Lethal Whispers (ML, MATURE) 10/29/15 COMPLETE

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Re: Lethal Whispers (ML, MATURE), Ch 57 10/14/15 p. 37 (bot

Post by begonia9508 » Thu Oct 15, 2015 8:39 am

Great part and certainly a little bit annoying to have a private life in such a car! But at least, that is it, until they are in Australia... Wondering if Alex will follow? Maybe... let see your next part...

Thanks EVE :D :mrgreen:
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Re: Lethal Whispers (ML, MATURE), Ch 57 10/14/15 p. 37 (bot

Post by keepsmiling7 » Fri Oct 16, 2015 7:31 am

So funny, the conversation about Max being a virgin......
As Liz indicated, he had some smooth moves that made her think other wise.
He actually was glad she had had a normal life before......good for him.
I'm anxious to see how this Alex situation plays out.

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Re: Lethal Whispers (ML, MATURE), Ch 57 10/14/15 p. 37 (bot

Post by saori_1902 » Fri Oct 16, 2015 4:30 pm

great part <3

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Re: Lethal Whispers (ML, MATURE), Ch 57 10/14/15 p. 37 (bot

Post by L-J-L 76 » Fri Oct 16, 2015 6:30 pm

So sorry for bothering you will you please please come back and post more really really soon? I can't wait to read what will happen next for Max and Liz. I can't wait to read what will happen when Max, Liz and others get to the airport? will Max, Liz and friends get away? Will the FBI find Max, Liz and friends? What will happen when Max, Liz and friends get to the alien town? Will Liz be safe? Will Max and Liz have some alone time together? Will Max be able to keep Liz safe? Will Max, Liz and friends stay away? Will Max, Liz and friends ever be able to go home? Will Max and Liz keep sleeping together? Will Max and Liz get married and have kids? Will Max, Liz, Michael, Maria, Alex, Isabel have a happy ending together? Will Max, LIZ, Michael, Maria, Alex, Isabel be able to live through the danger that comes their way?

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Chapter 58

Post by max and liz believer » Sat Oct 17, 2015 11:06 am

L-J-L 76 - Thank you :D Extra thanks for the bump :mrgreen:

Helen (Roswelllostcause) - Thank you :D

Eve (begonia9508) - Yeah, attempting to have any kind of privacy in a moving van with a lot of other people is not the easiest... 8) Thank you for the feedback!

Carolyn (keepsmiling7) - Thank you for the feedback :D

saori_1902 - Thank you :D

Previously on "Lethal Whispers"...

Max and Liz met as children, when Max brought Liz back from fatal injuries in a car crash that killed Liz's mother. In their twenties, Max started having premonitions of Liz about her being in danger. He was later introduced to Liz at an office party where Isabel worked. Max was soon to realize that Liz was the girl he had saved many years ago and that in saving her they had formed a bond.

Max saved Liz from the attack that he had seen several times in his premonitions. The rescue attracted the attention of the Special Unit of the FBI and the aliens (plus Maria and Liz) decided to go on the run. There they were momentarily rescued by Melissa - Max's co-worker from Boston - who turned out to be an alien too. Their protector. Who had been watching over the podsters their whole lives. Upon that contact, Melissa made Liz unconscious to stop her from taking part of an alien discussion. That unconscious state brought forward a second individual in Liz - Aislin. According to Melissa, the aliens had lived before on Antar. They had been royalty and part of the royal guard. Upon dying, Zan (Max) had "saved" Aislin's essence inside his own. Aislin was the woman Zan loved. Aislin's essence accidentally got transferred to the (temporarily) dead body of Elizabeth Parker before Max brought her back to life.

Max and Liz have fallen for each other and have deepened their connection by making love. Alex (Liz's longtime friend) managed to track the group down and encountered them at a pit-stop. Liz told him about the aliens and it was decided that Alex would come along. Michael had a fit about Alex being brought along on the trip and hit Max, which caused Liz to somehow tap into Max's powers and put up a shield between Max and Michael to protect Max. This told everyone that Liz was able to use Max's powers (even though she's human), but also that in doing so Liz gets depleted of energy. So Max had to transfer some of his energy to her.


It was hard not to interfere too much. Her instinct was telling her to obey what Max said. She had been raised to answer to her king.

And until just a couple of days ago, he had still been the king.

But at the same time, he was nothing more than a young adult. A human young adult.

He was confused, unsure of his spot as a leader, and he made weird decisions. He kept information from the individuals around him that were the best equipped at helping him. He made choices that affected and jeopardized the safety of the whole group. This was especially clear when it came to the matter of Elizabeth Parker.

Elizabeth Parker was Max’s blind spot. He would evidently go through hell and high water to make sure that she was safe, that she was okay.

Apparently, this protection now also encompassed Elizabeth’s friends.

Melissa sighed to herself as her hands gripped the steering wheel tighter. Max couldn’t see that he was driving the group towards its own demise. Quite possibly, if she hadn’t come and rescued them, they would right now be tortured by the Special Unit of the FBI.

If it hadn’t been for her, Max’s first mistake - of saving Liz Parker and drawing suspicion upon himself - would have killed them all. And there would be no royals to bring back to Antar.

She felt the stab of sorrow at the thought of her planet, of the Antarians who had been killed off along the death of their home. She had to admit that there were more terrible places to be stuck on. Earth was a relatively pleasant planet. Of course, humans were constantly at war with each other, some wars bigger and uglier than others. But such had been the case even on Antar. At least, humans had simplified the governing of their planet by dividing it into countries and assigning a ruler to each country. That way, if worse came to worst, one could always move to another country if one disagreed with the government or the laws of a country.

There had been one ruler on Antar. Zan. And the people that didn’t agree with the politics enforced by his father and later by him, had nowhere to go. They were like the disgruntled employees at a workplace they hated. The risk of arguments and backstabbing was higher when the choices were taken away.

In that way, humans were much smarter.

She knew that her resurrected Royal Four were intelligent, with advanced abilities and excellent leadership qualities. But she was getting fed up with waiting for them to grow up, of finding themselves. She had watched them grow into the people they were today, but she was starting to regret that she hadn't gone against her pre-set orders and actually started to educate and train them sooner.

If they had known about their roles in the universe maybe they would have gone about things differently? Maybe Max would discuss things with Michael, Isabel and Tess before reaching a decision. Maybe Michael would be able to control his emotions. Maybe Isabel would be more assertive in herself and her position as the princess.

Instead they had gotten themselves into a terrible mess. She could only hope that the FBI wasn’t watching the airport. Of course, the chance of that happening was minimal. Of course they would be surveilling all possible exits out of the country.

But push come to shove, their mixed group of aliens and humans had something the FBI lacked.

Inhuman abilities.

So. They hadn’t tried to convert him yet. They hadn’t tried to fill his brain with weird pieces of information. The group had been almost unnervingly quiet. He had troubles understanding what Liz found so appealing about the group. They were a bunch of odd characters sorely lacking in social capabilities.

“Hey,” a soft voice said next to him and he watched as Liz took a seat next to him.

“Hey,” he replied, looking at her profile.

They hadn’t talked much since they had met at the convenience store. Max had come and got him out of his car when they had, apparently, decided that it was okay for him to come along. And that had been it. Alex had stepped into the empty inside of a white van, shy of a few blankets, and had spent a night on the hard flooring. He had, what felt like, bruises all over his body to prove it.

He was glad that Liz had come over to talk to him. She looked like herself again; back to being a brunette (Alex had briefly wondered before where the people were hiding their disguises. There were no boxes with wigs or contacts anywhere. And there was no possible way that any of them had had time or opportunity to dye their hair) and she looked oddly rested (even though he had heard her and Max whispering in the middle of the night. He had tried really hard to eavesdrop, but their voices had been too hushed, too secret, for him to hear anything.).

“How are you holding up?” she asked softly, her chocolate brown eyes searching his profile wearily.

He shrugged. “Considering the circumstances; okay.”

She gave a nod and turned her gaze forward. “Good.”

“Not the most talkative bunch of people, are they?” Alex asked.

A small smile graced her mouth and she answered quietly, “No. You could say that.”

“I can’t really see what you all would have in common,” Alex mused, itching to get answers from her and get her to see his side of the situation. It was time for her to wake up and smell the reality.

“No, we’re pretty different,” Liz agreed lightly, the smile still on her lips. “But I guess it’s more destiny having brought these people together than compatibility.”

“So why stay? If you’re not even close-“

She turned her eyes back to him, something akin to insult in her look, “We’re close.”

“Liz…” he shook his head, not believing her, “You barely look at each other. There’s no laughter or friendly conversations.”

“We’re under a lot of stress,” Liz replied, her mouth pressed into a thin line. “If you haven’t noticed; we’re on the run.”

“I just want you to reconsider who you’re giving up your life for,” Alex tried.

“We’re leaving the country,” Liz said quickly and Alex froze. He stared at her until he thought his eyes would dry out. She wouldn’t meet his eyes. Instead she was staring at her fingernails.

“Where?” he whispered.

“I shouldn’t say,” Liz answered. “In case you won’t be with us at that time.”

He took a deep breath, anxiety drumming in his chest. “It’s a bit drastic, don’t you think?”

“It’s the only option if we want to stay alive. We wouldn’t be able to lead a normal life here any longer. The FBI won’t give up. But they might stop looking for us if we’re on another continent.”

“Of course, you can come with us if you want,” a voice said from above their heads and Alex looked up to see exquisite Isabel looking down on him.

“And why would I want that?” Alex asked, trying his best to look away, but failing miserably.

Isabel sank to the floor opposite him, her knees almost touching his as she folded her legs across each other, Indian style.

“You don’t believe us, do you?” she asked, her brown eyes digging into his.

Alex bit his lips together and answered tightly, “Not a word.”

“What is our agenda then, Alex?” she continued, curiosity draped across her delicate features.

Alex met her look straight on. “To make my friend here believe that she is part of an alien cult, so that you can whisk her away and make her stay with you-“

“And force her to have a lot of babies with Max over there so that our cult could grow bigger and bigger?” Isabel filled in, amused.

“Something like that,” Alex admitted.

“Why her? Why Elizabeth Parker?”

“You tell me.”

“Because she’s gorgeous? Because she has an IQ that falls in the ‘gifted’ category? Because she’s independent, strong and of good breeding age?”

Alex glanced at Liz and noticed the blush on her cheeks. He wondered if she was ashamed or felt complimented.

“Maybe all of the above,” Alex answered.

“Uh-huh,” Isabel said and contemplatively tapped her index finger against her full bottom lip. “What if Elizabeth Parker happened to be part of our group because of circumstance? Or maybe even, because of fate?”

“No such thing,” Alex refuted plainly.

“What if…” Isabel said slowly, “she was killed in an accident, where the car that my brother and I were in with our parents happened to be the car arriving first at the scene where she was lying dead?”

Alex could almost feel Liz grow still as a statue next to him.

“She’s not dead,” he said, but immediately damned his voice for cracking with uncertainty. “She’s right here.”

“Exactly,” Isabel announced, almost triumphantly. “She’s here because my brother saw a girl on the road that night and thought she was asleep. She’s here because my brother put his hands on her and willed her to wake up. She’s here because he poured his energy into her and restarted her heart.”

“Isabel,” Liz whispered, but Isabel continued.

“And then for years, my brother had these dreams of a brown-haired girl. Of your Liz. He dreamt that she was calling for him, trying to talk to him-“

“What?” Liz gasped next to Alex and Alex glanced at her briefly before Isabel recaptured his attention.

“Until one day, when he was a teenager, and the dreams stopped. You see, he didn’t try to search her out. He didn’t know that the girl from his dreams was for real. He certainly didn’t know that it was actually the grown-up version of the girl he had brought back from the dead that was haunting his dreams.”

“He dreamt of me?” Liz whispered.

“In a way, Liz sought Max out,” Isabel said, ignoring Liz’s questions. “Not the other way around.”

“There’s no such thing as bringing someone back from the dead with your bare hands,” Alex said coldly. He didn’t like being lied to so plainly, so transparently. “Especially not by a boy.”

How could Liz fall for this load of crap?

“What about the fact that Max could see that someone would attack Liz in a dark alley - weeks before it actually happened?”

“Well,” Alex said dryly. “Maybe he knew because he was in on it. Maybe you guys staged the whole thing with that David Perkins-character.”

“Alex,” Liz said next to him and the hurt and disbelief in her voice made him temporarily hate himself for putting it that way. Of course, it had been a horrible ordeal for her and he didn’t mean to diminish it, but if this group had anything to do with hurting his Liz, they should pay for it.

Isabel leaned forward slowly and Alex ignored the temptation to lean away. Her face was only two inches from his, when she whispered, “I can see your dreams when you’re asleep. If I want to, I could make sure that your every sleep will be plagued by nightmares - for the rest of your life.”

“Iz, what are you doing?”

Isabel leaned back and a beautiful smiles spread across her lips as she did. Alex blinked. His reactions were numb.

Max was standing behind Isabel, looking at her disapprovingly. Isabel looked up at him sweetly. “Nothing. Just trying to convince a skeptic.”

“There are easier way to do that,” Max said and pulled out a knife from his back pocket.

Alex straightened, Liz’s sharp intake of air next to him chilled him to the core. She wasn’t prepared for Max bringing weapons into the discussion either.

“Max, what are you doing?” Liz asked, a frantic edge to her voice, as she stumbled to her feet.

“It’s okay,” Max said to her softly, before he put the sharp edge of the blade against his skin and slid it across and into the skin of his underarm.

“Max!” Liz cried, automatically pushing the knife away and pressing her hand against the blood that was flowing up from the wound.

Alex looked on, perplexed. He noted two things; 1) Max was insane, and 2) If he was an alien, how come his blood looked perfectly red and human?

“It’s okay, Liz,” Max gave Liz a look and she pulled her hands back. Alex looked at her bloodied hand with trepidation as Max kneeled in front of him.

“Can you see that I’m injured?” Max asked.

Alex frowned. Eh…Duh? He answered, “Hard to miss.”

“Do you see the edges of the wound, the muscle tissue underneath?” Max insisted and Alex tried to tell from Max’s face if he was being serious or if he was going to break out into a madhouse dance any time soon. He willed himself to briefly look at the sliced skin, at the visible muscle layer beneath all that blood. So much blood. He swallowed back the nausea. It was a deep cut.

“You better put some pressure on that,” he said thickly.

“I will,” Max answered and put his palm across the wound, covering it up.

Alex looked over at Liz, at the blood that was drying on her small hands which she was stiffly holding out in front of her.

I’m gonna get you out of here, Lizzie. I promise you that.

He looked back at Max, who was stubbornly remaining in his seat in front of Alex, just in time to catch the bright white light being emitted between the surface of his palm and the surface of his injured skin.

His eyes widened as he tried to make sense of what he was seeing. What the hell was that? How did he do that? Was he holding a flashlight somewhere? He was just about to incline his head to try and see it from another angle, when Max removed his hand.

“Iz, could you get me something to clean this up?” Max asked his sister as Alex stared at Max’s arm.

It couldn’t be.

There was nothing there. A lot of blood still, now coagulating and drying, but no wound. Max’s skin was perfectly intact. Max took the paper towel offered by Isabel and wiped it down his arm, proving more fully that there was nothing there. No wound to speak of.

“Now… Still think we’re a baby-producing cult?” Isabel asked as Alex leaned back against the metallic wall, his mouth hanging open and his brain running on overload as his whole world and all the principles he lived by had suddenly been thrown out the window.

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Re: Lethal Whispers (ML, MATURE), Ch 58 10/17/15 p. 38

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sat Oct 17, 2015 11:53 am

Alex, hate to be the one to break the news to ya. But aliens are very real! But they look just like normal people!

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Re: Lethal Whispers (ML, MATURE), Ch 58 10/17/15 p. 38

Post by saori_1902 » Sat Oct 17, 2015 12:57 pm

Now… Still think we’re a baby-producing cult?”
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Great part!

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Re: Lethal Whispers (ML, MATURE), Ch 58 10/17/15 p. 38

Post by L-J-L 76 » Sat Oct 17, 2015 10:16 pm

Great Chapter!!!! Please please please please please please please please please please come back and post more really really really really soon? I can't wait to read what will happen next for Max, Liz, others. Wow I can't believe Max cut himself to prove a point. Shocked by everything Isabel had told Alex. Don't know what to think of Melissa. Hate the way Melissa is thinking Liz is Max's biggest mistake.

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Re: Lethal Whispers (ML, MATURE), Ch 58 10/17/15 p. 38

Post by Natalie36 » Sun Oct 18, 2015 6:29 am

wow :shock:

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Re: Lethal Whispers (ML, MATURE), Ch 58 10/17/15 p. 38

Post by begonia9508 » Sun Oct 18, 2015 6:42 am

Oh! I love that!!! :D :D :roll:

For no believer likes Alex, nothing is better than demonstration!!! And Alex got it for his money! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Being who he is, a computer genie who believes only on computer tasks, it is a wake-up experience and I hope he will change the way he talks about them, as he is quite unpleasant, when Liz's life is concerned! :roll:

Thanks EVE :mrgreen:
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