For stories that are mostly conventional in their couplings, but might explore one UC relationship, or might explore a UC relationship to some degree. It is also for stories where to reveal the eventual pairings in an Author’s Note might spoil the story. It is also for character driven fic that focuses mostly on one specific character. Main character death fics might also be safer here. This is a "read at your own risk" forum. Please read Forum Rules for more information.

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Post by Kath7 » Sat Jan 07, 2006 2:35 pm

Forum Guidelines - Alien Abyss

Before we start in on the rules, I'm Kath7, and I'm the Forum Leader for the Alien Abyss. Basically what that means is that I am your first line of communication should you have a major issue in this forum. For day to day stuff (pruning, moving fics, closing fics, deleting fics etc.) feel free to contact any mods at the top of this board. However, for any major problems, questions or concerns, then please contact me first. If I can't help you, I will direct you to the person who can.

The Alien Abyss is what we mods like to call the "read at your own risk" forum. This is the place where writers can post their slightly unconventional, or their character driven fanfic. For example, if your story is mostly CC, but you explore a UC relationship to some degree, it should go here. If your story is mostly focused on one character in particular, who might possibly interact romantically with any number of characters, it belongs here. If your story is slightly off the norm of what some readers might find acceptable in a fic labeled CC, it belongs here.

This forum is open to both CC (which pick up from the show) or AU fics, but it would seem likely that mostly CC fics would find their way here. AU already has people taking risks with far less controversy than has erupted on the CC board. Deviating from the norm seems a little more acceptable on AU. This is an attempt to allow CC writers a little more freedom as well.

The idea behind this forum? To give writers a place to post their slightly less than conventional Roswell fics, but also to provide safety for hardcore Conventionalists in the CC and AU forums. Both sides win with the existence of this forum.

What this forum is NOT:

1) A place where readers can complain about the direction of a story. Readers read here at their own risk. They are making the decision to follow the writer on whatever journey they might want to take with their fic. If you want off the boat, you leave without making a fuss.

2) If your story is full-on Dreamer, or Gazer, or Candy, or Lamptrimmer, or Whirlwind Romantic, all, or any of these combined, with no exploration of other possible pairings, it doesn’t belong here.

3) If your story is fully UC (Polar, or GZ, or Cliffie, or Rebel, or etc.) it does not belong here.

4) If your story is a Crossover, even if it is slightly UC, it does not belong here. We identify UC Crossovers as such in the Crossover forum.

5) Due to their nature, we ask that scenes which include reference to, or the aftermath of, rape, molestation or any act of sexual abuse be clearly labelled at the beginning of the fic, and in an author's note at the top of the specific part. Graphic depictions of rape, molestation and sexual abuse are forbidden. All fics which include these topics should be labelled as Adult.

Examples of stories we think would have fit on this form:

Begin Again by mockingbird39

Downfall by Breathless

Burn for Me by Kath7

The Way Love Goes by Deejonaise

These were all stories that were slightly controversial in the storylines they presented. They were upsetting to some readers on the CC board because they were not quite what some expected to see addressed in a CC fic.

Does this mean that readers and writers can’t get into a dialogue about what takes place in the fics here? Of course not. However, it does mean that writers cannot be attacked for what they write here. If you want to address whether a character is behaving "out of character," for example, fine. But no attacks on the direction of a fic will be tolerated here. This is a "read at your own" risk forum.

Someone suggested to me that some users might want to wait to read fics here until a friend lets them know that they are "safe" from whatever it is that some readers don’t want to see in a fic. Hey! We all have our preferences (even the mods! lol) This is just an attempt to try to circumvent some of the hurt feelings and upset that some stories have caused for both reader and writer. Hopefully it will work.

If you feel that you are presently writing a fic that will fit better on the Alien Abyss forum than in the one on which it presently exists, please contact a mod and we will move it for you.

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