Street Rat (AU, M/L Adult) Pt 55 Complete 9/6/16

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Re: Street Rat (AU, M/L Adult) Pt 22&23 8/17/16

Post by max and liz believer » Thu Aug 18, 2016 4:19 am

While he does treval in the same circle as the Royals he can't just walk up to one of them at this time.
Well, I'm glad to hear that :D Some relief at least, I guess

Mr. Harding is not a very pleasant man. It sounds as if there needs to be a cleaning out of the higher powers/the nobles or whatever they are. There are a lot of rotten eggs high up in this story, threatening the royal family.

Liz needs to talk to someone about what might have happened during those obvious attempted rapes. Preferably Max, since he most likely is going to be the one to have sex with her first, something that might trigger bad experiences in Liz if she hasn't dealt with them yet.

- Jo
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Re: Street Rat (AU, M/L Adult) Pt 22&23 8/17/16

Post by Natalie36 » Thu Aug 18, 2016 5:51 am

that is so sweet with liz

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Re: Street Rat (AU, M/L Adult) Pt 22&23 8/17/16

Post by Roswelllostcause » Thu Aug 18, 2016 8:11 am

Carolyn Don't worry both Harding and Kivar will get what is coming to them. Just give it a little time. We find out here who the escort is.

L-J-L 76 Harding and Kivar will pay don't worry.

Jo Not all the higher ups are like Harding and Kivar. In fact there are a few that are very kind outside the Royal family. At this point Liz doesn't even want to admit what almost happened to her. Max will prove to be someone that she will open up to.

Natalie36 Thank you.

Part 24

Liz smiled when she saw Max standing there in a suit.

"Well aren't you a handsome prince." Said Liz
"You look really beautiful Liz." Said Max
"How is your hand?"
"It is a little sore. But other wise fine."
"Serena, you look lovely too." Said Max
"Thank you Max." Said Serena
"Liz, I hope you don't mind if I escort both you and your sister."
"No I don't."

Max offered an arm to each of them and walked them to the dinning room.

"Uh Max, you do know that neither Serena or I have ever been to a formal dinner." Said Liz
"Yes. That is why starting tonight both of you will join my family for these dinners. So you can learn before the state dinner next month. Liz, you will my guest."
"Why me? Why not someone who knows about these these things?" Asked Liz
"Liz, the truth is you are the one I want to go with. You are the only woman I can see myself with. It will not be long before I have to announce my engagement. I would like it to be with you by your choice."
"Max, I still don't think I am the right choice."
"Liz, I already talked to my mother. You will be announced as the woman I will marry when the time comes weather you want it or not. I would rather it not come to that."
"How long before this will happen?"
"Close to six months."
"Lizzie, just do it! Marry him." Said Serena
"Why don't you stay out of this my dear little sister."

Max had to smile. He could tell that Liz wasn't really upset with her sister. They walked into the dinning room Liz took one look at the table and knew that she was in trouble. Max saw the look on her face and leaned in close.

"Relax, you will be fine. By the time the state dinner comes around you will be ready." Said Max
"I hope you are right." Mumbled Liz

It was then that the King and Queen came in. Everyone took their seats. Isabel was seated next to a young man who looked a little familiar to Liz. Next to Serena was a young man in a uniform of the army. It looked to Liz that they knew each other.

"His name is Kyle Valenti. He is in training for the army." Said Max softly
"She is only fifteen. Too young to court." Mumbled Liz
"Relax, he won't do anything. Liz, after dinner let's go for a walk."

Liz just nodded. She knew that she was going to marry him. So it would be better if she spent time with him and got to know him better.

"Elizabeth, and Serena it is nice of you to join us for dinner. I know you have never been to a formal dinner, but tonight is about teaching you both what to do at one. You both are old enough to attend the up coming state dinner. So you will need to learn how to act. Maxwell, you are to help Elizabeth. Mr. Valenti, I trust you to do your best to help Serena. I know you have covered this unit it your training." Said Philip

Both Max and Kyle nodded. Philip then signaled to have the soup course brought out. Nearly two hours later Philip excused everyone from the table. Max helped Liz up and lead her to the garden so they could take a walk and talk.

Part 25

Liz walked quietly next to Max through the garden. The only sound was her heels clinking on the cobble stone path.

"Liz, you are learning really fast." Said Max
"Yeah well I still have a long way to go."
"No expects you to be perfect."
"I know."
"Liz, is something bothering you?"
"Uh no."

Liz used her bandaged left hand to push a strand of hair behind her ear.

"After I left you to rest, I went to see my father."
"He told me that you were very brave to ask to take the blood oath. Not many ask to take it. Very few humans have ever taken it."
"Why did he think I was brave?"
"Well if you took it and weren't loyal you never would have made it out of the ring. You wouldn't be alive right now."
"I would be nothing but dust."
"What is it Liz?"
"My eighteenth birthday is in a couple months."
"Yes I am swear of that."
"Um if your parents want to announce our engagement after it, I think I would be OK with it."
"Are you saying that you are agreeing to be my wife? My Princess? One day my Queen?"
"What changed your mind?"
"I am finally doing what I should have done a while ago. Listening to my grandmother."
"Oh and may I ask what she told you?"
"Follow my heart."
"So your heart is telling you to be with me?"
"So what is your heart saying?"

Liz turned to face him and looked him right in the eye. She placed her left hand on his chest over his heart and said the words that she had been so scared to say.

"I love you Prince Maxwell."

Max broke into a big grin and pulled Liz into his arms holding her close to him.

"I love you Elizabeth Parker."

Max released her just enough so that he could do the one thing that he had wanted to do from the moment he met her. He leaned down and placed his lips on hers. He felt her surprise at first but then she returned it. Her lips parted just a little and that was all the invitation he needed to slip his tounge into her mouth where it began to dance with hers. Liz felt her knees start to go weak as the kiss became deeper. Max had to fight to keep a connection from opening between the two of them. He wouldn't connect to her without her permission. Once they were to connect the only thing that could break it would be for one of them to die. Unless they were truly soulmates. Then it was said that not even death could break it. Their souls would search for each other for all time. They finally broke the kiss as the need for air became too great. Liz looked up at Max breathing hard. Max leaned down resting his forehead on hers with a big smile on his face.

"Wow." Said Max
"So you kiss all guys like that?"

Liz blushed and turned away from him.

"Uh I never kissed anyone before. I mean......"
"Shh. I know what you mean. Liz, you know about the connections antarians can have with their mates right?"
"Well I had to fight to keep it from opening between us."
"What do you mean?"
"Liz, I wasn't trying to connect to you and it was trying to open. I didn't want to open a connection with out your permission."
"Is that normal?"
"Max, I have never been one to believe in destiny. But what if there is some force out there that wants us together? That is the reason that we are being drawn together."
"Liz, I want to know if you are open to having a connection with me?"
"If there is a force that is bringing us together then you won't be able to fight it forever. It will be nearly impossible once we become lovers."
"So I think I will be OK with the connection."
"Just not right now right?"

Max kissed Liz on top of her head and they walked off together with Max's arm wrapped snuggly around her.


Diane smiled as she watched the young couple finally give in to their feelings. She felt her husbands strong arms wrap around her.

"What are you looking at Diane?"
"Max, finally broke through the wall around Elizabeth's heart."
"So we can plan the engagement ball soon?"
"Yes. But let's wait to have it after her eighteenth birthday in two months."
"Well it will take that long at least for it to be planned and put together."
"Yes. But we still need to worry about Harding and Kivar challenging her purity."
"Remind me to try and have that law changed. Why should it be that a comonder has to be a virgin but a noble does not?"
"I couldn't agree with you more."

Philip and Diane headed in to their room for the night.

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Re: Street Rat (AU, M/L Adult) Pt 24&25 8/18/16

Post by keepsmiling7 » Thu Aug 18, 2016 10:46 am

Elizabeth now knows she has 6 months before she will marry Prince Maxwell.
He still wants it to be her choice.
Finally Elizabeth is following her grandmother's advice and is following her heart.
That first kiss was very special.......I'm sure many more will come.
Interesting that the law is different for a noble than for a commoner.
Love this part,

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Re: Street Rat (AU, M/L Adult) Pt 24&25 8/18/16

Post by L-J-L 76 » Thu Aug 18, 2016 4:41 pm

Great Chapter!!!! Please please please please please please please please please please come back and post more really really really really soon? Can't wait to read what will happen next between Max and Liz. So glad the King, Queen, Max and others are helping Liz and Serena be ready for the state dinner. Finally Liz is giving into her feeling for Max and taking her grandma's advice about following her heart. Wow that was some kiss Max and Liz had. Glad Max asked Liz about the connection. So glad the King and Queen are going to announce Max and Liz's wedding soon.

L-J-L 76

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Re: Street Rat (AU, M/L Adult) Pt 24&25 8/18/16

Post by max and liz believer » Thu Aug 18, 2016 10:57 pm

Liz is finally letting Max in :D Yay! :wink:

- Jo
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Re: Street Rat (AU, M/L Adult) Pt 24&25 8/18/16

Post by Roswelllostcause » Fri Aug 19, 2016 8:02 am

Carolyn Yes it was a very special first kiss.

L-J-L 76 Yes it was some kiss!

Jo Of course Liz is letting Max in!

Part 26

Max walked Liz to the door of her suite and kissed her goodnight.

"Sweet dreams my beautiful street rat." Said Max
"Goodnight my handsome prince. By the way you are the only one that I will never mind calling me a street rat. I know from you it isn't a put down."
"I would never put you down Liz."
"I know."

Just then the door opened and Serena stood there smirking at the two of them.

"Max and Liz sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G." Said Serena
"Excuse me Max. But I have to kill my sister!" Said Liz

Serena took off into the room. Max watched Liz kick her shoes off and chase after her sister. He let a laugh as he shut the door. Liz caught Serena and pinned her to the floor.

"Serena give me one good reason I shouldn't hurt you." Said Liz
"You love me?"
"I will give you that."

Liz climbed off of Serena and let her up.

"Liz, you know I was only teasing you."
"I know Rena. You know I would never really hurt you don't you?"
"Yeah. Max was actually laughing at us."
"He is such a great guy."
"Yeah he is. Liz have you admitted how you feel yet?"
"Yes. I told Max, that I love him."
"That is great!"
"Yeah. I have also agreed to the engagement. But no one is to know about this part until after my birthday. Do you understand?"
"Now what is going on with you and that soldier?"
"Nothing. We talked early today. When you were off risking your life to take the blood oath. Kyle knows that I am only fifteen. That I can't court yet."
"Do you like him?"
"I don't know. He is kind of funny and sweet."
"Just take things slow. Oh and once you reach courting age if he really wants to court you he needs to come to me and ask."
"I will make sure that he knows that."


Kivar as his little slut was dragged into his bed chamber. He enjoyed her more then the one before her. Her pussy was really tight just the way he liked it. Though he still had a long way to go in breaking her in. He already had a buyer for her on Kronzer a planet in the next galaxy. They would permanently stairlized this girl like every other sex slave. All he could do on Antar was keep her pumped full of drugs that would prevent her from becoming pregnant. Not even the doctor on his pay roll was willing to make her stairl. That and she would be useless to him for at least a week. He was not going to be without his slut for that long. He grabbed her roughly removed her shirt shoved her onto the bed forced her legs apart and shoved his dick into her fast and hard. He smiled as she winced. He had given her five hours to rest after he had started breaking her in. He could see that she was in pain as he pumped her hard and fast. His doctor had examined her and told him that she had a lot of bruising down inside her pussy. Not that he cared. As long as he could fuck her it didn't matter to him.

"My dear little slut, you are starting to love the feel of my dick inside you aren't you? They all have in the past. Though I have have to say you are a lot better then my last slut. Don't worry when I am done with you, you will not end up back on the streets. You will have a job. Well you won't get money. But you will not go hungry as long as you do as you are told."

Kivar grinned as he watched as her body responded to what he was doing to her. He just knew that she had been born to be a whore.

Part 27

The night of the state dinner arrived. Liz nervous this would be the first time in her life that she would be in the world of nobles. It scared her a little. She would have to face those people who think she is worthless just because she is human.

"You really need to relax young lady." Said Eve as she brushed her hair.
"I have never been to anything like this before."
"Honey, they wouldn't have invited you as the Prince's personal guest if they didn't believe you belonged."
"How can they know?"
"Queen Diane, has a good read on people. She wouldn't have helped you and your sister if she thought it was a bad idea. You would not have come here she would have taken you to a clinic and paid for your sister's care if she didn't think you were trustworthy."
"I hope that she is right."
"I have never known her to be wrong."

It was an hour later that there was a knock on the door. Liz and Serena opened the door to find Max and Kyle waiting for them.

"Ladies, are you ready?" Asked Max

Liz just smiled and gave Max a kiss. Kyle smiled at Serena taking her hand and kissing it. Then the four of them headed to the formal dinning room.


Kivar watched as Max walked in with human girl. It made him sick that she was being treated as an equal. Humans will never be equal to him. Besides he just knew that girl was just like every other human girl. She was nothing but a slut. Though she was one that he wanted to ride hard until she was perfect to sell off as the whore she is.

"How long before we prove that girl is like every other human nothing but a slut?" Asked Harding
"Not until they try to announce the engagement." Said Kivar
"Very well."


Larick watched Harding and Kivar and knew that they were up to something. He could only guess by the way they were whispering while watching the Prince and the young lady on his arm.

"Something wrong?"

Larick turned to see his adopted sister Maria. Maria was a spunky girl with blond hair and sparkling green eyes. She had been orphaned at the age of five and his mother had fallen in love with the young human girl.

"Kivar and Harding are going to try something."
"What do you mean?"
"Maria, see how they are watching Prince Maxwell and his young lady?"
"Yeah. But what can they do? I mean from what I heard she took the blood oath and was proven loyal without a fault."
"There still is the purity test."
"What is that?"
"If the Crowned Prince chooses his bride and she is not of noble blood then she must be a virgin. If not then the prince can't I have her as his bride."
"It is a law that is way out of date. King Philip has open the table to the council to get it removed from the books. But it will take time, and unfortunately for that young lady it won't be soon enough to stop her from going through the test."
"What is the test?"
"It is a very invasive medical exam. It will be preformed by a doctor that has never met her and knows none of her history other then she is not of noble blood. If it is a male doctor then a female doctor must be on hand to make sure there is no inappropriate behavior. This maybe a doctor who has a history with her."
"That is so wrong!"
"Yes. Now if Harding's plan had worked and his daughter had been the one to be chosen by the prince she wouldn't have to go through the test."
"Oh of course Tessa would have gotten away being the skankey ho she was."
"Yes. Through no one other then her father and possibly Kivar know what happened to her."
"Oh I think that when she failed at getting into Max's pants Kivar killed her for failing."
"I wouldn't put it past him."

Just then Max walked over to them with Liz on his arm.

"Larick old friend!" Said Max
"Max, good to see you old chum. You remember my sister Maria don't you?" Said Larick
"Little Maria? My you have become a lovely woman." Said Max
"Charming as ever Max." Said Maria
"Max, we haven't had the pleasure of meeting your lady friend." Said Larick
"I am sorry, I didn't mean to be so rude. Lord Larick, Lady Maria this is Miss Elizabeth Parker. Liz, I would like you to meet my good friends, Lord Larick and his sister Lady Maria." Said Max
"Nice to meet both of you." Said Liz
"The pleasure is mine." Said Larick kissing her hand.

Liz blushed not use to being treated this way.

"Max, why don't you let me talk to your friend while you and my brother catch up. Come on Liz. I can call you Liz right?" Said Maria
"Liz, go with Maria. She won't hurt you." Said Max

Liz nodded and the other girl grabbed her arm pulling her out to the garden patio.

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Re: Street Rat (AU, M/L Adult) Pt 26&27 8/19/16

Post by keepsmiling7 » Sat Aug 20, 2016 3:06 pm

Love that Serena and the soldier are getting along so well.
I imagine the Prince will be able to call Liz a street rat when ever he wants to.
This is a fun story,

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Re: Street Rat (AU, M/L Adult) Pt 26&27 8/19/16

Post by Natalie36 » Sun Aug 21, 2016 7:01 am

so sweet these last 2 chapters but kivar and harding are making me nervous :?

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Re: Street Rat (AU, M/L Adult) Pt 26&27 8/19/16

Post by Roswelllostcause » Mon Aug 22, 2016 8:06 am

Carolyn Serena is getting along with Kyle. I don't think Liz will have a problem with Max calling her a street rat.

Natalie36 Be afraid of Kivar!

Part 28

Liz was shocked by the reaction of the other girl. Once they were outside the blond girl started in on all the questions she had for Liz.

"So how old are you? Is it true the that Queen Diane made you come here? Why did you take the blood oath? Did you meet Lady Tessa while she was here? Are you going to marry Max?"
"Wow. Uh I will be eighteen next month. Yes the Queen forced me to come and stay. As for the blood oath I knew that Kivar or one of his lackies would question my loyalty. Yes I met Lady Tessa. Weather or not I marry the Prince is still up in the air."
"What do you mean up in the air?"
"Well he hasn't asked me for one thing. Besides even if he does he it could still be challenged."
"I know we just met and this is going to be a very personal question. But will you pass the purity test if it comes up?"
"Why do you care?"
"Well from what little I have seen tonight, you make Max happier than I have ever seen him."
"Yes I will pass it."
"Now I have some questions for you."
"First off are you really Lord Larick's sister?"
"Yes. I was adopted after my parents died when I was five. Like you I am 100% human."
"How old are you?"
"Eighteen as of two weeks ago."
"Are you with anyone?"
"I am seeing a Captain in the army. He is working tonight."
"Are you really accepted by everyone?"
"Almost everyone. Look Liz, do you love Max?"

Liz looked at Maria and smiled.

"With my whole heart."
"Then it shouldn't matter to you if all those stuck up nobles accept you. If you love Max as much as you say and are willing to help make Antar a better place for everyone it shouldn't matter what the likes of Kivar think of you."
"Maria, I think this might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

Maria smiled and pulled Liz in to a hug. That was when Zane who was standing near by turned to them.

"They are getting ready to sit down for dinner." Said Zane
"We're coming." Said Liz

Both girls walked back inside and as they passed Kivar, Liz felt her blood go cold. She looked at the way he was watching her. There was just something about him that made her believe that there really was something evil about him.


Max wrapped his arms around Liz when she returned to him and placed a gentle kiss on her lips. He smiled at the spark he saw in her warm eyes. He then led her over to the head table and pulled out her chair for her. Once she was seated he pushed her in. He then took the seat next to her. The dinner was filled with the members of the council talking about the agenda for the next meeting. Liz was lost listening to all this. But it soon changed to a topic that intreasted her. When it would be announced who Max was going to marry.

"My son has chosen the young woman he wishes to marry. But as to who it is it will not be revealed until after the young lady's birthday. Once we have the details set we will hold a grand ball for the announcement." Said Philip
"Sire, what do we know about this girl? Is she of good blood?" Asked Kivar
"Kivar, I have met the young lady. I have to say that she will prove more than worthy of being the next Queen." Said Philip staring at the cold hearted man.
"We will see about that." Kivar mumbled under his breath.

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