The Raven and the Fox (AU,M/L,Adult) AN 1/24/16

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The Raven and the Fox (AU,M/L,Adult) AN 1/24/16

Post by jake17 » Thu Jul 10, 2014 11:33 am

amazing banner by my baby

Title: The Raven and the Fox
Author: jake17
Rating: Adult
Couple: M/L
Disclaimer: I own nothing
Summary: He was alone, a stranger to this world… until he met her.

Author's note: thank you, Carolyn and spitfire.

Chapter one

Worn boots continued through thick woods as he stumbled grasping onto branches and vines that formed like a maze in front of him like a cement web.

Hungry, alone, lost he wandered aimlessly searching for shelter, a place just to rest, to except the card that fate had handed him.

Covered in dirt and blood, weighed down by crushing grief and shock he carried on focusing on the flickering lights filtering through the trees.

The night that was lit by thousands of stars that were supposed to guide them on their journey seemed so far away now.

He felt so far away, from everything he knew… from home.

Barely able to go on his ragged breath pierced through the symphony of sounds around him.

Strange disturbing unfamiliar echoes of creatures flew above him, crawled in the thorny bushes beside him scattering like fluttering leaves around him.

Given into his fatigue and injuries he fell to his knees clutching the soft earth under his palms he closed his eyes knowing how dire his situation had become.

Grunting in pain he searched his pocket for the poison that would take it all away, that would make this nightmare vanish as if it never happened.

Ending his young life had never entered his mind before this moment, no matter how bad things had gotten, but this was different.

The only survivor on a hostile planet, hurt, defenseless, scared he grasped the small bag containing the magenta pill that would end it all.

Struggling he finally was able to pull the large capsule ripping it from its confines.

Tears filled his brilliant golden eyes as he brought the pill to his dry lips his stare focused on the dirt under his finger nails.

Soil from graves he was forced to dig.

The souls he was responsible for now laid to rest on a foreign world he was never meant see.

Wind rustled his dark hair from his eyes as his tongue reached out for the bitter tasting poison just as a voice washed over him in the distance.

At first he thought he was hallucinating, weak from days without food, the trauma of the crash, it was the only logical conclusion.

Then he noticed two ropes moving in sync back and forth attached to a limb, and the tips of wings, dark in flight appearing and disappearing from his riveting stare.

The voice continued in the crisp windy breeze floating all around him forcing him to find the strength to lift his face up higher to take it in.

It was soft, almost musical in tone, like the angels in the fairytale books his mother would read to him as a child.

He couldn’t make out the words she spoke only that it was hypnotic, soothing, drawing him in like an invisible force wrapping around his heart.

He wasn’t even aware of how close the clearing was, the forest was deceiving, endless, giving him the sense he would never be free of its claws.

Shoving the pill back in his pocket he braced himself against a large hovering oak forcing himself to take one shaky step then another.

Willing his body to bring him closer to the voice that sent chills rolling over his skin dulling the pain from the deep cuts and bruises that covered his body.

Straining his tired muscles he parted a thick patch of branches moving away the brightly emerald colored leaves giving him a clear view of the angel he had created in his imagination.

His filthy cheek fell against the rough bark of the towering tree as he clung to it breathless, heart stilling as if it too needed to take in the magic swirling in the air.

He felt dizzy, weightless; it was as if nothing existed except for the exquisite vision in front of him.

He thought he was dying, entering the next plane of life as he watched her swinging back and forth on a wooden plank.

Her hands gripped the ropes tightly as her bare toes pointed up to the sky, and the tips of her black hair he mistook as wings skimmed the edges of the dewy grass below her.

He could hear it now, she was softly singing, her wide eyes cast up to the stars above as if wishing she could somehow fly high enough to reach them.

His lips parted shivering in the wake of her beauty as she flew higher and higher to the heavens.

His eyes followed down every inch of her as the flowing short black slip of silk that barely covered her brushed against her golden skin.

He felt her longing, her sadness, her yearning to break free of something holding her back, but from what he had no idea.

The melancholy wistful tune that lifted from her felt personal as if he was spying on a moment not meant for him.

He almost felt ashamed for staring, but to look away was not an option, it was as if his life depended on her in those few seconds.

In the beauty, the mystery that she held, like a secret he had to discover.

She tethered him to the ground, breathed air into his damaged lungs, warmed his cold skin, lifted his heart from brink of death.

He wondered in his fragile state if she was a real angel, flying in the air, protecting him from harm.

A savior from the sky sent to take him to a better place.

Those were his last thoughts before exhaustion and deep wounds would thrust him into darkness pulling him to the ground in a heavy thump.


Looking down at her list of groceries doodled on the back of an overdue bill Liz stood before the cashier flushed with embarrassment as she gazed down the line of customers waiting behind her.

"That will be forty eighty, ninety five hon."

Holding two crinkled twenty dollars bills in her hand she nervously picked up a carton of ice cream, a box of cereal and her favorite cookies.

“I’m sorry I changed my mind on a few things, is it possible you can take these off for me?”

The middle aged red haired lady nodded smiling comfortingly as she quickly deleted them from the computer.

“No problem dear, it’s no trouble at all.”

Practically running from the small store on the border of what seemed like an even smaller town, Liz jumped in her beat up rusted blue pick-up truck resting her forehead on the steering wheel her arms shading her watery eyes from the bright sun above.

Her mounting financial problems worrying her as she wiped the sweat from her face and headed home.

Turning off the paved road onto her the long winding dirt trail to her cabin she already felt calmer.

Her large ebony eyes lifted to the blue sky and the shimmering leaves of the trees that lined the path to her beloved home.

Letting her head fall back she stretched her hand out the window letting her fingers rise and fall with the warm summer breeze as her the first view of the little white house peeked through a patch of tall pine trees.

A small smile curved upwards as she came to a stop.

She was finally home, her haven, the only place she ever felt safe.

Stepping inside she kicked off her flip flops before setting the plastic bags on the kitchen counter.

Reaching for an orange she hopped up on the counter swinging her legs back and forth she began to play with a stray string hanging from her cut offs.

Suddenly memories began to cover her like a dark cloud making her feel even more alone, college and the life she left behind was beginning to fade, but the pain of what had occurred was still fresh, like a wound that refused to heal.

She wasn’t that girl anymore, not after everything she had been through, there was no going back.

That fact was the only thing she knew was real, the rest was just confusion, and a fear she could not seem to escape.

After peeling the soft shell of the orange she ripped away a wedge of the sweet fruit before skimming it across her tongue.

It was then that she noticed the muddy footprints in the hallway leading to the bathroom.

Cautiously she followed the mixture of blood and dirt that covered the floor before reaching a billow of steam floating out from beneath the door.

Her pounding heart gave out to relief realizing that it must’ve been Kyle, a friend from her childhood that would use the property for his hunting trips from time to time.

“Kyle? Are you decent?”

Fearing an injury from the lack of response and the blood smeared on the floor she pushed open the door with the tips of her fingers.


The orange fell from her hand rolling down the hall as she gazed in disbelief at the majestic stranger standing before her.

Naked, wet, shivering in pain riddled with gashes and dark purple bruises he turned slowly to face her.

He was beautiful, muscles toned to perfection, black hair kissing long dark eyelashes that angled downward, as if ashamed of the mess he had made.

Like a wounded animal he seemed vulnerable and scared as he lifted his brilliant amber eyes up towards her before clutching onto the edge of the sink for support before falling to his knees.

Startled she reached for a towel and flew to his side covering him before freezing as he raised fingers to her lips to capture the juice of the orange before it slipped from her skin.

He tilted his head as his stunning eyes became fascinated with her long hair as it rained down over her shoulder.

‘The dark angel,’ he thought to himself, before once again everything went black and he collapsed to the floor.

Cushioning his head just in time with the bath matt she leaned over him searching for a fear that she knew she should logically have but mysteriously didn’t.

A hoarse whisper left her as she leaned forward unable to take her eyes off of him.

“Who are you?”
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Re: The Raven and the Fox (AU,M/L,Adult) chpt 1 7/10/14

Post by saori_1902 » Thu Jul 10, 2014 2:38 pm

yay, New story. Great start. :)

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Re: The Raven and the Fox (AU,M/L,Adult) chpt 1 7/10/14

Post by keepsmiling7 » Thu Jul 10, 2014 3:49 pm

What an interesting and amazing introduction.....words never fail you Carrie.
Does this stranger want to end his life??
Was Liz the dark angel that appeared from the sky??
The stranger was definitely not Kyle......
Where are you taking us ........I can't wait to see,

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Re: The Raven and the Fox (AU,M/L,Adult) chpt 2 7/10/14

Post by jake17 » Thu Jul 10, 2014 10:13 pm

Thank you so much saori and Carolyn for your feedback, so needed it.

Chapter two

Brilliant flashes of light passed behind his eyes as he gazed down at the seemingly serene blue and white planet below.

‘Evans don’t, we’ll never make it!’

Alarms screeched warnings of power failure; red beaming lights surrounded him as they plunged into Earth’s atmosphere.

‘Everyone… brace yourselves! I know I can do this, I know what I’m doing! We’re all going to make it, on my life I promise you!’

His words echoed as he watched himself in his nightmares burying their bodies one by one, his promise now but a distant gnawing memory scratching at his throat.

Gasping harshly he shot up from the bed only to find himself face to face with the magical girl on the swing.

“Shh… lay back; you’ll tear your stitches. I’m right here, no one is going to hurt you, sleep… just sleep.”

Darkness began to envelop him once again as he felt himself being gently pushed back onto the bed.

“You can’t … no one can know I am here… please… “ his slurred words faded off as he slipped back out of consciousness.

A blurry vision of the dark haired girl with kind eyes disappeared into black.

She shivered beneath the sound of his pleading raspy voice as she reached the basin by the bed.

Wringing out a washcloth she gingerly padded his forehead before sitting back in her grandmother’s rocking chair.

Looking back at the thermometer she shook her head at the temperature she had taken at least five times.

“Two hundred degrees, I can honestly say my nursing classes did not prepare me for this.” she whispered under her breath in an attempt to calm herself.

Throwing the newer model that read temperatures from the ear she ran to the bathroom shuffling inside a basket of her grandmother’s things.

Finding an old fashion mercury thermometer she ran back to him to carefully sit beside him on the bed.

“Ok, this is how this is going to work, I’m going to place this under your tongue and you’re going to have a normal temperature and we’re going to have a nice laugh about this after you’re fever breaks and you wake up.”

Nervously biting her bottom lip Liz carefully did just that completely confident that her digital one was just defective.

Giving him an assuring smile as he slept she lifted it from his parted lips.

“It was the batteries, I’m sure of it, you can never tell when – “

Stepping away slowly she saw the mercury wavering at two twenty two.

Holding it under the small lamp by her bed she stared at it in disbelief.

“Ok this … this is not possible.”

It was then she remembered the lightening from the night before.

She assumed it was lightening, but it was only one blast, a sonic boom that lit the night sky as if it were day.

She watched it from her backyard; she figured a bolt of lightning struck the metal of a deer stand, or some other structure far into the woods.

“No rain… “She muttered to herself as she walked in and out of almost every room in her house till she found herself staring back into his innocent vulnerable face.

“Doesn’t have to rain for lightening… there’s also the fact that no human can live with a temperature of two hundred and twenty.”

Raking her hands through her long hair she closed her eyes, “No human, so what if he’s not human.”

Laughing nervously she chewed her lip, “This it Liz, you’ve gone off the deep end.”

Pacing back and forth she ran through her options.

Grabbing her cell she hit nine, one then hesitated.

The nearest hospital was two hours away, and she could only imagine what they would do to him there.

Searching down her contacts she collapsed back into the rocking chair realizing that she had let all her relationships fall to the wayside after the incident at school.

With her parents across the country married to different people that she had no connection with she tossed her phone on her dresser.

With no family or friends she realized the only person she could think of to call was Kyle, and that just wasn’t an option.

His crush on her bordered on uncomfortable most of the time, it had been years since she swayed his advances but there wasn’t a moment together that he ever let her forget.

Beside the point he’d call the sheriff at first glance of the naked stranger lying in her bed.

“Yes, ok Kyle, hospital, police, family and friends… all not viable solutions.”

It was then that she realized how isolated she had become.

Six months alone held up suspended in time, unable to move forward and finding it impossible to revisit the past.

Breathing out a shuddered rush of air she checked his bandages before soothing him once again with the cool washcloth before gazing down at his body.

Glistening from his fever he practically shimmered like diamonds.

He was stunning in the most beautiful way, like a painting by Renoir, or a sunset fading into a Caribbean sea.

He was something out of fiction, a subject for romantic poets and writers.

There was nothing threatening about him, it was almost as if he didn't belong... didn't belong ... here.

Fascinated by him she couldn’t help herself as she skimmed her fingers across his hip where the sheet met his waist.

Feeling as if she were crossing some kind of line she quickly lifted her hand before noticing several symbols tattooed around his wrist.

It was nothing she had ever seen before, almost ancient in nature.

“This is insane, you’ve finally lost it.” She breathed out before rushing out the back door suspecting that she was having some kind of post traumatic psychotic break or something.


It was sometime after three am when she began to stir in the lawn chair as the cool night breeze whisked her hair across her face.

Fluttering her eyes open wide she sat up straight her body tensing as she gripped the blanket that had been placed over her.

Looking through the fire pit that she did not remember starting she saw him staring back at her, calm, quietly as if they were old friends.

His eyes were what caught her attention, intelligent, kind, curious, there were too many emotions penetrating her, it felt intimate the way he looked at her.

Then there was the color, with the flames of the fires dancing before him they reminded her of a beautiful red fox that she would always find in the high grass edging the woods.

Feeling the uncomfortable silence long enough she cleared her throat hoping for a completely logical explanation for everything that had happened.

“I see your fever broke, you really had me worried there.”

Nervously she found herself rambling as she stood to poke the fire with a stick on the ground as she made her way closer to him.

“You don’t have to worry about your injuries, I’m a nurse… well actually that’s not completely true, I was almost a nurse, just three weeks away from finishing actually but I had to leave.”

Feeling like a total idiot at this point she began to twist her long hair around her finger as she paced back and forth in front of him.

“Sorry I’m sure there is so much you want to tell me, was it a car accident? Did someone hurt you? Because you are really far away from civilization and if you need me to I can call someone for you or – “

Taking her hand gently he spoke softly running his thumb over the pulse on her wrist.

“You’re scared; your heart is racing at an alarming rate. Please breathe, there is no reason to be frightened, I would never harm you.”

The sensation of her skin shocked him, she was warm, her energy sparking with sincerity and truth.

She was nothing like the species he had learned about at the academy.

Passion, empathy, pain, loneliness overwhelming extreme intelligence, she wasn’t part of the hostile world as he was taught.

Her heart beat was wild, extraordinarily impulsive and erratic , soaring with every stroke of his finger across her skin.

His inquisitive eyes once again marveled at her long dark hair as it shone in the moonlight like the feathers of a raven.

He was most captivated with Earth’s flying creatures, soaring free, flying high unrestrained, graceful in everyway.

“You, remind me of a raven.”

Noting the immediate change in her expression he recoiled worried that he had insulted her.

He deepened his voice, working hard to sound as harmless as possible; to her it was like velvet, like nothing she had ever heard before.

“What I mean to say is that… well… you are beautiful in a way that is unattainable. You should be amongst the stars gliding free, dancing along the wind … like a bird, like a raven.”

Hanging on his every breath, almost hypnotized by the poetry in his words she sat next to him unable to pull herself away from those eyes, clever, curious, smart, warm, and gentle… the color of a red fox.

Shocked at the words coming from her she whispered softly as if trying to convince herself of the impossible.

“You’re not from … here … are you.”

It wasn’t a question but more of a statement, a truth that needed to be said out loud.

Shaking his head slightly he knew he had no choice but to trust her, it flew in the face of everything he was taught. Earthlings were aggressive, driven to destruction and chaos, fueled by fear of what they did not understand.

Only she was different.

“What is your name?”

Realizing he was still holding her hand she flipped his wrist over to expose the strange symbols on his skin.


Repeating her name breathlessly he nodded as he looked down at the symbols that she had exposed.

“I am Max.”

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Re: The Raven and the Fox (AU,M/L,Adult) chpt 2 7/10/14

Post by begonia9508 » Fri Jul 11, 2014 10:25 am

Hey Carrie!

Three days without internet and BANG! a choc... a new beautiful shock called Max the Alien! :oops: :oops:

Liz is a lucky girl because she could have found E.T. and I don't think the surprise would have been so exciting! :lol:

Looking for more and thanks! EVE :mrgreen:
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Re: The Raven and the Fox (AU,M/L,Adult) chpt 2 7/10/14

Post by saori_1902 » Fri Jul 11, 2014 9:00 pm

Nice part. Thanks . :mrgreen:

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Re: The Raven and the Fox (AU,M/L,Adult) chpt 2 7/10/14

Post by keepsmiling7 » Sat Jul 12, 2014 8:43 am

So Liz's fever broke.......and who was there!!
Love your words......"beautiful in an unobtainable way" are magic Carrie.
I meant Max's fever broke.......I'm sure Liz was ready to pass out discovering Max is not from around here.
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Re: The Raven and the Fox (AU,M/L,Adult) chpt 2 7/10/14

Post by Natalie36 » Sun Jul 13, 2014 12:40 pm

just found this and it sounds great. can't wait for more

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Re: The Raven and the Fox (AU,M/L,Adult) chpt 2 7/10/14

Post by Michelle17 » Tue Jul 15, 2014 1:00 am

Carrie I just read the first two chapters and I love the new story. I can't wait to find out more about Liz and Max Journey. Please post more soon.

Special thanks too


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Re: The Raven and the Fox (AU,M/L,Adult) chpt 2 7/10/14

Post by AlysLuv » Thu Jul 17, 2014 1:58 am

Great start

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