Scars of White (AA, CC, MATURE) Part 59 1/25/21 (WIP)

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Re: Scars of White (AA, CC, MATURE) Part 54 4/5/20 (WIP)

Post by keepsmiling7 » Mon Apr 06, 2020 2:50 pm

So good to learn more about the new agent, Fields.....
Phillip and the Sheriff would do anything to contact their kids.
Now they are set up to meet Zan only to find out Max had marked him.
To meet Zan you have to wear something special??
Relatives of the Dupree's appear.......what does this mean?
Thanks for this new part, I need to go over it again.

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Re: Scars of White (AA, CC, MATURE) Part 54 4/5/20 (WIP)

Post by clueless » Tue Apr 07, 2020 10:08 pm

Thanks for the new part! And I can’t believe that you are already planning a sequel to this. There was a time not too long ago when I never thought I’d see another part to this lol. Anyway, I can’t wait to read the next installment!!

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Re: Scars of White (AA, CC, MATURE) Part 54 4/5/20 (WIP)

Post by Stefuh » Sun Apr 26, 2020 6:33 pm

I'm in awe of this fanfic, it is so well written and the plot is so well thought out and detailed!
I wasn't on this forum back when you first posted it, but I'm glad that you came back to finish it! Otherwise, I would never have read it.
My heart broke so many times while reading this, you put the characters (especially Max) through a lot, but it was so interesting to see how they managed to find Max and rescue him, going through everyone's thoughts as they believed or not that Max was alive and trying to find where he was held! Also, Kyle's powers are so well developped! I loved hearing what the parents thought going through all this, especially Diane, poor her. I also loved the details related to the show, like agent Feild, Zan, ect.

Thank you for this story, I can't wait for the next part and I'm beyond glad that there will be a sequel! It looks like it will be really interesting! :D

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Re: Scars of White (AA, CC, MATURE) Part 54 4/5/20 (WIP)

Post by clueless » Wed Apr 29, 2020 4:29 pm

Just stopping by...

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Part 55

Post by behrinthecity » Thu Apr 30, 2020 12:39 am

Hi everyone. Hope you all are staying safe and well. Work has been intense the last few weeks, but I finally had some time to finish my edits to Part 55.

keepsmiling7- This part should illuminate the reason for the special outfit. Thank you for your comments. For now, the detail about the Duprees is mainly to explain how Fields looks so much like Michael.

clueless- Well, I plotted out the sequel back when I was first posting this story and announced it—I think that was around the time I had Liz have the premonition of the Max clone army. My health issues over these last 10 years forced me to have a terribly long hiatus for this story, but I am still determined to see it all the way to the conclusion, which includes that sequel. :D Thanks for your comments and the check-in bump.

Stefuh- Thank you for your kind words! Yeah, I really do put Max through the wringer, but I do love him. He’s still got a ways to go in terms of processing all he has suffered, but I promise there will be some happiness to balance the angst by the end.

I’m so happy that you appreciated all those details. Writing this story was basically what I felt the show missed, so it’s really affirming to hear others liked how I filled in those gaps.

Given the slight delay in posting, I’ve added a previously from Part 54. But if you don’t need that refresher, you can just go from the Four Aliens and a Baby one to Part 55.

Note: Since Zan and Xan sound the same, the spelling is based on how the character speaking at that time views the spelling of the name. E.g. Matthew will call him Xan, while Max called him Zan before meeting Matthew and his family.

[From Four Aliens and a Baby]
Max cradled his son, his legs bouncing him gently. His son… For over a year he had desperately searched for him to make sure he was healthy and safe. And now he was in his arms, holding on to his finger with unexpected strength. As Max gazed down at him, his emotions were a swirling storm of fear, disappointment, and sorrow threatening to break down his composed facade into a weeping mess. But as he took in the round, smooth cheeks of his son—his son!—an inner joy and certainty he did not know he could feel burst through and warmed his chest. He may not be able to keep his son, but he could leave him a parting gift so that wherever he ended up he’ll remember him. And that would be enough.

With a feathery touch above the boy’s forehead, Max planted the memory in Zan’s mind—so that he would always know he was loved and perhaps one day when it was safe they could find each other again. Golden light delicately danced below his palm and he believed he saw a flash of his seal. But before he could think about what that could mean he heard his mother breath out in shock, “What was that?”

A bittersweet smile crept upon Max’s face as he tried to memorize his son’s face. “Just a memory.”

[From Part 54]
Nonchalantly, Cal made the introduction. “Max, this is the agent who was fired for showing you kindness.”

It didn’t take long for Max to place the man within his haunting memories. In there, if he wasn’t being jeered and physically injured, he was treated with cold indifference. But there was a memory that slipped at the edges of his memory. Disoriented and fighting for breath, his desperate mind had imagined Michael providing him warmth.

“The blanket… the hot drink?” His voice held a breathless quality as he thought out loud.

Fields affirmed humbly.

“It was kismet that he is the adopted uncle of… Zan.” Cal shot a meaningful look at Max.

“Xan? You mean Xander?” Fields asked, flummoxed. “What about him?”

With a slight shake of his head to gesture towards Max, “He’s the one who gave him up for adoption.”

“And that’s why I asked you here, Matthew. We need you to take us to Zan.”

Deciding to get things moving, Cal summarily announced, “So get packing. The plane is ready to go as soon as you all are.”


Three and a half hours later
On the plane, halfway to Montana

As expected, Cal’s private jet was luxurious. Kyle and Maria paid it effusive praise as they took advantage of its many amenities. Isabel and Michael had put on their private headsets and tuned everyone out, napping and brooding, respectively. Fields sat up front remaining separate from the rest of the group, though he noticed Max and Michael trying to surreptitiously watch him. Liz initially sat next to Max, attempting to distract him with banal conversation.

After they ate an impressive in-flight meal, Liz had moved to chat with Maria at Max’s behest, leaving him to pensively stare out the window. The sky stretched out before him— a pale greyish-blue strewn with wispy white clouds. It did not take long for the clouds to morph into haunting shapes from his captivity. Gauzy bandages, towels saturated with water that had been used to rob him of breath, and the shadowy blurred white tiles when he had been forced to lay on his stomach for what he assumed were their surgical explorations. Subconsciously his fingers had curled in, the nails biting into his palm. But the pain was inconsequential compared to the horrors he relived anew. A cry stayed strangled in his throat not wanting the others to know his fears and insecurities.

“Mind if I sit?” a deep voice asked.

His head snapping up, he noticed Fields hovering by the recently vacated seat beside him. Struggling to swallow the scream still caught in his throat, he wordlessly nodded.

Max watched Fields settle in the chair, a drink in one hand. The sloshing ice dredged his mind back to the memory he now knew involved this former agent. Eyeing the man warily, Max stayed silent.

With a loud, slow exhale, Fields softly spoke, “I’m sorry.”

Max’s forehead crinkled in confusion.

Fields forged on. “I cannot apologize enough for my part in your imprisonment. I should have spoken up when I first questioned their orders, but…” Fields paused, shame etched on his face, “…I was afraid.” Not only for himself, but petrified what they would do to his family. His son was barely a year old at the time. It was for him he had convinced himself he was protecting. Any time he faltered, he had mentally recited all of the files of victims with silver handprints on their corpses.

Max looked Fields in the eye causing the ex-agent to hold his breath. “I don’t blame you.”

In shock, Fields exhaled in a rush. Max was forgiving him? Not too long ago he was still being tortured, and now he was absolving him of his complicity. Fields shook his head in amazement.

“Why?” The question was hushed, escaping him as he desperately grasped for words to express his jumbled thoughts.

Max offered him a thin, morose smile. “You didn’t have a choice.”

Fields fell silent. How was this boy so forgiving? Studying Max carefully, he saw the haunting shadows that unnaturally aged him, but at the same time he saw a look of an innocent youth desperate to remain… to exist. In the face of what he had helped to nearly destroy, he had to look away. Ultimately, he stared at his hands with tired regret. “But I did… I chose to join again when they regrouped two years ago.” His tongue tasted like ash as he admitted, “To make up for what I missed out on the first time around.”

Max turned back to the window with a thousand-yard stare. His voice so soft, Fields had to strain to hear it, “Did you?”

“Not in the way I expected.”

That got Max to turn back to him, his face guarded.

“I thought a dangerous threat was out loose in the world… on our nation. But when you were in our custody, I couldn’t reconcile…well you... with all of the documentation. Except, that is, the hospital in Phoenix.”

Max cast his eyes down to the hands in his lap.

“Why did you do it?” Fields asked.

“How could I not?” Max replied, his voice taking on an ethereal quality.

Bobbing his head slowly, Fields processed the response, but his curiosity remained unsatiated. “How did you end up in Phoenix?”

Max looked up; his eyes travelling to where Liz chatted with Maria and Kyle. “I found out my boss’ daughter was really sick. But by the time I went to her house she had already been taken to that hospital. So I went there. And after healing her, I saw the boy next to her. And after him, the girl next to him… I just kept trying to heal them until I…” Max trailed off with a slight hitch in his breath. He still regretted he hadn’t been able to get to the other kids. That he had been weak. “…couldn’t,” he completed the thought with a distraught tone.

He started at a warm hand on his shoulder.

Seeing the sheen in Fields’ eyes Max felt his own sting.

“What you did… You’re the strongest, most remarkable man I’ve ever met,” Fields spoke in awe. Holding out his hand, he shook Max’s hand firmly. “Thank you for doing what you did. Thank you for existing.”

Not expecting this, Max was at a loss for words.

“If there’s anything I can do, do not hesitate to call me,” Fields spoke resolutely. “And I’ll make sure you’re able to see Xan.”

Max urged his jaw to work as he stumbled through his gratitude, “Thank you, Age—Mr. Fields.”

“Call me Matthew.”

With a small smile, Max nodded.

Four hours later
Whitefish, Montana

As the car pulled up to Fields’ house, Max drew in a ragged breath. The air force uniform Cal had given him felt like a straightjacket. He was secretly glad it wasn’t military like his initial captors wore, but it reminded him of what he had worn to infiltrate the army base. And though it had felt good to help people, it was that act of altruism that led to his imprisonment. Memories of torture flickered through his mind as he gazed at the idyllic house before him.

Lost in his thoughts, Max started when Fields tapped at his window. He hadn’t realized he had already gone in to prepare his family of Max’s visit. Max gave a brusque nod and began to exit the car.

Stretching to his full height, he let loose a breath and surreptitiously looked around the area. In his furtive sweep of the grounds he could not enjoy the openness and smell of freshly cut grass. Instead, he felt phantom walls around him closing in tighter. Only the touch of Liz’s hand on his arm, made him realize he had been hyperventilating. As he became aware of the present surroundings, he caught a young child’s voice asking, “—fuh-wam were-kah?”

Turning towards the voice, he observed an impish young boy on Matthew’s back, small arms wrapped around his neck. With a warm, loving smile, Matthew answered, “That’s right.” Adjusting his son’s piggyback position, he stepped closer to Max. “Max, this is my son, Patrick.” Craning his neck, he gently instructed his son, “Patrick say hi.”

“Hi!” Patrick chirped.

Releasing a soft huff of laughter, Max smiled. “Nice to meet you, Patrick,” he responded solemnly. The child answered with a huge grin. Patrick’s wide eyes quickly roamed Max’s face before honing in on his hat. A secret delight danced in his excited gaze as he reached out an arm for the hat. “hah- ha-tuh!” He called out.

At Patrick’s antics, Max’s tension receded from his body. His shoulders rested easy and the lines around his eyes had smoothed. With a serene smile, he pulled the cap from his head and offered it to the toddler. “This hat?” He asked with a gentle, teasing tone.

Patrick giggled with glee. “Yes!” He grasped the hat, while his other hand clung to his father’s shirt. Matthew deftly shifted his son to his front so that he cradled him in his arms. His hand free now, Patrick began to pet the hat. An awe-filled “ooh” escaped him as he marvelled at the softness of the material.

Murmuring a thanks to Max, Matthew leaned forward so his forehead touched Patrick’s.

The sheer love and trust on display took Max’s breath away. He felt a pang as he observed them place the hat on each other’s heads. Would he ever be able to have such a moment? He glanced at Liz, who was smiling contentedly at Matthew and his son, and mused at the possibility of them both having such a moment. But what would happen to her if they tried? It had been incredibly scary and dangerous when she developed powers. How could he ask of her to risk her life for that? It was bad enough that he was currently subjecting her to the physical reminder of his betrayal. He had tried to stop her from coming, but she insisted. And though loathed to admit it, he was glad she did. He was nervous at the prospect of seeing Zan, but seeing Patrick reminded him of the brief time he had spent with his son. He felt a warmth in his chest as those cherished memories played out in his mind.

He recalled the way Zan had shook his rattle as his large curious eyes took in his surroundings. With the threat of the army coming for Tess and Zan, he had not been able to fully marvel at the presence of his son being there… being alive. A small melancholy smile flitted on his face.

He was about to find out if that was all a lie.

In just a few moments he would know with certainty if the boy he had bid goodbye to was never actually his. And if that was the case, what had happened to his son? Was he still out there somewhere? Lost? Hurt? He mentally shied away from the other fate his son may have suffered.

Part of him wished Cal was wrong. That even if he removed the memory from Zan so that no remnant of the royal seal resided in him, he would still know his son lived. And that would be enough.

He suddenly became aware of Matthew handing back the hat. Blinking rapidly, he took the cap in a daze.

“What do you say?” Matthew coaxed his son.


A smile sprang to Max’s face though its joy was shadowed by his earlier melancholy. Looking down at the cap in his hands, he spontaneously decided to give the hat away. Fluffing it a bit, he placed it on Patrick’s head. “It’s yours. Looks better on you, anyway.”

Matthew gave a nod of thanks over his ecstatic son’s head.

Max nodded back in response.

“Let’s go show mommy! Dad--dy, let’s go! I wanna show Xan too!” Patrick urged, impatiently wanting to show off his new gift.

With an apologetic smile, Matthew gestured with his head. “Come on, everyone’s waiting to meet you. This little scamp just didn’t want to let go.” As he teased his son, Matthew thought how he never wanted to let go either.

Cal, dressed in a general’s uniform, easily walked along with Matthew and Patrick. Max, however, was frozen in place at the end of the driveway. Once more, Liz’s steady warm hand brought him back to the present. She had laced her fingers with his and gently squeezed his hand in reassurance. Turning to look at her, she gave him an encouraging smile. His gaze filled with gratitude at her earlier insistence to come and offer support.

He took a step forward.

If Max had used his natural stride he’d already have reached the house in a few steps. But he couldn’t help shuffling his steps as if his ankles were still weighed down and restricted. He noticed a look of pity upon the faces of the two women who stood by the door. Swallowing his embarrassment, he concentrated on his steps to force himself forward. Moments later he finally was there.

Removing his hand from Liz’s hold, he held himself in a rigid posture and smiled tensely as Matthew made introductions.

Matthew flashed him an understanding smile. Gesturing to the two ladies in front of them, he announced, “Max, this is my wife, Cynthia, and her sister, Lily.”

“It’s so nice to meet you Max.” The shorter of the two women greeted him.

“Same here. Thank you for agreeing to this.” He mumbled in response, inwardly cringing at his meekness.

Compassion and pity shone in both women’s eyes.

Lily greeted Max, “I’m a hugger, is it ok if I—”

Max’s nod cut off her question and she enveloped him in a warm embrace.

Stepping back, she sincerely stated, “Thank you for your service.” Cynthia nodded along in gratitude.

Self-consciously, Max looked down before shaking his head. “You don’t—”

He cut himself off abruptly at Cal’s touch on his arm.

The ladies ushered them in the house.

Once inside, Cynthia promised, “We made some lemonade today, I’ll be right back with some!” As she walked towards the kitchen, she commented over her shoulder, “Make yourself at home.”

Settling onto the sofa, Liz struck up a chat with Lily. “So Matthew told us, your son’s name is Xander?”

Energetically nodding, Lily explained, “Buffy is my favourite show, and Xander is my favourite character. Do you watch it?” Eagerness crept into her tone as she spoke.

“Oh no, living in Roswell and dealing with all the alien-related fanfare, I’m just not that much into supernatural shows,” Liz replied nonchalantly.

“Ah. Well, anyway when we heard the baby was named Xan, it felt like it was kismet.” Turning to Max, she asked “how about you and Xan’s mother?”

“Oh… uh…” Max blanked momentarily. But once again Liz reaching out for his hand helped to ground him. Shrugging, he commented, “I wasn’t into vampires—the whole undead thing…” he trailed off thinking about his time in Clayton’s ‘body’—had he been technically undead? He cleared his throat to refocus. “But she did enjoy it.” He was relieved when Lily merely nodded and didn’t pursue any further questions.

Cynthia approached them with a tray of glasses and a pitcher of lemonade. At the same time Patrick, who had run into the house to show his hat to Xan, appeared with a dark haired child. Max drank in the sight of the familiar dark, innocent eyes. Patrick put a hand to Xan’s ear, giggling and pointing at Max. Xan had a bemused grin at his cousin’s whispered chatter, but also an expression that suggested he knew Max.

As Max debated whether to say something, Lily called his attention to meet her husband and Xan’s adopted father, Marcus. He was a muscular man, but had a kind expression as he clasped Max’s hand. “Thank you for your service.”

Max graciously nodded, but still felt like a fraud wearing the uniform Cal had provided him. He was no soldier—no hero to thank. But clearly, the clothes had the desired effect. These people instantly trusted him.

“Maa-kas!” a soft voice called out.

Max snapped his head towards the two young boys. Had Zan called him by name?

“What was that buddy?” Marcus asked as he knelt by his son. Pointing at Max, Xan repeated, “He Maa-kas!”

His eyebrows slightly furrowed, Marcus asked, “Did Patrick tell you that?”

Xan shook his head, while Patrick held out his hands in apology, “I fo-got!”

Though they chuckled a bit at Patrick’s exclamation, surprise and confusion appeared on everyone’s faces. Max only watched in awe at the evidence that him giving the memory had worked. A sheen of tears covered his eyes as he began to speak, “He re—“

Ever the quick thinker, Liz talked over him “He recognizes you from the photos your parents had shown him.”

There was a collective “Ohh…” as they all readily accepted Liz’s answer.

Max darted a furtive glance at Liz silently thanking her. She surreptitiously nodded in response.

Max wiped his sweaty palms against his pants. He wasn’t sure how much more his nerves could handle small talk. Knowing Xan remembered him made him antsy to undo the memory. But, he wondered, how to get him alone long enough to remove the seal?

Fortunately, Cal and Liz had engaged the others in conversation. Max idly watched the two young boys playing with their respective toys on the carpet.

Xan who had been playing with a toy truck, suddenly climbed into his lap. Automatically, holding him and supporting his neck, he greeted the toddler. Xan gave a wide smile, a little drool escaping him.

“Mass-kia…?” the boy asked in a plaintive tone.

“Yeah, Xan?”

“Come p-ay wid me!”

Max’s eyebrows lifted in amusement, a somewhat easy smile appearing on his face.

“If your mom and dad say it’s ok,” Max responded in a light voice that belied his apprehension.

Lily busy chatting just waved a hand for them to do whatever they’d like. Marcus though broke off his conversation with Cal and with his attention purely on Xan, he agreed in an earnest voice, “Let’s go!”

“No—jusss Mass-ka!” Xan demanded.

With a sigh, Marcus regarded Max. Observing him for a beat, his shrewd eyes hinting he was weighing the pros and cons of saying yes. Max held his breath as he waited for Marcus’ decision. With a gentle pinch to his son’s cheek Marcus assented. “Sure, kiddo. Just keep the door open.”

Max gave Marcus a questioning look to confirm if he was really okay with this. The man gave a short nod, his lips lifting ever so slightly.

Moments later Max found himself in Xan’s room, the boy grabbing toy after toy from the toy chest and showing them to Max. Amused, Max idly moved some of the toys in place. Xan watched him for a moment before joining Max on the bed. “Do this one,” he instructed solemnly.

Max quirked his lips, but readily followed the command. Xan’s eyes shone with excitement, “Le-ss’ race!” Max kneeled down by the boy, his hand on one car to move it forward. As they both marked paths in the carpet, Max smiled in contentment as Xan leaned against him. After letting Xan win, Max ruffled Xan’s dark hair fondly.

Shadowy images flashed before him in quick succession. Soft whimpering could be heard and Max feared he was having a flashback. But then he heard Tess’ voice.

Her voice was tearful and hopeful. There was a mixture of desperation and gratitude. Before he could process her words, he was enveloped in warmth and filled with a sense of calm and safety. Together… we’re found.

Her words echoed in his ears as the flash ended. Xan was still pushing his car around the carpet. Blinking away the moisture that had sprung to his eyes, Max called out to Xan. The boy immediately turned to him attentively.

Patting the space next to him, he urged Xan to sit by him. Xan readily complied, looking up at him expectantly. A tender smile stole across Max’s face. Gently pushing Xan’s stray hairs from his forehead, he saw a few sparkling lights. Feeling a little tingle in his palm, he glanced down and saw faint traces of the glowing seal.

His whole body sagged in relief that removing the memory and seal had been so easy. Though part of him wondered about the memory of Tess? Should he remove that too? But before he could debate more, Xan asked him to read a book to him.

Max agreed. Xan immediately ran to his shelf and pulled The Little Engine That Could.

“You like trains?” Max asked.

Xan excitedly nodded as he held the book out. Max took the proffered book and settled against the bed, coaxing Xan to lean in the crook of his right arm. The boy nestled against him so that he could easily see the colourful illustrations. Clearing his throat, Max began making the train sounds. “Chugga chugga chug…”

As Max reached the end of the book, he heard a soft knock on the bedroom door. Marcus was standing there with a benevolent smile. “Xan, your mom is calling you. It’s time for your afternoon snack.”

“Ok!” the boy enthused. He instantly jumped up and rushed out of the room. Marcus gently chided, “no running!” Xan instantly slowed his speed, but not by much.

Max slowly got up, brushing his hands on his knees. He nervously eyed Marcus.

“You’re good with him.” Marcus remarked.

“He’s a great kid.” Max responded. “You and Lily are clearly doing an amazing job.” After a short pause, Max confided, “I’m not here to take him. You two have given him the home I never could.” He released a shaky breath before adding, “I just wanted to say goodbye.”

Putting a hand on Max’s shoulder, Marcus stated sincerely, “You’re welcome to visit any time.”

Max released a wistful sigh. “Thank you, but I don’t know how safe I’ll be for the time being. It’s a relief to know that he’ll be okay. That he is in safe hands.”

“I wish you well in your recovery, Max. Don’t lose heart. And know that whenever you feel you are comfortable to do so, we’re here.”

Max’s throat choked up, overwhelmed by Marcus’ kindness. He jerkily nodded, unable to speak.

Marcus reassuringly squeezed Max’s shoulder, before patting him on the back. “Come on, Lily made enough cookies for us to enjoy too.”

With a hesitant smile, Max followed him.

A/N: So for those of you who remember, Jason Behr guest starred in an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, where his character after receiving a terminal diagnosis was obsessed with becoming a vampire and achieving eternal life through being undead. Max’s response about if he liked the show is a little shout out to that.
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Re: Scars of White (AA, CC, MATURE) Part 55 4/30/20 (WIP)

Post by clueless » Thu Apr 30, 2020 9:00 am

This was a great transitional part and my favorite scene was when Max thought about the possibility of him and Liz having kids!

Thanks again and I’m looking forward to the next installment!!!

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Re: Scars of White (AA, CC, MATURE) Part 55 4/30/20 (WIP)

Post by behrinthecity » Thu Apr 30, 2020 10:03 am

clueless wrote:
Thu Apr 30, 2020 9:00 am
This was a great transitional part and my favorite scene was when Max thought about the possibility of him and Liz having kids!
Aww glad you liked it! As a dreamer you know I had to include at least one musing about that possibility! ;)

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Re: Scars of White (AA, CC, MATURE) Part 55 4/30/20 (WIP)

Post by Stefuh » Sat May 02, 2020 8:42 am

That chapter was so cute and heartbreaking at the same time! I'm glad that Max got to have some time with Zan, even if it was short. And that whole conversation with Feilds nearly brought me to tears, when Feilds realized that Max could forgive him so easily. I'm a HUGE Buffy fan, so I was elated that Lily and Marcus thought that "Xan" came from Xander. I never wondered what Jason's feelings would be toward the show, thanks for adding that in! :) I love the Buffy's ep he is in. Max thinking about him and Liz having a child some day was so sweet... Can't wait for the next chapter!

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Re: Scars of White (AA, CC, MATURE) Part 55 4/30/20 (WIP)

Post by keepsmiling7 » Sat May 02, 2020 11:51 am

I also enjoyed the Buffy reference....

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Re: Scars of White (AA, CC, MATURE) Part 55 4/30/20 (WIP)

Post by dreamon » Sat May 02, 2020 12:36 pm

I don’t know how I missed a part especially when I stalk this board for this fic. Anyway, thanks for the updates and I’m looking forward to reading more!
I have a few dreamer challenges in mind if you are looking for ideas so pm me!

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