Dare to Dream (Seq,DA-XO,UC,MATURE) AN (06/19/07)[WIP]

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Post by Calinia » Sat Oct 09, 2004 2:31 pm

Hey guys! It hasn't even been a month since the last update so geez, what are you complaining about? :wink: Okay, seriously now, I'm really sorry for keeping you waiting. This part wasn't easy to write and my muse kept nudging me to work on WTRBTF. Then there was that pesky little tax law exam...

Before I forget again, I realized that I forgot to mention this when I updated WTRBTF the last time. I actually won some awards over at the Crossover Fanfiction Awards. I won Best Author of a Crossover, Best All-Around Dark Angel Story for "Don't dream it's over", Best Lead Portrayal of a Character for Liz Parker in "When the Rain begins to fall" and Best Supporting Portrayal of a Character for Kyle Valenti in "Don't dream it's over". Hehe. :oops: I don't want to post the banners here since they will suck up lots of bandwidth but you can check them out on my site (under Fanfiction/Awards) or on my work by author thread.

Anyway, thanks for the patience. To answer some questions...

polar vixen, I'm glad you liked the part and that you liked Liz not pushing Alec but him wanting to open up. It took me some time till I decided how I wanted that to play out and it's good to know that you like the path I chose.

Zevrillion, I'm so happy that you think the talk is realistic. Writing the conversation gave me headaches. It was really difficult for me and I'm glad that the end result turned out okay.

Keri, hehe, that's an interesting way of putting it...what does happen and what doesn't. You'll just have tow ait and see. :wink: And Alec is on his way to realizing that Liz is in it for good and that she won't run away because of who he is. After all, she loves him because of who he is.

Frances, hope that joy and bliss lasted till now, lol. I'm glad you liked the part and I'm thrilled that you thought it to be touching. :oops:

Sam, I'm glad you think this is making up for the first few parts where they were apart. That was part of the purpose of these last parts, and a few of the next ones will have the same purpose. Ah yes, Alec never does quite manage to do what he actually wants to do, or rather what his mind tells him to do. I guess love makes you do unrational things, follow your heart, all that shit. :? :lol:

WomanofMystery, I haven't read a lot of fics that really dealt with Alec's childhood either so I wanted to go into that. The childhood is a very formative time for every person so it had to have a huge influence on Alec, especially seeing what kind of childhood he must have had. And I figured it would only be natural for the transgenics left behind to resent the ones that had escaped because Manticore became so much worse afterwads. I agree, Alec keeping the stuff about Ben from Liz is probably not the smartest thing to do, even if it is understandable why he is so hesitant to tell her that. Thanks for the wonderful feedback! :D

Elf3748, they will go to Seattle at some point, not sure when though. I don't think Max will come to Roswell. She's a city-girl. :wink: Someone becoming a peeping tom? What a shokcing thought. :shock:

Gioia, getting the readers to feel sick about those psychos at Manticore and what they did to the kids was sort of the point, so I'm glad I succeeded. And I'm glad that my built-in DA introductory course is working. :wink: Hehe, Incredible doesn't even begin to describe the kind of man Alec is. You have to mention the word "drool" at least once to do that, hehe. :lol:

Erin, 5:30 in the morning? :shock: Wow. I feel deeply humbled. I don't think I could ever quite get myself to leave feedback at such a daytime. Jensen Ackles is just...earthshattering, hehe. Yup, I know that he'll be on Smallville. I just have to finish that darn third season, then I can start watching S4. Very much looking forward to it. Anyway, I'm glad you liked DDIO and I hear you about the Ferris Wheels. I'm not a big fan of heights and I just want to kill people when they start rocking the damn thing. Don't they know that falling down a few dozen feet isn't exactly good for your health?

Hehe, I would have ditched the rest of the day too if a guy like Alec had come to get me...literally. :lol: Him shoing up at lunch time would have been interesting but I'm glad you liked the way I ended up having it too. And yes, Kyle definitely needs himself a woman. And he deserves it too after everything the writers put him through. :?

I understand that, you being a dreamer, some parts were hard to read. Max behaved like a huge prick in the end of S2 and this is post-S2, so I couldn't really see him going back to the nice, sweet guy from S1. But maybe I should warn you, the following part has more of that...lots more. Would it help to know that I'm definitely going to try and make Max likable in the end? Some people just have to hit rock bottom before they struggle to climb out of the hole they've been digging for themselves.

I definitely didn't want Liz denying her feelings for Max. First of all, that would make zero sense and second of all, if she hadn't loved him he wouldn't have been able to hurt her so badly, something I wanted and needed in this story.

The explanation parts were definitely hard to write and as a rule, I tend to jump over them too, but here I really wanted to bring out the reactions to everything they found out about the other and that wouldn't have been possible by just summarizing it quickly.

Hmm...the timeline. I think so far, I have very successfully managed to avoid dealing with that stuff, lol. But I would say that DA is simply pushed back in time. How the pulse works into that...no idea. I guess I'll just leave it to the readers to figure that one out for themselves. :lol:

Glad you liked the confusion about who is what and how it came out. The thing with Liz & Kyle and Alec & Jondy assuming that they were all the same was actually the basic idea of this story. And yes, Mandy is a pretty cool aunt, isn't she? :wink:

lyra, ha, you don't think I'll forgive you for that, do you? My wrath will be endless! :twisted: Hehe, Alec is rather silly, doubting Liz like that, isn't he? But he'll learn...eventually. :wink: Hehe, and yes, that is one hell of a tradition. I'm glad you liked the bonding moments of the scene. And the parts are still too short? Woman, you're killing me! Will try harder next time. :wink:

elfangel01, you think I'm amazing? Aww...how sweet of you. Ass-kissing normally makes me post quicker, sorry that it didn't work out this time. But you can try again! I'm sure it will be better the second time around. :wink: Glad you liked Liz being jealous of Max and that the talk got to you. That's the biggest praise a writer can get. :oops:

Ladeia3, hehe, sorry for leaving you hanging. I tried to make the end as non-cliffhnagery as possible. Guess I didn't quite succeed, huh? :? I'll try to update quicker next time.

Nikki, Alec is definitely an adonis...sigh. And I'm glad that you think the talk was damn near real. The whole converstion gave me such headaches...good to know that the end result was worth it. And no, sadly there was no adonis in Greece that would have been worth hooking up with. :( And since you mentioned it, one revealed stalker coming right up! And crying is just evil...I can't stand to see my poor, tortured readers cry on top of everything else I put them through. :( Here's the next part (also because cobwebs are *so* unbecoming), just stop crying...please? :?

Sara, Liz and Alec doing naughty things?! :shock: I am shocked? Why would you ever think that? Very happy to hear that you found the part touching. It wasn't, by any chance, inspiring as well? :wink: Yup, Alec definitely needed to open up to Liz. More opening up is required and will be coming, but it may take some time.

Jillian, glad you like the story. To the age question, Liz will be turning 18 soon. I made Alec approximately 21 when Manticore was bruned down so now he is probably 22. The thing is, with the transgenics not celebrating their birthdays, it's hard for them to say exactly how old they are. Liz is a few years younger but with everything she went through, she is definitely "older" than her age. Besides, four years isn't that big a difference in my eyes.

Lindsey, since you asked so nicely, here's your update :D ...almost three weeks later. :? Uh, gotta work on that...

burningchaos, sorry for putting you through withdrawls. Didn't mean to, I swear I didn't! :D (does this smile look innocent enough?)

Thanks for all the wonderful bumps and once again, sorry for the delay! I'll try to get the next part to you sooner. The exam went pretty well though btw, so thanks for the pity. It did suck big time, also because it was at 6pm. Really...what kind of time is that for an exam? :?

And to those who mentioned it...I know that the towel has *got* to go, and if I could I'd make it disappear but first of all, I'm not that good at manipulations and sadly, I don't have any pics of the original :lol: and second of all, I think the mods would have a problem with a towel-less avi. :?

Anyway, enough rambling. Here's the next part, hope you like!

Part 11

Michael couldn’t believe he was doing this, hiding in the bushes like the next best stalker-pervert, spying. Okay, technically he wasn’t hiding in the bushes. He was simply standing behind them. Same difference. He was still behaving like some sick voyeur who got off from watching others getting it on. Not that anybody was getting it on…yet.

He sighed heavily, casually pushing a branch down that was blocking a part of his view.

Who was this guy? Liz obviously knew him. There interactions just screamed familiarity. Looked like they were arguing, fighting. People who don’t know each other don’t argue, not like that. Michael knew only all too well that there was only one thing, one emotion, that could spark the kind of fierce passion he saw in both of them. Love.

And now they were kissing. Oh shit. Okay, looked like he was right.

Had Liz really gone and fallen in love with someone else? Now that was sure to burn Maxwell’s ass. Glancing over to where his ‘king’ was hiding in the bushes confirmed that. Michael had strategically positioned himself somewhere where he could see both Liz and Max, far enough away to not be noticed, close enough to be able to interfere if it became necessary because Max just had to go and do something completely brainless and stupid. God knew that chances of that happening were high enough.

Despite seeing only Max’s back, Michael could tell that he was furious. The rigid stance, the clenched fists. Hell, he was practically trembling with rage.

A small part of Michael felt sorry for his friend but the other, much larger part said ‘Screw sympathy’, knowing perfectly well that Max had brought this upon himself. He hardly deserved any better. If he was honest with himself, Michael was actually glad that Liz had moved on and not come running back to Max like they’d all expected her to do. He’d always known that Liz wasn’t good for Max and, as it had turned out, Maxwell was good for her even less.

The way he had treated Liz after Alex’s death…even Michael, who held no illusions and knew better than anybody else that Maxwell wasn’t the perfect little angel the rest of the world seemed to believe him to be, even he would have never thought that Max could reach the level of cold-heartedness and cruelty he’d displayed towards Liz, the girl he claimed to love more than life itself.

His behavior last spring, his refusal to acknowledge the possibility of Alex’s death having been murder had been dangerous, for all of them. But instead of realizing that and trying to redeem his ways, Max just seemed to drift farther and farther into the deep end the more time passed. Michael didn’t want to know what it would take for his ‘king’ to finally wake up. Look how far he’d already fallen. And there was no end in sight as far as Michael could tell. Spying on his ex. Seriously. Could Max be any more obsessively stalkerish, bordering on criminal?

The way he was constantly following her around, always trying to force her to talk to him, to get her to listen to his asinine arguments and declarations of love, practically demanding that she come back to him…Max’s behavior was starting to alarm Michael. Like earlier that day at school. Not only had his anger towards Liz been totally unreasonable and over the top, he’d gone as far as grabbing her, using force when she wouldn’t oblige and submit to his wishes.

Michael of all people knew how easy it was to get angry at someone despite the lack of a justifying reason, especially if you cared about the person, but he could never in a million years imagine grabbing someone. Violence appalled him and it was unsettling to see how different Max’s views on that subject seemed to be. True, Liz had been able to handle herself, but how far would Max go? How far would he take this? And would Liz still be able to handle herself then?

Michael wasn’t planning on finding out. He was going to have to find a way to stop Max, knock some sense into him. But the way things looked, he didn’t have a lot of time. He wished Max hadn’t found out about Liz and her new guy so quickly. Michael had suspected it, even before he’d stumbled upon that scene in front of the school a few hours ago. Maria had hinted at it a few times and something in Liz’s eyes when she’d mentioned the ‘friend’ from Florida had told her that there was more to it than simple friendship. A lot more. What was his name again? Kyle had mentioned it. Alex? Adam? No. Alec. Right. His name was Alec.

At least Michael had been there when he’d shown up, reacting quick enough to get Max out of there before he too figured it out. Under the pretence of needing a ride, he’d dragged him towards the jeep. Max had claimed that he was on his way to the UFO museum and so Michael had told him that that was in his direction anyway. The UFO museum was practically right across from the Crashdown and Michael had somehow doubted that Max hadn’t planned a detour to nag a certain brunette waitress.

He’d hung back, watched and sure enough, Max had headed straight to the Crashdown. He’d watched the café for a while but nothing out of the ordinary seemed to be going on and so he’d left, deciding that staying was pointless.

It had been by chance that he’d caught Max sneaking out after Liz and Alec a bit later on, following them to the park, spying on them. With his recent track record, Michael hadn’t dared to leave him alone. Who knew what insane thing Max would do next? Especially when he finally realized what exactly was going on between Liz and Alec.

Besides getting violent, there was also the possibility of Max using his powers and therefore exposing them all – to Alec and anybody else who happened to come by. Not a chance he was willing to take. If it did happen, he would have to be there to take care of the mess.

Michael realized that the two lovebirds had finally stopped swapping spit and were leaving. And Max was of course following them.

Michael groaned inwardly as he too followed Max and subsequently, Liz and Alec. Why couldn’t Maxwell just take the hint? First Liz had left for the whole frikin’ summer, not taking any of his calls, not replying to any of his emails. He should know. Max had done nothing but whine and bitch about that all summer.

Why won’t she talk to me, Michael? Why isn’t she answering any of my calls? I can’t make it right if she won’t take to me, Michael. I know we’ll work this out, get past this, but she’s being so damn stubborn. It could all be so easy. Should I call her again, Michael? It’s only been two hundred fifty billion times.

Geez, Maxwell, no idea why she’s not talking to you. Maybe because you treated her like shit, slept with her worst enemy and got the murdering whore pregnant? Now really Liz, why are you still so hung up on that?

Now she was back, ignoring him and publicly sucking face with some mysterious stranger she seemed awfully comfortable with. Even a blind man could see that Liz Parker was over him and moving on. Why couldn’t he just accept that and let it be? No, instead he had to go all stalker on her, in turn forcing Michael to follow example to make sure he didn’t do anything insanely stupid and dangerous. Sometimes obligation really sucked.


Max couldn’t believe what he was seeing. How could she? How dare she? Letting some asshole grope her – in a public place no less – taking advantage of her, making a fool out of him. How could she do that to him? Didn’t she know how much she was hurting him? Didn’t she know that she was ripping his heart out?

He and Liz…they belonged together. They loved each other. That hadn’t changed. That couldn’t have changed, could never change. Their souls were intertwined, connected. They were bound to each other for eternity. Wasn’t that what they’d promised each other? To love each other till the end of days?

And now she was kicking what they had, the love they shared, with her feet, just out of some skewed sense for revenge. He knew that sleeping with Tess had been a mistake. She was a murderess after all. How often did he have to tell Liz that until she believed him? Why couldn’t she just get over that, let go of the past? Her holding on to that was what was keeping them apart, what was standing between them. Why couldn’t she see that?

And now this. He’d been insanely jealous of Kyle only yesterday, but now he realized that nothing had ever been going on between Liz and Kyle. How foolish of him to believe that. Liz had never felt anything for Kyle, it was always him that she’d wanted, even back when she and Kyle had been dating. How silly to think that had changed, that she could suddenly want Kyle instead of him.

After she’d stormed away from him again earlier that day in front of the school and suddenly stopped dead in her tracks, he’d been sure that Kyle making out with that brunette chick had been the reason for her abrupt stop, for the shock so clearly evident on her face. But now, thinking back, he realized that there had been someone else there, someone standing next to Kyle and his conquest. The guy Liz was kissing?

He wasn’t sure. He hadn’t bothered to look and Michael had dragged him away before he could take in the other guy. And of course, because of Michael he also didn’t know what had happened next. Just like him, he figured. Michael had the worst timing ever.

So he’d gone to the Crashdown, knowing that Liz would be working that day. He’d just wanted to make sure she was okay, comfort her in case Kyle had hurt her, make her see that he was the only one she could trust. He could already picture her reaction…she would hesitate, then hug him, kiss him, maybe cry a little, telling him how sorry she was for hurting him by staying away for so long, by not talking to him, by pretending to be with Kyle. And he would of course forgive her and everything would be the way it used to be.

He’d hardly noticed the guy talking to Mr. Parker, joking around with him, other than to note that he’d never seen him around before. He was always wary of strangers, but Mr. Parker had known him so he’d assumed that he was a relative or something. Nothing to worry about.

Until Liz had stepped into the diner, that is. She’d once again frozen, her eyes going wide. And the stranger had turned his attention to her, all but dragging her out of the diner.

Of course Max had followed them. He had to make sure that Liz was alright, didn’t he? That was his duty. As her boyfriend, her protector, her soulmate. It had, he told himself, nothing to do with the fact that Liz hadn’t even as much as acknowledged his presence. His hurt pride was not the main motivator here. He was really just trying to look out for Liz. She wasn’t seeing clearly right now. She needed him for that.

After all, the guy was obviously taking advantage of her. He wasn’t even her type. She liked dark-haired guys. Shy, mysterious, brooding guys. She wanted someone who was romantic, who would anticipate her every wish. Someone who would bed her on roses, serenade her, bring her flowers. That’s the kind of guy she wanted and that’s the kind of guy he was. They fit together so perfectly.

He knew that, deep down, she knew that as well. He would just have to convince her of it. Girls wanted guys to fight for them, didn’t they? He knew that he’d damaged some of the trust between them by turning to Tess, but he also knew that he could repair that. He just had to show her that she could trust him, remind her of all the reasons she had fallen in love with him in the first place.

A plan was beginning to form in his mind. He would send her flowers – white roses of course, write her love letters, leave her little presents in her room. She liked stuffed animals, didn’t she? Maybe he could serenade her again. She’d looked so happy when he’d done that last fall, gazed down at her so lovingly. He was sure that Mr. Delgado from the hardware store could teach him some other Spanish love songs. And then everything would be like it used to be again.

Max was so caught up in his thoughts, so focused on making his plans, he almost missed Liz and that jackass turning to leave the park. He frowned, forcing himself to wait a minute or two before following them. There weren’t a lot of people on the streets and nothing to hide behind, so Max had to hang back a bit to ensure that they didn’t notice him and that he stayed out of sight.

They went back to the Crashdown but instead of using the entrance of the café or the apartment door they climbed up to Liz’s balcony. Max reached the alley just in time to see them disappearing up the ladder. His mouth all but dropped open.

She was taking him to her balcony?! How could she? That was their special place. They’d had most of their most romantic moments up there. Their first kiss, the time he’d told her that she was his dream girl…true, he couldn’t really remember that but what difference did that make? And now she was tainting it by bringing him there? He rushed into the alley, reaching the ladder just in time to hear Liz’s window slide open and the distinctive sounds of someone climbing into her room.

Okay, this was too much. Not only was she taking him to he balcony, she actually had the audacity to invite him into her bedroom? Since when was Liz so easy? What the hell was she thinking?

A part of him wanted to storm up there and break up whatever they were doing, to tell Liz that she’d had her fun with her “revenge” but that enough was enough and that he would no longer tolerate these childish games. But at the same time he didn’t want to reveal that he’d been following her. Liz would probably be upset about that. He didn’t want to give her a reason to be mad at him again. What she didn’t know didn’t hurt her.

Just when Max had made up his mind to screw that and go up there and do what he had to do anyway, he heard voices, one of them Liz’s. It sounded like she was back on the balcony. He managed to scramble behind the garbage cans just in time to not be detected. Risking a glance, he realized that Liz had changed.

He was such an idiot. Of course Liz hadn’t taken him to her room for that. Liz would never betray him like that! He should have known. How silly of him to let jealousy cloud his good judgment.

And yet she was leaving with him, he suddenly realized, his mood once again darkening. They were already at the end of the alley, turning back onto Main Street. With a huff he crept out of his hiding spot and followed them. They walked across town, reaching one of the better hotels in Roswell fifteen minutes later.

Max was stunned when he saw them go into it together. So she was that easy after all, he thought bitterly. How could she behave like this? How could she go to a fucking hotel room with him? And how dare she act all high and mighty about him sleeping with Tess when she was no better?

Minutes, then hours passed, the stunned hurt intensifying by the second, anger soon enough joining it when it became clear that Liz and the jerk were not coming out again any time soon. Rage was beginning to consume him. He had never thought that you could hate someone you didn’t even know as much as he hated the guy Liz was with. What were they doing, he wondered, the hurt growing stronger. Were they really there for that? A part of him didn’t, couldn’t believe it, but the other part was convinced that it was true. Why else did you go to a hotel room in the middle of the afternoon?

The anger once again took over and he wanted to lash out, to make the person responsible pay. Not Liz. She was obviously being manipulated, used. He was taking advantage of her. What other explanation could there be?

And for that he would pay. Oh yes, he would. The guy had no idea what he was getting himself into. It wouldn’t be long before he regretted ever coming to Roswell in the first place. He wouldn’t get away with using Liz, with making him look like a fool.

When Liz and the jerk finally emerged from the hotel, the sun was already setting. It took every ounce of Max’s will to not rush forward and take care of it then and there, especially when he saw Liz’s mused hair, her rumpled clothes.

What the hell had they been doing?

But he knew it was better to wait, to catch him when he was alone. There was really no reason to drag Liz into all of this, to have her there when he made his point clear to that jerk. It wouldn’t be pretty and she was better off not knowing anyway.

But he wasn’t about to stop looking out for her now. They were heading back towards the Crashdown and while Max assumed that he was taking her home, he needed to make sure. He needed to know that Liz arrived at home safely, that the guy wouldn’t do God knows what to her.

If he hasn’t already done it, he thought darkly.


A/N: Sorry that it wasn't the lake-scene. :twisted: That's in the next part. :D
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Post by Calinia » Mon Jan 03, 2005 2:48 pm

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a new part! Okay, so my original plan was to update this in the old year, but being only three days too late isn't too bad, is it? (let's just ignore all those update-less months before, okay?)

I'm really sorry for keeping you waiting for so long and I feel even worse because I can't promise that it won't happen again. But I think you'll like this part, so that's something....I hope.

To your feedback...

burningchaos, saying that Max is self-centered an egocentric is putting it nicely. He's being a complete ass for now, but that will change at some point. As for Alec smacking him down...read on. :D

Traitor, yes, Max is rather scary. But don't forget, Alec can be a hell of a lot scarier than Max if he wants. Now, concerning the nookie, it will happen (duh) but I'm not sure when. I mean, I do know at what point in the time line I want it to happen, but I'm not sure how many parts it will take to get here.

vampiricheart, aww, I got a happy dance! :D Now, now, nobody is going to kill Max. Really, what fun would that be compared to months if not years of torturing him? And don't worry, Alec and Liz will get to do their thing at the lake before Max interrupts them. :lol: I'm glad you liked Michael staying near, I thought it was a very Michael-y thing to do. He always feels responsible for everybody, especially of course Max. I love your sig btw, Chandler and Monica rock. :D

lyra, bad? Me?! :shock: Hehe, that was the plan, to make you think that Michael is spying on Liz. But of course it wasn't him, after all Michael isn't the insane one out of the two alien boys, now is he? And I'm glad you liked his mental ranting, Michael isn't always easy to write. Yup, gotta love Michael! :D :D :D And yes, gotta hate Max. He's an idiot. Nothing new there, his idiocity just reached new hights. Lol, feel free to rearange his lost marbles anytime, hehe. :lol: I hope Alec and Liz's alone time meets your high standards, despite Max showing up. I agree, they do deserve it, but don't worry, lots of that is coming. Hehe, "dementedly possesive" is now officially my new favorite expression to describe Max, lol. There is a confrontation between Alec and Max in this part btw. Now, this part is longer than the last one, but the way I know you, it will still be too short. Sigh. :wink:

NewYorker18, yup, Max is pretty stalkerish/lunatic. And yes, he has another thing coming. Alec doesn't take too kindly to someone spying on him and Liz and ruining their anniversary.

Elf3748, don't worry, Max will get what he deserves. After all, Alec isn't one to stand by and just take something like Max's current behavior, now is he? Hmm, what Maria would think is actually an interesting question. I'll have to think about it.

elfangel01, I'm very sorry for slightly hurting you by not posting the lake scenel, will posting it now make up for that? Yes, Max is everything you said and a lot more. But Michael is sweet, huh? Sigh. I always liked Michael. There is lots of Alec/Liz in this part, and lots more to come. The whole "completely admitting how they feel" thing is going to take a while longer though. And Max will get his ass kicked in this part.

Roswell Slayer, Max sucks, doesn't he? Still loving your sig, lol. :lol:

Ladeia3, Max will be somewhat redeemed, as far as that's possible after all this. He's not going to stay psycho and he's going to realize what an ass he's been, but that will take some time.

Villuy, I'm glad you liked the part. Yup, Max is a jerk. Nothing new there. :roll: And he will understand that Liz has gotten over him and fallen for someone else...eventually. That will take some time though. Alec kicking Max's ass is coming right up.

I_love_Kethan, thanks for the feedback, it's always nice to hear that people are enjoying this. Max does need his butt kicked and he will get it kicked in this part. There will be more Liz/Michael interaction in this story, the show really didn't show enough of those together, at least as friends, now did it?

Frances, I'm glad you like Michael looking out for Liz, I thought it was a very Michael-y thing for him to do, lol. He is the group protector after all. Max has gone slightly psychotic, hasn't he? Well, someone will knock some sense into him soon and at some point he'll actually realize what an idiot he has been.

Gioia, nothing pleases me more then praise from you concerning the way I write Michael. :D I'm very, very happy that you like my portrayal of him and I'm sure you'll be happy to know that there will be a bit more of him later on in the story. And yes, your rambling made perfect sense.

WomanofMystery, I always love reading your feedback, it's so nice and long and detailed. I totally agree that it was strange that nobody ever said anything about the shitty way Max was treating Liz in the end of S2. The way I see it, Michael is the kind of person who really sees things as they are. He has no illusions or anything else that might alter his perception, and Max definitely treated Liz shitty so Michael would call it as he sees it, at least in his mind should loyalty keep him from saying it out loud. Anyway, I'm really glad you like my Michael, writing his thoughts was lots of fun and easier than I thought it would be. And yes, Max is slightly scary, isn't he? Don't worry, nothing is going to happen to Liz, Max isn't quite that insane. Besides, Michael is aware of the situation and Alec soon will be, so they'll both look out for her. Not that a strong, independant woman like Liz needs men for that. :wink: And sorry that Ikept you waiting for so long for the lake scene. Hope this part makes up for that, it even inculdes the first Alec/Max meeting. :D

Liz Parker Evans, oh my, I hope you haven't been in limbo hell waiting all this time. I feel really bad. :( Sorry. Hope this part makes up for that, at least a bit.

A Rose Is True Blue, aww, that's really sweet that you're all for giving me a whole week of simply relaxing. :D I didn't take it though, I don't think I'm one of those people capable of just relaxing. Besides, writing is sort of relaxing, most of the time at least.

Applebylicious, thanks, I needed all the luck I could get with those exams. :? Lol, I always admire people that are capable of waiting patiently, that's the one thing I completely suck at. :lol:

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Smac, there is nothing more thrilling than having dreamers reading this story. :D My two Alec/Liz fics both start at the end of S2 because that is the point where I could no longer stand seeing Max and Liz together, so it was only logical to begin there. You're right, Max sure as hell wasn't a nice guy at the end of S2. His portrayal in this story is extreme, no doubt, but it's kind of fun to explore the bad side of him the show presented us with at the end of S2. Now, I didn't want to give this away just yet, but Max's behavior is caused by various factors and not all of them are his fault. It will all be explained later. Hope this update is soon enough.

Okay people, here it is, finally, the lake scene. I know it was really nasty to squeeze in the Michael and Max POV part before posting this, but it just had to go there. This part is longer than the last one though, hope that makes up for the wait a bit.

Part 12

Liz didn’t know why she was so nervous, but the closer they got to the lake, the more nervous she became. Really, there was no reason for her to be nervous, or so she kept telling herself. At least not to this extent. It wasn’t like this was the first time she and Alec were going skinny dipping and it wasn’t like they hadn’t spent the better part of the afternoon making out anyway. This was familiar territory.

So why did it not feel that way?

Okay, so maybe they would be a lot more…well, undressed, compared to that afternoon, but that wasn’t exactly a first either. For some reason, this felt different though. Was it because of the new direction their relationship had taken? Because they were now officially together?

It did change things, Liz realized. It changed everything, actually. Before, she’d made it clear that they wouldn’t go beyond a certain point and Alec had been fine with it, or at least he’d accepted it without argument or attempts to change her mind. But that didn’t really hold anymore, did it? They were a couple now, in a serious, committed relationship. Sooner or later, they would make love. Did Alec expect that of her now that she was his girlfriend? Did she want that? Was she ready?

She didn’t know. She was attracted to him, of course. Who wouldn’t be? She couldn’t get enough of his kisses, of his touch and his taste. Hell, looking at him was normally enough to make her heart race.

She loved the way he made her feel – like she was the only girl on the planet. Like she was something special, unique. Something you treasured and cherished and loved. He just had to look at her and her pulse would quicken, heat shooting into all sorts of body parts.

The thought of actually making love to him did a lot more than that. It made her shiver and tingle, made a bolt of molten heat shoot down right to her groin. She almost moaned.

But at the same time, it terrified her. She’d never even come close to making love to anybody. Except Max maybe, that one time out in the dessert. But they had barely even gotten to second base, the orb interrupting them before they could move forward in their physical relationship.

That time at Alec’s apartment in Florida, the day it had rained so much, was actually the farthest she had ever gone with a guy. It had been exciting and thrilling and incredibly, incredibly arousing. She hadn’t been nervous or afraid then. So why was she feeling like that now?

Because she hadn’t even considered making love back then? Because now she knew that it was only a matter of time? Because expectations had changed, on both her and Alec’s side?

Alec suddenly stopped his bike, cutting the engine, startling Liz out of her thoughts. Were they at the lake already? Glancing around, she realized that they were. She swallowed, got off the bike almost hesitantly, more nervous than ever before.

Alec got off as well, turned around and just smiled at her. For a moment, Liz forgot all about being nervous. Then he leaned down to kiss her and she forgot about it all over again.

He took his time exploring her lips, their softness, their smooth texture and sweet taste. He had long since committed all those details to memory, but his mind could never quite do the reality of them justice. He nipped at her bottom lip, coaxing them to part and grant him entrance. They did so willingly, eagerly almost, her tongue drawing him into the hot cavern of her mouth, tangling with his slowly, sensually.

Then the tone of the kiss changed, going from soft to demanding, from gentle to rough in a matter of seconds. Liz’s heart was racing and suddenly, it had nothing to do with being nervous anymore. Her hands found their way into Alec’s hair while his moved to her hips and in one smooth movement pulled her flush against him. She could feel his hardness pressed up against her lower abdomen and as always, it sent a bolt of electricity to her groin.

Nothing was more arousing to her than the knowledge that she could turn him on with things as simple as a soft kiss or an accidental touch. It made her feel powerful and beautiful and desirable, but most of all, it made her feel special and loved and cherished. Alec always made her feel special, something Max had failed to do for the better part of their…whatever you want to call it.

When they finally pulled apart both were breathing heavily. He caught her gaze, held it and Liz had to swallow, hard. There was so much fire in his eyes, so many emotions – want, desire, passion.

Alec’s voice broke the spell and the silence. “Sort of hot here,” he whispered, his tone low and husky, the look he gave her telling Liz exactly what he was talking about. “How about we cool off some?”

Liz’s breath caught in her throat. She was sure the way Alec was looking at her was enough to make her faint any minute, it was so…intense. Powerful. Arousing.

But at the same time her groin tightened, and not in the way it should have. She was nervous again.

Alec leaned over and started kissing his way down her neck, her body as always too tempting to resist, almost succeeding in making Liz calm down again and forgetting about being nervous. Almost.

His hands slipped under her top, slowly inching it upwards. Then he nipped at that one spot on her neck that always made Liz go crazy and she got lost in the moment, once again forgetting the more unpleasant feelings that had been tormenting her ever since getting on Alec’s bike to come here. It was pointless worrying about that right now anyway, she realized. It wasn’t like they were going to make love tonight, so why let it ruin their night, the night she’d been aching for for so long now?

Her hands absentmindedly made their way up Alec’s arms, brushing over smooth skin covering well-defined muscles. Liz loved Alec’s arms. She loved how strong and powerful they were without being overly burly. She halted her movement abruptly when she suddenly felt something that was anything but soft skin under her fingertips.

She pulled away from Alec abruptly and before he could stop her, pushed up the sleeve of the t-shirt he was wearing to reveal the skin she had just touched. She gasped, her eyes widening in horror. There was a gash, several inches long, surrounded by an ugly, purple bruise. It looked deep and it definitely looked painful.

“Oh my God,” she whispered horrified.

Alec winced, cursing himself for not giving Liz any kind of warning. He’d almost forgotten about his bruises and other injuries, despite there being several of both, but he should have realized how Liz would react. They did look pretty nasty, even a few days into the healing process. While being a transgenic sped that up quite remarkably, a large number of rather sever injuries didn’t just disappear over night.

“Oh, right,” Alec began, scratching the back of his head. “Um, about that – we sort of ran into a bit of…trouble…in Seattle. But…uh…it’s not as bad as it looks.” Actually, it was worse than it looked, but Liz didn’t need to know that, right?

“How did that happen?” Liz asked, her voice still nothing more than a shocked whisper. Her finger gently touched the outer edge of the bruise before flinching away, too scared that she would hurt him. Tears began to gather in her eyes. She couldn’t stand this. Seeing Alec hurt…it killed her.

“Hey, it’s just a grazing shot,” Alec said softly upon seeing her tears, his hand reaching up to caress her cheek. “Really, it’s not that bad. Okay, so it hurt like a bitch at first, but transgenics are fast healers. I hardly even feel it anymore.”

Liz looked up at him, her eyes filled with far more turbulent emotions than simple shock. “A what?! A grazing shot?! Someone shot at you?! Someone shot at you, hit you, and you didn’t even bother to tell me?!”

“I wasn’t hit,” Alec insisted, almost sounding offended. “The bullet only grazed me and it wouldn’t have if I could have concentrated on avoiding it. I was just a bit…distracted at that moment.”

“Distracted? You were distracted by something else while someone was trying to shoot you?! What in the world could distract you from flying bullets?!”

“Oh, um, a little fight?” Alec mumbled off-handedly, suddenly very interested in a small scratch on his right hand.

“You were in a fight while somebody was trying to shoot you?!” Liz’s tone was high, almost hysterical, and most definitely upset. She couldn’t believe what Alec was telling her. Wait, no. Not telling her. Casually mentioning when prompted was more like it. How could he keep that a secret from her? And why the hell was he acting like it wasn’t a big thing?

Then it hit her, and she suddenly felt horrible for being even a tiny bit mad at him for not telling her straight away. Could it really be possible that something like being shot at and almost dying wasn’t a big deal for Alec? Had his life really been so dangerous and filled with violence that a near-death experience was hardly worth mentioning for him?

“Look Liz,” Alec began, trying to be diplomatic. “I’m gonna tell you everything that happened in Seattle, I promise, but not tonight. It’s our anniversary. We’ve already spent the whole day talking and explaining stuff…I think that’s enough for one day. I don’t want this to ruin our night.”

Liz hesitated, then her gaze softened. “Okay. But we’re gonna talk about this tomorrow.” Her tone was firm enough to make it clear that that was not up for discussion.

Alec nodded. Then he hesitated. How was he supposed to tell Liz that his arm was by far not the worst injury he had without causing her to freak out? She’d already come dangerously close after seeing just one little scratch.

And while that was cute and endearing in a way, and so much more to him in another way, it wasn’t what he wanted to happen right now. Explaining his various wounds and injuries was not what he had pictured when Liz had suggested coming here to keep up the tradition of celebrating their anniversary.

“What is it?” Liz suddenly asked, eyes narrowing.

Alec was taken aback for a moment. He still wasn’t used to how well Liz knew him sometimes. Then he sighed. No easy way to break it to her, was there? And so he simply pulled his T-shirt over his head.

Liz gasped, involuntarily stumbling a step back while her hand flew to her mouth. She’d thought the wound on Alec’s arm was bad, but it was nothing compared to the rest of his torso.

There was another injury on his lower abdomen that looked suspiciously like a stab wound. Several bruises were spread out over the rest of his chest, a particularly large one covering his ribs above the wound on his stomach. They were all angry shades of blue and purple, turning a sickly yellow around the edges. She didn’t even bother to count the innumerous scratches and cuts. He looked like he’d taken on a sixteen wheeler or two – and lost.

“Liz…God, don’t look at me like that,” Alec begged. Seeing Liz like that…it killed him. He had been to hell and back several times in his life, always coming out of it more or less untouched, but he couldn’t stand the sight of tears in her eyes. “I swear it’s not as bad as it looks. It doesn’t hurt, it just looks pretty nasty. I’ve been through worse. Really.”

The tears slipping down Liz’s cheeks told him that his words had done little to make her feel any better. He hated the thought of causing her any kind of pain and it was obvious that she was hurting right now because of him, even if he wasn’t directly to blame.

But at the same time it touched him like nothing ever had before, in a way that he hadn’t even thought possible. How much did you have to care for a person to be so affected by them being hurt? How much did you have to love someone to feel their pain as if it were your own, if not worse? She definitely looked like she was taking this worse than he was…a lot worse actually.

He didn’t know what to do, didn’t know what he could do and so he did the only thing he could think of. He cupped her face with his hands and kissed her.

The kiss was soft and tender, his lips brushing against hers gently before moving to her cheeks to kiss away the tears that still lingered there. Then they moved back to her mouth and he took full advantage of all those opportunities he’d had to get to know her, to find out what turned her on and what made her forget everything around them.

He sunk his teeth into her bottom lip and nibbled her lips open before talking possession of her mouth. Their tongues tangled while their bodies melded together.

It didn’t take long until Liz was swept away by a tidal wave of pure passion. She forgot all about Alec’s injuries, forgot all the unanswered questions lingering between them about how he’d received them. There was only him and her and all those wicked things Alec’s mouth was doing to her body.

He pulled her top over her head, breaking the kiss only for a few agonizing seconds. Then his hands brushed down the side of her body, skimming over her soft, almost delicate skin until he reached her jeans. His hands lingered at her waist for a few seconds, too distracted for a moment by Liz nibbling on his ear to remember what he was supposed to do next. Then he moved his hands to the front of her jeans, opened the button, eased down the zipper, and as soon as Liz had kicked off her sandals, pushed the jeans down her hips.

Liz’s hands moved to his own pants and repeated what he had just done. As soon as they were both in their underwear, Alec picked Liz up, her legs automatically wrapping themselves around his hips, and carried her towards the lake.

The water was cooler than Alec had expected, but he welcomed it. He was hot, despite the sun almost having set, and Liz’s presence and mouth and hands weren’t helping matters. Neither was the lacy, soft-pink underwear she was wearing. It looked, he decided, even better than the black one she’d been wearing the first time they’d gone skinny dipping, especially now that it was wet. It was just barely see-through and he could clearly make out the hardened peaks of her nipples, caused by the cool water and arousal, no doubt.

Unable to resist temptation, he bent down and took one into his mouth, not even bothering to push aside the lacy material of her bra. Liz moaned, arching into him, legs tightening around his hips. Alec smiled. There was nothing he loved more than slowly driving Liz crazy and it aroused him to no end to see the effects his ministrations had on her body. She was so warm and soft and so very, very responsive.

Then his mouth moved back to hers and with Liz still in his arms, he slipped underwater, never breaking the kiss. When they reemerged, Liz was gasping for air and that had nothing to do with the length of time they’d stayed below the surface. Kissing under water was so incredibly hot and on top of that, it evoked memories of the time they’d broken into the pool to celebrate their anniversary. They’d moved one step further in their physical relationship that night and Liz had thought she just might die of pleasure. Just like tonight.

It was insane was Alec was doing to her. Insane and dangerous and irresistible. Liz never wanted him to stop. His mouth was currently on her neck, nibbling on her ear every now and then, his hands on her legs, gliding up the backside of her thighs until they were cupping her buttocks. He gave them a squeeze while shifting Liz’s lower body closer to his own, making her moan.

Then his mouth was back on hers and there was only hunger and want and need. His kisses were demanding, with a feral undertone Liz had never encountered before. It was like he was claiming her, like he was making sure she knew that she was his and his alone. Liz loved the primal urgency of it all, loved how Alec was taking possession of her body, mind and soul. The feminist part in her would be horrified once she regained her senses, but Liz didn’t care. Alec was hers and she was his, as primal and stone age-y as that might sound.

When they finally broke apart again, they were both breathing heavily. A slow smile spread over Alec’s lips that quickly turned into a smirk.

“Wet and aroused – the way I like you best,” he murmured.

Liz felt heat shooting into her cheeks and Alec laughed. Teasing Liz was too much fun to resist and much too easy.

“You know, when something turns you on, you make these little mewing sounds in the back of your throat,” he went on. “Like a kitten. I find that incredibly hot.”

Now Liz covered her face with her hands. “Shut up,” she muttered.

“Why?” Alec asked , still smirking at her. “Am I embarrassing you?”

Liz unwrapped her legs from around his hips and splashed some water at him instead of answering. Of course he was embarrassing her and of course he already knew it, so why bother answering?

“Now, now,” Alec chided playfully. “You don’t want to lose another water fight against me, now do you?”

“Lose?” Liz asked pointedly. “I don’t recall ever losing. The way I remember it, you were losing and in a desperate attempt to avoid having to admit it, you started tickling me. Not exactly playing fair, now were we?” And just to make her point clear, she splashed some more water at Alec.

“A bit of a twisted view of the events of that evening, don’t you think? We both know that you tried to distract me by kissing me because you knew you were losing. Now, who was desperate and not playing fair?”

Liz gasped, then snorted and rolled her eyes before once again splashing water at Alec. Men and there egos. Really!

“Careful, Liz,” Alec murmured, his voice low and dangerous. “You’re asking for it.”

“Ooh, now I’m scared,” Liz said, eyes widening in mock-shock.

Alec’s eyes narrowed. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” And then he attacked.

Alec’s enhanced speed and strength worked to his advantage, but with the help of her powers, Liz could hold her own. Or at least she could have if she hadn’t started to giggle. She didn’t even know what was so funny, but in the end she was laughing so hard that she could hardly even keep her head above the surface.

Alec stopped splashing water at her, sighing heavily. “Really Liz, and I haven’t even started tickling you yet.”

“Don’t you dare!” Liz warned him.

Alec just smirked at her while closing the distance between them. Liz moved backwards, still giggling, her laughter working against her by slowing her down. She knew that running away from Alec made little sense, seeing how there was literally no chance of him not catching her, but pride wouldn’t let her go down without a fight.

Just when Alec reached her he suddenly froze, his whole body tensing, his gaze fixed on the shore. Then his eyes narrowed, his features hardening. Liz had never seen him like this. He looked…like a soldier, she realized. And that made him appear very, very dangerous.

“Stay in the water,” he told her, his voice commanding and forceful, his eyes never leaving the shore.

Then he practically stormed out of the lake.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing you fucking pervert?!” he shouted when he reached the edge of the lake. A second later Liz could see Alec yanking another figure out of the shadows. The person had been hiding behind a rock, Liz realized horrified. She crossed her hands over her chest, suddenly feeling violated and vulnerable. Had someone really been spying on them?! How sick did you have to be to do that?!

Then Alec slammed the person against the stone wall of the cliff half surrounding the lake and Liz’s heart almost stopped. She couldn’t believe it. It was Max.

The feeling of violation turned into white-hot rage and after getting over her initial shock, she quickly followed Alec out of the water. She grabbed one of the towels from his bike and hastily wrapped it around her body before storming over to where Alec and Max were standing.

Alec was holding him in place, making it impossible for Max to move. He was saying something to him, his expression and the way he was holding himself both making it clear that he was just barely holding back from beating the shit out of Max. Liz couldn’t make out what Alec was saying, she was far too angry to listen, the words spoken not making it through the anger raging through her mind. Alec looked like he was ready to kill Max, but that was nothing compared to what Liz felt like doing.

When she reached Alec’s side Liz was trembling with rage. She wanted to strangle Max.

“You’ve gone too far this time, Max,” she hissed at him. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing, spying on us?! That’s sick! That’s beyond sick, not to mention a crime! Have you lost your mind completely now?!”

Max looked shocked for a moment, then hurt and offended. He opened his mouth to reply and the words were out before he could stop them.

“If you weren’t whoring around like-” But that’s as far as he got before Alec’s fist connected with his jaw in a blow that literally sent him flying.

Alec wanted to go after him and give him a little lesson in etiquette and on how you were supposed to treat women, wanting to make sure that Max would never again in his life dare to even think such a thing about Liz, but Liz’s hand on his arm stopped him.

“Don’t. He’s not worth it.”

Alec wanted to protest, but the look on Liz’s face made the words die on his lips. She looked shocked and hurt and angry and so very vulnerable, his only thought was to get her as far away from Max as he could.

“Stay away from her,” he ordered Max, sending the boy one last deathly glare.

Then he wrapped his arm about Liz’s shoulder and began leading her back to his bike.

“Come on, let’s get out of here.”

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Well Erin, since you bumped so nicely. :wink: I have my oral French exam tomorrow so I should be studying and not updating, but oh well. I'm afraid I don't have time to reply to all your feedback though, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, so thanks a bunch, it makes it worth the frustration that sometimes comes with writing. Oh and Lyra, this part is even longer than the last so I hope you're satisfied. :D

Part 13

Liz made her way through the halls of West Roswell High, heading towards the cafeteria, convinced that she was going to topple over and fall into a coma any moment. How could you be so tired after only one little sleepless night? It wasn’t like the day before had been that exhausting.

She done what…school, the afternoon at the hotel, skinny dipping? Not exactly running a marathon. And yet she felt like she could sleep for weeks, starting right here, right now. After all, who needs a bed to sleep in? Who needs to lie down? Not Liz. Sleeping standing up would have been just fine for her in that moment. Obviously, the one hour she’d managed after tossing and turning all night hadn’t been enough.

Not that it surprised her that she hadn’t been able to sleep. Between the excitement of having Alec back, worrying about his many injuries and how they’d come about and the sheer outrage at Max’s behavior, not to mention the feelings of embarrassment and violation his spying on them had caused, she’d been far too restless and pumped up to even consider sleeping. Her thoughts had jumped from one topic to the next faster than she could process, running in circles until she was dizzy.

In the end she’d moved to the living room to watch television, hoping that that would distract her a bit. The television had lulled her to sleep and she’d actually managed to stay out for a full hour. Bad idea, as she now realized. That one hour had only made her even more tired, it would’ve been better to not sleep at all.

Liz was so focused on trying not to fall asleep then and there, she almost missed Michael walking a few feet ahead of her, probably also heading towards the cafeteria. Realizing that this was her chance to get rid of at least one worry, she hurried to catch up with him.

“Hey, Michael, wait. I need to talk to you.”

He stopped, turned and raised an eyebrow at her, not bothering with a verbal reply. Liz would have rolled her eyes at him if she hadn’t been so tired.

“Now,” she added, and then spying the door to a certain room, she simply dragged him in there.

“The eraser room, Parker?” Michael asked smirking. “I hate to disappoint you, but I’m taken. Now, if Maria were to join us-”

“Shut up,” Liz told him, too tired to deal with Michael being…well, Michael. “We have a problem.”

Michael instantly sobered up. “What problem?”

“Maxwell. Seemingly he had nothing better to do with his afternoon yesterday than to stalk me.”

Michael bit back a groan. “So you noticed after all. Fuck.”

Liz just gapped at him for a moment. “You knew about that?!” she demanded outraged. “I can’t believe you! And you never even considered telling me?! I had a right to know! I-”

“Hey, cool it,” Michael interrupted her. “I just found out yesterday, okay? I saw Max following you and so I followed him to make sure he wouldn’t do anything stupid.”

“Oh, so you joined in on the fun. That’s just great. What, was one exclusive club not enough? You needed another one? The ‘Let’s go psycho’ club is now officially opened. Mental people only please,” Liz mocked.

“Are you PMSing?” Michael asked her exasperated.

Liz’s mouth dropped open. Hadn’t men learned yet not to go there?!

She was about to give him a verbal brush-down that rivaled even those of Maria when the door was suddenly ripped open. Speaking of the devil…

“Michael Guerin! You’d better have a damn good explanation-” Maria broke off upon seeing Liz, relief written all over her face. “Oh, it’s you Liz. Jesus! I hate those stupid cheerleaders! Sandra Shore just told me she’d seen Michael going in here with some chick, rubbing it in my face, telling me that they were ‘all over each other.’ But it’s just you. Stupid bitch,” she muttered before smiled sweetly at Michael. “Looks like I won’t have to kick your ass after all.”

Michael just sighed heavily. Two women gone mental was too much for even him to take.

“Liz!” Maria suddenly squealed, making Michael wince. He loved the girl, he really did, but Jesus, how come the glass hadn’t shattered?

“Oh my God!” Maria gushed. “I can’t believe how gorgeous Alec is! Tell me everything! What did you do? How long is he staying? Did you make up? More importantly, did you make out? Looks like that should be illegal. I mean, seriously. He needs a warning label – ‘Danger, sever drooling, frantic beating of the heart and loss of speech can result from looking at this individual for too long.’ Jesus.” She fanned herself. “How do you stand it?”

“Uh, I manage somehow.”

“Oh no you don’t,” Maria said sternly. “No avoiding-Maria’s-questions this time. You owe me some answers, got it Liz? We are going to have a long, long conversation…” Then Maria caught the look on Michael’s face. Okay, so maybe gushing about another man in front of your boyfriend is one of those things a girl should rather not do. “…uh, maybe later.”

“Baby,” she crooned walking over to Michael. “You know you’re the only one for me. I was just seeing him from Liz’s point of view. He wouldn’t be anything for me. He’s too pretty. You know I couldn’t stand being with a man who looks better than me.”

Michael gave her a look, just slightly exasperated. “That’s reassuring to know.”

“Oh come on, you have to admit that he’s hot!”

“Maria, I’m a guy. I can’t judge if other guys are ‘hot’ or not.”

Maria rolled her eyes. “Please. Alec is pretty enough to turn any straight man gay. Admit it, he looks good.”

Liz grimaced. “Thanks Maria. That was a visual I really needed.”

Maria sighed exaggeratedly. These two were no fun. Then she frowned.

“What are you two doing in here anyway?”

Michael and Liz exchanged a look. Keeping the thing with Max a secret from Maria would be impossible, so why even try?

“Max started stalking me yesterday,” Liz explained.

Maria just stared at her for one of those rare moments of speechlessness. “He what?! Great, that’s just great. He’s done it. Our fearless leader finally went and lost his marbles. What’s he gonna do next? Jump off a roof because he thinks he’s Superman?!”

Liz would have laughed if the topic weren’t so damn serious. Max really seemed to be losing it. The question now was, how far would he go?

Then she turned to Michael, remembering a few questions that he had yet to answer. “So wanna explain why you just let Maxwell stalk me instead of doing anything against it? You could have at least kept him away from the lake!”

“Wait, you knew about Max going psycho?!” Maria demanded, turning to Michael.

“I just found out yesterday,” he said defensively, slowly getting upset. Why was he suddenly the bad guy here? “And I didn’t stop him because of the way Max was acting. I couldn’t very well risk a public scene in the state he’s currently in. He’s a loose canon right now and you know it.”

Liz had to admit that that sort of made sense.

“Besides, I stopped following him around when he camped out in front of the hotel, figuring there was no reason to stay any longer. He was outside, you were inside-”

“You and Alec were at a hotel?!” Maria exclaimed getting excited again. “Oh my God!”

Michael ignored her. “I assumed you’d be staying there for a while and then go home. Wait, lake? What were you doing at the lake?”

Liz felt heat creeping up her neck into her cheeks. “Um, nothing. So, what are we going to do about Max?” she asked quickly changing the subject while ignoring Michael and Maria’s speculative looks.

Michael sighed heavily. “How about we all meet at my apartment after school? I’ll let Isabel know, she doesn’t have any classes for the rest of the week so she should be back from Albuquerque by now. We can decide together.”

“Okay,” Maria said.

“Sounds good,” Liz replied. “I’ll let Kyle know.”

When the three teenagers emerged from the eraser room, Sandra Shore was waiting for them, a nasty smirk on her face. Liz suppressed a smile of her own while walking over to her.

“Thanks for sending Maria to us,” she told Sandra, a smile on her face. “It gets boring rather quickly when it’s just two of us, you know?”

Then she turned around and walked away, not even waiting for Sandra’s mouth to drop open.


Liz was beyond grateful when school was finally out for the day. She’d nodded off for a moment in English Lit. and had come dangerously close again in History. Not exactly the way to go if she wanted to impress her teachers. Valedictorians didn’t spend their time at school sleeping, now did they?

Liz pushed the doors leading out to the front of the school open and when her eyes met Alec’s, she felt the usual bolt of molten heat spreading through her stomach. She was pleasantly surprised, to put it mildly, to see him there. He was leaning against his bike, just like the day before, and he was of course smirking at her. Yes, that was definitely a sight she could get used to.

She walked over to him, not even trying to suppress the smile that was fighting to break free. Really, it wasn’t her fault that the sight of Alec always turned her insides into mush, now was it?

“Hey you,” she greeted him.

“Hey yourself.” He leaned down to kiss her and when Liz pulled back after a minute, he was smiling.

“If we keep this up we’ll be the talk of the town in no time. Roswell isn’t exactly a metropolis in case you haven’t noticed. News travels fast here and people love nothing more than some nice, fresh, juicy gossip.”

Alec chuckled. “I think I can deal with that.”

Liz raised an eyebrow at him. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Then she changed the subject. “Not that I’m complaining, but what are you doing here?”

“Well, we didn’t make any plans for today yesterday when I dropped you off so I thought I’d just come by. I still owe you an explanation or two if memory serves me right.”

“Yeah you do,” Liz agreed. Then she winced, remembering her plans for the afternoon. “But I can’t right now. We have a meeting at Michael’s apartment in fifteen minutes.”

Alec raised a brow. “About?”


Alec’s gaze immediately hardened.

“I told Michael and Maria what happened yesterday,” Liz went on. “We agreed to meet at Michael’s apartment after school to decide what we should do about the situation.”

“I’m coming with you.” It was more a statement than a suggestion.

“Alec, you can’t. Not because I don’t want you there, but the others don’t know that you know about them and I can’t tell them yet. They’d completely freak out. They’re my friends and they’re important to me. I really want you guys to get along and that will never happen if I tell them that you know their secret now. They have to get to know you first, develop some trust. Please? I promise to tell you everything that happens at Michael’s, okay? We can have our talk afterwards.”

Alec just looked at her for a moment before relenting. “Okay. Fine. But I want to know everything that happens regarding Max.”

Liz nodded.

Alec leaned down, kissed her one more time. “I’ll get going. Call me once you’re done, I can pick you up when your meeting is over.”

“Okay.” Liz then gave him the directions to Michael’s apartment but before he could go she pulled him down for one last kiss. It ended up being a lot more intense than originally planned, but honestly, who could blame her? When Liz pulled back she was flushed and breathless and only slightly flustered when noticing the stares of the people around them.

Alec smirked at her. “How’s that for a juicy piece of gossip?” And then he was gone.

“Oh my God,” Liz suddenly heard a voice beside her. Maria, once again. She sounded…almost awed. “How can you not just melt every time he looks at you? Seriously, I think if a guy like that looked at me the way Alec looks at you, I’d come, right then and there, without him even having to touch me.”

“Maria!” Liz exclaimed. “You’re talking about my boyfriend here!”

Maria sighed regretfully, an almost dreamy look on her face. “Yeah, I know.”


Isabel was not taking it well, Liz realized. Not that she’d expected her to. Isabel had always been protective of Maxwell, and in a way she’d also always felt responsible for him. A siblings thing, she figured. Blood being thicker than water and all that shit.

At the same time Liz knew exactly that Isabel was still beyond pissed at Max due to the way he’d treated her when she’d told him that she was graduating early and what she was planning to do afterwards. It took time to forgive something like that and Isabel was almost farther away from that point now than she had been when it happened.

It must be hard for Isabel hearing how far he’d gone this time. Things had been off between her and Maxwell for a long time now, but the two of them had never been further apart than they were now.

Liz hadn’t thought about that before. When they’d called this meeting, all she’d wanted was to deal with this and move on. She hadn’t stopped to consider that other people might be just as affected by Maxwell’s behavior as she was.

Despite everything, Isabel loved him. You don’t just stop loving your family from one day to the next, no matter what they might do. And when you love someone, their actions can hurt you all the more, especially if they don’t even realize all the wrongs they had and are committing.

Kyle’s reaction was completely different, of course. He was pissed, simple as that. At the moment, Liz decided, he was probably dreaming up different ways to kill Maxwell, searching for some kind of justification as to why violence was not wrong in this situation. Despite Kyle’s new spiritual awareness, some things never changed.

Liz had left most of the talking to Michael. “So, what do we do now?” she asked once he was done filling in Kyle and Isabel. “Any suggestions?”

“Someone should talk to him,” Michael finally said after a long silence.

“No offense Spaceboy, but I sort of think that Max is beyond reasoning right now,” Maria threw in.

Kyle opened his mouth to day something but then he seemed to change his mind. Sighing, he asked, “So, who’s going to talk to his highness?”

“I will,” Isabel said after a moment’s hesitation and Liz could tell that it cost her to offer doing it. “Out of the five of us, he’s the most likely to listen to me. Not that I think he would stoop to the level of listening to us instead of ordering us around for a change,” she added bitterly.

From the look on Michael’s face, he agreed with her. “I’m coming with you,” he told her. “Who knows, maybe he’ll listen to us if we try it together. Our opinion used to count until some point, you know.”

Isabel nodded. “Okay. He’s working right now, but we can pick him up afterwards, go some place where we’re alone. Desert maybe. I don’t think any people should be around when we have that particular conversation.”

“Yeah,” Michael agreed, his face darkening. “That’s probably a good idea.”


Alec hadn’t even planned on doing what he was about to do, but the opportunity was too good to pass up and the act itself was more than necessary. Liz had mentioned once where he worked and while Alec didn’t know if he worked that day, it was worth checking it out.

Parking his bike in one of the smaller, less busy side streets, he headed over to the UFO Museum. There was no backdoor so he made his way around front, figuring that he would show up sooner or later if he did work that day. He didn’t have to wait long before he spotted the dark-haired boy parking his car a bit farther down the road.

Pushing away from the wall where he’d been leaning, he walked towards Max and simply grabbed him and dragged him into the alley beside the museum before the boy even knew what was happening.

“Hey, are you crazy?!” Max cried.

“Funny,” Alec said, but there was no humor in his voice. He let go of Max, shoving him a bit farther into the alley. “I was going to ask you the same thing.”

Max’s features darkened. “You,” is all he said, not even trying to hide his disgust.

“Yeah, me. Now that we’re done with the obligatory small talk I suggest you listen to me, and listen carefully.” Alec’s tone was low and menacing, the look in his eyes was murderous. He knew exactly how to intimidate an opponent and he took full advantage of that knowledge.

He was taller than Max and so he made sure to pull himself up to his full high. His feet were both planted firmly on the ground, slightly apart, fists clenched. A pose that was meant to both make him look as imposing as possible and to appear threatening. Seeing the look on the boys face, he knew it was working. He had Max’s attention and so he went on.

“Stay away from Liz,” he ordered. “She doesn’t want you around. She’s sick of you and your behavior and frankly, so am I. She doesn’t want to see you, she doesn’t want to talk to you and she doesn’t want to have anything to do with you. I catch you as much as looking at her in the wrong way again and you’ll leave the scene on a gurney.”

Max lifted his chin arrogantly, spreading his arms out widely in invitation. “You want to beat me up? Go ahead and try. I’d think twice about that though if I were you.”

“Don’t tempt me,” Alec warned, his voice nothing more than a low, threatening growl. “I’m not afraid of you,” he added, making sure that his tone was just knowing enough to make Max wonder.

For a moment something that could have been insecurity flickered in Max’s eyes, then it was gone, leaving only arrogance and anger behind.

“Do you really think you can keep Liz and me apart?” he demanded. “We’re soulmates. We were meant for each other. You may be the rebound for now, but in the end she’ll be mine again. Mark my words.”

Alec chuckles, clearly amused. “That’s quite the fantasy you have going on there. Funny, I never had the impression that she had someone else on her mind in all those weeks we spent together in Florida.”

The look in Max’s face told him that that one had been right on target.

“Nor,” he went on, “Did I have that impression last night. Did you?”

Another direct hit, Alec mused, quite satisfied with himself. With that said, he simply turned and walked away. Let the boy stew over that for a while. Maybe he’d finally see the light.


By the time they all left Michael’s apartment, Liz was nervous. Alec would be down there waiting for her by now, which meant that she would have to introduce him to Michael and Isabel. Not exactly the best time to break the news of her having a new boyfriend to them, considering the mood they were all in right now, thanks to Max and his psychotic behavior.

Liz really did want her friends and Alec to get along and she knew exactly that the first impression, hence their first meeting, would have a big effect on their future relationship to each other.

Michael, she mused, pretty much already knew about Alec, but when considering his paranoia regarding people discovering their secret combined with the way Max was currently acting, she doubted that he would be thrilled that she was dating a person outside of their tight little circle.

And while Isabel was pissed at Max and had told Liz herself that she didn’t want her with Max right now, Liz somehow doubted that she would be ecstatic to hear that she had actually moved on. She still loved her brother, and while she probably knew deep down that he needed every wake-up call he could get, she still wouldn’t want to see him getting hurt.

But when Liz walked out of Michael’s apartment building and caught sight of Alec, all her nervousness just disappeared. He was standing there next to his bike, staring at her so intently that it almost knocked the breath right out of her.

She made her way over to him, completely forgetting about the others.

“Hey,” she whispered before leaning up for a quick kiss. “Hope you haven’t been waiting long.”

“Just a few minutes.” He smiled at her, a genuine smile, and she just had to kiss him again. The sound of someone clearing their throat behind her made her jerk away abruptly, heat creeping into her cheeks.

“Right.” She turned around. “Guys, this is Alec.” Seeing the slightly confused look on Isabel’s face and Michael’s raised eyebrow, she elaborated. “Um, we met in Florida. Alec, these are Maria, Michael and Isabel.”

“Nice to finally put some faces to the names,” Alec said, if only to break the silence. Even Maria seemed speechless, and seeing the dreamy expression on her face, Liz had a pretty good idea why. But Alec’s voice seemed to break her out of her daze. Or maybe that was Michael’s not-too-gentle elbow in the ribs.

Either way, she stepped forward, giving Alec her most dazzling smile. “I’m Maria, Liz’s best friend. She’s told me all about you, you know.”

“Has she?” Alec asked glancing at Liz, amusement sparkling in his eyes.

“Well, almost. She left out a few…pertinent…details,” Maria added, sending a mock glare in Liz’s direction, causing her friend to role her eyes.

“So, are you planning to stay in Roswell?” Maria asked.

“I am, actually.”

“How long?”

“Haven’t set a time limit.”

“Liz is going to college next year, Boston if things work out as planned.”

“Boston’s nice.”

“So you’d go with her?”

“Where the lady goes, I follow.”

That seemed to be the right answer. Maria just barely suppressed a squeal, grinning at Alec like a lunatic.

Liz watched the scene, somewhere between amused and pleased. At least one person who liked Alec from the start.

When Maria managed to shake herself out of her daydream she half turned to Michael. “This is my boyfriend Michael by the way. Don’t mind his rudeness, that’s just his nature.”

Michael scowled at Maria for a moment before shaking Alec’s hand. “Hey,” was all he said. Hasn’t made up his mind, Liz figured. Michael would probably be the hardest to win over, but the way he was eying Alec’s bike while pretending that he wasn’t gave Liz a pretty good idea what could make him warm up towards Alec.

Isabel had stood beside them, watching the scene unfold. She’d seemed a bit stunned but apparently she’d caught herself again. Giving Alec her best Sunshine Committee smile, cordial but not quite from the heart, she held out her hand as well. “I’m Isabel, another one of Liz’s friends. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Likewise,” came Alec’s reply with a genuine smile of his own. Which, Liz realized, instantly made Isabel’s smile seem a bit warmer. Incredibly, the effect one word and a smile from Alec could have on women, Liz thought while mentally shaking her head.

They spent another minute or two with small talk before Isabel, Michael and Maria headed towards the Crashdown to wait for Max’s shift to be over while Alec and Liz drove back to his hotel, everybody filled with different levels of dread and trepidation. Nobody was really looking forward to the conversations they were about to have.

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I know, I know...I am a horrible, sadistic person that should be beaten with a stick and that deserves to die a slow and painful death. And yes, I know, it's been *months*. Plural. My excuse? To be honest...I don't really have one, except for the fact that I was sucked into the Veronica Mars fandom - the show, art, fics...the works. Seriously people, that is like the best show ever, so watch it, damn it! I command it. :lol:

But actually, I'm very, very dedicated to you, my lovely readers. I actually worked on WTRBTF *during* an exam last week. The sacrifices I make for my readers...(insert heavy sigh). Okay, so maybe I should mention that the professor gives the same exam every semester...and that I had the exam from last semester before the exam and therefore worked ahead so to say. And since it was an open book exam, I basically just copied the three pages and spent the rest of the exam time writing. Why can't all exams be like that? I would update so much more often if that were the case.

Anyway, here's the new part. I seriously hope that I won't leave you hanging so long again. As I mentioned, I've already started working on the next part of WTRBTF.

To your lovely feedback...
elfangel01 wrote:I look forward to the group dynamics adjusting to Alec and away from Max. Plus whatever mischief you've cooked up for them in this story.
Mishief? Me?! :shock: I have no idea what you're talking about.
Elf3748 wrote:You are coming back aren't you? AREN'T YOU!?!?!?!?
Don't I always?
A Rose Is True Blue wrote:I loved Alec threatening Max. Because, you know he wouldn't be Alec if he didn't.
I hope that Michael and Isabel can talk some damn sense into Max - or maybe Isabel can just slap Max around for awhile; he needs it.
Hmm, the words "Max" and "sense" in the same sentance...you sure are an etermal optimist, huh? :wink:
Dimensia wrote:The fact that I can stomach Candy is just a testament to your writing, as the ship usually makes me violently ill.
Aww, I feel so flattered. I'm blushing. Seriously, that's like the biggest compliment I could get regarding Michael and Maria.
But my favorite aspect had to be the first impressions. He's charmed Maria and even Isabel without even trying.
I think Alec could charm a kitchen table without even trying. :lol:
Michael eyeing Alec's bike... of course. I can't wait for the two of them to interact, they're more alike then they realize.
There will definitely be more Alec/Michael interaction coming up. I agree, those two are so much alike, they have more material to bond over than they could cover in a lifetime.
polar vixen wrote: I don't think I mentioned before how much I loved Alec's thoughts when he first went to Roswell, it wasn't for her apology, of purely to get the explanation he was owed, but to just be with her.

Hope that your French exam goes well, but also that we get another chapter soon!
Does this qualify as soon? Fraid not, huh? But my Fench exam did go well, thanks. Glad you liked Alec's thoughts when he came to Roswell...it just seemed fitting that Liz was basically the only reason and that the other stuff hardly played into it.
WomanofMystery wrote:I love Maria so much. The stuff she says about Alec is just so...true.
It is, isn't it. Sigh...Alec is just *so* drool worthy.
Loved Alec's talk with Max although it's a shame that it stayed non-violent. Max getting punched again would have been good to see.
I liked everyone's reactions to Alec, they were really true to their characters.
I'm looking forward to the next chapter and the conversation Max is about to be put through.
Strangely, my urge to see Max in unbearable pain has gone back somewhat lately. Not that I don't still hate his guts. :lol: Glad you think the reactions were in character, it took me a while to figure them out. Hope you like the conversation with Max, it's in this part.
KnightOwl wrote:I'm so glad he was sticking up for Liz, I'm no sure Liz will see it that way, but I loved it.
Hehe, Liz will probably not see it that way (should she ever find out that is).
I see Michael and Alec being able to become friends.
So do I, even though it will take some time.
vampiricheart wrote:THis part was really one of the best parts ever! I was laughing while reading the whole time.
I'm glad to hear that...I've never really tried writing stuff to make people laugh up to now, glad I succeeded.
And let's not even get started on Alec, can anyone say Perfect?
Because he is. From threatening Max, to making the Ice Queen feel at ease to charming Maria... It was all so... perfect.
(you have to excuse my slight euphoria I've doing alittle drinking)
Alec is kinda perfect, huh? Not perfect-perfect, cause that would be annoying, but imperfect-perfect. And you are drinking on my thread without giving me any?! That is *so* not cool of you.
joshz_girl wrote:Holy cow! I've read both stories now and I'm hooked.
Another mind warped to use for my own devious plans...yes! :twisted:
And Alec...oh the dreams I have of Alec. I love him and Liz together.
Hehe, you're not the only one dreaming of him. And aren't he and Liz together the best? *sigh*
Roswell Slayer wrote:OMG! I missed so many awesome parts! I loved them all!
Very happy to hear that, sweetie. :D
That ignorant perv Max keeps pissing me off more and more! When Alec punched him for calling Liz a whore, that made me smile. Go Alec! I also love how he threatened him too.
Hehe, Max pisses me off too. And to be honest, I was screaming "Go Alec!" in my head when I wrote the scene where he punched Max. Max so deserved that.
elfangel01 wrote:you know this is really cruel... just leaving us like this.
cruel...hehe, that's me. :twisted: :D
alexceasar wrote:You are such a tease to wet our appetites and get us drooling for another chapter and then not give it to us immediately.
And I almost feel bad for that. :lol:
Ladeia3 wrote:We'll be good. We promise. *best innocent look*
Hehe, promising me that you'll be really, really bad would be the better tactic to wrangle a new part out of me. :P

Anyway, here's the new part. Oh, and Max has another jeep...the fancy blue convertible just never fit if you ask me. So, introducing Bob 2.0.

<b>Part 14</b>

Liz wasn’t sure who was more uncomfortable with the situation, her or Alec.

They were in his hotel room, once again sitting next to each other on the sofa, a heavy silence filling the room. It was awkward, it was uncomfortable and it was annoying. Neither of them knew how to start the conversation, where to begin, what to say. Hell, neither of them wanted to in the first place.

A part of Liz was impatient, the part that couldn’t stand not knowing what exactly had gone down in Seattle. She wanted to scream at Alec to finally tell her what the hell had happened in Seattle, but the other part didn’t even want to know, wanted to pretend that there was nothing at all to talk about. Knowing that Alec had been hurt, that his life had been in danger…it was tearing her apart inside. It didn’t matter that he was safe now, that his injuries would soon be gone, it killed her all the same, most of all because it could have ended that much worse.

He’d been <i>hurt</i>. He’d been shot at, beaten, stabbed…how could anybody do that to him? How could anybody want to hurt him?

And knowing that he could have died without her ever knowing, that he could have died without knowing how much he meant to her, without knowing how much she meant to him. They would have never had the day before…their reunion, finally talking, forgiving, laughing, kissing…other stuff that had happened. That was almost worse than the rest. She’d almost lost him and it killed her to know that.

It would have been her fault. Not what could have happened to him, but that he would have left this world thinking that she didn’t care, that he didn’t matter to her. And he did…he mattered so much. More than she was ready to admit to herself at this point of their relationship.

Guilt settled into her stomach…again. She should have never left Florida like that. She should have known better, should have known <i>him</i> better. How could she have believed that he wouldn’t understand? How could she have believed that he would turn away from her? It was <i>Alec</i> for crying out loud! She’d known him good enough back then, even without knowing his secret. He just wasn’t the type to freak out, wasn’t fazed easily no matter what and she’d known it.

Alec shifted beside her and Liz caught a glimpse of the wound on his shoulder, completely forgetting what she’d been thinking about. She couldn’t stop staring at it…flesh battered and bruised, an angry shade of purple instead of the smooth, tanned skin it should have been.

“Can I…?” she began, finally breaking the silence.

Alec glanced at her, an eyebrow raised.

“Heal it, I mean.” Liz clarified, her gaze wandering back to his shoulder. She couldn’t tear it away again.

Liz had no idea why she hadn’t thought of that the day before. It had been the first thing she’d thought of now…to just make it go away, take away at least a small portion of his pain. She must have really been out of it the day before.

“You can do that?”

“I don’t know. Maybe not completely, but a bit at least. Make it better.”

“It’s not that bad.”

Liz gave him a look. “Alec…”

“Really Liz, it’s not worth it.”

“Worth what?”

“You’ve never done this before, right? In this magnitude, I mean.”

Liz shook her head.

“So how do you know it won’t affect you?”

Liz knitted her brows. “Affect me how?”

“I don’t know…it could be painful.”

“It’s not,” Liz said, rolling her eyes, a smile touching her lips. Alec worrying about her was kind of cute. “I mean, I don’t know for sure, but…it’s not. Maxwell never said anything about that.”

“And you think he would have if it did?”

Liz opened her mouth to reply, closed it again, choosing to remain silent instead. She knew exactly that Max probably wouldn’t have told her, or anybody else for that matter, giving Alec all the answer he needed.

“Guess that settles it.”

“Alec, I am not letting you run around like that, not if I can change it,” Liz told him, her temper flaring. “There’s no reason for me not to try. Maxwell never said anything about healing being painful for him, he was only really tired if he healed someone who was seriously injured. Trust me, I can live with that. Besides, you’re hardly on the brink of death.”

After a moment of silence Alec sighed, giving in. “Okay, fine. Try it. But only the shoulder.”

As if Liz would stop after that. But she nodded, and Alec lifted the sleeve of his shirt to give her access.

Liz swallowed at the sight of the wound. It looked even worse than it had the day before, probably due to the better lightening. But despite all that, Liz couldn’t help but stop for a second to marvel at how well defined the muscles in his arms were. Not even a bullet could damper the perfection of him.

She hesitated for a moment before placing her hand over his wound as gently as possible. Then she looked into his eyes and let her instincts guide her, concentrating on healing the wound, on mending the torn skin and repairing the muscle beneath it. The wound wasn’t deep and the healing process was well on its way, but there was still enough to do.

Suddenly a connection flared up between them, unintended but not necessarily unwanted. There were no images assaulting Liz’s mind, but she could feel Alec in the most intimate way possible, feel his essence in its purest form, almost like he was slipping into her soul.

And it was the most beautiful feeling ever. His emotions wisped through her, two of them more prominent than the others: love and complete and utter trust.

It was humbling to know just how much he trusted her, how much faith he had in her and her ability to heal him and to control her powers. And it was breathtaking to feel how deep his feelings for her actually were. She had known that he cared for her, had even suspected that he loved her, but she hadn’t anticipated this.

Reluctantly, she removed her hand from his shoulder, breaking their connection. Glancing down, she saw that the wound inflicted by the bullet was almost gone, leaving behind only a hint of a scar that would probably be gone in a day or two if Alec really healed as fast as he claimed.

But the bruise was still there. “It didn’t work,” Liz said frowning.

Alec’s eyebrows knotted. “Sure it did. I don’t feel anything anymore.”

“But the bruise is still there.”

He glanced down, poked at the purple flesh, causing Liz to flinch. “Don’t feel anything,” he mumbled.

Liz was still frowning. “I should try again.”

“Oh no you won’t,” Alec told her, quickly pulling his sleeve down again to cover his shoulder. “I’m fine, no need for you to exhaust yourself over nothing.”

“Fine, then let me do the other ones.”

“Uh-uh,” Alec said shaking his head. “We agreed that you’d only heal this one bruise. Shoulder’s all you get.”

“I lied. Now lift your shirt.”

“You know, I normally don’t say no when a beautiful woman tells me to undress, but I’ll have to make an exception in this case. You’re not healing the rest.”

Liz gave Alec a long, hard look. “Yes, I will.”

“No, you won’t.”

“Yes, I will.”



They stared at each for a few moments, neither of them willing to back down.

Liz was the one to break the silence, her temper getting the better of her. “You know what, fine! Be pig-headed. Who cares that it’s tearing me up inside to know that you’re hurt! Who cares that it kills me to see you like this!”

Then she jumped up and stormed towards the door. She didn’t get far. Alec was standing in front of her, blocking her way within seconds.


Something in his voice made her sigh, eyes slipping closed for a second as if that might ward of the pain. When she opened them again Alec could see the tears that were gathering in them. “Just let me do it. Please?”

Who was he to say no? He nodded, pulling the shirt over his head. Liz swallowed. Even battered and bruised, Alec was beautiful.

Pushing those thoughts aside, she got to work. The smaller bruises were easy to heal, even though she never managed to make them disappear completely. The more serious wounds, especially the one that she suspected to be a stabbing wound, were a different story though.

It took longer, and she needed far more energy then for the others. She managed not to show just how much it was affecting her till she was almost done, then she started swaying.

“Liz? Liz!” Alec caught her before she fell.

“I’m fine,” Liz mumbled against his chest, eyes heavy, muscles slack.

Alec cursed, picked her up despite her protests and carried her over to the bed.

“The hell you are,” he muttered before lying her down. “If there’s one thing you’re not, it’s fine. See? I knew this was a bad idea. I knew I shouldn’t have let you heal them all. It was too much.”

“Alec, shut up, I’m fine. Just tired. I’ll be okay in a few seconds or two.” She opened her eyes, blinked once or twice. “See? All better.”

“All better my ass. You are staying in bed till I deem you well enough to get up again. And don’t even try arguing with me about that.”

Liz smirked up at his scowling face. “Will you join me?” she asked, her voice husky and lazily tired.

After a second Alec huffed out a breath before returning the smirk. “You have to ask?”


Michael and Isabel were waiting for Max in front of the UFO center, both of them leaning against the wall next to the entrance. Neither of them had anything to say, both too caught up in their own thoughts to bother with actual conversation.

How was Max going to react? Would he listen to them? Would he freak out? Taking his recent behavior into account, both Michael and Isabel were afraid that it would be the latter. Max had never been particularly rational when it came to Liz Parker, they both doubted that he would now that Liz had moved on to someone else.

Max coming out of the UFO center interrupted both of their musings. If he found them waiting for him unusual or noticed the grave expressions on both their faces, he did a good job at hiding it.

“Good, you’re here. We have to talk. We have a serious problem. Let’s go out to the desert.” Not waiting for their reaction, he turned around and headed towards his jeep.

Isabel and Michael exchanged a look. This was too easy.


Michael, Isabel and Max pilled out of the jeep once they had reached the destination Max had chosen…without consulting Michael or Isabel of course. And Michael wasn’t happy with Max’s choice.

He would have gone somewhere were they were out in the open without anybody having the possibility of sneaking up on them and eavesdropping or doing God knows what else. The rocks surrounding them did little to protect them but gave possible enemies lots of opportunities that could cost them their lives.

If he pointed this out, Maxwell would probably call him paranoid, and maybe he was right. But considering all the alien-shit that had happened these last two years, you couldn’t be paranoid enough if you asked Michael.

But at least they were far enough away from the city for his taste, somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Chances of someone coming by accidentally were definitely low.

“So, what’s up Maxwell?” he asked. Let Max get whatever was bothering him off his chest, Michael figured. Maybe that would make him more willing to listen later on. Not that he really believed that but hey, one can dream, right?

“Our enemies are back.”

Isabel gasped, eyes wide, hand flying to her mouth. Michael clenched his jaw, features hardening. <i>Great. Just what we need. Another alien crisis on top of everything else.</i>

“What?” Isabel asked. “Who…when? How do you know?”

“Details, Maxwell,” Michael interrupted impatiently. “How many are there? What kind of enemies? Why are they here, what do they want? Are you sure? Who is it? Anybody we know?”

Max’s gaze darkened. “It’s that guy that’s all over Liz, fallowing her around as if he owned her or something.”

“Alec?!” Isabel exclaimed disbelievingly.

Max stared at her disbelievingly. “You <i>know</i> him?!”

“Yes. Liz introduced us. Max, why in the world would you think that he’s one of our enemies?” Isabel was having a hard time buying Max’s story. The way he’d been acting lately, she was wary to take anything he said as a hard fact, especially an accusation of this nature directed at Liz’s new boyfriend.

Besides, Alec had seemed so nice and Liz seemed to genuinely like him. Liz wasn’t stupid. She wasn’t the type to throw common sense over board and just trust someone because she had feelings for the person. Maybe Isabel didn’t like that Max was hurt by Liz moving on, no matter how much she knew that he probably deserved it, but that didn’t cloud her judgment enough to believe Max when he claimed that the big bad guy was Liz’s boyfriend of all people.

Max glanced from Michael to Isabel, taking in their skeptical looks, their reluctance to believe him. He couldn’t believe this. They didn’t believe him?! “What the hell is wrong with you two?! I tell you that our enemies are back and you just stand there, giving me dubious looks?”

“Maxwell, we just met him a few hours ago. He seemed perfectly normal,” Michael threw in, being as diplomatic as he could manage.

“So naturally…” Isabel injected, noticing that Michael was close to losing his patience with Max. “…we’re asking ourselves how you came to that conclusion.”

“He practically told me!” Max yelled.

Michael raised an eyebrow. “So our enemies come to town and since they’ve learned some manners in the mean time, they are polite enough to inform us about it?”

Max backed away from them, shaking his head in disbelief. “He did something to you, didn’t he? He has you under his control…he messed with your minds.”

Isabel gapped at him. “Max, are you crazy? Nobody messed with our minds! It’s us, Michael and Isabel. Your sister, the closest thing you have to a brother…how can you not realize that it’s <i>us</i>? How can you not just <i>know</i>? God, Max, we’re worried about you, okay? You’ve crossed a line…crossed far too many lines, if we’re to be honest.”

“What are you talking about?” Max asked, his voice teetering between confusion and outrage.

“The stalking, Maxwell,” Michael answered, his voice a lot calmer than he felt. “You followed Liz around all day yesterday. You grabbed her in front of the school. From what she said, you obviously grabbed her before that as well. You’re going too far, Max.”

“I’m protecting her!” Max roared.

Isabel shook her head, tears falling from her eyes. “No, you’re not, Max. If anything, Liz needs protection from you.”

Max just looked at her, betrayal and hurt flooding his eyes. “How can you say that? You’re my sister, for God’s sake.”

“Which is why this is killing me, Max. You’re scaring me. I never thought I’d be scared of you. This has to stop.”

Max glanced at Michael. “You agree with her?”

Michael nodded in response, not hesitating for even a split second.

All emotions drained from Max’s expression, his voice turned hard and cold. “If that’s how you feel.”

And he turned and left, speeding off in the jeep, leaving Isabel and Michael behind without a backward glance.

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