Street Rat (AU, M/L Adult) Pt 55 Complete 9/6/16

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Re: Street Rat (AU, M/L Adult) Pt 31&32 8/24/16

Post by Natalie36 » Wed Aug 24, 2016 8:01 pm

wonderful :D

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Re: Street Rat (AU, M/L Adult) Pt 31&32 8/24/16

Post by Roswelllostcause » Thu Aug 25, 2016 5:57 am

Carolyn Michael is a very good guy. Kivar is not going anywhere for a while yet. Liz is lucky to have a sister like Serena.

L-J-L 76 Liz will decide what to do about the purity test soon.

Natalie36 Thanks!

Part 33

Liz walked through the garden thinking about what the King was asking her to do. He was asking her to go through an exam that would be very uncomfortable for her. Something that she really didn't want to have done to her. Heck she was scared of having sex for the first time. But if she did this then there would be nothing anyone could do to stop her from being with Max.

"Liz, are you OK?"

Liz turned to see both Isabel and Maria.

"Yeah just thinking about something." Said Liz
"Maybe a tall dark handsome prince?" Asked Maria
"Please Maria, that is my brother you are talking about." Said Isabel
"It's not Max." Said Liz
"What is it babe?" Asked Maria
"Well, this morning Philip came to me and asked me to go the morning of the ball and just go through the exam that will prove that I am a virgin." Said Liz
"My father did that? Why?" Asked Isabel
"He thinks it would be better if I just do it."
"He won't order you to. This has to be your choice. He wants you to be happy. I personally think you should. Liz, from what Larick told about it it could be really embarrassing for you. Kara won't be the doctor doing it no matter what. It has to be by a doctor who knows very little about you. Kara most likely will be there because a female doctor does have to be there." Said Maria
"What do you think Isabel?"
"If I was in your place I think I would go through with it. You could ask that your sister is there with you." Said Isabel
"Thanks for the advice. I need to think about this some more."

Both Isabel and Maria gave Liz a hug before she walked off.


"Sire we need to really do something about Kivar!" Said Michael
"Captain, I understand that you are upset." Said Philip
"What he did to that girl is unspeakable!"
"While, his crime is bad there is some talk from reliable sources that he is planning to over throw the kingdom. All we need is proof and he will be put to death."
"I get that. But he not only kept her prisoner, but was repeatedly raping her. Kara said she had not seen so much tissue damage to anyone!"
"Michael, I want her to have justice too. I promise you she will."
"What is going to happen to Julia once she is released from medical care?"
"We have to wait and see how bad the emotional damage to her is. But she will be placed somewhere safe no matter what."
"Understood Sire."


Kara walked into Julia's room and checked the monitor she was hooked to. Everything was improving. Not very fast but still improving.

"Are you feeling any better?" Asked Kara
"The pain isn't as bad."
"That's good. The infection you have is getting much better."
"What is going to happen to me?"
"To be honest I don't know. There haven't been very many cases like yours."
"No one will want me now."
"Julia, what that monster did to you is wrong. You have the same rights as everyone else on Antar."
"That maybe the law doctor. But we both know humans will never be treated the same as you antarians."
"I'm not antarian. Well not completely anyway."
"My father is antarian. My mother is human. I have a twin brother named Zane, who is a lieutenant in the army and personal guard to the human woman that the crown prince is in love with. The soldier who brought you here is my older brother. He is dating a young lady who is human and adopted into a noble family. She is treated just like any other noble woman."
"I never knew this."
"King Philip is working hard to improve things for everyone. He really wants to fix things for humans who were treated so badly for a long time. But these changes take time."
"I know."
"Get some rest."

Julia just nodded and Kara left.

Part 34

Liz took a deep breath as she walked up to the King's office. The engagement ball was in just over a week. She had made her desission on what the King asked her. It was not an an easy choice to make. But she knew that this was going to be for the best. She smiled at the guard.

"Is it possible for me to see the King?" Asked Liz

The guard knocked stepped in spoke to the King and then came out holding the door open for her. Liz walked in and the door closed.

"So Liz what brings you here today?" Asked Philip
"I made my choice."
"That is good."
"Make the arrangents."
"So you are going to do it?"
"I know that this isn't going to be easy on you."
"No it won't. But I believe that this is what is going to be for the best."
"I have to say that you are wise for your age."
"Philip, thank you for saying that. It does not mean that I am not scared to do this."
"I understand that."
"Philip, I want to thank you. You and your family have given me something I haven't had in a very long time."
"What is that my dear?"
"A home."

Philip got up walked around the desk and wrapped the young woman in a hug. Liz was shocked at first but then relaxed in his arms. She also realized that she was getting to see a side to the King few got to see. The warm loving side.

"Liz, always remember that no matter what you are part of my family. So is your sister."
"Thank you. I will."

Liz left. Philip had to smile. That young woman had a way about her that just seemed to brighten everyone's day.


Lord Edward Harding walked into King Philip's office for the meeting the King had requested.

"Edward, come in. I am sorry I just heard a few days ago about Tessa." Said Philip
"Thank my King."
"How did she die?"
"She was killed. I don't know by who."
"Her killer will be brought to justice."
"Thank you Sire."
"Now, I wanted to talk to you about my son's engagement ball."
"What about it Sire?"
"If you and Kivar are planing to try and embarrass the young lady Maxwell has chosen to marry don't."
"Sire, I have no idea what you are talking about."
"Don't think I don't know how you feel about humans. Let me tell you something Harding. Elizabeth Parker is a kind and sweet young lady. I will not have her, her sister or any other human disrespected. Am I clear?"
"Very well You're Highness."
"Get out."

Harding left mad as hell. How dare that sorry excuse of a king tell him he had to respect those human vermin. A female human was only good for one thing. That one thing was to be fucked! He made his way to an old buddy of his. This buddy of his took in homeless human girls. The girls had to work of course to keep their room and to get food. They were all stupid and believed they would work in the factory the guy owned. But no the room they were given was where they worked. They learned fast the more men they pleased the better things got for them.

"Edward what can I do for you?"
"I need a slut." Said Harding
"Uh yes. Most of the girls have appointments. But I have a new girl. She still needs to be broken in though."
"A virgin?"
"Uh yes. Came in last night. If you are willing to help brake her in then I will give you a big discount."
"Fine. It has been a long time since I took anyone virginity. It was Tessa's nanny seventeen years ago. Bitch had to get pregnant too. Wish I could have forced her to get rid of it. But I will never claim that half breed as mine."
"No worries about this one. She is on the highest dose of birth control we can get."
"She's in room 27."

Harding made his way to room 27 and smiled when he saw the fear in the girl's eyes.

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Re: Street Rat (AU, M/L Adult) Pt 33&34 8/25/16

Post by keepsmiling7 » Thu Aug 25, 2016 7:58 am

That makes me sick........Harding on his way to room 27. Hope there will be changes soon....
Liz is a brave young lady.......but King Phillip is proud of her and already cares for her it appears.

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Re: Street Rat (AU, M/L Adult) Pt 33&34 8/25/16

Post by Lillmonster » Thu Aug 25, 2016 9:50 am

Oh oh, another test for our future queen. I'm sure she will pass it.

Now... If only Harding and Kivar would dissapear everything would be just fine. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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Re: Street Rat (AU, M/L Adult) Pt 33&34 8/25/16

Post by Natalie36 » Fri Aug 26, 2016 5:45 am

harding is such a pig

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Re: Street Rat (AU, M/L Adult) Pt 33&34 8/25/16

Post by Roswelllostcause » Fri Aug 26, 2016 7:29 am

Carolyn I wouldn't worry about Harding much longer. Philip has a soft spot for Liz. She has in a short time become like a daughter to him.

Lillmonster We will see if she passes the test here. Kivar won't be going anywhere for a while. But Harding may not be around to much longer.

Natalie36 Yes Harding is!

Part 35 Morning of the engagement ball

Liz sat with Maria in an exam room of the medical center. She could feel her heart racing. Liz was dressed only in a thin examination gown.

"Liz, sweetie you need to try and relax. This will be so much easier on you if you do," said Maria
"Maria, very shortly I am going to have some doctor I never met touch me in a place no one ever has."
"Honey, I understand that. But you need to do this. By doing this by your choice you are proving to everyone that you have nothing to hide."
"I know."

Just then the door opened and Kara came in with a male doctor who Liz could tell was most likely at least old enough to be her father.

"Liz, this is Dr. Koz. He is going to do the exam. I am going to be here the whole time making sure that nothing happens that shouldn't." Said Kara
"Miss Parker, I understand that this will not be comfortable for you. But I promise that I will be as gentle as possible." Said Dr. Koz

Liz just bit her lip and nodded.

"Maria, why don't you hold Liz's hand? Try and help her relax." Said Kara
"Liz, babe just look at me and think of that hunk of a prince that loves you." Said Maria
"OK." Said Liz

The exam took half an hour. Koz finished and got ready to leave the room.

"You may get dressed Miss Parker. I will have the results ready to take with you in a few minutes." Said Koz
"So doc my girl here good to marry our prince?" Asked Maria
"MARIA!" Said Liz
"Miss Parker, I am sure can tell you what my report will say. That she is in fact a virgin." Said Koz
"Great!" Said Maria
"Maria, keep quiet about this." Said Liz
"Don't worry babe. I won't say a word."
"Maria, let's let Liz dress so she can get back to get ready for tonight. Don't forget she isn't going as Max's guest like she did for the state dinner. Tonight she is one of the honored." Said Kara
"What do you mean by that Kara?" Asked Liz
"Tonight you will get your first taste of dressing like a princess."

Liz looked at Kara shocked. She had no idea that this would be happening so fast.


Max stood in his room as his valet helped him dress in his formal dress uniform. A uniform he hated to wear. He was only given it because he was the Crowned Prince. The medals and ribbons that he wore were just given to him for that reason. He had not earned a single one of them.

"Sire, you need to hold still."
"Vic, what do you think of the woman I have chosen as my mate?"
"Well Sire, if I were thirty years younger she would be the kind of woman I would want. She is kind, warm hearted and very smart."
"Beautiful too."
"Vic, do you accept her as your future queen?"
"Miss Elizabeth, is the kind of woman we need as our queen. I am not a soldier but I would lay down my life for her."

Max smiled and knew that there were others like Vic who would do the same.

Part 36

Liz looked in the mirror as Eve finished adjusting the ball gown she was wearing. The dress was fancier than any she had ever seen in her life. The long flowing skirt, a fitted bodice detailed bead work and soft off white color showed off her tanned skin. The sleeves stopped just above her elbows. She had a pair of white gloves to put on that came up to her elbows. The only jewelry she wore was the neckless Max had given her for her birthday and a pair of earings that matched it. Her long brown hair had been done in big lose curls with the sides pulled back held in place with a gold hair clip.

"Well Miss Elizabeth, I have to say you make a lovely princess." Said Eve
"I am not a princess."
"Not yet. But once you marry the prince you will be."
"Eve, I don't know if I am ready for this."
"It's OK to be nervous. It's OK to be a little scared. But there are a lot of people who believe in you."
"Maybe they shouldn't."
"Tell me do you love the prince?"

Liz broke into a big smile that made her eyes light up brighter than Eve had ever seen them.

"I love Max with my whole heart."
"That is a good thing. Did you know that your grandmother was a friend of my mother?"
"She was a wise woman. She gave my mother some advice once. It was when my mother was trying to decide if she should marry my father."
"What did Grandma Claudia tell her?"
"To follow her heart. To listen to it."
"She told me and Serena that too. Before she died."
"What is your heart telling you?"
"That this is right. That I belong with Max."
"Then you should listen to your heart."

Just then there was a knock on the door.

"Wait here. I will see who it is." Said Eve

Liz watched as Eve left her bedroom and headed through the suite to open the door.


Max smiled when Eve opened the door.

"Good evening Eve. Is Miss Elizabeth Parker ready?" Asked Max
"Of course my prince. Please come in and wait here. I will get her for you."
"Thank you."

Eve went into Liz's room and a minute later Liz walked out. Max took one look at her and his heart nearly stopped. She looked more beautiful than he had ever seen her.

"Wow Liz!" Said Max
"I look OK?" Asked Liz
"More than OK. Liz, not that you don't look beautiful all the time, but you look more beautiful than ever."
"Thank you. You don't look so bad yourself."
"Yeah well I hate this uniform."
"Well I kinda like a man in uniform."
"OK good grief! Are you flirting? Oh my god you are!" Said Serena coming out of her room.

Max smiled and looked at Liz's younger sister. She was dressed very nice but her dress was not nearly as fancy as Liz's.

"You look lovely Serena." Said Max
"Thanks." Said Serena
"Kyle will be escorting you tonight Serena." Said Max
"Rena, remember he is just your escort. You can't court for another two months." Said Liz
"I know big sister. You go with your hunk."

Liz rolled her eyes at her sister. Serena just smiled at her sister.

"Ready to go?" Max asked Liz

Liz took Max's arm and they headed for the main ball room.

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Re: Street Rat (AU, M/L Adult) Pt 35&36 8/26/16

Post by keepsmiling7 » Fri Aug 26, 2016 7:52 am

Lady Elizabeth is gaining the respect and admiration of many now.
And she is following her Grandma Claudia instructed.
The Prince and his soon to be bride make a very handsome couple.

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Re: Street Rat (AU, M/L Adult) Pt 35&36 8/26/16

Post by L-J-L 76 » Fri Aug 26, 2016 9:48 pm

Great Chapter!!!! Please please please please please please please please please please come back and post more really really really really soon? Can't wait to read what will happen next for Max and Liz. Liz passed the purity test finally nothing can stop Liz and Max from being together. Love how Max and Liz flirt with each other. Max and Liz prefect for each other. Wow Liz has won a lot of people over by just being herself. Way to go Liz!!!

L-J-L 76

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Re: Street Rat (AU, M/L Adult) Pt 35&36 8/26/16

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sat Aug 27, 2016 8:10 am

Carolyn Liz doesn't officially have the title of Lady. But that is how Max has always treated her. Liz is winning nearly everyone over just by being who she is. Yes Max and Liz do make a very lovely couple.

L-J-L 76 Of course Liz passed the purity test!

Part 37

Liz walked into the ball room on Max's arm. She was amazed at the number of people that were there. Max leaned down and whispered in her ear.

"Relax my lovely street rat. They only stare because you are the most beautiful woman in the room."
"I am not that beautiful."
"Liz, I will not have you thinking like that."
"I will try."
"No, you will stop thinking negative about yourself."

Just then Larick came over to them with a lovely woman.

"Miss Elizabeth, I have to say that you are more beautiful than I remember." Said Larick
"Thank you. I don't think I have met your guest." Said Liz
"Oh yes, this is my wife Leanne." Said Larick
"It is nice to finally meet you Miss Elizabeth. My husband was quiet impressed by you at the state dinner. I wish I had been able to attended. But I had a meeting with the director of the new children's home I am on the board of." Said Leanne
"Really? I didn't know there was going to be a new children's home." Said Liz
"It has not been made public yet." Said Leanne
"Larick, Leanne if you will excuse us we have other guest to greet." Said Max
"Yes. It is good to see you again Miss Elizabeth." Said Larick
"Very nice to meet you Miss Elizabeth. Maybe after the wedding you would like to help work on the children's home?" Asked Leanne
"I would like that. As long as it won't interfere with my studies. I am enrolling in the university." Said Liz
"I promise that it won't. We only meet once a month and I will make sure it will not be during midterms or finals."
"Thank you." Said Liz

Max led Liz away and Leanne smiled at her husband.

"She is going to make a fine queen one day." Said Leanne
"Yes. Though she needs to gain more confidence in herself. She doesn't see herself the way others do."
"Larick, she may lack confidence but given a little time she will gain it."
"That is if Harding and Kivar don't get in the way."
"Don't worry they will get what is coming to them very soon."
"Another vision Leanne?"


Kivar took a drink of his antarian sweet wine. He glared at the prince with his human slut. There was no way in hell that he would ever bow down to that street rat vermin slut. He had no problem fucking a human bitch. But like hell he would treat one as his equal. He would never bow down to one of them.

"When do we make our move sir?" Asked Harding
"Soon. But not until they officially try and announce the engagement."
"My Lord, you are positive that girl isn't a virgin?"
"She is nothing but a street rat. All street rats will sell themselves so they can eat."
"If you are wrong then it's me who will pay!"
"Look Edward, you agreed to go along with my plan to bring the royal family down."

Kivar walked off leaving Harding alone.

Part 38

After everyone had eaten dinner King Philip stood and addressed the invited guests.

"Tonight I have the pleasure to announce that my son the Crowned Prince Maxwell has chosen a bride." Said Philip

Philip, saw that both Kivar and Harding were glaring. If there were others that shared their feelings they hid it much better.

"Maxwell, has chosen Miss Elizabeth Parker to be his wife and mate." Said Philip
"Sire what is the young woman's background?" Asked Lord Sero
"Elizabeth, is an orphaned human. She lost her parents nearly two and a half years ago leaving only her younger sister as her only family. I understand that some of you may not believe that this young lady would be loyal with the way humans have been treated over the years. But a few months ago she willingly asked to take the blood oath. She took it and passed."

That was when Harding stood up with a smirk on his face.

"Sire, the law states that the Crowned Prince can only marry a commoner if she is untouched by another man. I happen to know that this girl is nothing more than a street rat. I find it hard to believe that she hasn't sold herself to get money." Said Harding

There was a gasp from the other nobles in the room. They couldn't believe that Harding was trying to destroy this young woman.

"Lord Harding, are you challenging Miss Elizabeth's purity?" Asks Leanne
"Yes, I am Lady Leanne." Said Harding
"You are aware of the penalty for being wrong?" asked Larick
"Yes, I am."

Philip looked at Liz and gave her a smile. He then pulled a sealed envelope from the inside pocket of his uniform.

"Lord Harding, I had a feeling that you were going to try this. This morning, Elizabeth went to see Dr. Koz for an exam. He already informed me of what this form saids. But I will ask that Lord Larick to please read the results for all of you." Said Philip

Larick stood and took the envelope and opened it. He read the paper to himself first. Then he gave Liz a warm smile.

"It is my finding that Miss Elizabeth Parker, is a virgin. That there is no way that she has ever been with a male. Signed Dr. Jathron Koz. Witnessed by Dr. Kara Guerin." Said Larick
"Lord Harding, you will not speak that way of anyone in my company! You have wrongly accused Elizabeth of being something that she is not. The penalty for that is death. For you have tried to harm my family." Said Philip

Two soldiers grabbed Harding and dragged him away to await his exaction. Kivar just narrowed his eyes knowing that he would have to go with a different plan to destroy the royal family.


Serena watched as Max led Liz out onto the dance floor. She felt a gentle hand on her shoulder. She turned to see Kyle there he smiled.

"May I have this dance?" Asked Kyle
"Uh, I don't really know how to dance." Said Serena
"It's OK. I don't dance very well either."
"So you still want to dance?"
"Why not? It's not like anyone is going to be watching us. I mean they will be to busy
watching your sister and the prince. Anyone can see that they are in love with each other."
"You're right. They love each other so much. I am glad that Liz is so happy."
"Yeah anyone could see it."

Kyle led Serena out on the dance floor. Once the music stopped everyone but Max and Liz moved off the dance floor. Everyone watched as Max dropped to one knee and pulled out a diamond ring.

"Elizabeth, I love you more than you can ever know. I now ask you officially to become my wife, my life mate. My future queen. Will you do me the great honor and agree to marry me?" Asked Max

Liz smiled leaned down and gave him a soft kiss.

"Yes. I will marry you my hansom prince." Said Liz

Max slid the ring onto Liz's finger and stood up pulling her into his arms and gave her a passionate kiss. The crowd cheered. Only one didn't cheer he just glared at the happy couple. He was going to destroy their happiness if it was the last thing he did.

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Re: Street Rat (AU, M/L Adult) Pt 37&38 8/27/16

Post by max and liz believer » Sat Aug 27, 2016 10:31 am

So...what is Harding's punishment for making that accusation? *curious*

And Max and Liz are finally able to get married after all those "tests" and "approvals". Yay! :D

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