The Key{CC, AU With Aliens, Mature} Chapter 172 Pg60 11/10/17

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Re: The Key{CC, AU With Aliens, Mature} Chapter 171 Pg59 10/31/17

Postby L-J-L 76 » Tue Nov 07, 2017 2:53 pm

No problem.

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Re: The Key{CC, AU With Aliens, Mature} Chapter 171 Pg59 10/31/17

Postby L-J-L 76 » Fri Nov 10, 2017 5:02 am

Chapter 172

“Because it is not safe. The killer is still out there looking for me and my family,” Liz said

“Is the killer a man or woman? How do you know the killer is still out there?” Jim asked

“The killer is a man. I saw the video of him. The reason why I know the killer is out there is because he keeps showing up at places I’m at. He never leaves me alone,” Liz said

“What does your uncle say about it?” Philip said

“He wanted me to stay with him. I told him I can’t because I have to go to school,” Liz said

“I bet he was not happy about that,” Amy said

“No he wasn’t. He put a security system in my apartment. And he checks in me every hour to an hour and half,” Liz said

“Why your uncle is very protective of you,” Diane said

“Yes he is. But I guess it could be a good thing too. Um Philip did you bring the papers with you?” Liz asked

“Yes. I thought you would like to see it,” Philip said as he handed Liz the file.

Liz saw the file look like a thick book.

“Wow,” Liz said

“I know,” Philip said

Liz opened the file and saw there was a letters dressed to her, Max, Philip, Diane, Rath, Jim, Amy. Liz closed the file and looked at Philip.

“Philip did you see what was in the file?” Liz asked

“No why?” Philip asked

“There are letters dressed to you, Diane, Jim, Amy, me and my brother,” Liz said

“Seriously?” Jim asked

“Yes. Here I’ll show you,” Liz said as she opened the file.

Liz handed Philip, Diane, Jim and Amy their letters. After Liz handed then the letters she looked at them.

“Why would Claudia all write us a letter,” Diane asked

“Who knows. But she did,” Liz said

“Thank you Liz. That is very nice of you,” Amy said

“It was no problem. It seems my grandma loved all of you also,” Liz said

“That was nice to say,” Jim said

“It’s true. Philip can I keep the file with me?” Liz asked

“Sure. You need to call your brother and see when he can come down and sign some papers,” Philip said

Liz looked at her watch and noticed it was midnight already. Then she looked at Philip.

“Philip can we finish this up tomorrow?” Liz asked

Philip looked at the clock over the counter and notice the time.

“Of course. We better go. it’s so late,” Philip said

Everyone stood up and walked towards the front door. Diane turned and looked at Liz.

“Your going to have to come to our house for dinner,” Diane said

“I would love that,” Liz said

“Good. You get some rest sweetie,” Diane said

“You know I will,” Liz said

“Bye,” Philip, Jim said

“Bye. Drive carefully,” Liz said

“You know we will,” Jim said

Philip, Diane, Jim and Amy all hugged Liz and walked out of the restaurant and went to their cars. They all got into their cars and drove off. After they were gone Liz close the door and windows. Then she pulled down the blinds and went to sit down. When Liz sat down she opened the file and pulled out the letter her grandma left her. She opened the letter and started to read.

“Dear Lizzie
If you are reading this then that must mean that I have died. Liz you are the most loving, caring person I know and love. I’m sorry I won’t be there to see you grow into a beautiful woman I know you will become. Liz the reason I left you the Crash Down is because I know you love this place like I loved the place. Liz there are something I should tell you while I am writing this. I know your adopted brother is not from this earth. I saw him using his gifts without noticing me. Rath is a very special person. I have a feeling he healed you when all of you were in your car accident. I’m glad he did that for you and me. Lizzie I don’t know how to say this but to just say it. I saw you using you gifts before we left for New York. I didn’t want to scare you by letting you know I know. I wanted you to have a normal child hood and teen age years. I’m sorry I didn’t say anything. Lizzie the day we left I saw little Max using his gift to come into the room and hold you while you cried. I didn’t want to ruin it so I just watched you both. I saw how loving and caring he was to you. I even saw the kiss he gave you. I knew from that moment Max would always some how be in your life. And If he is in your life then I am very happy he is there for you. If he isn’t then you both have not seen each other since you were 6. You and Max need to find each other and try to be friends somehow. Lizzie I thought I should also let you know that I told Philip, Diane, Jim I know that Max, Isabel, Micheal and Tess are special like Rath. I know they may have questions. But try to see if you can answer some or try to get Max, Isabel, Micheal and Tess to tell the parents the truth. You, Max and others may need them to help you one day. Please tell Rath and Micheal to not blow a gasket? I know they will probably be mad. But they will get over it. I want all of you to be safe. Lizzie on the next paper is something for you. I need to go you and Rath are starting school in 2 hours. Love you and miss you!

Grandma Claudia

After Liz read the letter she was shocked by everything her grandma told her.
And realized that the crap will be hitting the fan in the morning. Liz turned over the paper and looked at the second paper. When Liz looked at the second paper she saw writing and pictures. She saw pictures of her and a cone like thing. Then on the bottom of the page there was writing that Liz could read.

The Key must be pure, innocent and untouched by any living soul. The key must realize that only it can set Antar and Earth free from the evil that lies there. It must also make a sacrifice of it’s own free will. The key must be able to handle anything that may happen. The key will also see the evil that comes. And be able to stop it from happening by the visions it may have.

After Liz read the notes she was shocked and scared what my happen. But Liz knew that she will have to be on her toes for a long time. And also know that she has to be careful who she trust. After reading the notes Liz put everything back in the file and took the file up stairs to an old bedroom. She walked in and walked up to the chest that was under the bed. Liz opened the chest with her powers and put the file in. After putting the file in the chest Liz climbed on bed and went to sleep. A few minutes later Liz was quickly asleep.

Dream land:

Liz opened her eyes and looked around. When Liz looked around she saw she was in the desert next to a huge rock cliff.

“What? Where am I?” Liz asked

“Finally you let me in,” voice said

Liz turned and saw Isabel standing a little behind her. She saw Isabel and her were wearing ankle length spaghetti strap dresses.

“Isabel is that really you?” Liz asked

“Of course it is me. Who do you think it is?” Isabel asked

“If your Isabel tell me something no one else knows?” Liz asked

“Fine I know Max kissed you. I know you have powers. I know your asshole brother Rath thinks he is in charge. And I know that yo know what Rath is going to name his baby,” Isabel said

“OK. Your Isabel,” Liz said

“Thanks. Liz where are you? Everyone is very worried about you,” Isabel said

“I can’t say where I am. But don’t worry everything is fine,” Liz said

“Liz you know that won’t work for Cal and the others,” Isabel said

“Isabel don’t worry all of you will know where I am soon. Question Isabel did you guys ever tell your parents about you being different?” Liz asked

“Not that I know of. Why?” Isabel asked

“Let’s just say the shit is going to be hitting the fan really soon,” Liz said

“Why do I have a feeling that is going to be bad?” Isabel asked

“You will find out soon. You guys just need to try and keep Michael, Rath, Max and Cal calm OK?” Liz asked

“Why would we need to keep Micheal, Rath, Max and Cal calm,”Isabel

“Just trust me you will need to. Isabel if I’m right all of you need to try and be together between 12 – 8pm tomorrow,” Liz said

“OK I’ll try and get everyone together. By the way do you know where we are?” Isabel asked

“We are out in the desert why?” Liz asked

“I know this place from somewhere,” Isabel said

“Oh,” Liz said

“Liz are you sure your OK?” Isabel asked

“Isabel I promise I’m fine. Tell Cal and everyone I just needed to get away for a couple of days,” Liz said

“You know I will. I better go talk to you tomorrow?” Isabel asked

“Yes you will,” Liz said as she watched Isabel vanish.

Liz opened her eyes and sat up in bed looking around. As she looked around she realized that Isabel dreamed walk her. Liz rolled her eyes and fell back on the bed. A Liz fell back on the bed she was fast asleep.

In The Afternoon:
Liz was sitting in the kitchen when there was a knock on the door. She stood up and walked to the door. When Liz walked to the door she looked through the peephole and saw Philip, Diane, Jim and Amy standing there. Liz took a step back and opened the door. Philip, Diane, Jim and Amy all walked in. After they walked in Liz pulled out her cell phone and text Alex. She texted call me now it’s important. Liz then put her phone back in her pocket and looked at everyone.

“So what brings you by?” Liz asked

“Liz we want to know is what Claudia put in the letter is true?” Philip asked

“I don’t know what she put in your letters,” Liz said

“Here see for yourself,” Philip said as he handed Liz the letter.

Liz walked up to Philip and took the letter. She opened the letter.

“Dear Philip, Diane
I know you have found Max and Isabel wondering the old highway. I wanted to let you know Max and Isabel are very special. They have gifts that no one on earth has. Like my grandson Rath and my grand daughter Liz will have someday. Even though I was not there I know what your children went though. They are all scared that you will not love them anymore. But just between us we know that will never happen. It’s time for the truth to be known. We all need to help our children. They need to know that no matter what we love them and will be there for them. I’m sorry I’m not there to help you. But I will be there in spirit. You need to remember that it will be hard to get though them. But they will listen. In close I listed what I found out what happened to Max, Isabel, Michael, Tess, Kyle, Maria and Alex. Please don’t be mad that they didn’t tell you. They were trying to protect all of you. I love all of you. Be safe.


Liz looked at the second page and saw everything Max and others went through. Liz was surprised and shocked. After Liz looked at the list she looked up and saw Philip, Diane, Jim and Amy all looking at her.

“Liz do you think it is true?” Diane asked

“Um,” Liz said

Right at that moment Liz’s cell phone started to ring. She looked down and saw it was Alex calling.

“I’ll be right back. My uncle is calling me,” Liz said as she walked out of the kitchen.

Liz walked down the hallway to her old bedroom before she answered thr phone.

“Alex?” Liz asked

“Yeah. What is going on? Your text sounded like an emergency,” Alex said

“It is. Is everyone there?” Liz asked

“Yeah. Liz what is it?” Alex asked

“Alex you, Max and others have to promise me your not going to be pissed?”
Liz asked

“Liz really what is?” Alex asked

“All you have to promise me before I tell you,” Liz said

“Fine. We promise not to get mad,”Max and friends said

“Good. Alex tell me how to do the webcam?” Liz asked

“OK. Here go to my site and click to talk face to face. Tell me when you do that,” Alex said

Liz did as Alex said and then she saw Alex and everyone looking at her. And everyone saw Liz looking at her.

“Liz where are you?” Cal asked

“Cal I need some space and time. Max, Isabel, Michael, Tess, Kyle, Maria and Alex I got a surprise for you,” Liz said

“What kind of surprise?” Isabel asked

“And why are you looking scared?” Maria asked

“Your about to find out,” Liz said as she walked into the kitchen. Liz set her laptop down.

“I hope all of you are sitting down,” Liz said

“Why?” Max asked

Right at that moment Philip, Diane, Jim and Amy stood behind Liz.

“Your in Roswell?” Michael asked

“Yes. I wanted to find out about the Crash down. Um there is something you
need to know Max and others,” Liz said

“What is it?” Tess asked

“Well it seems my grandma has been keeping an eye on all of you without you knowing. She knows everything all of you went through,” Liz said

“Are you serious?” Michael asked

“Yes I am very serious. But um Grandma Claudia told your parents everything you went through,” Liz said

“How did she tell them?” Max asked

“She wrote them a letter and told them everything all of you went through. It seems they have questions that all of you can only answer,” Liz said

“Oh god,” Isabel, Maria, Tess said

“Max is it true that you kissed and hugged Liz before she left with Claudia?” Diane asked

“What?” Everyone asked

“Yes I sneaked into her room held her and kissed her before she left,” Max said.

“Is it true the FBI was coming after all of you?” Philip asked

“Yes it is true,” Michael said

“Is it true that Michael ran away when we fond you as kids?” Diane asked

“Yes it is true,” Michael said

“Michael if we have known we would have also took you in. We have always
thought of you as a son Michael. I hope you realize that,” Philip said

“Yes I do. And thank you for treating me as your son,” Michael said

“Is it true Max was caught by the FBI? And tortured?” Jim asked

“Yes it is true,” Max said

“Is it true that you saved Alex, Maria and Kyle from being hurt?” Amy asked

“Yes it is true,” Michael said

“Thank you for saving them,” Amy said

“It was no problem,” Max said

“Is it true that all of you killed the skins that attacked you?” Philip asked

“Yes,” Tess said

“Is Nesado a good or bad guy?” Jim asked

Everyone watched as Liz started to shake at the mention of the name.

“Liz why are you shaking?” Jim asked

“Did grandma every say anything about him?” Liz asked

“No why?”Philip asked

“Cal can you please tell them I can’t?” Liz asked

“Sure. Nesado was the one that killed Claudia. Liz found the body when she walked into the restaurant,” Cal said

“Oh god. I’m so sorry Liz honey,” Diane, Amy said

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Re: The Key{CC, AU With Aliens, Mature} Chapter 172 Pg60 11/10/17

Postby Natalie36 » Sun Nov 12, 2017 12:34 pm

another great part. feeling so bad for liz

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Re: The Key{CC, AU With Aliens, Mature} Chapter 172 Pg60 11/10/17

Postby L-J-L 76 » Mon Nov 13, 2017 4:35 am

Glad you like the chapter. I know everyone is probably feeling bad for Liz. But don't worry Liz will be fine and good.

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