The Key{CC, AU With Aliens, Mature}Chapter 90 18 Pg65 10/10/18

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Re: The Key{CC, AU With Aliens, Mature}Chapter 187 Pg64 9/14

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Chapter 188

As Jim set the pictures on the table Liz’s eyes were wide. After all the pictures were on the table Liz reached out and touched the photos. As Liz touched each photo she got visions of who and the person had planned.

A few minutes later Liz dropped her hand while still looking at the photos.

“Liz?” Jim asked

“Where did you take these picture?” Liz asked

“A couple of them were in my station. And the rest were through town why?” Jim asked

Liz looked at the speaker phone.

“Serena no more,” Liz said

“Liz,” Serena said

“No. You better get them gone. Or I will do whatever it takes to protect the parents,” Liz said

“Liz?” Serena asked

“Serena I’m serious. If you don’t then they will learn what I am capable to do to protect people,” Liz said

“Liz,” Serena said

“Serena I am very serious. I’ll either seriously hurt or kill them. And then after I will vanish with the parents or without them. And no one will ever find me again,” Liz said

“Liz what the hell are you talking about?” Cal asked

“Do you want to tell them Serena or should I?” Liz asked

No one said a word.

“Fine I’ll tell them. It seems Serena has been hiding somethings for everyone,” Liz said

“What has Serena been hiding?” Rath, Michael asked

“It seems the queen has sent guards to watch everything. But what they don’t realize is that Nesado and skins are here to try and stop me or kill me from finding the granolith,” Liz said

“What?” Everyone asked

“Why would the queen do that?” Cal asked

“Liz you need to come back now,” Carrie said

“Serena did you know anything about this?” Max, Zan, Michael, Rath asked

“I don’t know Cal. Liz can’t come back here. If Liz tries to leave they will bring her back till she finds the granolith and make the sacrifice,” Serena said.

“This is bullshit. Liz should be able to live her life. Nor be stalked,” Lonnie said

“Did you know they would do all of this?” Max asked

“Truthfully the queen did say anyway possible,” Serena said

“You know what you are a piece of work,” Michael said

“Liz what are you going to do about them?” Rath asked

“Easy we are going to pretend that we don’t notice them. And see what happens,”Liz said

“That sounds like a good plan,” Michael said

“Thanks,” Liz said

“Liz we need to go if we are meeting the deliver the truck at the Crash Down in 20 minutes,” Philip said

“True,” Liz said

“What kind of delivery truck?” Kyle asked

“Can’t say. You will have to wait and see. Bye,” Liz said before ending the call.

After the call ended Rath and everyone turned and looked at Serena.

“Serena why are you being this way?” Max asked

“Because I want Antar to have peace,” Serena said

“Yeah but at what cost? Are you willing for Liz to disappear and never be seen again?” Michael asked

“No I am not willing for Liz to disappear,” Serena said

“Then you need to stop this. You are pushing Liz too far,” Cal said

“Cal all we are wanting is peace to come and the end of Kivar,” Serena said

“Serena you heard what Liz said. You need to decide what is important to you,” Zan said.

Everyone looked at Serena. Serena looked at everyone and knew she had to change.

“I’ll see what I can do,” Serena said

“You better,” Cal, Carrie said

Everyone watched as Serena walked out of the office. After Serena was gone everyone turned and looked at each other.

“What do we do now?” Ava asked

“We keep checking with Liz. And try to get more info from Serena,” Cal said

“Agree,” Everyone said

Meanwhile in Roswell:
Jim, Liz, Philip were sitting in the Crash Down waiting for the delivery truck. Liz smiled as she looked around.

“What are you smiling about?” Philip asked

“Just remembering how Rath and I helped my family around here when we were little,” Liz said

“So you do have good memories here?” Jim asked

“Yeah we had great memories here,” Liz said

As Philip, Liz, Jim were talking 2 men walked in and walked up to them.

“Who are you?” Liz asked

“We are here to help you,” Blue eye man said

“Help her with what?” Philip asked

“To find the granolith and to have peace,” Brown eye man said

“Well men we have a little problem then,” Liz said

“What would that be?” Blue eye man asked

“I’ll find the granolith when I feel like it. And as of right now I don’t feel like it. So deal with it,” Liz said

“Why you….,” Brown eye man said

Jim and Philip looked between Liz and the 2 men. As Liz looked at the men she reached behind her and pulled out a gun from behind the counter and pointed it at the men. The men saw the gun and raised their hands.

“You were saying,” Liz said with a smirk on her face.

“Nothing,” Both men said

“Good. Now listen and listen good. You tell the queen and who ever is with her I will find the granolith when I feel like it. If no one likes that then you can go to hell. Do I make myself clear?” Liz asked

“Yes very clear,” Both men said

“Good. Now run along and go tell the queen,” Liz said

Philip, Liz, Jim watched as the men ran out of the Crash Down. After the men were gone Philip and Jim turned and looked at Liz.

“Liz where the hell did you get a gun from?” Jim asked

“Dad. I forgot he had a gun back here,” Liz said

“I can’t believe the gun has been back there all of this time,” Philip said

“I know. But it is a good thing though,” Liz said

“Yes it is,” Jim said

Right at that moment 2 delivery men walked in and walked up to Jim, Liz, Philip. Jim, Liz, Philip turned and looked at the 2 delivery men.

“Which one of you are the owner of this restaurant and apartment?” delivery man asked

“That would be me. What can we help you with?” Liz asked

“We have 2 trucks full of things for the Crash Down and the apartment,” Second Delivery man said

“OK. Please bring them in?” Liz said

“Yes ma’am,” Delivery men said

Jim and Philip watched as the delivery men walked out of the restaurant and went back to their trucks. Liz turned and looked at Jim and Philip.

“Liz let us handle this while you stay here and wait for the wall guy,” Philip said

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Liz asked

“Of course. Now stay here and wait for the other delivery man,” Jim said

“OK. If you are sure,” Liz said

“You know we are,” Philip said

As Liz sat down 2 delivery men walked in with dollies and 3 boxes. The delivery men walked up to Philip, Liz, Jim.

“Here is 2 list of things that are being delivered,” First Delivery man said

“OK. Let’s see,” Jim said as he looked at one of the list.

A few seconds later Jim looked up and looked at Philip and the delivery man.

“Philip you take the second list and I will take this one. That way we can get this done a little quickly. What do you say?” Jim asked

“Sounds like a plan to me. Let’s get started,” Philip said

As they looked at the list Philip realized he got the list for the apartment. Philip and Jim looked at the delivery men.

“Who has the apartment delivery?” Philip asked

“I do sir,” Second delivery man said

“OK. Then follow me,” Philip said as he and the second delivery man went through the back door to the apartment.

Jim took the first delivery guy to the kitchen. While Liz sat at the bar she pulled out her phone and dialed a number. The phone ringed 3 times before someone answered.

“Hello,” Cal said

“Hey. I wanted to let you know the queen sent 2 men here wanting me to find the granolith again. But don’t worry I handled it,” Liz said

“Lizzie what did you do?” Cal asked

“All I did was scare them. I don’t know if it worked but they did run out of here quickly,” Liz said

“Liz what did you do?” Cal asked as he looked at Max and others.

“Let’s just say it was a good thing that Dad left something behind the counter,” Liz said

“What does the hell does that mean?” Rath asked

“Rath what did dad always have behind the counter in case something bad happened at the Crash Down? Think,” Liz said

“Liz,” Rath said

“Rath grandma Claudia did the same thing when she was at her restaurant in New York,” Liz said

“Wait are you telling me that. No that can’t be possible we left when we were 7,” Rath said

“It is true and I found it,” Liz said

“What are you both talking about?” Carrie asked

“Do you want to tell them or should I?” Rath asked

“I’ll tell them. It’s right here next to me,” Liz said

“Liz I want you to give it to Jim or Philip. You could seriously hurt yourself,” Rath said

“Rath chill I’m not a weak chic. I can handle this,” Liz said

“What the hell are you both talking about?” Michael asked

“Rath and I’m guessing Zan think that I am a helpless, defenseless woman who doesn’t know how to use a gun or my powers. But they are both very wrong,” Liz said

“When the hell did you get a gun?” Cal asked

“Dad left it behind the counter. So now it is mine,” Liz said

“Liz honey this is crazy. You can seriously get hurt if you don’t know how to use it,” Carrie said

“Carrie don’t worry. I found someone that can train me. I want something for protection,” Liz said

“Do Jim and others know about that?” Cal asked

“No. But after everything is finished here. I’m going to tell them,” Liz said

As Liz was talking she kept hearing clicking on her phone.

“Can you hold on a second? My phone is clicking,” Liz said

“Sure,” Cal said

Liz pulled her cell phone away and touched a button. Then put the phone to her ear.

“Hello,” Liz said

“Hello Bitch,”Nesado said

“What do you want?” Liz asked

“I’m coming for you. When I find you your going to die a slow and very painful death,” Nesado said

“Bring it on asshole. You don’t scare me,” Liz said

“We will see about that bitch,” Nesado said before ending the call.

Liz pulled the phone away from her ear and looked at it. As Liz looked at the phone she didn’t see Jim and Philip standing in the doorway. Liz pushed a button then put her phone to her ear.

“Hello,” Liz said

“Liz what is wrong?” Cal asked

“Cal Nesado just called me,” Liz said

“What the hell does he want?” Cal asked

“He said he is coming for me. And when he finds me I’m going to die a slow very painful death,” Liz said

“Liz you need to come back now. We can protect you here,” Rath, Zan said

“No. I’m staying. Besides he can’t find me,” Liz said

“Liz you don’t know where he could be. Nesado could be anywhere,” Michael said

“No. I’m not leaving. I’m going to make sure that the parents are safe,” Liz said

“Liz,” Rath said

“No. Look I got to go. I got to help Philip and Jim with somethings here. I’ll call you later. Bye,” Liz said before ending the call.

Liz ended the call and put the phone down. She closed her eyes for a few seconds then opened them and saw Philip and Jim looking at her.

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Re: The Key{CC, AU With Aliens, Mature}Chapter 188 Pg65 9/26

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Chapter 189

“Liz,” Jim said.

“Yeah Jim,” Liz said.

“You don’t have to stay and protect us. We can handle Nesado,” Jim said.

“No. I’m not leaving,” Liz said.

As they were talking the delivery men kept taking boxes in the Crash Down and apartment.

Meanwhile In California:
In Cal’s Home Office:

Max and everyone watched as Cal threw something at the wall as he stood up and started to pace behind his desk.

“Cal honey you know Liz can handle this if she has to. You need to have faith in Lizzie,” Carrie said.

“Carrie, I know Liz can handle things. But she has 3 things going on. And a couple of things coming at her all at once,” Cal said.

“Cal honey calm down,” Carrie said.

“Fine,” Cal said.

“Good,” Carrie said.

Carrie turned and looked at Max and the others. Then looked at Zan and the others. When Carrie looked at all of them that is when she thought of something.

“Max question does Nesado have to follow your orders?” Carrie asked.

“Um. Yes. Why?” Max asked.

“Is it just the King’s orders?” Carrie asked.

“Yes. Again why?” Max asked.

Everyone in the room watched as Cal and Carrie looked at each other then turned and looked at them with smiles on their faces.

“Why are you both smiling?” Isabel asked.

“Oh, hell no,” Zan, Rath said.

“Oh my god yes,” Lonnie, Ava said.

“Will someone please tell us what the hell is going on?” Kyle asked.

“Easy we are going to need Max, Zan, Michael, Rath to do something for us,” Cal said.

“Why do I suddenly have a bad feeling about this?” Maria asked.

“Because what we have planned is a little dangerous,” Carrie said.

“But the question is will Max, Zan, Michael, Rath do this plan?” Cal asked.

“What is the plan?” Michael asked.

“You four are going to be playing your king and second cards and order Nesado around for a while,” Cal said.

“What about Liz?” Maria asked.

“Oh, don’t worry you girls have a part too,” Carrie said.

“What part is that?” Alex asked.

“The rest of you will have to wait and see,” Carrie said.

“Again, what about Liz?” Tess asked.

“If we can we need to keep Liz out of this,” Cal said.

“Yeah good luck with that,” Girls said.

“Think of it this way Liz is safe if she doesn’t know what is going on,” Cal said.

“How does that make it better,” Kyle asked.

“Because she can get whatever she is doing in Roswell finished quicker and come back,” Zan said.

“Yeah. But when Liz finds out she is going to be so pissed at you,” Alex said.

“Who is going to tell her?” Rath asked.

“Bad move,” the girls said.

“Girls we want Liz to be safe. And if this is what we got to do. Then so be it,” Cal said.

“Good luck. Because you are going to need it when Liz finds out,” Isabel, Lonnie said.

“Don’t worry Liz won’t find out anything,” Cal said.

“Yeah keep telling yourself that,” Ava said.

“Ava,” Cal said.

“No. You know Liz is going to be pissed when she finds out. And don’t say she won’t out when you know she will,” Ava said.

“So, what are we supposed to do let her get hurt?” Zan asked.

“No. But you should let her know what is going on though,” Isabel said.

“First we should do somethings before we tell Liz,” Rath said.

“Yeah good luck with that,” Maria said.

While they were talking suddenly Alex and Maria’s phone binged. Everyone watched as Alex, Maria took out their phones and looked at their text messages. When they opened the text, they saw it was from Liz. Alex and Maria looked at each other and smiled. Then looked at the message.

“What are you both smiling at?” Michael asked.

“Something Liz sent us,” Alex, Maria said.

“What did she send?” Max asked.

“Liz said that Philip and Jim are being guarded and looking around for anything strange. She asked if we can check her mail and apartment,” Maria said.

“Did she say anything else?” Michael asked.

“Yeah she said that she might see us in dreamland,” Maria said.

“What about us guys?” Rath asked.

“Liz said she will talk to us guys later when she calls,” Alex said.

“OK. That was helpful,” Rath asked.

“Whatever,” Girls said

Max and everyone watched as Maria, Isabel and Tess stood up and walked towards the door. When the girls got to the door they heard.

“Isabel honey we are sorry. We are trying to keep you and the girls safe and out of danger,” Alex said.

“We know how to handle ourselves. When are you guys going to realize it?” Tess asked.

“We know, and we are so very sorry,” Michael said.

“You are forgiven this time. We are going to check the apartment. You guys better be home in an hour or else,” Maria, Isabel, Tess said angerly.

After the girls were gone Max, Alex, Michael turned and looked at Cal and the others.

“So, what do we have plan?” Michael asked.

“What the hell was that?” Rath asked.

“Trust me you don’t want to know,” Max said.

“The way I see it is somehow after Liz. The queen and her people are after Liz because of what they know. Nesado wants Liz away from all of you. But doesn’t know anything,” Cal said.

“That is true. But one thing why did Kivar and Nicholas show up? Do you think they know?” Rath asked.

“But how or what do Kivar and Nicholas know?” Kyle asked.

“See that is the question we have. But no answers. We need to figure out how much any of these people know,” Zan asked.

“Yeah. You do realize everyone we don’t know has somehow has apart in all of this,” Alex said.

“It is becoming more and more strange now,” Michael said.

“And dangerous,” Max said.

“But still the question is why now?” Zan asked.

All of a sudden, they heard laughing. Everyone looked around trying to find the laughing.

“Whoever you are come out and face us,” Cal yelled

“Cal,” Liz said.

“Lizzie, where are you?” Cal asked.

“I’m here. But not really,” Liz said before laughing again.

“Liz stop it and appear now,” Cal said.

“Fine,” Liz said as she appeared sitting on Cal’s desk.

All the guys were surprised as they saw Liz become more real.

“Hi,” Liz said.

“Where did you?” Alex asked.

“It is one of the things I can do. Oh, and Max next time warn me about your mom’s cooking,” Liz said.

“Oh no,” Max said.

“Yeah. I guess she thought I would like a home cook meal. No more,” Liz said.

“Sorry about that,” Max said.

“No problem. Michael here catch,” Liz said as she threw something to Michael.

Michael caught the thing with one hand. As he caught it he looked between the thing in his hand and Liz.

“Liz what is this?” Michael asked.

“I’m not saying. You got to look at it,” Liz said.

While Michael was looking at it Liz turned and saw something behind Max looking like it was moving. Liz stood up and walked to the book case behind Max. Liz grabbed the little video camera and looked at it.

“Sorry Serena you, Dave and others are no longer in control of what is planned. I guess now you get to sit back and watch,” Liz said as she used her powers and destroyed the camera.

After Liz destroyed the camera she turned and walked up to the trash can and threw it away. Liz turned and saw Cal and everyone looking at her.

“What?” Liz asked.

“How did you know?” Cal asked.

“I somehow just knew. Cal you might have to come up with something to tell Serena and Dave,” Liz said.

“Don’t worry we will,” Cal said.

“Good,” Liz said.

Liz walked up to Max. Max looked up at Liz as she stood in front of him. Liz reached out her hand and touched Max on the forehead for a few seconds. The she took a step back as she looked at Max. As Liz took a step back everyone watched as Max closed his eyes.

“Liz what did you do?” Cal asked.

“Max should be fine. He probably needs a few minutes though,” Liz said.

“Liz is it dangerous what you did?” Alex asked.

“No. It’s not dangerous. Max needed to know a few things though. Um question where are Maria, Isabel and Tess?” Liz asked.

“They went to check your mail and apartment why?” Lonnie asked.

“Because they need to be here for this,” Liz said.

“For what?” Kyle asked.

Liz raised her hand and snapped her fingers and suddenly Maria, Isabel, Tess stood next to her. The girls were surprised as they stood in the office.

“What?” Maria asked. shocked

“Maria, Isabel, Tess you need to be here for this. Sorry for making you pop up,” Liz said.

“That is OK. It is good to see you again,” Maria said.

“Yeah it is good to see you,” Isabel, Tess said.

“Thanks,” Liz said.

Liz walked up to Max. She looked at Max as she bent down on her knees in front of him. Everyone watched as Liz reached her hand out and touched Max’s shoulder. As Liz
touched Max she saw flashes of what Nesado has been doing since they met.

A few seconds later Liz pulled her hand away still looking at Max. She stood up and waved her hand over Max.

“Liz what are you doing?” Michael asked.

“Cal you need to lock the door,” Liz said.

“Will someone tell us what the hell is going on?” Michael asked.

When Liz turned and looked at Michael everyone saw that Liz’s eyes were solid black.

“What the hell is wrong with your eyes?” Kyle asked.

“She connected to the granolith somehow,” Cal said.

“What does that mean?” Isabel asked.

“I I don’t know,” Cal said.

Liz turned and looked at Max. She leaned in and kissed him. As she kissed him he broke through the plant that Nesado put in his head. Liz pulled back and saw Max looking at her.

“Liz? What the hell happened?” Max asked.

“Welcome back,” Liz said as she smiled at him.

“How?” Max asked.

“Max in the dreamland I saw how very worried you were. But here you didn’t seem very worried at all,” Liz said.

“Who would do this?” Max asked.

“Your protector he wants you to treat me as nothing, so you would never talk to me or anything,” Liz said.

“You know none of us would do that to you right?” Max asked.

“Of course. Nesado wants everyone to turn away from me,” Liz said.

“But why? You never did anything,” Max asked.

Everyone watched as Liz started to pace the room.

“Liz honey can you stop?” Cal asked.

Suddenly Liz stopped and turned to look at the book case. She raised her hand and called forth a book. Everyone watched as a book went straight to Liz’s hand. Liz grabbed the book and turned and set the book down. When Liz set the book down the book opened on its own and went to the page. Liz started to read the page. As she read it Liz understood what she had to do. Liz turned and walked towards the window. Max looked at the book and read what it said. Then he walked up to Liz and stood behind her.

“Liz?” Max asked.

“What Max?” Liz asked.

“Liz we are not going to let you do this,” Max said.

Liz turned and looked at Max.

“Max it has to be. I have to do somethings before I do something,” Liz said.

“Liz you can’t,” Max said.

“I have to Max. But when this is all over earth and Antar will have peace. Everyone will be safe,” Liz said.

“No. All of us want you to be with us. So, you can’t do this,” Max said.

“Max I may have no choice in the matter. You do realize, that right?” Liz asked.

“Liz everyone has a choice,” Max said.

“It seems I don’t have a choice in anything,” Liz said.

“I think you do have a choice,” Max said.

“I wish you were right. But I think you are wrong,” Liz said.

“Liz there has to be away to break this,” Zan said.

“If there is a way the book doesn’t say,” Liz said.

“We can’t lose you. We want you in our lives,” Lonnie and girls said.

“I know you do. But there is nothing we can do to change it,” Liz said.

“There has to be something we can do,” Alex said.

“I wish there was. I got to go. Talk to all of you soon. Cal please put a block on Max?” Liz asked.

“You know I will. In fact, I’m putting a block on everyone,” Cal said.

“Thanks. See all of you soon,” Liz said before she vanished

After Liz vanished everyone turned and looked at each other.

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Re: The Key{CC, AU With Aliens, Mature}Chapter 189 Pg65 10/1/18

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Chapter 190

“We have to do something to save Liz,” Max said.

“We know. But we need to figure out how though,” Cal said.

“Let’s try and look at this book and see how. And we need to come up with a plan too,” Michael said.

“We know. Let’s start getting to work,” Max said.

“Max if you dream walk Liz you need to tell her the plan,” Cal said.

“You know I will tell her the plan,” Max said.

“Good. Now let’s see what we can come up with,” Cal said.

Meanwhile at the Crash Down:
Liz, Jim Amy, Philip, Diane were sitting at the booth coming up with their own plans. As they were planning Liz realized that the parents knew had to plan things.

“Liz question what are you going to do about Max and the others?” Diane asked.

“Don’t worry Max and the others will be fine. They will probably upset and sad. But they will get over it,” Liz said.

“Are you sure they will be able to get over it?” Amy asked.

“They have to. If this plan works the way we are hoping everyone will think that I am dead,” Liz said.

“Yeah. Liz what do you want us to do while you are gone?” Philip asked.

“You guys won’t have anything to worry about. Because as soon as I’m gone no human will remember me being around,” Liz said.

“How do you know that?” Jim asked.

“Because that is what the granolith told me,” Liz said.

“When?” Philip asked.

“Just now,” Liz said.

“What about the signs you’re supposed to look out for?” Diane asked.

“For some odd reason I have a feeling that the signs are already started to happen,” Liz said.

“How can they already be happening? When it seems nothing happened,” Jim said.

“I don’t know. But that is how it is feeling. Plus, I’m feeling a pull to the granolith more,” Liz said.

“Liz you need to fight it,” Philip said.

“I am. I know I still got a few things that must be finished before I can do anything,” Liz said.

“Liz we will help as much as you want,” Amy said.

“Thanks for all the help. It’s getting late we need to get some sleep,” Liz said.

“Yes, we do,” Philip said.

Everyone stood up and gave Liz a hug before walking out of the Crash Down. After everyone was gone Liz locked up and walked up the stairs to the apartment. Liz walked into the apartment locked the door then walked to the couch and laid down. A few minutes later Liz was fast asleep.

In Dream Land:
Liz was standing out in the desert wearing a black strapless ankle length dress. She looked up and sees the same rock formation from before in front of her.

“Liz,” Voice whispered

Liz looked around as she heard for her name being called. Then suddenly Max appeared standing in front of her. They both looked at each other.

“Max what are you doing here?” Liz asked.

“I don’t know. All I remember is thinking what you told us. Then suddenly here I am,” Max said.

“Max you shouldn’t be here,” Liz said.

“No, you shouldn’t be here either,” Max said.

“Max I may not have a choice in the matter, but you do,” Liz said.

“That maybe but so do you. Liz everyone wants to see you graduate college,” Max said.

“So, would I,” Liz said.

“Then don’t do anything,” Max said.

“Max why do you suddenly care about what happens to me?” Liz asked.

“Because you are a great person and a friend,” Max said.

“Is that how you really see me a friend?” Liz asked.

“Of course,” Max said.

“Max. If I do this you guys can be free,” Liz said.

“Liz we are coming up with a way for you to be saved,” Max said.

“Max, I don’t want to be saved. I want to do something,” Liz said.

“Liz,” Max said.

“Max you can’t talk me out of this. This is my choice not any of yours,” Liz said.

“Liz, we want you to live, graduate college, get married and have kids,” Max said.

“Max it is my choice to make not yours,” Liz said.

“Liz,” Max said.

“Max, I don’t want to hear it,” Liz said.

“Liz. Please try and understand?” Max asked.

“No. You need to understand where I am coming from,” Liz said.

“Liz this is not helping anyone. All we want is to help,” Max said.

“I know. But nothing you say or do will change my mind,” Liz said.

“Why are you being so stubborn?” Max asked.

“I could ask you the same thing about you,” Liz said.

As Max and Liz were arguing a woman dressed in white appeared. She watched as Max, Liz argue then she snapped her fingers and watched as they turned and looked at her.

“Who are you?” Max asked.

“I’m the guarding of the granolith. Who are you? And what are you doing here?” the guardian asked.

“I’m Max. I don’t know what I am doing here,” Max said.

“Why are you here then?” the guardian asked.

“Liz’s family, friends and I don’t want her to find the granolith. We want her to live her life with us. Not die to protect us,” Max said.

“That is not for you to decide. It is up to the granolith and Liz to decide,” the guardian said.

“Why is it up to the granolith and Liz to decide? Don’t we get a vote too?” Max asked.

“No,” the guardian said.

The guardian then turned to look at Liz who was staring at her. She took a step closer to Liz.

“My child the signs have already started,” the guardian said.

“What signs?” Max asked.

“Liz you know the signs, don’t you?” the guardian asked.

“Yes, I know the signs. And I guessed if you were here the signs started,” Liz said.

“Good. You need to remember everything here. It shall help you find the granolith,” the guardian said.

“Fine,” Liz said. as she looked at the rock formation.

Max walked up to Liz and grabbed her by the arm and turned her to face him. Max and Liz were face to face.

“Liz you don’t have to do this. You can come home and stay with all of us,” Max said.

“Max, I want to do this. I want to make sure everyone is safe not hunted down like they are animals. Please understand?” Liz asked.

“Liz I am trying to understand. But we don’t want to lose you. Can you understand that?” Max asked.

“Yes, I think I can. But you need to understand my way too,” Liz said.

“My child. Do you know where to look?” the guardian asked.

Max turned and looked at the guardian then turned and looked at Liz.

“Yes, I know where to look,” Liz said.

Max took a step-in front of Liz then turned and looked at the guardian.

“Why the hell are you doing this?” Max asked.

“Because it is the way of the granolith,” the guardian said.

“I don’t give a damn about the granolith. Do you hear me? Liz has these powers because her brother Rath healed her. You need to leave her the hell alone,” Max said.

“It was not just Rath that healed her. It was the will of the granolith. It wanted her to live and complete what was supposed to happen not you,” the guardian said.

“That doesn’t make sense,” Max said.

“It makes perfect sense. Now you must go. Remember what you saw and what I told you,” the guardian said. before she vanished.

After the the guardian was gone Max and Liz turned and looked at each other.

“Liz,” Max said.

“Max please tell my family that I love them and miss them,” Liz said.

“Liz you can tell them yourself when you come home,” Max said.

“Maybe I will. Max, I guess I’ll see ya,” Liz said.

“Yeah,” Max said.

Max and Liz vanished in front of each other. When Liz woke up she saw that she was back in her apartment. She sat up and looked around. As Liz was looking around her phone started to ring. Liz reached out and picked up her phone and put it to her ear.

“Hello,” Liz asked.

“Liz,” Max said.

“Max what?” Liz asked as she stood up and started to pace.

“Liz are you going to listen to the guardian?” Max asked.

“Max please don’t start?” Liz asked.

“What do you want me and the others to do?” Max asked.

“Max there is nothing anyone can do. It is up to me to decide,” Liz said.

“No, it isn’t just up to you to decide,” Max said.

“Max stop this. What are you wanting from me?” Liz asked.

“Liz want to see you live. That is what I am wanting,” Max said.

“Max you can’t get what you always want,” Liz said.

“Liz don’t. You know that is not true,” Max said.

“You don’t know that Max. You don’t really know me that well,” Liz said.

“I think I and the others know you pretty well,” Max said.

“Yeah keep telling yourself that,” Liz said.

“Liz, I know you bite your lip when your nervous. You pace when you are stressing out. I also know you roll your eyes when you think someone is trying to control or make a bad joke,” Max said.

What Max and Liz didn’t know was Cal and everyone was listening to what Max was telling Liz. The girl’s eyes were watering while the guys smiled and held the girls.

“Liz are you still there? If you are, say something please” Max asked.

“I’m here,” Liz said.

“Good I know you think no one is watching but your wrong,” Max said.

“Max why are you doing this?” Liz asked.

“Because I care,” Max said.

“Max it is sweet that you care but….,” Liz said.

Max cut Liz off and started to talk.

“Liz you know that everyone here cares for you right?” Max asked.

“I know. But Max this is my decision to make,” Liz said.

“True. But Liz you need to realize we are here if you need us,” Max said.

“Max, I know what you are trying to do. It is not making things easier for me or anyone else,” Liz said.

“Liz I’m not trying to do anything. I’m just telling you the truth,” Max said.

Right at that moment there was a knock on the door. Liz walked to the door and opened it. When Liz opened the door there stood a delivery man standing in front of her with two medium size boxes.

“Yes, can I help you?” Liz asked.

“I have two boxes here for a Miss Parker,” the delivery man said.

“I’m her,” Liz said.

“Then here you go ma’am,” the delivery man said as he handed Liz the boxes.

After Liz got the boxes she brought then in and set them on the table. She then went to get a box cutter and went back into the living room.

“Max are you still there?” Liz asked.

“Yeah, what is going on?” Max asked.

“I got a couple of packages delivered. Hold on I’m going to open them,” Liz said.
as she cut the first box.

When Liz opened the first box and saw it was the star wall paper she wanted she smiled as she looked at the wall paper.

“Liz is everything OK?” Max asked.

“Yes. The wall paper I ordered is here,” Liz said.

“That is good,” Max said.

“Yeah it is. Hold on I got to check what is in the second box,” Liz said. as she opened the second box.

Liz pulled the paper way and that is when she saw a rock with a weird symbol on it. Next to the rock was a head skull with a silver hand print on it attached to a note.

“Oh my god,” Liz said.

“Liz what is it? What is wrong?” Max asked.

Liz didn’t say anything as she looked at the rock and the head skull.

“Liz are you still there?” Max yelled

Max heard someone throwing up. Then a few seconds later it sounded like someone picked up the phone.

“Hello,” Max said as he turned and looked at Cal and others.

“Max I’m here. Sorry I um got something,” Liz said.

“Liz what is in the second box that made you sick?” Max asked.

“Max in the second box there is a rock with weird symbol on it. Next to the rock there was a human head skull with a silver hand print on it with a note attached to it,” Liz said.

“Liz don’t touch anything. Call Jim and let him handle it. He will know what to do,” Max said.

“Max who would send this?” Liz asked.

“It could be from anyone. Liz just call Jim now. Then call me back after you call him,” Max said.

“Um yeah,” Liz said before ending the call.

Liz turned and notice it was midnight. It was strange someone would delivery something so late. She shook her head then stood up and put the box under the table. After the box was under the table Liz went to her room and changed clothes. A few minutes later Liz walked out of her room wearing sleep shorts and a tank top. Liz walked up to the couch and went back to sleep.

In Dream land:
Liz stood in front of the Crash Down wearing black hip hugger jeans with a black short sleeve t- shirt. Liz reached out and opened the door. When Liz opened the door, she saw her apartment. She walked in and saw everything was the way she left it. As Liz stood there she heard noise coming from her room. Liz walked down the hallway and walked to her room. When she walked into her room she saw a bald man looking through her things trying to find something. She watched as the man made a huge mess. After a while he couldn’t find what he was looking for. The man turned and saw the mess he made. With the wave of his hand the room was cleaned up.

“Where the fuck did you put it bitch?” the man asked.

As Liz looked at the man she knew who it was. Liz knew it was Nesado that she was looking at. She followed Nesado out of the bed room and into the living room. Liz watched as he started to go through her things again trying to find something. After almost an hour of searching for something Nesado waved his hand and everything was cleaned. Nesado then walked out of the apartment. Liz decided to try and follow him. She went through the door and down the hallway. She followed Nesado out of the building and to his car. Liz then got into the car and watched where Nesado would go. A few minutes later Nesado pulled over and parked in front of an empty warehouse.

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Re: The Key{CC, AU With Aliens, Mature}Chapter 90 18 Pg65 10/10/18

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Author's Note:
Hey everyone I just wanted to let everyone know I am working really hard on some chapters to post hopefully next week. Please please keep an eye out for the new chapters to come? Thank you!

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