“I'm coming to that. I want you to understand. If I just blurt out what I have done you will hate me... Maybe you still will but at least I can tell you my reasons first.”

“Zan, I can never hate you” says Max

“You're saying that now but wait. I'm not done...” he takes a deep breath “As I said I was kind of happy when you left because now I had Liz to myself, or I thought so. Then summer came and there you were again. But now the look in your eyes were even more intense. I don't know how I was the only one to see that, or at least I think I was, nobody has said anything about it. Anyhow. You came home and it seemed that every time I turned around there you were. I started to long for school to start so you would leave again. I was so afraid that you would take Liz away from me... Listen to me... I talk about her like she is some kind of possession. And then came the day when she wanted to talk to me. The day she told me that we couldn't go out any more. I didn't want to hear what she said and kept away from her. I thought that if I wasn't there she would miss me. She has told me several times that she did miss me – but she only missed me as her friend, nothing more.”

“She told me about that the night of the pool party. She was so sad that she had lost your friendship. At least she thought she had” says Max

“For a long time she did. I was so angry that I did something really stupid. But she has forgiven me now or at least partly forgiven me. I guess we have a long way to go back totally but I will fight for her friendship. I know now that it's the only thing she can offer me.”

“What did you do Zan?”

“To tell you I have to tell you the reason and here is the hardest part to talk about... You see, that evening I was walking home from another party and I walked through the park...” Zan hears Max inhale sharply and looks over to him “Yeah... I saw you. First it was only you putting on your shirt as you came out from the bushes but then I saw Liz.”

“Oh, shit” whispers Max

“And even if I didn't see more I just knew that you had slept with each others. I followed you home, watched you kiss her and hold hands. I was furious and right then and there I decided that if I couldn't have her neither would you” Max snaps his head up “I overheard you all talking about them leaving the other day and it was too easy... The next day I told you that we were back again and you believed me”

“You lied?” hisses Max “Are you telling me that you lied to me?” now he is yelling

Zan slumps down even further “Yes, and not only to you. I told the same story to others back home and even worse. I told them that we had done everything but the sleeping part. Kyle found out, cursed me out and told Liz... When she moved I didn't know. She was just gone one day and everyone but me knew where she was and why she left”

“I didn't know either... Oh I was so cruel to her on the phone. I even lied about a date” Max puts his head in his hands. “Do you have any idea what you have done?” he asks.

“Yes. I do that know and I'm trying to fix it. You were the last person to tell. I'm sorry for messing with your life. I hope you can understand why I did this and don't hate me” Zan stands up “I'm gonna go see what the others are up to” and leaves.

Max look out over the backyard deep in thoughts. How could my own brother do this to me? Have I been such a lousy brother? Fuck! What have I done? I should have listened to her but I was too hurt by Zan's words. I have to talk to her. He walks in and sees Michael.

“Hey. How is she? Do you think I can talk to her?”

“Max. Not now, okey. She is resting. Lets go grab something to drink.” says Michael and walks to the kitchen. He opens the fridge and takes a deep breath. Here goes he thinks. “Granma has Apple-Snapple. Want one?

“Sure, no Cherry Cola? I thought she always had that” says Max with a smile

“Well, not at the moment.” says Michael. He can hear the others whisper out in the living room.

“She wants us to tell him?” asks Isabel

“Yeah, but not everything. We can't say a word about soul mates and stuff. Just let Michael do the talking. We are the support group” smiles Kyle

“Okey, I hope he won't be mad at us for knowing and not telling him” says Isabel

They walk in the kitchen and sits down round the table. After some smalltalk Michael clears his throat and says “Max, there is something I want to tell you. A very important thing but before I do that you have to promise me to not tell another living soul. Can you do that?”

Max laughs “What is this. Confess-to-Max-day or what?”

“Please, just promise and listen” says Isabel

Max looks at her and then on the others one by one “You all know, don't you? You all know what this is about? Am I the only one who doesn't know?”

“Yes. At first I didn't want to tell anyone and then by a mistake Maria found out and then Kyle and Zan”

Max stars at Zan “How long have you known about this whatever this is?”

“About two years now, a little more and no. I haven't told anyone. It has always been theirs decision”

“Max, can you promise me that?” asks Michael again

“Okey, sure I promise” grumble Max

“Fine. What I have to say isn't only about me. It involves Alex and Liz too and...” Michael tells the whole story once again but without mentioning the soul mate. He told about the prophecy, that Liz was their queen but nothing else. Liz didn't let him do that.

Max looked around the table to all the serious faces “Aliens? Hybrids? Are this some kind of joke and you all are in on it?”

“No joke” says Granma Claudia. She puts her bags on the table. “Make yourself useful and put away the groceries while I talk to Max” She sits down at the table and looks Max straight in his eyes “Why would we be joking about something like this? Before you answer, remember that you are in a community where almost everyone is either an alien or a hybrid”

“I don't know what to say” he shakes his head “So you are telling me that it's true? Even the bit about Liz being your queen.”

Claudia nods her head “Yes, she will be crowned when she turns 18”

Max leans back on the chair and look at the others that are working in the kitchen. “And you all knew?” They all nod their heads. He turns to his sisters “And when did you find out?”

Isabel and Ava look at each other “The night before Liz left” says Ava “We were all having a sleepover at her house and she was really sick and Alex slipped when he talked to Maria and Kyle.” Isabel continued “They agreed to tell us and I for one is glad they did. Now Alex won't have to think about what he says or do all the time around us” she looks over to Alex and smiles.

“I can't believe it. Why didn't you tell me Michael? We have been best friends since we were 14”

“I was afraid. You should have seen Maria’s reaction when she heard. Liz had a total breakdown when Maria ran out in the street screaming like a foghorn”

“Hey! I didn't scream like that” says Maria

“Maria” says Alex. “It was pure luck we don't live near the cemetery. You could have woken up the dead with that scream”

Everyone laughs at the sight of Maria doing just that. If someone could it would be her, they all new it.

“What's so funny” asks Liz “Could someone please give me some toast and tea?”

“Sure, I'll fix it” says Kyle and turns the kettle on.

Max looks at her. This is the first time since he left Roswell that he can truly see her. Earlier she ran away so fast. He studies her and sees all the changes she's going through. She has lost some weight, he thinks, and she has dark circles around her eyes. She looks really sick. “Lizzie. What's wrong with you” he asks

“Oh... I'm just not feeling really good right now” she says and sits down to hide her stomach. She has one of Michaels old t-shirts on and it's not too revealing.

“I'm not buying that. Come on. What is it? Are you sick?” he looks at the others that are watching them.

“Here Liz” says Kyle and puts a cup and a toast in front of her. “We have decided to go rent a movie. Anything you want to see?”

“Nothing sci-fi, no horror, certainly no romance... funny... yeah I feel like laughing tonight” says Liz

“Funny it is” says Kyle and leave them alone

“Can you answer me now? Are you sick?” asks Max again

“No Max. At least nothing that will last. This will pass in a couple of months. I just have to bear until then.”

“A couple of months? Are you getting some kind of treatment?”

“Nothing like that... You see... I'm pregnant” whispers Liz

“What?” shouts Max and stands up so fast that the chair is falling over behind him

“Sit down and relax Max. It's nothing more then a baby”

“When? How? Who? Why? Max stutters

“When – mars sometime. How – I think you know about the birds and the bees. Who – for me to know. Why – accident, nothing I planned” says Liz and ticks off his questions. But she thinks, he didn't even ask if it is his.

Max is doing some fast calculation in his head – mars and then 9 months back... June. That doesn't add up. “Liz, please be honest with me. When we were together was you a virgin?”

Liz nods her head “Yes, you were my first” and only she continues in her thoughts.

“But that's wrong. If you were a virgin then how can you..?

“Hybrids have shorter pregnancies then regular humans. About 6 months” she lies

“Oh” is all Max can say

“Liz” shouts Granma. “Can you come hear for a minute?”

“Coming. I'll be right back” she says to Max

“Liz. Why did you lie?” asks Granma

“I want to know that he will be with me for me and not because of the baby. You know that. I need to know. Can't you see that?” says Liz

“What I can see is two people deeply in love with each other and not knowing what to do about it” says Granma “But it's your move. I can't tell you what to do but I can tell you that I think you're wrong”

“You have said that” says Liz and goes back to Liz

“Is it Kyles” asks Max when Liz sits down again.

She's twitching of the chock. “Kyles?” she asks “Why do you think that? Or more so HOW could you think that?

“Well, he's the only one who helped you when you were sick and I figured that it's something a father-to-be should be doing”

Liz looks down at the table to hide the tears in her eyes “No, it's not Kyle. He has only been there for me from the beginning when I have been sick and he's not as hysterical as Maria. I'm a bit tired. I think I'm gonna go lie down for a bit” she hurries out of the kitchen before he sees the tears. In her bedroom she throws herself on the bed and buries her head in the pillow and cries.

Max sits stunned at the kitchen table. She is having a baby with someone else. She's gonna be a queen. She doesn't feel the same as me. I love her with all my heart. She's all I can think about. I wake up in the middle of the night with this anxious feeling inside. What should I do? I could do like Zan... if I friendship is all she can offer I'll take whatever she can give me. Max goes out to Granma Claudia

“If the others come back before me could you tell them I went for a walk?”

“Sure. Is Liz going with you?”

Max looks away with tears in his eyes “No, she's resting” and he turns and leaves out back. Claudia can see him walk towards the woods. He's looking totally defeated she thinks. I sure hope that they will work things out.


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Re: Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Chapter 18 10/01/16

Postby keepsmiling7 » Sat Oct 01, 2016 10:11 am

Liz is stubborn and Max is dense!
What a pair.
At least Zan finally admitted the truth to Max.
Come on Max, you can add two and two can't you?
And Liz.......just admit the truth to Max. You need him there with you or you'll continue to be sick.
Thanks for the great part,

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Re: Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Chapter 18 10/01/16

Postby Lillmonster » Sun Oct 02, 2016 8:51 am

Carolyn: Yes, a real pair... But we have to remember that Liz is only 15 and she still believes that Max doesn't feel the same that she does. He hasn't told her about his lie in this mess.


“Max” yelled Ava “are you ready to leave? Maria and Kyle are here now”

“Yeah, I just got to pick up a thing first and then I'm ready”

“Are you leaving to visit Liz now” asks Dianne

“Yeah, Izzie and me will be driving the others. See you in a couple of days. I come home before going back to UNM” says Max

“Okay, have fun” says Dianne and waves at them when they leave

“Why does she have to live so far away” complained Kyle

“You know why so don't ask so stupid questions” says Zan

“If her soul mate could show up again I bet she could live home in Roswell. Granma said it was her being alone during pregnancy that makes her sick” says Kyle

“KYLE” Zan glares hard at Kyle and punches him on his shoulder

Max turns his head to Kyle “Soul mate? What do you mean?” Are they still keeping secrets from me? I knew something wasn't right but why won't they tell me? He studies Kyle and Zan to see how they react.

“I'm sorry bro” says Zan “You have to talk to Liz about this. Kyle shouldn't have said anything that wasn't his business in the first place. We are just doing what Liz has asked us to. Or at least some of us are”
Kyle sighs and sinks down in his seat. Great, now the future queen will be mad at me. I'm just glad I didn't say anything more. He sighs some more and stares out the window.

“How do you think Liz is” asks Maria “I have a feeling that she isn't telling me everything and it's not only about the soul mate. I confess, I'm still a bit pissed at her for not telling me. I'm supposed to be her best friend...”

“Maria, not again” sighs Isabel “I have a confession to do myself. Shut up about why Liz should tell you. I, and I don't think any of the others, want to hear any more about it. Liz has explained it to you hundred of times, if not thousands, why she won't tell you. She choose to tell Kyle and you just have to suck it up and shut up!”

Maria’s eyes are wide when she looks at Isabel “No need to sound like that”

“No need... Maria, it's all you have been talking about since you found out that Kyle knows. Every single time we talk about Liz. Every single time you talk to Liz and every single time you actually meet Liz. And then you dare to look offended every time she gets mad at you for nagging her. Are you for real?”

“I don't do that”

“Yes Maria, you do” says Ava from the backseat. “I hope you can keep quiet about it this time because I don't want it to ruin our visit like last time”

“I don't know what you're talking about” huffs Maria

“Right” nods Ava “You know nothing... Wasn't it you that came on to Liz so hard about why she wasn't telling you? That is was your right as best friend to know? That she hurt you when she wouldn't tell you? And to top it off you told her that if she was acting that way it proved that she wasn't the best friend you thought she was.”

“Yeah... Well.... I was only saying what I was feeling”

“Well, don't” says Isabel “This time you will keep your mouth shut. We have all talked about it and I agreed to talk to you now. But if you can't be quiet we will drive you to Las Cruses and put you on the first bus home. Got that?”

Maria looks stunned “Okey, if that's how it's gonna be so okey. I will be quiet. I get it, no freedom of speech here” and then she crosses her arms over her chest and stares out the window.

Isabel looked in the rear-view mirror at Ava and shook her head. Ava simply sighed.


“Hi kids. Welcome back to the true alien city. Nothing like that fake hometown of ours right” jokes Jeff. Michael looks at him and sighs.

“Sorry. You haven't been here when he was. That's why he is acting like this. Sometimes he's like a kid when he goes here. Don't have to hide his powers and all that”

“You mean like this” laughs Jeff and pushes Michael with his powers

“Yes dad. Just like that” sighs Michael “Please lets go in before he does something worse”

“Where is Lizzie” asks Maria “I want to see my best friend” Everyone groans and rolls their eyes at her. “What? “What did I do” she raises her arms “I can't please you” and then she stomps off to the kitchen.

“Did you talk to her” asks Michael “Liz hasn't been feeling good the last days and I don't want Maria upsetting her”

“We talked to her in the car” says Isabel.

“But we don't know if she listened. She didn't say one more word to us the whole way here” says Ava

“If she upsets Liz I will personally put he on that bus” growls Michael “Lets get your stuff in your rooms. Since Liz is resting just put your stuff outside her door. It's a bit crowded since mom and dad are here but we will manage. They are leaving tomorrow so it will only be for one night. Then you three, he points to the guys, can take the guestroom again. If you still think it's crowded there's always the sofa in the living room.”

“It will be fine” says Max “We can manage for a couple of days. My guess is that if anyone ends up on the sofa it will be Maria” They all laughs and agree to that premonition.

“When you are done come and have some tea” says Granma when she passes them. “I will just go and check on Liz”
She opens the door and sees that Liz is waking up. “Everyone is here. How are you feeling?”

“They are here? Why didn't you wake me?”

“You need your sleep and you know that.” she strokes her hand over Liz round stomach “Do you want some tea?”

“Oh, that sound nice. Maybe I can keep it down now”

“Come on” says Granma and helps Liz to sit up.

Liz is leaning against Granma when they slowly walk in to the kitchen were all the others are. They all look up when she enters and you can here more than one gasp. Liz looks at Michael and knows that he hasn't told them. She sits down on a chair and leans back with her hands on her belly.

“Hi guys. I'm so glad you could come. I've missed you all.” she's almost in tears now as the others just stares at her. “I know I've lost some more weight but it will be alright. I promise”

“Lizzie. You promised me that you would eat more” says Kyle

“I know, but it's no fun eating when I will puke it up later” she says.

“Claudia. Jeff. Come on. Lets leave the kids to talk by themselves” says Nancy and shoves them out

Liz looks after them. She knows that they want her to tell Max but she can't. It must come from him. She won't force him to do anything out of obligation. And if she knew him right she knew that he would give up UNM to be with her. She wanted him to be with her but for the right reasons.

“Maria. Can you pass the sugar” she asks

Maria gives it to her and then she opens her mouth and closes again. She looks around the table and lastly at Liz again. She opens her mouth one more time “I can't do this. I can't take it. Tell that fucking soul mate before you kill your self” she shouts and then she runs out crying.

Kyle looks straight at Liz and he nods his head slightly to show that he agrees with Maria. Liz's jaw is down at the table. She can't believe that Maria said that.

“What is this about soul mate” asks Max “It's the second time now that I have heard something about that”

Liz turns to him “What? What have you heard?”

“Well in the car over Kyle sad something about a soul mate and Zan told me to ask you about that. What is this about? Another secret you can't tell Max? I thought we were past that”

Silently the other leaves them alone. Liz eyes is begging for Kyle or Michael to stay.

“Okey. I'll tell you a part of the prophecy that they didn't tell you last time.” she takes a deep breath and tells him about her soul mate and the real reason she is sick during the pregnancy.

Max listens to what she says and somewhere in the back of his head he can feel that fluttering feeling again. He has done that more or less for some time know but he doesn't understand what it is or why he is feeling this.

“So why won't you tell him? If it's needed of him to be here with you he should be. Non of us wants you to be this sick. I promised when I was here last and many times over the phone that I would be your friend. That I would stand by your side the whole way. But Lizzie... You have to put you first. You and the baby.” he rubs the back of his head where the fluttering feeling is “You are scaring us. We all love you Lizzie. Can't you tell him. If not for you. Think about your family and friends.”

“I can't” cries Liz “I can't tell him. I can't make him love me or the baby. I can't force him to do something he doesn't want to do. It must be his choice and he has to come to me”

“But this is your health we're talking about. Please Liz”

“It doesn't work that way” she slowly shakes her head and the tears are running down her cheeks.

Max can't stand to see her this upset so he sits down next to her and they embrace each other. Liz is crying hard in his chest. Max strokes his hand up and down his back and whisper “Sorry Lizzie, I didn't mean to upset you.... I'm so sorry.... Please don't cry.... I care so much about you.... I love you...” But Liz can't hear him.

Michael comes in to check on them and sees them holding each other. That is how it should be, he thinks and backs out before they see him.


“What movie should we take” asks Isabel in the store “Should we be nice and pic something the boys would like or a chick flick?”

“Liz said that we could pic what we wanted” says Ava “But I think we should hurry up. I can see Kyle outside and you don't want him to come in here”

“Got it” says Isabel “Let's go for the classics. Matrix for the boys since I can't stand Braveheart and does Clueless sound good to you?”

“Take them. Kyle is on his way” says Ava and Isabel pays quickly and they walk out to the boys. “Got the pizza?”

“Yeah, lets go. I'm starving” says Zan

“You are always hungry” says Ava

“Well. I am a growing boy” smirks Zan


“Who wants the last slice” asks Ava

“Me” shouts both Zan and Kyle

“Oh boy” groans Liz “How can you eat more? I swear you two ate half of everything.”

“Lizzie. It just seems like we ate so much since you only ate one slice” says Kyle and snaps the last slice out of Ava's hand. He quickly puts it in his mouth.

“Hey” shouts Zan

“Want some” asks Kyle with his mouth full of pizza

“Gross” yells Maria “And you will be my brother in may... I can't believe it”

“Kyle, for your information one slice is more then I could eat two days ago” says Liz without thinking.

Michael's head snaps up and he looks over to Alex. Then he walks out to Granma on the back porch. He shuts the door and sits down.

“Have they said anything about how long it would take for Liz to feel better if her soul mate is around her?” he asks

“Why? Has something happened?

“Well, Liz told Kyle that one pizza slice was more than she could eat two days ago. So... I'm wondering if – he's – being here makes her feel better.”

“I don't know. I don't think anyone knows. Like I said it's so unusual for this to happen. Lets keep our eyes on Liz and see what happens these days”

“Sure Granma. Keep your fingers crossed”


Liz wakes up two days later and feel energized. She walks out to get a cup of tea and some toast. She is hungry for the first time in months for some reason. Hmm better eat when I can, she thinks. She is the only one awake and she is enjoying to be alone for a while. She loves it when her friends come but at the same time she feels like an insect. They are all studying every single move she makes and Maria is the worst of them all. She knows that Maria is concerned but she don't know how much more she can take from her. The looks, the sighs, the tears, the outbursts, the whole feeling-sorry-for-myself-you-are-mean-thing she's got going. And at the same time she knows that she will be missing them like crazy when they leave tomorrow. She is interrupted by a whisper


She hears his voice and she can feel everything inside her is reaching out to him. “Morning Max” she says “What are you doing up so early?”

“I has been awake for a while. I couldn't sleep and when I heard you go up I thought we could talk some more”

“Sure. What about?”

Max thinks for a while. He has so many things running around his head and this feeling is getting stronger. He needs answer and he don't know how but he knows that the only person to help him with this is Liz. “Hmm... I have been thinking about a lot of things that you guys have told me but could you please tell me again. From the beginning with alien, hybrids, Antar and the prophecy”

Liz looks at him and wonders what he is up to. “Well... Okey. I guess I can do that. Lets go in the living room so I can sit in the sofa. It feels better for my back”

“Oh, sure. I can take the cups”

They walk in and sits down on the sofa. Liz squirms since she can't sit comfortable. Max looks at her “Come on. Put this pillow behind your back and lay your feet in my lap.” Liz does as she's told and then she can start telling the story all over once again.

“So the prophecy says that you are the next queen?”

“Yes, it doesn't matter what I want. It's just is but I have asked Granma what it's all about. And she said that I don't even have to live here in the community. I have to be here for some major decisions but the elders will help me with the rest like they are doing now.”

“And your soul mate that you have been talking about will be your king?”

“Well they say that a queen needs her king” she tries to smile

Max thinks about that. “So the soul mate is another alien... or hybrid....” he trails off. Liz is watching him wondering were this is going. Max looks up at her “When was it the baby should be born?”

“Oh, somewhere around my birthday they think. They can't say for sure since I'm a hybrid and not full alien. If I was a full alien it had been 6 months but from other hybrids they have estimated it to 7 months. Shorter then a full human and I'm glad for that” she says

Max's eyes opens wide as he thinks – wait, what did she said before? 6 or 7 months? I feel like she is lying to me about something but I don't know what or why? He takes a deep breath “I was wondering if you maybe could explain something to me”

“If I can. But why haven't you asked Michael? You can ask him you know. It would be easier for you since you live in the same building” she smiles

“Well... I don't think that he's comfortable with me knowing about you yet. I don't have a problem with it but it seems like he does. So I don't want to ask him and it feels like it's only you that can give me the answers I need.”

“Oh, okey. I think you have to talk to Michael about that problem. See what he says. But what did you want to ask?”

“For the last couple of months I have been having like a flutter. This sounds totally crazy now that I'm saying it out loud but I'm not crazy. At least I hope I'm not...” he takes a deep breath and shakes his head “As I was saying it's a feeling inside me, like a flutter in the back of my head” He lifts his hand up to show her. “Do you know what it could be? I know that you can heal and I was wondering if there is something wrong with me. If I'm ill or something” He takes a deep breath again and looks at her “Could you maybe look into it or how you do it?”

Liz is stunned. He has the same fluttering feeling. I thought it was only me with the baby. What does this mean? I must talk to Granma about this. What should I say to him... I can't connect with him now. He will know the same minute I make the connection.

“I can ask Granma check you out. I don't think I can do that right now with the baby. I'm tired all the time and if I do this on top of that I will be exhausted” she says

“Can we ask Granma to do it today? I want to know if there is something. You understand?”

“Sure. I can ask her as soon as she's up”

They sit there in silence just enjoying to spend some time together without the rest of the gang.


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Re: Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Chapter 19 10/02/16

Postby Natalie36 » Sun Oct 02, 2016 2:07 pm

I hope max puts it together soon

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Re: Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Chapter 19 10/02/16

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Come on Max......can't you figure the fluttering out?
Of course Liz wants you to come to her because YOU want to!

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Re: Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Chapter 19 10/02/16

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So Max is feeling the baby already. Liz needs to tell Max the whole truth like he is the father. Glad Max is coming to terms with Alex, Liz and Michael being alien hybrids. Max needs to start putting things together and be there for Liz. Liz should have told Max the truth about the fluttering he is feeling. Oh boy when Grandma Claudia finds out she is going to be pissed. So glad Max and Liz are talking.

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