Twilight Woods (XO,TWLT,ADULT,UC) Ch. 21 1/11 [WIP]

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Re: Twilight Woods (XO, NM/Ros, Adult) Ch. 10 7/11

Postby Appleprincess » Thu Jul 18, 2013 1:40 pm

Chapter 11

Max got home that night and was only able to take a quick shower before falling fast asleep. His mind clear of everything but Liz.


Max opened his eyes to birds chirping, a river flowing and a canopy of green. Getting to his feet, he made a small circle before walking straight. He didn't know where he was going but something deep inside of him told him that he was going in the right direction.

After what felt like hours of walking through mother nature, Max came to this opening. Vines fell down from a nature made archway creating a door and he could smell the scent of evergreen and for some reason, sugar cookies just beyond. Taking a deep breath in, Max walked through the vines fully expecting a forest of evergreens but was surprised when he walked into a field of jasmines.

"Where the hell am I?"

The beautiful white flower was everywhere and while the smell was amazing, it didn't seem right. Slowly moving more into the field, Max looked around. There had to be a reason he was here. There had-.

A familiar laughter filled the air and he instantly turned to where he had come in. A second later, a mass of molasses tresses could be seen and its owner a heartbeat later. Whoever it was, was obviously a female. She wore an orange and white polka dot dress that had cut outs on the shoulders. It flowed as she backed into the field and when she spun, it danced around her. Wait.

His eyes went to the girl's face as she finally turned to him.


Wow. She He had forgotten how beautiful she was. Her long brown hair surrounded her face in big bouncy curls that bounced as she walked. She wasn't really wearing any makeup but he could see a hint of lipgloss. Probably cherry since that had been her favorite. While the bottom flowed, the top was fit her a bit tight; showing off the curves of her breasts as well as her tiny waist.

He had to get to her. He knew it was a dream; her dream but he didn't care. He needed to tell her exactly how he-.

Before he could even take a step towards her, a tall, native American guy stepped into the field and Liz ran right to him. They embraced but it was when they kissed that everything went red.

Who was this guy? Was he Liz's new boyfriend or was he just someone she liked? Didn't she leave Roswell to find herself? That's what she'd told him. She'd felt like she had lost herself along the way and needed to leave Roswell to find herself. Did she find him along the way?

Damn it. He was losing it. This was just a dream. It didn't mean anything but as he watched how intimate they were being, he suddenly didn't know if that was true.

"No." Max took off after her but for some reason he wasn't getting any closer to her. In fact, he didn't seem to be going anywhere. "Liz, wait!"

He watched as the guy easily lifted Liz and spun her around. Her laughter filled the air and Max pushed himself harder. He had to get to her.

"Liz, damn it!" He yelled at the top of his lungs. "I love you!" But instead of turning to him, both Liz and the guy just smiled at each other. Then the guy plucked a flower and gently put it in her hair. A lily? Where the hell-? Suddenly the field was filled with lilies and Liz instantly brightened. Was this guy an alien? "Get away from him, Liz!" Max yelled again but still nothing. "Liz! Stay away from him."

Again nothing.

Instead, Liz kissed the guy again; her perfect body molding into his. The kiss lasted longer than it should have and when she pulled back, she licked her lips. As if to savior the guy's taste. Then she grabbed him by the hand and walked away.

"Liz, wait!" Max yelled. "Wait. Liz!"


Max shot up in bed, sweat covering him. It was just a dream. It was just a dream. Wait. Was it his dream or hers? He snatched his phone off the night stand and dialed her number. A number he knew by heart because she was his soul mate and they belonged together.


The sun light fell into Liz's room, drifted across her floor and crept onto her sheets to settle onto her face. Not wanting to get up just yet, she turned over and snuggled into the crook of Jacob's neck. There she stood until her phone started to ring.

"Ignore it." Jake mumbled into her hair; his warm arms holding her close to his even warmer body. She could get use to this.

"What if it's Annie?" Liz questioned even as she snuggled closer to him. "Or my parents? They're still freaked out about me not calling for so long and I kind of forgot to call Annie last night."

He huffed as rolled onto his back. "Okay. I completely understand." He pressed his lips into hers before getting out of bed. "I'll just go and start breakfast."

"I didn't know you could cook." She stated as she watched him pull his boxers on.

"Baby, there's a lot you don't know about me." Before she could reply, Jacob's lips were by her ear. "And I can't wait to show you everything." His warm breathe a puff of air against her ear.

"I, um, I can't wait either." She told him truthfully, her cheeks the color of apples. As he stood back up, she could see that sexy grin that was a promise for dirty things to come.

"Not to break the mood but do you have an extra toothbrush?" Liz nodded, a huge smile on her face, as she slowly reached for the phone. "Great. Where?"

She pressed talk on the phone but held her hand over the mouth piece. "In the medicine cabinet." She whispered before turning into the phone. "Hello?"


"Max?" Liz spared Jacob a quick look but he was too busy brushing his teeth. "Why are you calling? Did something happen to the others?"

"Why am I calling?" He repeated. "Liz, no one has heard from YOU in days. Are YOU okay?"

"Oh." She deflated just as Jacob walk out of the bathroom and felt her insides bubble when he smiled at her before leaving the room. "That." She shook her head to focus on Max. "That was nothing. I wasn't feeling good so I stayed at a friend's." She tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear as she stood up and slipped into her robe. She knew it was stupid but she felt weird talking to Max naked. "It was nothing."

"Nothing? If it was really nothing, then you wouldn't have gone to someone else's house. And that still doesn't explain why you haven't been in touch." Pause. "Where the hell is your aunt?"

"Not that it's any of your business Max but Annie is away so I stayed with a friend. Plus, I called my parents." She barked. This was so not how she saw her first morning after being. "So why don't you calm down with all this yelling?"

"I'm not yelling." He shouted. Then stopped and took a deep breath in. "I'm just...I'm worried about you."

"Well..." She sighed as she walked into the bathroom. "You don't have to be. I'm fine." A smile tugged at her lips when she saw her glowing reflection. "I really am."

There was a pause where Liz thought that maybe Max had hung up and was about to do the same when he spoke.

"Do you miss me?"

Silence. Liz stared at her cell phone as it lay on the counter on speaker. Did she miss him? A week ago, the answer would have been a hell yeah but now...she turned and saw Jacob leaning against the doorframe of her bedroom door.

There was something about him. Something that drew her in and while she knew he was dangerous, she couldn't help but not care. That wasn't good. But she didn't think she'd be able to just walk away. Not after what happened between them last night. Sleeping with him was enough of a reason to stay but it wasn't the only one.

God, why did she have to fall in love with guys who literally turned her world upside down?


Jacob slowly walked over to her and her heart began to thump in her chest. But it wasn't out of fear. No. It was because he turned her on faster and hotter than anyone. And she did mean anyone.

"No Max." She told him as Jacob stopped in front of her. "I'm sorry but I don't miss you." He stood before her, his fingers slowly untying the strings on her robe. "At least not the way you want me too."

"Is there someone else?" Jacob's hands gripped on either side of the robe and easily slipped it off of her shoulders.

"I um," Liz bit back a gasp when he lowered himself down and covered one of her nipples with his mouth. "I have to go Max." She quickly hung up the phone before pulling Jacob up by his hair and kissing him.


Max stared at the phone in his hand. Did she just rush him off the phone? And was there someone else in the room? She seemed to change once he asked her if she missed him. Was she okay? Or did someone kidnap and mindwarp her against him?

He jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom. He wished he knew where she was because then he'd be able to show up and see if she was okay. But both Alex and Kyle were tight lipped on anything that had to do with Liz. And it wasn't only to him. Even Isabel and Tess were having a hard time getting anything out of those two.


She was always forth coming whenever it came to him. Maybe he could ask her to call Liz and figure out what the hell was going on? He quickly finished brushing his teeth and left the bathroom. Yeah. He'd go to Maria as soon as she got back from Vegas.

But they're not coming until tonight. A tiny voice in the back of his head told him. Can you wait that long?

"Of course I can." He mumbled as he got dress. "At least...I hope I can." Max shook his head. He had to see the sheriff anyway. Maybe the others being in Vegas would come up. Maybe it wouldn't. He wouldn't know until he got there.


Embry sat outside of Emily's house while Jared carved something next to him and Paul did push ups in front of them. They were all waiting for Billy.

"Where is he?" Paul groaned as he stood up and cleaned his hands.

"Don't know but I hate-." Just then, a truck pulled up and Sue Clearwater got out. A few seconds later, so did Billy.

"Is Sam here?"

"I'm right here." Embry turned just as his alpha came outside. "Did you get it?" The older Black nodded. "Good. Come in."

Jared and Paul lifted the wheelchair up the two steps. Sue thanked them both before pushing Billy into the house.

"You think he already told her?" Embry asked, looking at the ground.

"He better not have or else he'll have to deal with both Sam and the council." Jared chuckled.

"We would know if he did." Paul stated, his arms folding in front of him. "So stop worrying and just listen."

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Re: Twilight Woods (XO, NM/Ros, Adult) Ch. 11 7/18

Postby Appleprincess » Tue Jul 30, 2013 6:20 pm

Chapter 12

"So, what did you find?" Sam asked as he led the way into the living room.

"Elizabeth Parker. 17 years old. Was born to a Nancy and Jeff Parker. Has lived her entire life in Roswell, New Mexico until moving here. Straight A student. Pillar in her community. Family owns a restaurant that they live above and has worked in said restaurant since she was 13." Billy handed Sam a Manila envelope and waited for the younger man to open it.

"Did you find out why she reacted so badly to the imprint?"

Billy shook his head. "No, I didn't find out why she was glowing but I did find something else."


"Her grandmother is Claudia James." Sam looked up from the papers and right at Billy.

"And she is?"

"She is...WAS Malcolm's first love."

"Malcolm?" The pack leader asked. "As in head of the council, Malcolm?" Billy nodded. "Interesting."


(2 weeks later)

Maria quickly made her way around the packed cafe. While she should be happy that today was her last day of being grounded, she wasn't. Why? Because she was stuck at work doing another 12 hour shift with Agnes, the shittest waitress ever and Jose, the slowest fry cook ever. Michael had worked the morning shift and the only other waitress that still worked here was Michelle and she too worked the morning shift. Mr. Parker really needed to hire more people. She was getting really tired of-.

"I'm going on a cigarette break." Agnes huffed before disappearing out the front of the cafe just as a ton of customers made their way inside.

"Great." She mumbled to herself. "This is just freaking awesome."


When her shift was finally over and the cafe was closed, the first thing Maria did was lay on the couch in the back. Her feet ached and her legs burned. She had worked non stop for the last two weeks. Ever since they got back from Vegas. Well, forced back.

Not only had the sheriff found out about them going to Vegas but he had also known which hotel they had been in and which room. For those of them with parents, the sheriff had personally drove each of them home and told their parents exactly where they had been and with whom.

To say her mom was mad was an understatement.

Amy DeLuca had yelled, screamed and threatened to cut off one very important body part from one Michael Guerin. Then she turned and grounded Maria for not one but two weeks. That had been the worst of it all. No phone or friends for two weeks. Hell, no technology for two weeks. She had felt like a fucking cave person. It was ridiculous.

How she got through it, she didn't know but she was thankful she-.

The bell over the front door rang and Maria stopped breathing. She had locked the front door. It had been the first thing she did before coming to the back to relax. So either someone pick locked the door or whomever just broke in was an alien.


Regaining herself, Maria slowly got off the couch and went looking for something. While she'd never be able to go up against an alien one on one, she did know that if she got in one good hit then maybe...just maybe she'd be able to get out alive. But she couldn't find anything. The broom and mop were still in the main room where she left them after cleaning up after a toddler who, surprisingly, had a good arm.

Taking a deep breath in, Maria moved towards the back room door. Maybe if she-? The door swung open and she screamed at the top of her lungs, her arms flailing about and hitting something solid.

"Maria!" Someone yelled as they tried to grab her arms. "Hey!" But she was moving too fast. "Maria!" Whoever it was finally grabbed her arms. "It's just me." She had stopped screaming once she was caught and stared at the intruder.

"Max?" He slowly nodded his head at her as he lowered their arms. "What the hell are you doing here?" She snapped, pulling her arms free.

"I came to see you." He laughed. "You okay?"

"Yeah." She rested a hand over her heart while the other sat on her hip. "You just scared 10 years off my life and almost gave me a heart attack."

"Well, to be fair, I think you made me deaf." He joked as he cleared out his ear with his pinky.

"Shut up." She playfully slapped his arm before grabbing the gray tub off the counter in the kitchen and leaving the back room. "So what are you doing here?"

"I actually came here to talk to you."

"Yeah?" She asked as she began to clear off the closest booth.

Max nodded. "Yeah."

"What about?"

"About Liz." She stopped what she was doing and turned to him fully.

"What about Liz?"

"I, um, I think she's seeing someone else."


Liz laughed as Jacob slapped her butt before going to the frig and opening it. There, he pulled out the lemonade while Liz put her finished oreo cheesecake inside.

They had spent the better part of the last two weeks getting to know each other, both emotionally as well as physically. While they hadn't told each other everything about their lives, they DID tell each other the basics. She told him about her family and friends and what it was like growing up in Roswell. He, in turn, told her the same about his life.

It was actually really nice getting to know someone the normal way. There were no flashes or anything like that but there was laughter and teasing and most importantly, there was this ease between the two of them that both confused yet excited her. It was one of the reasons why she was gonna miss him when Annie came home tomorrow.

"You okay babe?" Liz looked up and gave him a sad smile.

"Yeah, I was just thinking about how much I'm gonna miss having you around."

"Awe." He wrapped both arms around her waist; holding her close. "I'm gonna miss BEING around but as soon as you tell your aunt about us, then I'll be over as much as she'll allow me to be."

Liz wrapped her arms around his neck and rested her forehead against his. "You promise?"

Chuckling, Jacob pressed his lips into hers for a sweet kiss that she could feel all the way to her toes. Then he rested his head against her own. "I promise."


"What?" Maria set the tub down onto the nearest table so that she wouldn't drop it. "Why would you think that?"

"Because I dream walked her by accident two weeks ago and I saw her with some guy." Max told her.

"Did you call her? Maybe it was just a dream or something."

"Of course I did and while I didn't hear anyone in the background, something was definitely different about her. I just know it."

"It can't be. It was just a dream. It has to be. I mean, you guys are soul mates. You two belong together. She wouldn't...she wouldn't just go and be with someone else."

"She slept with Kyle, Maria." Max stated slowly. "She was already WITH someone else. I'm sure dating isn't as complex as that!" By the time he finished, he was yelling and his hands were balled into fists.

Maria shook her head. "No. She loves you." She was talking more to herself now than she was to him and he could see it. "I know she does. Or else she wouldn't have staged that night. I mean-."

"Wait." Max interjected. "What night?" Maria turned to him, her expression looking a lot like a deer caught in the headlights.



"I...I don't know what I'm saying." But he knew that was a lie. He had to get the truth from her.

"Maria?" Max tried again but in a more sincere tone. He needed to be nice to her if he ever wanted the truth. "Please, I just...I just wanna make things better." She looked like she was about to deny him when;

"Fine." She sighed dramatically. "Liz and Kyle never slept together."

"What?" He gasped.

"She never slept with Kyle." She repeated and Max felt his heart constrict in his chest.

"But I saw her. I saw them."

"What you saw was fake. Liz staged it so that it looked like she and Kyle had slept together."

"What? Why?"

"Because you asked her to." He gave her a confused look. "I um...sit down." She said, sounding defeated and pointing to their usual booth. "It's a long story."

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Re: Twilight Woods (XO, NM/Ros, Adult) Ch. 12 7/30

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Sorry for the wait...writer's block but here's the next part...hope u enjoy!!!

Chapter 13

"Max?" Maria called out to him. "Are you okay?"

No, he wasn't okay. Maria had just explained why Liz had done everything she had done back in October. A future version of himself? It sounded kind of far fetched to him but then again, after everything they had been through, it was actually pretty normal. He just...

"I just can't believe she did that." He finally spoke. "I can't believe she sacrificed her own happiness for the happiness and lives of others."

"That's Liz. You know how she is." She told him as she sat back in the booth.

"Or I thought I did."

"Huh?" He ran his hand over his face. "What?"

"Nothing. I just...I believed her." He looked at Maria. "I believed her when she told me that she didn't want to die for me. I believed her when I saw her and Kyle in bed together. I believed it all and it was all..."

"Just her way of protecting those she loved." Maria finished. "Yeah." Max shook his head. "What?"

"Do you think she's thinking about me? Missing me?"

A small smile slipped onto her lips. "I think she is."


Liz's back hit the wall and a second later, Jacob's body was in front of her; his lips on hers while their hands ripped at each other's clothing. Tomorrow Annie was coming home and moments like these would be few and far in between.

"Oh god."

In one swift motion, he was inside of her and Liz's eyes rolled back. God she was gonna miss him.

"You feel so good."

He growled and Liz had to bite back a smile. She loved it when he got primal on her. He was every bit the animal he thought he was and it was intoxicating.

"Right there."

He was doing wonderful things to her body. Taking her to places she had only read about in romance novels and dirty books. Her toes curled as he hit her spot again and Liz let out another moan.

"Right there?" He asked and Liz nodded.

Suddenly she was on her bed and Jacob was over her, pumping. Her leg was on his shoulder and he was moving to a rhythm in his head. She could see it and if it wasn't driving her to cloud 9 then she would have laughed at him.

"Oh babe. Right there. Right there. Right there." She screamed as her orgasm hit her. It was powerful and had her entire body shaking but he hadn't stopped. In fact... "You didn't?"

"Nope." He told her with a smile and Liz could feel her body building up again. Damn this boy had stamina.


The next morning, Liz ran around her room like a chicken without a head. She had completely forgotten to set her alarm and was now running extremely late. She had exactly a half an hour to both get dressed and go get Annie from the airport.

"I can't believe I forgot to set the alarm." She groaned as she pulled her hair into a messy ponytail. "I'm so freaking late."

"Come back to bed." She heard Jacob call from the bed.

"I can't. I'm late."

She snatched her bra off the lamp in the corner and put it on. Then she went over to the bed and pulled her panties from between the bed and the foot board. How they had gotten there, she didn't know and right now, she didn't care.

"Late?" He mumbled as he rubbed his face in his pillow.

"Yeah. I was suppose to leave a half an hour ago to pick Annie up and I stupidly forgot to set the alarm." She explained as she pulled on an off white sleeveless dress that had red hearts on it. Then she pulled on her black knee high socks and slipped her feet into her knee high boots that had no heel. "Now I'm running extremely late and the only thing I have time for is brushing my teeth, getting dress and leaving." Instead of saying anything else, Jacob got out of bed and walked over to Liz. "What?"

Without speaking, he wrapped a thin black belt around her waist before handing her the black clutch she had transferred her things into yesterday morning. Smiling at her, he pressed a soft kiss into her lips before walking pass her and into the bathroom.

Chewing on her lower lip, Liz debated whether or not to follow him but then saw the time and ran right out of the room.


Shaking his head, Jacob couldn't help but smile as he left the bathroom after doing his morning routine. He loved it when she was flustered. There was just something about the pink in her cheeks that just...

Suddenly he could hear Sam calling him.

There was a pack meeting and he needed to be there since he missed the last few. Quickly getting dressed, Jacob couldn't help but feel a pang of loss. This may very well be his last time in Liz's room. Who knew how her aunt was going to react to them being together and while Liz swore she was going to be cool with it, he wasn't so sure.

Adults, whether they were one's parents or one's guardians, didn't want their children to rush into anything. And while he knew in his heart they hadn't rushed, Annie might not think that way.

Taking one last look around the room, Jacob grabbed his duffle off the ground and went over to the opened balcony. There he tossed his duffle over before taking one last look at Liz's room. Even if her aunt didn't want them together, he knew that he wouldn't be able to stay away. He was too deep in and couldn't get out if he tried.

Jacob closed the balcony doors as he shook his head. They would deal with whatever came their way WHEN it came their way. With one last deep breathe, he jumped over the railing, landed on his feet, snatched his duffle up and went running right to Sam and Emily's.


"I can't believe you told him." Alex whispered as he followed Maria around the slowly growing cafè. "I mean, she told us that in secret."

"No, she told ME that in secret. She told you about a month ago." She snipped as she handed a family of four their breakfast. "Have a good day." She smiled before walking away. "And anyways, he deserved to know."


"Really. He thought she was seeing someone else and I didn't want him hurting."

"So what if she is, Maria? You don't go telling secrets just to make someone feel better." He paused when they stopped at the kitchen window where Michael was working. "Morning." He muttered to the alien.


Rolling her eyes, Maria grabbed another order and walked away. "Whatever."

"No. Not whatever, Maria. You shouldn't have told him."

Stopping short, Maria turned to Alex. "I'm Max's friend too Alex and I didn't want my FRIEND hurting because he thinks the woman he loves is seeing someone else. I'm sorry but I don't think it's right."

"But you are LIZ'S best friend and she needed you to keep that a secret." He snapped before shaking his head. "Why do I even try? Nothing I say will ever make you see that what you did was wrong. You know, sometimes Maria, you have a habit of only thinking about yourself and not about the consequences your actions have." Then he walked right by her and out the front doors.


Driving up to the cub, Liz jumped out of her bug.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I am so, so sorry that I'm late." She apologized as she run up to her aunt.

"Late? I just got here." Annie told her with a completely straight face.

"What? Why?"

"My flight was delayed." She cocked an eyebrow at Liz. "Didn't you get any of my texts?"

"I um," Liz pulled her cell from her clutch and tried to turn it on. "Damn it." She looked at Annie. "I must have forgotten to charge it last night." She shook her head as she walked over to the trunk of her car. "I can't believe how scattered I was both this morning and last night."

Annie smiled as she grabbed the pull on her suitcase and rolled it over to Liz. "What has you so scattered that you forgot to do the basics?"

Knowing this was the best moment, Liz turned to her aunt and smiled. "I, um, I've kind of been seeing someone."

"Really?" She asked and Liz could see that she had Annie's full attention.

"Yeah." She closed the trunk after they put the suitcase in and walked over to the driver's seat.

"Well, come on." Pause. "Tell me!"

"I've kind of been dating-."


"Jacob, there you are man." Embry jumped down the few steps that sat in front of Sam and Emily's house and ran over to Jake as he walked up the pathway. "Thought we were never gonna see you again." He chuckled as they slapped five.

"Ha ha. Yeah well, Liz's aunt is coming home tonight and she doesn't know about us yet."

Embry smirked. "You gonna be okay not seeing her tonight?" Jacob shrugged.

"Who knows? I just...she wants her aunt to know before we go public."

"What about Bella?"

"What about her?"

"You guys gonna tell her too that gonna be too awkward for you? I mean since you thought you were in love with her and all?"


"Jacob!" Both Paul and Jared came running out of the forest while Sam walked out of his house.


"It's good to see you." Sam told him with a nod.

"We thought you never leave her house." Paul joked.

"Yeah, we thought she had you chained to the bed or something." Jared laughed.

"Nah, it's nothing like that." Jake laughed as he and the others went to Sam.

"Oh we know." While Jared and Paul walked right pass him, Jacob and Embry stopped right in front of Sam.

"It's good to have you back."

"Good to be back, though something in my veins calls out for Liz." Sam nodded.

"You'll learn to turn that down." He unfolded his arms from across his chest and gestered with his head for them to go into the house. "We have a lot to talk about."

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Re: Twilight Woods (XO, NM/Ros, Adult) Ch. 13 9/2

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Thanks for the's the next part!!! :-)

Chapter 14

Michael stalked up the walk way towards Alex's front door and knocked. He had seen the look on both his and Maria's faces as they angrily whispered to each other at the crashdown. And it didn't escape his attention that there had been tension between the friends ever since Parker left.

Even when they went to Vegas, he could see the underlining tension between the pair. So whatever had been simmering for the last few months exploded this morning in the cafè.

"Hello?" Whitman greeted with a smile as he opened the door but the second his eyes landed on Michael, the smile disappeared. "What do you want?"

"We need to talk."

"No, we don't." He tried to close the door but Michael stopped it; the palm of his hand holding the door open.

"Yeah we do. You, Pixie, and I'm pretty sure, short stuff all know some kind of secret. And I'm definitely sure that whatever the secret is, has to do with Parker. Maybe it's the reason she left in December or maybe it has to do with what really happened back in October but whatever it is, I want to know."

The slightly shorter boy shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Yeah sure." Michael ran his hand over his face. "Look, I know the rumors about Parker and Valenti aren't true." Shock flashed across Alex's eyes before he got the chance to cover it up. "And I also know that the only reason she'd set something like that up is because of Maxwell. Just fill in the pieces."

"For someone who acts like he doesn't know anything, he sure does know more than anyone else."


"Come in."

"Really?" Even to his own ears, he could hear the shock in his voice.

"Yeah. Maria already told Max. I'm sure Liz won't mind me telling you." He moved to the side and gestered with his hand for Michael to come in. "Just, when I start, you can't interrupt me until I'm done. Okay?"

Michael gave him a confused look. "Okay but it can't be that bad. I mean, it's Parker we're talking about here."

Alex chuckled but there was no humor in it. "Yeah. Okay. Just remember that when I'm done."


"Wow." Liz shook her head as she filled a tray with a few grilled cheeses and some raspberry lemonade. "I just...I can't believe it." She easily lifted the tray and walked into the living room, setting the tray down on the coffee table before sitting down next to her aunt. "I mean, you were so stuck on your ex that I didn't think you would ever move on." Annie finally looked at her and gave her a sad smile. "Are you happy?" She asked quietly.

Looking at Annie, Liz thought about her question. Was she happy? Though her head was still catching up to her actions, yes, she was. With Jake, there were no pretenses. She wasn't this untouchable, fragile object that could easily be broken and he wasn't this confused leader who was easily swayed. Even in the short amount of time they've spent together, Liz was able to see a piece of Jacob she was sure not even his closest friends or family have seen. Hell, she's showed him that piece of herself and hadn't even thought about it when it happened. So...

"Yeah," She tucked a strand of her now loose hair behind her ear. "I am happy. Very happy."

"Then I'm happy for you." Annie pulled her into her arms for a quick hug before pulling back and grabbing one of the sandwiches. "So much for trying to put some fun into your life." She joked. "Apparently, you were having more fun than you let on."

"About that..."

"Does Bella know?"

Liz sighed before taking a sip of her lemonade. Bella. She didn't know how she was gonna tell her but she WAS going to tell her. She was her best friend. She deserved to know. "No. I haven't told her yet."

"Why not?"

"At first, it was because I didn't want to tell anyone." Again, she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. "I wanted to keep whatever was happening between Jake and I a secret until we knew what we were."

"And what are you guys?"

"We're a couple." Liz told her honestly.

"Okay, so now that you know WHAT you guys are, are you going to tell her?" She took a sip of her drink while Liz picked up a sandwich.

"Of course, Bella's my best friend. I'm gonna tell her everything."


"But," Liz repeated with a small smile. "I wanted to tell you first." She looked down at her food. "You know because, you're in charge and just in case you didn't WANT us together-."

"What?" She looked up at Annie. "You thought I wouldn't want you and him together? Why would you ever think that"

"He is younger than me."

"By like a year."

"You don't know his parents."

She shrugged her shoulders. "I don't wanna date him."

"I just..." Liz tossed the sandwich back onto the tray.

"Really, Liz," Annie shook her head. "It's not a big deal. I don't mind if you're dating Jacob and I really don't mind if you're sleeping with him. As long as you're doing it for yourself, I'm happy that you're happy."

Liz smiled as she deflated against the couch. "Thanks Annie. That means a lot. You have no idea."

"I'm not the one you have to worry about." Annie told her with a simple shrug of her shoulders.

"What are you talking about?"

"Lizzie. Lizzie. Lizzie." She sighed. "You're gonna have to tell your parents that not only are you dating that boy but you're also SLEEPING with him." She laughed at the horrified look on Liz's face. "Yeah. I'm the least of your worries."

"Oh god." Liz closed her eyes as her left hand covered them. "I completely forgot about my parents."


Jacob stared at the files that Sam had just given him. They were all about Liz. Everything you could ever want to know about her but didn't want to ask, was in these files. Her family history. Her grades. There was even a page or two about her friends. And her ex, he thought with a growl.

"Why?" He asked as calmly as he could. He hadn't changed in two weeks. A real accomplishment for someone as new as him and his wolf was just begging to be let out.

"The council wanted her information and you weren't getting it fast enough so they told us to get it." Jared answered him. "Well, they told your DAD to get it."

"But she's mine." He said through clenched teeth. "She's my imprint. My other half. The council doesn't need to know anything about her."

"She's not from around here, Jake." Embry told him softly. "No one knew anything about her and Bella wasn't exactly forth coming with her info."

"I know that but-."

"But nothing. The council was on our ASSES because of her." Paul snapped. He was leaning against Emily's fireplace as Jared stood on the other side of the room and Embry sat a few feet away from him on the couch. Only Sam stood in front of him. Ever the alpha.

"I really don't care. She's mine and no one needs to know anything about her but me."

"Oh really?" Paul pushed off the fireplace, his dark eyes glowing yellow. A clear sign that his wolf was just at the surface and was ready to come out.

"Really." He hadn't moved from his spot on the couch but Jake was just as ready as Paul if he was stupid enough to start something. His wolf chomping at the bits to be let out.

"Enough." Sam hissed, giving Paul a look. Then he turned to Jake. "You're right. They had no right to ask for these but they did and now they know everything she's already told you."

"Yeah and they learned it without having to listen in." Jared joked as he tapped his temple.

"Is there anything else I need to know?" Jacob asked as he got to his feet, ignoring jared in the process.

"We've been having a little vampire problem in your absence."

"The Cullens?"

Sam shook his head. "No. Someone else. It's female. With bright red hair." He looked around the room before looking back at Jake.


"I think she's after someone in town. I just don't know who."


Michael had been pacing back and forth in front of Alex for the last twenty minutes and it was starting to hurt his head. "Could you not do that? It's giving me a headache."

"She really did that?" He asked ignoring Alex. "She really gave up her own happiness for us; for OUR lives." He stopped and looked at Alex. "Why would she do that?"

"Why?" Alex repeated with a scoff.

"Yeah. Why?"

"Because she's Liz, man. She puts the needs and happiness of others above her own. She would happily put her own life on the line if it meant that the people she loved were safe." He shook his head. "You'd think that after everything we've been through together that you'd know that by now."

Instead of answering him, Michael simply shook his head and left. Sighing, Alex sat back on the couch and stared at the blank screen of the Tv.

Maybe he should text Liz? He hadn't spoken to her in a few days and she kind of needed to know what was going on down here.

Snatching his cell off the coffee table in front of him, he quickly told her to call him and then grabbed the remote. A little Tv time was just what the doctor ordered.


Liz had just finished changing out of her morning clothes and into something that was both warm and comfortable when her phone chirped. She had plugged it in the second they got home but didn't realize that it was on until now. Walking over to the side table where it sat, she picked it up and looked at the screen.

At seeing the message, she shoved her feet into her yellow converses and ran towards the front door.

"Where's the fire?" Annie called out just as Liz reached the door. She had gone to her room to unpack and must have heard Liz as she moved around.

"Bella just texted me."

"Is everything okay?"

"I don't know. All she sent me was an address and a message that said she needed me."
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Re: Twilight Woods (XO, NM/Ros, Adult) Ch. 14 9/25

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Chapter 15

Maria sat alone in a seat by the window of the ice cream pallor with a spoon in one hand and a cookies and cream, chocolate fudge sundae in front of her. Though she hadn't resorted to ice cream therapy in a while, she knew she needed it. Everything has been so...she shook her head. This was harder without Liz to comb through the mess that was her thoughts.


Did she really hurt her best friend by telling Max everything? Or did she help her? And was Alex right? Did she really only think about herself?

If so, she didn't mean to. She was only trying to help Max. He had looked heartbroken at the thought of Liz being with someone else that it killed Maria a little on the inside. That's why she told him the truth. She just wanted him to be happy.

But did that mean she only thought about herself?

No, she thought to herself as she shook her head with a bit more force. That made her a good friend. Actually, that made her a great friend. Max had left the crashdown last night smiling and in a great mood. I did the right thing by telling him, she thought to herself as she put a spoonful of ice cream into her mouth. I am a great friend.

Not to Liz, a little voice inside of her head told her. You betrayed her. She didn't want Max to know about future him or the things she had to do to make him fall out of love with her. She wanted-no needed-for him to believe that she didn't love him anymore and you went and you ruined that. Now he is never going to let her go.

Knowing that the voice was completely right, Maria stopped eating, grabbed her things and left the ice cream pallor. She didn't want to cry in public. She'd rather do that at home, where no one could see her.


It had taken Liz about twenty minutes to get to the place where Bella had texted her. It was basically the side of a road and though she wanted to believe her friend wouldn't be here, she could clearly see Bella's red truck a few feet in front of her.

Not knowing what else to do, Liz parked her bug right behind Bella's truck. As soon as she parked, Bella got out of her car and started walking towards her. Before getting out to greet her, Liz sent Jacob a quick text.

"Hey there stranger." She greeted as she closed her door and pulled Bella into a hug. Her friend wore her usual black jeans and black thermal with a black and dark gray striped tee over it. "Long time no see."

"Tell me about it." She herself was wearing a comfortable pair of dark blue stretch jeans and a long sleeved yellow and blue button up flannel that fit her perfectly.

"So..." Liz started as she took a step back. "What are we doing here?"

"I um," Bella tucked a strand of her brown hair behind her ear and kicked at the ground with her dark gray converses. "I wanna try something and I want you to try it with me." When she looked back at her, Liz instantly knew that whatever Bella wanted to do had something to do with her ex. Either she wanted to remember him or she wanted to forget him. But whatever it was, she knew she was completely in.

"Okay. What is it?"


Jacob ran as fast as he could, his paws beating against the ground as he searched for the vampire. Her scent hung heavily in the air. She was close but he and the others had to be careful. While the pact was hunting her, Charlie and Harry were hunting them.

He let out a low growl as he stopped on a small hillside. This was ridiculous. Why hadn't he smelled her before? Liz lived right next to the woods. Closer than Bella did. And she always kept the balcony doors open at night, so why hadn't he caught her scent before now? Had he been so wrapped up in Liz's scent that he-.

In the distance, Jacob could clearly see a vampire grab Harry by the neck and easily lift him off his feet. It was her. She had tried to attack Charlie but had seen Harry. Not good. Jumping off the hill, Jake ran as fast as he could through the trees and hit the vampire dead on.

He chomped at her arms as she jumped into the air and almost caught her leg as it swung just out of reach. She landed before him and stood still; as if she were waiting for him to attack.


His blood boiled at the cocky little smirk on her face and he ran right at her. But she was faster. More skilled than any vampire he had ever heard of. She easily flipped right over his head before landing a few feet in front of him and started to run away.

Growling, Jacob dashed after her and as he did, he could hear the others right behind him. Sam jumped in front while Paul crashed into him. Snapping at him to get away, Jake ran as fast as he could, the red haired vampire just a few feet away. Sam snapped at her legs at the same time as Jacob jumped after her but again she got away. This time into the trees. But none of them were gonna let her get away. Jumping after her, the pact forced the vampire to continue running. They were so close that Jacob could taste her cold skin in his mouth. Then, out of nowhere she jumped right off of a cliff that none of them had seen coming.

Shaking his massive head as he skid to a stop, Jacob let out a howl letting the others know she had gotten away. This was-.

A cold breeze danced by him and his entire body froze. There were two scents mixed into the breeze; two familiar scents that he knew by heart. Bella and Liz. What were they doing this high?


"I um, I don't know about this." Liz voiced as she and Bella finally made it to the top of the mountain, a cold breeze fluttering by her.

On their way up the mountain side, Bella had told Liz everything she had been doing in her absence. Which wasn't a lot really. All she did was stay home or go hiking. Actually, she had gone hiking a few times.

Hiking. Liz thought to herself as she shook her head. Who would go hiking? Especially when there had been a number of animal attacks in the woods. Again she shook her head. Only Bella would go walking around when she knew something dangerous was out there. Sometimes she acted like some snack that was ready to be eaten.

"Come on Liz. You're my best friend."

"And as your best friend, I think we should do something else."

"I just wanna try it once." Bella was looking over the side of the cliff. Obviously looking down at the water that was no doubly black. "Don't you wanna cross off "cliff diving" from your list of regrets?"

Her list of regrets? A year ago, that list would have been pretty long. Yet now...

"What would Jacob think?" It had slipped out of her mouth before she could stop it.

"Jacob?" Bella shrugged her shoulders. "Why would he care? He does it." Liz blanched making Bella chuckle a little. "Where do you think I got the idea from?"

"I didn't think it was from him." She muttered to herself. Then she looked over. "If I can jump off a bridge, I can jump off a cliff."

"You ready?"

Liz back up to where Bella was now standing. It was just a few feet from the cliff so running wasn't necessary. Not really. She must have moved back there while Liz was looking down at the water she knew had to be freezing. Hell she WAS freezing but she didn't know if it was because of the weather or if it was because she knew this was a horrible idea.

"I'm ready."

"Okay." Bella smiled. "On three." Liz nodded. "One." She let out a shaky breathe that had her whole body vibrating. "Two." Maybe they shouldn't be-? "Three."

Before she could think about it, she and Bella jumped off the cliff.

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Re: Twilight Woods (XO, NM/Ros, Adult) Ch. 15 10/2

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Scenes between ~ are from Twilight: New Moon the movie

Chapter 16

There was a loud splash as both she and Liz were swallowed up by the biting cold water. Opening her eyes, all Bella saw was crystal blue vastness and Liz. She was but a few feet away, a huge smile on her face that stayed even as they surfaced.

"That was amazing!" She yelled but before Bella could voice her answer, a wave crashed over the both of them. Pulling them back under the water.

The waves were massive but Bella was able to resurface once one was done but...where was Liz? Before she could call out, another wave took her under and though she knew all she had to do was wait-.

In the distance, a mass of red hair could be seen. Victoria! She was here. In the water. Coming for her.

Swimming backwards, Bella tried to get as far away from her as she possibly could when there was a sudden blinding pain in her head that made it impossible for her to go...anywhere. So instead of swimming, she sank and as she went, Edward appeared next her.

Just like she knew he would.

He had this sad look on his face as if he was disappoint in her for jumping but this was what he wanted. He wanted her to be normal. He wanted her to have a "normal" life and to do "normal" stuff. Well, that's exactly what she did. Case in point. Cliff diving into the ocean at high tide with her best friend was what "normal" kids her age did.

A warm hand suddenly gripped onto her right arm and pulled her up. Up out of the bitter cold water and away from her heart.


"Is she okay?" Liz repeated as she watched Jacob gave Bella CPR.

"Almost." He grunted as he pumped her chest a few more times. ~"Come on Bella. Breathe. Just breathe Bella."~

Everything had gone so well. They had jumped off the cliff and landed into the water with no problem. Though she had thought the ocean would be biting cold, it had felt almost welcoming. Warm even. She had smiled at Bella as they stared at each other through the crystal blue water and kept smiling until they broke the surface.

*"That was amazing."*

She had yelled once Bella broke the surface. But as her friend opened her mouth to say something, a wave crashed over them. She herself had sunk, all swimming lessons forgotten until she saw Bella hit her head against the rocks. That's when she swam to her. She had almost gotten there when Jacob came out of no where and grabbed Bella by the arm.

Knowing that he wouldn't let anything happen to their friend, Liz swam to land.

"Babe." Liz turned and went back to where her boyfriend and best friend were; laying on the dark sand of the beach. Her thoughts had led her away from them and she hadn't even notice it. "Come on Bella, just breathe."


She shook a few times, shivers racking through her body as a little bit of water fell from her blue lips. Then she took a shaky breathe in.

"Jacob?" Her eyes had barely opened but she was breathing. She was alive. Thank god. "Liz?"

"I'm right here." She dropped to her knees and gently pushed a strand of almost black hair from Bella's forehead. Her head rest on Liz's leg just in case there was more water ready to come out. But Liz doubted it. Her friend was stronger than she looked. Thank god. She blinked a few times before looking straight at her. "Hey there buddy. How you feeling?"

~"What the hell were you thinking?"~ Jacob snapped making both girls look at him.

"I just wanted to see something." Bella told him.

"Who? Him?" Jacob asked and Liz swore she could hear a slight growl in his voice. Was he...jealous of Edward?

"I think we should get her home." She spoke up sounding slightly defeated. She didn't know why she expected him to be different. She didn't know why she expected his feelings for Bella to just...disappear once they got together. "The last thing we need is for one of us to get sick." She should have known better.


The three walked up the road and to the cars in silence. Liz and Bella were wrapped in each others' arms, their heads touching. Both were beyond freaked out, Jacob thought to himself as he watched his girlfriend and friend. They had to be. Bella almost drowned and Liz-. He shook his head.

He didn't want to think about what would have happened to her if he hadn't been there. She probably would have...done whatever she needed to to save Bella. That included risking her own life. It was a quality he both loved and yet hated about her.

"We're here." Bella spoke up pulling him from his dark thoughts. "Um," She tucked a strand of dark hair behind her ear as she turned to him and he instantly thought of Liz. "Can you drive Jake?"

Him and Liz shared a look that squeezed at his heart. Was she mad at him? "Yeah. I'll drive." He finally told her as he walked over to the driver's side.

Bella nodded before turning and pulling Liz into a hug. Then she went over to the passenger side of the truck and got in. Once settled, she pulled on her tan jacket.

"I'll meet you guys there." Liz said before walking to her bug. Looking from his girlfriend to his friend, Jake tapped on the driver's side door.

Liz was mad. He could see that but why? He wasn't the one who has risked his own life a few minutes ago. He wasn't the one who had given her a heart attack. So why the hell was she so mad?

"Give me a second." He mumbled to Bella before jogging over to Liz. She was in the trunk of her car, pulling something out. "So...that was what?" He asked with a shrug of his shoulders.

"Just me and Bella having some fun."

"You could have been killed Liz!" His voice had risen slightly, low enough so that Bella couldn't hear him but loud enough that he made Liz jump as she was peeling off her flannel.

"But we weren't." She pulled off her yellow tank and her creamy honey skin shone brightly against her dark blue bra. Jake bit back a groan. He needed to be mad at her right now, not turned on but his "other" brain wasn't listening apparently.

"I just-." He ran his hand over his face as he neared her. She had quickly pulled on a long sleeved blue shirt that had two dancing cupcakes on it with a logo that said "sweet boogie" under them. "I don't know what I would do if I lost you." He whispered as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

"I'm sure you'd be just fine." She told him; a slight edge in her voice. Yet she still wrapped her arms around his neck. As if she couldn't help herself. Good. He wasn't the only one gone.

"How could I be fine if the person I love is gone?"

She sucked in a deep breath. "You..." She suddenly shook her head. "You should go." She unwrapped her arms from his neck. "Bella's waiting for you."

Jacob looked at her confused before sighing. "Fine but this isn't over." He pressed his lips into hers, taking her breath away, before walking away and jumping into the truck.


20 minutes later, though his mind was still on Liz and how she had acted when he had spoken to her, Jacob could hear Bella shivering in the seat next to him.

~"It's a 108 degrees over here." She slid over and snuggled into his side.

"God." She shivered. "My hands are freezing." She rubbed her hands together. "It must be nice to never get cold." She told him through clattering teeth.

"It's a wolf thing." He laughed.

"It's not." Pause. "It's a Jacob thing. You're just...warm." She smiled up at him. "You're like your own sun."

Instead of answering her, he parked the truck in front of her house. "This is better." He told her with a nod. "Now that you know about me."


" saw what happen to Emily." He sighed,~ an image of Liz appearing before his eyes. ~"Sam got angry. Lost it for a split second. Em was standing too close. He'll never be able to take that back. What if I got mad at-?"~ He bit his lip before he could say his girlfriend's name. ~"You?" He sighed. "Sometimes I feel like I'm gonna disappear."

"Okay." Bella looked at her hands before looking back at him. "Not that you need me to but I'll always be here to tell you this." Pause. "You're not gonna lose yourself. I won't let that happen."


"I'll tell you all the time, how special you are."~ Their faces moved closer as she spoke and he knew that all he had to do was press his lips into hers for their very first kiss. A kiss he had wanted ever since she came to Forks (maybe even before that) but he didn't. Instead, he pulled away. He couldn't do it. He couldn't kiss Bella. He didn't want to anymore. "Does Liz know?" Jacob's head snapped to her.

"Does Liz know what?"

"About you?" He watched as Bella licked her blue lips as she played with the helm of her jacket. "Did you tell her?"

He looked at her confused until he saw understanding flash in her eyes. "You knew, didn't you?" She looked away before looking back at him.

"No. Not until right now."


"You just told me."


As she drove to Bella's, Liz kept her right hand on the wheel while she chewed on her left thumb. Though she knew she should be thinking about the near death experience she and her best friend just had, all she could think about was Jacob.

He had just told her that he loved her. That he LOVES her.

She shook her head.

Well, he hadn't come right out and said "I love you" but it was definitely implied. How could he be in love with her so fast? They just became official. And before that they were just sleeping together. She shook her head again. There was no way he was in love with her. No way. He must have said it in the heat of the moment. She could clearly see how mad he had been at her for cliff jumping with Bella and their best friend DID almost die so it was understandable.

But what if he meant it? The small voice in the back of her head whispered. What if this is the real thing and you're just to broken from Max to realize it?

Not wanting to think of the possibility that the voice was right, Liz shifted her left hand to the wheel. Then with her right, she reached for her phone.

She had left it in the bug so that nothing would happen to it and she was more than happy that she did. It could have fallen out of her pocket on the climb up the mountain. It could have flew out when she and Bella jumped. It could have gotten lost at sea or even just water logged. There were so many things that could have happened that would have turned this little "adventure" into a horror story.

Opening the screen up, Liz saw that she had three missed calls and a few texts. Quickly parking behind Jacob and Bella, Liz turned off the bug before she checked the messages.

Annie had called her twice and Max once. Neither had left a message but Liz had a feeling she knew what each person wanted. Annie needed to know if she and Bella were alright and Max, well, Max couldn't seem to take a hint.

Shaking her head, Liz looked at the few text messages she had.

The first ten were all from Maria. She rambled on and on about their friendship and what it meant to her in nine long paragraphs. Then the last one was four simple words.

*I told Max everything.*

Shit. That was probably why he was calling her and she knew exactly what he was going to say. He was gonna try and convince her that Future Max was a mind warp or something. That it was just his enemies trying to keep them apart because they knew he was stronger with her by his side. Then he was gonna tell her that they were soul mates and that they could get through anything as long as they were together.

She shook her head.

Now she was gonna have to call him. She was gonna have to tell her first love that she didn't love him anymore. She was gonna have to tell him about Jacob. How they met. How they were. And then she was gonna have to tell him that the reason she knew she didn't love him anymore was because she never knew what true love was until she met Jacob.

The thought came out of left field and shocked Liz. Was she-? She shook her head again. No. She wasn't going to go there. Not now. Looking back at the screen, she saw that the last message was from Alex.

*Michael figured it out.*

What the hell was going on down there? She thought to herself with a scoff. When she needed them to see through her lies, they hadn't. Now that she was gone, they were all figuring it out. She rolled her eyes. What a time to grow some common sense, she thought with an eye roll.

Slamming her cell closed, Liz got out of her bug and shoved it into her pocket. Damn it. As soon as she could, she was gonna call Alex and Maria to see what the hell was happening. Then she'd call Kyle to see how he was doing because she hadn't heard him in a couple of weeks. After that, she was gonna have to call Max and unfortunately break his heart. But before all of that, she needed to call Annie.

Just then, Bella jumped out of the trunk and ran towards her front door with Jacob right behind her.

"Bella, it's a trick."


"Look. We were going to tell you but-." Bella shook her head.

"Don't. You don't owe me anything." She tucked a strand of now dry hair behind her ear. " gotta tell her the truth." Jake sighed. "About you, I mean."

"I know. I am. I just...I wanted to tell you about us first and then I was gonna tell her tonight." He paused. "Or maybe tomorrow." Bella shook her head.

"Just tell her because if you don't and she finds out from someone's gonna ruin everything between the two of you."

~As she opened the car door to leave, a cold breeze waft into the truck. "Wait." He slammed the door close. "There's a vampire."

"How do you know?"

"I can smell it. I'm getting you out of here." As he was trying to turn on the truck, Bella turned and looked out the back window.

"That's Carlisle's car." She turned forward and bit back a smile. "They're here." She jumped out, excited and went rushing towards her front door.

"Bella, it's a trick. Stop. You have to come with me." Jacob was right behind her and quickly grabbed onto her arm; stopping her just before she could go into her house.~

"Guys, what the hell is going on?" Both had completely forgotten about Liz who was now walking towards them; a confused look on her face. "Bella?" She looked from one to the other. "Jacob?"

~"They won't hurt me." Bella told him,~ ignoring Liz. But not on purpose. She just...she needed to know who it was that came to see her. Was it Alice? Carlisle? Emmet? Or did Edward finally come home? To her?

"Who won't?" Liz asked but was ignored again as Jacob grounded out:

~"If a Cullen is back, this is their territory. The tready says that I can't protect you here." He stood tall before her, looking down into her eyes trying to make her see what she was about to do.

"Okay. That's ok."

"You're about to cross a line." He told her, his anger barely being held back.

"Then don't draw one." She put all she could into her next word. "Please."~

With a slight growl, Jacob turned, walked over to the truck and slammed the door close before walking off. Both girls stood with their mouths open before turning to face each other.

"Okay," Liz started, folding her arms over her chest. "What the hell was that?"

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Re: Twilight Woods (XO, NM/Ros, Adult) Ch. 16 10/14

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Chapter 17

“Is everything alright?” Annie pounced the moment Liz walked through the front door.

“Yeah.” She told her aunt with a faint smile. Then she folded her arms over her chest. She could feel this slight chill but she didn’t know if it was in the air or from within. “Everything is ok.”

“What did Bella want?”

“Just to…hang out for a bit.” Liz moved away from Annie and walked into the living room. She knew that the moment she told her what had happened, that she was gonna freak. “She knows about me and Jacob though.”

“What?!” She screeched. “How the hell did she find out?”

Liz shrugged her right shoulder before dropping down onto the couch. “She already knew.”


“Okay. What the hell was that about?” Liz asked as she folded her arms over her chest.

“Can we just…” Bella sighed. “It was nothing. Let’s just go inside.”

“That didn’t look like nothing, Bella. What happened in your truck?” Liz asked a bit softer.

She could see the battle going on within her best friend’s eyes. She knew she wanted to tell her the truth but she also knew that she wouldn’t. If there was one thing Liz knew about Bella, it was that she lied when she thought the person couldn’t handle it and that was what she was going to do. She was going to lie to her.

“I know about you and Jacob.”

“Wait. What?” Okay, she thought to herself as her arms dropped to her sides, so maybe that wasn’t a lie. “How?”

“I tried to kiss him.” She looked right at Liz. “And when he stopped me, it just…clicked.”

“But I thought you didn’t like him that way?”

“I thought I didn’t either.” She said as she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “I guess…” She shook her head. “I don’t know what to think anymore.”

“So, what-what happens now?”

Bella closed her eyes as she shook her head again. “I just…I need some time.” She opened her eyes. “I’m sorry.” Then she turned and went into her house.


Closing her bedroom door behind her, Liz closed her head and leaned against it. Annie had said that talking about what had happened would make her feel better. It didn’t. In fact, the only thing she felt was bad.

She should’ve known that Bella had feelings for Jake.

Liz shook her head. There was no way she could have known. Hell, Bella didn’t even know. It was all up to question for now. Her relationship with Jake. Her friendship with Bella. All of it. She suddenly felt very, very tired. Maybe a bath would do her some good.

Pushing off of her door, Liz grabbed her towel and walked into the bathroom. She kicked the door close behind her, turned on her radio and then turned on the faucet. She let the hot water fill her tub, adding her bath salts and oils. The steam from the water filled the bathroom air, creating a warm mist that helped to relax her stiff muscles.

Though cliff jumping had been fun, it had also been very stupid. There was still a cold chill in the air even though it was the middle of April and not only did it seep into her skin but she felt it in her bones. Hopefully this bath would help her.

Stripping her semi wet clothes from her body, Liz toed her way into the tub. Slowly, she lowered herself into the water, sighing as she went. Her tight muscles began to slowly unravel, relaxing her in the process. All she needed now was-.

A sudden rapture of knuckles hitting the door, pulled her from her thoughts. Sighing, Liz turned off the water with her toes before settling back; a relaxed smile spreading across her lips.

“Yes, Annie?” She called out. She knew it had to be her aunt for two reasons. One, it was close to midnight and there was no one else in the house. And two, her aunt had mention something about bringing up tea and cookies.

“It’s not Annie.” A familiar voice answered.


“Yeah.” She could hear him chuckle. “It’s me. Can I come in?”

Taking a quick look around, Liz made sure that the bubbles in her bath covered most of her body. When she realized what she was doing, she instantly felt stupid. It wasn’t like he hadn’t seen her naked before. In fact, not only has he seen her naked but he’s also done things to her body that she hopes she never forgets. So why was she acting like this? Rolling her eyes, Liz leaned her head against the wall behind her.

“Yeah. You can come in.” She watched as he slowly opened the door, revealing himself. He was in only a pair of light gray sweats. No shirt. No shoes. He wasn’t even wearing socks. Did he show up like that? Or had he changed in her room. “Um, Annie didn’t see you dressed like that, did she?”

He shook his head. “No. I changed in the room before knocking on the door.” Then he walked over to the tub. “Mind if I join you?” Liz smiled.

“Of course not.” He smirked as he pulled off his sweats and boxers. Then he got into the tub and settled behind her. “This is nice.” She mumbled as she rested her head against his chest.

“I bet it is.” Pause. “Especially after the day you’ve had.”

“You can’t still be mad about that.” She told him with an eye roll.

“I’m not.” His arms wrapped around her, holding her close. “I was just saying that today felt like it lasted forever.”

“It did, didn’t it?” She sighed. “Hopefully tomorrow is better.”

“Yeah.” Jacob laughed as he kissed the side of her head. “Hopefully.”


The next day, Maria showed up at Alex’s bright and early. She didn’t want to fight with him. Though she did have the others, it was only her and Alex left of the three musketeers. Liz still hadn’t called or texted her back for some reason and she refused to be the one to break down first. She wanted her best friend to meet her halfway. Just like she had been doing way before all this alien craziness began.

Knocking on the front door, she waited for Alex to open the door. When he finally did, all she did was smile at him.

“Come here.” He told her, his arms spread open. He knew this was what she needed. It was how they worked. They always told each other the truth, no matter how much it hurt, and then they worked their way back up after.

“I’m sorry, Alex.” She cried as she held onto her childhood friend. “I’m so sorry.”

“I know you are, Maria.” He whispered into her ear. “I know you are.” Then he led her into his house.


Max walked up the small pathway that led to Michael’s apartment and stopped at the front door. He had called his friend yesterday after his shift but he still hasn’t called him back. Either he was blowing Max off or something happened to him. Max was hoping beyond hope that it was the former instead of the latter. The last thing they needed now was some alien craziness before prom.

Instead of knocking, Max took a quick glance around before waving his hand over the lock and walking in. The entire apartment was pitch black. Turning on the closest light (which was a standing lamp), Max realized that the place was empty. Where the hell was he?


Michael sat on Liz’s balcony and just stared at the morning sky. He didn’t know why but after his talk with Alex, he just had to come here. As if something here would help him see what Liz had seen. And it had.

When he reached the top, he was instantly assaulted with images of an older Max. Longer hair. Tighter clothes and different aura. That was how he knew what Liz had seen wasn’t a mind-warp. Future Max’s aura was still the same bold orange as this Max’s except there were black spider like webs that covered it. Pain. Death. Future Max had seen a lot of both and didn’t want the younger versions of his friends; of his family to go through what he did.

Michael shook his head.

There was only one thing he couldn’t understand. Why did he go to Liz instead of him? Wasn’t he suppose to be his second in command? His general? Why go to Liz? She was only human.


Isabel sat back in the meadow and watched Liz as she had a good time with some guy. He was cute and totally her type. She could see how happy her friend was and though she knew that once Max found out, he would be broke, she couldn’t help but be happy for Liz. She found true happiness outside of the group. Maybe there was hope for the others? Maybe there was hope for her and Alex?

Isabel smiled at that.

He had become such a different person in Sweden. More confident. More outgoing. She was easily falling more in love with him than she already had been. Only this time, she wouldn’t run away. She refused to run away from true love.


She felt someone shaking her and knew that her time here in Liz’s dream was coming to an end.

“Isabel? Wake up.”

She smiled one last time at her friend’s laughter before letting herself be woken up. Blinking her eyes open, she saw Max standing over her. He looked kind of worried. As if he had seen something he shouldn’t. Had he seen Liz’s dream? She hoped not. She couldn’t take anymore Counting Crows. She swore that if she heard that stupid band again, she’d melt and bury every single one of Max’s CD’s.

“What happened?”

“I can’t find Michael.”

“Oh.” She sat up.

“Oh?” He repeated. “I can’t find our brother and all you can say is “oh”.” He spat. Then he paused. “Wait. Do you know where he is?”

She shook her head. “No, but he did say that he was going to Alex’s yesterday so why don’t we try and start there?” Max nodded his head.

“Yeah. Let’s start there and work our way up.”

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Re: Twilight Woods (XO, NM/Ros, Adult) Ch. 17 10/22

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Chapter 18

The next day, Liz woke to a beeping sound. Whatever it was, it was going to die because she was beyond tired right now. Last night hadn’t exactly gone the way she thought it would and all she wanted to do right now was curl up in her blankets and stay in bed. All day.

But first, she had to get stop that beeping sound.

Reaching over to her alarm clock, Liz slammed her hand on it. When the beeping continued, she realized that it was not her alarm. Looking for the wrist watch she usually kept on her nightstand, she hit her cell. Snatching it up, she realized that it was her phone that was beeping. Turning it over, she saw that she had a few missed calls but only 2 voicemails. Both Max and Maria had called her non stop all morning but it was Bella and Alex who left her the voicemails. Weird.

Realizing that she had to at least brush her teeth, Liz got up from her bed and listened to the voicemails as she went into the bathroom.

“Voicemail #1: “Liz, it’s me, Bella. I lied. I’m not into Jacob.”” Pause. ““Well, I am but I’m not. I know that sounds crazy and I wish I had a different answer but I don’t. Yes I like Jake but no, I’m not mad about your guys relationship. If anything, I’m so happy for the two of you. You’ve been nothing but helpful to me and I can’t thank you enough. Which leads me to the real reason I called.”” Another pause. ““I’m on my way to Rome. To Edward.”” What? Liz had put the phone on speaker so she could brush her teeth but stopped brushing as soon as she heard her best friend say Edward. ““I can’t tell you everything right now but as soon as I come back, I will. I swear. I just…I just have to stop him. See him, I mean.”” She laughed and Liz couldn’t help but smile. ““I have to see him. So don’t worry about me. I’ll see you soon. Love you. Bye.””

Bella was a crazy person but she was her crazy person. And after everything, they were going to be okay. Liz smiled as she went back to brushing her teeth. There goes one thing off her growing list of things she needed to fix.

“Voicemail #2: “Liz, it’s me Alex. Call me. Please.” End of messages.”

Liz looked at her cell. She really hoped that everything was okay in Roswell. Though she knew that when she left, there had been a lot going on but there was a lot going on here too. Like her and Jacob.

Liz chewed on her lower lip.

There was just so much she needed to think about. So much that didn’t make sense. Even as she remembered last night, she still couldn’t believe that it happened.


“I know we promised to stay away from each other tonight but I just had to see you.” Jacob told her as he got dressed.

“Awe. How sweet.” She smiled as she too got dressed. She had just finished putting on her lotion and couldn’t help feeling refreshed. Even though they didn’t have sex in the tub, it was still nice just being in his arms. Especially after what happened today. When she looked back at him, Jacob was sitting on her bed, his head in his hands. “Is everything okay?” She asked as she walked over to him.

“Harry Clearwater is dead.”

“What?” She asked confused. She had met the sweet older man a few times at the Swan house. He was almost always with Charlie so that meant that he was almost always around her. He made her laugh and always had a story to tell her about the reservation. “How?”

“Heart attack.” Liz wrapped her arms around him as he held her in his arms. He didn’t cry but he did hold her tightly. As if he thought something would happen to her.

“I’m so sorry.” She whispered into his hair.

“There’s something else.” She heard him mumbled into her stomach. “Something that I don’t want to tell you.” His face rubbed into her belly. “I don’t want you to look at me differently.”

She gently lifted his face and held it between both of her hands. “There is
nothing you can say that will ever make me see you differently.”

“You don’t know that.” He told her, standing up and walking over to her bedroom door. “You can’t know that.” Liz nodded her head.

“You’re right. I can’t but then again, we’ll never know unless you tell me. So why not just tell me and then we’ll deal with whatever it is. Together.”

He looked at her sadly before walking over to her and kissing her like the first time. She could feel her insides heating up. Her toes curling but as she opened herself up to him, she couldn’t help but feel like this may be the last time they would ever be together.

When he pulled away, he gently ran the back of his hand down the side of her face. “Come with me.”

Not knowing what to say, Liz just nodded before following him. Their hands intertwined.

They left her room, going quietly down the stairs and through the living room. They only let go of each other when Jacob opened up one of the patio doors. Then he reached for her again and again, Liz happily took his hand and followed him out. The night air was a bit nippy. Especially since she was only in a camisole and a pair of cotton shorts. A crisp breeze waffled pass them, sending a shiver up Liz’s spine.

Something didn’t feel right but she knew that she was just being paranoid. What could happen here? In Forks?

They walked across the large patio, never letting go of the other’s hand. When they reached the edge, Liz gave Jacob a look. Annie was suppose to add steps but never got around to doing it, so there was no way for her to get down. If she jumped, she’d likely break her ankle. Or at the very least, sprain it.

“I, um, I don’t think I’ll be able to-.” Jacob jumped right off and landed on his feet. Then he turned to her. “No.” She told him. “No. I’m not jumping.”

“If I can do it, then so can you.”

“Yeah but you’re really, really tall and you move like a…an animal.” He smirked. “That’s not what I meant. This…this isn’t something sexual, Jake.”

“Of course it isn’t.” He chuckled and Liz felt her heart constrict. Though it wasn’t a fake laugh, it was filled with pain. As if it were forced. “Just jump, babe. I’ll catch you.”

“You better.” She muttered before taking the plunge. If she could go cliff diving and jump off bridges, then she could definitely jump off her back patio and into her boyfriend’s arms.

“On 3.” He told her and Liz couldn’t help but roll her eyes. “Three.” She jumped and just like he said he would, he caught her. “Now that wasn’t so bad, now was it?”

She rolled her eyes before playfully shoving him when she got to her feet. “No it wasn’t.”

He gave her one last smile before grabbing her hand and leading her down the pathway towards her mural. When Annie had first moved here, there had been this oasis a small distance from the house.

A large willow tree sat by a stream and both were surrounded by nothing but nature. The greenest grass and the most colorful flowers you would have ever seen were what made up this little slice of heaven. Liz had only seen it a few times after the snow melted but once she saw it in real life, she knew that she had chosen the right picture. It made her feel like she was in her room back at home. It made her feel like she was home.

Whatever Jacob had to tell her, she just hoped that it didn’t ruin this place for her.

“So…” She pulled him to a stop and made him face her. “Just tell me. What ever it is, I’m sure we can get through it.”

“I really hope so.” He pressed his lips into hers; their foreheads resting against each other until he moved away from her. “Liz, I’m a…I’m different.”

What? “Different? How?”

“Maybe I should start from the beginning?”


“Okay. There’s a legend that my people, the Quileute, are the descants of wolves. But that only some of us have the power to change into them.” Werewolves. An image of the wolf from her dream came to mind. No. She thought as she watched Jacob’s lips continue to move. There was no way that he was a-. “I have that curse. I can change into a wolf.”

“What?” She looked at him as if he had grown another head. “Why?”

“The change only comes on when there are cold ones around. Vampires.”

Liz felt her heart skip a beat. Vampires? What the hell? First aliens and now vampires and werewolves. What had she gotten herself into? She was dating a werewolf. She couldn’t believe it. Just her luck. But the question was, did this change how she felt for him?

No. It didn’t. He still made her heart race with just one look. Even now as he rambled on and on. She could still feel the butterflies as they went crazy in her stomach because of how close he was to her. And though it was unbelievably weird, she couldn’t see herself walking away from him. So no. Him being a werewolf changed nothing.

“Okay.” She told him when he finally stopped talking.

“Okay?” He repeated. “That’s it? Do you have any questions?”

“Of course. I have a ton of questions, Jake. I just…knowing this, what you are, it doesn’t change anything.” She told him with a smile. “I still want to be with you.”

He smiled down at her, his hands holding onto the both of hers. He rested his head against hers, closed his eyes and took a deep breath in. She could see the smile disappear from his lips. “There’s one more thing.”


“Well, when a wolf finds the person they’re suppose to be with, they imprint on that person.” Liz looked at him confused. “They instantly fall for the imprint and everything that was ever important to the wolf is stripped away. It’s like nothing but the imprint keeps the wolf here. Alive.”

“Are…are we imprinted?” There was a pause where he let go of her hands before nodding. Liz suddenly felt her whole world as it turned upside down.

“But that doesn’t change anything, Liz. I love you.”

“Yes it does!” She told him quietly. “Because you
have to love me. Not because you want to.” She shook her head. “I can’t believe this.” She backed away from him when he tried to reach for her. “Everything between us…is a lie.”

“No, it isn’t.”

“Yes it is, Jacob. You don’t love me because you want to." She told him, tears forming in the corners of her eyes. "You love me because you have to. Because the imprint is telling you to. But we both know that if you hadn’t imprinted on me, then I wouldn’t be the one standing here. I wouldn’t be the one you’d choose.”

“That’s not true, Liz. Of course you would be.”

“No I wouldn't and we both know it.” He tried to reach for her again but again, she moved away from him. Her heart breaking into a million pieces. “You should leave.”

“But Liz-.”

“Please, just go.” She whispered and instead of fighting her, for her, he simply turned and walked away.


The moment she couldn’t see him anymore, she turned and went back the way they came. It had taken her a few tries to get back on the back patio before finally giving up and going around the front. There, she opened the always unlocked front door, locked it and went straight up to her bedroom.

She locked the door as soon as she walked in and turned on the music so that Annie wouldn’t hear her. Tears had already begun to fall, so all Liz did was drop herself onto her bed and cry. She cried until there were no more tears and fell into a fitful sleep. Though her dream had been brief, it had brought her a sliver of joy.

Something she would hold on to for as long as she could.

Wiping away the tears that now threatened to fall, Liz dialed Alex’s number as she went back into her room. Maybe if she talked to the people who truly knew her, then just maybe she’d be able to figure everything out.

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Re: Twilight Woods (XO, NM/Ros, Adult) Ch. 18 11/13

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Chapter 19

Maria had cried until there were no more tears left to cry and Alex had let her. When she was ready, the pair left his room and went downstairs to the living room. There they crashed on the couch and watched TV; a bowl of popcorn between the pair and two cans of soda sitting on the coffee table in front of them.

It was nice. Just the two of them.

They hadn’t really hung out since they went to see Madam Vivian. You know, just the originals. That was something they had started to call each other when it was just the three of them. Maria sighed. God how she missed Liz. It just wasn’t the same without the brunette but she hoped that her friend was happy. Or at the very least, doing better than she was when she was here.

“I miss Liz.” She suddenly said, the movie in front of her long forgotten.

Alex turned and looked at her. “Me too.”

“I wish she’d call me.” She smiled at him. “Or you.” He nodded.

“Ditto.” Just then Alex’s cell phone rang. “Wonder who that is?” He mumbled as he got up and went over to the desk by the doorway to the kitchen. Picking it up, Alex turned away from Maria. “Hello?”

“Hey Alex.”

“Liz?” He turned and looked at Maria. Both were shocked that Liz had actually called one of them. “Hey. How are you?”

“I’m…okay I guess.”

“You guess? What happened?”

“I think…I may have…broken up with my boyfriend.”

“Boyfriend?” He repeated out loud. “Why? What happened?”

“I just-.”

“Wait. Maria’s here.” Alex told her as he went back to the couch and sat down. Then he put his phone on speaker. “Liz.”

“Yeah, I’m still here.”

“Hey Chica, everything okay?”

“No. I think I may have broken up with my boyfriend last night and I just…” He could hear her sniffle. “I don’t know what to think.”

“Okay, first of all, why didn’t you tell anyone about this boyfriend?” Maria asked, folding her arms over her chest. Though she knew Liz couldn’t see her, she wanted her to know that she was mad at her.

“I didn’t want to tell anyone before Annie knew.”

“Then why are you telling us?”

“Because Annie already knows. I told her yesterday when I picked her up at the airport.”

“Okay, so why did you break up with him?”

“I don’t know if I broke up with him, Maria. I just…he told me something that made me question our whole relationship and because I was mad, I told him to leave. Being the sweet and understanding guy that Jake is, he left.”

Both could hear the tears in Liz’s voice and it made Alex give Maria a look.

What? She mouthed.

Instead of answering her, he just shook his head. “Well, it sounds like it was just a misunderstanding, Liz.” He told her with a sigh. “What you need to do is talk to him and I don’t mean go over there and talk at him. I mean, go over to his house, sit him down and have a real conversation.”

“You really think so?”

“Yeah.” He said, even as Maria was telling him no. “I mean, if you really want to be with this guy.”

“I do.” She breathed into the phone. “I really do.” Pause. “I just…what if he’s the one, you know and I ruined it because of everything that I’ve been through?”

The one?” Maria repeated looking at Alex shocked.

Liz sighed. “I don’t know. Maybe? I mean…when I’m with him, I’m just this whole other person but for some reason I finally feel like myself again.” Another sigh. “I guess I’ll just go to him tomorrow. We, um, we may need some time apart?”

“What do you mean?”

“We spent everyday together for the last two weeks. We weren’t even suppose to see each other last night but he um…he came over anyway.”

“Okay, then take a day or two for yourself.” When Maria tried to grab the phone from him, he jumped off the couch. Not wanting him to encourage Liz anymore, Maria followed suit.

“Yeah, you’re right.” Liz mumbled into the phone.

“Of course I am.” Alex quickly took the phone off of speaker and put it to his ear just before Maria could snatch it from him. “Just remember to call us before or after you do it, okay?”

“Yeah.” Pause. “Thanks Alex.”

“No problem.” He smirked at Maria as he stood in front of the couch and she, behind it. “Bye Liz.”

“Bye." She paused for a second. "Oh, and tell Maria that I’m not mad at her for telling Max. It was time he knew.”

“I will.” He rushed out just as Maria jumped at him but he was faster than her. “Bye.”


He pressed end on the phone and held his arms out. “Done.”

“Are you crazy!” She snapped as she got up from the floor. She had jumped over the couch but landed on her face on the floor.


“Then why would you tell her to go after this guy?”

“Because she really likes him, Maria. I mean, she said that she thinks he may be the one. You can’t say that you couldn’t hear the happiness in her voice when she was talking about him.”

“I could but-.”

“But what?”

“What about Max?”


Instead of going to Alex’s first, Max drove Isabel to the Crashdown. Though Liz wasn’t there anymore, he liked to make sure that he was always there. You know, just in case she finally came to her senses and came home. He knew the others didn’t understand but he wanted to be there if and when she came back.

Walking into the restaurant, Max looked around for Michael while Isabel huffed next to him. Something was bothering her and though he had asked her about it a few times, all she had said was that she was fine. But when a girl said she was fine, that usually meant that she wasn’t.

He learned that from Maria.

Sighing, Max took another look around. The lunch rush had died down so the place was some what empty. Though Maria was nowhere to be found, both he and Isabel spotted Kyle and Tess almost instantly.

The pair were sitting in the group’s usual booth, laughing. Together. Even though he knew they lived together, he couldn’t help but be shocked at how comfortable they looked. Not only was it weird to him but it also made him a bit mad. She was suppose to be his wife, not Kyle’s. Just the thought of Kyle trying to be with Tess got under his skin but he didn’t know why. Without a word to his sister, Max stalked over to the table and cleared his throat.

“Hey Tess.” He looked at Kyle. “Kyle.”

“Hey Max. Isabel.” She greeted as she pulled her hand away from Kyle’s. Good. “What are you guys doing here?”

“Looking for Michael.” Isabel answered before he could. Then she dropped down next to Kyle. “You seen him?”

“Yeah.” Kyle nodded before pointing towards the kitchen. “He’s working.”

“What?” Sure enough, when Max turned his head, he saw Michael flipping burgers and bobbing his head to music that no one but he could hear. “I’ll be right back.” He mumbled as he went towards the back.

Today was not going how he thought it would be.


Michael bobbed his head to the Metallica playing on the small radio in the corner. He had worked through his morning shift and was staying until the dinner rush. Mr. Parker needed the help and it was the least he could do after everything Liz had been through.


She was stronger than she looked. Stronger than anyone of them. He didn’t know if he’d be able to give Maria up. Sure, she was a pain in his ass and yeah, she was never happy with some of the things he did but he still loved her. He was still in love with her and he wouldn’t give her up for anything. He didn’t think he could.

“You okay, Michael?”

Turning, Michael was shocked to see Max standing in the doorway of the kitchen. “Yeah, man. I’m fine. Why?”

“We were suppose to hang out yesterday but you never showed.”

“Oh.” He turned back to the stove.

“Oh?” Max repeated. “That’s all you have to say?”

“I went to Whitman’s house yesterday and then came back here.” He shrugged. “It was nothing.”

“What did you go to Alex’s for?”

Michael sighed. “He and Maria got into it while she was working yesterday and I wanted to know why.” He could hear Max take the few steps it took to go from the doorway to the island that sat in the middle of the kitchen.

“They got into an argument?” Michael nodded. “About what?”

“You, apparently.” He said as he finished the last order on the wheel. Then he hit the bell and Agnes came, got her order and walked away with a scowl on her face. Not caring about the older woman, Michael turned to Max.

“Oh.” He looked down at his hands before looking back at Michael. “He told you, didn’t he?” Michael nodded. “Why?”

“Now that you knew, it didn’t really matter that I did.” He paused. “And I kind of figured it out.”


“Parker would never sleep with Valenti.” He told him simply.

“I wish I had the same faith you have in her.”

“It’s not about faith, Maxwell. It’s about knowing a person.” He told him as he started cleaning. Whenever there was down time, the Parkers wanted them to clean so there wouldn’t be problems for the next shift. “And I know Parker.”

Max shook his head. “She’s seeing someone else, Michael.” He told him quietly. “I can feel it in my bones.”

“Why do you say that?” He asked as he turned back to his friend and he could see a light pink tint cover Max’s face. “What did you do?”

“I accidentally dream walked her two weeks ago and she was dreaming about some guy.”

“A dream?” Max nodded. “It could have just been a friend, you know?”

Max shook his head again. “No it wasn’t.”

“How do you know?”

“They were kissing in the dream.” Shit, he thought to himself.

“I don’t know what to tell you, Maxwell.” He said as he folded his arms over his chest. “I’m sorry.”

“What do you think?” Max’s head was bent down, as if he was afraid of what Michael was going to say. And though he hated hurting people’s feelings, he wasn’t about to sugarcoat shit.

“It doesn’t matter what I think. It matters what I know and if she’s dreaming about some other guy, it means that she either likes him or is with him.” Max seemed to curl into himself with each word. “Sorry.”

“You’re just telling me what my head knows and what my heart refuses to acknowledge.”

"Still, I hate to be the one that has to tell you that."

"I know."

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Re: Twilight Woods (XO, NM/Ros, Adult) Ch. 19 11/23

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Chapter 20

Needing to get out of the house, Liz quickly got dressed in some black leggings and an oversized brown sweater that had one black strip across her belly. When she was done, she pulled on her knee high brown boots, pulled her hair into a ponytail and left.

Since Bella was out of town and Jacob was…
wherever he was, she was on her own. Even Annie wasn’t home. She had said something about getting new paints or finding some saints. She hadn’t been listening when she came in over an hour and a half ago.

So she was alone and since she refused to go into town, Liz decided to go back to the scene of the crime.

After quickly packing a backpack with a few essentials, she left out the front and went around the house until she finally got to the clearing pass the back patio. Then she walked along the stone pathway her grandfather had put down for her grandmother so that she could get to the river bank.

10 minutes later, she could see the willow tree just up ahead.

Once there, she dropped the bag under the tree and went to stand near the bank. The water was crystal blue; colorful fish swimming just under the surface while green lily pads floated on top. The scent of the flowers that sat by it filled her nose and danced around her body; surrounding her in a much needed cocoon.

Though his news had been surprising, he hadn’t ruined her secret place.

Thank god, she thought to herself as she stared into the water. Who knows where she’d go if she couldn’t come here to clear her head. She’d probably have to use the reading nook on the back patio or her balcony. Her tiny balcony that she and Jacob had used for outside-.

“I guess we had the same thought.” Looking up, Liz was shocked to see Jacob coming to a stop on the other side of the bank. He wore a long sleeved black thermal and dark blue jeans and his hair, although short, was a mess. He must have been running his hands through it all day.

“What are you doing here?” She asked.

“Don’t know.” He told her. “I went for a walk and I ended up here.” She slowly nodded her head, unable to say anything. What could she say to that? “Today was Harry’s funeral.” Her head snapped back up. “And it was…hard.” He ran his hand over his face. “Harder than I thought it would be.”

“I’m so sorry for your lost, Jacob.” She told him truthfully. “I really am.”

He shook his head as he made his way over to her side. Just like her dream, a bridge seemed to appear out of nowhere and he walked over it. It was like magic but she knew it couldn’t be. It had to have already been there. Just hidden by vegetation, she thought with a mental shrug.

“It wasn’t hard because Harry’s gone. It was hard because you weren’t there with me.”

“Jake, I-.” She tried to back away from him but he stopped her, gently gripping onto her hip.

“No.” He told her softly. “No more running, Liz.” His other hand now rested on her other hip. “We may be imprinted but what we feel is real. What I feel is real. It may have taken the imprint for me to open my eyes but I see what I want and what I want is you.”


“No buts.” He looked down into her eyes, his caramel ones burning with some unknown emotion. “Do you love me?”

“It’s not that simple, Jake and you know it.” She snapped, pushing away from him. She moved back to the bank, the water a breath away from her heels.

“Fine.” He sighed. “What do you want, Liz?”

She shook her head. “What do I want?” She repeated.

“Yeah. What do you want?” He asked and she could feel him come up behind her. “Because I can stand here and tell you that I love you and that I want to be with you but none of that matters if you don’t love me. If you don’t want to be with me.”

“Of course I love you Jacob.” She whispered but she knew that he could hear her. “Of course I want to be with you.”

“Then what’s the problem?” He asked, his lips by her ear.

“I just-.”

“Honey bear.” Someone called out to her. “Are you okay?”

“What?” Liz turned to Jacob but was shocked to see that he was gone. And she was alone.

“Lizzie, wake up.”


Liz blinked a few times before opening her eyes fully.

“There she is.”

Annie was leaning over her, a sad smile on her face. It was the same look her aunt had been giving her since she left her room after talking to Alex and Maria.

“What time is it?”

“It’s 7:30 in the morning.” Liz shoved her face into her pillow. The dreams were getting worst. They were starting to feel unbelievably real. She could have sworn she was standing by the river bank, Jacob’s body pressed against her back. “You okay?”

“Yeah.” Liz nodded. “I just...I can’t believe I was sleeping.”


Liz looked at her. “My dream…it felt so…real.”

“Was it about…him?” Annie asked and Liz smiled.

“Yeah. I dreamt of Jacob last night.”

“Maybe that’s a sign?” Her aunt questioned as she sat back, letting Liz sit up.


“The dream. Maybe it was a sign?”


Annie rolled her eyes. “Liz, it’s been 3 days since whatever happened between you and Jacob. Now I know you’ve said that it was nothing but I did hear from Charlie that Jacob wasn’t doing so well.” Liz looked at her confused.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, something happened between him and Bella and I’m assuming you and him, so he’s just…” She looked up at the ceiling as she gathered her thoughts. “Well, Charlie didn’t really get into any details but I think he may be rebelling against his father.” Annie shrugged. “Then again, it could just be “nothing” like you keep saying.”

This time, Liz rolled her eyes. “Are you sure or is this just another one of your tricks to get me to leave the house?”

“I swear.” She told Liz with a straight face and though Liz had a feeling she was up to something, she couldn’t help but worry about him.

“What should I do?”

“Don’t know. That’s up to you.” Annie told her with a shrug. “What I do know is that before you do anything though, first you have to figure out what it is you want.”

“What I want?” Jacob’s voice from her dream came to mind.

What do you want? Because I can stand here and tell you that I love you and that I want to be with you but none of that matters if you don’t love me. If you don’t want to be with me.

“Yep. That’s all that matters, girlie.” She paused as she tucked a strand of hair behind Liz’s ear. “Once you figure that out, nothing will stand in your way.” Without another word, Annie got up and left the room.

Was Annie right? Was it that simple?

Liz shook her head as she got out of bed and walked into the bathroom.

No, it wasn’t.

She knew what she wanted. She had figured it out yesterday while she was wondering around the house. She wanted to be with Jacob. She was in love him. That wasn’t the problem. The problem was, did he truly love her?

Before she knew about the imprint, she would have said yes but not anymore. She just wasn’t sure anymore. Was it she he wanted or did he have to want her? Did he have to love her as well? Or was the imprint just a way of opening one’s eyes to what was right in front of them? Did it show him that she was the one for him or was it forcing him to want to be with her?

Why did she always have to fall for the guys who’s feelings were always complicated?

We may be imprinted but what we feel is real. What I feel is real. It may have taken the imprint for me to open my eyes but I see what I want and what I want is you.

Jacob’s words from her dream hit her as she finished her daily morning routine. Was it true? Was what he felt for her real? Or was she putting her hopes into another doomed relationship?

You’ll never know until you ask.

The voice in the back of her head said and Liz knew it was right. She could sit here all day wondering but if she really wanted to get answers, she was gonna have to go to the one person who had them. She was gonna have break the cycle.

She was going to Jacob.


Easier said than done.

She had nothing to wear. All of her clothes were dirty and all she had to wear were her “stay at home” clothes. Which was basically just sweatpants and oversized shirts that she uses to sleep in. So Liz had spent most of the morning washing and drying her things until all of it was done. While she waited, she quickly blew out her hair and did it in a side ponytail; curling the strands once she was done. Then she steadily put on a thin layer of black eyeliner before adding ivory eye shadow.

Once her things were done, she put them away, leaving out only a black floral spaghetti corset top and an ivory layered tulle skirt. Looking at herself in the mirror, Liz was satisfied with what she saw. Smiling, she slipped her feet into her favorite black booties, grabbed her purse and leather jacket and left. Making sure to say a quick goodbye to Annie who was, for some reason, painting in the front yard.

“Go get him, sexy.”

She smiled before getting into her car and driving away. Though she had only been there twice and both times someone else had driven, she still remembered how to get there.

Jacob’s house was just like she remembered it. Dark red paint sat against strong wooden walls that probably have been up for years. She could clearly see a light on in the front room but she didn’t know if it was Jacob or his dad. No one had picked up when she called while she was doing her laundry so she didn’t know who was there or if they were even there. Which would be exactly what she deserved.

How could she stay away from him for so long? How did she stay away from him for so long? It was like her body missed him. Her arms reached out for him every morning. Her legs ached for his fingers. Even her skin felt like it was freezing without him near and her heart…her heart felt like it was slowly crumbling each day he was gone. She needed him, needed him like she never needed anyone and she was done fighting it. She was done fighting herself.

Steeling herself, Liz knocked on the front door.

“Elizabeth.” Jacob’s father greeted, the tone of his voice making her take a step back. “What are you doing here?”

“Um,” She pushed a strand of her hair away from her eyes. “I’m looking for Jacob, sir.”

“He’s not here.”

“Do you know where he is?” The older man shook his head.

“No. I’m sorry but I don’t.” Then he closed his eyes as he pinched the bridge of his nose. “He’s probably at Sam and Emily’s but he didn’t tell me where he was going since Harry’s funeral a couple of days ago.”

“Oh.” Liz looked at her feet. Though she couldn’t be sure, she had a feeling his disappearance was her fault. He probably didn’t want to be in the same room they had first kissed in. “I’m so sorry.”

“Thank you.” He said before wheeling back. Then he gave her a small, sad smile. “Go to Emily’s. He’s probably waiting for you there.”

Before she could tell him that that wasn’t possible since he didn’t know she was coming, he closed the door on her. Sighing, Liz turned away from the door and went towards her bug; her eyes on the ground.

She should’ve known this would happen. Nothing worth anything was ever easy. Especially when it came to her love life.

“Hey.” Liz turned to the voice and saw a guy around her age walking towards her. He had a kind face and was wearing a white shirt with blue jeans.

“Hey.” She paused just in front of her car. “Do I know you?”

The guy chuckled. “No. Not really but I know you.”

“How is that possible?”

“Jacob.” That got her attention.

You know Jacob?”

“Yeah. He’s one of my best friends.”



“Do you know where he is?” She asked taking a step forward.

“Of course.” He said and Liz smiled. “I’m actually on my way there.” He paused. “You wanna come?”

Liz nodded. “Yes please.”

“Cool. Can I drive?”

“Um,” She brushed an invisible piece of hair behind her ear. A motion she did more out of habit than necessity. “Sure. Here.”

“Great.” He took the keys before walking around her beetle and getting in.

“Great.” Liz mumbled as she followed suit. Then, once she was in, she turned to him and smiled. “I’m Liz, by the way.”



3 days.

That’s how long it’s been since Jacob has last seen Liz and he was hating every second of it. Nothing had stopped him from thinking about her. Nothing could. Not him working with Leah since she’s changed 2 days back. Not hanging out with his friends. Not even hunting the redheaded vampire had been enough to stop him from thinking about Liz.

Or that night he had walked away from her.

When he did, he thought that it was the end of their relationship. That look in her eyes when he told her about them being imprinted was one he would never forget. She had been in both shocked and disbelief. Like she didn’t want to believe it could be true but when he tried to convince her that nothing had changed and that he loved her, she freaked.

Yes it does! Because you have to love me. Not because you want to. I can’t believe this. Everything between us…is a lie.

He had never seen her shake so much. Not when they imprinted. Not when she was sick and not even when they made love. It had scared the shit out of him. It was why he kept trying to hold her. He didn’t like seeing her hurt. Especially when he was the cause.

“Dude.” Jacob looked up and saw Paul walking towards him. “Please stop over thinking this.”

“I can’t.”

“Well, you’re kind of driving everyone crazy.”

Both turned when they heard someone yell and saw Leah pacing back and forth in Emily’s living room. Since everything was still new to her, she wasn’t handling the change well. Add in the fact that she still wasn’t over Sam and both knew she was closer to changing than the others.


“Go to her.” Paul told him as the two looked away.

“I can’t.”

“Yes you can.”

Jacob shook his head. “She told me to leave and that’s what I did.”

“Yeah, you left but it’s been three days man and we all know that she’s doing just as bad as you are.” He paused when Jacob scoffed. “If she wasn’t, her aunt wouldn’t have called you yesterday.”

Jacob sighed. “I understand what you’re saying but-.”

“Look who I found outside of the Black house.” Paul and Jacob looked up and saw Embry getting out of a familiar car. A black beetle. A second later, another person got out of the bug and slowly made her way over to Embry. She was looking everywhere but at them but Jacob knew her.


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