Unbreakable - A Beautiful Lie (AU M/L ADULT) COMPLETE 5/5/17 + A/N 5/5/19

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Re: Unbreakable - A Beautiful Lie (AU M/L ADULT) A/N 3/21/17 p. 98

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by begonia9508 » 10 Mar 2017 14:54

OH! MY! GOD...

That... I did really not thought about!

First, it looked like Liz and Max were dead or at least, dreaming they were dead... then a nightmare and an Horror Scenario!!!

Also the death of Command came as a big surprise but you must have a answer to it, no?

Anyway - as always - every part is a new challenge to read - because so full of surprises not expected! "
:D :D :D
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Re: Unbreakable - A Beautiful Lie (AU M/L ADULT) A/N 3/21/17 p. 98

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Jo... I've just ordered the most amazing croissants from Williams Sonoma. (Well, on this side of the pond anyways.) Even if you don't like croissants and have decided to never eat bread again (or anything, for that matter, processed in any way, shape or form) you should still try these.

I might be willing to share some one day... If I don't eat them all trying to distract myself from this amazing story.

Will you pay for my fitness trainer?

Just kidding!

I know you sent off the next chapter. But I figure I don't have too much longer to tease you before it's posted, so... :lol:

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Re: Unbreakable - A Beautiful Lie (AU M/L ADULT) A/N 3/21/17 p. 98

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can't wait

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Me again...

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Hi all!

It's me again 8) I suspect my beta is having a busy week. So I'll make you a deal. If she hasn't returned the chapter by tomorrow, I'll update the unedited version if you promise to not get too hung up on grammar :roll: Deal?

You have waited long enough... :oops:

- Jo
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Re: Me again...

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max and liz believer wrote:Hi all!

It's me again 8) I suspect my beta is having a busy week. So I'll make you a deal. If she hasn't returned the chapter by tomorrow, I'll update the unedited version if you promise to not get too hung up on grammar :roll: Deal?

You have waited long enough... :oops:

- Jo
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On a side note I am fully willing to kidnap said beta. I'll need the full identity, address, list of family and friends and a manifest of their daily routine as quickly as possible. The funds to hire a kidnapper might also come in handy as well as additional savings for anyone who tries to blackmail us.

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Re: Unbreakable - A Beautiful Lie (AU M/L ADULT) A/N 3/27/17 p. 99

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First off Morning Dreamgirl you and crazy and funny. I never knew....

max and liz believer it doesn't matter if the grammar is bad or good as long as you want to post the chapter. I can understand betas being busy with work and school. The beta I had was the same way. But I guess all the betas get busy and all we can do is wait for their free days to check everyone's chapters. So I say post the chapter whenever your ready if your beta is busy.

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Ashley (Morning Dreamgirl)
I take it you were pleased with the turn of events in the previous chapter :roll:
I knew you loved me! *Heart eyes*
Of course I do, babe :D
max and liz believer wrote:Hi!

Just emailed the next chapter to my beta for editing. So an update is in the close future :D

- Jo
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Thank goodness! That stick was getting heavy. :wink:
*laughs* You goof :mrgreen:
Jo... I've just ordered the most amazing croissants from Williams Sonoma. (Well, on this side of the pond anyways.) Even if you don't like croissants and have decided to never eat bread again (or anything, for that matter, processed in any way, shape or form) you should still try these.
You know what? Maybe you should have sent some to my beta :roll: :wink: Giving her some croissants is probably more effective at helping her edit than to kidnap her *hint hint* .

Thank you, darling, for your undying support :D

Carolyn (keepsmiling7) - Thank you so much for the feedback! :D

Natalie36 - Thank you so much for the feedback! :D

L-J-L 76
Yay happy dance Max and Liz are alive and back. And finally the command and his men are dead. What are Max and Liz going to do now that they are alive and back????
There will be answers to this, but possibly not in this next chapter...
max and liz believer it doesn't matter if the grammar is bad or good as long as you want to post the chapter.
Yes, I thought as much. I think it's mostly me that have a problem with there being a text posted that have not been edited.

Thank you so much for the feedback! :D

Eve (begonia9508)
First, it looked like Liz and Max were dead or at least, dreaming they were dead... then a nightmare and an Horror Scenario!!!

Also the death of Command came as a big surprise but you must have a answer to it, no?
They had actually died. And the nightmare was possibly a "near death experience"-thingy. The whole Horror Scenario - well, that happened. The death of Command will be explained. But not quite yet... :roll:

Thank you so much for the feedback! :D

You know, I felt like an ostrich since your last post. I had been resisting to read the last chapter because I did not want to wait tooooo long and had serious withdrawal symptom (again) :cry: :cry:
I'm so sorry. I really try to get the updates out there as soon as possible. I just hate that I have to go to work, otherwise I'd be writing all the time, providing you with more updates than you could read (probably) :wink: 8)
Here I am now :D Happy as Larry :lol: Max & Liz are alive!!! Yippee.......(doing a happy dance)

Beautiful chapter! Beautiful writing! (With Cheshire Cat grin)
Thank you so so so much!!
You did say the next chapter is with your beta. Not long to wait then :mrgreen: :mrgreen: I guess my tactic works
:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :lol: :lol: :mrgreen: : :mrgreen: :lol: :lol:
Yeah, well. Now I'm even skipping the editing phase just to get this chapter to you. So please have mercy on my English in this upcoming (unedited) part :oops:

Thank you so much for the feedback! And it's great to hear that you're reading "Snapshot" (again :wink: ). It's always great to hear that "old" stories still have the capacity to interest you guys.


My first sensation was heaviness, followed by warmth and a widespread tingle. I became aware of having substance, of the cold ground pressing up against me, a hard beating sensation.

My vision was returning and on reflex, I blinked. The action made me suck in a deep breath, expanding my chest against the relenting surface it was resting on.

I could breathe. I was blinking.

I coughed.

My eyes did not only feel gritty but filled with loads and loads of sand. I blinked again. And again. I tried to move my arm, tried to lick my cracked lips, took another deep breath. Another cough.

Then my vision grew clear and focused on Max. Who was lying next to me. Who was blinking, just like me. Who was slowly and trembling moving his arm towards mine.

Who was alive.

With one monumental effort, I managed to move my arm upwards, meeting him halfway. His fingers weakly clamped over the back of my hand and if my eyes had not been so dry, I would have cried.

His warm eyes looked deeply into mine and a small smile played in the left corner of his mouth as he shakily squeezed my hand.

We were back.


There was little time to react. We were still exposed. Maybe even still in danger. Yet, it was difficult to get your body to function when you had just been dead.

The most prominent feeling was relief. Relief that we were alive. That Command - even though we still had no explanation as to how - seemed to be dead. That overwhelming feeling of relief, mixed with small tinges of tentative hope, was making it difficult to let the panic of a possible dangerous situation back in. Instead of facing reality, I wanted to keep looking at Max, keep feeling his hand around mine, keep feeling his warmth through our connection and through our touching skin.

Yes, the connection was still up and running. It had simmered down, moving from hurricane levels to a gentle breeze, but it was still there. Even with the lack of its previous intensity, the connection seemed clearer and more focused than it had ever been before. It was with an indescribable ease that I could hear Max’s thoughts and experience his emotions. I didn’t have to concentrate on his mind to listen. I didn’t have to put energy into sifting through relevant and less relevant thoughts. His thoughts were as much a part of me as my own thoughts, in the same manner that my own thoughts needed no effort to be heard or be acknowledged.

For the first time since the death of my mother, I felt at peace. Maybe even for the first time ever. At least for as far back as I could recall.

Max was surrounded by the beautiful color spectrum saturating his aura. I had only seen it previously at our most intimate moments, but now I could visualize it without trying. Much like how Max’s healing ability always had enabled him to see people’s auras. We both had a feeling that this could signify a common access to Max’s abilities. What was once his, was now mine. Everything he had once learnt and practiced had automatically become rooted in me.

In other words, discounting my genetic makeup, I had essentially been reborn a hybrid. I was still very much human (with some added quirks, of course), but connecting not only my mind but also my soul to Max had given me that alien touch that shouldn’t be possible for a human to acquire.

We had only been outside of the physical confinements of our bodies for a couple of minutes, but still we were struggling to get used to the heaviness of them. And before we had a chance to pull ourselves together, quite literally, one of our enemies had approached us. One from Command’s clan.

Max lifted his head off the floor, directing his eyes at the approaching man, and was just about to defend us against whatever threat this man posed, when the man in question hurriedly threw his hands up in front of him. Surprisingly, the man’s hand gesture was one of surrender instead of the anticipated attack, making Max pause even as we were both instantly pumped with adrenaline and poised to shoot.

”Whoa whoa,” the man warned breathlessly. He was limping, blood drying underneath one of his nostrils, his eyes glistening with latent shock. ”Don’t.”

”State your purpose!” Max barked, his harsh tone putting me even more on edge. He was staring the man down like a guard dog would stare at a trespasser seconds before attacking.

The man flinched at Max’s snarl, obviously being fully aware of what Max and I had just put him through. There was a slight tremble to his voice when he quickly answered, ”You should get out of here. We are not the only ones here. More will be arriving soon.”

I looked from the man’s shaken facial expression to Max, whose face was tightening with guarded anger. ”Why are you telling us this?”

The question on both of our minds was clear, Why is one of Command’s men warning us?

Momentary confusion passed across the man’s face and he hesitated for a second before replying thinly, ”I’m not sure. I feel…” He looked behind him, at his companions. Max and I followed his gaze to the rest of Command’s men.

The group that had previously constituted Command’s battalion was a disturbing mix of damaged individuals. Less than 20% of them was on their feet, another handful were lying on the ground writhing in residual pain, and the rest were either dead (judging by their immobility) or reduced to ashes. Obviously, the ones to be concerned about were the ones on their feet, but even those men looked both beaten and resigned. Some seemed utterly defeated, as if the will to live had completely left them. Others were keenly focused on what was happening between us and one of their own, while a couple appeared suspicious.

There was dirt in the man’s blond hair when he turned to face us. He was neatly shaven, making the dirt on his face stand out. His light eyes flickered with confusion between us, before he settled on Max’s face. ”I feel different. At peace.” He frowned and I was aware of the matching frown on my own face. ”For the first time in…” He shook his head slowly, as if he couldn’t quite understand what he was feeling or thinking.

”The anger,” he continued. ”It was consuming…”

I looked to Max, squeezing his hand. This man seemed confused, but his original message had been clear.


So that’s what we needed to do. We needed answers. We knew a lot more about our connection than the assortment of enemies in front of us, but we didn’t know the details to what had just happened. The connection had produced shockwaves of energy that had not only killed Command but had gone through his men, affecting them somehow. The confused man babbling in front of us was proof that something big had happened.

But we couldn’t stay. The stranger’s first impulse had been to warn us and my gut was telling me to go with his first impulse.

Max met my eyes, his thoughts already matching mine. We didn’t need words any longer.

The man instantly grew quiet as Max and I, without a word and in perfect unison, started to get up from the ground, our hands never separating.

Once standing, albeit on wobbly legs, Max pulled me into his side and pressed a kiss to my temple. Through the connection I could see what he was seeing. His eyes were firmly set on the man and the rest of Command’s guys even when his lips lingered against my skin. We had every right to distrust them.

I pressed my fingers tightly around Max’s hand, allowing my eyes to close as I reveled in the feel of Max against me. I felt safe, knowing that we were stronger than ever. Stronger than Command.

And that was something.

Max’s lips left my skin and in a raised voice he evenly told Command’s former-men and the distracted messenger before us, ”Our fight was with Command. He is dead. We are going to leave now. I recommend you to not interfere with our decision.”

I opened my eyes to look at the men, seeing the clear ramification of Max’s warning in their bloodied expressions. They stood still, their faces wearing different shades of fear. They knew very well what it might mean to mess with us. They had just witnessed us kill their fearless and powerful leader. A leader they probably had believed to be indestructible merely minutes ago.

The man closest to us nodded without a word, silently sending us off, and Max didn’t wait another second before tugging on my hand and turning us towards the tunnel where Isabel had disappeared earlier. Together, we ran towards the melted remains of the gate, our legs strong, muscles pumping with adrenaline.

Our thoughts were jumbled, but aligned along the same lines.

Where would we go? Other than us, was there anyone left of the rebellion?

Had Isabel survived? Where was she?

Were we the sole survivors?

Stepping through the gate that had once separated me from Max and his sister, Max froze and immediately pulled us to the side, guiding me to flush my body to the wall, hiding us from sight from the intersecting tunnel.

He had heard something. Something I had not picked up on except through his mind.


Max pressed his index finger to his lips in the universal sign of ’Quiet’, in spite of our mental communication rendering the action redundant. It would take some time to get used to the current well-oiled state of our connection.

My heart was hammering in my chest, the fear clogging my throat. Being hunted by Command had been horrible, but lacking a purpose or plan was right up there with it. We didn’t know what to expect any longer. In a way, neither Max nor I had truly believed that we would be able to defeat Command, hence we had never envisioned a world without Command. We hadn’t believed we would get this far.

Hastily rounding the corner, entering our tunnel, was the leader of the rebellion.

James Dresden.

Who, according to Isabel, had been killed hours ago.

He didn’t see us at first. We remained frozen in shock and surprise as he continued past us. Max had time to think of the possibility of shapeshifting - of someone portraying Dresden - before Dresden turned his head and spotted us.

There was a flicker of surprise, quickly followed by relief, in his eyes and his mouth naturally opened as if to say something. But something stopped him, his gaze flittering between our faces.

Without us having to ask, he refuted our suspicions of him being an imposter by saying, ”You’re both parims, pure souls of goodness.” A fact that not many people knew and something that (hopefully) our enemies were not aware of.

Max’s body softened next to me as he relaxed and the adrenaline drained out of me so rapidly that my knees started to tremble. Max snaked his arm around my waist, pulling me into the comfort of his warm body again, supporting my weight.

Dresden’s face softened as he turned to face us full on, ”I’m extremely relieved to come across you.”

”Command is dead,” Max said without preamble, his voice lacking emotion.

Dresden didn’t look surprised. His lack of reaction surprised Max and I instead.

”I suspected something like that might have happened,” Dresden said, giving us a small smile. Like the smile of a proud father. Squinting his eyes slightly, his expression turned curious. ”How did you do it?”

”Wait,” I interrupted. ”How did you know that something had happened?”

His answered was matter-of-fact, bordering on deadpanned, ”The shift in energy.”

”The shift in…” Max repeated in a mumble.

”I think everyone felt it. Everyone down here, at least.”

The shockwaves? I asked Max. Or maybe Max asked me. I wasn’t sure anymore.

”We will discuss this in more depth later,” Dresden stated firmly. ”But now, we need your help.”

A wave of coldness rushed through me. I couldn’t explain why, but the ominous feeling was strong. The danger was still not over.

”Where is she?” Max asked, barely contained stress in his voice, sending my heart into my trembling knees.

Her face flashed before my eyes, portrayed by Max’s suspicion as to what Dresden needed help with. He just knew. Max just knew that something had happened to his sister.

”It’s your sister,” Dresden confirmed, but sent Max for a spin when he added, ”But your father is worse off.”


Max’s thought echoed through my head and his sudden fear sent strength into my knees, straightening my body.

Max’s father was alive?

Max’s shock fueled me with courage and in an instant our roles were reversed. My body was now supporting his and with a firm look at Dresden, I took commando, ”Where are they?”

Dresden gave me a short respectful nod. ”Follow me.”

We didn’t have to walk very far. They were just down the next corridor. All of them.

Every. Single. One. Of. Them.

I pulled in a ragged shocked breath at the sight and I heard Max do the same. I wanted to cry of happiness, but my disbelief subdued my reaction. As a result, my feet broke my determined stride for only a second before we continued in Dresden’s footsteps.

I had trouble trusting my eyes when I looked at the group I was quickly approaching. Michael was standing at the edge of the group, wearing his most guarded expression, making him look frighteningly intimidating. I briefly noted that there was something different about him, but that observation was mostly Max’s, who was used to the regular color spectrum of Michael’s aura and seeing that it was not what it used to be. I noticed the stiffness of Michael’s body and the vibrant green and red in his aura, but I was too new at reading auras to know that it was different. All I could tell was that, despite the dried blood on him, he wasn’t injured.

He was just different.

With that conclusion in mind, my gaze quickly moved to scan the rest of the party. I held my breath as my eyes moved over Maria and my father. The emotion at seeing them alive, after being close to wholly convinced that they had been killed, was too overwhelming to process right then. It had my gaze quickly move on to the rest of the group to avoid a personal breakdown. I looked at Isabel, who was standing up and looked fine at a glance, but whose aura was all wrong. I looked at Max’s father, who was seated, propped up against a wall. His deteriorating condition was visible to anyone, with or without the ability to read auras.

With Max’s concentration completely on assessing his father’s condition by going through his aura at a distance, I was distracted from the moment when Maria’s head turned and she spotted me. My attempts at keeping my cool and preventing myself from breaking down were ripped away from beneath my feet like a rug when Maria broke from the group and took off running towards me.

I missed the seconds it took for her to close the distance between us, distracted by having seen her arm stretched out behind her just before separating from the group, seeing it separating from Michael’s hand, before she was wrapping her arms around me.

Had Maria been holding hands with Michael? What? Why? How?

Then her warmth enveloped me, her familiar smell reached my nose, and the warmth from her blushed cheek pressed up against mine brought out the tears in my eyes.

I didn’t intend to let go of Max’s hand, but he was still moving towards his dad while I was being brought to a stop by Maria. My heart twisted at the feel of his hand leaving mine. He had been my only pillar, my only strength, for so many hours. So much had happened that was only between us, that only we had gone through, that suddenly interacting with other people felt surreal.

”Are you okay?” Maria asked into my ear. She was anxious, her voice hurried and breathless.

I hugged her tighter, while my eyes were fixed on Max and his father. Max touched Isabel’s hand - a brief greeting and a physical check of her health status - before falling to his knees next to his slumped over father.

”I’m okay,” I told my best friend, wondering if I was lying or not.

The warmth from Maria’s very real and alive body was comforting, like a soft blanket over my traumatized soul.

I pressed my nose into the curve of her neck and let my eyes close for a second, my mind documenting what Max was doing a couple of feet away, but my immediate focus was on my friend.

”Are you okay?” I asked her. I sounded stronger than I felt, my voice not trembling once.

”Considering the circumstances, yes,” Maria replied and she gave another tight squeeze before she loosened her grip and stepped back, giving me the opportunity to thoroughly look her over.

I ignored the beautiful green around her shape, her aura that was almost identical to the green of her eyes, and instead looked at what I knew. The redness to her cheeks, a healthy addition to an otherwise pale face. The light color of her hair, which oddly enough looked relatively clean, although tangled and - quite frankly - a mess. Her clothes looked whole. She looked whole.

But looking closely at her face, I knew that she was changed. She didn’t look older, per se, but experienced. This Maria had lived through things not many girls her age had and it had me realize that the version of Maria I had said goodbye to previously didn’t exist anymore.

Looking deeply into her eyes, I needed to tell her that, ”He’s dead, Ria. Command’s dead. We killed him. Max and I.” The words were tumbling out of me. I needed to talk. I really needed to vent. Maybe it would help me make sense of what had happened. ”We’re not really sure on the details of how we did it, but we did. He’s gone.”

One tear fell from her eye, quickly followed by another. Her lips squeezed together and her voice was garbled with restrained emotions as she took both of my hands in hers, squeezed them tightly and told me, ”Good.”

Tears were tumbling down my own cheeks now and I nodded mutely. She started smiling, repeating the word with more lightness, ”Good,” which had a light laugh escape me and soon we were hugging again.

”You’re fucking amazing, you know that?” Maria whispered in my ear. ”The human girl who killed the alien monster. Kicked his ugly ass. Sayonara’d his ass off this planet.” She squeezed me tightly again. ”Fucking amazing. Best human being ever.”

I laughed, her words giving me a lightness I hadn’t felt since floating in the form of energy above my body.

But at the same time, I knew I was needed elsewhere. The longing to speak to my lifetime friend was really strong, but I was also seeing what Max was seeing and experiencing what he was experiencing. He didn’t even have to tell me in words that I was needed, I just knew.

The laughter ebbed into a bittersweet smile of regret as I gently pushed out of Maria’s arms. ”I need to help Isabel.”

She nodded. ”Of course.”

I narrowed my eyes at her, the smile lingering on my lips, as I added, ”But we have a lot to talk about later. Starting with what’s going on with you and Michael.”

The instant blush on her cheeks accompanied by the guilty mortification in her suddenly widened eyes confirmed my suspicions.

Something had happened between her and Michael.

But even though I was desperate to find out what, my whole being was pulling me towards Isabel.

Maria walked next to me, casting a subtle glance in Michael’s direction (not missed by me) as we passed him.

Then there was dad. Dad with tears in his eyes. With love and relief pulsating off his body in waves. Dad with his beautiful shimmering colors. Dad like I had never seen him before.

He opened his arms for me and I melted into his embrace like the young girl I had once been. His familiar smell enveloped me as he placed one hand to the back of my head and gently stroke my hair. The same way he had comforted me when I was little.

And I broke.

The wall of strength I had been trying to keep up tumbled like bricks. I burrowed my face into his dusty shirt and cried. I heard his sobs and sniffles echo into my ear interspersed between his mumbled, ”Baby girl, my sweet baby girl,” and ”Lizzie bear,” and ”Ella, beautiful Ella”.

I hid in his arms for a minute or two and no one disturbed us. No interruptions. Only dad and I. Eventually, I pulled back, that pressing need to help Isabel banging on my awareness. I looked up at my father’s wet face, his red eyes, his content smile, and returned his smile while wiping the tears off my face with my dirty hands.

”I love you, dad,” I told him, sniffling.

He gave me another hug, hugging me close. ”Love you too, baby girl.”

I rested there for another second before regretfully pulling back, mustering up a brave smile.

He looked so incredibly proud of me that I was very close to breaking down again.

Instead I collected myself, took a deep breath and turned to Isabel.

Isabel looked embarrassed, like she had done something really wrong and was deeply ashamed about it. As if she wanted to sink through the floor.

With Max’s complete attention on his father - who was looking a lot better already - I was on my own. I stopped in front of Isabel, her physical height no longer making me feel small. I felt calm and assertive, like I had assessed people’s physical health my whole life. I finally had the tools to make a difference.

Still, I was unsure how to start. I resorted to a modest, ”Hi”.

Her face was paler than usual and she appeared uncomfortable about meeting my gaze as she quietly replied, ”Hi.”

On instinct, I reached out and carefully took her hand. It was cold and damp. Heavy and limp. I squeezed it, trying to provide her with some warmth and support. ”What happened?”

While she searched for an answer, her body fidgeting restlessly and her gaze moving everywhere and nowhere, I tried to analyze her aura. I tried to figure out the color spectrum, how much the different colors blended into one another, the color intensities, if there was an unbalance between the colors, if one was overtaking. There was so much going on in her aura, it threatened to throw my newfound confidence straight out the window.

”I tried to kill myself.”

Her aura instantly forgotten, I looked up at her in shocked surprise. All I could produce was a sputtered, ”Wh-wh-what?”

She hesitated for a second before answering, ”I wouldn’t let them catch me. Torture me. Rob me of my abilities. Brainwash me.”

She pulled her hand out of mine with a sharp tug and wrapped both of her arms defensively around her middle while taking a step back from me. Her face turned to stone.

”I would rather die than live in a society where Command would continue his empire, torture humans, and where I would have no family.”

Isabel was squeezing her lips so tightly together they were turning white. I could see the blue explode in her aura around her eyes and Max’s knowledge at the back of my mind hinted to me that it was grief. She was holding back tears.

It was easy to put one and one together. ”You saw us die.”

Isabel must have stuck around after she had bid us farewell.

She must have seen Command’s unit attack our force field. She would have watched us retaliate and had maybe even for a brief moment gained the same hope as I had at that time; that we might not be on the losing team.

Next she would have seen Command approach us, walking like some indestructible life force amongst energy blasts, shielded behind his own invisible protective field. She would have witnessed the fight abruptly die out and finally behold our attempt at attacking Command just seconds before seeing us fall.

With us dead, there was nothing left for Isabel to live for.

Isabel nodded, expression hard-set. ”That was my backup plan. Ever since they killed mom. I just never told anyone about it.”

I could see how much pain she was in. Not just in her aura, but in the defensive language of her body and in how she was trembling slightly while trying to keep her emotions in check.

I swallowed, asking worriedly, ”How did you hurt yourself?”

She looked me straight in the eyes, before sighing and loosening the grip of her arms around her middle. I followed her movements intently as she started to roll up her sleeves, showing cuts to her wrists.

”The typical human suicide attempt,” she mumbled.

I carefully wrapped my right hand around the middle of her left arm, bringing the wounds closer for more detailed inspection. I tried to adopt the professional and assertive examination mode Max always displayed. The one most physicians adopted. But looking at the deep cuts, running parallel with the veins in order to open them up in the most effective method of phlebotomy, I soon realized that I was still very sensitive to the sight of blood.

I swallowed.

Isabel continued, ”I managed to stop the bleeding myself and remove most of the blood, but I can’t heal the cuts.”

I swallowed again, feeling clammy. I was unable to stop staring at the cuts.

My throat was dry, making my voice raspy as I whispered, ”What stopped you?”

Why was she alive? From the mental medical library Max’s mind provided me with, I knew that slitting ones wrists was an extremely slow way to die, but Isabel had gone deep. She must have used her ability to burn holes into the arm, which would explain why the skin looked melted at the edges. I was suddenly afraid to turn her arm over. Afraid to see if she had burned through the whole thickness of her arm. Afraid to discover that there was a gaping wound at the other side of her arm.

Another dry swallow.

Isabel must have at least reached the deeper positioned arteries which would make her bleed out faster.

”Michael,” Isabel answered quietly.

I looked up at her, connecting the dots in my head, before looking at Michael who was watching us from a distance. Maria was standing next to him. She wasn’t touching him, but they were standing so close it almost looked like they were.

”I thought I was hallucinating from the blood loss when they walked out around me. All of them.”

I looked back at Isabel, catching her disbelieving shake of the head at the memory. ”I mean, I had seen them get killed.”

Directing my gaze back to Isabel’s wounds, I mumbled, ”Tess.”

”Yes,” Isabel replied tightly. ”That’s the only explanation. She must have been close by, mind warping me into believing I was alone.”

Making you believe that your friends and family had been killed, I thought.

I was glad Tess was gone. For everyone’s sake.

With that, I put my hand over the deep burnt wounds in Isabel’s left arm.

She tugged on her arm, trying to pull back. ”What are you doing?”

I caught her perplexed and mildly panicked eyes. ”Healing you.”

Based on her reaction, I was almost expecting her to laugh in my face. Instead she looked bewildered, furrowing her forehead, and asked incredulously, ”You are going to heal me?”

Finding that voice of self-confidence again, I replied stoically, ”Yes.”

She searched my face. ”I can wait for Max to-”

”Max will be low on energy after healing your dad,” I interrupted, adding some authority to my voice for good measure.

”She brought Max back from the dead earlier,” Maria informed. Isabel and I turned to look at her in unison. ”I’m sure she can heal some cuts.”

Isabel and I looked at each other, neither saying a word. Then the air went out of Isabel with a resigned sigh. ”Fine.”

My heart struck an extra beat of nervousness. The vote of confidence from Maria had both strengthen my confidence but also added more pressure, more expectations. There was the risk that me healing Max earlier had only been possible because he was Max and we were connected. That might not be the case when healing someone outside of our connection.

I guess there was only one way to find out.

”Try not to leave any scars,” Isabel grumbled.

I glanced up at her, trying to work out if she was joking or not, but she was too focused on my hands for me to be able to read her face.

Without further ado, I gently placed my palm against the wound and went to work.

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Re: Unbreakable - A Beautiful Lie (AU M/L ADULT) Ch 115 3/28/17 p. 99

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Wow what a hell of a chapter. Thank god everyone is alive and health.

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Re: Unbreakable - A Beautiful Lie (AU M/L ADULT) Ch 115 3/28/17 p. 99

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Gets down on knees to pray

God bless new parts and the person who writes them.

Gets up and quickly scrolls to new part on phone.

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Re: Unbreakable - A Beautiful Lie (AU M/L ADULT) Ch 115 3/28/17 p. 99

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Great new part... even if I have the feeling that not everything will go easily, after such a catastrophe, for all of them...

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