The Key{CC, AU With Aliens, Mature}Chapter 90 18 Pg65 10/10/18

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Re: The Key{CC, AU With Aliens, Mature}Chapter 178 Pg61 12/25/17

Postby Natalie36 » Tue Dec 26, 2017 8:45 pm

you just can't mess with liz

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Re: The Key{CC, AU With Aliens, Mature}Chapter 178 Pg61 12/25/17

Postby L-J-L 76 » Wed Dec 27, 2017 5:18 am

No you can't mess with Liz.

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Re: The Key{CC, AU With Aliens, Mature}Chapter 178 Pg61 12/25/17

Postby L-J-L 76 » Mon Jan 01, 2018 12:39 am

Chapter 179

“We better get home and let Jim and Philip know about the guard. Before they surprise him,” Diane said

“True,” Amy said

Diane, Liz and Amy walked out of the store and walked to Diane’s car. Everyone got into the car and drove off. As Diane was driving Liz kept looking behind her. She didn’t see anyone behind them. When they got to the Crash Down Diane parked the car and everyone got out. They walked in and saw Philip and Jim looking at some papers. Diane, Liz and Amy walked up to Philip and Jim. The men turned and saw Diane, Liz and Amy standing in front of them.

“So how did the shopping trip go?” Philip asked

“It was great. We got everything we need for the apartment and a couple of other things too,” Diane said

“So what is left to get?” Jim asked

“Crash Down shopping is left,” Amy said

“Wow you got that much done?” Philip asked

“Yes,” Diane said

“So what are you guys looking at?” Amy asked

“We are trying to see what can be changed around here,” Philip said

“Philip I already got somethings changed. I’m trying to get some booths I saw when I was at work,” Liz said

“What kind?” Jim asked

“Here I’ll show you. I took a picture of them,” Liz said as she looked for the booths.

A few minutes later Liz found the picture and showed it to Philip and Jim. When they looked at the picture the men saw it was a medium size half circle that could sit about 6 to 8 people.

“Is the seat wood or something else?” Philip asked

“The seat are like couches. I think that is why everyone likes them,” Liz said

“That is understandable. You make it so comfortable no one wants to leave,” Amy said

“Maybe,” Liz said

“Oh before I forget Liz here are the papers for you to sign,” Philip said as he handed Liz the paper.

Liz looked over the papers and everything. Then Liz reached for the pen and signed it. After Liz signed the papers she handed them back to Philip.

“Wow your quick,” Philip said

“Thanks,” Liz said

Right at that moment Liz’s cell phone ringed. Liz reached into her pocket and pulled her cell phone out. When Liz pulled her phone out she saw it was Max. Liz touched the talk button and speaker button.

“Hello,” Liz said

“Liz. I just got your message. What is going on?” Max asked

“Max Hope sent a body guard that was very mean and rude to your mom and Amy,” Liz said

“Where is he now?” Max asked angrily.

“Up stairs in the apartment,” Liz said

“Can you bring him to the phone?” Max asked

“Yeah, just a minute,” Liz said

Liz snapped her fingers and the guard stood in front of Liz.

“You know Hope will be pissed when I tell her what you did,” Guard said

“You don’t scare me. Oh by the way say hello to the king,” Liz said as she showed the guard.

“That is not the king. He is a boy not king,” Guard said

“Max can you do something before I hurt this man,” Liz said

“I can try. Guard my name was Zan in my past life. Here on earth my name is Max. I’m still Zan,” Max said

“That is what Hope has said. But I am under strick orders,” Guard said

“What are your orders?” Max asked

“To protect Liz till she either returns to you or finds the granolith,” Guard said

“Wait. Hope wants Liz to find the granolith. So she will make a sacrifice. It that it?” Max asked

The guard said nothing but looked at the ground.

“Is that right? Answer me,” Max yelled

“Yes Hope wants Liz to find the granolith,” Guard said

“Why now?” Michael asked

“Because it is almost time,” Guard said

“We have not seen any signs,” Max said

“You will know the sign when it happens,” Guard said

“If your so good of knowing the signs what are the signs?” Isabel asked

“There are signs all around you. You just have to look,” Guard said

“Damn it stop talking in riddles and just tell us already,” Michael said

“Rath I see you have not changed in this life either,” Guard said

“Stop playing around and tell us the signs,” Max said

“As you wish king. The first sign is someone close to Liz will hurt her. Second sign dream of being somewhere. And the third sign is people close to Liz will pull away from her. And final sign is she will vanish and appear without warning,” Guard said

“So there are 4 signs we have to watch for?” Alex asked

“Yes. The signs are going to happen without anyone realizing it,” Guard said

“Well that should be easy to look for the sign now that we know,” Kyle said

“Oh before we say anymore your parents are all here listening,” Liz said

“You could have told us before now,” Maria said

“I was upset about him. I forgot to tell you,” Liz said

“You guys that is understandable with everything going on,” Tess, Isabel said

“True,” Everyone said

“Now that everyone is calm. How are all of you doing with your classes?” Diane asked

“We are all passing our classes,” Max said

“Good. How are you doing with your practice with Cal?” Philip asked

“Liz was right Cal is like a drill Sargent with training,” Michael said

“Sorry about that. I thought if I warn you you would be ready,” Liz said

“No. We are glad that you warn us. We just should have listened,” Max said

“Is Dave being that way with Alex, Maria and Kyle?” Liz asked

“Sometimes. But he does realize that we are trying our best,” Kyle said

“Good,” Liz said

“Oh Liz before I forget thank you for sending whatever you sent the teacher,” Tess said

“No problem. I thought if I sent some extra work she would pass us,” Liz said

“Liz we are ahead of all her classes now,” Kyle said

“What does she have you working on now?” Liz asked

“Something about what we can do to make a business grow? And what do they need to get/do to make more money,”Kyle said

“Oh god. Can you hold on for a minute?”Liz asked

“Yeah,” Alex said

“Liz what is going on?” Michael asked

“Just a minute,” Liz said as she typed something on her phone.

A few minutes later everyone heard beep. They watched as Liz looked down and made a face. Then they watched as she got upset. A few minutes later Liz set the phone down and looked at everyone.

“You guys are never going to believe this,” Liz said

“What?” Max asked

“Our classes are fixed,” Liz said

“What do you mean?” Alex asked

“You know the classes you picked for college?” Liz asked

“Yeah. What about them?” Michael asked

“Somehow I don’t know how though Cal found and decided to have what we picked classes we wanted mixed in with his business,” Liz said

“Are you serious?” Max asked

“Yes. I just found out a few seconds ago,” Liz said

“Who told you?” Alex asked

“A friend of mine that works in the college office,” Liz said

“That is very sneaky of you,” Isabel said

“I know. Thanks. Hold on she just text me again,”Liz said as she looked at her phone.

A few seconds later Liz texted back and then looked at the paper. Then Liz text something again and smiled.

“Guys my friend told me to tell you hello and don’t let Maria slip again,” Liz said

“Wait a minute did yo say don’t let Maria slip again?” Alex asked

“Yeah. Why?”Liz asked

“Liz there was only one person there when Maria slipped,” Alex said

“OK,” Liz said

“Liz does your friend know us?” Kyle asked

“I don’t know,” Liz said

“What do you know about this friend of yours?” Michael asked

“Hey Michael don’t play the brother mode on me. I have Rath for that,” Liz said

“Whatever,” Michael said

“Great,” Liz said

Liz text a few things then waited for a text. A few seconds later Liz heard a bing.

“Oh my god. That can’t be possible,” Liz said

“Liz what is it?” Max asked

“Alex we need to Skype now,” Liz said

“OK. Let me set it up now. Keep talking to the others,” Alex said

“Liz what is going on? And why are you freaking?” Maria asked

“Someone I thought was dead is not. And that can’t be possible because she died when I was 12,” Liz said

“OK. I would be freaking out too if I saw That,” Tess said

“OK. Liz I have it set up,” Alex said

“Give me a few minutes and I’ll be on Skype,”Liz said as she logged into her computer.

After Liz logged on her computer she clicked and signed into Skype. When Liz got on Skype she saw Max and everyone.

“Are you OK?” Maria asked

“Yeah,” Liz said

“Liz do you have a picture of your friend that passed away?” Alex asked

“Um yeah. Hold on and let me get it,” Liz said before walking away.

A few minutes later Liz came back and sat down.

“Alex this picture of my friend is when we were 12,” Liz said

“OK. How long has your friend been gone?” Alex asked

“Alex I’m 18. So it has been 6 years,” Liz said

Liz turned the picture where everyone can see. When they saw the picture all their mouths dropped open in shock. There right before them was Liz wearing a jeans and a blue tank top. Next to Liz was a red head with short hair wearing short shorts and a black tank top.

“Liz what is the red head’s name?” Kyle asked

“Her name was Serena Green. Why?” Liz asked

“Liz we know her as Serena our protector,” Max said

“Are you serious?” Liz asked

“Yes we are serious,” Michael said

“What the hell is going on?” Liz asked

“Liz what is it?” Isabel asked

“Something is not right here,” Liz said

“What do you mean?” Tess said

“If Serena supposedly died when I was 12. Then how can she be in California
with you guys,” Liz said

“I don’t know. But you need to talk to Serena and Cal,” Max said

“I plan to when I get back,” Liz said

“Liz when are you going to come back?” Maria asked

“I got a couple of things to do then I should be back,” Liz said

“So in a guess you’ll be back in a week or 2,” Isabel asked

“Yes. Why are you asking?” Liz asked

“Your uncle and Dave are driving us nuts,” Tess said

“Don’t worry they are trying to make sure your ready for anything,” Liz said

“That sucks,” Michael said

“I know. But now you know how he was with us when he worries,” Liz said

“True. But you know your uncle, Dave and family more strike with their training,” Michael said

“I know. It drove me crazy sometimes,” Liz said

“So Liz what is left to do?” Isabel asked

“Diane, Amy took me shopping for the apartment and got some new uniforms for the Crash Down today. So tomorrow Philip and Jim are helping me get things for the Crash Down,” Liz said

“So after that will you be coming home?” Maria asked

“Yes,” Liz said

“Good. We need you here,” Maria said

“Don’t worry. They will all calm down soon,” Liz said

“Hope so. Liz have you talked to Chris yet?” Max asked

“Yeah Chris know,” Liz said

“What did you tell him?” Michael asked

“All Chris knows is that I was going to handle my grandma’s will. And I would be back in a week or 2,” Liz said

“Has Serena been around you guys when your not training?” Liz asked

“No. Why?” Kyle asked

“You need to watch what you do and say around her,” Liz said

“Why? Liz? What is going on?” Tess asked

“It’s weird she is suppose to be dead not with Cal. Something is not right,” Liz said

“Liz is right guys,” Isabel, Maria and Tess said

“OK,” Guy said

“Thanks guys,” Liz said

“No problem,” Everyone said

“So is the Crash Down still a surprise?” Kyle asked

“Yes. All of you will see it soon,” Liz said

“You can’t give us a hint,” Kyle asked

“No. Sorry,” Liz said

“Not fair,” Alex and Kyle said

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Re: The Key{CC, AU With Aliens, Mature}Chapter 179 Pg62 1/1/18

Postby L-J-L 76 » Mon Jan 01, 2018 1:06 am

Author's Note:
Hey Everyone I just wanted to let everyone know these days are will be the days I will hopefully be posting chapters. I hope everyone will have a chance to read the chapters to come.

Friday January 5 - The Key Chapter 180
Bounty On Love Chapter 108

Tuesday January 9- The Key Chapter 181
Bounty On Love Chapter 109

Sunday January 14 - The Key Chapter 182
Bounty On Love Chapter 110

Like I said I will hopefully be posting on these days. So please keep an eye out for the new chapters.

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Re: The Key{CC, AU With Aliens, Mature}Chapter 179 Pg62 1/1/18

Postby Natalie36 » Mon Jan 01, 2018 8:14 am

that is awesome, thanks for the update

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Re: The Key{CC, AU With Aliens, Mature}Chapter 179 Pg62 1/1/18

Postby L-J-L 76 » Mon Jan 01, 2018 8:23 am

Glad you like the chapter.

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Re: The Key{CC, AU With Aliens, Mature}Chapter 179 Pg62 1/1/18

Postby L-J-L 76 » Fri Jan 05, 2018 4:54 am

Chapter 180

“You will have to deal with it,” Liz said

“Fine,” Alex, Kyle said

“Good. Guys I got to go. Philip and Jim are suppose to be here at 8am,” Liz said

“Wow they are getting up early,” Maria said

“I know. I’ll talk to all of you later,” Liz said

“Talk to you then. Be safe,” Everyone said before ending the video.

Liz turned off her computer and went to her room. Liz changed clothes and grabbed her pillow, blanket. Liz walked into the living room and laid down on the couch. Liz was asleep a few minutes later.

Dream world:
Liz is in the desert wearing a long white spaghetti strap ankle length dress. She looked around and didn’t see anyone. All Liz saw was a rock formation a few feet in front of her.

“What the hell is going on?” Liz asked

All of a sudden a simmer of a person started to form in front of her. A few seconds later a woman dressed in a long off white strapless ankle length dress appeared in front of her.

“Hello Lizzie,” Woman said

“Serena. What the hell am I doing here? And what the hell are you playing?” Liz asked

“Liz I’m not playing anything. I’m here to help you,” Serena said

“Help me with what? Your dead,” Liz said

“Liz I never died. I had to leave so I faked my death. Liz you know what is to come. You can feel it can’t you,” Serena said

“Why did you fake your death? And I don’t feel anything,” Liz said

“Liz you will understand in time why I left. And of course you feel something,” Serena said

“Whatever. Why are we in the desert?” Liz asked

“Liz close your eyes and you will know,” Serena said

Liz closed her eyes and tried to concentrate. When Liz closed her eyes she heard whispering. Liz opened her eyes and saw Serena, Isabel, Maria and Tess standing around her.

“Why did you bring Maria, Isabel and Tess here?” Liz asked

“They are here to help you,” Serena said

“Help with what? We don’t know what is going on here?” Maria asked

“You 3 will help Liz find the granolith and connect to it,” Serena said

“How are we suppose to help Liz with the granolith?” Tess asked

“Easy every night all of you go to sleep. You will come here and find or follow clues to the granolith till you find it,” Serena said

“What if we don’t want to?” Isabel asked

“You have no choice,” Serena said

“Why are you doing this Serena?” Liz asked

“Because your the only one that can see everyone,” Serena said

“Your crazy,” Tess said

“Serena why did you fake your death? And where the hell have you been all this time?” Liz asked

“Liz I had to return home for a while. I have been watching you from afar. But I have also been home too,” Serena said

“Where is home?” Liz asked

“The same place Max, Zan, Isabel, Lonnie, Michael, Rath,Tess and Ava are from,” Serena said

“Are you telling me your from Antar?” Liz asked

“Yes. Liz?” Serena said

“Let me guess you were my protector when I was growing up right?” Liz asked upset.

Serena just looked at Liz with a surprise look on her face.

“Answer me were you my protector growing up?” Liz yelled

“Yes I was but,” Serena said

“There is no but. I thought you were my friend,” Liz said

“Liz we are friends. Nothing is ever going to change that,” Serena said

“Everything changed. When I get home I want you to stay the hell away from me,” Liz said

“I can’t do that till the time comes,” Serena said

“What are you talking about?” Liz asked

“Liz you need to find the granolith and make the sacrifice,” Serena said

“What if I don’t?” Liz asked

“Then earth and Antar are as good as dead,” Serena said

“Why the hell are you doing this?” Liz asked

“Because we all need you to do this. So our family and friends can live,” Serena said

“Fine. We do this and that is it. After this Max, friends and I want to live a normal life without the alien craziness,” Liz said

“As you wish your highness,” Serena said

“Why did you call Liz your highness?” Isabel asked

“Because,” Serena said

Because why?” Isabel asked

“I can not say,” Serena said

“Serena why are we here?” Liz asked

“Liz close your eyes and concentrate on the granolith,” Serena said

“Fine,” Liz said before closing her eyes.

When Liz closed her eyes she started hear whispers. Liz then thought of the granolith that is when she realized the granolith was talking to her. Liz opened her eyes and realized that they were somewhere else. Liz saw a rock formation that looked like something could fly out of it.

“Liz how did you?” Isabel asked

“I don’t know,” Liz said

“Your getting stronger Lizzie,” Serena said

“Don’t call me that Serena,” Liz said

“But it is true. You are getting stronger. Soon you will be unstoppable,” Serena said

“You know you sound evil when you say that,” Isabel said

“You girls don’t get it. Liz has to connect with the royal four to save all of us,” Serena said

“Serena not to bring you down or anything. But which royal 4 does Liz need to connect with,” Tess asked

“Yeah Liz has Zan, Rath, Lonnie and Ava or Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess,” Maria said

“Oh that will be easy, Liz will feel the connection to the group by the granolith,” Serena said

“Serena you know you are not helping,” Liz said

“Sorry. But all of you need to know the truth,” Serena said

Liz turned and looked at the rock formation. She knew she had seen it before. But didn’t know where. Liz closed her eyes and listened to the whispers. A few seconds later Liz opened her eyes and turned to look at Serena. Serena, Isabel, Maria and Tess notice something changed.

“Liz what?” Maria asked

“Oh my god,” Liz asked

“Liz what is it?” Isabel asked

“This rock formation is outside of Roswell,” Liz said

“Are you sure?” Tess asked

“Yes. I am very sure,” Liz said

“Why does Tess, Isabel and Maria look worry all of a sudden?” Serena asked

“We can’t say,” Isabel said

“Can’t or won’t,” Serena said

“Serena leave them alone,” Liz said

“Liz do you know what they are hiding?” Serena asked

“It is none of our business,” Liz said

“Yes it is if they know something. It could be helpful,” Serena said

“Serena they will tell you when they are ready,” Liz said

“Liz,” Serena said

“Serena,” Liz said

“One way or another I am going to find out what you girls are hiding,” Serena said

“Whatever,” Tess said

“Serena stop it. We all have to work together,” Liz said

“Fine,” Serena said

“Good. Now let’s all work together,” Liz said

“Fine,” Girls said

“Good. We need to remember this rock formation. So that way we can try and find it in the morning on the computer,” Serena said

“Oh boy,” Maria said

“OK. Why are you girls acting weird when I say we will look on the computer for it,” Serena said

“Because you will never know what could or would be found looking for it,” Tess said

“No it is something else. Your still hiding something,” Serena said

“Drop it,” Liz said

“Liz,” Serena said

“Serena I said drop it. How long are you going to have us meet here?” Liz asked

“Till we find the granolith,” Serena said

“After we find it and I connect and make a sacrifice what will happen?” Liz asked

“It will be up to the granolith,” Serena said

“What do you mean it is up to the granolith?” Liz asked

“The granolith will make the choice,” Serena said

“How?” Maria asked

“We don’t know. But the granolith will know,” Serena said

“You know that is very confusing right?” Tess said

“But it is the will of the granolith to decide,” Serena said

“Whatever. Liz are you listening to this?” Maria asked

“Maria I heard everything. So basically the granolith will decide what will happen to me,” Liz said

“Yes,” Serena said

“Who the hell plans this shit?” Maria asked

No one said anything. The girls just looked at each other.

“Liz I’m sorry for everything in the past and now. I’ll be around if you need me too,” Serena said

“Am I going to feel a pull to the granolith till I find it?” Liz asked

“Yes. The pull will be come stronger as the days go. And as you near wherever it is. It will become so strong you won’t be able to fight it,” Serena said

“So basically I have no choice till I find the granolith,” Liz asked

“True,” Serena said

“Does Cal, Rath, Zan, Lonnie and Ava know?” Liz asked

“No. They don’t know,” Serena said

“How did you find out about this?” Maria asked

“The queen and the keepers told me. They told me not to tell anyone but you Liz,” Serena said

“Why?” Liz asked

“Because you needed to make the decision on your own without any help,” Serena said

“So I’m the one to decide who gets to live and die. Why are you asking me to decide?” Liz asked

“We’re not. It’s up to the granolith to decide,” Serena said

“Then why me?” Liz asked

“Liz you were healed by the granolith. You have part of the granolith with you to decide,” Serena said

“What happens if I don’t want to decide?” Liz asked

Then everything could be lost,” Serena said

“Serena,” Liz said

“It is the truth,” Serena said

“Serena why have you not told Cal, Max and guys about this,”Liz asked

“Because the queen and the keepers said not too. But Cal, Max and guys will know everything,” Serena said

“Do you realize if we say nothing Max, Michael, Alex and Kyle will know we are hiding something from them?” Isabel asked

And it will be the same with Cal and family,” Liz said

“You will think of something,” Serena said

“Your freaking crazy,” Tess said

“Not crazy but cautious,” Serena said

Yeah right,” Isabel and Tess said.

Liz looked around and noticed something shiny in the sand a couple of feet from her. She walked up to it and picked it up. When Liz picked it up she got a vision.

She was running out in the desert trying to get to the granolith. Someone was chasing her through town and the desert. When Liz finally got to the rock formation she waved her hand over the stone. The cave door opened and Liz ran inside to the granolith. As Liz touched the granolith a white blinded light bathed the cave. Then there was nothing there but Liz and the granolith.

While Liz was having the vision Maria noticed that Liz was standing off to the side. She walked up to Liz and noticed here eyes were closed.

“Liz open your eyes,” Maria said as she touched Liz’s arm.

Liz didn’t open her eyes. She just stood there. A few seconds later Liz opened her eyes and saw Maria standing in front of her.

“Liz are you ok? What happened?” Maria asked

“Yeah I’m fine. I I think I had a vision,” Liz said

“You think or you did?” Maria asked

“I did have a vision,” Liz said

“Do you remember the vision?” Maria asked

“No. But something tells me whatever it is. Is coming after me,” Liz said

“Liz how do you know it is coming after you?” Maria asked

“Because I feel the hate for humans and half breeds as it calls them,” Liz said

“Seriously,” Maria asked

“Yes. Whatever it is hates all of us,” Liz said

“That is not good,” Maria said

“No it is not,” Liz said

“What are we going to do about it?” Maria asked

“Your not going to do anything about it. I am,” Liz said

“Liz why?” Maria asked

“Because all of you should have a normal life,” Liz said

“Liz that includes you too,” Maria said

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Re: The Key{CC, AU With Aliens, Mature}Chapter 180 Pg62 1/5/18

Postby L-J-L 76 » Wed Jan 10, 2018 5:52 am

Authors Note:
So very sorry I didn't post a chapter yesterday. I was put on medicine for my knee. And for some reason the medicine I'm on makes me want to sleep and eat a lot. So I am very sorry for not posting a chapter yesterday. I hope everyone can forgive me and keep reading The Key and Bounty On Love.

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Chapter 181

“Maybe,” Liz said

“Liz you should have normal life too,” Maria said

“Maria I know that. But till whatever this is is gone, There is no chance for normal life,” Liz said

“Maybe. But we all need to try and have some normal in our lives,” Maria said

“That is true,” Liz said

“Are you scared?” Maria asked

“A little. But I know I need to be ready,” Liz said

Isabel and Tess watched as Liz and Maria talked. They knew whatever they were talking about was very serious. But they didn’t know what it was. So to find out what Liz and Maria were talking they walked up to Liz and Maria and stood behind them to hear what was being said.

“Liz I know I already asked you this. But why are you doing all of this?” Maria asked

“Because I want all of you to have peace and have a normal life without all the craziness,” Liz said

“Liz what about you? Don’t you want to be here for all of this?” Maria asked

“Yes Maria I would love to be here for all of that. But like Serena said it is up to the granolith to decide for me,” Liz said

“Are you serious?” Maria asked

“Yes I’m serious. We don’t know what will happen when I connect or make the sacrifice,” Liz said

“Serena how long do you think Liz has?” Maria yelled

“In a guess I think Liz has between 30 days to 2 months till the granolith will call her,” Serena said

Liz, Maria, Isabel and Tess turned to look at Serena, But when they did Serena was no where to be found. Liz and the girls looked at each other then looked around.

“Serena where are you?” Liz yelled

“I’m here and I’m everywhere,” Serena said

“Liz what the hell is going on?” Isabel, Tess asked

“I don’t know,” Liz said

“What do you mean you don’t know?” Maria asked

“Just what I mean I don’t know. Serena stop playing and come out from hiding,” Liz said

“It is time for all of you to return home,” Serena said

“What are you talking about?” Liz asked

“You will know when it is time,” Serena said

“Serena you need to stop all the riddle shit and just tell us,” Liz yelled

“See all of you soon,” Serena said

Isabel, Maria and Tess all woke up in their beds screaming. As Maria, Isabel and Tess screamed Max and the guys ran to their rooms. Max and the guys saw Isabel and the girls were shaking and crying.

“What is wrong?” Max asked

“Serena dreamed walked us,” Isabel said

“What happened in the dream world?”Michael asked

“Serena she somehow got all of us including Liz there,” Isabel said

“What?” Max asked

“What happened when all of got there?” Michael asked

“Something must have happened before we got there. Because When we were there Liz was very pissed off at Serena,” Tess said

“Liz found out that Serena was her protector when she was a little girl. She also found out where Serena disappeared to. Serena is giving Liz no choice but to find the granolith,” Maria said

“What do you mean Liz has no choice but to find the granolith?” Alex asked

“Serena and some other people are giving Liz no choice. If she doesn’t find the granolith then we are all dead along with Antar,” Tess said

“Why is Serena doing this? Does Cal and the others know?” Max asked

“We don’t know why Serena is doing this. We doubt Cal and the others know,” Isabel said

“Max there is somethings you need to know,” Maria said

“What?” Max asked

“Liz might know where to look for the granolith,” Maria said

“What?” All the guys asked

“But that is not what upset Liz the most,” Maria said

“What upset Liz the most?” Max asked

“Max Liz found out that she will have to connect to a royal four. Then connect with the granolith before she makes a sacrifice. She will feel a pull to a royal four. But the worse part is that it will be up to the granolith what will happen to Liz after the sacrifice,” Maria said

“Why?” Kyle asked

“Serena didn’t say. But she did say that Cal and others don’t know anything about this,” Maria said

“Did she say how she found out about all of this?” Alex asked

“Serena said the queen and the keepers know about this. And we know about it now,” Isabel said

“Guys there was somethings. Serena brought up the time Rath and the granolith healed Liz from death. And Serena didn’t want you guys, Cal and others know about this,” Tess said

“Max while we were in the dream world Liz had a vision,” Maria said

“She did? Do you know what it was about?” Max asked

“No. But all Liz said was that it was coming after her. It hates humans. And it hates all of us. She wants us to stay out of it. That she is going to handle it. When I asked her why. Liz said she wants all of us to have normal lives without all the craziness in our lives,” Maria said

“Max Serena is giving Liz between 30 days to 2 months before the granolith calls her,” Isabel said

“When does it start?” Alex asked

“We are guessing now,” Tess said

“Max what are we going to do?” Maria asked

“We need to find Serena and have a talk with her. And after that we talk to Liz. She should not be doing this on her own,” Max said

“Max Liz isn’t going to listen. It seems she is made up her mind already,” Isabel said

“Then we are going to try and change her mind. Liz also needs to live a normal life,” Max said

Maria, Isabel, Tess all turned and looked at each other.

“Do you think Liz is OK?” Maria asked

Right at that moment Maria’s cell phone started to ring. Maria grabbed her cell phone off her night stand and touched talk button.

“Hello?” Maria asked

“Maria?” Liz asked

“Oh Liz are you OK?” Maria asked

“I’m fine. I just wanted to check on you girls,” Liz said

“We are fine. Liz what the hell is Serena playing at?” Maria asked

“I don’t know. All I do know is that whatever is going on Serena maybe involved in it,” Liz said

Tess, Isabel and I agree with you there. But How much do you think she is involved in?” Maria asked

“I’m going to be finding out,” Liz said

“How?” Maria asked

“Maria don’t worry you will know,” Liz said

“Liz why does that not make me feel good?” Maria asked

“Because you don’t know what I am going to do to find out. And that kind of scare all of you,” Liz said

“Liz what about Cal and your family? How are you going to get around that?” Maria asked

“Maria you forgot if there is a will there is a way,” Liz said

“You know that still doesn’t make me feel better here,” Maria said

“Sorry that is all I am going to say about Serena,” Liz said

“So what are you doing today?” Tess asked

“Well Philip and Jim will be here any minutes to take me shopping for the Crash Down,” Liz said

“What are you changing?” Michael asked

“Everything. I need to find cooks and waitresses,” Liz said

“Liz before you left do you remember a guy named Jose?” Michael asked

“Not really. Why?” Liz asked

“He use to work at Crash Down as a cook. Maybe he can help you,” Michael said

“Really?” Liz asked

“Yeah. I think he still lives in Roswell. Maybe Jim can help you find him,” Michael said

“I’ll ask Jim about it. Thank you so much for letting me know Michael,” Liz said

“No problem. If you need anymore help let me know. And I will try to help you,” Michael said

“Thank you again Michael. I might take you up on your offer. Oh Michael before I forget in The Crash Down did you guys have a TV, table and chairs?” Liz asked

“No I think all we had was a couch. Maria do you remember?” Michael asked

“We had a couch a small table. But nothing else why?” Maria asked

“Liz wanted to know. Liz did you hear what Maria said?” Michael asked

“Yeah I heard her. It’s a good thing I’m changing things then,” Liz said

“What are you changing?” Michael asked

“You will have to wait and find out,” Liz said

“Liz that is not fair,” Michael said

“Sorry Michael. Can’t tell you. I better go Jim and Philip are here,” Liz said as Jim and Philip walk into the Crash Down.

“OK. I guess we will talk to you later then,” Michael said

“Yeah talk to you later,” Liz said before ending the call.

After Liz ended the call she put her phone back into her pocket and looked at Philip and Jim.

“So are you ready to go?” Jim asked

“Yeah. So where are we going first?” Liz asked

“We found a store that sales what we may need for the Crash Down,” Philip said

“Cool. Where?” Liz asked

“Albuquerque. If we can’t find anything there. Then we will go to Les Cruses,” Philip said

“That sounds like a long drive,” Liz said

“Don’t worry it will be a 4 hour drive to each town,” Jim said

“So who were you talking to when we came in?” Philip asked

“I was talking to Michael. He told me I should talk to a guy named Jose to see if he wanted to be a cook at the Crash Down,” Liz said as she, Philip and Jim walked to Philip’s black Tahoe.

“That sounds like a good start. What are you going to do about the waitress and bus boys?” Jim asked

“I’m going to put in the paper a want ad. Hopefully I will be able to find some people,” Liz said

“You know some kids from school will be looking for jobs,” Philip said

“That is true,” Jim said

“I hope they will apply at the Crash down,” Liz said

“You never know maybe they will,” Jim said

As they were driving Philip and Jim noticed a black car following them. Philip tried to lose the car 4 times but no luck. Liz notice Philip and Jim kept looking behind them.

“What is it?” Liz asked

“There is a black car following us. It has been following us since we left Roswell,” Philip said

Liz reached into her pocket and dialed a number. The phone ringed 3 times before someone answered.

“Hello,” Voice asked

“Question did you send someone to follow me?” Liz asked

“What?” Voice asked

“Cal I’m dead serious did you send someone to follow me to Roswell?” Liz asked

“No I didn’t. Why are you asking?” Cal asked

“Oh god if you didn’t then,” Liz said

“If I didn’t send anyone then what? Liz what the hell is wrong?” Cal asked

“Cal we may have a problem. Philip watch out,” Liz screamed as Philip tried to swerve away from the black car.

“Hold on I’m going to try and lose them,” Philip yelled

“Oh god,” Liz said as she tightened her seat belt.

“Liz where are you?” Cal yelled.

Right at that moment Max and others walked into the office and see Cal yelling into the phone.

“Liz answer me,” Cal asked

“Cal we are a little busy here. We will call you back in 5 minutes,” Jim said before the phone went dead.

“What the hell?” Cal yelled before throwing the phone across the room.

Everyone watched as Cal started to pace the room waiting for the phone to ring.

“Cal what is wrong?” Max asked

“You want to know what is wrong Philip, Liz and Jim are being followed by a black car. A black car that is trying to knock them off the road. That is wrong,” Cal

“What do you mean Philip, Liz and Jim are being followed?” Isabel asked

“Just what I said they are being followed and trying to be ran off the road,” Cal said

“No Daddy,” Isabel said

“Isabel don’t worry dad will be fine,” Max said

“I hope you are right Max,” Isabel said

Right at that moment Max’s cell phone started to ring. Max reached into his pocket and pulled his cell phone out. After he got his phone out he touched the talk button and touched the speaker button so everyone in the room could hear what was being said.

“Hello?” Max asked

“Max where are you? I need you to tell uncle Cal we are fine thanks to Philip and Jim’s quick thinking,” Liz said

“Liz we are all at your uncle’s house now. Everyone can hear you,” Max said

“You are. And everyone can,” Liz said

“Yeah,” Max said

“Tell Max he needs to find out about the car,” Philip said

“Philip he can hear everything your saying,” Liz said

“Good. Max tell Isabel we are fine. The black car is a different matter,” Philip said

“Dad what did you do?” Max asked

“Lets just say the men in the car are gone,” Jim said

“Gone how?” Isabel asked

“That is what you need to find out,” Jim said

“Why? What are you not telling us?” Michael asked

“Let’s just say the car flipped a couple of times. Then ran into a poll and went off a
bridge. Is that about right Liz?” Philip asked

“Um yeah that sums it about up,” Liz said

“How did you not get hurt?” Rath asked

“Oh you know a little surprise help,” Liz said

“Liz honey please tell me no one saw you using your gifts?” Cal asked

“No one but Philip and Jim saw them,” Liz said

“Oh boy,” Maria said

“Maria you and everyone don’t have anything to worry about Philip and I are going to keep this secret. But all of you are going to have to tell Amy and Diane about it,” Jim said

“Do we have too?” Tess asked

“Yes. And I do mean all of you. That includes Cal and family too,” Philip said

“Oh man,” Zan, Rath said

“Oh boy,” girls said

“You guys there is one good thing coming out of all of this,” Liz said

“And pray tell what would that be?” Lonnie asked

“Easy our family just got bigger. And we have more help if we need any help for any reason,” Liz said

“You know Liz is right Cal. It would be great to have some more help then just us,” Carrie said

“I know Liz is right about having more help,” Cal said

“What are you saying Cal?” Michael asked

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Re: The Key{CC, AU With Aliens, Mature}Chapter 181 Pg62 1/10/18

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Hope you feel better soon. Thanks for the update. I wonder who was tailing liz

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Re: The Key{CC, AU With Aliens, Mature}Chapter 181 Pg62 1/10/18

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Thank you for hoping I get better. Glad you like the update.

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